Opps, Party Wife Got Knocked Up 2.

Well about three days later Tim asked, “Do you feel
like playing a little tied-up in bed game again

“I would love to,” I said enthusiastically. Tim then
pulled a new little pair of white sheer see-through
bikini panties out of his pocket and handed them to me.
Holding the little panties up I smiled and asked, “Is
this the only thing I am wearing tonight?”

“Yes and I have another surprise for you.”

“What is it?”

“You get to see that later on. Now let’s play it out
tonight that you’re in bed waiting for me to get home.
You’re in bed dressed in just these sexy little panties
lying on your belly. Some guy busts in the bedroom and
puts the sack over your head before you can see who it
is. He then ties you up and rapes you. Are you game?”

“Sounds sexy to me. Let me go check on the kids and
make sure they are asleep. Then I’ll meet my rapist in
the bedroom.”

After checking on the kids I made my way to our
bedroom. I stripped off my clothes and slipped on my
sexy new little panties. I knew in the back of my mind
that I was going to be getting that big black cock
again. I was so horny as I got in bed lying face down.
After a minute or so I ran my right hand down inside my
panties to a very hot and wet pussy. As I was rolling
my hard wet clit around, I was hoping that Tim would
get in here and rape me before I get myself off.

Just as I was getting near an orgasm, the bedroom door
brust open. Before I could turn to see who entered, Tim
slipped that silk bag over my head and the room went
dark. I was rolled over on my back and my hands tied
over my head. The game had begun.

I pleaded, “Please don’t hurt me. Please let me go. My
husband will be home any time.”

Tim didn’t say a word as he started sucking and kissing
my hard nipples.

As he was kissing my nipples his fingers made their way
down to my wet crotch. I knew he could feel how wet I
was right through my panties. As his fingers were
working on my pussy through my panties I moaned,
“Mmmmmmm, god don’t touch me there.” He didn’t stop;
next he pulled the crotch of my sexy little panties to
the side and sank a few fingers deep inside me. I
moaned again, “Mmmmmm, please stop. I’m married,” as my
hips rocked up to his fingers.

While Tim was fingering me I felt him move down between
my legs. I jumped when I felt his lips close around my
hard little clit and he began to suck on it. His tongue
was rolling my clit around as he sucked it hard into
his mouth and continued finger fucking me. I moaned out
loud, “Oh! God please stop, only my husband has done
that to me!”

Tim kept sucking and fingering me until I couldn’t take
it any more. I yelled out “OH GOD STOP!” My orgasm hit
like a ton of bricks. Pulling on the ropes I pushed up
to Tim’s hot tongue and screamed, “OH YESSS!! I’M

This orgasm was so intense I about passed out. Once it
ended Tim gave my hard nipples a kiss as he got off the

I could hear him doing something and I was sure he was
strapping on that big black cock again. Working my hips
up and down in the air.

“Please leave me alone, my husband will be home very
soon. Please don’t fuck me.”

Just as I got those words out Tim got back in bed
between my legs. As he kissed my hard nipples he pulled
my crotch aside again I then felt something sliding up
and down my wet pussy slit. I’m thinking, ‘now what the
hell is this? It doesn’t feel like the black cock.’

Tim lined it up to my hot wet pussy-hole and gave it a
push. My pussy opened up and welcomed whatever it was
Tim was pushing into me. It was warm and felt like a
real cock sinking inside me.

“Mmmmmm no, no please don’t fuck me.” I rolled my hips
up to get more of this cock inside me. Tim was working
this thing in and out very slow. He kept pushing more
and more inside me until I knew this wasn’t his cock.
It was about the same size around but much, much

Deeper and faster Tim started fucking me. Oh my God! I
hooked my legs around his back and started fucking him
back as fast as he was fucking me. God this long cock
felt so good sinking deep inside of me. Whoever said
size doesn’t matter, had to have been a male. All at
once this cock hit bottom and it hurt. It must have hit
my cervix because it would hurt each time he pushed all
the way inside me. “Oh God! Not so deep it hurts!” Tim
didn’t slow down his strokes he just stopped pushing in
so deeply.

In a very short time a great big orgasm went right
through my body.

“Oh God! No, I’m going to cum with you. I can’t cum
with you, please stop! I’m married!” Tim kept driving
that cock in me and my tune soon changed to, “OH FUCK!

