Stripper Wife

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals, are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip, show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who surreptitiously join the neighborhood mateswappers.

Ellie, the young woman in this story, is one of these outwardly normal people. But when she leaves her husband and begins a new life as a nude dancer, she also discovers depths of depravity she previously never would have considered herself capable of. And so she tried at first to deny her real self, seeking refuge behind other facades, but ultimately failing.

STRIPPER WIFE a shocking story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


Barry Price fought his way up, through the hangover mist in his brain, until he was teetering on the thin edge between sleep and wakefulness.

There was something strange about the reaction of the mattress under him when he moved. When he shifted his weight the mattress seemed to dip towards the center of the bed. This would only happen if there were someone else in bed with him.

He slid his hand slowly across the bed under the blanket. His fingers touched something soft and smooth and warm. Now his ears detected the sound of another pair of lungs breathing raggedly he let his fingers trace the outline of the warm, soft, smooth object.

It could only be one thing: the tender cheek of a very nice ass. So Barry knew he was in bed with someone. His searching fingers came to the furro between the ass cheeks. He probed between them and on down to the space between the thighs. There his fingers found the furry crack of a cunt.

He sighed in relief; at least he wasn’t in bed with a man. It was hard to tell sometimes what crazy stunts he could pull when he went off the deep end and let the booze get to him.

He forced his eyes open and rolled over to look at his companion. She lay on her stomach with her face away from him. The blanket covered her only as far as the middle of her back, and above it she was nude. Her breasts must be large, he reasoned, because there was a wealth of them pressing outward beneath her. At least that was good Barry was one hell of a tit man.

She had thick, long blonde hair and it fanned out over her shoulder blades. The blonde hair stirred his memory; he had a faint picture of tight pants, and a tighter, well-filled sweater. But he still couldn’t put a face on that picture. In fact he couldn’t remember where he’d met her, or even where he’d started his binge.

Gently he rolled her over and his eyes went directly to the jutting, pink-tipped mounds that leapt to attention on her chest. They were big, all fight, and as firm as they could be. He wanted to suck on them at once, but the throb in his head got in the way.

His first look at her face put him in an excellent mood. He was getting better and better at pickin them while being juiced out of his mind. This one was a real beauty. Her lips, devoid of lipstick, were flail and pouty, and they were a pale pink. She had a fine nose and high cheekbones which gave her a gaunt, hungry look.

He wondered if he had fuck her and, if so if it had been good for both of them. He hoped so. This one would have been a real waste to flake out on.

Damn, he thought, I got to stop this boozin’ so much.

He rolled from the bed and staggered in the direction he thought the bath would be. The girl in the bed looked like class. She didn’t fit the apartment and he again wondered how the hell they had gotten together.

He adjusted the shower to the right temperature and stepped into the tub. He let the water beat the fuzz out of his brain and then soaped himself down completely. His cock was a little sore so he assumed that he had gotten fucked and probably more than once.

After toweling his body dry he found the kitchen and put on some coffee. When the machine started making noise Barry returned to the bedroom.

The sleeping girl had taken advantage of his absence. She now lay sprawled clear across the width of the big bed. She was on her back and the blanket had slipped from her voluptuous body to the floor. Barry could see all of her and it all looked good.

Her legs were long and lean and smooth, with just a few little blue veins showing high up near where they met her pussy. Her belly was gently rounded and the navel seemed to wink at him. Her waist was tiny. Under her fine tanned skin he could see the outlines of her ribs. The gently curling fur on her cunt barely hid the pink slit. It too was blonde.

He had intended to put on his clothes when he’d come into the bedroom, but the sight of her naked beauty stopped him. He stood with his shorts dangling from his hand and tried to remember again how it had been with her. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t think; nothing happened in his mind. But something was happening in his body; his cock was getting hard.

The jangle of the alarm on the small table beside the bed startled him. He reached quickly for it but it was too late. The girl rolled over and pushed herself upright. Her breasts got even larger when they swayed outward from her body with their full weight.

“Good morning,” she said, balling her hands into fists and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “Were you leaving?”

Barry looked at the shorts in his hand and quickly dropped them. “Uh… I was.”

The girl propped both pillows against th headboard and leaned back against them. “Must you?”

He shot a quick glance at the clock. “Well, I’ve got a Goddamn job interview but… it’s not until noon.”

“Good,” she said, and smiled as she passed her hands across her breasts and squeezed them into two huge cones. “You were pretty drunk last night.”

“Was I too drunk?”

“Oh no… not too drunk,” she said, and spread her legs. It was then that he saw the seepage of clear fluid from her cunt. It was unmistakably him.

Barry smiled and lightly fisted his cock. He now knew that it had been good with her. If only he could remember it. “As a matter of fact the whole evening is kind of a blank. Can you fill it in for me?”

“Sun,” she replied, and lightly pushed her index finger up inside her pussy. “After.”

He felt stupid. He wanted to fuck her like crazy but he didn’t even know her name. Then he saw her take her finger out of her cunt and suck the mixture of their juices from it and it didn’t make any difference if he knew her name or not.

He moved into the bed beside her. He reached out and capped the fullness of her huge tit with his hand. The nipple rose at once and tickled his palm with lust and heat.

She arched her back and twined her arms aroun his neck to draw his face close to hers. “After all,” she murmured. “If you don’t even remember last night I think I’d better give you a refresher course.”

Their lips met, her tongue slipped between his and into his mouth. He touched it with his own tongue and moved his other hand to cup her other breast. She twisted her shoulders from side to side to rub her big firm breasts against his hands. He squeezed some more and felt the tension from her tits flow down to harden his throbbing prick.

She moaned directly into his mouth, then moved her lips to his ear. “Don’t waste time,” she whispered. “I’ve got a hell of a short fuse.”

“What do you want… how?” he growled.

“I want fucked,” she said. “I don’t care how or where… just fuck me.”

He let one of his hands drop from her breast and it glided down over her belly to the juncture of her hot thighs. His fingers found the soft, pulpy lips of her pussy and made her whole body jump against him. Her breasts seemed to burn into his chest as he gently inserted two fingers up her cuntal channel.

“Ohhh, yes… do something for my pussy… feed it your bad cock, lover. Now, do it now!”

She quivered to his probing touch and locked her thighs tightly about his wrist to keep his pleasure-giving fingers inserted in her steaming cunt. Her mouth was slack and wet against his fac as she moved her head so her tongue could probe into his ear.

Barry forgot all about the strangeness of the situation. He forgot all about anything but the sheer perfection of her breasts, her thighs, and the hot, liquid warmth of her cunt over his fingers. He knew only that she was seething and alive and naked in his arms.

Her hands moved over his body, searching, probing until she found his meat. Her hand clenched over his cock and squeezed.

“Big… big, beautiful, hard cock,” she moaned. “I like big cocks… cocks that can ram way up inside me and tear my cunt apart. I like your cock, Barry.”

She put her other hand over his cock and started slowly jacking him. Her teeth fastened on the lobe of his ear. The pain of her bite made him dig his fingers viciously into the tender inner flesh of her cunt. Her pussy syrup oozed from her hole and formed a sticky puddle in the palm of his hand. He ground the heel of his hand against her clitoris and she responded with a moan of pure passion.

As his other hand and his lips labored over her tits she writhed and groaned. She was one hot woman and Barry knew that whatever he had missed the previous night he was about to experience, in spades, now.

Her nails played with the head of his cock, exciting him, driving him higher and higher towar the mountain of his all-consuming passion. The arm around his neck forced his head back down to her breasts.

“Suck on them… make my pussy tingle while you suck on my tits,” she said.

Barry opened his mouth wide to take in as much of her sweet breast flesh as he could. She arched her back, thrusting the twin mounds of desire against him as she loosened her teeth from his ear.

“Ohhhh, lover… good, so fucking good,” she groaned as he let his teeth find her erect nipple and hold it fast while his tongue fuck out at it.

He pushed her from the pillows, further down into the bed. Her fingers twined in his hair, pulling his head tighter against her breast, moving his hot lips from one ruby peak to the other. His tongue left a wet trail of fire down across her breasts to her belly. He paused to dip into the well of her navel.

She groaned again, her belly pulsing under his mouth. His tongue trailed into the top of her furry triangle. “Yes, eat it… suck my cunt a little before you ram your meat up it!”

The sweet, clean flesh of her thighs was tender under his lips. The musk from her splayed cuntal lips rose in shimmering waves to his nostrils. He inhaled deeply and felt his cock throb in quick response. Remembering how she had reacted to slight pain, he nipped at the folds of her pulpy vulva with his teeth, making her gasp for breath.

He licked her juices with his tongue, making his lips flutter over the clitoris as it jumped to attention and protruded from the glistening cuntal fold.

Her legs jumped higher in the air, her feet reaching for the ceiling as the thighs spread as wide as they could in order to give him room.

With his lips he felt the waves of passion under her skin as her muscles rolled and twitched with delight. Her fingers in his hair closed into fists. She yanked and pulled his face into her cunt.

Hoarse guttural sounds came from deep in her throat. “Suck it… SUCK MY CUNT!” she cried.

Then he went after her pussy with a will.

Her buttocks seemed to curve upward towar his face as her hands pulled violently against the back of his head. The wetness of her cunt lip seemed to slap against his face. The heady mush from her seething pussy again filled his nostrils. On instinct alone he moved his head from side to side, grinding his nose, his chin, and his lips into her cavity.

Her firm, fleshy thighs closed around his head, forcing his face further and harder into her writhing cunt. “Your tongue, Barry, use your fucking tongue on it… spoon my juice into your mouth!”

He opened his mouth and sent his tongue, like a hot spear, deep into her cunt hole. Immediately his mouth filled with her sticky juices. He swallowe in great gulps in order to both breathe and enjoy. Quickly he learned that he could cause her bod tremors to become volcanic in proportion if he gasped her buttocks and pulled her cunt hard into himself. At the same time he probed and stroked the hardened knob at the very top of her slit with the tip of his tongue.

He knew he had succeeded when a tiny scream erupted from her throat and her body tensed like a board making itself an extension of his head.

Nothing moved except her buttocks and hips, grinding the spongy hardness of her pubic bone against any part of his face it could reach.

“It’s so good!” she cried. “I’m coming so fucking good! Don’t stop sucking, Barry! Suck it dry and then you can fuck me with your cock! Suck, Barry, SUCK!”

She’s coming, he thought, and she’s damn near made me come just tasting such sweet pussy. He felt ripple after ripple of orgasm race across her skin and through her body. The juices from her pussy were like nectar in his mouth as he practically pried her ass further into the air by hooking his tongue under her pelvic bone and lifting.

Slowly she relaxed and unwound her legs from around his head. “Now,” she sighed. “Now put your big cock inside me, Barry. Give me your meat. Take me, take me all the way! FUCK ME!”

He raised to his knees between her spread leg and, holding his cock in his hand, looked down at her seething body.

Her eyes were calm now, almost hooded, and a smile pouted with calculated passion twisted her lips. She placed her hands under her buttocks and lifted her cunt to the tip of his throbbing cock. The cuntal lips yawned invitingly open, forming a glistening furrow between the curling blonde hair.

He eased forward, sending the quivering head of his prick between those juicy lips. How warm it was, he thought, how good it felt. How easy her sucking pussy parted for the entrance of his cock. Her gooey juices swirled around his meat as, an inch at a time, he slipped it into her soft sheath.

One strong surge of his hips and his cock was balls deep in her pulpy cunt. At the full feel of him she let go a hoarse, sharp scream. Her thighs locked around his hips, her nails raked his back as her body writhed under him, sending her velvet-lined cuntal walls back and forth over his driving prick.

“Good, good,” he groaned. “Fuck me back… fuck me back hard.”

“Pound it, baby!” she replied, gasping out the words. “Pound my pussy with that beautiful hunk of man… ream the juice right out of it!”

It was like riding a tidal wave. She rocked and twisted under him while he smashed at her cunt with long, rapid, plunging strokes. Each time his thighs smacked against the back of hers she grunted out her joy and her delight. And each tim he withdrew, the muscles in her talented pussy tightened around him, trying to keep him from leaving the raging inferno of her cunt.

And then she was coming again. Her heels beat a rhythm on his ass cheeks as her thighs pulled and tugged him until their bones were mashed against each other with only the buffer of their thick pubic mats between them.

He felt his sac nestled in the crack between her ass cheeks. Her hands, on his hips, guided the speed and intensity of his thrusts. In and out he slid his prick as the pressure in his balls built quickly toward its violent release.

“I think I’m gonna come, baby,” he growled.

“It’s all right, honey,” she gasped a reply. “Go ahead… come… come in my pussy. Pour your fuck cream into my belly!”

He fought the pleasure peak until he felt her tremble beneath him, every muscle in her body locked in spasmodic joy. Her teeth clamped onto his shoulder and her nails drove deep into his skin. With one final lunge he reached his own come.

When she felt his heat coming inside her she flexed her legs and held his cock deep and still inside her as she brought herself off a third time by grinding her clitoris against his bone.

When it was over her rolled to his side. His cock was still in her cunt, clasped as if by a vise with pressure from her thighs against her cunt lips.

“Oh, that was fantastic,” she groaned. “No pull your prick out of my pussy and stick it in my mouth. I’ll suck whatever’s left out of your balls.”

God, he thought, she was really one hot one, but who was he to question why. He pulled his cock free of her cunt and rose to his toes and hands so his prick was dangling above her beautiful face.

The quivering head of his prick glistened wetly from the juice of her cunt and the remains of cum that still seeped in tiny droplets from the slit. She moved her head up. Higher, higher it went, until her face was only an inch below the jutting head of his prick. She opened her mouth and licked her lips, allowing the tip of her tongue to almost touch the oozing head.

“Now… now fuck my face with it!” she said.

He lowered his thighs and shoved his cock into her head.

“Yes,” she mumbled around the head of his cock. “Your cock tastes good… mmmmm fucking good!”

With a long, piercing wail she opened her mouth wide and took the head of his cock deeply into it. She moved her tongue in faster and faster strokes around the ridge of his meat as he started to fuck.

“Oh yeah, yeah,” he groaned. “Suck my cock… eat it… EAT MY MEAT!”

Her tongue worked on the head and the shaft each time his hips dipped it further into her mouth. With the darting tip of her tongue she parted the tip of his fiery prick, widening it so tha more juice from his balls could flow out into her mouth.

This newfound sensation made Barry jerk his hips harder and drive his prick deeper and harder against the roof of her sucking mouth. He was nearly screaming in sweet bliss now as his balls again ached with the need for release.

The girl was using her lovely face to suck with all the power in her cheeks now. She rubbed her enormous tits against his thighs, adding to the pleasure already being caused by her hollowed cheeks and insistently lapping tongue.

He knew that he would soon come again. He could feel that slight, throbbing tension on the underside of his cock as it lathered back and forth across her tongue to send the head crashing into the very depths of her lovely throat.

Her lips and her nose were pressed against the wiry ends of his pubic hair on each downstroke of his hips. “I’ve got to come again… I can’t hold it back, it’s already started,” he gurgled.

And then, without any further warning, he was thrashing out his come.

He jammed his hips down, burying his prick deep in her clasping throat. She moaned with wild bliss as the first hot spurts of cum juice shot from the pulsing hole in his hotly spurting cockhead. His sperm flooded her throat and her sucking mouth. It gushed in great gobs that she was barely able to swallow fast enough to catch her breath.

Her throat bobbed and torrent after torrent of hot cream juiced her throat and slid, like a wet oyster, down into her belly.

Finally, spent, he pulled his cock from her mouth. The head left a thin, silvery trail of semen as he drew it slowly across her cheek. Tiny flecks of his cum were left on her lips.

He leaned over and kissed the cum from her lips.

“Now,” he said, “would you mind telling me your name?”


“You’ll never believe it,” she said, “even if I tell you.” She licked the remaining drops of cum from her lips and smiled coyly at him.

“Try me,” Barry said. “I always make it a point to know who I fuck, and when they’re as good as you, I usually want a return engagement.”

“Okay,” she said. “In that case… it’s Chile Day.”

“I didn’t ask what the weather was… I asked what your name is.”

“That’s it, lover,” she said. “Chile… like the country, and! Day.”

“You’re in show business?”

“Well, yeah, kind of… but I’ll tell you about that some other time. Now you want to know how and where we met?”

“Yeah,” Barry said, lighting a cigarette. “Un-confuse me.”

“We met at a party on the Near North side.”

“Whose party was it? How did I get there?”

“One question at a time,” she told him. “I don’t know who gave the party. I went with a fellow I met in a bar. And you were already there when I arrived. You were sitting in a corner with a bottle of whiskey between your legs and you were glaring at everybody. Everybody else was having so much fun and there you were, glaring. So I sat down next to you, and we started talking, and here we are.”



“Where are we? What part of town?”

“Somewhere on Madison… in a very tacky part of town… I think.”

“You think? Don’t you live here?”

“No. Of course not. This place belongs to someone who went home with a girl I know. We borrowed the place from them just before they left. You really don’t remember, do you?”

“Do you remember the job I offered you?” This woke him up with a start. He needed a job bad. He’d been boozing since his wife had left him the previous year, and it had gotten so bad that he had lost his carrier job, and two subsequent ones.

“No,” Barry said. “Was it a good job?”

“I think so,” she replied. “Well… dammit, tell me!”

“No,” she said, amused. “I think I’ll let you stew until tonight. In the meantime…”

She wrapped her hand around his cock again. It started to swell but it didn’t get completely hard. “You ask a lot of your men, don’t you?” he said.

“Only after I find out they can handle it,” she replied. “C’mon, lover… just one more little quickie before we both have to split out of here.”

He got on top of her and she hurriedly spread her soft, luscious thighs for him. This girl knew what she wanted, all right. She took hold of his fat prick and inserted the knob into her wet cunt.

“A morning fuck gets me goin’ right,” she said with a wicked smile.

He pushed in. It was delicious. Nothing like getting into a chick in the early hours of the morning, twice. It felt like his dick was hitting some muscle under her belly and there was a tickling sensation that made her mad with sensuality.

“Yes, oh yes, more!” she whimpered hotly.

He pounded her pussy harshly, but she seemed to enjoy it all the more. Barry felt insane with pleasure. His brain was on fire.

“I’ll give it to you, don’t worry,” he said, as if continuing some dialogue with himself. “I’ll fuck you like you’ve never had it!”

Her own body pressed backward. He grabbed her head, pulling her back by the hair, and with the other hand, violently shoved his index finger into her asshole.




The sharp pain of his thrust soon melted and sh began to feel a wave of sexuality in her anus. She hunched over his cock and his fingers with her two lower holes.

“More… more, lover… fuck it into me!”

She repeated the in-and-out action again and again, growling and voicing curses of love. Her body became a juggernaut of frenzied activity as she writhed on his mammoth organ, caressing and battering it against the far, inside wall of her cunt.

“Let me on top,” she hissed. “I want to grind my cunt down on it.”

They shifted positions. She placed the dripping head of his cock against her hole and let her weight settle the male meat inside her. Down, down she went until she felt the sac of his nuts press into the spread crevice between the cheeks of her ass.

“I thought this was going to be a quickie,” he said, smiling up at her.

“Hang on, lover.”

She began fucking him, rocking her spectacular body back and forth over his prick. Her huge breasts bounced and swayed beautifully across her chest as she moved.

Seeing her beautiful, full, firm breasts above him like that, and the way she worked his cock, and the way her full hips and thighs splayed out across his brought back the memories of the beautiful women he had known and loved.

This, he thought to himself, is what I really want. He came alive, startling her with sudde ferocity.

In one smooth motion he flipped her beneath him again. Grasping her by the ankles, he lifted her buttocks high off the bed until he could kiss her cunt by barely bending his head.

He fell across her, ramming his mouth, his teeth, his nose and his chin into the wet sweetness of her cunt. He shook his head from side to side, wallowing in her pussy, swallowing gulp after gulp of the river of juices that flowed in an unending stream from her body into his throat.

