Natalie the hoe

“Shopping always makes me feel good. Prada, Gucci, Manolos, DG, so
many expensive brands to choose from, what’s a poor college girl to
do? Well one solution would be to work hard and save up as much as I
could to buy one special pair of shoes or one bag. But why should I do
that when I can get what I want without having to do a bit of work.
Well ok, yes I do have to expend some effort, but I wouldn’t call
blackmailing a hormone-driven hard-on with a body attached to it work.
No, that’s pure enjoyment!” Natalie was thinking all these thoughts
to herself as they perused Bergdorf’s. Every now and then she would
give her roommate a knowing look, and they would both smile and laugh,
reviling in the power they had over weak-willed, spaghetti-kneed,
spineless, undisciplined, jerky boys.

“How many gulps do you think he has had?”

“I don’t know, but whatever it is its not enough!” her Asian
cheerleader roommate shot back, and both girls cracked up.

Men were plaything to these beauties. They could find a weakness in
almost any man they ever met and exploit it for their gain. As a
matter of fact, at this very moment, one of those walking hard-ons was
back in their apartment, tied down to a gurney, ass in the air, trying
with all his might to keep a full gallon of cramp inducing, hot soapy
water from leaking out of his ass, and via tube, into his gagged mouth.
She could have sworn she heard him gag and swallow three times
already. She had her phone in her purse, it was on speaker so she
could hear every little noise he made. His moaning and crying brought
peals of laughter from both of the girls.

“That will be $875.25,” the cashier sweetly intoned, sensing that
these girls were out shopping on someone else’s dime. “Usually
those older guys like to be with the girls when they shop… she must
have this one wrapped around her finger, but good,” she mused to
herself as Natalie handed over a platinum MBNA Visa card to her. Of
course it was his credit card. Natalie sure as hell was not going to
pay over $800 for a pair of shoes that she will in all likelihood only
wear once or twice. Natalie had already gone through his $500 ATM
limit on a dress and some makeup. Now she was maxing out each and
every credit card he had. She was going to put him deep into debt, so
deep that he would never be able to get himself out from under it!

Oh she loved the feeling of power, the power she had over him just
coursed through her veins. If he so much as made a peep or worse,
failed to pay down these cards by next weekend so she could shop the
new Fall sales, she would make sure his life was ruined. And the best
part was, he had no idea that he was already in way over his head. She
would be sure to tell him, in the most emasculating and degrading of
circumstances. The best way to break someone was to toy with them,
until they realize that there is nothing that they can do to escape.

“Once he realizes how futile his situation is, he wont ever fight
back, and I will have another perfect pet!” she was hot between her
thighs as the charge card machine sang out another expensive sale,
another weight added to his mountain of debt.

“God, I can’t wait to show him all the receipts. Let him add up in
his head how much we have spent, and then stuff the bits of paper into
his mouth, one at a time, and make him swallow them!” Natalie said
aloud to her roommate, her eyes alight at the prospect of further
humiliation. The sexy, intuitive sales girl looked up for a second,
smiled and thought, “Oh, he’s one of those kinds, how lucky these
girls are!”

“I am going to cover them in hot sauce first and then when he is
chewing them, I swear to god, I am going to hold his nose shut and slap
his pig-face over and over until he swallows. I love making losers eat
the receipts, its better than kicking them in the balls…”

“Welllllllll, ALMOST!!!” both girls said in unison and doubled over

“To be honest, I kind of wish he was here… We need someone to carry
our bags!” Natalie said, still laughing.

“I don’t mean to interrupt, but I know the kind of guy you are
looking for.” It was the young salesgirl. Natalie and her roommate
listened intently, they knew that these salesgirls were sort of like
the concierges at great hotels. They know everything and having one on
your side could be a major asset. “See the older gentleman over in
the shoe section? The one sitting down, pretending to read while he
indulges the view? Maybe he would like to lend you a hand?” Oh yes,
Natalie saw this lecherous, disgusting old pervert when they walked in.
At the time she was wondering who on earth would be with such a
sickly, slimy creep, but now it was clear. He might be well dressed
and trying to look the part, but Natalie had radar for men like him.
He was on his own and he was enjoying himself a little too much. She
could see the bulge in his trousers already.

“Oh, you are going to pay dearly for your transgressions, each and
every one,” she whispered to herself as her eyes narrowed. Her chest
heaved with the thoughts of breaking another jellyfish-spined loser.
Her long legs and deadly curves were too much for the weaker sex. And
her roommate was just as deadly. They might look sweet and naďve, but
both women were skilled and manipulating, controlling and smashing the
egos of well-healed “gentlemen.” Her Asian cohort made an audible
“Tsk” and both girls sauntered over, their sexy walk belaying their
true intentions. The poor old man never had a chance.