Mom’s Loving Ways

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul, some hidden secret desire that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged by the complexities of modern daily life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and one more scandal hits the headlines.

MOM’S LOVING WAYS is a novel about people who dare to let their most base desires surface, but most especially it is about the eager members of a fatherless family, their monetary problems, and their taboo desires. In their quest for mere survival, they are swept into an illicit web of lust, from which none of them seem willing or able to escape.

Together, they represent some of the few persons in our modern society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to become truly fully liberated.

MOM’S LOVING WAYS — the startling story of a family and their friends, people who dare to let it all hang out.


Denise sat in the bleachers, watching her son Robert race up and down the court, bouncing the ball, then leaping and tossing, never missing the basket.

Robert was either very good or very lucky, she thought. Knowing nothing about sports, and caring less, she usually attended all the games anyway. Robert wanted her there, as did her daughter, Cindy. Most parents went to the games, so she performed her parental duties. Although she didn’t care anything about sports, she enjoyed seeing the young guys in their shorts with those tanned, muscular legs.

She was watching practice today, not a game. A few weeks ago, Robert had invited his mother to watch a practice session, and she had seen some cocks flashing frequently. That had excited her so much she seldom missed a practice session now. During the games she had never seen a cock flash; the boys always wore jocks. So she watched every practice in the hopes of seeing more cock. She was seldom disappointed. When she saw the flash of a young cock, a sweet chill of delight ran up her stomach, her cunt closing. She liked the feeling especially when it was very strong and she would almost come.

Denise loved to come.

She loved the come in any way possible, by any method possible. Her cunt was hot, very hot. And each practice session she attended, her cunt was even hotter. She would choose a place to sit about halfway up the bleachers, pull her skirt just over her knees and place her elbows on them, then cup her chin in her hand and watch the guys. Her knees were usually parted enough to allow a boy to look up at her, peer between her knees to the shadowy view of her panties. Denise always pretended she didn’t know they were looking at her.

At the far end of the court, a group of girls pranced and danced and yelled enthusiastically. This was the cheerleader squad and Cindy, her daughter, led the cheers. All the girls were young, fresh, and very beautiful. The girls were the prettiest in the school, as if chosen for their beauty alone.

Cindy, with her honey-blonde hair bouncing as she leaped and twisted, screaming loudly, was the picture of eroticism in motion. A tight school sweater hugged her tits. Her short skirt, pleated in alternating gold and white colors, flounced about her hips. Cindy’s long, sweetly tanned thighs flashed, and her pretty little ass writhed. Some of the routines they went through were never used during a game. It was easy to see why; they were highly suggestive, seemingly designed to arouse the basketball team.

When Denise glanced at the girls, she saw one pretty, dark-haired girl leap into the air, her back arched to make her tits thrust out. The skirt flew to her waist, and Denise gasped. She caught a quick glimpse of her cunt hair. The girl was not wearing tights! She was naked under the skimpy costume.

Denise saw her son racing toward the end of the court, bouncing the ball. As he approached the net, he leaped high into the air and tossed the ball. If he made a basket, Denise didn’t know. What she did know what that her son, also, was naked under his white and gold shorts. His cock flopped out, swinging about, then disappeared from her view as his feet came back to the floor.

An orgasm went off deep inside Denise’s stomach, causing her to clutch at it. A moan of surprise rippled past her lips.

She had come because she saw her son’s cock.

She heard a whistle blow at the peak of her orgasm, and the boys raced through the door, slapping each other on the ass and laughing. When they were gone, she turned her attention back to the group of girls, who were huddled together, talking about their routines. Cindy’s back was toward Denise, and she was leaning over. At least her daughter wore tights, even if they were pulled into the crack of her rounded little ass, the cheeks exposed.

When the girls broke up, Denise left the gym. There was something erotic about a gym, with all those odors of young boys and girls. She waited in the darkness for Robert and Cindy, sitting quietly in the car. She saw her son’s cock in her mind again, flopping out of the wide leg of his shorts when he leaped into the air. She saw again the triangle of that pretty girl’s cunt.

Denise was so excited, she was almost beside herself. Her tits seemed swollen and her cunt kept pulsating with wet heat, her clit rigid.

Denise was an erotic person. She wasn’t ashamed of it; she took pleasure in it. There were times when she would rather fuck than eat… unless it was eating a beautiful, hard, throbbing cock. Then she wanted to eat ravenously. Denise would do anything with a cock, whatever her immediate partner wanted, she would do it and gladly so.

Oddly enough, she had stayed away from men since starting to watch basketball practice. Before that, she was quite active, always seeing men. She had gone looking for them the day after her divorce, unable to live without fucking.

But watching the boys and girls in the smelly gym of the school, she stopped going out. She didn’t understand it, but then she didn’t try to understand it. She was filled with an anticipation she could not identify, but it created a warm feeling in her stomach.

Robert and Cindy came out of the building, holding hands. His hair was still damp from the shower. He had put on his jeans and a T-shirt, but Cindy was still in her costume. Robert and his sister had always been very close. Robert was a year older than his sister, one grade ahead of her in school, and they were inseparable.

“Good practice,” Denise said as they climbed into the car.

Cindy sat in the middle, her warm thigh pressed against her mother’s.

Driving home, Denise noticed her son rested his hand on his sister’s thigh, she began to wonder about her son and daughter. They seemed so intimate with each other, not in the least bashful or embarrassed when they walked in on one another in the bathroom.

Denise remembered other things she had considered insignificant at the time. Like when Cindy goosed Robert, making him chase her, his hands trying to grab her as to goose her. That in was fine, but they made it so damned erotic.

“Alice forgot her tights again,” Robert said. “That’s the second time in two weeks.”

“I saw,” Cindy giggled. “I told her, but she didn’t care.”

“One of these days she’s gonna be at a game without them,” Robert laughed. “That’s gonna create some excitement for sure.”

Again Cindy giggled, and Denise saw, from the corner of her eyes, Robert caressing his sister’s thigh. Her cunt moistened.

Before she could stop herself, Denise said:

“That will make a few hard-ons for sure.”

Robert gave a loud laugh, and Cindy giggled again, both looking at her.

“More than a few, Mother,” Cindy paid, her voice lower than usual.

“Every man watching will have a hard-on,” Robert said.

Denise felt her flesh grow warm, yet she felt no embarrassment talking to them this way. She had not done it before, but found it exciting now.

“Robert,” she said, her pulse quickening, “you could create a little excitement yourself if you forgot to wear that thing in your shorts!” “You mean my jock strap Mom?”

“Whatever it’s called. You sort of let it all hang out this evening, you know.”

“You noticed?” he asked, not in the least bashful.

“I noticed,” Denise said bluntly.

“He should wear it all the time, Mother,” Cindy giggled. “He stays hard, especially watching us go through our routines.”

“I can understand that if that girl always forgets her tights,” Denise said, then found herself laughing with them.

“Even when she does,” Cindy said, squirming her little ass in the seat, “Robert gets a hard-on.”

“I can’t help it,” Robert replied. “You girls could give a statue a hard-on.” Denise drove quietly, listening to her son laugh and up about erotic subjects. Her cunt was starting to boil between her thighs, and the crotch of her panties was getting uncomfortably wet. She gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles were white. She was intensely aroused, her nipples painfully hard, tits swollen inside her summer sweater.

Pulling into the driveway, Cindy and Robert got out of the car and grabbed at each other in horse-play as they ran to the front door. They stood waiting for their mother to unlock it, and Denise saw her son rubbing his crotch against his sister’s arching tight ass, making Cindy giggle lewdly. She wasn’t trying to pull her ass away, either, Denise saw, but twisting it against her brother.

Denise fumbled with the key, her hands shaking with nervous anxiety. Her cunt was about to explode by the time she opened the door and flicked on the lights.

“I’m gonna soak for hours,” Cindy said, walking toward the hall, pulling her school sweater off.

Cindy turned briefly, her tits flashing momentarily.

Glancing at the front of her son’s jeans, Denise saw his cock bulging. Tossing her purse on the couch, she sat down.

Robert sat beside her. “Mom, you’ve got to be careful sitting in those bleachers.”

“Why, honey?” she asked, trying to keep her eyes from the front of his pants.

“Well, us guys can see,” he said. “You know, between your knees.”

Denise shivered, then giggled. “You can, really? I had no idea.”

“It’s kinda hard to keep our mind on practice when we can look up your dress,” Robert said, then he gave a quick laugh. “Who wants to practice when we can look at you?”

“Oh,” Denise gasped.

“The team thinks you’re the most beautiful mother of all,” Robert said.

“Thank them for me,” Denise murmured and put her arm about her son’s shoulders, her eyes darting to the bulge in his pants. She hugged him, pulling his head against her tits. Robert rested his cheek on her tit, his hand on her thigh outside her skirt. She felt the heat of his palm there, and she writhed her ass into the soft cushion. “They’re sweet guys.”

They could hear Cindy singing softly in the bathroom, and Denise knew her daughter had not closed the door.

She wanted to stroke her son’s hard cock, to feel it through his pants. Although Robert was caressing her thigh, it was a while before she realized it. When she did, a shiver shot up and down her spine, and she sucked in a deep breath. Her tits arched against her son’s face as she hugged him tight. She stroked her hand up and down his bare arm, and then she gasped. Her son had turned his head a little, nipping at her straining nipple through the light sweater.

“Oh, my God!” Denise moaned, shoving her tit toward his mouth as she gripped his arm hard. “Ohhhh, Robert!”

Denise felt her cunt burning, throbbing, her hair-lined pussy lips becoming puffy, oozing fluids into her already soaked panties. His hand moved boldly on her thigh as he bit gently at her sensitive nipple. Her skirt was coming past her knees, her thighs revealed, and Denise didn’t care. She wanted this, wanted it terribly.

She twisted her ass into the cushion and moved her hand to his lap. Drawing her palm up his thigh, she placed it on his cock.

Robert groaned, trying to swallow her tit through her sweater. He gripped her thigh as Denise squeezed his cock, feeling the thick length of it. She rubbed slowly, but hotly and excitedly, and when her son moved his hand beneath her sweater, she made no protest.

Robert cupped his mother’s huge tit, squeezing it hard enough to make Denise whimper with pleasure. He tweaked her nipple, then shoved her sweater to her neck, exposing her shapely, straining tits. She heard him draw in a hot gasp of breath, then his lips closed over a nipple, sucking hard and greedily, his tongue licking hot, wet circles on her sensitive flesh.

Denise mewled and pressed her palm down hard on his cock, feeling it throb so sweetly. They kept silent, unable to talk because of the steamy excitement they felt. Robert sucked his mother’s tingling, rubbery nipple deeper into his mouth, his lips wide as if trying to take all of her tit into it.

Denise rubbed his cock, moving her hand up and down, feeling the hardness and trying to feel his balls. His jeans were much too tight for her to feel them, and she contented herself by rubbing his cock through his pants.

As he sucked one tit, Robert caressed and stroked and squeezed the other. Denise drew her shoulders back, arching her tits against his face. Groaning hotly, Robert sucked one, then the other, making his mother twist her ass faster on the cushion. Her boiling cunt was on fire now, her clit so rigid it was hurting her with a delicious feeling.

With a sob of ecstasy, Denise grabbed her son’s hand and shoved it down, pressing it against her cunt. She parted her legs and pressed Robert’s hand between them. She could feel his hand through her skirt and panties, and she closed her thighs tight on his hand. Robert sucked more aggressively on her tit, rubbing his hand up and down his mother’s crotch.

Denise pressed and rubbed at his cock harder, drawing his face into her tit with her hand at the back of his head. She pressed down on his throbbing cock, wanting to take it out and close her fingers around it, to stroke it and jack it and make him come in her hand. But the heated urgency they both were feeling would not allow any momentary pause. Denise did not want to remove her hand, even to drag his cock out. She rubbed faster and harder, making her son moan. He pressed his cock into her rubbing hand.

They were panting hard. Denise could tell she would come if her son continued to rub and suck at her tit. The hot pulsation of her cunt sent her pussy lips into a quivering vibration of ecstasy. His cock felt harder and longer than before, and she tried to curl her fingers around it, but his jeans would not allow that. She rubbed and pressed the palm of her hand, burning as his cock throbbed against it. He was groaning with his mouth filled with her swollen tit, and she was gurgling deep in her throat.

They could no longer hear Cindy singing in the bathroom; they were much too excited, much too hot, to hear anything but the erotic roaring in their own heads.

Cindy was finished with her bath. Wrapped in a skimpy towel, her perky tits almost showing, her long legs exposed, Cindy was watching them from the hall. She stood in the open, her lovely eyes smoldering, watching Robert suck hard on her mother’s tits, while her mother rubbed frantically now at his hard cock.

“Ooooooh, Robert!” Denise hissed. “Oh, darling! Ahhhhh, baby, baby!”

Her palm rubbed from his crotch, along his cock to the tip, then swiftly down again. She tried to cup his balls in the tight jeans, and failing as before, she kept rubbing the length of his cock. Feeling her son’s hand pressing against her cunt, his fingers trying to shove her skirt and panties into it, the heel of his hand smashing her clitoris, Denise whimpered and suddenly came. The tight, boiling contractions of her orgasm caused her ass to twist on the couch, and she rubbed faster and harder on his cock. Her hand was almost a blur of speed, and then she felt her son coming.

Robert grunted against her tit, pressing his gushing cock into his mother’s hand. Denise felt the wetness on his jeans as he came. A warm sensation flooded her body. The front of her son’s jeans became very wet, and she ran her palm into it, feeling the swollen head of his cock. She rubbed his prick until the pulsating squirts were over, and still kept her hand resting there.

Robert pulled his lips from her tit, then his hand from between her thighs. He looked up at his mother, his eyes swimming with pleasure. Denise gave him a nervous smile, and kissed him quickly on his lips.

“I saw!” Cindy giggled. “I saw what you were doing! I saw you… I saw you… saw you…” she chanted, dancing from foot to foot.

Denise jerked her head up, seeing her daughter in the doorway. One of Cindy’s tits was exposed, a pink nipple very hard. For a moment, a very brief moment, Denise felt embarrassed.

Robert laughed, getting to his feet. The front of his jeans were very wet with come.

“You little sneak!” he said, but there was no anger in his voice. “Always peeking around corners, trying to catch me doing something.”

“And I do, don’t I?” Cindy giggled. “Like I caught you and Mother just now.”

Not knowing how to handle the situation, Denise stood up and smoothed her sweater over her tits, then walked past Cindy to her room.


All her life Denise had been an erotic person. Even as a little girl she was hungry for sex, for cock, for fucking. Her body and mind craved hard cock, cock in her cunt, fucking her, making her come. If there was no cock available, she used her hands and fingers. But fingers and hands, especially her own, were no substitute for a deliciously hard cock.

Staring at the ceiling, Denise remembered those years along ago… Always a very pretty girl, with flirty green eyes and a ready smile, Denise had never tried to conceal her desires. She was often blunt with boys, telling them in plain language what she wanted — cock. She was seldom refused. In fact, almost every boy in her neighborhood was more than willing to give her a hard cock. There was an old, empty house a block from hers, and it was used by adventurous boys and girls. Some said the house was haunted, and some believed it. But instead of rattling chains and screams of torture, the old house echoed the sighs and moans and wet, liquid sounds of fucking. It was in the old house that Denise enjoyed her favorite past-time — fucking.

She would go with a boy to an upstairs bedroom where they found an old mattress. The walls were covered with lewd writings and crudely drawn pictures of cocks and cunts. The messages were graphic and to the point. Denise, herself, had written one.

“Denise wants cock,” it said in block letters. Beneath it was her telephone number.

One day she found a new message. It was signed by a girl named Kathy. Intrigued, wondering if this Kathy had indeed written it, Denise called.

Denise found out that Kathy had recently moved into the neighborhood, and Kathy explained it was one of the best ways for her to become acquainted with boys quickly.

They met the next day, and before the day was out, they were fast friends. Kathy was identical to Denise in desires, although a direct opposite in appearance. Where Denise had blonde hair, Kathy was a brunette, with almond-shaped eyes and a full mouth. Kathy was an inch taller than Denise! Together, they were the prettiest girls in school, and were always near each other.

Their conversations dwelled on fucking, describing cocks of the boys they had fucked. Both girls were slender, with small tits just sprouting. Kathy was proud of the few dark hairs showing up on her cunt, and Denise was envious; the few hairs on her cunt were so light that they were almost unseen.

Within two days of meeting each other, they had gone to the abandoned house together and played “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.” As childish as the game was, they enjoyed it because it was so erotic. They stripped naked and experimented, touching each other’s tits and feeling the rounded cheeks of their asses.

Both girls found it exciting to finger-fuck each other, to feel the heat of a different cunt. They probed into one another’s cunt, then squatted in front of the other and finger-fucked each other to orgasm. When it was over, they giggled and said how it felt, but a cock was much better. Both agreed on that.

Most of the boys they knew were no older than they were. There was one, however, four years older. His name was Robert, and he was destined to become Denise’s husband.

Denise and Kathy were not the least bit bashful fucking a boy in the presence of each other, or other boys for that matter. They would eagerly undress in the old house, spread their slim legs and take a cock hungrily, wiggling and bouncing and squealing in joyous ecstasy. On a number of occasions, they fucked side by side, screaming their heads off as they came and came and came.

Only a few of the boys they fucked could come. They enjoyed fucking them all, but those that could come satisfied Denise and Kathy the best. They loved the feel of come juice spewing up their tight little cunts, filling them with hot, frothy jizz.

It was Robert who induced Denise and Kathy to suck his cock. Kathy had sucked cock before, but not Denise. And the cocks Kathy had sucked were too young to come. Denise, at first, was doubtful about putting a cock in her mouth. The idea was exciting to her, but the actuality was something entirely different. She had seen Robert’s cock squirt over the floor, and she wasn’t sure she would like that stuff flooding her mouth.

“You can watch me suck his cock,” Kathy said. “I don’t care if he comes off in my mouth?”

Robert leaned against the wall while Kathy got on her knees in front of him. Denise, too, went to her knees, wanting to watch Kathy suck Robert’s cock. Kathy fondled his cock a while, stroking it lovingly, talking to it softly, calling it a beautiful and pretty cock, and trying to extract a promise from the seeping piss hole not to strangle her too much when it came.

“Are you gonna talk my fucking cock to death or suck it off, Kathy?” Robert asked anxiously, rubbing the dripping head of his prick back and forth on the girl’s lips. “Come on, suck me before I come in your fucking face!”

