VALERIE’S FAMILY: Her Loving Nephew

I can tell you the exact moment my life changed for the
better. It was when the shower door opened.
My mom had died a few months earlier. I was 17, so I
wasn’t a kid anymore, but I wasn’t so old that I could take it
in stride. Or maybe you’re never old enough to take things like
that in stride; I don’t know.
Anyway, I still felt pretty torn up about it, but I tried not
to show it too much, because I figured it was harder on the
kids — my brothers, Willie and Mark, four years younger. And
with Dad away most of the time flying, I figured I had to be
the man of the family.
I don’t know how we would have gotten through that time
if it hadn’t been for everything Aunt Sandy did for us.
She’s Dad’s sister. She’d gotten a divorce, so she was free
and she came to live with us after Mom died, and to look after
us. We sure needed it.
Aunt Sandy was something: a short, blond ball of fire. With
her hair cut so short she looked like a Q-tip, except that no Q-
tip was ever that curvy. Nothing extravagant; she’s no Dolly
Parton or anything, but you could definitely tell she was a
It was weird having a good-looking woman around the
house. Mom was pretty, I guess, but, well, she was our Mom,
you know?
Aunt Sandy was family, too, but in a way she wasn’t. We
hadn’t seen much of her before.
She tried her best to fit in, though, always looking after
us and trying to help us deal with Mom being gone. Like that
I had this thing at school — an honors assembly. I tried to
act like it was no big deal, but Mom had always been on us to
do our school work and study hard. I knew this would have
meant a lot to her. So I was getting these honors — and she
couldn’t be there. I knew my Dad would be out of town, so I
didn’t even mention it to him. He’d been feeling guilty about
being away so much, and he didn’t need that kind of worry on
top of losing Mom.
The awards came at the end of the school day, in last
period. The gym was full of students and parents. Every time
someone walked up to the stage, you could figure out where
their parents were sitting by watching for the pop of a
camera flash. Every so often some kid would reach out his
hand for a plaque and his mom or dad would yell out
something that would echo and the kid would look up. Their
expressions were always the same — trying to look
embarrassed, but actually pretty happy. I knew the feeling;
my Mom could make me feel that way every time she’d shout
out my name at a Little League game or point me out in a
school play.
I guess I was feeling pretty down by the time my turn
came. Maybe I was even crying a little, I don’t know. When
they called my name I walked toward the stage in kind of a
daze; the faces of the kids around me were just a blur.
Then I got up to the podium and the principal was reaching
out his hand and there was a flash off to the right. I had just
a second to wonder whose Dad had mistaken me for his son
when there was this shout that bounced off the rafters: “Yeah
It was Aunt Sandy, of course. She wasn’t hard to spot,
leaping into the air in the third row of the bleachers, waving
her arms like a cheerleader.
It wouldn’t have been cool to smile too much, but I couldn’t
help flashing a grin. She must have heard something from
Willie or Mark about the assembly, but she’d never said a word
to me, just showed up. Parents were supposed to have tickets,
and I’d never picked mine up, so I don’t know how she talked
her way in. Being Aunt Sandy, I figure she just flashed those
big eyes at them and started talking fast and walking past
them all at once.
The assembly finished just a little bit after that. I was
walking out the gym door when Aunt Sandy caught up with me
and offered to drive me home.
We talked about a lot of stuff in the car, about my missing
Mom and how proud she would have been to see me up on the
stage. I’m not much at telling people how I feel, but I felt so
close to Aunt Sandy then that I just let it all out. I don’t think
I actually ever thanked her for coming that day, but I’m sure
she got the idea. Anyway, by the time we got home I was
bawling like a baby, but I didn’t feel bad; I was just working
out all my feelings about my Mom. For the first time, I
allowed myself to admit how sad I was and how much I really
missed her.
And Aunt Sandy didn’t say much; she didn’t have to. Mostly
she just murmured every once in a while, or offered me a
Mark and Willie were staying over at a friend’s house that
night, so we got back to an empty house. Aunt Sandy said it
hardly seemed worth cooking up a whole meal just for the
two of us and wondered if I’d think she was too lazy if she
just ordered out for pizza. I said it was fine.
