A Librarian Enslaved

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed — and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society’s demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear — and the consequences would be devastating.

In A LIBRARIAN ENSLAVED, Natalie Porter becomes an unwilling victim of a suburban subculture. Caught up in a covert world she never dreamed existed, Natalie struggles to free herself — until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.


As she approached the turn-off for the Bryden Ranch, Natalie Porter got more and more tense. She had no idea why these people wanted the mobile library service. She had met Roxanne Bryden in town one day and Roxanne had asked her to be sure to call. They were great supporters of the library, Roxanne said.

That wasn’t what Natalie had heard. Zane Bryden was the biggest rancher around, and there were rumors that he more or less owned the local police. That didn’t bother Natalie too much, she kept out of these things. It was the atmosphere at the place. And even then she couldn’t put her finger on it. Just a nasty feeling. Both Zane and his son Matt had given her very suggestive looks, the sort of looks that married men were not supposed to give.

Still, she thought as she turned, under the large wooden sign and into the three-mile drive, this was her last month at the job. She should never have done anything as stupid as run right from a bad marriage to this job as librarian to hundreds of square miles of isolated houses and ranches. Driving all day, waiting in either baking heat or biting cold for people to make up their minds, then driving back. Nothing to do at night in the tiny town where she lived. Except hit the bars and Natalie wasn’t into that. She had thought the solitude would do her good, but it had driven her crazy. At the end of next week, it was back to the city and some sanity.

Around her, the ranch land stretched in all directions, dry and hot in the August sun.

She pulled up to the front of the rambling ranch house and climbed out. Instantly, the two massive dogs the Brydens kept to guard the place were out, barking and snarling at her.

“Attila, Hun, down boys, down,” a voice shouted and instantly the dogs dropped back, retreating to their kennels. “Hi,” the voice went on. A dark-haired woman stepped out of the house and waved. It was Roxanne Bryden. “Come in,” she said, “you must be fuckin’ dry, this time of year.”

That was two things Natalie didn’t like. For a start Roxanne’s language. Her husband might be rich, but she was as foul-mouthed as if she lived in some of those disgusting housing projects Natalie used to drive past, on the way to work. And then there was the way Roxanne dressed. It might be hot, but the cut-off shorts and tank top were just too revealing for Natalie. It accentuated Roxanne’s large firm tits, and the rest of her curvaceous body.

“Thank you.” She walked up the path, skirting the crouching dogs warily.

Little lap dogs were all right with Natalie, but these monstrous animals were terrifying. They stood as tall as her waist, their slavering jaws ready to tear an intruder’s flesh instantly.

It was cool in the house, with the faint hum of air conditioning.

“Long day?” Roxanne asked, leading the way into the kitchen.

“Yes,” Natalie said, “and I’ve got two more places to take in after this.”

“Ah,” Roxanne said. “Lemonade? Coke? Beer?”

“Lemonade would be nice.”

She sat at the table and sipped the drink.

“They tell me you’re leaving.” Roxanne sat opposite Natalie and cracked open a beer.

“Yes,” replied Natalie. “I’m going back to L.A..”

“Ah. Not enough action here, huh? Not much cock to go around.” She laughed and Natalie blushed furiously.

Roxanne was a strikingly good-looking woman, with pale-green eyes, a straight nose and a wide sensual mouth; all set in a square, hard face. She tossed her dark hair across her shoulders, and her large tits bounced in the tank top. Her waist seemed even slimmer in contrast to those tits, and her tight swelling ass and long, lusciously curved legs added to the allure, that Natalie was sure was the main reason a rich rancher would marry her.

“Now, come on honey,” said Roxanne dismissively, “that’s what it’s all about, getting laid, fucked, huh? No point in hanging around if you’re not getting your rocks off. But hey, I mean, you’re a real cute chick, you must have a lot of the guys around here creaming their jeans, to get at you.”

Natalie was disgusted. She took a long drink to speed the time when she could get back out to the van and leave.

“No,” she said. “What books did you want?” She looked down at the table top.

“Come on,” Roxanne said. “I know what happens to chicks like you around here. Fuck, you’re fighting them off with a gun.”

She stared at Natalie until the poor librarian got very uncomfortable. Natalie crossed her legs under her long, loose summer dress, the faint rasp of her nylon stockings sounding in the silent room. She was indeed cute. Stunningly beautiful would have been a more accurate word. Her soft blonde hair fell in waves to her shoulders, surrounding a waif-like face, wide hazel eyes, a nose very slightly snubbed and a mouth of soft sensual outlines, the deep red lips bowing gracefully.

The rest of her was just as good, though hidden in her dress. Her young, high tits were smaller than Roxanne’s, and hung on her chest with no support needed from the brass he always wore. Her tiny waist and flat stomach ran down to a tight pair of ass cheeks, and on to trim thighs above a pair of shapely calves. Even Natalie’s ankles were delicious, trim and accentuated by the four-inch heels she wore.

“Yeah.” Roxanne grinned. “Maybe you’d be better off in L.A. in that outfit. Fuck, you even got stockings on, girl.”

“I think you should dress properly, whatever your job. Bad dressing leads to bad morals.”

Roxanne roared with laughter. “Fuck,” she said, “you sure think like they want ya to think.” She looked past Natalie. “Ah.”

There was a creak of the floorboards and Natalie turned quickly, nervously, to find two young men standing there, blocking the doorway. She knew one of them; it was Matt, Roxanne’s son. The other one was even taller, his fair hair clit. Well, his strong handsome features glittering at her as he leaned against the wall. He was better proportioned than Matt, who had been lean and muscled by long years on the ranch. Also the stranger’s clothes were better fitting.

“Well, hi.” Roxanne got up. “This is — hey, honey, I forget your name.”


“This is Natalie. This is Matt. You know him and this is Lance, a college friend of Matt’s.”

“Hi,” Natalie said. “Well, I must be moving along.” She got up. “If you’d like to come to the van, we can…”

“Oh no, you’re staying here for the weekend,” said Roxanne.

“What?” Natalie was sure she hadn’t heard right.

“Yes, I called the other ranches, said you were sick and would get there when you could. They said fine. So you’re staying here the weekend.”

“I’m sorry.” Natalie backed towards the door. “That’s very kind of you, but…”

“Oh, nothin’ kind about it.” Roxanne let out another laugh behind Natalie, the two men laughed too. “You see, Lance here has a real problem. He saw you and, well, creamed his jeans, like I said. And he’s a real horny fucker, has to get it up some hole or other, ten, fuck, I dunno, twenty times a day. Anyway, tots of times a day. So we decided that you’d stay here for the weekend and fuck him all he wants. And us too, of course. We like to fuck too.”

“What are you thinking?” Natalie gasped, her hand over her mouth. “That’s… that’s rape.”

“Oh, lots more fun than rape,” Lance said and there was such a sensuality in his voice that Natalie almost choked. These people were serious.

“You can’t, I’ll…” She trailed off. If it was true that the Brydens owned the police, they wouldn’t help. “I have a date tonight.” She sounded defiant.

Roxanne shook her head. “We do check these things out. You’d be sitting, watching television, all weekend, and we offer you unlimited sex, and you turn us down. Shame.”

“Yeah, shame.” Matt advanced into the room.

“If this is some kind of joke…” Fear suddenly seized her by the throat. “I don’t think…”

“No fuckin’ joke, kid,” said Roxanne.

“Now, why don’t you sit down again and get to know us all? We’re real nice. Underneath.”

“Let me out of here!” Natalie turned and ran straight into Matt. “Let go of me, let go!” She struggled in his iron-hard hands.

“Is this bitch playing up?” boomed a massive man, appearing in the doorway.

“Yup, Dad,” said Matt, twisting Natalie around to face him.

Zane Bryden was as compelling as one would expect from a man who had built himself up from ranch hand, to the owner of several million acres. He was in his forties, broad-chested and dark like the rest of his family. He tossed his chaps into the corner and looked around.

“Well, the way I figure it, is that our proposal has been kinda sudden. So string her up and let her see what we do to unruly bitches. Then she can make up her mind, kinda easy like.”

“Let me go!” Natalie screamed as Matt gripped her arms tighter.

Lance lowered a rope that ran over a pulley in the kitchen ceiling. Natalie shuddered.

“What are you doing?” she moaned, terror clutching her throat as strong leather bonds were put around her waist and the hook at the end of the rope ran through them. “Stop!”

Natalie screamed, but Lance heaved on the rope and her arms were pulled up, over her head until she almost hung from them, her feet just touching the floor. She struggled, but she was utterly helpless.

“Let me out of here!”

She screamed again, twisting around to the window where the low sun beamed through. It was late in the afternoon already and there was no possibility of help.

“Turn around and face the table!” Zane snapped.

Natalie shook with terror and turned back, her arms shaking with the strain. Her dress was pulled up almost to her knees by her raised arms and she knew that Lance was looking at her legs. He came over.

“Fuck,” he said, “when did this go out of style? You wear this shit in L.A.?”

“Yes.” Natalie trembled from head to foot. “Fuck!” Lance shook his head. He put his beer down and lifted the hem of her dress, up over Natalie’s knees.

“Stop, stop!” Natalie screamed, wriggling as her stocking tops were exposed.

He laughed and dropped the dress again, leaving Natalie sobbing with fear.

“Cherie,” called Zane.

“Yes, Daddy?” a girl called from an adjoining room.

“Come on in.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Natalie gasped as the sultry blonde entered.

It was Matt’s wife, or at least, she had been introduced to Natalie on her last visit as Matt’s wife. Perhaps she was Zane’s daughter. But she was blonde, unlike the rest of them. She wore a lot of makeup, her eyes outlined in black and her wide mouth a sweeping slash of sensual scarlet as she pouted and hung in the doorway.

“Fuck,” she said, “is that what all the fuss is about?”

She was dressed in nothing more than a low-cut top that slid under her thrusting tits, a very short denim skirt that strained against her ass, and a pair of high-heeled shoes. She strutted into the room, her hips swaying, her eyes alight with lust.

“Why get her in?” she demanded. “She’s just trouble. I can take care of you all,” she grinned at Roxanne. “Even you, whore.”

“Watch your fuckin’ mouth, girl,” said Zane.

“Yes, Daddy.” Cherie ran her hands over her tits. “You want me to show her?” She jerked a thumb in Natalie’s direction.

“Yeah,” answered Zane. “Right now.”

“Fuck!” The pouting blonde came over to the whimpering Natalie. “You watch this, cunt. This is what you get around here for playing these fuckers around. Only I like it.”

She laughed and ran her hand up Natalie’s body, reaching for her lovely tits.

“Please, stop,” Natalie whimpered. “Please, get your dad to let me go.”

Cherie laughed. “Hear that, Daddy? She wants me to let her go.”

A round of chuckles went through the room. “Nah.” Cherie’s hand played with Natalie’s tits through her dress and bra. “It’s gonna be too much fun.”

“Stop that!” Natalie pleaded, but Cherie had already stopped and turned away.

She strutted over to the table and swung onto it on her back. Brazenly she wriggled back until her head was over the edge. Then she pulled her long legs up and held them wide apart, over her head. Her short denim skirt fell over her hips, showing the tiny pair of white panties she wore. She turned to Natalie.

“Watch this, cunt,” she said.

Lance stepped up to Cherie’s head and unzipped his jeans.

Natalie gasped and turned her head away. He pulled out his massive cock, fully nine inches of swollen meat, and ran it over Cherie’s pouty, big lips.

“Watch it, whore!” Zane snapped.

Desperately Natalie turned back, her horrified eyes on the massive, long prick that Lance held in his hand as he cased his cockhead over Cherie’s welcoming lips.

“Suck that cock!” Zane eased back in his chair and opened a beer, taking a long drink. Cherie licked her tongue out over the throbbing purplish cockhead.

“Fuck off!” she grinned, her legs trembling as she held them up.

“Suck that cock or Matt here will give you what you need to persuade you,” said Zane.

“Ohhh right, whip his own fuckin’ wife to make her blow some stuck up fucker.” Cherie licked her tongue over Lance’s cockhead again.

“Suck it,” said Zane.

“Suck it yourself,” challenged Cherie. Her blonde hair flicked as she pulled her legs even further back, thrusting her pussy out.

Lance pushed her top down, puffing her soft, luscious tits out. He caressed them with one hand, sliding it over the warm skin as he kept his cockhead moving slowly over Cherie’s lips.

Natalie moaned in rising horror as she twisted, her arms aching. Matt walked into the next room and came back with a whip in his hand. It had a short leather handle, and then separated into a great many tails, all of which were tightly knotted at intervals all the way down. He fucked it over Cherie’s thrusting cunt and she gasped, her hips jerking upward.

“You can’t make me suck cock!” she challenged.

With a grin, Matt worked the blonde’s short skirt up her body, so that her thighs and pussy were totally exposed. The crotch of Cherie’s panties was damp, the stain spreading as Roxanne followed his movements with her hungry eyes.

“You shit bag.” Cherie snarled as he stepped back and ran the tails of the whip over her tight white panties, letting them trail slowly down, brushing her pussy. Even in her misery, Natalie could see Cherie’s pussy lips twitch as the tails dropped away.

“Suck my friend off,” said Matt.

“Fuck off!” Cherie thrust her legs even wider.

Slowly the whip went back over Matt’s shoulder while he gazed down on Cherie, grinning wildly. Cherie let her head drop back and flicked her tongue over Lance’s cockhead once more.

Suddenly Natalie realized that Roxanne was standing behind her, very close.

“Watch this,” the dark-haired woman said, “because it’ll happen to you, I promise.”

The whip lashed downwards, the tails cutting into Cherie’s panties and the white flesh at the top of her thighs. There were dents in the white material as the tails came away and swung back up again.

Natalie was almost sick at Cherie’s reaction. The little whore lunged her pussy upward, her legs straining wide open, while a screw of guttural lust rang around the room.

“You shit!” she yelled, her thighs trembling. Her red lips pouted, but they refused to let Lance’s cock in.

The whip crashed down again, landing with a sickening slap into Cherie’s wide open pussy. She moaned, her inner thighs also getting red, from the spread tails of the whip. Her pussy jerked upward, thrusting shamelessly for the knotted tails as they whipped downwards again.

She groaned. “Ohhh, suck your own cocks, you fuckers! You can’t whip me hard enough to make me do shit.”

She rolled on the table, her tongue flicking briefly over Lance’s cockhead as she passed, her whole body heaving with the most disgusting lust.

“When she comes, she’ll suck him,” Roxanne whispered in Natalie’s ear. “You wanna watch that, she can take that cock right down her throat, you have to be able to do that, very soon.” Her hands ran over Natalie’s dress, up towards her tits as Cherie had done.

Cherie screamed, sobbing and moaning as she tossed on the table, her body gyrating, her legs thrusting open and up for the whip.

Natalie sobbed in horror, twisting against the ropes. This was the mast depraved place in the world. The very idea of taking a cock in her mouth was so disgusting, she wanted to vomit.

All that white stuff that men shot from, their cocks might come out! She closed her eyes and sobbed, trying to pull away from Roxanne’s hands, which played with her tits through the dress.

“Fuck,” said Roxanne softly, “we’re gonna have the time of our lives with you, whore.”

“Leave me alone!” Natalie sobbed.

She wept bitterly as she saw Cherie jerk on the table and scream as the cat cut across her panties again, beating dents into the white, that now showed perfectly against the flaming red of the flesh around it.

Suddenly Matt stopped.

“Wow!” Roxanne exclaimed. “What a bastard!” She played her hands over Natalie’s tits as the helpless blonde moaned and sobbed on the ropes. “Watch and you’ll find out what a good girl is around here.”

Cherie shrieked and lunged her pussy upward, her thighs shaking.

“You fucker, you shit-faced whore! Come on, I ain’t touched his cock.”

Man laughed and trailed the cat tails across Cherie’s panties again, and this time her reaction was terrible. She screamed, her pussy jerking helplessly as the leather tails whispered over her cunt.

“Beg me to whip you while you suck him off.” Matt’s hand played the whip tails over Cherie’s pussy.

“You piece of cow shit!” Cherie screamed. She ran her hand over her pussy, frantically rubbing her throbbing clit. “That wasn’t the deal.”

“I changed the rules,” Matt murmured. He and Cherie were in a world of their own as he played with her, the whip tails caressing the blonde’s pussy, which leapt and twitched with helpless lust.

“Come on, whore, I wanna give our guest a good show. Beg for it while you suck him.” He ran the tails across the white panties again.

“You shit!” Cherie screamed. “I get more the other way.”

“I know.” Matt still caressed Cherie’s pussy with the whip tails.

She grabbed them and rubbed them into her clit, screaming all the time.