“I will!” Kathy mewled, kissing the head of his cock with hot lips. “I will, just don’t come too much. I’ve never had a cock come in my mouth before, so don’t choke me.”

“Suck his cock, Kathy!” Denise urged, her eyes huge and hot, resting her cheek on Robert’s hip, fondling his naked ass and kissing his flesh now and then. “Suck his cock off, Kathy! I wanna see your mouth on it… see Robert’s cock between your lips!”

Kathy opened her lips, stretching them around Robert’s thick cock. She took the head of his prick into her mouth, moaning softly as her tongue flicked. She held Robert’s thighs, pushing her face forward and taking more cock into her mouth. She struggled to pull it all the way in, her lips stretching. The best she could do was two-thirds, no matter how hard she tried. Robert rested a hand on top of Kathy’s head, looking down at his cock in her mouth.

Denise found it exciting to watch Kathy suck Robert’s cock, her stretching lips pulling back, then ramming forward. She had not thought it possible to get her lips around the thick cock, but Kathy was doing very well indeed. In fact, she sucked Robert’s cock hungrily, twisting her mouth around it, mewling in her throat, her brown eyes glassy as they rolled in her head. Sometimes Kathy drew her lips from him and ran her tongue in circles over the swollen head, licking at his seeping piss hole.

Denise held the base of his cock as Kathy sucked it, still unable to swallow it all. Denise had her finger underneath the shaft, feeling it pulsate, listening to the gurgling wet sounds Kathy made. She kept stroking the cheek of Robert’s ass with her other hand, feeling her cunt twitch. She lapped at his flesh with her tongue; never taking her eyes from Kathy’s rounded lips. She felt Robert shaking, grunting with pleasure. He looked down at Kathy, watching her sucking his cock. His balls had drawn up very tight at the base, and his ass checks clenched.

“I’m gonna come, Kathy!” Robert shouted, his body stiffening, shoulders against the wall and his hips arching out.

Denise felt the pulsation of his cock against her fingers, and she was holding her breath, her eyes bright.

Kathy choked as come juice splashed against her throat and her eyes became enormous. Her slender throat tried to swallow, but Robert was coming too much for her. She pulled her mouth away from his cock, catching a spurt of white, thick come on her chin.

Denise gave a squeal, and without thinking, she turned his spewing cock toward her open mouth. She closed her lips over his cock in time to take the rest of his come into her mouth. She shoved her face forward, the head of his gushing cock sliding down her throat. Her lips pressed into the thick bush of his cock hair, his balls against her chin. She sucked, drawing his come juice out of his throbbing balls, swallowing without hesitation. The burning come juice tasted sweet, sweeter than any candy she had ever eaten. She drained his balls, and she still wanted more. She held his cock in her fist after he finished and licked his seeping piss hole, trying to make him come again.

But Robert was exhausted from the tremendous discharge, and he sank to the mattress. Denise had come while sucking on his prick, and her little cunt continued to throb and pulsate deliciously.

Kathy, with glistening lips, said: “I choked, damn it. Besides, I don’t really care for the taste of it.”

Denise straddled Robert’s thigh, rubbing her hot cunt back and forth on him.

“I’ll suck it for you Robert,” Denise said. “I can get all your cock in my mouth, too. I like how you taste… your come juice, I mean. I’ll suck your cock anytime you want.” And she came again against his thigh.

Denise felt no jealousy when she watched Robert fucking Kathy. They shared everything, and it seemed only natural for them to fuck. Besides, she enjoyed watching his big cock fucking Kathy’s cunt. They would take turns fucking him, and both were in love with the husky boy even then.

Somehow the routine became Kathy fucking him, with Denise providing the blow jobs. Not that Denise preferred sucking his cock; she loved fucking it, too. Robert always wanted to fuck, then be sucked oft. He had the ability to come twice in an hour’s time, and he would usually fuck Kathy, come in her greedy cunt, then after a short rest, shove his cock into Denise’s mouth.

Denise didn’t mind the taste of Kathy’s cunt on his cock, even when it was still wet from her cunt. She would suck it deeply and bob her pretty face until he came again, swallowing the thick sweetness. Kathy still sucked him, but every time he started to come, she would jerk her mouth away and offer his cock to Denise, who would suck it eagerly and hungrily.

Robert was not the only boy whom they want to the empty house with. They still fucked the other boys. Kathy enjoyed sucking those cocks that were too young to come, but Denise preferred a cock that would fill her mouth with delicious come juice.

Robert convinced Denise and Kathy to eat each other, to suck cunts. Kathy and Denise had already finger-fucked each other a number of times so sucking and licking was natural progressive step in their erotic natures. While Robert shoved his pants to his ankles and beat his fist on his cock, Denise and Kathy went after each other. They lay facing each other, head to foot. They were, naked. They caressed between their legs, feeling each other up, probing a finger into a wet cunt, squeezing tight little ass cheeks, kissing hot, smooth thighs, running their tongues along creamy flesh. Robert moved from one end to the other, watching, pulling on his cock, his balls bouncing.

“Come on, girls!” he urged. “Let me see a mouth on a cunt! Suck those twats, girls!”

Kathy rammed her tongue into Denise’s cunt, making Denise squeal. Denise thrust her pussy into the girl’s face, grinding, as she clasped Kathy’s curvy ass. Denise kissed Kathy’s cunt first, finding it soft and warm, and very wet. She licked Kathy’s cunt slit experimentally, finding it pleasant. In the beginning, Denise licked around Kathy’s cunt slowly, cupping the girl’s round ass. Kathy, however, darted her tongue into Denise’s cunt eagerly, fluttering wildly, pulling it out and sucking on Denise’s sensitive clitoris, making Denise arch her pussy hard into her mouth.

Robert moved from the head of one girl to the other, excitedly telling them what to do. Kathy had rolled onto Denise, her pretty face buried between Denise’s long thighs, licking and sucking with hunger. Denise lifted her legs and locked them around Kathy’s head, squirming her crotch from side to side, pumping her ass up and down.

Clinging to Kathy’s ass, Denise became more enthusiastic as she fucked her tongue into Kathy’s cunt. Her lips, wide open, pressed around the slit as she tongue fucked Kathy, finding Kathy’s soft inner thighs pressing at her face thrilling. Her small hands moved in feverish haste over Kathy’s ass. Kathy was now hunching her cunt up and down, smashing into Denise’s face.

Denise’s tongue slipped from Kathy’s inflamed clitoris, plunged into the wet heat of her cunt, then lapped upward and over Kathy’s tightly puckered asshole. Denise felt electric shocks sparking through her young body, and she began to lick her tongue wildly from Kathy’s clitoris to her asshole. Her own cunt was on fire as Kathy sucked and fucked it. Denise felt Kathy moving a fingertip over her sensitive asshole.

Robert settled down and knelt near Denise’s head, watching her suck Kathy’s cunt and her tongue flick around Kathy’s pink asshole. His cock was very hard again, and he pumped it.

Denise watched him as her tongue and lips remained busy. The swollen head of his cock looked funny from this angle, but when his balls brushed against her hair, her excitement increased. She found it visually stimulating when he ran the piss hole of his cock over Kathy’s ass, smearing it with the seeping juices until her ass glistened.

Her tongue was circling Kathy’s pink asshole when Robert pressed the head of his cock downward. Denise ran the tip of her tongue over the smooth head of his cock, then thrust it again into Kathy’s pussy. Robert’s balls rested on Denise’s forehead, and she could feel his cock pressing along her nose. Robert pressed the head of his cock against Kathy’s asshole and jerked his fist furiously on it.

Kathy gurgled and shivered, gripping Denise’s wiggling ass with tight fingers, her tongue racing in and out of her steaming, slippery cunt. Denise arched her cunt hard into Kathy’s sucking face, feeling the scalding heat of an orgasm swelling between her thighs. She sucked and licked harder on Kathy’s dripping cunt. When her orgasm came, It was hard enough to jolt her body.

Denise squealed into Kathy’s cunt, finding that it, too, was in convulsions. Then there was the taste of Robert’s come running down from Kathy’s asshole. Robert was spewing come against it, and the thick juice dripped down and into Denise’s mouth. The mixture of cunt juice and come sent Denise into a frantic, mind-twisting orgasm.

Robert was usually with Denise and Kathy. He never showed jealousy when the girls brought other boys to the old abandoned house. He enjoyed watching them fuck other boys. He urged them to suck each other often. Although Kathy had been reluctant at first to suck his cock off, she began to appreciate the taste of come. The more, he came in her mouth, the better she learned to like it. Still, Kathy showed a distinct preference for boys who could not come.

As the years went by, Denise, Kathy and Robert became a trio. They were always together. The bond between the three became tighter, with each girl more in love with the boy than ever. Each wanted to marry him when they were old enough, and Robert did nothing to discourage this attitude.

When Denise married Robert, the close friendship between the three was broken. Denise did not want to share Robert with Kathy any longer, and Kathy was angry because Robert had chosen Denise. They eventually lost contact with Kathy.

Denise missed Kathy. Robert talked constantly about the old days and the abandoned house. It never failed to excite Denise, listening to him describe the things they had done there. But then Robert invited a girl, who worked in the same plant with him, home one evening, Immediately Denise showed jealousy. She went along with Robert, making a threesome that night with the girl. She performed whatever Robert wanted, but it wasn’t the same. She missed Kathy.

But when Denise introduced Robert to a young boy who delivered the newspapers to them, telling Robert she wanted both of them in bed with her, that she wanted to fuck the two of them, Robert balked. He started showing his selfishness, demanding that Denise find willing girls, but insisting there would be no other men or boys in bed with them.

The arguments began. Denise wanted men in bed with them as much as he wanted girls. Robert continued to refuse.

Life became unbearable with him and his selfishness. By the time Denise was twenty, she was divorced and living alone with two children.

Free of her marriage, Denise would fuck any man showing interest in her. And there were many men. She was tall and slender and beautiful, and extremely sexy. A few times she had fucked three men at the same time, but she began to find that most men, like her husband, were possessive and wanted to be the only one in her life although wanting other women at the same time.

Denise wanted no more of that. If that was the way men were, she would remain single, raise her son and daughter, and take what came by. She was a free spirit, cheerful and friendly to everyone, and her sex life remained discreet.

Denise shut out the memories, turning onto her side, drawing her knees up, She thought of what she had done with her son only an hour or so ago. She was still surprised at Robert’s eagerness to touch her, to be touched by her, at his hungry mouth on her tits, his hand rubbing her crotch.

Denise looked out the window into the night. There was something strange with all those boys on the basketball team, and the girls bouncing around at the other end of the gym, and the little girl flashing her cunt as she leaped into the air.

There had been something familiar about the girl. Alice, her children called her. Cindy seemed closer to the girl called Alice than the other girls. Cindy and Alice sat together, giggling, pointing at various boys who raced about the court. Cindy had never mentioned knowing a girl called Alice before, not that Denise could remember. Yet, Cindy seemed more friendly toward Alice than any of the other girls on the team.

Cupping her hand between her thighs, her fingers curled into her cunt, Denise let her mind return to her son, and to his cock, of rubbing it and making him come in his pants. She knew, with startling clarity, that Robert was going to fuck her. He was going to fuck her and it was going to happen soon. He was going to shove his cock up her hairy cunt and fuck her good, feed her starving pussy with come juice.

And she was ready.

Denise was ready to fuck her son…


The next morning, as Cindy prepared for school, Denise found her son still in bed.

“What’s wrong with your brother, Cindy?” she asked over her morning coffee.

“He said he didn’t feel good,” Cindy replied, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “I think he’s lying, though.”


“Because of last night, Mother,” Cindy replied, her long-lashed eyes twinkling.

“Oh, that,” Denise muttered. “We… I don’t know what happened.”

Cindy gazed boldly at her mother. “You know what happened, Mother. You rubbed Robert off, that’s what you did!”

“Cindy!” Denise gulped. “That isn’t very nice.”

“You thought it was,” Cindy giggled. “You wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t.” Cindy glanced at her mother’s tits. Denise wore a sleeveless white blouse, her nipples straining against it, outlined with the darker shade where they pressed. “You know, Mother, you have beautiful tits.”

Denise gasped.

“Robert sure was sucking them last night.” Cindy giggled again. “He was sucking your tits like no tomorrow. Did it feel good, Mother?”

“Did what feel good?”

“Robert sucking your tits and feeling you up,” Cindy said, still giggling.

“Cindy!” Denise tried to pour anger in her voice, but failed miserably. “You shouldn’t say such things.”

“But it’s true,” Cindy said. “I saw him sucking your tit and he had his hand on your pussy, Mother. You know I saw it.”

For a long moment, Denise sat still, her coffee cup shaking in her hand as she stared at her daughter. There wasn’t much she could say in defense of herself. Cindy had seen them, saw what they were doing. For the first time since that old empty house when she was a little girl, Denise felt herself blushing.

Trying to change the subject, she asked:

“This girl last night, the one naked under her costume, Alice?”

“What about her, Mother?”

“She looks familiar to me,” Denise said. “Do you know who her mother is, Cindy?”

“Not the last name, but I think her first name is Kathy,” Cindy said, seemingly reluctant to supply even this much information.

“This Kathy… have you seen her?”

Cindy nodded, lowering her eyes.

“Tall, slim, with dark hair and almond-shaped eyes?”

Again Cindy nodded, not volunteering any more information. Cindy was trying to hide something, Denise thought. But why was Cindy so reluctant to talk about Alice’s mother? But it couldn’t be the same Kathy she had known so many years ago.

“I’d like to meet her,” Denise said.

Cindy jerked, her eyes darting to her mother. “You mean Alice?”

“I mean this Kathy,” Denise said, noticing the cloudy expression in Cindy’s eyes. Cindy, she thought, didn’t want her to meet the woman for some reason.

And that, Denise thought, was all the more reason for her to meet the woman. Even if it wasn’t the same Kathy of long ago, Denise wanted to find out why Cindy was trying to conceal information.

The boys not wearing jocks during practice, letting their cocks be exposed, and the cute little Alice, naked under her already revealing cheerleading costume, and now this mysterious woman called Kathy. There was definitely something strange here, Denise told herself. She remembered there had been no coach at the practice sessions, and those practices she had not attended both Cindy and Robert came home well after midnight.

After Cindy had skipped off to school, Denise bathed. She had not yet checked on her son; knowing very well he wasn’t ill. She had a hunch why he was staying home, and her hunch sent waves of anticipation rippling through her creamy flesh. She wondered why her son had so willingly touched her, letting her rub his cock.

The more she tied things together, the more suspicious she became of the basketball team, the cheerleaders, Robert and Cindy, Alice and the mystery woman, Kathy.

Stepping from her tub, she dried her lovely body until her skin gleamed. She brushed her hair and dabbed perfume to strategic areas of her body, then with a naughty grin, she put some between her thighs. There was no need to be subtle, she thought. Robert had been too willing last night for her to play little teasing games with him. And if her hunch was right, he would have her naked in no time anyway.

Pulling a pair of bikini panties on, she adjusted the crotch about her cunt. Her tits stood up firm and shapely, needing no support. Her tits were already swollen; she gave them a pinch, pulling and twisting them gently.

Her clit felt ready to burst, her cunt becoming very wet. There was a heat in and around her cunt that she had not felt in some time. She walked into the hall. When her children were in school, Denise enjoyed being naked or wearing just panties about the house, but this time there was a definite erotic atmosphere that she had never felt when alone.

She approached her son’s bedroom. She paused for a moment, taking a couple of deep breaths, then she opened the door.

Robert looked up at her, a huge smile on his face.

“I knew you’d be here after Cindy left, Mom,” he said.

He was on his back, totally naked, his cock standing straight up, pointing up at the ceiling, That was where Denise looked, and her eyes burned with desire as she saw hit prick throbbing, beads of wetness on his piss hole.

She gazed at his cock, feeling his eyes run up and down her body. Her fingers had been curled tightly at her sides, and now she stroked up and down her hips, then over the slight bulge of her panties.

Robert shook his cock. “Want some of this, Mom?”

Denise licked her lips, her eyes shooting flames at his hard cock. She nodded, whispering, “Yes.”

“Sit on it,” Robert said. “Sit on my cock, Mom.”

“Oh, yes!” Denise moaned, moving toward him. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Reaching the side of his bed, she moved forward and when her fingertips touched her son’s cock, it was as if a shock of electricity had gone through her. With a soft moan, she closed her fingers around his cock and squeezed, bringing a groan from her son. He arched his hips up, and while she held his cock tightly, he fucked her fist for a moment.

“Now, Mom!” Robert groaned. “Sit on my cock now!”

“Oh, baby, I will!”

Denise scrambled onto Robert’s bed, straddling his thighs, still gripping his hard cock. She lifted her ass, inching her knees along his thighs, pressing his cock into the silky hairs of her cunt, feeling her clit rubbing against the throbbing shaft.

Denise came.

“Ohhhh, shit!” she moaned, her body shaking, her naked tits jiggling, She pressed his cock hard against her panties, strands of cunt hair sticking through the lace. Her cunt throbbed with convulsions as she came, the hairy lips squeezing. “Oh, damn, damn! You made me come already, Robert!”

Feeling the heat of his mother’s cunt against his cock, he grunted. “And I’m gonna come to, if we don’t hurry!”

“Tear my panties off!” Denise wailed. “Rip my panties off my ass, darling! Hurry. Hurry, please!”

Robert grasped his mother’s panties and yanked. They came away from her hips with a ripping sound. He threw them onto the floor, and Denise rammed her cunt down on the head of his upstanding cock.

“Phhhh, yes!” she hissed as her cunt slid down the thick length of his cock, her pussy lips smashing against the base.

She sat and shook with his cock deep inside her cunt, the hair-lined lips of her pussy squeezing him hotly. She felt the hard throbs of his cock deep inside her boiling cunt, as if the head had been jammed into her stomach.

“Ooooh, Robert, darling… oh, so good! So damned good!”

Robert grabbed his mother’s swollen tits, his fingers digging in harshly. Denise was thrilled with the pain of her tits, and she ground her naked ass down harder on him.

Robert ran his hands from her tits, down her shaking sides to her hips. Gripping them tightly, he said hoarsely, “Let me suck your tits, Mom! Let me suck the… fuck me! Fuck me, Mom — now, before I come!”

“Oh, yes, yes!” she moaned, leaning forward to jam a swollen nipple into his hot, wet mouth. “I’ll fuck you, darling! I’m so hot. I’ll fuck you good! My cunt is going to burn your hard cock up!”