Later that evening, over slices of pepperoni and sausage, I
told Aunt Sandy that I really appreciated her helping us out.
She made a joke out of it, saying that it didn’t take much
effort to dial a phone for pizza, but I could see she really
appreciated my saying it. It seems crazy now, but I think that
was the first time any of us actually told her how much she
meant to us. I guess we were all so busy dealing with our
emotions that we never stopped to think that Aunt Sandy
might be feeling down, too, with her divorce, and then coming
into a new house and dealing with somebody else’s kids and
Well, we finished dinner and watched TV for a little while,
and then I went up to shower and go to bed. I’d played some
basketball by myself in the driveway before dinner and I felt
kinda cruddy.
So I turned on the water full blast and stepped into the
shower, sliding the frosted glass door behind me. I just stood
under the water a couple of minutes, letting the hot jets bite
into my skin. I still missed my Mom, of course, but after my
talk with Aunt Sandy I felt like I was finally coming alive
again, getting back to a normal life. It seemed as if the
streams of water dripping off me were taking away a big
weight that had been riding me for months.
I started lathering up when I thought I heard something in
the bathroom. The glass had steamed up, though, so I couldn’t
even see any shadowy forms through it. I rubbed the soap into
the hand towel a little more and started scrubbing my chest.
That’s when the shower door opened.
“I thought you could use some help,” Aunt Sandy said,
stepping in.
She was naked. Well, I guess you figured that out.
Although I’d already noticed that Aunt Sandy looked young
for her age and had a nice body, I’d never known how nice it
was until that moment. She was short, just about coming up
to my chin, but her legs seemed to go on forever. Her breasts
were more than a handful — not huge, but what was
incredible was how firm they were, no sag at all. Her nipples
were already erect, pointing at me like pencil erasers from
the light brown circles around them. And her bush — a curly
little arrowhead pointing right down to …
Of course, I got an instant hard-on. Imagine how you would
feel if some sexy lady suddenly stepped into the shower with
But what if that lady were your aunt? That’s what I was
thinking. I backed up into the corner of the stall. “Aunt Sandy,”
I stammered out. “Wh-what are you doing? In here? With me?”
She didn’t move toward me right away, just stood there in
the far corner. The spray from the shower hit her about at the
waist and I couldn’t help following the trickles down with my
eyes, seeing them drip onto her bush, matting down the hair,
pouring down those long, shapely legs. It was like a Playboy
centerfold come to life!
“David,” she said, and I forced my eyes back up to her cute
face. “I’ve been living with you several months now, and I
think it’s time you understood some things. I know you and the
boys miss your Mom, and you want someone to do the things
she used to do for you — cooking, cleaning, all of that. And
I’m happy to help, really I am.
“But I’m not your Mom. I’d never try to be, even if I could.
So things — relationships — are different.
“I need you to understand that I’m a woman. I have my own
needs. Do you know what I mean?”
The look on her face made my fears melt away. I knew
what she meant — how could I have been so stupid? Aunt
Sandy had been divorced for awhile, and now she was cooped
up in a house with a bunch of kids. Of course she had needs.
But — me? I hadn’t even gotten to first base with any of
the girls my own age, and now this older woman was offering
everything. I didn’t know what to do — I mean, I knew what I
wanted to do, but should I? And if I did, what if I did
something wrong?
I don’t know if Aunt Sandy saw the emotions on my face or
if she just sensed them, but she did exactly the right thing,
taking it very slow. As she’d been talking to me, she had taken
a couple of steps toward me. The spray from the shower was
hitting just below her neck now, streams of water flowing
down her breasts and trickling off the nipples. I was so
entranced by the vision I didn’t see what happened next until I
felt the washcloth being pulled out of my hand. Aunt Sandy
took the soap, too.
Slowly, like it was a dream, she rubbed more soap on the
cloth and began to scrub my chest, my arms, my hands. I began
to get more comfortable.
Then she had me turn around and she washed my back,
rinsing out the cloth and wetting it down, wringing out the
clear water to pour down my body.
I almost forgot that I was in the shower with a naked
woman, if you can believe that. I mean, it was just really
soothing, the water splashing over me, the rough swish of the
cloth on my skin. I got really relaxed and I think my cock even
started to soften a little.
