Teacher’s Naughty Lessons

Ann Harris couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Her hand froze on the doorknob. There! She heard it again.

“That’s right, suck it good, you little cum-drinker!” the man’s voice said.

“Are you sure no one is going to come in on us?” a girl asked.

“You just worry about sucking my dick,” the man said.

“Ummmmm!” the feminine voice moaned. “No worry at all!”

Ann slipped into the teacher’s lounge as if pulled by a magnet. She held her breath and stood close to the wall so they wouldn’t notice her. She squinted her eyes, trying to adjust to the darkness.

“That’s it, baby,” the man said huskily. “Wrap those tight little lips around my cock and suck for all you’re worth!”

Ann heard a delicate smacking sound, the sound of wet flesh rubbing against wet flesh. She peered into the darkness, her eyes slowly becoming adjusted to the dim light.

She saw their outline. He was standing in front of her, his legs slightly spread. His hands were on her shoulders, as she knelt before him, her mouth gobbling down his prick.

Ann felt two immediate emotions. The first was outrage. How could two teachers possibly be doing what they were doing? And in the teacher’s lounge!

The other emotion was more difficult to describe. A burning sensation ripped into her pussy, like a hot knife. She wanted to run out, to pretend that what she was watching wasn’t happening!

Instead, she stayed, her heart pounding in her throat. She casually dropped her right hand to her crotch, her eyes glued on what the girl was doing.

The girl was cupping the man’s balls, her fingers digging between his thighs. She pulled her head back and forth, sucking his monstrous cock in and out with swift, hungry moves. Her eyes were closed in total rapture.

Ann pursed her lips and wondered what it would feel like to be in the woman’s place, sucking that delicious looking dick into her throat, feeling the furry, round balls vibrate against her throat.

She pressed her middle finger against the mound of her pussy and had to stifle a desire to cry out. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. Almost immediately, she opened them again.

“You sure know how to suck cock!” the man whispered, obviously enjoying the hungry assault on his prick.

The woman released his cock for a couple of seconds, giving it a look of admiration, almost reverence.

“With a dick like this, that’s so big and delicious, it’s easy!” she said, running her tongue up the length of his cockshaft.

“Suck on my balls a little,” he whispered. “Stick them both in your mouth!”

“I’ll suck them a lot!” the woman said, pulling one large, hairy orb between her lips.

“Now the other one!” the man said, jutting his hips forward.

Ann was fascinated with the woman’s actions. She had deftly pulled both huge nuts into her mouth, and she was now washing them with her tongue. Her nose was nuzzled against the underside of the man’s prick.

Involuntarily, Ann began grinding her hips around, pressing her finger harder against her cunt. Ripples of pleasure centered in her backbone, gently flowing outward, to her cunt entrance. The silky material of her panties clung wetly to the folds of her pussy lips, wet with her juicy release of fluid.

“I’ll bet you could get cream out of a crow bar!” the man whispered, his voice now very excited. “Suck out my cum and drink it, you little cunt!”

The woman was moaning, her own pleasure mounting. She was gyrating her hips, squeezing her thighs together to relieve the hot itch inside her pussy.

Ann knew exactly the feeling the woman was having. She was having it herself.

I want a big cock, too! Ann thought. I want a gorgeous, thick piece of meat slamming into my throat, spitting out gallons of creamy cum, gushing into my lungs!

She pulled her skirt up and slipped her hand inside her panties. Her palm was met with a moist, wiry warmth. She pulled her cunt lips apart with her fingers, and exposed the throbbing, hard cut. She nestled it between the two fingers and squeezed firmly.

She tasted the salty flavor of blood as she bit down on her lips to keep from crying out with tormented want.

“You’d better get that hot little mouth ready, baby,” the man grunted. “I’m about to load you up with some fine, hot cum!”

Ann could almost taste the hot wads of jism, spurting out of the man’s prick, gurgling down her throat, filling her stomach with his climaxing warmth.

“Ummmmm!” the woman moaned, her voice smacking and sucking against his dick. “Ummmmm!”

“You like that taste, baby?” the man asked. “You like sucking that white juice in your lungs?”

The woman moaned again as the thick, creamy cum spilled into her throat and oozed into her belly.

Ann wanted nothing more than to scramble over there, push the woman away, and grasp that exploding cock with her lips and slam it against her tonsils! Yet she remained in the darkness, afraid to move, afraid even of her emotions.

She probed deeply into her cunt, stabbing her ringers in and out of the slicked-up, tight muscles, pressing her thumb against her tiny, hard clit. It throbbed and vibrated against the pressure, sending pangs of raw pleasure into her pussy.

Again, the woman moaned. Ann looked at her profile and could see the streams of jism dripping down her chin, glistening against her neck.

“Take it all, you cum-drinker!” the man grunted, slapping his hips back and forth. “Suck it all!”

Ann ran her eyes upward from where the woman was greedily sucking. She couldn’t make out who the man was, but whoever he was, he was obviously very muscular and handsome. Even in the darkness, Ann could make out his sculptured chest, his lean and sinewy forearms, his bulky biceps, and massive shoulders.

She imagined being under his hulking weight, being crushed with those fabulous arms, his cock thrusting deeply into her cunt, crunching against her backbone.

Oh God, she thought, it’s not fair! I want him too! I want that big dick more than you do, you bitch! Let me have it! NOW!

Instead of obeying her overwhelming desires, she leaned against the wall and dug her fingers into her frothy pussy. The pleasure seemed to split into two, distinct sensations. One was a gentle throbbing stab that sucked and pulled on her pussy muscles. The other was a painful suction as her pussy became like a vacuum that demanded to be filled.

“Did you get it all?” the man asked. “I don’t want any of it sticking to my shorts.”

The girl pulled her face away from his crotch and began washing his balls, his thighs, and then back to his prick.

“There’s not a single drop of cum left anywhere,” the girl said rather disappointedly. “Can you give me a little more? Or maybe a lot more?”

“I’d like to,” the man said. “But we’re cutting it a little close this morning. Someone might show up any minute.”

As if on cue, a noise was heard in the hall outside the lounge.

“Quick!” the man said. “Get your fucking blouse back on!”

Ann heard the sounds of zippers and the rustle of clothing as the man and woman quickly began dressing.

“Dammit!” the woman said. “My bra’s stuck. It’s hung against a button!”

“Get behind those lockers!” the man said. “They’re almost here!”

Ann quickly withdrew her hand from her panties and smoothed out her skirt. She too was suddenly frightened. Then the door opened.

“Hello, Miss Harris,” the principal, Mr. Thomas, said. “What are you doing standing here in the dark?”

“I… I was looking for the light switch,” Ann whispered.

“It’s right here,” Mr. Thomas said, flicking the switch.

“Thank you,” Ann muttered, shading her eyes from the harsh glare.

She looked over the principal’s shoulder for a split second, to where the man and woman had been. She saw the man’s face just then. It was Matt Henshaw, the biology teacher!

His handsome features were shrouded in an expression of alarm and surprise. It was fairly obvious he was afraid of being caught — especially by the principal.

“Uh, Mr. Thomas, could you please do me a favor?” Ann asked quickly.

“Anything, Miss Harris,” the principal said rather prissily.

“Could you, uh…” Ann began, thinking quickly, “… give me a hand with some books in my car?”

“I’d be more than happy to,” Mr. Thomas said. “Just lead the way.”

As the principal left the lounge, Ann gave Matt a fleeting glance. She saw his expression change to one of relief. He mouthed a “thank you”, and then smiled.

Ann felt her knees buckle. Damn! She felt like such a fool! Matt and that woman would know that she had been watching! Like some kind of pervert! She felt like crying.

“I realize it’s going to be rather strange for a while, until you get your feet on the ground,” the principal was saying. “But once you get used to our little group, you’ll fit right in.”

“I hope so,” Ann said, her heels clicking down the tiled corridor.

This was the beginning of the first day for Ann Harris, eleventh-grade teacher, at Nolan High.


Ann felt a gentle pressure on her shoulder. “Hey, thanks!” Matt said. “You saved my life!” Ann felt herself go brick-red. She had avoided meeting Matt all day, even took her lunch with the students, just to keep this moment from happening.

“You must think I’m terrible,” Ann stammered.

“Now, why would I think you’re terrible?” he asked with mock surprise. “That luscious blonde hair, those delicate features, and I’m a pushover for green eyes!”

Her color darkened. In her confusion, she dropped her books. When she bent quickly to retrieve them, she bumped heads with the man. Then they both started laughing.

“I guess I haven’t made too good a first impression,” Matt said, handing her books.

Better than you would ever imagine! Ann thought, remembering his muscular body, his thick spurting cock.

“How about letting me make it up to you?” he asked. “Have dinner with me, will you?”

“I already have a roast in the oven,” Ann said. “Been cooking all day.”

“Then why don’t I have dinner at your place?” he asked. “You could never eat a whole roast, could you? Unless there’s someone else who’s going to help you?”

“No,” Ann said, looking into his eyes for the first time. “There’s no one else.”

“Well, now there is,” Matt said with a smile.

“Yep, I guess there is,” Ann agreed.

“Where do you live?” he asked.

“Right there.” Ann pointed to the house across the street.

“How convenient!” Matt said. “You could go home for a… that is, you could go home for lunch!”

They walked across the street and toward the house. When she opened the door, Matt walked in and made himself at home.

“Smells great!” he said, pulling off his tie and flinging it on the coffee table. He plopped down on the couch and looked up at Ann. “How about a nice martini? Just ice and vodka. No vermouth, unless you want to make a real fast enemy.”

Ann laughed. “Wouldn’t dream of it! One martini coming up!”

They had a few drinks, getting to know each other with small talk, and then had dinner. It had come off rather nicely for which Ann was thankful. The roast was pink and delicious, the potatoes perfect and the salad crispy and flavorful. Even the coffee tasted unusually delicious. “Care for some wine?” Ann asked, as they walked into the living room.

“Actually, I’d rather have something else,” Matt said.

“Another martini?”

“No, this!” Matt said, pulling her into his arms.

Any protest Ann might have made was lost as his lips crushed against hers, his tongue probing deeply inside her mouth like an angry snake.

Ann felt pushed forward as his hands cupped and squeezed her ass, driving his hard, thick cock against the insides of her thighs.

He pulled his mouth away for a second and looked at Ann. His expression was one of raw hunger as his eyes seemed to bore into her skull.

“I’m going to fuck you, Ann,” he whispered, brushing his lips against her cheek. “All night!”

“Oh God, yes!” Ann whispered back.

She stood there as Matt deftly removed her clothing, and then his. He dropped to one knee and pressed his face against her stomach, darting his tongue in and out of her belly button.

He slipped his hands upward, from her knees to the bottom of her tiny, silken-haired cunt. He gently pulled the folds of skin back with his thumbs and then lowered his head.

Ann gasped when she felt his tongue slip up into the furry darkness of her pussy. She grabbed the sides of his head and pressed him hard against her groin.

“That’s nice!” she moaned. “So warm and sweet!”

Matt released the folds of her cunt lips and they pursed around his lips. He inhaled deeply, savoring the delicate aroma of her steaming pussy, while he darted his tongue back and forth, lapping the honey-like juices into his mouth.

“Oh fuck, you’ve got a tight, hot cunt!” he moaned, nodding his head up and down, so that his nose slicked into the dark opening. “So fucking tight!”

Ann dropped her hands to his muscular shoulders and squeezed his rough, hairy skin. She slipped her middle fingers under her arms, digging into the wiry growth of his armpit.

“I want yours too!” she whispered, arching her back as the pleasure of his cunt-sucking increased.

“When I’m finished,” Matt answered, his voice sending stabs of pleasure into her pussy. “Then you can have it all night!”

Although Matt’s hot, hungry mouth filled her pussy with tormented sensations, her cunt ached to have a thick, long shaft of cock poking into her guts. She spread her legs slightly and humped forward, frying to force more of his tongue into the itchy tunnel of her slit.

“I don’t think I can take it any longer,” she whimpered. “You’re gonna have to fuck me soon!” Matt reached under her cunt and grasped her ass with both hands. He practically lifted her off the floor as he pressed her savagely against his face, and buried his tongue wetly into her tight ring of pussy muscle. He could feel her clit throb and vibrate against his teeth as he sucked against the frothy, delicate tissues.

Ann screamed as the pleasure became over-powering. Tiny ripples stretched and pulled on her cunt walls, thundering forward into a torrent of gigantic spasms. Her cunt lips locked around Matt’s tongue.

“Eat me! Oh, sweet fucking Jesus, eat my pussy and swallow it!” she gasped. “Oh, Christ, eat me alive!”

Matt quickly pulled her to her knees and then pushed her gently back on the carpet. Without a wasted motion, he crawled between her legs and plowed his cock swiftly into her pussy.

Ann gasped heavily as the thickness of his prick stretched her tight tunnel of cunt muscle outward with a jerking throb. She clawed her fingernails up and down his back while she jutted her hips upward.

“Oh God!” she grunted. “Shove it all the way in!”

Matt withdrew his dick a couple of inches, then deftly rammed forward, pressing his entire weight against her burning pussy mound. His balls slipped up the insides of her thighs, then rested against her tiny, dark shitter opening.

Ann sank her teeth into his shoulder, chewing the ribboned muscle like a rare steak. Hot shivers of intense excitement stormed into her slit. She began to moan loudly.

“God, what a big, hot dick you have!” she murmured. “It fills me up so nice!”

Matt’s pleasure was so great, he could only groan. Ann’s pussy engulfed and surrounded his prick like a sweet, tight mouth, her pussy lips sucking on the base of his cock with delicate, hungry spasms.

He began to grind his ass slowly, the length of his dick fucking into the back of her pussy. He reached under her ass and kneaded her cheeks, brutally pulling them upward, so that her cunt hugged the base of his dick in a tight, frothy embrace.

A rippling wave of tense, demanding contraction pounded into the back of Ann’s box, gripping her in raw, savage release.

“Mmmmmmpphhff!” she groaned, thrashing about under his strong embrace. “Fuck me! Oh God, FUCK ME!!”

Matt began a slow fuck job, thrusting his prick in and out of her exploding cunt, trying desperately to maintain control. His balls began to ache painfully as he ground between her thighs, and he knew that at any moment, he, too, would buckle with hard release. But he never wanted this feeling to leave. To have his prick snuggled inside a spasming, sucking, climaxing pussy.

“I… can’t… wait… any… longer,” he grunted. “Oh God, I’m going to… Uuunnngggfff!”

A thick, hot wad of cum bolted out of his nuts and gushed up the center of his shaft with a lightning-like throb. His cockhead ballooned in a jerking motion, then spit violently into her pussy.

Ann groaned with new, even more delicious pleasure when she felt her cunt boil over with his creamy globs of jism. She contracted the entire length of her pussy tunnel, sucking furiously on his exploding prick. Another thick squirt of cum jammed upward into her guts, soaking her insides with lava-like fluid.

“Fill me full of cum!” she whispered, gasping against his shoulder. “Pump it all in!”

Matt’s dick began to jerk quickly, spewing his load furiously into her cunt. With each squirt, he drove his body forward, smacking the base of his prick wetly against her throbbing cunt opening.

His load was so plentiful and fast, the hot pools of sperm swelled in her guts, and finding no place to go, began to squirt along the length of Matt’s cock, and gush out Ann’s tiny slit opening.

Their bodies smacked together, lubricated by his release, the mixture of jism and pussy juice forming web-like strands between their crotch hairs. They seemed to share the same orgasm, as the pleasure thundered into Ann’s cunt and then flamed around his cock, jerking back into his loins.

“Harder! Oh fuck, jam it to me harder!” Ann whispered, almost lifting Matt off the floor from the violence of her release.

Matt plowed into her cum-soaked cunt with new, more brutal energy. So forceful were his stabbing moves, they both scooted across the floor a few feet, smearing the rug with a trail of glistening, frothy sperm.

Giving a final, gut-crunching plunge into Ann’s pussy, Matt molded his body against hers, dumping the last of his load into her guts.

Although Matt stopped all movements, his body frozen in the last, wild throb of climax, Ann continued to pump and grind, experiencing new rushes of thundering release.

“Don’t stop!” she whispered, thrashing about. “Don’t ever stop fucking me!”

Gathering the last ounce of his strength, Matt began ramming his cock in and out until his hips were a blur. He felt Ann flinch just as he had a few seconds before, then she screamed out with torment.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she chanted, each gasp matching the internal spasms that gripped her cunt like a huge, iron fist.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity of raw, tormented release, Ann slowly began to relax. Her cunt still throbbed and vibrated, but the sensations drifted into the darkness, like tiny fingers delicately stroking her nerves.

When Matt pulled away, his cock slipped out of her pussy with a smacking thud, bobbing against his stomach. He got a cigarette off the coffee table, and after lighting it, offered it to Ann.

“No thanks,” she said, kneeling between his legs. “I’d rather put something else in my mouth!” Matt would have been a fool to argue with a statement like that.

And Matt was no fool.


Ann lay in bed and shivered with anger.

“That sonofabitch!” she muttered aloud. “That dirty, rotten…”

She got up and lit a cigarette, exhaling audibly. Her mind raced over the events of the day. God, it had begun so beautifully. Matt had stayed all night, and of course they had gotten very little sleep, but her mind seemed to be deliciously aware of life for the first time.

