Always Willing Wife

Angela Perrini watched her husband, Dom, stuff spaghetti into his face while he watched her big, braless tits bounce as she moved around the kitchen.

God, he was a handsome bastard when I married him, she thought, and always hard, always ready.

Now he’s ready and hard only on Friday nights, after he’s slopped up enough beer before he comes home and enough Chianti at dinner.

It wasn’t Friday, it was Wednesday. That was why Angela was so surprised that Dom was looking at her tits with that gleam in his eye. Shit, she thought, that’s all I need, for him to change his fuck schedule! Wednesday night was her dance class with Mario. They did very little dancing.

“Want some more?” Angela asked, Dom grunted and nodded.

She spooned more spaghetti on his plate and refilled his glass with Chianti.

“Some more greens, too,” he growled.

Angela swiveled luscious hips in the direction of the refrigerator and got more salad. Long black hair fell forward to hide her face as she set the salad on the table.

Her husband’s eyes caressed her body.

“You got something on your mind, I can tell. But forget it… I’ve got dance class tonight.”

He grinned. “Yeah, I know. Go play footsie with your little faggot friend.”

Dom thought that. Mario was a queer. If he only knew.

Dom hated faggots. He preferred tits, and Angie’s tits quivered unrestrained, the way he liked them, behind her low-cut blouse. The dark centers swayed back and forth behind the white fabric and the nipples were hard. He licked his lips and shifted in his seat to ease the strain in his crotch.

As he walked around his chair toward her own, he slid a hand up her thigh, his thumb probing past unshielded hair and into the wetness of her cunt. His cock twitched, but she only patted his head patiently, standing still for his pleasure. “Cool it, Dom. The food’ll get cold.” Her nose wrinkled at him and her black eyes joined her lips in a practiced smile. She didn’t like him much.

Her tits bounced as she sat down. Dom’s eyes strayed on them, staring. She stared back at him. She could tell from his expression what his dull mind was thinking: “Do I want to fuck or eat?”

Then he made his decision.

He ladled meat sauce over his spaghetti and tasted it, wrapping it around his fork and following it with a hunk of fresh bread. “Good stuff, Angie. Better’n usual.”

She took a bite herself and watched him stuff food into his face. He was a sloppy eater, sauce dripping onto his chin, the pasta dribbling around his lips, and he didn’t reach for his napkin. Angela closed her eyes as she answered. “I’m glad you like it, Dom.”

There was silence for the rest of the meal. At last it was over. Angie quickly deposited the dishes in the sink and made for the bedroom. “I’d better hurry. I’ll be late for class.”

She pulled her leotard and slippers from the closet and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a pair of swelling tits the size of grapefruits.

Her eyes fell on Dom in the mirror. He was licking his lips as he gazed at her huge, bare tits. His hand caressed his cock through his pants as he stared at the dark circles in their centers.

“Go on,” he said.

Oh shit, Angela thought, tonight of all nights he wants to fuck!

“Dom, I’ll be late.”

“Go on!”

She undid the zipper at the side of her short skirt and let the cloth pool around her ankles. She wore no panties and the dark thatch that extended in a sweeping triangle from her navel, reaching toward her hips and diving between her thighs, didn’t quite conceal the pinkness of her slit.

Dom leered. He reached down and pulled his dick out of his pants, then came up behind her and ran the huge cockhead up and down the crease of her ass.

Damn, oh damn, he’s got a nice prick. If the bastard only knew how to use it! “No, Dom, not now!” But she could feel her body responding as the cock caressed her cunt hair between her thighs.

“I got the itch, Angie.”

“Why didn’t you have the itch last night, when I did?” she replied.

“Who knows? But I do now. And so do you. Your pussy’s wetter than hell!”

It was. She could feel her juice oozing from her cuntlips and dripping down her inner thighs.

Damn, damn, damn the bastard, she thought. But, why not? She would still have enough left for Mario — more than enough.

Her nipples were stiffening and she brought her hands to her tits and belly. The working fingers jerked the flesh, twitching the stubby buds of her nipples and moving the lips of her pussy so that her clit seemed to pulse with desire.

Dom reached for her, one hand going to her cunt, a finger pausing to caress her clit before diving between the lips to stroke her inner pussy.

Angela dropped to her knees to mold his prick in her hands. She watched his face as she undid the pants and pulled his massive cock farther into the open.

You dumb bastard, she thought, staring at the enormous tool, I would never have started fucking around on you if you’d given me as much of this as I needed!

Dom ran his fingers through her long black hair and tickled a tit. He was quiet, breathing hard, smiling, and when she gently rubbed his cockhead with a fingernail, he gasped.

She played with his balls, rolling them in their soft, hairy sac. She caressed his cock, running the foreskin back and forth over the head, inserting a finger under the moving skin, titillating him with her knowing touches.

He kept grinning, but his touch on her nipples became more urgent. He pinched them until she groaned. He clamped his fingers into her scalp, cruel and brutal.

She winced and tried to pull away, but he kept her close. “Don’t hurt me, dammit! I’ll do it. Real good!”

He pulled her head toward him and she bent to his cock.

Ten inches long and a little over two inches thick, his prick was big. But she was able to suck it into her mouth with no trouble at all. He pulled her harder against him, forcing her down on his dick. She resisted and began to swirl her tongue around his cock, swabbing, stroking, probing into the tiny slit at the top. Dom gasped again and his hands lost their urgency. Her mouth was skilled. She knew just how to suck him to give him the most pleasure, and the tongue thrusts were just the start.

Her head began to bob, lips sliding on and off the massive shaft. More and more of his meat disappeared into her throat with every stroke.

At his urging, Angie slid down until his cock pressed the back of her throat, but the nest of his hair was still three inches from her lips. She angled her head until she could feel his cockhead slipping into her throat. She swallowed, letting the constrictions of her muscles suck his dick until he groaned. Then she drew away and let only her tongue touch the head. She puckered the skin around it, holding it firmly, warmly, in her fist, and probed. Dom gasped.

His clenched muscles relaxed and she went down on him again. She wanted to bring him off as fast as she could, for when she managed to exhaust him it was always easier. She would be more than just hot and ready for Mario. She would rape him!

Her tongue swirled and tickled. She nibbled, pumped, and when she sucked, the pressure of her cheeks made him moan softly with pleasure. She drove down again and lodged his cock in her throat, her lips and nose being tickled by his coarse pubic hair.

She swallowed and her tongue licked out to touch his balls and knead the root of his big prick. Her mouth was strong and soon his muscles clenched again. She could feel the tension in her hands that rested on his asscheeks, but she didn’t stop. She sucked and swallowed harder, faster, and when he began to gush she swallowed his cock a little deeper.

The steaming cum streamed, spurting, into her throat. She sucked it all, drained every drop, and only when he sighed, pushed against her shoulders, and said, “That’s enough,” did she stop.

She lay back on the cream-colored shag rug while he zipped up. He moved slowly, his cock and his vitality both drained for flow.

Angela almost wished that she had fucked him after all, when she saw his cock disappear in his pants. But Mario would satisfy her.

“What time you gonna be home, Angie, baby?” Dom leered, eyeing her huge tits. “Maybe I’ll want another little taste.”

She knew that was a lie. He’d had a good come. He was done for days. “Late. Mario’s gonna show me a new routine.”

Dom shrugged and headed for the kitchen and his beer.

Angela smiled. Mario always had a new routine for her.

Mario was short, very dark, very sexy, and he loved to fuck. Angela knew he was fucking most of the women who came to his dance studio. But she didn’t care. Angela didn’t care how many other women Mario fucked. As long as he fucked her.

She walked into the studio with her eyes full of, “Let’s fuck!” She hadn’t even bothered to wear her leotard, or her pantyhose, for that matter. After Dom had gotten his blow job, he hadn’t noticed what she wore.

Angela had a fantastic body, and she knew it. Like her eyes, her body said, “Let’s fuck!”

“You are ready, aren’t you?” Mario said.

“You don’t know how ready, darling,” Angie purred. “Let’s go up to your apartment… now!”

He lived above the studio. Without waiting for his answer, Angela headed for the stairs, moving her ass as much as her skirt would allow.

Inside the room, there was no need for preliminaries. He closed and locked the door. By the time he turned, Angela had slipped the zipper on the dress and let it drop to the floor. Her nipples showed darkly through the thin material of her bra.

One hand moved toward her back to unfasten it. “Let me,” Mario murmured, and caught the hand.

Her hand crawled up his arm, as his other arm went around her. She moved against him, her tits spreading across his chest, her cunt mound grinding against his rising cock.

His mouth dropped to hers in a passionate kiss. Her mouth was hot, open, full of tongue. She wormed her body against him, working her hips hard and fast and making little frantic sounds in her throat.

They were like two animals, and they both knew it. There was no pretense at love, or friendship, or the hypocrisy of “getting to know each other”. The only thing that mattered for them at that, moment was the meeting of his cock and her cunt.

Angela leaned her head back, her lips at last lifting from his. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut and her lips were stretched across her white teeth, as if she were in pain.

“Hold me harder,” she moaned, adding a purring sound in her throat and grinding her cunt harder against his dick. “What do you want tonight?”

“Everything,” Mario rasped, using a free hand to undo his belt and fly.

“Me, too.”

He kissed her again and felt the full warmth of her magnificent body melt against his.

His fingers found the clasp of her bra, unsnapped it, and pulled it from her shoulders. At the same time she had removed his shirt. As the bra fell away, the full firmness of her tits burst forward to meet his naked chest. Her nipples were like two hard, hot buds as they pressed against his skin.

He fumbled with her panties.

“Rip them!” she gasped.

With one pull, he shredded them and felt the wet softness of her cuntal lips rub against his groping hands.

She slid to her knees and clawed at his pants and shorts until he was naked.

She put her hands around his cock and skinned back the foreskin. His cockhead bounced in front of her eyes, cum already oozing from its tip. She put one hand at the very base of his dick and the other right next to it. She still had inches of magnificent cock left over. The blood-filled veins throbbed in the huge shaft.

“Suck it a little, baby.”

“I just sucked off that asshole husband of mine. I want some meat in my cunt!”

“You’ll get it,” Mario laughed. “Just suck it and get it up a little harder!”

Eagerly, Angela opened her mouth and placed her lips on his cockhead. Just the tip went inside her mouth. She widened her, lips farther. Still the whole knob wouldn’t enter. Mario placed his hands on the sides of her jaws and massaged them. Her mouth, fell open and his velvety knob went inside her mouth, throbbing on her tongue.

“Now suck on it, baby, and move your head like it was your cunt,” he directed.

Angela hefted his heavy balls in one hand and started sucking on the knob of his big prick. Slowly she felt his hips start to move and felt the big cock slide effortlessly into her willing throat. It didn’t hurt. She didn’t gag. She sucked harder, loving the hardness of his giant hunk of meat as it slid over her tongue and down her throat.

Then her lips were touching her hand and she knew she had almost all of his prick inside her. She removed her hand from his cock and started, to take even more of it. She didn’t mind sucking Mario’s cock, because she knew there would be more — lots more — later.

Mario felt his knob expanding inside her throat, and no matter how hard he fucked her jaw, she took more.

She was some kind of woman. Angela had been the only woman he had ever been with who could handle that much of his cock in her mouth. Then her head was bobbing furiously back and forth. Her moans around his cock only added to the boiling sensation she was creating in his cum-filled balls.

“Wait,” he suddenly groaned, pulling his rigid dick from her face and lifting her by the armpits. “Now you,” she cried.

“The bed!”

He carried her to the bed and laid her gently on her back. Then he crawled between her upthrust legs and rocked back on his haunches to look at her. The sight of her white body writhing against the darker bedspread almost made him come without even fucking her.

“Eat me,” she panted. “Jam that long tongue of yours inside my pussy and lap the hell out of me!”

Quickly, Mario dropped between her thighs and his face ground into the dampness of her pussy.

Hungrily, her cunt came up against his mouth. It was wet and eager to be lapped. His tongue stiffened and slipped between the drooling lips of her pussy, and in another second he was eating her into a violent climax.

“Suck it loud!” Angela urged as she ground her pussy against his mouth. “I want to hear you eating me!”

He kissed her clit, sucked one cuntlip into his mouth, nibbled on it till she couldn’t take any more, then switched to the other.

Peeking over her belly, he watched her tits rocking back and forth on her chest while she gyrated her hips. Both nipples were tight little buds. He took them in his hands, gently massaging them with his fingertips. They felt warm to the touch and he wanted to stick them both in his mouth with her cunt.

“Yes, yes, OH, GOD, YESSSSS!” Angela wailed. “Tongue it, Mario. TONGUE THE CUM RIGHT OUT OF MY CUNT!”

She licked her dry lips. It was just about there. She felt it rising up from her toes. She was coming. Her face flushed and her heart pounded wildly in her chest. A thin layer of perspiration coated her soft skin. The bed shook and her sweet cunt-smell filled the air, drenching both their senses. Goosebumps lined the back of her arms and mushroomed on the flesh of her asscheeks.

“SUCK ME! BITE IT HARD! YESSSS! AHHHHH, stick your tongue in deeper… more, more… MORE! DON’T STOP! AAAEEEAAHHH, GOOOODDD!”

She exploded sweet cunt juice into his mouth. It gushed like an outgoing tide from her palpitating pussylips.

“Hmmmm, sweet juice,” Mario hummed as he sucked and swallowed the syrupy honey from her hole.

“Now, baby!” Angela wailed. “Now! RAM IT IN! FUCK MY CUNT WHILE I’M STILL COMMMINNNG!”

Mario slid up her body, positioned the head of his dripping cock at the center of her slit, and rammed home.

“Oh, shit, fuck me, you bastard, screw me, you fucking bastard!” she screamed, digging her nails into his rhythmically pumping asscheeks.

Mario gloated above her, knowing that he had ignited her fire, and that he could put it out.

He pivoted up on his knees and elbows above her crazily thrashing body, letting her tight cunt suck up and down the pulsating length of his rock-hard cock.

“Oh, yes, fuck! Fuck me like that! Do it, DO IT!” she chanted hoarsely, her voice rising in delight.

Mario slipped his hands under her quivering asscheeks, cupping one luscious globe in each hand. The aroused young wife flexed and unflexed her buttocks beneath his fingers. He jerked her harder up to his meat, feeling her pull her thighs back a little more, the moist opening of her pussy dilating and clasping around his digging cock with each thrust he made into her.

Slowly and methodically, he slid one hand toward her tight asshole. He rested his extended finger on the sweat-dampened flesh of the puckered rear opening. He felt her buttocks tense beneath his hand when he poked at the little hole, and then felt her push back, impaling herself on his finger. With a sudden stab, he pushed, feeling the soft, rubbery flesh yielding.

“AAGGHHH!” Angela squealed up at him, wiggling her pumping asscheeks around in his cupping hands.

He thrust forward with his hips, driving his rock-hard cock deep in her throbbing pussy and groaning in satisfaction as she came down hard with her buttocks, completing the finger-fuck into her asshole herself.

Mario lodged his finger all the way up to the second knuckle in her rubbery asshole. He wormed it around, curling the tip so that he could feel the ridge of his own cock through the thin membrane.

Angela rotated her buttocks on the finger, gasps of pain-pleasure bubbling from her lips as she jerked up and down with her pulsating cunt on his cock as it continued to fuck into her.

“Ohhh, yes, yes, stick your finger up my ass like that, Mario! Fuck me, yessss, fuck me!” Angela commanded in a voice that was wild with desire.

She moved one hand between them and found the sac of his cum-inflated balls. They felt soft and velvety, resting gently against the tips of her fingers. She squeezed lightly.

“Jeeeessus,” Mario moaned when she gripped the sac of his balls more firmly in her hand. He increased the strength of his thrusts, ramming the entire length of his cock all the way into the deepest part of her cunt.

She could feel the blunt rubbery head against her cervix as it completed its stroke. He pulled his lust hardened prick out more slowly than he had driven it in, and the soft ridges of her pussy gripped his cock as though reluctant to let it go.

“Ooooh, God, oh, so good, so gooooood!” she groaned.

“Jesus, Angie, baby, your old man’s an asshole if he isn’t fucking you every hour of every day,” Mario groaned.

