Naked Hot Wife

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often bidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, while outwardly maintaining their image as upstanding pillars of the community, are secret members of the neighborhood mate-swapping group.

Jackie Stanton is also outwardly proper and quite normal. Yet she has much more inside her than that. One sexual encounter shows her for what she truly is — outwardly normal and inwardly perverted. She is a time bomb waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse her basest instincts.

NAKED HOT WIFE — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


She stood in the middle of the room masturbating.

“Shit, honey, we’re going to be late!” Jackie Stanton didn’t care. She gazed at her husband and continued to play with her pussy. They were getting dressed to go to a party, and by the time they got home Herb would either be too tanked up or too tired to fuck.

“Let’s not go,” she said. “Let’s stay home and fuck.”

He didn’t, answer. The brunette didn’t expect him to. The party was at the home of his boss, and there was no question about their going. Lately her husband of ten years cared more about work than about her.

It hadn’t always been that way. There was a time when he’d been after her all the time. Jackie used her free hand now to play with her tits. She was all ready to go except for her clothes. Her face was carefully made up and her long thick hair was pinned up in a crown of curls, just the way Herb liked it.

She moved across the room and pressed up against him, shoving her cunt against his crotch. He didn’t have a hard-on, but even soft he felt nice. He certainly had the equipment. That wasn’t the problem. He just didn’t want to use it much lately.

“Touch my titties,” she purred. “For just a minute. Please!”

He caressed her boobs, rubbing her large pear-shaped tits with the palms of his hands and pinching her long dark nipples. “We’re gonna be late. Come on. Finish dressing.”

He released her tits and continued dressing. She sighed and went to the closet to choose a dress. Not that it mattered the same people would be there. All company people. There wouldn’t even be anyone new to flirt with.

Jackie liked to flirt. She knew men found her pretty and sexy, and she liked to see admiration in their eyes. She’d never cheated on Herb, not once in ten years of marriage. But the thought had crossed her mind lately.

“Oh, by the way, honey, we’re going to have house guests.”


“Yeah, one of the new salesmen with the company is moving to town. He needs a place to stay and old man Ferguson asked me if we’d put them up.”


“Yeah, well, mostly Chuck. Chuck Hartwell. His wife will come later with the kid. But they won’t be here long.”

Seeing the look on her face, he came over to her and put his arms around her. “You don’t have to do much for them, honest. I just couldn’t say no to old man Ferguson.”

“You’re sticking me with three extra people and tell me I don’t have to do much for them?” she fumed. “How could you do that to me?”

The smile left his face. “I had no choice,” he said sternly. “And neither do you. It’s your livelihood as well as mine, and don’t forget.”

Yes, and I’m the one who’s got to do all the cooking and cleaning! She thought. Three fucking extra people in the house, and he says it’s nothing!

They didn’t speak on the drive to the Fergusons’, and once there they went their separate ways. She gulped down a daiquiri and immediately began another. Her whole world was falling apart, and she decided to ease the strain with booze. A husband who hardly ever fucked her and a whole damn strange family walking in on her!

“You look as angry as you look pretty,” a strange voice drawled.

Jackie looked up to see a tall sandy-haired man smiling down at her. He introduced himself as Lloyd Parish and in no time they were talking and laughing as though they’d known each other for years. By the time Lydia Ferguson served her midnight buffet, Herb had noticed, and was by her side.

“I’ll call you,” Lloyd whispered later when the party was breaking up.

Her heart pounding, she didn’t have an opportunity to tell him not to. She thought about it later. Maybe she didn’t want to tell him not to call. Maybe she would go out with him. Maybe she’d even fuck him!

As soon as Jackie and Herb were out of the Ferguson driveway, she pulled his zipper down and began playing with his prick.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he hissed. “And why did you spend so much time with that guy, Parish?”

She fondled his half-hard cock, running her fingers up and down his cockshaft and squeezing his mushroom-shaped knob. “Jealous?” she giggled.

She slid dawn on the seat and moved her head under the steering wheel. Her anger dissipated as she filled her mouth with his cock. He grunted as she ran her tongue over his spongy cockhead and took him all the way in until his big knob nuzzled the back of her throat.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he hissed, but he didn’t push her away.

She had sucked plenty of guys off before her marriage, but Herb’s prick was still her favorite. When he was interested, he fucked her mouth forcefully, in a way that made her climax just from sucking. When he was interested.

She released his prick from her throat and sucked on just the tip. Closing her lips over the velvet-skinned knob, she suctioned him in until he groaned.

“I’ll crack the car up!”

She pulled her mouth off his prick and pressed his throbbing cockshaft against her cheek. She licked his thick veined shaft with the broad surface of her tongue until his whole stiff rod was wet with her saliva. She pressed the oozing slit of his knob against her eyes and nose and lips.

She tightened her fingers around the base of his cockshaft and squeezed out a few drops of cock-cream and licked it off. Rolling it around her tongue, the brunette smiled to herself. Maybe things would work out after all.

Opening her lips wide, she once again engulfed his cock, taking it all the way down her throat. She tightened her lips and bobbed her head up and down, ramming his cock into her gullet.

“Can’t you wait until we get home?” he growled, pushing her head away from his crotch.

Sitting up on the seat, Jackie felt herself getting angry again. She was a fool to think maybe things would work out.

She sat on her side of the seat the rest of the drive home. When they arrived at the house he took her in his arms and apologized for being so testy. “Come on, babe,” he said. “Get me hard again and we’ll fuck.”

They went upstairs to their bedroom and Jackie went into the bathroom. She stripped her clothes off and looked in the full-length mirror.

At twenty-eight she was still in pretty good shape. Her tits were big and firm and her belly was just slightly round. Pulling in her stomach, she pushed her tits out, admiring the pear-shaped globes. She had always thought her nipples were too big, but men seemed to love them. They got even bigger when she was turned on, until they were like two small beige cocks, hard and throbbing.

She had a triangle of cunt hair that was so thick and curly it almost hid her cuntlips. If you looked closely you could see her drooping inner cuntlips peeking out of the thicket.

Turning around, she admired her ass in the mirror. Her asscheeks were full and round and she knew they jiggled sexily when she walked. She deliberately walked that way, so that her asscheeks would jiggle. It was part of her now, a habit.

Bending at the waist, she pulled her asscheeks apart and stared at the lewd picture she made. She licked her lips and ran her hands over her assflesh.

Cupping her tits, she pulled at her quivering nipples. She moved a hand down to her crotch and rubbed her cunt. She was soaked, cuntjuice coating her pussy and running down the insides of her thighs.

At last she left the bathroom and, found Herb stretched out on the bed. He had fallen asleep. She stretched out next to him and pulled the blanket off his body. Groaning, he turned over onto his back, his legs spread wide.

She put her hand on his cock, running her fingertips over his ball-bag. Leaning forward, she curled her fingers under the sac and moved around on the bed so that her face was next to his balls.

Opening her mouth, she sucked one of his nuts between her lips. She rolled it around the wet cave of her mouth, sucking gently on the soft egg. She released it and sucked in the other one, rolling it around her saliva-filled mouth.

Herb was half-awake now, and he began moving his hips and bucking his ass at her face. She pressed her face against his prick, feeling him get hard again.

This is crazy, she thought. He’s half asleep and I’m doing all the work. I probably won’t even get fucked tonight!

She felt his balls tighten up as his cock got harder. She released his nuts and clamped her mouth back down on his cockhead. She gobbled up the thick cylinder of flesh, rocking back and forth and sliding her lips up and down his cockshaft. She took more and more of his prick inside her throat, filling herself with his meat until his knob grazed her tonsils.

Reaching under him, the brunette grabbed him by the asscheeks and pulled his crotch up to her face. She didn’t want him blasting off in her mouth, but she couldn’t stop sucking either. Once she started, she got so turned-on she got carried away. When he was in a good mood, he would laugh and tell her one day she’d bite it off in a moment of lust. Right now she had her mouth filled with stiff cock and everything else was gone, from her mind.

Working her hungry mouth up and down his cockshaft, she used her tongue on the sensitive underside of his prick. One hand caressing his balls, she sucked insatiably on his fuck-meat.

She sucked harder on his throbbing cock, squeezing his balls and running the ring of her lips up and down the ramrod-stiff hunk of meat. She squeezed his ass and his balls and sucked his prick, and before she knew it he was thrashing around and exploding his jism down her throat.

She automatically sucked his cream into her mouth, drinking it down. She loved the taste and feel of jism. She wanted his fuck-cream pouring down her throat, inundating her mouth. He poured blast after blast of thick rubbery spunk into her mouth and she sucked relentlessly at his spurting cock.

She drew more and more fuck-cream out of his prick, filling her mouth with the delicious liquid. When he was through, he pushed her away from his crotch.

Grabbing his limp prick, she tried to clamp her mouth back over it, but he moved out of her grasp. “Go to sleep,” he said. “I’m bushed.”

She covered him with the blanket and got up from the bed. She went into the den and closed the blinds. Breathing hard, she sank down on a lounge chair.

The sonofabitch didn’t care about her! All he cared about was getting his rocks off! She’d show him. She’d have an affair. That’s it. An affair. Lots of women did. She suspected one or two of her friends of fooling around. Well, she would too. She didn’t have to put up with this shit. Sure, she’d wanted to suck him off, but he could have let her get him hard again. He could get hard again easily enough, if he wanted to. The selfish sonofabitch!

She put a record on the stereo and stretched out on the sofa. She moved her hands over her body, her tits heaving and bouncing with fury and lust.

Moving her fingers into her cunt mound, she began fondling her hairy outer cuntlips. Deliberately avoiding her clit, she played with her wet slimy thinner lips and thought about her life.

She still loved Herb. That was the problem. At least part of it. If she didn’t love him it would be easy enough to solve her problem by cheating, but she was crazy about the guy and she knew he loved her.

They were too young to be living like this. She knew he worked hard, and that he was doing it for both of them, but she’d rather have less money and more loving.

She was a lusty woman with physical needs that weren’t being met. She shouldn’t have to be here now, caressing her own cuntmeat. She was a married woman, with a husband right down the hall. It wasn’t fair!

Her juices flowing, she finally touched her throbbing clit. God, how good it would fed to have a good stiff prick piercing her cuntflesh!

Closing her eyes, she began humping her ass up and down as she rubbed her clit and stroked her tits. She pressed her thighs tightly around her hand, mashing her other hand over her bouncing boobs.

Remembering she had a candle in a drawer nearby, she got up and rummaged around for it. She’d used it for masturbating before, plenty of times. She found the thick half burned wax and lay back down on the sofa, pushing the candle inside her pussy-hole.

God, it felt good! It was a cliche, but it still felt good. Just like her old maid schoolteacher, she thought. No prick to play with so I use a candle!

She slid the candle in and out of her wide open gash, rubbing her cunt and shivering with lust. Moaning softly, the brunette began a slow masturbation of her cunt.

Her cuntjuice flowed and soon her fingers were drenched, with her thick whitish cream. The candle made slurping sounds as she pistoned it in and out of her hungry cunthole.

She continued to use her other hand to tease and play, with her tits. She rubbed and caressed first one stiff nipple and then the other. God, how she wished she could suck her own tits!

Rocking her hips, she imagined she was getting fucked by Lloyd Parish. Yes, that’s the one she thought. I’ll have an affair with Lloyd Parish. She pretended it was his cock in her cunt now, sliding in and out and teasing her clit.

She held her cuntlips open and fucked the candle in and out of her pussy while she whipped her clit. She felt the first tremors of her orgasm and in a moment waves of hot pleasure were coring through her body.

Moaning and quivering, she bucked her hips and rocked her ass as her entire body spasmed in her first orgasm. She continued masturbating. One wasn’t enough. One orgasm only served as an appetizer when she masturbated.

She withdrew the candle and substituted three fingers in her cunt-hole. She fingerfucked her pussy and fucked her cunt. Again, her body spasmed in a gut-wrenching orgasm, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

When her second climax tapered off she slid her fingers out of her gash and began to move them over her come-filled pussy mound. She played with her cuntlips while she thought about Lloyd Parish. She wondered if he’d really call her. She didn’t have the nerve to call him. Besides, she knew he was married and she didn’t want to start that kind of trouble.

She wondered what his cock was like. She pictured it as being big and thick and she tried to imagine it sliding down her throat.

She pictured other things too, things that Herb wouldn’t do with her, like fuck her in the ass. She’d been trying to get him to do it for years, but he wouldn’t hear of it. He said it was unsanitary and disgusting.

She moved her free hand under her ass and into her asscrack. She found her little asshole and drilled a finger inside. She moaned with the pleasure of it. Rubbing her cunt, she fingered her shitter as she swayed back and forth on the sofa.

Closing her legs tightly around her hand, she squeezed her thighs together, rubbing her cuntflesh against her wrist.

She opened her legs and jammed three fingers back inside her gaping cunt. She pretended it was a cock and she bucked her ass up at her thrusting digits.

Stretched out on the sofa, her tits jiggling and her fingers fucking her cunt, she came again. She spasmed convulsively, her body quivering and trembling and finally falling still.

When she had recovered from the climax she turned off the stereo and returned to the bedroom.

Carefully getting into bed so as not to awaken Herb, she fell asleep, still thinking about Lloyd Parish.


Two weeks passed and Lloyd Parish didn’t phone. Chuck Hartwell arrived, and Jackie found herself busy with household tasks. Contrary to what Herb had said, now that Chuck was here she found herself spending more time cleaning the house and cooking special meals.

She was in the kitchen whipping up one of her special cakes when Chuck came in to get some water.

“This is a lot of extra trouble for you, isn’t it?” he said, his eyes raking over her body.

She kept her eyes on the cake batter, nevertheless feeling her pussy moisten as he took in her tits and ass and legs. “Not really,” she said.

“Herb’s sure a lucky guy,” he said.

She shrugged. “He doesn’t think so.”

“Well, I can tell him, he is. You’re a very beautiful woman, you know.”

Jackie was beginning to feel uncomfortable. She moved around the kitchen, putting the cake in the oven, his eyes on her ass as she bounced around.

She always dressed comfortably around the house, and today she wore short shorts and a halter top. As she was dressing this morning, she had to admit she gave a little thought to Chuck’s presence in the house. Her hair hung down in a long ponytail and she’d put extra care into her make-up.

They sat down at the kitchen table and had a sandwich and a cup of coffee. Herb had gone out on the road, and she suddenly realized that for the rest of the week she and Chuck would be alone in the house.

That shithead Herb certainly took her for granted! He was so damn sure she was faithful he’d actually left her alone with a strange man. An attractive strange man. Well, he was no Robert Redford, but he was kind of cute with sparkling blue eyes and an impressive looking crotch.

As if reading her mind he grinned at her now. “Herb sure trusts you, doesn’t he? Got any beer?”

“Yes to both questions,” she smiled getting two beers out of the refrigerator.

He told her about his wife Justine and their teenaged son, Steve. He told her they had a good marriage, but that he was bored with their sex life. After another beer she found herself confiding in him too.

She found her eyes continually returning to his crotch, to the big bulge in his fly. Her pussy quivered despite herself. Well, why not she thought. She’d been all ready to fuck Lloyd Parish and he hadn’t called. If Chuck was interested, why not? Herb had shown no concern about leaving her alone with his coworker. Maybe that was his way of encouraging his wife to cheat on him. Jackie giggled to herself. She knew that wasn’t true, but it made a good rationalization.

She glanced at Chuck’s crotch and definitely saw his cock twitch in his pants. Her pussy quivered. It looked big. The thought of a big cock ramming in and out of her pussy made a shiver of lust run down her spine.

Her heart pounded when Chuck suggested they move into the living room. “Let’s go out to dinner tonight,” he said, sitting down next to her on the sofa, his hand resting on her shoulder. “You’ve been working too hard. How about Chinese food?”

She nodded, accepting another beer from the six-pack he’d brought with him from the kitchen. He certainly makes himself at home, she thought to herself. She didn’t mind. She snuggled closer to him. He was a man who found her attractive, and she was going to enjoy it.

She pulled her shoulders back, enjoying the look on his face when her cleavage showed. “Jesus, you’ve sure got big ones, don’t you?” he hissed.

“Does your wife have big boobs?”

“Yeah, but not like yours.”

The booze was getting to her now, and she rose unsteadily to her feet. Turning the stereo on, she did a little dance to the soft rock music.

“Take it off!” he hissed.

She stopped moving and stared at him through half shut eyes. “Maybe I will,” she whispered.