“I’ll get you,” she groaned, “I’ll fuckin’ get you. All right, whip me while I suck him, please, shit bag!”

Matt laughed. “That’ll do, just for now. Now suck him.”

Natalie moaned in terrible disgust. With a great big grin on her face, Cherie opened her luscious red lips and Lance’s massive, thick fucking cock slid into her mouth.


As Lance’s long thick cock slowly vanished into Cherie’s hot wet mouth, Matt lashed the gurgling blonde, the tails of the whip beating into her wide open pussy, her hips jerking up for the blow and her whole body shaking.

Lance let go of Cherie’s tits and grabbed her ankles. He pushed down, spreading her legs wider as her bubbling screams of lust beat out, from around his stiff cockmeat.

“Ohhh fuck,” he gasped, “this whore can really suck cock. You taught her real good, Matt.”

His hips thrust at Cherie’s open mouth and his cock vanished into the hot pit, right to the balls. Cherie’s throat muscles swelled as she took the thick prick, her body twisting in rising lust on the table.

“What a whore!” Matt lashed the whip into Cherie’s pussy and thighs. His arm swung again, the tails swinging through the air as they beat down on the convulsing blonde.

“Oh, God.” Natalie still couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Lance’s cock thrust in and out of Cherie’s mouth as she lay there, her legs wide open and her hands caressing Lance’s balls as they ran against her face. Cherie was coming, her hips jerking and her screams of lust beating out of her mouth, even with the massive cock in it.

“Take that, whore,” Matt crowed as he whipped her. He ran his hand over his cock as it thrust hard against the front of his jeans. “Fuck, this is gonna be a good time!” His arm was swinging faster and harder on the blondes cunt.

“You see, that’s a good girl.” Roxanne’s hands ran up the front of Natalie’s dress and Natalie could feel her large tits pressing into her back.

“Stop it,” Natalie whispered, “please.”

Roxanne just laughed lightly and her hips ground slowly into Natalie’s ass as she slid a hand over the top buttons of Natalie’s dress. “I bet you’ve got the best pair of tits in the world. Let me feel them.”

“No, stop that!” Natalie wailed, but Roxanne slid one of her dress buttons open, then the next one. Her hand slid in, over the frilly top of Natalie’s bra.

“Let me feel your tits.” Roxanne’s pussy thrust brazenly into Natalie’s ass.

“Ohhh please, let me go, stop it!” Natalie moaned.

On the table Cherie leapt and screamed, her voice bubbling from round Lance’s massive prick as it slammed deep into her throat. Roxanne’s hands played over the front of Natalie’s little bra, teasing her and pinching her nipples through the flimsy material.

“You know you’ll take all this off for us soon.”

“I won’t!” Natalie sobbed. “Whatever you do to me, I won’t. I won’t do it!”

“Ahhh, but you will,” Roxanne whispered. “Oh watch this, Lance’s going to come. What a great kid. Shoots like a geyser.”

Roxanne was so obviously aroused by the thought that Natalie cringed and tried to pull out of her grasp, but it was hopeless. After a life on the ranch, Roxanne was a lot stronger than she was.

“Ohhh yeah, watch this,” Roxanne gasped. Her hands tightened on Natalie’s nipples, squeezing the bra into the bound librarian’s flesh. At the same time she spread her legs and gave a low moan of passion, rubbing her pussy against Natalie’s ass in the most disgusting way. “Ohhhh, fuck, you’ve sot a great body, kid, and you’re gonna use it.”

Natalie bit her lip as tears rose in her eyes. She tried not to moan, but the pain in her nipples was rising all the time as Roxanne got hotter and her fingers tightened on Natalie’s tit buds.

Cherie gave an endless scream of ecstasy as she crested, her hips splayed wide for the whip, her pussy leaping and throbbing while she sucked Lance’s cock even deeper into her bottomless pit of a mouth. Her hands tightened on Lance’s balls as he pistoned in and out of her lips, her throat muscles twitched and throbbed with passion. The stain on her panties was spreading, the material wet through and drops of passion juice flying off at each blow of the whip.

“Yeahhhh! Here I come!” Lance yelled.

“Ohhhh fuck, what a mouth!” His hips rammed in, blurring, as the cum rolled out of his balls and spurted down his long hard cock. “Ohhh yeah!” he roared as the first jet of white hot goo rushed out of his cockslit into Cherie’s throat.

Cherie’s body heaved with excitement as she swallowed gobs of jism into her stomach. But she wasn’t going to let it all go that easily. With a moan she heaved his spurting cock back to her lips, her hands playing over the jerking prick as thick streams of cum jetted out of his cock.

She gurgled as she took a shooting stream of fuck juice over her luscious lips, sucking and licking at the spurting cockhead.

“Oooooh, more!”

She purred as her pussy thrust up for another lash of the whip and cum spouted out over her cheeks and mouth.

“Oooh I’m gonna cum!” she wailed, her body heaving, her mouth sucking and licking as more thick ropes of cum plastered her face. She pushed them into her mouth with her fingers, screaming as Matt gave her a final lash of the whip and stopped to watch, his hand miming over the throbbing bulge in his pants.

“Ohhh shit, what a come!” Lance yelled as his cock slowed, the streams of white juice slowing to a dribble.

Cherie urged his still rock-hard cock back into her mouth, trying to get every drop of jism she could.

“Ohhh, that’s nice, you’re a real good girl,” he crooned as his cockhead was cleaned of the sticky fizz.

“Ohhh, you wait, fucker,” Cherie promised. “I’ll make you want me more than that little stuck-up whore.”

She pushed the last gobs of cum into her mouth and he let her legs go. She lowered them slowly, keeping her mouth over his cock until he pulled away, leaving her moaning with passion, her fingers, deep in her shamelessly wet panties.

Lance stuck his cock back into his jeans and strolled over to where Natalie moaned on the ropes, her hands clutching at the bonds, tears running down her face. Roxanne kept her pussy rubbing over Natalie’s ass while her fingers still rubbed and squeezed the bound girl’s tits.

“Well, you like a little lezzy action too, huh?” Lance asked, his hands on his hips, watching the scene. “Hey, Zane, you’re fuckin’ wife’s being a whore again.”

“Bring her here,” Zane said easily. “I know what she needs.”

“You heard,” Lance said to Roxanne. “I wanna work on this delicious piece of ass.”

“Ohhh come on, Lance,” Roxanne moaned. “I’ll come if I keep this up a bit more.”

“Over,” Lance said.

“Ohhh no,” Roxanne gasped. Her pussy ground as hard as it could into Natalie’s ass and her fingers tightened on Natalie’s nipples, until the helpless blonde screamed in pain.

Almost lazily, Lance reached out and took a handful of Roxanne’s hair. Slowly he pulled, heaving Roxanne off Natalie’s struggling body.

“You shit!” Roxanne screamed. “I wanna…”

“Zane, leave me alone, shit.”

Lance kept the slow pressure up, tearing Roxanne away from Natalie, until she struggled on the end of his arm, her fists beating out at him.

“I’ll kill you!” she snarled. “You oversexed jerk.”

Lance just laughed and twisted her, hair harder, pushing her downward until she was bent almost double.

Roxanne twisted as hard as she could in his steel grasp.

Lance led her across the room to where Zane sprawled in his chair, sipping his beer. Lance pushed her to her knees between his legs, the dark-haired woman screaming with rage as she was forced down.

“Thanks, Son,” said Zane. “She’s gettin’ to be a real pain in the ass, sometimes. But we can handle it. Strip!” he snapped at Roxanne.

“You bastard,” Roxanne snarled, but she didn’t try to defy him.

Slowly she reached for her tank top and slid it up, revealing her full, heavy tits. They swung on her rib cage as she pulled the top over her head and threw it away.

“Jeans.” Zane took another drink of beer. “Hey, Matt,” Cherie grabbed him as he passed. “Come on, I wanna fuck.”

“Later, whore. We’re gonna watch the show. If you’re a good girl you can sit on my cock, okay?”

“Ooooh yeah, Matt!” Cherie swung off the table.

She made no attempt to pull her top back over her tits, in fact she eased it right under her tight thrusting globes, showing them off to the best advantage. She walked over to Natalie, her hips swaying, her hands playing with the front of her tiny little denim skirt. Grinning all over her face, she flopped into a chair and threw her legs open again, her finger playing with the sopping wet crotch of her panties.

“Okay.” Lance came up to the moaning, struggling Natalie. Behind him Matt leaned on the table, his arms crossed, his cock thrusting at the front of his jeans.

“Wouldn’t you love to get up on that table and strip for us?” Lance said softly to Natalie, his hands playing with the next button of her dress.

“No, never!” Natalie sobbed. “Never, whatever you do to me, I won’t do it!”

She heaved at the ropes, but they didn’t break.

“If you were a real man, you’d let me go. You’re just a coward, like the rest of them, having to tie me up. Coward!” she screamed in his amused face.

“Sure.” He went over to the wall and slipped the rope free.

Natalie almost collapsed to her knees as the rope fell. She grabbed at the bands, but he was there. He took them and undid them, his disgustingly handsome face smiling all the time. He stood while she massaged the circulation back into her hands.

“Now,” he said, “wouldn’t you love to strip for us?”

“You coward!” Natalie screamed, and lunged at him.

She bit him with her fists, pounding his chest while he stood there, looking amused at her attempts to hurt him. In a fury Natalie slapped his face, slapped him again and again while he stood, his head hardly moving as her tiny hands hit him.

Suddenly Natalie collapsed, weeping against him, her body wracked with sobs. Her head spun and she had no idea what she was doing or why.

“Now, it’s my turn, and you’ve been a real little bitch.” Effortlessly he held her and grabbed her arms again. “I like that rope, we’ll use it again.”

“No!” Natalie walled, struggling in his merciless hands.

He took her wrists and held them in one of his hands while he wrapped the bonds around them again, tying her hands very tightly together. Then he slipped the hook through once more and nodded to Matt, who heaved the sobbing Natalie up again.

“You beast!” she sobbed, her body helpless with horror.

But there was more. Standing very close to her, he pushed her feet apart with his, forcing her legs open, until the tendons on the inside of her thighs ached with the strain.

“What are you doing?” Natalie screamed as she watched her stockings wrinkle in the straps being slipped around her ankles.

Lance still stood close as Cherie and Matt tied Natalie’s ankles to two small ring bolts, in the kitchen floor.

“You beasts!” Natalie sobbed as she hung there, her arms and legs straining, with the pressure running all over her body.

When she was secure, Lance grinned and walked away into the next room.

“Ooooh, come on, Matt, stick it up me!” Cherie gasped, grabbing for him. “I wanna come while I watch.”

“Shit!” he yelled. “You’re fuckin’ impossible. If you make me come before I tell you, whore, you know what to expect.”

“Promise?” Cherie cooed, running her hand over the front of his jeans.

“Get on with it!” he snapped.

In a desperation of lust, Cherie dropped to her knees and undid his belt, then his zipper and pushed him back into one of the easy chairs. She leapt up, pulled his boots off with frantic haste, then his socks and jeans, revealing his thick hard cock — another monster, as far as Natalie could see.

The horny little nympho tore her panties off and scrambled up onto Matt’s cock, leaving her tiny denim skirt on in her haste. For a second she held the stiff prick at the streaming wet entrance to her cunt, then slid down onto it, with a moan of abandoned lust, her body shaking with passion.

“Oooh, that’s so good!” she gasped. “Ohhh, I wanna fuck your cock so bad!”

She gasped and moaned, tossing up and down on the rock-hard cock, moaning and pinching her tits.

Natalie was disgusted enough by that, but what she saw next sent her into paroxysms of fear.

Lance came back into the room. As he passed Zane, he handed him a couple of small things, but that wasn’t what made Natalie tremble in tenor.

In his hand was a cane. It was about four feet long and so thin, it trembled with every movement. It was made of rubber or plastic, Natalie couldn’t see which, but it didn’t matter. It was going to be used on her, and she almost fainted.

Lance grinned at her, tapping the cane in his hand.

“See this?” he said easily. “Here, look.” He drew the horrible thing close to Natalie’s staring eyes. “It’s real hard and real springy, know what that feels like?”

Natalie could feel the horrible depraved lust in his voice as he spoke. She sobbed and gasped, her body shaking with fear.

“Hey, come on, Lance, whip the little shit, I’m gonna come!” Cherie yelled. “I wanna hear her scream!”

“Wait, you bitch!” snapped Lance. He smiled at Natalie. “Always wants everything yesterday. But then, that’s these hicks for you. We understand, don’t we — we’re sophisticated, from the city.”

He tapped the cane in his hand and chuckled sardonically. Natalie felt her whole body swirling with fear and horror as if she was twisting on the rope, turning endlessly under his steel gaze.

Still smiling, he lifted her dress, easing it up over her thighs. As Natalie wailed in horror, he tucked it into her belt, leaving her legs, ass and pussy revealed, open to whatever he wanted to do.

“Stop it, no!” Natalie wailed, her legs shaking with shame as they were exposed. “You horror, let me go!”

“Ohhh fuck!” He stepped back. “I knew they’d be this good. Hey look, boys, look at those legs.”

“Wow!” Matt yelled as he leaned back, Cherie still rocking and pumping on his cock. “You got that right, Lance.”

“Yeah!” Lance was grinning from ear to ear. “I bet the rest is as good, too.”

“Nah.” Matt was grinning, too.

“Tell ya what.” Lance tapped the rod in his hand while Natalie stared at it, sobbing helplessly. “If it is, she sucks me; if it isn’t, she sucks you, and, if we can’t agree, she sucks both of us.”

“Sounds fair enough,” said Matt.

“You shit!” Cherie yelled at him. Her hips pounded up and down faster and harder. “Work my nipples, you fucker! I’m coming, coming hard!”

Lance grinned at his friend and walked around behind the struggling Natalie. She screamed and tried to twist around to see what he was doing, but her spread legs stopped her. She sobbed in helpless tenor as she felt his hand run over her panties, stroking her ass.

“Now, whore, you’re gonna learn how to be a good girl.”

“Please, don’t please!” Natalie wept. “I’m not what you want, I don’t like sex, honest; Cherie is the one you want, she can do it for you both, please, let me go.”

“Honey, I got a hard-on the moment I saw you and I’m gonna have you, every way there is, I’m gonna cover you in cum and watch you lick it off.” His hands ran between her legs, probing at the entrance to her pussy.

“You’re disgusting!” Natalie’s eyes were still seeing the horrible thin cane. “Please, let me go!”

Cherie screamed with release as she came, her tits bouncing even with the grip Matt had on her nipples, her whole body slamming up and down on his cock.

“You whore,” he yelled, “you’ll make me come, you know what your cunt’s like.” His hips thrust up out of the chair, heaving her higher and deeper onto his fucking prick.

“Ohhh yes,” Cherie screamed. “Ohhh shoot right up me, ohhh do it, and then punish me, ohhh fuck, punish me!”

She came harder, heaving up and down on his throbbing cock.

“That did it, whore!” Matt yelled, “that did it!”

His hips jerked up and down, his cock pistoning into Cherie’s hot, wet cunt as the blonde nympho screamed with passion, her pussy walls throbbing and sucking around his shooting prick.

Natalie shuddered as she felt the cane running across her ass. It was outside her panties, but she knew they wouldn’t be any protection at all.

“Don’t do it, please,” she sobbed.

Lance laughed gently, then turned the cane and ran the thin tip inside her tight white briefs, probing between her ass cheeks, and pushing into the crack.

“Stop, you pervert!”

“Right,” he breathed into her ear, “I like to make things last. So watch Roxanne and Zane, just you watch as I punish you, I’m gonna enjoy it so much.”

Natalie choked with fear and horror. Everywhere she looked there was the most terrible depravity. In the chair, both Matt and Cherie were screaming with lust as they climaxed. Gobs of cum squeezed out of Cherie’s cunt and into her tight, dark pussy hair. For some reason Natalie noticed that. Cherie wasn’t a real blonde, perhaps she was Zane’s daughter.

“Ohhh yeah!” Matt yelled. His prick shot the last of its load and he slumped back into the chair, his hips still jerking.

Cherie gasped and rammed her hot wet cunt over his oozing cock. “Not bad, fucker. You can still give a decent fuck.”

But it was what Roxanne was doing that caused Natalie to sob louder, even as the thin cane probed lower, going between her helplessly spread legs, scratching over her pussy and digging for her cunt hole.

Roxanne had stripped as Zane ordered. Her luscious body, trembled as she knelt between Zane’s knees. Her thighs were spread and her pussy hair dewy with drops of pussy juice.

“Hands up,” commanded Zane.

Her mouth sobbing silently, Roxanne lifted her arms and put them behind her head, bending them at the elbows and stretching her tits out further. She gripped her hands together tightly, her tits bouncing and trembling as she stared at the tiny things in Zane’s hands.