“Ohhhh, oh, oh, deeper… harder! Fuck me, FUCK ME!” she begged, gasping as though she were close to death. Wet, smacking sounds reverberated through the bedroom. She looked up into his handsome face and loved what she was doing, loved giving herself so completely to the man who fucked into her like a wild stallion.

Her sensual body was slick with sweat. The skin above her quivering tits was soaked with perspiration, and the area of her pussy was hot with the mingled juices that seemed to spill out in an unending flow from her cuntlips. With each loud slap of his balls on the wet crevice of her ass, she could feel more of her juice pulse out.

“I’m close, baby!” he groaned.

“Me, too, lover! Oh, shit, Mario, do it! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” she chanted into his lust-contorted face. She was nearing her own orgasm, close… so close. She swung her thighs up higher and wound them around his back, waving her writhing ass in uncontrolled abandon from side to side and spiraling her cunt up and down crazily on his ramming prick.

“I’M COMING… I’M COMMMINNNG!” she suddenly shrieked, locking her ankles in a death-grip high up on his back. Her convulsing body shook and arched high as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face close to her own.

She felt the muscles of her cunt expand and contract. Her pulsating cuntal lips grasped his hard driving cock as a hot flood of female cum flowed down the split crevice of her ass to cover his balls. The wildness of the naked brunette’s orgasm started an aching pressure in Mario’s cock. Suddenly he felt his sperm-filled balls explode. He pulled his finger from her asshole and dug his hands into the soft flesh of her wildly rotating butt. He drew her body up in mid-air as great gasps of passion began spewing from his throat.

“Oh, Christ, OH!” he moaned as his orgasm ripped through him. His strokes increased. His belly smacked like a sweaty board against hers as the first spurt of his hot jism shot from the head of his cock and exploded deep in the depths of her sucking pussy.

Again and again the boiling jism erupted from his balls and shot into her willing, eager body.

Finally the two of them pulled slowly away from each other. But his dick had barely slipped from her cunt before her mouth had enveloped it. She mewled low in her throat as she sucked the mixture of both their juices from his meat.

“Jesus, baby, what are you doing?”

“Sucking your dick hard again, lover. I need more. Tonight, I need a lot more!”


It isn’t fair, Angela thought, staring at her reflection in the full-length mirror on her bedroom wall. Six months it had taken her to find a steady cock like Mario. Now the bastard was leaving town.

“Shit,” she said aloud.

How long would it take her to find another good cock? And how much fucking could she get out of Dom in the meantime?

She reached back and unhooked the clasp of her sheer bra. Bending forward, she let her creamy tits fall free. She flung the bra carelessly onto the bed and turned to face the mirror, naked now from the waist up. She took a huge breath of air and thrust her tits forward, examining her reflection with frowning satisfaction. Turning from side to side, she saw that her exercises were working; her tits were high and proud, not a hint of sag.

“Any man would drool to suck on those beauties. And what does Dom want all the time? Just to stick his dick in my mouth and come, come, come!”

She quickly unzipped her skirt. It slid down her smooth thighs and then over her knees, falling to a puddle on the floor. She pushed her panties down and combed her fingers through the thick mat of fur covering her cunt.

“You’re not a bad-looking broad for twenty-eight,” she breathed to the reflection staring back at her. “You’ve still got your dancer’s body even if you’ve lost your voice, Angela!”

From the time Angela was six, she had wanted to be a singer and a dancer. She worked hard at it — local TV, variety shows, even lying about her age and working in cheap dives to get experience.

Then, at eighteen, she’d gotten her break. Barry Golden had spotted Angela in a club one night and hired her at once as one of the back-up girls in his act.

A shiver went through her body as she thought of Barry. He’d been her first lover… and maybe the best one.

Her hands moved down her abdomen and groped at the thick, softly curling jet-black pubic hair up between her firm thighs. She slowly spread her legs and watched as the dark bush covering her cunt became wet in the half-light of her bedroom.

She felt her slit pulse against the tips of her fingers as she drew the narrow furrow open. She exposed the fleshy lips of her hot cunt to the cool air.

“Oohhh, shit, trading Barry for Dom was like trading a man for an animal!” she gasped.

Groaning, she thrust her middle finger into the moistened cuntal slit, feeling the lips of her pussy part slightly. Her mind raced wildly over the vision of Barry fucking her. She could still hear the smack of flesh against naked flesh, and the low mewling sounds of passion erupting from her throat. She recalled the length and thickness of Barry’s glistening cock as it had thrust in and out of her hungrily sucking cunt.

Thinking of her first fuck, the fire in her cunt burned more intensely than ever, demanding more to feed its hunger. She wormed in another finger, spreading her legs farther apart.

She looked down at herself to see one hand working on the nipple of her left breast while the other fucked rhythmically in and out of her glistening pussy. She imitated the thrust and counter thrust of a long, hard cock ravishing her cunt.

Angela’s mind went wild as she thought of Barry and how good it had been with him.

“We don’t play games in this business, baby,” Barry said, guiding her into his hotel room. “We let it all hang out, and we do it all!”

Angela was more than ready. She wanted a career and she wanted sex. Barry Golden stood for both.

The moment the door closed behind them, Angela went directly to the bed and sat on the edge of it. She crossed her long legs in such a way that the skirt fell open and bared her thighs to her pussy.

She watched, her pulse racing, as Barry stepped toward the bed. He had a hard-on.

He sat on the edge of the bed beside her. Her whole body shaking with tension as he brought her close to him and put his lips to hers. It was a long kiss, more beautiful than any kiss she had ever shared before. Without coaxing, she parted her lips and eagerly accepted his tongue, letting him taste the melted honey of her mouth. It was a kiss that robbed her of all conscious thought and turned her body into a seething volcano of passion.

For all their bigness his hands were so soft, so sure, so gentle, his touch light and thrilling. He didn’t grab or squeeze. Parting the front of her blouse, he put his hands on her naked flesh, cupping her right tit and then lowering his head to lovingly kiss and suck the nipple.

Her tits felt huge, as if they were going to burst. She was aware of her breath deepening as he filled her whole body with new and jarring emotions that were fierce and demanding — yet at the same time romantic and beautiful.

With the same gentleness with which he had kissed and fondled her tits, Barry lowered her onto the bed. He kissed and tongued all the right places, bringing her to unknown heights of passion.

Somewhere along the line — she was not sure just when — he paused just long enough to remove his clothing. Angela had long since lost all track of details. She knew only that he was back on the bed with her, positioning her so that her head rested on the pillows, her long hair fanned out on each side of her face. She needed no prodding to spread her legs for him. He positioned himself between them. Looking down over her tits, she could see his cock — every bit as big and beautiful as she knew it would be.

Impatiently, she lifted her ass off the mattress and arched her back to meet him. She could have sworn that she heard the sizzling contact as the flaming head of his prick touched the dripping pink flesh of her cunt and he entered her.

His magnificent cock sank deeper and deeper into her cuntal flesh, filling her pulsing hole to absolute capacity, the room and everything in it began to spin around and around. Her senses reeled with lust. She arched her body toward him as his hands fondled the high pointed tits. She kneaded them gently as she wriggled her belly and thighs against his. Soft, sensuous gurgles erupted from deep within her throat.

She stroked his firm, muscular body, setting him aflame with fiery lust as their hot lips clashed in a smoldering, demanding kiss.

“I’m crazy about you, baby. What a fantastic body!” She continued stroking his hard body, further arousing him. The animal vitality of his strength fanned her senses to such a degree that she lunged toward him, her enormous tits heaving as she twisted beneath him.

Barry bent his head over the large, succulent mounds and devoured them as his cock stoked the fire in her cunt higher and higher. He sucked the delicious nipples and they swelled and grew taut under his hot lips. Angela wailed with delight as her cunt grabbed his hard cock.

“Oh, honey, ooohhhhh,” Barry moaned huskily. “I can’t wait!”

Then he went wild, ramming down hard, spreading her fleshy thighs as she clawed at the small of his back and heaved her buttocks up. He tried to go easy, prolonging the sensation.

“Stay with me baby, easy does it,” Barry groaned.

“It’s wonderful!” Angela cried, her voice muffled against his chest. “I’ve never, felt so wonderful — so wild!”

Desperately he tried to slow down, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control himself much longer. He mouthed her swollen tits as his prick rammed her cunt in hard strokes.

Angela balanced her weight on her shoulders as her body arched up, meeting him stroke for stroke.

She was whimpering softly as she rouged his firm flesh with her fingernails.

Hot, convulsive lust flooded her body as her hips rotated swiftly and her asscheeks reared and bucked. She clamped down hard, sending hot stabs of pleasure to her cunt.

They soared upward at a savage paced. Consumed with fiery passion, Angela muttered low throaty words of endearment. As the pace increased to a frantic crescendo, she shut her eyes tightly, hanging on as the smoldering come convulsed her body.

Their wild fuck session went on and on as they passionately fell apart, rested, then clamped together again. They were caught up in another world, another time.

“Oh, God, God, Barry, darling, fuck me, screw my cunt, fuck it, FUCK MIBEEB!” Angela heard her voice fill the room.

Her face contorted as she felt her cunt coming and coming again — tiny fiery fingers of pleasure leaping through her clasping and unclasping cuntal walls — and her whole body vibrated in the throes of continuous orgasm.

“Aaargghbh, Jesus!” Barry moaned. “I’m coming… I’M COMING AGAIN!”

“Oh, good, good, good, darling!” she gasped.

“Fuck me! Fuck me always!”

“There ain’t no such thing as always, baby.”

Angela’s quivering pussy grew wetter still, the white-hot juices gushing from around her fingers and covering her hand. She could feel it running in warm, slippery rivulets down the insides of her trembling thighs to her knees.

She stayed in a position with her legs splayed out wide, enjoying the last flutterings of dying pleasure that coursed through her cunt. Finally, the last throes subsides and she withdrew her fingers from her warmly quivering cuntal passage.

But the come hadn’t satisfied her, nor had it driven the thoughts of Barry from her mind.

He had fucked her brains out and promised her the moon. Together, he said, they were going to go right to the top.

But it hadn’t worked out like that. Somehow, in the shuffle, Barry went on and she got left behind.

Without Barry, show business was suddenly cold and lonely for Angela.

Along came Dom, offering security. He didn’t actually sweep Angela off her feet, but he seemed safe.

The marriage had been all right at first. But all too quicky Dom had riled their lives into a routine. He might have been a suave investment counselor at the office, but Angela soon found out that he was a thoughtless, uncaring animal at home.

She resorted to community theater. At least it kept her on the fringes of the entertainment world. But Dom decided he didn’t like it. So out it went.

Angela’s legs were still quivering from the force of her come, and her face was flushed with the vivid, lust-filled memories of Barry. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror and saw the reflection of her sparkling eyes and the tiny contented smile playing at the corners of her moist, pouting lips.

She was too young to just dry up and, by God, she wouldn’t!

A cold emptiness filled her belly at the thought of her husband and she found herself mentally repeating the question she’d asked herself a thousand times. Why in God’s name had she ever married him? Other than the fact of his money and the things it could buy, she hadn’t loved him.

For security, that’s why.

Angela’s father had died when she was only three years old. Her mother had been a registered nurse and had drummed into her head since she was old enough to understand to marry for security, “So you won’t have to slave like I do!”

Well, her mother had done her work well, even if she hadn’t lived to see the fruits of her advise. She’d died just shortly before Angela had left Barry.

Angela never knew what her mother did for sex. Maybe she hadn’t needed it.

“Well, I do!” Angela said to the mirror. “And I’m going to get it, even if it’s from my own, uninterested husband!”

Dom was surprised. He never cared much for the candlelight dinner and soft music scene. But here it was, complete with Angela in a low-cut dress that barely kept her tits from spilling out onto the table.

“What’s all this?” be asked.

“It’s called romance, honey,” Angela said. “It’s supposed to get you in the mood.”

“I’m in the mood. I’m fucking starved. Let’s eat.”

Angela nibbled at her food as Dom gorged himself. When he was finished he grabbed the paper and retreated to the den.

Oh no, Angela said to herself, not tonight! She followed him and flipped off the TV. “Angie, what the fuck…”

“That’s it, Dom… fuck,” she said.

“Angie… I’m beat.”

She paid no attention. One touch at her zipper and the dress lay in a puddle at her feet. She wore no bra or panties.

“Jesus Christ, Angie… naked as a jaybird, and right in front of the windows!”

Suddenly she hated him. But something wouldn’t let her be defeated. She felt as though she was being directed by powers stronger than her own will. She felt wilder, more abandoned than ever before in her life, and she actually reveled in her nudity as she let him drink his fill with his eyes.

Then, suddenly, she felt overcome by a desire to dance. She began to gyrate, wiggling her hips rhythmically, letting her big tits swing. Her lust became greater and her sensuous dance more abandoned. Her gyrations became frenzied, her long hair flying out behind her, her hands high in the air over her head.

Her mind screamed as she moved her hands to her pussy and spread the soft, pink lips. I’ll make you want it, you bastard, I’ll make you take it!

“Jesus, Angela, that’s filthy!”

But it was working. His prick was coming up in his pants. Angela bent, her legs spread, her ass practically in his face.

The sight of the full rounded moons of her ass caused Dom’s already swelling dick to lurch in his pants as he gaped at the crevice between her asscheeks. She straightened up and moved toward him. Dom stared, his breathing tightening in his throat as she crossed the room, her luscious, rounded assglobes quivering delightfully as she walked.

He unzipped and whipped out his cock. “All right, you bitch, you want it? Here it is! SUCK IT!”

As hot as Angela was, his words and actions were like ice water being thrown over her body. Now she not only didn’t want to fuck him, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand having him touch her.

She stopped short before reaching him, sudden anger seething inside her at his selfish words. Abruptly, the overwhelming desire to hurt her husband, to slash at his stupidity was too strong to suppress. She sensed the sardonic smile twisting her mouth when she spoke. “Are you queer, Dom? Is that why you never want to fuck anything but my mouth? Is that the only way you can get off, don’t with a blow job?”

“What did you say?” Dom mumbled, staring at her, the full meaning of his wife’s insult not registering for a long moment. But then it did and he felt his own anger beginning to boil. “What the hell are you getting at? Are you saying that I’m some kind of inadequate lover or something?”

“Oh, scarcely that!” Angela hissed sarcastically. “Not good old reliable Dom. Why, you conceited ass, you!”

Dom’s stinging slap to her cheek carried her backward several feet. She didn’t expect it. He’d never struck her before.

“You sorry slut!” he snarled, suddenly moving toward her with clenched hands, his red-rimmed eyes glaring with fury.

Angela had never been afraid of Dom before, but at that very moment she was. Her cheek burned hotly from the sting of his slap and the viciousness in his eyes was something she’d never seen before. She’d gone too far this time.

“Dom, listen to me! Dom, please!” she heard herself stammer as he backed her to the sofa. Her cunt was dry now and her mind full of fear. She’d gone too far and she knew it. She just hoped he wouldn’t hurt her. “It’s all right, Dom, I’ll blow you!”

She hardly got the words out of her mouth when Dom was on top of her, his weight crushing down into the sofa, pinning her while she continued to plead with him.

His big hands were all over her, clutching and squeezing cruelly at her soft flesh. Before she realized it, he’d stripped off his own clothing. Then she saw his swollen, rigid prick throbbing angrily.

Dom forced his way between her thighs, lifting them high and thrusting them back ruthlessly against her enormous tits.

“Oh, God, Dom, please! What’s gotten into you?” Angela pleaded. “Have you lost your mind?”

“Not really. Just for a minute, maybe… but I think I’ve just found it again, you slut,” he snarled thickly, his contorted face a mask of lust.

His hand shot down between them. Angela felt the blunt, bulbous head of his cock spreading open the tender lips of her dry cunt.

He ran his dick up and down her dry slit until the head was in. Then, with a deep animal growl, he rammed into her.

“OH SHIIIT, DOM, EASY!” Angela cried.

“Easy, shit!” he hissed and lunged again.

