My girl fucks my ass for the first time

At 8 pm I tied myself to the bed. It was a trick I had learnt a while ago and was well practiced. First I tied my ankles, quite loosely as I needed to be able to move my legs a little, and then I tied my left wrist. I used a special knot to pull the right one securely, however there was a trick to the knot that allowed me to release myself with a swift pull in case of ‘emergencies’. I pulled my limbs to check the ropes were secured and looked myself over. I was wearing a pair of black stockings no with red toes, red tops and a red line along the back seam. They were held in place with a suspender belt and to top it off I was wearing a pair of black lace knickers, which had been purchased for me by my girlfriend, Nikki for such an occasion as tonight. At this moment however the knickers were not doing a very adequate job of keeping my penis inside them. I was rock hard, the excitement and anticipation had worked my untouched cock to its maximum length and it was free of its restraints. I thought of untying myself to cover my errant member but decided to leave it on show, leaving Nikki under no confusion of my intent.

At 8.10 precisely the back door opened and I heard Nikki enter and lock the door. I had left her a note and I hoped she would follow the instructions. I got my answer within a minute or so. I heard her turn off the lounge lights and the kitchen light soon followed. I waited patiently, I felt a hand on the door and a nail scratch the wood lightly.

“I need to shower baby” Nikki whispered quietly through the door. “Give me ten minutes please”

I stayed silent. I had anticipated this and had laid out a towel for her in the bathroom. I heard the sound of the shower start and I heard her undressing outside the bedroom door. A couple of minutes later the shower stopped and Nikki went into the spare room. We used this room to store clothes and would often get ready in there. She had a table set up with hair and beauty products and soon I heard the hairdryer going. So far she was following all my instructions, however I had laid out an outfit for her and I was waiting to see if she was wearing all of it. As I lay there listening to Nikki getting dressed for me, I imagined what was going to happen. Or at least what I hoped would happen. Pretty soon I was rock hard again, my cock once again bursting free of the ill equipped garments trying to hold it in. I smiled, it was just in time as I heard lights go off and footsteps outside the door.

“Are you ready baby” whispered Nikki.

“Come and get me” I called back quietly.

Nikki entered the room, closed the door behind her and stepped forward. With three confident strides she was stood at the side of the bed level with my chest. I watched her closely all the way and what a sight she was. My cock agreed as I could tell it was pointing skyward, my eyes giving my brain all the right signals to pass on to my eager cock. I looked at her from her head to her legs and back up to her face. My eyes took in her unbelievable sexiness. She had combed and teased her hair into vibrant sexy strands of ice blonde. Her face, always without the unnecessary addition of makeup glowed in her own anticipation and desire. Her eyes sparkled as she took in the sight awaiting her too. Around her body was a basque I had purchased for her as a gift that year. It held and squeezed and pushed her body into an amazing shape, her breasts pushed out and her ass poking out at the bottom teasing the eyes. She too was wearing stockings but her thighs held them in place better than mine so she didn’t require a belt. Just as well as she only had one, which was around my waist this evening! However, her waist did not go unadorned. Instead she was wearing a device consisting of a few pieces of cord and a patch of fabric with buttons attached. There was also a rubber ring which was being held in place by a combination of the cord and the buttons. This ring in turn held something in place. And now it was about three feet from my face and pointing in my direction. It was a large purple dildo, purchased by the both of us previously, to be used on a unknown female visitor or a curious boyfriend, if either occasion ever arose. Nikki had played with my ass before but never whilst I was being restrained. She was usually Sub but I know she had a Dom side too her and I was hoping tonight was going to bring it out. By the look of her, it was.

She looked me up and down and a smile crept across her face. She sat on the bed at the side of me and stroked my face gently before she slowly moved her hands down my body stopping before she reached the fabric of my underwear. Her hand rested inches from my throbbing penis, another sign she was warming to her dominant role. She brought her hand back up to my face by dragging her long red nails hard into my skin causing me to jump up in pain.

“Stay still bitch or I’ll do it so hard you’ll bleed” she snarled at me. Her smile had gone, she was taking this very seriously.

“Sorry” I cried out hoping she would take mercy.

“Sorry Madam, you sissy” she said as a hand roughly grabbed my balls, squeezing them enough to hurt. I suppressed a squeal of pain, knowing the punishment would be worse.