He tongued her cunt, her ass, her thighs, until she began groaning in delight and wriggled downward until she lay directly beneath him, her pussy straining upward to meet his throbbing prick.

Slowly he lowered his hips, watching her eyes glaze and her tongue dart between her lips as inch by inch his hard meat slipped into her sucking hole again.

When she was sure he was completely inside her, she wrapped her legs tightly around his ass and let her whole body erupt into a wrenching, bucking, twisting volcano of unbridled lustful fucking.

He joined in her ecstasy, matching the rhythm of his pounding hips with hers until he felt her body tense, her back arch, and her hips freeze as her orgasm ripped a stifled scream of total fulfillment from her agonized throat.

It was over quickly for both of them. Orgas after orgasm racked her body as he spurted his juices in long, hot streams far inside her heaving belly. Spent, he rolled away from her, the blood pounding in his temples.

“That was good… the best,” she said. “And I always want the best.” She was rubbing her body, sighing and rocking back and forth gently, with two fingers still submerged in the soaking mass of her cunt.

He studied her, lying naked there on the bed, that same smile on her lips, her hooded eyes enticing him, telling him without words that this wouldn’t be the last time for them. Her fingers worked in and out of her cunt with a slurping sound that screamed fuck, sex, cunt, cock, inside his head.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he moaned.

“I know,” she said, and again, that smile.

“When?” he said, and stood, climbing awkwardly into his clothes.

“Tonight,” she said. “I’ll call you.”

“I’ll give you my…”

“I’ve already got it,” she said.

By the time Barry got back to his own fifth-floor walk up, he was beat, but it was a pleasant kind of fatigue. One that came from the best exercise in the world… sex.

He flopped, fully clothed, across the bed, intending to set the alarm for his appointment, but forgetting. If the girl, Chile Day, was serious about the job offer, he wouldn’t need the appointment.

What a name, he thought, Chile Day. It couldn’t be real. But everything about her was real; really real. As he had been doing for the last year, after every chick he screwed, he compared her to Ellie, his ex-wife.

Inevitably, the comparison brought back all the memories of their three years together. As usual, his mind sifted through them and lit on just one. This time it was their first meeting.

It was, of all places, in the unemployment line. Barry was twenty-five then and not much caring about anything. He was half the time on a job, and half the time between them, collecting on the dole.

There was a couple of hundred people in the large room, most of them men, and all of them standing in lines. Barry got in a line right behind a tall, hippie-type girl who had the face of a fourteen-year-old and the body of a lot of woman.

He had only a glimpse of her body before he moved behind her, and his mind had a quick impression of huge tits jutting forward and a lush ass jutting rearward.

As the line grew behind him he felt himself forced against the back of the girl in front of him. Her buttocks were as soft as silk and they gave resiliently under his pressure.

He tried to think about everything but the beautiful girl pressed against him. He thought about his life, the fact that it was going nowhere, and worse yet, the fact that he didn’t seem to care. He wondered about what talents he had and realized that, outside of a bedroom, there weren’t very many.

Barry’s mind was jerked back to reality by the twitching of the girl’s buttocks. He’d thought she would ignore the helpless pressure of him against her. Instead, he now felt those heavy spheres jump against him. First the left muscle clenched tight and relaxed, then the right muscle repeated the action.

Barry tried to back away half a step, but she followed him. He couldn’t back up any further because of the person behind him, and her ass pressed hard against his crotch. He felt his body responding, and she must have felt it, too. She clenched her buttocks together, and he felt excitement begin to boil in his loins.

If she wanted it that way, Barry was no man to argue with her. He returned her pressure, and she began to roll her hips imperceptibly from side to side. The line moved slowly, and by the time the girl was at the counter Barry was aflame with desire. He wanted to touch her with his hands and the only thing that held him back was the presence of all the other people in the room.

Then she was gone, and he was stammering hi way through the questions. The woman behind the counter looked at him sharply, thinking perhaps that he was drunk. But she let him sign for his check anyway.

He stepped away from the counter and saw the girl standing near the exit door. Her tits were truly tremendous. They pointed at him like twin bullets as he crossed the room towards her.

The office was one floor above the street level, and above it in the building were a bowling alley and a couple of floors of offices.

The girl winked at him as he approached and turned through the door just ahead of him. Out in the stairwell she looked back at him, grinned, and went up instead of down. Barry looked around, saw that no one was paying any attention to him, and followed her to the landing between floors. It was relatively dark here and they were out of sight from both the floor below and the floor above.

She was leaning back against the wall waiting for him. Her teeth gleamed and her eyes glittered with excitement.

Barry stepped up close to her so that the tips of her breasts brushed across the front of his jacket.

She slumped against the wall and her belly pushed out at him, her loins touching his bulging crotch. “You’re really raring to go, aren’t ya?” she said with a slow grin.

He grinned back at her and slipped his hand inside her open coat to fill it with her blouse breast. Then was nothing but warm, hard-tipped softness under that blouse and she gasped at the touch.

“Lonesome?” she said.

“Everybody’s lonesome,” he replied.

“But not everybody’s hungry,” she countered, slumping against the wall and pushing her belly out to him. “I am.”

“You’re a runaway, aren’t you?” he said.

“Yeah… so what?”

“Nothin’,” Barry replied, his eyes drinking in the huge swell of her breasts. “How old are you?”

“Old enough,” she said, taking his hand and slipping it inside her blouse. “You’re hot already, aren’t you?”

“You’re not exactly an iceberg, yourself,” he said.

Her hand slipped between their bodies and squeezed him hard. “You got any money, honey? Like I said, I’m hungry.”

“Hungry for what?” he asked. “Food, or me?” His hand tightened on her breast.

“Both,” she said, returning his squeeze.

Her pink tongue fuck out from between her lips and ran around the outlines of her mouth, leaving behind a wet hail. Barry pushed himself closer, slipped one hand behind her to heft the heavy cheeks of her ass. Her skirt slipped over her skin as he tightened his hand, and he was torn between the desire for this girl and his edict agains paying for sex.

“I’ve got a place over on Clark Street… if you mean it, we can get some steaks…”

The smile she gave him was one of total relief. He mashed himself against her full length and his fingers slipped back inside her blouse. She ground her hips against him at the touch of his fingers on her naked skin, and he felt his hand tingle. Her skin was smooth and hot, her nipple pointed against his palm. Their lips met and her tongue drove into his mouth, setting fire where it touched him.

“Let’s not waste any more time here,” he groaned.

Barry splurged. They took a cab to his place. He gave her the key and told her he would meet her upstairs as soon as he got the food.

In the store he went all out: steaks, potatoes, wine; the works.

“Hey,” he called, kicking the apartment door shut behind him. Where…

“I’m going to shower… I hope you don’t care [missing text].”

“Have at it…” Barry said, and deposited the food.

While he got things prepared for dinner, he listened for the water to stop. When it didn’t, he moved into the bedroom and on to the shower.

“Hey… you gonna drown?” he shouted through the partially open bathroom door.

“I… uh… I haven’t had a shower for thre days,” she said. “It feels good.”

She was nervous, real nervous, and he knew it.

And he was right.

In the shower, Ellie Price was debating with herself. She really did want the meal, but she wanted him too. Since she had been in Chicago, she had tried this very same thing twice before. Both times had been failures.

Could she go through with it this time? The consequences of doing such a thing were as predictable as the arrival of tomorrow. He would fuck her! And she would lose control of herself and let him! Was that what she wanted?

Yes, she told herself. She had to.

That’s what her loins wanted anyway. That’s what her moist, twitching cunt wanted. Her body yearned for a man’s nakedness pressed against her, her cunt ached for his hot throbbing cock up inside her, her whole being craved for the inevitable consummation such a union would bring!

And yet the small voice in the back of her mind begged her to resist this temptation. How could she let herself be so completely guided by her sexual need?

She picked up the soap and immediately began sudsing her stiff-nippled breasts with one hand and caressing her aching, quaking cunt with the other.

He would be lying on the bed in the next room. He would be naked. Totally naked. Perhaps he would be under the covers. Perhaps not. He woul be drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette. I can’t! she thought.

But the rigid, throbbing clitoris beneath her fingertip told her she could.

The bedroom was dark when she opened the bathroom door. The voluptuous contours of her towel-draped body were highlighted by the shaft of light shimmering through the cracks in the drapes.

She quickly padded away from the door and over to the dresser. She dropped her personal effects back into her suitcase and turned to look at Barry.

Light, cast from the bathroom door, illuminated his body. He had pulled the covers up to his waist, but she knew he was naked beneath them.

“Barry… I might as well tell you the truth,” she said, standing nervously alongside the bed. “I’m still a virgin.”

“I figured something like that,” he replied, pounding his cigarette out in an ashtray.

“And I’d like to stay that way.”

He looked at her. Normally he would say, “Bull shit”. But there was something about her, something beneath what he saw, that he liked.

“Take off the towel,” he said.

She let it fall away and sat down on the bed. He took hold of her arm and pulled her down on top of him. Her breasts, loose and unconfined, crushed against his naked chest. His hands immediately began coursing up and down her back.

Gently, he kissed her cheek, nibbled at her earlobe. Ellie felt a familiar heat surging inside her, a heat generated by the warm, masculine, demanding body beneath her.

A little breathlessly, she said, “We… we still haven’t settled anything yet.”

“That’s as it should be,” Barry muttered as his hand moved down over her full hip and stroked the gentle snowdrifts of her ass cheeks.

There were more protests that buzzed around in Ellie’s brain, but their chance of articulation became more and more futile as her own body began to respond to his caressing hands. She became increasingly aware of the growing hardness pressing against her right hip, surging upwards beneath the covers, tugging new folds into the material. Impulsively, she moved her hips in closer to the stiffening cock-stick.

Barry’s mouth moved over to her lips. His tongue darted between her teeth, setting off new sparks of sensation within her. When his tongue withdrew momentarily, she followed it with her own until she was probing and exploring the inner surfaces of his mouth.

With each slamming heartbeat, with each panting, rasping breath, with each new contact of flesh upon flesh, Ellie’s sensual need grew. And as her need grew, her inhibitions diminished.

A recklessness of spirit consumed her, took control of her senses, her actions, left he helplessly at the mercy of the man beneath her.

And all the time, Barry continued to feed her growing flame of passion. Encouraged by her increased panting, her own wanton gestures inside his mouth, he could feel the warm, vibrant, fleshy globes of her naked buttocks beneath his palm. Boldly he ran his index finger through the deep crevice between these mounds, feeling first the tight, puckered button of her asshole and then touching the moist folds of her cuntal slit.

Ellie trembled and thrilled to the gesture, and wriggled her ass for more.

Again, he moved his finger up her crack, this time pausing to apply a little pressure on her anus. Ellie pushed her hips back, encouragingly, and Barry gently inserted his finger through the muscle until it was buried up to the second knuckle.

Ellie purred and groaned, nearly swooning with the erotic ecstasy generated by the squirming digit inside her asshole.

But all too soon, it was gone.

Barry pulled his mouth away from hers and, in the next instant, kicked the covers back, exposing his rigid, swollen cock.

Ellie caught only a glimpse of the glorious weapon before once again she was pulled down upon his nakedness. The sensation of hot flesh upon hot flesh was almost too much to bear.

Her nipples erected immediately, pushing through his ample chest hairs and digging into hi flesh. Without any urging, she swung her hips over until she was lying flat on him, her legs extended straight between his.

The hot, pulsing strength of his turgid cock was sandwiched between their bodies, pressed snugly into Ellie’s belly. She could feel his pubic hairs tickle her twitching cunt lips.

This time she took the initiative. She ground her hips into his groin, and brought her open, voracious mouth down on his. Their tongues sloshed together heatedly. Their hips writhed against each other.

Barry reached down and clutched her buttocks with both hands, pulling her in even harder. His strength both frightened and excited her.

Then he rolled over with her until she was lying on her back and he was on top. Their mouths remained fused. His hands still gripped her ass cheeks. The only difference now was that her legs were spread, and his were in between.

Ellie brought her trembling hands up to stroke his neck, his powerful shoulders, his smooth, sinewy flanks, and lower still to course over his naked, quivering buttocks.

Knowingly, he lifted his hips slightly and, instinctively, Ellie moved her feverish hands down his hips and in between their bodies. She caught hold of his hot, throbbing cock with both hands, and a spasm of delight ran through her whole body. Her fingers began to move up and down th length of his meat, caressing the head, then sliding back along the silky texture of the shaft to cup his bursting balls.

Ellie groaned and squirmed beneath him, stroking his prick faster and faster. Barry, panting above her, began licking her cheeks, her ear, her delicate neck and shoulders.

The scented, feminine taste of her became his obsession. He began moving lower.

She was forced to release his meat as he squirmed down on her body, kissing and sucking and nibbling at her quaking flesh like a man gone mad with hunger. His tongue left a wet trail around the heaving mounds of her tits, zigzagging teasingly through the valley between them, and then coursing up to the rigid nipple of one. He took the turgid rosebud between his lips and sucked hungrily.

Meanwhile, his hands were equally busy. He pushed them both down between their bodies, caught hold of the underside of her quivering thighs, and lifted her legs up and out. Then he moved his hands in and ran his fingers through the gooey, sopping, twitching slash of her cunt.

Barry sucked her other breast before continuing his trail of kisses down over her satiny belly.

At last his mouth neared the fur his hands had already found. The fragrant smell of her cunt fille his nostrils and fanned the flame of his desire. The crisp fleece of her pubic hair tickled his nose as hi lips burrowed down into her cunt hair. His tongue cruised first over her sticky inner thighs, tantalizing his tastebuds with a sampling of her juices, then he was nibbling at the quaking folds of her cunt lips.

Ellie writhed in delirious abandon as his mouth caressed the outer edges of her cunt. She moaned in anticipation of the wanton tongue that would soon enter her seething, sopping sheath.

Barry moved his body around on top of her until he was in a crouched position at a forty-five degree angle to her. With his hands he spread her legs further apart, leaving her entire cunt helplessly and deliciously vulnerable to his avid mouth.

Ellie cried out against the electric sensation that shot through her veins as his lips fused around her pulsing love-groove and his tongue snaked inside her sopping sheath. Expertly, knowingly, the wet muscle delved and stroked in and out around her hole, striking with a teasing pressure every trigger-point of desire imaginable.

Now totally possessed by her passion, Ellie began rotating her hips in a fucking motion. Barry quickly adopted a corresponding tempo with his lapping tongue.

Wave after wave of crimson-tinged desire engulfed her as the hungry mouth at the center of her being now concentrated on her clitoris, causing it to rise to new heights, generating hotter and hotter jolts of ecstasy by its unceasing attack.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, he began moving us hips around toward her head. Without disengaging his hold on the girl’s straining cunt hole, without even missing a tongue-stroke across her blood-engorged clitoris, he lifted his right knee and came down on the other side of her head, straddling her in a sixty-nine position.

For a full minute, Ellie was too deliriously intoxicated by his practiced attack on her slit to know what had happened. Only the hot, urgent pressure of his cock against her cheek awakened her to this new source of delight.

Without hesitation, her hands came up and caught hold of the rigid pole hanging above her and brought it down to her open mouth. So thick and unwieldy was his powerful meat that she could just barely insert the fat head of it between her lips. She began to suck avidly on the huge cock fucking her mouth.

Simultaneously, Barry’s tongue lashed away at her sopping cunt-flesh with renewed vigor, striking blindly, erratically at the crimson-colored inner surfaces of her cunt and then boldly teasing her exposed clitoris.

The panting and groans of their swirling, intense pleasure filled the room. Their naked, writhing bodies were now slick and glistening with perspiration.

Faster and faster they fucked with their mouths. Ellie’s overwrought senses cried out against th pleasures that were racking her body, pleasures that had now reached agonizing proportions. The insane delights created by his tongue inside her cunt had become unendurable. Consciousness threatened to leave her unless she found relief.

Orgasm became her obsession. It became the only meaningful goal in her delirium, the only release for the fierce emotions that now literally shook her body.

The cock-stick in her mouth suddenly stiffened with a ferocious intensity, almost wrenching itself loose as it gathered up a foreboding, independent strength.

At that very instant, Ellie’s alarmed senses suddenly broke. A blinding, incredibly intense sensation seized her body and began shaking it in violent convulsions.

So feverishly consumed was she by the intensity of her own climax that she was only subconsciously aware of Barry’s cock jerking off jet after jet of hot spunk into her sucking mouth. She swallowed the jism with the same abandon that controlled her jerking, spasming snatch, gulping with each powerful release, rhythmically, in the same unconscious manner her tightly compressed lips continued to suck harder on the spewing cock.

At last it subsided and the wild, seething tension in bath their bodies drained slowly away.

Strangely, Ellie was acutely aware of the last drop of semen that she gulped down, and of th quivering, twitching aftermath of her own climax. For a long moment they remained in th sixty-nine position, their mouths still lapping, almost involuntarily, the last dregs of each other’s love juices. Then Barry slowly rolled to one side and slumped heavily onto the bed, exhausted. Ellie turned to her side with him, refusing to release her grip on his fast-wilting cock.

They lay like that for several minutes. Finally, with a great deal of effort, Barry disengaged his limp cock from her mouth, and turned around on the bed until his head was pillowed beside hers.

“Well, you’re still a virgin,” he said.

“I know,” she replied.

“Happy about it?”

“I don’t know,” she said truthfully. “I don’t think so.”

Ellie stayed, and she remained a virgin for another week.

Five weeks after that, they were married. It was good for Barry. It gave him some direction. He got a steady job, and even a second job.

Think went well for, a while. Then, one afternoon, he came home and found Ellie wildly making love to another woman.

“How long…?” he asked after he had kicked the other girl out and calmed down.

“Since about six months after we were mated,” she replied.

He left that night and started downhill.


Chile Day awoke with a feeling of being right with the world. She sat up in bed and the blanket slid away from her voluptuous, naked body. She yawned and stretched, her body still luxuriating in the wonderful battering it had received from Barry Price’s beautiful, rigid cock.

She slid from the bed and moved to face the mirror. Narrowing her eyes, she critically evaluated her reflection. She saw the high, large but firm breasts, their silver-dollar-sized areolas still swollen with lust. She smiled at the incredibly narrow waist and full, flaring hips. She mentally critiqued the lean length of her thighs, and the blonde-covered pinkness of her pussy that lay between them.

One hand floated to her bulging crop of pubic hair and patted it lovingly. This was the thing that attracted men. It was her source of pleasure an power. There had been many men who had sweated over her beautiful body, giving her pleasure, and there would be many more.

“You’re a pretty uncomplicated kid, aren’t you?” Chile said to her reflection in the mirror. “All you need is a good fucking every day and you’re happy. That is, if the asshole men who do it aren’t overbearing, chest-thumping and possessive.”

She thought about Barry Price, her most recent and perhaps her best to date acquisition. He was none of the things she hated in a man and everything she loved and wanted.

Maybe, just maybe, he would last a lot longer than any of the others.

The reflection winked back at her, and the fingertips of that glass figure lovingly stroked the taut inner flesh of its thighs. She caressed herself until she felt excitement building almost to the pressure point. She felt his creamy cum oozing into her hand from the still syrupy lips of her pussy, and suddenly wished that he were there still, his rigid cock poised above her willing cunt, ready to strike.

“Ohhhh, shit,” she groaned, and tore herself away from the mirror.

She glanced now and then at the mirror, her audience, as she dressed.

First the panties, snug over her lush curves, hugging her ass and hips and shadowed belly; diaphanous so her pink skin gleamed through th material. She imagined a man sitting across the room watching her, slowed her movements to tease him with his reverse strip.

Next came the bra. She slipped her arms through the straps and leaned forward so her breasts swung into the cups. Then she straightened and curled her arms behind her to fasten the hooks. Her imaginary man was staring wide-eyed as the brown tips of her breasts disappeared behind the cloth. She could almost swear she heard him moan with disappointment. Well, she was disappointed too. If that man were real instead of imaginary, she would be taking off her clothes instead of putting them on.