She sobbed, her body squirming as the thickness of his meat smashed into her, scraping against her tender inner flesh. Unwillingly, that same flesh squeezed desperately, as if her fuck hole was trying to spit out his unwanted dick. But the massive tool was already thundering without mercy into her pussy.

Dimly, Angela heard Dom gasp as the clamping cuntmeat around his prick while he continued to push deeper into her, forcing the warm, unreceptive walls of her pussy in waves before his throbbing prick.

She could never remember Dom being this wild, not in all their years of marriage. He was like a maniac, and his dick was bigger than she’d ever remembered it, plunging, fucking, hammering, reaming her cunt. It caused sharp twinges of mixed pain-pleasure to ripple through her pussy.

Tears filled her eyes, tears of hate and rage. God, how she hated him! He was pounding into her cunt so hard she could feel it all the way to the back of her throat.

“You bastard, go easy!” she sobbed. “GO EASY! YOU’RE RIPPING ME APART!”

“That’s just what I mean to do, you cunt!”

And then he was pressing her knees back harder into her tits, raising her cunt slot greedily up to his pile driving prick. Suddenly his hands were roughly kneading the soft flesh of her tits and she could feel the tender skin beginning to bruise. All this while he thrust in and out of her fuckhole insanely, squirming and rutting, making her cry out with every inward lunge.

She had never thought of her husband as a person to be afraid of, but she was at that very moment. The fear that he might injure her struck her. His cock seemed to be ballooning bigger and bigger and ramming higher and higher. Her pussy could only take so much hammering.

And then, suddenly, Angela realized that she was trying to shove her damp cunt up against his rampaging cock. His heavy balls were slapping into the crevice of her ass, sending new sensations rippling sensuously through her pussy and belly. She was sore and burning inside her raw, moist cunt, but a building pressure was growing to a point of unexpected lust.

It swept her whole mind blank. She wanted to think of nothing but the cock’s size and the sweet frenzy of it as it raged and fucked her.

Dear Christ, was it possible? Dom was going to make her come!

She started to reach up and grab his neck with her arms. She wanted to kiss him. Then she felt it. His plunging prick began to pulsate and jerk.

Oh, Dom, no! Oh no!

“Please, not yet, Dom! Please hold off, daring! Another few seconds! Ohhhh, please… PLEASE!”

She might as well have been a whore lying there beneath him. Dom’s eyes gaped vacantly and his mouth hung slack. He grunted aloud, then she felt his heavy meat spewing into her. Again and again she felt hot squirts of scalding cum. She cried out while she thrust her pussy desperately up onto his deflating prick. She heaved her hips and asscheeks upward with a frenzy, trying to wring her orgasm from the now-limp cock.

She didn’t know that he was unconscious for nearly a half-minute, until his dead weight began to crush the breath from her and she rolled him away, feeling his flaccid cock pop out of her still-grasping cunt hole with a wet, sucking sound.

“You fuck… you bastard… you asshole!” she cried. “Even when you fuck me, you can’t last long enough to get me off! SHIT!”

She began to cry, even as she smoothed her hand down over her belly and through the damp cunt hair to the moist, velvety flesh of her pussy. She found her throbbing, tiny clit and tweaked it twice. It needed more. Nevertheless she continued to stroke it tenderly while the spasms of coming jolted through her voluptuous body. But it wasn’t the same as if a cock had brought her off.

As the unsatisfying orgasm finished its flutter through her body, she knew that the very next day she would start looking for a cock to replace Mario.


“I’ll eat in town tonight… gotta talk to a client,” Dom said.

Angela nodded and buried her face back in the morning paper. It had been a quiet breakfast. Dom was obviously contrite after the previous night’s rape, but Angela was having none of it.

The door had barely closed behind him when Angela saw the ad and nearly fell off her chair.

There it was, smack in the middle of the entertainment section. Barry Golden’s picture. The ad said that he was appearing for one week only at the Barbary Coast Club. The article underneath the picture nearly made Angela faint as she read it. “Barry divorced… deserting Hollywood for the time being and returning to club work…”

It was too good to be believed, Angela leaped for the phone and made a reservation for that evening.

Like a madwoman, she dressed and headed for town. She shopped until she found just the right dress. Then came the full works at a beauty salon, then back home to dress.

Barry Golden would see her as a woman now. This time it would be different — for both of them.

She checked her image in the mirror. The gown was slit high on the sides. The slightest movement of her legs would show the beginning of her rounded ass. It was a sexy outfit, the neckline low enough to show a good portion of her luscious, firm tits. She had a fantastic figure, and she was proud of it. God had given her a body for pleasure, she reasoned, and she would utilize it to its fullest.

Then she was ready and it was time to go.

“Look out, Barry Golden. You won’t even know what hit you!”

“Jesus, Angie, I couldn’t believe it when I looked down at ringside and there you were!”

Angela smiled. He was as handsome and desirable as ever. The dark hair was just as thick and curly, the brown eyes still flashed sex at every woman in the room, and the well-muscled body moved like a cat under the expensively cut clothes.

He had barely finished his first set when his manager, Harry Mayberry, had come to the table and escorted Angela back to Barry’s dressing room.

Now they sat on a couch, staring at each other and sipping champagne. Each time their eyes met, Angela could feel the old vibrations shudder through her body.

“I was sorry to hear about you and Sheila,” Angela said, referring to the chorus girl he had married.

“Were you?”

“Not really,” she laughed.

“And what about your marriage…?” Barry asked.

“What about it?”

Barry shrugged. “How’s it going?”

“Not good… not bad,” Angela replied.

“Now tell me really.”

“It’s baring, Barry. Downright, fucking boring.”

He put his glass down and took hers as he moved closer to her on the sofa. “That’s what I hoped you’d say.”

Their lips met in a tongue-dueling kiss as he slid his hand into the slit at the side of her skirt. He pushed the skirt all the way to her lap, and his hand slid off her sleek hose to land on smooth, warm skin. His cock stiffened.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good!” he murmured. “Take me to bed,” Angela breathed, “and you can feel me all over. I really need a man tonight, Barry, and the one I want is you.”

Barry’s mind reeled. Talk about an angel dropping straight out of heaven! This had to be his luckiest day of all time!

“Jesus, you really mean it, don’t you?”

“You’re damn right I mean it. Do you have time before your next set?”

“Shit, baby, I’ll take the time! In here!” There was a smaller room with a bed where he could rest between sets, Angela followed him into it, both of them tugging on their clothes as they moved.

“Pour us two more drinks, will you, darling?” she asked as soon as they had closed the door behind them.

He complied, standing at the wide dresser that served as a bar. He had his back toward her. There was a mirror above the dresser, but he didn’t look in it as he uncapped the bottle and poured the drinks.

Angela quickly dropped her dress to the floor, and when Barry turned to face her, holding the drinks, she was standing in the center of the room, wearing a lace-trimmed white bra and white panties edged with lace. Her bare thighs gleamed invitingly.

“Like me this way?” she asked teasingly, and turned, showing off her rounded, nylon-clad buttocks before she faced him again.

“Honey, you’re terrific!” Barry growled, and his eyes told her he was ready to eat her alive right now.

If another girl had behaved this way — a girl who hadn’t meant anything to him — she would have cheapened herself in his eyes. And while he might have fucked her and enjoyed it, he wouldn’t have given her the time of day afterward.

But Barry could never regard Angela as cheap, no matter what she did. She knew that. And she knew, also, that if she really convinced him that he meant something to her, the sky would be the limit.

Angela took the drink from his hands, touched the glass against his, then raised her glass to her lips and took a sip. She kept watching him cozily. His eyes searched her up and down. He tried to be subtle about it, but Barry wasn’t exactly the subtle type. Seeing her this way — in her panties and bra — was a dream come true. He practically devoured her with his eyes.

Angela set her glass down. “Want me to take off something else?” she teased.

Barry grinned. “Honey, you just do anything you like.”

Still watching him, Angela reached behind her and unhooked the bra. She placed an arm across her tits to hold the cups in place, and with the other hand she slid the shoulder straps down her arms.

She drew out the suspense while Barry’s gaze remained glued to her chest. Then she suddenly whipped the bra away, causing her naked breasts to leap and quiver. The sight was dazzling.

“Jesus,” was all Barry could manage to say.

Angela laughed and waggled her shoulders from side to side, causing her tits to wobble deliciously, their soft flesh shimmying as her stiff nipples grew harder.

“Baby, I might never get to that next set.”

“You will, then you’ll be ready to go again!” She had one fleeting thought of Dom, but it quickly disappeared when Barry dropped his shorts and she saw the hardness of his ready cock.

She wouldn’t stop now.

She hooked her fingers through the elastic of her panties. Her heart raced as she bared her cunt to his eyes.

“Oh, fuck,” he growled. “It is indeed the promised land!”

His kiss was sweet, with tenderness and warmth in it. It was soft, a gentle delight that made Angela want to give rather than take. It was a kiss of the kind she had always dreamed of a kiss that was tender, considerate, giving pleasure without demanding anything in return.

But it was also a kiss that made her want to give. A great ball of tenderness welled up within her, bursting and leaving her weak.

“Hold me close, Barry,” she whispered. “Take me… fuck me!”

They moved to the bed, and Angela wantonly pressed her beautiful, curvaceous softness into the hardness of his cock that thrust and strained against the sweat of her belly.

Suddenly, Barry turned her in his arms and crushed her to him, struggling to get the whole length of her pressed into his burning flesh.

His lips came down hard on hers, and his tongue met hers as it darted into the warm flesh of her lusting mouth. He tongue-fucked her for a long moment, his hands clutching at her soft asscheeks as he ground his cock against the lips of her yearning, hungry cunt.

“Oh, shit, I want you, baby,” he moaned. “It’s just like old times.”

“I want you, too, Barry. I want your big, beautiful cock in me, just like those old days!”

Her arms went up and her hands found the back of his neck. She thrust herself into him, communicating her desire and her lust.

She felt his hands frantically kneading the smoothness of her ass. Then his hand crept slowly to her tit. She wriggled against him with delight as his palm cupped her luscious globe, rubbing against her nipple, arousing it to even greater erection. Her tits leapt to his mouth and he captured first one and then the other in his warm lips.

She had been moving her hands down his body as he sucked at her tits. She found and gripped his massive cock. It pressed, naked, against her belly, ready to fuck her when the moment was right. But still he didn’t rush. He continued kissing her body all over, driving her wild with anticipation and desire.

He kissed her lips, drew a line down her neck to her tits. His tongue traced a hot circle around the throbbing nipples, making them ache with desire. Then his lips closed softly over them and Angela thrilled to the tugging sensation as he mouthed them eagerly.

She took his hand and guided it to her cunt. She gasped with delight as she felt his finger enter her seething slit. Roth her hands were busy working with eager lust, caressing his hot cock. Her head was swimming and she felt almost weak. A thousand things seemed to be happening inside her body at the same time. His huge, rigid dick pressing against the softness of her belly seemed to ignite a hundred tiny fires throughout her body. And the hardness of his body pressing against her sensitive tits made her tremble.

His tongue met hers, rubbing sensually against it and teasing her tauntingly. Then she felt his huge hand grasp the cheeks of her ass to begin rubbing her in slow, undulating grinding motions.

Then his head was moving down her body. “Want it?” he asked.

“Yes, YES! EAT ME!” Angela gasped.

“Tell me how much you want it, baby. Let me hear it,” he teased, massaging her clitoris very gently with his thumb as he stared up into her beautiful face.

“Oh, please!” she pleaded.

“Say it.”

“Lick it! Please, lick my cunt until I come, darling! I want it… I NEED IT!” she exploded, groaning under his manipulation of her blood engorged clitoris. She watched him smile, then drop his mouth to her aching crotch. His tongue flashed out and buried itself in the meat of her succulent pussy.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Angela moaned with sheer pleasure as the waves of passion began moving through her veins. Her chest heaved as she drew in deep breaths, and her heart was pounding crazily in her ears.

The beautiful wife felt a dozen new sensations sweep through her. It seemed as if the juices in her body were concentrated in her cunt and moving quickly from a simmer to a hard, fast boiling movement. Her tits were so hot she could swear they were ready to blow up.

“OH! OOOOOOHHHHHHH!” she cried as a tiny earthquake rippled through her body. She felt as if she were going to explode.

“Okay, baby,” Barry said softly, “how about a good fucking now? Are you ready to find out what this beautiful pussy of yours was created for?”

“Yes! OH, GOD, YES!” Angela cried. She was so aroused she could think of only one thing — gorgeous relief from the raving passion that held her so firmly and completely in its grip. Something inside her cried out that she was a woman and about to be fulfilled as a woman.

It’s been Barry that I’ve needed all the time, Angela thought, and it’ll be Barry I’ll have!

Barry rammed forward, plugging the hot hole of her cunt with his meat.

Her response was electric. Now that he was in her, she wanted it all. “Beautiful cock! Big, thick, gorgeous cock! Fuck me with it! Give it to me! Ream out my fuck hole with that beautiful hunk of meat!”

Her legs parted, lifted, and she wrapped them around his lunging body. As his long, thick, hot prick speared her seething pussylips, she squeezed him with her legs and felt the pressure of his cock throughout her entire body.

Barry could feel her cunt closing over his cock and it was wonderful. The flesh inside her pussy was warm and slick as her juices sent their heat to his plunging tool. Her cunt was spectacular. It felt more like a suck than a fuck.

“Oh, darling, ram it home! Ram it home! I don’t want this moment to ever end!”

“We’re going to spend the whole night together, baby,” Barry rasped, spearing his giant cock again and again into the depths of her hole, “And we’re going to fuck and fuck and fuck!”

“Anything, darling, anything you want!” Angela gasped. “I’m all yours! Love me! FUCK ME!”

Barry could hear her, but he didn’t care what she said. All he wanted to do was shoot the most tremendous load possible. Her cunt was so much more fantastic than others he had fucked. His penetration was such that the feeling was absolutely electrifying.

Angela unwrapped her legs and dug her heels into the bed, raising her cunt more to his angle. He couldn’t believe that his cock actually went deeper on each plunge. The angle also brought her clit into direct contact with his sliding, driving prick, and she knew she would soon be at the peak of her come.

She looked up at him, put her arms around his neck and pulled herself up. She kissed him, pressing herself to him and rubbing herself up and down his hard, lean body while his cock worked faster and faster inside her fuck hole.

She gasped and clutched him. He grabbed her arms and pushed them down beside her body while he thrust into her as hard as he could. He was grunting and straining, tense with desire. His heavy, fat prick made wet sluicing sounds as he drove it in and out, in and out of her clutching hole. His thighs smacked against her ass. She twisted and writhed beneath him, her eyes closed, teeth biting into her lower lip.

He could sense her rising excitement and controlled it with the thrusts of his prick. He watched her face as she came nearer and nearer to orgasm. He thrust deeper and still harder.

Then he reached down and inserted his little finger in her asshole and worked it around, feeling his prick moving in and out just the other side of the delicate membrane that separated the two openings.

He reached around and under her with both hands, catching her asscheeks, one in his left hand and one in his right. He was panting hard, smacking his pelvis against her bone as hard as he could. He fucked her deeper and still deeper as he squeezed and kneaded her big ass.

“Don’t stop!” she suddenly cried. “Oh, please don’t stop! I’m there… THERE!”

And then, as he pushed into her still harder, her words turned to formless cries and she had her climax. Great spasms shook her body as she came. Sweat rolled off her, and her hair dangled over her contorted face. She collapsed, crying and moaning. It was what Barry needed. With a few final thrusts he felt his own passion reach its limits. The dam broke and his cum spurted into her cunt in great globs.

He groaned loudly as the last drop of jism left him. Then he sat back on his heels, his shrinking prick slipping from her cunt.

Angela fell over on her side, her tits still heaving as she breathed in quick, shallow gasps and stared up at him.

Suddenly a wide grin spread across her beautiful, glistening face. “Now that’s what I call fucking!”

“Yeah,” Barry panted, “it sure was. How’s it feel to fuck a star, baby?”

“I’ll let you know after the next one,” she giggled.

“Good enough for me,” he grinned. “It’ll be a short set, believe me!”

Angela could feel the juices of her pussy soaking through her skirt. It had been a short set, all right. And right after it, Barry had hustled her to his car and off they went toward his hotel.