“Do it!” Robert groaned just before drawing his mother’s nipple into his mouth.

Denise threw her head back, closing her eyes and churning her naked ass up and down, her cunt riding his cock hungrily. She plunged down hard, her pussy smacking wetly against the base of her son’s prick, twisting and grinding. She yelped and moaned, whimpered and squealed, her ass thrashing swiftly, fucking him with wild movement.

His lips sucked very hard on her nipple, as if he would suck it off and swallow it. He held her ass cheeks, his hips banging up and down with her fuck rhythm. The bed was shaking as they fucked frantically.

Denise’s cunt was burning hotly, the searing flames of ecstasy growing, Her son’s cock stretched the hairy lips of her cunt, and his prick went in so deep. His cock seemed to reach her throat, making Denise’s erotic emotions whirl senselessly.

She churned her ass in frenzy, banging on to his cock with such fury that she was coming again. Her cunt closed around her son’s cock a she came, the lips very tight, the contractions sucking on his prick. The rippling waves of her orgasm went from the lips of her hot cunt all the way to her straining stomach, her inner thighs glowing with heat on his hips.

She felt his balls brushing at her naked ass each time she plunged down on his cock. He gripped the cheeks of her creamy as, his mouth sucking greedily on her swollen nipple. She kept coming, ecstasy grinding through her naked body. She had never experienced such strong orgasms, or so many at one time.

Denise was wailing and sobbing, tears in her eyes, tears of ultimate ecstasy.

Robert lunged his cock up and down. Denise stopped pumping her ass, letting her son fuck into her cunt as hard as he wanted, feeling his crotch smash the puffy lips of her cunt and her knotted clitoris. She felt as if she was bruising her tender cunt lips, but she didn’t care. She didn’t care if he fucked her cunt raw.

Holding her ass up, she let her son fuck into her pussy hard, his long, thick cock creating friction between the sensitive lips of her contracting cunt. She began to howl with pleasure, screaming wildly.

“Come, Robert!” she groaned. “Oh, baby, come!”

“Almost!” Robert groaned against her tit. “Almost, Mom! You’re hot, really hot! Your cunt is hot and wet! I’m about to let go… come in you, Mom!”

“Give it to me!” she screeched; twisting her ass while he fucked faster and faster into the fiery depths of her cunt. “I want it, Robert! I want to feel your cock coming… gushing in my cunt! Fill my hot cunt up, darling! Ooooh, come in my fucking cunt!”

With a tight grunt of pleasure, Robert rammed his cock as deep as he could, sending spurt after spurt of creamy, thick come juice splashing into the tight, satiny grip of his mother’s scalding cunt. Denise screamed as she felt his cock spewing into her. She slammed her cunt down onto him, driving his ass into the mattress, grinding powerfully, her cunt gripping his cock and sucking the come from his writhing balls.

Denise remained on top of her son, his cock captured inside her cunt, still flexing on it. She felt his bands caressing her trembling back, cupping the cheeks of her ass, reaching don the back of her thighs. She spread her legs around his, rocking her hips as she pressed her mouth tightly into his, her tongue sneaking past his teeth and licking inside his mouth.

“Mmmm, that was wonderful, Robert,” she murmured, resting her head on his shoulder. “Do you feel ashamed?”

“Fuck, no!” She giggled.

“Something funny, Mom?”

“No,” she whispered. “I like to hear you say ‘fuck’, that’s all.”

“Well, fuck, fuck, fuck,” he said, hugging her waist tightly. “Fuck and fuck and cunt and cock and pussy and fuck, fuck, fuck!” She lifted up and looked into his young face, her eyes shining and smiling.

“You forgot prick and cock sucker and cunt-licker and ass-fucker,” she laughed.

“No, I didn’t,” he replied. “I just wanted to hear you say a few words, too, Mom.”

“Oh, is that right?” she teased, wiggling her ass and squeezing his cock with her curt lips. “Well, fuck you, honey! Fuck your hard cock and balls and anyway you can think how to fuck…”

“Fuck who?” he retorted, squeezing the cheeks of her shapely ass.

“Me!” she gurgled. “Fuck me! And if you bounce around at basketball practice and flash your fucking cock again like last night, you might find yourself getting fucked by me in front of everybody.”

“Made you a little hot, did it?” he teased back.

“Hot isn’t the word for it,” she grinned. “I thought I had a bonfire going on in my cunt.”

“I thought it would do that to you,” Robert said.

“Oh, it was deliberate, was it?”

He nodded. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time, Mom. I just didn’t know how to go about it.”

“Well, it worked, I guess.”


Denise lifted from him, laying her cheek on his stomach and fondling his cock and balls, watching it. “Robert, do you know Alice very well?”

Robert hesitated, then said: “A little.”

“Do you know her mother, Kathy?” She noticed him catch his breath, and he didn’t answer right away. “Well, do you?”

“I’ve… seen her.”

“Is she beautiful, dark hair, almond-shaped eyes?”

“Do you know her, Mom?”

“I’m not sure,” she said, wiggling his cock. “The description sounds like someone I knew at long time ago.”

“Where did you hear about her?”

“Cindy told me this morning,” Denise said, closing her fist around his cock, squeezing it, seeing the head swell and his piss hole flare.

She found her son even more reluctant to talk about the mysterious Kathy. Denise was feeling more certain it was the same Kathy she had known years ago.

Knowing she wouldn’t get any more answers from Robert, Denise kissed his stomach, working her tongue into his belly button. She stroked his cock. It was slippery with the wetness of her cunt. She cupped his balls, pulling them up, squeezing them and his cock in her hot hand.

Shoving her face downward, she swiped her tongue over his piss hole, then circled it with the tip, tasting the juices of her cunt and the remaining juice of his come.

“DO you like sucking cock, too, Mom?” Robert asked.

“Mmmm, love to, honey,” she murmured, kissing the head of his cock wetly.

Robert shoved his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, then pulled back. “You’re sure eger.”

“Suck me off, Mom!” he urged.

She gripped his cock at the base, causing the head to swell even more. She ran her tongue over the smooth head, tasting seeping juices. Robert kept trying to shove his cock into her mouth, but she played with him, letting him rub the head along her lips, teasing it with her tongue.

“Come on, Mom!” he pleaded. “You gotta suck my cock! You can’t be a teaser, Mom! Suck me off… please!”

Denise opened her mouth and let him press his cock between her lips. As the head moved past her teeth, her tips stretching around the thickness, her tongue pressed up, making his cock slide along the roof of her mouth. When the head of his prick brushed against her throat, she moaned and began to suck up and down, her lips fucking his cock slowly for a while. She took all of his cock into her mouth, while lifting his balls and rubbing them against her cheek. Her lips pressed into his cock hair. Lifting her head from his stomach, she let her son fuck into her mouth. She felt his hand on the back of her head, pressing her mouth down onto his cock.

Pulling her mouth away from his prick, she turned and, grasping his prick, said: “Let me get on my back, Robert. You can fuck my mouth better that way.”

She lay down, placing his pillow beneath her head. Robert straddled her shoulders, his ass smashing her up-tilted tits. She held his hips while he rubbed his cock head back and forth on her lips. She opened her mouth, and he shoved his long, thick cock into it. Robert held his mother’s head, watching his cock glide in and out, her lips pulling on it.

“Your mouth is so hot and wet, Mom!” he groaned, fucking into her tight mouth. “It feels like your cunt, only you can suck and lick my cock at the same time! Can I come in your, mouth, Mom?”

She nodded, her eyes twinkling merrily up at him, his balls bouncing on her chin. She felt his ass moving on her tits, adding to her delight.

“Some girls won’t let a guy come in their mouth,” he said in a thick voice, driving his cock in and out of her clutching lips. “They don’t like a guy coming in their mouth, but they’ll suck cock.”

Robert ran his cock deep, the head of his prick entering her throat. Denise gurgled with ecstasy, her tongue licking as he plunged in and out. She swallowed when he dripped, her eyes becoming glazed in passion. She writhed her naked ass into the sheet of his now-mussed bed, her knees up, opening and closing.

Robert stared at her face.

“You can take all of my cock, Mom!” he moaned. “You can swallow my cock all the way! Oh, you’re good… You’re a real good cock sucker, Mom!”

His cock was becoming bigger, thicker, and he was fucking faster now. Denise shoved her hands around his hips and dug her fingers into his ass cheeks. Robert leaned over, fucking her mouth as if it were her cunt. He plunged deep, and she pulled at his ass in an effort to make it go deeper yet. His balls slapped her chin as he thrust up and down.

Robert was grunting, letting her know he was close to coming. She was not sucking his cock; he was fucking her mouth. Denise didn’t mind in the least. She loved having a guy fuck her mouth.

His ass shook, his cock moving faster and faster between her burning, tingling lips.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” he groaned. “Ci… Al… oooo, shit!”

His cock spurted, sending hot, sweet come juice down his mother’s throat. But Denise, as much as she enjoyed feeling him coming in her mouth, suddenly twisted her head to one side. His cock came out of her mouth. She found herself with a spurting cock sending hot come juice into her face instead of her mouth.

She waited until he finished coming. Her face was covered with white come. But that didn’t bother her at all. She had cocks go off in her face before.

“What did you say?” she asked when he finished coming.

“I-I didn’t say anything,” he gasped raggedly.

“You started to say something,” she said, wiping at her face. “Cindy or Alice. You started to say something about Alice and your sister, Robert.”

“No,” he said. “I was choking, that’s all. It felt so good to come in your mouth, Mom, I was choking on words.”


While her son showered, Denise mulled things over in her mind. She had no doubt he had almost told her something about Cindy and Alice. And Alice’s mother, Kathy… It couldn’t, not after all these years. Yet Denise felt a fluttering in her stomach. Alice was the very image of the Kathy she had known so long ago. It could be possible, but it was so far-fetched that Denise could hardly believe it. She wanted to believe it, though.

Denise lay on her son’s bed, squirming, remembering how close she and Kathy had been. It wasn’t just the sex, but everything. Eating each other had been fantastic, screwing with the boys in the neighborhood together had been great.

With a sigh, she got to her feet and went to her own bathroom, where she bathed again. She was rinsing off when Robert came in. He sat on the toilet watching her. He had not bothered to dress, and Denise found that pleasant. She postured and twisted beneath the shower as the bath water drained away.

Glancing at his cock, she was delighted to see it swelling. She flicked water at him, laughing.

“I hope you have plans for that thing,” she said, pointing at his cock.

“I’ve got a lot of plans for it, Mom,” Robert replied, grasping his cock and waggling it.

Denise turned her back to him, looking over her shoulder. Cupping the cheeks of her ass, she lifted upward, spreading them wide. Robert grinned as be saw his mother’s asshole, and below, the hairy slit of her cunt. Denise arched her ass at him.

“See anything that might help with your plans,” she teased.

“I see a lot,” Robert gulped, swallowing as at her exposure. “And it all fits in with my plans.”

Denise wiggled her ass. From behind, she slowly shoved a finger into her cunt, then leaned forward to make her ass protrude.

“Can’t you give me some help, honey. My finger isn’t what I want in there.”

Robert stood up, his cock thrusting out.

“Mmm, fuck me, Robert,” Denise whimpered. “Oh, fuck me now! God, give that big cock to me, Robert!”

Robert grasped his mother’s hips, thrusting his cock into her cunt swiftly.

“Oooohh!” Denise moaned as fiery pleasure went through her wet body. “Oh, yes, yes!”

“You’re hot, Mom!” he gasped, driving his cock back and forth, pounding into her cunt powerfully. “Your cunt is fucking hot! Wet, and hot and good!”

“You fill my pussy so sweetly, Robert!” she groaned a she rammed her ass back against him. “You fuck me so deliciously! Ram it to me, darling! Oooh, I love it so much! Fuck mother… fuck mother’s hot cunt! Fuck me hard!”

The deep throbbing of his hard cock seared the sensitive lips of her pussy. She wiggled her ass, twisting it erotically as he fucked her. She banged her ass back and forth, meeting his lunges, feeling his balls swinging against her thighs. The wet slaps of his stomach on her naked, wet ass increased her thrilling pleasure.

Holding his mother’s hip with one hand, Robert reached around and clutched at one tit. Denise moaned as he squeezed it; her hands braced against the wall of the shower stall. The orgasm was coming on her swiftly, building hotly in the center of her stomach, spreading heat outward. She was sobbing with intense pleasure. She placed her hand on top of his, swirling his palm over her swollen tit, pressing his fingers tighter into her spongy tit mound.

Her cunt squeezed and sucked at his cock, gripping it with hot tightness. She moaned loudly when her cunt came, the muscles in her stomach tightening. She churned her ass furiously as her orgasm turned into another, then another yet.

“I’m coming, Robert!” she wailed. “Oh, you’re making me come! Oh, God… I’m coming apart! Sweet… beautiful… God, coming is so fucking good! It’s glorious… ohhhhhh!”

“You’re tight, Mom!” Robert groaned. “Tight, wet, hot! Ohhh, shit, I’m gonna come, too!”

“Yes!” Denise screamed. “Come, darling, come!”

Robert rammed his cock deep into his mother’s cunt, his body going stiff. He arched his hips forward to try and fuck deeper yet. Denise felt his cock jerking through the convulsions of her cunt, then the spraying came juice was splashing into her cunt, flooding her with hot sweetness. When he gave a final spurt, Denise came again, her wet, naked body shivering as though she was having a seizure of some sort. He wailed and moaned and sobbed with ecstasy.

When Robert pulled his cock from her clutching cunt, she moaned at the loss. She leaned against the wet wall, still shaking, her vision becoming fuzzy. After a bit, she slumped to the bottom of the tub, the shower spraying down on her. Her eyes closed, but snapped open when she heard him pissing.

Fascinated, she stared at her son, her eyes on the tip of his cock, seeing the golden piss spewing from it, tinkling into the toilet. She felt a response to this, a response that surprised her; Denise came again.

She watched her son shake his cock, a few drops of piss falling from it.

Giving his mother a grin, Robert walked out.

She watched his tight, young ass, her tongue moving over her lips. Seeing him piss had done something to her, made her excited. Denise would never have thought it exciting to see anyone piss, let alone her son. Yet she had come again while watching him.

She stood beneath the shower again, rinsing some more. She dried her body, then sat on the toilet to piss. Feeling an urge come over her, she parted her knees and ran her hand between them. She felt the hot piss stream into it. Goose bumps lifted on her smooth flesh. She cupped her hand and pissed and pissed. Finished, she lifted her hand and looked at it. It was soaked with piss, and she couldn’t resist moving the tip of her tongue into it, tasting it.

Denise came again.

She had always been extremely erotic, yet this surprised her. Always able to come very easily, she had never come with the simple act of pissing. She had never even thought of pissing as something erotic.

Almost in a daze, she entered her room and began to select clothing. She wondered where her son had gone off to. He would still be in the house someplace, and she hoped he was still naked. Despite the numerous orgasms she had enjoyed, Denise wanted more. She wanted to come and keep coming all day long.

She found her son in the kitchen, eating breakfast. She had dressed in a wrap-around dress, and she sat across from him with another cup of coffee. Her cunt was still bubbling. “You make me so damned hot, Robert,” she said, her eyes sparkling. “I’m going to have to watch you practice more often.”


“Because it’s beautiful to see your cock flopping out when you jump in the air.”

“You can see my cock anytime, Mom,” he replied, finishing eating.

“Fuck it, too?”

“You can suck it, too.” He grinned lewdly. She frowned slightly. “Darling, I want to know what’s going on. Between you and your sister, and this girl Alice.”

Robert looked at his mother.

“Are you fucking your sister, baby?” she asked softly.

Robert made no reply, but kept looking at her.

“And Alice? Are you fucking her, too?” Robert stood, still silent. He was wearing jockey shorts, she saw, feeling disappointed. She gazed at the bulge his cock and balls made in them. She watched him leave the room, but he returned quickly. He dropped a small, envelope on the table.

Denise looked up at him, then at the envelope. “What’s this?”

“Look at them, Mom,” he said.

Denise pulled out a small stack of color photographs from the envelope. She wasn’t at all surprised. The picture on top was of Alice leaping high into the air, dressed in her cheerleading costume. The pleated skirt was high and the girl’s cunt was fully exposed, her long legs wide. Denise could see the slit of Alice’s pink cunt clearly.

She glanced at her son, who stood at her side. Taking his hand, she cupped it about her tit, pressing hard. She looked at the next picture. The person’s face was not showing, cut off near the edge. It was obvious, however, that she was a woman and not a girl. The woman’s knees were drawn beneath her stomach, and both hands held her ass wide, revealing her cant and asshole to the camera.

She glanced at her son, who had moved behind her and was cupping both her tits now. The next picture was of the same woman, the same pose, only she was pissing, still on her knees and holding her ass cheeks wide apart. The golden stream arced from the hairy cunt and splashed onto the floor. Denise looked closely at the picture, and she saw in the background lockers and a long bench.

“These were taken at the school gym, weren’t they, Robert?”

Robert nodded, rubbing his mother’s tits.

“Who is she?”

But Robert wouldn’t answer.

The next picture, still without the woman’s face appearing, was in that same pose, only this time she was being fucked by a basketball team member; his shorts were at his knees. Half his cock was inside the woman’s cunt.

Another picture of Alice showed her sitting down, leaning against the lockers. She had her knees up, spread wide, her cunt showing. One each side of the girl were two boys, and she had a hand on each cock. The cocks had been pulled from the legs of their shorts, and Alice was grinning very, very lewdly into the camera. Denise responded to the pictures, her cunt becoming fiery hot again.

Then she saw Cindy.

Her daughter was in the same identical pose as Alice, only she had four cocks pointed at her sweet, pretty face. Denise stared at her daughter, seeing her cunt and one tit showing from her lifted sweater.

Denise stared at this picture, seeing her daughter as she had never seen her before. She was not surprised to find herself becoming excited, her cunt throbbing, the lips becoming puffy. Her eyes searched the cocks, trying to determine if one belonged to her son. But she was still not familiar enough with Robert’s cock to decide.

Leaning back in her chair, she felt her son squeezing her tits.

“Then you are fucking Cindy and Alice.” It was a statement, not a question. Denise placed her hands on top other son’s, pressing his palms hard against her tits. Her nipples thrust outward. The back of her head rested against his stomach. She felt his cock moving around the back of her neck, in her hair. It stuck from the legs of his shorts, the head big and swollen.