In my mind right then I was cumming with this out of
sight looking guy who was fucking me. I had a face on
him and his cock was twice the size of my husbands. I
just couldn’t stop cumming as Tim was running that cock
in and out of me very slow. Once my orgasm came to an
end Tim pulled that long thing out of me and fell down
next to me.

As he pulled the sack off my head he squeezed my right
breast and kissed me. Looking down at me he said I
think you enjoyed getting fucked by another man didn’t
you” Smiling back at him I said, oh God Tim I’ve never
cum like that before, God it was good.

I then looked down to see what I had just been fucked
with. It was another strap on cock but this one was
white and over a foot long. It wasn’t as big around as
the black one. I took it in my hand and couldn’t
believe how real it felt. Tim’s cock didn’t fit inside
this one, it was kind of right under it. Tim’s cock was
as hard as a rock and less than half the size of the
strap on one.

Tim pulled the straps and this toy cock fell on the
bed. He then moved up over me and between my legs. Tim
said that he couldn’t wait to fuck my just fucked
pussy! Having said that Tim sank his hard cock right
into my wet pussy.

Now getting into our roll playing Tim asked me, “Did
some guy just fuck you before I got home””

“I moaned yes he did, I’m sorry I couldn’t stop him, he
raped me.”

“Did he make you cum?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, two times, I came with him two times.”

Tim was picking up speed now as his hard cock sank
deeper and deeper inside me. “Did his cock feel good
inside you?”

“Oh God yes! I moaned, he was so big I couldn’t help
myself, I fucked him back like crazy.”

“Did he cum inside you?”

“Oh yes,” I replied, “he filled me full of hot cock and
his hot cum.”

That was all Tim could take. My dirty sexy talk pushed
him over the top. He moaned in my ear, “Oh your just
fucked pussy feels so good. Oh God I’m cumming.” Tim
pushed deep into me as he could and started filling me
up with his hot sperm. I did my best to milk every last
drop of cum out of him before he collapsed next to me.

I then picked up the toy cock and asked him, “Where in
the heck are you getting these things at?” Tim smiled
and said, “At the adult bookstore downtown.”

“How many did you get?” I asked.

Tim laughed, “I shelled out some big bucks for these
fucking things. The strap thing comes with 15 cocks
that all fit on with a twist.”

In shock, I said, “Fifteen toy cocks, are you kidding

“Nope I’m not kidding. You’re going to get to try 15
different cocks in your hot little pussy. You seemed to
have loved the first two, so I’m sure you’ll love the
rest of them.”

I kissed him and said, “My God I hope I can handle all
these cocks.”


Well over the next month or so I had every size cock
you could think of fucking me at one time or another.

I was really getting into the being raped thing.
Anytime the kids were not around the sack would go over
my head making my word black. I would be pushed, pulled
or carried to the bedroom and fucked silly. Each time I
played it out that I was getting fucked by someone
other than my husband. Tim was loving this as much as I

I got to liking this so much that I would even have a
little playtime with myself once Tim was off to work
and the kids in school. I would get in bed and lube my
pussy all up. I would fuck myself to two or three
orgasms. Sometimes I would fuck myself with one cock
then use another one and play out in my head that I was
getting it on with two guys. This soon turned into a
daily thing for me.

I never told Tim about my daytime affair with these toy
cocks. In my mind I was getting fucked by some friends,
old boy friends our black mailman, you name it and I
was fucking them. A persons mind is wide open for
anything and trust me I was fucking a lot of guys in my
mind and loving it.

One weekend my Sister had the kids, so Tim and I made a
date with each other for dinner and dancing. Tim asked
me to dress as sexy as I could for our night out. He
then gave me a kiss and said maybe you’ll even get
raped tonight. I kissed him back and said, “Mmmm,
sounds good to me.” I then proceeded to the bathroom to

Tim loves for me to wear garter belts and stockings. So
this was my plan for tonight. After a hot shower
dressed in just my robe I sat down at my dressing table
and did my hair and make-up. Once I was happy with this
I dropped my robe on the bed and put on a sexy little
lace purple strapless front closure bra. It pushed my
34b breasts up just right and just did cover my

Next I put on my sexy little matching garter belt. I
then started to roll on a pair of black stockings but
seeing my black fishnets I put them on instead. That’s
the ticket, Tim loves when I wear fishnets. I rolled
both stockings up my legs and hooked them onto the
garter straps. I then stepped into my sexy little lace
front, sheer back matching purple panties.