He smiled with approval when she slowly untied her halter top and teased him holding it up with her hands. She kept her tits covered, but the strings were hanging down to her waist.

“Take it off!” he repeated.

Gyrating her ass to the erotic beat of the Rod Steward record, she slowly lowered the halter top and uncovered her tits. He whistled when after a moment her boobs bounced free.

“Oh, fuck, what tits!”

Jackie giggled, her pussy quivering in response to the look of lust in Chuck’s eyes. She rolled her nipples, making them hard, and they soon stood straight out in the air.

“Jesus, would I love to suck those tits!”

She twisted around, shaking her tits like she’d seen strippers do.

“I don’t know,” she smiled as he sat and gawked at her. “Shall I take off the rest?”

Without waiting for an answer she peeled down her shorts and stepped out of them. She had on brief bikini panties and she stood there in front of him, swaying her hips in his face.

“Gorgeous pussy!” he hissed, reaching out for her.

She teased him by moving away quickly, running her fingers over her jiggling titflesh and down her belly to her cunt. She framed her triangle of cunt hair with her fingers and moved back to stand in front of him.

“Take your pants off!” he said.

“You’re certainly bossy,” she laughed.

“I’m gonna suck your pussy!”

“I wouldn’t mind that.”

Moving her legs apart, she slid her panties off her ass and stepped out of them. She shifted forward and pushed her pussy at his face.

“Oh, yes!” she gasped, when she felt his tongue push between her cunt-lips. She’d been getting turned-on all afternoon, and now her pussy was overheated and sopping wet. It wasn’t long before his face glistened with her juices.

Hands on her hips, head thrown back and eyes closed, she felt his tongue lap up and down the slit between her quivering cuntlips. She gasped when he slipped it into her cunthole and then moved up to massage her throbbing cunt.

She cupped her tits and when he finally moved his mouth away from her pussy, she leaned down and offered him her titflesh to suck. Without batting an eye, he sucked one of her stiff nipples into his mouth, tonguing the little stalk until she moaned.

“Oh, my God! My God!” she moaned, rocking back and forth as he released one tit and sucked in the other one.

“Let’s fuck!” he grunted, rising up and beginning to strip his clothes off. Jackie’s eyes glittered when he pushed his shorts off his feet. His cock jutted straight out, hard and big and swaying. His balls looked bloated and full of jism.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to the desk in the corner.

“On the desk?” she said.

“Sure, why not?”

He put her hand on his cock and pushed her up onto the desk. She held on to his cockshaft as she stretched out on her back with her legs pulled back and her ass at the edge.

Shoving her legs further apart, he pulled around the desk chair and sat down in front of her wide-open pussy. Their eyes met and they smiled.

“Now that’s what I call a meal!” He chuckled.

He began by kissing the insides of her thighs. He licked and nibbled his way up to her pussy, finally plastering his lips over her quivering cuntflesh.

She moaned and gasped as he chewed and sucked her slippery cuntlips. She arched her back and pushed her cunt at his face, squirming her ass closer to the edge of the desk.

He picked his head up and leered down at her. “Ready to fuck?” he croaked. “Yes!” she wailed. “I’m ready!”

Snickering, he pulled his face away from her pussy and stood up between her wide-open legs. “This where you want it?” he chuckled, pushing his silken cockhead at the entrance to her pussy-hole.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into the saddle of her thighs. “Oh, fuck, stick it in!” she yelled.

“I’ve wanted to do this all day,” he grunted, pushing forward and shoving his cock to the hilt inside her sucking fuck-tube.

He gripped her thighs and stroked his prick smoothly in and out of her hungry cunthole. “When’s the last time you got some?” he grunted, shaking the desk with every thrust of his prick in her pussy.

“Don’t talk, suck!” she moaned, her tits jiggling with each stroke.

She grabbed her tits and caressed her bouncing jugs. The rubber band fell out of her hair and her ponytail came loose, her hair flying over her face.

She squirmed her ass from side to side as she urged him to fuck her harder. She shrieked and moaned, telling him to fuck her brains out.

He gazed down at her hairy wet cunt bush, at the way her thick cuntlips gripped his cockshaft. Her cunthole sucked at his prick, her cunt-cream soaking his cock and balls.

Her black cunt bush was matted down, glistening with the whitish cuntjuice oozing out of her pussy.

He stiffened and growled that he was going to shoot. “Are you ready?” he grunted.

“Yes! Yes! Shoot it inside me!” she wailed. “I’m ready! Give it to me!”

He began ramming his cock in and out of her hot cunt. Bellowing, in a moment his balls erupted and a burst of jism exploded into her cunt-hole. His cockshaft pummeled her clit and she spasmed along with him in a mind-blowing orgasm.

Her hands clutching her tits, her lips pulled back, her pussy spasmed convulsively around his prick. He blasted one more jet of jism into her fuck-hole and stood still, his limp prick still in her pussy.

Their eyes met and they smiled. Then he pulled his cock out of her cunt and sat down on the chair again, plastering his mouth over her juice-drenched cunt.

Oh, my God! she thought, her pussy spasming again as be sucked and licked her pussymeat.

“Oh, my God!” she sobbed, his tongue whipping her cunt and bringing her off again.

They collapsed on the floor and rested awhile. He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her cheek. “You’re a hell of a fuck,” he said.

They stood up and she made him sit down on a lounge chair. She knelt between his legs and took his limp prick in her hand. Purring, she sucked his juice-coated cock into her mouth, pumping his cockshaft until gradually he became hard again. Soon his cock was stiff and throbbing and ready for action.

His cockhead swelled up in her mouth and she cooed as she sucked at the little slit of his pisshole. He groaned with pleasure. It was so wonderful to suck a man who really appreciated it. Herb reacted like he was doing her a favor when he let her suck him. Chuck really loved it and it was a terrific turn-on.

She fingered his hairy balls, moving the ring of her lips up and down his cockshaft until his crotch hair tickled her nose.

“Sit on it!” he grunted.

“Sit on it?”

“Yeah. Turn the other way, away from me, and sit on it.”

Shivering with excitement, she turned around and bent forward at the waist. He took hold of her hips and guided her down over his prick. She gurgled when she felt his fat cockhead probing her cuntlips. She squirmed around until his fat knob pushed at the mouth of her cunthole.

She was thrilled. She’d never fucked this way before. She got on top of Herb sometimes, but never like this, in a chair. She eased down, slipping her wet slippery cunthole over the long thick shaft of his cock.

He grunted and she shuddered. He grabbed her tits from behind and told her to play with his balls. She fluttered her fingers over his hairy nuts and gently fondled the little eggs. He told her to play with her cunt. Holding her breath, she shyly moved a finger over her quivering passion button, massaging the stiff little bean as she rocked up and down on his rigid fuckpole.

She clutched his prick with her pussy, his fingers pinching her tits. Her asscheeks jiggled as she moved up and down with abandon.

“Do you take it in the ass?” he croaked. She blanched. “No!”

“Want to try it?”

“I’m afraid it’ll hurt.”

“If you’ve never had it there, you should try it. Shit, Herb is a damn fool. I’ll stretch you so it doesn’t hurt.”

“I don’t know.”

“I wouldn’t hurt you, honey.”

Gripping her assflesh, he moved his thumbs over to her asshole, rubbing the little grommet with one thumb. She held her breath as he pushed his thumb inside her shitter.

“Easy, easy,” he hissed. “Relax and it won’t hurt.” He worked his thumb in and out of her shitter for a while, and then slowly squeezed the other one in.

She moaned, more with lust than pain.

“Good?” he said, and she wailed in response.

It was wonderful. Being plugged by his cock and plugged by his thumbs was incredible. She almost came as she squirmed on his lap, fucking her asshole back at his fingers and her cunthole at his prick.

“Play with your clit!” he hissed.

She rubbed her cunt with frenzied strokes, strumming the quivering bud as she pumped her crotch up and down on his fuckpole. Suddenly she felt his fingers leave her asshole and she cried out, but he pushed her off his cock and moved her body around.

“Move up. Let’s try it this way.”

She raised herself up and squatted over his crotch. He told her to open her asscheeks, and she obeyed. She gasped when she felt his cockhead pressing against her shitter.

She cried out when his bloated cockhead pushed against the ring of her asshole.

“Sit on it!” he hissed.

She sat, pushing down until in a moment his swollen knob popped inside the puckered ring of her asshole and rammed forward to ream out her shit-tube.

She went wild. It was the most incredible sensation she had ever experienced. She came right away, spasming in a orgasm that rattled her teeth. No sooner was she down from one climax, then she began another one.

The feel of his thick fuckpole inside her shitter was incredible. She bounced up and down, her asshole gobbling up his fuck-tube with every stroke.

Yelling like a bitch in heat, she used one hand to play with her tits and the other to rub her cunt. She shuddered with ecstasy as she moved up and down more slowly now, sucking his thick fuckpole into her bowels.

Chuck grunted at the feel of her asshole, sucking and pulling on his prick. She came again, spasms of hot pleasure convulsing her cunt.

This time he came too, grunting and shooting his load of ropy jism into her shittube. She went crazy at the feel of his fuckcream exploding inside her asshole.

Her fingers furiously rubbing her cunt, she milked his prick with her sucking shitter.

When the last spasm shook her body, she fell back into his arms.

They never got out for dinner. After showering, they started all over again. He chuckled when she asked him to fuck her in the ass again.

“You’re all alike,” he snickered. “Once you get it in the ass, you want it there every time. Come here, you hot-assed cunt! Suck my cock and I’ll put it anywhere you want it!”


The fling with Chuck had been wonderful, but when Herb returned from the road it had to stop. The last thing Jackie wanted was to endanger her marriage.

She was also feeling a little guilty. Was it her fault for not trying harder? She didn’t know, but she decided she better put forth more effort.

Herb must have been thinking along the same lines, because as he left the house one morning he told her they should have an evening alone for a change.

“We’ve been drifting apart,” he said, rubbing her ass with one hand and her tits with the other. “I want my pretty wife to be happy. And I could use a good fuck, myself.”

Jackie was excited. Maybe things would work out after all. One fling didn’t count. If things worked out with Herb she would forget all about her affair with Chuck. Besides, his wife would be here soon, Justine’s appearance would certainly change everything.

The brunette sat in the kitchen with a second cup of coffee, and the morning paper. She couldn’t concentrate on the news. Her mind kept returning to all the things she and Herb could do tonight. Maybe, he’d be willing to try some new things. But if she suggested something new, like ass-fucking, would he be suspicious that she’d been cheating? Oh, shit! she thought, I’ll drive myself crazy if I go on like this.

Meanwhile all the thinking about fucking had made her horny. She slipped a hand inside her robe and caressed her tits. It wasn’t long before her nipples were puckered and stiff, standing out like two little cocks.

She rolled her nipples and squeezed her titflesh, leaning back in the chair and wondering if she was abnormally obsessed with sex. She hadn’t always been like this. Maybe it was her age? They say that women reach their peak in their thirties. She was only twenty-eight, but maybe it was happening early.

Then she told herself it was a common problem. Whenever she got together with her girlfriends all they did was complain that their husbands didn’t pay enough attention to them. All they cared about was work, work and more work, and all the women cared about was fucking. It was probably a universal problem. Right now there were probably millions of women all over the world who were feeling themselves up!

Jackie giggled and put her other hand under her robe to rub her pussy. She found her clit and rubbed the little bean. Jesus, such a little thing! And it had such control over her life!

She finally removed the robe and stood up. Both hands were now on her cunt, furiously working over the loose limp folds of her pussy. She went into the bedroom and climbed onto the bed, teasing and rubbing her cuntmeat and pulling her knees up and opening her legs wide.

By now she was wet and juicy and totally turned-on. She rubbed some cuntjuice over her passion button and after a moment spasmed in an orgasm. She made herself come two more times, and then stopped.

That would have to hold her until tonight. Herb would make her come. She would wait for Herb. It was always better with a cock.

The rest of the day flew by, and by the time Herb came home she practically raped him.

“Whoa,” he laughed. “Give a guy a chance to unwind.”

A little disappointed, Jackie unwound her arms from around his neck and mixed some martinis. She hadn’t wanted to waste any time by eating out, so she’d put two steaks in the broiler. They ate silently and by ten o’clock were in bed, Jackie straddling Herb’s crotch, her pussy poised over his prick.

He looked uncomfortable. “I still think the guy should be on top,” he said.

She didn’t answer. This was no time to argue. The brunette hovered over her husband, his cockhead mashed against her cuntlips. Easing down as Chuck had taught her, she adjusted his knob into the socket of her pussy and gobbled up his fuckpole with one smooth stroke.

She moaned as his prick plunged inside her hungry cunt. She faced him and closed her eyes, her head thrown back and her hair hanging down her back. Her cunt throbbed with the incredible feeling of being stuffed to the brim with hard male-meat. Being on top like this gave her control, and she moved in a way that gave her cunt constant friction from his cockshaft.

She began to move up and down on his cock. Cupping her bouncing tits, she played with her boobs while she rode his prick. She could see his cockshaft as it slid in and out of her pussy. It glistened with her juices.

His cock throbbed in response to the grip of her cunt. Herb’s face was contorted with lust. No matter what he said, he certainly looked like he was enjoying himself!

“I’m gonna come!” he grunted, pumping his crotch and gritting his teeth.

“No!” she wailed. “Not yet! I’m not there yet!”

He didn’t answer. She stopped moving, hoping that if she stayed still he would control his orgasm. He could if he wanted to. She knew he could!

Almost in tears, the brunette sat on his crotch, his cock inside her pussy. She tried not to clasp his fuckpole with her cunt, but it was no use. He heaved his ass up off the bed and began shooting his load up her pussy.

She sat there fuming while his cock gushed jism like an oil well. He didn’t even try to hold back. He didn’t make the extra effort.

When he’d emptied his balls, she slipped off his body and, slumped over on the bed. He turned over and in a minute was snoring up a storm. She went into the den and finished herself off with the candle.

That does it, she thought. That fucking does it. Tomorrow I’ll find another lover and then another and another. I’m going to find a man who knows what a woman needs!

As if providence sent him, the very next day Lloyd Parish finally telephoned. He apologized for not calling sooner, and they made a date for that very afternoon. It was her shopping day, and they decided to meet in the parking lot of the bank next to the supermarket.

She was so excited she forgot all about the previous evening and the shitty fucking with Herb. Bustling around the kitchen, she put a casserole in the oven and prepared to meet her new lover.

Relaxing in a bubble bath, she decided she would wear a simple black dress and high heels. She’d put her hair up so when she took it down later it would be that much sexier. Long hair on a pillow. Her mother always told her that men loved long hair on a pillow. Mother was right!

She got out of the tub and rubbed perfumed oil all over her body. Giggling to herself, she shivered with excitement. You’d think I was a blushing bride, the way I’m acting!

When she pulled up in the parking lot of the bank, he was already there. She got into his car, thrilled at the way his eyes glittered as he looked her over. His eyes darted from her tits to her legs and back to her tits.

He kissed her lightly on the lips and gunned the motor, driving out of the parking lot on two wheels. He drove to a nearby apartment complex and parked the car. She didn’t ask who lived here. She didn’t care. All she cared about was the outline of his prick plastered against his thigh under his tight jeans.

She hadn’t worn a bra and she was glad. She knew he could see the outline of her tits through the thin material of her dress. Especially her nipples. When she was turned on, her nipples almost popped out of whatever she was wearing. Shivering with anticipation, she thought about his big prick plunging in and out of her wet cunt and her pussy creamed.

They linked arms and left the parking lot, her high heels clicking on the pavement and his hand patting her ass.

When they got up to the apartment, he took two beers out of the refrigerator and handed one of them to her she took a few quick gulps, her hand shaking.

She looked around. It was a typical bachelor apartment, neat modern furniture and not a trace of a woman around. She gulped down the rest of the beer and took a deep breath. Walking over him, she slid a hand over his crotch and felt the outline of his prick. Chuckling, he pulled her into his arms and cupped his hands over her asscheeks.

“I love bold women,” he murmured, mashing his big hands over her ass-flesh.

She giggled, grinding her body against his throbbing cock. It felt huge. Huge and hard. She quivered as he pulled her skirt up and put his hands on her bikini-covered ass. She moaned when he slid his hands inside her panties and clasped her naked asscheeks.

“I’m sure glad to see you,” he said.

“Me too.”

“Get that thing out of my pants, will you? It’s starting to feel real tight in there.”