Because that was what she did: strip. Among other things. Chile Day and Chile’s girls were the rage of every high-class, expensive convention from San Francisco to New York, and Maine to Miami.

She struggled the hooks closed on her bra and winced at its tightness. She hated bras. They cut into her tender skin and held her in like a girdle around her chest. But she knew that if she didn’t wear one, she’d have half the men in the city following her around, just to watch her tits bounce.

It was nice of the guy who owned this apartment to have a vanity table and minor, she thought as she sat down and combed her hair. Her purse was on the dresser, and her coat in the living room. Quickly she checked to see that she wasn’t leaving anything behind. Then, on impulse, sh took her lipstick out of her purse and scrawled a message to the unknown benefactor who’d lent them the apartment.

“Thanks for the use of the bed,” she scrawled on the mirror. “Sometime I’ll return the favor.”

She admired her handiwork for a moment, then snapped her purse shut and locked the apartment door behind her. Out in the street she hailed a cab. It was two o’clock in the afternoon and she planned the rest of her day as she rode.

She hoped the three other girls would be in the apartment when she arrived. She wanted to tell them that she had found the answer to their problem.

The four of them had been together for almost two years. Natalie Ferris and Ellie Leamon, Chile had found working in a strip joint. They were actually working their way through college bumping and grinding for pennies. It hadn’t been much trouble convincing them that a few years on the road with Chile and they could buy a degree. The only hang-up they had was taking all their clothes off instead of just a few.

Betty Hayes was another matter. Chile met her through a personal friend who acted as an agent for actors and actresses in porn movies. When Chile asked Betty to join her group, she thought she was enticing her with the fact that she could make the same money and she wouldn’t have to fuck for it.

Betty surprised her by saying that she liked to fuck for it. She enjoyed making the movies. Her only objection was the fact that she wasn’t making enough money fast enough to start her own porn production company.

Chile saw an opening. “Then come with me. You can combine business with a lot of pleasure. The guys at these conventions all want to fuck after seeing the show. I usually turn them down, but what you do on your own time is up to you.”

Betty quickly became quite an attraction since she always went a little further on stage than the other girls, and word got around that if the gifts were of a large enough amount, her body was available later in the evening.

Chile herself wasn’t beyond getting a little extra cocking when the girls were on the road. But the men on the road just never seemed to fill the bill for her. Chile like to dominate, to be in command. She liked to feel that she, not the man, was doing the stalking, and the eventual conquering.

In the cab, going across town to the apartment, Chile compared Barry Price to all those men. They all came in a very poor second. It wasn’t that Barry’s cock was thicker, longer, or so much firmer than any other man she had ever met. It was just that he knew how to use it so much better.

Yes, ma’am, she smiled to herself as the cab rocked to a halt, Barry Price had a definite talent for using the equipment that nature had given him and nature had given him an enormou supply. It was a supply that Chile planned on getting the most out of during the three-month tour ahead.

The cab pulled to a stop, and the uniformed doorman opened the door. “Good afternoon, Miss Day,” he said.

“Good afternoon,” Chile returned.

She paid the cabbie and walked through the door that the doorman held open for her. The apartment building was plush, and it set them back forty-five hundred bucks a year to use it only one or two months. But it was worth the money not to have to stay in a hotel when they were in town.

The elevator operator whisked her up to the fifteenth floor and almost bowed her out of the car. The thick carpet in the wide corridor deadened the sound of her feet. In a moment she was slipping her key into the lock. Inside, the drapes were drawn and the apartment was dark. Chile looked around, decided that the girls were out somewhere, and dropped her purse and coat on a chair near the closet.

It was a large, three-bedroom apartment. Chile had the master, Betty a single, and Natalie and Ellie shared the third. That was no problem since the two girls dug each other and did no outside entertaining.

Chile remembered, with a slight twinge in her own pussy, the time she had first seen the two girls doing each other. It had been quite a shock to discover they were lesbians. They’d been together on the road for three weeks, and Chile had come back to the hotel early from a date.

The man had been one of those on-again-off again rabbits, and he’d worn himself out early. Seeing a light under their door, she walked in without knocking. The two girls had been so engrossed in their pleasure that they didn’t even notice Chile until they were finished.

She stared, wide-eyed, watching them. She was surprised and engrossed at the same time. Her philosophy was that a girl was entitled to whatever kind of kick she liked. If these two dug eating pussy instead of cock, it was their business.

They had been embarrassed at first, until she explained that she didn’t give a damn. And in the months that followed, Chile had spent more than one hour with her eye to a keyhole watching them make love. Looking at them do it excited her, and held her with a strange kind of fascination. But she couldn’t understand how they reached completion with nothing but their lips and hands.

Chile started taking her clothes off in the living room and moved into the hall toward her own bedroom. As she passed the second bedroom door, she heard a noise and stopped.

“Hmmm,” she whispered to herself. “I guess there’s someone home after all.”

The sound came again, muffled by the closed door, and she knelt to put her eye to the keyhole.

She grinned and felt her excitement begin to rise when she saw the two naked bodies intertwined on the bed across the room.

Ellie was kissing Natalie’s breasts and Natalie was squeezing the other girl’s thighs, her nose only a scant inch from Ellie’s gaping cuntal lips.

As Chile watched, the two girls separated.

Natalie stretched out on the bed on her back, and Ellie raised her body to her knees to straddle her. She slowly lowered her dripping cunt to Natalie’s darting tongue and pursed lips.

Then she was there. Natalie moaned in joy as her partner’s thighs squeezed and held her head and her cunt rubbed pussy juice over her face.

Chile stared and felt her own excitement grow. The two girls in the room were moaning and clutching each other wildly now.

Chile had undressed, down to her bra and panties. Unconsciously, she slid her hand down into the front of her panties and explored the soft muff of her pubic mound until she found the split at the top of her cuntal crease. She rubbed two fingers back and forth over her clitoris and wished that she had a man, a man like Barry, waiting in her room as she watched the two passion-taut bodies straining and writhing on the bed.

“Oh, I love your cunt. I love your tits, Ellie, honey,” Natalie mumbled around her cunt-filled mouth as she reached up and cupped the girl’s tits.

“Squeeze ’em… squeeze hard while you’r eating my pussy,” Ellie moaned, bouncing her cunt up and down over her lover’s face.

Below her, Natalie’s mouth was driving her cunt to orgasm as her hands went to her naked titties, exploring them frantically as though they were undiscovered territory. The whole sensation was unearthly, fingers began grinding at her nipples, a hot, wet tongue was grinding into her cunt, and now frantic, probing fingers were penetrating her asshole.

“Oooohhh,” Ellie moaned, and her legs went limp.

Chile watched as Natalie added two fingers to her tongue in Ellie’s cunt. It drove the young girl crazy. She started bouncing harder on Natalie’s face, grinding her cunt to higher pleasure.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Ellie moaned, “that’s bringing it… that’s getting it off. Tear at my cunt with your fingers, Nat… rip at it!”

Ellie reached behind her and grabbed Natalie’s heaving breasts by the nipples. She twisted and squeezed them until Natalie was shrieking with pleasure and pain from between Ellie’s humping thighs.

“Come to me,” Natalie cooed. “Come in my mouth… bust your cunt cum and let me drink you down, honey.”

Natalie’s fingers and tongue did their work well. She could feel her whole body shaking and screaming out her come.

When the last of her climax throbbed its ebb, Ellie rolled from Natalie’s body.

“Now me… suck my cunt,” Natalie said.

“No… please, Natalie… I’m beat to hell. You took everything out of me!”

“You bitch!” Natalie cried. “I sucked you off, now you suck me!” She used her open hand to slap the other girl so hard on the cheek that Chile could almost feel the sting from her position on the opposite side of the door.

“All right… all right,” Ellie said, and rolled over Natalie’s body.

Their breasts plopped together, nipple to nipple. They began kissing, embracing wildly. Ellie’s eyes drank the lush, soft curves of her partner and she moaned, burying her head into the mass of pink warm flesh. Almost as if she couldn’t help herself, Ellie was instantly hot again and ready to suck Natalie’s offered pussy without another word of argument.

Natalie sank back on the bed, burying her soft ass and spreading her legs to give plenty of room. Goosebumps danced on her skin. Her legs opened slowly, her hands covering the mass of hairs there, crossed over the slightly damp mass, the warmth radiating outwards, spreading the hotness through her hands.

“Here,” Natalie said softly. She moved her hands sensuously, spreading her pink cunt lips, showing Ellie the shining wetness of her cunt, th red clitoris. She followed her eyes downward and looked into the shiny part of her body. She saw her beauty mirrored in Ellie’s lusting eyes.

Natalie lay back on the sheets, spreading her legs wide, rolling her hips from side to side. Ellie moved in between her legs and, slipping her hands under the two firm ass cheeks, lifted her, her legs falling loose. Natalie’s cunt was directly in front of Ellie’s mouth, raised high and yawning in open invitation to her tongue and lips.

It was then, as Ellie jammed her face against Natalie’s pussy and began eating her like a woman gone mad, that Chile knew she could take no more. She had to get off herself. And, short of joining the other two girls, she knew there was only one way available to her in the apartment.

She rose from the keyhole and rushed to her own room. She cursed herself for watching them and getting herself all excited. It was all right for them, they could please each other. But she needed a man, and there was no man there.

Chile locked her door and stripped quickly out of her bra and panties.

Suddenly, the sight of her own breasts intrigued her. With her thumb and forefinger she circled the areola of one tit. The nipple hardened. She smiled. She lifted the huge melon-like breast until the nipple was near her lips. She tongued it. She watched as it got even harder. She opened her mouth and sucked at it. The result heightened th storm of sexual tension in her body. There seemed to be a direct line from her tits right down to the dark cleft between her legs.

She glanced up at the mirror and watched herself sucking her own tit. “God,” she said aloud, “I wish I could get my head far enough between my legs to eat myself. I wish I could suck my own pussy!”

But Chile knew that she couldn’t. She was a dancer and she was limber, but she had never been quite able to bring herself off with her own tongue and lips. She had often tried, but never successfully.

Shrugging and letting her tit sway back to its normal place, she crossed to her closet. From the upper shelf she took down her dildo-vibrator, the little friend she always kept with her just in case no man interested her enough to invite him home.

Watching the two girls suck each other had so turned her on that, at that moment, the little friend was an absolute necessity.

Moving to the bed, Chile turned on the vibrator and felt her body twitch in anticipation from just the sound. She lay on the bed and spread her legs wide. The cockhead tip of the vibrator soon became soaked with pussy juice as she ran it teasingly up and down the gooey slit of her cunt.

Then, gasping, she jammed the full length of the plastic and rubber cock up her cunt.

“Oh yes… oh fuck me good!” she cried, as if the instrument were alive.

Her nipples tingled excitingly as she lay back on the bed and fucked her own pussy. She tightened her grip and roughly jammed the whirring tip up her cuntal slit until it crashed against her womb.

Then she pulled it back out and teased her outer lips again until she could stand it no longer. She slipped down slightly, opening her legs and rubbing the tip between the lips of her already moist, hot, willing pussy.

With a slight jerk of her entire body, she drove the instrument all the way up inside her again. She did love one thing about the plastic cock: it was far bigger than the cock of any man she had ever fucked.

When her pussy was completely filled with the artificial prick, she began rolling her clitoris back and forth with her thumb. The fiery sensations it caused coursed through her. She worked it in and out, oblivious to everything but the rising passion it was creating in her cunt. The feeling spread throughout her limbs, filling, her with the breathless excitement that came just before complete orgasm.

She stroked herself again and again, deeper and deeper, with the dildo. She kept up a steady, rolling pressure on her clitoris with her thumb, until with a tiny cry, her body exploded.

Her whole body shuddered again and again as the shock waves of the climax cascaded like jolts of electricity through her tensed muscles. Her insides became like jelly, stirred into action with each new thirst of the dildo.

She quickly brought herself to the edge of yet a second come, and held it there. She kept up the pistoning action until the tension in her body built up reserves of energy.

Then she pulled hard on the cock, bringing it again against her clit to set off a chain of orgasms where each jab of the dick set off a new spasm. She was thrashing like a fish impaled on the end of a spear. Her hand gripped the sheets and tried to dig into the mattress, her back arched like a bow, and snapped with thrill after thrill.

Her head was pressed flat against the bed and her open mouth gave vent to a series of muffled groans, that gradually rose in intensity till she was screaming with each stroke of the cock. She brought her come to an almost unbelievable height and then slammed herself upward one last time, fulfilled.

Quickly, she replaced the dildo in the closet and, still groggy, found the piece of paper she had written Barry’s number on.

She had to dial four times but, at last, she sighed as she heard his phone ringing.


Barry had fallen asleep and he dreamed. In his dream, he was fucking Chile again, but she looked like Ellie.

She’d been fantastic in bed, a wild, pulsing, screaming thing beneath him. Her eager hips battered his weary loins, her lips and tongue played relentlessly over his flesh as she sought to arouse him. He’d discovered that she was very sensitive around her buttocks. She’d almost gone out of her mind when he touched her there, bucked so hard they almost fell off the bed.

The phone brought him to groggy wakefulness.


“Hi, lover,” Chile cooed over the line.

“Hi. Hey, listen… about tonight…”

“If you don’t want to go out, it’s all right with me,” she told him. “Either I can come to you place, or you can come here.”

He’d wanted to tell her that even if he did see her he wouldn’t be much good to her, but it was an awkward thing to try and explain over the phone.

“You do want that job I mentioned, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but…”

“See you tonight at eight…” she said. “Stud.” The phone went dead in his ear. “Shit,” he moaned and rolled over and went back to sleep.

He awakened at seven-thirty and dressed in slacks and a sports jacket, his shirt unbuttoned casually at the throat. The evening sky looked cloudy and he threw a raincoat over his arm. Seven-thirty was a semi-peak period for the “EL”, so he didn’t have to wait long for a train. The cars were almost filled with people.

Finally he came to the right stop and got off. In this part of town there were still trees along the curbs. The traffic seemed to have a muted sound, and he saw more than one doorman out walking a poodle. He whistled soundlessly when he came to Chile’s building, wondering what she did for her money. He knew that she wasn’t married, and supposed that she was somebody’s rich daughter or sister.

The doorman looked him over and inquired pleasantly enough as to his business. When Barry told him whom he wanted to see, the doorman stepped back and held open the door.

“Floor, sir?” the elevator operator asked.

“Oh, hell, I forgot to look downstairs.”

“What is the name, sir?”

“Ah… Chile… Chile Day.” Barry was almost embarrassed to say it, but the man just smiled and closed the door.

On the fifteenth floor the elevator operator leaned out of the car and pointed down the hail. “To your left, sir. Last door on the right.”

“Thank you,” Barry said. He watched the doors close and the floor indicator move rapidly from fifteen to one.

The carpet under his feet felt like a field of thick grass as he walked to the door of the apartment. He pressed the button and listened for the buzzer or chimes, but could hear nothing. The sudden opening of the door startled him, and he found himself staring stupidly at a tall, lean, black-haired girl in silk lounging pajamas.

“Yes?” she said.

“Uh… I guess I have the wrong place. I was looking for Miss Chile Day.”

“This is the right place,” the girl told him. “I’m her roommate. One of them, anyway. You must be Barry.”

“Uh… yes.”

“I’m Nat Ferris,” she said, smiling and stepping back from the open doorway. “Won’t you come in?”

She closed the door behind him and took hi raincoat. He was busy looking around the luxurious apartment. It was the kind of place he’d seen in the movies, and never imagined really existed. One entire wall was made of a glass sliding door which led out onto a terrace; scattered around the huge room were chairs and tables and sofas.

Barry dropped into the first chair he came to, and the girl sat down opposite him. She said nothing, but her eyes carefully inspected him and he could almost hear the evaluating clicks of her brain as she made her decisions about him. He returned her gaze, made some evaluations of his own.

She was at least as pretty as Chile. A little thinner, perhaps. Her breasts and hips were smaller. Here’s a filly built for speed, he thought to himself, and a smile unconsciously played about his lips.

“Is something funny?” she snapped.

Barry looked at her, saw that she thought he was laughing at her. “Not at all,” he said.

At that point, Chile came sweeping into the room with a bright smile and sparkling eyes, and Barry was relieved. She was dressed, or undressed, in a long satin robe, a seductive red robe which clung to every curve of her body. It was plastered against her skin as though it were wet; it showed the bumps of her nipples and the crease between her buttocks.

“Hello, people,” she said. “Have you two bee getting acquainted? I want you both to get to know each other.” She moved into the room and perched on the arm of his chair, her ass pressing against his shoulder.

“Well, what do you think?” Chile said to Natalie.

“I don’t know,” Natalie replied. “I’ll have to hear him play.”

Barry was about to ask, “Play what?” when the front door opened and a third girl came into the room. Chile laughingly introduced her as the real swinger in the group, Betty Hayes.

Barry shook the girl’s offered hand and looked her over. She was a little shorter than the other girls, and more full-bodied. Her ripe flesh strained against the seams of her clothing and her breasts bobbled when she walked. If she’d been five pounds heavier she would have been fat. As it was, Betty Hayes was a lot of very well-stacked, sexy woman.

“Well, let’s get the meeting going,” Natalie said. “I’ve got to meet El…”

“Who’s El?” Barry said, his ears picking up at the almost forgotten name.

“She’s the fourth in our little group,” Chile said.

“I’ve got her vote,” Natalie said.

“I’ll just bet you have,” Betty quipped.

“Fuck you, honey,” Natalie shot back.

“Girls…” Chile said lightly, and then added, “Shut up,” with ice in her voice.

Chile rose and fixed herself a drink as she spoke.

“You all know we need some class in the act. Records are the problem. We need live music. I say we hire Barry here as a pianist and pick up two or three other pieces in each town we play.”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Barry objected. “I’m no musician.”

“The hell you aren’t… you’re fantastic. I heard you play at that party the other night. Even stoned you play better piano than anybody I’ve heard before.”

“That’s just doodling,” he replied. “Hell, I can barely read.”

Betty threw back her head and laughed. “For our act you don’t have to…”

“Just what is your act?” Barry asked.


Then Chile heaved a sigh that almost cascaded her breasts out of her dress and said, “We’re strippers… and then some. We do stag shows for conventions, parties… anything that needs beautiful women, nude.”

“Jesus,” Barry said, his eyes growing into saucers.

“Here’s a picture of the four of us in our best costume… nothing,” Chile laughed, and thrust a framed photo into his hands.

“Oh slit!” he exclaimed as he examined the picture.

The fourth girl was his ex-wife, Ellie.

Barry stood on the terrace smoking. He had a gob in his throat as big as a baseball. He had wanted to say no to Chile’s offer right away, but a certain perverseness at the thought of traveling with Ellie in the close confinement of their trailer while she was sleeping with Natalie intrigued him.

The offer of five hundred a week plus expenses didn’t hurt either.

Behind him, he heard Natalie say she was going out for the evening. Chile joined him on the terrace.

“Well,” she said, “have you decided?”

“I’m still thinking,” he replied, keeping his eyes from hers. He hadn’t told them about Ellie. That would have shocked the hell out of them and spoiled the pleasure he would get at seeing Ellie’s face when he was introduced to her.

He concentrated his gaze at the building across the way. His eyes traveled over the facade of the building and he gasped when he came to a lighted bedroom window. A woman was standing beside the bed, and he caught her in the act of removing her bathrobe. She was completely naked under the robe, and the sight seemed to zoom close to his eye. It was almost as though he were looking through a pair of binoculars which shut out all the other sights. His eyes saw only the naked woman as she draped her robe across the foot of her bed an stretched out on top of the blankets.

The woman’s body was pink, with a slash of darkness at the juncture of her thighs and the top of her head. She arranged herself carefully, spread-eagling her legs, then began to caress her cunt with her hands.

Barry leaned on the railing, and felt Chile’s shoulder against his as she moved beside him. “See anything interesting?” she asked, her voice soft in the night.

“Look,” he said, “over there. Third line of windows from the corner of the building, about halfway up from the street.”

“What is it?”