As I was picking out a dress I looked at myself in the
mirror. If I say so myself I was looking very sexy in
my sexy little under-things. I just knew Tim was going
to go wild once he seen me. I picked out a sexy little
black slip-dress. It’s silky stretch velvet that flares
out and ends just above the knee. When I sit down it
just covers my stocking tops.

Last I slipped on a pair of black sling back closed toe
pumps. Before leaving the bedroom I checked myself out
one more time in the mirror. I remember thinking, God I
hope I don’t get raped for real tonight, maybe I look a
little too sexy. Then thinking, ah, Tim will protect

I walked into the living room right between Tim and the
TV. His mouth fell open as he eyed me from head to toe.
The first thing out of his mouth was, “Fuck me, do you
ever look hot tonight. Come here lover.”

I walked up in front of him, “Do you like my outfit?”

His hands went up my legs under my dress. “Fucking A, I
like your outfit.”

His hands went all the way up and cupped my panty-
covered ass. He then raised the hem of my dress up. “Oh
fuck! Are you ever going to get it tonight. Maybe we
should just stay home and get started now?”

I backed away from him. “No-way. Dinner and dancing
first, then its play time.” Tim jumped up and said
okay, let’s get going and grabbed his car keys.

We had a very nice dinner in a dark booth. Tim couldn’t
keep his hands out from under my dress. By the time we
got the check Tim had my panties soaking wet. He just
about talked me into getting into the backseat of the
car for a quickie on the way to the dance club.

I told him, that he could wait until we got home. I
didn’t want to be all messed up. He wasn’t too happy
about it but we drove on to the club. All the way there
he kept pulling the crotch of my panties aside
fingering me. I too was about ready to fuck by the time
we got to the bar.

As we walked in, I enjoyed all the looks I was getting
from all the men in the place. Tim whispered in my ear,
“I think every guy in here would like to fuck you

I hit him, and said, “Stop it, they do not.” But I
could see the looks of lust I was getting from these
men. We worked our way through the bar up to a table
near the dance floor.

After a few hours of drinking and dancing I was feeling
no pain at all. I was drinking screwdrivers and the
drinks were going right to my head. Tim and I danced
both fast and slow dances.

All at once, out of the blue, one of Tim’s friends from
work, Jerry came and joined us at our table. He was
talking to Tim; though his eyes kept moving up and down
my sexy outfit. I was even starting to feel a little
uncomfortable at the way he was undressing me with his
eyes. But after a few more screwdrivers I went from
uncomfortable to very comfortable with Jerry. Tim and
Jerry started taking turns dancing with me. We were all
laughing and having a great time together.

At one point I was dancing a slow dance with Jerry. He
told me that I looked very sexy tonight and that Tim
was very lucky to have a hot sexy lady like me waiting
at home for him. I thanked him and we danced on. Before
the dance ended Jerry managed to drop his hands down to
my ass. He started squeezing my ass cheeks and
whispered in my ear, “God you know you have a nice ass
don’t you?” I turned us around so Tim couldn’t see
where Jerry’s hands were and just said thank you again.

I was glad when the song ended. As bad as I hate to
admit it, I was starting to get very horny dancing with
Jerry. I felt his hard cock pushing against tummy. I
also could feel that my sexy little purple panties were
getting very wet. Up until this time Tim was the only
one to make me wet like this. It must have been all the
drinks and the fact the Jerry was the first and only
other man to touch me in this way in over 12 years.

Maybe ten minutes later the lights came on and it was
closing time. When I got up from my seat, I saw Jerry
looking down at my legs. I looked down to see that my
dress had ridden up very high. My stocking tops, bare
legs and sexy little purple panties were totally
exposed for him to view. I quickly pulled the hem of my
dress down and stood up. Tim was just out of ear shot
when Jerry said to me, “Shit girl friend them are some
sexy little panties you got on there. I sure would like
to get inside them for an hour or so!” I just smiled
and didn’t respond to his comment.

We said our good-byes out on the sidewalk in front of
the club. Jerry gave me a hug and thanked me for all
the dances. We got in the car to head home. Suddenly
Tim said, “Oh shit! I forgot to tell Jerry about the
meeting Monday, I’ll be right back.”

Having said that Tim jumped out of the car and ran over
to Jerry’s car. After a few minutes he was back and we
were on our way home.

As we drove along Tim asked, “Had fun tonight?”

“Oh yes! I had a blast. And Jerry was a lot of fun; he
sure likes to dance.”

