Nudie Nursey 1.

I guess I have a sense of adventure. Most girls find a girlfriend to do things with. But I prefer to go to go to the movies by myself, or to the beach, or shopping. You never know who you’ll meet when you’re by yourself. And guys are more likely to approach you when you’re all alone.
I love dressing sexy and going out and ‘testing the waters.’ I love the anticipation of it. I’m just 15, blonde, blue eyed, with long legs and high, firm breasts that most guys talk to as if they’re me when they’re speaking to me. Women like speaking to me too. It’s as if they’re afriad for me. Or sometimes they’re just looking for a friend. I play hard to get, though. It’s the teasing that’s fun for me. And then, sometimes, you meet someone you want to do more with.
I was building a sandcastle on the beach when she knelt down across from me. I looked up at her. I was wearing a skimpy bikini bra that barely held my breasts. They’re big for my age. I guess I should feel bashful about showing them off, but I don’t. My panties weren’t thong panties, but, on the other hand, they were probably sexier than thong panties. They had a seat that was too small and kept riding up inside my buttcrack. Every so often I’d stop playing in the sand and reach back behind myself and pull my panties out of my crack.
“May I help you?” the woman asked me. I smiled.
“Sure,” I replied. “I used to do this all the time when I was a kid,” I added. I patted the walls of my castle to make them firm. She began piling up sand across from me. I saw that her nails were painted and she worked delicately so as not to scrape off the polish.
“I like your Hello Kitty pail,” she smiled at me. It was a small pink pail with Hello Kitty on it, sucking a snorkel and watching fish as they swirled around her.
“Thanks,” I answered. “I like Hello Kitty.”
“Me too,” she replied. My visitor was raven-haired, perhaps 20-years-old, with a model’s body and knockout breasts. She must have been as daring as me for she wore a bikini with bra cups that were extremely narrow. This left most of her bosom hanging out of each cup, with just the nipple covered. The triangles of her cups stretched upward and quickly gave way to nothing but string, which tied behind her neck. A second string, around her back, kept the cups as secure as one could hope, given their flimsiness. I noticed that she worked carefully so as not to let her boobs spill out in front of everybody on the beach.
“My name’s Kate,” my new friend offered.
“I’m Kelly,” I answered.
“Hmmm, Kate and Kelly,” she said. We both laughed.
“Do you cum down to the beach often?” she asked me. She spoke in a light, sexy voice, and I swear whenever she said the word ‘come’ it had an especially naughty ring to it.
“Yeah,” I said.
“Do you have any boyfriends?” she asked. I looked up at her. “Sometimes,” I said. “Do you?”
“Not right now,” she replied. I looked surprised and she hastily added. “I just moved here. Guys can be such a pain, you know? I had a boyfriend in New York and he was too demanding. Not in the good way, you know?” She smiled. Her teeth were white. She brushed her hair back, carefully, so as not to get sand in it. She had a mane as dark and long and full as a show pony. “I inhertited a house on the beach from my uncle.” She looked at me closely. “Do you want to hear something strange?” she asked.
I was going to simply reply, ‘I guess so,’ but something moved inside me and I felt a sudden boldness. “Yes,” I answered. Our eyes met and I felt she was going to divulge some terrible secret to me.
“He-” she stopped, looked down. She put a hand to her breasts, as if to hold them in (not a bad idea, actually). Then she looked up at me again. “Don’t tell anyone but,” she paused again. “He ran a preschool and, well, you’d have to see it to believe it.”
“What?!” I asked.
She looked down. For a moment she just worked on my sand castle. Then she looked up at me. “Have you ever imagined yourself captive in something like this?” she asked.
“Sometimes,” I answered truthfully.
“Well, he just has a beach house but,” she gazed deep into my eyes, as if asking me to trust her with her awful secret. “He kept bondage stuff in his house!” she whispered.

We walked up to the lifeguard. We’d strolled along the beach and finally picked him out. We held hands as we walked up to him. We looked terrific in our bikinis but we had butterflies inside our tummies.
It hadn’t taken us long to become fast friends once Kate told me about her uncle. It was so strange to think that a man, in this day and age, had managed to run a preschool for little children and keep a dungeon in his house. Imagine all those poor little boys and girls in a house that had both a preschool and a dungeon! Of course, we didn’t dare to ask the unthinkable. HAD he done more than just teach them their alphabet? Had they learned to count by having a whip flailed over their little bare bottoms?
Together Kate and I gazed at the lifeguard. He was setting surfboards up against the wall of his shelter. They were used to rescue people. I think Kate and I needed rescuing just then, but no one was there but him. And we had plans for him!
The lifeguard turned around and regarded us. We had let my castle succumb to the incoming tide. I held my Hello Kitty pail in my hand.
“You two don’t look like you’re drowning,” the lifeguard said sardonically. I think maybe he felt a little intimidated by us. We did look gorgeous, and our bikinis were almost so small he might have wondered if he should cite us for nudity!
“Are you into pain?” we asked him, our voices chiming together.
“What?” he replied. His swimsuit grew an instant tent.
“Are you into pain?” Kate asked him again. Her voice was no-nonsense, insistent.
“It, well, it depends,” the lifeguard replied. Kate reached out and took his big, brawny arm in her hand. She turned around and tugged him along behind us.
“Girls, I just started my shift,” the lifeguard protested. But Kate and I marched down the beach, pulling him along, us like little tugboats pulling on some giant steamship.

We stepped into the darkness of Kate’s dungeon. She flicked on a light. We were still in our swimsuits. We’d just entered her house and come right downstairs, not bothering with anything else. Our eyes widened as we saw all the things her uncle had collected.
Amidst chains and whips and paddles, posts and trestles and cages too small to stand up in, were a swingset, a slide, a sandbox, and a children’s table with toys on it.
“Here it is,” Kate breathed. “I’ve nicknamed it Nudie Nursery.”
“Naked games,” I whispered. I remembered headlines from my childhood about satanic preschools, real and imagined.
“Have you reported this to the authorities?” our lifeguard boyfriend asked Kate. His name was Ray.
Kate looked at Ray and turned and faced him. Without even asking permission, she bent and yanked his swim trunks right down to his thighs. His cock sprang out. It was as big as she and I had imagined. It stuck out like a freed snake and we both stared at it.
When Kate had recovered herself, she looked up at Ray’s eyes. “After I see what all’s down here, then maybe I’ll report it to the police,” she explained to him.