She realized it was late. Dom would be wondering where the hell she was.

She didn’t care. The hell with Dom.

She turned in the car and faced Barry. “You know, of course, that this is crazy.”

“Shit, baby, that’s the idea. Wild and crazy, doing what we want to do when we want to do it. Isn’t it? Come on, Angie, sweetheart, get my prick out and suck it, tickle it with your tongue!”

She couldn’t help the powerful emotions Barry fired inside her cunt, and before she actually realized what she was doing, her hand had moved to the front of his swelling pants, opened the fly and was moving inside his shorts to clasp his hot, hardening dick.

Gently she brought it out to the sound of his little gasps, then dropped her eyes to absorb the cock’s long thickness. She eased back its heavy foreskin, exposing the moist cockhead and the drops of pre-cum oozing from the tiny slit.

She giggled. “I’ve never sucked a guy’s dick in a moving car before!”

“You don’t know what you’ve been missing!” Barry said, screeching around a corner.

Angela bent her head under his arm, between his body and the steering wheel, and licked her warm tongue over his cockhead, wiping away the cum drops with its tip.

“Ohhh, shit, yeah, Angie baby! Oh, fuck, that’s delicious!” Barry croaked. “Give my prick a good sucking while I find us a place to park!”

Recklessly, with his left hand on the wheel and his right caressing her tits while she sucked his cock, he maneuvered the car at break-neck speed. He wheeled into the hotel parking lot and the big car rocked to a stop.

“Jesus,” he rasped, raising her head up off his hardened prick and staring into her lust-filled eyes. “I swear, baby, no one can suck a dick like you can!”

Angela threw her arms around his neck and clasped her soft lips to his while he searched her mouth with his tongue.

“I love you, Barry,” she whispered hoarsely.

“Yeah, sure, baby,” he managed, pressing her back into the corner of the seat and spreading her long, shapely legs apart. “Yeah, I love you, too, but right now I’ve got to fuck you!”

“Oh, darling, yes, I want you to fuck me! But wait, let me help you!”

She had sucked his dick into a hammering hardness and now, as he watched her raise her dress up around her waist, lift her asscheeks slightly and begin to roll her sheer nylon panties down over her naked hips and thighs, he thought he’d blow his mind. Shit, she was too much.

“Jesus!” he gasped, gazing down at the teasing pussy that she had completely exposed to him by spreading her white, raised thighs wide. “You wanna go to the room?”

“Yes,” she smiled, “right after you fuck me in the car.”

“First I want to taste this sweet pussy,” he murmured in her ear. “I want to love it and lick it and tongue-fuck it until you’re screaming for more.”

Angela moaned aloud. “Yes… take it… it’s yours, take it!”

He leaned forward, kissing her navel and tickling it with his tongue.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, tensing her muscles against him. Her hands slid through his hair, pulling him even closer to her.

His lips traveled down her warm belly and nuzzled in the curly fur of her pussy. He used both thumbs to press the center of her cunt open. He widened the crack. Pink lips peeled back to reveal their inner shell, scalloped membranes of a much deeper pink. His nose was assaulted with a heavy perfume.

Angela groaned and rammed her crotch against his face, burying his nose in her pussy hair and getting herself a deeply planted kiss well inside the soft, wet lips of her cunt.

“Mmmmmm…” he groaned, kissing her inner lips again.

Angela grunted at, the feel of his warm tongue slipping in and out of her moist hole. His stabbing tongue flogged her quivering clit until her belly shivered and fluttered.

She couldn’t hold still. Her whole body was writhing and twisting under his hands and tongue. Thrills surged through her, and an uncontrollable rapture and need for release was rising in her drooling cunt.

“Oh, Barry, Barry, honey, please… please put your beautiful cock inside me! I need it, honey… I need to feel it pounding in my cunt!”

In answer to her pleas, Barry started licking harder and harder at her clit. Beneath his tongue the erect, slippery little nub swiveled and pounded with her pulse. It rolled elusively. Her fingers dug into him and her head rocked back and forth on the car seat; every breath she took was a sighing sob.

“Now, please… NOW! I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

Barry clamped down hard on her clit with his tongue and his teeth, Angela had to clap a hand over her mouth to keep from shrieking as she came and came, shuddering all over in a violent release that had her jerking and bucking with the violence of her orgasm.

She was still coming, panting and flowing inside, when Barry scrambled up and onto her. One swift jerk of his hips sent his great, throbbing cock deep into the hairy slit of her cunt.

“AAAGGGHHH!” she cried, convulsing.

He fucked in and out of her slippery pussy with hard, fast strokes that made his inflated balls slap loudly against the crease of her ass.

Angela was so wet and open that his prick slid smoothly in and out of her clasping cunt, swimming in her warmth, rolling from side to side. She put her legs up at his side, locked her feet behind his powerful back to feel his prick as deeply as possible.

Barry fucked into her as deep and as hard as he could. She rolled her hips up to him again and they came together. He hunched in and out quickly, sliding deep into her cunt with his massive cock until the car echoed with her moans of pleasure and pain, and she bucked her cunt up hard against his pummeling meat.

“Ohhhh, shiiiit… that’ll do it! I’m gonna come!” he yelled, dropping his weight onto her. Then with several convulsive swift thrusts of his hips, he shot his hot cum into her stuffed hole. Stream after stream of the creamy juice poured into her seething pussy. The sensation filled Angela with ecstasy and triggered yet another come in her.

“Again! I’m coming again!” she wailed, her whole body spasming as orgasm shook her.

She couldn’t get enough of his fantastic cock and she viciously slammed herself upward, her mouth wide open, cum dripping out of her hole. His pubic hairs were soaked with her cream as he kept up his relentless attack on her pussy, driving into her hard and deep, until the last drop of his jism had shot into her cunt.

Angela felt as though she had been coming for days. Her head rested on the car seat as she heaved her ass up and down, squeezing his big prick with her strong cunt muscles.

His balls squirted once again before they hung loose and empty. He slowed his pace until he stopped altogether. She lay under him, glorying in the wonderful fuck. Pleasure and deep-felt satisfaction covered her like a cocoon.

“C’mon,” Barry rasped. “Don’t even put your panties on. Let’s get into the suite. There isn’t room in the car for what I wait to do next.”

“What’s that?” Angela said, her head dizzy from the hugeness of her comes.

“Fuck my dick up your asshole!”

Angela smiled into the grayness of the early morning light sifting into the room. Beside her, Dom snorted. It had been nearly dawn when she had finally crawled from Barry’s bed and made her way home.

Dom had been sound asleep when she had entered the room, undressed, and slipped into the bed. She thought briefly of taking a shower. Her cunt was full of Barry’s cum, and it was leaking. But the hell with it. She really didn’t care if her husband caught her any more. It had been worth it.

Barry had been wonderful. Her asshole was sore as hell, but that didn’t bother her either. He had actually made her come by fucking her rear hole. It had been fantastic!

And afterward, they had lain together and Barry had told her all the things she wanted to hear. She could remember the words almost as if he were there at that moment, lying between her and Dom, whispering in her ear…

“You’ve always been the one, Angie… you don’t know how much I still feel for you… we gotta do this again before I leave. Hell, every night, if you can get away from your asshole husband!” She rolled over, away from Dom, and closed her eyes.

She’d get away from her asshole husband, all right. And she’d find some way to do it every night!

She fell into a deep, blissful sleep, dreaming of Barry Golden’s cock filling all of her holes at once.


For the next three nights, Angela managed to slip away to her “new dance classes” without arousing Dom’s anger or his suspicion.

Fucking was wild and crazy with Barry, and they did it everywhere — in his car, on the roof of the hotel, in the shower, even in the pool.

Then, on the morning of the fourth day, Dom announced that he was bringing clients over for drinks that evening, and he wanted Angela there.

Angela couldn’t stand it. She wanted Barry every moment he was in town. She called him as soon as Dom left for the office.

“I can’t make it tonight,” she said when he answered.

“Shit,” Barry hissed.

“What are you doing for lunch?”

“You,” Barry laughed.



“At your own house?” he said, then answered himself. “Yeah. Fuck, yeah! That would be kinky!”

Angela spent the entire morning cooking. She really did plan on feeding him lunch.

But Barry had different ideas. He ripped off her robe and his own clothes the moment he walked through the door, and dragged her down to the floor. Gently he pushed her face down on his hard dick.

“The food’s gonna get cold!” she protested.

“Let it,” he grinned, “and I’ll show you a whole new way to heat it up!”

Angela stretched out and took his prick in her mouth.

“Owwww, good, baby… good! But now it’s my turn!” Barry pulled his dick from her mouth and swung her body around to where he could reach her pussy.

One finger dug almost cruelly into the sweetness of her cunt hole. The other hand supported his weight as he bent to kiss her tits, fingering on the tingling nipples, but ignoring her lips and throat and belly. He shifted immediately to her clitoris, wrapped his lips around it, and sucked, swirling his tongue around the sensitive flesh.

Then abruptly he pulled his head up from her crotch. “I’ve got a great idea!”

Oh, no, Angela thought, not another one of those. She knew that excited smile. The last time it had been some little Japanese sex toy that had gone around his cock to thicken it. It had had knobs on it that had nearly driven her crazy before he had let her come. She had been sore all the next day.

He saw her expression. “No, no, nothing like last time. You’ll like it even better. Maybe.” But the fact was he didn’t really care whether she liked it or not. The important point was that he would. He got up and moved toward the table. “I told you were gonna heat up lunch,” he chuckled as he returned with the bowl of spaghetti, a bottle of wine, and a spoon.

“What the hell…?” Angela laughed.

“You’ll see!” She didn’t move as he set the bowl down, but when he parted her thighs and readied for her with a spoonful of spaghetti, she tried to twist away from him. “Hey! What are you doing?”

He wrenched her back into position. “Shut up, baby. I’m gonna fill you up with this stuff!” His breathing was harsh as he pried at her thighs.

“Jeez, you really are perverted!” Angela gasped.

“Nothing I do is perverted,” Barry retorted. “It’s kicky! I like weird kicks. I guess Hollywood did that to me.”

Angela let him part her thighs again and she didn’t protest while he ladled spoonful after spoonful of the warm spaghetti into her pussy. She moaned as he packed her full, prodding the strands into every corner of her cunt. Before he was done, the spices had begun to work through the membranes to her nerves and she began to burn in torment.

“Hold still!” Barry grabbed at her hands and pushed them from her pussy.

“But it burns! Shit, it burns!” Angela moaned. Her pussy was in agony, swollen as if by a large and spongy cock, every inch on fire. She writhed and thrashed under his pinning weight.

“I said hold still!” He slapped her face and she stopped, though tears of pain and frustration, rage and fear, filled her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

She could see him smiling as he reached for the wine bottle.

God, Angela thought, he’s crazy! He’s no better than Dom!

“Barry, please, don’t! Don’t! I thought you loved me!”

“I love your pussy, baby!”

He dribbled the wine over her tits and belly, let a little trickle between the lips of her cunt. The alcohol stung, but Angela resisted the added torture and clenched her fists. He giggled at her obvious pain and clapped a hand over her pussy, the fingers digging into the slit and pinching her clit. He bent to her body and licked at the puddles of wine, sucking it from her tits and slurping at her belly, his fingers working in the tangled mass of food and around the tormented walls of her pussy.

By the time the wine was gone, his lips and hands had changed her pain into an agony of pleasure. The burning in her cunt had become a fire of anticipation and she writhed under his touch, squealing, moaning, begging him to fuck her and give her the relief she needed.

But he slid down her body to suck again at her clit, to thrust his tongue into the spaghetti and suck it into his mouth. He licked and nibbled and sucked, his hands steadily roaming from thighs to hips to tits, separating the lips of her cunt to let him plunge deeper into her, playing with the nub of her clit and twisting the strands of spaghetti around it.

Angela’s nerves roared with lust and a painful need. She cried out, writhing, as she felt the slow escape of the food from her cunt to his mouth.

“Mmmmm, good, good lunch,” he chuckled. “Now for dessert.”

“Yes! Oh, shit, Barry, fuck me! BRING ME OFF!”

He eased in between her cuntlips and the friction of the bulging, throbbing dick seemed to ease her torment. He slipped along the slit slowly, gently. Angela ceased her writhing as he advanced, but had to pursue the pleasure he offered by raising her hips to engulf him further.

“Take it, baby, yeah… take it!” Barry cried as she slid up his cock. “TAKE IT!”

Hungry now, Angela spread her legs in a cradle for his hips, hooked his thighs with her heels, and clamped her nails violently into his back. She lay there, twitching under and around him, waiting for him to begin his fuck.

But he held back.

“What’s wrong? Hurry, Barry, MOVE! FUCK MEEEEE!”

“You…” he moaned. “You get on top!”

She accepted his lead. She had to. She extended her body along his, let him fold her in his arms and, held in place by his strength, they rolled aver together. At his urging she folded her legs beneath her and braced herself against his chest. She flexed her knees and the slurping lips of her cunt rode his dick in a wild caress.

She rose, she fell, her mouth went slack. She gasped and moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. Barry, though, didn’t notice. All his attention was on his cock and the delicious friction that engulfed it.

“Harder, baby! Come down on me harder. Ram that sweet meat down over mine!”

Angela bounced and twisted on his dick. Every movement was a torment. She bounced and whirled on him, the tightness of her grip sliding from the very root of his cock to the tip. The burning spice from the sauce penetrated the surface of his prick and his desire soared to new heights. It combined with the sharpness of his rising need as he neared the peak. When he came, he could swear that Angela jerked with the force of it. She screamed and ground her hips against his crotch, trying to capture every drop of the pumping juice, and when she came she nearly shook his dick loose.

When they finally fell apart, their senses returning in dreamy haze and cooling sweat, Barry rolled over and nudged his cock against her lips.

“Clean it up, baby!”

Angela didn’t see him for the next three days. Barry had frightened her. He’d changed. He was into drugs, taking pills, and he kept asking her if she had a girl friend they could get together with for a threesome.

Even when Dom went out of town on business the last day of Barry’s engagement at the club, Angela didn’t take advantage of it.

Barry called that afternoon and begged her to come to his hotel. She refused.

And then, that evening, it got to her. She started drinking. She couldn’t help it. She wanted Barry, but she didn’t like what he had turned into.

She was confused. And became even more confused when the phone rang and a strange voice asked for Dom.

“My husband isn’t here.” Angela said in a slurred voice. “He’s out of town.”

“Oh, yeah, baby? Well then, I’ll be right over!”


The line went dead and Angela shook with fear.

She was still shaking when the pounding started on the door.

“Barry, please go away.”

“No way, baby. You better open this door or I’ll break the fucking thing down!”

She let him in.

He burst through the door and started immediately pawing at her. “Goddamn, baby, you look good enough to eat!”

“Barry, please, I don’t want to…” But she did, and couldn’t stop her body from rubbing against him when he kissed her.

“Good, baby, good,” he sighed. “You got the cunt and I got the cock. Let’s put ’em together!”

“How about a drink first?” Angela said.

“Fuck a drink. I’ve had enough already. C’mere!”

“Barry, you’re hurting me!” Angela gasped. “Please, don’t, it hurts!”

“On your knees, you cock-hungry little cunt. I’m gonna fuck that pretty face of yours!” He pulled her to him and kissed her greedily. Her hand, encircling his big dick, began stroking it smoothly.

She dropped the robe from her shoulders and sat on the edge of the sofa, his erect prick level with her mouth. She took the monstrous tool in both hands.

“Come on, slut. You want cock, and cock you’re gonna get… all your tender little asshole can stand. If you won’t get on your hands and knees like the bitch you are, then I’ll put you that way myself!”

Angela didn’t want to, but she couldn’t help it. Despite the horrible way he was treating her, her body was on fire with just the thought of his beautiful cock up her ass.

“Well, do you want it, cunt?”

“Yes, dammit! FUCK ME… FUCK MY ASS, DAMMIT!”

“That’s better.”

“Do it, Barry, and hurry! I’m on fire!”

She panted with lust and wagged her ass invitingly, hypnotizing him with her contracting asshole. Barry dropped to his knees and fingered slick fluid from her cunt.