Robert slipped his cock along her neck, and Denise leaned back, pressing it between her neck and shoulder. She felt his cock slide back and forth, felt it hot and throbbing in hardness. She turned her head, trying to kiss his cock as it moved back and forth. She ran her long tongue out, managing to lick the smooth head of his prick as he fucked back and forth. She had never felt a cock against her flesh this way, and it excited her in a perverse manner. The pictures lay scattered on the table, and she shivered as her son fucked along her neck and cheek and squeezed her tits.

“Robert,” she whispered. “Oh, Robert! Your cock feels so good no matter where you touch me. So hard and big and hot!”

She pressed a hand to her shoulder, pressing his cock into her neck, still trying to kiss and lick the head of his prick. She felt his balls at her neck and shoulder. Her cunt seeped and she pressed her thighs together tightly. Writhing her ass into the chair, she moaned softly as he fucked her slowly along her neck. Opening her wrap-around dress to let her tits free, she closed his fingers around one, still pressing his cock to her neck. With some strain, she could see the head of his cock. Her flesh was burning again. She wanted to turn and gulp his cock into her throat, yet she wanted to feel him sliding his cock against her neck at the same time. The powerful throbbing felt so good to her, so very good. Her cunt was boiling and she was in pain with unbearable desire again.

“You like this, Mom?” Robert asked. “Does my cock feel good this way?”

“Mmmm, beautiful,” she murmured. “So beautiful.”

He moved her hair away so his balls pressed against her shoulder, high up, near her neck. She kept pressing her jaw down on his cock, feeling the dripping head slide against her palm. Slippery fluids from his piss hole dripped down on her tit, scaring her flesh. She opened her wrap-around, her legs parting.

“My cunt is so hot!” she hissed, thrusting fingers into it, fucking them in and out, the heel of her hand smashing her inflamed clit. “My pussy is boiling, darling!”

“Fuck it, Mom,” he said. “Finger fuck your cunt. You look so beautiful, shoving your fingers up your hairy cunt. Make yourself come, Mom! Finger fuck your wet, hot cunt and make it come!”

“I will,” she sobbed. “I’ll do it for you, darling! For you I’ll do anything!”

His cock moved back and forth, picking up speed, fucking along her neck. She pressed her hand harder, feeling his cock throb and burn her flesh.

“Are you going to come this way, Robert?” she asked. “Are you?”

“Would you like that?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, honey! Fuck me anyway you want… Come on me anywhere you want!”

Robert began to fuck along his mother’s neck and jaw with quicker movements, his hands digging into her shivering tits. Denise spread her legs as far apart as she could, her fingers flying, twisting in and out of her cunt. She wanted her son to come, to spurt that wonderful come juice over her body. She wanted to feel the hot, slippery come all over her tits and stomach and face. She struggled to run her tongue over the hot head, to lick his piss hole. Sometimes she managed to touch his cock with the tip of her tongue. She twisted her head to the side as much as she could and lapped the head of his cock.

She lifted her feet and placed them on the table, wide-apart, her ass slumping over the chair at her fingers rammed and thrust and fucked at her steaming cunt. She had come already, but it had been a mild orgasm. It was usually that way; first mild, but the rest all very powerful and ecstatic.

When Robert ran his cock along her neck, she licked the smooth head. But now Denise was not thinking about his cock coming over her tits. She was thinking what it would be like to have him piss on her, his warm, golden piss splashing over her tits, drenching her body in piss. The image of her son pissing on her was very strong and before she could stop herself, she began to mumble.

“Piss on me, piss on me, piss on me!”

“What, Mom?” Robert asked. “What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing,” she said in a louder voice. “Just fuck me and come on me, darling. I want to feel your come juice on my tits and neck and face and tongue! Ooooh, come on me, baby!”

“I will!”

“Fuck faster?”

Robert speeded up the movement of his cock. Denise clawed at her cunt as a huge orgasm bubbled deep in her burning cunt. She twisted her ass, braced with her legs on the table. She licked as best she could, wanting to have her tongue close to his piss hole when he came. Tasting it as it spurted onto her tits would be wonderful. Robert was grunting, his balls slapping against the back of her neck. His cock, very hard, seemed to burn her flesh.

“Come! Oh, please, come!” she howled. “Come! Please, please, come on me!”

“Now!” Robert yelped.

“Ooooooh, beautiful!”

White, thick come spurted from the head of his cock, landing on her thigh. Denise pulled her hand out of her cunt and rubbed the hot liquid into her flesh, mewling happily as his cock spewed over her tits, now, making her nipples tingle. He came and came, and before he finished, Denise twisted her head and captured the tip of her son’s cock with her lips. The final spurts entered her mouth, coating her tongue. She moaned as her cunt convulsed. She swallowed her come. She flipped the tip of her tongue against his piss hole, wanting more, wanting as much of that sweet come as she could get. After her son was finished, she clung to his cock with her lips, her head angled uncomfortably.

She smeared the come over her tits, working it into her flesh as she would cold cream.

“I’m a mess,” she laughed when he pulled away from her. “You sure came a lot, darling. Look at my tits, would you?”

Robert stripped his shorts off, handing them to his mother. Denise used them to clean herself as best she could, but it was obvious she needed another shower. She stood up to go, but Robert grabbed her hand.

“I’ve been wanting to do this, Mom,” he said, taking her into the living room.


“Do what?” she asked, flirting with him.

“Eat your cunt,” he laughed, pressing her to the couch and spreading her legs.

“Eat my cunt?”

“Lick it… suck you,” he said, going to his knees between her legs. “Tongue fuck you in the cunt, Mom.”

“Oh, you should have told me!” Denise squealed. “I’m a sucker for that.”

He looked op at her. “Mom, you’re a sucker for more than that. You’re one hell of a fantastic cock sucker.”

Denise laughed happily, lifting her legs and draping them over her son’s shoulder. She pressed her warm, sleek inner thighs tight against his cheeks. Her eyes burned into his, her fingers clutching the cushion with eagerness.

Robert leaned forward, kissing his mother’s stomach just above the line of her cunt hair. He licked her flesh with the tip of his tongue. Denise pressed at his head, trying to shove his mouth to her glowing cunt.

Robert resisted her effort, licking at her flesh, tasting her, his hands caressing her hips and down to her ass. He cupped the cheeks of his mother’s rounded ass, scooting his tongue into the thick hair of her cunt. He rubbed her clitoris gently, turning his head to kiss and suck at her thigh. He bit lightly, his cheek resting on her cunt hair.

“Ohhhh, stop teasing me,” she hissed excitedly at him. “Eat me, Robert! I don’t need all this build-up! I’m already hot for your fucking mouth and tongue on my cunt. Lick my pussy, darling! Taste mother’s hot cunt!”

She parted her legs a little and shoved her son’s mouth between them. Holding his face, she rubbed her cunt about him, watching with glazed eyes of passion. She smeared her son’s face with her hairy wet cunt, then brought his lips to it. She pressed her cunt into his mouth.

“Eat me now, Robert!” she moaned. “Suck mother’s cunt now! Shove your tongue up my cunt and fuck me with it!”

Robert shoved his mother’s legs high, pressing her knees into her tits. He dipped his face and scraped his tongue along the steaming lips of her hairy cunt, licking her ciltoris. He closed his lips on his mother’s clit and sucked, his tongue flicking up and down the sensitive tip.

Denise squirmed her crotch into his face, twisting in frenzy, holding her legs up and back. She watched him, her eyes glassy with desire, her mouth opened as she gurgled. The wet slurping he made as his tongue licked up and down the slit of her cunt was music to her ears. She rocked her ass up and down, writhing against his face, twisting her ass from side to side.

“Qooh, that’s good, baby!” Denise growled. “Lick my cunt! Ohhh, Robert, you lick me so beautifully! Suck mother’s hot cunt… fuck my wet pussy! Oooooh, tongue fuck my cunt!”

Robert plunged his tongue deep into his mother’s boiling cunt, thrusting it in and out, tasting the juices. He twisted his tongue in circles as she sucked and licked her pussy, making Denise gurgle and mewl and coo and whimper. She arched her ass up, bending almost double, still holding her knees tight to her chin, her eyes wide with wanton hunger, watching his tongue work and fly and twist at her overheated cunt. Her tits were still wet with his come juice, and her knees became slippery from it.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she squealed. “Fuck me with your cunt-licking tongue, darling! Oooooh, tongue fuck mother’s cunt! Oh, you suck my pussy so good! Eat me… suck me… tongue me!”

Robert gripped the cheeks of his mother’s ass, ramming his tongue in and out of her satiny cunt with darting thrusts. He looked in to her eyes, seeing the heat glow in them, the glazed expression on her face. He opened his mouth wide, pressing his lips hard at the puffy lips of her pussy, sucking even as his tongue fucked her.

Robert pulled his face back an inch or so. “Rub your cunt in my face, Mom! Rub your hairy, wet cunt all over my face!”

“I will!” Denise screamed loudly, grinding her cunt into his face, smearing him with pussy juices from his forehead to his chin.

She listened to her son groan with pleasure, his tongue licking as she rubbed her cunt against his face. Despite her own hazy vision, she watched his expression, knowing he loved having a wet, hairy cunt rubbing his good-looking face this way.

“Does it feel good, darling? Does my cunt feel good, rubbing your face like this?” “I love it, Mom!” he yelled. Then his tongue rammed back into her pussy, fucking her with swift plunges, his fingers digging into her ass again. It seemed to Denise as if her son was trying to shove his face into her pussy, and she did all she could to help him. Running her hands behind her thighs, she pulled the lips of her cunt as wide apart as she could, and she felt his tongue drive deeper. She squealed with ecstasy, grinding and twisting at his open mouth and darting tongue. Her cunt was pulsating, and there was an orgasm swelling inside her body.

“Ooooh, baby, baby!” she wailed. “You’re going to make me come! Ahhhh, fuck my cunt… tongue fuck mother’s cunt, Robert! I’m about to come! Ohhh, shit, am I about to come!”

A loud scream ripped from Denise as she came.

Her cunt became tight around her son’s stabbing tongue, the convulsions making it grip and relax, tighten and loosen. She rammed her cunt hard against his face, twisting her ass in frenzy, her eyes closed and scream after scream tore from her throat, the intense ecstasy shattering her body and mind.

While Denise was still coming, Robert pulled his face from her cunt and lowered her legs. Immediately he rammed his cock up her pussy, fucking her almost violently, stabbing his cock hard, his balls smacking her ass.

Denise was coming and coming, screaming loudly as she churned her ass to his fuck rhythm.

“Fuck it… fuck it!” she screamed. “Fuck my goddamn cunt! Fuck mother’s fucking-hot cunt! Oooooh, ram it to me! Fuck the shit out of me! Fuck the piss out of my wet, hot cunt!”

“I’m gonna piss on you, Mom!” Robert shouted, ramming hard. “I’m gonna piss on your fucking tits… Piss on your fucking cunt… Piss on your cock sucking face!”

“Oh, God… yes!” Denise wailed, thrashing through orgasm after orgasm. “Piss on me… piss all over me! Oh, baby, baby piss on my tits, my cunt, my ass, my fucking, cock sucking face! Piss on me, piss in me, piss… piss… piss!”

Robert suddenly came.

The thick hot come gushed into Denise’s cunt, splashing along the velvety walls of her insatiable cunt like a storm, filling her, flooding her. Denise was going through intense orgasms. Her cunt clutched and sucked on his spewing prick, while his balls beat at her churning ass. It went on and on, Denise coming in uncontrollable wave after wave of orgasm, screaming with agonizing ecstasy. When it was over, she went limp, totally exhausted. Her hands lay loosely at her hips, her legs flopping wide. Robert slumped onto her tits, gasping. His cock had come out of her cunt and now hung between the cheeks of her ass.

“Oh, my. God!” she breathed after a while. “What happened, Robert?”

“I don’t know,” he grunted, “but it was something else, Morn.”

He stood on shaking legs, looking at her.

Denise shuddered once more, then sat up, laughing softly, whispering, “I have to have another shower. I’ve got your come all over me.”

“Not yet, Mom,” he said, caressing his cock.

She looked at his prick, then up at his face. She saw it in his eyes. For a moment she wasn’t sure she wanted him to do that to her. But remembering the piss stream out of his cock in the bathroom, feeling her own splashing into her palm and tasting it, Denise knew she wanted him to piss on her and piss all over her.

She lay passive, watching him stroke his cock, teasing her and not saying anything. He watched her face, moved his eyes about her body. Her wrap-around housedress was wide open, her body fully exposed to him, legs wide and cunt glistening wetly. “Robert…” She murmured, staring at his cock as he lifted it, holding the base. “Robert…”

The stream of piss spurted, splashing on her thighs, then he angled his cock and she felt it burning on her cunt. The thick hair of her pussy was soon drenched by it, and she felt piss running into the slit of her cunt, over her clit, between the cheeks of her ass. She stared at his pissing cock, her eyes glazed with perverse pleasure. She cupped her tits, squeezing them, making her nipples stand up in hardness.

The stream of her son’s piss moved from her cunt to her stomach, running over her smooth flesh hotly. She watched it as he aimed the head of his cock. Then she felt the hot piss stinging her tits and nipples, soaking her hands. She held her breath when he started pissing on her neck, her lips closing. The stream of hot piss moved to her chin, then over her lips, She moaned, experiencing something intensely erotic and delicious. The stinging of her son’s piss against her lips sent a rippling shiver through her body, and she looked up at his face. Robert was watching his piss splashing on her face, and it was obvious to her that he enjoyed pissing on her.

“Open your mouth, Mom!” She didn’t. “Open your fucking mouth!” he said. “Mom, open your. Cock sucking mouth for me!”

Denise shuddered again, her lips parting slightly. She tasted the piss as it seeped into her mouth. She opened her mouth a bit more, then wide. Her son pissed directly into her mouth and Denise let it fill up. She began to swallow, drinking his piss, her ass writhing again.

The hot piss gushing into her mouth created a surprisingly delicious sensation in her mind and body. She almost strangled on his piss as her cunt went into convulsions. She was coming as hard as before. She opened her mouth until her jaw ached, letting her son piss into it, and her hips shot up as she came, her hands flying to her cunt, pressing her hair-lined pussy lips together.

Robert’s cock dripped. Denise watched his piss hole with glassy eyes, running her tongue over her piss-wet lips. Robert still stood between her legs, shaking his cock.

Denise sat up, staring at her son’s cock as if seeing it for the first time. Then, with a yelp, she threw her arms around his hips, clutching the cheeks of his ass. She sucked his cock into her mouth and sucked him frantically, his cock growing in her mouth. Denise sucked wantonly, devouring her son’s cock, her body drenched in his piss. At this moment she would have done anything, let her son use her for anything, eagerly wallowed in whatever he wanted to do with her body.

She sucked his cock with more hunger and greed than ever before, taking it into her throat, feeling his balls on her chin, her lips and nose pressed hard into the wiry hair at the base of his cock. She sucked hungrily. She clawed at his ass, spreading the cheeks, closing them together. She pressed a fingertip to his asshole, feeling it tight and hot. She shoved her finger into his asshole, bringing a yelp from her son, but also making him ram his cock deeply into her throat.

Robert held the back of her head with both hands, jerking her face against his crotch, his asshole closing on her thrusting finger. Denise plunged her finger in and out of her son’s asshole, finger fucking it furiously. She was sucking so fast on his cock that her lips came free. When her son tried to ram his cock back in, he missed and his prick slid up her cheek, his balls slapping her lips. Immediately Denise closed her lips around his balls and sucked them hard.

“Mom, watch out!”

The gushing spurts of his come juice spattered her face. Releasing his balls, she gripped his cock and jerked it in frenzy. The boiling come juice splashing on her face sent her cunt into convulsions once more. His piss still on her body, and now her face was smeared with the thick, hot juice frown his balls. She jacked his spewing cock with a tight fist, her finger driving in and out of his asshole swiftly.

Even when her son stopped coming, Denise continued pumping his cock, smearing the head against her come-wet face. She drew his cock into her mouth again, sucking the come from it, then sprawling back tiredly.

She slumped on the couch, legs wide apart; cunt glistening with piss, face covered with come juice. Robert stepping to one side.

It was the first thing Cindy saw when she came through the door.

Denise saw her daughter. She sat bolt upright, trying to cover her tits and cross her legs.

But Cindy had seen enough; Denise was too late.

She was still wearing her cheerleading costume, and she gave a leap and a yelp, then she skipped quickly toward her mother and brother. Giggling, Cindy began to lick her mother’s face.

Denise attempted to push Cindy away, but Cindy clung to her, her tongue licking at the come juice, moving from cheek to cheek, then over her mother’s lips. When Cindy shoved her tongue into her mouth, Denise slumped again, unable to struggle against her young daughter. She lay still, feeling Cindy’s tongue licking at her chin, then to her piss-wet tits.

Cindy mewled excitedly as she sucked first one piss-wet nipple, then the other; her hot little hand sliding past her mother’s stomach, hips and thighs. Denise could do nothing when she felt her daughter’s hot lips and wet tongue going down her stomach, lapping up the piss. She was aware, but only vaguely, of her son parting her legs, spreading them for his sister. She watched with glassy eyes as her daughter ran her lips into her piss-drenched cunt hair, sucking at the strands. Cindy had gone to her knees and she started licking at her thighs, working her lovely young face up to her cunt.

“Cindy…” Denise moaned. “Cindy, please!”

Cindy’s eyes sparkled, but she didn’t reply. She ran her tongue along each inner thigh, swirling it into the wet piss, then suddenly she jammed her young face into her mother’s cunt, her tongue licking swiftly.

Denise was only vaguely aware that her son was watching Cindy suck and lick her cunt. At the moment, it would not have mattered anyway. Denise was experiencing orgasm after orgasm, coming more than she had ever come in her entire life.


Exhausted from the amazing orgasms, Denise fell asleep on the couch.

Robert and Cindy gazed at their mother, holding hands tightly. Robert, still naked, was grinning. Cindy still wore her costume, and she was grinning as widely as her brother was.

“It worked; I guess,” Cindy said. “Better than we thought,” her brother replied, then he detailed everything he and his mother had done during the day.

“Then Kathy was right,” Cindy said when her brother finished. “Everything she told us was true.”

“Except pissing,” Robert said. “I don’t think Kathy knew about that. Shit, neither did Mom, come to think of it. It was her first time, Cindy.”

“And she loved it, I bet.”

“Did she!”

