Nasty Schoolgirl – Cissy

She didn’t know why, but after helping her mother with the dinner dishes, Pam called Cissy. For some reason, she just needed to hear Cissy’s voice.
“Why don’t you come over?” Cissy said. “My parents went to a movie. I’m babysitting for the brat, but he’s already asleep.”
Ten minutes later, Pam was sitting in Cissy’s bedroom. Cissy had the radio turned to a top forty station, but she’d left the sound turned down low so as not to wake up her kid brother, she explained. Both girls were dressed in shorts, bare feet, and light cotton blouses.
“I’m tired,” Cissy said. She flopped down on the bed and closed her eyes. Her bare foot tapped to the beat of the music on the radio.
Pam flopped down next to Cissy. “Have you studied for your math test?”
“No,” Cissy said. “Have you?”
“Not yet.”
They lay there a while, listening to the music. Pam’s right foot touched Cissy’s left foot Cissy wiggled her toes, and Pam did too.
Cissy sighed. “I loved what you did to me this afternoon.”
“I don’t want to talk about it,” Pam said. “Let’s forget it.”
“Sure,” Cissy said. “I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed it. If you ever want me to return the favor, just ask.”
“I said, let’s forget it! Okay?”
Cissy said nothing. A new song came to life on the radio. Cissy’s bare toes caressed Pam’s foot. Pam didn’t pull her foot away. Cissy’s left hand brushed against Pam’s naked leg. Her fingers stroked.
“You’ve started shaving your legs,” Cissy said.
“Of course,” Pam said. “Haven’t you?”
“There’s nothing to shave yet,” Cissy said. Her hand stroked up and down Pam’s thigh. “Your skin’s so smooth.”
“I put lotion on it after I shave,” Pam said.
“How often do you shave?”
“Once every six weeks,” Pam said. “More often if I need to.”
Cissy rolled toward Pam, her hand continuing to stroke, sliding from Pam’s knee, up her inner thigh, nearly to her crotch. Pam’s cunt started to throb. Her cuntlips swelled and a few drops of slippery lubricant oozed from between them. She wasn’t wearing panties under her shorts. As Cissy’s hand stroked up and down, Pam spread her legs wider. Cissy’s fingers slipped up the leg of Pam’s short shorts, her fingertips tickling Pam’s cuntlips. Pam’s heart thumped. Cissy rolled on top of Pam and kissed her on the mouth.
“I wanna eat you!” Cissy whispered. “I wanna do to you what you did to me!”
She shoved her tongue into Pam’s mouth.
Pam tried to push Cissy off, but she was too weak. Cissy’s wet tongue wiggling in her mouth made her groan. Cissy humped against her, and she could feel Cissy’s hard nipples pressing against her tits.
“Let’s get undressed,” Cissy whispered. “I’m so fucking hot!”
She began to unbutton Pam’s blouse. “I can do it myself,” Pam said, letting Cissy know by her tone that she really didn’t want to be doing this, but that she was going to go through with it anyway, because for some reason she had to, for some reason she just couldn’t help herself.
“Oh yes!” Cissy cried, her feverish fingers unbuttoning her own blouse and pulling it open until her overly developed, lust-puffed tits flopped out into view. Like Pam, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and like Pam, she wasn’t wearing panties underneath her shorts.
Pam lifted her ass and pushed her shorts down, and Cissy, stark naked already, pulled the shorts off over Pam’s feet. The two flushed teenagers looked at each other, neither girl wearing a stitch.
“I feel so sexy!” Cissy panted. “Oh, Pammy, I’ve always wanted to be like this with you!”
Pam was shocked. She said nothing. She wanted to reach out and feel Cissy’s tits, but she stopped herself.
Cissy fell on her again, kissing her, rubbing their tits and bellies and cunts together. Cissy’s tongue licked out Pam’s mouth. Cissy’s saliva ran down Pam’s throat, and Pam was surprised at its sweetness.
Spontaneously, Pam’s arms moved up around Cissy, wrapping Cissy in a fierce embrace. Moaning, grinding her throbbing cunt-mound against Cissy’s cunt-mound, she sucked Cissy’s sweet, slippery tongue.
Their kiss broke. Both girls were moaning, panting. Pam felt as if her tits would explode, as if her nipples would split open with hardness.