“Yeah,” Ray replied. He was stunned that she’d been so bold as to yank down his swimsuit. I could see where his tan line ended and his loins began. It was amazing to see his huge erection just sticking out like that. Yet Kate and I were still in our bikinis, tiny as they were. We’d given him nothing in return.
Kate had a waif’s body and beautifully long legs but I imagined she’d never make it big in modeling because her breasts were so large. She looked up at Ray with her large, childish eyes and spoke to him very frankly. “Honey,” she explained. “I want to experiment with this stuff and I want to do it on you. I hope you’re willing. I must admit that it will probably be kind of painful for you. This stuff isn’t just for pleasure, you know.”
Ray, despite his massive size, simply stared back at her with his boyish good looks and his cock sticking out like he was waiting to have it inspected. Perhaps he imagined we were going to draft him into the Army.
“Take your pants off,” Kate told him. “Obviously you can’t wear them down here.” She spoke in a soft, very feminine voice. But her words were definite. They brooked no disobedience. At the same time, in keeping with her feminine nature, her hands slipped nervously up and down her thighs.
Ray dropped his pants and stepped out of them. Kate bent and picked up his trunks. “Let’s get rid of these,” she said. She walked over to the children’s table. There was a long, very sharp and dangerous-looking pair of scissors lying atop it.
“Hey, those are my pants!” Ray shouted. He wore nothing else, except his flip-flops, and he’d left those at the front door. Both he and I watched in amazement as Kate very deliberately cut up his shorts into small pieces. One by one they fell away and drifted down to the surface of the children’s table.
“There, that should give the children a nice puzzle to work on when they come back to school on Monday,” Kate smiled. She laid the scissors back down on the table.
“Well?” Ray asked. I think he was beginning to regain his senses. It’s not every day, even for a lifeguard, that two sex kittens walk up to you and haul you off to a dungeon!
“Well what?” Kate asked.
“Aren’t you girls going to get undressed?” Ray demanded. Kate looked at me. I found my eyes looking at her breasts with their small triangle cups.
“It’s not like we’d be revealing all that much,” I admitted.
“Okay,” she replied. And with as few words as that, we agreed to get naked. She reached behind herself even as I did and, together, we shed our tops. Ray’s eyes widened as our bosoms sprang into view. We had big ones, snowy where our tops kept us covered, tanned where they didn’t, and our nipples were already hard, like stemmed cherries.
“You girls are gorgeous,” Ray sighed.
“The show’s not over yet,” Kate smiled. She undid her bottoms and I untied mine. We showed our pussies to each other and to ray as our undies fell to the floor. We did not bother to pick them up. Our tops and bottoms discarded, Kate and I took a moment to walk up to each other and get comfy. We embraced, we kissed.
“Hi,” she said to me.
“Hi,” I replied.
“Do you mind pain?” she asked me. I shivered.
“A little’s okay,” I answered.
“Good,” she said.
I’d played in a dungeon once before, out in the canyons above L.A. It had hurt but I’d survived. And I’d never cum like I’d cum in that dungeon. Kate seemed to be a little experienced herself. The sight of all the whips and paddles didn’t daunt her. She drank them in like a lady who’d seen such things before, perhaps even played with them. I’d been just a child in the previous dungeon I’d visited. But now, I guessed, I might have a chance to call some of the shots. The thought excited me. I was just 15, fucked only a few times, yet I might get to play domme! With Ray, no less, a guy any girl would die to dominate.
“Go get a paddle off the wall,” Kate whispered to me. We were girls sharing secrets. I guessed it wouldn’t be used on me so I agreed.
“Okay,” I replied in a hushed voice. As I walked over to the wall where whips hung neighbor to paddles and paddles to belts, Kate turned back to Ray.
“Sir, would you please let me lick your cock?” she asked innocently. “It’s forbidden for a man to enter the dungeon without having a nice wet cock.” I knew she was making it up and I giggled.
“Don’t laugh,” Kate told me seriously. “Some men have to lick their own penis if there aren’t enough girls present. Ray’s very fortunate. He has me to make sure he obeys all the rules.”
I stood on tiptoe and took down a big paddle from the wall. It had holes drilled through it so that it would meet less air resistence when it was swung. Of course, that would make it splat all the harder against Ray’s ass!
Kate knelt down on the floor. Perhaps in deference to the preschool children, it had a thick carpet. Kate put her mouth to Ray’s cockhead and swirled her tongue around his pee hole.
“You taste… salty,” Kate told him.
“You should be glad I took a shower before coming on duty,” Ray told her. “Sometimes I just go swimming to take a bath.”
“Yes, dear, you men are always looking for short cuts, aren’t you?” Kate smiled. She pushed his cockhead fully into her mouth and then drew it out again. She looked up at him. “Of course, down here, there are no short cuts, sir. You must hold out for a very long time, and only cum when I tell you.”
Ray laughed. “So what if I just cum in your mouth and leave?” he asked.
“Well, despite not having any pants to put on, there’s the matter of getting your buns toasted,” Kate replied. She winked at me. I’d snuck up behind Ray and he’d been too mesmerized by Kate’s mouth on his prick to notice me. I swung hard and gave him a splatting swat right across his bare seat with the paddle with holes in it.
“Hey! Yeoooow!” Ray said. It was a kind of delayed howl, as if he had to establish who’d hit him before he could permit himself to cry out.
Kate had to contend with having Ray’s cock jammed more deeply into her mouth as a result of me whacking Ray’s bottom and impelling his hips forward. Nonetheless, she drew him out after I’d hit him and said, her lips brushing his pee hole, “Hit him again.” I complied. She popped him back into her mouth just in time to absorb the full force of my blow impelling his cock down into her throat. Ray groaned. I wondered if he preferred the second swat, for he said nothing and his cock burrowed deeply into Kate’s silky throat. She gagged, but seemed grateful that she’d been made to accept him in one fell swoop.
“That’s it, suck me good, bitch,” Ray told Kate. He reached forward and grabbed her by her hair and jabbed himself into her mouth. She gurgled over his prick but tried to keep her lips sealed as best she could. He drove himself into her throat, back and forth, she gagged and coughed but did her best to accept him.
I know Ray was dying to cum in the mouth of this lovely model who was on her knees in front of him, very obedient, taking the full length of his manhood in her throat. To his credit he pulled back after a dozen strokes and freed his organ from her lips.