“A woman lying on a bed.”

“Oh, yes. I see it now.”

“Look what she’s doing with her hands.”

“I can think of better ways,” Chile said, running her hand up his trousered thigh until she found his cock.

“You could have mentioned this whole thing to me first… this afternoon,” Barry said, willing his cock not to get hard from her touch.

Chile stepped close to him, and the heady smell of her perfume enveloped his senses. The tips of her covered breasts were tantalizing inches from his chest; he could almost feel the warmth of her body.

“That’s not the way I do things, lover,” she said.

She took another step forward and there was no space between them. Barry knew then that she was naked under the satin gown, and the material whispered over her flesh as she rubbed herself against him. He felt only a weak stir if passion. Chile took his hands and placed them on the hot full curves of her ass. Barry responded automatically. He pulled her tighter against him, and his lips found hers in the semi-darkness. A small moan came deep in her throat. Her fingers closed over his ears to mash his mouth against her own.

When they broke the kiss her lips moved to his ear and she panted for breath. “Oh, lover,” she breathed. “I need you. You’d be crazy to turn this down… good money, good job, easy life… and all this good pussy.”

Drawing him over to the chaise, she lay down and pulled him down beside her. Her lips found his again. Her tongue drove into his mouth, and her hands moved to the fastenings of his trousers.

“No!” he said, pulling her hands away from his fly. “Don’t do anything. Let me do everything.”

She lay back with a sigh, and he opened the belt of her gown. The red satin parted to reveal her soft pink body, and his lips moved to the swelling brown tips of her breasts. Her nipple thrust into his mouth, and he caressed the tip with his tongue while her shoulders writhed beneath him.

“Oh God, I love that,” she breathed. “Harder. Bite me a little!”

While his lips played over her tits, his han touched her leg just above her knee and moved slowly upward between her thighs until he found the pulpy mound of her cunt.

“Yessss… there, too,” she hissed when his probing fingers parted the lips of her juicy pussy.

He could feel the taut muscles of her thighs twitching as he probed and caressed. He let her hands push his head down along her body, his tongue leaving a trail of fire wherever it touched. She began to gasp and tremble.

“There… yes, there… oh!”

His lips found those of her yielding cunt. Her voice was croaking with passion as she muttered words of encouragement. “Eat it… suck my fuck hole… my clit… do it to me… do everything to me!”

Her thighs blocked out all sound; he knew only the rising tide of her passion. Her body went rigid, her hips arching up off the lounge. Her hands yanked at his hair as her flesh shuddered and convulsed beneath his lips.

“Get naked,” she said writhing away from him and tearing at his clothes. “I want to see your cock.”

She shivered her gown from her shoulders as he ripped his clothes from his body. His cock was hard and ready when she melted into his arms.

Chile was her usual self as she ground her naked body against his. Their mouths met, tongues sucking, dueling, searching as their hands flew fro one erotic place to another on their bodies.

Her skin was smooth and warm and he felt her pussy hairs against his body. His cock sprang to life as he rubbed her ass, leaning over slightly because she was a good head shorter than he was.

Her breasts felt soft and warm against his chest as she twisted her mouth around his. Then she broke away and looked at his cock. Her hands went to it, tugging at it and rubbing his balls. Then she felt his muscles, thrilling at the hard, unyielding flesh.

“Talk dirty to me, it excites me,” she said, eyes flaring. Her teeth were perfect, the kind you see in toothpaste commercials on television. Little shark’s teeth, thought Barry. He picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, laying her down.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he said simply. “I’m going to take my cock and shove it up into every hole you’ve got and when you tell me to stop I’ll fuck you even harder.”

“Yes, yes,” Chile said, visibly excited.

“I’m going to throw more prick at you than you’ve ever had in your life. You’re gonna beg me to start and beg me to stop. I’ll use tricks on you that you never even knew existed.”

“Like what?”

“Like sit up and suck my cock until I come. Suck it till I squirt down your throat.”

Chile sat up and immediately licked the head of his prick until it glistened and shone from he saliva. Then she opened her mouth wide and took his prick into her dark, warm cavern, not stopping until she took every inch he had.

She held it there, her hands on his balls, pleasing and teasing them. Then she started to move her head backward and forward, lips squeezing the thickness of his prick, teeth applying just the right amount of pressure, tongue moving around, covering as much of his prick as it could, her jaw muscles straining, nostrils flaring as excitement made her whole body tingle.

She was almost methodical and definitely professional. Her rhythm was constant, her hands traveling up and down the front of his thighs, then the back, and finally teasing his stomach.

She was a powerhouse, a woman determined to scale the loftiest heights of sexual pleasure and gratification. Her hands continued to scour his body, producing pleasure wherever they touched him. He began a gentle in-and-out motion. Chile held her head steady, memories of past mouth fuckings bubbling to the surface.

Then she started to rub her pussy, sticking her middle finger up into her slit and finding her clit. She moaned loudly as she felt it erect, pulsating with pleasure. Barry picked up his pace, holding her head steady, becoming excited by the sounds she was making. She twisted her head around on his cock and he decided to give her what she wanted.

His balls strained and then he shot a stream of cum into her mouth. Chile whimpered as hot cum poured into her. She savored the taste, keeping it in her mouth for as long as she could before she swallowed it. His balls let loose once more and then they were empty, hanging loose in their sac.

Chile sucked his cock hard, drawing out any cum that might have remained there. She licked her lips and smiled as she took his cock out of her mouth, knowing that the best was yet to come.

“Now eat me,” she said, rolling to her back and pushing his head between her thighs.

He separated the spongy lips of her pussy with his fingers. She lifted her ass up and held it there with her hands to make it easier for him to eat her. Juice oozed in streams from her pussy into his mouth. As he swallowed greedily, his mind floated to the job offer.

He knew without the slightest doubt that he would take it.

He slipped a middle finger up into her asshole and screwed it around. She automatically raised herself up a little more, forcing her cunt harder into his mouth.

Barry smacked his lips and nibbled away and listened to her moans and pants.

“Oh Jesus, that’s so exciting,” she panted. “Suck the shit out of me!”

He kept his middle finger buried in her asshole as he bore down on her, fucking his tongue in an out of her slit. He licked her inner walls and Chile moaned louder and louder.

His mouth was filled with her hairy pussy. His teeth jabbed into her hairy mound, hurting her a little, just enough so that she wanted more.

“For God’s sake, don’t stop!” she gasped.

He rolled her over so that her crotch was on his face. He took his finger out of her asshole and wrapped his arms around her waist, sucking on her quivering cunt for all he was worth.

Chile ground herself into him, wishing his tongue was as long as his cock. It teased, pleased and drove her toward her orgasm. Her breath came in loud heaves as she got hotter and hotter.

“Bite me, bite me!” she panted.

He obediently nibbled at her outer cuntal folds. The feeling it created in Chile’s body was exquisite, that kind of excitement that is as much mental as it is physical. She bucked into him hard, almost smothering him with her pussy as she felt cum pour out of her cunt. It ran down her canal, where Barry’s sucking mouth was waiting for it.

Like a man dying of thirst, he lapped at her pussy as her cunt spasmed out fresh cream, mini-convulsions making her body shake. He breathed hard as Chile smeared her pussy all over his face. Barry’s hands held her buttocks in an effort to curtail her frantic motions, which were making it difficult for him, to suck on her.

She finally stopped, temporarily satisfied.

He tried to catch his breath as best he could, picking out pussy hairs from between his teeth. She was a hot little number, that was for sure, but Barry liked that, it encouraged him. Passive women held no interest for him. Aggressive gals who knew what they wanted and weren’t afraid to ask for it were his kind and always had been.

She rolled off him, her whole body flushed and hot. Then she straddled him, but did it in the reverse, so that her back was facing him.

“Pick a hole,” she said, “any one.”

The choice was an easy one. Barry spread the cheeks of her ass apart and placed the hard head of his cock against her asshole. He spat on his hand and rubbed his cock with his spittle to make it a little easier for himself. Then he began to push.

“Oh Jesus, I feel every fucking inch,” she moaned. She lowered her head slightly and her breasts shook as his cock continued to disappear up into her rear channel. He finally got it all the way in and Chile, who had been leaning forward slightly, sat back and wiggled her ass a little.

“I love it in my ass,” she panted.

“No kidding?”

“Some girls don’t, but me? I’ll take it there any time.”

“Am I too big for you? Doesn’t it hurt?” he asked.

“You’re perfect. Pinch my nipples hard, hurt me a little.”

Barry had no objections. He wasn’t a sadist, but a little bit of pain was always exciting. He reached around and gave her breasts a good, hard shaking before he pinched her nipples as hard as he could.

Even though he took into consideration the fact that women have a higher tolerance for pain than men, Barry was still impressed. His fingers were strong and Chile leaned back into him, her face contorted with excitement. She placed her hands over his and doubled her pleasure.

Then she leaned forward, her tits swinging free from her body. Barry started to fuck into her. He lunged upward, banging his crotch into her ass. He wanted to punish her with his prick, fuck her into the kind of submission he instinctively knew excited and gratified her. “Fuck me as hard as you can,” she hissed through clenched jaws.

Apparently there was nothing soft at all about Chile. Everything, at least with sex, had to be hard and rough, primitive and animalistic. Barry dug it, though, and he rudely shoved three fingers up into her pussy and gouged her out.

She was working her ass off too as she moved it down just as he slammed up into her. Her asshole held his cock tightly, almost too tightly for Barry’s liking, but nevertheless he methodically drove prick and fingers in and out of her asshole and pussy.

Chile threw her head around like she was tryin to get rid of it as she came. That fantastic release from the tension that precedes orgasm made her writhe and squirm wildly.

He picked up his pace, hammering upward, trying to split her in two, curious to see how much she could take.

His balls slapped into her and were soon slippery from hot, thick cream that oozed from between her pussy lips. His fingers dug at the inner recesses of her cunt, stretching her flesh, making her orgasm better for her.

He slowed down a little. Chile sucked in air as fast as she could through her open mouth, her tits swinging from side to side. Then he pulled his prick and fingers out of her and before she could react, he shoved his prick up into her cunt.

“I love the way you’re fucking me,” she panted.

Her pussy was a tight sheath that excited him. He gabbed her at the creases made by her hips and pulled her down onto his cock as hard as he could. He repeated the process, viciously pounding his body into hers.

“Turn around,” he said. “I like to look at the women I fuck.”

She lifted herself off him. Bottled up globs of cum splashed down into his stomach. She took the head of his cock and placed it at the entrance to her cunt hole.

Then she leaned over him so he could have room to fuck her. Her face glowed with the expression of a woman who was getting an excellent fucking.

She leaned over further, her nipples touching his chest. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and searched around. He was suddenly surrounded by her smells and sounds and was motivated to the extent that he kept a methodical pace, pounding the far end of her pussy with the head of his cock.

Chile took her mouth off his and rested her hands on his shoulders. The combination of hard muscles and hard cock was enough to push her toward another orgasm.

He slapped himself up into her, cupping her breasts and again pinching her nipples.

“Oh Jesus, you’re making me come again!” she gasped.

“That’s what it’s here for, baby.”

She closed her eyes as she felt waves of cum gush out of her pussy. She felt as though she were coming everywhere. She gave him everything she had, her pussy quivering as it released its hot juices. His cock was covered with the stuff and she began to overflow. Their pubic hairs were sopped and almost matted down from the wetness.

She rode his prick, feeling every inch of it even though her inner walls were well lined with cream and lubrication. Dots of perspiration lined her upper lip as she slowly swung her ass from side to side.

“Come in me, come in me,” she chanted. “I love it when I feel it hit me.”

Chile was doing a good job on him, wiggling around, squeezing his cock, running her hands up and down his stomach.

“I need it in me so bad,” she said.

“Not yet.”

“Harder, harder!” she moaned.

Barry reveled in the sense of power his body and cock gave him and for a minute he had that omnipotent feeling a lot of men get when they’re fucking the shit out of a woman.

“Oh baby, give it to me, give it to me!” she panted. She started cuffing him around his face mid shoulders.

He sat up, chewing on one of her nipples, making her writhe in intense excitement. Then he relaxed and his balls shot a thick load of cum up the length of his cock into her cunt.

Chile squealed when she felt it hit her, and furiously ground her crotch into his, Barry’s balls let loose again and again, throwing more juice into her already overflowing pussy. He gave her nipple one last chomp, then lay down, breathing hard.

“Oh shit, but it was good,” Chile panted.

Barry lay still as she moved her pussy from side to side, feeling his cock slowly slip from her sheath with a wet, popping sound.

“Think you can do that every day, honey?” she said, smiling down at him as he watched his own cum run from her pussy and puddle on his belly.

“I’ll even learn how to read music,” he said.


The meeting between Barry and Ellie was everything he thought it would be. She turned white, then bright red, then scooted from the living room to vomit her guts out in the john.

The others were perplexed at her strange behavior, but Chile passed it off as something she had eaten.

Later Barry managed to corner her in the kitchen while the other girls sipped sherry in front of the television.

“Odd, isn’t it?” he said, a smirk of satisfaction creasing his face.

“It’s more than that,” she replied.

“You and Natalie planning on getting married?”

“Jesus,” Ellie replied, turning her face from him. “You really like tomb it in, don’t you?”

“Yeah… maybe I do at that,” he said, realizin suddenly that she was actually miserable about her situation. “I guess that was a little below the belt. I’m sorry.”

She turned to face him, her eyes moist with the beginning of tears. “You really are, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” he nodded, “I really am. It was rough, but I’ve come around to different thinking now, I guess.”

“What do you mean?”

“To each his own,” Barry replied, his smile telling her that he meant it.

“Then you’re not going to tell them… about us?”

“Not unless you want to.”

“I’d rather not,” she replied.

“Then we won’t,” he said.

She gave him a light peck on the cheek and whirled away.

The rehearsals were easier than he had dreamed they would be. He was much more of a pianist than he had thought he was. Under Chile’s direction, he caught every nuance and mood in their act until, by the end of two weeks, he was way ahead of them.

Then he saw them do their act for real in a hotel. It was for a department store sales meeting of about a hundred guys. By the end of it, he was sweating blood.

“Jesus,” he told Chile afterwards, “it didn’t look that way when you had all your clothes on.”

She laughed. “Yeah… it gets pretty raw when it gets right down to the nitty-gritty.”

It was agreed that he would also act as road manager and do most of the driving while they were on the road.

The first week was a little shaky, but by the end of the second everything seemed to be running smoothly. He became just part of the family and all the girls accepted him as such. All, that is, except Natalie. She still seemed to mistrust him.

Barry wasn’t sure, but he had the feeling that she suspected something about him and Ellie. They had tried to be friendly, but it had been difficult.

On the second Sunday morning of the tour, Barry popped his, eyes open and stretched, luxuriating in the knowledge that it would be a day of rest. He grinned, feeling pleased with himself and the world. Two weeks on the road, he thought, and so far so good. The silence in the trailer told him that the girls were still asleep.

The entrance was in the center. To the left of the doorway was the kitchen and bathroom, beyond that a big double bedroom. To the right was the living room and past the living room was a second big double bedroom. Two girls occupied each bedroom. Barry used the convertible sofa in the living room.

His shorts itched. Barry always slept nude, but his first night in the trailer he’d kicked off his blankets, and when one of the girls came out of th bedroom the next morning, there he’d been, stark naked.

Natalie had been the one to discover him, and since she didn’t like him anyway, she raised such a fuss that he promised to wear his shorts to bed from then on.

For the first few days the girls had been very conscious of his presence, and always wore bathrobes when they were in the trailer. Then, as they became used to him, they relaxed. Now it wasn’t unusual for them to walk around in their sheer nightgowns, or with their robes half-open and their naked bodies peeking out at him.

Only Natalie still appeared covered from neck to ankles. Three or four times she’d seen him looking at the bodies of the other girls, and made cracks about the free peep show. Her intense dislike for him was obvious.

He rolled from the bed and started folding it when he heard a sound behind him.

A slim hand closed over the taut muscle of his biceps and he turned to look into the smiling face of Betty Hayes.

“Good morning,” he said, lifting and pushing at the frame of the convertible bed.

“Good morning, handsome,” Betty answered, her fingers trailing down his arm.

Barry grunted and dropped the bed into its folded position. When he straightened and turned, she was still standing there looking at him. She wa wearing a black nylon nightgown, the pink and white of her flesh gleaming through the diaphanous material. His eyes traveled quickly up and down her body, taking in the tiny thrust of her nipples against the cloth of the gown and the darker shadow of her cunt hair.

The material was not so thin that he could see all of her body, but she was standing with the window behind her and the light silhouetted her figure, the outline of her legs spread slightly apart, the curve of her waist and hips and breasts standing out in bold relief.

“Chile’s still asleep,” she said softly as he glanced guiltily over his shoulder at the bedroom door.

“So what?” Barry said, turning slightly away.

“So if you want to look at me you don’t have to worry about her catching you.”

“I don’t worry about that,” he said. “She doesn’t own me.”

“Then why are you afraid to look at me?” she teased.

“I’m not afraid.” He turned back to her and let his eyes run over her again slowly, insolently.

“I like you to look at me,” she said softly. “Do you like to look?”

“Sure. Why not?”

“You see me naked on the stage every night and you don’t pay any attention,” she said.

“It’s a little different in a bedroom or living room,” he shrugged. “Not so impersonal.”

Her hands clutched at the filmy fabric and drew it slowly up towards her waist. “You can see better if there’s nothing in the way,” she cooed.

Barry said nothing; he just stared at her slowly appearing body. Her gown hung to her ankles, but now the hem was rising over her knees and baring the smooth columns of her thighs. Only a space of two steps separated them. She took a step toward him, and he could reach out and touch her. She took that other step, only inches separating her from his hand.

“Go ahead, Barry. Touch me.” She must have been reading the desire in his eyes.

“You’re going to get us both in trouble,” he said, his mouth watering as the gown reached her belly and revealed the auburn patch of her pubic hair.

“Chile says you’ve got a beautiful, big cock,” Betty said, moving into him until her pubic bush was pressed against the fast-rising lump in his shorts.

“She shouldn’t pass that kind of information around unless she wants my cock passed around,” he said.

Barry hadn’t said so, but he wanted this little red-headed fireball. He had wanted her since the first time he had seen her completely naked on stage. She reeked of sex with every twist and movement of her body. And now, with her cun caressing his cock through his shorts, he wanted her all the more.

He wasn’t sure how Chile stood on his fooling around with the other girls. He guessed that she didn’t give a damn, just as long as she got hers. But he didn’t want to take a chance and jeopardize his soft deal so soon.

Betty was of a different mind.

“I want this,” she whispered, dipping her hand down into the front of his shorts and bringing his rigid cock into the open.

His hands went up to cup her fleshy tits. “Maybe,” he said, “maybe we’d better wait.”

“Bull shit,” Betty replied, smiling. “Just a quickie. I’ll blow you. Sit down on the sofa.”

He fell, rather than sat, on the sofa, and she came down fight behind him. She was on her knees between his legs, her hair spread across his thighs and her lips on his cock before he could stop her.

Then he didn’t want to stop her.

She shivered. Her warm breath caressed the turgid tip of his cock. He watched her tongue come out, wet and soft and pointed at the tip. His groin throbbed with an intense desire to sink his big bone between the kneeling girl’s soft lips and blow his balls deep in her throat.

But he sat still, waiting for her to make love to it.

His balls tightened up as she began. First came the wet, warm tip of her tongue, teasing at th little hole in the top of his glans. Then the feathery touch of her soft lips, moist and warm. Running up and down his swollen meat. Coating it with saliva until it glistened as though oiled.

Her hand came up to squeeze his testicles as her mouth slaved over his hard masculine length. She titillated him with her tongue, swishing and swirling it, licking it all over his prick. Then her mouth was soft and damp, hungrily, slowly spreading upon his cockhead, opening, the glistening lips parting, widening, stretching to become a ridged ring all around the big head, her head moving forward as she took it all in.