“Let’s rub our cunts together!” Cissy panted. Pam was too dazed to do anything. All she could do was lie there, letting Cissy take charge.
Cissy reversed her body, shoving her feet toward Pam’s face. She then scissored her legs along Pam’s torso, pushing one leg along Pam’s belly and tits and the other leg along Pam’s back. As she scissored Pam’s torso with her legs, Pam’s legs automatically fell into position, scissoring Cissy’s torso in the same way. Cissy pressed her blonde crotch against Pam’s brunette crotch. Moaning, the two girls rubbed their pussies together.
“Spread your lips so our holes and clits touch,” Cissy said. “Press your naked meat to mine.”
The two girls hauled their cuntlips apart, pressed their gaping, juice-dribbling fuckholes together. Pam gasped as Cissy’s naked crotch-meat seared her own. It was as if Cissy’s cunt were a volcano with hot smoke pouring out of it.
“Rub!” Cissy panted. “Rub!”
“Oh yes!” Pam gasped, frantically rubbing her open cunt against Cissy’s.
She could feel Cissy’s hard clit pressing into her wet, spongy cunt-slab. “Oh God, Cissy!”
The two schoolgirls moaned, delirious as they fucked each other. Cissy’s bare foot rubbed in Pam’s face, her sexy toes clutching, toenails scratching, and Pam started licking the bare toes, started biting at them and gnawing them. Immediately, Cissy started doing the same thing to Pam’s toe-wiggling foot. The girls grabbed each other’s leg, sucking and biting each other’s foot as they continued fucking their naked crotchmeat together.
Pam couldn’t believe how turned on she was. She’d never been this out of control. She thought she must look like an animal, behaving this way, but she couldn’t stop. Her loins humped, grinding her open cunt against Cissy’s open cunt. She chewed Cissy’s toes, gnawed Cissy’s heel. The fuck-tension mounted in her loins, making her ass feel as swollen as her tits. Fuck-itch surged rhythmically through her cunt hole, making her groan and whimper. She wanted to come, needed to come. She fucked in a frenzy, and Cissy did too.
“I’m coming!” Cissy whimpered. “Ohhh, Pam!”
“Coming!” Pam whined. “Ohhhh Goddd!” The two girls gasped as the spasms ripped through their loins. Cuntjuice gushed from their pussies like water wrung from sponges, gushed from one pussy into the other pussy.
Pam thought she felt an actual spurt of hot juice shoot from Cissy’s cunt and splash into her own. She gnawed at Cissy’s hard-clutching toes, clutched her own toes in Cissy’s mouth. It felt so good she wanted to float away on the sensations and never come back.
Cissy started giggling.
“What’s so funny?”
“I feel so good!” Cissy cooed. She pulled her foot away from Pam’s face, unscissored her legs from along Pam’s loins and torso, swung around and crouched between Pam’s legs. She kissed Pam’s navel, smooched down Pam’s lower belly to her muff.
Pam gasped, her entire body prickling and super-sensitive after her orgasm. Cissy pushed Pam’s legs wider apart, parted Pam’s cuntlips with her thumbs, blew on Pam’s clit, then flicked her tongue at it.
Pam arched up, panting. “Stop! I can’t stand it! I just came!”
Cissy giggled, mashed her lips to the naked meat between Pam’s cuntlips, sucked hard. Pam’s eyes almost popped out. Cissy sucked mercilessly on Pam’s clit. Pam grabbed her own nipples, pinching and twisting them. She was grinding her teeth. Cissy was torturing her, but for some reason she loved it.
“Bitch!” Pam whined. “Oh God, you’re killing me!”
Cissy forced Pam’s legs up in the air. They bent at the knees and Cissy pressed Pam’s thighs to her tits. Pam’s ass lifted off the mattress.

Pam’s open crotch and parted asscheeks waved in Cissy’s face. Cissy slurped from one end of Pam’s cunt-slit, from one end of Pam’s ass-cleft, to the other Cissy’s tongue made long, wet, noisy swipes up and down Pam’s naked clefts. Pam watched, stunned by what she was seeing. Cissy resembled a lapping dog. The post-orgasmic oversensitivity had passed in Pam’s cunt. Her crotch and asshole throbbed, itching for stimulation. She rubbed her ass in Cissy’s mouth. “Lick! Suck! Eat my pussy!”
Cissy glanced up at Pam wickedly, mischievously, seductively, licking and sucking Pam’s cunt and asscrack. The expression Cissy gave Pam was the same expression she’d given Jeff when her mouth was stuffed with his cock.
“Mmm!” she purred. “Yummy!”
She kissed Pam’s asshole, nuzzled Pam’s cunt, and shoved her tongue up Pam’s pussy, then up her asshole.
“You filthy bitch!” Pam mumbled, shocked by what Cissy was doing to her, but turned on more than she was shocked. “What are you doing, you animal!”
Cissy twisted her tongue deep inside Pam’s asshole. At the same time, she shoved her index finger up Pam’s cunt and started finger fucking.
Pam’s eyes rolled. Her ass gyrated. She gasped with each fuck-stroke of Cissy’s finger up her twat. Pussyjuice bubbled out of her around Cissy’s finger and ran down onto Cissy’s lips and tongue. Cissy pulled her tongue out of Pam’s asshole and licked up the juices. She pulled her finger out of Pam’s cunt and sucked it clean. She plunged her nose and mouth between Pam’s cuntlips, kissing, sucking, and licking.
Pam’s toes clutched. She panted and gasped as Cissy’s tongue wiggled up her cunt. Her hands came down on Cissy’s blonde head, pressing the other girl’s face deeper between her legs.
“Eat me!” she panted. “Suck me! Oh, Cissy, oh yesss!”
Cissy growled, sucking cunt, swallowing pussycream. Her right hand slipped between her thighs and she started finger fucking herself.
Crouched on the bed in front of Pam, her face pressed to Pam’s crotch and ass, her tongue sliding in Pam’s cunt, Cissy jerked off her own pussy, and Pam watched, fascinated and excited to see Cissy masturbating.
Pam dug her fingernails into Cissy’s scalp, rotated her ass and scoured Cissy’s face with her hairy cunt, rubbed her clit against Cissy’s nose and forced Cissy’s tongue deeper up her cunt. “Make me come, Cissy! Wiggle your tongue and make me come!”
Cissy turned up her blue eyes, giving Pam a seductive, ecstatic expression that sent excitement pulsing through Pam’s loins. Cissy’s eyes glazed over more and more. Her right hand jerked wildly between her legs, her finger making squishy sounds in her juicy cunt. Cissy’s tongue started to shoot electricity.
“Ohhh, Cissy!” Pam rolled back her own eyes and exploded. Her pussy leaked juice into Cissy’s mouth. Her toes curled hard as she humped her crotch in Cissy’s face.
Cissy’s eyes rolled back. She started to jerk, to grunt as the spasms shook her.
The two girls moaned in unison, a sexual current flowing through their young bodies as they spasmed together in ecstasy.