My Uncle and I

My name is Susan and I’m now eighteen. I have long blonde hair and a very
slim figure. I’m 5’6″ tall. This is my first posting and so bare with me if
you don’t like it. It’s based on what happened two years ago. If this
posting proves successful I may do more.

It was summer two years ago. I had just turned 16. I had by then some sexual
experiences, but nothing really memorable. I was visiting my Uncle’s home.
Earlier I had been playing tennis on his own court and then I had showed
before putting on fresh white bra and panties, a wrap around skirt and white

My Mother and Father had gone to the town for the day, and I was alone with
Uncle. His wife had died a few years before.

I entered the lounge and found him sitting there, reading a book. He looked
up and started to speak to me. We chatted about all kinds of things for
about an hour. For a while I was sitting on the floor but then got up to
stretch a bit. I remembered he looked at me like he was sad. “What’s the
matter?” I asked.

“You look so young and beautiful,” he said smiling,. I didn’t feel worried
about that. He’s ever so sweet. I just laughed,….”No,” I told him, “I don’t
think so.”

He told me he thought I was a fine young lady, and that had he been years
younger he wouldn’t have wanted me around in such a sexy outfit. I brushed.
I hardly considered that what I was wearing was sexy, but I suppose it was.
The skirt had a slit in the front and my brown legs could be seen when I

I looked at him and became aware that I was starting to feel a little sexy.
“You’re not so old,” I told him. (He’s about 55). He laughed this time, “Not
in my mind at least!”

I walked over to him, not certain of what I would do. I found myself asking,
“So why am I sexy?”

He started at me, like he didn’t believe what I had said. “Well you are.
Your figure, your long hair,…it’s all so beautiful.”

Suddenly I surprised myself, “Don’t you think my breasts are too small?”

He looked shocked, then said, “No, …no I don’t. They appear to be lovely.”

I turned sideways and jutted my chest out, turned my head and smiled at him.

“I think we had better talk about something else.” Was all he said.

But it was too late now. Before I realised it I was feeling really sexy and
now I couldn’t stop. He seemed so sweet and suddenly I knew that something
was about to happen. “And when I’m in my bikini, does that look good?” I

He smiled sadly, “Yes,” but said almost as a whisper.

My hand wondered up to my blouse and slowly undid a button,…”What are you
doing?” he asked. “It’s all right, I’ve got bra and panties on, it’s the
same as a bikini.” He told me to stop, but I couldn’t. I undid the three
buttons so my blouse fall open, the sides covering my breasts still. He just

Then I untied my skirt and let it fall to the floor. There I was, standing
before him in bra and panties. The silence was deafening. Then he said, “Are
you playing a game with me?”

I shook my head, “No.”

There was another long silence before I sat down on his leg. At first he
froze but then one hand curled around my waist. My hand went to his shirt,
resting on his chest. I then took his other hand and held it to my left
breast. At first his fingers didn’t move but then then cupped my bra to me,
I could feel him squeezing my breast gently.

I knew then what was going to happen. I slide off his knee and kneeled
between his legs. My hands went to his trousers and started to feel and rub
his crotch. His cock seemed to grow quite quickly. “I don’t think we should
do this?” he said, “It’s wrong.”

“OK”, I told him, “We’ll decide that later, in the meantime, just sit back.
This one is on me.”

I tugged his zip down and felt inside his trousers. His cock was hard in his
pants. I fished it out. The hair around it was a little grey, but it seemed
to be a nice size and thick as well. I squeezed it several times. The top of
the head was wet already. I couldn’t resist, and leaned closer. My lips
finally made contact with the warm soft head. At first I moved them around
it a little,….he moaned. Then I opened them and struck my tongue out to lick
around the bloated head. “Oh my God” I heard him say.