“I think he would have liked to taken you home with him
and fucked you all night. Just from the way he kept
eyeing you!”

“No way was he thinking that, he’s a gentleman.”

Tim laughed. “Gentleman or not, he was looking to fuck
you tonight.”

“Do you think he would be a good fuck?”

“I don’t know,” was all I said but I was thinking, ‘I
bet he is.’

Just before we got to our house Tim said, “Why don’t we
play our little rape game tonight and you act like its
Jerry raping you.”

I got a big smile on my face. “Mmmmm, I could maybe do
that if you like.” I was thinking how good Jerry’s hard
cock felt rubbing on my belly and knew this would be an
easy game to play out in my head. Once we pulled in the
drive Tim told me to hang around in the kitchen and he
would sneak up on me and bag me.

Before getting out of the car I gave him a kiss and
said, “Mmmmm this is going to be fun.”

I was so horny I couldn’t wait for Tim to grab me. I
ran my hand up my leg to my super wet crotch. Oh God
had Jerry ever turned me on tonight. As I rolled my
hard little clit around I thought, ‘Oh God girl, you’re
so bad, get all turned on by another man.’

I had just slipped one finger inside my panties when
all went black. The bag was over my head and I couldn’t
see a thing. So I started the game right away as Tim
was pulling me down the hall to our bedroom. I acted
like I was trying to get away as I said, “Jerry what in
the hell are you doing? Tim will be home soon.”

Again Tim never said a word as he walked me into our

Now in the bedroom I felt the side zipper of my little
dress going down. It fell to my feet and I stepped out
of it. In my sexy little purple underwear Tim walked me
over to the bed squeezing my panty-covered ass. Again
acting, “Jerry stop it! We can’t do this! you shouldn’t
be seeing me like this!”

Then Tim turned me around and pushed me down onto the
bed on my back. Next one hand at a time he tied me to
the ropes that were tied to the headboard. I was now
his to enjoy and couldn’t wait for him to get started.

Tim got in bed and spread my legs wide open and started
kissing the insides of my fishnet covered legs. As he
was kissing my legs, his hands went to work on playing
with my breasts through my bra. I could feel my nipples
getting harder and my hot pussy getting wetter as he
kissed his way up my legs. As Tim got up to the bare
skin above my stockings I moaned, “Oh God! Jerry stop!
Please stop! Tim’s going to be home soon.”

I moaned out loud again when I felt Tim mouth close on
my pussy right through my little purple lace panties.
He was sucking on my pussy lips right through the lace.
“Oh God Jerry! Oh fuck that feels good… but please
stop now.”

Well stop he didn’t. He got the front hook of my bra
open and set my breasts free. His fingers were rolling
my hard nipples around as he continued sucking and
licking my wet pussy right through the crotch of my
little panties. I could feel my orgasm starting “Oh
Jerry! Stop please! Stop your going to make me cum.”
This made him suck and lick me harder driving me out of
my mind.

In just seconds I yelled, “OH YES I’M CUMMING!” as I
rocked my hips up to Tim’s sucking mouth. Oh God that
orgasm felt so good going through me. Once this orgasm
ended I was trying to catch my breath. “Oh God did that
ever feel good.” Tim didn’t say a word as he hooked is
finger into my little panties and started them down my
legs. I raised my ass up to make it easier for him.
Once my panties were removed, I couldn’t wait to feel
which cock he was going to slip into me.

Just when I was thinking Tim was going to slip one of
his strap-on cocks in me I felt his tongue run right up
my slit. I jumped! “Mmmmm yes!”

That is when Tim did something to me that he had never
done before. He pulled my pussy lips wide open as far
as they would go. He went to work on just my hard
little clitoris. He was sucking it biting it and
rolling it around with his tongue. Never in all our
years of marriage had he ever eaten my pussy in the way
that he was now. Oh my God I was loving it. Right back
to my roll playing I screamed, “OH GOD JERRY! EAT ME!
OH YES! EAT ME!! Fuck my husband, this feels too good
to stop.”

