Japanese Girl’s Introduction To Beasts

Hello everyone, my name is Nozomi. I’m Japanese, and I
am staying in the United States for a while so I can
become a teacher. I don’t know if I want to teach
Japanese here or English back in Japan.

This happened back home in Japan when I was 18. My
parents were away at work so I had the house all to my
self. I spent the day just relaxing and studying, I
know it kind of weird to do both, but I like school
work and it’s a big thing in Japan. I had the day off
from school though. Around noon I decided to get
cleaned up and all nice and pretty so I could go out
with my friends. I jumped in the shower to rinse off
and had a nice bath.

After I was done, I was feeling kind of horny so I
decided to play with my self for a bit. I left the
bathroom and walked into my room. Since no one was
home, I didn’t even bother to cover my self. I went to
my bed and reached under to get my toys out. I have a
western bed; I needed get use get use to sleeping on it
so I could sleep easy when I came over to the US.

Anyways, I was reaching under my bed, I hide my toys
well, and I felt a cold feeling on my leg. I jumped for
a sec, but I realised it was my dog Kintaro. He is an
Akita and is kind of a large dog. In case you don’t
know what they look like, it resembles one of those
wolf-dogs, the ones which pull snow sleds.

I pushed Kintaro away and tried to go about my
business. But the second I reached back to get my toys,
he started to lick my pussy. I yelled at him, but since
I was under my bed I guess I was kind of muffled
because he didn’t stop. After a few seconds, it started
to feel good so I let him go at it, figuring there was
nothing too wrong with this. I was getting all hot, but
then he just stopped and pulled away. I was sooo angry
with him, but I just went about getting my toys.

As I was about to get out from under my bed, while my
ass was in the air and I was stuck under the bed,
Kintaro started to mount me. He came down hard and
scratched me good, but that I didn’t get clawed to bad
or anything. I try to push him away, but from the angle
I was at, I couldn’t reach him. I tried to back out,
but every time I would move back, I would get pushed
back under.

Now I’m no virgin or anything, I’ve had a run in or two
with boys and different kinds of sex acts, so I had a
good feeling on what he was going to do to me. Kintaro
was getting pretty excited about the though of sex,
cause he just kept humping faster and faster, trying to
get into my pussy.

Pretty soon Kintaro found his mark and shoved his cock
into me. I freaked out and jumped, only to hit my head
on the underside of my bed. Up till now I’ve only had
my toys in me, and a few boys cocks, so I haven’t had
my pussy stretched like I needed it, but Kintaro was
going to make sure that wouldn’t stay like that for
long. He started to get into it and I tried to yell at
him to stop.

There was nothing I could do but try to wait it out.
The thing is, after a few minutes and after I was done
being scared, I started to enjoy it. He went at me for
quite a while. I was getting hot and even grinding and
pumping back at him. Then out of no where, he just
stopped and left me. I wasn’t to upset at him this
time, because I was able to cum this time around. I
pulled out from under the bed just in time to see
Kintaro leaving the room, and his cock all red and

After that, I felt really guilty and kind of sick from
it. But I could not get it out from my mind. Every time
I closed my eyes I would see Kintaro’s cock. I started
too fantasize about that day. I started to look up
information on bestiality and look at pics and movies.
I eventually let Kintaro eat me and I would play with
his cock. I was afraid of trying to let him fuck me
again though. Then while I was looking at some movies,
I got my first look at a girl being knotted, and right
then I knew what I wanted…

The next time I had some free time and my parents were
away, I took my opportunity to get me some doggy cock.
I followed the safety instructions others suggested. I
put some socks on him and got in the shirt I would wear
to let him know I’m ready to play. I called him into my
room and got down on the floor with him. I patted my
young pussy can gave him the command I used for him to
eat me. He ran over and started to lap up my cunt.

I loved every minute of it. I let him go at me till I
could see his cock start to poke up. Once I saw it I
turned over and got on my knees, leaning on the bed for
support. Kintaro knew exactly what to do, and hoped up
on my back.

He started to hump at my tiny pussy, which I tried to
help him find. After a few minutes of use trying to
sync up, he sunk his cock into my teen pussy, and then
drove it home. He started pounding my pussy faster and
faster. He really got into it. He was banging my cunt
deep and hard. It was stretching my pussy soooo good.
That was just what I needed. I let him get deep in me
for a while, I must of came a few times by them, it was
so nice. Kintaro was giving me just what I was missing,
hard doggy cock.

After a while of fucking me, Kintaro started to swell
up and I could feel his cock get bigger. I knew his
knot was coming, and I almost cam just thinking about
it. I kept telling him what a good boy he was and that
he was fucking mommy just right.

Once his cock grew to its fullest, he bucked his hips a
bit more and started to cum in me. I could feel his cum
filling my pussy, getting deep in my teen cunt and
mixing with my juices. He stopped pumping and turned
around so his ass was facing mine. I’ve finally been
tied, I wish I could of had a picture take just so I
could masturbate to it when I couldn’t get his cock

I just let him stay there, tied with me, feeling his
cock pull on my pussy. When he got relaxed a bit, he
started to pull away from me and I felt a pop as he
left, as well as a nice warm liquid dripping down my
leg. I just kneeled there for a bit, feeling my pussy
shrink back down it close to its pre-fucked state. Once
I was all done, I cleaned up and put my things away. I
feed Kintaro and gave him a bit hug. I knew we bonded
today, and if I got the chance, I hoped we would bond
again and again.