Then, during the last period of the day, Johnny MacPhearson walked into the class, twenty minutes late.

“Hello, Teach,” he had said, swaggering up to her with a cocky grin on his face.

The other students had expressed various reactions. Most of the girls looked at his lean, muscular frame, his handsome face, registering distinct approval. The boys seemed to sit up straighter, squaring their shoulders. There were a few giggles.

“I’m pleased to know you,” Ann had said when he told her his name.

“Most of the ladies are pleased to know me,” he said, running his right hand over his crotch in an obvious, lewd gesture.

Involuntarily, Ann had looked at where his hand rested, then feeling foolish and angry, she glared into his brown eyes.

But before she could recover from her confusion, he had reached out, his fingertips grazing against her tits.

“I think I’m really going to like pleasing you,” he had said.

Ann raised her hand to slap his insolent face, and then stopped short. She was playing completely into his hands. She gave him a long, scathing glance and walked toward the door.

“You will get out of my class this instant!” she said evenly, although her heart was pounding in her ears. “Come with me to the principal’s office!”

The scene that followed had even been more of a nightmare. It was obvious the principal was familiar with Johnny and his reputation, and to Ann’s amazement and shock, the principal actually cowered before him.

“Well, I’m sorry you two got off on the wrong foot,” Mr. Thomas began, “I know, however…”

“Well, I know that I’m not going back into that classroom without an apology from this… this…”

“Aw, fuck off,” Johnny said, interrupting Ann. Ann blushed with fury. But before she could even think of what to do or say, Johnny walked to the door, then flipped her the bird.

“You little prick!” Ann sputtered.

“No, baby, it ain’t little,” he said. “And you just might be lucky enough to find that fact out.”

Ann stood there in shocked silence after he closed the door. After a few seconds, she whirled around and faced the principal. But before she could say anything, Mr. Thomas spoke.

“We do have a discipline problem here,” he said, as if a concession should be made for his own behavior. “But on the whole, our students…”

“Your students, Mr. Thomas,” Ann said, “seem to need a new principal!”

Mr. Thomas gave her a stunned look. His mouth seemed to twist into a pissy, little drain hole. He gave her what looked like a constipated smile, then looked down at his desk while shuffling some papers.

“You might be aware, Miss Harris, that you are on probation for ninety days, and with your attitude…”

“With my attitude, I might not last another ninety seconds!” she spat out. She opened her mouth to take out her full fury, then turned to the door. “I am returning to my class now,” she said, trying to maintain control, “and I will expect a full apology from that little bastard before he ever steps foot in my classroom again!”

Somehow she got through the rest of the day, appearing cool and impersonal, but it was the biggest chore she had ever undertaken.

And now she stood by her window in the darkness, smoking a cigarette, feeling abandoned, angry, and even a little foolish. She sat on the edge of the bed and ground out her cigarette in the large ashtray on the nightstand.

She could even hear his first, taunting expression. Hello, Teach, he had said, as if spitting out a spoiled clam. Hello, Teach.

“Hello, Teach,” the voice in the darkness said. The marrow in Ann’s bones froze. It couldn’t be! Surely she was letting her imagination play tricks on her! She squinted her eyes toward where she had thought the voice had come from.

“I said hello, Teach,” he said again, the voice not louder, but closer!

“What!” she said in a raspy whisper. “Who?”

“It’s me. The prick,” he said. “But it ain’t so little, is it?”

Rough hands grabbed her shoulders, throwing her on her back. Immediately, she felt a hard, throbbing cock jam against her lips.

She opened her mouth to cry out, but when she did, Johnny savagely thrust his cockhead between her lips.

“Ain’t so little, is it?” he said, plowing the full length of his dick forward, burying the end of his prick in the back of her throat.

Ann gagged and choked on the enormous slab of meat that jammed into her lungs. His crotch hairs pressed against her nostrils like a wire brush, cutting off her air. His thick, hairy balls brushed against her neck.

“You like my cock?” he said sadistically. “You like sucking it?” He withdrew slightly, then throttled it brutally back in. “Hang on, baby, you suck it real good, and I’ll let you eat my cum!”

Although she knew it was a senseless battle, she pushed against his hips, gasping for air. She had no choice but to open her mouth wider, to breathe, but when she did, he thrust his hips forward, grinding the base of his dick against her teeth.

“Ah, you like it?” he said. “Open up like a little birdie, ’cause here comes a big, fat worm!”

“Ummmphfffgg!” Ann gurgled as his cockhead stretched and pulled her throat muscles apart.

“I wonder if your cunt is as tight as your mouth,” he said. “But, I’ll find out in a couple of minutes. After I shoot a load of cum into your throat!”

He grabbed the back of her head with both hands, savagely jamming her face into his crotch. Each time he jerked his body forward, he slapped her head against his stomach.

“Get ready,” he grunted, his prick already throbbing with his imminent release. “Oh baby, get ready!”

Ann felt the base of his cock jerk against her lower lip, and then a sensation of heat that stormed across the roof of her mouth. His cockhead ballooned inside her throat, and then it happened.

A giant gushing wad of hot sperm splattered into the back of her throat, burning like acid. The thickness of his cum squirted into her, causing her to choke and gurgle.

“Aaaaarrrgggg!” she gargled, feeling the greasy, milky fluid ooze into her belly.

“Oh baby, there’s more!” Johnny groaned, shooting another bolting glob of jism into her mouth. “Oh yes, a lot more! Drink it fast and you can have it all!”

His prick spit out what seemed like gallons of fiery, lava-like sperm, thoroughly soaking up her throat. Several wads shot upward, collecting in the back of her nose, then dripping out her nostrils and onto her upper lip.

Somehow, she managed to swallow enough of his release to clear her throat so that she could breathe. But as soon as she had gulped it down, more jerking globs shot out of his dick, clogging her throat again.

When she thought she couldn’t take it any longer, he pulled away suddenly, slipping his cum-stained cock out of her mouth with a slapping noise.

“Now to try that hot little cunt!” he said, tearing her nightgown away and jamming his crotch between her legs.

The piercing pain made Ann scream out silently. His wet dick tore into her cunt like a baseball bat, shoving her guts against her backbone.

“Just what I thought!” Johnny grunted. “Just as fucking tight! And baby, just think, I’m going to do this to you all night!”

Ann flailed her hands about and began scratching his back with her nails.

“Oh, I like that,” he moaned. “A little pain, and a lot of pleasure!”

Ann felt something hard and cold touch the back of her hand as she reached out. The ashtray! She grabbed it, then took careful aim and swung as hard as possible, crashing it against the side of his head.

His grinding, pumping body went limp. She pushed upward, rolling him off her. She heard a dull thud as he hit the floor.

“You goddamned bitch!” she heard him say, his voice groggy and angry.

Ann knew then she had made the worst mistake of her life. She didn’t know Johnny at all, but something told her he would probably kill her. She groped into the drawer of the nightstand.

“All right, you little prick,” she said, “I’ve got a gun here and I’m going to blow your balls right through your fucking brain!”

Johnny’s attitude changed one hundred and eighty degrees. “Hey, lady, put that thing away,” he said, a nervous tremor in his voice.

“I’m going to count to three,” she said evenly, “and if you’re not out of my house…”

“I’m going!” he said. “Shit, I’m going!”

Although she could barely make out his form, she heard him stumble over a chair, then run toward the door.

“One,” she said. Before she got to two, he was out of the house, his steps audible as he raced across the yard and out into the street.

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. On rubbery knees, she stumbled to the bathroom and turned on the light. She looked in the mirror and gasped at her reflection.

Her lips were blue and bruised, her chin covered with a thick, glistening layer of sperm. She glanced downward, to the object in her hand, and then had to laugh.

She wondered what Johnny would have thought, had he only known.

She held a flashlight in her right hand, and not a gun at all.

And what was even funnier, the damned flashlight didn’t even work!


Three days later, Johnny walked into the classroom. The swagger was still there, the sardonic smile, but he silently walked to his desk. He opened his book, then looked up at Ann.

Ann somehow got through the period, but she was aware of his intense stare, although she made a point of not looking at him. Finally the bell rang and the students filed out. She sat at her desk, aware that Johnny hadn’t moved. Her heart skipped a beat.

“Why didn’t you call the police?” he asked quietly when they were alone.

“Whatever for?” Ann said sweetly. “I can take care of myself.”

Johnny laughed. “I’ll say,” he said, rubbing the side of his head which was swollen and purple.

Although when she looked at him the greater part of her saw a contemptible delinquent, a bug to be crushed underfoot, another part of her saw him in a different light. Hating herself immediately for these thoughts, she did remember his thick, gushing cock, his attractive face, his muscular build. And those eyes! She looked away suddenly, ashamed that a thrill of excitement raced into her pussy.

“I just wanted to say…” he began, his voice finally trailing off to a whisper.

“Say what?”

“To say that I’m… well… I’m sorry,” he said, his expression like someone who had a mouthful of shit.

“You don’t say that very often, do you?” Ann said.

He shook his head and smiled. “First time for everything,” he said, not looking at her.

“It takes a big man to say he’s sorry,” Ann said.

He laughed as he stood up. “You’re funny,” he said.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“One day I’m a little prick, and a couple of days later, I’m a big man,” he said.

Ann began gathering her books and papers up. She tried not to, but instinctively she took a quick glance at him, her eyes resting for a second on the bulge in his crotch.

“Could we be friends?” he asked quietly, moving closer to her.

Losing complete control over her actions, Ann heard herself say, “Why don’t you come over tonight and we’ll talk about it?”

“You mean you’d trust me after the other night?” he asked, his mouth gaping open.

“Certainly,” she said. “Now that we’re friends.”

He looked at her longingly. “Could I come over right now?” he asked. “I promise I won’t…”

“Don’t make any promises you can’t keep,” she said, feeling disgusted yet surprised with the seductive tone in her voice.


Ann unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it away, exposing his chest. She bent her head slightly, brushing her lips between the well-sculptured mounds of his pectorals.

Johnny flinched slightly when she began fingering his belt buckle. His cock was pressing painfully against the tight material of his jeans. He moaned when she unzipped him, allowing his prick to bob forward against her palm.

In a few moments, he stood there looking like a bronzed, young God.

She slowly began undressing, her eyes on his. As her full, firm breasts slipped out of her bra, she saw a hungry, flashing spark in his expression. Not until she had fully unclothed, did he make a move.

“You are beautiful!” he said with a whisper, pulling her into his arms. Her throbbing nipples dug into his chest, causing him to shiver. “So fucking beautiful!”

He pulled her toward the bed and gently lowered her on her back, climbing on top of her body. He spread her legs with his knees and tenderly nuzzled his ballooning cockhead against the furry opening of her slit.

“Fuck me!” Ann moaned. “Fuck me like you would have the other night!”

“You sure you can take it?” he asked, inching his cock between the slippery folds of her cunt opening.

“Yes!” she said, grabbing his ass and pressing him hard against her crotch. His thick cock rammed deeply into the recesses of her churning, throbbing pussy. “Oh God, yes!”

Johnny clutched her tits with both hands and pulled them together. He ran his tongue over them hungrily.

Ann felt an immediate surge of pleasure rip into her cunt. She locked her pussy muscles around his gigantic, probing dick, frying to squeeze it. His balls seemed to burn and glow like coals as they rested against her pussy lips. She felt them pulsate and throb with a delicious, lava-like load of cum, already demanding release.

“Oh God, I want to suck you and get fucked at the same time!” she groaned, her mouth gaping wide with desire.

Johnny ground upward, shoving the full length of his prick against her. He withdrew slightly, then slammed it back in with a furious motion. As Ann cried out with delicious pleasure, he placed his hand over her mouth, digging his middle finger into her throat. She immediately began sucking and licking it as if it were a cock.

“I’ll let you suck the real thing in a few minutes,” he whispered, now plowing in and out of her pussy with wild, animal-like thrusts.

Ann closed her eyes, lost in total passion. She sucked and pulled on his finger with hungry, demanding motions, deliciously enjoying the sensations of the hard, probing length of flesh scrape across the roof of her mouth. Her cunt was now on fire with pure, raw want.

“Hard!” she gurgled. “Oh God, fuck me as hard as you can! Rip into my guts and fill me full of that delicious, hot cum!”

Johnny needed no encouragement. He began throttling her cunt with savage thrusts, digging into her cunt and groaning against her tits. Her pussy was like a tight glove tilled with hot, melting butter. The tender muscles engulfed his prick, sucking on his shaft with constricting, pulsating spasms.

He began chewing on her nipples with smacking noises as his own pleasure began to mount with lightning-like speed. He held his breath, trying to make the moment last, but her hot, grinding hole seemed to pull his entire being inside her.

Just then, Ann screamed out. Her cunt seemed to explode into a million pieces. She arched her back as each muscle in her body contracted to ribbons of iron-like strength. The force of her orgasm lifted Johnny slightly off the bed.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she chanted, her voice throbbing with each stabbing pang of pleasure that jammed into her cunt.

Her intense release fused her pussy and Johnny’s prick into a pool of hot, sucking muscle, molding their bodies together. And when it couldn’t possibly get better, it did.

“Now!” Johnny grunted, feeling the thick load of jism jerk upward, swelling his shaft even larger.

“Oh God, take it now! NOW!”

Ann could feel the throbbing wads of sperm as they pulsated up the length of his cock, then spewed out the end of his prick. Her churning, climaxing slit was now flooded with gushes of jism, collecting, then squirting out of her cunt opening.

It seemed to Ann that an unending flow of hot, creamy jism pumped into her slit. Thick, oozing wads of cum poured from her cunt, streaming between her legs, warming up her shitter. Still, his cock jammed in more of his release!

Finally, Johnny thrust deeply into her pussy, emptying the last of his load inside her. He stopped all movement for a few seconds, then began working in and out of her cunt with gentle, slow strokes.

Ann’s pussy still buzzed with the fading sensations of orgasm, and she lay back fully relaxed, enjoying the hard, probing cock slip in and out of her cunt.

Without warning, Ann’s hunger for more of his dick stormed savagely into her constricted pussy. She pushed against his chest, rolling him over on his back.

“I have to suck you now!” she said, urgency in her voice. “Oh God, I want a mouthful of hot cum! Give it to me, please!”

She slipped off his hard, throbbing prick and lowered herself between his thighs, her face against his cum-smeared cockhead. She licked out her tongue and captured a lingering wad of cream, pulling it wetly between her lips. She clutched the base of his dick with both hands, and pulled upward, releasing yet another hidden glob of sperm. After she had lapped it down with a gurgling noise, she quickly sank the entire length of his cock into her throat.

“Mmmmmm!” she groaned throatily, savoring the delicious flavor of pussy juice and sperm.

Johnny wrapped his legs around her neck, locking his ankles. He exerted downward pressure with his feet and at the same time, thrust his hips upward, thoroughly grinding the full length of his prick into her mouth.

“Suck it, Teach!” he groaned, humping against her face with rabbit-like thrusts. “Suck my cum and gargle it!”

He rolled her over on her back, and Ann felt herself in exactly the same position she had been just a few days ago. But now, she was loving every plunging, delicious second of it this time. His crotch hairs were wiry and wet, grinding against her lips and nose like steel wool. She inhaled longingly, shivering with pleasure from the heady, acrid aroma of his masculine flavor.

She totally relaxed her throat muscles, allowing him to drive his cock in and out of her mouth as if it were a tight, sucking cunt. She felt the enormous cockhead slip across the roof of her mouth and bump against her tonsils, then sink lower. She grabbed his ass and pushed him even harder against her face, wanting even his balls in her mouth.

“Oh boy, was I wrong about you!” Johnny said. “You really love cock!”

Ann dug both middle fingers inside his shitter opening. His asshole was sticky and moist, burning with a pulsating heat that encircled her fingertips.

While she gobbled on his prick with increasing hunger, Johnny grabbed the back of her head and slammed her face savagely against his crotch. When he pulled upward, her eager lips clamped around the base of his dick with such force that he had to push her head back down. He began working in and out of her throat with quick, jabbing motions, causing a loud, smacking and gurgling sound.

“Fuck!” he said with a wince. “Your mouth is almost as hot and tight as your fucking cunt!”

The pressure inside his nuts was building at a fantastic rate, as the surging pools of cum collected, ready to spurt out at any moment.

“Come on, baby, suck it!” he grunted, slapping his full weight against her face. “I’m going to fill that sweet little mouth so full of cum, you’ll choke to death!”

With each intake of air, her breathing was cut short by the thrusting, rock-hard cockhead as it jammed into her throat.

“You ready, Teach?” he whispered, his body paralyzed with the passion just before his gigantic, furious orgasm. “You ready to suck a big load of cum?”

Ann’s murmur was interrupted by a thick, hot glob of sperm, showering into her throat with such force, she choked and gargled. Her throat muscles constricted violently, causing a second flood of jism to squirt upward, splattering out of her nostrils and oozing onto her lips.

“Oh fuck, baby, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fucking Jesus, fuck, SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!” Johnny wailed out, ramming his jerking, exploding dick with savage thrusts.