“Beg me,” he whispered.

“Ohhhh, please, put clamps on my nipples.” Roxanne gasped, her thighs trembling with fear and lust.

Natalie felt the cane slide put of her panties, but she hardly knew it. She stared in absolute horror. Very slowly Zane reached out and took Roxanne’s tits, pinching her nipples until they stood out just right. Then he took one of the clamps and slid it over Roxanne’s nipple bud. Roxanne trembled, her eyes staring at it.

Zane tightened the clamp. Roxanne moaned, her tit trembling with pain.

There was a faint sound and Natalie leapt on the ropes, an explosion of agony surging out of her ass. Lance had whipped her with the thin cane, driving a line of crimson pain into her flesh.


Natalie screamed, tossing helplessly on the ropes, her ass burning with the thin streak of red pain.

“Stop that, stop!”

She sobbed and screamed helplessly, her hands gripping the ropes she hung by, as hard as she could.

“Watch them!” Lance came up behind her again and ran his hands over her ass. “Did anybody ever tell you, you have the most delicious ass in the world?”

“You pervert!” Natalie sobbed, her eyes running with tears.

“Now that’s naughty, and this is what naughty girls get.”

“No, nooooo!” Natalie shrieked.

He stepped back and lashed the cane across her ass again, digging a thin line across her tight panties. Natalie’s scream rang around the room.

Zane had his hands on Roxanne’s tits, slowly kneading the soft heavy flesh as he played with her. Roxanne’s low sobs could be heard as he fitted the other nipple clamp on his obedient wife. Her tits throbbed with pain, but she kept her hands up over her head, pushing back, her body shaking as the other clamp went around her nipple.

Zane tightened it until Roxanne gasped in pain and sagged, her tits trembling. Then he went to the one that was already on and tightened that, slowly turning the screw, digging the teeth of the clamps into Roxanne’s sensitive tit flesh.

Roxanne screamed, her body tossing as the agony beat down her resistance. She fell to the floor, clutching and rubbing her tits, but she made no attempt to take the clamps off.

“Not bad.” Zane picked up his beer and surveyed his moaning wife on the carpet. “Now get up and get the bench.”

“Ohhhh!” Roxanne choked, her hands rubbing around the clamps, trying to get some relief to her nipples.

“Now that’s what we mean by a good girl,” Lance whispered into Natalie’s ear.

“You, you sadist!” Natalie sobbed, her legs straining against the bonds on her ankles.

“Watch, whore.” Lance ran his hand over her ass again and Natalie trembled, shrinking from his touch.

To Natalie’s honor and amazement, Roxanne started to climax. She rolled on the carpet, one hand caressing her tits, but the other one digging between her legs, rolling her clit. With a deep shudder she heaved up, her legs shaking while she finger fucked herself into a fury.

“You bastard, you heap of shit!” Roxanne screamed, her body writhing on the floor.

But her hand blurred over her clit and the other one pulled at the clamps, viciously twisting them into her nipples, forcing more pain into her tortured body. She shrieked, her body convulsing.

“You made me come, you shit!” She gave an unearthly scream and collapsed, rubbing her aching tits again.

“Now, go get the bench.” Zane calmly took another drink of his beer. “More of that and you’ll be in real trouble.”

Sobbing and gasping, Roxanne crawled over the floor, into the other room.

“See, that’s what we want.” Lance’s hands were still rubbing over Natalie’s ass. “Now tell me how much you’d love to get up on that table and show us what a great body you have.”

“Never, never, you sadist.”

“Okay, it’s your ass,” he grinned.

“No!” Natalie gasped, but he was standing back from her and the cane whistled through the air, lashing another stripe across her ass. She gasped and hung on the ropes, agony surging all over her body.

“Well, lookee at that,” said Lance with great amusement. “Your panties tore.”

Natalie could feel it. Over her throbbing ass, the thin material had torn, and a great strip of material was hanging off. She moaned and twisted, trying to see, but she could hardly move at all.

Roxanne came back in, still on her knees, moaning with the pain in her tits, but pushing a strange thing that made Natalie sick to look at.

It was a small contraption, on skids like a sled. The main padded length was at a fairly steep angle and would only reach to just under Roxanne’s tits. From near the bottom, a thick dildo rammed out of the sloping surface and even Natalie could understand how it would be used. She sobbed as she watched the crawling woman.

“Ooooooh,” Cherie crooned as she leaned against Matt, her pussy still sucking gently on his half soft cock. “This is gonna be great.”

“Enough of that, Matt!” snapped Zane. “Come here and help with this bitch. She’s gonna need her ass warmed, I know her.”

“Sure thing.” Matt lifted Cherie off his cock. It was slick with cum and pussy juices.

“Ohhh, Daddy, do you have to use him? I was getting him hard again,” Cherie protested.

“Yes,” said Zane, “and clean his cock off, it’s disgusting.”

“Ooooh, yes, Daddy!” Cherie sank obediently to her knees. She took Matt’s cock in her skillful hands, sliding it between her lips, her hot tongue licking all the cum and goo into her welcoming mouth. Matt’s cock got stiffer by the second as she worked, and, by the time she had licked off the last of the cum, it was as thick and hard as before.

“He’s not going to whip his mother? No!” Natalie moaned as she saw Matt push Cherie away, pick up the cat and walk over to where Roxanne moaned before her husband, waiting for his command.

Lance laughed softly in her ear. “Don’t you think Roxanne’s a bit young to be his real mother? More like a step-mother if you ask me. Anyway, how about getting up on that table and stripping far me, huh?”

“Noooo, you beast, no!” Natalie gasped. Her head spun. She had no idea if he was telling her the truth, about anything that went on in this house. She groaned in pain as Lance ran his hand back, over her ass.

“Watch this, ’cause I really like it, and that’s gonna be you soon.”

“No, I won’t, I — ohhhhh!” Natalie shrieked as he stepped back and lashed her with the thin cane again.

“Watch!” he ordered.

Through mists of pain, Natalie watched. Slowly, giving low, guttural moans, Roxanne leaned against the padded slope of the bench and spread her thighs around it. Then she slid up, until her pussy was running over the bulbous tip of the dildo. It was a full foot of hard rubber, sticking up, shaped like an enlarged cock. If they ever tried to get her to do that, Natalie knew she would die.

“Get it in, Mom!” Matt whipped the cat across Roxanne’s straining ass.

“Yaahhhh!” Roxanne screamed, her hips jerking, the massive bulbous cock slipping between her wet pussy lips.

“See that, now ain’t that great?” Lance whispered into Natalie’s terrified ear.

“Deeper, Mom!” Matt snapped and the cat lashed into Roxanne’s ass again.

Roxanne moaned, her hips convulsing, her pussy ramming up and down on the thick rubber prick. At each jerk the dildo rammed deeper into her hot curt, stretching her pussy lips wider, invading her fuck channel.

“Ready to strip for me?” asked Lance.

“Ohhh, leave me alone, let me down!” Natalie moaned. Her arms ached and her legs were painfully pulled apart.

The cane lashed her ass as the cat landed on Roxanne’s heaving cheeks. Their twin screams rang around the room as the dildo sank almost entirely into Roxanne’s hot cunt and Natalie tossed in desperation on the ropes.

“Here, let me help.” Cherie climbed out of the chair, letting her short skirt fall back over her thighs, but keeping her top under her thrusting tits. She caressed her nipples as she walked over, grinning nastily at the bound librarian.

“Whip her!” she demanded.

The cane lashed Natalie’s ass and she leaped, screaming on the ropes. But Cherie was very close, and moved closer, sliding an arm around Natalie’s neck, her young tits pressing into Natalie’s body, rubbing softly, even as the cane landed again, lashing another deep line of red agony into the bound girl’s ass.

“Now, tell us how you’d love to strip for us,” Cherie whispered. To Natalie’s horror she ran her hand down, between Natalie’s wide stretched legs, and caressed her pussy through the thin panties.

“Ohhh stop that, stop it!” Natalie screamed as the cane whipped into her ass cheeks again.

“Wouldn’t you love to strip?” Cherie’s mouth was close to Natalie’s ear, licking and sucking at her neck, so gently, as gently as her fingers played with Natalie’s pussy. “Wouldn’t you love to see the men watching you? See their cocks getting hard, ready to ram right up your pussy?”

Cherie was getting turned on herself, but she kept up the soft caress as the whip cut into Natalie’s ass.

Natalie gasped, pain rushing over her whole body. “Stop it. Don’t do that, it’s perverted.”

“You mean you don’t want to suck my pussy?” Cherie said breathlessly.

Her fingers dug into Natalie’s clit and the cane whipped into Natalie’s ass at the same moment. Natalie screamed and jerked, forcing Cherie’s fingers into the entrance of her cunt, even through the panties.

Natalie gasped. A terrible, strange passion was developing out of the contact. She went cold, sweat breaking out all over her body as she struggled on the ropes. Her hips jerked and the cane whipped her ass flesh, lashing so hard that her panties were cut again.

“Watch Roxanne,” Cherie whispered. “She wants it more than any of us. Watch her.” She kept up the soft caress, her fingers sliding inside Natalie’s panties that now hung, half off her tortured ass.

“Ohoooo!” Natalie sobbed.

Cherie took her by the chin and forced her head up, making her watch the degrading scene being played out.

Matt lashed Roxanne, driving her cunt right down the length of the thick rubber dildo. Roxanne’s body heaved against the sloping bar, leaning on it as she spread her thighs and worked the dildo harder into her hot pussy.

“Undo my pants.” Zane was leaning back, watching his wife’s agony.

With a deep sob, Roxanne reached up, her tits still heaving with the agony of the clamps on her nipples, and worked Zane’s zipper down. She gave a low guttural scream as the whip landed on her ass and her whole body twitched, her cunt ramming deep on the dildo.

“My boots,” said Zane.

Roxanne gave a gurgling scream as she reached for Zane’s boots and pulled them off, her body pressed hard into the padded sloping bench. Most of her weight was on the thick cock in her cunt, and her body pulsed as it rammed high into her body. At each downward heave, Matt lashed her ass again, getting a low moan of pain and lust from the struggling wife.

“Jeans,” said Zane.

He didn’t help at all as Roxanne struggled, pulling his jeans down his legs. Matt lashed her ass and the dildo rammed higher and harder into her cunt. She pulled them down, and at last got them off. By now her ass was beet red, lashed by the steady beat of the cat. With a guttural sigh of lust, she pulled Zane’s cock to her mouth, licking and sucking at the massive thick length of prick.

“Suck it good, or we’ll do it again.” Zane leaned back and took another drink of beer, watching his wife struggle on the dildo, her mouth sliding deep on his fucking cock.

Roxanne heaved, her ass pumping deep to the beat of the cat, one hand rubbing her tits, dragging at the clamps as her passion mounted. The other held Zane’s massive thick cock while she sucked on the swollen cockhead, her soft lips the perfect circle around, the throbbing prick meat.

“Not bad, not bad.” Zane was leaning farther back and closing his eyes.

“Now wouldn’t you love to have that cock in your mouth?” Cherie still held the struggling librarian around the neck and slid her fingers inside Natalie’s panties, caressing the bud of her clit.

Cherie’s soft mouth kissed and caressed Natalie’s neck, licking at the hot skin and keeping her mouth there though all Natalie’s desperate struggles as the whip lashed her ass. For a moment Lance stopped, but only to tuck her dress back into her belt to keep her ass clear for the whip.

“How about you strip for us?” Cherie murmured. “I love to strip for the boys, ’cause I know what they’re gonna do to me then, and ohhh fuck I love being pussy whipped while I’m sucking cock; ohhh, fuck, does that feel good.”

“Stop it!” Natalie moaned, her body seared with pain, her pussy throbbing as Cherie’s skillful fingers worked over her clit.

The contrast of the agony of the whip and the subtle caresses on her cunt were doing strange things to the bound blonde. A fire, an awful passion was building in her cunt, spreading a warmth through her, even as the cane lashed her tight, agonized ass.

“Hey, a couple more and you can get ’em off!” Lance yelled. “Watch this!” He swung the thin rod at Natalie’s ass, cutting into the thin material of her panties.

“Ohhh, God!” Natalie screamed, her arms trembling with the pain.

“Just a few more!” Lance lashed at Natalie, cuffing another thin line across her torn panties.

“Stop, stop!” Natalie screamed.

“This should do it!” Lance yelled and the cane whipped in viciously, cutting the last connection of the panties across her ass cheeks. Natalie’s scream bounced off the walls as her body trembled in agony, but all the time it was mingled with the awful pleasure coming from Cherie’s fingers running softly over her pussy.

Cherie pulled at Natalie’s panties, ripping them through her legs and dropping them on the floor. Suddenly Natalie’s tight ass cheeks were totally revealed, a mass of crimson lines, the muscles convulsing in pain. In desperation, Natalie screamed and tossed, her wrists struggling against the bonds.

“Oh come now.” Cherie ran her fingers into the curly blonde hair of Natalie’s pussy. “Tell me how much you’d love to strip, show us your delicious body, beg to have the men fuck you and ram their cocks down your throat. I’d love to suck your pussy while they do that. Would you like me to suck your pussy?”

“Stop it!” Natalie screamed, her head spinning in horror.

To her absolute horror, Cherie slowly slid down her body, her mouth dragging sensually over the dress until she went below, to the white flesh on the insides of Natalie’s thighs.

Natalie moaned as Cherie’s mouth traveled slowly over her flesh, licking and kissing closer to her pussy with each moment. It was the most disgusting thing Natalie had ever known, but there was fire coming from it, a depraved sensuality that spread, up from her pussy, into her stomach, burning brighter each time the thin rod lashed her ass. She arched, screaming at Cherie to stop, but her legs were trembling, her pussy twitching with the awful feelings as Cherie’s mouth reached her pussy and licked at her sensitive clit bud.

Roxanne’s gurgling screams beat out from around her husband’s massive cock as she worked it in and out of her mouth. Her shaking body rammed down on the rubber dildo, forcing it to the hilt, into her sucking, fucking cunt. As the whip lashed her ass again, she came, orgasms surging out of her pussy and tortured tits.

She groaned, ramming her mouth on Zane’s prick, sucking at it for all she was worth, her hand jerking up and down the cockshaft.

“Deep throat me,” Zane said.

Desperately Roxanne tried to get more of the cock in her mouth. Her hand blurred up and down his cockshaft as she rammed her mouth as deep as it would go, but still could only take half his prick into her convulsing mouth.

“Deep throat me,” Zane said, taking another drink of beer.

Roxanne screamed and sucked at him while her climaxes rushed over her, making her twist and heave on the rubber dildo.

“If you don’t, I’ll have you punished again,” Zane said.

Roxanne moaned, her ass jerking for the whip, her fingers twisting the clamps on her nipples, pulling her flesh until the pain echoed all over her, sending her into delirious orgasms.

“I’m coming,” Zane said. “if you don’t do it by then, you know the consequences.” He gasped and his body rose in the chair.

In a heaving mass, Roxanne sucked at Zane’s cock, her fingers working his cockshaft. She kept up the torture on her tits and the cat lashed her heaving ass.

Zane yelled, “Here it comes!” He leaned back, his hips heaving up as his cock shot a thick stream of hot white cum into Roxanne’s mouth.

Roxanne gave a bubbling scream of lust and sucked it in, her hot lips around his cockhead, licking up the thick goo as it poured out, filling her mouth with salty fuckjuice. Her hands urged him on, jerking his cock into her mouth as she milked it, sucking the cum out as it bubbled out of his piss slit.

“Oooh, not bad, not bad.” Zane moaned as his balls emptied their thick load of jizz. “But it doesn’t get you off, whore, you know that.”

His hips jerked as Roxanne’s skillful mouth sucked his cockhead, licking the last of the gobs away.

Matt stopped the cat, watching as Roxanne still slowly rammed her hips down on the dildo, bringing herself off to the last drop of satisfaction. Her hand stopped twisting the clamps and stroked her tits, moving around the biting teeth, caressing her sore flesh. Slowly she looked up at her husband, her tongue still caressing his cockhead.

“Do I have to keep these on, Master?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

Roxanne moaned, ramming her cunt back down on the dildo, but never protesting at all. She stayed there, sucking Zane’s cock gently, her ass circling, driving the dildo in and out of her hot cunt with long slow strokes.

Natalie was going out of her mind. The cane whipped her tight ass cheeks, lashing into the purple mass of pain, again and again. Her body twisted, heaving on the ropes, jerking helplessly. But the worst of it was Cherie’s mouth, sucking and licking at her pussy, spreading the horrible passion, out from her cunt, down her white thighs and up, driving her into screaming paroxysms which got higher, with each lash of the whip and each subtle lick of Cherie’s tongue over her clit.