“Hurry!” she rasped, pushing back at his fingers as he wiped her cunt juice over her hot asshole.

“You like what I do to you, don’t you, baby? Admit it, slut, YOU LIKE IT!”

“I can’t help it! Not at first, I didn’t. It hurt awful. But then… oh, shit… we can talk later. Fuck me, Barry! Fuck me right in the ass, darling!”

He grabbed her full hips and held her still as he brought the head of his massive rod to her. She felt so hot he gasped when he pushed in past the first tight little ring. He paused.

“All of it!” Angela begged. “HARD!” His fingers bit into her soft flesh. He jerked her back and hunched forward at the same time, sending all of his shaft rushing into her asshole.

Angela sucked in her breath and shuddered all over.

Barry groaned aloud at the incredible heat in that part of her body, leaving his big prick in her to the hilt and grinding his pelvis in a tight circle.

“Oh, Barry… Barry, darling!”

“So hot,” he moaned. “Jesus, it’s good!”

“For me, too,” she sighed, clamping her tight asshole around the base of his meat until he was nearly delirious with the pleasure it gave. “Ohhh, fuck me, Barry… fuck me like a dog!”

The way she slammed back to meet each of his forceful thrusts, her body trembling and her breath sounding excited and ragged, made Barry hotter than he’d ever been in his life.

“Harder… faster!” Angela yelled.

The sound of her voice told him she was ready. He gripped harshly at her tits and hammered his giant cock into her, making her sob brokenly for a moment before she shouted shrilly and started quaking with an intense climax.


The way her asshole muscles began grabbing his cock was enough without her telling him. There was no doubt of her condition. For a few seconds, Barry was sure her asshole would cut his dick off, it was squeezing so powerfully. He gritted his teeth, then exploded, his dick jerking wildly as it blew jet after jet of cum deep into her writhing body.

“Oh, God… OH, GOD!” Angela crooned, collapsing with him on top of her. “Ooohhh. Oohhhh… ohhhhh!”

Even through the fog of lust filling her brain, Angela recognized the calm voice that boomed through the room.

“All right, Golden, you were right. Now get out!”


Barry pulled his dick from her ass as Angela looked up to see Dom standing in the doorway.


Barry calmly put on his clothes and left. Dom stood, staring at her. “You didn’t go out of town,” Angela said. “Oh yes… or at least I started to, until I got a phone call telling me what a little whore my wife was.”

“All right. So now what?”

“Now we have a nice, farewell fuck.”

“You heard me… a farewell fuck,” Dom said. “You want to know what’s wrong with me? Well, you’re about to find out.”

“The hell with you, Dom!”

The force of his hand against the side of her head sent Angela sprawling across the room.

“Now you get your ass upstairs and put on that little pinafore dress I bought you that you never wear!”


“Just do what I tell you, cunt!”

Angela crawled across the room to do his bidding.

“And shave your pussy… every last cunt hair!”

“I don’t believe this is happening!”

“Goddamn it, do as I tell you!” Hurriedly, Angela ran from the room. She did everything he asked, down to the letter. Fifteen minutes later she returned to the room and stood in front of him, looking exactly like a teenager.

“Fantastic!” Dom breathed, rubbing his dick as he looked at her. “Now, take this ribbon and tie your hair back in a pony tail.”

She did it, still wondering what her husband was up to.

“Great. Honey, you look just great!”

“What now?”

“C’mon.” Dom’s face was a strange mixture of lust and cruelty.

Angela followed her husband into the downstairs guest bedroom. She was determined to take anything he could dish out without showing the fear that filled her mind and body.

Then he turned to her with a cruel grin on his lips. “All right, little girl, you got me all worked up watching you fuck that asshole Golden. Now let’s see how you can take care of your own husband!”

“If you just want a blow-job, Dom, take your dick out and let’s get it over with!”

“Oh, no,” Dom replied. “Blow-jobs I can get from women… older women with hairy cunts. No, honey, since you have a pretty hairless pussy now, I’m gonna fuck you!”

Then Angela understood. Her husband had a fetish for little girls. That had been what was wrong all the time! Now she really was afraid. “Dom… maybe we can work this out, after all!”

“We’ll work nothing out. Take off your clothes, nice and slow, as if you were doing a strip for your boyfriend.”

“Dom, believe me, it-it just happened. I didn’t mean for it to happen, I swear I didn’t! I’ll never see him again, I promise. It’s just that — well, my God, Dom, you never talk to a woman, you just push her down on the bed and give it to her when you want her! It’s terrible to live with you. If only you could be nice once in a while!”

Dom grinned, but there was no humor in it. “Can the chatter, Angie,” he said, “and just peel down raw, nice and slow.”

“All right, all right!” Angela quivered as she began to tug off her dress. The slip followed, and she stood in white nylon bra and panties to match.

His eyes narrowed as they fixed on the heavy yet firm mounds of her tits, with the dark areolas and the full, ripe nipples. “Your tits are too big for such a young girl, but that’s all right. We’ll just mash ’em down a little. Keep going!”

Angela could see that his cock was beginning to harden as she nervously reached back to unhook her bra and let it fall. Dom licked his lips as her naked tits burst into view. She shuddered at the cruel, gloating, possessive look in his dark eyes.

She told herself desperately that she had to do everything she could to please him, to make him forget the episode with Barry. Yet her thighs were quivering, and she could hardly stand as she slipped her panties down, stooping so that her heavy tits dangled and jiggled.

Dom drooled as he saw the raw, red lips of her hairless pussy gape open. “You’re quite some bitch, you are. You get a guy real hot, don’t you? I’ll bet that poor jerk wasn’t really thinking of fucking until you led him on.”

“I swear to God, Dom,” Angela nervously stammered, her voice breaking under the tension, “that neither of us meant to do anything wrong. I’ve never cheated on you before, honest to God I haven’t, Dom darling. Please forgive me. If you’d only show me more attention, I could be a wonderful wife to you. I really could. And-and you know you like it when we go to bed together. I can satisfy you, can’t I?”

“Oh, sure, you’re a good enough lay when you’ve got your mind on your business, bitch,” Dom growled with a humorless chuckle. “Just stretch out on your back. That’s a position awful easy for a broad like you to take. Just lay there and think how you’re gonna try to please me and make me real happy and maybe overlook what you and that stupid bastard did this evening, huh?”

He had taken off his shirt and undershirt, revealing his hairy chest.

Angela took her place on the bed, her hands up her neck, her thighs spread docilely. But she couldn’t stop the nervous twitchings that ran up and down along her inner thighs, nor control the erratic breathing that made her magnificent, big tits rise and fall. Sweat beaded her temples at the thought of what her husband was thinking; she wished she could get inside his mind and read his thoughts.

“All ready to be fucked, nice and sweet and gentle, aren’t you, bitch!” he hissed.

“Y-yes, Dom darling,” Angela gasped, raising her eyes to him and arching her cunt in a provocative pose, hoping to take his mind off Barry and lure him between her thighs.

Slowly her husband took off his slacks, and then his shorts. He exuded an animal cruelty as he stalked over to the bed and knelt down on it, staring greedily at her pussy and at the swelling mounds of her tits. “So you’re sorry about what you did, huh, bitch?” he growled.

Tears sprang to Angela’s eyes. “Oh, yes, Dom, darling… I didn’t mean to! You’ve got to believe me, honey. I won’t ever do it again!”

“I know you won’t, baby. Well, I suppose these things happen. Any how, let’s see how good you can fuck right now. Only first, I wanna have you suck me a little and get me nice and hard for that itchy cunt of yours!”

“All right, d-darling. I’ll do whatever you want!”

“You bet your ass you will, baby,” he chuckled as he crawled up over her face and thrust his stiff dick against her trembling lips. “Lemme see how good you can suck, baby. You seem to like cock so much, I’m gonna let you have your fill of it right now!”

Closing her eyes, Angela passively obeyed. Opening her mouth, she took his thick prick and nuzzled it, while he tauntingly ordered, “Suck it good and loud so’s I can hear, bitch!”

Angela got on her hands and knees and swallowed his dick. It immediately started to grow as she sucked.

With her eyes tightly closed, she didn’t see Dom pick up the long, thin hair brush. But she felt it when he brought it down hard across her naked ass.


Again he raised the brush, and brought it down with a wicked crack against the right cheek of her ass. The sting of pain drew a wailing cry from Angela’s lips. But Dom could hear nothing through the heat of his lust. Another blow followed, on the other cheek. Angela raised her head, her face taut and strained, eyes filled with tears, her lips quivering. Yet her as seemed to arch out to the brush, as if welcoming it.

“Now turn around!”

He didn’t wait for her to obey. Cruelly, he pulled her around and, without warning, rammed the hairbrush, bristles first, up her cunt.

“OH, MY GODDDD!” Angela screamed as the rough bristles tore across her clit and ground their way into her sensitive cuntal walls.

The agony nearly made her pass out. But she knew that it had only just begun.

Dom used one hand to ravage her tender cunt with the hairbrush while he grasped her hip with the other. He pulled her asshole back to the head of his dick.

Her soft, trembling ass waggled defensively in the air, and for a moment she tried to move forward. But Dom pushed her neck down and she gave up any struggling; her body was a helpless toy for him to use in his bestial need for satisfaction. And the satisfaction would only be realized when he had shot his load of hot, sticky cum deep within her asshole!

He bared his teeth, then reached out and spread her asscheeks wider. Angela felt his thumbs spread her rear hole apart and open the tiny puckered opening. She tried to twist away, but she was a prisoner in his steel-like grip.

No… no… nooooo! her mind screamed. Please noooooo!

Dom gaped at the cheeks of her butt, so white and smooth as they stretched before him. They were magnificent. They were like a sacrifice to his lust and desire. He could hardly wait for her to squirm and cry beneath his driving prick. He wanted to hurt her. The thought sent sensations of desire racing through his body.

He ground the head of his giant prick along the narrow valley of her ass crevice, pressing the soft cheeks of flesh around it.

Angela groaned in agony as she felt his savage hands on her ass. She shivered as she felt the man’s wild dick ripping the length of her buttocks and she wiggled desperately as he rammed into the soft, tender flesh.

“Nice, baby… real nice,” he growled.

He drew her trembling asscheeks painfully apart and shot his cock into the spread mouth of her tiny asshole.

He pushed and pulled, stretching the tight, rubbery little circle wider.

“Oh, God, help me! Oh, please, don’t do this to me!” she cried, and felt his cock slithering farther up inside. “Oh, God, not there… please, not there! Let me blow you! I’ll suck your cock, anything! But don’t fuck me there… not with that fucking hairbrush in my cunt at the same time!”

“Shit, baby, you want your holes filled. Well, I’m gonna fill ’em good!”

He held her helpless. Then, grunting heavily and with a final massive jerk of his hips, he broke through the flesh of her narrow asshole and drove his hard prick deep up into the yielding flesh of her bowels.

Angela moaned and thrashed around beneath him, flailing her arms and legs out in all directions in a desperate attempt to escape from the searing pain in her holes. The hurt was worse than anything she had ever known. For a moment it took her breath away as she felt his cock stabbing higher and higher up between her buttocks until she could feel his cum-filled balls smack heavily against her. He had buried himself in her to the hilt.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, man,” he moaned, “I’m plowin’ her! I’m pourin’ my meat up her ass! Shit, this is fuckin’ beautiful!”

As her tortured holes began to expand around the brush and his prick, he started to increase the tempo of his strokes, plunging into her like a madman while she writhed and groaned.

“You might just as well fuck me back and make me come, baby. It’ll be over quicker that way.” And Angela knew he was right.

She tightened the pained muscles in her ass and started bouncing her hole back over his plunging meat. The pressure was overpowering. The inner folds of her asshole clutched tightly at his stabbing prick as she tried to milk his cock and bring him off.

She began to grind her hips back against him, rotating her ass up against his pelvis as sexily as she could.

Dom was laughing as he looked down at her writhing body. He studied her delectable asshole as it clung to his plunging cock on the backstroke.

“You’re doin’ it now, honey,” he hissed. “I figured you would.”

Angela tore back on him as hard as she could, clamping her perspiring buttocks tightly together and tensing every muscle in her naked body.

Dom accepted her new attitude and fucked into her squeezing asshole even harder. There was no way to keep the pressure from building up in his balls.

“Fuck, you son of a bitch! Fuck harder and get it over with!”

“You’ll get it, baby, you’ll get it… AAAGGHHH!”

Angela gasped. She could feel his fucking cock expanding within her. It stretched the sensitive interior walls of her rectum. But somehow she managed to keep the beat of his cock. She fucked her ass back at him as if she were possessed.

Then he couldn’t hold back. She heard a muffled gasp behind her as his massive, throbbing dick burst like a dam. He emptied his cum deep in her tortured ass.

Then for good measure, he rammed the full length of the hairbrush up her cunt as he pulled his cock from her ass.

He rolled away from her, but was back almost immediately. “Here’s a check for a grand. Your cars in the driveway. That’s all you get. Now get the fuck out. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

Silently, Angela nodded and rolled painfully from the bed. She screamed in pain when she was finally able to pull the hairbrush from her cunt.

“HURRY UP!” Dom hissed.

She managed to get into her bra and panties, but when she reached for her dress he stopped her.

“Oh, no, baby. That’s all you get.”

“But, Dom, I’ll get arrested running around like this!”

“Maybe,” he laughed. “Now GET OUT!”


Angela had no place to go but to Barry Golden. She knew a thousand dollars wouldn’t go far, and maybe with Barry she could get her old job back.

“Jesus Christ,” he said, smiling at her with an evil grin, “he really worked you over, didn’t he, baby?”

Angela nodded, almost too weak to stand on her feet. Bags were strewn around Barry’s room. They were obviously getting ready to leave. Harry Mayberry, Barry’s road manager, was lolling on the floor in only his shorts. He was obviously high on something besides booze.

On a long, low couch near the center of the room sat a strikingly beautiful woman in a gown that seemed to Angela to be scandalously short at both ends. It was cut low to a deep V that showed the soft contours of her big tits. She had long red hair and a wide mouth. The woman rose and smiled.

“I’ll get her cleaned up and into some clothes,” the woman said.

“NO!” Barry bellowed, leering at Angela. “No, not yet. We’ve got a couple of hours before we leave. Let’s have a little ball first.”

“Jesus, Barry, can’t you see she’s beat?” the redhead said.

“I don’t give a shit,” Barry answered, and turned to Angela. “This is Lydia Swanson, Angela. And Harry you know.”

Angela nodded dumbly.

“So you want back in the act, huh?” Barry asked.

“Yes, Barry.”

“Well, we’ve got to see if you fit in, don’t we?” Angela shrugged. “I’ll fit.”

“Well, we’ll just make sure,” Barry said. Lydia Swanson stepped between them. “Jesus Barry, you asshole, can’t it wait?”

“Fun can’t wait with Barry, Lydia. You know that.”

“That’s right, Harry. Here, baby, snort some of this. You’ll feel fine!”

Barry placed a mirror under Angela’s nose. Why not? she thought, nothing to lose now. She placed the straw to her nostril and took a deep sniff.

The sensation stung her sinus membranes and she felt a strange compulsion to sneeze, but seeing Barry’s eyes burning into her brain, she obediently took another long snort before passing it on to Lydia, who awaited her turn.

Back came the mirror and Angela snorted some more. Then a glass of wine and some pills were pressed into her hands. She took the pills and drank the wine. Quickly, very quickly, her mind became a blank and she knew that she would soon be doing anything that Barry wanted her to do.

“That’s good, baby,” Barry grinned. “That’s real good. Feeling better now?”

“Yes,” Angela said, almost smiling. “I feel fine.”

“I know you do,” Barry leered. “How about a little show, girls?”

“Jesus, Barry, not now!” Lydia cried. “Can’t you see she’s out of it?”

“Lydia,” Harry Mayberry interrupted, “you’d better do like he says. We both need our jobs, remember?”

“That’s right,” Barry urged, “and don’t ever forget it. Now, Lydia, you’re the experienced one. I’m in the mood for a little show, GET WITH IT!”