I couldn’t believe it, his sucking was going to have me
cumming again very soon. My legs were flopping around,
as was the rest of my body. I couldn’t stop yelling
begging for him to keep eating me. My fantasy was going
wild now. In my mind it was Jerry eating me and I was
just about to cum the second time thinking of this man
I had been dancing with. Tim was totally out of the
picture now. I yelled, “OH GOD JERRY DON’T STOP! PLEASE

My body got fiery hot as my second orgasm started
through me. “OH JERRY I’M CUMMING!!” I held my ass up
off the bed with my pussy tight to Tim’s mouth. Tim was
sucking on my clit as hard as he could. I was cumming,
and he was still holding my pussy lips wild open. I
didn’t know I could cum that hard. I was cumming. I got
the feeling that I was going to pass out I came so

But I didn’t pass out. After my orgasm ended, I fell
back on the bed panting like a dog. Still roll playing,
I said, “Oh God! Jerry that was great. Please hurry up
and fuck me before Tim gets home, God I need it bad I’m
so horny.”

My pussy was so wet and in need of a cock I couldn’t
stand it. Tim gave my pussy one more kiss as he was
moving around on the bed. Then he hooked my legs over
his shoulders and pushed them back until my legs were
just about touching my breasts. I next felt the rubbery
head of a cock sliding up and down my slit getting
covered with my wetness. “Oh God Jerry fuck me, fuck me
good.” I pushed my hips up to him hoping it would slip

I didn’t have to wait long. Tim lined it up with my hot
and wet little pussy hole and pushed forward. The head
popped right inside me “Mmmmmmm, Yes, oh yesss, fuck me

Tim started working that hot cock inside me. Short and
slow pumps each time going in a little deeper. Before
long he had it as deep inside me as it would go. It
felt like it was eight or nine inches long. Then he
would slowly pull it back out until it popped all the
way out of me. And then, again, sink it slowly all the
way inside me. This slow fucking was driving me nuts. I
was pumping my hips up to him. Moaning loudly, “MMMMMM!

Tim must have liked me begging for it because he just
kept up this slow and deep fucking. I was about to go
out of my mind as I started begging for him to fuck me
faster. “Oh God Jerry fuck me. Fuck me good before Tim
gets home.” As I was humping my wet pussy up to his
hard cock, deep inside my body I could feel yet another
orgasm starting to build. “Oh God! Jerry, don’t stop!
Please! Oh yes! Make me cum again! Yes, YES! FUCK!!” I
started humping up to his hard cock even faster. Never
had sex felt as good as it was right then.

Finally, Tim started fucking me faster with long deep
strokes. This was what I needed! “Oh God! Jerry that’s
it! Yesss fuck me! Fuck me hard!!!” His speed kept
getting faster as my third orgasm grew nearer. The
faster Tim pumped into me the better it felt. My little
pussy was running over with pussy juice as he pounded
down into me. I was so near total orgasm. I yelled, ”

My orgasm exploded. I yelled out again, “OH JERRY! I’M

At that time, Tim pushed as deep in my hot pussy as he
could. It kind of felt like the rubber cock was cumming
inside me. I could feel it flex and jerk just like
Tim’s does when he’s cumming inside me. So I took this
feeling in my pussy and added it to our little game. I
pushed up to Tim. “Oh God! Jerry don’t cum in me, I’m
not on the pill!”

Panting and lying there in the dark, Tim pulled out of
me and got off the bed. I dropped my legs down still
spread wide open. I could feel my pussy juices running
out of my pussy down over my asshole and onto the bed.
I had never been this wet after sex, but then again
I’ve never cum like I had. “Oh Jerry! that felt so
good! You best get out of here before Tim gets home and
finds us like this.”

Then without saying a word Tim started playing with my
still hard clit. He sank a few fingers inside my hot
pussy then rubbed my pussy juice all around my clit.
“Oh God Jerry what are you doing? You better stop or
you’ll have me cumming again.”

Tim didn’t stop. He just kept on playing with my clit,
making me hotter and hotter all the time. I don’t know
how many times a girl can cum in a night but I was soon
well on my way to my fourth. Still playing this game in
my head, I moaned, “Jerry! Please stop! Please don’t
make me cum again” My hips started working up and down
to his fingers. “Tim is going to come home and find us
like this. Please stop.”

Just seconds away from my fourth orgasm, Tim stopped
playing with my clit leaving me high and dry, well not
dry. My hips were pumping into the air “Oh God! Jerry
what as you doing” Touch me! Play with me! Make me cum!
Don’t leave me like this! I was pumping air trying to
make myself cum.

I then felt Tim move over the top of me and between my
wide spread legs. Now I knew what was happening, Jerry
was going to fuck me twice before the bag came off my
head and Tim got home. I was all for this as I felt Tim
lining the rubber cock up to my hot and wet pussy hole.
The nice thing about Tim’s toy cocks, they are always
ready to go in a time of need. And this was a time of
need, I needed to cum again and fast.