For the first time in her life she was coming.

She knew it, and was utterly revolted. She couldn’t come like this, with a dreadful cane lashing her ass and a woman sucking her pussy. Anything would be better than that. Even stripping for them.

“Yesssss!” she screamed suddenly. “I’ll strip for you, I’ll do it, just stop! I’ll strip for you, I will!”

The cane stopped, but Cherie still kept up her soft licking.

“Stop that, stop it!” Natalie screamed, her thighs trembling. But, in some strange way, just the sucking was easier to take.

“Hey, come on, Cherie,” Lance said. “You heard what the lady said.”

Cherie grinned as she took her mouth away from Natalie’s cunt. She stood up and kissed the helpless librarian, her mouth wet with saliva and pussy juices.

“I’ll be back, whore,” Cherie promised.


Lance let the rope go and Natalie sprawled forward, falling on her face as she collapsed. Her feet were still lashed to the ring bolts, so she was forced to lie there, her legs spread wide. She pushed her dress down over her ass as she rubbed it, frying to conceal herself.

Zane leaned forward.

“Would ya like to take over her trainin’, honey?” he asked Roxanne.

“Yessss!” Roxanne was still rolling her cunt on the hard rubber cock while she sucked and licked at his hard, purplish cockhead.

“Don’t be real gentle with her,” Zane said with a chuckle. “When she’s stripped, you can put those clamps on her any time you like. Get ya ass movin’. I wanna see the show.”

Roxanne gave a low moan as she heaved herself up and off the rubber cock. For a few seconds she rammed the head of the bulbous prick back into her cunt, working herself up to a frenzy. Then she gave a final groan and stood up, rubbing her whipped ass cheeks. She grabbed the cat from Matt, walked over to a cabinet and took out a pair of six-inched spiked heels.

“Come on, boys,” she cooed, “let’s do this properly.”

Lance and Matt grinned.

“Cherie,” Lance said, “get over here.”

Lying on the floor, her tears almost blinding her, Natalie looked up and shuddered.

Roxanne sat in the chair, with the two men kneeling at her feet, fitting her with a pair of black stockings. Carefully they rolled them up, their hands straying all over Roxanne’s hot thighs as they clipped them onto the straps of her suspenders. Between Roxanne’s legs knelt Cherie, her mouth licking and sucking at Roxanne’s pussy as the men worked.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice,” Roxanne purred.

She lifted her legs, allowing all of them to do what they liked as they worked. She slowly twisted the clamps on her nipples, pulling at them as her passion mounted.

The men finished with the stockings and took the black spiked heels. Carefully they fitted them, tightening them until Roxanne was satisfied. She held Cherie’s head to her pussy, spreading her legs as Cherie’s tongue flicked over her wet clit.

“Ohhhh! That’s it, boys, that’s it. Now get away, Cherie!” she snapped.

She stood up. “Corset,” she ordered.

It was a tight leather waist cincher the men brought out, and they strapped Roxanne into it, tightening it until it was difficult for Roxanne to breathe. It ran from just under her tits to just below her waist.

When she was satisfied, she walked over to where the moaning Natalie still lay on the carpet, far too terrified to move.

“Well,” said Roxanne, standing over the helpless blonde. “Pull that dress up, I wanna see your ass.”

“Ohhhh come on, boys!” Cherie giggled. “Lemme take your pants off; I gotta have some more cock.”

“Horny bitch!” But Matt didn’t try to stop Cherie as she undid his belt and pulled his jeans down. She did the same with Lance and soon they were there watching as Cherie knelt, playing with their cocks, her mouth moving from one to the other, licking and sucking.

Sobbing helplessly, Natalie eased her dress up over her ass, exposing the crimson, pulped flesh. But her ass was still as tight and delightful as it had always been.

“Nice,” said Roxanne softly. “So you’re gonna strip for us now?”

“Yes, yes, please, don’t whip me again.” Natalie moaned. Suddenly she jerked in horrible anticipation. The spiked heel of Roxanne’s shoe was probing between the cheeks of her ass.

“That depends,” Roxanne said softly. “I’ll do everything you say,” Natalie murmured, as she wept.

“Well, maybe.” Roxanne chuckled. “But it really depends on if I want to or not.”

Natalie gave a strangled gasp and jerked as Roxanne shoved the heel of her shoe deeper, right between the crack of her ass.

“You’re a sex slave, whore,” Roxanne said. “You’ll do exactly what you’re told, got that?”

She prodded again and the heel of her shoe pushed at the tight ring of muscles around Natalie’s ass.

Natalie moaned, her ass heaving in horrible expectations.

“I said, got that?” snapped Roxanne, and her heel pushed harder into Natalie’s ass.

“Yes, yes!” Natalie yelled.

“Pull your ass cheeks apart,” Roxanne ordered. She twisted the clamps on her nipples, driving the pain into her tits as she circled the whip, waiting.

“Ohhh no, not that, noooo!” Natalie wailed. The shoe went away and the cat lashed across Natalie’s already mashed ass. Her screw beat at the walls, but there was another lash and another.

“Pull your ass cheeks apart!” snarled Roxanne.

Natalie moaned. With tears flowing down her cheeks, she reached back and pulled her whipped ass cheeks apart.

“Now say, oh, Roxanne, please fuck my ass with your shoe.” Roxanne snarled, twisting the clamps viciously on her nipples.

“Ohhh! No, please, anything else, anything!” Natalie shrieked.

The cat lashed her ass, catching her hands as it landed. She pulled them away, her body lying helplessly on the carpet, her legs desperately trying to close, but held tight by the bonds around her ankles.

“Ohhh shit!” Matt gasped. “I can’t take this. Get over the chair, Cherie, now.”

“Ooooh, are you both gonna fuck me?” Cherie gasped. She got up at once, almost ran to the chair and foil forward over the two arms, her ass waving on one side, her hot mouth and hands waiting at the other.

“Heads or tails?” said Matt.

“Heads,” Lance answered. “She already had your cock down her fuckin’ throat.”

“Right.” Matt grinned and the two of them advanced on the wriggling, moaning nympho.

Cherie gave a low gurgling scream of lust as Matt’s cock sank into her hot, wet fuck pit. She grabbed Lance’s massive cock, sucking and licking at his swollen cockhead.

“Don’t bring them off, yet!” snapped Roxanne. “I want them for this one.”

“Ohhh!” Cherie moaned. “I’ll fuckin’ bring them off if I want to.”

“You get them hard again,” Roxanne said. “Ooooooh!” Cherie cooed as she licked Lance’s cockhead. “Ooooooh, how horrible.”

She gasped and sank her mouth back over his thick round prickhead.

Roxanne lashed the cat across Natalie’s ass again.

“Say, please, Roxanne, fuck my ass with your shoe!” she snapped.

“Ohhh no, don’t do that, don’t! Ohhh, save me!”

Natalie sobbed as her ass erupted again. Roxanne changed her point of attack, lashing Natalie’s thighs, cutting at the delicate flesh on the insides.

“Beg me, whore!” she yelled.

Natalie screamed, tossing on the carpet, unable to stop a single blow of the terrible whip.

“Ohhh, please, please, Roxanne, fuck my ass with your shoe!”

“Good,” Roxanne cooed. She stopped the whip. “Pull your ass cheeks apart,” she ordered.

Shivering, broken and weeping, Natalie reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, showing the tight bud of her asshole to Roxanne’s horrible gaze. She lay there, her sobs shaking her body as she tensed and waited.

Roxanne put her spiked heel on the tight ring of Natalie’s ass. She pushed and the helpless blonde shrieked in pain as the pointed heel invaded her shifter. It forced its way in, an inch or so and Roxanne pulled it back.

“Beg me to do it again,” she said.

“Ohhh!” Natalie mowed. “Please do it again!”

“Do what, again?” Roxanne asked.

“Fuck my ass with your shoe!” Natalie screamed, expecting another lash of the whip.

The shove of Roxanne’s heel was almost as bad… the thin steel shank of the shoe raped her ass for several inches until Roxanne eased off, just sliding the heel in and out a little.

“Tell me how much you love it,” Roxanne whispered. She pushed brutally at Natalie screamed as the full six inches of heel rammed into her ass.

Natalie twisted on the floor, her helplessly spread legs straining at the ring bolts.

“Tell me!” Roxanne snapped, pulling at the clamps, her tits shaking with pain and lust.

“I love it, I love it!” Natalie wept, her whole ass throbbing and straining around the steel heel.

“That’s good,” said Roxanne, “because there’s a lot of cocks going up there, you know how men love fuckin’ asses.”

She twisted her heel in Natalie’s convulsing shitter while the helpless librarian sobbed and twitched on the carpet.

“Okay, boys, untie her,” Roxanne said.

“Oooh gimme a moment!” Cherie gasped. “I’m gonna come, she can wait.” Her hips heaved back at Matt’s cock as he rode her, and her hot mouth sank down over Lance’s throbbing prick.

“Ohhh sure, boys!” Roxanne rammed her heel into Natalie’s ass again. “I can keep this up for a bit. Don’t come though, I want full cocks for this one.” Brutally, she fucked her heel in and out of Natalie’s ass as Cherie gave a series of great heaving shrieks and came, her mouth sucking at Lance’s cock, while her throbbing pussy rammed harder at Matt’s massive prick.

“Too late!” Lance yelled. “How the fuck do you think we can hold out with this whore?” He leaned back as his cock throbbed and pulsed in Cherie’s hot mouth.

“Jeezus!” Matt bellowed. “This cunt’s unfuckin’ believable!”

His hips pistoned in and out of Cherie’s pussy while the little blonde nympho screamed and heaved with the orgasms surging over her.

“Oh well, fuck that. This one’ll have to get you up again,” Roxanne said, ramming her heel harder into Natalie’s shifter.

Natalie clawed at the carpet, screaming in pain as the heel raped her ass and she sobbed at the desperate humiliation.

“Yeahhhhh!” Matt roared. “Here it comes, whore!”

His cock blurred at Cherie’s cunt, throbbing as the first jet of his cum rushed down it and high into her sucking cunthole.

“Oooohhhh, fuck! That’s good!”

His cock spouted cum all over Cherie’s aching pussy walls, and her tight cunthole clutched at his prick, demanding every drop of cum.

“Ooohhh yes!” Cherie screamed. Her mouth slammed down on Lance’s thick prick, working at it as a hot load of salty fuckjuice began to surge out of his balls and into her willing mouth. Her pussy slammed at Matt’s cock, his swelling tide of cum began to diminish and he leaned forward, ramming his still hard cock at her as hard as he could.

“Come on, bitch!” he yelled. “Take it all.” Cherie’s screams of delight gushed out as the stream of goo poured out of Lance’s cock and into her mouth. She sucked it up, swallowing, clutching his cockshaft, her mouth licking at the spouting stream of juice while her hands jerked his throbbing prick, squeezing all the cum out.

“Suck my cock!” Lance roared, ramming his spouting cock deeper into Cherie’s mouth.

She gurgled, sucking and licking, swallowing all his seed until he was just dribbling cum from his cockshaft and Cherie moaned with satisfaction.

“You boys finished?” Roxanne asked, ramming her heel back into Natalie’s shit hole.

“Yeah!” Matt gasped. “Fuck, that was good.” He eased his cock out of Cherie’s still sucking cunt.

“Good,” Roxanne said. She pulled her heel out of Natalie’s ass and the blonde sobbed as her ass jerked with relief.

Lance pulled his cock out of Cherie’s grasp.

Roxanne walked to Natalie’s sobbing face. She shaved her slick, goo-covered heel at Natalie’s mouth.

“Lick it clean,” she said.

Natalie nearly vomited on the carpet. She looked at the black heel of the shoe, slick with her ass juices. Roxanne dangled the whip in front of her face and, with a moan of helpless terror, the sobbing Natalie licked at the shoe, her tongue flicking over the black six-inch heel.

“Not bad.” Roxanne worked her foot around so that Natalie could lick all of the heel. “Keep it up.” Several times she inspected the shoe, then shoved it back for Natalie to lick some more of it.

“Okay,” Roxanne said at last. “Up on the table.”

It was almost a relief for Natalie. She scrambled up, her dress falling back over her stockinged legs. She almost lost her balance as she scrambled up onto the heavy kitchen table, but she recovered and crouched there. Her head spun as she saw that all of them were watching and waiting.

“Stand up!” Roxanne snapped.

Trembling all over, the earthy tastes of her own ass in her mouth, Natalie managed to stand.

“Hold your dress up.” Roxanne was surveying her carefully. “And walk.”

“L-like this?” Natalie whispered, lifting her dress just over her knees.

“You shittin’ me?” Roxanne snarled. “Above your stockings, whore.”

With a jerk, Natalie lifted the dress and held it at the top of her thighs.

“Y’know,” Lance observed, “that chick’s got real good legs, get her some shoes to go with em.”

He leaned back in his chair, sliding his hand up and down his cock. It was hard again already and his eyes devoured Natalie as she trembled on the table.

“Hmmm, yeah, sounds good,” Roxanne said, striding over to the closet in her own black spiked heels. She heaved a pair of white sling backed shoes at Cherie. “Try them on her.”

Incredibly, Cherie still had her tiny denim skirt and top on. The top might as well have been off, since it was just about around her waist, exposing her thrusting tits completely. She stood under Natalie and grinned.

“Take those shoes off,” she instructed.

Natalie was just glad that there wasn’t any pain. She slipped her low-heeled shoes off and took the white spiked ones.

“Stand up!” Roxanne snapped, and the terrified blonde managed to get upright again. “Get your dress up. We didn’t give you those shoes for the fun of it.”

Natalie grabbed her dress and hauled it up above her stockings again.

“Turn this way,” Lance said and Natalie did, almost falling again in the high-heels.

Lance whistled. “What did I tell ya?”

“Fuck,” Matt murmured. He ran his hand over his own cock as he looked at the sight of the delicious blonde standing over them.

In the high-heels, Natalie’s legs really looked incredible. The hard curves of her calves led up from her trim, alluring ankles, and, above her shapely knees, the luscious soft flesh of her thighs drew their gaze up to the curly mass of her blonde pussy.

“Okay,” Lance said, “take that dress off.” He leaned back and slid his hand over his cock.

Natalie broke into more tears, but there was always Roxanne standing below, her body heaving in the tight corset, her hand playing with the whip, reminding Natalie of what would happen at the slightest refusal.

Natalie lifted her dress up over her head, exposing more of her lovely body. There weren’t really enough buttons undone, but she pulled, and the dress worked over her head.

All Natalie had on now was her bra, suspender belt, stockings and the spike-heeled shoes. Helplessly she crossed her hands in front of her pussy, until a sharp order from Roxanne stopped her.

“Take that bra off,” Lance said. “If your tits are as good as the rest of you, I’m gonna be first up that cunt of yours.”

Natalie sobbed as she reached for the clasp of her bra. It felt as if her last defense was going down. She unclipped it, and let the cups fall away, revealing her lovely tits at last.

“Fuck,” Lance said. His hand jerked hard on his cock. “What a fuckin’ pair.”

“Damn right,” Matt said.

Natalie’s tits were exactly the right size for her body, hanging on her rib cage like a pair of small melons, standing up without any need of a bra for support. Below them, her slim waist and thrusting ass cheeks complemented her legs perfectly.

“Come here,” Lance said, his hand tightening on his cock.

Unsteady in her heels, Natalie walked over. She stood about a foot from the edge of the large table, helpless before his lust-filled eyes.

“Spread your legs!” he ordered.

Natalie spread her legs in the high-heels, knowing that the shoes gave her legs that added shape that made Lance’s face wild with excitement.

“Spread your pussy lips,” he commanded.

Natalie’s chest heaved, jiggling her tits. She still couldn’t believe how depraved this place was.

“You heard what he said!” Roxanne snapped.

With trembling fingers, Natalie reached down and slid her fingers over her hairy pussy lips. She spread them slowly, showing him the bud of her clit and her inner lips, damp with pussy juices.

“Rub your clit,” Lance said.

He worked his cock as he watched her.

Natalie’s sobs shook her whole body, but she reached her fingers in and rubbed them over her clit bud, holding her pussy lips open so he could see it all.

She saw him slowly stroking his cock, his gaze burning into her, watching her slow masturbation. The room was absolutely quiet and a burning excitement rose in Natalie, slowly running out of her pussy, making her hips throb and twist as she rubbed her tight clit bud. She was sweating with excitement, her fingers rubbing harder on her clit. Her hips thrust out and her cunt throbbed with rising lust and a low moan burst out of her mouth.

“Okay, whore,” he said softly, “it’s time you were fucked!”


“You beast!” Natalie sobbed, as her fingers continued to work her clit with rising passion and desperation. “You’re going to rape me, aren’t you?”