“Sorry, kid, but Barry’s the boss,” Lydia said to Angela. The redhead started pulling her dress off. Soon she stood there naked.

Slowly, as if on cue, Angela stood up and reached behind to unhook the single safety pin that secured her own tattered bra. Lydia slipped behind her and helped her get the bra off her shoulders, letting her hands slip down to cup her tits while the tip of her tongue licked at the back of her neck and sent goosebumps down Angela’s spine.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Lydia whispered in her ear, “I’ll do it so you’ll like it!”

The redhead, standing behind her, let her arms slide down over Angela’s stomach and her fingers gently teased the lips of her shaved cunt.

A shudder ran through Angela’s body as she felt one of Lydia’s hands slip behind her and up and down her ass crease. Angela’s mind was fogged by the cocaine, and she didn’t resist when Lydia’s hands were all over her, at her nipples, sliding over her buttocks and moving over her cunt, arousing her in a way no man ever had, exciting her in a way that only another woman could know.

Lydia turned her around so that they stood facing one another, close. Lydia let her tongue lick out so that it just touched Angela’s lips. Angela closed her eyes and could feel the redhead’s fingertips expertly caressing her pussy, feeling unerringly for her clitoris and exciting it.

Lydia’s gently probing fingers were getting to her, and Angela knew she was ready — ready to do anything they wanted. To hell with Dom, she thought, this is what I wanted all the time, anyway! Traveling with Barry again would be a ball. At least she’d never be frustrated again. With Barry and his friends, there would always be plenty of sex!

She was standing with her legs wide apart and Lydia’s hand was caressing her cunt. It was moist and hot and she was feeling excitingly dirty. Her tongue flicked out and the two of them stood licking, not kissing.

She heard the men murmuring and grunting approval. More than heard — she could feel them. The room fairly swam in a sexual heat that mingled with the odor of marijuana that the men were now sharing.

Lydia slid a finger all the way up into Angela’s cunt. Angela felt herself doing something she had never dreamed she’d ever do — caress another woman’s tits. She teased Lydia’s nipples into taut erection, arousing her with a feminine knowledge of what she herself would appreciate.

“Enough playin’ around, Lydia,” Barry snorted. “Get it on now… let’s see some real pussy-suckin’ action!”

Angela let Lydia guide her hand down until she felt the redhead’s softly curling pubic hair. From there, her fingers explored, touching, feeling, tickling. She let the tip of her middle finger slide between Lydia’s swollen cuntlips and she thrilled at her first experience with touching another woman’s pussy. Her finger slid along the slit, feeling the moistness and the excitement mounting as Lydia rolled her pelvis out and spread her legs.

The two women were standing so close, their stomachs and tits touched. They swayed their shoulders back and forth, rubbing their nipples against each other as Angela, with a wild thrill, felt her finger slide up into the redhead’s warm, wet cunt. She began sawing in and out as the two of them pumped their hips in the motion of fucking.

Then the two female forms were against each other, wildly rubbing their cunts together, cunt fucking each other with an intense abandon.

Angela cupped the cheeks of Lydia’s soft ass and brought her own cunt hard against the redhead.

“Yes, oh, yes, Lydia,” she cried. “Fuck me! OH, FUCK ME WITH YOUR CLIT!”

The women stood in the center of the room with their knees bent, their thighs flush against one another, their backs arched, their heads thrown back in abandon and their hair hanging free as they pound their cunts together.

Angela felt the thrill of her cuntlips slipping on Lydia’s wet cunt. The electric excitement of the redhead’s pubic bush scraping ever her clitoris and teasing it sent her to new heights of sensual feeling.

Angela felt dizzy with lust and excitement. She started to fall, completely uncaring now what happened to her, so long as this delicious moment would continue while the men watched, Barry gave a cry of delight as Angela fell on the cushion behind her, sprawling across it with her legs split wide over the sides. Lydia pulled Angela’s hips forward until they were right on the corner of the cushion. Then she spread the girl’s legs wide and Angela let them fall open. The redhead knelt between them, and, using the palm of her hands to force the thighs still wider apart, she leaned over Angela. Her tongue darted down and licked her navel and Angela let out a long moan of pleasure.

“Yeah, yeah… eat her! Eat her, honey!” Lydia Mayberry howled.

“Tongue her, Lydia… tongue-fuck a come right out of her!” Barry echoed.

Slowly, Lydia began licking down Angela’s stomach, finally burying her face in the girl’s quivering thighs. Angela’s cunt opened and twitched convulsively, begging to be kissed as it glistened with excitement.

The men sat forward, watching Angela’s cunt with awe.

Angela, her head thrown back, could think of nothing else but fucking. She wished they would all crowd around her, that they would fuck her one after another, and that Lydia would make love to her and that it would go on all night.

Lydia’s pink tongue came out and slowly licked around Angela’s hairless pussylips while the girl moaned and her whole body shook with desire. She thrust her hips up and split her legs wide while the men murmured and grew even more excited.

Slowly, Lydia’s tongue snaked up and down her cunt, barely touching it, teasing it into wilder desire. Angela groaned as she felt the thrill. Her body began to move and writhe uncontrollably. She longed for more and more of this sensual lovemaking.

Suddenly, Lydia plunged her tongue into the depths of Angela’s aching cunt. Angela reacted by crying out and bending her knees and pulling them back so that they crushed against her magnificent tits. As she felt Lydia’s knowing tongue darting about in her hotly pulsing cunt, she thought she would go mad with desire.

Lydia pulled her tongue out to lick over the girl’s trembling clitoris, and Angela found she couldn’t keep her hips still as she writhed in delight.

Lydia, now wild with desire, broke away and fell on tap of Angela like a man, her tongue licking out. “Did you like that, baby?” she whispered hotly in Angela’s ear as her pussy ground down hard on the girl’s exposed cunt.

“Yesssss!” Angela hissed.

“Would you do that to me?”

“Yes, yes, anything!” the brunette croaked in a hoarse voice as their bodies, covered with sweat now, writhed together.

And it was true. Angela found herself in a state she had never experienced before. She wanted to please Lydia, and would do anything the other woman asked of her. The more the two of them writhed and licked and caressed, the more excited she became. She was being driven into a frenzy, a wild, heated, driving, surging passion. A feeling that kept building and swelling, that seemed to surpass even an orgasm. The more she did, the more excited she became; the more excited she grew, the more she wanted to do.

She wrapped her long legs around Lydia’s waist and locked her ankles and squeezed with all her might, flattening her yearning cunt against Lydia’s. They moaned and licked and writhed while their hips pumped and they rocked back and forth. They rocked too far, teetered, and fell apart.

Dazed, Angela got to her hands and knees and looked around. Lydia was next to her on the carpet, sprawled spread-eagle, opening her moist cunt to Angela and the men.

Angela crawled between the redhead’s legs and looked down at her. There was no denying the excitement of a woman in heat. For the first time, Angela saw another woman as an object of sexual desire. She bent her elbows slightly, lowering her tits so that her nipples just touched Lydia’s.

She let her body sway back and forth, rubbing her nipples over the redhead’s tits. Then, sensing the men and knowing her bare ass was facing them, she split her legs wide and stretched her knees out until they touched the insides of Lydia’s thighs.

Harry and Barry moved closer, practically shoving their faces against Angela’s hairless, glistening pussy.

“Jesus, look at that,” Harry groaned.

“Just like a baby cunt!” Barry echoed, listing his iron-hard dick at the sight.

Slowly, Angela lowered her body onto Lydia, who was thrusting her hips up in wild abandon. Slowly she lowered her weight until she was pressed against the other woman’s body and their seeping cunts met.

“My tits! Suck my tits, Angela!” Lydia cried.

Angela let her body slide down and took one of the pink nipples into her mouth. She gently sucked on it while the lips of her teeth nibbled teasingly. Lydia offered her breasts and Angela took them, caressing, sucking, licking.

A mad desire was mounting in her, an inhuman need to claw and writhe and drive herself away from this sweet torment and on to the relief of orgasm. Her body was on fire and, as the men watched, she wiggled down over Lydia.

Suddenly she thought of Dom. What if he could see her now? What would he do if he knew what he had driven her to? Would he be shocked if he could see her about to suck another woman’s cunt, with two men watching?


Angela was transported. She was in a sexual heaven. In her drugged mind, it was almost as if she were a spectator, watching herself. It was almost as if she were outside of herself, another person, watching two other women make love. The sight was exciting.

Am I really doing this? she wondered. Is this really me?

Her eyes were slits, her eyelids heavy with passion. And there, not an inch away, was Lydia’s red-fringed cunt. Her fingers seemed to belong to somebody else as she gently spread the swollen cuntal lips and Lydia’s pussy — bright, pink, moist, hot — was there, right in front of her eyes.

Am I going to do it? she asked herself. Am I going to lick a cunt?

Her tongue slowly slid out from between her lips and Angela closed her eyes. She buried her head in Lydia’s crotch and felt the pulpy, pulsating heat and moistness of her cunt as her tongue darted and wiggled. She loved it! She knew she was driving Lydia mad and the thought only excited her all the more.

Lydia wrapped her legs around Angela’s neck and thrust her hips up. She undulated and moaned, her arms flailing out at her sides. They writhed on the floor, rolling over once so that Angela lay on her back with Lydia on her stomach, her cunt buried in Angela’s face was her hips pumped up and down against the maddening thrusts of the brunette’s tongue.

Thrashing her head back and forth, Lydia let out a cry that sounded like a cat in heat and leaped to her feet, her chest heaving, their bodies glistening with sweat and thrilling with desire.

“Let me fuck you!” Lydia cried, taking Angela by the shoulders and guiding her to the round sofa in the center of the room. Angela lay on her back and spread her legs.

She lay in a dream of lust. It was all so unreal… and yet it was happening. Dreamily, Angela let her legs fall to either side of the sofa so that they all could see her lust. The swollen slit of her cunt was glistening now. She watched, her eyes half-closed, her fingertips idly caressing her tits, as the men came forward.

Barry was carrying what looked like a cock, with straps and buckles attached to it. The two men looked down at Angela with wild expressions on their faces. Both of them wanted her.

But Angela knew they wanted to watch more. Their faces were masks of uncontrolled lust as they adjusted the straps of the huge artificial cock around Lydia’s naked hips.

“Uuggghh!” Lydia groaned as the second, inner cock of the contraption was rammed into her own cunt. In this way she could fuck Angela with one prick and fuck herself with the other at the same time.

When she was ready, she cupped her hands in front of her and Barry poured oil into her palms. She turned to the sofa, coming toward Angela slowly, provocatively, her hips swaying while her hands smeared oil all over the artificial prick.

Angela was ready for anything. She thrust her hips up and her hands squeezed her tits as she offered all of her body to Lydia. Lydia crawled onto the sofa between Angela’s thighs.

“You’ve never had a full cunt like the one I’m gonna give you now, honey,” the redhead gasped.

“I want it!” Angela cried. “I want it all! GIVE IT TO ME!”

Lydia lowered herself to the beautiful brunette as Angela, from underneath, slid her hands under her buttocks and lifted her hips so that her pussy jutted out. Her cunt twitched and seemed to have a life of its own as it reached for the thick head of the dildo.

Lydia rubbed the head up and down Angela’s hairless cunt slit. The girl squeezed her eyes shut and let her head loll back and forth, her tits sticking up, quivering and glistening with sweat.

“Fuck me!” she breathed, her voice a hoarse whisper. “Fuck me!”

Lydia put the cockhead to Angela’s cunt and pushed. It sank into the pulpy flesh. Lydia felt the end in her own cunt expand and fill her with wild desire.

“Ooooohhhhh,” Angela sighed as the artificial cock plowed in, pulling her cuntal lips apart. Her body undulated slowly as she tried to gobble the prick up.

Lydia drew the dildo out slightly, only to plunge down, sending more shaft into Angela’s cunt. The men crowded even closer, watching Lydia’s strapped ass and thighs pump in and out as she fucked Angela like a man.

Below the redhead, Angela was bending her legs even more, her toes on the floor on either side of the sofa as she thrust her hips forward to take all of the artificial prick. Lydia fell heavily on top of her and shot her tongue into her mouth.

They writhed and fucked together, crushing their tits together as Lydia drove the phony prick all the way to the hilt and felt the other end swelling in her own cunt. It tantalized her onto more motion. She began fucking faster and faster, building to a frenzy, the two of them digging their nails into each other’s backs, both of them screaming for the other to fuck harder, faster, harder!

Barry finally could take it no longer. With his face wild and his nostrils flaring, he crawled up onto the round sofa. His hands caressed the two women as they fucked and licked one another. He moved up until his hips were on a level with their faces and then he lay on his side, jutting out his hips so that his thick, rock-hard cock stuck in their faces.

It seemed as though they both fought for his prick, their hands all over it, their tongues licking, their mouths open. Angela lay on her back with Lydia on top of her, feeling their soft, sweat covered tits crushed together with their nipples slipping and sliding.

The phony dildo fucked in and out of Angela’s pussy as she watched Lydia take Barry’s lust bloated prick in her mouth and suck on the head. Craning forward, she put her mouth around the shaft and felt Barry pull his cock out of Lydia’s mouth and plunge it into her own. She sucked, loving the taste, having it build her lust and depravity even higher.

Barry shoved his prick first into one mouth and then the other, panting, his teeth showing as he felt the two women suck and fight for his cock.

Then Harry joined them. He was pulling Lydia off of Angela, throwing her onto her back, tearing at the buckles and tossing the dildo and straps to the floor. Angela watched and a deep thrill ran through her naked body as Harry’s cock disappeared into Lydia’s hot, wet cunt.

Angela let her head loll back. Barry thrust his meat clear down her throat. She took it and sucked for all she was worth.

Cock! Cunt! Fuck! Suck! Angela’s mind was alive. This was her life now. Many men and many cocks ravishing her. Her body thrilled as she felt hands grabbing her, caressing her roughly. Someone was pulling her. She looked and it was someone she didn’t even know.

Yes, yes, she did know him. She had seen him before. He was one of Barry’s musicians, part of his six-piece backup.

Then she looked around and realized that the whole band was in the room. Male bodies and hard cocks were everywhere.

Then Barry’s cock was exploding in her mouth. She barely managed to swallow his load before another hard hunk of male meat took its place, driving like a jackhammer over her tongue and into her throat.

And then she felt the hands and all the bodies and, above all, the cocks. The men were on her and someone was fucking her. Hands and lips and tongues and pricks were all over her body, driving her to one orgasm after another.

The cock in her mouth was huge. It was gagging her, but she sucked with all her might. She heard the man let out a screeching yell and come in her mouth, shooting frantic streams of hot cum. She swallowed and used her tongue to greedily lick for more.

With a final moan, the man staggered back and fell to the floor. To Angela it didn’t matter; she was being fucked and sucked and pawed and battered and dragged back on the sofa. Another man was sticking his big cock into her eager mouth.

An insane suppleness came over her and she writhed about wildly, nearing an orgasm, knowing that it was only the first in a series of orgasms that she would have here, knowing she was literally being raped and degraded in a way she would never forget.

Lydia was lying beside her, on her back, being fucked while a man sucked on her big tits. The air was hot and sticky with cum and she felt it spilling on her own body and saw it glistening on Lydia.

The two women reached for one another and their mouths locked and they darted their tongues back and forth, each of them coming, their bodies shuddering and twitching as they were fucked by one cock after another.

“You’re going to fit right in, honey,” Lydia breathed into Angela’s mouth. “Right in.”

“I could do this forever!” Angela moaned as another come racked her body.

“Oh, you will, darling,” Lydia gasped. “We both will… just as long as the pills hold out!”


The days grew into weeks and the weeks into months. At first, Angela insisted that Barry put her into the act. But he would only give her a handful of pills and shove his dick into her, with a gruff, “Later, baby.”

“Later” never came, and Angela eventually resigned herself to it. Through Lydia she found out her real function.

“And we’re the pussy?”

“That’s right,” Lydia answered. “And then there’s the occasional V.I.P. visitor, a director or producer, who likes a little orgy action or some swinging private entertainment.”

“And we provide it?” Angela gasped.

“But, Lydia, what’s going to happen to us?”