Cindy turned and wrapped her arms around her brother’s waist, hugging him tightly, smashing her perky tits against him. She crushed her hips forward, rubbing her pussy on his thigh.

“I guess you’re sort of fucked out, then?” she asked, her eyes glittering up at him. “I mean, you don’t have a hard-on for me, do you?”

“It will take a while,” he confessed, holding his sister’s shoulders, “but I might — just might — have one more in me.”

“I can make your cock hard.” Cindy giggled, grabbing his prick. “I’ve never failed yet, have I?”

Cindy stroked his cock, reaching down to lift and squeeze her brother’s balls. Robert moved his hands down and cupped her ass, feeling the tight, arching swell of the cheeks. His lips met hers, and they kissed hotly, Cindy sucking at his tongue greedily, rubbing her cunt against his thigh.

“Wanna use my roam, Robert?” Cindy whispered softly, pulling at his cock.

“There’s no need for that now, Cindy,” he replied, lifting her short cheerleader skirt and pulling her tights into the crack of her ass, feeling the creamy smoothness. “We can fuck right here.”

“Mother might wake up,” she said, glancing at the composed face of her lovely mother.

“It won’t matter if she does,” Robert said. “What can Mom say now?”

“You’re right.” Cindy giggled. “You wanna take this off me or shall I?”

“You know I like to watch.”

Cindy stepped back a bit, her eyes lowered as if she were shy. She removed her school sweater first, and her succulent tits came into view. They were small, but perfectly shaped with hard pink nipples already standing up. For a moment she stood with her arms above her head, becoming excited as she always did when she undressed in front of her brother. She removed her pleated skirt, watching his cock closely. Her tights were last, then she kicked off her tennis shoes and socks. The hair at her cunt was filling out, becoming thicker, like her mother’s.

Posing in the traditional calendar-girl pose, Cindy kept watching his cock. She cupped her sweet tits gently, then slid her hands along her waist to her hips, swaying sensuously for him.

Cindy pouted cutely. “Robert, you’re not getting hard for me. Maybe Mother did fuck you out.”

“You can make my cock hard, Cindy,” he said. “You know how to do it.”

She gave him a wicked grin. “It’s a good thing I like that cock in my mouth.”

She went to her knees in front of her brother, stroking his cock in one hand, his balls in the other. She leaned close, lifting his cock and kissing the tip.

Robert looked down at her, his hands resting lightly on her head. Cindy’s eyes sparkled up at his, her wet tongue running about the head of his prick. She licked her brother’s cock with soft sighs of pleasure, enjoying it as always.

Taking the head of his prick between her lips, she sucked on it, her tongue moving over his sensitive piss hole. Cindy loved the feel of his cock head between her lips, and she often sucked him to hardness this way. But when his cock was fully hard, she had difficulty taking it down her throat. She was learning how to control the muscles of her throat, but she couldn’t deep-throat him. She didn’t much care to deep-throat a cock anyway. She couldn’t taste the delicious come juice when it was too far in the back of her mouth. She loved having sweet jizz gushing over the top of her tongue, tasting it to the fullest. Cindy’s preference in cock sucking was to suck only the swollen head, using her tongue to tease the piss hole. She was learning to deep-throat because the guys seemed to like it better.

Holding her brother’s balls, she sucked the head of Robert’s cock. Gripping one cheek of her brother’s ass, she squeezed and caressed, one rigid nipple rubbing at his thigh.

It took a while, but she felt her brother’s cock starting to swell in her hot mouth. Her eyes gleamed up at him in triumph, her tongue circling the smooth cock-head, lapping at the seeping juices from his piss hole. As his cock grew hard, she drew her head back, keeping just the head of his prick between her lips so her tongue could lick it.

Robert held his sister’s head tighter, his eyes starting to glaze over. He pushed more of his cock into her mouth, wanting to feel the wet heat of her throat.

Cindy pulled back, pushing at his hips. “I’m not gonna suck you off now. I wanna feel it in my cunt. I came home with a hot ass and seeing you and Mom just made it worse. So you gotta fuck me, Robert.”

Cindy got dawn on all fours, shaking her ass at him. Looking over her shoulder at him, she hissed, “Fuck me, fuck me now! Ram your cock in my cunt, Robert!”

Her brother dropped down behind her ass, his cock brushing her cunt. “I think I might come too quick!”

Robert thrust, then withdrew, thrust again. His sister’s cunt was so damned tight it gripped his cock so powerfully, that he was always amazed when he could shove his cock into her. The friction was fantastic, and it felt as if his sister’s cunt sucked him, sucked hungrily the way her mouth did and the way his mother sucked him off. He began to grunt as he rammed his cock in and out of Cindy’s clutching cunt.

Cindy groaned and whimpered and gasped, her ass shaking. She rested her forehead on the carpet, her chin tucked against her neck, watching his balls swing back and forth, slapping against her with each plunge of his cock. She grabbed at his balls, squeezing them and twisting and pulling. She gasped with each powerful slam of his cock into her cunt. Robert was fucking her so hard that he was scooting her along the floor.

“Ooooh, so good, Robert!” Cindy whimpered. “You fuck me so good! My cunt… my pussy… is on fire! Oooh, Fuck me real hard, Robert! I’m so fucking stuffed… stuffed with your hard cock!”

Neither Cindy nor Robert realized that they were waking up their mother.

Denise was watching them fucking, not moving because every muscle and bone in her body ached. She was naked on the couch, her wrap-around dress bunched beneath her. She didn’t care. It no longer mattered if she was naked. Robert had fucked her, licked her, pissed on her, and Cindy had come rushing in from school and sucked her cunt, too. No, it didn’t matter if she was naked, watching them fuck wildly.

Watching her son and daughter fuck brought back memories of Kathy in that old house. She had always enjoyed watching Kathy fuck and suck, and Kathy had loved watching her. It was understandable that Denise felt excitement, seeing Robert fucking Cindy, hearing their squeals and moans.

Denise had thought she had been fucked and sucked to her limits, but there was a warm feeling growing between her thighs.

Robert pounded almost violently into his sister’s cunt, the slapping of his stomach against her arching ass coming to Denise’s ears. She could see his cock as it came out and back, then drive inward. Moist sounds came to her, and Denise pressed her thighs together, squeezing them against her cunt.

“Oooh, Robert, Robert!” Cindy moaned with ecstasy. “Oh, fuck me hard, Robert! My cunt is on fire! Fuck me… fuck me!”

“Tight cunt!” Robert groaned. “Tight, wet, hot cunt! Cindy, push back! Wiggle your ass, Cindy! Ohhh, you’re really wet and tight!”

“I’m almost there!” Cindy whined. “You’re about to make me came, Robert! Fuck faster… harder! I Oooo, ram my hot cunt! You’re so fucking hard… fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Denise was holding her breath, excited by what she was watching. It was fantastic, beautiful. She was finding delight in Cindy’s approaching orgasm, her eyes watching her daughter’s shaking ass.

Cindy gave a cry, thrusting her ass back against her brother’s throbbing cock. The cry became a squeal, then a long, drawn-out groan.

Cindy lifted her head from the floor her neck stretching, eyes squeezed shut, her pretty face a grimace of sweet ecstasy. Her body shook in a violent way, her little ass gyrating wildly.

Robert clung to his sister’s hips, feeling her cunt claw at his cock as Cindy came. Denise saw him jerk his head back and up, grinding his hips forward, a grunt of pleasure coming front him. She could almost feel his cock gushing into her own pussy.

Robert’s hips shivered as he came into his sister’s gripping cunt. It seemed to Denise as if both her daughter and son came a long time, but it could not have lasted more than a few seconds. Robert slumped, his cock pulling from Cindy’s still pulsating cunt. He spread his legs out and gazed with clouded eyes as Cindy lowered her body, her ass shivering as ecstasy rumbled through her from head to toe.

Denise sat up, swinging her legs to the floor. She leaned forward, and clapped her hands softly.

“Beautiful,” she said softly. “That was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.”

Cindy turned her head and looked at her mother, a smile of satisfaction on her young face. Robert was sprawled out on his back, arms above his head and legs wide apart. His cock rested along his left thigh, glistening with the wetness of his sister’s cunt. His chest heaved. He was finally fucked completely out. Rolling onto her side, Cindy looked at her mother.

Denise saw her daughter was not in the least bit bashful or shy about her body, or of the fact that she had been watching her and Robert fuck.

Denise gazed in a hot way over the sweetness of Cindy’s body. Her eyes moved downward to her daughter’s crotch.

Cindy, seeing where her mother’s eyes rested, lifted her leg, bending it at the knee and held it wide. Denise gazed hotly at her daughter’s cunt, the thickening hair, the puffy lips that were still wet from her son’s come. She stared hotly at Cindy’s clit, watching it quiver.

“Didn’t you get enough?” Denise whispered, running her tongue over her lips.

“I never get enough, Mother,” Cindy replied, remembering everything Robert had told her about their mother. “I guess some thing’s wrong with me. I just never get enough.”

For a long moment, mother and daughter looked at each other.

Denise sucked in a deep breath. “We’re just alike, honey, because I can’t get enough either.”

Cindy slipped her hand from her tits, moving it slowly downward. She brushed her fingers through the soft hair of her pussy, then using the tip of one finger, began to unashamedly stroke her clit.

Denise watched with excitement smoldering in her eyes. Glancing at her son, she saw that he was sleeping now. Turning her eyes back to her daughter, who was now slipping a finger in and out of her cunt, Denise began to smile. It reminded her so much of long ago, with Kathy, when they would play with each other.

Spreading her knees, Denise copied what her daughter was doing, scooting her naked ass to the edge of the couch and moving a finger into her own pussy. Mother and daughter watched each other finger fucking, their breaths starting to come a little faster and hotter. Soon, they were finger fucking almost in a frenzy, their eyes glassy as they stared between each other’s wide spread legs.

“Oh, fuck this!” Denise said, pulling her finger out of her cunt. “I’ve outgrown this finger fucking shit, Cindy, and I know damn well you have, too. I saw how wild you fuck with your brother. You’re a hot little piece of pussy, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Mother!”

Denise Leaned forward and pulled her daughter’s finger out of her cunt, then she lifted Cindy’s wet finger to her mouth, sucking it between her lips. Cindy watched; her expression radiant with pleasure.

Cindy purred. “Let’s suck cunt, Mother.”

Denise slid off the couch. She slipped the wrap-around dress off her shoulders, letting it dangle over the couch. On her knees, she leaned down and licked lightly at Cindy’s tits, running her tongue over the hard nipples, making her daughter writhe and mewl happily.

Feeling her daughter’s warm hand climbing up the inside of her thighs, Denise slipped her hand along Cindy’s quivering stomach and felt the heat of: her young cunt against her palm. Feeling Cindy’s fingers pressing against the lips of her hairy cunt, Denise swung around until she was facing Cindy’s feet.

Cindy kept pulling and positioning her mother until Denise straddled her lovely young face. Denise could almost feel her daughter’s eyes gazing up at her cunt. The lips of her cunt twitched as Cindy stroked her ass and the backs of her thighs. Leaning forward, Denise kissed the tip of her daughter’s clit, then she opened her mouth wide, closing it around Cindy’s cunt. At the same time she lowered her pussy against her daughter’s face.

At the contact of Cindy’s mouth on her hairy cunt, Denise groaned, and she started licking and sucking frantically. Tasting her son’s come on Cindy’s tender cunt increased her excitement, and she drove her tongue in and out of the hot tightness, her naked body shaking as her daughter gripped the spreading cheeks of her ass, tongue fucking her in a hungry frenzy.

Grinding her cunt downward, Denise lapped and sucked with greedy lips. Shoving her hands beneath her daughter’s ass, she lifted Cindy’s crotch upward as she smashed her lips down. Her tongue raced in and out of Cindy’s cunt, drawing her son’s come juice from it and swallowing. Diving back for more, she slammed her own cunt into her daughter’s face furiously, overcome with eager passion again. They clawed at each other’s ass cheeks, hot breaths searing tender, puckering assholes, tongues delving as lips sucked. They tongued and sucked and licked each other, their bodies squirming and twisting about the floor.

Sometimes Cindy was on top of her mother, grinding and ramming her sweet cunt harshly into Denise’s eager mouth, sometimes they were on their sides, hot thighs clutching heads. Hands moved feverishly about creamy ass cheeks and smooth thighs, sometimes grabbing for a tit, squeezing it.

They moaned and groaned and sobbed with overwhelming hunger, cunts burning and pulsating and twitching. They jammed their cunts into the other’s face without regard to bruising lips, eating with sounds of intense, erotic hunger.

With muffled squeals, they came at the same time.

Denise plunged her tongue deep into her daughter’s cunt as her own convulsed. Although her orgasm was intense, she felt Cindy’s cunt gripping and drawing at her tongue. Grinding hard into Cindy’s face, Denise shot her hand toward her son, grabbing his cock with tight fingers. She began to pump wildly on her son’s cock as she tongue fucked her daughter’s spasming cunt faster and faster, furiously, overcome with eager passion again. They clawed at each other’s ass cheeks, hot breaths searing tender, puckering assholes, tongues delving as lips sucked. They tongued and sucked and licked each other, their bodies squirming and twisting about the floor.

Sometimes Cindy was on top of her mother, grinding and ramming her sweet cunt harshly into Denise’s eager mouth, sometimes they were on their sides, hot thighs clutching heads. Hands moved feverishly about creamy ass cheeks and smooth thighs, sometimes grabbing for a tit, squeezing it.

They moaned and groaned and sobbed with overwhelming hunger, cunts burning and pulsating and twitching. They jammed their cunts into the other’s face without regard to bruising lips, eating with sounds of intense, erotic hunger.

With muffled squeals, they came at the same time.

Denise plunged her tongue deep into her daughter’s cunt as her own convulsed. Although her orgasm was intense, she felt Cindy’s cunt gripping and drawing at her tongue. Grinding hard into Cindy’s face, Denise shot her hand toward her son, grabbing his cock with tight fingers. She began to pump wildly on her son’s cock as she tongue fucked her daughter’s spasming cunt faster and faster, sucking the juices from it. She felt her daughter’s hand against hers, and Cindy was caressing her brother’s balls as Denise jacked frantically at his cock.

Their wild hands woke him up, and Robert saw his mother and sister eating in frenzy at each other’s cunt. He sat up, pressing his hands on top of theirs, watching excitedly as they finally calmed down.


It was late at night.

Dinner was over, with all of them eating ravenously. Happiness radiated through the house, and the talk between Denise and her children became more open and encouraging and intimate than ever before.

Denise wore a lovely pleated skirt of emerald green, and a blouse of lime color. Her nipples strained at the blouse boldly, and her bikini panties were frilly with a lot of lace.

Robert had on jeans, but he was bare-chested. Cindy was in shorts and a halter, the crotch tight and molding her cunt and the cheeks of her sweet little ass.

“About those pictures,” Denise said, “they were taken at the gym, weren’t they?”

Cindy nodded; eyes bright and a big grin on her face.

“Not all, Mom,” Robert said.

“Those with the woman pissing, you mean?”

“They were taken at… in a house,” Robert replied.

“Kathy’s house,” Denise murmured. “I knew a Kathy long ago.”

“She’s the same Kathy, Mother,” Cindy said.

“I’m not surprised,” Denise replied. “I had a hunch it was.”

“We know everything about you, Mom,” Robert grinned in a lewd way. “And I mean everything.”

“I’m not even going to ask how you know her,” Denise said.

“I’ll tell you anyway,” Cindy put it. “Alice. Robert and I knew Alice from school. Robert started going with her a few months ago, and then we double-dated.”

“Fucking side by side, I assume,” Denise grinned.

“Of course, “Cindy giggled. “Robert and I have been fucking for years, and you never once suspected us.”

“Kids!” Denise snorted. “Mothers are always the last to knew. I suppose Kathy wasn’t the least bit hesitant with you.”

“She was very direct, Mom,” Robert said. “When I was introduced to her, she had me fucking her in ten minutes, and Alice was right there with us.”

“Those others in the pictures… it looks like the basketball team.”

“It is,” Cindy giggled. “Every fucking one of them!”

Denise laughed. “I know how hot you are, baby, but a whole damn basketball team? That’s what I call a gang-bang.”

“Sure is!” Cindy laughed. “But it’s not just me all the time, Mother. Sometimes it’s me and Alice with them.”

“If I know Kathy, and I sure as hell do, she wouldn’t sit still for that. If there’s any fucking going en, she’s going to be right in the middle of it.”

“Oh, she’s with us most of the time,” Robert said. “But then we usually go to her house.”

“All that fucking?” Denise murmured, her eyes taking on a gleaming glow. “You mean just the three of you, Cindy, with the whole team?”

Cindy nodded, grinning hugely.

“I don’t suppose you need another girl, do you?” Denise asked.

“We can always use more cunt, Mom.”

Robert said: “The more cunt, the better it is. The way it is now, sometimes Cindy and Alice and Kathy have to take on two or more at the same time.”

“Lovely,” Denise gurgled. “I’d love to take on that many myself.”

“We have practice tomorrow evening,” Robert said.

“And I’m invited?” Denise asked, knowing she was more than welcome.

“We can use the gym after the game,” Robert said. “The guys are gonna be wild for you.”

“I’m getting sort of wild right now,” Denise said, cupping her tits. “At least my cunt is.”

Her eyes drifted to the front of her son’s pants, seeing his cock swelling along his thigh. Cindy, too, saw it. Her small hand moved out to stroke it. Denise squeezed her tits as she watched, and her cunt bubbled inside her pants. She and her son had been fucking all day long, but she wasn’t surprised that his cock was hard and ready again. At his age, his cock would stay hard.

“We’ve got to share him,” Cindy said. “Robert is the only cock we have tonight Mother, so we’ve got to take turns with him.”

“I don’t know how much more he’s got in those balls,” Denise said, “but I’d like to find out.”

Cindy opened her brother’s pants and pulled his cock free, closing her fingers around it and jerking. She leaned into his lap and kissed the swollen head, darting her tongue over his piss hole.

Denise moved to them, snaking her tongue out and licking up the hard shaft as her daughter licked the smooth head. Their tongues met, curling about each other.

Robert lay back, watching them as they licked his cock. Sometimes Denise licked his piss hole while his sister licked his cock-shaft, then they both licked at his cock, a tongue on each side, meeting at the head.

“Let’s get his pants off,” Cindy said, kissing her mother’s lips when their tongues were at his piss hole.