Trembling, she opened his belt buckle and pulled his zipper down. She tugged at the denim and he finally helped her push the tight jeans down until they were at his feet. He wore no shorts and his cock stood up, stiff and throbbing.

“Get your dress off!” he hissed.

She stepped back and slithered out of her dress and panties. She stood still, watching for his response.

“Oh, yeah!” he murmured. “Even better than I expected.”

She laughed and cupped her tits, pointing them in his direction. Moving one hand down to her pussy, she fingered her cunt, feeling lewd and wanton.

Dizzy from the booze, she moved forward and took his cock in her hands.

“Ooooh, yeah, baby, play with the baseball bat!”

“I’d like to suck it,” she said. “Is that okay?”

He snickered. “You kidding? Be my guest.” He sat down on the sofa and she knelt on the floor between his legs. His cock stood straight out, reddish-purple and dripping cockjuice. She flicked her tongue out and licked up some of the jism brimming in his piss-hole. Then she ran her tongue over her lips and smiled up at him.

“Well, that’s it!” she teased, starting to get up.

He pulled her head back to his cock and forced her to suck in his cockhead. “That’s the way,” he grunted, closing his eyes and keeping his fingers clamped over, her head. “Suck it good, baby! Suck it good!”

She began licking his cock and balls with the flat of her tongue. She lapped her tongue over one side and then the other of his cockshaft, finally returning to his bloated knob.

His cockhead was plum-shaped and big, the skin tight and satiny smooth. His balls were big and his ball-bag hairy. She licked his cylinder of flesh like it was an ice-cream cone, while he grunted and groaned.

When she sucked his cockhead into the warmth of her mouth, he bucked his ass up off the sofa. She took him all the way in now, his crotch hair tickling her nose. She felt his cockhead in the back of her throat and she curled her fingers around the base of his prick and squeezed.

Leaning back now, he took his hands off her head and gazed down at her with glittering eyes. She made a tight ring of her lips and ran it slowly up and down his thick cockshaft. She caressed his balls and squeezed the root of his cock, delighted at the way his fuckpole throbbed in her mouth.

Each time she stroked down, his prick disappeared down her throat, from the base of his cockshaft to his juicy knob. She bobbed her head up and down one eye on his face to make sure he didn’t blast off. She didn’t want him coming in her mouth. Not yet. She wanted to get fucked first, and then later if he wanted to come in her mouth she wouldn’t mind.

It was he who finally pushed her mouth off his prick. “Let’s get this thing in your sweet little pussy,” he said, moving around on the sofa and pulling her over his crotch.

Shivering with pleasure, she climbed onto his lap and planted her cunt over his up thrust fuckpole. Then she sank down on his cock with a groan of pleasure, swallowing up his fuckpole with one stroke.

His large hands cupped her ass, squeezing her jiggling assflesh and guiding her up and down on his thrusting fuck-tube. The feel of his throbbing fuckmeat reaming out her cunt was incredible. She rocked up and down on his rampant cock, her tits bouncing and jiggling with abandon.

She cried out when he squeezed a finger inside her asshole. “Fuck my ass!” she wailed. “Give it to me in the ass!”

“Jesus, I found me a winner,” he chuckled, continuing to fuck her cunt up and down with his rigid fuckpole. His finger in her ass and his cock in her pussy drove her wild. Ever since Chuck had first fucked her ass, she wanted it all the time. Someday she wanted a cock in her cunt and a cock in her asshole at the same time.

He told her to get off his body and onto the edge of the sofa with her ass in the air. She did as he instructed, her head resting on her arms and her ass waving back at him.

Feeling wanton and hot, she quivered when she felt him move into position behind her. She purred when he began running his tongue and lips over her ass. She gurgled with pleasure when he pushed his face between her asscheeks and lapped his tongue over her asshole.

She pressed back against his mouth, loving the feel of his tongue as he licked her brownie. She slipped two fingers down to her wide-open gash and began rubbing her cuntmeat.

She sobbed with lust when he slid his tongue inside her bung. This was new to her, and totally unexpected. His firm wet tongue squirming around inside her shitter was incredibly erotic.

Feeling the first spasm of an orgasm, she rubbed her cunt in a frenzy and brought herself off, her whole body convulsing with pleasure. When she stopped trembling, he gripped her hips and rose up. But instead of sticking his cock in her ass, he began rubbing his thumb over her gaping shitter. He stuck the thumb inside and began sliding it in and out to loosen up the little grommet. When he finally pulled it out, she begged him to stick his cock inside and in a moment she felt his spongy knob pressing against her asshole.

Shivering, the brunette held her breath and waited. Then on an impulse she pulled her asscheeks apart for him and she heard him chuckle softly. The next thing she knew his cock was squeezing in, stretching her asshole and pushing into the depths of her shit-chute.

She gasped when she felt his balls slapping her cuntlips, realizing his entire cock was up her ass. A deep wail came out of her throat as he pulled out and then rammed forward, plunging his cock to the hilt inside her shitter.

She shuddered and groaned, the white hot pleasure overwhelming her senses. He began to move in and out of her butt-hole. His stiff fuckpole split her butt in two with each stroke.

She cried out with lust, gasping at the feel of his hard cock ramming her bowels. Pistoning his prick in and out of her shit-tube, he scalded the walls of her shitter with his wriggling hunk of meat.

He squeezed her asscheeks and swore, shouting out a string of obscenities as he stabbed his prick in and out of her asshole. Thick foaming cream bubbled out of her cunt as she rubbed her cunt in a frenzy.

She craned her neck to see his face as she spasmed in a convulsive orgasm. When her cunt contracted, he clenched his teeth and squeezed her assflesh until she cried out with pain. Then with a mighty heave of his body, he dumped his load of jism into her sucking asshole.

The blast of fuck-cream hitting her bowels set her off again and her cunt convulsed. Her asshole sucked up his spunk and her pussy gushed out a fountain of cunt-cream.

It was the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. When it was over, she was his willing slave. He carried her into the bedroom and dropped her onto the bed. Climbing over her, he shoved his shit-streaked prick into her mouth and made her suck it clean.

Later when she thought about it she realized he was demeaning her, but she didn’t care. After she’d sucked him clean they fucked again. Then he’d tied her up and spanked her and fucked her ass relentlessly.

By the time she sot home that afternoon she was bruised and sore and happier than she’d ever been in her life.


Justin arrived in a flurry of suitcases and hat boxes. She brought the Hartwells’ two Siamese, and Jackie was forever tripping over the animals. Teenaged Steve would arrive in a week. Until the school term was over, he was staying with his grandmother.

Chuck’s wife was a vivacious blonde of about thirty-six. She had a voluptuous body with big round fits and a full round ass. Her legs were slender for the rest of her, slender and perfect.

Jackie and she hit it off right away. The two women were giggling and chattering like old friends in no time, and the brunette no longer cared about the extra work of having house guests. She hoped the Hartwells would find a house nearby, and she and Justine made a list of homes for sale in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Herb went on the road again, and Chuck put a lot of time into learning his new jab.

The two women had spent the day shopping downtown, and now Jackie was busy in the kitchen fixing dinner. When the roast was in the oven, she went into the living room to join the Hartwells in a cocktail.

Sitting back on the sofa with her martini, Jackie watched with amazement as Justine rose up and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She wore only panties, and the brunette wondered if the older woman was tipsy so early in the evening.

“Look at her,” the blonde giggled to Chuck. “She thinks I’m drunk!”

Chuck snickered. “Shit, Jackie’s no prude.”

“I’ll bet you thought cunt lovers were just nice people who like cats,” she laughed continuing to rub the Siamese.

Jackie watched, amazed. The cat was obviously used to it, and she purred and mewed trying to reach Justine’s jiggling tits.

Justine pranced around the room with the cat in her arms, its long tail caught between her thighs. Chuck moved over to sit next to Jackie and whispered in her ear.

“I told her about us.”

“You what?”

“Don’t worry, she doesn’t care. We do things to spice up our sex life.”

“Chuck, how could you tell her?” she hissed.

“That’s the arrangement. We both fool around, but the deal is we tell each other everything. It works for us, and that’s the main thing. What do you think of Justine. Isn’t she a doll?”

Beginning to feel warm, Jackie told him his wife was a dream and she proceeded to watch the blonde dance around the room, her mind a whirl.

Suddenly Justine dropped the cat and pulled her sweater over her head to reveal two huge tits encased in a lace bra. She unhooked the bra and her boobs bounced free.

“I’ve always thought they were too big,” she purred, cupping her huge globes and moving over to sit next to Jackie on the sofa. “Do you think my titties are too big?”

The blonde licked her lips and practically pushed her boobs into Jackie’s face. The brunette gulped down the rest of her drink and asked Chuck for another. Things were getting crazy around here. She decided to go along with whatever happened, but she wanted to be tanked up first.

She stared at the sexy blonde and told her tits were just perfect. Chuck handed her a fresh martini and Jackie drank it down in four gulps.

Justine stood up and slipped out of her skirt. Her panties covered her round asscheeks and she stood in front of Jackie now, tottering around on her high heels and swaying her hips.

“Best ass in the west, huh?” Chuck chuckled. “Except for yours, of course,” he said, grinning at Jackie. Jackie blanched.

Justine’s eyes sparkled. “Don’t be embarrassed, dear. I’m glad it’s out in the open. Now we can all let our hair down, so to speak.”

Jackie suddenly wondered if she was getting herself into something really weird. Are these people crazy? Should I walk out of the room right now before anything else happens? Oh, shit, what the hell! How bad can it be? The worst thing that can happen is I’ll get fucked by a girl.

Deciding there was no turning back, she resolved to enjoy herself.

The older woman was on her feet again, slipping her panties off her legs. She jiggled her tits and smiled down at Jackie. She ran her fingers through her thick cunt bush and caressed her ass.

Jackie glanced over at Chuck. His fly was open and his prick was out of his pants. His eyes on Jackie to get her reaction, he slowly pumped his prick, as he stared at the pretty brunette.

Jackie gasped when she leaped into Justine’s arms. The blonde gyrated her hips, her tits shaking like two big melons, her legs wide apart.

Once again she rubbed her hand over her wide open crotch, this time moaning with lust each time she touched her clit. The blonde purred along like a cat, turning and bending over to show off the round cheeks of her ass.

Chuck grunted with approval, pumping his fuckpole faster now and staring at his wife. Justine held one tit and squeezed the other one with her free hand. She pinched and pulled her pink nipple and then dropped the big globe and let it bounce around.

Releasing the cat, she waltzed over to Chuck and pulled his hands up to cup her hanging jugs. “Suck them a little, baby,” she purred. “Mama’s getting hot!”

Chuck opened his mouth and Justine dropped one big tit between his lips. Jackie watched with fascination as he sucked and licked his wife’s tit, lapping and licking her thick pink nipple. Justine crooned, and when she pulled her tit out of his mouth his teeth marks showed on her white flesh and her nipple glistened with his saliva.

She fed him the other tit and then the other, changing off until he’d sucked both boobs at least a dozen times. Jackie was jealous. She watched as he suctioned in Justine’s big jugs like a hungry baby, biting and licking her big tits gluttonously.

Suddenly the blonde fell over onto the floor and opened her legs wide.

“Somebody suck my cunt!” she wailed. Jackie looked startled and wondered if Justine expected her to do it. Chuck snickered quickly undressed, hurrying to crouch between his wife’s thighs.

Jackie stared at the blonde’s gaping cunt. Cuntjuice glistened on the older women’s purplish cuntlips. Her cunt was big and stood up at attention at the top of her gash. Squirming her ass on the carpet, she pulled her cuntlips open to lewdly show them her cuntmeat.

Lowering his head between the blonde’s thighs, Chuck pressed his face into the hairy swamp of her pussy. Jackie gasped as he mashed his face against his wife’s slimy gash, sticking his tongue into her yawning cunt-hole.

Justine sobbed and yelled, sliding her legs over his shoulders and wrapping her thighs around his head. She humped up at his face, smearing her cunt over his mouth and nose and chin.

Chuck lapped and slurped and licked at her wet hairy slit. Jackie sat on the sofa with her mouth open and her eyes glittering. She had never seen anything like it in her life. She’d never even seen a porn movie, and here she was watching Chuck suck out Justine’s cunt! God, it was wild!

The brunette crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together as she watched Chuck chew and bite Justine’s hairy cuntlips. He stuck his nose right inside her cunt and tongued her cunthole.

Justine squeezed his bead with her thighs and sobbed with happiness as he lapped her cunt with his tongue. Jackie knew how it felt to shave that tongue lap her cunt, and she felt her pussy spasm and cream.

Suddenly the blonde released her husband’s head from the vise-like grip of her thighs and turned over onto her belly. He expressed no surprise, but immediately pressed his face into her asscrack and lapped his tongue up and down the moist groove.

The blonde groaned as he slid his tongue into the puckered ring of her asshole and tongue-fucked her shit-tube. Jackie gasped and slipped her hand under her skirt to finger her inflamed pussy. Moving her crotch aside, she found her cunt and flicked it back and forth in a frenzy as she watched Chuck tongue-fuck Justine’s asshole.

“Stick your finger in!” the blonde wailed.

Chuck pulled his face up from his wife’s asscrack and drilled a finger in her bung. Jackie watched Justine’s shitter suck at her husband’s finger. He drilled it in and out, fucking her asshole with a steady rhythm and two more fingers into her gaping cunt blonde sobbed with pleasure and stuck her ass up in the air as beheld he like a bowling ball and finger-fucked her. On her knees now, Justine shoved her ass back at his thrusting fingers, her blonde hair falling over her face and her mouth hanging open.

“Fuck me!” the blonde wailed. “Give it to me! Give me your cock!”

Pulling his fingers out of her holes, Chuck knelt behind her and caressed her assflesh. Jackie moved over beside him to watch, her panties off and her hand furiously rubbing her cunt.

“You don’t mind, do you honey?” Chuck grunted, listing his cock and preparing to stuff it in Justine’s cunt.

The brunette shook her head, her eyes glued to the blonde’s gaping pussy. “No, I don’t mind,” she whispered, strumming her cunt.

He rubbed his cockhead round Justine’s slimy purplish cuntlips, getting the tip good and wet. Then he found the socket of her cunthole and pushed forward. Jackie watched as he buried his cockshaft inside Justine’s juice-drenched fuck-tube. The blonde’s body shuddered as her pussy swallowed up her husband’s big fuckpole.

Jackie stood up and quickly stripped her clothes off. She lay down next to the couple on the floor and continued watching as she fingered her cuntmeat.

If Herb knew what he had started when he invited the Hartwells to stay with them! Jackie giggled. Her naive husband! If he could see her now!

The brunette watched intently as Chuck’s big hairy balls slapped against his wife’s thighs. Her pussy quivered, with the memory of Chuck’s nuts slapping her own thighs and his cock plugging her own pussy.

She watched as his big cock slid out of Justine’s sucking cunt until only his knob was inside her pussy. Then he rammed forward and drilled his entire prick inside his wife’s steaming cunt.

The blonde moaned and tossed her head from side to side as his big prick slammed in and out of her grasping cunt.

Jackie moved around behind. Chuck and caressed his asscheeks. She fondled his balls as he fucked Justine’s cunt. She watched his glistening cock as it pistoned in and out of his wife’s muff. He chuckled with approval as the brunette squeezed his ass and caressed his balls.

“Stick your finger in my ass!” he grunted. Jackie trembled with lust as she rubbed her finger around his asshole. Finally she pushed it all the way in and he grunted, slamming his prick more forcefully into his wife’s pussy.

The brunette finger-fucked his shitter while she rubbed her cuntmeat. Her cunt was a fountain of cuntjuice now, and she rubbed her clit in a frenzy.

She wondered if Chuck would fuck her after he was through with Justine. She’d die if she didn’t get fucked tonight!

She continued pumping her finger in and out of his asshole, grabbing his balls with her other hand and squeezing the bloated nuts.

She gasped when she saw Chuck stick his thumb inside Justine’s asshole. She knew what was coming. He was going to fuck her ass! She was going to watch him fuck Justine in the asshole.

Wild with excitement, the brunette watched as he toyed with the blonde’s shifter. When he pulled his prick out of her cunt, she knew she had been right. He turned to Jackie and smiled as he moved his juiced-up cockhead around to his wife’s bung.

“She loves it too,” he chuckled.

Jackie lowered her eyes. “Stick it in!” she hissed. “I want to see it! I want to see you fuck her ass!”