“You are so fine,” he said. “But I’ll prove to you that I can handle anything you throw at me. I’ve done a little S&M myself though, admittedly, not in a nursery for small children.” He looked around. Kate, after licking her lips a moment to regain her composure, stood up and brushed back her hair. She was wearing spectacular earrings, but otherwise she was naked. I too wore earrings. We both looked fabulous. Neither of us had gone swimming and our hair was still as perfect as you could hope, having been toyed with by the beach breeze but otherwise left intact.
“Well, since we’re all a little experienced, I guess we can get right down to business, then,” Kate said. She smiled at Ray. “I’m going to put your cock through it’s paces. I’m glad you can hold your seed so well. I want to really give your dick a good work out today!”
“I just hope you can handle it when I turn the tables on you,” Ray replied. He flexed his arms and his biceps bulged and I realized he could have us whenever he chose. It frightened me to think that he might do anything with us that he pleased, any time it pleased him to.
“What would you ever want to do with a poor girl like me?” Kate asked Ray. She let her eyes grow large and soulful. Ray smiled.
“I’m tough,” he said simply.
“Ooooh, you’re just teasing,” Kate said primly. She turned and walked to the door we’d come through. It still hung open. She closed the door and lowered a large bar of wood across the middle of it. Then she locked it with a key.
“That should keep anyone from rescuing us,” she smiled. She walked over to a wall and picked up a pair of heels. She slipped them on, then bent down and buckled them. “I like wearing heels. It makes me feel more womanly,” she said. She looked at me. “I have another pair here.” She bent down and picked them up and walked them over to me, letting them dangle from her fingers. She set them down at my feet. I tried them on. They fit perfectly. She bent and buckled them around my ankles. They were open-toed pumps, like a girl might go dancing in.
“I hoped I might meet someone my own age to play with, but then, buying shoes yesterday, a little voice told me to buy a smaller pair,” she said. She looked up at me and smiled as she finished shoeing my feet. “Actually,” she admitted, “I bought several pairs. Then I saw a girl walk by my house and thought I’d go out and meet her. When I did, she was gone, but I met you instead. You’re both the same age, though.”
“Thanks,” was all I could say. I was glad she’d picked me, even I was only second choice.
“You’re prettier,” she assured me. She stood up and took my hand. “Come on, let’s show Ray what girls are made of!” she smiled.
Bravely we walked over to Ray and stood before him, letting him admire our breasts and our cunnies, our cute faces, our sunny smiles. Then, just when he was getting the idea that he might avoid our training and make us slaves to him, Kate took him delicately by the penis and drew him by his hard-on over to a waist-sized pillory. There was a single hole in it and I had no doubt, nor did Ray, what it was for. Kate lifted the pillory’s upper crossbeam and fitted Ray’s dick through the hole. Then she lowered the crossbeam and Ray found himself with a pilloried penis. It stuck through the hole, like a big fleshy daggar thrust through the wood. Kate clamped the pillory’s two crossbeams together so that Ray could not escape.
“You, sir, are undone by your own erection,” Kate smiled. Ray looked down at his manhood, thrust through the wood. His cock was squeezed at its base by the pillory’s two joined crossbeams. It was strange to see Kate, the lovely model with the beautiful smile, subjecting poor Ray to such torture.
“What-what are you going to do to it now that you’ve got it?” Ray asked of his cock. It was as if his cock was a living thing that had somehow been separated from him. Yet he would still be able to feel every torment she chose to give it. And there was no doubt of its being tortured. This was S&M. If we’d been here simply to fuck we could have done that at once, even outside, behind a dune on the beach. But here, in the deep shade of the dungeon, things were meant to be drawn out. Tested, tasted, pleased and punished.
“I want to see if you can handle the fire and ice test,” Kate told Ray. “Most men can’t. They spurt right away, or freak out totally. One guy, I’m told, even fainted. But you can, I’m sure. I’m counting on it,” she smiled.
Kate walked to the wall where all the implements of torture were kept. Her bottom moved salaciously as she walked. It was small, her ass cheeks high and pert. It might have looked too high and childish but her waist was slim as a wasp’s and so as a result she had a lovely hourglass shape after all. She let her bottom sway as if it were much bigger and heavier. The effect was to make her look like she had no more morals than a common tart. (Which, no doubt, pleased Ray even more.)
Kate poked through some gloves laid in a pile on a shelf on the wall. They were made of leather. “Rats, they’re all fingerless,” she said. “Oh well, they’ll give me a little protection, I guess.” She drew on a pair of gloves that wrapped her arms in leather but left her hands bare. A thong on each glove hooked round her middle finger to keep the gloves from slipping up her arms farther than was intended. The gloves, rising to just above her elbows, had to be tied to her upper arms with drawstrings that hung down from the gloves. Kate called me over and I tied the gloves to her arms.
“There, that should keep them from sliding around,” Kate said, admiring my handiwork when I was done.
“All that trouble just to put on a pair of gloves!” I sighed.
“They’re opera gloves,” she smiled at me. “Except they’re made of leather and for playing in a dungeon. I’d prefer listening to men groan instead of women sing, and looking at fat dicks instead of fat ladies, woudldn’t you?” she asked. I had to admit I agreed.
“Get a cannister of whipped cream from that little fridge over there,” Kate told me. I turned and looked over my shoulder. Hiding behind a large inflated clown, meant to be knocked over only to pop up again, thanks to his rounded base, was a fridge. It was small, but I guessed it had enough treats in it to keep us happy. I’d not seen it before. I was grateful to Kate’s uncle for putting it there.
Inside the fridge I found I big pitcher of Kool-Aid. It was Cherry, my favorite flavor. There were popsicles too, frozen not over sticks but rectal thermometers, with flanged handles to keep them from being lost inside a patient’s ass.
I found the can of whipped cream and came trotting back to Kate, with a rectal thermometer popsicle in my other hand. I was licking it. Being on the beach had made me thirsty.
“Oh, delicious!” Kate smiled. She was lighting a candle. It was bare and she had to hold the candle carefully lest she drip wax on her fingers. “Don’t eat the popsicle, dear,” she told me. “Put it up Ray’s ass!”
“What?!” Ray cried. But I found the suggestion irresistible. I stuck my popsicle between his rear cheeks and urged him to open himself to me.
“Do it,” Kate told Ray. “Reach back and open your ass for her or you’ll get this candle flame right under your cockhead.”
“You girls are perverted!” Ray groused. He reached back, though, and spread his hairy buns for me. I spied his little hole and stuck my cold popsicle against it.
“Come on, Ray, your hiney-hole likes popsicles too!” I laughed.
Kate, meanwhile, hovered her candle over Ray’s prick. As he held himself open for my impish game, he watched as Kate’s candle began to warm at the tip where the flame flickered atop it.