“Ah! That’s it, you sweet, beautiful little cocksucker… suck it… suck it!”

She rolled her eyes up at him. With her mouth spread around the crown of his prick, her tongue stroked it as she spoke, slurring the words. “Do you like it?” she gurgled.

“Ohhhh… Betty, honey,” he whispered, “can you ever suck a cock!”

He reached down to slide his hands along her cheeks and into her hair. He held her head in place while he ran his cock into it. Her eyes bulged. She made a gagging sound and grasped his thigh desperately, trying to pull back. Her mouth was forced wide, stretched by the thick bar of his cock.

Arching his pelvis into her face, he began thrusting his prick into her mouth. In and out of her gulping, hot, slippery mouth. His fingertip caressed, then pressed her cheeks firmly so that her stretched mouth was even tighter around the lust-aroused cock that stood high and proud from his groin.

Her nostrils flared and quivered. She was forced to breathe through her nose because her mouth was totally stuffed. Her warm wet tongue was alive and working. She circled his prick, laved his probing head and pulled at it with strong sucks.

With glittering eyes, he watched the beautifully glistening flesh of his cock disappearing into the tight, circular hole formed by her straining lips. He shoved in, burrowing deep for her throat and seeing the skin tighten over her cheekbones. Her distorted, distended jaws worked like bellows as she applied suction. The big pulpy mass filled the cavern of her mouth. His balls slapped noisily against her chin.

He flipped her body over, with his cock still in her mouth, and started fucking her head from above.

He stood over her and rocked, tightening and tensing his buttocks each time he swung his pelvis forward. He let it slither out and paused to give her a chance to swallow and breathe, then shoved her face full of broad, thick cock again.

Though she was being fucked in the face, she worked with him. Her fingers traced out the shapes of his nuts, slid up through the hair of his crotch, and pressed his rumpled sac. She held her mout open wide, while he guided his massive cock in and out of the wet hole in her face until her saliva drooled down from the corners of her lips. Her lips were stretched taut. His prick felt as though it were being burned.

She rammed her face suddenly forward in a masochistic impalement of her head, almost gagging on the bulging bone as she swallowed it down her throat and sucked hard. His eyes bulged as he stared down at the submissive girl’s stretched, working mouth, hollowing around the flaming column protruding from it.

He felt it happen, and he groaned. His hands held her fast. The dams of his lust broke, spurting wildly and madly, shooting off in her beautiful face. It coated her mouth, gooed it, and her cheeks filled up with the blasting load of sperm.

Groaning and stiffening and shivering, he realized he had gotten her, after all. She’d liked his cock, and she’d liked eating it.

As he came he rolled over again and pulled her head completely over his cock, while it continued to spurt hot cum from his balls.

She swallowed. Her eyes snapped wide. His prick continued jerking out its flow of hot, sticky, thick sperm. She swallowed again. Then again, and her throat bobbed as she continued gulping as fast as she could, drinking his sticky cum, taking it into her pretty face and down her throat and into her sweet little belly.

When he released her and stepped back to slide his cock out of her mouth, she had not swallowed it all. Semen was dripping in sticky, shiny white strings from her lips down over her chin and onto her tits.

She knelt there, staring up at him with wide eyes.

“The next time,” she said, running her fingers through the fur of her cunt and shoving two of them up her dripping hole, “I want that big hunk of meat up here… Chile or no Chile.”

He watched her finger-fuck herself and wanted her again.

The quick blow job had been good, but her pussy would be better.

She stood, as if nothing had just happened between them, and started moving around the kitchen. He watched her body beneath the gown and felt his cock start to rise again. Those luscious thighs and delightful breasts beckoned to him.

He stood and started to move in behind her. His rigid cock was almost touching the material of her gown when the door to Ellie and Natalie’s bedroom opened and Ellie stepped into the room.

When she saw Barry’s cock she froze, her eyes fastened to the rigid tool she remembered so well.

Barry stood, looking from one girl to the other, in silence.

“Hi,” Betty said, reaching behind her and gasping Barry’s rigid prick. “Wanna make it threesome, Ellie? We’ll have to use your bedroom, though.”

Ellie gasped, spun, and retreated back into the room, closing the door behind her.

“Shit,” Barry said, and climbed into his pants.

“Hey… what’s wrong? She won’t tell Chile,” Betty said.

“I know she won’t,” Barry said, and slammed through the front door.

Ellie sat on the bed, her whole body shaking and vibrating.

What’s wrong with me? she thought. How stupid. Why am I shaking? Barry’s just another man… another cock. I don’t need or want that any more. I’m gay. I’ve got everything I want right here.

She moved her hand to the other side of the bed and rested it on Natalie’s thigh. The other girl stirred but didn’t awaken.

I suspected I was gay when I mated him. And after a few months and women started looking good to me again, I knew I was.

Then what’s wrong with you now? Why are you shaking? Why have floods of juice filled that big, vacant hole in your cunt? Is it because secretly you want a cock in you?

“Shut up!” she said aloud.

“Hmmmm… what’d you say?” Natalie moaned.

Ellie stared down at the tall, voluptuous body of her lover. Natalie’s breasts weren’t large like her own, but they were full and perfectly tipped with hard, pointy nipples and puffy, dark areolas. Her belly was flat and hard and her thighs long and smooth. At the apex of her thighs the dark, curling pubic hair barely covered the puffy pink lips of her cunt. Natalie’s pussy drew Ellie’s eyes like a magnet.

Yes, she thought, that’s what I want a woman. I want to be fucked by a woman and fuck a woman back. A man doesn’t interest me. Barry doesn’t interest me. I’m gay.

Ellie inserted two fingers into her own cunt hole and moved them around and around until she could feel the sauce from her inner cunt start to flow. The sticky, syrupy juice from her pussy oozed from between her lower lips, around her fingers, until it filled her palm.

Then she removed her hand from her cunt and ran her fingers and her palm over Natalie’s lips and chin. The scent and taste of her lover’s cuntal juices was like a wake-up pill to Natalie. Her mouth and eyes opened. She smiled up at her friend and ran her tongue out to lick and savor the fragrant musk on the fingers.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Fuck me,” Ellie said, her face buried in Natalie’s dark hair and her mouth close to the other girl’s ear. “Stick your tongue in my cunt and fuck me with it… and kiss my pussy. Kiss it with your ups and suck my clit until I come.”

Their positions changed at once, with Natalie raising herself on one elbow and bringing a deft hand up to cup Ellie’s spreading breast.

It’s just a hand, Ellie thought. It could just as well be Barry’s hand. But it isn’t. It’s Natalie’s hand.

And that’s what I want.

The hand cupped her breast harder and Ellie felt the first fingers of excitement spread up from her belly. A pair of lips replaced the hand, and she gasped for breath. Suddenly her body seemed to be on fire. She responded automatically to the stimulation. She found herself arching her back to thrust her breast deeper into Natalie’s mouth.

“What made you so hot this morning?” Natalie mumbled around her mouthful of soft tit.

Barry’s cock, Ellie thought.

“Your body,” Ellie said.

A pair of hands were sliding down over her belly to the tops of her thighs and then down to her knees. While that mouth continued to caress her breasts, the hands reversed their direction, and came slowly and sensuously up along the insides of her thighs. Ellie’s legs flung outward to give them full access to her body. She moaned and her hands pulled the other girl closer. The lips moved awa from her breasts and one of the hands moved away from her cunt. The mattress shifted beneath her hips and something warm and sweet and smooth was pressed against her mouth.

“Kiss me,” Natalie crooned. “I love you.”

Blindly, Ellie obeyed and she heard Natalie groan salaciously.

The mattress shifted again and the other girl’s breast was pulled away from her lips. She almost moaned with disappointment. It had been such a nice breast, so warm and smooth against her face. But her disappointment soon faded when she felt a pair of hot lips and a wet tongue fuck against her belly.

“Do you want it?” Natalie said.

“Yes… oh God yes! Stick your tongue in my cunt! Fuck me with your fingers! Suck my clit and finger-fuck me at the same time!”

The lips moved across her belly. The tongue darted and fuck like a serpent at the spreading crevice at the top of her slit. Then one, two and three fingers entered her hole as teeth and tongue were simultaneously mashed against her blood engorged, rigid clitoris.

It was happening just as it always happened when Natalie ate her pussy. Her come started almost at once. It built from the tips of her breasts, flowed through her belly and vibrated in her tortured cunt.

The explosion was so quick and so great that sh didn’t even feel it building up. One moment those lips were driving her crazy with delight, the next her body was trembling and shaking as colored lights seemed to glow behind her tightly shut eyes.

A series of shuddering waves passed over her, then she fell limp to the mattress. But Natalie didn’t stop. She kept on, and this time Ellie felt the thing building in her belly. It gathered and grew and it became so big she was afraid to let it go. She fought it and it grew bigger, this demanding need in her cunt.

Natalie’s mouth went wild on her pussy. Groans, throaty and full of lust, babbled from her lips.

“Is it good… is my tongue good in your pussy?” Natalie managed to say.

“Yes, oh yes… don’t stop!” Ellie cried. “I want to feel it again. I want to come again!”

The dark-haired girl’s head rocked back and forth between her thighs. She sucked and licked harder on the gyrating cunt mashing against her face. Natalie was a hungry animal now as she rooted up between Ellie’s wide-splayed thighs, shoving her strong tongue deep inside her rhythmically pulsating cunt.

“Pussy,” Ellie intoned. “I want your pussy, too. Give it to me! Give your pussy to me, Nat! GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING CUNT!”

Ellie flipped her body until her chin was jammed against Natalie’s hunching cuntal mound. She jammed her face between the woman’s thighs an found her cunt lips with a willing tongue. Slowly, carefully, she ran her tongue up and down, up and down the oozing slit. Then she tickled the hairs around the puckered pink anus, letting a tiny bit of saliva slip from her tongue onto the crevice.

When Natalie groaned in pleasure, Ellie parted the girl’s ass cheeks further and slipped her tongue between them. The tip and then the thickness of her tongue went far into Natalie’s asshole, sending the woman into body-wrenching spasms of joy.

Natalie was going crazy. She used her tongue to further pry the lips of Ellie’s pussy apart. A flash of pink and a small trickling of milky cum dripped down into the crevice of her buttocks.

Natalie saw and felt Ellie’s tongue pierce her cunt. It threw the tall, dark-haired girl into new spasms of sexual ferocity.

She went crazy with lust and desire. Ellie was her woman; she was Ellie’s lover.

She twisted her body until she was on top, grinding her cunt into Ellie’s face. She pulled Ellie’s leg up over her shoulders and renewed the attack on her pussy with her tongue and mouth.

Beneath Natalie’s creaming pussy and between her own legs, Ellie could see Natalie’s tongue leaping at her pussy. She reveled in the sighs of the dark head bobbing up and down, the face crushing against her juice-spewing cunt.

“There… there… there… just a little more!” Ellie cried, twisting her thighs into a vis over Natalie’s head as her mouth sucked.

They both went off together, bucking and twisting and mashing cunts in faces and tongues into cunts.

Ellie’s own juice poured in a stream from her hole as did Natalie’s. Both girls sucked until their mouths were sore and their cunts were dry.

At last Natalie rolled from her body and lay, gasping, on her back. “Oh, honey,” she said, “you are such good pussy.”

Ellie lay staring at the ceiling.

Yes, she thought, I am such good pussy. That’s what Barry used to say.

“God, honey,” Barry would say to her, before, during, and after they made love. “You are really good pussy.”


Outside the trailer Barry chain-smoked and paced. He also thought.

What the hell was wrong? Why was he so upset just because Ellie had seen him waving his hard cock at Betty? Why shouldn’t he fuck Betty? Ellie had probably scoffed up Natalie’s pussy the night before.

But there had been something in her eyes when she had looked down at his cock. Had it been longing? Desire?

He wasn’t sure, and it was tearing his guts up to think about it.

It was supposed to be a day off, but he needed to do something and he didn’t feel like waltzing right back into the trailer at that point. The car needed washing, and that was an hour’s work. He slipped behind the wheel and drove it to th nearest service station for a grease job and an oil change.

While the car was being serviced he went into a diner for breakfast. Ali through the meal his hands trembled, and in unguarded moments pictures of Betty’s, Ellie’s and Chile’s naked bodies floated across his eyes. Their breasts were teasing, their cunts were wet and ready, and their thighs were spread invitingly.

“Jesus… a fucking harem and I’m not satisfied,” he grumbled aloud.

“You say somethin’, buddy?”

Barry looked red-faced at the counterman. “Huh? No… no, I was… just talking to myself. How much do I owe you?”

When he got back to the gas station the car was ready. He pulled it up to the gas pumps and had the tank filled. While he waited behind the wheel he could almost feel Ellie’s thighs locked around his hips. He paid the attendant and pulled away from the station with squealing tires protesting hi hard driving.

He wanted Ellie again, and he wanted Betty, and he might as well admit it, he didn’t want to give up Chile. Christ, he wanted the world. Well, why not? Wasn’t he the world’s greatest stud service?

Barry hadn’t wanted to admit to himself that half the high salary he got was because of his ability to satisfy Chile’s insatiable sexual desires.

But there it was, and he didn’t like it.

When he walked back into the trailer the girls were all awake and in the living room. Ellie didn’t meet his eyes when he glanced at her. She and Natalie were poured into slacks with halters that left more of their breasts hanging out than in. Betty wore a pair of shorts so tight that part of the material had crawled up into the crack of her pussy. She, too, wore a halter and every time she moved a little more of her dark nipples came into view.

Barry felt his cock immediately start to rise. He flopped into a chair in order to hide it.

Chile was the only one of the four who still wore a nightgown. It reached just the tops of her thighs and when she moved it might as well have come to just the tips of her breasts. Her pubic bush gleamed in the open every time it flopped.

Barry watched her cross the room to him. Her bold nudity was like a symbol of their relationship, her ownership of him. She smiled and moved to the arm of his chair. Her ass pressed against his shoulder and she leaned over him to envelope his face in the perfumed flesh of her breasts.

“What’s the matter, lover?” Chile said. “Need that taken care of?” She reached down and caressed the bulge of his cock through his jeans.

For some reason, it pissed him off. “Yeah.”

“Well, c’mon then,” Chile said, smiling and rising to stand beside the chair.

“Come where?” Barry said, his teeth clenche tightly together.

“To the bedroom, silly.”

“Why bother,” he replied, unzipping his fly and freeing his cock. It danced and bobbed like a rigid spear above his groin. “Why not right here? What the hell, let everybody watch. Aren’t we supposed to be one happy family?” He squeezed and fisted his cock, making the head swell to gigantic proportions.

“Jesus,” Chile said. “What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”

“Nothin’,” he replied. “C’mon, Chile, climb aboard… let’s fuck.”

“Disgusting,” Natalie said from across the room. “I’m not going to sit here and watch this. C’mon, Ellie.”

She moved toward their bedroom and when Ellie didn’t move, she stopped and turned.

“Stick around, Ellie,” Barry said, standing and waving his huge hunk of meat back and forth in front of him. “Shit, you might even learn something.”

“ELLIE!” Natalie shouted from the doorway.

Ellie bit her lip and looked from Barry’s cock to Natalie and back again. Natalie shouted again, a note of hysteria coming into her voice. Ellie slowly turned and, like a robot, followed Natalie from the room.

“Well, that just leaves the three of us,” Barry said.

“Shit,” Betty said, smiling. “I’m game.” She hooked her thumbs in her shorts and wrestled them down her legs. Her dark pussy thrust forward in invitation when she again stood upright.

Chile looked from her to Barry’s cock and licked her ups. She was tempted. She had been horny all morning, since she had awakened and found Barry gone from the trailer. Finally, she shook her head.

“No, thanks,” she said at last. “Threesomes don’t turn me on. I like to fuck private.”

“Chicken,” Betty said.

“Shut up,” Chile hissed at her.

“Then let’s get the fuck outta here,” Barry said, stuffing his cock back into his pants. “We can make the next town by tomorrow morning.”

An hour later they were on the road. Natalie and Ellie were in the back seat. Nat was reading and Ellie was staring out the window, deep in her own thoughts. Betty sat on the other side of the back seat and Barry’s eyes met hers every time he looked into the rear-view mirror. She was smiling at him, and when she saw him looking her tongue would come out of her mouth and slide slowly over her full, ripe lips.

Chile sat next to him on the front seat, her shoulder pressing against his and her hand on his thigh up above the knee. There was plenty of roo for her to move over, but she sat close to him. Whenever she moved, her soft breast would dig into his ribs.

At two in the afternoon they stopped for lunch in a sleepy little town. The restaurant had a homey atmosphere, with waitresses in gingham aprons and bright smiles on their faces. The group was curiously subdued. Each of the four girls seemed deep in her own thoughts, and none was interested in any of the others.

The food, fatigue and general anxiety made Barry very sleepy. They stopped for gas before heading out of the town, and on the short ride from the restaurant to the gas station, he yawned constantly.

“Trade places with me, will you, Chile?” Betty said from the rear.

“Why?” Chile asked coldly.

“Because I can’t sleep sitting up and I can’t even half lie down with three of us back there.”

Reluctantly, Chile traded and Barry maneuvered the big car and the trailer back to the highway.

During the next hundred miles, the girls went out one by one. Betty ended up with her head on his thighs and her hand resting lightly on his cock.

Pretty soon even Barry could take it no longer. He waited until the next rest stop and rolled the car to a smooth halt. It was hot so he rolled all the windows down and settled as comfortably as he could against the door.

It was then that Betty came awake.

She pushed herself off Barry’s shoulder and sat up to stretch and yawn, her unhampered breasts pushing out at the soft stuff of her blouse. She opened her purse and fished out a pack of cigarettes.

“What time is it?” she asked as she waited for the dashboard lighter to pop.

“About nine.”

“You want one of these?” She held out her lit cigarette.


“Take this one. I’ll light another,” she said, thrusting the cigarette between his lips.

He clamped his teeth down over the filter and moved the cigarette to the corner of his mouth where the drifting smoke wouldn’t get into his eyes. Betty lit another cigarette for herself.

“Hey,” she suddenly whispered. “Everyone’s asleep.”

“So?” he replied.

“So?” she said indignantly. “So let’s go over under those trees and finish what we started. Or does Chile have you all to herself?”

“She hasn’t got me anywhere,” he sighed, expelling a cloud of smoke at the same time.

“I think she thinks she owns your body,” Betty teased.

“You mean because I sleep with her? We have fun, but that’s all there is to it. She’s not holdin me here. I could quit tomorrow without a pang.”

“Except that you’d be missing a lot of goo loving?”

“It’s not that good,” Barry said evenly. “And the funny thing about sex is that when you’re getting it, it doesn’t really mean very much. It’s only when you aren’t getting any that you think about it all the time.”

“Well, I certainly had you thinking about it this morning,” she said with a grin.

“Why not? You’re one hell of a good-looking woman. And with you there’s still the mystery.”

“You mean, once you made love to me you wouldn’t be interested?”

“I mean I wouldn’t be as interested as I was this morning. I’ll always be interested. I’d have to be made of stone not to be.”

“You son-of-a-bitch,” she suddenly croaked, her hand reaching and squeezing his cock. “I want you. C’mon.”

She was out of the car in an instant. When she turned back to him he could see her face clearly in the moonlight. Her eyes were blazing with lust and her mouth was slack with passion.

“Goddamn you,” she hissed, “I need you. C’mon.”

Never turn down a lady, Barry thought, and slid from the car, gently closing the door behind them. Betty ran up a path and under some trees, with Barry close behind her. When they were just out of sight of the car, she stopped suddenly and turned. He ran right into her anus.

She pulled him closer to her. The covered ends of her breasts brushed against his chest, her mouth touched his face. Her tongue slipped out from between her lips, tracing the contours of his mouth, then drove inside.

“What are you waiting for, you bastard?” Her words were like lascivious spears of passion, and they found their mark in his excitement.

“You want it, huh?”

“Yesss,” she hissed.

“With your clothes on?”

“Damn you,” she spat. “Help me!”