His hands started to touch my face and then slide down under me to cup my
breasts. One hand slide around my back and gently undid my bra. It hung
there off my shoulders while his hands touched and caressed my breasts. My
mouth was now over his cock head, lips moving back and forth over the rim of
his head. I had done this before with boyfriends, but had never enjoyed it
so much. I teased the head of his cock in my mouth for a while and then
started to bop my head up and down. He squeezed my breasts some more,
moaning and moving his hips a little. I heard him tell me that he didn’t
want to disappoint me but he would last long. Keeping his cock in my mouth I
raised my eyes to look at him, he smiled. I then started ramming my mouth up
and down on his cock really hard.

I could feel him tense up and his hips started to thrust up to meet my
mouth. I knew that any second he would come. I wasn’t sure what to do. I had
never taken it in the mouth before. But I didn’t get too much time to think
about. Suddenly I felt a spurt of cum spill out the end. I didn’t swallow,
instead just tried to keep it there as another spurt shot out and floored my
mouth. I opened my lips and some of it run out. He spurted again with a loud
moan. I could taste his cum everywhere in my mouth. I opened my lips some
more and it trickled out around his cock which was now already starting to
grow small again.

When most of it had run out of my mouth I closed my lips and started sucking
at the head as he moaned and moved around. I was so hungry to make him feel
good. After a minute or so I let his soft cock pop out of my mouth. I looked
up at him. Cum was still around my lips, smeared there, with a long string
of it dripping down from my chin and all around his trousers and cock.
“Jesus” was all he said.

“I think we had better clean up, ” I told him, and headed for the bathroom.

Well let me know what you think won’t you. Do you want to hear more.

Part 2

Last time I told you about the first time I played with my Uncle,….after

Well after I came back from the bathroom it was like nothing had happened.
No one mentioned it. I was uncertain of why I had done it, and I think he
was too. I left that afternoon, sexually very fired up, but not sure if it
had been a good idea or not.

The next couple of meetings were the same, nothing happened, and nothing was
said. Finally after two weeks he mentioned the subject. He was worried, was
I upset or not? I told him no, and that it could happen again if he wanted
but he would have to let me make the moves. He seemed relieved that it was
all out in the open. By then I knew I felt the same, and that I also did
want to do something again. I left that afternoon very pleased with how it
had turned out.

A week later I went back there. He seemed pleased to see me. I was wearing a
white T-shirt and white skirt. The skirt came up to just above my knees. I
sat on the settee, looking at the large low wooden coffee table. It was very
smooth and made of wood.

I suddenly knew what I wanted to do. Getting up I walked around the table
and stood in front of him. I then turned around to face the table and
kneeled down. “This table is so smooth,” I said, more at the table then him.
I heard him mutter “Yes, it is.” He was wondering what was going to happen.

Placing my hands on the table I began to caress the warm smooth surface,
moaning to myself. Then suddenly I wrapped my arms around myself, taking the
T-shirt in both hands and simply pulled it off and then lay my tummy and
breasts on to the table top. “Mmh that feels so nice,” I moaned.

I think he was shocked, he just sat there behind me, maybe uncertain of what
his part in all this was. Then I heard him shift forward in the chair. “Can
I touch?” he asked. “Yes” I said.

I felt his fingers come into contact with the back of my legs and then
slowly, very slowly move upwards to my skirt, they stopped for a moment then
pushed along my leg upwards until they reached the line of my panties. I
reached back and pulled the skirt over my back so he could see. By now I had
something of a tan, and I knew the white panties showed that off well. Not
that I suppose it really mattered to him.
His fingers caressed my bottom for a couple of minutes, and then he started
to move them between my legs, gently, very gently rubbing my panties.

He asked if he could take them off, “If you like” I replied. His fingers
went to my hips and tugged my panties down slowly over my bottom until they
were around my knees. I was by now very turned on. The action of him pulling
them down and exposing my bottom and pussy to his gaze really did it. I felt
both his hands on my bottom, gently rubbing and caressing it. Then he
kneeled over me to kiss my bare back and moves his head to my neck, gently
nibbling at my ears and neck.