Mesmerized, she watched as he pushed his big knob against the puckered ring of Justine’s ass-hole. The blonde cried out ashes wrinkled grommet opened up to accommodate his big head. He grunted as his big bulb squeezed in, stretching the tight ring of her shifter and pushing forward to ream out her bowels.

Lying on her side as she watched the couple next to her on the floor, she watched with amazement as his big cock disappeared inside Justine’s crapper.

The blonde groaned and wailed, her hands squeezing her assflesh and her asshole sucking in his fuckpole. He was balls-deep inside her brownie and he grabbed her tits and squeezed and pinched the big melons.

Justine moved her hand down to her cunt and began rubbing her cuntmeat while her husband fucked her ass.

Jackie stuck three fingers in her own cunthole and rubbed her cunt with her thumb. Justine wailed and shuddered, spasming in an orgasm.

Chuck began to fuck her now, slowly pulling his prick out of her asshole and plunging it in again. He pulled it out until only his cockhead was inside her bung, and then he shoved forward and buried his big cylinder of flesh inside her brownie.

She shrieked with lust as he stroked in and out of her shifter. Jackie watched with glazed eyes as his prick plunged in and out like a battering ram.

She had a sudden impulse and she moved over to the couple and mashed her finger over Justine’s cunt mound. The blonde cried out as Jackie stroked and rubbed her cunt while her husband fucked her shitter.

The brunette continued to use her other hand to massage her own pussy. Her breathing was ragged as for the first time in her life she rubbed another woman’s pussy-meat.

May God forgive me, I love it! she thought. I love it all!

Chuck suddenly stiffened and growled that he was coming, and his cock explode in his wife’s shit-tube. Jackie rubbed Justine’s cunt and the blonde spasmed in another climax as her husband shot his load of thick white jism into her brownie.

The blonde came with a series of shudders, her body quaking and her tits jiggling. Her ass bucked back at his thrusting prick as spasm after spasm ripped through her crotch.

Jackie lay back on the rug, her legs wide apart and her fingers frantically rubbing her pussy. She worked her fingers over her clit and brought herself off, but it wasn’t enough.

Meanwhile, Chuck drained his balls inside his wife’s hung and collapsed on the floor next tot her. Justine looked over at Jackie and giggled.

“Poor baby, you need help, don’t you?”

Moving over on the rug, the older woman pushed Jackie’s knees back to her tits and crouched between the brunette’s thighs. Lowering her head to Jackie’s triangle, she pushed her face into the younger woman’s hungry gash.

Jackie cried out as the blonde held her cuntlips apart and licked her cuntmeat with her tongue. Plunging her tongue inside the brunette’s cunt-hole, she, used her fingertip to rub Jackie’s cunt.

Chuck, had recovered enough to join them, and he sucked one of Jackie’s tits between his lips and licked and sucked her throbbing titflesh.

The brunette clasped her thighs around Justine’s head and pulled the blonde into the saddle. She humped her ass up off the rug and pressed her cunt firmly against the older woman’s sucking mouth.

The first orgasm jolted her body, white hot pleasure engulfing her crotch. She had no sooner tapered off from that climax than Justine brought her off again.

Chuck sucked first one tit and then the other into his mouth. He gently bit down on her quivering globes, lapping his tongue firmly over her jiggling boobs, and flicking her stiff nipples.

The brunette bucked her ass when Justine slid three fingers into her cunthole, tonguing her cunt at the same time she finger-fucked her pussy.

The younger woman lost track of her orgasms. She finally had to beg the older woman to stop, pushing her mouth away from her crotch.

When she opened her eyes, Justine was sucking Chuck’s cock into her throat. The blonde waved her over to join them, and Jackie happily moved around and shoved her cunt into Chuck’s face.

“Suck!” she hissed. “Get your mouth on my cunt and suck!”


One afternoon after shopping downtown Jackie stopped in at a local coffee shop to have a hamburger and a Coke. She wore tight jeans and a low cut tee-shirt, and she felt eyes on her as she sat down at the counter.

There was a time not too long ago when she would have felt uncomfortable about then staring at her tits and ass. Not anymore. Now she liked the admiration.

She had just taken her first bite of her sand witch when she was approached by a man with a wide grin and sexy eyes. “Care to join us in our booth?” He smiled.

Jackie looked over to where his friend was sitting. The man in the booth smiled and nodded, and she decided there was no harm in joining them. Picking up her food, she walked over and sat down with the two strangers.

Their names were George Bryant and Tom Vincent. They were salesmen, in town for the first time. They asked her where to go for a little fun, and she gave them the names of some spots where there was live music.

She wondered if Herb was sitting in a coffee shop somewhere, picking up a strange woman and asking her where the action was. They ordered three beers and the three of them drank and laughed, and before she knew it was five o’clock.

“Spend the evening with us,” one of them said.

“I don’t know,” she hesitated. She did, after all, have houseguests. Then she decided she didn’t have to spend every minute with the Hartwells, and she slipped out of the booth and went to look for the public phone. She called home and Justine answered. When she told the blonde she’d be home late, she thought she detected a sound of relief in Justine’s voice.

Well, I don’t blame her, Jackie thought. They could use some time alone, and so can I.

She went back to the booth where the two men were waiting for her. They had paid the check and now suggested they go to a roadhouse near their motel and do some serious drinking.

She agreed, excited by the prospect of having two men at her disposal. They didn’t ask her if she was married, and she didn’t tell them. During the drive to the roadhouse, she sat between them, each one with a hand on one of her thighs. She said nothing. She didn’t mind. It felt good to have ten fingers playing around the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Maybe tonight would be the night she would get her ass and cunt fucked at the same time!

They arrived at the cocktail lounge and again slid into a both. She sat in the middle, and they resumed playing their fingers over her thighs.

“Shit, these damn jeans,” one of them chuckled. “Can’t feel a damn thing through them!”

She ignored his words, but gradually the conversation became flirtatious. She felt their eyes on her tits, bulging up out of her tiny bra and low cut shirt. She felt her pussy creaming as they moved closer to her on the leather seat. When she crossed her legs their fingers moved with her, clamped between her thighs.

She lost count of how much she drank, and soon her face was flushed and her nipples tingled. She was hot and dying to get fucked.

“Got a friend you can get?” one of them asked. “Or is a threesome okay with you?”

She gazed at him defiantly. “A threesome is fine.”

They snickered. “You think you can handle both of us, honey?”

Feeling brazen and dizzy from the booze she looked at them through half shut eyes. “I know I can.”

“Oh, slit, it’s gonna be one of those nights!” George chuckled.

They drank up and went out to the car. Jackie prayed she’d be able to walk a straight line and she managed to get to the car without stumbling.

Giggling, this time she was the one who ran her fingers up and down their thighs. Then on an impulse she slipped her hands into their crotches.

“Oh, fuck, we’ve got us a real woman!” one of them grunted.

“Yeah, if I don’t crack the car up,” the others snickered.

She purred, fluttering her fingers over the outline of each bulging prick, fondling their fuckpoles and pinching their cockheads.

At last they arrived at the motel. They hurried her into their room and locked the door. She accepted a beer and proceeded to peel her jeans off her feet.

She stood up and did a few lewd bumps and grinds on her high heels, still wearing her bra and tee-shirt and panties. Someone put the radio on, and Jackie swayed on her high heels, teasing them by pulling her panties down and pulling them back up again.

She pulled her tee-shirt over her head, and shook her long dark hair loose down her back. On the radio someone was singing something about a cheating wife, and Jackie sang along.

She danced around in her bra and panties and high heels, while they clapped and whistled, encouraging her to strip. She unhooked her bra and teased them by holding it up over her tits, finally tossing it across the room.

They stamped their feet and shouted obscenities as she wiggled her shoulders and shook her jugs. Her big boobs bounced back and forth, her nipples getting stiff and long.

She ran her fingers over her titflesh, flicking her nipples and cupping both tits in her hands while she sang along with the radio. The men were still dressed, their hard cocks outlined by the material of their pants.

She turned her back to them and slowly lowered, her panties until her assayers were exposed. She fondled her assflesh and then dropped the panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

She moved over to where they were standing and invited them to play with her tits. Each one put a hand on a big globe, squeezing and caressing the heaving melon, massaging and pinching her tits until she groaned.

They each clamped a hand over her ass, jiggling and bouncing her soft white assflesh and running their fingers into her asscrack. Bending down, each man sucked a puckered nipple into his mouth and licked and sucked at the sensitive bud. They each gobbled up a great mouthful of titflesh, biting and sucking her tingling boobs.

She instinctively opened her legs and in a moment their hands moved into her crotch. They mashed their fingers around her cunt, sliding around her slippery cuntflesh. They rubbed her cunt and finger-fucked her cunthole. She closed her eyes and pumped her crotch at their hands.

When one of them ran his finger over her asshole, she moaned and twisted out of their on their backs. Crouched over them and began licking and lapping their pricks.

Both men groaned as she swirled her tongue over their cockheads and licked up the cock juice oozing out of their pissholes. She swallowed down their fuck-juice, loving the taste and feel on her tongue.

She licked and sucked and finally closed her mouth over one juicy cockhead. She sucked on it for a moment and then moved over to the other one. She licked and sucked first one and then the other, while the awn moaned and humped up off the bed, shoving their pricks into her face.

She drilled a finger into each asshole, reaming their shifters as their cocks swayed under her face. She loved the feel of their assholes grasping at her fingers. She loved being in control. Leaning over, she began to lick and suck there balls.

She soaked their balls with saliva, sucking their musky smelling nuts one after the other inside, her warm wet mouth. She flipped at their ball-bags with her lips and sucked gently the little eggs.

They heaved their asses up off the bed, pumping their cocks up to meet her sucking mouth. She ran her tongue under their balls and licked the sensitive skin between their balls and assholes.

She did everything to each man she had learned in the past month. She moved her mouth back to their pricks, concentrating on one before going to the other.

She lapped her tongue over one cockhead and closed her mouth over the knob, tightening her lips into a firm ring behind the flared rim of each juicy bulb. Then she slid down and took the entire cock into her mouth, pulling back when the cockhead tickled her tonsils.

The two men grunted and groaned as she moved from one prick to the other, filling her mouth with rampant cock-meat. She stuffed their fuckpoles down her throat and gluttonously sucked on their slick cocks.

Saliva ran freely out of the corners of her mouth and drenched their pricks. She slid her mouth hungrily up and down one cock and then the other without pausing for breath.

She finally pulled her mouth away from their pricks and smiled down at them. “Who wants to suck my cunt?” she giggled, rolling over on the bed with her legs pulled up and her thighs wide open.

Gyrating her ass on the bed, she offered them her gaping cunt. They crouched down in front of her, staring at her lush pussy, at her moist dark cunt bush. Her outer cuntlips dropped down in limp wet flaps, her pink interior flesh coated with a froth of whitish cuntcream.

She jammed a finger into her gash, fucking it in and out and working up a fresh froth of cuntjuice. They leaned down and ran their fingers over her ass and cunt.

Her belly quivered as she bucked her ass up to meet their hands. Fingers slid into her cunthole and around her asscrack. Someone rubbed her cunt, while she quaked with pleasure.

She didn’t know who was doing what, and she didn’t care. Finally one of them plastered his mouth over her crotch and began sucking her cunt. The feel of the warm wet mouth on her pussy brought, a wail of lust to her lips.

She cried out while the mouth lapped at her cunt and the tongue slipped into her cunthole. Whoever it was sucking her out was drinking up her juices and swallowing them down. Looking down over her heaving tits, she saw that it was George sucking her pussy. She humped her crotch at his face, pressing down to get more friction on her cunt.

Then she saw Tom push him away and take George’s place at her gash. He sniffed and licked her cuntflesh, licking his tongue up and down her slit from asshole to cunt, darting it into her cunthole.

Waves of hot lust washed over her body as they worked her over together. One of them clamped his mouth over her cunt while the other pressed his face into her asscrack.

One of them sucked and licked her pussymeat, while the second one licked and sucked her tight little asshole. One tongue stroked in and out of her pussy while the other slithered in and out of her bung.

She thrashed her legs in the air, pumping her crotch in a frenzy of lust. She spasmed in an orgasm with one nose in her cunthole and another in her asscrack.

They both slid fingers into her two holes and she went wild at the double penetration. She realized she would probably get her wish today, her wish of being ass-fucked and cuntfucked at the same time.

She clamped her asshole down on the invading finger and her cunthole at the finger fucking her pussy. Her cunt spasmed in another orgasm, gripping their fingers and gushing cuntjuice.

She thrashed and writhed and wailed, bucking her hips while her body was gripped by incredible sensations. When her climax tapered off, they continued finger-fucking both holes slowly and gently to bring her down.

She lay back exhausted and rested. When she opened her eyes, they forced her over onto her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, her ass raised high in the air.

Her heart pounded with excitement. She knew what was coming and she trembled with the thrill of it all. Someone moved around behind her and hands roamed over her assflesh. Fingers rubbed her wet fucked-out cunt and she quivered when a fingertip stabbed into her fuck-tube.

Hands gripped her tits, squeezing and pinching the hanging jugs. She wiggled her hips in invitation, and at last someone’s cockhead pushed between her cuntlips.

She sobbed when the cockhead pushed forward and slid inside her cunt-hole. She tossed her head from side to side as the prick began fucking in and out of her insatiable fuckhole.

Each man took turns, first one stroking his prick half a dozen times, and then moving over and letting the other fuck her. She held her breath when one of them stuck a finger in her asshole at the same time the other one was plugging her cunt. The feel of the cock in her cunt and the finger in her ass drove her wild.

Instead of plunging his prick into her asshole, the second man climbed over onto the bed and shoved his cock under her face.

“Suck it!” he hissed.

She eagerly opened her mouth and engulfed his cockhead. She closed her lips around the juicy plum while the cock in her cunt stroked in and out.

One cock pistoned in and out of her mouth while the other pistoned in and out of her pussy. She sucked and licked on the prick fucking her mouth and her pussy grabbed the cock fucking her cunt.

Balls slapped against her chin and against her thighs. She rocked back and forth between the two cocks, feeling like a slab of meat at a barbecue.

Then suddenly they both pulled their pricks out of her body and one of them stretched out on his back, pulling her over so that she straddled him.

She squatted over his crotch while he fisted his cockhead and rubbed his juiced-up head back and forth over her gash. When he found the hole of her cunt, she eased down and swallowed his cock with her cunthole.

Leaning forward with her hands on his shoulders, she began rocking back and forth on his ramrod-stiff fuckpole. When the other man climbed onto the bed behind her, she cried out with lust. His hands caressed her ass, finally finding her asshole. She wailed when he pushed his cockhead against the ring of her shitter.

She was overcome with lust. She shrieked when she felt his cockhead pushing against her puckered bung. She screamed when his knob popped inside her shit-tube. The sensations were incredible and she came almost at once.

When she’d regained her senses, he pushed forward, stretching her asshole and burying his cock all the way inside her asshole until his balls slapped against her cunt.

The feel of the two stiff cocks filling her two holes was more than Jackie could stand. Throwing her head back, she sobbed and wailed and moaned as the two men fucked her in unison.

One of them played with her tits while the other played with her ass. It wasn’t long before Jackie’s body was racked with a series of spasms that once again blew her mind.

Both men blasted off at the same time, filling her cunthole and asshole with thick white jism. They grunted and roared as they shot their loads into her sucking holes.

When they broke apart, Jackie fell over and passed out. When she awakened, both men had gone and it was dark outside. She dressed quickly and left the motel.

She had to call a cab to take her home, and when she arrived the house was quiet and dark. She crept to the master bedroom and fell into bed without undressing. She slept a dreamless sleep.


It was a lovely spring day and Jackie was home alone. Herb was still out of town and Chuck was at the office. Justine was off somewhere looking at houses, and the brunette had the house, to herself.

She stretched out on a lounger in the den with the morning paper. It was fun having the Hartwells here, but it was nice to be alone for a change.

The more fucking she did, the more she wanted. She put the paper down and ran her hands down her body.

Maybe just a quick one, she thought. She was about to go into the drawer and get her trusted candle when the front doorbell rang. Shit! she thought, walking instead out of the room and through the house to the front door. When she opened the door, she found a strange man standing there with a smile on his face.

“Hello, there, pretty lady,” he grinned, his eyes taking in her tits. “Is my son around?”

“Your son?”