His orgasm filtered into Ann’s mouth. Like an iron-hard, greasy-hot fist, her pussy walls were gripped onto a vibrating, steaming ball, until it burst into a flaming explosion of raw, white-hot fury.

“UUUMMMPPPHFFFF!” she gurgled, her voice barely audible through the charging masses of sperm that spewed into her throat.

Johnny wanted to pound even harder, but his energy, like his jism, was now fully drained. He gave a savage lunge, burying the last of his load into her throat, then relaxed, his heart pounding in his chest like a drum beat.

Although he had stopped all movement, Ann continued to suck, gobble, lick and swallow. Her throat seemed to be on fire and the only thing that could possibly put it out was more of his hot, boiling jism.

Another orgasm shot into the back of her pussy with such force that she thought she heard bells ringing. She bobbed her head up and down, lapping furiously, hungry for more sperm. She shivered with his delicious, rock-hard cock in her mouth.

“Go away,” Johnny moaned.

“Hmmmm?” Ann asked, slowly coming back to reality.

The doorbell rang again, a continuous, impatient ringing.

With great reluctance, Ann scrambled from the bed to answer the door.

“Is Johnny here?” the girl asked, her expression hard as she was beautiful.

“Who wants to know?” Ann said, slightly recoiling.

“Marie,” the girl answered. “His girl friend.” She paused for a couple of seconds, then added, “At least he was until he met you!”


If Ann had been a cat, her fur would have stood on end. The girl drilled holes with her eyes, causing Ann to step back a couple of feet. She wanted to slam the door, to flee from what would probably be a very sticky situation. Instead, Ann smiled and gave a slight nod.

“Come on in,” Ann said, stepping aside. “He’s in the bedroom.”

“You bitch!” the girl spat out, walking past Ann.

“Look, honey,” Ann began, “I didn’t hit him with a tire iron and drag him over here. And besides, I didn’t even know he had a girl friend. So if you want to jump somebody’s ass, I’d suggest you go some place else.”

Ann’s remarks caused an immediate stand-off. Marie looked at her with something bordering respect, but still heavily laced with anger. She opened her mouth to speak, but turned her head quickly when Johnny walked into the room.

“Hello, ladies,” he said casually. “I see you’ve met.”

“You motherfucking, sonof…”

“Such language,” Johnny said, sitting on the couch.

Marie glared at him for several long moments, and then, in resignation, plopped down on a chair.

Caught in the middle, but still understanding how the girl felt, Ann turned to Johnny. “Get your clothes on and go get us a taco,” she said.

“A taco?” Johnny asked, as if hearing the word for the first time.

“Taco, pizza, hell, a roast chicken,” Ann said exasperated. “Just get the fuck out of here for a while. Girl talk.”

Johnny shrugged his shoulders and got off the couch. He gave Ann a quizzical look and went into the bedroom.

Both women were silent as he dressed, and it was several moments after he left before either spoke.

“What happens now?” Marie asked in a little-girl voice.

“That’s entirely up to you,” Ann said. “You can sit there and be as pissed as you want. I don’t blame you.”

Marie stood up and clutched her hands, then wiped them on her jeans. She walked over to the window and fingered the curtains. She lowered her head, barely touching the wall with her forehead and exhaled audibly.

“That bastard,” she said, almost affectionately. “That good-looking, no-good bastard.”

“You love him, don’t you?” Ann said.

Marie nodded her head, then she turned. “Hell, I don’t know,” she said, her voice cracking. “He’s the only person I’ve ever…”

“You want to cry?” Ann said softly. “Go ahead. I’m your friend, I…”

Before Ann could finish what she was going to say, Marie raced across the room and grabbed her violently, her voice breaking in a turmoil of sadness.

“I don’t like loving,” she said. “It hurts too much!”

“Oh, come on,” Ann whispered. “What do you know about love?”

“How much do you know?” Marie said, her tone bitter.

Ann was taken aback. Simply because she was a few years older than Marie, what gave her the right to treat her like a child? The girl, ironically, probably even had more experience! Ann pulled away from Marie, suddenly ashamed.

Marie looked at Ann, her expression melting into warm admiration. Then she laughed.

“Hey, you’re naked!” she said, as if just noticing it.

“I’ll… I’ll get dressed,” Ann said, blushing.

“No! Don’t!” Marie said.

Again, Ann felt the girl’s eyes riveted on her. But this time, the expression was softer, more probing. She instinctively brought her hands across tits.

“Can I do that?” Marie asked quietly.

“Wha-What?” Ann asked, feeling terror and desire at the same time.

“Touch you,” Marie said, raising her hands and placing them on Ann’s.

The girl’s fingers were like icy fire against Ann’s flesh. Ann closed her eyes, feeling her body flinch with unnatural fervor.

“Yes,” she heard herself say. “Yes, oh God, yes!”

The next few moments were a blur in Ann’s mind. She was aware of probing fingers, of flesh against flesh, and then a hungry, eager tongue thrusting between her lips.

“This is wrong,” Ann said, her mind reeling with horrible, spidery thoughts. “This is…”

“If it’s wrong, then I’m glad it’s wrong!” Marie whispered into Ann’s mouth.

“It’s… It’s… It’s… Oh God, I want you!” Ann said. “Yes! Oh God, yes! I want you and I will have you!”

The blur became stark reality in a sudden, sweeping moment. She looked at Marie with critical, loving eyes. The black hair, the creamy skin, the full upturned breasts, the lithe figure, the dark-brown eyes.

“Yes,” she said again. “Yes, I will have you!”

Feverishly she tore away the young girl’s clothing, grasping the young, firm tits with her fingertips. Her throat began to burn with hot desire, wanting those delicious nipples slipping across the roof of her mouth. She felt a hot, stabbing spasm rip into her pussy as if a cock were buried inside her cunt. She dropped to her knees and whimpered into the girl’s frothy, dark crotch.

“God, I want to suck your cunt forever!” she murmured, nuzzling her nose into the furry growth.

“Is Johnny’s cum in your pussy?” Marie asked, gasping with pleasure.

“Yes, but I wish it were in yours, so I could lick it out and drink it!” Ann whispered, thrusting her tongue deeply between the tender, tight folds of cunt opening.

Marie screamed out when she felt Ann’s tongue jam into her cunt canal, lapping upward. She grabbed Ann’s hair and pulled forward, pressing Ann’s face savagely against her crotch.

“Fuck me with your tongue!” she gasped. “Oh God, fuck me, it feels so good!”

Ann lapped up the creamy pussy juices with hungry, eager licks, savoring the sweet, heady flavor. As she plunged deeply into the girl’s slit, Marie tightened her cunt muscles, trapping her tongue in a tight, frothy glove of moist warmth.

“Stick your tit in my cunt!” Marie gasped. “Fuck me with your nipple!”

Ann pulled Marie down on the floor and squeezed between the girl’s legs. She lowered her face to the girl’s stomach and began a slow, tantalizing lick job, darting her tongue in and out of Marie’s belly button. Her tits brushed against the slick, furry opening of her cunt.

Marie spread her legs as wide as possible and humped upward, pressing her hungry, frothy pussy against Ann’s hard, rubbery nipples. The tiny buds throbbed against her cunt, causing her to give a silent scream of ecstasy.

“Give me yours!” Marie begged. “Let me eat your pussy!”

Ann turned around and straddled the girl, lowering her dripping cunt against her face. Marie opened her mouth like a hungry bird and locked her lips around the cum-bloated hole.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Marie groaned, lapping the hot, creamy fluid into her mouth and gurgling it down into her lungs.

Marie’s digging tongue caused Ann to moan wetly into the warm folds of pussy opening that pressed against her face. She thrust her tongue deeply inside the tight canal of spasming muscle and felt Marie’s cunt vibrate against her teeth.

Sweet pangs of release began to form in both their cunts, making their hungry mouths work even harder. The room was filled with smacking, licking noises, and their delicate, satisfied moans, as their passion mounted with furious pressure.

Ann cried out loudly, her tone partially muffled inside Marie’s hole, as a rush of hot, throbbing ecstasy swept into every nerve, every cell of her body.

Marie flinched. “Ohhhhhh!” she groaned, her slit exploding with a gigantic, frothy release of pleasure.

They pumped and ground into each other’s faces, as new waves of ecstasy jammed into their cunts. Grasping each other, they began to roll around on the floor, lost in oblivious release.

As the rippling waves of orgasm faded away, they pulled slightly away from each other, gasping for breath.

“Oh God, that was wonderful!” Marie said. “I think I’m in love again!”

Ann had to laugh. “You fall in love too easily, that’s your problem.”

“It’s a problem?” Marie asked simply.

Ann gave her a searching look. “Why haven’t I seen you at school?”

“I quit,” Marie said, a defensive tone in her voice.

“Why?” Ann asked, sitting up and reaching for a cigarette.

“Oh, it seemed so pointless, somehow,” Marie said, looking away.

“Well, it’s not pointless, Marie,” Ann said, touching the girl’s shoulder. “And you will be in school tomorrow, right?”

“What’s in it for me?” Marie asked.

“Well, for one thing, you’d have a class with me. And with Johnny, of course. And there’s another teacher I’m sure you’d like,” Ann said, thinking of Matt.

“I don’t know…” Marie looked doubtful.

“Promise me,” Ann said.

Just then the door opened. Johnny walked in, carrying a bucket of fried chicken. He looked at the two women and gave them a seductive leer. He pulled a chicken leg out of the bucket and pressed it against his crotch.

“Anybody care to eat my chicken?” he asked.

“Is it finger-licking good?” Ann asked.

“Does the Pope wear a tall hat?” he said, walking over.


Ann gasped loudly when Marie plunged her eager, thrusting tongue deeply into the recesses of her burning cunt.

“Oh, that feels almost as good as a cock!” she whimpered, contracting her pussy muscles violently to capture the probing, pink meat.

Marie gave a small moan, her nose grinding wetly into Ann’s cunt hairs. Her voice soon turned into a bellowing rasp of release as Johnny positioned himself behind her and nuzzled his cockhead between the slippery folds of her pussy entrance.

“Oh God, that’s good!” she murmured loudly. “So fucking good!”

Johnny joined the two girls with his own groans as the delicious, tight box of cunt wrapped around his plunging cock like a sucking mouth.

His thick shaft pressed against the ring of pussy muscle with throbbing convulsions, inching farther into the dark, sweet hole. Soon his balls jammed against her slit opening. He withdrew slightly, wincing with pleasure as the circle of meat gripped his dick.

“Two fucking cunts!” he whispered. “Two sweet, hot cunts to fuck all night! I don’t believe it!”

Ann was only vaguely aware of Johnny’s murmurings. Her pussy was filled deliciously with Marie’s tongue, her cunt lips totally encircled by burning, pursed lips. She began pumping her body up and down to meet the inward thrusts, already feeling the first pangs of release vibrate in her pussy.

“Eat me!” she grunted. “Chew up my pussy and swallow it!”

Marie flicked her tongue in and out of Ann’s pussy with demanding movements. The pressure of Johnny’s fucking caused her head to be buried fully into the glistening, throbbing mass of cunt.

Ann wrapped her legs around Marie’s body, locking her ankles together at the base of the girl’s spine. A new, wonderfully hot sensation swept into her body as Johnny grabbed her feet and sank his teeth onto her toes.

“Oh God!” she wailed, her climax so close she could taste it. “Oh God, lick me out faster! Fas-Fas… Unnnhhh, AAAGGGHHHH… FASTER!”

The thundering orgasm ripped into her guts like a sledgehammer. The swelling feeling increased at lightning-like speed, squeezing into her pussy with violent, savage throbs.

“OH MY GOD, EAT ME!” she screamed again as another jolt of climax pounded upward, almost shattering her skull. Pangs of release came faster and faster, blending together in a total, unending blur of ecstasy. She slapped her body upward, trying to drive Marie’s entire head into her cunt.

Marie felt Ann’s pleasure explode inside her lungs, filtering downward, clutching her pussy like a giant hand. The intense pressure of Johnny’s dick caused her to freeze momentarily, her face contorted in tortured anguish.

Then it hit her. Like a stick of dynamite exploding in slow motion, her throbbing cunt muscles constricted violently around Johnny’s pumping, ballooning cock. The pleasure was so intense, so huge, it became unbearable, almost painful.

“AAAARRRGGHHH!” she growled like a wounded animal, her voice quivering. “I… I… CAN’T STAND IT!”

Johnny gave her a startled look as she slumped to her side, rolling away from Ann’s pussy. His prick slapped upward, thumping his stomach with a loud noise.

“Why’d you move!” he grunted, feeling his balls rumble painfully with a giant load of hot, pressurized cum.

Marie was so engrossed in her own release, she wasn’t aware of anything, or anybody. Nothing existed except the hot, plunging jabs of pleasure that ripped into her guts. Her mouth was open in a silent scream, her eyes tightly closed.

Ann gave her a quick look, then glanced at Johnny’s bobbing cock. She grabbed his arm and pulled him on top of her body, jutting her hips upward.

“Fuck me!” she begged. “Oh God, fuck me!”

Johnny rammed his hard, thick cock between her hungry cunt lips with one, savage motion. As his cockhead slipped wetly between her pussy walls, he held his breath, and tensed every muscle in his body to keep from climaxing immediately.

Ann felt her guts press against her lungs painfully as his stiff, thick shaft throttled into her cunt like a cattle prod. She gave a raspy, tortured gasp, then sucked in several short gulps of air. Although her climax had lessened, the brutal strength of Johnny’s cum-filled cock sent her into new, savage throes of ecstasy.

Johnny looked at Ann’s full, upturned tits and then glanced at Marie’s exposed, raw cunt. His mouth ached to have them both. He quickly sank his teeth onto Ann’s breasts, and then grabbed Marie, pulling her against the side of his face. Her wet, throbbing cunt pressed against his ear like a hungry mouth. He tilted his head slightly, darting his tongue into the narrow, hot opening of cunt.

“Oh baby!” he moaned softly, his voice muffled, lost in the dark tunnel of Marie’s pussy. “Oh… Oh… Oh… FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Savage, blistering stabs of release burned into his loins as the first, squirting wad of sperm bounded upward, through the center of his shaft.

“Take it!” he whispered. “FUCKING SWEET JESUS, TAKE IT!”

He humped against Ann’s cunt with such driving force that she thought her backbone would break. His steaming, first glob of cum thundered into her guts, soaking up her insides like hot, boiling butter.

Ann felt her cunt expand as another, thick jerk of sperm followed the first. Then came a third, then a fourth. Soon she lost count as the jerks became quicker, more savage.

“Pump me full!” She winced, feeling the warm sensations of jism churn in her guts. “Give me all of it!”

As the pools of thick cream collected in Ann’s cunt, it began to squirt backward along the length of his shaft and dribbling out of her cunt.

Their bodies smacked together like clapping hands as their desires increased with each emptying, spewing jerk of his dick. Johnny gave a final, hard lunge, fusing his balls against the opening of her pussy.

“Ooohhhh!” he moaned, now chewing on Marie’s clit. “Ohhhhhh, so fucking gooooooddd!”

Although he had stopped all movement, Ann continued to pump and grind her hips, gobbling his spent cock with her hungry, climaxing pussy.

“Don’t stop!” she begged, feeling her cunt flame with new, more wonderful spasms of orgasm. “Fuck me! Oh God, FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG DICK OF YOURS!”

Somehow, Johnny managed to gather new strength, and began plowing savagely into Ann’s pussy. It seemed the harder and more violent he thrust his dick into her tight, sucking hole, the more she writhed with raw, spasming release.

Finally, he had to stop. His entire body was glistening with sweat, his muscles aching. His lungs were about to burst. He lay on her with his full weight, his head resting against Marie’s thigh.

Ann gave a final, loud grunt, then relaxed. The rippling spasms of orgasm contracted the walls of her cunt, then throbbed delicately around Johnny’s shrinking cockhead.

“I want to suck your cock,” Ann whispered after a few seconds. “I want the feel of your cum gushing into my throat!”

“Man, you are one cock-hungry lady!” Johnny said with a chuckle. He pulled away from her and lay between both girls. “You can suck it if you want, but I don’t know if it’ll do any good! Man, I shot my load like a cannon!”

“We’ve just started, haven’t we, Marie?” Ann said, looking at the girl with a sly grin. “Before the night is over, you’re going to have to fuck with your elbow, because your cock is going to be mine!” she added, snuggling between his legs.

Her tongue lapped up and down the underside of his shaft, savoring the delicious flavor of sperm and pussy juice. She inhaled deeply, grinding her nose into the wirey growth of his cock hair. His hard, round balls caressed her throat as she began working her face all around the base of his dick. She shivered with delight.

Although his prick was half-hard, it still retained a throbbing warmth as she sank her mouth around the delicious cockhead. She felt it stir to new life, pressing deeply into her throat.

“I want to suck too!” Marie whispered, her eyes still glazed with the aftermath of her tremendous orgasm.

Seeing that Ann wasn’t about to share Johnny’s thick, growing cock, she nuzzled her face against his ass, pressing her nose against his dark, hairy shitter.

“Ah, that’s good!” Johnny whispered, feeling blood surge into his loins. “Suck my cock and my ass at the same time!”