“Can I?” He asked, I nodded, not trusting myself to speak anymore.

I felt him pull away and then heard his trousers being unbuttoned and pulled
down. Suddenly I felt something hard yet soft touching my pussy, gently
moves back and forth, up and down along it. One hand slipped under my tummy
and moved up to cup one of my breasts, the other gently stroked my bottom.

He pushed forward slightly and his cock moved a little way into me. I moaned
loudly, eyes shut and head flat against the table. He started to move his
cock in and out of me, but just the head, going back and forth,…it felt so
good. I gripped the table. Then he started to push it all the way in,
playing with his strokes, some long, all the way in, nearly all the way out,
some short, little stabs. All the time his hand was cupping my breasts,
squeezing the nipple between his fingers.

I just lay there giving myself over to the pleasure of it all. He started to
moan. “Don’t come inside me,” I called out. He said ‘OK’, and carried on
thrusting,….I could feel his balls hitting me, slapping against me. His cock
felt so good thrusting in and out of my pussy.

Suddenly his hand gripped my breast really hard and he pulled out of my
pussy. I could hear him rubbing it hard with his other hand and then
suddenly felt a string of it land along my back, all wet, warm and
sticky,….some more drops landed on my bottom and hips. He moaned slowly and
fell back onto his feet. I turned and looked at him, his cock laying there
on his lap and legs, getting smaller.

“Bathroom time again.” I told him, getting up and leaving the room.

My Uncle and Me Part 3

>From that point on things carried on much the same as before. What happened
wasn’t mentioned. My Uncle just waited until I showed an interest, which, I
must confess was happening more and more. Sometimes I would just flirt,
other times, I’d show him some of my body. But it wasn’t until five weeks
later that anything sexual between us happened again.

It was a Monday evening. I had taken my homework to his house and was laying
on the floor writing. I had a short skirt on, with a blouse, and ankle

He came into the room and asked how it was going. I told him it was OK, but
boring. “You have to do your homework, boring or not.” He said as he sat on
the settee opposite me.

I smiled, “And if I don’t?” He said I’d be punished at school. He then
started to say how when he was young if he was naughty he would be smacked
by a teacher, sometimes with the teacher’s hand, and at other times with a
blackboard ruler. ….Yes you’ve guessed it, I had an idea!!!

I got up and wandered over to him, “That’s never happened to me, they aren’t
allowed to do that.” I said standing there, smiling. I watched his eyes look
me up and down, “Well you never know young lady, times change.”

I lowed my head keeping my eyes fixed on his, “Oh yeah?”

“You want to play?”

I nodded very slowly, “mmmmh.”

His face changed, “OK, for not doing your homework, bend over my knee!”

I couldn’t hardly wait. I just kneeled down beside him and then draped
myself over his lap, face down. I felt one of his hands steady my hips,
while the other pulled my skirt up around my waist. “I think a bare bottom
smack is in order,” he told me. Then fixing his hands into the waistbands
of my panties he tugged them down over my bottom and past my legs,….I just
moaned softly,….homework had never been so good!

Smack! His hand smacked my bare bottom gently, it must have been a sight,
the tanned skin ripping under the blow. He asked if that had hurt and I said
‘no’. He smacked me again, and then a third time. I wiggled my hips on his
lap. Then he began to trace his fingers across my bottom slowly, gently,
teasing me and turning me on more and more. I raised my bottom up slightly
and Smack, came down his hand again before some more little caresses.

By now I could feel his cock against my tummy. I moaned some more as he
smacked and caressed me.
“Get off my lap,” he told me. I did and stood in front of him. He unbuttoned
my blouse and then slid it off my shoulders. Putting one hand around my
waist he drew me down to sit on his knee.