“I hope none of my lifeguard buddies discover me down here,” Ray breathed.
“You can tell them we blew your nose and then we blew your mind,” Kate smiled. She still showed him the same glossy, good-girl smile she had since we’d met, but now she was about to singe his dick with hot wax!
“Are all the girls who are as beautiful as you two this dangerous?” Ray asked. His voice was haggard. I think he was truly worried that we were going to injure him! Imagine, a guy as big as him, a 20-something Swarzenegger, and he was afraid of us two little girls!
“What, haven’t you screwed tons of girls like us?” Kate asked.
“I just got the lifeguard job,” Ray admitted.
“Well, sir, you’ll just have to find out by meeting other beautiful girls after we’re finished with you,” Kate smiled. “If, that is, you’ve anything left to show them.” She tilted the candle slightly and a dollop of hot wax splashed down onto Ray’s cock.
“Yeeeeooow!” Ray shouted. At the same moment I managed to intrude some of my popsicle into his rectum. Perhaps the amazement of being burned by hot wax had caused Ray to accept me, fearfully, like when someone is hanged and they go in their pants. I felt his anus open and lost some of my popsicle inside him. I kissed his hiney.
“Let mommie take your temperature,” I urged. He was ignoring me, though, for Kate, having burned his dick with hot wax, now played firegirl and sprayed a clump of chilled whipped cream on his dick.
“There, that should help,” she said soothingly. “Poor Ray, you have such a big fine penis that we girls just can’t help playing tricks on it!” His cock was truly wonderful, no match for the popsicle I was pretending with. It quivered and throbbed and pre-cum oozed from its tip. No sooner had Kate eased his suffering with the Redi-Whip than she gave him a new dose of wax. It splashed down and he groaned again, not really hurt by it but certainly taunted. Then, to make him better but actually to make him suffer even more, Kate sprayed more icy whipped cream on his dick. “Fire and Ice,” she smiled at him. “But you’re man enough to take it, aren’t you, honey?”
“Not with a fucking ice-cold thermometer rammed up my butt!” Ray shouted. But Kate and I just tittered with laughter and kept on with our game.
Kate knelt down in front of Ray and gave him the benefit of her mouth. Sucking with her cool swirling lips on his cockhead, she stopped whenever the candle was about to drip more wax, let it fall, squirted some cream on him, and then resumed her sucking.
“Control, Ray honey, control,” Kate said to our dear captive stallion as she loosed her lips from him to burn and freeze him again. “You don’t plan to cum, do you?”
“N-No,” Ray said through gritted teeth. He watched as Kate drizzled hot wax on his dick. Then, solicitiously, she squirted him with whipped cream, but since the cream went in one place on his dick and the wax on another, it did nothing to alleviate the burning while the burning was not cooled at all by the cream.
I was getting bored with my thermometer. All the popsicle had melted away and I had taken Ray’s temperature, again and again, reaming him with the stick. It sounds silly, but even sticking a thermometer up a beautiful man’s butt can get boring after awhile, when you’re 15-years-old!
“Can I spank Ray again?” I asked Kate.
“Sure,” she replied, freeing her mouth from his dick to answer me. “But don’t use the paddle. He’s stuck inside that little hole and has noplace to go, with the boards clamping down on him. Use a thin whip instead. It will snake nicely across his ass but not ram him forward.”
I obeyed her advice. But first I poured myself a big glass of Cherry Koolaid to slake my ever-thirstier mouth. I offered some to Kate. She must have been thirsty too, for she accepted, sipping right from my own glass. I didn’t mind. We were good friends now. We both had Cherry mustaches when we were finished.
“Ray, would you like some too?” I asked. He said he would. I stood on tiptoe and let him drink from my glass as Kate continued to punish his penis. He had a cherry mustache too when he’d drunk his fill.
“Don’t pee it out on me,” Kate warned him.
“Rats,” he answered.
“I’ll let you pee when I’m finished with you,” she said.
I picked out the thinnest whip I could find from the selection hung on the wall. Kate said thin hurt more, but was less able to shove Ray forward when he was struck. In fact, it didn’t shove at all. It just burned across his hiney, leaving a bright streak on his white buns. Of course, he was free to buck his ass as best he could and grind it all around to throw off the pain.
I laid the whip across Ray and enjoyed his response. At first he tried with manful fortitude to endure my strokes and show no pain. But as I continued, flaying him ever more thoroughly, he began to let his emotions show. After a bit each of my strikes caused him to shout and rub his ass and flex it.
“Keep your hands up off your ass,” Kate told Ray. “Don’t be a bad boy and make us handcuff you.”
“God, I wish someone would bust us and send me to prison!” Ray howled.
“You’d like it there, wouldn’t you, Ray?” Kate smiled. “Just you and the guys. No naughty little girls to torment you. I studied pre-law, you know, in case I decided to be a policewoman. Do you think I should try to become one?”
“You’d cause a crime wave,” Ray groaned. “Of men wanting you to arrest them.”
“Even if I did this to them?” Kate asked. She dripped more hot wax on his cock.
Ray groaned. I sailed another lash into his ass and he winced and shook his butt.
“Yeah, even if you did this,” Ray admitted.
“Well, we have to get tougher then!” Kate said to me. “Go find something to squeeze Mr. Ray’s balls in, Kelly. We’ll see if the nutcracker will make him behave!”
“No,” Ray gritted. I gave his tushy a final slash, admired the mark, and then happily returned my whip to the wall. Rummaging around, I found a small leather pouch that could be tied along the top as tightly as one might wish. It looked like a bag for gold dust, but it would hold the Ray Family Jewels instead!
Kate made Ray stand with a wider stance and I crouched down underneath him and set to work. It was tough fitting his balls inside that little pouch! He had very big balls. Finally, getting him all suited up, I tied the top of the pouch as tight as I could. Ray groaned and howled. Kate came round and checked my handiwork to make sure I hadn’t tied him too tightly. She loosened him just a bit.
“Very good, Kelly,” Kate said to me. “Now we’ll see if Mr. Ray here can learn to be a good boy.” She told me to get a penis whip. I didn’t know what that was but she explained that it was a small whip, made just for whipping a man’s dick into shape.
“They come in various brands of severity,” Kate told me. “Some are just a soft strip of leather, while others are wrapped cords, while still others are almost inflexible, hardened in a vat of pure salt. Get a medium one for him. We don’t want to make him feel too awful. He just needs a little correction.”