Her hands tore at the ties to her halter while his hands opened the button and zipper of her shorts. Her bare breasts were like mountains of ice cream with cherries at their tops… hard, succulent cherries.

The shorts dropped to the ground. She slid her fingers under the cloth of her panties and pushed them down over her hips. The elastic widened to pass over her hips, then narrowed again as the hips tapered to thighs, calves, and finally ankles.

His hand cupped the fullness of her ass cheeks and pulled her body forward until her belly was pressed against his lips. His tongue roved over the satin skin and her hands curled in his hair.

“You dirty, no good, filthy bastard,” she groaned. “Bite me! Eat me up! I’m yours!”

His hands clenched on her full buttocks. He kit the spongy flesh compress as his fingers dug deep into the softness.

“That’s it! Hurt me!” Her hips thrust her eager pussy hard against his lips.

His lips and tongue roved over her body. Her fingers in his hair yanked hard as she shoved his head to her. His cheeks brushed the trembling softness of the insides of her thighs as his lips found her hot cuntal flesh.

“Oh you bastard,” she groaned. “Eat it. Suck my pussy!”

His tongue dipped into the groove of her auburn muff and laved the satiny smoothness it found there. She gurgled with joy as the tip found her clitoris and worried it until her pussy gushed its juice onto his chin.

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Suck it up! Suck it all up!”

Ellie heard the snap of the car door and popped her eyes open. She saw the retreating bodies go up the path and rolled her head to her two companions in the seat beside her.

They were both sound asleep. Natalie had rolled against her in her sleep and let her hand crawl up beneath Ellie’s skirt until her fingers were lightly pressed against her pussy.

Ellie knew what Barry and Betty would soon be doing. She closed her eyes and put her head back against the seat to sleep. It did no good. She found herself thinking of Barry’s huge cock sliding between Betty’s thighs and parting the straining lips of the redhead’s cunt.

She found herself spreading her own thighs and wriggling her ass forward to try and shove Natalie’s fingers into her own cunt.

It wouldn’t work.

She thought of awakening Natalie and making love. But she knew that wouldn’t work, either. Then the vision of Barry’s big cock again floated across her mind and she suddenly knew what she would do.

Carefully and quietly she slid from the car and padded on bare feet up the path behind the couple.

With Betty’s help, Barry had removed all his clothes. She was now lying on the ground with his naked form standing above her. His prick bounced, rigid and ready, in front of his naked groin.

She was beautiful in the moonlight, with her thighs spread wide so that the moonlight could catch the juicy sheen on her cuntal lips and inner thighs.

For a moment he stood looking down at her naked body, open and writhing, her eyes glaze with passion, her arms reaching for him. “Come,” she whispered. “Fuck me.”

He lowered himself upon her as she arched to meet him. They came together with the soft slap of flesh against flesh as his huge cock easily skewered her willing pussy. Her belly ground against him and her tits flattened up against his chest.

Her thighs locked around his hips and they quickly settled into the hard, panting rhythm of lustful fucking.

“Barry,” she cooed against his ear, her hands running wildly up and down his tensed back. “Deep… hard, hard, hard! Make it hurt… HURT ME WITH YOUR COCK!”

He lowered his head to her breasts and sucked as he withdrew his cock until only the hard ridge was tickling her outer cunt lips.

“I’m on fire,” she pleaded. “Oh God, I can’t stand it… put it back in!”

His face was pressed against the softness of her breasts, her left nipple trembling between his lips. He could feel her heart beating inside her chest, racing like a trip hammer.

She arched her chest up toward him and her hand slipped between their bodies to grasp his cock. Still he held back and lashed at her nipple with his tongue, while groans of frustration came from her lips.

He let her pull him closer, moved his knees to get leverage, then thrust savagely.

“Argghhh!” she screamed. “Ooooohhhh,” she moaned as he moved away.

Then he was beating his cock into her, savagely plunging and withdrawing. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut, her head rolled from side to side as waves of delight washed over her. Her mouth was slack and a thin stream of spittle ran down from the corner.

Her eager body met him stroke for stroke. Her long nails raked his back and ass cheeks. And fluttery, rhythmic waves of contractions rolled through the muscles of her belly and pussy.

“Now, now!” she cried. “Harder… more! I’m there, I’m there!”

And she was. She came like a dam bursting. But still she didn’t stop. If anything, she fucked her cunt up harder over his cock. She was a woman who obviously loved to fuck, and she was giving Barry the ride of his life.

“Ohhhh, it always feels so good when the first come is passed and I can concentrate on pure fucking.”

Barry didn’t answer her. She was driving both him and his prick wild and he wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.

As their pelvic bones ground together, Betty squeezed harder with her thighs. She lifted her ass from the ground and started to gyrate it in ever-widening circles. The movement drove his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt, making th bulbous head rub up against different spots deep up inside her belly. It made her feel good and she was slowly able to excite herself all over again.

There was something primitive about fucking outdoors under the stars and the trees, and she was loving it. She was aware of the sounds of the birds, the animals, but most of all, she was aware of Barry’s hard, thick, driving cock meat digging hard and fast into her cunt hole.

With a wrench of his body, Barry rolled over so that she found herself sitting on top of him. Different sensations flooded throughout her body as she closed her eyes and rotated her steaming pussy from side to side.

Barry was gagging with the lust in his choked throat. He reached up and cupped, then tore at, her heaving, swaying breasts. He pinched her nipples hard, making them stand out as he plunged upward, driving his cock in wildly impaling thrusts in and out of her pussy.

She held the thick shaft and fucked herself down, pleading, telling him with her hips, her buttocks, her tight nipping pussy, to drive the whole of his loving prick up her cunt.

Betty couldn’t speak. The fire from the tip of his rod had reached her throat. And she couldn’t go slow, either. She couldn’t do anything except what she was doing… grinding her hips, her tight cunt hole, onto his big hard cock. Her fingers yanked at the root of the monster, her hand tryin to push the meat deeper while her pussy pulled, sucked. It was so good!

Barry ground a finger into her asshole as he continued to stroke her cunt with his meat. She didn’t seem to mind it at all, moaning with lust as she felt his cock penetrate deep into her insatiable pussy.

Barry was a good lover, no doubt about that. He took his time with her and soon the girl was again starting to respond. Her cunt had been sopping to start with, but now it was overflowing with secretions, a warm flow of hot, salty juices, a preparation for the second orgasm that now seemed only a few seconds away.

Now Barry was fucking with a vengeance. And she was coming, screaming out with her satisfaction, sweat streaming down her shoulders. Her cunt was contracting wildly around his prick.

“Come on, big daddy!” she coaxed. “I’m there! Do it harder, harder! It feels so fucking good when you fuck me like this! Come with me!”

“Take it easy,” Barry panted in answer. “Go ahead, I’m not ready yet but I want to feel you coming!”

She obliged him a few seconds later, her body sitting perfectly still but her entire pussy clamped almost painfully around his probing cock.

And Barry was still fucking her, working his big thick cock in and out of her lush cunt. The girl was numb for a few minutes after her orgasm, but the she was able to satisfy him, whipping her body around, doing whatever she could think of to increase his passion.

In the bushes, Ellie watched their sweating, straining, naked bodies in the moonlight. She watched Barry’s cock fucking into Betty. She could almost feel his pussy-juice-stained prick sliding up and down the tender walls of her own cunt.

The expression on Betty’s flushed face, the noises she made as the male meat penetrated her cunt again and again, made Ellie’s own pussy contract, as if it were her cunt that Barry’s rigid tool was fucking.

I’ve got to have him back, I’ve got to, she moaned to herself as she tore at the petals of her cunt with her hands.


For the next two weeks things seemed to smooth out and run well. On the nights when Barry couldn’t sneak away to meet Betty, he would gladly fuck Chile. On those nights Betty would pick up a salesman or producer after the show, fuck his brains out, and pick up some extra change.

Even Natalie seemed to loosen up. She walked in one afternoon when Barry and Chile were in the middle of a hot sixty-nine and, instead of leaving, stood and watched them.

Barry rolled his body on top of Chile and pumped his cock into her cunt. They both saw Natalie standing in the door.

“Jesus,” Barry said.

“The hell with her!” Chile shouted. “I don’t give a shit! Let her watch! HURRY! FUCK ME!”

Barry was just as hot as she was, so he did. He pummeled, pounded and fucked Chile’s cunt through two solid orgasms and then pulled his cock from her pussy and dangled it in front of her face.

Chile devoured it like a hungry wanton. She leaned over and draped her body over Barry’s as she sucked. She made soft noises in her throat as he rammed his cock into her head.

It was as if Chile suddenly liked having an audience especially an audience like Natalie. She seemed determined to give Barry the blow job of his life.

She continued to suck and lick his prick, using only her lips to bring his come.

He was sweating now and his eyes were closed, ready to be brought to orgasm. Chile’s mouth was wide open, filled to the brim with his thick cock meat.

She clamped down hard with her teeth and his eyes popped open. He groaned, but didn’t stop pumping as he watched Natalie watch Chile eat his dick.

She leaned her head forward and allowed the big prick to slide into the back of her throat. It disappeared one inch at a time and soon Barry could feel her sharp white teeth digging into the base of his rod while her soft red lips were pressed passionately against his tangled pubic hair.

She kept his prick buried in her throat for a few minutes, massaging his heavy balls with her fre hand. Already she could taste a drop of sperm in her mouth.

She let the big cock glide halfway out of her mouth and began to fuck her tongue back and forth across the swollen purple head, knowing how much she was turning him on, bringing him even closer to the point of release.

She let the big prick slide all the way out of her mouth and began to lick at it, starting down at the hairy base and working her way slowly up to the head. She lingered along the length of the shaft, tracing the veins with her tongue.

Now she was fucking her tongue back and forth over the head of his prick like a hummingbird gathering nectar from a flower. He was wincing with lust, oversensitive now, almost ready to shoot his cum.

She took the big prick back into her mouth, using her hands to massage his balls, trying to wring the cum out of his body. It was like milking a cow, only this was a bull who delivered nothing but cream.

Now he was fucking her mouth, taking a more active role in their lovemaking. His passion had been aroused to its peak and he was really slinging it into her, causing Chile to choke with discomfort.

She plunged her head down, servicing the full eight thick inches of his magnificent cock. He was really going now, really piling it into her.

She leaned her head forward, sure that he wa almost ready to explode. All the familiar signs were present. He was sweating heavily, his head was red as a beet, his face looking like it had been sunburned. A few more seconds and he would give it to her.

Then he was ready. Barry forced his rigid cock in once more and felt the cum welling up at the very tip, forming a temporary darn. Then he was shooting, pouring forth his juices lustily, watching the beautiful girl down the thick fluids as fast as he could produce them, not backing up an inch.

Then he was choking her. The combination of his thick cockhead and his spurting semen was more than her throat could handle at the same time.

She pulled her mouth, with a grunt, from his still-spurting cock. Cum cascaded from the bloated head and hit her eyes, her nose, her chin and dribbled down to land in silver streams on her breasts.

In the doorway, Natalie lightly applauded. “Interesting,” she said, “very interesting. I might even try it sometime for a kick.”

Then she crossed the trailer to her own room and surprised Ellie by throwing her on the bed and straddling her face. Roughly, she jammed her juicy pussy down over Ellie’s mouth.

“I just saw something that really turned me on,” Natalie said. “Eat me… eat me real good and then I’ll tell you about it.”

So everyone got their share; in fact, more than their share. Everyone, that is, except Ellie. For her it got worse and worse. She devised scheme after scheme to find a place and the time to be alone with Barry. She was almost sure she didn’t love him. She never thought she had. But she also knew for sure that she didn’t love Natalie. And, sexually, she wanted Barry at that time in her life much more than she wanted her female lover.

The tension was bound to break, and it did after an especially long and rowdy show for a bunch of bathtub salesmen in Atlantic City.

Betty had been drinking and Ellie had refused to do her complete strip number. Then three drunks had wandered onto the stage and tried to grab Chile. She had kicked one of them in the balls and scratched the second’s face to a bloody pulp. The third beat a hasty retreat and the show had come to an abrupt end.

Barry pulled the car around to the stage entrance and waited while the girls got dressed and changed their makeup.

The girls came out and got in the car. For the first time since the tour started, Ellie and Natalie got in different seats. Natalie sat up front, Ellie sat in the back between Betty and Chile.

“What happened tonight?” he asked over his shoulder. “You didn’t seem up to snuff.”

“When did you add stripping to your list of dubious talents?” Chile snapped.

“That was uncalled for,” Betty said, defending his feelings. “He had nothing to do with the fight between Nat and Eli.”

“What fight?” Barry said, turning to look at Natalie out of the corner of his eye.

“None of your damned business,” she growled, and squeezed herself as far away from him as possible.

“What did I do?” he asked. “All I did was ask a question.”

“I’ll tell you all about it later, handsome,” Betty said.

“You’ll tell him nothing later,” Chile snapped at her. “You just keep your drunken body away from [missing text]!”

Good God, Barry thought, the whole act is falling to pieces. They were at each other’s throats like wildcats. All except Ellie. He looked at her in the rear-view mirror, saw her cradling her face in her hands and stifling her sobs.

When he pulled up at the trailer everyone got out but Ellie. Barry sat behind the wheel, watching them go inside. Then he turned to the crying girl.

“What happened?” he said quietly.

“Nat and I had an argument,” she told him. “That is, Nat had an argument with me. All I did was stop into that stripper’s dressing room for a minute to chat. Nat came storming in a couple of minutes later, calling me all sorts of awful names. She wouldn’t listen to me, or let me explain. Sh called me a flirt and a tease, told me if I ever looked at another woman she’d tear out all my hair.”

Barry didn’t know what to say. He slipped out from behind the wheel, reached in to help her out of the back seat. Her shoulders were still shaking with silent sobs. The touch of his hand seemed to calm her. But when she was standing on her feet beside the car door, she threw herself into his arms and buried her face in his shoulder.

“Everybody’s pissed off at everybody,” Barry said as he heard the raised voices bellowing from the trailer.

“No… everybody’s pissed off at me… and, I suppose, at you too… at little.”

“Why me?” Barry said, pulling away and looking into her face.

“Because, secretly, everybody wants your cock. You’ve got a bunch of frustrated females on your hands.”

He thought for a moment, scowling. “How about you?” he said at last.

“Me what?”

“You want my cock?”

Ellie didn’t hesitate. “Yes,” she said, nodding, but averting her eyes from his.

“Then what the hell are we waiting for?”

Inside the trailer the three girls heard the car pull back out of the drive. Chile tan to a window and parted the drape.

“Shit… that bastard,” she cursed.

“Oh let him go,” Natalie said to her. “You can miss a stiff dick for one night.”

“Here, here,” Betty said, lifting her glass in salute.

Chile whirled on her. “I’ll give you here, here in a minute, you drunken tramp.”

She glared at the other girl for a moment, then got to her feet and stamped off into her bedroom. Her exit seemed to release the others from their chairs.

Natalie stood up and looked over at Betty. “How about switching bedrooms with Ellie?” she said. “At least, for tonight.”

Betty gave her a wicked grin and a wink. “Only if you promise not to get fresh, darling.”

Natalie reddened, then nodded.

Barry unlocked the door and stepped slightly to the side. “You sure you want to do this?”

Ellie stepped past him into the motel room without answering.

He closed the door and, using only the shaft of light from the window, built two drinks and handed her one.

“I’d like to make a speech for a few minutes,” he said.

“All right,” she replied, sitting on the bed.

“I’m trying to find the right words. I want you to keep quiet until I finish talking. In the first place, I think you’re nuts. Not crazy, or insane, just nuts, stupid nuts. You don’t hate men, not really. And just because you get physical pleasure from the caresses of another woman, you call yourself a lesbian. If you were naked, and had your eyes closed, and a hand touched you, would you be able to tell if that hand belonged to a man or woman? And suppose it was a pair of lips instead of a hand? Would you be able to tell?”

“Are you trying to tell me I’m not what I know myself to be?”

“Then what the fuck are you doing here with me?”


He smiled in the darkness and started removing his clothes. “All right,” he said.

Betty sat cross-legged on the big double bed in Natalie’s room. She was stark naked, a little drunk, and getting drunker. She cradled a bottle of Scotch between her luscious breasts and a half-full glass in one hand.

Natalie was stretched out beside her, her head propped up on two pillows, her eyes roaming over the naked body of the drunken girl. She wa dressed in a pair of silk pajamas, and smoking a cigarette.

The lights were off but both bodies were illuminated by the light from the soundless television.

Betty sat with her shoulders dropping. Her breasts hung down like giant teardrops. They were wonderful breasts: white, soft and fragrant. Betty had a narrow waist and lean thighs, which made the curve of her hips and the jut of her ass all the more alluring.

With her knees pointed outward and her ankles crossed in front of her, Betty looked as though she were offering her cunt. Natalie felt a great urge to reach out, to drive her fingers deep into that lean and lovely body, to caress those nipples with her lips and tongue.

Each time the desire surged through her, she bit down harder on the cigarette.

Finally, Betty broke the silence. She was quite drunk but she managed to speak clearly. Her head was turned down and she looked up at Nat from under her brows.

“When you look at me like that, it makes me feel funny,” she said.

Natalie flushed, guilty at being caught looking.

“I’ve always wondered if you see a woman the same way a man sees her,” Betty said.

“I wouldn’t know,” Natalie said, trying to make her tone casual. “I have no idea how a man sees woman.”

“And what about when you make love? How good is it? How can it be anything like making it with a man?”

“Hasn’t a man ever kissed your cunt?”

“Where?” Betty said coyly.

“Here,” Natalie said, reaching out and touching Betty’s body. As her fingers touched the soft flesh, desire raged through her. The touch, however, seemed to have no effect on Betty.

“Yes,” Betty said.

“Did you like it?”

“Of course. Why shouldn’t I like it?”

“Well, imagine the same thing, only a hundred times better. Better because a woman is gentler, and only another woman can know exactly what you are feeling.”

Natalie’s fingers, trembling slightly, were still pressed against the other girl’s body. Now she pressed harder and felt a faint reaction.

“What about the other part… doing it for a man? Have you ever done that?”

“You mean, suck a cock?” Betty giggled. “Hell, yes, I’ve sucked a cock. Shit, I’ve sucked more cocks than there are hairs on your pussy.”

Natalie gritted her teeth at the comparison, but continued the pressure with her hand. She let the tips of two fingers trail down and lightly brush the pubic hair at the top of Betty’s beautiful pussy.

Betty was weaving slightly. Suddenly she los her balance and fell backward on the bed. As she did, her ass drove forward and one of Natalie’s knuckles split her cuntal lips and mashed against her clitoris.

The redhead let out a little gasp, but didn’t try to remove the hand. Instead, she spread her legs a little farther and relaxed. She then set the glass and bottle at the head of the bed and looked at Natalie.

“Can you really make it as good as with a man?” she asked, her voice tight.

“Better. Much better,” Natalie told her, moving closer.

“I’ve always wondered what it would feel like with another girl. Would you do it to me?”

“I’ve already begun,” said Natalie, smiling.


Barry felt her warmly resilient body pressed tightly against his own, felt the firm, wonderfully alive muscles of her shoulder beneath his encircling arm, and smelled the fragrance of her perfume and hair. There was a slight tremor to that body.

“Are you cold?” he asked, feeling protective and concerned.

“No… not now,” she said.


“A little,” she replied, her eyes thoughtful as they gazed into his. “Is Chile a good fuck?”

He almost laughed out loud, but he managed to hide it, knowing she had asked the question in all seriousness. “Yes… very good. She loves it.”

“I figured,” Ellie said.

“Let’s don’t talk about Chile,” Barry said. “And let’s forget for a while that you’re just one of Chile’s girls. Right now you’re here, naked, pressed against me, and you’re one of my girls. I want to fuck you.”

“Yes,” she moaned, “fuck me. Fuck me harder and deeper than you’ve ever fucked before.”