He chuckled. “I’m sorry, dear, I should have introduced myself. I’m Osgood Hartwell, Chuck’s father. I told him I was coming through town and I’d stop by to say hello. Didn’t he tell you?”

She opened the door and motioned for him to come in. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “Come on in and make yourself at home. Chuck and Justine aren’t here, but come in and wait for them.”

She sounded more sincere than she felt as she walked with the attractive older man into the living room. Well, there goes my day alone, she thought.

She offered bun coffee and brought it into the living room on a tray. He jumped up and carried it for her. “That son of mine always did have luck,” he snickered. “Even as a young boy, he knew how to pick them.”

Jackie smiled and took a good long look at Osgood Hartwell. Around sixty, but looked more like fifty. Salt and pepper hair and bright blue eyes. Over six feet tall and slim. And if her eyes weren’t deceiving her, a very impressive looking hard-on in his crotch.

She knew he was a widower, and a successful attorney. Jackie hadn’t had much experience socially with older men, but she found herself drawn to him. He was damn good looking and sexy, too. And she’d read somewhere that older men appreciate a woman more than young men.

Aware of the way he was looking at her, she was glad she’d worn her briefest halter top and the shortest shorts. Her heart pounded with excitement as they sat on the sofa and drank coffee and, talked.

If he makes a pass I’ll let nature take, it’s course, she thought.

Within a half hour she felt like she had known him for years. He took his suit coat off and went into the kitchen for beer. He drank it right out of the bottle with no pretensions. She bustled around the kitchen, aware of his eyes on her tits and ass and legs.

“Don’t get the wrong impression, dear, but you ye got to have the cutest little ass in town.”

Jackie blushed and thanked him. She didn’t know what else to say. His blue eyes bare into her body, one minute on her big boobs and the next on her jiggling ass. She decided it was silly to feel uncomfortable. He was old enough to be her father, almost old enough to be her grandfather, and he probably couldn’t do more than look. Probably hasn’t used his cock in years, she thought.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” he said.

“Not really.”

“Has my boy made a pass at you yet?”

She blushed. “Mr. Hartwell, you’re getting too personal.”

“The name’s Osgood, pretty lady, and I know my son. He couldn’t be in a house with a pretty thing like you for a month and not fuck her.”

Jackie was surprised to hear him talk like that. Men his age, especially professional men, were usually a little more circumspect.

“You don’t mind that kind of talk do you? If you do I’ll clean up my act.”

She told him she didn’t mind. She didn’t tell him she was getting turned on by the conversation and by the look of lust in his eyes as they darted over her body. He wasn’t just looking at her with admiration now. He was looking at her with white hot lust.

She pretended to be busy. She pulled pots and pans out of the cupboard, all the time wondering what kind of a fuck Chuck’s father was. As a young man he’d probably been a stud!

Then she decided she was being silly. He was probably only being friendly and not making a pass at all. She offered him another beer and he accepted, grabbing her fingers as she handed him the bottle.

“Anything you want to give me, pretty lady, I’ll take,” he hissed, his eyes feasting on her tits.

His hands were big, his fingers long and slim and strong. She imagined what they would feel like stroking her flesh. She imagined what his long slim fingers would feel like fondling her tits and ass and sliding around her pussy.

She continued moving around the kitchen, puffing things in order. She felt his eyes on her body and felt her cuntjuice churning. A few drops trickled down the insides of her thighs and she prayed he didn’t notice.

Her nipples tingled and swelled up under the halter top. She half-hoped Justine would walk in.

“Yes, sir, the cutest little ass in town,” he chuckled.

“You really shouldn’t talk like that,” she smiled without conviction in her voice. “It’s not right.”

“Honey, when you’re my age, you can’t do much more than talk. Let an old man have a little fun. Looking at those gorgeous jugs and round ass is the nicest thing that’s happened to me in weeks. You don’t begrudge me a little harmless pleasure, do you?”

She giggled. “Of course not.”

“Your husband taking care of you?” he said.

She blushed. He was going too far, and she decided not to answer. It was one thing to tease her and flirt, but another to get really personal. And the subject of Herb was a sensitive one.

When she moved near him to get something out of the refrigerator, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards him. She squealed and tried to squirm out of his grasp. “My educated guess is you’re not getting enough,” he hissed. “You look like a hot little number who’s not getting enough at home. Your husband must be a damn fool! If you were married to me you’d never get out of bed! I’d have this thing stuffing your cunt morning, noon and night and twice on Sundays!”

He pulled her down to his lap and moved his hands up to her tits. He rubbed her nipples through the material of her halter top, his hard-on rubbing against her ass.

Now the brunette was really getting turned-on. The feel of his fuckpole digging into her ass drove her wild. She tried to get up, but he held her tight.

“Where are you going?” he hissed.

“Please let me up,” she said. “This isn’t right!”

“Sure feels right to me,” he chuckled. “Feel my cock, honey! Huh? Doesn’t it feel right? Oh, honey, it’s all for you! My nice big hard prick’s all for you. I just want to slam it in your pretty pussy and make you real happy. Would you like that? Huh? Would you like my prick making you happy?”

His eyes glittered as he nuzzled her neck. She found it all wildly exciting and she shivered with lust. No one could say it was her fault. She’d tried to stop him, hadn’t she? His big hands were on her thighs now, caressing and stroking her firm white flesh.

“Oh, Jesus!” she murmured.

“Mmmmmm, nice,” he said. “Oh, what a sweet little girl you are. Oh, yes, I’ll show you how a real man does it, honey.”

He put his hands on her asscheeks and pinched the twin globes, pressing his face against her heaving tits. She looked down at his head, his hair was thick and curly, silvery black. She’d tried. Now there was no turning back.

Sighing, she slowly untied her halter and tossed it aside. He turned his head up and she offered him one of her tits to suck. “I give up,” she said. “Suck it!”

“Oh, shit!” he hissed, sucking her nipple into his mouth. After a moment he released it. “Delicious! Just like I thought. And beautiful! Beautiful tits!”

Opening his mouth wide, he suctioned in her boob and sucked it vigorously in the warm wet cave of his mouth. She trembled and moaned as he pulled and sucked on her titflesh. He used his lips and tongue and teeth on the stiff little spike, gobbling up her tit and taking almost the entire melon into his mouth.

Breathing hard, she gazed down at him and watched his mouth as he sucked on her boobs. First one and then the other, he lapped and slurped and licked her quivering titflesh.

She moaned at the lovely feel of his mouth on her sensitive globes. When he moved a hand between her thighs, she trembled. He pushed aside the crotch of her shorts and found her pussy. He rubbed her cuntlips through the crotch of her panties. She was soaking wet and made squishy sounds as he rubbed back and forth over her nylon-covered gash.

Suddenly he pushed her off his lap, her big tits swinging. “Let’s get into a bed!” he hissed. “Kitchen’s no place for fucking!”

She led him into the master bedroom. God help me, I’m going to fuck him in Herb’s bed! This was a first, but she decided it didn’t matter. She’d already committed so many sins, one more wouldn’t mean a thing!

Nothing mattered now except the pleasure of his hands and mouth on her body. She knew what she was doing was especially wrong. He was Chuck’s father. She was doing it in Herb’s bed, in Herb’s house. Still, she was overwhelmed by lust and totally turned on. Her pussy was doing the directing and she had no control anymore.

He pushed her over on the bed and pulled her panties and shorts off. He stared down at her naked body, and then undressed. She pulled her knees back and he moved into the saddle of her thighs.

Draping her legs over his shoulders, she opened herself up for him. He stared down at her hairy wet cunt and told her he was going to eat her out. She groaned as he swooped down on her pussy.

Opening his mouth wide, he sucked in a great mouthful of cuntflesh. She sobbed as his tongue slithered up and down the length of her pulsating cuntlips. He pushed his nose inside her cunthole and rubbed it over her clit.

She arched her back and tossed her head on the pillows, shuddering and yelling as he sucked her hungry pussy. She grabbed his head and pulled him into her cunt. Sucking and licking, he used his nose and tongue and lips and teeth to drive her wild. He kept it up until she felt her orgasm approaching. Then she shivered and squirmed her ass on the mattress pumping her cunt in a frenzy at his mouth.

He held her body down with one hand and she finally came down from her climax. When he pulled his face away from her gash, she looked up at him and smiled. His face was coated with frothy cunt-cream and he was grinning like a teenager proud of his accomplishments.

Moving over her body, he crouched down so that his cock was hanging over her face. “Give it a suck, honey,” he said. “Get it good and hard and them we’ll fuck.”

She stared at his prick. It looked like Chuck’s. She giggled. It never occurred to her that fathers passed their cocks down to their sons.

His cock was so hard and thick she wondered how it could get any harder, but she said nothing. She wanted to suck him. Reaching up, she took his throbbing fuckpole in her hand and closed her lips over his juicy knob.

He grunted, lurching forward and pushing his prick deeper into her sucking mouth. She took it all, the full length of his cock, and sucked it into her throat.

She closed her throat muscles around his spongy cockhead, her lips stretched wide around his cockshaft. His hairy balls rested on her nose. A mew of lust came out of her throat as she sucked on his delicious prick.

He began moving his lips up and down, slowly and deliberately fucking her mouth. His cockshaft slid in and out of the ring of her lips, and sure enough Jackie felt it growing even larger and stiffer in her mouth. Her lips stretched wider than she’d thought possible, she held her head still while he fucked her face with his ramrod-stiff cock.

He moved his hips faster now, and Jackie was afraid he was going to come. At last he pulled his prick out of her mouth and moved her around as if she were a rag doll onto her hands and knees on the edge of the bed.

“Spread those legs!” he hissed.

She spread them. He stood up now and ran his hands over her quivering assflesh. She sobbed when he mashed his fingers around her cunt and scooped up some juice. He swabbed it over her asscrack, especially over her shitter.

She’d had her asshole plugged so much lately, it was the most natural thing in the world for him to fuck her there. She wondered if that was his plan.

She moaned when he tickled her asshole with a fingertip and swabbed his cockhead up and down the slit of her cuntlips. He churned her cuntjuice and pushed his cockhead into the grip of her pussy-hole.

He grunted as he pushed forward and drove his cockshaft all the way up her succulent cunthole. Her pussy grabbed his prick, squeezing his stiff meat.

He began stroking in and out, plunging his fuckmeat balls-deep inside her clutching fuckhole. He grabbed her asscheeks and slammed his cock in and out of her juiced-up snatch.

Her big tits jiggled and bounced as his balls slapped against her thighs. She gurgled with pleasure as he stroked in and out of her hungry hole. Her cheeks flushed, her hair flying over her face, she wailed as he drove his prick in and out of her clutching fuckhole.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her cunt and pressed it against her asscrack.

“Okay if I stick it in your shitter?” he grunted.

“Oh, yes!” she wailed. “I love it there! Stick it in!”

“Shit, this is my lucky day!”

She gasped when she felt his cockhead pushing against her asshole. She was always amazed that her tight little asshole opened up wide enough to accept a stiff cock.

She held her breath and waited. He hissed something she didn’t hear, and then he shoved the head of his cock inside, her shit-tube. A loud wail came out of her throat. She hadn’t been lubricated enough and it hurt. But it was an erotic pain and only added to her pleasure.

The pain was only momentary. He slammed forward and buried his fuckpole to the hilt inside her asshole and the brunette went crazy with lust.

She eyes were brighter, her skin was pinker and her body was firmer. Or so it appeared. In any case, she felt wonderful, and she didn’t want Herb questioning her anymore. She felt guilty enough when she thought about it and so she preferred not to think about it.

It was Monday morning and they’d had their usual quick fuck before he left town. As usual it did nothing for her. She didn’t care as long as the Hartwells were here, she could get fucked or sucked whenever she wanted to. Well, up until now, because today eighteen year old Steve was arriving and it occurred to her they’d probably have to settle down.

Shit! she thought. That’s all I need. A teenager getting in the way! Especially today when I’m horny as hell!

At three o’clock that afternoon when Steve arrived, she greeted him unenthusiastically. Chuck and Justine were out, and she took him into the kitchen for cookies and milk. Then she’d shown him where his room was and then the brunette went downtown to do some shopping.

She didn’t see him again until that night. She found a note in the kitchen from Justine. She and Chuck would be home late. She didn’t say where they were and. Jackie didn’t care.

She was relieved that she didn’t have to cook a big meal. Then she remembered Steve.

“How about a hamburger for dinner,” she said.

He nodded, his eyes on her tit as she moved around the kitchen.

She began to feel a little uncomfortable now. He was openly staring at her tits and ass and legs. Jackie felt horny enough without this kid eying her.

“Do you always stare like that?” He blushed. “I’m sorry.”

She smiled. “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Shit, yeah!”

Her mind in a whirl, Jackie stood in the middle of the room. She gazed at his crotch. He had a nice lean body and he wore tight jeans. The bulge in his crotch was huge, pulsing and straining against the denim.

“Do I see something trying to get out of your fly?” she giggled.

“Oh, Jesus!”

“Don’t be embarrassed, honey,” she purred. “It’s only natural for a boy your age to be horny.”

And a girl my age! she thought.

She decided to take the bull by the horns. He may be only young, but he looked capable and ready. She took his hand and led, him down the hall into her bedroom.

I’ll never get into heaven anymore anyway, she thought.

“You can’t tell anyone about this,” she said. “I’m going to let you fuck me, but you can’t tell anyone.”

Then she slipped her robe off and watched his eyes as they stared at her flimsy bra and panties.


He nodded, his eyes on her heaving jugs.

Feeling totally in control and confident, she stripped her bra and panties off and turned to face the boy with her boobs jiggling and her fingers rubbing her cunt bush. “Oh, Jesus Christ!”

She giggled. She decided to get him into the shower. There was no telling when a kid his age had showered last. Especially when his mother hadn’t been around to make him wash.

She told him to get his clothes off and her blood raced at the sight of his nice thick cock swaying under her eyes. She’d been right. He was more than capable and ready. He was hot and horny!

She led him into the shower and made him turn around. Then she soaped his back, delighting in the feel of his hard young muscles under her fingers. She worked her way down to his ass and squeezed and caressed the muscular cheeks of his ass. Then on an impulse she reached between his legs and grabbed his balls.

He grunted and she rose up, giggling and handing him the soap.

“Do me!” she hissed.

He didn’t need much direction. She decided the kid had plenty of experience. He didn’t hesitate a moment, but began soaping her back and shoulders and asscheeks. She shivered with excitement. She hadn’t fucked a boy his age since she’d been a teenager. She remembered how they were always able to get hard again right away. They could fuck all night!

She thought about all the years she’d been faithful to Herb. Well, a lot of those years had been good, she had to admit that. It was only the last few years that he’d begun to neglect her. For the first time, it occurred to her that he might be cheating on her too. She almost hoped he was. Then she wouldn’t have to feel guilty.

Now the teenager had his hands on her thighs and ass and she trembled under his touch. He gripped her ass and squeezed. Finally she turned around and faced him.

She took the soap from him and lathered up his chest and belly. Then she grinned up at him and went to work on his cock and balls. He groaned when she lathered up his ball-bag and fingered his big hairy nuts. She squeezed his big thick cockshaft and worked the soap up and down the stiff cylinder of flesh.

She loved the feel of his pulsating cockshaft in her hand and she stroked it up and down until the boy trembled. The last thing she wanted was for him to shoot off.

She gave him the soap and told him to soap up her boobs. He lathered his hands and slowly squeezed and fondled her heavy globes. She told him to touch her nipples, and he pinched and flicked the stiffening buds. Hesitating only briefly, he moved down her belly and into the tangle of her cunt bush.

She moaned softly, moving her feet apart to give him room. He soaped up her cunt and slid his fingers over her cuntlips. He nibbled her pussy with expert fingers and it suddenly occurred to her that Justine had probably fucked him too. The sexy blonde hadn’t missed a trick.

He stroked and teased her pussy until she pushed him away and rinsed off, finally leading him out of the shower. After drying themselves off, she led him back to the bedroom and onto the bed. She pushed him over on his back and ran her hands aver his belly and chest. She toyed with his stiff little nipples and ran her fingernails in his chest hair.

Grabbing his cock in her fist, she leaned over and pressed her lips against his. She shaved her tongue into his mouth, and he sucked it in. Their tongues tangled as she fondled his fuckpole, and her pussy quivered with need.

She moved her free hand down to her pussy and felt her wet pulp-meat. Her cunthole ached to be filled. When they finally broke the kiss, she moved down on the bed and began kissing and licking his firm belly. She worked her way down to his wiry crotch bush, kissing and licking the root of his prick.