“Who knows? I guess we’ll last just as long as our looks and the pills hold out,” the redhead replied.

Angela just nodded and dropped another handful of pills.

She stopped counting the number of cocks she sucked and fucked, and gave up trying to remember where or how she did it.

Now and then she thought of Dom, and what it would be like to be someone’s wife again — even an asshole like Dom’s wife.

Then the tour was over and the whole entourage headed back to Hollywood. Barry had decided that he was going to try again for a movie career.

The band broke up, and Barry rented a big Beverly Hills house. The orgies stopped and he suddenly started being kind to Lydia and Angela.

He bought them both beautiful new wardrobes and installed them in their own apartment in the house.

Angela thought everything was going to change. They were going to live a little more like normal people.

“Don’t kid yourself, honey,” Lydia told her. “We’re just being primed for the big one, that’s all!”

A few nights later, Angela found out what she meant.

She’d been off the dope and pills for nearly a month. Her head was starting to come back to reality. Then Barry announced a dinner party for Ritchie Verrain.

“Who’s Ritchie Verrain?” Angela asked Barry.

“A producer, baby, one of the biggest. And ol’ Barry is gonna star in his next picture. That is, if you and Lydia do your job well!”

The afternoon of the dinner party, Angela was handed some pills. She refused to take them, but Barry used a strap on her until she agreed. When both she and Lydia were good and high, Barry explained, in detail, Ritchie Verrain’s problem. Verrain loved getting a little pussy on the side, but he was deathly afraid of his wife. She held all the purse strings, and if she ever caught Ritchie fucking around, he was in big trouble.

Lydia and Angela would seduce him, by force if necessary, and Barry would make a movie of it. Ritchie would come across with the role for Barry, or there wouldn’t even be a movie.

It all sounded silly to Angela, and she told herself she wouldn’t do it. But, by the time dinner was over, she felt the old excitement coming over her.

They adjourned to the upstairs of the house, to the room that Barry called the “play room”. Before long, Barry disappeared, leaving Angela and Lydia alone with Ritchie Verrain.

Angela found herself looking forward to the nights activities as she casually studied Ritchie Verrain, their “victim”. The handsome young producer held a certain attractiveness far Angela that she couldn’t understand. She’d been more than surprised when he’d come right out and told her that she should be in films herself.

This Ritchie was a handsome man, all right six-feet, broad shouldered, dark, longish hair, warm hazel eyes. But definitely weird. Angela could tell.

She caught the nod from Lydia. In a daze, she stood and moved across the room. She tugged Ritchie to his feet and moved close into him.

“Hey, what are you doing?” be asked surprise.

“You’ll see!” Angela said, sliding his hands around her waist and gently drawing him to her. She could hear his rapid breathing, then felt the rising bulge of his dick as he pressed it against her pelvis and thighs. A tiny ripple of excitement raced through her pussy as his lips closed over hers and his hands moved beneath her gown.

Then he suddenly tried to pull away from her. “I really shouldn’t be doing this!” he gasped.

“Oh, but I like it!” Angela cooed. “Do it some more!”

Ritchie was obviously trying to hold his passion in check, but he was finding it harder and harder with his hand on Angela’s bare flesh.

His warm hand was moving around caressingly to cup the full and naked firmness of her erect tits. He mumbled something in a choking whisper, then his tongue burst into her receptive mouth while his hot hand clutched and stroked her big tit excitedly, tweaking and rolling the hardened nipple while she gently rubbed her soft belly and cunt against his ballooning cock.

“Jesus,” he gasped, raising his head finally to catch his breath, while Angela relentlessly ground her luscious pussy against him. He hadn’t expected anything like this. He had to get her out of there, to some place where he could fuck her. “Come on, baby, I can’t take much of this or I’ll fuck you right here!”

“Would you? Really?” Angela husked warmly into his face, her eyes slightly glazed with her own mounting passion. “That sounds wonderful!” She slipped her hand down between them to gently grasp his long, thick dick through his trousers and slowly begin massaging it. “Ohhhh, Ritchie, it feels so hard and big and long! I-I think I’m going to love it!”

Verrain couldn’t believe it. Damn, he had to get her some place and get at her pussy. But out of here, not in that asshole Golden’s house. Fucking her right here would be like asking for trouble. And where was that other broad, Lydia? She hid disappeared. He’d love to dick her, too. Maybe he could get Angela out of there before Lydia came back. And where was Barry Golden? The whole thing was weird.

He eased Angela from him and took her hand. “Come on, we’re going somewhere and quick, before I come right in my pants!”

“No, no, lover,” Angela breathed. “Let’s do it right here!”

“HERE? Christ, no!”

“C’mon, Ritchie, honey! I’m really hot for your cock!” She pushed him down until he was lying on the floor. “It’s cozy here, Ritchie, honey!”

She moved over him until she was standing right over his face. Ritchie could see right up her skirt and along those beautiful, white, full thighs. For God’s sake, she didn’t have any panties on! He could see her pussy as well as he could see her face. Oh shit! His dick was jerking hard all over again and she was smiling down at him. Then he watched her step out of her shoe and her small, pink-soled foot moved between his legs to massage his prick slowly up and down.

“Your dick’s hard, isn’t it, Ritchie?” Angela teased. “Doesn’t your wife fuck it enough for you, sweetie?”

“For God’s sake, listen, please! What are you trying to do to me?”

“Fuck you, honey,” Angela answered, still smiling softly and continuing to tease his cock with her foot.

“Look, let’s go somewhere… oh shit.” He gasped as he saw Lydia walk into the room and stand behind Angela. She was stark naked. Oh shit, shit, shit, he thought… two of them!

Angela spread her legs open farther so that their “victim” could better see her wet, trembling cunt. “You like what you see, Ritchie, sweetie?”

Ritchie couldn’t answer. His brain was a turmoil of mixed emotions. There was no doubt that he wanted to fuck the brains out of this little fox but what if his wife found out? Fear, dread, and mounting desire were making his mind reel. Angela was taunting his cock with her foot while he stared up the long, white columns of her thighs to the pink slit of her pouting cunt. She swayed her hips teasingly, the smooth crevice between her magnificent asscheeks driving him crazy with lust.

“Would you like to suck my pussy, Ritchie? I think I’d love to have you do that!”

“Jesus, I don’t get it,” he groaned, trying to get his mind back on an even keel. “What the hell are you two trying to do?”

“I’m trying to feed you some warm pussy juice, maybe,” Angela cooed, running her tongue tip over her full lower lip.

For a moment, Ritchie felt a cold chill creep along his flesh. This chick was insane. Did Golden have something up his sleeve?

“What do you think, Lydia?” Angela turned to her friend.

“Yeah, Angie, sweetie, maybe you’ve got something there. I think I’d like to watch a cunt sucking, and you can suck his prick! A little sixty-nine session, okay?” Lydia’s own excitement was evident in her voice.

“You want to watch a real, live fuck-show?”

“Yes!” the beautiful redhead cried.

The two of them turned on Verrain and attacked him, ripping at his clothes. The aroma from their cunts and the nearness of their bodies was more than he could stand.

He gave up.

They stripped his trousers and shorts off until he lay there naked, his erect dick like a telephone pole towering and bobbing above his groin. After Angela worked the foreskin up and down a dozen times, then cupped his balls as if weighing them, all of the time smiling lustfully at her partner, she lay down on her back. She hiked her gown up over her hips and asscheeks to her belly and spread her legs wide for him.

She tugged at him and Lydia pushed him until his cock and balls dangled over Angela’s beautiful face and he was staring down at her luscious, spread-open cunt and asshole.

“Go ahead! Hurry up! Eat her pussy!” Lydia barked at him. “Suck her cunt! GET GOING!”

Ritchie could scarcely breathe as he fastened his eyes on the meal of Angela’s silken-haired pussy, the pink, glistening flesh of her partially hidden slit sending new shivers of anticipation coursing up his spine.

Fuck! They were both a couple of sex-fiends! There wasn’t a thing he could do. And then Ritchie felt his head being shoved down toward Angela’s cunt.

“Eat it, you cunt-sucker!” Lydia spat.

Ritchie felt the velvety-soft, moistened flesh spread open around his mouth and nose as the hand forced his face into her pussy. He plunged the full length of his tongue into the quivering depths of her clasping cunt.

“Jesus Christ almighty!” Angela shrieked. “Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Yes! Yes! Suck it — lick it! Bite my cunt, damn you! Tongue-fuck me!”

A lust-aroused Ritchie Verrain felt her hands clutching at his head, her fingers locking in his hair. Angela moaned and gasped, spewing fuck words while he tried to envision the obscene sight they must make and how it would look to anyone who might burst in on them.

Like his wife.

Oh shit, what would he say to her? That they made him eat her cunt? Shit, she wouldn’t believe him no matter what! How many times had he tried to suck her black-haired pussy or stick his prick into her mouth? Cold-blooded, frigid bitch! What he wouldn’t give for a beautiful, uninhibited beauty like this!

Suddenly, Angela was hauling his face forcefully into the damp, pink gash of her juicy cunt. He felt the movements of her head between his legs as he speared his tongue up into the warm liquid depths of her fuckhole.

She was grinding her hips uncontrollably, writhing and squirming; little moans escaping from her throat. She raised her pussy up to him, pressing his face into the cleft, her hot cuntal walls opening and closing in a moist sucking action around his screwing tongue.

Angela was going wild. Ritchie Verrain’s dick swayed back and forth across her face as he ate her. Above his asscheeks, she could see Lydia’s voluptuous body and smiling face.

“Suck his prick, Angela, honey,” Lydia breathed, “and I’ll give him a little added thrill!”

Lydia was strapping on the huge, twelve-inch dildo. Angela knew what the beautiful redhead was going to do, and it made her hotter than ever.

She curled her fingers around the swollen cock that jutted down between Ritchie’s legs. She raised her head greedily her red-rimmed mouth opened wide, and encircled the cock hungrily with her warm lips. She captured its entire length into her hungry mouth. In her greed she sucked his prick so deeply that it nearly gagged her. But she twisted her head enough to catch her breath, then began feverishly running her tongue up and down the soft underside, feeling the meat throb and pulse at her touch.

“Oh, Jesus, yes!” Verrain cried. “Suck me! Suck my dick! EVERYBODY SUCK! EVERYBODY FUCK!”

“Oh, honey, we will!” Lydia laughed in a wild, screeching voice as she made the last adjustment on the dildo that made the huge cock stood out hard from her red pussy fur.

Angela drank deeply of the seeping pre-cum oozing from Ritchie’s dick. She cupped his balls gently in the soft palms of her hands while tiny explosions of desire burst wildly in her brain. Ritchie began to move up and down, in and out of her mouth in tempo with his lashing, probing tongue in her searing pussy.

It was a nice cock, Angela thought, the perfect size for sucking. She wouldn’t mind sucking it more often. She wondered if his wife ever sucked his dick for him. Jesus, what a thrill it was to blow a man she’d never seen before in her life and would probably never see again, while her gorgeous friend Lydia watched them. She sucked with a fury at his hard cockflesh embedded deeply in her throat as he licked at her naked cunt, worming his tongue deeper and deeper into her moist and quaking pussy.

Lydia had watched all she could without participating herself. Her cunt was beginning to throb from the lust-provoking spectacle. She moved around behind Ritchie, dropping to her knees between the young producer’s spread legs and wide-open asscheeks. She could see Angela with her mouth full of Ritchie’s prick, pumping up and down it while she cupped his hairy balls.

Angela’s eyes opened and danced merrily when they focused on Lydia.

Lydia stared sadistically at the hair-fringed, brown puckered shithole between Ritchie’s asscheeks.

“Do it!” Angela hissed from below. “Fuck him in the asshole, Lydia, while I blow his meat!”

Angela grabbed the phony cock strapped to Lydia’s body. She aimed the huge cockhead at Ritchie’s asshole.

“I’m gonna give you the thrill of your life, Verrain!” Lydia rasped thickly. “I’m going to fuck your asshole! Now, keep your ass up here and push back, you bear? All right, Angela, honey… shove it in!”

Fucking a man’s ass was all new to Lydia, but she felt as excited as if she were about to fuck Angela.

Ritchie didn’t hear. He was too absorbed in the luscious meat of Angela’s creaming pussy to care about anything.

Lydia was shaking so badly at the thought of raping this big shot’s asshole that she couldn’t steady the phony dick.

“Here it comes, Verrain!” she shrieked. “What, what?” Ritchie stammered, coming out of his daze for a moment.

“I’m gonna fuck you!” Lydia exclaimed. “Yes, fuck! Let’s all fuck!” Ritchie was higher on sex than the girls were on drugs.

But her words were seeping in. Angela’s sucking of his prick was fantastic. It caused a driving pressure to build in his jerking balls that she held hotly in her small hand. She was caressing them lovingly while he sucked and licked at her delicious pussy, nibbling at her clit and spearing his tongue deep into the delectable depths of her fuckhole.

Ritchie didn’t care what they did to him. Whatever they did would be worth it. Maybe he’d even like it. Fuck, he’d never had anything so fabulous and beautiful in his life.

Angela sucked at his prick as new and more wanton sensations swirled through her at the sight of Lydia’s wonderful, hard cockhead squirming into Ritchie’s asshole.

She was loving every lewd second of this wild fuck session. Two beautiful cocks! One in her hand and one in her mouth, and at the same time, unbelievable delight churning in her pussy and belly at the feverish sucking and licking of her cunt by this handsome stranger. Jesus, life was beautiful again! Soon she would come, she could feel it. Oh, yes, yes!

And now the phony dick was buried halfway in Verrain’s asshole, moving slowly in and out, reaming its way and suddenly plunging more frenziedly until there it was, all the way up Ritchie’s ass and Lydia’s cunt was grazing Angela’s forehead.

Lydia’s laugh resounded loudly around the room. “It’s in you! I’m fucking a man with my dick!” Her laugh sounded crazy, insane, as she pummeled the man’s shithole harder and harder with the huge plastic cock.

“Hmmmmmm,” Angela hummed around the expanding prick in her mouth, her lips and tongue stopping their gentle caressing as she watched the dildo ramming into Verrain’s stretched asshole. The sight brought her own orgasm to its peak.

She felt Ritchie’s mouth suddenly glued to the hole of her cunt, his thrusting tongue swirling and lashing the sensitive walls in rhythm to the cock fucking into his asshole.

Angela began to nurse and suck the hot thickness of his meat with all of her strength, her cheeks hollowing and swelling while her belly rose and fell frantically.

“OH, SHIT… SOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!” Angela shrieked around the cock ramming her face.

She clasped her lips tightly around the throbbing, blood-engorged head of his dick, and with her nails began to tickle tantalizingly beneath his balls. They had to shoot their cum. Oh, yes… NOW!

At that very moment, Lydia screamed. Angela knew that the redhead was getting off on the second cock, the one she had inserted in her pussy from the back of the contraption.

Then there was a long drawn-out sigh as Verrain blew his warm breath up Angela’s cunt and she knew that he, too, was coming.

She felt the massive head of his prick in her mouth swelling, and then it came. The cum shot into the back of her throat in wild spurts of seething, boiling liquid, joined by the convulsive tremors of her own hips as her orgasm erupted in a blinding explosion. Again and again Ritchie squirted his hot spurts of cum deep into her throat, and Angela groaned as she continued sucking hungrily, her throat gulping while she swallowed and swallowed the flood of boiling jism spewing into her mouth.

They rolled away from each other, until the two girls were close together.

“He wasn’t bad,” Angela whispered.

“Hell, no… he was damn good,” Lydia replied.

“Do you suppose Barry got it all?”

“You can just bet he did!” Lydia smiled.

Barry did indeed get it all. And he got the part in the movie immediately after he had a little private showing of the picture starring Ritchie Verrain.

It took four months for the film to be made, and during that time, strange things began to happen.

Lydia was picked up with a pound of heroin in her car. It was a mystery how it got there, because she never used the stuff. Nevertheless, she was charged and given a stiff sentence when two witnesses came forward and admitted that they were supplying Lydia with dope for resale.

It was all a lie, but there was nothing that could be done. Lydia didn’t know anybody who could help her, and Barry didn’t care. He was too busy making the picture that would make him a star.