While Ann bobbed her head up and down, taking in the full length of his prick, Marie busied herself with his tight asshole. She began thrusting her tongue in and out with demanding motions, sucking in the acrid flavor with smacking sounds.

Johnny began pumping his body back and forth, moaning more loudly as his excitement began to grow with tremendous pressure. His dick was engulfed in a sucking, hot warmth as Ann gobbled his shaft. His shitter was on fire with Marie’s eager, hungry licks.

“I don’t know what’s better,” he said, “two cunts or two mouths!”

Marie squeezed between his legs so that his balls pressed against her lips. She began licking and sucking them with furious, swirling motions, then running her tongue back to his shitter.

“Put my balls in your mouth, Marie!” he whispered. “Suck on them while Ann sucks my cock!”

Only too happy to oblige, Marie sucked one of his nuts, then opening her mouth wide, she pulled the other one in. The rough, hairy texture of his flesh brushed against the roof of her mouth and she could already feel the pulsating growth of his cum.

She reached over and dug her fingers into Ann’s cum-stained cunt, running her nails over the throbbing clit. She felt Ann shiver with passion.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Ann moaned a throaty gurgle as she lustily sucked on Johnny’s cock. She placed her hand against Marie’s pussy mound and thrust her middle finger into the tiny, red hole. It was immediately surrounded by a constricting, creamy warmth. “Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned again.

While the girls finger-fucked each other, their mouths began churning, licking and sucking voraciously, as if trying to gobble every inch of Johnny’s body. Their lips met wetly as Ann sank her mouth down to the base of his dick.

Johnny couldn’t believe the twin sensations of having an eager, hot mouth devouring his prick, while another sucked on his balls. His muscles began to tense as the flame in his crotch began to spread like wildfire, surging into every cell of his body.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold it!” He winced, feeling the pressure in his balls build painfully.

“Shoot off! Fill my mouth with hot, delicious cum!” Ann said, her voice was muffled by the thickness of his cock in her throat.

Marie pulled her mouth away from his balls. “I want some cum, too!” she said. “Let me have it!”

“You both can have it!” Johnny screamed. His cock slipped out of Ann’s throat with a slurping sound. “Get ready,” he grunted. “Any… second… NOW!”

Both girls grabbed his cockshaft and jacked him up and down, feeling his prick swell with convulsions. They opened their mouths like baby birds, their tongues stretched out to capture the first wads of squirting jism.

The force of his orgasm sent the hot, creamy glob of cum splattering into their hair. They aimed his cock lower with a quick jerk, pressing it against their lips. The second, forceful load jammed against their mouths with a hot gush.

“Drink it!” Johnny grunted. “Drink it down and gargle it, you cum-drinking cocksuckers!”

Both girls fought for his spewing dick, jacking him and pulling his exploding cockhead back and forth. Huge rivers of sperm shot into their mouths, oozing into their throats. Ann gurgled a moan as the thick masses of cream soaked into her throat. She constricted her throat muscles, allowing her mouth to fill up with his juice, then pushed her tongue out, shivering, as the wads of jism streamed out the corners of her mouth.

Johnny was just as surprised as both Ann and Marie at the enormous amount of cum. Just when he thought he had shot the entire load, another thick gush of cream stormed out of his cockhead and into their hungry, eager mouths.

He gave a loud grunt and jammed his prick deeply into Marie’s throat, then withdrew it to plow it into Ann’s. Back and forth he fucked their mouths, trembling as his sensitive cockhead rammed his sperm into their bellies.

When he pulled away from their mouths, the girls locked their mouths together, exchanging his hot, creamy sperm. He rammed his cock between their lips, momentarily separating them, then pulled back.

Finally, he fell over on his back, totally spent. He couldn’t believe that his release had drained him so violently. He gathered enough energy to look over at the girls and smiled at what he saw. They were engaged in a violent kiss, sucking his cum back and forth, their eyes closed in total oblivion.

When they had licked each other clean, Ann and Marie squirmed between Johnny’s legs and washed his cock and balls. Ann grasped the base of his dick and pulled upward, being rewarded with a last, thick wad of jism.

“You want it?” she asked Marie.

“Yes!” Marie said, flicking her tongue out.

“You suck it out, then give it to me!” Ann said, pressing his cockhead against Marie’s lips.

Marie sucked up the cum, then rolled it around on her tongue. Mixing it with her spit, she thrust her tongue out, allowing the cream to ooze downward, forming a spidery strand which barely hung on the top of her tongue.

Ann cupped her tongue under Marie’s to catch the warm glob of juice. The hot liquid dripped into her mouth. She threw her head back, allowing it to ooze into the back of her throat, then sink into her stomach.

“More,” Marie whispered. “I want to suck gallons of it!”

Johnny shook his head slowly. “Sorry to disappoint you ladies, but there ain’t gallons! I doubt if there’s even a drop left!”

Both girls grinned at each other, then began running their tongues up and down his flaccid shaft. His cock began to grow a little harder.

He lay there the better part of the night, and although they didn’t get gallons, they got more than enough to satisfy their hungry throats, which surprised Johnny, but not the girls.


Ann had to smile when she saw Marie drag into class. She looked exhausted, but her skin glowed with the vibrancy that results from an entire night of fucking.

“I’m glad you came,” she told Marie after the class was over. “I didn’t know if you would.”

“To tell the truth, I should be in bed right now,” Marie said with a yawn.

“That can be arranged,” Ann said with a sly wink. “Tell you what,” she added, “here’s my house key. Go on over and get some shut-eye. I’ve got a faculty meeting, but I’ll be home in a couple of hours.”

Marie lazily took the keys and started to say something, but was interrupted by a deep, masculine voice.

“Hello, ladies,” Matt said. Then turning his attention to Ann, he said, “you ready to go to the faculty meeting?”

“I’ll be with you in a second, Matt,” Ann replied. She gave Marie a slight hug and pushed her toward the door. “See you in a while,” she said.

“She looks familiar,” Matt said when Marie had gone. “Who is she?”

“Just a little girl who needs some loving,” Ann said.

Matt gave a low whistle. “I’d like to get in on a little of that,” he said.

“Come on over after the meeting,” Ann said. “You just might get a lot!”


Matt rang the doorbell for the sixth time, then he knocked loudly.

“Just a second, just a second!” a sleepy voice said.

When Marie opened the door, Matt stood there transfixed. The girl was totally naked, stretching her arms. Her full, upturned breasts rose dramatically, causing a hot jolt of pleasure to surge into his balls.

“Oh!” Marie said, covering her breasts. “I thought you were Ann!”

“She can’t make it for a while,” Matt said, his eyes dropping to the beautiful mound of her pussy.

“I’m Matt. She said I could come over. Do you mind?”

Marie licked her lips, her eyes quickly taking in the rugged features of the man before her. “Not at all,” she answered, backing into the room. “Just let me get some clothes on.”

“Don’t do that,” Matt whispered, stepping into the house. He closed the door slowly, his eyes still on her voluptuous body. “I like what I see.”

Marie started to say something, but stopped. Matt began undressing slowly, casually tossing his garments on the floor. When he, too, was fully naked, Marie’s expression brightened.

“I like what I see, too!” she murmured, her eyes on his full, thick cock as it bobbed gently against his stomach.

“I’m glad we like each other,” Matt said softly, pulling her into his arms.

Marie closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the hard, probing sensation of his cock as it ground against her pussy hairs. His large, round cockhead pressed delicately upward, slightly spreading the gentle folds of skin surrounding her cunt opening.

“Oh baby, you have a hot, little pussy!” Matt whispered, jutting his hips forward. “I’m going to love fucking you!”

He pushed her to the floor and spread her legs. As he clutched her tits, he thrust forward, jamming a couple of inches of his cockshaft between the tight, slick opening of her slit.

Marie groaned, her tone of voice sounding almost as if she were in pain. The sensation of having her cunt ripped apart, however, was anything but pain! The thickness of his meat slipped in a little deeper, squeezing her guts against her lungs. She felt her entire pussy fill up with his glorious cock, and still there was more. She gasped loudly as he withdrew slightly, then plowed the full length of his shaft inward.

“So big!” she mouthed. “So big and hard!”

She reached under and clutched his nuts, giving them a gentle, kneading squeeze. The large, hairy masses entirely filled her hands, grinding roughly against her palms. She began rolling them around the insides of her thighs, then pushed them lower, grinding them against her shitter.

“Oh God, after you fuck my pussy, will you fuck me in the ass?” she whispered.

“I’ll fuck you anywhere you want!” Matt answered, his voice filled with hot urgency.

He backed his cock out a few inches, then plunged it back in. Her pussy gripped his shaft like a hot, oiled glove, sucking on his meat with constricting spasms. He lowered his face to her tits and, pushing her breasts together with both hands, sucked the tender, pink nipples between his teeth.

“I’m going to chew you up and eat you!” he murmured wetly, biting down on the hard, throbbing buds of her tits.

“Oh yes!” Marie said, filled with desire. “Do it! Never stop!”

Matt had to control his hunger with every ounce of strength. He wanted to bite off the tiny, rosy nipples and swallow them. He pulled them deeply into his mouth and shivered as they vibrated against the roof of his mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm!” he groaned, his voice muffled against her soft tit. “Oh, baby, mmmmmmm!”

Marie slipped her hands around his narrow hips and squeezed his hard, muscled ass. She rubbed her middle fingers against the opening of his shitter, firmly pushing inward. The pressure caused her to gasp. The base of his cock throbbed against her cunt opening sending shivers of pleasure up and down her spine.

Her mind went back briefly to the night when Johnny had jammed his cock into her virgin cunt, tearing the membrane apart with a plowing movement. It had hurt a little, but the pleasure that followed was more than she could have imagined. The identical feeling now tore into her pussy.

“Oh… God… I… want… want… want… want IT!” she began. “FUCK ME! OH GOD, FUCK ME TO DEATH!”

The ripping, tearing, stabbing pleasure of his cock rammed into her pussy with such force that she could hardly breathe. Her release whipped upward, outward, gathering in intensity and speed. Her cunt muscles locked around his cock like an overheated brake drum.


Her powerful, surging release hugged Matt’s prick with a grip he hadn’t thought possible. He tried to withdraw, but his dick was captured by her sucking pussy.

He relaxed completely, letting her enjoy her thundering orgasm. After a few seconds, her pussy muscles relaxed slightly, allowing him to pull slightly outward. He winced with obvious pleasure as the tight, creamy muscles engulfed his shaft, molding around the contour of his cock. When his cockhead pushed against her cunt opening, he rammed his dick back in.

Marie bolted with the new, deliciously warm pleasure of having her pussy entirely filled with his hot meat. She pulled her legs so wide apart that it almost hurt, then she jutted her hips upward. She cried out as he got full penetration, his balls rubbing against the bottom of her slit.

“Shoot me full!” she said, digging her nails into his asscheeks. “I want my pussy full of your hot, steaming cum!”

Had Matt wanted, he could have shot off at that very moment. But he wanted to hold off as long as possible. The delicious, intense pleasure of having his dick engulfed with her exploding, creamy cunt was just too beautiful to interrupt. He tensed every muscle in his body to maintain control. But with each wonderful second, he knew the task of waiting, of prolonging, was useless.


The first, exploding wad of cum shot out of his nuts and up the center of his cockshaft with such force that he thought the end of his prick would burst.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” he chanted, his voice matching the squirts of his dick. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Marie knew it was impossible for the pleasure in her pussy to get better. Yet, somehow it did.

“Give it to me!” she groaned. “Fuck me full! Don’t ever stop shooting off!”

His jerking, gushing prick slammed against her like a hammer, giving her ultimate release. Every feeling imaginable — pain, pleasure, hunger, satisfaction, torment, release — exploded in her pussy like an atomic bomb. Her orgasm was shattering and all-consuming.

She came back down slowly, hardly aware of anything, save the thundering release in her boiling cunt. She felt a grinding pressure against her shitter, then opened her eyes.

“I thought you said you wanted a good ass-fucking,” Matt said, nuzzling his cockhead against her asshole.

“I don’t know,” Marie said, gasping for breath, trying to focus on reality. “It couldn’t possibly be as good as what you just did!”

Matt stabbed his cum-smeared prick deeply into her tight, raw shitter. He ground the base of his dick against the tender opening of her ass walls, withdrew quickly, then rammed back in.

“Oh, it’s good!” Marie winced. “Yes, don’t dare stop! FUCK ME!”

The feeling of pleasure she had just experienced was repeated when Matt slapped into her shitter. But this time, the burning, throbbing release shot into her asshole first, then — almost immediately — into her pussy.

When Matt felt her asshole clamp around his probing dick with even greater sucking pressure than her pussy, he reached under and thrust his fingers into her cunt. Immediately, his fingertips were engulfed in a sea of warm, creamy warmth. He scooped a few wads of cum outward and smeared them around on her clit, fully bathing and soaking it. He felt the tiny, hard mass of flesh throb.

“Damn,” he said. “You really like it, don’t you!”

“Yes!” Marie moaned. “Oh God, yes!”

He raised his hand to her lips, brushing it against her lips. His cum glistened like cream on her mouth as she licked and sucked it into her throat.

“Give me some more!” she whispered, gasping wetly. “Dig all of it out, and let me drink it!”

Carefully, he scooped the wads of sperm in his hand and smeared them against her lips, pressing his fingertips between her teeth.

Marie couldn’t believe the enormous pleasure of having a huge, throbbing cock in her asshole, the brutal caresses of his fingers, and the delicious sensation of having sperm forced between her lips.

“Let me have it all!” she gurgled, swallowing the creamy juices lustily. “Give me a million gallons to drink!”

She reached down, her fingers grinding against his, gathering the hot, pussy-flavored wads of cum, bringing them to her mouth. A sudden, hungry fire exploded in her throat.

“Will you fuck my mouth too?” she asked, almost pleading.

“Like I said,” Matt whispered, “I’ll fuck you anywhere you want!”

“Oh God, thank you!” she murmured. “Don’t go! Don’t ever go!”

“I may not go,” Matt said, “but I might cum!” Just the mention of the word was enough to make Marie flinch with pleasure. She could imagine the hot, thick, creamy wads of cum dripping into her lungs. She cried out with release.

“I want you to fuck me!” she whispered. “I want you to fuck me everywhere. Fuck my cunt, my asshole, my mouth! FUCK MY BRAIN! OH GOD, JUST… JUST… OH GOD, FUCK MEEEEE!”

Again, her cunt was filled with an almost ever-lasting symphony of grinding, thundering spasms. Her pussy sucked and pulled on his fingers, while her asshole clamped around his growing prick.

As if someone had upturned a bowl of cream, Matt’s balls emptied, spewing hot gushes of sperm deeply into her shitter. He began slamming in and out of her dark, sweet hole.

“Next your mouth!” he groaned, shooting wads of sperm into her guts. “Baby, get ready, I’m gonna fuck your lungs out!”

Her asshole filled to overflowing almost immediately, forcing the hot globs of sperm backward, dribbling out her shitter. He reached under, cupping the rivers of cum, until he had a handful.

“You want to eat this stuff?” he asked, grunting with release.

In reply, Marie opened her mouth, ready to suck his jism into her throat. He slapped his hand against her mouth, smearing his sperm against her lips.

“Drink it!” he commanded. “Drink it all!”

“I will!” Marie said, sucking the thick masses of juice into her mouth. “Oh God, I will!”

As he fucked her, Matt wondered what was keeping Ann. It wasn’t that Marie wasn’t a good piece of ass, but still he wondered.

“Oh, baby!” he moaned, dividing his lust between the girl beneath him and the woman he loved. “Oh, baby!”


“Oh, baby!” Johnny grunted, lunging his exploding cock deeply into Ann’s cunt. “Oh… FUCK… FUCK!”

Ann heard his words from a distance. Her pleasure was so all-consuming, so all-encompassing, she had to open her eyes — to look at the ceiling, the walls, the sheets, to know it was real.

“Fuck me, Johnny!” she whispered. “Oh, Christ, fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before!” Johnny rammed his exploding cock into her pussy with such force that she lost her breath. His balls slipped up the insides of her thighs in a grinding halt.

“Ohhhhhh!” He winced, dumping the last of his hot load. “Fuuuuuccckkk!”

Ann’s body convulsed as the rippling pleasures of orgasm slipped gently away. She began squirming around beneath his frame, grinding her cunt lips against the base of his dick.

“I really should be going,” she said. “I promised Marie I’d be at my house hours ago.”

“Marie can take care of herself,” Johnny whispered, “besides, I’m not quite finished.”

“What did you have in mind?” Ann asked playfully. “You’ve already fucked my pussy until it’s raw!”

Johnny eased his cock out of her cunt, then nuzzled it against her shitter. He reached under and grabbed the backs of her knees, pushing her legs upward against her tits.

“How about a little ass-fucking?” he asked.

“How about a lot!” Ann answered, her voice heavy with anticipation.

He pressed his hips inward, jamming his cockhead between the tight rim of her asshole. He felt the hot circle of muscle grip his prick like a greasy, squeezing hand.

“Ohhhh! That hurts!” Ann whispered, wincing with delight. “So good!”

“You like a dick in your guts?” Johnny asked.

“I’d like two or even three if it were possible!” Ann said.

“That could be arranged,” Johnny said, inching more of his cock into her shitter. “Very easy.”