He pumped his ass when her mouth moved to his velvet-skinned cockhead and he humped up off the bed when she sucked in his juicy knob. She rolled her tongue over his oozing bulb, cradling his cockhead in her warm wet mouth. She continued pumping his cockshaft with light strokes of her fingers as her tongue swabbed over is hot knob.

She ran her tongue over the sensitive spot on the underside of his prick. He moaned as she licked and slurped and nipped his young cockflesh.

She bathed him in her warm saliva and rub bed her lips up and down his satiny flesh. She slowly jerked him off, pumping up and down his saliva-drenched cockskin. He moaned and bucked his ass, trying to drive his cock down her throat, but she didn’t want that yet.

She slowly moved the ring of her lips down his cockshaft, taking more and more of his prick into her mouth. His cockhead rubbed her palate and gradually slid into the back of her throat.

She began bobbing her head up and down as he bucked up, trying to fuck her face. Her lips slid up and down his cockshaft. At the end of each stroke, she clutched him with her throat muscles. She loved the way his cockflesh filled her gullet.

Continuing to pump him with her fingers, she wondered if Justine had ever sucked him off. Her pussy spasmed, and she pulled her mouth off his silken knob.

Giggling and purring, she moved her face down to his balls and nuzzled his musky smelling ball-bag. She sucked his eggs into her mouth one after the other, gently bathing his balls with her spit.

The teenager groaned as she gently squeezed his eggs with her lips, and when she finally pulled her mouth off his balls they were soaked and bouncing inside their little sac.

She returned to his cockshaft, running her tongue up and down the stiff cylinder of meat and taking little bites out of his cockhead. He fucked his cock at her mouth, squirming his hips and gyrating his ass.

Suddenly the teenager pushed her away, and threw her over onto her back. Startled, but not unhappily so, she stared up at him. The look of lust in his eyes was thrilling.

Rocking back and forth, she looked at him and hissed. “Fuck me! Touch me! Do something quick!”

Without a word, he moved his hand over her belly and down to her cunt bush. She trembled at the first touch of his hand on her swollen aching cuntlips. Her pussy ached to be filled, and when he moved between her thighs she cried out for him to fuck her brains out.

Grabbing his fuckpole, she moved it between her hungry cuntlips. She tried to ram his cockhead inside her cunthole. She wanted his juicy knob reaming out of her pussy-hole and fucking her to a frazzle.

He moved her hand away and rubbed his cockhead up and down her gash. When he touched her clit, she yelled and shrieked for him to stick it in and fuck her.

Finally his swollen knob pushed between her cuntlips and churned her cuntjuices. The inner folds of her pussy caressed his prick, and the boy squirmed around, trying to get his huge cockhead into her cunthole.

Shifting around, she helped him get it inside the socket of her cunt. He lurched forward and it popped inside. Her cunt muscles clasped the big knob and a moment later he drove the full length of his fuckpole into her spasming pussy.

She wrapped her legs around his back, banging her heels against him. She was finally stuffed with fuckmeat and the ring of her cunthole was stretched wide. Her pussy pulled him in and his cockshaft mashed against her sensitive cunt. Her heart pounding, she began humping her cunt on the teenager’s throbbing prick.

She grabbed his ass and pulled him closer into her cunt mound. She pinched and squeezed his muscular assflesh as he stroked his prick in and out of her fuck-hole.

Rolling her hips, she groaned at the way his cockhead stretched the mouth of her cunthole. She felt his cockshaft slide inside her cunt with every stroke of his ramrod-stiff male meat.

Pulling his face down to hers, she plastered her lips against his and pushed her tongue into his mouth. She sucked his tongue in root-deep he rammed his prick in and out of her pussy.

Etc tongued her mouth and fucked her pussy as she squirmed her ass wildly on the bed. The boy screwed his hips and ground his crotch against her cunt at the end of each stroke. He drove his cock as deep as possible into her sucking cunthole.

The boy’s, ass rose and fell as he pumped his meat in and out of her pussy and her cunt grabbed and squeezed his cockshaft. Humping and squirming, she screwed her cunt up and down to meet his thrusting cock. She raked her nails down his back and tore his skin.

She was like a wild animal, thrashing on the pillow, her long thick hair flying over her face. She was aware of nothing except the sensations produced by his thrusting cockmeat.

Her legs wrapped around his body, she squeezed him tightly and again grabbed his asscheeks. She scratched him and pulled at his flesh, delirious with lust.

Later she would remember the feel of his hard, young, muscular body in her arms and his cock pounding her cunt. Now she was a mindless machine, lifting her ass up off the bed and urging him on.

He continued plunging his prick in and out of her spasming cunt, suddenly stiffening and exploding as the first jets of jism splashed into her pussy.

At the first feel of his fuck-cream in her cunt, she came too, spasming convulsively and digging her heels into his ass. She pounded him as he continued fucking her cunt, his as pumping up and down as he drained his balls.

She wailed and sobbed, tossing her head frantically, her pussy convulsing as she came again and again. She gripped his prick with her cunt each time she spasmed and his cock spit another wad of jism into her cunthole. She was wild, squeezing his asscheeks with her hands and his prick with her cunt.

His cock was still hard! She found his asshole with a fingertip as his balls slapped against her ass. She drilled a finger into his asshole and the boy followed her example, pushing a finger into her asscrack and finding her shitter.

Bucking and twisting in her arms, he spewed out another jet of jism. Finally he collapsed on top of her, his head resting on her tits. Gasping for breath, he finally pulled his cock out of her cunt and rolled over on the bed.

She rested awhile and leaned over him with a smile. “You rest, honey,” she crooned. “I’ll make those hamburgers now.”

She slipped a robe on and went to the kitchen. She broiled two hamburgers and made french fries. When everything was done, she put the food on a tray and brought it into the bedroom.

They ate quickly, stretched out on their backs and wolfing the food down. When they were through, she lay back and made him go down on her. Without hesitation, he crouched down between her thighs and began slurping and licking her cunt.

He jammed his face against her pussy, pushing her knees back to her tits, and stuffing his tongue into her cunthole. His nose rammed against her cunt, she cried out with lust.

At intervals he pulled back and ran his tongue up and down her gash from asshole to cunt. She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him into the swamp of her pussy thicket.

She pulled him tight, guiding his mouth on her pussy so she could get the pressure she needed on her cuntflesh. She pumped her ass at his mouth, and wailed out her ecstasy.

Suddenly he pushed her over onto her belly and clamped his mouth over her assflesh. Her head and shoulders on the bed, her ass stuck up in the air, she wondered if he was going to fuck her ass.

That wasn’t his plan. Instead he moved his tongue over her asscrack. She spread her legs wide and swayed her hips from side to side.

She shivered at the feel of his wet slippery tongue and his lips trailing wet kisses over her jiggling assflesh.

She wailed when he returned to her asscrack, fastening his mouth on her asshole. She shrieked when she felt his tongue push inside her bung.

He slithered his tongue inside her rimnet and Jackie thought she’d pass out from the thrill of it. Holding onto her hips, he drilled his tongue in and out of her shitter while she gasped and shoved her ass back at his face.

She came hard, the orgasm ripping through her pussy while she cried out her passion. He pushed her over onto her back, tossing her about as though she were a rag doll.

Pushing her knees back to her tits, he rammed his prick up her gash. He fucked her hard, pistoning his fuckpole in and out of her cunt and grunting with each pile-driving stroke.

He came after a dozen strokes, blasting thick ropy jism into her cunthole and causing another orgasm to rip through her cunt. His cock still erupting, he pulled out of her cunt and rammed his cock down her throat.


“Don’t be embarrassed,” Justine giggled. “I’m not.”

Jackie blushed. They were in the Hartwells’ bedroom and Justine had just told her she knew all about the brunette’s escapade with Steve.

“He’s delicious!” the blonde said. “I’ve fucked him a few times myself, and that’s incest! Forget it. A woman’s got to try everything before she gets too old to try anything. Jesus, I’m his mother, and I can’t resist. Isn’t he a devil?”

The two women had been chattering about the Hartwells’ new house. They had found a home just two blocks away from the Stantons’. They’d be able to move in as soon as it was painted, in around ten days.

The blonde moved over to where Jackie was standing, pressing herself against the younger woman’s body. “Now, don’t be silly and feel all guilty about Steve. He’s a big boy, and I’m glad he likes fucking so much. So many boys his age don’t know the score.”

Jackie started to say something, and suddenly Justine’s hands were on her tits. The brunette struggled to get out of the older woman’s arms, but Justine held on.

“You and I have never been together,” she breathed. “Just the two of us, I mean. It’s always been with Chuck. Wouldn’t you like to try it alone just once? Just the two of us?”

Jackie quivered. She’d experimented with a girlfriend when she’d been in her teens, but the closest she’d gotten to a woman in bed had been with Chuck and Justine and the one time with Justine and Osgood.

She remembered the session when she’d been a teenager, and how her girlfriend and she had kissed and fingered and sucked each other’s pussy. She’d pushed it all out of her mind and now Justine reminded her of something she preferred forgetting.

Justine kept her hands on Jackie’s tits, squeezing and caressing her heaving titflesh.

“It’ll be so good, just this once,” the blonde breathed in her ear. “I’ll make you so happy, honey!”

Her fingers continued rubbing Jackie’s stiffening nipples, mashing round and round over the brunette’s pear-shaped boobs.

“Just this once,” the blonde whispered. “Just once and I’ll never ask you again. I just like it once in a while. Mostly I like cock, you know that.”

She was nibbling at Jackie’s ear now, murmuring and nuzzling against the younger woman’s neck. “Just this once, huh?” she purred.

Jackie sighed deeply, the older woman’s hands squeezing and fondling her big jugs. Justine flicked her nipples through her tee-shirt and finally whatever resistance Jackie had crumbled away.

The younger woman turned slowly around and faced Justine. The two women melted in each other’s arms. Hands reached around to squeeze assflesh and belly rubbed against belly, pussy against pussy.

Jackie felt her pussy creaming at the feel of the blonde’s giggling tits pressing against her tits, and her squirming cunt mound pressing against her own.

The brunette shivered when Justine’s hand moved down to her cunt. Her fingers probed around the younger woman’s cuntlips through the material of her skirt and panties, pinching and caressing the wet juicy folds of her pussy.

Jackie’s body trembled as Justine’s hand massaged her cuntmeat. The blonde’s expert fingers soon found the younger woman’s clit and began flicking the stiff little bean right through Jackie’s clothes.

The brunette mashed her crotch against Justine’s hand, trying to get more friction on her passion button.

“Let’s get our clothes off,” Justine whispered in her ear. “You’re ready to blast off, you’re so hot. Come on, honey. Let’s do it right.”

Jackie no longer wanted to stop. It might be a sin, but she was too turned on to care. The only thing she cared about was the seething hole between her legs and Justine’s hands and lips and tongue. Besides, what was one more sin with everything she’d been doing lately!

They began to strip. Jackie quivered with anticipation and lust, eager to feel the blonde’s naked body against her own. When they were both naked, they stared at each other’s familiar bodies and once again embraced.

The lusty blonde wasted no time in cupping the younger woman’s cunt with her open palm. Jackie shivered as Justine found her cunt and rubbed around the stiff little bean. She moaned when the older woman rubbed her finger up and down the love button, pumping her pussy at the older woman’s hand.

She had a sudden urge to touch Justine’s cunt. Moving her hand down to the blonde’s pussy, she found the older woman’s cunt and continued down to Justine’s brimming cunthole.

Justine moved her legs apart to give the brunette more room, and Jackie pushed two fingers inside the blonde’s hungry fuck-hole. Jackie felt Justine’s cunthole close around her fingers. Slowly, tantalizingly, she began fucking her fingers in and out of Justine’s yawning cunt. She gradually picked up speed and was soon pistoning her fingers in and out of the blonde’s gash.

She quivered as the older woman lowered her head and moved, her lips over the brunette’s tits. She closed her fingers over the younger woman’s boobs and licked and sucked at her fruity-tasting nipples. Jackie felt weak in the knees when Justine opened her mouth wide and sucked in a great mouthful of white titflesh.

Now Justine’s fingers worked over her pussy and her lips and tongue worked over her tits. Jackie lost all control and began convulsing an orgasm.

Her whole body trembling, the brunette moaned and released the blonde’s cunt as she trembled through a bone-rattling orgasm. When her climax tapered off, she saw that she had gushed cuntjuice all over the blonde’s hand.

Justine sucked voraciously on her nipples, continuing to lick and suck the brunette’s turgid tits even after she stopped fingering Jackie pussy.

She pulled Justine’s hand back to her cunt mound and encouraged the blonde to continue finger-fucking her cunthole. Pumping her ass, she fucked pussy back at the older woman’s stiff nipples in her hand.

Jackie clasped Justine’s tits now, caressing and fondling the blonde’s heaving jugs. She quivered with lust at the feel of the other woman’s stiff nipples in her hands.

Justine released Jackie’s cunt and cupped her tits, offering them to the brunette and telling her to suck them. Her heart pounding, Jackie lowered her head and sucked one of Justine’s tits between her lips.

Justine gasped as Jackie lapped her tongue over the stiff nipple and sucked in a mouthful of titflesh. She finally dropped one tit and sucked in the other, going from one to the other while Justine moaned with lust.

“Rub my cunt again and make me come,” the blonde gasped. “Just one come and then we’ll get on the bed and have a good long session. But I can’t wait. I’m too hot. I’ve got to have one come first.”

The blonde closed her eyes and stood with her legs apart as Jackie knelt down between her thighs. The brunette used both hands. She pried Justine’s juicy cuntlips open with one, and rubbed all over her slimy purple folds with the other.

Finding the blonde’s stiff cunt, she rubbed up and down the slippery bean while Justine pumped her ass and clenched her teeth.

“I’m almost there!” the blonde hissed. “Just a little more and I’ll be there! Don’t stop! Yes! Yes! I’m coming! Oh, God, that’s it! Oh, God, yes!!”

The blonde’s pussy gripped Jackie’s fingers as she wailed through her climax. She threw her head back and sobbed as the spasms shook her body.

She guided Justine over to the bed and both women climbed on. Justine collapsed in a heap and Jackie waited for her to recover. When the blonde finally opened her eyes, she cooed at Jackie.

“That was wonderful honey, just wonderful. If you get over on the edge of the bed, I’ll give you a lovely workout. Okay?”

Nodding, Jackie moved around and knelt on the edge of the bed with her ass in the air her cunt and ass were totally exposed and she felt somewhat vulnerable. She didn’t mind. Feeling vulnerable only made it that much more thrilling.

Justine pulled a chair over to the bed and sat down facing Jackie’s crotch. She began by gently fingering the brunette’s cunthole and skitter simultaneously. Pushing her thumb into the younger woman’s asshole, she slid two fingers inside the brunette’s cunthole and fucked them in and out.

Jackie wailed, resting her head on her arms and pushing her crotch beck at the other woman’s fingers. She moaned, swaying her ass as Justine played her cuntmeat and asshole like her crotch was a violin. The double penetration was an incredible turn-on. She clamped her asshole on Justine’s thumb and cunthole on the invading fingers. She considered rubbing her cunt herself, but she decided not to interfere.

The blonde finger-fucked her pussy and corkscrewed her thumb in and out of the brunette’s asshole. Jackie felt herself climbing toward an orgasm and she threw her head back and let the convulsive spasms overtake her senses.

The orgasm hit her hard and she gyrated her hips wildly, her hair flying around her face. It was different than being touched by a man. She would remember later. Justine knew exactly what would drive her crazy, and the knowledge seemed to be instinctive.

“More! Don’t stop?” the brunette wailed, as the blonde pulled her hand away from the younger woman’s pussy. “Please! More!”

When Justine grinned and stuck her tongue out suggestively, Jackie moaned. “Oh, yessssssssss!”

The blonde slowly and teasingly brought her mouth down on Jackie’s pulpy cunt. The brunette craned her neck and watched as Justine began to lick her pussy.

Gasping, the brunette pushed back at Justine’s mouth. The blonde began by lightly teasing her tongue-tip over Jackie’s outer cuntlips. She nibbled and sucked at her hairy flaps, and slowly moved to the brunette’s slippery juice-coated inner lips and ran her tongue around the pulpy trough.

She flicked her tongue over, but not into the brunette’s cunthole, and briefly up to her clit. Jackie held her breath. The sucking was like nothing she had ever experienced. Justine used her tongue like a wet feather, darting it here and there and driving her wild with excitement.