His right hand around my waist, and his left hand caressing my bra covered
titties, he then started to nibbled at my shoulders and throat. I had one
hand between my legs, fingering my self, the other around his neck. I felt
his lips brush the tops of my titties and then his lips pushed my bra down
just so that my nipple was uncovered. His tongue licked and jabbed at it. By
now my head was lolled back, and eyes closed,….he was so soft and gentle, so
different to the young boys I had gone out with. This was sex.

His hand rounded my back and undid my bra. Then he took hold of my waist and
dragged me over his lap so I was saddling him, facing him. Bunching my
little breasts up between his hands he buried his face in them, kissing and
licking, sucking and biting gently,….I just wrapped my hands around his
head,….grinding my hips against his lap.

He pulled away, “You’ve done things to me.” He said smiling.

“Do you want me to take it away?” I asked. He nodded, “Yes, I can’t hold out
for long, I know I should, but this is just something else.”

I hopped off his lap and kneeled between his legs. I told him to unzip
himself and pull his cock out,…he did. I then told him to hold it pointing
at my face and keep it steady. Moving my face to it I let my lips touch the
sticky head, then moved them all around it, not really kissing it, just
brushing it with my lips. He moaned as he watched. Then I stuck my tongue
out and started to flick at the head and underside. He liked that a whole
lot more. “Please, suck it,” he said eventually.

I smiled, “OK.” Then suddenly without warning I opened my mouth and just
rammed my mouth straight down over the head and shaft, taking as much of it
as I could in. It almost choked me but it was worth it for the effect it had
on him. He just sat bolt upright, “Jesus!!” I then, before he had time to
recover, started ramming my head back and forth almost letting it slip out
of my mouth with each upward stroke. I just pumped on it like some crazed
machine, no gentle sucks, no teasing licks, just a out of control suction
machine. He had let go with his hand now and it was just his cock and my
mouth. His moans got louder, almost shouting, “Susan, I’m going to come!”

Maybe that was meant as a warning or maybe not, I didn’t care. Up and down,
up and down, and then suddenly, spurt, a wad of it suddenly in my mouth. I
let my lips open a little as I carried on pumping up and down, suddenly
another spurt of it filled my mouth, this too soon was running down his cock
and my lips. He followed this with two more before I could feel it starting
to grow smaller. I pulled my cream covered mouth away. Around his trousers
and cock was sticky gloory white cum, It was hanging and dripping off my
lips and around my chin. There was more in my mouth. I opened my mouth wide
and he just started, it must have been a sight seeing cum swirling around my
teeth and tongue. Then I grabbed a tissue and let it drip out before going
to the bathroom, by now a time honoured tradition.

I didn’t have to do my homework that night, he did it. I played with my self
until 3am that morning once I had got home.

My Uncle and I Part 4

I carried on seeing my Uncle through the summer. By now we had made love
twice and I had given him three blow jobs. I was spending a couple of
evenings there a week, not for sex, but because he never put any pressure on
me. I was free as a bird in his house, and I loved it. But seeing him was at
the expense of my friend Jenny, who I had known since I was 8. She started
to guess what was going on. She had seen my Uncle once or twice and had
thought him dishy Finally I confessed all to her. I suppose that made any
half thought out fantasies she had more possible. She joked about sharing
him one evening, but I knew she wasn’t really joking.

Finally one evening I said to her ‘OK,’ lets share him tomorrow. She seemed
taken aback. At first refusing. But I gave her some details about the
previous encounters, and finally she half agreed, or at least said she’d
come to his house the next evening with me.

I went home that night excited as hell. I had no idea what would happen, or
even if anything would.

That next night we met at her house. Jenny is thin like me, with small
breasts, (I had seen them in the showers at school). She had black hair,
short, and a big grin. She was wearing a long white skirt with a buttoned up
blouse. She smiled and asked me if I thought ‘this would do?’ She lifted her
skirt and underneath she had stockings and suspenders with white little
panties. I bite my lip, “Yes, I think so.” I told her.

I was dressed differently, short black skirt, black panties, grey t shirt
and black bra. We set off to his house, a few minutes away.