“Sorry Madam” I said quickly praying Nikki would release her grip. She eased her hands slightly, just enough to stop the discomfort.

“Good boy” she smiled at me, her hands still holding my balls but gentler now. She played with them for a minute, her soft touch keeping my still untouched penis rock hard.

“I see you’re very excited tonight. Did you think you were getting some pussy?”

“Yes Madam” I replied

“Well you thought wrong” she moved her grip from my balls to my cock and squeezed it tightly. “The only hole getting fucked tonight is yours baby. If you’re lucky I might let you cum” she moved her hand slowly down, pulling back my foreskin all the way. A drop of precum formed on the tip. She bent her head down slowly, stuck out her tongue and carefully licked the small drop. She moved her hand up and a larger drop formed, this one was also tasted and a smile told me she appreciated the sweetness of it.

She stopped, released my cock and stood up. Next she climbed onto the bed in between my legs on her knees. On the side was a bottle of baby oil we used as lube and she poured a few drops onto her fingers and rubbed it around. Taking my cock in her left hand with a strong grip, Nikki pushed her oily right fingers towards my bum, they slid easily past my buttocks and I felt sharp nails probing for a hole. Because I had kept my ankle restraints a little loose I was able to spread my legs slightly. This gave Nikki a better view and avoided her nails digging into me. Now she could see I quickly felt the first finger enter my hole. This was soon joined by a second finger which helped my hole open further. Her left hand slowly worked my shaft as her right fingers worked my asshole. I was enjoying myself and let out a little groan. Nikki squeezed my cock tightly and shoved her fingers as deep as she could into my ass.

“You’re not supposed to be enjoying this you dirty slut” she growled at me. “I’m obviously being too nice aren’t I?” she asked, but it wasn’t a question she was waiting for an answer too. She grabbed the lube and poured some over her strap on dildo coating it and her hands with the oil my ass was going to need. I wasn’t an ass virgin but it was a big toy and I prayed Nikki wouldn’t be too hard on me. She spread my ass cheeks with her hands and shuffled up closer to me. I felt the toy touch my buttocks, Nikki took hold of it and lined it up at my hole without letting it enter. She positioned herself carefully until she was comfortable. She smiled at me and took hold of my cock with both hands, she stroked me up and down until it was coated in the smooth oil.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now” Nikki said calmly and clearly. “If you’re a good boy and take all of my cock until I’m satisfied then I might reward you by allowing you to cum tonight. Do you understand?”

“Yes Madam”

“Good boy”

I felt her move the toy to the entrance, playing it around the rim before she forced the large purple head into my opening. The initial pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and it quickly passed. I had closed my eyes, when I opened them Nikki was looking closely at me.

“Is that ok?” she mouthed silently to me.

I nodded back.

“How about now bitch” she said loudly as she pushed the rest of the toy deep into my ass. I closed my eyes again as the toy probed previously untouched areas inside my body. Once again the initial pain quickly passed. The grimace must have left my face as this time Nikki didn’t wait for a reply. She pulled her hips back and then pushed forward again until the toy disappeared completely into my hole. This time there was no pain and Nikki must have sensed this as she set about fucking my ass with long hard strokes. I could feel the toy sliding in and out easily and it was an amazing sensation. With each push of her hips I could feel the hard toy prodding my prostate, this along with her hand giving a firm grip on my cock meant I was still rock hard, this had not gone unnoticed by Nikki.

“I think someone likes my hard cock” she said smiling whilst forcing the toy all the way in again. She stopped and squeezed a drop of precum from my bell end, she wiped it up with a finger and sucked it clean.

“No coming until I say so”

“Yes Madam”

“Good boy” she said sexily. Every time I heard her say it it made me a little harder and Nikki knew it. She restarted her rhythmic fucking of my ass with long slow strokes, feeding my ass every inch of her big toy. She squirted more oil on her hands and smeared it all over my cock and balls. With a hard push she buried the dildo as deep as it would go. It made me tense up and grimace in pain. At the same she grabbed my balls, not too hard hard but a little uncomfortable. She took my stiff cock in her other hand and in time with her fucking she stroked my shaft with silky oily hands. The foreskin was pulled hard down and she was working the tip with her fingers like a magician. As she tapped at my prostate I could feel my balls tighten and felt the urge to cum. Nikki recognised it and stopped immediately. My cock was throbbing in her hand but she kept it absolutely still.

She pulled my balls a little, enough to get my attention anyway.