The blonde built up momentum now, and forced Jackie’s legs further apart so she could get her lips on the brunette’s quivering cunt. Jackie rested her head on her arm as Justine clamped her lips over the younger woman’s elusive love button.

The brunette went wild as the older woman flicked the little nub back and forth with the tip of her tongue, but she stopped just as Jackie felt an orgasm begin. Teasingly, the blonde moved her tongue into Jackie’s juiced up cunthole. She slid her tongue-tip inside her gaping, come-filled hole and pulled it out again. She tongue-fucked her gash slowly, driving the brunette to the brink, but then stopping.

Jackie had turned her head again so she could watch Justine suck her cunt. Now she moaned as the blonde moved up from her pussy and smiled down at her. Her face was covered with cuntjuice and she blew Jackie a kiss.

“You taste delicious!” she hissed. “The nectar of the Gods!”

Then she pinched the brunette’s asscheeks and moved her lips aver the firm white gloves. She licked and bit and sucked the jiggling melons and then ran her wet tongue all the way up Jackie’s asscrack.

“Oh, Jesus Christ! How can you do that?”

“Ummmmm, lovely!” Justine murmured, through a mouthful of assflesh.

The brunette loved having her ass sucked, but she missed Justine’s mouth and tongue on her pussy. Still, it was a turn-on to have another woman lick and suck your ass!

Justine ran her wet tongue up and down the moist crack of Jackie’s ass and eventually jammed it down on the brunette’s asshole.

“Oh, Jesus!” Jackie hissed.

“Relax!” the blonde giggled, holding her down with one hand and continuing to suck her bung.

“Jesus, how can you do that?”

“Does it feel good?”

“Sure, but how can you do it?”

“It turns me on to excite you.” The blonde continued running her tongue back and forth over Jackie’s brownie. When she pulled her mouth away, she drilled a finger into the brunette’s bung and worked it in and out of the little shitter.

Jackie realized by now she had a direct line from her asshole to her cunthole, and the finger-fucking of her shitter made her pussy quiver and pulsate.

She groaned, tossing her head again and feeling the fire begin in her clit as Justine corkscrewed her finger in and out of her spasming asshole.

“This little asshole’s seen a lot of action, hasn’t it, honey?” she giggled.

Jackie blushed and smiled, nodding in the direction of the blonde.

“Don’t be embarrassed. Most woman who get their ass fucked love it. It’s my favorite. I like it best in the ass and the mouth, so I can drink their jism. I love jism, don’t you? I like it even better than cuntjuice.”

Pulling her finger out of Jackie’s shitter, she moved her mouth back down to the brunette’s asshole and ran her tongue more vigorously up and down the moist crack of her ass.

Jackie wailed when the blonde’s tongue paused at her asshole and pushed against the little brownie until the ring of her ass relaxed and Justine’s tongue-tip popped inside.

The brunette went wild. She began coming immediately as Justine pistoned her tongue in and out of the younger woman’s shit-hole. She gyrated her ass and pushed back at the older woman’s searching tongue.

She sobbed and wailed as spasm after spasm shook her body, but the blonde continued tongue-fucking her shitter. When Justine moved a hand up to Jackie’s cunt and began to rub the younger woman’s cunt as she tongued her shitter, the brunette went crazy.

It was almost too much. Her pussy exploded in an incredible orgasm. She finally had to pull away from the blonde’s mouth and hand. She couldn’t take anymore.

The brunette rolled over on the bed, shivering through the last spasms of her orgasm. When she opened her eyes, she found Justine beside her on the bed with her knees pulled up to her tits and her thighs wide open.

The brunette shivered. She wasn’t so sure she wanted to return the favor, but she knew she had no choice. Justine smiled seductively as she opened the flaps of her pussy to show Jackie the pink wet meat of her cunt.

The older woman’s cunt stood straight out from its little hood. Frothy cunt-cream gushed out of Justine’s cunthole. She watched with fascination as the blonde slide two fingers into her cunthole and began finger-fucking herself.

She rocked back and forth, her belly quivering and her lips contorted with lust as she fucked her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her big tits bounced around, her nipples long and stiff.

Jackie thought it was the most lewd scene she had ever seen, and she’d seen some lewd ones lately!

When Justine came, she thrashed her legs around and arched her back, her ass raised up off the bed. Then she slammed down again. She shrieked, and thick whitish cunt-cream came gushing out of her gash.

Jackie trembled as she watched Justine spasm through one orgasm after another. She moved a hand down to her own pussy and slid three fingers into her twat. She massaged her clit as she watched the blonde bring herself off one last time.

Suddenly the brunette had an urge to suck the older woman’s cunt. The revelation surprised her, but there was no doubt about it, she wanted her mouth on Justine’s pussy.

Their eyes met and Justine seemed to know what Jackie was thinking. Purring, she leaned back, her knees mashed against her tits and her crotch rolled up.

Jackie stared at the blonde’s gaping pussy and with a moan of lust lowered her head between Justine’s thighs. The blonde cried out when Jackie clamped her mouth firmly over the older woman’s wet hairy cuntflesh. She came the minute Jackie found her quivering cunt.

Jackie slithered her tongue inside Justine’s cunthole, amazed at how exciting it was to suck another woman’s pussy. She burrowed in with a sigh of contentment to suck the blonde’s succulent cunt-meat.

Well, I’ve done it all, she thought. Young men, old men, teenagers and now a woman! God forgive me, I love it all!


Herb spent a whole week at home. It seemed to Jackie that he was trying to be more warm and loving than usual, but the fucking was no better. Six strokes and he’d climax, leaving her frustrated and alone.

He was playing golf today, and Chuck was at the office. Justine was packing up to move into their new house. Tomorrow was the official day, and Jackie had mixed emotions about the Hartwells moving out. She’d grown accustomed to the company. She’d also grown accustomed to the fucking.

Justine had assured her that things didn’t have to change just because they were moving into their own home. “We can still see a lot of each other, honey. We might even be able to convince Herb to see the light.”

Jackie smiled ruefully. “Herb? Herb’s a lost cause.”

“Never say never, honey. I don’t believe that man of yours doesn’t have some life left in him. One night we’ll have to get him high and give him a work-out.”

The brunette changed the subject. She didn’t like to talk about Herb, even to Justine who she now considered her best friend. It seemed somehow disloyal, and he was still her husband and she loved him.

She began to make the beds when suddenly Steve appeared behind her, closing his hands over her tits. She shrugged him off. “No time today,” she said. “I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“Oh, shit, Jackie, I told Norm we might stop over.”

“Norm? Who’s Norm?”

“He’s a guy I met. He’s showing me the ropes in town.”

“Does he go to the high school?”

“Naw, he’s out of school.”

“Oh? How old is he?”

“Maybe eighteen or nineteen. Anyway, he works at a gas station out on the highway and I told him we’d stop by and say hello.”

Jackie heard the front door slain and knew that Justine had walked out. Suddenly she didn’t want to spend the day cleaning house and cooking.

“Well, okay, we’ll go for a short ride and stop and say hello to your friend. Only for a few minutes though, hear?”

She dressed for the weather. It was a hot day and she wore a halter top and cut-offs. She put her hair up in a ponytail and when she climbed into the car with Steve she let him drive.

He gunned the motor and they took off on two wheels. The top was down and Jackie leaned her head back on the seat. She felt good. The warm breeze felt nice on her face. She wondered what people thought when they saw her with Steve. She knew that dressed the way she was now, she could pass for his girlfriend. For twenty-eight, she was well preserved.

They arrived at the gas station and parked the car. Jackie noticed a tall, dark, good looking guy staring at them, and she finally realized it was Steve’s friend.

“I thought you said he was eighteen or nineteen.”

“Well, that’s what I figured. Maybe he’s a year or two older.”

A year or two older, my ass! she thought. He was twenty-three if he was a day!

“You really should make friends with boys your own age,” she said.

“Aw, shit, Jackie, Norm’s a lot of fun.” By now he had walked over to the car and leaned down on Jackie’s side. Steve introduced them and the brunette felt her pussy twitch. Norm had the most incredible way of making her feel naked.

“So this is the chick you’re staying with,” he said. “Nice.”

He had a tough look about him that Jackie found a turn-on. He looked like he might be rough in bed and the brunette found the thought exciting.

Jesus, what’s wrong with me? She thought. He’s just a friend of Steve’s and here I am picturing him in bed. Jesus!

They joked around for a while. He left once or twice to fill up a tank and then returned, once again leaning over on Jackie’s side of the car.

“I get off in half an hour,” he said, ogling her tits and legs.

“What about it, Jackie?” Steve said. “Okay if we wait and then all go for a spin?”

She thought about it and decided why not. Norm brought two cakes out of the nearby machine and handed one to each of them. He left them to finish up, and in a half hour climbed into the car on the driver’s side.

“I’ll take it,” he hissed, shoving Steve aside. “Let’s go to my place. It’s nice and cool and there’s beer in the fridge.”

Jackie and Steve agreed. The brunette felt a shiver run down her spine. She wondered if Steve had told him about their affair. The possibility of fucking them both at the same time occurred to her and she shivered with lust. She’d loved getting fucked by two men and she wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Norm looked a little rough, but so what? That made it all the more exciting. She snuggled against Steve as Norm sped down the highway.

When he pulled up in front of a dilapidated old house, she was surprised, but said nothing. She felt a momentary pang of fear, but then shrugged it off. Steve was here, after all. What could happen?

Then they went inside the house. It smelled musty and dusty. She asked Norm who lived here and he shrugged and said something about his aunt and uncle who were out of town.

Suddenly Jackie knew as clear as day that Steve and he had planned this, that they were here to fuck and they’d known it all the time. Steve had known it when he’d asked her to go for a drive this morning.

Well I’ll just go along with it, she thought.

She didn’t like the deceit, but in the long run it didn’t matter. Steve was just a kid and didn’t know he was being sneaky. She didn’t care about Norm, except for the big bulge she saw in his crotch.

“I’ll get the beer,” Steve said, going toward the kitchen.

Norm moved in quickly, pressing up against Jackie’s back and grabbing her tits. Before she knew what was happening, he was pressing his cock into her ass.

“Now listen,” she hissed. “I don’t want any rough stuff, you hear?”

He chuckled. “Do I look like I’d be rough?”

He cupped her big boobs, squeezing and pinching her titflesh through the thin material of her halter top. He pressed his face into her neck and nibbled her ear. She moved her legs apart, moaning softly as he fondled and caressed her heaving jugs.

“You’ve sure got gorgeous tits!” he hissed. She pressed back against him, shoving her ass back at his crotch. His prick felt hard and very, very large.

“You’re hot to trot, aren’t you?” he snickered. “You’re creaming your jeans, huh?”

“Don’t be nasty,” she whispered.

He mashed his palms over her stiffening nipples, closing his hands over her pear-shaped tits and driving her wild with his fingers.

“Steve said you loved cock,” he chuckled.

“That little shit!”

“Hell, lady, that’s no crime. Most dames love cock. You give it to them right, they go crazy. Eat right out of your hand. Shit, a guy slips it to them good and hot, they’ll die for you.”

“You shouldn’t talk like that!”

“Shit, lady, I’m shoving my cock into your ass and playing with your boobies! What’s the difference what I say?”

She giggled. He was right. She was about to fuck him and here she was telling him not to talk dirty! It was funny and they both giggled.

He moved his hands down to her ass and squeezed and pinched her plump asscheeks. She moaned when he slid his fingers inside her cut-offs and jammed his hand inside her asscrack. She gasped when his finger hit her asshole.

She squirmed against him, moaning as he pinched and kneaded her firm assflesh.

He grunted. “Oh, baby, are we gonna have a good time!”

He slid his other hand down the front of her jeans and slithered it into her cunt mound. Jackie shivered at the feel of his hands on her two holes.

Her crotch was soaked and his fingers making squishing sounds as he rubbed her cunt through her panties.

“Slit, lady, you’re a gusher!” he chuckled.

She felt her cuntjuice dribbling down the insides of her thighs. She didn’t care. She was getting turned-on and she didn’t care if he knew it.

She pumped her crotch at his hand as he stroked her cuntmeat. When Steve came in from the kitchen, he chuckled and put the beer down.

“Hey, you started without me!” he snickered, crouching down on the floor and running his hands aver Jackie’s legs.

She groaned now, quivering with lust as they both fondled and stroked her trembling body. She put a hand over each of their pricks, tightly packed into their jeans. Running her fingers over their cockshafts, she pinched their cockheads through the denim. She quivered with anticipation. It wouldn’t be long before both these fuckpoles were reaming her cunt. And maybe her ass!

“Strip!” Norm suddenly grunted. “Let’s get our fucking clothes off!”

Both boys stepped back and began peeling their clothes off. Jackie watched them, picking up one of the beers and gulping half of it down.

Soon both boys were naked and she stared at the two muscular bodies, at the two big cocks swaying in the breeze.

“Get your clothes off!” Norm hissed.

Jolted out of her reverie, she scrambled out of her clothes.

“Didn’t I tell you she was built?” Steve snickered as Norm gazed at the brunette’s ripe, succulent looking boobs.

She moved her shoulders so her naked tits jiggled. She pushed her cut-offs down her legs, finally stepping out of them. Then she licked her lips suggestively as she slid her panties down her ass and dropped them to the floor.

She turned to face them, one hand caressing a large hanging tit and the other hand playing with the thick dark hair of her cunt bush.

Norm’s face darkened, and he took her by the hand and pulled her down a long hall to a bedroom. Steve followed, and soon the three of them were stretched out on a double bed, fingers in her asscrack and cunt mound.

Then both boys leaned over her and sucked one of her tits into his mouth. She moaned with lust as they gobbled her tits gluttonously. She spread her legs and rubbed her cunt as they licked and sucked her throbbing titflesh. They squeezed and rubbed her tits with their hands as they worked her over with their teeth and lips and tongues.

She grabbed their cocks and stroked their pulsating fuckmeat. She fondled their bloated balls, imagining their jism splashing into her gash. Their two hard young fuckpoles felt wonderful in her hands. She pumped them up and down, jerking their cockskin and fluttering her fingers over their juicy cockheads. Both boys were leaking spunk and she smeared the juice over their knobs and tickled their pissholes.

Suddenly she felt herself being moved around and Norm crouched between her thighs, spreading them wide apart. He stared down at her pussy, at the thick juice oozing out her cunthole.

She pulled her outer flaps open to show him her quivering cunt, squirming her ass and humping her cunt up at his face. Running his hands down the insides of her thighs, he finally pushed his fingers into her cuntflesh and found her cunthole. Using two fingers together, he drilled them into her gaping hole.

She heaved her ass up off the bed as he fucked his fingers in and out of her gash. Her cunt grabbed his fingers hungrily, sucking at them as if they were a small cock. He pistoned his fingers in and out of her cunthole, stretching the seething hole and reaming her out.

She cried out when she felt a finger rub her asshole. She went wild when the finger pushed inside her shitter. Steve sat nearby, staring at his friend finger-fucking her two holes, pumping his prick up and down.

Norm rammed his fingers in and out of her two holes, stretching the elastic ring of her bung and the fleshy mouth of her pussy. Suddenly he pulled his hands away and swooped down to plaster his mouth over her spasming cunt.

She wailed at the delicious feel of his lips and tongue and teeth on her cunt. She gyrated her hips and humped her crotch up at his sucking mouth.

She went crazy when he licked and sucked her clit. He took huge bites of cunt meat into his mouth, chewing and biting and snorting. He grunted like an animal as his nose rubbed back and forth over her clit and he ate her cunt in a frenzy.

He sucked and licked with force and she spasmed on his face. He held tight, continuing to suck and lick gluttonously as she convulsed in another wild climax.

Cuntjuice drenched his face, but he never came up for air. Like a wild animal, he nipped and licked and bit her cunt-meat and slid his tongue in and out of her cunthole.

Later Jackie would remember the frenzy of his sucking, and would realize it was a little crazy, but now all thoughts were out of her mind. Now all she cared about were the wild orgasms that flooded her body.

When she came down from her last orgasm, he stopped sucking. He moved around, wiping his face with the back of his hand. His eyes looked feverish and she felt a shiver of fear. His eyes looked wild. Wild and a little mad.

She licked her lips and gazed up at him, squeezing her tits together. She opened her jaws wide, and before she had a chance to protest both boys tried to stuff their pricks into her mouth. She gagged, trying to accommodate them, but failed. She could get no more than half of their bloated knobs in her mouth.