They pulled his jeans down. As Denise pulled his pants off, Cindy squealed and dived for his balls.

Denise watched her daughter swirl her wet little tongue about his balls, holding her son’s feet in the air. When she shoved her son’s legs back, lifting his ass from the floor, Cindy shot her tongue into his ass crack, probing at his asshole.

Denise felt a lurch of pleasure twitch about her cunt. She shoved her mouth on to his cock, sucking it deep and watching Cindy lick eagerly at his asshole and balls.

“Mmmmm,” Denise moaned, sinking her lips all the way down into the hair of his cock, the head of his prick sliding easily into her throat.

“Ahhhmmm,” Cindy gurgled, her wet tongue swirling about Robert’s asshole.

“You two are great,” Robert grunted. “You’ll have me coming in no time! Oh, what hot mouths! Suck my cock, Mom… Cindy, eat my asshole! Suck my balls, my cock; my ass!”

Cindy jammed her tongue hard into her brother’s asshole, his balls resting on her cheek. Denise sucked hungrily, racing her lips up and down his throbbing cock, her tongue twisting and licking. She lifted Robert’s balls so she could watch her daughter lick his asshole. Robert was squirming with increasing pleasure, the assault on his cock and asshole sending him into shaking delight. His ass was lifted high, bent double with his knees almost at his head. His cock was angled between his legs for his mother to suck.

“Change with me, Mom!” Cindy squealed. “I wanna suck his cock a while!”

Denise pulled her tight lips up to the head of her son’s cock, held it for a moment as her tongue swirled about his seeping piss hole, then she released it. Cindy quickly took his cock into her mouth, struggling to swallow it. When the head was against her throat, her lips were only three-quarters of the way down.

Denise watched Cindy’s lips stretch around Robert’s cock. Cindy darted her tongue up and down her brother’s cock swiftly, her eyes rolling with pleasure. Denise moved her tongue to his balls for a moment, then pulled them into her mouth. She sucked his balls, then slipped lower. Her tongue snapped out and made contact with his tight asshole. Robert groaned loudly.

With her tongue licking and swirling at her son’s asshole, Denise kept her vision on Cindy’s mouth, finding it exciting to see those sweet lips stretched around Robert’s thick cock.

“I’m gonna come!” Robert shouted, his voice thick with passion. “I’m gonna come, Cindy!”

“Mmmmmm!” Cindy gurgled, sucking faster than ever, her eyes glazed in wanton hunger. “Mmmmm!”

Denise could feel her son’s asshole gripping as his balls drew up tight. She pressed her tongue as hard as she could against his pulsating asshole. As her tongue penetrated her son’s ass, she felt it grip hard.

Robert grunted with unexpected pleasure. Denise rammed her tongue into his tight, hot asshole as far as she could. The feel of his ass cheeks on her face sent ecstasy down to her cunt. She fucked her son up the ass swiftly, watching as her daughter sucked frantically on his cock.

There was something so erotic about tongue fucking her son’s asshole and seeing her daughter sucking in frenzy at his hard cock that Denise’s cunt was steaming into an orgasm. She heard her son wail as he came, filling his sister’s mouth with sweet come juice. His asshole crushed her tongue with quick, spasms, his balls writhing with each squirt.

Cindy sucked very hard, her cheeks sinking inward as her brother came, and her slim throat worked in gulps to swallow his come. But Robert came so much the white, creamy juice slipped from her tight lips and ran down his cock to his balls. Cindy moaned as Robert gushed hotly into her mouth, filling it so full and fast that her throat was unable to swallow fast enough.

Denise rammed her tongue in and out of her son’s gripping asshole, fucking him frantically as he came. Having a tongue up his ass seemed to make Robert harder than ever. Her cunt lips were closing and opening, her clut tingling as she went through a series of orgasms.

Cindy drew up on her brother’s cock, holding the head with her hot lips, her tongue swirling hotly at his spewing piss hole, tasting the thick sweetness as it flowed over her tongue. Her expression was the most erotic Denise had ever seen.

“Ohhhh, so fucking good!” Cindy cooed as she pulled her glistening lips from Robert’s cock. “I love it when a cock comes in my mouth! I love it so fucking much!”

Denise pulled her tongue out of her son’s asshole, letting him lower his ass and legs to the floor. She ran her tongue about his cock, licking up the come that escaped her daughter’s mouth. Then she kissed Cindy on her come-wet lips.

“You two could fuck a guy to death,” Robert said, gasping.

“Suck him to death, you mean.” Denise laughed as she and her daughter hugged each other.

“One way or the other,” Robert replied, grinning happily at them.

Robert regained his strength, but as he started for the shower, they saw him wobble. Denise and Cindy laughed.

“I guess we’ve fucked him out now, Cindy giggled. “He’s so tired he won’t be much use to us until tomorrow. Denise looked at her pretty daughter, hugging her about the shoulders. “I’m sure you and I can find something to do, can’t we? I’m not at all finished.”

“Neither am I, Mother,” Cindy replied. “Once I get starred, I can’t get enough.”

“Enough what?” Denise teased, running a fingertip underneath Cindy’s halter and circling a pink, hard nipple.

“Cock,” Cindy giggled, placing her hand on top of her mother’s.

“I don’t have a cock, baby, but my twit is sure hot and juicy.”

“So is mine.”

They heard the shower start down the hall. Cindy stood up, and Denise began undressing her, taking her time, anxious to gaze upon the beauty of her daughter’s naked body. Peeling the halter away, she kissed and sucked on her daughter’s cute, tight tits. She cupped Cindy’s beautiful, swelling ass with hot hands, her lips sucking on Cindy’s tits and pink, hard nipples. Cindy held her mother’s head against her tits, swaying her ass, grinding her crotch against her mother’s tits.

“Mmm, your mouth is hot and wet, Mother,” Cindy gurgled in pleasure.

“I want to lick you all over, darling,” Denise said, her voice low and husky with desire. “I want to kiss and run my tongue over every inch of your beautiful, young body; taste your creamy flesh, your sweet titties, your delicious cunt, and your little tight ass.”

“Do it, Mother!” Cindy urged, pulling her mother’s face into her stomach. “Do it! Oh, lick me all over… my ass, my cunt, my titties!”

Denise scooted down, pressing her open mouth into the tight crotch of Cindy’s shorts. She nipped at the cloth with her teeth, finding the short zipper on the side. Dragging her daughter’s shorts down, Cindy lifted first one foot, then the other so Denise could remove her shorts. When she lifted her foot, she draped it over her mother’s shoulder, and Denise turned her face directly into Cindy’s succulent young cunt. Her lips pressed upon the steaming wetness, her tongue darting up and down Cindy’s cunt slit, from her clit almost to her tight asshole.

Cindy squealed when her mother’s tongue darted into her fiery, slippery cunt. She pressed against her mother’s mouth hard, wiggling. Denise licked as deep as she could, tasting the sugary sweetness. Her tongue pulled out and she closed her lips around Cindy’s very hard clitoris, sucking powerfully. Cindy squealed in delight, twisting her hips and grinding her crotch against her mother’s face.

“My ass!” Cindy groaned. “Lick my ass, too, Mother!”

Denise made no protest as Cindy pulled back and turned her back to her. She watched hotly as her daughter shoved her ass back, offering it to her. Cindy placed her hands on her knees, wiggling cutely.

Denise began kissing the creamy smoothness of her daughter’s ass cheeks, running her tongue over the satiny flesh, down the backs of those long, enticing thighs to the knees, then back up again, swirling over the swells of her daughter’s ass.

Cindy stood up, but kept her ass arched back. Clutching her ass cheeks, she pulled them wide, exposing the pink tightness of her asshole.

Denise whimpered and moved forward. She snaked her tongue out as far as possible; dipped it down and lapped the seeping slit of her daughter’s cunt, drawing her tongue up and around the heat of her puckered asshole, Back and forth she went, licking her tongue from cunt to asshole, then she gripped Cindy’s hips. She shoved her hot lips between the cheeks of her daughter’s ass.

Denise tongue-fucked her daughter’s ass, her wet tongue darting deeply.

Cindy yelped and moaned, moving about, presenting her cunt and asshole and tight tits to her mother’s hungry mouth.

“Ooooh, this is fun!” Cindy moaned. “You sure know how to make a girl feel good, Mother.”

Denise leaned back, pulling her daughter across her face flat out. Denise tongue-fucked her daughter’s ass, her wet tongue darting deeply. Cindy yelped and moaned, moving about, presenting her cunt and asshole and tight tits to her mother’s hungry mouth.

“Ooooh, this is fun!” Cindy moaned. “You sure know how to make a girl feel good, Mother.”

Denise leaned back, pulling her daughter across her face flat out on her back, with her daughter squatting over her face, she rammed her tongue into Cindy’s cunt time and again, making Cindy squeal and wail and sob in pleasure.

Cindy bounced gently on her mother’s face, sliding her seeping hot cunt and asshole back and forth. Denise shoved her tongue out, tasting Cindy’s cunt and asshole. She was opening and closing her long legs, creating pressure on her throbbing cunt. She twisted and squirmed her ass on the floor, holding her daughter’s hips.

Cindy kept sliding her asshole and cunt on her mother’s mouth. Denise sucked and kissed and licked, tongue fucking her daughter’s cunt and asshole. Her own pussy was boiling, on the verge of orgasm. She dug her fingers into Cindy’s hips and made wet sucking sounds.

“Mother! Ohhh, Mother!” Cindy sobbed. “You’ll make me come! Ooooh, I wanna come! Come in your fucking mouth, in your cunt-sucking face!”

Denise flashed her eyes up at her daughter, her tongue flying into the sweetness of Cindy’s crotch. Her tongue plunged into the velvety pussy, then into the tight asshole. Cindy squirmed and rubbed her crotch faster on her mother’s face, her body shaking as she approached orgasm.

When Cindy came, her body shuddered, her crotch grinding back and forth on Denise’s face. Denise felt her daughter’s cunt spasm about her tongue. Cindy continued to rub her cunt and asshole on her mother’s face, squealing and sobbing as she came. Juices from Cindy’s cunt smeared Denise’s mouth and chin and cheeks. Denise moaned into her daughter’s cunt as she, too, came.

When it was finished, Cindy settled her ass on top of Denise’s tits. Denise found pleasure in the feel of that hot little ass-crushing her tits.

“Lift up a minute, honey,” she whispered. Opening her blouse, she had Cindy sit on one tit, her nipple pressing against the hot little asshole.

Cindy giggled and squirmed, her cunt inches from her mother’s face.

“You like that, Cindy? Do you think I could fuck you with my tit?”

“Let’s see, Mother,” Cindy said, eager to try anything with her hot little cunt.

Denise molded her tit, making her nipple stand up hard.

Cindy pressed her cunt onto it, and Denise watched her nipple enter her daughter’s cunt.

“Kinda small, but nice.” Cindy giggled, trying to fuck her mother’s nipple.

“I know what would be nicer,” Denise said, her voice low and throaty.


“It would be very nice if you’d piss on my tits.”

“Really, Mother?” Cindy asked, her eyes smoldering.

“You know your brother pissed on me. It isn’t any surprise that I love being pissed on, is it?”

Cindy shook her head, grinning lewdly. She lifted her cunt a few inches, then began to piss on her mother’s tits.

Denise watched with hot eyes as the golden stream flooded down on her tits, splashing warmly and running over her side. Her tits tingled as her daughter pissed, drenching her tits. Cindy twisted her hips, sending piss over her mother’s swollen tits, giggling with erotic delight as she, too, watched.

“Oh, God!” Denise whimpered, her chin tucked down against her neck, watching. “So warm and good! Ooooh, darling, piss on my tits… drown mother’s fucking tits in your hot piss!”

Denise shot her hands behind her daughter, gripping her small ass tightly.

“In my face!” she yelled. “Piss in my cock sucking face!”

She pulled Cindy’s pissing cunt toward her face, the piss splashing up her neck and then into her face. With a wild cry of mindless ecstasy, Denise parted her lips, tasting her daughter’s warm piss enter her mouth. Making an animal-like growl, Denise rammed her open mouth over her daughter’s pissing cunt. For just a second, Cindy stopped pissing then she began to squirt piss into her mother’s mouth.

Denise closed her eyes, tasting the warm piss spewing into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked at her daughter’s pissing cunt, her pussy exploding with rippling orgasms.


Denise sat in the bleachers. She sat with her knees parted as Robert and Cindy had asked her to. The basketball team knew about her now; she and her children had discussed it that morning. It had been agreed that Robert and Cindy could tell those boys and girls involved in after-practice fucking.

Denise was naked beneath her dress, her cunt exposed. Although she was the only person watching them practice, she kept her skirt modestly at her knees, but made sure that her legs were open far enough so the team members could see her hairy cunt when they looked up at her, and they looked often. Denise saw more cock that night than ever before. None of the boys wore jock-straps, it seemed. There were a few hard-ons too, pressing against their shorts.

The girls, all dressed in those skimpy costumes, jumped and shouted and laughed. Tonight, along with Alice, Cindy was not wearing her tights. When her daughter leaped into the air, Denise watched her cunt flash. Since the other cheerleaders could see, too, Denise wondered why they all weren’t naked. She wondered if the cheerleaders, too, were all involved in after-practice games. None of the girls on the squad seemed the least bit concerned that Alice and Cindy were showing their cunts to the boys, or that Denise was watching it all.

When she looked back at the boys racing up and down the court, she saw that her son and another boy had their cocks sticking out of their shorts, both very hard. Denise ran her tongue over her lips as she watched them, wondering about the other boys’ cocks, and if they were going to fuck her. She found herself thinking how beautiful it would be if she could line them all up, their hard cocks standing out, while she was on her knees, going from one to the other, sucking them off in turn, swallowing all that young, sweet come juice. It made her cunt twitch and her body shake with eagerness.

The boy with his hard cock sticking from his shorts walked toward the cheerleaders. Denise watched him as he approached the girls. One girl, a girl with tights on, stepped up to the boy, kissing him and taking his cock in her hand, stroking it. The other cheerleaders watched a moment, then they went back to yelling and leaping. Denise watched, her cunt becoming very hot. The girl pumped on the boy’s cock a while, then slapped him on his ass, sending him back to the other end of the court.

Leaning back, Denise pulled her skirt up, realizing there was no need to remain modest. From the corner of her eyes, she saw one pretty dark-haired girl put her hand under Cindy’s short skirt, feeling her cunt.

Cindy was looking up at her mother, and when she saw her mother watching, she waved to her. Denise waved back, grinning lewdly. She was now sitting with her dress up to her waist, her naked ass on the wooden bleacher seat, legs wide apart, hairy cunt fully revealed. She wasn’t worried about anyone coming into the gym; Robert told her they always locked every door.

The boys glanced up at her, and one boy pulled the side of his shorts back and waggled his cock at her. Denise rewarded the boy with a hot look, slowly running her tongue over her lips in a highly suggestive invitation. The boy said something to her son, and Denise saw him nod his head. The boy stated toward her, and she stared at his cock. He bounded up the bleachers and sat next to her.

“Want to suck my cock?” he asked bluntly.

Denise looked down at the court, then at the cheerleaders. Turning her eyes back to the boy, she nodded.

“Why not?” she said softly, taking his cock in her hand and pumping on it. “I’d love to suck your cock, but only if you promise to come in my mouth. I won’t suck it unless you do.”

“Anything you want, you get,” the boy grinned, scooting his shorts down to his knees.

Denise leaned over, her tongue licking the swollen head of his cock, then at his dripping piss hole. She turned sideways, lifting one knee into the air and keeping her legs spread wide. Taking the boy’s cock into her mouth, she sucked deeply, fondling his balls at the same time. Mewling in pleasure, she sucked up and down, gliding her hot, wet lips from the tip to the base of his cock, her lips tight, tongue wiggling.

As she sucked the boy’s cock, she became aware of the silence in the gym. Glancing from the corner of her eyes, she saw all the boys and girls watching her. Being seen sucking the cock of a boy she didn’t know sent excitement racing through her body. Feeling intensely lewd and erotic, she began to play with her cunt as she sucked the boy’s hard, throbbing cock. Shoving a finger into her pussy, she felt the boy lifting his hips fucking into her mouth as she came down on him. With the hot hardness filling her mouth, and all those boys and girls watching intently, Denise found herself almost mindless with passion.

“Atta girl!” one of the boys yelled at her.

“Way to go, Mother!” Cindy yelled.

“Show him what a blow-job is, Mom,” Robert screamed.

With all the encouragement from the basketball team and the cheerleading squad, Denise sucked wildly at the young cock. Her lips drew hard at the boy’s cock, her fingers whipping about her cunt swiftly. The boy was holding his balls now, rubbing them against her chin; he was urging her to suck as hard as she could.

“Take my cock deep!” the boy shouted. “Take my cock down your throat!”

Denise did, feeling the swollen head slide easily into her throat. But she couldn’t remain this way for long; she began to suck up and down his cock in a frenzy of hunger. She made slurping sounds. The cock was throbbing, sending heat down her body to her cunt. For just a moment, she left his cock and pulled his young balls into her mouth!

Once she was sucking his cock again, she became frantic to have him coming off into her mouth. She sucked like never before. When the boy’s cock erupted, sending squirting come juice into her mouth, Denise came, too. She squealed about the cock. Her tongue raced around his spewing piss hole, her throat gulping.

She clung to his cock until he stopped coming, then she pulled her mouth off. She wiped at her lips with the tips of her fingers, then she blushed when the boys and girls on the court began to applaud. She waved her hand vaguely in recognition of their appreciation. She kissed the boy on his cheek, then he pulled his shorts up and moved down the bleachers.

“Next?” Denise laughed, lifting her ass and twisting it about, legs wide apart.

There was a clamor of voices, but her son held up his hand for silence.

“We haven’t finished practice.” Robert said. “Fuck practice!” a boy called out. “After that, who the hell wants to play ball?”

Getting to her feet, Denise went down the bleachers, holding her skirt high. She stopped on the bottom bleacher, watching her daughter pumping a boy’s cock as they kissed. The boy had his hand on Cindy’s ass, and there was another boy running his hand between her thighs, feeling her cunt.

Robert came to her, grinning.

“That was some blow job, Mom,” he said. “Want me to introduce you around?”

“Darling, I don’t care about names,” she said, hugging him to her tits. “Just cocks!”

“Take your pick, Mom,” he said, waving his hand toward the boys and girls.