He was expecting me but not Jenny. “Would you mind if she came in?” I asked,
adding, “She had a fight with her Mother.” He smiled and walked off to the
kitchen to put the kettle on for us. Jenny giggled but I shut her up. We
went into the lounge and stood by the fireplace, waiting for him to come in.
He returned a few minutes later and we chatted and drink coffee. I turned
the subject to sexy clothing. At 55 I guess he had a lot of experience at
that, he certainly told us about some items he had seen on women over the

Eventually he left the room to get another coffee. I looked at Jenny, “Now
or never.” By the time he came back we were ready. “What do you think is
sexy, this outfit, or mine?” At that we both raised our skirts. He just
stood there, wide eyed, looking at our legs and panties.

Finally he smiled, “Well they both have there good points.” He told us, and
then went on to explain in more detail. I smiled, letting my skirt fall,
Jenny did the same. He said that a long skirt like Jenny was good for
slipping your hand up. Jenny asked, “How?…Show me.”

Uncle walked over to her and stood beside her. He smiled and then kneed down
and slowly slid his hand under her skirt. She closed her eyes when he
touched the side of her leg. I could see his hand raising up along the
outside of her leg, lifting the dress up as he went. Finally he got to her
hips and then briefly moved his hand to the front before taking it away.

“And the best points of mine?” I asked. He walked over to me and said,
“Instant access.” Jenny giggled. He learned me forward slightly and then
simply lifted the skirt over my hips, showing my panty clad bottom to him
and Jenny. His hand lightly traced the line of my panties around my bottom
before he stopped.

I straightened and saw that Jenny was unbuttoning her blouse. She slipped it
off her shoulders and then unzipped the skirt, then stepped out of that. I
followed suit so that we were both standing in our underwear.

He stood between us, his hand wandered first to my hips, squeezing it
slightly, then to Jenny’s. When he did she turned slightly towards him. This
time he brushed the back of his hand against the front of her panties some
more. Up and down, slowly.

With that I slide to the floor on to my knees and began rubbing the front of
his trousers. He sort of put one hand around her waist and twisted his head
to kiss her on the mouth. She responded by opening wide and giving him
almost a blow job on his tongue. I hadn’t seen this side of her, she was
wilder then me. I kept both my hands rubbing up and down on the front of his
trousers, feeling his cock standing up straight in them. Finally I tugged at
the zipper and fished it out. Holding it almost pointing downwards I started
to wrap my lips around the side of the head, giving it little kisses and
gentle licks. He moaned. I saw his hand had now moved around her shoulders
and was caressing her breast through her bra, the other hand worked it way a
little down her panties.

I continued kissing and licking at his cock, holding it tightly with my
hand. I poked my tongue into the eye and then licked around the head, with
the skin there, and then peeled it back and did the same. He jerked a little
at that. I then clenched my teeth along the shaft from the side, lashing at
it with my tongue. Then I drew back and pushed my lips over the head onto
the shaft. I could feel the head of his cock poking against my cheek as I
simply held it in place in my mouth as I started to wank him. I looked up
and saw his hand inside her bra, they were still kissing.

Finally she pulled away from him and then knelt by me. She started to lick
at the tops of his legs while her hands stroked them and circled around his
hips and front. I took his cock out and offered it to her. Surprisingly she
didn’t want to suck but did stick her tongue out for a few little licks at
the head and shaft.

Uncle pulled away and lifted my to my feet. He spun me around and undid my
bra and pulled my panties off. Then taking me in his arms he kissed me on
the mouth, one hand pressed against my breast, the other holding on to my
bottom. Jenny licked the side of his hips then stood up. She started to kiss
his cheek and we kissed for a few seconds, all three of us. He then turned
to Jenny and pulled one cup down exposed her small nipple, then quickly
sucked that into his mouth. She lolled her head back. I meanwhile had a
handful of his cock and rubbed it against her hips.