Ann had had enough conversation. Her mind was filled entirely with the delicious pleasure of having a long slab of meat grinding into her asshole. She wrapped her legs around his neck, pulling his head downward.

“Fuck my ass and suck my tits!” she whimpered, already feeling the surging warmth of climax coming ever closer.

Johnny sank his teeth around her tits, chewing and biting the fragile, rosy buds. He could feel them throb against the roof of his mouth like swollen clits.

“All… the… way… in!” Ann grunted. “Oh God, fuck me apart!”

Johnny withdrew his dick slightly, then using full force, plowed savagely inward, jamming the full length of his prick deeply into her asshole. His balls slapped noisily against her.

Ann tried to scream, but her voice seemed to be locked in her throat. The power of his thrust inflamed her body with sensations of pain and pleasure. For a moment, she honestly thought the end of his cock would tear open her stomach. And yet, having her asshole completely filled with his thick, hot shaft caused her to tremble with unbelievable excitement.

“So big!” she finally managed to whisper. “Slam it in hard!”

The tightness of her shitter almost squeezed the blood out of Johnny’s dick. When he tried to pull away, he felt her asshole lock around his shaft with an iron grip.

“You’re gonna have to relax, or I won’t be able to get it out!” he said, his voice muffled against her breasts.

“I don’t want it out!” Ann groaned. “Leave it in forever!”

His impaled cock was now treated to a sucking, vibrating series of muscular contractions. Her ass walls felt almost like a hungry, sucking mouth, trying to devour his prick. He hardly made a move as the pleasure increased.

Ann’s excitement intensified. She felt his massive meat stretch and pull with growing, savage force. She reached under and grabbed his nuts, rubbing them.

“God, I wish I could have your balls inside me too!” she grunted. “I’d like to have your balls in my mouth, my cunt, everywhere!”

“By the time I’m finished, you’ll get what you want!” Johnny whispered. “When I’m finished fucking you, you’ll stay fucked!”

His words seemed to explode in her brain.

“Say it again!” she said. “Tell me what you’re doing!”

“I’m fucking your tight, little asshole,” Johnny said. “I’m fucking and sucking! I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, then make you eat my shit-stained cock!”

Each word was like a hammer, pounding more and more desire into her body. She broke out in a glistening sweat, now losing total control of her passion.

She was hardly aware when the thundering orgasm ripped into her guts. One moment she was feeling pressure, painful and hot, then a sweeping, jabbing spasm of climax. She scooted upward, then back down, feeling his cock slip in and out of her shitter like a cream-coated baseball bat.

“Fuck me!” she grunted. “OH GOD… FUCK… FUCK… MEEEE!”

Although her locked muscles still made it difficult for Johnny to fuck in and out of her asshole, he used his brute strength to plow in and out. He could almost hear her shitter tear as he thundered deeply into her guts.

“You wanted it, and now, by God, take it!” Johnny growled, feeling his nuts explode with a hot load of jism.

Ann could feel his cock jerk as the jutting masses of cum spurted up the center of his shaft, causing the thick pole of meat to increase to an even bigger size. His cockhead expanded furiously, then spit out the first, soothing wad of sperm into her guts.

The slippery fluid lubricated the tight tunnel, allowing Johnny to increase his fucking movements. His cock was now shooting globs of sperm deeply into her asshole like a roman candle. Pools of cum collected, and finding no place to go, squirted backward alongside his thrusting dick, and streamed onto her lower back.

Ann had a series of stabbing orgasms that fused together, drilling into her body like a long, continuous release. She bucked up and down, back and forth, writhing and thrashing about on the bed like a snake on hot coals. She gave a final scream and then relaxed, hardly able to catch her breath.

“Oh, that was good!” she whispered.

“Still is!” Johnny said, continuing his unrelenting fucking.

After a few seconds, he emptied the last of his load with a heavy grunt, grinding the base of his cock against her raw, torn shitter opening. Then, he too, relaxed.

He pulled off her and lay on his back. He closed his eyes, but opened them when he heard a noisy smacking sound. Ann was gathering the spent pools of cum with her fingertips, smearing them around on her tits and neck. She pulled her breasts up with both hands and began licking the cream off her nipples, moaning softly as the thick juices oozed into the back of her throat. “You want a fresh load of cum?” he asked, straddling her hips. “Can you go again so soon?” she asked dreamily.

“That depends on you. Or rather your mouth!” he said, sliding upward until his cock lay between her tits.

Ann eyed his cream-covered cockhead with hungry anticipation. She opened her mouth wide and lowered her head, running her tongue around and under his sticky foreskin.

As she gobbled the end of his prick into her mouth, Johnny placed his hands on either side of her tits and pressed them together, wrapping his dick in a snug, creamy blanket of warmth. “You said you wanted to get fucked and sucked at the same time, didn’t you?” he asked. “Well, I’m going to fuck your tits while you suck out my cum!”

Although both her cunt and asshole felt like they had been rubbed raw with sandpaper, still they glowed with new throbbing pleasure. She placed her hand between both holes, jamming her thumb into her pussy and her middle finger into her slippery shitter. She thrust them in and out, clenching her muscles to increase the friction. Johnny leaned slightly forward until his stomach touched the top of Ann’s head. He arched his body, to jam a couple of more inches of his dick into her mouth, while still keeping his shaft between her tits.

Ann shivered with ecstasy as the large, cum-flavored prick stabbed between her lips. The back of her throat seemed to be on fire, wanting more of his meat, and she stretched her neck painfully, feeling her nipples throb against her nose.

“Man, you sure like that, don’t you!” Johnny grunted, increasing the pressure of hands, squeezing her breasts savagely around his prick.

“Mmmmmmn!” Ann replied, enjoying a trickle of cum that drained into her throat.

Johnny began humping her tits and face like a crazed animal, his passion mounting with each thrust. Her firm, creamy tits engulfed his prick like a hot pussy, while her eager mouth treated his cockhead to a wild, hungry suck job. He began moaning softly.

“I don’t know if I can hold it any longer,” he whispered. “I’m… about… to… God!”

Ann grabbed his ass and began pulling him harder against her face. She wanted nothing more than having him harder against her face. She wanted nothing more than having a hot mouthful of sperm, and the sooner the better! Already her pussy was beginning to throb and pulsate with impending release. She jerked her head back and forth until her neck muscles almost became paralyzed with pain.

Johnny fucked her like a rabbit, tensing his muscles to maintain some control over the increasing pressure in his nuts. His sperm began to boil and press upward, squeezing into the base of his cock, and still he managed to hold back. But not for long.

Ann felt his cockhead swell like an inflating tire, until it became rock-hard. The corners of her mouth stretched painfully. She started to cry out, but her voice was suddenly blocked by a thick, hot gush of cum.

“Take it!” Johnny screamed. “Take it, you cum-licking cunt!”

He plowed the full length of his dick deeply into her mouth and gave her a couple of massive squirts. He withdrew from her mouth, then jammed his spewing cock into her left armpit, then her right. As each hot jerk of his prick splattered out creamy globs of sperm, he began jabbing the end of his prick all over her upper body. Steaming wads of jism shot against her ears, over her neck, against her shoulders, and then as he quickly slipped downward, thrusting his dick into her pussy, he emptied the last of his load into her cunt.

Ann had always dreamed of a cum bath, and now she had one. It seemed as if every inch of her flesh was covered with thick, creamy masses of sperm. She jerked upward, gobbling his prick into her climaxing pussy.

“Oh God, fuck me!” she yelled. “Fuck me! FUCK… FUCK… ME… HARD!”

Johnny throttled into her pussy with vengeance. Their bodies slapped together until they both gave loud satisfied grunts, then stopped all movement. Their bodies were molded together in a slippery, foamy mass of writhing flesh for several moments. It seemed like an eternity bad passed before Johnny could gather enough strength to pull away from Ann. When he did, his cock slipped out of her pussy and bobbed against his stomach. He gave a loud gasp, then fell back on top of her.

“I don’t think I can move,” he whispered, exhausted.

“Then don’t,” Ann said. “Let’s just stay here forever and fuck!”

“I thought you had to go,” Johnny said, grinding his crotch against hers.

“I thought I did too,” Ann said. “But now, it doesn’t seem to matter.”

Johnny eased his prick back into her cunt. “I bet it would take a whole truck-load of dicks to completely satisfy you,” he said, feeling her pussy clamp around his prick.

Ann shivered at the thought as new sensations of pleasure shot into her cunt. She closed her eyes and murmured softly, trying to imagine what it would be like to have thousands of cocks squirting rivers of sperm all over her skin, and in every opening of her body.

Johnny looked at the clock and pulled away suddenly.

“I promised my brother I’d help him fix his motorcycle,” he said.

“Do you have to go?” Ann asked, opening her eyes.

Johnny looked down at his shrinking cock. “I don’t think I’d be much good here anyway,” he said. “But I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

After he had gone, Ann went to the bathroom and showered. Toweling herself off when she returned to the bedroom, she felt suddenly very tired. She knew she had to get back home and to Marie, but she didn’t even have the energy to dress.

“I’ll just lie down for a few minutes,” she said, falling into the bed.

Her head had hardly hit the pillow when she was asleep. Satisfied darkness swept over her, engulfing her in a blanket of sensuous relaxation. Vague patterns of delicate textures tingled into her cunt, rippling upward.

“Mmmmmmm!” she murmured in her sleep, feeling a warm, hard pressure caress her stomach and tits.

The dream became more real as a sweet piercing stretched her pussy muscles apart. And then a long, thick slab of meat vibrated against her. She felt two hairy, large balls on the insides of her thighs.

She opened her eyes and found herself staring at a thick, muscular neck. She sleepily reached around and clutched a firm, taut ass which was covered with wirey hair.

“You’re back!” she said, now fully refreshed and ready for another of Johnny’s hot, satisfying fucks. “I’m glad!”

“I’m glad too,” the voice said.

“Johnny?” Ann said, not recognizing the tone. It was deep and melodious, but somehow strange! “Johnny?” she said again, louder.

“I’m Butch,” the boy said. “Johnny’s brother.”

“Huh!” Ann said, the surprise in her voice almost as great as the pleasure that his probing cock was giving her pussy.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said, brushing his lips against hers. “I walked in here and saw a nice, tight little pussy staring me in the face, and, well, I just couldn’t help myself!”

“Well, help yourself!” Ann whispered. “Oh, brother, help yourself!”


Butch was shorter than his brother, stockier and more powerfully built. His bulging muscles were thick ribbons of strength, as if they had been etched on an athletic frame. Yet, for all his animal appeal, he was more gentle, slower in his actions. Whereas Johnny was like a panther about to strike, Butch was a bear, hugging his prey with a strong embrace.

Although she hadn’t seen his cock, Ann could feel the hard, sculptured contour. The thick, round prick head was as large as a tennis ball. Just the thought of his dick made her throat ache. She dug her nails into his back, sliding them downward to the valley of his asshole. Never before had she wanted so much to totally devour a person. She pressed her fingertips against the tiny opening of his shitter. The touch sent electric jolts of pleasure up her arms, spreading across her shoulders.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “I want to suck your dick so bad! Will you let me eat your cum after you fuck me?”

“Nope,” Butch said simply.

“Why not!” Ann begged. “I want it!”

“I don’t care,” Butch answered. “When I get myself a nice, hot piece of cunt, I stay right there!”

“Wouldn’t you like to jam your prick in a starving throat?” Ann whispered.

“Not when I have such a delicious, tight pussy,” Butch said. “No mouth could be this nice!”

“Please?” Ann said, the fire in her throat exploding in sucking throbs. “Please?”

“Hold on, lady,” Butch said, pushing forward. “My department is fucking. And a good fucking you’ll get!”

Accustomed to Johnny and Matt with their powerful, lunging strokes, Ann found Butch’s slow, calculated fucking hard to take. Like a feather sweeping up and down her spine, his in-and-out motions gave her more irritation than pleasure. She tried to push him off, to climb on and ride his cock to satisfy her hunger. He held her down forcefully.

“Don’t!” she said again, trying to push him away.

“Don’t what?” Butch asked, nuzzling his lips against her neck.

“Don’t do this to me!” Ann said, her voice raw.

“Don’t fuck you?”

“Oh God, that’s just it!” she said. “Don’t torture me! I want you to slam it in hard! Goddammit, HARD!!”

“You can take it my way, or no way at all,” Butch said. “I fuck to please me. No one else.”

“You’re going to regret this,” Ann said, feeling her cunt become a boiling cauldron of desire. “I’ll pay you back!”

“I hope you do,” Butch said, his moves as maddeningly slow as ever.

Ann felt her body jolt with anguish. She cried out, more in pain than pleasure.


“I’m doing just that,” Butch said, chewing delicately on the hollow of her throat. “I’m fucking you. What else could you want?”

“You bastard!” Ann said. “You fucking bastard!”

She gasped wetly against his shoulder as he thrust his prick in and out of her pussy, his massive hands holding her writhing body against the bed. Each time the monstrous shaft dug into her steaming pussy muscles, she constricted violently, trying to suck it deeply into her guts. Each time he pulled out and stopped all movement, he would slowly — ever so slowly — slip his prick back in.

“Relax, baby, just relax,” Butch whispered.

With grim determination, Ann managed somehow to regain a superficial level of control. She bit her lower lip until she tasted the warm salty flavor of blood.

After what seemed an eternity, Butch stabbed into her pussy with a deliberate thrust, emptying a thick, gushing load of hot, creamy sperm. He pressed his full weight down on her body, stopping all movement.

“Mmmmmm!” he moaned a few seconds later. “Just the way I like it!”

A malicious smile formed on Ann’s lips when she heard his rhythmic breathing.

“Butch?” she whispered. There was no answer. “Butch?” she asked again.

She gently pushed his sleeping form away, then looked at him as he lay there sleeping like a baby.

She gave a quick glance around the room, then crawled off the bed and walked to the closet. She grabbed a fistful of ties, then walked quietly back over to the bed. She attached four ties to the brass posters of the bed, then gently tied them to his hands and feet. Nodding with approval, she crept between his legs and lowered her face to his crotch.

The cum-smeared shaft was warm, hard and inviting. She held it reverently in her hands and began licking up and down the thick underside.

“Huh?” Butch said, slowly awakening. He looked down at Ann and smiled. “You ready for some more?” he asked, trying to grab her. “Hey! What the fuck!” he said, noticing the bonds on his hands and feet.

“Now you’re going to get it the way I like it,” Ann said, gently licking the throbbing tip of his prick.

Butch rolled his eyes and shook his head. “This is like a dirty movie! A bad, dirty movie!”

“Let me see if I can make it a good one,” Ann said huskily, her lips encircling the tender cockhead.

Butch winced as if he had been jabbed with a needle. “I don’t like that!” he said. “My dick is too sensitive!”

“As they say in Russia, Tough Shitsky,” Ann said, removing her mouth, then clamping it back around the gigantic mass of meat.

Butch’s eyes widened in pain. He flinched his body, causing his muscles to pop out like ribbons of nylon rope. He jammed his ass against the bed to pull his prick out of her mouth, but Ann held on tightly.

“You fucking cunt!” he growled. “Untie me!” He pulled against the ties, but only succeeded in tightening the knots. “Goddammit, untie me!”

The memory of his tantalizing fucking shot into her mind. Not for rubies would she untie him! This little prick was going to get a taste of his own medicine! And while he’s getting his taste, Ann thought with a shiver, I’ll get mine too!

She pulled his dick out of her mouth and pressed the hard, throbbing cockhead against her nose. She ran her tongue under his acrid-tasting foreskin, lapping the savory juices. Slowly she squeezed her fingers down his cockshaft, stretching and pulling on the loose flesh, until she gripped the base of his dick. She lowered her thumbs, nuzzling them against his hairy, round balls.

“Oh!” Butch wheezed. “I can’t take it!”

Ann flicked her tongue out like a snake, lowering her mouth down the long, pulsating shaft. She opened her lips wide, sucking in both his nuts. When she did this, she felt his thighs grow rock-hard, pressing against her cheeks, as if he were trying to choke her.

“Oh God!” he groaned. “Jesus fucking God!”

Ann could feel his balls rumble with a desperate, boiling load of hot cum. As she ground her nose against the base of his dick, she could already feel the gentle spasms as the center of his cock pulsated, ready to accommodate the gushing wads of jism that were to blow upward any second.

“Christ, suck it and get it over!” Butch yelled out. “Ram it in your mouth!”

Ann thoroughly washed his balls with her hungry tongue before doing what he asked. She opened her mouth as slowly as possible, letting them slip out, brushing against her chin. She took a deep breath, then licked back upward.

When her mouth engulfed the end of his prick, he immediately cried out with release. Monstrous, painful globs of sperm stung upward, boiling into Ann’s eager mouth.

Ann sucked like she had never sucked before. The thick masses of hot cum were slapping into the back of her throat like a waterfall. She didn’t think it was possible for there to be so much, and still more was filling her mouth every second. She gulped furiously. Wads of sperm shot upward, then flowed out her nose.

“Stop! Oh God, stop!” Butch mouthed with a gasp. “You’re killing me!”