I saluted her. We were having a blast. We were both totally nude, our bikinis left scattered on the floor. Our hair was lovely and our feet were encased in pretty shoes and we wore sexy earrings. Ray was a hunk beyond a girl’s wildest dreams, and he was letting us do whatever we wanted with him. All our most childish fantasies we were getting to play out on him. I saluted Kate, went to the wall where the implements were, and came back with a small, slim whip.
“Go ahead, do him,” Kate told me. I lashed him with a modest stroke, afraid I might hurt him if I hit too hard. Then, judging his response (holding back his feelings as usual), I hit him harder. I wanted to see him shout and really respond to me! Soon I had him flinching and begging at every stroke.
“Yes, just your penis, Ray, that’s all we care about now,” Kate said to him. “If the Law concentrated more on men’s penises, they’d commit less crimes, don’t you think?”
“I guess so,” Ray groaned. She slapped his bottom and told me to stop.
“Go get your Kool-Aid glass,” she said to me. “It’s time for our big baby here to wet.”
“Thanks,” Ray said.
“Don’t feel too special, honey,” Kate said. “I just like the idea of seeing stuff shoot out of your dick!”
I brought my empty glass and we both watched, mesmerized, as Kate held the glass for Ray and he squirted his pee into it. When he was done she had me get a kleenex and she squirted some Redi-Whip on his pee hole and then wiped it off with the kleenex.
“There, that should keep you nice and fresh,” Kate said to Ray. “Lickably clean!” She put her mouth to him and sucked him some more while I found a drain in a corner and emptied Ray’s pee down it. Then I sat my glass by the door. I didn’t intend to drink out of it again!
I glanced at the door. The key Kate had locked it with hung from a brass ring, which she’d placed over a nail high up on the wall. A child would never be able to reach it. I might just reach it, if I stood up on my tip-toes. I could escape now, if I wished. Kate was busy with Ray and he was, at the moment at least, pinned by his cock between two boards. I should be going home soon. My mom might miss me. Then again, she’d learnt not to ask when I slept over at a ‘friend’s’ house. Always I pretended it was a girlfriend, and she accepted that. But sometimes it was the house of a guy I’d met on the beach, in my little bikini. Lots of times I just liked teasing. But sometimes I’d let a guy take me home and, sometimes, I’d even let him bed me. Often I just sucked him, and that made him happy, especially if he was older than me and afraid of getting in trouble.
But in the dungeon there was a distinct possibility that we would all go much farther. I knew that from staying with Sherry and Jeff. The choice wouldn’t be between sucking and fucking. I felt a tremor of fear seize me as I realized I might lose complete control of myself here, with Kate and Ray, two strangers I’d just met on the beach. I could escape now, if I wished. I glanced again at Ray. He was tall, broad. I watched as his buttocks tensed, then released, then tensed again as Sherry blew him. His balls, cruelly held inside a pouch I’d put on him, hung between his hairy legs. He wouldn’t worry about fucking a girl who was under-age. Or doing lots of other things to her. He wouldn’t settle for just a quick blow job.
And Kate, what was she really like? After all, there was little doubt her uncle had been a major pervert. Imagine, a nursery school that doubled as a dungeon! I had little doubt, looking at the boxes of crayons interspersed with dildoes and packs of condoms, that the children had done some of their lessons down here. Above the wall where the whips hung was a strip of paper showing the alphabet. Hung over the door was a row of paper gingerbread men, cut from construction paper. And yet Kate had not even reported all this to the police! Instead she’d decided to play down here. The children were due back on Monday! Should I run out now, and call somebody? Well, I couldn’t do that; I didn’t want the cops to come and find poor Ray with his dick stuck between two boards. Yet, what would I have done, if I found myself suddenly inheriting a beach house with a dungeon in it? Would I go squealing to the police, and turn the whole house into a notorious crime scene on the nightly news, or would I grab the nearest lifeguard and do just what Kate was doing?
“It must be quite a job for you, keeping control of all those people every day,” Kate murmured to Ray. He flung his head back and I watched the muscles of his back ripple as he fought down the need to ejaculate. He was such a stud! Imagine surviving all he had, and still not cuming. What a beautiful creature. I felt a sudden need to keep him forever. I think Kate was thinking the same thing, for she glanced at me over his cock as I circled back toward them. She wanted him cuffed. I could tell. Her eyes met mine and I felt the same need she did to make this man completely subservient to our feminine wiles and our pussies.
I ran to the wall. My conscience screamed at me that I might myself be tested just as Ray was being tested, that it might go too far, that I might be hurt, but I grabbed the nearest pair of steel handcuffs from the wall and darted over to my new friends.
Ray’s forearm was huge. I took hold of it with my little fingers, a spider latching onto a lion. I snapped on one of the cuffs. He glanced down at me. He lifted his arm slightly, as if he might smack me across the face for trying to make him my prisoner. But then, his eyes glazed, Kate really giving him the works with her mouth and toungue to make him have to fight every second to hold his seed, he looked away. His butt tensed, he flung his head back, and held. Kate lifted her mouth to check. A drooling line of her spit mixed with his pre-cum hung between her mouth and his cockhead. She watched him a moment. No sperm. He had survived yet another of her attacks. Yet, hanging between his legs, was the biggest load of sperm you could possibly imagine, held up tight against his body in the scrotum sac I’d tied on him. What a man! Kate blew lightly upon his peehole to compliment him for his valor. He could have cum so easily, letting himself go, being selfish, but he kept himself whole and let us keep playing. Now as I snuck around behind him I began to wonder if he was being selfish by holding his sperm back. After all, Kate was working so hard. Yet she got nothing but pre-cum for her efforts.
“Ray, you can actually cum if you want to, can’t you?” I heard her ask him in a teasing voice. I grabbed his other wrist and drew it behind his tensed buttocks. They were bare, with bright lines across them where I’d whipped him.
“I can cum like a fountain,” Ray replied. He seemed not to sense that I was about to make him our prisoner. “When I do cum, it will be in your hair and all over your face, unless you can swallow real fast. Before I got this lifeguard job I worked at a kiddie pool. The girls used to come up to my lifeguard stand and blow me, but I had to be careful, because they were only 9 or 10. So sometimes I couldn’t cum at all, even though they loved blowing me. So I learned to hold it back real good.”
CLICK! I managed to squeeze his arms close together enough to lock them in to the handcuffs. What a fitting moment to capture him! Here he was a pedophile, and we hadn’t even known it!
“Ray, you’re a pervert!” Kate shouted. She was as shocked as I was.