More tears flooded out of her eyes, but the helpless passion surging from her clit bud was flooding her too and driving her out of her mind.

“Oh, no,” Lance said, with a grin on his face. “I’d never rape a lady, would I?”

“Never,” Matt agreed. He worked his cock slowly as he watched Natalie standing above him.

Already her hips swayed to the beat of her fingers in her pussy, and a low moan bubbled out of her lips.

“You’d love me to fuck you, wouldn’t you?” Lance got up and ran his hand up Natalie’s thigh.

The most terrible burst of passion erupted over her as he played with the flesh of her inner thigh, but she choked and fought it.

“No!” she screamed. “You’re raping me, forcing me. You’re a pervert.”

“Silly girl,” Lance said softly. “Beg me to fuck you.”

Natalie stared down at his massive cock, pointing straight up at her soft, open pussy. Her emotions swung and swirled around in her head. She was terrified and confused.

“No! No, you’re a brute, a real brute.” Her fingers dug hard at her cunt and her legs trembled. She sobbed at the utter helplessness of her situation.

“Bend over, little girl,” Lance said softly. “And don’t stop masturbating, whore, we all want to see.”

He moved closer and ran his hand up, around the back of Natalie’s neck. She bent down slowly, the back of her neck burning at his touch. Her fingers stayed on her pussy, rubbing her clit in a delirium of the most awful, rising excitement. She spread her legs wider, the asked heels grating outward on the wooden table top. She got where he wanted her, bent over almost double, her legs spread with her head on the same level as his.

He held her hair, placing his mouth at her ears. “Now, don’t be a silly girl. Beg me to fuck you.” His fingers reached out and ran over her tits, moving in on her lovely tight nipples.

“Ooohhh,” Natalie moaned. She felt his fingers tighten on her nipples, rolling, squeezing them harder, until pain rushed out of them, surging through her tits.

His fingers tightened and he slid his other hand to her other tit and held that nipple, tightening his grip the whole time.

“Beg me,” he whispered.

Pain rolled over her body, mingling with the passion erupting from her clit. Her fingers speeded up. She forgot she had been ordered to do it, and just masturbated with increasing lust and fury. Her tits ached with the slow torture of his fingers and her body began to heave and toss on the table. She moaned, her head spinning.

“Ohhhh! Please, fuck me!” Natalie gasped, her body going out of control with lust. Her fingers blurred on her clit and her tits thrust at his hands while a low bubbling scream broke from her lips.

He pulled his hands away. “Stop that!” he snapped. “Take your hand off your clit, whore!”

He slapped her hand away and Natalie jerked upright, gasping, her body filled with the force of her lust. She stood there, trembling.

Lance eased onto the table with her. He lay there with his massive cock sticking up like a ramrod.

“Get on it,” he commanded her.

Natalie moaned and sank to her knees. She crawled between his legs, aware of the stares and lust-filled eyes that followed her every movement. She slid her thighs around the vast pillar of flesh and held it, moaning at the feel of the rock-hard flesh. She lifted herself, running the stiff cockhead over her clit, feeling the sparks of lust rising.

“Oooh, you brute!” she groaned, as the head of his massive prick found the entrance to her tight pussy and forced at it. “Ohh God, it won’t go up, it won’t, you’re too big!”

The thin rod lashed across her ass.

“Ohhhh God, no, no!” Natalie screamed, twisting around to see Roxanne lashing the terrible thing into her again. “No! You bitch!”

Natalie screamed, her hips heaving and her pussy thrusting down on the massive cock, her cuntal walls throbbing and spreading to take it.


She wailed as the thin cane lashed her again, driving the hot spites of agony all over her body. But that wasn’t all. The pain, like the pain from her tits, mingled with lust. And not only did the lust erupt from her invaded cunt, it also erupted out of the agony in her ass. Natalie screamed again, her cunt ramming downward, swallowing another inch of the massive cock.

“Hey, that’s great.” Lance groaned. “Whip her more, Roxanne. That makes her cunt do the greatest things. Fuck, her cunt sucks my cock like a vacuum pump.”

He lay back, his cock thrusting up into Natalie’s tight little pussy.

“You fucker!” Natalie screamed, as the cane beat into her ass again.

Her pussy slammed down, taking in another chunk of the thick prick invading her cunt. Soon it was in to the hilt and Natalie lay across Lance’s body, mewling and weeping, her beaten ass thrusting up and down, ramming the thick cock into her convulsing cunt.

Lance grabbed her hair and pulled her close again. “You’re gonna come, whore. Right as I shoot my cum up your pussy.”

“Noooo!” Natalie wailed as she tried to control her heaving ass. Her body rang with agony and lust. The scraping hard fuck of the thick prick in her cunt and the ringing pain from her whipped ass were driving her out of her mind.

“Ohhh yes!” Lance said softly. “Your cunt is the tightest little hole I’ve ever fucked, and it’s gonna mike me came real fast. And when I do start coming, Roxanne’s gonna whip your ass until I’ve finished, got that?”

“No, you bastard!” Natalie screeched, trying to pull out of his grasp.

It was hopeless. He held her almost, effortlessly, one hand controlling her head. His cock swelled in her cunt, throbbing against her walls, driving higher passion into every move she made.

“Ooooh! You fucker!” Natalie moaned.

He chuckled. “Come on, baby, tell me how much you love it. Tell me how much you love having a big thick cock stuffed up your pussy. Tell me. I can feel it, whore; I know what your cunt’s doing.”

Natalie screamed and heaved, her ass circling as her hot pussy sucked under the hard fucking. Her pussy wails were going out of control, driving her closer and closer to orgasm. Her body beat up and down with increasing lust, ha hot cunt ramming over his cock as she lost control. She felt his cock heaving inside her, getting harder and bigger with each stroke of her hungry cunt.

“Ohhh yeah!” Lance yelled. “Do it now, Roxanne, do it now!” With a roar of lust he heaved Natalie up, his hips jerking at her cunt.

“Nooo!” Natalie screamed. But her ass lunged back and the thin cane lashed it, beating another thin red line of pain into her flesh.

She screamed, her body jerking like mad. Inside her, Lance’s cock grew even harder, and she could feel each throb as the cum rushed down it, about to flood her pussy. The first pulses of a most incredible orgasm crashed over her.

“Whip her, whip her!” Lance yelled as his cock gushed the first of his pent-up cum.

He roared as the cane lashed Natalie’s ass and another hot jet of his seed poured out high into Natalie’s hot pussy. “Ooohh, fuck, she’s coming! The whore’s coming!”

Natalie screamed as her body went out of control, tossing wildly on Lance’s shooting cock. The agony of the cane and the surging passion of Lance’s cock as it shot its load of white hot cum sent seething rushes of climax all over her.

“Ohhh, you bastards, you bastards!” she screamed, her ass heaving back to meet another lash of pain coming at it. With her head tossing and her blonde hair flying, the roaring orgasms shook her.

“I hate you!” she wept. “I hate you!”

The cane whipped her. Her pussy clamped around Lance’s cock, sucking the cum out, demanding the whole of his cock. He yelled and grabbed her, holding her tight as he shot the last gobs of his cum. Some of it squeezed out of her pussy and over her white, trembling thighs.

“Oooh, fuck!” he moaned as Roxanne stopped whipping Natalie and the fucked blonde fell across his chest, her head buried in his shoulder.

Natalie’s climaxes crested and she sank down. She had come while they whipped her. That was so depraved, she couldn’t even think about it. Her pussy still throbbed around Lance’s cock, sending soft waves of satisfaction through her, but it wasn’t enough to offset the feeling of shame over what she had done.

“Bring her here,” Zane demanded.

Natalie shuddered, clutching Lance closer as if she hoped he would save her. His cock still moved in her cunt, slowly coming down from the orgasm.

“Get up, whore,” he ordered.

“Oh, no, please, don’t make me do more, please!” Natalie wept.

Lance’s cock churned in her pussy, as it ran softly over her cuntal walls.

Then she felt the touch of the cane across her ass.

“Get up,” Roxanne said.

Sobbing in shame, Natalie slowly got off Lance’s cock, kneeling up on the table, her entire body shuddering.

“Off,” Roxanne said and Natalie hastened to obey her, moving to the edge of the table and almost falling onto the floor.

“Over here,” Zane commanded.

Natalie went over as slowly as she could. Everybody followed her. Zane sat in his chair, his big cock ramming against the front of his jeans.

“On your knees,” he said as Natalie reached his chair.

“Ohhhh please, no more, no more, please!” Natalie begged. She ached all over, her ass burned with the beatings, and she could feel Lance’s sticky cum oozing over her thighs.

“One more chance.” Zane was looking closely at the shivering blonde.

Natalie knew what was next. With a groan, she sank to her knees and hung her head. She was right between his knees and she could see the massive, heaving bulge in his pants, even with her head down.

“Hold her arms back,” Zane said.

Natalie screamed. Matt grabbed her wrists and twisted them back, behind her head and down, until they were almost on a level with her shoulders. That way she was bowed backwards, her tits thrusting up at Zane as he sat and admired her figure.

“Not fuckin’ bad,” he commented. “Open your legs.”

Natalie shuffled her knees open and Zane ran his foot up the inside of her thighs, until it was playing over her open pussy lips, where the cum still oozed out. Natalie moaned, but she couldn’t move as Zane eased one of his toes into her cunt and wiped his foot all over the cum-smeared crack of her pussy.

He grinned as he took it away, moving it up until it was right under Natalie’s nose. “Look at that. All covered in cum. Glean if off.”

Natalie didn’t have to be told what he meant. She sobbed, but took one look at Roxanne, standing there with the cane, and gave in. Her arms ached because Matt kept a tight grip on her wrists, only lust letting her lean forward to Zane’s cum-covered foot.

She flicked her tongue over Zane’s toes, licking up the goo smeared there. The smell of feet that had been out all day on the range revolted her, but it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. She licked between his toes as he commanded, then underneath, cleaning the cum and goo away until he was satisfied.

“Oooh, come on, Lance,” Cherie cooed. “Lemme have some of your cock.”

Brazenly the little blonde sank back to her knees and took Lance’s big thick prick in her hands, caressing the cockshaft. Her hot mouth sank around his cockhead, sucking and licking at it as she mowed and rubbed her tits against his thighs.

“Whore,” he said, “you go on like that and it’ll be the dildo up your cunt and me up your ass.”

Cherie almost choked as she thrust her mouth down the length of his cock, taking it to the balls, her throat sucking and clutching at the growing prick. She drew her mouth back, playing with his cockhead.

“Ooooh, I couldn’t stand that, not two cocks at once; oh no, please.”

Then she gasped with laughter and rammed her mouth back down, taking Lance’s thick cock back into her mouth.

“Take those clamps off,” Zane said.

Roxanne grinned and reached for the clamps, slowly undoing them, easing the bite of the metal jaws on her nipples.

Natalie hung her head. She knew what was going to happen arid hoped desperately that she could escape it. She sobbed as the clamps came off Roxanne’s nipples.

Roxanne handed the clamps to Zane. She played with her tits, caressing her nipples which were bright red, the marks of the jaws still in the flesh.

Zane jingled them in his hand while Natalie kept her head down. “You wanna be a good girl?”

“Yes, yes, but not that, please, not that!” Natalie gasped. Matt let go of her elbows and she almost collapsed. Zane held out the clamps to her. She moaned at the dreadful tiny jaws, knowing how much they’d hurt.

“Put them on, and you escape the whip,” he said.

“No, no, please, don’t make me wear them, I’ll do whatever you…”

“If you don’t put them on, I’ll have you whipped while I do,” he said.

Natalie gasped and shook. There was no way out. She reached out and took the tiny clamps, her fingers shaking with fear.

“Put them on,” Zane said.

Natalie almost choked as she took one of the clamps and put it around her tight little nipple. She made sure the jaws were around her tit bud and turned the screw. Almost immediately the jaws bit and she moaned. She stopped and took the next clamp.

Zane said nothing as she worked the second clamp around her nipple and turned the screw. To her right she heard the gasping and gurgling as Cherie sucked at Lance’s cock, her wicked little mouth getting him to full hardness very quickly. Natalie moaned as the other clamp bit, digging into her nipple bud.

She stopped and hung her head again, pain gushing out of her tits.

“Tighten them,” said Zane.

“Ohhhh no, please, they hurt, they really hurt!”

Zane leaned forward. “Tighten them, or else.”

Natalie raised her fingers to her aching nipple bud. Her head swam, but she managed to get hold of one of the clamps, twisting the screw a little more, feeling the jaws bite into her flesh, sending fast waves of agony out.

“Oooh, please, no more,” she pleaded.

“The other one,” Zane said.

Natalie sobbed. Her fingers shook uncontrollably as she reached for the other clamp. She took hold of it, turned the screw and screamed in pain as the jaws chewed into her flesh.

“More.” Zane leaned back, taking a drink of beer.

“No, please, don’t make me, no!” Natalie screamed as Matt grabbed her wrists again and twisted them back behind her head, forcing her tits out. Natalie began sobbing and pleading as she saw Roxanne move closer, the cat in her hand.

“Ohhh, no, no!” Natalie moaned. “Don’t let her, no!”

The cat lashed across her young thrusting tits, beating red pain through her body. The clamps jerked and pulled at her nipples as the tails of the whip stroked viciously across her flesh.

She screamed helplessly, her body heaving. “Ready to tighten them?” Zane asked. The cat lashed her tits again, beating more agony through the helpless librarian.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed. “I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

Roxanne stopped the whip and Matt let go of her wrists. Natalie slumped to the floor, propping herself up on her hands, weeping helplessly.

“Get up,” Zane said and Natalie jerked up at once. “Tighten them.”

She was weeping and shaking before her hands reached the clamps, but she managed to twist the screw, driving another surge of pain through her tits. Her sensitive buds screamed in agony, but there was nothing she could do.

“The other one.” Zane said.

“Ohhhh, God!” Natalie moaned. Her fingers wouldn’t do as she told them. They reached the screw and twisted around it without tightening it. It gave her an idea. She fell forward, her face almost in Zane’s crotch, screaming as if in greater pain than she was.

“I told you to tighten them, not to pretend,” said Zane softly. “Now do it, or else.”

Somehow Natalie got back up. She reached for the damps. As she turned the screw, the agony burst out in unbearable waves. She was screaming as she twisted it. Through helpless tears, she stared at Zane.

“The other one,” he said.

“You bastard, you slut-faced bastard!”

Natalie screamed as she somehow twisted the other clamp and sent herself into another screaming fit of pain. She would rather face the whip than this. She knelt, low bubbling screams running out of her mouth, caressing her tits, not daring to ease the pain in her nipples.

“You know when they come off?” Zane asked.

“N-n-no,” Natalie stuttered.

“When you’ve sucked the cum out of my cock. So get on with it.”


“Ohhh no!” Natalie gasped.

She stared at the massive bulge in the front of Zane’s jeans. She moaned and held her tits, trying to ease the agony of the clamps.

“Don’t you think you’d better get started?” Zane stood up until he towered over her. “Take my pants off, whore!”

Her hands shaking, she reached up and gripped the buckle of Zane’s belt, pulling the ornate brass buckle off. Helplessly, she reached up and caressed her tits, for the slightest swing of the clamps sent fresh agony all over her body.

Zane didn’t seem to mind. He stood and waited while Natalie gasped and moaned, pleading with him to let her untie the clamps. Sobbing and shaking all over, Natalie reached up again and unzipped his jeans, until she could slide the pants down his long hard legs. Desperately, she grabbed his underpants too, pulling them down with the jeans.

In rising desperation, Natalie blinked at the massive cock she was supposed to suck. It bobbed, the thick swollen cockhead pulsing with the power of the blood engorging the whole nine or ten inches of male lust. At the tip of the cockhead, just at the entrance of the tiny slit, was a drop of pre-cum juice, bouncing with each heave of the cockshaft.

“Come on, girl,” Zane said. “You want the whip to persuade you?”

Natalie sobbed, her body shaking. She glanced over her shoulder and there was Roxanne, waiting, her body heaving in the tight black corset as she played with the whip. She turned one of her spiked heels slowly, digging it into the floor, smiling at the helpless librarian. Natalie shuddered, staring at the knotted cock.

“You know what I’ll do if you don’t start sucking that cock?” Roxanne said softly, sliding the tails of the cat through her fingers. “I’ll have you held and whip your tits until the damps fall off. Then we’ll put them on again and start over. Until you start sucking cock,” she grinned and caressed one of her own nipples. “Don’t start for my sake. I love whipping tits, almost as much as I love big strong men whipping mine.”

She sighed and slid the handle of the cat down between her legs, caressing her clit with the leather handle.