He lowered his lean, powerful hips between her thighs until he could feel the rubbery knob of his cock brushing against her pubic fleece. “Put it in… take my cock and put it in your hole!” he groaned.

She reached down between their bodies, groping for his cock. She found it immediately; it would have been impossible not to find it, as large and as hard as it was. She thrilled as her fingers wrapped around the hot, throbbing flesh. She could feel every muscle, every beating vein in his meat. She enclosed it tightly in her fist, then stroked it, moving the hot flesh up and down on the shaft. He moaned with delight from the touch of her hand and fingers.

The heat was building up rapidly in her loins. Her pulsing cunt wanted his long hard cock in there… she wanted it in the worst way. Even now she imagined she could feel it sliding down into her. She guided the lust-swollen cockhead toward her waiting cunt.

He lowered his body a bit more, and his massively erect prick tickled against her pubic hair. Ellie pushed down on it and felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through her belly and inner thighs as th searing hand touched the sensitive, flooded lips of her pussy. She used the hot bulbous tip to draw little circles of ecstasy around and around her moistly quivering cuntal lips. She moved it up and down, feeling it push deliciously against her erect clitoris.

“Open your legs as wide as you can and put it in now,” he demanded.

Ellie sighed, closing her eyes in rapture, and then centered the tip of his magnificent prick at the opening to her throbbing cunt. Although she wanted him to go deep and hard, perversely she heard her own voice saying softly, “Do it to me slow… and gentle.”

The pressure at her tightly stretched cuntal lips continued for a moment, then gradually increased in strength until, with a slight wet popping noise, the lust-swollen head slid up inside her. “Oh, God, that’s beautiful!” she crooned. “Fuck me, Barry… fuck me good!”

Barry felt the velvet warmth of her pussy enclose the head of his cock. Using her feet and leg muscles, she raised her hips tentatively from the bed and discovered that the movement caused his desire-hardened prick to slide in another inch.

“Ohhhh,” she chanted. “That’s… so wonderful!”

She dropped her hips and his thick cock slid out until only the heavily pulsating head remained buried between the lips of her cunt. She raised an the long hard shaft moved in further… then she fell back, and felt it partially withdraw again.

Then she pushed her pelvis up again, moaning in frustration, and Barry decided it was time to end the game. Slowly, very slowly, he pushed his stiff cock inward. It slipped easily through the inner muscles, up through the warmly clasping walls of her cuntal passage.

Ellie’s eyes rolled back in her head from the sheer rapture of the slow entry. She had never believed that a cock’s first thrust could be so heavenly; but then, she had never been so aroused, so lubricated before. Up, up, up into her his cock went. She thrilled with each new inch. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, Barry was in her his full, hard length. She could feel the bristles of the short hair on his softly swaying testicles tickling her sensitive asshole. She could feel the massive cockhead buried deep inside of her, throbbing against her cervix. She could feel every fleshy, muscular little ridge of his prick pressing against her hotly quivering cuntal walls. And over it all, she could feel overwhelming contentment and happiness.

Barry began to withdraw slowly, then thrust inward slowly again. He was moving in and out of her clasping pussy with his eyes closed in deep appreciation. She was milking him with her inner muscles. One set worked on the throbbing head of his cock, squeezing it then releasing it, squeezing releasing, until he thought he would go out of his mind. Another set of muscles, somewhere in the area just below the inner lips of her cunt, were moving sideways back and forth against the sensitive underpart of his shaft. All of this was going on while she was rising to meet each of his thrusts.

Her body was alive with sure, independent motion. Her brain could relax and let the, incredibly wonderful sensations roll over it. Time simply dissolved into nothingness. She didn’t know how long those slow, gentle, maddeningly beautiful strokes had been plowing into her, but gradually she began to feel that it was not enough. She wanted more.

“Fuck me harder now, Barry… fuck harder!” she pleaded.

She was almost making him come through her use of her cuntal muscles alone. “All right, baby. You want it harder, you’ll get it harder!”

Abruptly, he reached down and locked his hands beneath her thighs and lifted them until her kneecaps were pressed tightly back against her tits. He pulled the wetly glistening shaft out until only the head remained locked between her wetly clasping cuntal lips, then slammed down, down, down… his long hard cock burrowing far deeper into her cunt than he had ever been before.

“Oh yes… fuck yes!” she screamed deliriously as his massive erection slammed against the tip of her cervix. God, he was in so deep that it seemed the tip of his cock was lodged midway between her navel and her tits. He was in further than she had ever been fucked before, and she was loving it.

Her cunt felt stretched beyond repair, filled far beyond its limited capacity. And yet, even as she was thinking all this, she could feel her deeper inner muscles welcoming this invader.

Now, clamping his mouth wetly down over hers, he began a slow fucking motion between her thighs. Each new powerful thrust went to new depths of her quivering pussy. The blunted head of his cock soon was master of it all.

As he fucked her, Barry had one raging thought on his mind: satisfy her, satisfy her as no woman had ever been able to do. He knew he was accomplishing it, and the real reason for doing all this was not egotism, but the desire to bring pleasure to her so she would want him to fuck her again and again.

Her body was beginning to wantonly twist and writhe now, and her sounds became one long sustained mewl as she groaned into his mouth and worked her tongue deep into his throat. She was an animal, releasing everything from her mind except the ecstasy of the moment. She was a picture of pure wantonness: face wrung with passion, nostrils flaring like a wild mare being mounted by a stallion, neck tendons taut as cables, eyes hot and smoky with lust.

“Oh Barry, Barry, Barry,” she moaned, “it’s good fucking you again… your prick is so good for my pussy!”

In his mind Barry had no illusions that Ellie would never make love to a woman again, but he was determined that this wouldn’t be the last time she wanted cock either.

She was a wild woman, bucking up against him as though she had never wanted anything in her pussy but cock when he released her knees from her breasts. She dropped her legs to his hips and tightened them around him, pulling him even deeper into her cunt.

“You do love it, don’t you? God, you’re a real fuck now, Ellie… the best!”

He slipped his hands down over her hips and slid them beneath the smooth rounded moons of her desperately thrashing ass cheeks. He cupped them harshly with each hand and began kneading them like bread dough as he fucked his long hard cock in with ever-greater frenzy.

She flexed and unflexed her straining cunt muscles as his fingers dug deeply into the creamy flesh of her ass. He jerked her harder up to his massive, driving cock, and she spread her trembling thighs even further, inviting him to do what he wished as the hot hole of her cunt spread open in welcome.

He pounded into her with a fury, then, without warning, she felt his right hand stop its kneadin motion on her ass and begin moving into the sweat-dampened crevice of her ass cheeks.

His outstretched middle finger started, to tentatively worm its way into her defenseless, tightly puckered little hole.

He pressed inward and she felt the soft rubbery flesh yield reluctantly. “Ohhhh, God, that hurts!” she cried, twisting her buttocks in an effort to get away. The groan bubbled from her lips in pained protest as his extended finger continued its invasion of her asshole.

He thrust even harder, and now she saw the cruel smirk on his handsome face as he took pleasure in hearing her sounds of pain. She didn’t know it yet, but her body was really enjoying the almost brutal fucking he was subjecting her to. Soon she would be begging. He began working his finger around inside, stretching the puckered little anal ring wider and wider as his mercilessly pistoning cock brutalized her wide-stretched pussy.

Ellie felt a second finger poised at the opening to her rear passage, then it, too, was inside, working in unison with the first finger, in rhythm with his rapidly thrusting prick.

The protests coming from her chest gradually began changing from whimpers of pain to low moans of new, increased pleasure as her asshole became used to this strange invasion.

Within seconds she was shamelessly grinding her ass back onto his fingers as he probed methodicall around in the warm depths. New delights rippled through her belly and up her spine. She knew she was hopelessly impaled and helpless between the hard driving rod of flesh buried deep in her womb and the cruel, merciless fingers that wormed in and out of her ass.

She was squealing like a pig, twisting and writhing in wildly abandoned lust, when suddenly she knew she was about to come. She fought her own body against the orgasm. She didn’t want to come yet… not yet. All this was too beautiful to end. She tightened up all of her muscles, but that only intensified the hot, all-consuming vibrations that were beginning to reverberate deep in the pit of her cunt.

Barry felt the change in her body, felt the sudden heating up of her wetly clasping cuntal passage, and knew she was rapidly approaching a climax. Beneath him, she had begun to chant with each breath.

“Don’t stop… don’t stop… don’t stop… fuck me… fuck both my holes! I’m going to explode, darling… KEEP FUCKING ME! FUCK ME FOREVER!”

That’s what he had wanted to hear.

The knowledge that she was about to come caused his own excitement to build to a fever pitch. He wanted to come with her, at the same time. He slipped his fingers from her tortured anus, and quickened the rhythm of his pistoning thrusts grinding hard and deep, boring persistently into the hidden recesses of her pussy.

“That’s it… oh fuck yes, that’s it!” she wailed. “I’M THERE!”

She punched her writhing hips up, seeking one last thrust before the dam inside of her broke. His throbbing cock was a huge battering ram slamming into her cunt, and the vibrations from the blows made her tingle to the tips of her toes. This was all too beautiful to be true.

Then, gradually, the dam crumbled and the wave of ecstasy was flooding down over her. Her frantically quivering legs beat against the softness of the mattress and her breath came in hoarse rasping gasps as the violent but exquisite seizure rocked and racked her ripe young body. She felt, momentarily, that she was one gigantic… coming, coming, coming… that every part of her was part of it.

Even above her own pleasure, however, was the sudden knowledge that the beautifully pulsating staff that had carried her to this peak of glory was pumping hot, thick spurts of sperm far up into her quivering belly. His hot liquid message of love mingled with her juices, forming a pool of sexual lava that filled her cunt to overflowing and her mind with the realization that she had once again been totally fucked by a cock, and she had love it.

Having girl-to-girl sex with Betty would fill two needs for Natalie. First, it would fill her body’s constant need for sex. Second, and perhaps more important, it would serve Ellie right if she made love to another girl. Then there was always the hope that she could convert Betty and her luscious body to female sex, and then she would have two pussies to fuck and suck for the rest of the tour.

She sat up on the bed and lifted her hands from Betty’s body. “Open your eyes,” she said.


“Open your eyes and look at me… I want you to watch me undress.”

Betty opened her eyes and stared questioningly. She watched as Natalie opened the large buttons on her pajama tops, one at a time, teasingly. When they were all opened, Natalie slipped the garment from her shoulders, baring her pert, up-tilted breasts to Betty’s curious eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Natalie asked, fearful that she had gone too far, too fast.

“Nothing. I like your tits better than mine… that’s all,” Betty replied. “They’re not so big and floppy. Also… I guess I feel a little weird. I’ve never looked at another girl this way before.”

“How does it make you feel?”

“Hot… tingly all over,” Betty said truthfully. “I want to press my face against your tits. I wan to suck and caress them.”

Natalie smiled, satisfied. “Not yet. First, I have to take off the rest of my clothes.”

Betty sat up. “Let me do it,” she whispered.

Natalie sighed with satisfaction and lay back on the bed. Betty’s fingers found the drawstrings of her pajama bottoms and pulled them. She was on her knees beside Natalie’s supine body, her own heavy breasts hanging down invitingly as she leaned forward.

Natalie raised her head. Her tongue fuck out and laved one of Betty’s dark, hardening nipples. Betty jumped back as though a flame had touched her.

As if in a trance, she looked down at the tip of her breast, now hard and erect. Then she looked at Natalie’s smiling lips.

“Ohhhh shit,” Betty moaned and, with one sudden swoop, she moved quickly across the bed and pressed her gigantic tits hard against Natalie’s face, almost smothering her in sweet hot flesh. Natalie opened her mouth and eagerly caressed with fiery lips and tongue. Betty moved her shoulder back and forth to offer first one breast, then the other.

“Oh God, this is wonderful,” Betty sighed. “I could go on like this for hours and hours.”

Natalie’s hands replaced her mouth on the sweet tits. “I thought you were going to undress me,” she murmured.

“No… please… in a minute. Kiss my tits some more, please?”

Natalie answered the redhead’s plea. And this time she was more brutal, letting Betty feel the scrape of teeth against her nipples, mixing a little pain with the pleasure.

“Ohhhh yesss,” Betty moaned. “Bite me! Harder!”

Natalie bit until her teeth threatened to break the tender skin. Then, her own passion riding high, she pushed the other girl away with a sighing gasp.

“Undress me!” she commanded. “Make me naked!”

Betty tugged the bottoms of her pajamas down over Natalie’s hips, baring her belly, her naval, the tops of her thighs, and the soft brown mound of her pubic fur.

Betty was transfixed by the sight, her eyes staring and her chest heaving as she gasped for breath.

“You’re so beautiful,” she whispered.

And she bent her lips to kiss the flat belly. Natalie put her hands against the top of Betty’s head and pushed hard, causing those hot lips to slide across her skin. Betty turned her head to one side and allowed her lips to glide down along the smooth column of one thigh.

“Kiss my pussy… kiss it and run your tongue up and down the lips!” Natalie commanded. “Ohhhh yessss, yes, yes… like that! Oh fuck that’s so good!”

Natalie was doubly enjoying the attention her pussy was receiving from Betty’s lips and tongue because the girl had never before shown any signs of wanting female sex.

Natalie continued to writhe and hunch her sopping pussy into the redhead’s face until she could stand the tension no longer. She wanted her mouth on a cunt, too. She sat up and pushed Betty back on the bed.

The luscious redhead writhed and trembled from head to foot as Natalie went to work on her body. The lips began at her breasts, staying there to make those mammoth globes swell with passion and desire, long enough to make her nipples ache with wanting. Then they moved down along the center line of her body, between the white mountains of tits to the velvety stomach and belly, until Betty’s every breath was a painful gasp for air.

She let her lips trail all the way down to the soles of Betty’s feet. Then she sat back on her haunches. “Turn over,” she told the trembling girl.

Betty’s eyes opened wide. “Turn over?”

“That’s what I said.”


“Don’t ask stupid questions at a time like this. Just do as I say. I promise you’ll love every minute of it!”

Betty turned over, pressing her belly and breasts into the mattress and spreading her legs wide apart.

Natalie looked down at the upturned back. Her eyes took in the sweeping curve of back which turned into twin globes of white trembling buttocks, then the dark rust of pubic hair and pink cuntal lips, to the long sweep of tanned thighs. Betty truly had a rampant desire for sex and a voluptuous body to do it with.

Natalie bent down and used her tongue like a serpent. She began at the sole of the right foot. As she moved upward along the right thigh, her mouth left a trail of fire blazing behind. The tender flesh at the back of the knee produced a wild kicking, and the roving mouth across the satiny back brought a gasping moan.

Betty stuffed the corner of the pillow into her mouth to keep from screaming, while such pleasure as she’d never before experienced racked her trembling, twitching body. Her hands went behind her and pulled Natalie’s head tighter against her, as she made hoarse guttural sounds into the pillow.

The brunette’s tongue toyed with her asshole, tickling the hairs and gently laying the anal ring with its hot tip.

Then the tongue was in her asshole, then her cunt, then back in her asshole. She spread her own butt cheeks and heaved her ass into the air. Harder and deeper went Natalie’s talented tongue into Betty’s spread anus. It darted, it reamed, it sucked, until she felt as though a miniature dick were violating her asshole.

The sensation was like nothing she could ever have imagined. Fantastic waves of pleasure washed over her, colored lights exploded behind her tightly shut eyelids. It was almost like one continuous climax, a climax that could go on forever. While beneath that pleasure another need grew.

Natalie caressed the other girl until she was sure she was in a total frenzy. Then, with a quick flip of her hands, she turned Betty over, reversed her position, and fell greedily upon her.

Her chin jammed itself roughly into Betty’s cunt hole while her lips, her tongue, and her teeth went to work wildly on the redhead’s throbbing, living nub of clitoral flesh.

As Natalie’s tongue licked into Betty’s sweet pussy, she really went wild. All the control she’d managed to maintain throughout the seduction was lost. As she felt the dammed-up desire building toward the breaking point, she knew that the redhead, inexperienced in this form of love, was feeling her first pleasure peak.

At the opposite end of the trailer, Chile lay awake in her bed. She had been listening to the wild moaning and groaning of sex. It had started out calmly, but now it was obviously at a raging peak because the trailer was rocking back and forth from the wild fucking taking place in the othe room.

She didn’t know who it was, but she imagined that Barry had come back and that he and Betty were having at each other on the couch.

She had been rubbing her pussy with one hand until it was raw with desire. At last she couldn’t take it any more. If it took a threesome and she had to share Barry in order to fuck him and get her share of his cock, then that was what she would do.

She leapt from the bed and entered the living room.

It was empty, and she suddenly realized that the sounds of sex in the trailer were coming from Natalie and Ellie’s room.

Then Ellie must be back. But where was Barry? Were they having a party in there with Barry fucking Betty and the other two girls watching?

Quietly she padded across the living room and pushed the door ajar a few inches.

“Jesus Christ,” she murmured half under her breath. She saw Betty’s red hair splayed over Natalie’s thighs and there was no doubt where the girl’s tongue and lips were.

Natalie’s head was between Betty’s thighs and Chile could actually see the girl’s tongue plunging, like a miniature red cock, in and out of Betty’s pussy.

The two girls were so engrossed in sucking and eating each other’s cunts that they neither saw no heard Chile at the door.

Chile closed the door and leaned against it, her tits and her cunt throbbing with need and desire.

Then Barry is with Ellie, she thought, and Betty has it together with Natalie. Everybody’s getting it except me, and it’s my ball game in the first place. I’m getting left out…

“Well,” she said aloud. “We’ll just see about that!”


Barry woke to the noise of clattering dishes. He opened his eyes and looked across to the little kitchenette to see Chile doing something at the stove. She was wearing a pair of very scant and very tight shorts which lovingly hugged the perfect curves of her hips. Most of her back was bare, with only the thin strap of her halter to tell him she was wearing anything at all above her waist.

He yawned and looked at his watch. It was ten o’clock in the morning. “Hey!” he yelled. “Up early, aren’t you?”

She turned, gave him a dirty look, and went back to her work. Barry grabbed his trousers from the chair nearby and slid quickly into them. Then he discarded the blanket, rose from the bed, and folded it away. Chile didn’t even turn to look at him when he walked by into the bathroom.

He shaved and brushed his teeth, and when he came out of the bathroom again, Chile was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee.

“Got some of that stuff for me?” he asked, making his voice pleasant.

“It’s on the stove. Get it yourself.”

He poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down again. Chile’s halter was the smallest bit of cloth he’d ever seen, and the thinnest. Through the material he could see the large circles of her areolas and the hard dots of the nipples themselves. The deep canyon of flesh between the spheres was completely visible and the soft material clung to the curves, outlining them completely.

Her face was set in a serious expression, but there was no anger in her eyes.

“You feel better than you did last night?” he asked.

“Do you?” she retorted.

“I guess so… why?”

“Didn’t you get laid last night? You really are some stud when you can convert lesbians. How was Ellie? Is she a good fuck? Is she better than me?”

His body tensed. He had the sudden desire to just tell her the truth… tell her about him and Ellie, but he decided to pass. “Fair,” he said, putting as much sarcasm in his voice as he could muster.

“Well, you got one and you lost one,” Chile said, letting her anger boil.

“What does that mean?”

“You fucked Betty, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I fucked Betty,” Barry said. “So what?”

“So evidently you didn’t do a very good job on her.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means,” Chile said, a sadistic smile spreading across her lips, “that the one time you fucked her should have been a better one than you gave her. Because that’s probably the first and last piece you’ll ever get out of her. Know what she was doing last night? She was playing suck and fuck with Natalie. I heard them and took a look. They were all tangled up eating hell out of each other… and Betty was on top.”

“Goddamn it, shut up!” Barry shouted the words, then looked guiltily around as though he feared he’d been overheard.

“Don’t worry, dear heart,” Chile said icily. “There’s nobody here. The queers are all out. Except for the one who’s standing here in front of me.” Barry let the slur on his manhood pass. Chile was fully aware of his masculinity; she was only trying to get his goat.