But then I felt something else. It was Aunt Sandy’s erect
nipples tickling my back, and then her warm body pressed up
against mine as her hands slid around my waist. My hard-on
sprang back to life.
“Oh, David, this is going to be a day I’ll never forget,” she
said, and she started to slide down. Her hands brushed against
the sides of my crotch as she went all the way down and
lathered up my legs from behind.
I knew I was never going to forget this, either. I wasn’t
sure if maybe I should be doing something, or saying
something, but I didn’t want to risk spoiling the moment.
I shouldn’t have worried; Aunt Sandy was in complete
control. When she finished with my legs she spun me around,
facing her. She stood up, her naked body just inches from
mine. I couldn’t help staring, taking in all that firm flesh. Was
I really going to touch it? Was my cock really going to be
buried in her pussy?
She read my thoughts again. “It’s real, David,” she said
with a giggle. “Here, feel it.” She took my hand in hers and
drew it up to her breast. I gasped when I felt it.
I’d never touched a breast before, at least not one that
wasn’t covered up by a bra and a blouse. But this one was
right there, in the flesh. “Rub your fingers over it,” Aunt
Sandy told me. “Gently. Now circle the nipple with one finger.
Mmmmmm. You can suck it if you like.”
Of course I liked. I bent down and took the brown button
into my mouth. “Lick it,” Aunt Sandy said, and I did. “Yes, now
nip at it, very gently — ohhh, yes! Very good, David!”
I moved from one breast to the other, sucking and nibbling
like they were ice cream cones. Aunt Sandy’s hands roamed
over my body, occasionally brushing against my stiff cock.
Then she rubbed some more soap on her hands and brought
them down to my crotch.
The slippery feel of her hands encircling my shaft almost
made me shoot right then, but she squeezed down and the urge
went away. “You’ve got a very nice cock, David,” she said.
“Nice and thick. I think it’s going to fill my cunt wall to wall,
dear. Do you think you’d like that? Would like to put that hard
cock in your auntie’s hot pussy?”
Up until then I had never heard Aunt Sandy use language
like that, and I never would have believed she could. But this
wasn’t the same Aunt Sandy I was used to. The look in her
eyes was like fire, like there was some animal inside her
instead of a human being. Her hands were sliding up and down
my dick like wild, her breath was coming in short gasps. With
the water pouring down over us I felt like I was in some crazy
jungle movie — you know, Me Tarzan, she Jane. I was
developing an unstoppable urge to drive my cock into my
aunt’s hot body.
“Yes,” I hissed out. “I want you. Oh, God, Aunt Sandy, I want
my cock in you!”
“Mmmm, that’s a good boy. You’re going to do everything
your aunt tells you, aren’t you?”
“Yes, yes! Just let me get it in you!”
“Such an eager boy! I was going to suggest we dry off and
go to the bedroom, but I think we’d better start right here,
don’t you? Now, lean back against the wall, David. That’s it,
sit back against the shelf.” As she said that, she was still
stroking my cock, getting it so hard it stuck straight up.
Sitting down like that, I was just about level with her, so
she was able to just hop up onto my lap. My cock prodded her
flat stomach as she leaned forward and pressed her lips to my
neck and slid them up to my ear. “This is going to be sooooo
good,” Aunt Sandy whispered. “Your cock is going to fill me up.
And I’m going to ride it like a pony, David. You’re going to be
my stallion, do you know that? You’re going to slide that fat
dick in and out of your aunt’s cunt so hard, it’s going to drive
me crazy. ”
Her talk was driving ME crazy, that was for sure. I was
already bucking up at her, scraping the head of my cock across
her skin, desperate to get inside her.
She dug her heels into the sides of the shower stall and
raised her ass, putting her cunt directly over my cock. When
she eased down a little I could feel the slippery pussy lips
just touching the tip of my dick.
But even then she didn’t take me in. Instead, she held her
cunt above me while she kissed her way from my ear to my
I opened my lips to her and she stuck her tongue deep
inside, flicking out at mine. I kissed her back hungrily, like I’d
never get enough. Our mouths ground together and grunts were
choked out of our throats. I forgot this was my aunt and just
concentrated on having a sexy older woman writhing naked on
my body. It was fantastic!
