Chained, whipped librarians

Letha Gerard sat naked on a stool in the bathroom of her suburban condominium. She spread her long shapely legs and slid her hands down from the taut plane of her trim belly to the softly padded dome of her pussy mound.
Slender fingers teased through a broad wedge of blonde cunt hair. With the fingers of one hand, she parted the puffed outer lips of her juicy pink pussy slit.
With the long middle finger of the other hand, she teased the moist bud of her tingling clit. Letha climaxed with her fingertip.
“Oh, God,” she moaned, still trembling. “I need a big cock!”
Letha was thirty-two, widowed three years before by a motorcycle accident that took the life of her sexy and extremely well-hung husband. She had never fully recovered from that loss, and no one knew what tormenting need there was in her simmering pussy.
Letha had gone to work at a branch library, where she was strictly supervised by a prudish bitch with a rigidly old-fashioned moral code.
No makeup was allowed, and only “sensible” shoes – cloddish things with thick stubby heels. Nothing was supposed to distract male library patrons from studious pursuits. Letha had even been scolded for smiling at a man checking out books.
She’d have told the bitchy head librarian to take her job and shove it, but work, was hard to find. So Letha suffered and played the role of frigid prude during working hours and maintained an air of rigid respectability whenever anyone who might report misconduct was around.
It hadn’t been too difficult at first. Crushed by the death of her loving husband, Letha found comfort retreating into a cocoon of sexless propriety. But now her period of mourning was over.
Letha grinned lewdly and plunged her long middle finger deep into her cunt. She groaned as her cunt muscles shivered and squirmed, squeezing her finger in a pliant vise of moist flesh.
She fucked the probing finger in and out and whirled her thumb on her distended clit nub, cumming again after just a few quick strokes. Her anxious pussy was seething, strained by a need for the thrilling hot sex she’d done without for too long.
But Letha still needed her job, at least until she could find one where the rules were less restrictive.
Relaxed by the tremors of two self-induced orgasms, Letha grinned. She was pleased with the plan she’d worked out. It was so daring that a prim and proper librarian would never be suspected.
Letha turned on the hot lather machine her husband had used. Watching its spout gush creamy foam made her squirm, it looked so much like a jetting cock. She cupped the flowing hot lather in her left hand and smeared it all over the blonde bushy mound of her cunt. The hot cream made her pussy lips quiver with desire. Letha was so horny that she had to take several deep breaths to steady her hand. Then she took a razor and shaved her seething cunt.
Purring softly, she put on a black leotard. It hugged her lithe body and sleek curves like a second skin. Letha adjusted the snug-fitting top so that her firm, sharp-peaked tits thrust proudly nude through twin round openings she’d cut and hemmed for them.
An open V she’d cut in the crotch of the slinky black suit exposed the smooth hump of her newly shaved pussy. Letha smiled and opened a bottle of the clear gummy liquid actors use to put on false beards and mustaches.
She brushed the sticky goo all over her denuded pussy mound, not minding the brief chill or mild sting of the wet glue. Then she carefully put on a furry black muff shaped to match the wedge of her own missing cunt hair.
Letha had cut and shaped the pussy toupee from the black mink collar of a coat found on sale in a charity thrift shop. It was an essential part of her disguise. Who would expect a mousy blonde librarian to have shimmering cunt hair blacker than coal?
Next Letha put on a long black wig that covered her own tightly coiled hair. Soft bangs fell over bet forehead and a raven cascade swept down to the small of her back. She brushed the wig until it sheened like a crow’s wing.
Tinted contact lenses made her pale-brown eyes look vibrant and sky-blue. Letha’s anxious smile curved wryly.
She hardly recognized her reflection in the bathroom mirror. A black sequin-trimmed bandit’s mask with slanted cat-like eyeholes covered the upper half of her face, disguising it completely.
Letha next slipped on long black cavalier boots that reached up over her knees. Their slender spike heels added four inches to her already-impressive height.
Then she shrouded herself in a flowing black silk cape and put on a long blood-red false fingernails. She picked up a black leather satchel and slipped unseen out of her back door to vanish into the dark of the night.
Careful to say out of the moonlight, Letha moved silently toward her destination two blocks away. She thought more about poor Jim Carver with each stealthy step she took.
In the last few weeks he’d checked out several books and medical journals – everything the library had on the subject of frigid women. At other times Letha had waited on Jim’s stiff and tight-lipped wife, Ellen, who read nothing but religious books.
It wasn’t hard for an attentive librarian to figure out what was wrong in their marriage. Nor was it hard for a daringly restless widow to come up with a cure unlike anything likely to be found on public library shelves.