We broke apart and now Jenny removed the rest of her clothes apart from her
stockings and suspended belt. I sat on the settee facing Uncle who knelt
between my legs and started to rub his cock against my pussy. Then suddenly
without warning he rammed it straight in, God I was in heaven! With his
hands clasping my breasts he rammed back and forth like some animal. “This
will teach you to surprise me.” He joked. Jenny learned forward and twisted
around to lick and suck his nipple and then kiss him wildly. He took one
hand away from me and instead grabbed a handful of her bottom as he
continued to fuck me hard.

Suddenly he stopped and twisting Jenny around on to all fours pushed against
her. I didn’t know if she had wanted that to happen or not, but she went
along with it. Now he was thrusting into her doggy style. I crawled under
her and then, and this was a first, reared my head up to gently suck at one
of her nipple, swinging back and forth as Uncle thrust away at her. He had
one hand under her, mauling her breast, the other holding her hips. It was
unreal. I could see his balls slapping the tops of her legs as he thrust
away. Jenny came then, it started with some moans and then shouts. I was
shocked, (I’m quite myself). Finally she could bare it no more and just fall
forward on to me, but away from him. She rolled off of me onto her back,
eyes closed and panting.

I told Uncle to stand up and wank himself into my mouth. I just sat there
before him, mouth open, his cock a few inches away as his hand pumped up and
down on it. His head was right back now, and I could see his tummy moving as
he was pushing his cum through his cock. Suddenly it jumped and a straight
string of it shot out, completely missing me and landing somewhere on the
carpet,….I raised my head a little just in time to catch another wad, all
thick and creamy, which caught me across the nose and cheek. His hand slowed
and he held it tighter. A third spurt shot out and landed straight into my
mouth, flowing over my tongue and lips, it tasted salty and thick. I
wriggled my tongue around, slashing it around my mouth so he could see, (the
bloody fool wasn’t even looking, he had his eyes closed!). Finally he shook
it and another small wad jumped and landed on my chin. I reached up and
wiped my face around the softening wet cum covered head, and then popped it
into my mouth where I washed it with the third spurt that was still waiting
in there. I played with the head as it grew small in my mouth, pushing it
around with my tongue, licking at it and jabbing at it. Finally I let him
pop out, it hang there, all shiny and wet, all small. I pushed the cum out
of my mouth and it dripped down over my chin and on to my breasts and lap.
“Oh God!” Uncle said, he had seen that at least.

Jenny was siting there watching. Shaking her head as if she couldn’t believe
either what I had done or else what had actually happened. Uncle fell back
on to the settee, laughing and smiling to himself. I got up, cum still
dripping and running down my body. “The bathroom is this way,” I told Jenny,
she followed me.

Part 5

Firstly a big thank you to all who have written to me since my first story
just a week ago. I did try and keep up, writing replies, but there are too
many and until in the USA, here we pay for the Internet connection by the
minute, so it’s both time consuming and expensive. But I do appreciate your
comments and was surprised by the number of letters I got. Thank you all
very much.

FAQ, which Is I believe the term for it,

1) Yes they are true
2) I intend ‘reposting’ all the stories at the end in one volume.

This is Part 5, though I’m not sure how well this will be received because
it is a little different to the others, me getting done rather then me
doing,… if you know what I mean. (If you don’t you soon will).

Uncle was worried about what was going on, he was 51, (I had thought 55,
luckily he mentioned it before I did!!!), and I was 16, nearly 17. He didn’t
want to ruin my life and didn’t want me to fall for him. I understood all
that and only liked him more because of it. I explained that I had two
boyfriends before him but both were nerds, and that no, I wasn’t falling for
him. Mostly I told him it was the freedom of trying things out in a safe
house with someone safe and kind, who I knew wouldn’t mouth off about it
later. So after Jenny’s visit, things carried on as before. Mostly nothing
happened, sometimes it did.