Ann began jacking his prick up and down, emptying his balls with increasing pressure. As she did this, she bobbed her head up and down until it was a blur, trying to gobble his dick.

When she had finished sucking every delicious drop into her throat, Ann pulled away and began washing his balls, his cock, and his stomach.

“You’ve had your fun, now untie me!” Butch said, his breathing irregular and forced.

“What are you going to do when I untie you?” Ann asked.

“I’m going to knock the shit out of you!” Butch answered without thinking.

Ann looked up and grinned. “Then it would be rather foolish of me to untie you then, wouldn’t it?”

“I won’t! I promise I won’t!” Butch said quickly.

“Promises are made to be broken, and I think you’d probably break my neck too. So, no go.”

Butch exhaled, the expression in his eyes like a man suddenly realizing that he was condemned to death.

“You… you’re not going to do it again, are you?” he asked.

“Not right away,” Ann answered, pulling away from his crotch. She straddled his waist, grinding her cunt opening against the underside of his cockshaft. “Right now, I’m going to fuck you! Just like you fucked me!”

She grasped his cock and shoved it deeply into her steaming, hungry pussy. She moaned with obvious pleasure as the thick, hard tube of meat pressed into her cunt. She dug her nails into his chest and lowered her face to his neck.

“Get ready, you bastard,” she whispered, biting his skin savagely.

If her blowjob had been torture, her slow, steady fucking moves were even more intense. After only a few moments, Butch was pale and shaken, his face contorted in anguish.

Ann soon, however, lost all interest in teasing him. Her pussy began to burn and grind, begging for release. She began slamming her body up and down, slapping her ass against his thighs with each downward stroke, digging the full length of his cock deeply into her guts.

“Oh!” she cried suddenly as the first, exploding ripple of climax jabbed into the base of her spine, spasming forward and up the tunnel of her cunt. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she began chanting violently, her voice matching the thuds of hot orgasm thundering closer to her cunt lips.

She squeezed his cock with all her strength, wrapping his throbbing meat in a slick, pulsating blanket of warmth. As the pleasure of her climax increased, she began bouncing up and down furiously as if trying to force his entire body into her cunt.

When the pinnacle of her desire was reached, her pussy was suddenly bathed in a delicious, soothing river of cum. Huge gushes of jism poured into her cunt, then squirted backward, oozing onto Butch’s nuts.

Pain, for Butch, had immediately become intense, driving pleasure. He jutted his hips upward violently, thrusting his exploding cockhead into Ann’s pussy. He gave a low, wincing growl that soon turned into a high, piercing yell, like a wounded animal.

As the last glob of his sperm splattered deeply into her guts, he relaxed. He closed his eyes, unable to believe what had just happened. He opened his mouth to speak, but he realized that he didn’t even have the energy to talk.

Ann pulled away from his spent cock and knelt between his legs. She began gathering the oozing juices inside her pussy, smearing them around on his prick and balls. Then she began slowly licking the thick drops with her eager tongue.

“Mmmmmmm!” she gurgled, feeling the creamy masses of sperm slake her burning throat. “Mmmmhmmm!”

Butch opened his eyes and looked down at her, his expression now showing lust and admiration. He squirmed his ass around on the bed, flopping his softening prick against her cheeks and forehead.

“Suck it,” he murmured. “Oh God, suck it like you did before!”

“I thought you didn’t want me to,” Ann said, stroking the underside of his shaft.

“Well, I do now!” he stammered.

Ann hungrily gobbled his dick into her mouth. She felt it swell and grow longer, and began sucking up and down with swift, eager strokes until it was hard as steel.

“God, that’s nice!” he moaned, beads of sweat popping out on his forehead. “Suck it good!”

Ann began sucking and licking at a furious pace, jabbing his cockhead against her tonsils. Already she could feel the base of his prick begin to jerk with spasms.

“Oh God! Suck it!” Butch wailed. “I’m almost there!”

Although his cockhead throbbed with intense pleasure, only a small trickle of sperm jerked out of his prick which Ann lustily drank down.

As the greasy fluid drained into her stomach, Ann felt her cunt constrict with flaming desire. Spasms of orgasm shot up and down the length of her pussy tunnel with such force that her mind became oblivious to everything except the delicious throbbing, sucking warmth in her guts.

After her climax had settled to a dull, sweet throb, she pulled her mouth off his cock, allowing it to slip wetly across her chin. It flopped on Butch’s stomach with a noisy slap.

“I’ll see you later,” she said, crawling off the bed.

“Hey, when can I see you again?” Butch said, watching her get dressed.

“You go to school?” Ann asked, buttoning her blouse.

“Naw, I quit,” Butch said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Well, you start back tomorrow. See you then.”

“Hey, aren’t you gonna untie me?” he said, trying to sit up.

“That’s an easy question to answer. No.”

“But what if my mother comes in?”

“Then she can untie you,” Ann said, walking out of the room.

The telephone rang as she was walking out of the house. On impulse, she went back into the living room and lifted the receiver.

“Is Butch there?” the husky, feminine voice asked.

Ann couldn’t resist. “I’m sorry, but he can’t come to the phone. He’s all tied up.”


“Thank God for weekends!” Ann said aloud, plopping down on the couch.

Her eyes seemed to be on fire. Having had little or no sleep all week had taken its toil. She kicked off her shoes and leaned back, feeling the tensions melt away.

The mood, however, was soon interrupted by the roar of a motorcycle. The sound seemed to grow louder — so loud, in fact, it sounded as if someone was about to drive right through her front door. She stood up and went to the window.

“Oh God,” she said with a wry smile, seeing three figures dismount their motorcycles. “Johnny and Butch! I wonder what they want?” Then she added, going over to the door, “As if I didn’t know!”

Before they had a chance to knock, Ann opened the door and smiled at the boys. She shot a quick glance toward the boy she hadn’t met. He was tall and slim, wiry as a pole-vaulter, and his carrot-colored hair made him look much like a skinny lion.

“Hello, Teach,” Johnny said, walking up the steps.

“Hi,” Ann said, then added to Butch, “I see you managed to free yourself.”

Butch shook his head and smiled. “When my old man saw me like that, he almost choked to death laughing!”

“This is Greg,” Johnny said, introducing the other boy. “Greg, this is Ann. Our teacher. In more ways than one.”

Ann shook his hand and was almost startled with the strength of his personality, merely from the touch. She looked into his eyes, hardly able to believe that anything could be so blue.

“Well, come on in,” she said, holding the door open and letting them pass.

The door was scarcely closed, when Butch placed his hands on her hips and drew her against his body. He nuzzled his face against her neck and bit down gently.

“I ought to wring your neck,” he whispered.

Ann felt his hard, pulsating cock grind into her crotch. She was immediately filled with a surging warmth, her pussy beginning to ache with tingles of desire.

“I’d rather you did something else,” she said.

“Oh baby, I plan to!” he murmured, cupping her tits and squeezing the delicate, hard nipples. Surrounded by three sex-hungry boys made Ann shiver with excitement. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes, a low, hungry moan escaped her lips.

“I’m going to be first,” Butch whispered.

“No!” Ann said. “I want all three of you at the same time! I’ve never had that!”

Moments later, they were in the bedroom, Johnny and Butch lying on either side of her body, while Greg knelt between her legs. Just the thought of having three hard, delicious cocks so close to her, made her wince with ecstasy.

She opened her mouth to release the bewildering tension, but her voice was stifled when three hot, hungry mouths assaulted her body at the same time.

Johnny and Butch sank their teeth into her tits, each taking a throbbing nipple between their lips and sucking it. Greg lowered his face and stabbed his tongue between the folds of her pussy opening. Ann gasped at the delicious, warm feeling. She grasped Johnny’s cock with her left hand, jacking the thick, long meat up and down. With her other hand, she began pulling and caressing Butch’s equally massive dick. Her only regret was she didn’t have a third hand to hold onto Greg’s prick. She bent her knee and rubbed her foot against his dangling balls.

“So good!” she whispered. “Don’t ever stop!”

Although Greg didn’t say much, he certainly knew how to use his mouth! He clamped his lips around the creamy slit opening, sucking wildly with his cheeks while he jammed his tongue in and out of the tight ring of pussy muscle. Oozing streams of cunt juice dripped downward, wetting up his chin.

Ann jutted her hips upward to meet his hungry thrusts. Already she could feel a swirling spasm of pleasure throb into the back of her cunt.

“Mmmmm!” Greg moaned, chewing gently on her rubbery, throbbing clit. His cock began to slap painfully against his stomach, the jerks matching his tongue movements.

“Oh God, ram your dick in!” Ann groaned. “My pussy is on fire!”

With one quick lunge, Greg thrust forward, the end of his prick plunging deeply into her slit. His thick, hairy shaft slipped against the sucking cunt muscles, then stopped, as the base of his cock pressed tightly against her opening.

Ann gave a slow, silent scream, enjoying fully the hard, throbbing texture of the boy’s prick. She tightened her cunt muscles, gripping the hard meat in an engulfing, warm embrace.

An immediate reaction in her guts took place. Ripples of climax began to grow, to throb, then explode. She jerked her hips up and down, increasing the fantastic pleasure. “Oh God!” she wailed. “Oh God! FUCK ME YOU SONOFABITCH!!”

Her pussy was now like an erupting volcano. Greg began a furious assault, jabbing his prick in and out with brutal, digging thrusts. His cum-filled balls slipped the insides of her thighs, giving her even greater sensations of release.

The pleasure in her slit subsided long enough for her to pull violently on Butch’s and Johnny’s cocks.

“Fuck my mouth!” she begged. “Stick both your dicks in my mouth and let me drink your cum!”

Johnny and Butch got to their knees, thrusting their hips against the side of her head. Ann, still holding onto their dicks, aimed them at her lips. She hungrily lapped in and around both cockheads, savoring the delicious, acrid flavor.

“Oh God!” she gurgled, “I don’t believe this is happening!”

She opened her mouth wide and gobbled Butch’s cock into her throat. She pulled it out quickly, then sucked on Johnny’s. Back and forth, she licked and ate the hard, throbbing poles of meat, her head a blur as she bobbed her face against their crotches.

A new, even more wonderful sensation of pleasure ripped into her guts, as Greg began to fuck her like a madman. His powerful lunges jammed her cunt upward, making it almost impossible to breathe. When she thought the pleasure couldn’t possibly get any better, it did, when Greg reached under and dug his middle finger into her shitter.

“Uuuummmmpphffff!” Ann slavered, grinding her ass around on his probing finger.

“You’re going to have to move out of the way, Butch,” Johnny said with a grunt. “I’m about to shoot off!”

Ann gobbled down Johnny’s cock until her lips sucked the base of his shaft. She pulled her mouth up and down a couple of times while jacking Butch’s dick with furious motions.

Although she knew the thick, hot wads of sperm would splatter into her throat at any minute, she was hardly aware that the force of his ejaculation would be so powerful. Spewing, creamy globs of jism smacked against her tonsils, cutting off her air.

“Suck it down!” Johnny groaned, grinding his exploding cock brutally into her mouth. “Suck it all, you cocksucker!”

“I’m going too!” Butch said suddenly. “Suck me!”

Ann pulled away from Johnny’s dick and lunged her mouth around Butch’s rock-hard, throbbing cockhead. While she sucked the first steaming wads of sperm out of his prick, she jacked Johnny’s dick up and down, splattering pools of jism all over her face.

She took turns, first sucking one boy and then the other, until her mouth, her nose, and even her ears were full to overflowing with tremendous amounts of milky fluid.

Both boys stabbed into her mouth as the last of their loads shot up the center of their cockshafts. Ann’s mouth was stretched painfully, but it was more than worth it!

When they finally pulled away, Ann continued to enjoy the feast of delicious juices that streamed all over her face and neck. She scooped the wads of sperm with her fingers, drinking it down with smacking noises. Then she eagerly licked her fingers, washing them wetly, to capture any stray drops.

“I could drink gallons!” she said with a greasy cum-coated voice. “All night long!”

Now that her throat was partially satisfied, she directed her full attention to the banging cock in her cunt. Greg was grinding and pumping with such hard shoves, she thought her pussy would split wide open.

“Oh fuck!” the boy whispered, jamming deeply into her guts. “OH JESUS FUCK!!”

A hot stream of juicy cum splattered against her like steaming gelatin. His cockhead ballooned powerfully, stretching and pulling against her tight pussy muscles, as it, began to empty out wads of creamy sperm.

His panting breath soon became staccato moans as he dug into her slit with brutal strokes. His face was contorted in a mask of pain, and then as he slammed the last of his load deeply into her pussy, he fell forward, his face between her tits.

After a few seconds, Ann pulled Greg upward, so that he straddled her neck. She eyed the red patch of crotch hair, and the cream-stained cock. Without a wasted movement, she slipped his prick between her lips, savoring the hot flavor of his release.

While she sucked up and down his thick, hot shaft of meat, she felt herself gently pushed on her side. Johnny positioned himself in front of her, nestling his dick against her hot, churning pussy. Butch pressed his cockhead between the crack of her ass after he lay behind her.

As if on cue, both Butch and Johnny thrust their bodies forward, digging savagely into her pussy and shitter at the same time.

“Mmmnunhhhuuunnnhhh!” Ann groaned, feeling the twin sensations totally fill up her guts. She clutched Greg’s balls, rolling them around on her cheeks. The wiry, red hairs ground against her skin like sandpaper, yet the pain was so akin to pleasure that it caused shivers to ripple up and down her spine.

Within moments, as the boys rammed their cocks deeply into their bodies, Ann felt a lunging explosion rip into her cunt. The ripples of pleasure stormed upward, meeting the hot hunger in her throat.

The driving intensity of her orgasm gripped her cunt. The spasms shot up and down both her shitter canal and pussy with such power that she thought her pelvic bones would crack.

Butch and Johnny began to vary their rhythm. For a while, they jammed forward together, their cockheads almost pressing together, separated only by the thin membrane between her pussy and her asshole. Then, while one jerked out again, the other left his dick in.

She didn’t have to move at all. Her body was being pushed, jerked and slammed about as if she were a puppet. Even her mouth was assaulted in the same fashion. Greg held the back of her head and slammed her face against his crotch, her lips smacking violently up and down the thickness of his hard, slippery cock.

Her climax became a dull, burning throb. The muscles in her shitter and cunt convulsed around the boys’ cocks, making her sensitive membranes raw and sore.

She tried to jerk her mouth off of Greg’s cock, feeling her lungs about to burst, but he held her head savagely, his climax just seconds away. Every muscle in her body contorted, now covered with sweat.

“Oh God!” Butch groaned, his cock swelling with a hot load of sperm. “Take it! JESUS, UUUNNNHHH, TAKE IT!!”

Ann felt the burning in her shitter immediately. Relief swept through her body.

As he emptied the last of his globs of creamy fluid, she felt her pussy begin to fill with Johnny’s release. Both cocks spurted and spewed together, filling both holes. Streams of cum shot back alongside their shafts, and dribbled on her thighs. Another spasm of climax thundered into her body.

“Uuuunnnhhhfffppphh!” she gurgled, hardly aware at first that Greg’s cock was shooting wads of jism.

Thick masses of cum splattered into her throat, cutting off her air. She began to writhe, but it was useless to fight such massive strength. Just when she thought she would pass out, Greg pulled away, letting her gasp for air.

She sucked in wildly, feeling the globs of sperm stream into the back of her throat. She coughed and choked, but somehow managed to gobble his cock, not missing a single, precious drop of his cum.

Finally, the boys pulled away from her exhausted, satisfied body, their cocks smacking noisily as they withdrew.

Ann lay there gasping, yet with a smile playing on her lips.

“You aren’t stopping, are you?” she murmured, reaching blindly in the direction of Butch’s cock.

“You kidding?” one of the boys said — she didn’t know which. “We’re just beginning!”

A new, different pleasure surged into her body. Her feet suddenly became wet and sticky. She looked down and saw Greg holding her ankles, pressing her feet on either side of his cum-smeared prick.

“Ever had a foot-fuck?” he asked, his cockhead nuzzling under her toes.

Ann couldn’t answer. She lay there, totally engrossed with the delicious probing of his dick. His nuts hung loosely against her heels, gently gliding up and down behind her ankles. She shivered with ecstasy.

Butch pulled her head over, jamming his prick between her lips. He groaned as she sucked the full length into her throat, gurgling her spit around the swelling cockhead.

“Oh yes!” he whispered, exerting more pressure. “That’s what I like! Suck it into your fucking lungs!”

As she sucked, and had her feet fucked, Johnny straddled her waist, shoving his dick fully into her creamy, raw cunt. He felt her bolt, jutting her hips upward, to accommodate the gigantic length of his stiff cock.

Ann half-expected another wild, brutal fucking like she had had a few moments ago, but all the boys seemed to mellow out. They thrust and poked with gentle, tender moves. The change of pace caused Ann’s body to fill with tremors, then spasms.

“Ooooohhhh!” she growled, her eyes closed in satisfaction.

She began squeezing Greg’s cock with her feet, sliding the hard texture of his shaft all over the bottoms of her feet. She could feel his cockhead begin to balloon, throbbing against her toes. The sensuous, delicate slides of his dick became slightly quicker, then stopped altogether.

“Uuunnhhh!” he groaned, pressing her feet together in a vise-like grip.