“No I’m not,” he answered with equanimity. “There’s no difference between you and a 10-year-old except that you’re breasts are grown and hers are just starting. Anyway, didn’t you like lifeguards when you were 10?”
“Well, I did,” she said, and blushed a little. “And I won’t even tell you what I did to tease them. But I didn’t BLOW them!”
“Girls grow up faster nowadays,” Ray replied.
“I guess so, with a predator like you ‘protecting’ the girls at a kiddie pool!” Kate said.
“It’s a job… somebody’s got to do it,” Ray grinned.
Sherry stood up. She put a hand under her chin. She lifted her other hand speculatively, a finger upraised, considering. I could just see her as a policewoman, wondering what to do with a pervert she’d nabbed.
“Well, Raymond, we are going to have to consider what to do with you,” she said. “Here you’ve confessed to the most evil things, but fortunately we’ve got your penis stuck in a pillory, your balls neatly tied up, and your hands, ah yes, handcuffed.”
“Hey, how did that happen?” Ray asked. He struggled to get his wrists out from behind his back but found they were permanently locked over his lovely bare buttocks.
“I don’t think any child molester has ever been better positioned to pay for his crimes, do you, Kerry?” Kate asked me.
“Nope,” I replied. We both broke into giggles. We really couldn’t care less about a bunch of 10-year-olds at a kiddie pool. They’d be competing with us soon enough in daring bikinis. I regretted that they’d gotten an early start, but who wouldn’t want to blow Ray? I gazed at his powerful body as he stood with his cock wedged in the stocks. What a glorious man! All he had to do to get free of the stocks was simply ejaculate. He’d feel great, and he could walk away. But he’d stayed, let us torture him, and finally even let himself be suckered into getting handcuffed. Now we did have him between a rock and and hard place. Even if he shot his load, he still couldn’t get the cuffs off. And they were real police handcuffs too, with the exception that they were lined with fur inside to provide our lover a little comfort.
“He needs to feel a little humiliation at least for being a child molester,” Kate told me. “Let’s hang our bikinis over his dick so he’s made to feel like a human clothesline!” We giggled again. We trotted over to where we’d tossed our bikinis onto the floor and picked them up.
“Yes, Ray, you’re going to be made into a line of washing,” Kate said as we hung our stringy little bras and panties over his dick. He watched with mesmerized eyes. I imagine just the feel of the soft drawstrings and bra cups against his penis made him tremble with lust. I remembered how boys sometimes snuck into my mom’s yard to catch a glimpse of my own bikinis hanging out back on our clothesline. Kate flicked her bra and watched it as it trembled atop Ray’s penis. The tiny cups brushed his shaft. I batted my panties. Their pencil-thin drawstrings shivered. I feared they might slide down the shaft of his cock and find a way to drop off.
“We need clothespins,” I suggested.
“Yes, to keep our bikinis in place,” Kate smiled. We had wicked eyes. We looked up at Ray. He gritted his teeth and gazed at our bikinis hanging from his huge cock. “You need to be punished anyway, Ray, for molesting little girls,” Kate added. Primly she rose up and walked to the wall. She took down several pairs of wooden clothespins. She walked back, letting her bare hips roll, glorying in how Ray stared at her lovely pubis. Above her ribs her bosoms jostled and swung, totally free, in sharp contrast to Ray’s poor balls and cock. She knelt down in front of him once more and judiciously began applying the clothespins.
Ray gritted his teeth and said nothing. I thought he might howl out, or protest, but he took his punishment like a man. Kate pinned our bikinis and bras to his erection. She smiled up at him when he was done. “I’m glad you’ve been bad, Ray,” she admitted. “It’s so fun punishing you!”
“Loosen the ball bag,” Ray said.
“What? Is the nutcracker suit too tight?” Kate laughed. Ray nodded.
“Well, we don’t believe in cruel and unusual punishment here in the United States, just punishment,” Kate admitted. Carefully she reached between his legs and untied the leather sac that contained Ray’s balls. She opened it a little, then retied it. She touched the sac underneath and lifted it slightly to heft his balls and feel their movement. “There, darling, is that better?” she asked.
“A little bit,” Ray said.
“Well, a little bit is all I had in mind,” Kate replied. She kissed his penis and then stood up. I stood up with her. We glanced at each other. We were both naked, and just glancing at our tits we could each see that the other was very excited. The dungeon seeemed full of possibilites. Outside it was hot, but in here it was pleasantly cool. Out on the beach girls were vying for guys, but in here we had a real he-man to keep us busy, who NEEDED to have his genitals punished for making little girls blow him. Well, we’d do our job to society and satisfy ourselves in the bargain.
“We must take proper care of our prisoner,” Kate said to me. I nodded. I had no idea what she had planned, but it sounded fun. She took my hand and led me over to a faucet near the floor. Beside it was a wooden pail, and next to the pail was a bottle of Mr. Bubble. She picked up the bottle, and squirted some of its soap into the pail. Then she turned on the tap and put the bucket under it.
“There’s no sponge and no washcloths,” Kate admitted to me. I smiled. We’d use our hands. “The water’s very cold, Ray,” she shouted over her shoulder at him. He watched us as we knelt at the faucet.
“I don’t need a bath,” Ray replied.
“Dear, prisoners don’t get to choose when they have a bath,” Kate said.
When the pail was full Kate and I lugged it over to Ray. We plopped it down next to him. He watched as we bent, our breasts swinging, and soaped up our hands in the bucket. We lathered our hands in the Mr. Bubble foam. Then, our hearts beating, we began to rub our hands all over Ray.
Kate got busy on his chest. I got busy on his bottom. We decided not to do his penis because we knew that the two of us, lathering his dick, would make him shoot for sure. But all the rest of him was fair game.
Ray groaned with pent-up passion as we washed him. We tried to keep the foam off ourselves and out of our hair. We just wanted to concentrate on him, to make him sparkling clean so that he would be a model prisoner.
“My, such a powerful chest,” Kate said admiringly. “Do you work out a lot, Ray?” It was strange. We knew so little about each other, yet here we were, all of us naked, playing and enjoying each other.
“I work out every day,” Ray replied. “I have to, to stay in shape as a lifeguard. People’s lives depend on me, you know.”
“Oh, I’m sure those little 10-year-olds were in constant danger of drowning in their baby pool,” Kate laughed. Her bosoms shook as she laughed and a bit of foam flew from her hands and landed on one of her nipples. She bent her head down, tried to flick it off, but the foam on her fingers just added more.
