There is a co-worker in our office, an attractive 35 year old married lady. For months I have been as horny as hell for her, to the point of jerking off in my office when there were only the 2 of us left in the late afternoons. At least I had the pleasure of cumming over my desk and knowing that she was sitting just across the reception in her office with no clue to me wanking off with large gobbets of cum all over my desk.

When we are discussing work or other general issues, she would regularly glance down at my crotch, which does have a reasonable standard package. Needless to say the slow boner-building would start with my cock expanding to the right hand side and me not being able to hide the swelling without appearing to be feeling myself up. She never batted an eyelid and then left after we had finished chatting.

One afternoon after this had happened she left to go home and I was left with a pulsating cock.

I then had the idea of jerking off into one of her 2 coffee/tea mugs. This brought on a huge climax with a lot of cum. Instead of washing out the mug I spread the cum around the inside of the mug and removed the excess thicker blobs off, and placed her mug back in the original spot.

Sure as hell, the following morning she went and made her usual cup of tea and dropped by to say morning and chat for a short while. Watching her sip her tea with my dissolved cum in it made me instantly hard to the point where my cock was popping out some of my ball hairs and becoming really uncomfortable and awkward. There was the hint of the smallest of smiles before she left to her office. As the other staff was also in the office I went to the restroom and jerked my load off to massive relief. I had not cum that hard, even when fucking my wife, for a long time.

This continued for some months with me coating both her coffee mugs at least twice a week. Over weekends I would go into the office and cum on her desk and chair. The desk I would clean off, but the white leather chair got coated with cum. On occasion she would have an apple left on her desk -that also got coated. Occasionally she had a milk chocolate candy bar half finished; this also got a liberal dollop of cum spread over the remaining candy. I just craved the thought of her swallowing my cum.

I discovered that she had a hair brush in her top drawer with a 10cm long rounded handle. On that Saturday morning I used the hair brush handle to ass-fuck myself while jerking off. I spread cum into the brush bristles and softly wiped the handle of some small pieces of shit. On the Sunday I returned to check the brush and found all to appear in order with the handle only vaguely smelling of shit. I discovered some cock-cheese while jerking off again, and smeared this into the brush bristles as well. This slight smell of shit and cock-cheese had disappeared by the Monday morning.

Some weeks later we were in the coffee-room alone side-by-side at the counter when she reached across and squeezed my cock and balls. I already had a semi-hard-on, which obviously knew. I looked at her and she said “I love my husband, but I cannot do this with him. He only allows missionary in the dark and I feel like something different” I asked what and how different to which she replied that I could try anything to the point where she declined.

We stayed in after closing time, and on her desk I stared fondling and kissing, mouth tits and pussy. Dirty talk followed, and then a bit of cock sucking when she asked me to insert fingers up her ass. I obliged and she returned the pleasure. Using a condom I eventually slowly got the tip of my cock into her ass and gently fucked her ring until it became too painful with me of course getting excited and trying for more depth.

She was well turned on by this point and the mood became dirtier while she lay on the desk and I had her legs up in front of my shoulders to stroke my cock into her delectably wet, bushy pussy, to the point where I explained, slowly at first, what I had been up to. When I got to the cum on the chocolate she climaxed with a massive twitch and shudder. I battled to control my pumping so as not to cum too early. Difficult.

When I got to the use of her hair brush in my ass she was bucking and demanded for me to give it to her in her ass again, this time all the way if possible. It must have been 10 minutes before I could feel her finally relax and my cock went all the way in with plenty hand cream I must add.

This time her cumming was with noisy squeals and squeaks with me, for the first time ever, howling when cumming. It felt as if I was shooting my insides into her ass leaving me weak afterwards.

She was always never allowed to express herself sexually and now we fuck about 3 x per month with her using her hair brush to fuck my ass while sucking me off, loving to watch me jerk off into her mugs or over her body.

How long this continues is anybody’s guess, but for now, I am going to cum inside her pussy!