Ann felt a hot, thick mass of cum squirt up his shaft and splatter on her toes. Soon, as jerk after jerk spit out gushing pools of sperm, her feet were covered with a milky, thick fluid, trickling down and around her heels.

Just the idea of having the delicious, now-cooling wads of sperm covering her feet, made Ann jerk with pleasure. She began sucking wildly, while humping her body up and down.

“Give it to me!” she gurgled, her voice thick with Butch’s growing cockhead. She fondled and pulled on his nuts, trying to force them between her lips. “God, give it to me!”

Although Butch couldn’t understand what she said, her desires were more than evident. He began plowing into her mouth with new energy, not attempting any kind of control. Ann had only a few seconds to get what she wanted most.

Huge globs of sperm splattered into her throat, then oozed into her stomach. She lapped hungrily, savoring and drinking every silvery drop. She continued to suck and pull on his prod with her lips long after he had stopped spewing his load. She felt his prick soften slightly, and she began chewing and biting the loose foreskin.

He pulled away, his prick flopping against the side of her face with a noisy slap. Her tongue licked out, running over the tiny cum-hole.

Johnny reached under her, grabbing her asscheeks with both hands. He pulled her up violently, and at the same time, jammed his prick savagely into her pussy spilling the first splatter of cum into her.

“Oh, Teach!” he grunted. “So fucking tight! So… fucking… TIGHT!!”

His release seemed to glow inside her pussy like a wild, raging fire, causing her tunnel of cunt muscle to expand and contract with quick throbs. Each glob of sperm was sucked all the way into her pussy, then forced out again, dribbling into her asshole.

“Yes!” Ann wailed suddenly. “Oh God… Oh God… YES!”

She couldn’t say much more the rest of the night. Although exhausted, she managed to outlast all of the boys, going from one to the other, waking them up and clamping her mouth around their delicious cocks, draining them like a sexual vampire. And, like a vampire, she fell into a deep sleep with the first light of day, smacking her cum-stained lips.


Quite frankly, Ann’s body couldn’t have taken another minute of fucking. Happily, she kissed the boys goodbye, and crawled back in bed. She gingerly touched the opening of her pussy and winced. God, she thought, it feels like hamburger!

But sex, she had to admit, was like a drug. The more you got, the more you wanted! And right now, she had become a hard-core addict!

After she had taken a much-needed shower, she lay back on the bed and lit a cigarette. Her thoughts centered around the events of the past couple of weeks. Several delicious memories flashed in her mind, causing her pussy to throb with hunger.

“I can’t believe I want it again so soon!” she said. She touched the folds of skin around her slit opening. Her pussy was still raw and sensitive to her touch. “Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, visualizing Marie’s cunt.

She couldn’t stand it any longer. She jumped off the bed and threw on her clothes hurriedly. Grabbing her car keys, she dashed out of the house and drove to Marie’s house.

Hardly able to contain her desires, she scurried Marie out of her house and into the car.

“But I’m supposed to see Matt tonight,” Marie protested, although weakly.

“Fuck Matt,” Ann said evenly.

“Oh, that’s what I plan to do!” Marie said, her tone sensual.

“He’ll have to settle for sloppy seconds,” Ann said, stepping on the accelerator.

“You know,” Marie said after a few seconds of comfortable silence, “Matt has really taught me a lot.” Then she added quickly with a sly grin, “And not just school stuff!”

Ann thought about her first day at Nolan High, and the ensuing experience with him. “Yeah,” she admitted, “he’s a very good teacher!”

“We’ll do something really nice for him later,” Ann suggested. “And don’t worry, he’ll find us.”

A few minutes later, they were in Ann’s house, sipping glasses of chilled Chianti.

“It’s so sour!” Marie said, tasting it for the first time.

“Then let’s sweeten it up,” Ann said, pulling Marie off the couch and into the bedroom.

Ann pushed the young girl down on the bed and deftly undressed her, her eyes taking in the full-blown beauty of her voluptuous features. She shucked out of her own clothes and sat down beside Marie.

“See if you like it better this way,” she said, placing the glass of wine under her breast and pushing the hard, taut nipple into the cool liquid.

Marie’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Oh yes!” she whispered, licking the ruby-red drops of wine off the delicious tip of Ann’s breast. “Ummmmm! Delicious!”

“My turn,” Ann said after Marie had licked her tit clean.

She knelt between the girl’s legs and gently spread her thighs apart with her hands. The tight, frothy pussy came into full view, just begging to be sucked and licked. Ann poured a small amount of wine onto Marie’s stomach and watched it drip downward, collecting in the dark pubic hairs, then oozing between the delicious looking cunt lips.

Marie winced twice. Once when she felt the cool fluid soak into her cunt, and again when Ann lowered her face and slipped her tongue inside her pussy, lapping hungrily.

Ann moaned. The combination of flavors — wine and pussy juice — was fantastic! Keeping her mouth on the girl’s box, she poured more wine, eagerly sucking it between her lips as it flowed onto her tongue.

Marie felt a surge of conflicting sensations. The coolness of the wine and the hot, stabbing tongue caused her to gasp with obvious pleasure. She spread her legs as wide as possible.

“God, that’s good!” she moaned. “Lick me some more!”

Ann refilled her glass and took a large sip. Pulling Marie’s cunt opening wide to expose the hard, throbbing clit, she sucked it between her lips, swirling the wine all around the rubbery mass. As Marie jerked with pleasure, she began chewing gently around the base of the bud-like meat and pulled upward.

Marie cried out passionately, her breath coming in quick, rasping gulps. She grabbed the back of Ann’s head with both hands and ground her face into her cunt with a savage motion.

“Don’t stop!” she grunted, feeling shivers of another orgasm already closing in at a rapid pace. “Don’t… ever… stop!”

Ann’s tongue was immediately engulfed by Marie’s sucking cunt muscle. Delicate drops of creamy juice began to flow more freely now, wetly filling her nostrils with heady aroma. She began wiggling her tongue back and forth like a snake as she licked upward, running the tip over the sensitive canal.

Marie’s body froze in a rippling assault of pleasure. Spasms of orgasm thundered into her cunt, clutching her pussy in a storm of release. The girl’s pleasure infected Ann. She felt a grinding, aching throb in her own cunt, which was ready to explode at any moment. She began rubbing her thighs together, sending shivers of ecstasy into her guts.

“So delicious!” she whispered, sucking more of the frothy cunt juice between her lips. “Mmmmmmm!”

“Oh God, give me yours too?” Marie groaned. “Let me eat your cunt!”

Moving swiftly, Ann repositioned herself without taking her mouth away from the girl’s cunt. She was on top, holding Marie’s thighs with both hands, jabbing her tongue in and out with eager thrusts. Gently, she lowered her crotch on top of the girl’s face.

A warming jerk of pleasure jolted inside her pussy like an electric current. She locked her cunt muscles, trapping Marie’s tongue in a blanket of spasming wetness.

As their pleasure increased, so did the movements of their mouths. They began licking and smacking loudly. They pumped and ground their slits against each other’s faces, feeling the tension mount.

Ann wanted the sweet torture to continue forever. She began constricting her pussy to hold back, to keep the sensations from coming to a head, but it was useless. Enormous throbs tore into her guts. She flipped Marie over on her side, nuzzling her nose against the acrid-smelling shitter opening.

“God! Oh God! Oh God!” she grunted, now chewing on Marie’s cunt with the drive of an insane animal.

Their bodies molded together into a vibrating mass of throbbing flesh. It was as though they shared one, huge, pulsating orgasm, swallowing it, digesting it, and pushing it out their cunts into the other’s mouth. They began rocking back and forth, their screams of anguished release bouncing off the walls.

Ann gave a loud, final grunt and then relaxed. A few seconds later Marie did the same. They gasped wetly, feeling the shivers of release grow dimmer and glow like dying embers.

Reluctantly they pulled away from each other and then remained silent until their breathing became normal. Ann spoke first.

“That’s exactly what I needed!” she said, giving Marie a hug. “More than anything!”

Marie purred a mumbling response, enjoying the delicious after-effect of her jolting orgasm. She swallowed slowly, savoring the delicate flavor of Ann’s body and the dry bouquet of the wine. “I think I need it again,” she whispered, rolling over on top of Ann’s body.

Before Ann could respond, Marie locked her lips around the woman’s mouth, darting her tongue across the roof of her mouth. Ann sucked and pulled on Marie’s tongue with hungry movements, trying to swallow it. They moaned softly, their voices vibrating into each other’s throats.

Marie slipped her mouth downward, gently nibbling and chewing at the hollow of Ann’s throat. She began inching her head lower, trailing a wet line of glistening warmth toward Ann’s firm, full-bodied tits. She slipped the nipples into her mouth, ran her tongue over them slowly, then lowered her face closer to the patch of silken crotch hair.

Using swirling, licking motions, she thoroughly licked and sucked Ann’s cunt, driving her tongue in and out of the tight opening like a tiny, wet cock.

Ann felt her body tense as Marie’s tongue lapped across her swollen, throbbing clit, then upward to her stomach. She closed her eyes and groaned loudly.

Again, Marie sucked and licked Ann’s tits, puffing the rubbery buds between her teeth, wetting them thoroughly with her mouth. She wiggled between Ann’s legs, pressing her left breast against the tight cunt opening, thrusting her nipple between the soft folds of flesh.

“OOhhhhh!” Ann whispered, feeling the firm tit slip slightly into her cunt. “That’s good!”

When Marie’s nipple touched Ann’s clit, Ann thought she would explode into a million pieces. The hot throbbing buds vibrated together like nothing she had ever known before. She gasped, her mouth locked in a silent scream.

Marie pulled upward suddenly grinding her cunt against Ann’s. Their clits throbbed and vibrated against each other, sending new, spearing waves of climax deeply into their guts. They crushed their tits together as they embraced, their mouths hungrily locked together.

Just as their orgasms subsided, new, jerking spasms dug into their slits, more forceful and powerful than before. They smacked their bodies together, each trying to dig into the other’s cunt.

Their hands were all over each other, grasping, pinching, pulling, kneading. Ann clutched Marie by the shoulders and rolled her over, immediately lowering her face to the girl’s steaming, tight cunt.

“I want it again!” she murmured, thrusting her tongue deeply into her delicious, creamy box.

“Jesus, eat it!” Marie groaned as she threw her legs around Ann’s neck, locking her ankles together. “Suck… Lick… EAT ME!”

Marie climaxed again, enjoying a long, throbbing swell of release. She exhaled loudly and closed her eyes.

“So good!” she whispered. “You sure can use that mouth!”

Neither of them was aware that Matt had entered the room. He had been watching for several moments, his own lust almost boiling over as he watched their grinding, wet cunts explode in hot climax.

“I banged on the door,” he said softly. “Nobody answered.”

Ann turned her head, her eyes glazed over. She squinted her eyes as if she didn’t even recognize him. Then she smiled. “Well, come on over here, you’ve been banging the wrong thing!” she said, wiggling her ass.


Ann grunted loudly into the recesses of Marie’s cunt when Matt dug his prick savagely into her burning, frothy pussy opening.

Marie felt Ann’s hungry mouth chewing and licking. She lay back, hardly able to move, her body tensed with delicious excitement.

Matt withdrew slightly, sliding the thickness of his dick along the sucking warmth of Ann’s slit. His cockhead was subjected to a molded, creamy texture of muscle, sucking like a mouth. He stabbed back in, slapping his balls against the insides of her thighs.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” he grunted, grinding his crotch around, pressing firmly against her asscheeks. “So Goddamn tight!”

Ann was lost in delicious oblivion. Her tongue was engulfed with the spasming warmth of Marie’s sucking pussy walls, while her cunt was subjected to a hot, eager fucking. She reached under with her right hand and cupped Matt’s hairy, thick nuts. Already she could feel the hot rumblings of his cum bath about to explode up the center of his shaft.

Matt slipped his hand around Ann’s waist and dug his finger into the top of her pussy, probing the hard, rubbery clit with brutal, searching stabs. Ann flinched with pleasure.

“Fuck me!” she gurgled into the hot mound of pussy she was sucking on. “Christ, fuck the hell out of me!”

“You like this?” Matt grunted, increasing the momentum of his fucking. “As much as I do?”

“Yes!” Ann whispered. “Oh God, don’t ever stop! Rip my guts apart! Oh Christ, FUCK ME!”

“Let me eat some pussy too,” he said, gently pushing Ann to one side. “Let’s eat her together, while I fuck you!”

He began humping Ann with unmerciful strokes, while he stabbed his tongue alongside Ann’s, thrusting it into Marie’s churning slit.

Their tongues hungrily lapped into the dark hole, lapping out the delicious juices. Occasionally, they kissed deeply, exchanging the delicately-flavored liquid.

Ann had the best of all worlds. Not only was her pussy flaming with delicious ecstasy, she was eagerly kissing Matt’s lips, licking out Marie’s cunt and fondling the young girl’s breasts.

God, she was hot! And, ironically, the only thing that could possibly cool her off was more explosive, heated sex!

By now, Matt was plunging the full length of his prick into Ann’s pussy with forceful strokes, slapping her body hard against Marie. His breathing was raspy and hard, knowing that at any moment, he would shoot off. He held back as long as possible, but he knew it was a futile battle.

“Don’t move for a while,” he begged. “You make one slight… Oh God, I can’t help it!”

“Go! Shoot me full of hot cum!” Ann yelled. “I want it all!”

“Me too!” Marie gasped. “I want some of it!”

“You’ll… have… to… wait, unh, your turn!” Matt gasped. “I can’t… OH SWEET FUCKING HOLY MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST!”

He climbed back on top of Ann and spread her logs like a wishbone. He jammed his cock deeply into her pussy, smacking the base of his dick savagely against her sucking, convulsed cunt opening. His balls began to squirt, to explode.

Ann could feel the hot jerks of sperm as they traveled up the center of his rock-hard shaft. The first, bolting wad of jism smacked into her guts like a fist, contorting her pussy nerves into flaming throbs of pure, raw release.

They bellowed together, like fighting bulls, their raspy tones a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Ann chanted. “FUUUCCCKKK!!!”

In her savage release, she felt the salty flavor of blood. Her teeth were digging into her lower lip, and it took full concentration to keep from chewing even more brutally. She gripped the sheets into balls, forcing them into her mouth.

She could almost see the rivers of hot sperm spewing into her guts, collecting, squirting into every crevice, then bolting back out, oozing onto her thighs.

Although Marie was momentarily shoved aside, she soon regained ground. She scurried to her knees and rammed her head between their exploding bodies, hungrily lapping her tongue out to catch any stray drops of jism.

Matt gave a final, crushing stab, squeezing Marie’s head in a painful vise-like trap. The last glob of sperm splattered into Ann’s pussy. Then he stopped all movement for a few seconds.

“Wow, I needed that!” he murmured, regaining some control over his voice.

“I still do!” Marie said, her tone pleading and hungry. “I want a mouthful of cum to drink!”

She tried pulling Matt off Ann’s body, but it was impossible. It was as if their bodies were welded together. Finally, Matt allowed himself to be pushed to one side, his prick flopping noisily out of Ann’s cum-stained cunt.

“Mmmnimm!” Marie groaned, clutching the slick, creamy pole of meat. “I’m going to love eating this!”

She immediately gobbled the entire length of his dick into her mouth, hungrily licking and sucking up and down the thick shaft. She pursed her lips around the base of his cock and pulled upward, rewarded with a wad of thick juice. She inhaled deeply.

“Gooooood!” she groaned.

“Let me suck that tight little pussy of yours, while Marie sucks my cock!” Matt said to Ann. “Get over here, I want to strap it on like a gas mask!”

As he lay on his back, with Marie pumping her mouth up and down his cockshaft, Ann straddled his neck, lowering her steaming cunt to his lips. She ground her pussy hairs against his nose, and pulled his head forward.

“Eat me!” she groaned. “Eat my cunt forever!”

The glorious, sweet-smelling hole pressed against the tip of his tongue like a slick, creamy mouth. The sucking, constricting muscles encircled his tongue eagerly, trying to pull it into the back of her aching cunt.

“Fuck my cunt with your tongue!” Ann groaned, arching her back. “Fuck me apart!”

She placed both hands under her full, ripe tits and pressed them upward, forcing the tiny, rosy nipples against her lips. While Matt dug in and out of her pussy with his spearing tongue, she lapped hungrily around on her breasts, soaking them with her spit.

Marie was a bundle of hot vibrations. She dug her nails into his taut, muscular thighs, pressing her fingertips against the lush growth of wiry hair. She began to squeeze and knead, tearing at his skin as her bobbing head became a near blur. Her lips slipped wetly up and down his shaft, trying to pull his cockhead into her lungs. A pang of climax burst violently in her cunt.

“Uuuummmphhhhfff!” she gurgled, her body an erupting volcano of release.

Matt was glad now that he had shot off so quickly the first time. The dull ache in his balls was now easy to control, giving him full pleasure. He sucked and pulled on Ann’s cut, matching the moves Marie was giving his prick.

“God, I wish you could wrap your legs around me all day!” he murmured into Ann’s pussy. “It’s so nice and hot and so fucking tight!”