“Suck, bitch!” Norm hissed. “Get it in there!”

He pushed Steve away and roughly shoved his cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes as he plunged his prick down her throat, his cockhead stuffing her gullet.

He abruptly pulled his cock out of her mouth and mashed it around her face. Then he plunged it back inside her open mouth, grunting and snorting like a wild animal.

“Get it in there, cunt!” he grunted, pistoning his rod, in and out of the ring of her lips.

Closing her lush lips over his cockhead, she quivered at the forceful way he was fucking her face. Her lips were stretched wide around his fuckpole as he filled her mouth with his ramrod-stiff, heavily veined cockmeat.

He plunged back and forth, pumping his ass and driving his prick in and out of her face like a battering ram. She thought she would choke at one point, but she sucked and slurped as he commanded.

“Suck it good, bitch!” he hissed, snapping his cock in and out of her hungry lips. His balls slapped against her chin, his face a grimace of passion.

Jackie trembled with lust at the feel of the forceful mouth-fuck. His cock hit the back of her throat with each thrust, saliva drooling out of the corners of her mouth to coat his cockshaft and balls.

Suddenly he was on top of her, straddling her body. She grabbed his ass as he pumped his prick in a frenzy in and out of her sucking lips.

She ran her fingers around his asscrack and he growled as she rubbed his asshole. He snorted when she drilled a finger into his bung, shoving the digit deep inside his hot shittunnel.

Suddenly she felt Steve move between her legs and clamp his mouth down on her swampy gash. The teenager tongued her cunthole and sucked her cunt as Norm fucked her face. She thrashed her legs and gasped for breath, overcome by the wild face fuck and cunt suck.

She felt Norm stiffen and grunt and in a moment he was blasting a thick explosion of jism down her throat. She sucked and gulped and swallowed the delicious cream, gobbling up his ropy cockjuice with her hungry mouth.

His tangy spunk continued to fill her mouth, some of it overflowing her lips and dripping onto her tits. She continued finger-fucking his shitter as she sucked his balls dry, lapping up his jism with her tongue. The boy finally had to pull his prick out of her mouth.

“Jesus, what a cock-sucking cunt!” he rasped, rolling over onto the side of the bed and gasping for breath. “She could kill a guy!”

Steve still at her pussy, she threw her head back and wailed out her orgasm.


When she opened her eyes, Norm’s cock was pressed against her face. It was poker-stiff and he slapped it against her cheeks.

“Get your mouth on my cock!” he grunted. She automatically opened her mouth and began licking and sucking his balls. He slapped his prick against her nose as she sucked his hairy nuts.

The boy pushed forward, shoving his cockhead down her throat. She moaned when his knob lodged against her windpipe, but he quickly withdrew it.

He pistoned his rod in and out and she felt a moment of fear. He still had a mean look on his face, even as her throat muscles gripped his stiff fuckpole.

Moving a hand down to her pussy, she caressed her oozing cunt and teased her cunt, squirming on the bed like a bitch in heat.

Suddenly Norm pushed her over onto her belly, pulling her asscheeks apart to give him a good look at her asshole. “I’m gonna fuck your ass off!” he hissed. “I’m gonna fuck your fucking brains out!”

Jackie tried to squirm out of his grasp. “I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe we better stop.” Now the brunette felt real fear.

He grabbed her and threw her down on the bed, and rammed his cock into her seeping cunt. She moaned, tossing her head on the bed, but then Steve scrambled around and shoved his crotch under her face. With a grunt, he plunged his cock, balls-deep, into her mouth.

She forgot her fear as her mouth moved up and down on Steve’s stiff cock and as Norm plowed his prick in and out of her pussy. His balls slapping her thighs, she moaned as she rocked back and forth between the two slick cocks. She suctioned the fuckpole sliding in and out of her mouth, even as her pussy grabbed the prick reaming in and out of her gash.

Her only reality was the lust that filled her entire body. She was being fucked by a teenager and by a young tough in a strange house. She might even be hurt before the day was over, but she wasn’t afraid. Her only world now was her cunt and she forgot everything else.

Norm stopped fucking her cunt and pushed her around on the bed. He motioned to Steve to come around and fuck her cunt. The teenager scrambled over her body and placed his oozing cockhead at the mouth of her cunthole. Then he grunted and eased down, stuffing her cunt with his stiff prick.

Jackie didn’t care who did what. She held her tits and rocked up and down on his thrusting fuckpole. She cried out when Norm moved around behind her and pushed her forward. She knew what was coming and she wanted it.

Without preliminaries, he drilled a finger up her asshole to stretch her little bung. He lubricated her brownie with cuntjuice and shoved another finger into her shitter.

She came almost at once, her asshole clamping down on his fingers. Steve continued pumping his fuck-tube in and out of her grasping cunt.

When her climax tapered off, she heard Norm giggle crazily as he fisted his cockshaft and rubbed his hot knob up and down the wide-open crack of her ass. She spasmed again when he pushed his cockhead against her asshole and rammed it in, pushing the entire length of his prick into the tight grip of her shit-tube.

She almost passed out, but then regained her senses. Her cunt grabbed eagerly at Steve’s cock and her elastic bunghole opened up like a flower to accommodate Norm’s stiff prick.

She squirmed her body and pumped back at the two cocks, her long hair flying and her face contorted with lust. She wailed and shrieked as the two boys reamed her cunthole and shithole. She played with her tits and fucked back like a fury.

Her eyes rolled up in her head and wild animal sounds came out of her throat as she fucked back at the two hard cocks. They all three came together, the two pricks erupting thick foaming jism. Blast after blast of thick frothy spunk shot into her cunthole and asshole and her body convulsed in the wildest orgasm she’d ever experienced.

Jackie bustled around the kitchen. She missed the Hartwells, but it was nice to have her home to herself again.

She thought about the afternoon with Steve and Norm and shivered. When they’d finally released her that day, Norm had warned her not to talk about their treatment of her. She laughed to herself. She had loved the treatment, but now that she had more time to think about her life, she realized she wasn’t really happy. All the fooling around and fucking strangers was fun for a while, but not for everyday life. She wanted a good marriage again. She loved Herb and she wanted to make their marriage work.

Hope springs, eternal, she thought, taking a cake out of the oven and wrapping it up. She was going to pay a surprise visit on Chuck and Justine in their new house and she wanted to bring a home-made cake.

Slipping into a skin and tee-shirt, she left the house and walked the few blocks to the Hartwells’. It was going to be wonderful to have them so close. Maybe the four of them could get together some time.

It was dusk and the brunette had her hand on the buzzer when she heard the strange noise coming from inside the house. She pulled her hand off the buzzer and walked around to the side. She didn’t want to disturb them if they were busy, and she was damn curious to see what was going on. She’d heard enough of their moaning and groaning in the past few weeks to recognize what the sounds meant.

She peered inside the window and saw Justine and Chuck sitting on the sofa. The blondes tits were hanging out of her dress and Chuck was sucking one of her juicy nipples.

Jackie’s heart pounded. The shade was up just enough for her to see inside if she crouched down. Would someone see her and wonder what she was doing there? She decided to chance it and settled down to watch the Hartwells in action. It would be dark soon, and no one would notice her.

Chuck had a big boob in each hand now and he was squeezing and fondling her round white tits. Then he lowered his mouth and lapped his tongue up the valley of Justine’s titflesh. The blonde giggled as her husband ran his tongue up and down between her heaving jugs and then over her big stiff nipples.

Justine was moaning now, holding her tits up to his mouth and urging him on, whispering and giggling. Jackie held her breath and watched. She’d fucked with both Hartwells many times, but it was nothing like watching them when they didn’t know she was looking. It was incredibly exciting this way. No matter what, people behaved differently when they were alone.

The brunette watched her friend reach over and put her hand on Chuck’s crotch. Chuck was unzipping Justine’s dress now and pulling it off her shoulders. The blonde struggled out of it and reached up to pull it off her head. All she had on now were bikini panties and a garter belt and stockings and high heels.

Jackie thought she’d never seen Justine look so sexy. Her blonde hair was curled and hung down her back. Chuck grinned and said something Jackie couldn’t hear, but Justine laughed raucously.

He wrapped one hand around her cunt mound and sucked in one of her tits. Jackie watched him lick and suck and nibble at her big jug, as his fingers dug into her fleshy pussy through the thin material of her panties.

He pulled the little crotch into Justine’s wet slit, drawing the panties into a tight wedge as the crotch disappeared into the blonde’s gash.

Justine’s hairy pink cuntlips were exposed now, and Jackie could see them sucking at Chuck’s fingers. The blonde’s belly quivered and she squirmed her hips from side to side.

She tangled her fingers in her husbands hair and rubbed her titflesh hard against his sucking mouth.

Justine’s other hand unzipped Chuck’s fly and reached in and found his prick. She soon had his cock out in the air and Jackie could see it quiver and pulsate in the blonde’s hand.

The brunette smiled when she saw Chuck’s prick. Her pussy creamed and her cuntlips twitched. She was getting turned-on watching the couple on the sofa, and she would have loved to join them, but she decided not to give in to the impulse. Watching them like this was a terrific kick, and she was determined not to barge in.

She watched Justine close her hand around Chuck’s thick cockshaft. The brunette could see the ropy whitish fuck oil brimming up in his pisshole. Chuck groaned and bucked his ass up off the sofa, saying something Jackie couldn’t hear.

Outside, the brunette stifled a moan and pressed her hand against her throbbing cunt mound. Slowly, still through her skirt, she began masturbating her pussy.

Justine had bath hands on Chuck’s cock now and she slowly stroked his fuckpole. The blonde smeared his cock-cream over his bloated bulb and leaned down to kiss the oozing slit.

When she straightened up, her lips glistened with his come-cream. Chuck picked his mouth up off his wife’s tits and kissed her lips. Justine pulled her legs up on the sofa, drawing her knees up to her tits and spreading her thighs wide. She rammed her cunt at his fingers as he played with her exposed cuntflesh.

Jackie moved her hand up her skirt now, sliding her fingers inside her panties and fingering her wet hairy cunt. Then she plunged two fingers into her cunthole and rubbed her cunt with her thumb. Mouth open, she peered in the window.

Justine cradled Chuck’s balls in her hand and tickled the underside of his prick with her fingertips. She whispered something and Chuck raised his ass up off the sofa and let her pull his pants down. His prick jutted straight up out of his shorts, and he slid them down his legs and off his feet.

He was naked now and Jackie shivered at the sight of his familiar body. He actually wasn’t built as well as Herb, but he sure knew how to use what he had. Trembling with lust, she watched Justine rub his belly and chest and thighs, finally returning to his pulsating prick.

Jackie continued, rubbing her pussy.

Justine fell back on the cushions, one leg on the floor and the other resting on the back of the sofa. Chuck pulled her panties off her ass, but left her garter belt and stockings on. The blonde looked lewd and wanton, and Jackie moaned with lust. Her meaty cunt was totally exposed now, framed by the black lace of her garter belt. Her big tits heaved and her belly quivered.

Chuck moved around on the sofa between the blonde’s legs and positioned his cockhead against her cunt. Slowly pressing forward, he pushed his stiff fuckpole into her over-heated gash. Justine wailed, her face contorted with lust as his cock pushed forward into her pussy.

Groaning and panting, the lusty blonde pulled him into the saddle of her thighs, her blonde curls flying over her face. Chuck grabbed her tits and pinched the heaving globes.

Jackie rubbed her pussy in a frenzy as she watched her friend drum her heels on her husband’s ass as he plunged his fuckpole in and out of her slit. Locking her ankles around his back, she bucked her ass up to meet his thrusts. Outside, the brunette could see Justine’s cunt grab Chuck’s prick, gulping his fuckmeat inside her pussy.

Chuck’s ass tightened as he stroked in and out. Their bellies slammed together and she ran her nails over his back. She grabbed his balls and stroked the bloated eggs, moving her other hand into the crack of his ass and probing the moist hairy slit.

Jackie held her breath as she watched Justine drill her finger inside the tight ring of Chuck’s shitter. He grunted as she began finger-fucking his asshole while she fondled his balls.

Jackie had one small orgasm, but she continued rubbing her cuntflesh and fingering her hole. Her tits pressed against her tee-shirt, her nipples stiff and quivering with arousal. She stared in at the couple, thrilled by the sights and sounds of the wild fuck.

She spasmed in another orgasm when she heard Chuck growl and saw his ass tighten. His hips bouncing up and down, he clamped his hands under the blonde’s ass and brought her cunt up to meet his cock. Then he came, white hot jism pouring out of his cock and into the tunnel of Justine’s cunt. The blonde milked his balls and drained him dry as she began convulsing in her own orgasm.

Jackie watched mesmerized as the orgasm ripped through Justine’s body. When Chuck had shot his last blast of spunk, he collapsed a on top of the blonde, burying her body under his.

Jackie pulled her hand out of her panties, forgot about the cake and crept away from the window. She practically ran home, her cunt on fire and aching to be relieved.

She hurried into her bedroom and stripped. She stretched out on the bed, her mind filled with the images of the Hartwells, of Chuck’s cock pistoning in and out of the blonde’s cunt.

She remembered how Justine had fondled his balls and finger-fucked his asshole. She felt her nipples, standing out stiff and hard, her legs wide apart. She began stroking her jiggling titflesh, flicking her nipples and squeezing her thighs together. She opened and closed her legs, loving the feel of her cuntlips being squeezed together, almost coming from the friction on her cunt.

Moaning softly, she slid a hand down the insides of her thighs and began rubbing her cuntmeat, stabbing her fingers inside the pulpy folds of her pussy.

One hand stroking her tits, she fingered her wet slimy cunt, slowly pushing two fingers into her oozing cunthole. She tightened her thighs around her hand, both hands on her cunt mound now, fingering her cunt and seething hole.

She shoved a third finger into her cunthole, arching her back and pumping her ass up off the bed to get more friction on her cunt.

It was good, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted a cock. She wanted a cock pushing up her hole and rubbing her cunt. When the brunette heard the front door open and close, she craned her neck to see Herb walk into the room.

“You’re home!” she gasped, pulling her hands out of her cunt and straightening up on the bed. “I was just about to take a nap.”

He snickered and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I’ve been hearing some rumors about you,” he said.

“Oh, Jesus!”

“It’s okay. It’s more my fault than yours.”

Her eyes widened.

“I haven’t been taking care of you. I’ve been fucking around myself. For the past six months I’ve been seeing a chick on the other side of town. It’s all over now, and I want you to know I still love you. More than ever.”

Jackie said nothing, but watched him as he took his clothes off and returned to the bed, his cock in his fist.

“Suck it,” he said softly, his hand caressing her hair.

She eagerly slid her tongue over his knob, licking all around the swelling head and down to his balls. She didn’t mind what he had told her. She was glad he’d been having an affair. At least he was alive. Now they could have a new beginning. They could concentrate on their marriage and not on other partners. And if other partners came into the picture from time to time, it wouldn’t matter. What mattered was that they loved each other.

Jackie ran her wet lips over his hairy ball bag using the flat of her tongue. She tongued the underside of his cock, feeling his cockshaft get harder and bigger in her mouth.

She was on her hands and knees now, nibbling and sucking and licking his balls and cock. She sucked up the cockjuice gaping in his pisshole. She savored the flavor of his cock-cream, letting it slide slowly over her tongue and down her throat.

She lapped his knob and ran the ring of her lips over his velvet-skinned cockshaft. Each time his slit juiced up, she licked it out and swallowed it down. Finally she closed her lips over his bloated knob and took his prick into her throat.

Her lips and nose were pressed into his crotch hair. Keeping her lips in a tight ring, she pulled back, holding only his cockhead in her mouth.

She sucked him slowly and gluttonously, sliding her lips up and down his pulsing cockshaft. She lashed her tongue over his silken knob, his juice now running freely into her mouth.

Gripping his hips, she tightened the ring of her lips and made a little pussy of her mouth. Then she held still and let him fuck her face.

He stood over her, his eyes closed and his hands grasping her hair. He jammed his cock her throat and fucked her mouth in a frenzy. She grabbed his balls, and squeezed, and a moment later he stiffened and shot his load into her throat.

She gulped down every drop, sucking and slurping his prick, draining him dry. When he was through, he fell over onto the bed and closed his lips over hers.

She spasmed in her own orgasm and purred. “Welcome home, honey.”

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