And then, at last, while our tongues were still entwined,
Aunt Sandy lowered her cunt and her slippery pussy lips
blossomed open under the pressure of my aching cock. She
took me in slowly, just a little bit at a time, while I was lost
in the incredible sensations. Her hot, wet cunt was tight
against my dick, hugging it as it slid in deeper and deeper.
When I was in her to the hilt, Aunt Sandy broke our kiss
and leaned back.
“I knew it!” she said with a smile. “I knew you’d fill me up.
Can you feel it, David? Your cock is so big it’s filling up my
pussy all the way. I can feel every inch of you inside me, and
it feels great.” She leaned back a little more and the shower
stream hit her full in the face. She spat out a mouthful of
water and leaned toward me again, laughing, her hair
plastered down by the water. She shook her head from side to
side and the water flew off, splashing into my face.
“Aunt Sandy!” I tried to look angry but I couldn’t help
laughing myself. And whatever anger I had fell apart when she
began to move, pulling her tight cunt almost all the way off
my cock and then squatting down onto it again.
Soon we were moving in synch, driving my cock again and
again into my aunt’s eager pussy. Her tits jiggled as she
bounced up and down on me, bringing me closer and closer to
shooting. But each time I felt myself nearing the edge she
slowed down or even stopped, my cock buried deep within her
velvet folds.
“You’re doing very well, David,” Aunt Sandy said in between
kisses. “Mmmm, my pussy really likes your cock. I think it
wants to play with it all night. Is that OK with you? Do you
want to fuck your aunt all night?”
“Yes, yes, yes!” I shouted, my words bouncing around the
stall. “I want to fuck you, Aunt Sandy, I do! I want to bury my
cock inside your cunt! Oh, God, it feels so good!”
We kept up the rhythm for what seemed like hours, but I
guess it was only 10 or 15 minutes. Finally I couldn’t hold
back any longer.
“Aunt Sandy! Aunt Sandy, I’m going to … I can’t …
AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!” The cum boiled up inside me and shot
into her tunnel like a fire hose.
“Fill me up!” she shouted back at me. “Fill my pussy! I want
all your cum, David! Yesss!”
By the time I had recovered from that spasm, the water
from the shower was turning cold. We shut it off as fast as
we could and toweled each other off, shivering a little until
we’d gotten all dry and slipped into our bathrobes.
Then Aunt Sandy led me to her bedroom and lit a bunch of
candles — on the nightstand, the dresser, all over. The light
flickered and moved around, casting weird shadows. She
slipped off her robe and lay down on the bed on her back while
I stood at the foot. In the candlelight, she looked even sexier
than before. And now I could see her cunt spread before me,
and a heavy, musky odor came up from it. I dropped my
bathrobe to the floor.
“My pussy is still hungry,” Aunt Sandy said, spreading her
legs even wider. “I think it still wants to play.”
“I — I don’t think I can,” I said. I still felt completely
drained by our fuck in the shower.
“There are other ways to play, not just with your cock,”
Aunt Sandy said. “Just watch me.”
She put an index finger into her mouth. When she pulled it
out, I could see it glistening wetly. I kept my eyes on that
finger as she touched it to her nipples, slid it down her breast
and across her stomach.
Then she stroked the sides of her cunt, still slick from our
fuck, and tangled the finger in the hairs of her fur patch. She
raised her knees up and I could see her pussy open up before
me while she slid the finger closer, closer, until it was at the
very edge of her tunnel.
I looked up and Aunt Sandy was staring directly into my
“Watch how I do this, David,” she whispered, and I looked
back down at her cunt. She began to slide the finger into her,
rolling it around the edges of the hole, then sinking it in
deeper and deeper. Soon she was bucking up at it. Her thumb
spread apart the lips some more and started twiddling a little
button-shaped fold of flesh — her clit. She put a second
finger inside her and pushed them in and out, fucking herself
faster and faster.
Without thinking about it, I had crawled up onto the bed
and I was only a few inches from her hot pussy when she
called out.