Tim sank that hard cock back into me. “Oh God Jerry
that feels so good.” Tim pushed all the way inside me
with his first stroke. I think he was using the same
cock as the first time but it felt so much better this
time. Maybe it was the fact that I was so wet now that
made it feel so much better.

Whatever it was I just hoped that it would never end.
In my mind it was Jerry who was sliding his hard meat
into me. I hooked my legs around his back to pull him
deeper inside me. Oh my God this felt so good as he
started a nice fast pace of fucking me.

I started humping my ass up off the bed. Moaning,
“Mmmmmmm, Jerry. God this feels so good, Tim has never
fucked me like this.”

Tim grabbed my ass and pulled me up tight on his rubber
cock. His speed kept getting faster and faster. I
couldn’t believe how wet I was and the sounds my pussy
was making. The wet suction sounds of our love making
filled the room. I was yelling, “I’m cumming again. OH

I held my ass up off the bed pushing up to Tim. “OH

Then with just a few more strokes Tim pushed deep
inside me. He let out this funny sounding groan and
that rubber cock started pulsing deep inside me. I
started working my wet pussy lips up and down that
rubber cock as if I was milking all the cum out.

I dropped my ass back down on the bed as Tim slowly
pulled that cock out of me. Once he was all the way
out, I could feel more of my juices running out of me.
I felt Tim get off the bed and start doing something at
the foot of the bed. I was sure he was removing his toy
cock. He then opened and shut our bedroom door, like he
was just coming in. Then he finally spoke for the first
time, but still playing our little game.

“Nicole what’s going on here, why are you tied up like

“Oh God Tim! Jerry just raped me! He left just before
you got here.”

All at once the room got bright as Tim pulled the bag
off my head. I saw that he was nude with a big hard-on.
I didn’t see which rubber cock he’d used on me. He must
have put it away while he was messing around at the
foot of the bed. Tim kissed me. “Did he hurt you”” he
said while untied my hands. He began playing with my
still hard nipples and asked, “What did Jerry do to

“Tim, he ate me then he fucked me.”

Tim sucked one of my nipples in to his month and then
asked me if Jerry had made me cum. As he kissed my
other nipple I moaned “Mmmmm. Yes he made me cum four

Tim then slid his hand down my body very slowly. Once
his fingers made their way down to my hot and wet pussy
he sank two or three fingers right inside me. “Mmmmm,”
I moaned. And rocked my pussy up to his fingers. Still
working on my nipples with his mouth Tim bleated
“Mmmmm. Shit, you’re so wet! He came in you didn’t he?”

“Yes, tice!” I humped my pussy on his fingers a little

“Fuck I’ve got to have some of this.” He moved between
my legs and lined his hard cock right up to my sloppy
wet pussy hole. In one fast move he sank his hard cock
all the way inside me.

I pushed up to meet him.

“Oh God your pussy feels so good.” He pulled back out
maybe and inch then pushed back inside me as hard as he
could and moaned “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!”

I could not believe he came so fast. He didn’t even
pump me more than twice. I did the best I could do with
my slick wet pussy to milk the cum out of his hard
cock. Tim then fell down on top of me his cock
softening while still inside me. “Oh God! That felt so

I kissed him. “It must have, I’ve never seen you cum so
fast before.”

Tim kissed me back. “I’m sorry baby it just got to me.”

“What got to you?” I asked.

“All of it got to me. The feeling of your pussy full of
Jerry’s cum. The fact that he got you off four times.
All of it, it just felt so good slipping my cock inside

I kissed him, moaning, “Mmmmm. We may have to play this
game again. I think I liked it as much as you did.”

Leaving his cock inside me, Tim started asked me, “Did
Jerry hit on me at the bar. What turned me on. What
about Jerry?

“He was feeling my ass on the dance floor. As we slow
danced I could feel his cock getting hard and pushing
into my leg and lower belly.”

As I was telling Tim all the stuff that had turned me
on, I could feel his cock getting hard inside me again.

“What other things happened at the bar?”

Thinking a second I said, “Oh yes, I gave him a nice
view of my little purple panties and lace stocking tops
as I was getting up from the table. And that one really
turned me on knowing he knew what kind of panties I was

Tim got turned on by that remark. His cock got as hard
as a rock as he started pumping it into me. Kissing me
Tim said, “So you really liked acting like it was Jerry
inside you?”