She turned her back and spoke to the wall. “All of a sudden I’m on tour with a bunch of gays. What a way to make a living!”

He had a tremendous urge to step across the small room and slap her just once, hard across th face. But he knew it would do no good. Instead, he stalked out of the trailer.

He didn’t want to go right back, so he walked around to the shady side of the trailer and pulled his cigarettes out of a trouser pocket.

A noise from inside the trailer made him look around, and he found himself standing beneath one of the high screened windows. By going up on the tips of his toes he could see inside.

It was Chile’s bedroom, and she’d just slammed the door behind her. Her face was a contorted mask and her mouth moved as she muttered to herself. For a moment or two she stalked around the room, then stopped before the full-length minor.

Her eyes traveled up and down the length of her reflection and her hands moved to the hooks of her halter between her breasts. She stepped closer to inspect her breasts, and Barry couldn’t help but feel the tendrils of excitement at her semi-nudity.

Those breasts rode high and firm on her chest, pure white like marble, with a faint trace of blue veins near the brown nipples. They were firm yet soft-looking. He knew that in the valley between her breasts, her skin was covered with tiny blonde hairs, fine and silky and so small they couldn’t be seen from further away than a couple of inches. He remembered that after they had been making love for a while the skin would glisten with perspiration, and she would taste of salt.

Her nipples were only tiny dots in their brown circles of pebbled flesh. And he knew that would happen to them if he ran his tongue lightly over them. They would stir and grow. They would become darker as they filled with blood. And finally they would be as large and swollen as gapes.

Chile would moan and gasp when he took one of them between his teeth, her hands would force his head deeper into the softness, almost smothering him at times as she rolled her chest against his face. She would put her fingers into his ears, or dig her nails into his scalp as she rode her passionate wave.

The girl in the mirror moved her hands to the button at the waistband of her short shorts and forced the tight material down over the lush contours of her buttocks. She kicked them away with a flip of her foot and then bent to push down her panties. Now she was completely naked and he could see both sides of her. In the minor he could see the front of her body, high breasts dropping down to smooth stomach, then tapered belly flowing into the darkness of her lush, exciting, pleasure-giving pussy.

Barry had a hard-on.

From his position outside the window, he could see the twin spheres of her ass. His mind surged with pictures and sense memories of the feel of those satin mounds, the way the flesh would give when he tightened his hands on them, the wa they would jerk and twitch when she reached her climax. He could almost feel them pressed against his cock, the way they had been that time he made her get on her hands and knees and he’d come at her from behind.

God, he wanted her. He wanted her cunt over his cock and he wanted his face buried between those massive, fleshy tits.

But then he wanted Ellie, too. And Betty. Hell, he had even thought about eating Natalie, if that was her only desire.

Shit, he wanted them all. If it were legal he would even marry them all. He could fuck them and they could fuck each other when they wanted to, and they could just go on touring and fucking forever.

Then he heard the car on the gravel. The door slammed and the girls went into the trailer. He waited a few minutes and then followed them.

He flopped on the sofa and tried reading the paper, but it was impossible to concentrate. He was about to leave when the three girls, Natalie, Ellie and Betty, emerged from the bedroom and arranged themselves around the sofa.

“We’re all going on a picnic,” Betty said. “Out in the woods… that spot by the lake that the waitress told us about.”

“I don’t feel like it,” Barry said.

“You will when you get there,” Ellie said. “I’ll get Chile.”

She moved toward the other bedroom and Barry examined the expressions on the remaining two girls’ faces. There was something determined and set about the way they looked at him. Something that told him this was more than just your every day, run of the mill picnic.

He decided to go along with whatever it was they planned to do.

It took them over an hour to reach the lake. It was a beautiful place, set off in the woods far from the highway. The only way to reach it was along a rutted cowpath which wound through a thick forest of tall trees.

When they broke out of the trees, Barry stopped the car and looked around. The lake was large and sparkling clear. In places the trees came right down to the water’s edge. A cleared area at the end of the cowpath served as a makeshift beach. There was no sand, but the grass was soft.

Barry took his swimming suit and left the girls in the car to change. It seemed a little silly to have to change behind a tree alone, when he’d seen all of them nude so many times before. He stepped behind a bush and stripped off his clothes, then put on his suit.

When he got back to the cleared space, the girls had set out two large blankets. The food was in a basket, and the beer was in a cooler full of ice. Seeing Natalie in a bathing suit was a strange experience. Heretofore she’d always been carefu not to expose her body to him, but this afternoon she wore a very tight, very skimpy bikini.

Her trim lean body was white from lack of sun, but she was as beautiful as any of the girls. Her sexual preference seemed odd in the light of her appearance.

Barry popped a can of beer and stretched out on one of the blankets. To his surprise, Natalie slipped in beside him while the other three girls occupied the second blanket.

Well, lie thought, throwing a sideways glance at her, no nookey this afternoon.

But Natalie did look good in a bikini. The bottom part was made of two tiny triangles of cloth tied together with thin strings. And the top was a narrow band of elastic with hooks which fastened in the valley between her breasts. The band of material was just wide enough to cover the ends of her breasts; it left the upper and lower curves bare.

Natalie was dipping into her bag. Suddenly she turned to him with a tube of suntan lotion.

“You’d better let me rub some of this into you,” she said. “You don’t want to get burned.”

“You mean that?” he said.

“Sure,” she replied, flashing him a smile that he had never seen before.

Obediently, he rolled over on his back and put one hand under his head. In the other hand he gripped the can of beer. Natalie sprinkled a fe drops of the greasy liquid onto his chest. Then she set the tube aside and began to rub the stuff into his skin.

Her fingers were tender yet firm, and she rubbed with a kind of half-caress. Her fingers traced the solid contours of his muscles. When she bent over him, he could see deep between her breasts. She did his chest and shoulders, then his arms, one at a time. Then she moved down along his body and began to rub the oil into his legs.

From the tops of his thighs to his shins, Barry’s legs were covered with a thick mat of curly hair. Natalie began at the shins and worked her way upward. He felt a kind of tenseness come over him as she came closer and closer to his bathing suit. Then she was rubbing his thighs, her long fingers kneading the heavy muscles. She grinned down at him and her voice was a whisper.

“That suit is a little too tight for a man who is going to get excited just from having suntan lotion rubbed on him.”

He looked down. Sure enough, his cock was getting hard. He looked at Natalie and realized that there was more than just casual interest in his cock.

He thought: What the hell is going on?

He said: “Maybe you’d better stop, then.”

“But I’m not through yet. And I don’t care how excited you get.”

Her hands continued to stroke him and move higher up along his thighs. Then her fingers wer right at the edge of his trunks. He felt them slip under the tight leg band.

Her hands found his cock and it immediately grew rigid and tense in her fingers. Quickly he glanced over at the other girls. Their backs were turned from him.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Learning,” she replied.

So that’s it, he thought, she’s just fooling around, teasing.

“You better cut that out,” he said. “I won’t be responsible for what happens.”

“I don’t want you to be responsible. I just want you to let it happen.”

He looked her straight in the eye. “Do you mean that?”

“The first chance we get,” she said, almost blowing his mind. “Now do me!”

Barry squeezed liquid from the tube and put it on her belly. He rubbed it into the flesh between the top of the bottom half of her suit and the under curves of her breasts. When he did her thighs, he took extra time near her cunt. Once he looked up to see Chile staring daggers at him. Then he did the area between the top of the narrow band of cloth and the base of her throat, his hand sliding over the silky upper curves of her breasts.

He squeezed and kneaded the flesh until he could see her nipples thrusting out against the cloth. Her jaw was clenched against any gasp of passion, but what he felt was evident in her gleaming eyes and flared nostrils. He knew she wanted to writhe and squirm.

Well, well, well, Barry thought, she really did mean it. He didn’t know how far Natalie would really go, but he was going to find out at the first opportunity.

It came after they had gone in for a swim and eaten some lunch. They all stretched out for a nap and Barry yawned and stretched. “I think I’ll hike a little,” he said. “Anyone want to come along?”

“Me,” Betty said, jumping to her feet. “I could use some exercise.”

At this, Chile sat up. “I guess I’ll go along, too.” She really didn’t want to walk, but she wasn’t going to let Barry get Betty off alone in the woods.

“I’ll go, too,” Natalie said, rising.

Chile changed her mind then. Barry wasn’t likely to do anything with Betty if Natalie were along, even though Natalie had been teasing him with her body all day. Chile had surmised that it was probably Natalie’s way of retaliating for what he and Ellie had done the previous night.

The three people walked into the woods. It was cooler under the shade of the trees and their bare feet made no sound on the thick mat of dead leaves and grass.

Once they were out of earshot of the others, Betty spoke. “If you two want to go ahead, don’t mind me. I could see you wanted to get away from Chile, so I volunteered to go along… you two go ahead.”

Barry smiled at her gratefully and Natalie reached out to squeeze her arm. Before they moved on, Barry failed to see the knowing glance that passed between the two girls.

They walked until they came to a bend, then Barry stepped off the path and led her into the woods.

When they came to a small clearing he stopped and turned to her. She was already stripping off her swim suit, and he did the same. When they were both naked they came together with a soft smack of flesh on flesh, their fingers digging into each other, their bare bodies grinding together.

“Why?” he said suddenly.

“Because… if we’re all going to stay together, we might as well be together,” Natalie said. “In everything. You know about Betty and me last night?”

“Yes,” he said.

“Well, Ellie’s back there right now working on Chile.”

He threw back his head and laughed. “I’ll be damned,” he said.

“Hurry,” Natalie urged him, “before I lose my nerve.”

Ellie watched the three figures disappear into the woods and her excitement grew. The plan the three girls had hatched up in the trailer was working out perfectly; Natalie was going through with her part of the bargain and now all Ellie had to do was seduce Chile.

They were alone now, she and Chile. Chile was lying on her back, her face turned up toward the sun and her eyes closed. Her great breasts rose and fell in slow, steady breathing. Ellie’s mouth watered as she examined the wide, puffy mound where Chile’s pubic hair pushed the swim suit outward to outline the expanse of her cunt.

She was looking at Chile with the same inner excitement with which a man might approach a virgin. This was new flesh, uncharted territory.

Chile was aware of Ellie beside her. Ellie’s shadow fell across her closed eyes and darkened the insides of her lids. Her mind was awhirl with conflicting thoughts. The shadow over her eyelids disappeared, then she felt Ellie stretch out beside her. The other girl was so close that she could feel the heat of her body and the softness of a breast pressing against her shoulder.

“Are you asleep?” Ellie asked softly.

“No,” Chile answered.

“It’s falling apart, isn’t it?”

“What’s falling apart?”

“Us. We were all right until Barry came along. The funniest thing about it is that it really isn’t hi fault. The trouble was inside us all the time. He’s just the catalyst. He came into our lives and started some kind of chain reaction.”

Chile opened her eyes, rolled over on her hip to face Ellie. Ellie was also on one hip and they lay facing each other with only an inch of space between their bodies. Chile looked deep into Ellie’s eyes.

“That sounds strange coming from you,” she said. “You were always the cynic, the hard one who was just along for the ride. You never seemed to get involved with the rest of us. I always thought of you as kind of an outsider who didn’t give a damn about the group, or the rest of us.”

“It’s Barry again,” Ellie said.


“I knew him before… in fact, I was married to him.”

“Jesus,” Chile said, staring at the other girl. “You don’t mean it.”

“Yes, I do. And last night I found him just as appealing as Natalie. I hope she finds him as appealing as her.”

“What are you talking about?” Chile said.

“He’s off there in the woods fucking Natalie right now,” Ellie said. “No, don’t get up… it won’t do any good.”

Chile settled back onto the blanket. So, she thought, it wasn’t Betty, but Natalie he was going to the woods with. Well, fuck him.

Ellie continued: “Barry is not only sexually attractive, he has a way of making us see things about ourselves that we never let ourselves see before. Just his presence on this tour made me feel different about Nat.”

“I know,” Chile said.

“I don’t think you do know,” Ellie said. “I don’t think you have the slightest idea. What would you say if I were to tell you that Barry and I made love last night?”

Chile closed her eyes and turned onto her back again. “Well, that’s between you and Barry. It doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

Ellie reached out and touched Chile’s shoulder. “But it does have, something to do with you. It’s changed me in some way. Somehow I’m seeing the world through different eyes.”

“That’s nice,” Chile said, trying to end the conversation.

Ellie kept her hand on Chile’s shoulder and hitched her body closer. “Wait. Don’t put it out of your mind. I told you it had something to do with you.”

Chile opened her eyes, twisted her head back to look at Ellie. “What can it possibly have to do with me?”

Their faces were only inches apart.

Ellie’s face swooped down and her lips fastened over Chile’s mouth. Her tongue darted inside and Chile was too surprised to react for a long moment.

Keeping her mouth on Chile’s, Ellie threw her body over the gri’s and pressed herself down against her.

“I want you,” Ellie hissed. “I want you so bad, I can taste it.”

Chile thought about what she had seen Betty and Natalie doing the night before. She thought about seeing Ellie and Natalie making love together so often and how it had affected her.

Then she thought about Barry’s big cock sliding into Natalie’s pussy at that very moment.

She looked up at Ellie and smiled. At the same time, she lifted her hips from the blanket and slid the bottom of her suit down her long legs to reveal her blonde thatch, already wet and ready, to Ellie’s wide, staring eyes.

“Then taste it!” Chile said.

Natalie was shaking as Barry kissed her. She steeled herself and moved her hand to his cock.

God, it’s big, she thought as her fingers folded around the rigid stalk.

“Oh God, Barry, hurry,” she groaned.

“You’re not afraid any more?”

“Of course I’m afraid. I’m scared stiff. And I have to do something about this fire inside me.”

“I don’t know,” he said.

“Please, Barry,” she whispered. “Oh God please!”

“Kiss me,” he told her. “Nothing else, just a kiss.”

Her lips were soft and puckered under his own and he made no forays with his tongue. Her eyes were closed, he could see the lids trembling. He broke the kiss and put his cheek against hers so that his lips were near her ear.

The ground was covered with a thick, soft mat of dead leaves and pine needles. She moved away a few steps, stood with her shoulders hunched and her hands clasped protectively to her body.

He stood over her and took her in his arms again. She was stiff for a moment, then melted against him, curving to him, pressing herself hard against his body.

Her head was fucked against his broad chest and he smelled the fragrance of her hair. The feel of her against him was a mixture of things. He could feel her desire in the hardness of her nipples and the wanton rolling of her hips. And he could also feel the fear and tenor in her by the trembling of her thighs and shoulders.

“Shhh,” he whispered. “Relax.”

“Oh, Barry, don’t let me be afraid. Don’t let me make you stop. No matter what I say or do, don’t stop!”

“Shhhh, everything is going to be all right.”

She turned her face up to be kissed, his lips touching her eyelids, her cheeks, the corners of he mouth, and finally her own softer lips. She stiffened when his tongue slipped out of his mouth to trace the soft contours.

Her lips parted, his tongue fuck against the glassy surface of her teeth. Then her mouth opened and his tongue was inside the warm cave. Desire and fear fought within her, and desire began to win out. Her tongue found his and entwined against it in the softest of caresses.

Barry broke the kiss and sat down on the soft ground. She sat stiffly, her arms at her sides and her legs crossed in front of her.

He leaned over and put his lips against the warm dry skin of her shoulder. She gasped at his touch as a shudder ran through her. His lips traveled from the end of her shoulder to her neck, then around to the softness of her throat. He kissed the place where he saw her pulse beating wildly, let his lips slide down to the upper swells of her breasts.

Then her arms came up to lock behind his head, and she sighed when he buried his face in the deep valley between her swelling tits.

He caressed her with his eyes, watching the nipples swell and grow. She held out her arms toward him and her breasts jiggled, the nipples weaving patterns in the air. As she came into his arms, her breasts were magnificently soft and hot and firm against his chest. She lay back on the ground, pulling him with her, and her shoulders writhed.

“Oooohhh, the pine needles tickle,” she breathed.

He moved again and his lips were searching the contours of her breasts, kissing the flesh at their base, then climbing toward their excited peaks. He moved from one to the other, his tongue lashing at the ruby-red nipples. They were cool, but they warmed as her passion rose.

He kept his mouth on her breasts and his hands reached down and stroked her pussy. His fingers trailed up from her knees, over her warm belly, around her hips and under the lush swells of her buttocks. She put her feet flat on the ground, and lifted her ass to let his hand slide beneath. Then she lowered the jutting curve into his waiting palm.

He tightened his fingers around her cunt and put his other hand on top of her belly. The heel of his palm was at the juncture of her thighs, his fingers spreading upward across her lower belly. He pressed upward with the hand from beneath and downward with the hand on top, and she gasped as he tried to bring his palms together with her body in between.

The lush patch of her cunt was like a fertile field. He stared down at her, and she writhed under his gaze.

Then she reached down, grasped his throbbing cock with both hands, and slowly brought it to her mouth. Her lips caressed the head. Then she began to suck.

Her breasts pressed around him and against him. Her ups and tongue fluttered over his prick like a butterfly, while her hands clenched and unclenched spasmodically on his hard buttocks.

He pushed her away gently and knelt beside her. She lay back on the ground and his head lowered to her belly. She let him kiss her belly and her thighs, then suddenly yanked at his hair.

“Not that, Barry. Not now. It’s too much like her. Anything but that.”

He moved up beside her again and their lips met in a kiss while his fingers probed. Her hot moist flesh resisted his probing at first, then relaxed. She flung her thighs outward and her feet up in the air. He moved around to kneel between her widespread legs, supporting himself with one hand on the ground beside her naked hip.

Her body tensed at the touch of him against her. “Wait!” she gasped. “Not yet!”

But he knew better. He lowered his body down upon her. Then, with slow pressure, he forced his cock into her cunt, bit by bit, inch by inch.

“Oh,” she breathed, “it’s lovely! It’s wonderful! I can’t describe it… oh, Barry!” Her arm clamped behind his neck to force his head down to hers and her lips mashed against his.

His cock slid, balls deep, into her clasping cunt. There was no pain, only joy in the writhing movements of her body against his.

“It’s all the way inside you,” he murmured.

“I know!” she gasped. “It’s beautiful! Fuck me, Barry… fuck me hard with your cock!”

When her hips began to move with a desire and knowledge of their own, he knew it was time to proceed. He began to move, and her body picked up the rhythm. He let her set her own tempo, increased speed only when she demanded it with her eager pussy. Her thighs tightened around his hips and her feet locked behind his back, driving him like a horseback rider.

He fought down his own desire for completion until he felt her go rigid beneath him, and her nails rake his back from buttocks to shoulders.

Then he worked for his own pleasure, and was surprised to feel her responding to him again so quickly. When his climax exploded within him, setting his brain on fire, she was only a few seconds behind. And a moment afterward he felt her achieve another peak of ecstasy.

They lay side by side, naked in the dimness of the forest, for a long time. Barry kept his eyes closed and waited for her to speak. He was still not sure of her reaction. She might suddenly loathe herself for allowing him the pleasure of her body.

They both heard a noise at the same time and turned to see Betty walking toward them. She was naked and her huge breasts swayed delightfully with each step. She had one hand on her cunt and her fingers teased and prodded her clitoris until she reached them.

“I hope you’re not too tired,” she said, swinging her leg over Barry’s head so that he could look straight up between her spread legs and see the juice-dripping lips of her pussy.

“Have a seat,” he said, opening his lips and darting his tongue out between them.

As the pulpy lips of Betty’s cunt settled over his mouth, he could feel his cock starting to rise again inside the warm, wet cavern of Natalie’s cunt.

An hour later the three of them emerged hand in hand from the trees to find Ellie and Chile wildly ravishing each other’s cunts with their tongues and fingers.

Barry stopped, looked at the two girls on the ground, and then at the two beautiful women beside him.

“Think you’re up to it?” Betty said.

“What?” he replied.

“Barry’s girls!” Natalie laughed, and ran across the grass to throw herself in the middle of the two writhing bodies.

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