Denise saw a boy between a young girl’s legs, fucking eagerly. The girl had her legs high in the air, squealing in pleasure, churning her naked little ass furiously. Cindy was on her knees, sucking a cock, and another boy was running his cock in her hair. She had another cock in her hand and was jacking on it.

“I’ll take your cock for now,” she said to her son, gripping it.

Denise spread out on her back on the bleacher, spreading her legs wide as Robert got rid of his shorts and T-shirt. When he plunged his cock into her cunt, she gave a scream of delight, wrapping her legs around his quickly pounding hips, her arms tight around his waist. The fact that some of the boys and girls were watching them fuck increased her passion, and she fucked her son with wild, hungry swings of her ass.

One boy came toward them, his cock swinging. When he pulled her hand to his cock, Denise gripped it quickly, jacking him. She pulled the boy’s cock to her tits, rubbing the seeping piss hole against her nipple, her ass thrashing up and down to meet the lunges of her son’s cock.

She tried to pull the boy’s cock to her mouth, but he said: “Jack me off on your tits!” She pressed the head of his cock against her firm tit, jacking him with swift movements, grinding her ass up and down as her son fucked her swiftly. She managed to rip the top of her dress open, letting the boy press his cock against her tit and nipple. With glassy eyes, she looked around. All the girls were in various stages of nakedness, the boys all naked. Some boys were sucking cunts. Some were fucking wildly, and one girl — Cindy — was on her hands and knees, being fucked from behind by a wild thrusting cock in her tight cunt. Another boy was on his knees, leaning back, and Cindy was sucking greedily on his cock. Her short skirt was at her waist, her ass grinding, her sweater at her chin, her tits rubbing at the boy’s thighs as she was banged forward by the vigorous plunges of the one behind her.

As much as she wanted to watch her daughter, Denise was more involved with her son and the boy. She lifted her ass and swung it about as her son plunged his cock in and out of her cunt. Her fist was beating frantically on the other cock. The piss hole pressing at her nipple seemed as if it were a flame, and Denise began to scream and sob in erotic ecstasy. Feeling her son’s cock swell and throb in her pussy, knowing he was about to come, she jerked faster on the boy’s cock, wanting them both to come at the same time.

With a grunt, Robert strained into his mother’s gripping cunt, shooting come juice into her convulsing cunt. Then the searing wetness of come juice spattered over her tit. Denise screamed in ecstasy, jerking the gushing cock over her tits.

The frothy come juice smeared Denise’s tits, making her flesh and, in particular, her nipples, burn with pleasure. While her son spurted come juice into her cunt, she came and came with whimpering sounds.

“Come on me!” she screamed, thrashing her naked ass on the wooden bleacher, jerking her fist frantically on the cock pressing against one of her nipples. “Come all over me! Ohhh, so wonderful! Come in me and on me and… Ohh, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Denise was hardly aware of her screams, her words. Her body was one enormous orgasm that threatened to go on and on without letting up. She was squeezing the cock at her tits with tight fingers, still jacking frantically, although the boy had finished coming. Her cunt gripped her son’s cock. Although it was only a few moments, it seemed hours before Denise slowly shoved the fog out of her mind and saw what was going on around her.

Girls were sucking hungrily at hard cocks; boys were sucking and licking young cunts, trying to keep their faces buried between hot, excited thighs and bouncing asses; boys and girls were fucking in every conceivable position. Her son sat along side her, watching the frenzied orgy, his arm around her waist. The boy she had jacked off over her tits was sprawled on her other side, legs spread, watching the activities with interest.

Denise was more excited than ever. She was watching something unreal, something that seemed to be impossible. There were seven or eight girls in the cheerleading squad, and almost double that number on the basketball team, including substitutes.

She was seeing something out a pagan, ancient nation, a nation that worshipped cocks and cunts, a nation that survived on fucking and cock sucking and cunt sucking. She was seeing boys and girls go from one partner to another, often one girl with two, sometimes three boys. Nothing was concealed from her glowing eyes.

She saw a young girl, an extremely pretty young girl, struggling to swallow a cock she could hardly close her lips about, while sitting on another cock and bouncing with frantic thrusts.

Denise turned her attention to her daughter. Cindy, who also was sitting on a cock, and at the same time trying to suck two other pricks. She saw one small girl with beautiful blonde hair struggling to stab a cock into her asshole, and, something that filled her with shivering delight, a lovely sweet girl being pissed on by two boys, one into her crotch and one into her ecstatically grimacing face.

Denise closed her hand about her son’s moist cock. “Does this always happen after practice, honey?”

“Usually,” Robert replied, “only not as wild. And we’ve never used the gym before, only the locker room.”

“It’s… it’s wonderful, beautiful,” Denise whispered, trying to see everything at once. “How did it start, Robert?”

“Kathy,” he said “stumble to them,” Robert said, stroking his mother’s hairy cunt, paying attention to her throbbing and swelling clitoris.

“And then?”

“Some go home, some stay for more.” Robert pinched his mother’s clit, gently, making her mewl softly. “But when there’s a new girl or boy, most of us stay and give them a real work-out.”

“I’m new,” Denise said hopefully.

“Then most will be staying,” Robert grinned, kissing his mother.

“I won’t be raped or hurt, will I?”

“Of course not,” he assured her. “We only do what the new boy or girl wants. We never force anyone into anything they don’t want to do.”

“I wonder why Kathy isn’t here,” Denise said. “Knowing her, she wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

“She wanted to find out if you still enjoyed all this,” Robert said. “She didn’t want to embarrass you if you wouldn’t go for it.”

“But Kathy knows me very well,” Denise replied.

“That was years ago, Mom. She said you may have changed in that time.”

“Well, I haven’t,” she said, leaning over her son’s lap and kissing his cock, then taking the head into her mouth to suck. Robert’s cock was moist from her cunt and her tongue swirled as her lips sucked. Come juice was still smeared all over her tits. The boy who had come on her tits took her hand and pulled it to his cock, curling her fingers around it. She pumped his prick and sucked her son’s cock, then she turned and closed her hot mouth around the boy’s cock, tasting his come juice lingering on it.

Hearing movement, she lifted her face and saw the boys and girls stirring. Some were starting for the showers, leaving a trail of discarded clothing behind.

“Shower time, Mom,” Robert said.

She stood up, and they followed the boys and girls to the far end of the gym.

They entered the shower room, where Denise saw a long row of showers. Water streamed from a dozen showerheads.

She watched as the group, all naked, moved under the showers. Her son pulled her along to an unused shower. The water was not hot, but just right. She stood with her son and the boy, letting them wash her body. Their hands felt good on her naked flesh.

Robert and the boy seemed to enjoy washing her tits and ass and cunt more than any other part of her, and she was glad. She looked down the row of naked boys and girls. Girls were squatting and washing cocks and balls.


“Now what?” she asked.

“You’re the guest of honor, Mom,” Robert said. “Anything you want.”

Denise looked at the group of naked boys and girls. Cocks were standing up in rigid readiness, full balls dangling.

“Ohhh, this is beautiful,” Denise whispered. “I want anything and everything! Oh, God, I want everything!”

Some boys were stroking their hard cocks as they looked at her, and some of the girls felt their own cunts, as Cindy was doing, but she had her small hand wrapped about a hard cock and was pumping it as she watched her mother.

“Mother,” Cindy said, “you can have all these cocks. You can suck cock and cunt and take it up your ass. Anything you want.”

“Oh, I want everything,” Denise said in a very low and very excited voice.

She moved on trembling legs toward the group. She didn’t make any choice but dropped to her knees in front of a hard, throbbing cock. She closed her fingers around it for a moment, her tongue swirling about the head, lapping at the dripping piss hole.

As she closed her lips around the cock and took it deep into her mouth, two other, boys moved to her side, placing her hands on their cocks. Eagerly Denise jerked them and sucked the other, her naked ass shivering. Her hot lips sucked back and forth, her tongue swirling in liquid fire, her fists pumping fast. Although she closed her eyes in ecstasy, she could, feel the others watching her. Being seen sucking a cock and jacking on two more created a powerful feeling of wicked pleasure in her flesh and mind. Her cunt began to pulsate in a fiery, throbbing feeling.

The boys and girls did not stand in silence, watching her. They yelled out encouragement.

“Suck that big cock!”

“Chew his fucking prick!”

“Eat his come!”

“Jack those cocks!”

“Swallow his come!”

“Suck cock!”

Denise could hear them all and she struggled hard and hungrily on the cock stuffing her mouth, her fist beating harshly on the other two pricks. Her lips were as tight as she could make them, her damp hair swirling around her neck as she rammed her face forward. She sucked the boy’s cock in an orgiastic frenzy, hers naked ass shaking in ecstasy.

The cocks in her hands pulled away, and she gripped the boy in front of her face by his hips, jerking him forward, making him fuck her greedy mouth. She felt hands on her swelling tits and hands on her naked ass and hands sliding between her thighs, fingers going into her bubbling cunt. Her mind whirled dizzily with the utmost of ecstasy.

A finger was fucking in and out of her cunt, and she groaned around the cock in her mouth when a finger was pressed into her asshole; then began fucking her ass. Someone was sucking on her bursting nipples. Denise was sobbing, hot tears of delight flowing from her eyes, her mouth gobbling frantically on the swollen cock, her tongue racing wildly and hotly. The cocks went off, flooding her mouth with thick, sweet come juice. Denise choked momentarily, then she began swallowing thirstily, drinking the come out of the gushing cock.

When the come juice spurted into her mouth, Denise groaned as her cunt convulsed. Her cunt and asshole gripped the fingers pounding into the hot holes. She opened her mouth and white, thick come juice dripped to her chin. When the boy pulled his cock from her mouth, he rubbed his piss hole over her lips, sending a final squirt of come juice onto them.

The fingers in her cunt and up her ass were removed, and before Denise had time to calm down, hands were all over her body. Through fuzzy vision she saw they were all girls. Girls feeling her up, girls kissing and licking at her flesh; her tits and come-wet mouth. Lips and tongues swirled like fire on her thighs and at her pussy, with one licking hotly between the cheeks of her ass. It seemed as if all the members of the cheerleading squad were licking her body at the same time.

She had no time to search for the boys; she was floating on a sea of intense ecstasy, her cunt bubbling with orgasm after orgasm. She writhed and twisted and churned beneath the assault of all those mouths and lips and tongues and hands. When a wet tongue was pushed into her mouth, Denise sucked at it eagerly, her hands searching and finding tits and cunts and assholes.

When a fuzzy wetness was shoved against her mouth, she didn’t fight; she stabbed her tongue into every hot, every wet cunt, and she began to tongue fuck it frantically, her nose buried into a tight, pulsating asshole. She hardly knew when the cunt came into her mouth. But it was removed and another hot pussy was placed against her lips. Someone had lifted her legs, spreading them wide, and a sweet mouth was eating hungrily at her cunt, another sucking on her asshole. Her hands were pulled to her sides, and two girls were fucking her fingers.

Denise had no idea how many of the young girls had sat on her face writhing their sweet, hairy cunt on her mouth. She didn’t cue; she sucked and licked each one that was shoved into her face, her orgasms flowing time and again as mouth after mouth sucked at her pussy, with a tongue always ramming into her asshole.

Still tingling with ecstasy, she sprawled on the wet tile. Cindy and Robert knelt at her side, grinning at her when she opened her eyes.

Denise giggled. “How many cunts did I lick?”

“All of us, Mother!” Cindy laughed. “You tongue fucked every girl here.”

“I thought so,” Denise murmured, sitting up and crossing her legs.

“Ready for the guys?” Robert asked.

“Oh, my God!” Denise said, looking around and seeing a lot of hard cocks. “I don’t know if I can take any more.”

“But you’re gonna try, right?” Cindy laughed. “If I can do it, Mother, you certainly can.”

“God, I’m sure going to try!”

Her son and daughter pulled her to her feet. Denise was shaking; her legs feeling like rubber, but seeing all those beautiful, hard cocks gave her strength. Her hand brushed her son’s cock and she gripped it out of reflex.

There was a long wooden bench near some tall, gray-green lockers, and she started for it. The group of boys and girls were all grinning excitedly at her. She heard words of encouragement.

Approaching the bench, a boy lay back on it, his cock standing up firmly. Denise felt it, squeezing it with a slow pumping movement. She leaned over and kissed the tip of his prick, tasting the dripping juices. For just a moment she sucked his cock, then she lifted a leg and straddled the boy’s hips. She parted her hairy cunt lips and settled on him, taking his cock deep into her boiling cunt.

“Ooooooh,” she moaned, writhing on his cock, his balls touching her creamy, naked ass. She gyrated her crotch about the cock and then lifted up and down, fucking him as the others watched.

Robert urged her to lean over the boy, and when she did, he ran the head of his cock along the crack of her ass.

“Oh, baby!” Denise sucked in a gasping breath. “Shove it up my ass! Oh, darling, fuck me in the asshole!”

There were cheers from the group of boys and girls. “Fuck her asshole!” someone called.

“That’s it, Robert, fuck your mother up the ass!”

“A cock in the cunt and ass together!”

“Double-fuck!” a girl squealed.

Denise arched her ass without losing the cock in her cunt, feeling the pressure of her son’s cock on her asshole. She grunted.

“Shove hard, Robert!” she yelped. “Oh, God. Shove your hard cock up my fucking hot ass! Fuck me in the ass, darling! Fuck my asshole… fuck my cunt! Both of you, fuck me!”

Robert pressed hard, and the swollen head of his cock popped into his mother’s asshole. Again Denise screamed, a sound of agonizing ecstasy. Her asshole gripped Robert’s cock as he shoved it all the way in.

When she tried to move her hips, she found it impossible. She was afraid she would lose one of those cocks. As the boy beneath her began to lunge up and down, fucking her cunt, her son rammed his prick in and out of her asshole. The sensations flooded Denise, her asshole and cunt feeling more stuffed than ever. Her asshole burned in a sweet, delicious sensation, and her cunt was stretched and filled.

A hard cock waved in front of her face, silvery liquid dripping from a flaring piss hole. Denise darted her tongue against it; then the cock was thrust into her mouth. She couldn’t suck on it, but the boy understood, and he began to fuck her mouth, holding her cheeks. His balls swung back and forth, banging at her chin. Getting three cocks in her sent Denise into a shaking frenzy of orgiastic ecstasy.

Every nerve of her naked body was tingling as though fiery flames were licking them. Her cunt convulsed almost immediately, squeezing on a hard cock, her asshole closing like a tight mouth on her son’s plunging cock. She sucked frantically on the cock fucking her mouth, her tongue licking swiftly. The naked flesh of young boys against hers felt exciting, and the hard cocks of three young boys fucking her were driving her crazy with ecstasy. She tried to feel what was happening to her body, to her cunt and asshole and mouth, but she couldn’t. Her mind was vacant of everything except the lewd sensations racing through her flesh.

She was rammed hard by her son’s cock as he drove like a jackhammer into her asshole! She was pounded by the cock in her cunt, and her lips were being smashed by the hairy crotch of the boy fucking her mouth! It was as if her whole body was one huge, boiling orgasm.

The cock fucking her cunt discharged first, sending a geyser of boiling come juice into her pussy. She felt it but it seemed to be happening to someone else, with her standing near and watching. The cock plunging into her throat erupted with a gush of sweet come juice, and Denise struggled to swallow every drop while the boy’s balls pressed against her chin. Her son’s cock, deep in her asshole, throbbed and swelled, stretching the tight ring more and more. There was a fiery splashing sensation as his come juice gushed along the satiny walls of her asshole. Denise couldn’t scream her ecstasy; she still had a spewing cock in her throat.

She moaned as the cock was removed from her mouth, her lips trying to cling to it. Feeling her son starting to pull his cock from her asshole, she clutched it tightly, mewling.

“Nooo, please! I want more! I want so much more!”

Lips kissed her shivering ass cheeks.

“You’ll get all you want, Mom,” Robert said with his lips close to her ass. “You can have it all, everything! Just tell us what you want and we’ll do it.”

“I… cock! Cock, please,” she groaned, letting the boy slide from beneath her. “I want cock! Oh, fuck me… over and over, fuck me!”

When the boy was out from under her, she turned and spread her legs over the bench, her cunt pulsating hotly.

“Fuck me!” she hissed, her eyes darting from hard cock to hard cock. “Please! I want all those cocks… fucking me… fucking my hot cunt!”

A boy moved to her and climbed onto the bench between her thighs. Denise lifted her hips and the boy stuffed his cock into her cunt. Immediately Denise flung her long legs around the boy’s ass, her arms around his waist. She started pumping her cunt up and down, riding his cock with her wet pussy.

A cock was shoved into her mouth. She began to suck greedily at the cock, lifting her arms above her head and clutching the naked, tight ass of the boy fucking hey mouth. She churned her naked ass frantically up and down, banging against the cock filling her boiling cunt. She felt the boy’s balls beating at her thrashing ass.

Her fingers dug into the cheeks of the boy at her face. She found the pucker of his asshole and shoved a finger into it, finger fucking the boy up his ass. This made the boy grunt and fuck her mouth deeper, his balls rubbing at her eyes and nose.

Although she still came, her orgasms were slowing down, not as powerful as before. Her main pleasure now was in feeling a hard cock in her cunt and mouth. She sucked as hard as she could on the cock, her tongue twisting, wanting him to come into her throat. Her ass humped in frenzy, fucking the boy between her hot thighs.

She choked as the boy came, squirting hot come juice into her throat, Recovering swiftly, she began to wallow, her lips tight. The cock up her cunt exploded, sending a flood of thick, foaming come juice into her cunt.

Denise started to relax, but as soon as the two cocks were pulled from her, two more took their place.

She was being fucked by boy after boy; a hard cock in her cunt and one in her mouth. Every time a boy came in her, another was taking place. It seemed to her that her cunt was never empty of a cock, nor was her mouth. Come juice dripped and seeped out of her hairy pussy and from her mouth. She felt come juice dripping and running into the crack of her ass, into her ears and over her neck, and still they continued fucking her cunt and mouth.

By the time every member of the basketball team had fucked her cunt and mouth, Denise could no longer move. Her cunt felt sore and raw, her mouth and jaw aching. She was covered with come juice, from her hairy cunt to her nose. She lay on the bench, legs wide in wanton exposure, eyes closed and her face contorted with ultimate erotic ecstasy. Her tits rose and fell as she breathed raggedly.