The vibrations of his voice sent shivers of ecstasy up Ann’s spine. She jammed his face savagely against her crotch, burying his tongue deeply into her ring of convulsing cunt muscle. Then, she cried out loudly.


She knew it was impossible, but the pleasure increased to twice the intensity. She leaned over suddenly and pressed her tits against his ears, rolling the nipples around and into his ears.

Matt began humping his body up and down. Marie had to grab the base of his prick and aim it into her mouth to keep it from flopping away from her. He knew he couldn’t hold back much longer, still he tried.

Marie reached down and bent his right leg, bringing his foot up between her thighs, guiding his toes inside her churning, frothy cunt. As she sucked his cock, her pussy was like another mouth, convulsing and pulsating, pulling his toes more deeply into her slit canal.

Matt felt as if his entire body was covered with sweet, boiling pussy juice. His ankles were damp from the fluid that oozed from Marie’s cunt, his neck and ears were wet with Ann’s discharge, and his cock and balls were being thoroughly bathed with Marie’s sticky, wet mouth. He muffled a cry, his body frozen like a block of granite.

“Oh God, suck it you cocksucker!” he gurgled.

Marie felt a splattering bolt of hot, thick cum jam into the back of her throat, soaking her tonsils. She gulped the large mass of juice quickly, but as soon as it had oozed into her belly, another quick glob of sperm jerked into her throat.

“Uuuummmphhfff!” she gargled, sucking wildly so as not to miss a single, precious drop.

Her pussy began to burn, ache and throb deliciously, engulfing his toes in a sucking, warm blanket of frothy muscle. A rippling spasm of release swept from the back of her pussy, rumbling through the tube of cunt muscle, then exploded around her rock-hard clit.

“Oh God! Oh God!” she grunted, pulling her mouth away from Matt’s exploding cock for a couple of seconds. “Oh God, God!” she said again, the thick juices gurgling in her throat.

Matt felt his release become hotter and more powerful. He turned quickly to his right side, pulling the women with him. He lay on top of Marie, stabbing his spewing cock violently in her throat, while he chewed and bit on Ann’s boiling cunt.

Although Marie found it nearly impossible to breathe, she wouldn’t have had it any other way. His thundering, large cock was jamming her throat brutally, shoving glorious wads of greasy cum deeply into her throat. She could feel the enormous cockhead slip across the roof of her mouth, smack against her tonsils, then drive deeply into her throat. His balls vibrated delicately against her chin, emptying out more and more of his thick load.

Another wave of pleasure ripped into Marie’s cunt, more powerful and longer lasting than the last. She began humping Matt’s knee, trying to drive it into her steaming, spasming pussy.

It took several moments before they stopped their writhing and grinding. Ann pulled away and leaned against the headboard, her eyes closed in total rapture. She opened her mouth to speak, then shook her head slowly. Instead she moaned.

“Mmmmmm! That was good,” Marie said, licking and sucking the remaining wads of cum that had splattered down on Matt’s balls.

“You liked it, huh?” Matt said. “How about some more?”

“I want you to fuck me too,” she said, lying on her back. “I need it again, too!” Ann said. “Fuck my ass while you fuck her pussy!”

She lay on top of Marie and began grinding her pussy around on Marie’s cunt mound. She began kissing and licking the young girl’s lips, savoring the flavor of Matt’s cum. She shivered suddenly, feeling a thick round ball press against her shitter.

Matt spread their legs, exposing Ann’s asshole and Marie’s delicious-looking cunt.

“This is going to be so fucking good!” he said. “To fuck you both at the same time! Wow!”

He dug into Marie’s steaming cunt and gathered a few wads of pussy juice. He slipped his palm upward, smearing the fluid around on the delicate opening of Ann’s shitter. He rammed his middle finger inside the dark, tight hole.

“It’s so nice!” Ann said. “Fuck me hard!”

Matt removed his finger, then, taking careful aim, he rammed the full length of his cock inside her slick, hot asshole. He felt her ass cheeks tighten from the enormous pressure of his thrust.

Ann cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain, her voice muffled inside Marie’s mouth. She sucked in noisily, waiting for another assault. She didn’t have long to wait.

Matt withdrew slowly, then fucked back in, grinding the base of his cock savagely against the tiny ring of her ass opening. His balls dangled down, touching the opening of Marie’s pussy.

“Me too!” Marie said, feeling his nuts caress and tickle her slit. “Fuck me too!”

Matt slipped his thick, hard cock out of Ann’s shitter and rammed it brutally into Marie’s pussy, jamming the large cockhead into her. Before she had a chance to scream out, he quickly pulled it back out and pumped it back in, harder this time.

Both women began to moan, their voices raspy and harsh. They kissed passionately darting their tongues together like dancing snakes, their hands fondling and caressing each other with ever-increasing passion.

Matt pulled his prick out of Marie’s pussy and jabbed it into Ann’s bung hole. He withdrew quickly, slamming it into Marie’s pussy. Back and forth he fucked both holes, until his momentum was so quick, both women thought he was fucking them exclusively.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” both women chanted into each other’s mouths, hardly able to believe their pleasures mounting so quickly to such heights.

Matt’s cock was suddenly subjected to a tight, sucking ring of muscle. Each woman tried not to let his prick escape. It took some effort on his part to jam his dick in and out, but using sheer brute force, he managed even greater momentum.

Ann and Marie climaxed together. They began slapping their bodies together violently, chewing and biting each other’s mouths, screaming and yelling into each other’s throats.

Matt really, didn’t know what hit him. Without warning, his prick suddenly began to squirt explosively, emptying a thick mass of cum into Marie’s cunt. He pulled his spewing dick out as quickly as possible, ramming it into Ann’s shitter.

With each jerk of his cockhead, he somehow managed to divide the amount of fluid, giving each girl an equal share.

“Fill me full!” Marie said, feeling the hot cum thunder into the back of her pussy. “Give me all of it!”

Ann felt her asshole fill deliciously with thick globs of hot sperm, the entrance and withdrawal of Matt’s cock causing smacking, sloshing sounds. A new wave of rippling ecstasy ground into her guts.

“Take it, you cunts!” Matt grunted, stabbing wildly. “Take it in your fucking guts!”

He had stopped climaxing by now, but his plowing thrusts only increased, giving his sensitive cockhead a delicious treat.

Finally, he lunged into Ann’s shitter and then stopped all movement. He lay his head on Marie’s back and licked her musky skin. He groaned loudly, feeling Ann’s shitter contract around his cock.

“That’s it for me,” he whispered. “I don’t think I could get it up again even with a crane!”

“We’ll see about that!” Ann said, slipping off of Marie, then pushing Matt on his back. “Come on, Marie, let’s make a liar out of him!”

Both girls slipped between his legs, running their fingers over his limp cock. The thick meat glistened with delicious-looking juice. The girls bent their heads and began licking and sucking the shit-flavored, pussy-flavored cum between their lips. They gave his crotch a hot, soothing bath, licking and swirling their tongues all over, soaking up his hair, his balls, his stomach.

“God, I don’t believe it!” Matt groaned, feeling a surge of warmth in his loins.

Ann pulled his soft cock between her lips, grinding her mouth around the thick, flaccid base. Flicking her tongue up and down the shaft, she felt it begin to swell. She moaned softly as the cockhead ballooned, pressing against her tonsils.

“Thought you couldn’t get it up!” she smiled, pulling away for a second.

Marie eyed the thick, hard cock with hungry anticipation. She clamped her mouth around the base of his dick, running her lips up the full length, gently pushing Ann’s mouth away.

“I want it!” she whispered, engulfing her mouth around the end of his prick. “Oh shit, that’s so fucking nice!” Matt grunted, jutting his hips upward. “Suck my balls too!”

While Marie bobbed her head up and down, thoroughly sucking his cock. Ann pulled both balls into her mouth, squeezing them between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

“Holy fuck, that’s wonderful!” Matt murmured, clutching the sheets with both hands. “Don’t… ever… stop!”

The girls began to feel a sense of urgency. They chewed, licked and sucked as if in competition, each trying to outdo the other. What resulted was a hot, driving stab of aching pleasure in the backs of their throats. They had a friendly fight over his cock, each sucking it for a few seconds, only to be pushed away by the other. They took turns sucking his dick, his nuts, pulling the hairs of his crotch between their teeth.

“I’m almost there!” Matt moaned, grabbing the backs of their heads, grinding their faces brutally into his crotch. “Suck it, you cocksuckers!”

Ann was the first to taste the hot wad of cum that bolted up his shaft and smacked into the back of her throat. She drank it down quickly, then forced the thick, gushing prick into Marie’s mouth. After Marie had a mouthful, she grabbed it back, to get more.

After he had finished shooting his wad, the girls kissed passionately, forcing the wads of cum back and forth between them, then reluctantly, they let it ooze into their stomachs.

Ann held his withering cock in both hands, licking the underside. Marie soon joined her, thoroughly wetting and licking his shaft with even, hungry strokes.

“Sorry, ladies, but I couldn’t possibly do it again,” Matt said, sensing their hunger.

“Think we can make a liar out of him again?” Marie asked Ann with a wry smile.

Matt was amazed, but he had to admit, he was one hell of a liar!


Three weeks later, Ann sat in the principal’s office. He had called an informal meeting with her, an hour before school would start.

“I can’t tell you how amazed I am!” Mr. Thomas said with feeling. “You have managed, somehow, to reduce the truancy rate to practically zero! And in addition, several drop-outs have returned! How ever did you do it?”

“I’m sure I can’t take full credit,” Ann said, thinking of Matt’s accomplishments with several of the girls.

Mr. Thomas twisted his prissy mouth into a smile. He shook his head and smiled.

“Well, keep up the good work,” he said, standing. “I shall recommend that you be retained for the full year,” he added. Then, almost to himself, he said, “I wonder what your secret is!”

Ann left his office and went to the lounge. The room was dark, except for the dim light coming through the window. She touched the light switch, then stopped, hearing a smacking noise.

“Mmmmmm!” the feminine voice gurgled. “So thick and big!”

Ann squinted her eyes and saw the outline of a man standing. A girl was on her knees, voraciously sucking his monstrous, long prick. His hands were on her shoulders.

A sudden flash of memory swept into her mind. The first day at Nolan High. Standing exactly in the same place, watching two people. And her embarrassment, her fear, her lust.

She walked over to the two figures, although they were unaware that she approached. She coughed softly to get their attention. The girl jumped to her feet, the man’s cock flopping out of her mouth with a smack.

Ann saw that it was Jennifer Morgan, the gym instructor, and the man was Bill Handley, the math teacher.

“My God!” Jennifer said, her voice shaking with fear.

“Jesus Christ!” Bill stammered. “I… I… I…”

Ann dropped her books on the floor and knelt in front of the math teacher. “Let me show you how to do this,” she said, grabbing Bill’s cock in both hands.

“What?” the man and woman said together, unable to comprehend what was going on.

Ann gobbled the full length of his cock into her throat, grinding her lips around the base of his deliciously hot shaft. She cupped his balls, pulling them upward to roll them around on her cheeks.

“Oh fuck, that’s good!” Bill winced, the surprise in his tone replaced by obvious pleasure. “You sure know how to suck a cock!”

“I’ll say she does,” the voice from across the room said.

It was Ann’s turn to be surprised. But relief swept through her body when she saw that it was Johnny.

“Get your ass over here,” Ann said. “We don’t have much time, and there’s two ladies who want to drink a little cum for breakfast!”

“How about a lot?” Johnny said, walking over, his hand on his zipper.

“Ooohhh!” Jennifer said, when she saw the thick, long prick as it bobbed out of Johnny’s jeans.

“You want to suck it?” Johnny asked.

“Oh God, yes!” Jennifer said, hardly getting the words out before she clamped her mouth around the enormous cockhead.

The men stood there, side by side, watching the ladies suck up and down their pricks. They placed their hands on the women’s shoulders, pulling them closer into their crotches.

“Hey, you have really good possibilities!” Johnny groaned, feeling his prick thoroughly bathed by Jennifer’s hungry strokes. “Just a little faster!”

Jennifer felt a burning, grinding ache in her pussy as she gobbled on Johnny’s cock. She had seen him from a distance many times, and had wondered what he would look like with his shirt off, and now she was actually sucking his dick! She moaned with heavy anticipation.

Already she could feel the base of his cock twitch and jerk. She ground her chin between his dangling nuts, and felt them vibrate with a hot load of steamy cum. A ripple of pleasure dug into her cunt.

“Will you fuck me sometime?” she asked, momentarily pulling his cock out of her mouth.

“Anytime you want,” Johnny said. “But don’t stop right now, I’m about to shoot off!”

“Ooohhhhh!” Jennifer whispered, lustily awaiting the taste of his sperm.

She didn’t have long to wait. She felt his prick swell, his cockhead balloon powerfully. Then a quick, thick gush of hot jism splattered into the back of her throat.

“Suck it all, you fucking cocksucker!” Johnny moaned, placing both hands on the back of her head. “Suck it and gargle it!” He ground her face savagely into his crotch.

The thick fluid poured into her throat in quick, hot bursts, oozing into her voice box. The warmth of his release seemed to boil downward, jabbing into her guts like a poker, before exploding.

Her groans of climax were a thick gurgle as Johnny’s prick filled her throat with a river of lava-like sperm. Her jerks of release matched the spewing globs of cum from the end of his cock. She gave another fitful moan.

Ann could hear both Johnny and Jennifer, but most of her attention was on the muscular, blond math teacher. His cock was nestled deliciously inside her mouth while she held his asscheeks with both hands, grinding his crotch against her face. She inhaled the acrid aroma of his cock hairs as they tickled her nostrils.

“God, your mouth is like a tight, hot pussy!” Bill whispered. “Suck it, you cocksucker!”

Ann dug both middle fingers inside the opening of his tight, dark shitter. She felt him flinch with pleasure, then jut his hips forward.

She pulled back until his prick was almost out of her mouth, then she lunged forward, sucking the full length into her throat. Again she pulled away, and again she jerked forward.

“Faster, oh God, baby, suck me faster and harder!” Bill winced, losing control. “I… can’t… take… much…”

Ann felt a hot gush of thick, milky sperm spew into her throat. She gagged momentarily, her air cut off. She tried to pull back to breathe, but Bill savagely jammed her head against his crotch.

“Take it all, you fucking cocksucker!” he grunted, bending his knees slightly, grinding his hips. “Suck it down and eat it!”

Ann felt more globs of jism smack into her throat, totally filling her mouth. As the next jerking wads of cum shot out the end of his prick, oozing rivers of cum poured out the corners of her mouth.

She began to gargle down as much as possible, shivering as her throat engulfed the hot liquid in sucking contractions. She pushed his balls upward, trying to get them in her mouth also. She felt them throb against her skin, making the hunger in her mouth even more intense.

“Ummmmmhf!” she choked, feeling a stab of hot release plow into her guts.

The rippling orgasm shot upward, smacking against the pleasure in her throat, causing such a sensation, she thought her heart would explode from the power.

When he released her head, Ann pulled her mouth up his cock, her lips pursed. She was rewarded with a final, thick glob of cum. She sucked it into her mouth, then turned to Jennifer.

The other woman had been watching, and she opened her mouth to receive Ann’s cum-filled kiss. She gurgled softly as Ann pushed the thick, creamy wad of cum between her lips.

They sucked and licked, spewing the sperm back and forth. Then, each taking half of it, they held their heads back and allowed it to ooze into their throats.

“I want more!” Jennifer said. “I could suck out gallons!”

“Then come over here,” Bill said. “We’ll finish what we started.”

The women exchanged places. Ann was now bobbing her head up and down, ramming Johnny’s hard, round cockhead against her mouth.

The room was filled with the sounds of their eager sucking jobs. Smacking, licking and moans seemed to vibrate off the walls. Then a climaxing moan could be heard.

“FUUUCCCKKK!” Johnny groaned. “SUCK IT!”

Ann eagerly gobbled down the hot globs of cream that slammed out the end of Johnny’s cock. While she sucked and licked the delicious fluid, she reached over and ground her fingers against Jennifer’s crotch. Even through the material of the pants suit, she could feel the hungry, steaming pussy. She felt Jennifer do the same to her.

Bill’s cock exploded a few seconds later, totally filling Jennifer’s mouth with a tremendous load of sperm. Slapping his crotch against her face, he could feel the hot globs of sperm shower out of her mouth and warm up his balls.

“Take it all!” he grunted, thrusting the last of his climax into her throat. “Suck it down… and suck it!”

Ann and Jennifer pulled every tiny drop of jism out of their cocks, until they were totally dry. They then began a slow lick-job.

The bell rang, causing all four to come back to reality. They got to their feet, adjusted their clothes, gathered books, and made plans for a little get-together after school. Ann and Johnny walked out of the lounge together.

“What was he doing in there?” Mr. Thomas said, seeing them leave the lounge. He had wanted his tone to be more commanding, but looking at Johnny’s powerful frame, it had sounded more like a greeting.

Thinking quickly, Ann answered, “I was giving him an oral exam.”

Mr. Thomas watched them walk away. He noticed the look of admiration — no, devotion — on Johnny’s face as he looked at Ann.

“So that’s her secret!” he said, smacking his fist into his open palm. “Giving her students an oral exam!”