“Oooooh, yeah! Whipping your tits until the clamps fall off, ohhhh yeah!” she rammed the handle of the cat up her cunt and worked her clit as she fucked herself.

“Ohhh, God!” Natalie moaned, her breathing getting difficult and her lungs aching. The depravity was more than she could take.

“I’m coming, bitch!” Roxanne yelled. “Stan sucking before I’m finished, or else.”

With a wail of lust she crested, blurring the handle of the cat into her cunt, her fingers racing over her clit.

Natalie knew she couldn’t hesitate any longer. The agony in her hippies was more than enough. She twisted around and saw Zane’s cock, still waiting for her.

“Suck, whore,” he said.

With a moan of helpless surrender, Natalie reached out and took hold of Zane’s massive cock. Her tiny hand just reached around the monster prick and she felt it jump and heave as she touched it. The cockhead reached her lips. She gasped, holding back the desire to gag on the horrible cockmeat.

“Lick it,” Zane said.

Timidly, her whole body rebelling, Natalie licked at the stiff, swollen cockhead. The drop of pre-cum juice came off oh her tongue and she tasted the slightly salty goo. It wasn’t as bad as she’d expected. She licked again, running her tongue around the purplish flesh, feeling the heat of Zane’s desire.

“Now suck it,” he instructed. “Take it right in, whore, right in.”

Natalie let her soft lips run over the horrible cockhead. It was hot, swollen and pulsing with lust. She moved her mouth deeper and the huge ball of flesh filled her mouth. She moaned and closed her lips around the top of the shaft. The cockhead pushed at her throat and she sucked on it as hard as she could.

“Take your hand and caress it!” Zane snapped. “And then go down and do it to my balls. Gently, make me think you love it, or, fuck it, I’ll have you whipped till you learn, whore.”

He thrust at Natalie’s face, another inch of his cock disappearing into her mouth.

Natalie caressed the thick cockshaft as it pushed at her throat. It throbbed in her hands, while the cockhead twitched and heaved.

“Don’t you love sucking cock?” Zane chuckled as he took another drink of beer.

Frantically, Natalie nodded her head while her hand gripped his cockshaft.

“Let me give you some advice,” he went on. “Caress my balls gently, go on. Yeah. That’s more like it. Now make me feel how much you love it. Or else.”

Natalie groaned, but she did her best with her hand working his cock and her mouth sucking at the massive, bulbous cockhead.

“Work your pussy,” Zane said. “I wanna watch.”

Natalie sobbed at this new humiliation, but she had to obey. She gasped as her fingers spread her puffy cuntal lips and worked over her clit. An immediate pulse of excitement burst out, rushing over her body. She moaned, and her mouth sucked at the massive cock with more passion.

“Yeah,” Zane said softly. “That’s more like it. Don’t stop, you gotta come when I shoot, whore, or the clamps don’t come off.”

Natalie shuddered, crying out, her voice muffled by the thick cockmeat buried in it.

“Don’t argue, whore,” he said softly. “You know what happens if you argue.”

Natalie groaned and sucked at his cock. She worked her clit, wondering if she could fake an orgasm. But Zane would probably notice. With a desperate sob, she sucked his cock as hard as she could.

As Natalie moaned and sucked, Cherie sank Lance’s thick cockmeat down her throat, her muscles clutching and sucking at it until Lance was very hard. She purred and licked his cockhead while playing with his balls.

“Wasn’t I a good girl, getting you hard again?”

“Sure,” Lance responded easily. “So I suppose you want a reward now.”

“Ohhh, yes,” Cherie murmured. “I wanna sit on your cock, stick it right up my ass, while Roxanne whips my tits. And when you’ve shot your cum up me, then we’ll make our shitty book lady lick it all off.”

She rammed his cock back down her throat again as Lance gasped and thrust at her mouth.

“Well,” said Lance. “I’d better sit down, hey?”

“Yeah,” Cherie agreed.

She sat him in one of the comfortable chairs and went to the dresser to get a jar of cream. Grinning with lust, she knelt between his legs and spread some of the cream on his huge throbbing cock.

“Ohhhh fuck, I really want you up my ass,” she crooned. “I want to feel this big hunk of cockmeat spreading my ass walls open, rubbing up and down, raping me. Ohhh, fuck!”

She got up and slid the belt of her tiny denim skirt open. Then she unzipped it and slid it down her luscious legs. Her bushy cuntal hair sprang fully into and she swung up and sat on Lance’s legs, facing out with her back against him.

Lance reached for her tits, lifting her as he caressed them, taking her high enough for her to slide his cock down the crack of her pussy and around, until his cockhead came up against the crinkled entrance to her asshole.

“You know,” she said, “we should make shitface Natalie watch this, to see what she’s gonna get.”

Then Lance lowered her slightly. The hard head of his cock worked just inside her asshole.

“Ooooh!” she purred, working his cockshaft, so his cockhead rubbed over her anal walls. “That’s so nice; oh lower; come on, fill me up, ohhh!”

She moaned with undisguised lust as Lance lowered her twitching body further onto his cockshaft.

The massive prick worked deeper and deeper, sliding into Cherie’s hot shitter.

“Oooh, that’s so good!” she moaned. “Fuck me deep, ohhhh, right up, right up my ass, lover, right up my ass!”

With a shriek, she slammed down on his cock, her ass slapping against his thighs.

“Oooh! That’s it!”

She took her top and pulled it off, over her head. Brazenly she held her thrusting tits.

“Come on, Roxanne,” she yelled, “whip my tits, oh come on, whip me!” She jerked and heaved, her ass leaping up and down on Lance’s massive cock.

Roxanne strode over with the cat in her hand.

“Here,” she said to Matt, “take this.” She handed him the thin cane. “You may have to use it on the whore.”

She walked on, until she was standing close to the writhing couple in the chair.

Lance leaned back with his cock slammed tight up Cherie’s heaving asshole. His thick cockmeat throbbed to the beat of the long hard fucking as her ass heaved up and down, sucking shamelessly at his cock.

Roxanne slowly trailed the tails of the cat across Cherie’s heaving tits. “You want this?”

“Come on, whore, whip me!” Cherie wailed. Smiling, Roxanne trailed the cat tails across Cherie’s tits until the blonde was screaming and bleating for the whip to lash her white tit flesh. Very slowly Roxanne took the cat and turned the handle to Cherie’s mouth.

“Kiss it,” she ordered.

With a moan, Cherie kissed the tip of the whip. Roxanne’s pussy juices were still all over it, but that didn’t stop the little nympho blonde at all. She tongue-flicked the leather bound handle, while her wet lips caressed it. She groaned, her ass heaving up and down on Lance’s cock with each drive of her fucking.

“Hey, Zane, can you spare that whore to watch?” Roxanne yelled over her shoulder.

“Sue,” he replied.

He leaned down and pulled Natalie’s mouth from his cock. Natalie moaned, her fingers working her clit with helpless desperation. Somehow, that helped the pain in her nipples, soothing it and making it roll around her body. Pleasure and pain mingled; a dangerous combination for the helpless librarian.

“Watch this.” Zane twisted her head to the sight in the chair. “Don’t stop working your cunt.”

Natalie sobbed as she saw Cherie licking the whip handle, watching the nympho blonde’s tongue flicking out in slow sensuous strokes.

“Now show us how you can swallow it,” said Roxanne softly. “Give us a good show because our guest is watching. If you can do it, I’ll whip you any way you wait, until Lance comes.”

Cherie groaned, but she instantly tilted the foot-long handle of the cat and slid it into her mouth. Natalie gasped and sobbed as she saw the little nympho slide it in, until it came to the entrance of her throat. Then she bobbed it, up and down, sliding the whip farther into her throat. Inch by inch it went in, while Cherie jerked up and down on Lance’s cock.

“See that?” Zane said softly. “No wonder she can swallow a cock. You’ll learn how to do that, you wait.”

“I-I can’t do that.” Natalie sobbed. “It’s horrible and depraved.” But her fingers were moving faster over her clit as she watched, and her breath was getting sharper.

“Okay, you horny little cunt,” Roxanne said to Cherie. “You got it.”

Cherie cased the whip handle out of her mouth and kissed it again, handing it back to Roxanne.

“Now treat me proper,” she grinned and leaned back against Lance, her ass circling as it drove up and down on his cock. She thrust her tits out. “Do it!” she yelled.

Roxanne drew the cat back, then lashed it hard Cherie’s heaving tits. Red marks sprang up instantly on her flesh as she screamed, her body heaving in lust. She drew her legs up, spreading them wide, so that Natalie could see Lance’s cock sliding into her ass, just behind the sucking hole of her pussy.

“Yeah!” Cherie screamed. Her hand went down, rubbing at her pussy, her fingers diving into her hot, wet cunt hole as the cat lashed her tits. “Do it! Whip me! Whip my tits!”

She gasped and sobbed, gripping her ankles and thrusting her tits up for the cat. Her ass cheeks bobbed and heaved as Lance’s thick cock plunged deep into her guts.

But Natalie didn’t have much time to watch it. Sick and disgusted, she was pulled back so Zane could ram his big thick cock back between her lips. The massive cockhead filled her mouth and threatened to thrust right into her throat. The agony surging out of her tits drove her frantic pussy rubbing to new heights, as she tried to match the pain with the pleasure.

The cock in her mouth jerked as her tongue rasped around it, playing with the hard flesh. Her sucking mouth closed on the rock-hard prick, her lips a perfect circle around the cockshaft as she moaned and sucked, her throat clutching at the cockhead, her mouth and cheeks driving deeper onto the raping cock. As swirls of lust surged out of her cunt, her mouth beat down harder and faster on the cock.

She worked her hand up from her pussy, tweaking the clamps on her nipples. The pain rushed over her with disgusting, yet delicious roars of excitement. Her mouth sank deeper, taking more of the stiff prick, swallowing the cockhead as it pushed and met no resistance. She let go of Zane’s balls, sliding her hand back down to her pussy, working her clit, driving herself into rising paroxysms of lust. Gurgling and moaning, she worked her head deeper, feeling Zane’s cockhead throb in her throat.

In the chair, Cherie was already climaxing. Her tits heaved out, a mass of red lines and deeper crimson marks as she tossed and screamed with lust.

“Whip me!” she demanded. “Whip my tits, whore! Make me scream! Yeah!” Her ass jumped up and beat down on Lance’s stiff rod. “Yeah, whip her!” Lance bellowed. “Whip the shit till she makes me shoot! Come on, Roxanne whip her!”

He thrust up off the seat, his cock throbbing deep in Cherie’s ass and the cum building up, getting ready to pour out.

Roxanne spread her legs and her fingers played with her pussy as her arm swung across Cherie’s thrusting tits, lashing the cat into the screaming blonde’s flesh.

“Come on, bitch!” Roxanne snarled. “Make him come good, or you’re up on the rope, you horny little cunt!”

Cherie screamed, her whole body jumping, demanding another load of hot cum from Lance’s cock.

Natalie barely heard any of them. She was going crazy as her mouth sank deeper onto Zane’s cock. The mingled pain from her tits and the pleasure rushing from her cunt combined to send her soaring towards another crashing climax.

She gurgled into Zane’s cock as it sank another inch into her helpless, spasmodic throat. The thick prick was going to go all the way, she was sure of it. If she could do that, she could swallow the whip handle. It was a disgusting, depraved, but delicious thought.

The thin cane lashed her ass and she screamed, thrusting Zane’s cock even deeper. “Straighten your legs!” Matt snapped. “So I can get at you properly.”

Natalie moaned and wept, her legs trembling. “Do as he says, whore!” Zane dropped the beer can and gripped Natalie’s hair. “I’m gonna shoot soon, and he wants to whip you, so make sure he can, or there’ll be trouble.”

Natalie’s mind almost cracked. The surge of agony and lust were sending her into an even greater climax than before. She gurgled and moaned as she slowly straightened her legs. Her ass stuck out and drove her mouth drove even deeper onto Zane’s cock as it rammed into her throat. Her fingers worked her tits and pussy, driving her over the top.

The thin rod lashed her ass. In a second, Natalie climaxed, screaming deep onto Zane’s thrusting prick. Her throat opened and the massive hunk of cockmeat slid right into her throat, buried to the hilt. Natalie’s lips closed around the base of the throbbing prick and sucked the huge shaft, feeling the cum boiling in Zane’s balls, about to shoot into her mouth.

“Oh yeah!” Zane exclaimed. He thrust his cock higher, into Natalie’s unresisting throat. “Here it comes, whore, here it comes, a mouthful, all for you.”

He leaned back and bayed with lust.

Natalie’s whole body shattered with climax.


The cane lashed Natalie’s ass, driving her higher into the swirling orgasm. Her fingers blurred on her clit and her mouth throbbed as a massive spurt of cum gushed out, deep in her throat. She pulled back, taking the next jet of cum in her mouth as Zane roared, holding her head and ramming his cock into her mouth. Screaming with lust, she twisted the clamps on her nipples, the tit pain combining with the pain from the cane as she climaxed again, her mouth full of cum, her throat convulsing.

“Take it all, whore!” Zane snarled. “I wanna feel all my cum go down your throat.”

His fingers tightened in her hair and Natalie gurgled as more thick ropes of cum filled her mouth. She swallowed them, tasting the thick creamy goo, her body heaving with the demands of the clamps on her nipples and the whip on her ass. With each spurt of cum, another slash of the thin rod burst over her ass flesh.

Zane snarled as he spent more thick ropes of jism. He gripped her hair tighter, forcing his cock back into her mouth as he shot more salty cock juice.

“Take it!” he yelled as his hips gave a final series of heaves and he came down, his cock still pulsing and dribbling cum over Natalie’s tongue.

Her head spinning, Natalie fell to her knees, her mouth still sucking at his cock and her fingers twisting the tit clamps with one last, vicious turn. Then she pulled away and dropped on her back, frantically rubbing her tits and pussy as the orgasms kept rolling over her.

Gum dribbled out of Zane’s cock and over her tits. The pain overtook her, rising above the surging passion. She sobbed, tasting cum and trying to undo the clamps, her body rolling in the horrible mixture of agony and lust.

“Did I tell you to take them off?” Zane snarled, cum jerking off his cockhead and splattering across Natalie’s tummy.

“You fucker!” Natalie screamed. “Do what you like, I don’t give a shit!”

She twisted the clamps off, screaming at the surge of relief from her crushed nipples. She lay there, her hand rubbing her tits while she still kept up the hard clit-rubbing she needed.

“Hey, little girl,” said Zane softly. He took the cane from Matt and leaned over Natalie, taking his cock in his hand. “Don’t care, huh?”

“Fuck off!” Natalie screamed, her eyes bugging out at the sight of the cane.

Slowly Zane ran it up the inside of her thighs towards her throbbing, open pussy lips.

“Get lost you cocksucking fucker!” she screamed, ramming several of her fingers up her spasmodic cunt.

“I know what’ll bring you to your senses.” Zane grinned slowly. “Take your hands out of the way, or get them whipped!”

The cane swept up in the air and Natalie screamed, running her hand up to join the caressing her tits. The cane lashed down, cutting into her pussy, beating surging waves of pain out of her clit.

She screamed, her body tossing on the carpet. “Fuck off, shit face!” She spread her legs even farther, her fingers squeezing and rubbing at her nipples.

Zane played with the cane, running it between Natalie’s legs, teasing her pussy. She moaned, expecting another hard lashing. She rubbed her tits harder, thrusting her ass up, balanced on her high heels in a delirium of rage and lust.

“You think you can make me give in?” Natalie screamed. “You stupid fucker, I can take it. Go on, do it! I can take it!”

“Oh, that wasn’t it,” Zane said. “I’m just gettin’ my cock hard and then I’m gonna shove it up your ass. Then we’ll really see what happens to whores like you.”

Natalie yelled as the cane lashed her clit, her body heaving on the carpet. “Go on then, do it! See if I can’t take it. Come on, big whore mouth!” She spread her thighs wider, showing him her crimson pussy crack.

Zane slid his hand up and down his cockshaft. His cock was getting hard again with each stroke as he watched Natalie toss between his legs, masturbating in such a wanton display. He lashed Natalie’s cunt, getting another scream from the blonde librarian.

“Okay, whore,” he said, “get up and lean over the table, big mouth.”

Natalie’s head was swimming with horror, lust and fury as she crawled to her knees. The cane lashed her ass, but she hardly noticed it.

“Move, you little fucker!” Zane snapped. Natalie moaned, crawling over to the tablek her body seething with emotions she had never know before. She pulled herself up and leaned forward across the hard wooden surface, her glazed eyes seeing for the first time the depraved scene going on in the large armchair.

Cherie heaved up and down on Lance’s cock as she came, her ass sucking at his stiff prick. Her tits thrust out as Roxanne lashed them with continuous cross strokes, the cat beating Cherie’s tits and making them bounce with each savage clit.