Hooking my legs around his back, I moaned, “Oh God,
yes! We need to play this one out again for sure.”

Tim was now pumping in me at full speed. “God baby,
your pussy is so wet, so hot, mmmmm. You can count on
us playing this one out again. I’m sorry love, I’m
cumming again.” He gave me one more hard deep push as
his cock exploded deep inside me.

This turned into our new weekend game. When the kids
were away Tim would have me dress in sexy little
outfits and sit around the house. Then out of the blue,
he would put a bag over my head and drag me into the
bedroom for a wild night of sex.

It seemed like each time, Jerry would be raping me. We
played it out that he got me twice. I hoped I would
never run into Jerry anywhere. I didn’t know if I could
ever face him again. He had been my dream lover for two
months now.

One night Tim even set up our camcorder in the bedroom
and taped us going at it. I was yelling for Jerry to
fuck me harder and faster. I didn’t care for this too
much. I was worried about who would see it, or if it
would get in the kid’s hands or if someone broke into
our home and took it. In any case I only let Tim tape
us once. He has never let me see how my first porno
tape came out.


Now the story takes a big turn. For the last two months
I have missed my period. I went to the Doctor and found
out that I was pregnant. I told her she couldn’t be
right, that Tim had a vasectomy a few years ago. She
said, “She was sorry but the rabbit doesn’t lie, You’re
going to have a baby.

I was mad as hell as I drove home. Once Tim got home I
told him to get his ass on the phone to our attorney.
“We are going to sue his asshole Doctor that gave him
the vasectomy. I’m fucking pregnant!”

Tim turned all white, sat down in a chair and said,
“You’re what?”

“I’m pregnant!” I yelled. “Your fucking vasectomy
didn’t work or something!”

Tim shook his head, no, and then about floored me, “Are
you sure it’s mine?”

I gave him a hate look. “Fuck you! Yes I know it’s
yours! I’ve haven’t been with anybody else! How the
fuck could you even say that to me?” I started crying
and went into the bathroom locking the door.

After an hour or so I came out and went looking for
Tim. He said he was sorry for saying what he said, that
he was in shock or something. He was now in the living
room in front of the TV. He put his arm around me and
said that he loved me and we would get through this. I
replied I just don’t understand how this could have

“Well maybe this will help.” He took the remote and
turned on the TV. Then he hit play on the VCR. Up on
the screen popped up what looked like a still shot of
our bedroom. I asked, “What is this?”

“Just wait a minute and you’ll see.”

All at once I came into view dressed in my little black
bikini panties that had little white poke-a-dots on
them together with my black lace push-up Victoria’s
Secret bra. I had the silk bag over my head and Tim had
just given me a push towards the bed. I turned and sat
on the bed facing the camera. Then Tim moved in front
of the camera and blocked all the view it had. The
screen was all black as it was looking at his back.

“I don’t think this is the time to be watching our home
made movie!”

“Yes, I think it’s time you watched this.”

Just then Tim moved from in front of the camera and up
to me on the bed. I noticed he was wearing boxers. He
always wears jockeys. I looked at him, questioningly
and asked, “Where did you get those underpants?”

He looked at me, and then back at the TV. “Just keep

I watched. He pushed me back on the bed and tied each
of my hands to the bedposts. Once my hands were tied,
he unhooked the front hook on my little bra and set my
breasts free. I could see that my nipples were very
hard and sticking right up has he took turns kissing
and sucking on them.

After he had worked on my nipples for some time he got
off the bed and dropped his boxers. I still had a back
and kind of dark view of what was going on. Tim then
walked around to the other side of the bed. The
lighting got better now I had a front view.

My mouth fell open, as I watched what I could not
believe. It was not Tim in the boxers sucking on my
nipples, it was Jerry. I had a full view of him nude
with a big hard-on in my bedroom! He next got in bed
and started licking my pussy right through my little
poke-a-dot panties. I about got sick as I heard myself
moan, “Oh God! Jerry we can’t do this! Tim will be home
soon. All the time I’m working my pussy up to his hot
tongue. Next I watched as I raised my hips up off the
bed to help Jerry remove my panties.

I sat there with tears running down my cheeks as I
watched myself have two orgasms with this man licking
my pussy. I looked over at Tim. “I fucking hate you!
How could you do this to me?”

“Looks like you were enjoying it to me.”