She opened her eyes slowly, seeing them all around her, but not really looking at her. The girls, having watched it all, showed arousal. Some were trying their best to make cocks hard by using their mouths. One or two girls, including her daughter, were unable to wait for a hard-on. They were sucking each other wetly, squirming and twisting, slamming cunts into each other’s face.

She saw her son with a group of four boys watching as Cindy and another girl sucked each other. Everyone seemed to enjoy what was happening, and there had not been one comment about Denise or her erotic hunger.

Seeing his mother sitting up, Robert came to her, grinning with pleasure. “How was it, Mom?”

“Fantastic!” she gasped. “It was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“You want more?”

“I don’t think I could handle any more,” she replied. “My cunt has been drowned, and I think I swallowed about ten gallons of come juice.”

“You sucked all the guys off, Morn,” Robert told her. “You ate all the girls and you sucked all the guys.”

“Did they all fuck me, too?”

Robert nodded. “Every new gil goes through it just like you have, Mom. Even Cindy.”

Denise smiled as she watched her daughter’s ass bucking up and down, her cunt smashing into the face of the girl beneath her. “And she loved every fucking minute of it, didn’t she?”

“You know the answer to that, Mom.”

“Are they all tired now?”

“Pretty much,” Robert said. “You gave them a fuck and a half. You were even better than Kathy.”

“I doubt that,” Denise said.

“You were,” Robert replied. Denise looked around her. Although the boys and girls were sprawled around in various positions, cocks and cunts and tits and asses displayed, she still felt excited. None of her experiences, even those in the old empty house with Kathy, could compare to this. She wanted to drop among all that naked flesh, squirm and twist against them, to feel and kiss, to take whatever was nearby into her mouth. She wanted to wallow among the boys and girls.

She saw Cindy resting her head on a boy’s thigh, her lips barely touching the head of his cock. Between her thighs was a lovely little girl, her face still glistening with the juices of Cindy’s cunt.

Denise examined herself. Her cunt was a little tender, but no pain. It felt, in fact, very good. The muscles in her jaw ached slightly, but that would not last long. Her asshole throbbed, but even that felt good. Her tits had not been bruised by the many hands and lips and teeth. There wasn’t a mark on her body to show what she had just gone through. Her cunt was dripping come juice, and the taste of come juice lingered in her mouth.

Denise found her clothing and dressed, refusing the invitation from her son to use the locker room shower, telling him she would shower at home.

“Get your sister, darling,” she said, zipping her skirt. “She looks like she might need some help in dressing.”


Denise sat next to Kathy in her home.

They had rehashed all those long-ago days, laughing at how young they had been, the things they had not known, how they, had grown in their sexual desires. They discussed divorced husbands. They discovered neither had lost her erotic hungers, but only fed them, trying new and strange things liking it all. Kathy had not changed much in appearance, Denise noted. She was older, of course, but retained all the beauty of her younger age. She was slim, yet with lovely, curvy tits that strained against her blouse. Her hips were round and her legs long. Her ass jutted out enticingly. Her lips were full and moist, hinting at the promise of delightful things she could do with them.

As they brought each other up to date, Robert sat on the floor between Cindy and Alice. The girls and he had been listening with interest as their mothers talked. While Denise and Kathy described the old house and what they had done in it, Cindy and Alice started stroking Robert’s crotch. They rubbed and caressed his balls and cock inside his pants, and now his prick had swelled upward toward his left hip, outlined there. He had run one hand up under Alice’s dress, slowly feeling her up. His other hand fondled one of his sister’s tits.

“We’ve brought them up right, haven’t we?” Kathy asked as she watched them. “I wonder if something like this can be inherited?”

“You mean insatiable fucking?” Denise asked, chuckling softly.

“Yes, but I don’t really think we’re insatiable,” Kathy replied. “I’ve gone without it for a while. Like a few hours.”

“I’ve gone longer than that,” Denise said.

“But who wants to, right?” Kathy laughed.

“You’re damn right,” Denise agreed. “I don’t believe you or I will ever outgrow these hungers.”

“God, I hope not!” Kathy murmured, watching as her daughter, Alice, removed Robert’s cock from his pants. Her eyes took on a hot gleam, and her fingers fumbled at the buttons of her blouse. Denise scooted toward her.

“Let, me,” she whispered, moving Kathy’s hands aside and opening the blouse. “God, Kathy, you always had beautiful tits, but they’re even more beautiful now.”

“You used to love sucking them, Denise,” Kathy mewled softly, watching her daughter stroking Robert’s cock while Cindy lifted his balls free.

“Among other things,” Denise said, dipping her face and running her tongue over a swollen nipple. “Such as your cunt. But then, you sort of liked sucking my tits and cunt, too, remember?”

“If people didn’t know better, they’d think we were two hot-assed lesbians,” Kathy said, in a voice husky with desire.

“We would be if there weren’t cocks around,” Denise said, feeling Kathy slide her warm hand under her skirt, caressing the heat of her inner thighs, her fingertips touching the pulsating lips of her cunt lightly.

Denise moved her hand under Kathy’s skin, placing her palm upon the woman’s steamy cunt. Feeling each other, they watched as Cindy and Alice undressed Robert, who lay back and accepted their attentions. His cock stood straight up in the air, and Alice stripped her clothing off while Cindy stroked her brother’s cock and balls.

As soon as she was naked, Alice straddled Robert, sinking down. They watched while Cindy fitted her brother’s cock into Alice’s wet cunt; who then began to bounce and squeal in delight. They watched Alice’s ass grind and thrash, seeing Robert’s cock plunging into the stretching pussy. Cindy kept playing with his balls, her young eyes hot as she watched, her pink, wet tongue licking along her brother’s thigh, then flicking at the creamy cheeks of Alice’s pounding ass.

Denise and Kathy, by this time, were finger fucking each other, breathing faster.

Cindy sprawled between her brother’s thighs, shoving her face into his crotch. They saw her licking Robert’s balls, her nose being brushed by Alice’s asshole as it moved up and down. Alice leaned over Robert, who managed to close his lips on a pink nipple, sucking it greedily, his hands holding Alice’s tight little ass. Alice squealed with ecstasy and Robert moaned.

Cindy, now with her mouth filled by her brother’s balls, squirmed her cunt onto the floor, her dress hiked about her hips. She was not wearing panties, and her creamy sweet ass-cheeks clenched and relaxed with pleasure.

“Ooooh, you’re so hard, Robert!” Denise and Kathy heard Alice whimper. “Your cock is so fucking hard! You stretch my cunt so good, fill my hot pussy deliciously! I’m gonna fuck your hard cock off, Robert! I’m gonna burn your cock off with my hot cunt!”

Robert groaned around a mouthful of tit.

“They fuck beautifully,” Denise whispered, driving her finger deep into Kathy’s wet cunt.

“I know,” Kathy replied, rubbing her finger along Denise’s swollen, intensely inflamed clitoris, “Alice loves it so much, and I guess you know Cindy does.”

Alice beat her cunt up and down on Robert’s cock, stabbing her pussy with almost violent movements. Cindy, still sucking her brother’s balls, turned them loose and ran her tongue along the crack of Alice’s ass, licking the puckering tightness of her pink asshole, then swirling her tongue into her brother’s balls again.

“Someone is going to come any second,” Kathy said in a hoarse voice, plunging her fingers into Denise’s cunt, twisting them about.

“Like me,” Denise groaned, spreading her legs wide.

Kathy draped her leg over Denise’s thigh, giving the woman total access to her hairy cunt, feeling Denise fucking her with wild fingers.

“You won’t be the only one,” Kathy hissed, her cunt clamping around Denise’s fingers.

Alice’s loud squeal filled the room, her ass slamming hard onto Robert’s cock. She pressed down hard, her ass twisting. “Ooooo, I’m coming! Oh, fuck, I’m coming!”

Her tight cunt gripped Robert’s cock in orgasm, her ass shuddering in ecstasy. The base of Robert’s cock glistened with pussy juice, and Cindy ran her tongue about it, licking it up. Cindy cooed in pleasure, sucking his balls back into her mouth just as Robert gushed come into Alice’s cunt. Both Denise and Kathy squirmed on the couch, their cunts gripping the other’s fingers as wild orgasms exploded between their legs.

Both mothers watched with smoldering eyes as Alice slipped off Robert. Alice twisted around and sat on her heels, grasping Robert’s cock in a firm hand, jacking on it. Cindy stood and almost ripped her clothing off her succulent body in her haste to fuck her brother, too. Denise and Kathy were not in the least surprised that Robert’s cock became very hard so soon after fucking Alice; each had seen it happen many times before.

Cindy tore her summer sweater from her body and, with a squeal of anticipation, straddled her brother and sat down, his cock entering her cunt easily. As soon as she had Robert’s cock up her cunt, Cindy began a wild rotation with her ass, screwing up and down his cock. She sat on him, squeezing her sweet tits in both hands, grinding down hard on her brother. Alice now held his balls, pressing them into the crack of Cindy’s ass, rubbing them at Cindy’s sensitive asshole.

When Cindy started fucking her brother, she lifted to her knees. “Fuck me, Robert. Ram your cock up my fucking hot cunt! Come on, fuck me, you lazy asshole! I’m not gonna do all the work!”

Robert plunged his cock up and down, stretching his sister’s cunt, going deep. Alice was on her knees beside Cindy, sucking on her tit and fondling Robert’s balls, alternating her caressing hand up to Cindy’s shivering ass.

“God, they’re beautiful to watch!” Denise whispered, digging her fingers into one of Kathy’s firm tits. “I could watch those kids fucking all day!”

“I could too,” Kathy said, “but I’d much rather get in on it.”

“Mmmm, so would I!” Denise agreed.

“Look what Alice is doing,” Kathy said.

Alice was moving her finger in and out of Cindy’s tight little asshole. Robert was thrusting his cock into his sister’s cunt, and Alice was finger-fucking Cindy in her asshole. Cindy was squealing in pleasure, her small body shaking with each lunge of her brother’s cock.

“Ohhh, give it to me!” she sobbed. “Fuck the piss out of my cunt, Robert! Ooooh, Alice, fuck my asshole! I love this! Fuck my cunt… fuck my asshole!”

Denise and Kathy were shivering now, their excitement becoming intense as they watched the erotic actions of their children. Their cunts were seeping with boiling hunger. Kathy dug her fingers into Denise’s thigh, her eyes glowing with desire. Denis pulled at Kathy’s rigid nipple, her eyes liquid with hunger.

Cindy began to shake; her moans and gurgles becoming louder as her orgasm steamed to the surface. When she came, she let out a scream of ecstasy, tossing her head back and grinding down violently on her brother’s throbbing cock, trying to force the swollen head deeper. With a final moan, she slumped across her brother’s body, gasping in a choking sound. Alice still had her finger deep inside her asshole, and both Denise and Kathy watched it flex.

They looked at each other, and in a silent agreement, fell on each side of Robert, lifting the still-panting Cindy off him. Leaning over, Denise ran her tongue over her son’s wet, slippery cock, while Kathy worked her tongue along the other side. They lapped at his prick, tasting the liquids of their daughters’ cunts on it, the sweet taste of his come juice. They took turns licking and sucking on his balls and cock.

Robert watched them, his expression indicating the pleasure he felt by having his mother and Kathy working on his cock and balls with their wet, hot mouths and tongues. Cindy and Alice sat close together at his feet, watching, too.

Denise and Kathy sucked his cock, passing it from one mouth to the other, their hands stroking his balls and thighs. They ran their tongues up the shaft, meeting at the head, licking his piss hole and then each other’s tongue. As Kathy sank her hot mouth onto his cock, Denise would suck his balls, taking them both into her mouth. When Denise closed her lips about her son’s cock, Kathy would suck his balls. The tight, wet heat of their mouths sent ripples of pleasure through Robert’s young body, making him moan softly.

“Have you got another load in these balls, Robert?” Kathy asked him. “Can you come once more for me and your mother?”

Robert grunted in reply.

“Come just once more,” Kathy murmured, nuzzling her face into his balls, watching Denise gliding her tight lips up and down his thick cock. “Let us have your come just once more, baby.”

Denise made soft whimpering sounds as she dipped her mouth onto his cock, her lips at the base, enjoying the feel of the swollen smooth cock head in her throat. She wanted to suck him off, get his load of sweet come in her mouth. She felt greedy, wanting him to come into her mouth instead of Kathy’s.

“My turns Denise,” Kathy said, gently pushing Denise away. “Don’t be so greedy. I love the taste of his cock, too, you know.”

Denise sucked off his cock reluctantly, holding the base and watching her friend’s lips stretch around the head, then dip downward. She felt Kathy’s lips on her fingers, and she pulled them away, seeing Kathy press her lips into the wiry hair, knowing her son’s cock was inside Kathy’s throat. She licked her lips, trying to run the tip of her tongue about the base of his cock; licking at Kathy’s stretched lips.

Cindy and Alice, still watching, were feeling each other up, caressing the other’s cunt and tits. It was exciting to them to watch their mothers sucking at Robert’s cock. Watching and being seen fucking and sucking cock or cunt was exciting to them just as much as it was to their mothers.

“Make him come, Mother!” Cindy urged in a small, yet husky voice. “Make Robert come in your cock-sucking mouth!”

“Make him come in both your mouths!” Alice exclaimed. “We wanna see his cock come in both your mouths! Suck his cock, his balls! Make his cock squirt!”

Denise and Kathy were licking their tongues up and down Robert’s cock again, meeting at his seeping piss hole. Their tongues moved faster. Denise caressed her son’s inner thighs while Kathy tugged and twisted on his balls. Robert began arching his hips up, trying to shove his cock into a hot mouth. Which one didn’t matter; he was about to come.

Denise shoved her hand beneath his uplifted ass, squeezing one ass cheek, then finding his tight asshole. She plunged her finger up his ass without warning, making Robert grunt. Denise and Kathy fluttered their tongues about his piss hole. Their tongues were there when Robert came. The white, creamy sweetness boiled out of his cock, spurting over their tongues.

Denise and Kathy gurgled with hunger, fighting each other to get this come juice. Both tasted it, lapping frantically against his spewing piss hole, licking at each other’s tongue. Denise drove her finger in and out of her son’s asshole, feeling it grip tightly, trying to keep his come juice spurting as long as she could. Kathy pulled at his balls, feeling them writhe as they emptied. Robert was gritting his teeth in mindless pleasure, watching his come juice splash over their tongues.

Denise and Kathy whimpered with ecstasy as they both swallowed whatever come juice they could get. Their cunts were twitching in spasms of orgasm, their asses twisting.

“Eat it up!” Cindy called out excitedly.

“Suck that come juice up!” Alice shouted. Denise and Kathy licked in a frenzy, moaning softly, each licking greedily at Robert’s cock until the flow of come juice stopped. They ran their tongues down the shaft of his cock, licking away any come juice that had escaped their tongues.

They sat back on their heels, giggling like naughty girls. Their lips glistened with come juice, and instead of wiping it away, they leaned over Robert and licked and, kissed him until it was all gone.

“God, are we cock-crazy!” Kathy laughed sensuously.

“Come crazy, I’d say,” Denise said. “It’s a good thing we have Robert and his lovely cock and balls,” Kathy said, shaking Robert’s cock. “It’s too fucking bad they don’t have basketball practice every night.”

“We could invite the whole team here, and the cheerleading squad,” Denise said.

“They wouldn’t all fit in here,” Cindy told her mother.

“Sure they would,” Kathy said. “Who needs a lot of room when they’re fucking? We can put everyone on top of each other!”

“That would look damned funny,” Robert said, sitting up. “All you’d see was asses and cunts and cocks.”

“Anything wrong with that?” his mother asked.

“Not that I know of.” Cindy laughed. Denise smiled. “Kathy, I won’t ask how you got involved with the whole basketball team, not to mention the cheerleading squad.”

“I had some help,” Kathy grinned, nodding at her daughter. “It was her idea anyway.”

Denise laughed, knowingly.

“That little hot-cunt daughter of mine has been fucking a long time,” Kathy said. “She had cock in her even younger than I was.”

Denise frowned a moment, then asked: “Kathy, those pictures Robert showed me; do you really enjoy that?”

“You mean that pissing stuff?” Denise nodded.

“Of course I do,” Kathy replied. “You know me, Denise. I wouldn’t do anything I don’t want to do.”

“You’ll probably think I’m out of my mind,” Denise said, looking at her son, then her daughter, “but I like it, too. But in a different way.”

“You’re no more out of your mind than I am,” Kathy answered. “Besides, I know the difference you’re talking about.” Denise looked at her son and daughter again. “You two are a couple of fucking tattletales.”

Denise began undressing, her eyes scooting from her son’s face to Cindy’s, then to Alice, and finally resting on Kathy’s lovely face.

When she was naked, Denise sprawled on her back, spreading her long, beautiful thighs wide.

Looking down at her, Kathy peeled her clothing off.

“Come on, kids!” Kathy exclaimed. “We’ve got to oblige the lady. We wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of so much enjoyment would we?”

Denise watched them standing over her. Cindy spread her feet, then pulled the lips of her cunt apart. On the other side of her body stood Alice, also holding her succulent cunt wide open. They arched their hips forward. Between Denise’s spreading thighs stood Kathy, her fingers opening up her cunt. At her head stood her son.

Denise looked from one to the other, gazing at three cunts and one cock, all ready to piss on her. Her naked body shivered with anticipation.

“Now!” she urged. “Piss! Piss on me! Ooooh, all of you, piss all over my fucking body, on my cunt and tits and face!”

Cindy began pissing first, sending a golden stream splashing onto her mother’s right tit. Then Alice pissed on her left tit. Denise began to squirm as the warm piss flowed over her upstanding tits. Her eyes glazed as Kathy began to piss on her cunt.

Denise shoved her hands down, arching her hips up and clawing the hairy lips of her pussy wide apart, feeling Kathy pissing against those sensitive lips and making her clitoris sting. When her son started pissing, her mouth was open in ecstasy, and she tasted the sweetness. She shoved her tongue far out, letting him piss on the flat surface of it, her mouth filling and the piss spilling from it and drenching her cheeks and chin and neck.

Her writhing body exploded into a powerful orgasm as they pissed on her naked flesh. The heat of Kathy’s piss on her cunt made Denise arch her crotch up high. She widened her mouth to take her son’s piss into it, gulping wetly. She ran her hands over her swollen tits as her daughter and Alice spewed the beautiful wetness of their piss over them.

Her mind was whirling with intense ecstasy, visualizing the basketball team pissing on her, then the cheerleading squad doing it. She came and came, the image of cocks and cunts pissing on her.

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