“You do it, David! Put your finger in me! Fuck your auntie’s
pussy now, please!”
My hand jerked up automatically and I slid a couple of
fingers inside her as Aunt Sandy slid hers out. I could feel the
ring of muscles at the entrance to her tunnel grabbing
greedily at me as I drove my fingers in and out. The odor was
almost overpowering, but it wasn’t bad; somehow, it made me
even hornier.
“Now lick me, David,” Aunt Sandy said.
I was shocked, I guess, but too horny to notice. It seemed
only natural to lower my head and slide my tongue against her
hot pussy, licking at the little clit button. Pretty soon I was
gobbling away, pushing my tongue right into her cunt when my
fingers slid out to caress her thighs or grab at her ass. And
Aunt Sandy was humping back, mashing her pussy into my
“Yes, yes!” she was shouting, calling out my name over and
over again. Then her bucking got even wilder and I could
barely keep my tongue on her. Her thighs closed around me so
tight I almost couldn’t breathe. “Oh, fuck, yes!” Aunt Sandy
screamed. “Yes, David, yes, I’m cumming, I’m
In a minute her bucking slowed down and I was able to
come up for air. I slid up on the bed to kiss her. When I held
her to me, I was surprised to feel my cock hard again,
pressing against her skin.
“Oh, David, someone else wants to play again,” Aunt Sandy
said, teasing me. She wiggled her body against mine. “Do you
think we should?”
I didn’t say anything. I just rolled over on top of her, my
cock already pressing at the entrance of her cunt.
When I slid it into her, my aunt lifted her legs high, taking
me even deeper than before. We started rutting like animals,
pounding away at each other without saying a word, just
grunting and groaning.
Aunt Sandy’s body bounced and shook on the bed underneath
me as I drove my cock into that hot, wet cunt over and over
again. I wanted to split her wide open with my pile-driver,
and at the same time I wanted to touch and lick every inch of
her. Even though we were fresh from the shower, our bodies
were already getting covered in sweat and my hands slipped
all over my aunt, exploring every silky nook.
Finally I rose up above her, my cock still impaled in her
slit, and Aunt Sandy brought her heels up and rested them on
my shoulders, opening herself all the way. A few more
minutes of frantic fucking and I came in a huge burst, driving
my cum into her while Aunt Sandy erupted into her own
orgasm, her arms slapping into the mattress as the
sensations ripped through her.
It was the greatest moment of my life and I didn’t want it
to ever end, but my cock started to shrink and pretty soon it
slipped out of my aunt’s pussy. I lay down next to her, holding
her close, nuzzling her smooth neck. “I love you, Aunt Sandy,” I
whispered as I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up the next morning still in her bed, having an
incredible dream. But when I opened my eyes I saw that it
wasn’t a dream. Aunt Sandy, still naked, was kneeling at my
side. Her full lips were sliding up and down my erect shaft,
giving me an awesome blow-job.
When I shifted slightly, she pulled off me and looked up.
“Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said, her eyes bright and
twinkling. “I thought this would get a rise out of you!”
I groaned at the joke, and then I groaned again as she put
her mouth back onto my cock, this time sliding all the way
down, pushing the head of my cock against the back of her
throat. The sight of her lips pressed around the bottom of my
dick was almost too much, and I came in just a few minutes.
Aunt Sandy swallowed my full load and then licked my
cock clean like it was a lollipop.
“M-Mark and Willie will be home soon,” I managed to
sputter out. “We’d better get dressed.”
“Are you sure we don’t have time for a little more fun?”
Aunt Sandy winked at me. “There are still a few tricks we
haven’t tried. Well, it’ll have to be next time, I guess.”
Next time! I can’t find the right words to tell you how I
felt, looking at that perfect body, knowing that my aunt would
be with us all the time, eager to show me all the ways of sex.
I pulled her to me and kissed her again, hard, holding her to
me so that I wouldn’t forget the press of her tits, the curve of
her waist, the tickle of her pussy hairs.
From that day on, life around the house was never the
same. Aunt Sandy and I explored every kind of fucking, in
every room of the house. It didn’t take long before Mark and
Willie joined in, too — but that’s another story.