Letha crept up to the Carvers’ side door. Silent as a shadow, she went to work with a lockpick, using techniques she had learned by reading a police handbook on burglary. The cheap lock yielded quickly, just as the book said it would.
She took a deep breath of the cold night air and slipped quietly inside. Using a penlight, Letha found the hall and then the Carvers’ bedroom. Her heart beat like a trip-hammer. The forbidden thrill of it made her pussy throb with heat.
The bedroom door was slightly ajar. Letha peeked in and saw the couple sleeping soundly in twin beds set on opposite sides of the room. The situation was as she’d expected.
Letha went to the wife’s bed first and quietly opened her satchel. She took out two lengths of black nylon cord and carefully bound one around each of the woman’s wrists. Then she looped the loose ends around the bedposts and slowly pulled the slumbering woman’s arms above her head.
Ellen Carver stirred slightly while Letha was cinching the knots tight, but did not wake up.
Very cautiously, she pulled away the bedcovers. Mrs. Carver shivered and stirred again, Letha held her breath until the woman settled again. Then she took out two more lengths of cord and bound the woman’s ankles to posts at the foot of the bed.
Letha couldn’t help noticing that Ellen Carver had a luscious ripe body, but she’d hidden her voluptuous curves under a baggy flannel nightgown. Letha vowed to take care of that later.
Letha wadded up a ball of silky black cloth, gently eased open the woman’s slack jaw and then quickly stuffed in the gag. Ellen’s lush body stiffened and swelled with a choked-off scream. She started in shock and tried to sit up, straining the cords around her wrists and ankles. Her dark eyes flared wide with a look of stark terror.
Letha placed a strap across the woman’s gaping mouth and tied it behind her neck to keep the gag in place. Ellen’s face was whiter than the sheet under her head. Muffled grunts of fury came from her gagged mouth.
“Shhh! Don’t be frightened,” Letha said. “I’m here to help you.” She kept her voice soft and low and made it far more breathy than her normal tone.
Mrs. Carver could not believe that a fearsome specter masked and cloaked all in black meant no harm. Waking up bound and gagged was the most terrifying experience of her whole life. Her body trembled and shivered.
Letha flashed a smile, meant to be reassuring, and turned her attention to the tall and strongly built forty-year-old man asleep in the other bed. She slipped off her long black cape and let it fall.
Ellen saw two naked tits with hardened nipples and a spread of sheening black cunt hair that seemed to glow in the pale moonlight. The haunting black form pulled back the sheet and blanket that covered Jim Carver. He slept nude, sprawled on his back with one hand curled around the shaft of his flaccid cock.
Letha saw right off that it was a prick of very pleasing proportions. She slipped into bed with Jim and eased his hand away from his cock. Her warm hand closed around it and stroked it with a teasing, slow rhythm. Letha wanted to delay his awakening as long as she could. His cock began to pulse warmly in response. Letha heard him breathe a heavy, dreamy sigh. His wife made muffled sounds of distress.
The black-wigged and masked beauty said, “Shhhh!”
Then she bowed and softly kissed the head of Jim Carver’s big cock with her puckered lips.
He moaned in dreamy delight. Letha licked and swirled her tongue over the blue-red knob of cock almost fully hard. She circled her lips and sucked his prick in, gliding down the long prick-shaft to its hairy root. Letha wanted him to awaken with his cock spurting as it would in a wet dream. Her soft lips snugged and sucked while her tongue rippled along the tender underside of his upright cock.
“Aaggghhh!” he roared, shocked from sleep by the surging force of jetting cum. “What the hell?”
The lewd pleasure didn’t stop abruptly as it did when he awakened from a wet dream. A woman swarm and yearning lips were still pulling hard on his gushing prick. He could hear her making wet gurgling noises as she happily swallowed his cum.
“Ellen is that you?” His sleepy voice rang with joy. “You’re finally sucking my cock like I’ve begged you to all these years?”
Jim Carver looked up and blinked, gazing first at his wife bound and gagged in her bed on the far side of the room, then at the masked raven-haired woman whose beautiful face was bobbing up and down on his wet prick.
“Ohhhh, baby! I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but you’re the answer to a horny man’s prayer. My frigid wife has never sucked my cock, not once in twenty years of marriage.”
“Hhhmnun,” Letha cooed, delighted to bring a man such long-awaited pleasure.
She had learned young in life to savor the taste of salt-sweet cum and thrill with the hammering throb of a hot prick lodged deep in her young throat.
Carver cried, “Suck it, sweetheart! Drink my cum and drain me dry! Oooh, God! You’ve got such a great mouth. I want to cum in you again and again!”