“A baby pool can be just as dangerous as the beach,” Ray replied.
“Oh yes, especially if a shark is the lifeguard!” I giggled. I pinched his bottom. He grunted. He had an excellent tolerance for pain. I ran my hands up his back. It spread out beneath my fingers, hard and tanned. He was one buff dude! I was glad he was cuffed, though. I wouldn’t have dared tease him this much if he were loose, especially about his little girlfriends. I ran my fingers down his spine and palmed his bottom. Exploringly, I opened his hiney. I bent down to look in his hole. I stuck my finger inside.
“Hey!” Ray roared.
“Your butthole must get clean too if you’re a prisoner,” I said. “Anyway, you might stick something up it, so I must of course inspect it,” I added.
“The only things going up it are what YOU put up it,” Ray groused. He tried closing his ass cheeks but I fought him and managed to wedge my finger inside him. He groped for my hair with his handcuffed hands but I bobbed my head out of the way. With my finger I began sawing in and out of his hole. “Yep, we need to get this hole of yours clean as a whistle!” I said. He groaned and seemed to press his loins against the pillory. Poor man! He had my finger up his ass and my bikini hanging from his dick! Oh well, he deserved all this punishment for being a pervert, in my opinion.
We slathered our hands all over Ray and finally ran out of water. We took our bucket back to the faucet and filled it again. Lugging it back to him, we splashed him down to get all the bubbles off him.
“I’m cold,” Ray complained.
“You’re a prisoner, dear,” Kate said. “You don’t get hot showers in a prison, least of all a dungeon!” Our bikinis got wet when we splashed him but we didn’t worry about it. In fact, carrying our bucket back to the faucet once more, Kate suggested we do each other. We found barrettes amongst the dildos lined up under the whips on the wall and pinned up our hair.
“I’ll wash you first,” Kate told me. I thought she would simply wet her hands and start bathing me but instead she first walked me over to a suspension frame. “The water’s so cold, you’ll feel better about it if you can’t resist,” she said. She lifted my wrists above my head and snapped them into rubber cuffs. “Besides, Ray might want to admire you while I bathe you,” she added. I glanced at him. He stood drinking in my figure. I was proud of it, and I stuck my young boobies out at him. My nipples were desperately hard. Kate put a spreader bar between my ankles and I didn’t mind a bit as she opened my legs and showed my pubis to Ray. I was hungry, and not for food. I smiled at Kate. She grinned, then wet her hands in the bucket and began by rubbing my breasts.
“Ohhh, your nipples are SO hard,” she teased. I flinched and bit my lip and threw my head back. It felt so good to have a pair of hands tending to my teats. I really didn’t care that they were a woman’s instead of a man’s. I felt depraved. I thrust my hips at her and hoped she’d scrub lower.
Kate’s hands smoothed bubbles across my belly. “You’ve never been pregnant?” she asked. I nodded my head no. She slapped my tummy. “Well, neither have I, but there’s always a first time, isn’t there?” she grinned. She placed a finger between my legs and felt for my spot.
“Ohhhhh!” I shouted.
“My, you’re hungry,” Kate observed. “Such a little hussy! Here, little whore, does this feel good?” She rubbed my cunny and I couldn’t help but blush and puff out my cheeks and nod that it did.
“Well, you’ll just have to wait your turn, because I intend to go first!” Kate said reprovingly and slapped my bare bottom with her hand. We both looked at Ray. He was watching us with haggard eyes. His cock, despite being jammed between the boards and pinned with clothespins, pumped itself at us. He flexed it and jabbed it and all our little bikini things hanging down from his penis shook like washing in the wind. My bra, which hadn’t been pinned for some reason, fell to the floor.
“Tch, they don’t make clotheslines like they used to,” Kate observed. “Thank God,” she added with a smile. She turned back to me and quickly finished bathing me. She ran her hands up and down my legs, and finally over my arms and my ass and my back. She palmed my face to make me feel fresh. Fortunately my makeup was waterproof.
“Alright, now you do me,” Kate said when she’d released me. I strung her up for Ray’s amusement and then set about washing her. I started with her bosoms. “Yours are so nice and large,” I said. I cupped them and felt their weight.
“Yours will be just as big as mine when you’re 20,” Kate smiled. She looked at my breasts. “You don’t have to worry.”
“Thanks,” I replied. I scrubbed her nipples with my fingers, making her swoon, and then did her belly button and her cunt. She laughed and tried to close her legs when I rubbed her snatch. I hadn’t bothered to buckle her ankles into the spreader bar. Her legs kicked a little but I forced her to open to me and she finally let me rub her cunny as much as she pleased. I looked over my shoulder at Ray as he watched me washing her snatch. “Yes Ray, she’s nice and wet,” I teased. Kate gasped with pleasure. I wanted to keep rubbing her but I moved on to her thighs. She seemed to regret my departure. She kept her legs apart just in case I wanted to return. I didn’t, though, I wanted to get our baths over and done with. There seemed so much more we could do, I didn’t want to miss out on any of it!
We let our hair down when we were done with our bath and went sashaying back over to Ray. He was absolutely desperate to cum. He constantly strove with his hips to somehow burst the pillory. His dick wiggled, despite our clothespins and bikinis, hoping to spurt. I’m sure no child molester was ever tortured better than Ray!
“Should we really permit him to cum? He’s been so bad!” Kate asked me.
I put a finger to my lips. “I don’t know. He should probably be made to fuck ladies for the rest of his life to keep him from liking little girls,” I suggested. I had to put a hand to my cunt, the thought was so exciting.
“Yes, he must be made to like and admire real women, by being made to fuck US!” Kate agreed. “In the interests of Law and Order, of course!”
“Of course!” I replied. She batted my hand away from my cunny.
“As Nudie Policewomen we must set the highest example,” she reminded me.
“Yes,” I agreed. We were playing, pretending. I tried to imagine myself in a policewoman’s jacket. I couldn’t imagine wearing a skirt or pants right now, though. Not now. Just the jacket, perhaps. Ray would supply my nightstick.
Our only problem was that we didn’t have another child molester. It was just Kate and I, Enforcers of the Law of the Pussy, plus Mr. Ray. I looked at her and she looked at me. How could we resolve who would ride his nightstick first? We drew closer. We wanted to tease. Our breasts butted up against each other. Our nipples were like thorns. I thrust my bush at her and she pushed hers at me. Our tummies touched. Our fingers, at our sides, drew close and dueled. My breath mingled with hers and hers mingled with mine. Our noses rubbed together.