I looked back at the screen to see that Jerry was
sliding his hard cock right inside me. I had my legs as
wide as they would go and was begging him to fuck me
before my husband got home. I looked back at Tim. “You
fucker! I was thinking it was you.” I started crying.
“My God I came with him!” “He made me come.”

“I know that’s why I loved watch him fuck you. You
seemed to like him more than me in bed. I was just
making you happy.”

“Making me happy” Are you fucking nuts” I got his baby
inside me! I’m married to you and have another man’s
baby inside me. How could you do this? Just then we
could hear me yelling on the TV, “OH YES I’M CUMMING,

“How many times did he do it to me?”

“Let me think about that. It was Jerry that night after
the bar. You know when you were showing off your
panties to him. And it was he every weekend after that,
Friday and Saturday nights! So I’m thinking maybe 14 or
15 times.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! That many times?”

Right then I could see that the camera was moving
around the room. I knew Tim was filming Jerry and me
fucking. I was humping up to him like a wild woman as
he was fucking me faster and faster. I heard myself

I watched as I pushed up to Jerry as he pushed deep
inside of me. We both started cumming at the same time.
Tim zoomed the camera in on Jerry’s hard cock shoved
deep inside my wet pussy. I could see his balls jerking
as he was pumping me full of his hot sperm.

After our orgasms ended Tim kept the camera zoomed in
on my pussy. Slowly Jerry started pulling his still
hard cock out of me. Once the head popped out it was
followed by big globs of his cum leaking out of me.

“You asshole! “You knew I could get pregnant and you
let him cum inside me?”

“I wasn’t planning on you getting pregnant. I just
loved the feeling of slipping my cock in you after
Jerry filled you up. I’m sorry that things turned out
as they did.”

“Sorry! You’re sorry? Sorry don’t cut it Tim! I’m
pregnant! Two months pregnant with Jerry’s baby. I have
a person growing inside me. It’s way too late to be
sorry. What the hell are we going to do? We are going
to have to tell Jerry that I’m having his baby. You’re
a fucking asshole!” I began crying again.

I looked up at the screen again and Jerry had my legs
pushed back until they were just about hitting my
breasts. He had his hard cock in his hand lining it up
to my pussy slit. In one slow move Jerry sank all his
cock inside me. Again Tim zoomed in on the penetration
and you could see Jerry’s cum oozing out around my
pussy lips and his cock. I heard me begging Jerry to
fuck me before my husband got home.

I sat there watching myself getting fucked again. I
came two more times with Jerry. Then he pumped more of
his hot sperm deep into me. And again after he came in
me Tim zoomed in on my pussy to show all of Jerry’s cum
running out of me. I saw Jerry get off the bed and wipe
his cock clean with my little poke-a-dot panties. For
the first time, I noticed how nice a cock he had. It
was soft. It was as long as Tim’s is when he’s hard. I
could feel myself getting wet as watched the TV.

Next Tim put the camera down on the dresser still
recording. He then shook Jerry’s hand and gave him a
pat on the back as he went out the door. It looked as
if he was saying, good job of fucking my wife.

Tim got in bed and pulled the sack off my head and
untied me. He then started asking me if I liked Jerry’s
big cock. I watched and heard my moaning, “Mmmmmm, yes
and I’m ready for some more.” Tim fingered my pussy a
few minutes then moved over the top of me.

I sat there, watching the screen as my husband was
running the head of his cock up and down my wet pussy
slit. He did this until it was covered with the sperm
that was running out of me. I heard him, “Oh God.
You’re so wet!” While he slowly started pushing his cum
covered cock inside me. I grabbed his ass trying to
pull him as deep inside me as Jerry had just been, but
it wasn’t going to happen.

As always Tim didn’t last to long at all. In a matter
of minutes he released his load, adding more cum to my
over full pussy. Now I knew why I was so wet when I was
released and allowed to get up.

Well, on one hand I was mad and hurt that Tim would do
this to me. But on the other hand, I got some of the
best sex in the world.

Tim and I worked it out between ourselves as to what we
were going to do. This was our plan. We agreed I would
have the baby. We were not going to tell Jerry it was
his. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I agreed to
keep on playing the little rape thing with Jerry on the
weekends up until I started showing.

Jerry still doesn’t know that I know he is the one
really screwing me on the weekends. Tim just loves
getting sloppy seconds and I love having orgasm after
orgasm with Jerry.

Our plan for now is that once I have the baby I’m going
back on the pill. We want to continue our life style. I
sure hope we do.