One night he told me, and it was the first time he had brought the subject
up ever, was I planning anything for that evening with him. “Maybe,” I

“Well this one is on me,” he told me, “At my age you shouldn’t be teaching
me, I should be you, so if you don’t mind. Shut that pretty litter mouth,
sit down quietly and enjoy my efforts.”

I did as I was told.

I sat opposite the TV, half watching some movie while he simply kneeled
between my legs. Slowly and gently he placed his hands between my knees,
slightly apart all ready, and then he traced his finger tips up along the
inside of my legs, slowly circling upwards. That was nice. Very soft
touches, sometimes not even that. They worked their way along the insides
until he found my panties, warm, maybe a little moist. Then he brushed his
fingers against the V in the middle, but never actually using any pressure.

It was great.

Then he pushed his head between my legs, I though, this is it, but no it
wasn’t. Instead he did the same but with his tongue, tracing lines along the
insides of my legs, making patterns with his tongue, and all the time,
getting closer and closer to the middle.

By now I was gripping the edges of the chair, and no longer watching either
the TV or him, instead my head was right back against the top of the chair.

He gently pushed my panties aside and then started to lick at my pussy, the
top part first, opening it a little, pushing to the magic button which he
played with until after a minute or so he left to ram his tongue into me. I
put my legs over his shoulders and interlocked them, pushing him even
closer. His tongue was like a demon, flitting around, licking and jabbing at
me,….within minutes I was coming, the first time I had ever done that with a
man. I love sexy, but it’s never enough, I always finish later with my
finger. After lots of moving around trying to keep still I lay back,
shattered. He pulled away.

“You were quick too,” was all he said.

I smiled weakly, amazed at what had happened.

He sat beside me and leaned over, his hands cupping my breasts against my t
shirt. He started to fondle them, squeezing at the nipples between his
fingers, brushing them with the backs of his hands, squeezing them and
caressing them. I smiled, pleased that I was being made a fuss of. He
tugged my t shirt over my breasts and then started to kiss them, licking and
pinching at the nipples, tracing his tongue along from one to the
other,…sometimes rubbing his coarse chin against them lightly. Only my
breasts seemed to exist for him now, it was like he was worshipping them. I
loved every moment.

He then got off the chair and kneeled between my legs, with one hand he
slide under my bottom and pulled me down onto his lap so I was saddling him.
He fixed his mouth on to my titties again, mauling them and ravishing them
like a hungry animal. His hands were now both under my bottom, squeezing the
cheeks hard, clenching and unclenching his hands on them. I slide my hand
between us to feel his cock inside his trousers,…and yes it was rock hard. I
tried to undo the zip but in that position it wasn’t possible, so I
contented my self with just squeezing it as he sucked away at my breasts.

Finally he said, “Can I come now?”

I smiled, “How?”

“Over your breasts and throat please.”

I slide off his lap and turned to lay down next to the settee. He sat over
my tummy and undid his trousers, pulling out his cock. Straight away he
started to wank it over my breasts. I cupped his balls with one hand and
squeezed them gently. He took just a minute or so until he began to moan, I
tensed, awaiting the moment.

Spurt, the first one splashed over my little titties and throat,….spurt the
second one, with more force hit the side of my face and ear, and run into my
hair. I squeezed at his balls and a third spurt landed on my chin and throat
in a broken string. A fourth spurt barely made my breasts and the finally
one just dripped out and hang from his cock, a gob attached to a string. I
slide down between his legs, caught that on my lips and then pushed my head
up and smeared my lips all round his cock head. That made his jerk. I lay
back, cum running into pools between my throat and breasts, slowly tickling
down my shoulders and side, the stuff on my face running into my blonde
hair. Some warm cum on my lips which I finally wiped off with my hand.

He smiled at me, “You look so good like that.”

“Mmmmhh, knew you’d say that.” He stood up and I followed suit, then I got
some tissues and wiped the cum off my body, then made my way to the
bathroom. This time I had to wash my hair too.