At about the same time, Angela met Randy Ralston. He was a fading star in Ritchie Verrain’s stable. His popularity had waned and he hadn’t made a picture in years, but Angela didn’t care. To her, he was the most handsome, gentlest, warmest man she had ever met. And, from the way he went after her from the moment they met, Angela was sure he felt the same way about her.

Barry was so busy with his picture he didn’t care what she did. So, with Randy constantly around, it was only natural that they would get together.

To Angela’s amazement, Randy had never tried to fuck her on all the dates they had together. It was a whole new twist for her, and she found herself liking it.

Then one night Barry had a late shoot and Randy invited her over to his apartment.

There was something in his voice, something that told Angela that her life was about to change. And she was ready for it; she was ready to give up the chaos that went with life around Barry Golden.

She was even ready to become a wife again.

Randy met her at the door of his apartment in his robe. When he let it fall open to expose his hard cock, Angela knew she had been right.

“Come here,” Randy said, opening his arms to her.

She kicked off her sandals, laughed impishly, and rushed to his arms. He kissed her with a savage desperation. He squeezed her shapely ass through the thin dress, pulling her luscious body closer to him.

“You realize, of course,” she whispered into his ear, “that you’re going to make me fall in love with you.”

“I can’t think of anything I want more,” Randy replied, and covered her mouth with his.

“I feel overdressed,” Angela gasped, finally breaking the tongue-lashing kiss.

She pulled away from him. He watched while she undressed. She did a slow, sensual strip-tease for him until she stood dressed only in her bra, which was nothing more than a tiny scrap of nylon net, and a skimpy pair of black bikini panties.

Randy shed his robe, grabbed hold of her shoulders. She was quick to grasp his cock. Her hand was small, cool. He leaned his head down, clamped his teeth at the center of the nylon net bra, and peeled it away from her high-rising tits. Her soft laughter was deep-throated, delighted at the smooth way he had bared her tits.

She arched her back, lifting her full, ripe globes higher. The nipples were the color of ripe cherries. Randy took one between his lips, sucked at it while his strong hand played with her ass. He poked his finger through the thin, lacy material of the bikini panties.

Still sucking her tits, he swooped her up into his arms. Angela squealed with happiness. He lay her gently onto the bed. With his teeth he peeled the panties down the wide flare of her hips to just below the hairs of her pussy.

He dug his hands beneath her buttocks, lifting her pussy to his mouth. He clamped his lips around the wriggling pussy mound, sucking.

“Oh, yes!” Angela gasped. “Oh, God, YES!”

“Just sampling,” Randy chuckled, rolling onto his back.

“Oh, God,” she said, frustrated, sitting up.

“Here,” he grinned, patting his chest. “Sit here.”

Angela straddled him. She was breathing heavily.

“Oh, Randy!” she gasped as he wormed a finger down and began teasing her cunt. She leaned back, resting on her elbows that were at either side of his thighs. Her pussy jutted toward his face. His busy fingers drew the juices of her cunt to the surface.

He parted the lips to look at the pink inside of her luscious hole, so very pink in contrast to the dark of her pussy fur.

He poked his finger up into the slit, pulled it free, sticky wet. Angela giggled as he licked his finger clean. Cunt juice dripped onto his chest. He had a hot, juicy woman, all right. Angela would make sure of that. She would also make sure that she would be the only woman he would ever want.

Because, suddenly, Randy Ralston was the only man she wanted.

“Come closer, little girl,” he said hoarsely.

She scooted up until her cunt was closer to his face, in easy reach of his tongue and mouth. He burrowed his mouth into the cleft of her outer lips. With his tongue, he penetrated the inner lips and sucked until Angela thought she would lose her mind. His fingertips massaged the insides of her smooth thighs as he sucked at her throbbing, erect clit.

Angela’s moan was loud, ragged. “I love you. Oh, God, I love you, Randy!”

“Do you, baby?”


She rolled onto her back and pulled her legs wide, opening her cuntlips with her fingers. She knew what he wanted to see. The little clit twitched eagerly, as if begging for male meat to nudge it.

Randy clutched his big cock, moved upwards so he could rub the heavy head across the sticky, coiled hairs of her pussy.

“OOOOHHHHHHH!” Her long moan expressed a hunger that had become ravenous.

Sticky drippings oozed from the slit of his cockhead to mingle with her cunt juices. His big hands cupped around the jiggling, big tits and tenderly he pinched the swollen nipples. Angela lifted her ass upward, trying to force the head of his cock into her. But he made her wait a few moments longer.

He lifted each soft tit higher, licked underneath, sucked the tender flesh. He sucked at the taut nipples, tickling the sensitive tips with the tip of his tongue.

Angela relaxed, her moan warm, as he sucked deeply at each tit in turn. She relaxed, no longer impatient, surrendering completely to the hands of an expert, enjoying the preliminaries to the hilt.

Then Randy began to inch his cock into her slowly. The warm, gushy flesh of her cunt grasped it snugly. He kept pushing into her until his prick was buried to the balls and his dark-brown hair merged with hers.

He felt her silken legs clamp around his back.

“Let me!” she whispered.

He didn’t have to guess for longer than a second the meaning of her words. She began to roll her hips slowly while he remained still. She was as hungry as before, but she was controlling that hunger, the longer to savor his cock, the longer to allow his cock to savor her pussy.

They were good together, she thought happily. Maybe because both of them had had lots of experience.

A wild expression began to spread over her face and she moved her hips faster.

“Let it go, baby,” Randy grinned. “I can control it. I can hold it back.”

He found the right rhythm and rolled his hips in perfect time to hers, managing to thrust his, dick deeper into her with each revolution.

Angela squealed loudly in orgasm and he chuckled softly and slowed his pace for a few moments. He felt her body relax, yield, and then he went after her again, pumping hard. Angela yielded but was not passive. She gave… gave all of herself.

Her head rolled wildly from side to side. She lifted her ass up higher and Randy dug his hands beneath, grasping the smooth, round flesh. He kept fucking harder, balls slapping against the crack of her luscious ass. Her expression told him she was nearly there again. And he knew he was ready to join her at any second.

He grasped her tits as if they were handles and held on for the final heavy thrusts. Then his cum jetted from his exploding cock at the same time as she cried out again.

He pulled her climaxing body close to his and held her close, his slowly softening prick fluttering inside her. They were both sweating, and when their bodies pulled apart there was a soft, plopping sound.

“I should take a shower,” Angela panted.

They took one together. Randy got hard again under the shower and she knelt to suck him off. Instead, he coaxed her back up and hauled her to bed again. This time he fucked her fast and hard.

“Do I dare take another shower?” Angela giggled. “Or would you start all over again?”

“You know damn well I will!” Randy grinned. That night, Angela packed her things and left Barry’s house to move in with Randy.


Life with Randy wasn’t all peaches and cream. He drank a lot and his gambling was a constant source of irritation. But he always seemed to have money, even when he lost, so Angela never minded.

The movie that Barry had starred in for Ritchie Verrain was released. It was a flop. Many people said it was because Verrain’s production company hadn’t put up enough money to push it.

A month after the picture was pulled from the theaters, Barry Golden was found dead. The papers said it was an overdose. Angela wondered about that. Barry was too careful about the drugs he took to be the victim of an overdose.

For some reason, Barry’s death made Angela want to see Lydia. So she made the long trek upstate to the women’s prison.

Lydia looked very old and very tired. She congratulated Angela on her good luck, and her only comment concerning Barry’s death was, “I guess we learned the hard way, honey… you just don’t fuck around with someone as big and powerful as Ritchie Verrain.”

Angela knew what her friend was saying, but she didn’t want to think of it. She might be the next one on Ritchie’s list. She left the prison depressed, and returned to Randy with her fears.

“That’s silly, baby,” he said. “And to prove it, I’ll tell you what we’ll do.”


“Let’s go to Vegas and get married.”

“Do you mean it, Randy?”

“You better believe I do!”

An hour later, they were on a plane for Las Vegas. And two hours after that they were wildly fucking in a plush hotel room.

When they were both satiated, Randy dressed.

“I’m going down to have a fling at the tables for a while, baby.”

He was gone neatly all night. His face, when he returned, told Angela what had happened.

“You lost.”

“Hell, yes. Everything.” Then his face brightened. “But there’s always more where that came from!”

“Randy, where do you get your money? I mean, you haven’t worked…”

“Shhh, never mind, baby. I get it, that’s all. Now, have you got something warm and wet that will cheer me up?”

Angela smiled. “I sure do. Come to bed, darling.” She threw back the covers to reveal her naked, creamy body.

“I guess I’m pretty lucky after all,” he murmured. His face was flushed now. “Sweet, sweet baby,” he whispered. Fully clothed, he sat on the edge of the bed and sucked her tits.

Angela unzipped his fly, pulled the long limp piece of meat from his trousers and quickly coaxed it to hardness with the tender, warm manipulations of her hand.

“Come to bed, honey,” she said, stroking his hair.

Randy shed his clothes. Then quickly his big boned body covered hers. She felt his cock hard against her upper thighs. He clamped his lips to hers. God, he excited her as much, or more, than any other man she had been with. And he was all hers. Or he soon would be.


“Yeah, baby?”

“We’ll do it, won’t we? We’ll get married in the morning?” Suddenly this was important to her.

“Sure, honey. First thing in the morning.”

She dug her fingers into his wide shoulders while he sucked her big tits again, like a hungry baby going after its milk.

“Sweetheart?” he said, lifting his head.

“Yes, honey,” she smiled. She knew what he wanted.

He scooted up, his cock poking at her lips. He’d told her often that no woman had ever sucked him off like she could. Angela found this hard to believe but she liked to hear it.

And she loved to have his nice hard cock in her mouth!

The slit at the tip of his prickhead was unusually big. She dug her tongue into it, pulling it out and in again several times. Then she wrapped her tongue around the meaty head and caressed the sensitive area underneath. She coaxed sticky drippings from the big slit. She sucked his big cock slowly up and down from base to root, feeling it throb excitedly. She was careful to go slow and easy. She didn’t want him to get off that way. No, she had to have that nice hot thing inside her, nudging her twitching little clit.

Randy dragged his cock slowly free of her clutching mouth. And again — she knew what he wanted. She arched her back, and he left a thin trail of sticky cum down one of her tits, dragging the prick down to one of her big pointed nipples. He pushed the nipple into the slit of his cockhead and moved his hips in a gentle fucking motion.

Then he covered her body with his again, sucking each tit in turn, sucking deep, tugging, chewing, until Angela’s body writhed and she itched even more to have him in her. He rolled over so that she lay on top.

Teasingly, she sucked one of his nipples between her lips and it quickly erected. She sucked deep and hard, moving her head quickly from nipple to nipple. Randy was, breathing loudly, moaning, his body writhing. And Angela felt flushed with excitement, aroused by the pleasure she gave him.

She took a quick glance down and saw that his cock stood stiff and twitching, pointing straight up to the ceiling. Her cunt itched to clamp down onto it.

“Want me on your dick now?” Angela panted.

“Yeah, yes, but suck it a little, honey!”

She sucked his meat until she was sure he was ready to explode, then crawled up over him.

“Now my pussy, lover. Now I’m going to fill my cunt with you!”

She pulled her juicy pussylips wide and sank down onto his hard cock. A few nudges at the side of her clit with his big, meaty cockhead and she was over the top. She cried out, a piercing scream of release.

“So quick, sweetheart?” he chuckled.

“Oh, honey, I was so hot,” she panted. “I still am!”

She let all his meat slide up into her. The ragged walls of her moist cunt clamped caressingly around each hard, pulsating inch of cock. She undulated her hips, then bounced up and down.

“Oh, honey… this is fun!” she panted.

“Sweetheart?” he whispered hoarsely.

“Yes?” She went back to the slow undulation of her hips.

“Let me put it in that nice tight little ass!”

Angela smiled in anticipation. Quickly she pulled her cunt free of his cock. She stuffed the two soft pillows from the bed beneath her stomach.

She purred like a kitten as Randy’s big warm hands stroked her silken ass.

“Ummmm, baby, baby, such a nice smooth little ass,” he murmured.

He knelt behind her. He eased his thick, meaty cockhead into the puckered mouth of her asshole.

“Okay, baby?”

“Okay,” Angela whispered, feeling her asshole pried open to take the slow invasion of his big cock.

“Arrggghhh!” he rasped. And she felt all his cock inside her. She reached back. Not an inch of cock free of her ass.

He began fucking slowly. He lifted her up onto her knees and his hand traveled to her furry cunt mound.

Angela gasped. “Oh, yes!”

His fingers parted the pussylips. His greased dick slid slowly back and forth inside the tight asshole, while he finger-fucked her creaming cunt. Angela squealed and swayed her hips voluptuously. She knew she was making his fingers nice and juicy.

Then he began to fuck harder. She felt his balls and thighs slap loudly against her. And his fingers fucked faster and deeper too. His loud moans and heavy breathing told her he was nearing his climax. He pulled his fingers free of her cunt and fell forward. He needed the use of both hands now to grasp her tits as his hips worked furiously fast, pumping his meat to her, hard and deep.

He growled, slamming forward. She felt her insides flooded with warm cum. He whispered softly and let go of one of the big dangling tits, but milked the other soft globe gently while his fingers found her pussy again. She felt his cock fluttering around inside her ass, slowly softening.

Angela began to roll her hips, feeling the slow rise of approaching climax, beginning with a tingling in her toes, flooding all through her body, ending in a happy scream.

She sighed with contentment, answering his soft chuckle as he pulled two fingers from her pussy.

He snuggled up to her, buried his face in her tits, and Angela held his big body close to her, rocking gently while he sucked her tits until he fell asleep.

She was having a pleasant dream when she woke up. Randy was getting out of bed.

“Go back to sleep, baby,” he whispered. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, darling,” Angela muttered drowsily.

She turned onto her side and dreamed the rest of that good dream.

When she woke up again she knew it must be late. The room was flooded with sunlight. She was alone in bed. Nothing unusual about that. She was a late sleeper, and Randy always got up first.

She sat up, stretching and yawning. She looked around the room. Suddenly her heart stopped. Somehow the room seemed so empty. She got up off the bed. Something’s wrong, she thought, something’s very wrong.

The closet door was halfway open. His clothes. She rushed to the closet. All of Randy’s clothes were gone. Her knees felt, weak.

Then she noticed the envelope on the bedside table. She tore it open and read:

He’s gone, you cunt. His drinking and gambling cost me a bundle, but it was worth it… because he did just the job I told him to do.

I’ll give him a couple of B-pictures until he drinks himself into oblivion again, or until I need him to do another job on another cunt like you.

Meantime, you can make out by selling your pussy — that’s all it’s good for.

And while you’re doing it, just remember — NOBODY fucks with Ritchie Verrain! The note was signed Ritchie Verrain.

Angela sat all day on the edge of the bed. When the room was dark, she finally found the energy to move. She reached for the phone.

“Dom… Dom, it’s me, Angela. I want to come back. I want to be your wife again.”

Dom picked her up at the airport. All the way home he told her how he had changed, how they were now going to have such a good marriage. He also hinted at the big surprise he had in store for her.

And Angela told him how she’d changed, too, how sorry she was about everything and how she was going to make it up to him.

To this, Dom was silent.

In the living room, he told her to take her clothes off. She did. He then handed her a razor.

“You know what to do,” he said. “When you’re finished, come on up to the bedroom.”

Twenty minutes later, Angela was standing, sad eyed, at the bedroom door. Dom was on the bed with two giggling young girls. He was wildly pounding his dick into one of them while he ate the other one.

“C’mon, baby! C’mon, Angela!” he cried.

“Stick your tongue in my asshole while I go to town on these cunts. DO IT, ANGELA!”

Angela knelt behind him and rammed her tongue into his asshole.

“Oh, yeah, oh, good, good, Angela! And when I come, you can eat this cunt. I’ll watch and get it up again so I can fuck you! You’re gonna be a well fucked wife from now on, Angela, baby! Just wait till you meet all the guys on my bowling team, baby. They’re gonna love you! And I’m gonna love watchin ’em do it.”