From Ellen came the muted sound of jealous rage. She could hardly believe that a beautiful, raven-haired temptress had broken into their home to perform unthinkably obscene acts with her husband. Nor did she want to believe that he enjoyed it so very much.
It took Letha almost a minute to suck Jim’s overloaded balls dry. All the slithering hot come she’d swallowed made her unbearably horny. She hadn’t fucked a man for three years, but Carver’s throbbing big cock hadn’t been sucked at all until that night.
She spread her trembling legs wider apart and worked her head deeper into his hairy crotch. As his sated cock weakened in her throat, she could push down on him farther. Letha strained her mouth wide and sucked his quaking balls into her mouth.
His voice rasped with deep groans of rapture. “You see that, Ellen? This luscious bitch is eating my cock, balls and all!”
Prudish Mrs. Carver snarled and struggled in shock, enraged by the nightmare of depravity she still didn’t want to believe.
Letha’s cock-hungry throat milked Carver’s delighted prick-shaft. Her swirling soft cheeks and wiggling tongue teased his balls with tantalizing strokes.
“Jeezus! She’s heating up another load already. I can feel the pressure. God damn! Ellen’s frigid cunt could never do that!”
Letha splayed her fingers and slid them up Jim Carver’s broad, hairy chest. Then she curled her thumbs around his rigid nipples and twirled them until he bucked and raged with joy.
“Hhhooo! Having my little man-titties whirled is pure raw pleasure! My worthless, cold wife never does that either!” His cock swelled so long and hard in her throat that Letha had to let his balls pop from her mouth as her head was pushed back.
She kept a hand on his chest to tease one taut nipple then the other, swaying back-and-forth. Her other hand came down to cup and tease his wet balls.
“Ooooh, shit! I’m cumming again already. My cock is throbbing and my balls feel turned inside out. God, I love pumping cum into your beautiful face!”
Letha liked it, too, and if her pussy weren’t so hot, she’d have gone on sucking after Carver’s second orgasm just to see how many times she could tongue him to a gushing climax in one night.
Her slithering, cum-glossed lips kept up their exquisite suction until she’d swallowed his last drop of silvery hot spray and felt the last trembling aftershock of his second orgasm of the night. Then she raised her head up and licked her smiling lips.
“Now you’re going to fuck the masked phantom of your dreams,” Letha said in a low and sultry voice she’d practiced to disguise her own.
“I’m-I’m not sure I can get it up again. Christ, I’m forty years old and long out of practice because I’ve got a frigid wife.”
“I’ll have you hard again in no time,” she assured him. Letha straddled his taut-muscled loins and inched forward on her knees. She raised his rubbery cock shaft and pressed the tender underside against the warm soft slit of her mink-furred cunt.
“Ooooh, your pussy is wet and hot as a swamp! I couldn’t get that much heat from Ellen if I set her cunt hair on fire!”
His wife huffed and raged, thrusting her tongue and straining her bonds in a frenzied effort to work the stifling gag from her mouth.
Letha saw that Jim was staring at her proud tits and said, “Don’t be bashful. Reach up and give them a good feel. I know my tits aren’t as big as your wife’s, but they’re firm and overflowing with warmth.”
Carver clamped an eager hand on each proudly peaked cone and twirled her cherry pink nipples hard.
“Ooooh, Jim! Keep it up! That sends fiery little shocks of pleasure all the way down to my cunt!”
He sighed and moaned, thrilled beyond anything in his wildest dream. “Ooooh, my lovely fuck-phantom! You’re hotter than my wife ever was!”
Ellen’s angry breath hissed louder and she popped the gag out of her mouth.
“The curse of our Lord Jesus is on you now, James Carver! Have all the fun you can now with that lascivious witch because you’re going to burn forever in hell’s fire, and you’ll never touch me again as long as ye shall live!”
“Oh, shit,” Jim said in a small strained voice that only Letha could hear. “I hoped my taunting would make her jealous and turn her on. Lord knows I’ve tried everything else in the book.”
Letha grinned wryly and said, “I know… don’t worry, I’ll take care of her for you when we’re through. You’ll both be happy and fucking each other to orgasm when I leave.”
“That would be a miracle,” he said bleakly. “Ellen has never climaxed. Not once in her whole life.”
“She will tonight,” Letha promised. “I’m going to leave just enough juice in your steamy hot prick to pleasure that poor woman right out of her mind!”
Letha felt horny enough to fuck Jim’s big cock until it wouldn’t even wobble, but she couldn’t be that selfish. After all, the head librarian said it was her duty to assist the reading public every way that she could, and both the Carvers, had valid library cards.