“Don’t you dare cum boy” she growled at me.

I shook my head and felt the urge wash over me. She restarted the fucking and wanking again. I closed my eyes and thought of anything but what was happening to me to try and delay my inevitable forthcoming ejaculation.

“Open your eyes you dirty slut” Nikki snarled at. “You have to watch while I fuck you”

“Yes Madam” I replied obediently.

I watched her face while she worked me over, she was concentrating hard on fucking my ass, her hand was sliding easily up and down my shaft and she was using my balls to pull herself onto me. A minute later and I felt the urge bubbling up again. I lifted my hips, giving Nikki easier access and pushed myself onto her toy. She pulled herself into me using my cock to hold herself steady and then stopped, with it pressing deep into my ass.

“Not yet”

She waited thirty seconds and then carried on. A few minutes of good fucking and I was ready to blow again. But once again she stopped. I looked at her pleadingly.

“Does somebody need to cum?” she asked.

“Yes please Madam” I replied back, hopingly.

She started up the fucking again but this time she was much slower. I could feel every inch of the rubber dildo entering me, I felt the base widen and then the soft fabric of the holding device pressed into my butt cheek.

“All eight inches baby. And I bet you could take even more” she was smiling, enjoying looking down at her handiwork. She was still stroking my cock, it was as hard as I have ever seen it and ready to burst as soon as permitted. She pulled out till the large head probed my hole. Slowly she pushed it all the way in again, gyrating her hips when it was deep. I felt it press against my prostate again and my cock immediately reacted. I twitched right out of her hand, causing her to giggle. She ground her pelvis into me and my cock twitched violently once again. She pulled out again, squeezed my balls tightly and with a hard shove of her hips buried the toy deep into my pulsing ass. She kept it deep and ground into me hard. My cock bounced around untouched and free. I knew it was too late to stop this time, with a grunt I lifted myself slightly and pushed hard into Nikki and her toy. I felt the first spurt of cum rush up my shaft as my prostate was prodded again, it went everywhere as my cock flailed around freely. I felt the second spurt on the way but Nikki took hold of my cock just in time. She pulled down with her left hand, exposing my engorged head and wrapped her oily fingers around the tip. With the dildo still deep she shoved her hips forward, pressing into new untouched areas and causing both pain and pleasure. She worked her fingers up and down the top half of my cock whilst I emptied by aching balls all over my stomach and chest. At least 8 or 9 big drops of hot cum came charging out of my cock before I was finally spent. I felt myself relax but Nikki was still wanking my shaft, and she was still fucking my ass. I felt the nerve endings on my penis start up and the discomfort started to build up. She had done this to me before but always took mercy on me and stopped when she could see I was in pain. This time she was carrying on, she was looking right at me as she firmly played with my cock. It wasn’t rock hard but it hadn’t gone away yet. The discomfort lasted about ten seconds and then it passed. She kept going, desperate to revive my erection. A squeeze of my balls and a forceful shove with her hips and I felt my cock tingle and I knew I was going to get hard again. I smiled at Nikki and pushed myself onto her toy taking it all again. We started building a quick rhythm and pretty soon my was cock was fully erect.

We fucked hard and fast for several minutes before I felt my balls tingle again.

“Can I cum again please baby?” I pleaded

“Oh yes” Nikki purred back at me, excited by my ‘second coming’.

With a final effort we upped the speed and her hand was a blur, squeezing my cock hard whilst wanking it furiously. I arched my back and the toy slid in and hit the spot, Nikki’s fingers rubbed the magic spot at the same time and I came again. My cum squirted all over us both again, Nikki slowed down until she had the last drop out of me. I went limp very quickly.

“No third time” Nikki joked looking at my shrivelled cock.

“Another time Madam” I laughed back. I was exhausted and so was Nikki. Sweat glistened off our bodies.

Nikki slowly withdrew the toy from my tender ass, she stopped when just the head was in and looked at me with a grin.

“It doesn’t want to come out baby” she joked.

I tensed my arms on the ropes and pulled myself away. The head popped out followed by a shriek from Nikki. She jumped up and ran off to the bathroom.

“Dirty sex!” I shouted after her laughing.

I lay down and let my head stop spinning. What an amazing experience I thought to myself. After a minute or two I shouted to Nikki.

“Can you untie me please baby?!”

The end (or more likely, Just the beginning!)