“Yeah!” Cherie screamed, her body heaving and her ass making deep sucking sounds on Lance’s cock as she rammed up and down. “Harder, whore! He’s coming! Whip me harder!”

“You cunt!” Roxanne yelled as she lashed across Cherie’s young tit mounds, beating the flesh into deep red mounds of agony.

Still Cherie screamed for more, her ass thrusting up and down on the heaving cock sunk deep in her guts. She bounced herself up and down, her legs as high as she could get them, so that her ass could ram even deeper onto Lance’s cock.

“Fuck!” Lance bellowed. “Here I come, babe, here I come! Ready for an ass full, whore?”

His hips heaved up off the chair as he plunged harder into the throbbing, heaving pit of Cherie’s ass.

“Gimme cum!” Cherie wailed.

She threw herself back against him, her thighs up and spread as her ass clutched at his cock. Her tits bounced with another savage blow of the cat.

“Yeah!” Lance roared. His cock suddenly spouted white hot cum, deep in Cherie’s ass. “Take it! Ohhhh!”

His hips bounced as his cock poured out another geyser of fuckjuice, mashing into Cherie’s ass walls. He held her on his cock as he pounded deep into her asshole, his prick shooting more gobs of cum at the height of each hard thrust.

“Ohhh, you whore!” Lance moaned as his spurting cock finally slowed. He sank back, his cock oozing jizz into Cherie’s ass as she collapsed against him, moaning softly.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped. “That was some ass fuck. Now you have to go over and have our whore suck it clean. I mean, it’s been right up my ass.”

“Ohhh, yeah,” Lance said with a slow, lazy grin. He stood up. “You mind?” he asked Zane. “Gotta get my cock cleaned.”

“Go ahead,” Zane replied. “I can wait. She needs bringing down a notch anyway.”

Lance walked slowly over to the table, his cummy cock bouncing. His still pulsing prick was covered in Cherie’s ass goo. Natalie’s head still spun with rage and lust. Her tits ached and her ass burned, but she nearly vomited at the thought of having to lick Lance’s cock clean after an ass fuck. She groaned, and tried to bury her head in the hard table top. Instantly she felt the touch of the cane on her ass.

“Head up,” Zane said. “You gotta do some lickin’.”

Natalie’s bead jerked up. There, throbbing at her mouth was Lance’s cock. The cane touched her ass and she reached out, wiping as much of the goo as she could onto her hands. She licked at the still hard cockhead, gagging on the cum and the horrible smell of Cherie’s ass.

“Lick it clean!” snapped Lance. He pushed harder and Natalie had to take the prick into her mouth. Sobbing, Natalie sucked the cock clean, running her tongue around it, swallowing as fast as she could, trying to ignore where the still hard prick had come from. He kept her at it, licking the length of his cock, cleaning every inch of his prick skin until he was satisfied. Then he walked back to Cherie who sat in the chair, playing with herself.

“Whaddya think?” he asked.

She inspected his cock, running her hands over it.

“Okay,” she said. “I guess that’ll do.”

“All right, whore,” Zane said. “Get ready for an ass fuckin’.”

“Hey, Dad,” Matt said. “I gotta real hard-on. How about a double fuck? I just gotta get rid of another load.”

Zane grinned. “Share and share alike, huh, Son? Okay.”

“What?” Natalie gasped.

She screamed as Zane held her while Matt climbed onto the table. Matt lay on his back as he had done earlier, his cock sticking up, throbbing with lust.

“Get on it,” Zane said.

“Ohhh God, not both of you!” Natalie moaned.

“Yup,” Zane said. “Now get on with it.” He lashed her across the ass and Natalie almost leaped onto the table. She moaned, crawled up between Matt’s wide open legs, and held his cock. Sniffling and sobbing, she crawled up and ran his thick cockhead over the wet entrance to her cunt.

Slowly she sank down, letting her pussy swallow the thick prick, little by little. She rocked on his hips, moaning, pussy twitching with the force of the cock inside her.

Matt shuffled his ass down the table until his legs hung over the edge and Zane could run his cock into the crack between Natalie’s ass cheeks. She had her legs bent under her at the knees, so that her ass stuck out, a perfect target for the horrible double rape.

Zane pushed his thick bulbous cockhead down into the hollow of Natalie’s ass. She moaned, thrusting her pussy deeper onto Matt’s cock. Horrible, flashing pangs of lust shot out of the rasping contact between his cock and her pussy walls. She sobbed and closed her eyes as she felt Zane’s cock heave right at the tight ring of muscles guarding her asshole.

“Come on, bitch,” Zane said softly. “Beg me for it.”

Natalie gurgled and moaned, her pussy ramming harder on Matt’s cock.

“Beg for it, bitch,” Roxanne said and laid the thin rod across Natalie’s ass, rubbing it back and forth a little.

“Ohhhh, please do it,” Natalie muttered. “Please, fuck my ass.” She gave a series of low sobs as Zane chuckled and thrust harder at her tight asshole.

“It’s gonna shoot right up your ass!” he grinned and pushed hard.

Natalie lunged up, her cunt slamming down on Matt’s cock as her ass was invaded by Zane’s massive thick prick. Pain rushed over her, surging up, mingling again with the lust shooting from her cunt.

She felt the twin cocks rubbing against each other through the thin partition between her cunt and ass. Her twin holes swelled as they were invaded, her walls stretching and aching with the double invasion. Zane gave a yell, heaved at her ass and sank in, right to the hilt.

Natalie’s gurgling scream echoed around the room as bath her holes were filled to overflowing with hard male cocks.

“Come on, bitch!” Matt said, grabbing her around the neck. “Fuck me like you know how, come on!”

As Zane eased his cock to the entrance of her ass, and then rammed home again, Natalie screamed. Her body felt as if it would rip apart, it was stuffed so full of cocks. Both her passages shuddered as the two men started a double fuck, each one ramming into her as the other pulled out. Moaning and weeping, she suffered the double rape, but already the pain was diminishing and mingling with the most depraved lust.

Her ass and pussy were going wild with the force of the double fuck. Cocks slid up her holes, running against each other, and sparking sudden eruptions of passion. Her ass began to jerk to the pulse of the slamming penetration. Soon she was mewling and sobbing, her body bucking to the demands of the two men.

“Yeah, what a whore!” Matt yelled, as his cock grew and throbbed deep in Natalie’s hot little cunthole. “Ohhh, fuck, I’m gonna shoot my load!”

His cock swelled in her cunt and Natalie shrieked as her lust mounted.

“Hold on, boy!” Zane grunted. “We wanna fill this cunt together.”

He slammed his cock harder into Natalie’s shifter, ramming it faster.

“Ohhh fuck, she’s got a great ass, boys!” he yelled. “You’re gonna love being up this hole, ohhh yeah!”

“Ohhh God!” Natalie moaned. She twisted and heaved on the table, but there was no escape. Her twin holes exploded with lust and another orgasm grew, making her ashamed of her depravity.

“This whore comes, no matter what you do,” Roxanne snapped. “Look at her.”

“Don’t worry.” Zane smiled. “I’m gonna slow her right down after this.”

Roxanne chuckled. “I wouldn’t bet on it. She’s gonna do some pussy sucking. Fuck, she makes me horny just looking at her.”

Natalie was up on her hands and knees, ramming back for the two cocks. Her blonde hair tossed, and she screamed, her cunt and ass going into spasms as they sucked at the twin cocks invading her.

Suddenly Zane leaned back, holding Natalie’s thighs as he slid his thick prick in and out of Natalie’s asshole. “Yeah, do it! Go on, Roxanne, do it! I’m gonna come!”

Natalie gave an unearthly shriek as the cane lashed her ass, just above where Zane’s cock slammed into her shitter. The agony exploded her orgasm, sending her into the most degrading sobs and screams. Her body erupted with climax, slamming at the cocks, her two holes sucking at them.

“You bastards!” she screamed. “You fuckers!”

Roxanne lashed her ass each time Zane’s cock slammed in. Natalie’s entire body exploded, her pussy and ass convulsing and clutching at the cocks as they throbbed and swelled in her.

“I’m gonna shoot!” Matt yelled. “I can’t hold out when you whip her, Roxanne. Her cunt’s too tight. Ohhh fuck!”

With a spouting gush, his cock gave up the struggle and shot another load of hot cum high in Natalie’s pussy.

Natalie screamed as her cunt was swamped in the hot stream of goo. Matt’s cock throbbed and slammed high in her cunt hole, setting off another screaming orgasm.

“You shits!” she screamed as another lash of the thin cane cut into her ass.

Natalie’s explosion of lust sent Zane over the top. He gripped her thighs, his fingers tearing at her already ripped stockings. He yelled as his cock swelled in her ass and the cum burst out of his balls.

“Yeah, yeah!” he roared. “Now Roxanne, now!”

His hips pistoned into Natalie’s ass and Roxanne lashed the helpless blonde as Zane’s cock shot the first load of cum.

Natalie screamed, her body writhing with the most unbearable pain and lust. More cum erupted in her twin holes and her body exploded as the cane lashed her. She wailed, as her pussy and ass seemed to explode.

She felt like she had only one hole. There were cocks slamming into it, filling her with cum, gushing it out down her thighs as she came, screaming and sobbing to the beat and demands of her captors. She shrieked and collapsed, her body shaking and cum still dribbling out into her pussy and ass.

“Fuck!” Zane gasped. “She’s fuckin’ unbelievable! Her ass just sucks ya fuckin’ cock off.”

He groaned as he pulled out of Natalie’s shitter, his cock throbbing and slowly coming down. He went over to his chair, picked up his beer and sank into the chair.

“Clean me off,” he ordered Cherie.

“Yes, Daddy.” Cherie pouted a little as she got up and went over to him. She sank to her knees obediently and took his cock in her hands, licking it clean. “I don’t see why I have to do this. That’s what we got the whore for.”

“Do as you’re told!” Zane was stern.

Cherie pouted again, but got on with what she had to do.

Almost lazily, Matt rolled the softly moaning Natalie off his cock. She half-collapsed on the floor and lay there, without even the energy to rub her ass. She hated herself for coming again, but she couldn’t help it. Whatever they did to her, she came. The more brutally they treated her, the more explosive were her orgasms.


“I bet you’d like to watch them ass fuck Cherie, huh?”

She grinned and took her spiked heel from Natalie’s throat, spreading her legs around the helpless librarian and running her hands suggestively over her pussy.

“You know, whore,” Roxanne chuckled. “You got it, you just don’t know it. And we’re gonna show you.”

“You, you’re worse than any of them!” Natalie sobbed. She struggled against the bonds. It was utterly futile. “I won’t suck you! I won’t do it!”

“Come, boys,” Roxanne said. “Clean out that cum.”

Cherie got up and leaned over the table, her legs spread as Lance ran his cock slowly over the entrance of her welcoming cunt. She grinned at Natalie.

“If you’re real nice to me, I’ll let you lick Lance’s cum out of my pussy, too,” she moaned, jerking her hips back at his rampant prick as it slid in, deep up her hot, wet pussy. “Oooh, yeah, lover, ram it up me! Hey, come on, Roxanne, get them at it, I wanna watch.”

“Tell me how much you want to suck my pussy.” Roxanne crooned, slowly drawing the cat across Natalie’s tit flesh.

The whip tails drew across her tits and Natalie shuddered with rising lust and horror. Even her stretched legs throbbed with the most depraved desire. She stared at the whip.

“Oooh,” Natalie moaned. “I wanna suck your pussy.” Instantly she broke into sobs of shame, but she had meant it when she said it.

Over the table, Cherie crested as Lance’s cock shot the last of his cum. The two clutched together, Lance’s hips still pumping as he leaned over her ass, moaning with satisfaction.

“Oh, shit!” he gasped. “You fuck like an exploding bomb.”

“Mmmmm!” Cherie gurgled in satisfaction. “Shall I clean your cock for you, honey?”

“Yeah,” he gasped and pulled out of her cunt, slumping into a chair. The little blonde nympho knelt between his legs and began to lick his cummy cock clean.

None of which helped Natalie at all. She sobbed and twisted on the bench, moaning in satisfaction. She was still coming and she wouldn’t even rub her own pussy. Her hips pulsated and she screamed in agony, her arms puffing at the bonds.

Roxanne stood up over her.

“Yes, bitch? Is there something you want?”

Natalie struggled against the leather bonds. Her body was on fire as Roxanne slowly dragged the tails of the cat across her tits.

“Is there something you want, whore?” Roxanne slid the knotted cat tails back across Natalie’s throbbing, heaving tits.

Natalie struggled against the raging desire surging all over her body. She had to take it, whatever they did to her. She couldn’t sink as low as they wanted her to. Her stretched legs trembled as she heaved hopelessly against the bonds.

“Come on,” Roxanne said softly, her voice caressing the helpless blonde as softly as the tails of the terrible cat. She stroked the knotted leather back across Natalie’s thrusting tits.

Natalie shuddered. Her tits jerked up, trying to get one of the knots to catch on her nipples, and perhaps help the raging fires that consumed her.

“Come on, baby.” Roxanne ran her fingers into her pussy, stroking the hot flesh. “Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that? Rub your pussy, have some great big cock go up there, huh? Bring you off, huh?” she laughed cruelly. “Oh, I know, whore, I know, but you have to tell us how bad you want it.”

She very slowly ran the tails of the cat down Natalie’s heaving tummy towards her wide open pussy lips.

Natalie moaned. The raging explosions of frustration burned through her, driving her out of her mind. But she couldn’t tell them. She wasn’t going to confess to any of them.

“Bring Lance here,” Roxanne said to Cherie. “Oh fuck,” Cherie said and pouted her lips.

“I got it hard again, it’s mine.”

“You know, bitch, I think you need another weekend’s training!” Roxanne snapped. “Bring him here!”

“Fuck,” Cherie said, but she got up and led Lance over by his rigid cock.

“Suck it, close to her face,” Roxanne said.

“Fuck, if she gets his cum, I’ll — ouch!” Cherie jumped as the cat lashed her ass.

“Do as you’re told,” Roxanne snapped.

Cherie knelt, her back right against the bench where Natalie lay helpless. She ran her mouth over Lance’s massive cockhead.

“Come on, you little cunt,” Lance said. “Just tell us.” He ran his hand up Natalie’s thighs, pulled her suspender strap out and let it slap back against her flesh.

Natalie broke into sobs of shame and frustration. Roxanne raw the cat over her pussy and desperate surges of lust beat cut of the contact. But still she couldn’t come properly. She needed a big cock, and the whip. She stared at Cherie’s hot red lips sliding down Lance’s cockshaft. She wanted that cock, shoved right up her pussy, up her ass and down her throat.

Moaning and sobbing, Natalie lay on the bench, her cunt writhing as the cat tails slid slowly over her wet pussy lips.

“Come on, you shit-faced little whore,” Roxanne said. “Confess. Tell us you want that cock and tell us you’ll fuck both guys. If you hold out for long, it’ll shoot again, all over your face and you’ll miss it, won’t that be a shame?”

She dropped the whip between Natalie’s thighs, drawing it slowly up, the tails playing with Natalie’s cuntal flesh.

“You beasts, you fuckers, I hate you!” Natalie screamed.

Her body went out of control with anguish. Her hips jerked as far as the bonds would let them, her pussy throbbed, clutching for the whip tails, hoping a miracle would bring her off and let her relax. But it only got worse. She stared at Cherie sucking the big, thick, cunt filling shaft of Lance’s cock.

“Confess!” Roxanne dropped the tails of the cat between Natalie’s thighs again.

It was sheer torture. The helpless lust of her body was taking over. Soon she would do anything they said and be a helpless sex slave for them.

“And any other cock you want. And I know these men, they’ll keep you satisfied all night, honey.”

“Fuck off, leave me alone!” Natalie screamed. “Let me go, you had your fun, let me go!”

“Ohhhhh, look at that,” Roxanne said softly, pulling her head away. “Lance is gonna shoot all over your face. Feel all that cum and think that it could have been shooting right up your pussy. Think about it.”

“You shits! You cunt-faced shits!” Natalie screamed.

She stared helplessly at Cherie as the little nymphs pumped her mouth on Lance’s throbbing cockshaft. Lance moaned, his cock thrusting at Cherie’s mouth as the cum burst out of his balls and surged down his cock.

“Over her face,” Cherie moaned, her mouth playing with Lance’s cockshaft as she pumped the shaft. “Ya fuckin’ cunt, bitch!”

Streams of cum shot out of Lance’s cock. He yelled, grabbed Cherie’s head, but she moved aside, her fingers rolling up and down his shaft, urging all the hot wet goo out.