“You smell nice after your bath,” Kate confided in me.
“Thanks,” I replied.
“Hey, don’t leave me out!” Ray blustered. We giggled at him.
“He’s so hot… maybe we should warm up a little too,” Kate said to me.
“Okay,” I replied. My mouth lisped the word. I was compliant. I felt wanted, loved. She took my hand and led me over to the wall. There was a plastic mat leaning there. She motioned to me to take it and together we laid it out on the floor in front of Ray.
“Have you ever done 69?” Kate asked me. I shook my head no. “It’s pretty easy,” she said. “One person lies down and the other mounts them.” She lay down on the mat, taking a little pillow from the shelf first, which she placed under her head. Her knees were bent up and she opened her thighs, showing me her bush. I stood over her. I made to kneel.
“No, silly, you don’t want to put your face over mine!” Kate laughed. She pointed at her bush. “Put it down there. And I’ll lick yours.”
“That’s…” I gasped.
“Don’t worry, I’m not a lesbian. Men like it,” Kate assured me. I glanced over my shoulder at Ray. He sensed I was a novice and his hunger for breaking in new girls rose up within him.
“Do it,” he commanded me.
“Ray, you’re hardly in a position to tell me what to do,” I observed, putting a finger to my cheek.
“A prisoner’s entitled to some entertainment and you got no goddamn T.V. down here,” Ray said. I smiled. I really did like him, even if he was a pervert.
“Alright Ray, just this once,” I said. “But please don’t cum while we’re doing it. You might shoot stuff all over us, and I’ve just had my bath.” I settled onto the mat. It was weird, kneeling with my cunny right over Kate’s mouth and my face looking down at her bush. Kate smoothed her hands over my thighs reassuringly and drew me closer to her lips.
“Down girl,” she advised. I let her pull my hips down toward the mat. Of course before my hips reached the mat I felt her nose bump against my bare crotch. Her breath caressed my twat. She parted me with her fingers. I laughed.
“This is so silly!” I said, and instantly gasped as I felt her tongue invade my slit.
“Noooo, please!” I begged, but I had to drop my own face down to retaliate, I realized, or she’d soon have me making an orgasmic fool of myself, all alone, in front of our pervert-friend Ray.
I licked at her snatch. It had a flavor of honey. She poked her tongue deeper and I stabbed back. I giggled again. It was so unreal, eating out a female with a man standing nearby, his pecker caught between boards, his balls slung up in a sack. I think it was the unreality of it that allowed me to fall into eating a woman. I began feeding within her dell and she mouthed mine.
I gasped. I heard her gasp. We were two joined as one. Her mouth was steady and moved gracefully, her tongue digging ever deeper. I tried to be as attentive as she. Kate gripped my thighs again. Her nails dug into my flesh but I was too busy feeling the pleasure of her tongue in me and responding in kind to cry out. All else was lost. Ray, his penis, his pent-up seed and his pent-up desire, his glorious balls imprisoned in the sack I’d tied around them.
We orgasmed. We came almost simultaneously, Kate and I, and I heard Ray moan with yearning somewhere, but I ignored him. I tongued her more deeply and strove with my hips upon her face. Kate sensed that I wanted to go again and she did too. We dueled in each other’s slits with our tongues. We climaxed again. We sought a third and found it.
I wanted to roll off her after my third orgasm but there was no way to do it. I would fall on the hard stone floor. So, captive on the mat, I remained above her and we tongued at each other’s slits some more. We came again, then again, and I was beginning to feel dry, despite her moist mouth in me.
Reluctantly I rose up on my heels. It drove my cunny down deeper onto her. I sighed, looked back and lifted my bottom. I saw Kate’s chin and then her nose and her eyes.
“Mmmm, that was fun,” she admitted.
“Thanks,” I said. She slapped my ass.
“Get off me, before we become lessies!” she laughed. With her dew in my mouth I stood up, trembling with my latest release. She got up after me and we hugged each other and gave each other a single kiss.
“You taste like me,” Kate smiled.
“You do too,” I smiled back. We separated but held hands to keep ourselves steady. We were both still reeling from our many orgasms. Such was not the case, however, with poor Ray. He really did look like a punished prisoner now, his face grey and filled with want, his chest drooping, his cock (unfortunately for him) sticking up like a post.
“Poor baby, it’s time for you to shoot,” Kate told him. She unpinned the clotheslines from his cock. She brushed away our bikini things and we didn’t even notice as they fell to the floor. God, he was SO hard! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a hugely swollen cock. He jabbed it at us, a look of desperation on his face, sure that we’d just tease him some more and never really give him the milking he deserved. “Alright,” Kate said to me. “One of us has got to mount him. It’s only fair. He wants to shoot in a cunt and we must give even a prisoner some conjugal visits.”
“I want him!” I said. I snatched at his penis. I was a little girl with no money in a store full of candy.
“If you have him, then you must be the prisoner when we play down here again,” Kate said to me. Her face was grave. I knew she meant it. But I had my hands on Ray’s cock and they refused to let go!
“Alright,” I said simply. That was all the answer she required. She took hold of my hips and positioned me in front of him so that my dell could be easily pierced. I felt dry, but I knew he couldn’t last long. As soon as I had him well within me he’d fill me with gobs of his wonderful semen. Sooner, if I wasn’t careful. I handled his dick as cautiously as I could. In his eyes I could see there was no resistance left. One errant brush of a finger and he’d loose all he had on my belly. But I wanted him inside me, not on me.
“Ready?” Kate asked me. I nodded. She helped me ease my hips forward and I gasped as I felt Ray’s cockhead bump my slit and then sink within.
Ray howled. He was so happy! He urged himself forward, despite his imprisonment. I was tight but he was very hard and very blunt. Kate pushed on my bottom, urging me forward. I moved my hips closer to the stocks and felt Ray pierce me even more deeply
“Ahhhhh!” I cried. Ray’s voice rose to join mine. Kate shoved me hard. I sunk down upon him and felt his manhood drive far up into my womb.
With a triumphant shout Ray’s seed burst inside me. His penis jabbed, I fought back with Kate’s hands at my bottom. Together he and I rode, his pole in my cunny, Kate masterminding us both. Jets and jets and more jets of sperm seemed to blast up within my womb. I moaned, I swooned, Ray gritted his teeth and emptied himself in my softness.
When at last we were done Kate and I undid Ray from the stocks. I could feel his juices sliding down my thighs as I worked. It was a strange and wonderful feeling. Then we tripped upstairs, each of us holding the other, and fell into bed.