A stream of white fuckjuice poured over Natalie’s face, into her mouth, over her cheeks, her eyes, and into her blonde hair. To her eternal shame she found herself licking out for it, her mouth working, trying to get as much of the jizz as she could, to taste it and swallow it. Moaning and screaming, her body rocking against the bonds, she tried to climb to the peak of her desire, but she couldn’t.

The tails of the cat stroked her pussy and she cracked. She hated herself, but she couldn’t stop it.

“I’ll do it!” she wailed, her pussy throbbing with unsatisfied lust. “Let me go and I’ll do what you want, anything!”

Her mouth sucked at the cum and suddenly Lance’s cock thrust at her lips and into her mouth, still pouring out the white spunk. Gurgling with satisfaction, Natalie sucked at the bulbous cockhead, tasting the jism as it flowed out and down her throat. She thrust her head up as far as it would go, for more of the luscious cock cream, but Lance held his cockshaft, so that only the head was in her mouth. It wasn’t enough, but Natalie had to be satisfied with that.

She sucked and moaned until no more cum would ooze out of the cock. Even then she couldn’t stop. Her mouth tried to keep it, to suck it until it released another load of hot fuckjuice.

But they were undoing her bonds. Her ankles swung free, down to the floor. Then her wrists came undone, and finally the belt around her waist was taken off.

The mewling little sex slave who crouched on the floor bore little resemblance to the uptight librarian of a few hours ago. She tried to get to her pussy and rub it, but the cat lashed across her ass.

Natalie couldn’t stop. She rubbed her clit, spreading her legs wantonly, daring Roxanne to stop her.

Matt grabbed her arms and pulled them over her head. He grinned at her, his cock running just above her mouth.

“No short cuts, whore,” he said. “Listen.” Roxanne leaned down over Natalie. “You do that again and I’ll tie you up and make you watch for the rest of the night. And the moment you came down, I’ll get you to fever pitch again and leave you. You know what that’s like?”

Natalie could guess. She moaned. “I won’t do it, I promise.”

Once more Natalie was left, crouched on the floor. Her ass thrust up, searching for the whip, but Roxanne stopped it, leaving the helpless blonde sobbing with her still unfinished lust.

“Look what I have for you,” Roxanne said softly. “It’s a reward.”

Natalie turned and saw that Roxanne held a long silver vibrator. It purred in her hand. From the top of it came two straps, which Roxanne toyed with.

Natalie wept. “You horror! You’re the worst pervert in the world.”

“Oh, thank you,” Roxanne said. “Now, would you like this up your pussy?”

Natalie shuddered. The vibrator was long and hard and would slide so easily up her cunt.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Well, crawl over here and beg me for, it,” Roxanne said.

“I hate you!” Natalie sobbed. “I’m not like this, you did it to me. I hate you!” But she crawled across the carpet, her hungry eyes on the long, hard vibrator. “Please, please, let me have it!”

Roxanne held it under her nose. “Lick it!” Natalie licked the vibrating shaft. Her tongue ran right up it, and back, before Roxanne was satisfied.

“Tell me what a whore you are,” Roxanne purred.

“I’m a whore and I want it!” Natalie sobbed. “Well, okay, I guess.” Roxanne gave Natalie the vibrator.

Natalie rammed the vibrator up her cunt, screaming with lust. It set off another surging climax, but it only served to make her passion more demanding.

“Tie it in, whore!” Roxanne snapped.

Her fingers fumbling with haste and desire, Natalie tied the straps, holding the long hard vibrator deep in her cunt. It throbbed away, driving her almost insane with lust.

Cherie was in tears as she leaned in and licked at Natalie’s ass crack.

Instantly Natalie trembled, her body betraying her yet again. New waves of orgasm rushed from the delicate licking around her ass opening. She moaned and thrust back at Cherie’s mouth.

“Now, admit you want it real bad,” Roxanne whispered into Natalie’s ear.

“Nno!” Natalie sobbed as she sucked and licked helplessly at Lance’s cockhead. Her head spun in faster and harder circles. “Never! I’m not like this. Just let me go and you’ll see.”

“Just remember,” Roxanne whispered, “this is only Friday. We’ve got till Monday to play. Won’t that be great?”

Natalie sobbed. Screaming in helpless lust, she rammed her mouth down the length of Lance’s cock as Cherie buried her mouth between her ass cheeks. Natalie knew she couldn’t take this for that long. She had to find a way out, before she was as perverted as they were.


On Monday morning Natalie woke, snuggled down in the soft sheets. Light poured through the window, reminding her that she had to work today. She rubbed her tight asscheeks, feeling the sensuous waves coming from her still slightly painful flesh.

Beside her, Lance gave a sigh and woke up, his hair all over the place. “Well, hi.”

“Hi, baby,” Natalie said with a grin. “It’s Monday. Remember your promise.”

“Sure.” He snuggled closer to Natalie.

She smiled and kissed him, her warm mouth roving over his neck, down his chest, kissing gently downward. He received kisses over his stomach and further, until she reached the tip of his cock.

“Hey, lover,” she purred. “Do you always wake up with a hard-on?”

“Always,” he murmured. “And I’m horny too.”

“Oh, how terrible!” Natalie crooned as she licked at the hard smooth flesh. “Horny when you wake up, no wonder you needed me.”

Gently she sank her mouth over his cockhead, taking the bulbous flesh deep, to the entrance of her throat.

“Oooh, that’s nice,” he gasped. “Ohhh fuck, that’s nice.”

He lay back on the pillows, a blissful smile on his face.

Softly Natalie sucked his cockhead, sliding her lips around the gently throbbing prick, swirling her tongue over his hard cockflesh. She felt him respond, thrusting up at her, his long thick cockshaft entering her throat. She remembered how terrified she had been of it, when she first saw it. And now she couldn’t get enough of the rock-hard prick ramming into her body.

Murmuring softly, Natalie sank Lance’s cock deeper, her throat muscles opening effortlessly to take the prick in. Slowly she got to her knees, sliding his cock into her throat, inch by inch, deeper and deeper, until her lips were around the thick base and she licked her tongue out over his balls. Her throat muscles caressed his thick shaft, playing with his cockhead until he gasped and his hips began thrusting at her.

“Please, Master,” she muttered, “can I put this up my pussy? It’s so hot for it.”

“Show me,” he replied.

“But I’ll have to take my mouth off your cock to do that, and that’s very naughty.”

“No matter,” he grinned. “We can punish you later.”

“Oh, if you say so, Master,” Natalie crooned.

Her body was already alight with lust as she slowly took her mouth from his cock and straddled his chest. She ran her fingers down to her pussy, spread her lips, playing with her dark red clit and thrusting her pussy over his face.

“See, Master?” she gasped. “My pussy is so hot for your cock, look at it.”

She slid a finger into her throbbing cunt and then eased it out, covered in pussy juice. Moaning in sheer excitement, she ran her finger over her clit, spreading the juice, and pulling her lips wider for him.

“You really are a horny little bitch, aren’t you?” he said softly.

“Oooh, yes, Master, I’m so bad.” Natalie gasped. “Look at me, I need it so much.”

Her fingers suddenly blurred on her clit and she came, gasping with helpless passion.

“What am I gonna do with you?” He had a great big grin all over his face. “Nothing stops you, does it?”

“Ohhh, no, Master. I’m such a bitch. Promise me you’ll punish me real hard for that. I’m so bad!”

Natalie moaned, coming again at the thought. “Oh, that’s a promise,” Lance said. “Now get that cunt of yours around my cock. I can’t stand it any longer.”

Gasping with passion, Natalie slid down his body, grabbing his cock and ramming it into her aching pussy in one movement.

“Ohhh fuck! That’s better,” she moaned. She sat astride him, her hungry cunt working on his cock, sliding up and down the thick cockshaft, sucking at his stiff male prick. Groaning with lust, she leaned forward, ramming her cunt harder onto his cock.

“Ohhh, come on, Master, shoot up my cunt, please,” she moaned. Her body rocked faster on his cock, her pussy walls sucking at the stiff prick.

“Ohhh fuck!” Lance gasped. He grabbed Natalie and pulled her closer, his cock slamming higher into her hot cunt. “Oooh, yeah! Just like that! Ohhh fuck, you’re the best, baby, the fuckin’ best!”

His hips lunged up off the mattress, burying his cock deep in her welcoming pussy as the once demure little librarian squealed with lust.

“Ohhh fuck me, gimme!” she screamed, her nails raking his chest. “Come on, ram it up me! Come on, lover, gimme! Ohhh, yeahhhh, I’m coming!”

“Yeah!” he roared. “You got it, baby! Oh fuck, you got it!” As her nails scratched his chest, his cock started throbbing and swelling with the cum pouring out of his balls. “Ohhh, fuck, here it comes!”

“Oooh, yes! Oh lover!” Natalie screamed. The first jet of white hot cum sent her over into the delicious surging climaxes she now couldn’t live without. Her pussy sucked at his cock as the lovely rich fuck cream pumped out into her soft, pussy.

“Oooh, yeah baby?” she moaned.

Her cunt overflowed with cum and she sank down across his chest, gasping and thrusting until the last dribbles of cum had oozed out of his cock.

“Can I take some of Cherie’s clothes?” Natalie asked. “I mean, well, my old stuff doesn’t really suit me any more.”

“I don’t know.” Roxanne grinned. She handed Natalie the thin rod. “Why don’t YOU ask Cherie?”

“Oh sure,” Natalie said. She grabbed Cherie by her thick blonde hair and lifted her head up. “Say, Cherie, can I borrow some of your clothes, just until I can get myself some new stuff?”

Cherie snarled at her. She strained against the bonds, her lovely mouth contorting with fury.

“Fuck off,” she responded.

“Oh, now come on,” Natalie said. “I asked real nice.”

“Fuck off, you shit!” Cherie snarled. “You think you’re such a fuckin’ great lay! Fuck off!”

“Jeez.” Natalie pinned at Roxanne. “I see what you mean.”

“She’ll see sense,” Roxanne said easily. “You want some breakfast?”

“That would be real nice,” Natalie said, walking around to Cherie’s ass, tapping the cane in her hand.

“Sure,” Roxanne said, “I ain’t gotta work today. And Lance says he’s gotta eat,” she laughed. “I saw Hun come down looking pretty happy. Was that you he was howling over?”

“Yeah,” Natalie said. “Horny fucker.”

“Sure is.” Roxanne started preparing the pancake mix.

“Now.” Natalie laid the thin cane across Cherie’s ass. “Can I take some of your clothes, honey? Just to work today?”

“Fuck off,” Cherie yelled.

Natalie swung the cane up and lashed it right across Cherie’s already red-lined ass.

Cherie screamed, her body heaving on the table top, straining to pull the bonds loose.

“You stuck up little fucker! You ain’t wearing my clothes! Shit, no! Ohhh fuck!”

Natalie beat Cherie’s ass with hard strokes, reveling in the power she felt. She couldn’t help it. Just like Roxanne, she ran her hand down to her pussy and stroked herself, feeling the surging lust from her cunt.

“Just for today.” She laughed as she lashed Cherie’s tight ass cheeks again. “You know?” She looked at Roxanne as she whipped Cherie again. “I don’t know which I like most, whipping whores like her or getting whipped by the men.”

“That’s the secret, honey,” Roxanne said above Cherie’s screams. “If the man’s right, fuck, he does it so good, hey?”

“Yeah!” Natalie lashed the cane into Cherie’s crimson ass. “Fuck, you know when you’ve got those nipples clamps on and a cock down your throat, oooh fuck!” She lashed Cherie, her fingers blurring on her pussy.

“Shut the fuck up!” Roxanne said. “You’re making me horny again. Hurry up with that whore! These are almost ready.”

“All right, you can have some of my clothes!” Cherie screamed, her body heaving desperately on the table top. “I said you can have same of my clothes!”

She wailed as another lash of the cane whipped her agonized ass.

“Sorry, cunt. I can’t hear you!” Natalie slashed the cane in again. “I can only hear you when I’ve come.” She whipped the cane into Cherie’s ass, watching it bend and fuck on contact, rubbing her clit, reaching out for the peak of her climax.

“You shit!” Cherie screamed. She strained at the bonds, her ass jumping as the cane whipped into it. “Stop it, shit, stop it!”

But the cane swept in again.

“Come on, let me hear you beg me to borrow your clothes!” Natalie yelled, her legs spread wide, her fingers digging at her pussy.

“Please, borrow my clothes! Please, you can! You cunt! You can borrow my clothes!” Cherie screamed. Suddenly her ass was jerking unmistakably and reaching up for the cane as it lashed in. “You bitch!”

“Come on, tell me how good it is when you come!” Natalie yelled as she crested over into another delicious orgasm. She whipped Cherie to the pulse of her climaxes, making the helplessly bound blonde shriek. “Tell me!” Natalie demanded. “Or I’ll do it again and then again, because you let my breakfast get cold.”

“Yeah! It’s great, I love it!” Cherie screamed as she crested.

Her ass strained upward for three more blows and she collapsed back across the table top, moaning with pain and satisfaction.

“Hey, not bad.” Lance walked in with a grin on his face.

He put his arm around Natalie’s shoulders and led her to the other table where Roxanne was laying out a really tasty breakfast. Cherie broke into sobs as she lay across the other one, her arms straining at the bonds uselessly.

“How long’s she gonna be there?” Natalie took a final drink of coffee, washing down a really good breakfast.

Roxanne shrugged. “Until she wises up.”

Natalie grinned and went upstairs to Cherie’s bedroom.

“Whattaya think?” She modeled for Cherie when she came down a little later.

She wore a white, low-cut blouse, and a denim pinafore dress that only reached a quarter of the way down her thighs. White bobby socks and high heels completed her total change from the woman who had entered the house the Friday before.

“Shit!” Cherie said. “You look like a fucking whore.”

Lance took the cane and ran it under Cherie’s nose. “Now, you don’t really think that, do you?!”

“I mean, look.” Natalie slid the denim dress up to show the tiny pair of white panties. “It’s your underwear and all.” She opened the top button of the blouse and showed the lacy top of the matching bra.

Cherie looked at the cane and at Lance’s grinning face. “Fuck! She looks good.”

“Of course,” he said. “Pity we’re in such a hurry, but we can pick this up later.”

He and Natalie left, walking out to the traveling library, parked where she had left it.

“You drive.” Natalie climbed into the other side.

“Hey, look, honey,” Lance said. “I said I’d come with you today, I didn’t say I’d drive.”

“Drive,” Natalie said. She slid her dress up her thighs. “I’m gonna see just how much cum I can get out of you in one day. I got one so far and I’m gonna suck another load out before the end of the drive. So get on with it.”

“Fuck!” Lance climbed in and started the truck. He swung it around the yard and headed slowly out towards the road.

Instantly Natalie sank to her knees beside his seat and unzipped his pants, easing his cock out.

“Ooooh!” she sighed. “Hard again.”

“Jeez!” he gasped, as her hot little mouth sank around his rod. “With you around it gets hard all the time.”

“Oh, how wonderful!” Natalie sighed and sank her mouth around the delicious cockhead. “You gotta come as much as you can. I want it all, got that?”

He gasped, trying to keep the lumbering vehicle on the gravel road as his cock leaped between Natalie’s ruby red lips, sinking deep into her mouth. He ran his hand over her blonde hair.

“So what do you say?” he asked. “Are you coming back to L.A. with me?”

“Oooh, I dunno, what you got to offer?” Natalie teased, holding his cock, licking the cockhead, her soft lips playing over his already throbbing flesh.

“Lots of people who’d love to meet you,” he said, “friends of mine, who have lots of private parties.”

“Like the private party we had this weekend?” Natalie ran his cockhead right into her mouth.

“Yeah,” he said. “Just like that.”

“Well, maybe.” Natalie licked his cockslit.

“If you can promise me a good time.”

“The best time in the world,” he said. “And we can come back here anytime we want. I mean that’ll be great, won’t it?”

“Oh yeah!” Natalie gurgled.

She sank her mouth over his cock, sliding it into her throat. Slowly she pulled back up, until she was teasing his cockhead again.

“One thing,” she said, dreamily. “I mean the city is so, dangerous and things. If we go live there, I think we should get a couple of dogs; real big dogs. I’ll pick them out.”

“Sure,” Lance said. “I know just the right kennels. Get you just what you’re looking for. Come and live with me, baby and it’s all yours.”

Natalie sighed. She sucked his cockhead for a few moments and felt the cum building up.

“Now, you just relax. I wanna mouth full of cum.”

She sank her mouth right down his cock shaft, until he was deep in her throat and her muscles worked at the cockhead so deliciously.

He began shooting a hundred yards from the road. Somehow he slowed the truck until Natalie’s mouth was just licking up the last of his goo, then he headed for the first library call of the day.

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