Over coffee with one of my girlfriends we decide to organize a four-way with our men

“Is that really true, or fake news?,” she asks disbelievingly.

I am Luna, thirty-eight years old, sixty-seven inches tall with a strong sex drive and a penchant for kinky sex. Both sexes compliment me on my body and looks.

After coffee Isla helped me strip naked to try on some new clothes in an upmarket boutique. She had never seen me naked before and I do like flaunting my naked body to tease another woman to gauge their reaction. “New clothes always feel better on my naked body,” I tease as she watches intently. “Is my ass big?,” I ask her as I look over my shoulder and glance at it in the mirror.

“It is big, but it is magnificent, beautifully proportioned, no dimples, must me forty-one inches.”

“Good guess Isla, my new man Felix can’t get enough of it,” I smile as she runs her hand over it and tells me again, “Magnificent, I like it, that really is magnificent.”

She phoned me later and told me her man had the same reaction as her when she told him about my new man.

I told him, “Luna says her new man can bring her to orgasm by kissing and licking her ass cheeks with an arm between her legs and a fingertip on her cunt lips. And he has a nine-inch cock.

“Is that really true, or fake news?,” I can hear in the background.

“We would both like to find our for ourselves, can we?, Isla asks with a tremor in her voice.

“Why not, two on Saturday in my bedroom. I love another woman watching me having sex, even better if her man is watching as well, it adds to the excitement. We expect something in return though, you and your man are reputed to be swingers, so after you watch you can both pleasure both of us, oral sex only, no fucking.”

“Promise me Luna? I love to watch.”

On the Saturday after cursory introductions, with wonderful, moody saxophone music setting the mood, we all move to my large and lavish bedroom. Felix has never met Isla, a tallish willowy and very attractive blond. As I watch him sizing her up I can see he is attracted to her, just as I am, expecting and looking forward to receiving sexual pleasure from her shortly.

Isla’s man Silas, who I have never met before but heard lots about, is average height, slim and at first glance attractive to both men and women.

“Love the mirrors on the walls and ceiling,” Silas smiles as he pays particular attention to my man, he can’t keep his eyes off him. Isla and her man are both wearing matching earrings I notice, one each.

“Sit on those two chairs and be naked for us, both of you, after we come back, Felix and I are going to the dressing room to get ready for you.

“This is very exciting for me Felix, have you decided who you want to pleasure you after?,” I ask hoping he will choose Silas as we get naked for our guests, pleased with myself that I arranged this foursome.

Felix is semi-erect as we walk into the bedroom, holding hands, both of us stark naked, though I have stiletto heels. I am enjoying the sexual tension as we kiss passionately with our hands all over each other while Isla and Silas ogle our naked bodies. Silas already has an erection I notice, though only an average size one.

“I love your glorious big ass baby, love it,” Felix tells me with both hands on it as he stands behind me, parts my legs and positions us so Isla and Silas are looking at us side-on, though they can see us from all angles in the mirrors, with my hand wrapped around his now full-on, nine-inch erection.

“Love that glorious big ass baby, love it, huge turn on for me, huge,” he tells me again as he kneels and kisses both sides of it as he teases the insides of my thighs with his fingertips while I smile, very aroused enjoying the attention, as I alternate eye contact with Isla and Silas.

“Look at the size of his cock, huge, I am impressed, how about you?,” Isla asks Silas as she stands with a tape measure in her hand and starts to measure it. “He really is nine-inches, and almost six-inches in circumference, wow.”

“Love you kissing my ass baby, love it, don’t stop,” I moan when Felix’s fingertip makes contact with my clit after he slides a hand between my legs.

When he slides his fingertip up and down my very wet cunt lips with a very excited male and female watching I am really enjoying the moment and being the center of attention.

“Is that as good as it looks Luna?, Isla asks. “You really do have a magnificent ass. Your man really is into it.”

After what has been a very slow teasing, fifteen-minutes I hardly realize I am making all sorts of moaning noises as I can no longer hold back a major orgasm. I have had a series of small orgasms while Isla and Silas watched Felix pleasuring me with his fingertip while he kept kissing my ass.

“Love that glorious big ass baby, love it,” he tells me again as I look down at my engorged and very wet clit being teased by his fingertip.

“That really was something, what a turn on, now for our part of the deal, which of us do you want to pleasure you Felix?,” Isla asks as Felix and I sit next to each other on a sofa kissing passionately as he slides a cock ring on his throbbing erection.

“Your choice,” Felix smiles as he teases his erection with a fingertip and stares directly at Silas, making his choice obvious.

“Your cock is magnificent,” Silas tells Felix as he feels the weight of it before he avidly licks and kisses it

“I wanted it to happen this way, my man sucking your man and you for me” Isla tells me as she licks my nipples, belly button, then my cunt lips while Felix and I are kissing passionately as I watch Silas feasting on his rock hard nine-inch erection, one hand wrapped around it with two or three inches between his tightly pursed lips.

I watch intently as Silas starts teasing Felix’s balls with the tips of his fingernails as slides his wet lips along his erection in a sucking motion.

I am very turned on watching him licking and kissing my man’s erection. Within what seems like a minute his whole cock is wet from Silas’s attentions.

From my experience I know Felix loves teasing his nipples with his fingertips when receiving a blow job and he is teasing one now as I tease the other one.

After a few minutes Silas stops sucking and kisses and licks Felix’s nipples. “Your cock is magnificent, fucking magnificent Felix,” Silas tells him as he slides his closed fist along his erection.

“You seem to like me kissing and licking your nipples big boy,” Silas teases as he redoubles his efforts much to Felix’s satisfaction. I have never seen his nipples as erect as they are right now.

“How much longer can you hold out for?”, Silas asks as he lightly pinches Felix’s nipples then runs his tongue and hands down his torso before he resumes licking and sucking his cock.

“That is the biggest cock I have ever had. Love the way you shave it, no hair makes it look even bigger.

“Has your lady ever watched another man suck you cock?”


“is she enjoying watching me sucking your rock hard nine-inch cock?”

“Yes I am, you are very good and so is your lady,” I chime in.

“Your man’s cock is like an iron bar, love it,” Isla adds as she glances sideways.

“Enjoy, he is always like that for me, always.”

I watch fascinated and even more excited as Silas motions for Felix to change positions with him so he is sitting alongside me, shoulder to shoulder. Felix places his hands on Silas’s shoulders then slowly slides his nine-inch cock between his lips at the same time bending his body so he can kiss me passionately.

I am beginning to wonder if my man has ever done this before, though I am extremely turned on as I watch him sliding his erection between Silas’s tightly pursed lips in a fucking motion as Silas scratches his nails over Silas’s ass.

The two men are both breathing very heavily as they each pursue their sexual pleasure, each with their own agenda.

“I have never had my cunt licked by another woman while her man is sucking my man’s cock. Even better I am watching it happen right alongside me with a hand on your man. So good, so fucking good,” I tell Isla.

“And you are so good, love what your tongue is doing to me. So good, so fucking good.”

“Cum with me Luna, Cum with me Luna,” Felix is moaning very loudly.

“On my tits, now, right now,” I whispered as I had a huge orgasm on Isla’s tongue while Felix briefly masturbated just the tip of his cock hard cock as he blew on my tits.

“Would both of you like to kiss and lick my ass? One on each side?,” I asked in the afterglow before we decided to shower together.

“Yes, we would,” they both answered as one.

Laying front down, it was a wonderful sensation to have my ass cheeks pleasured by a male and female, one on each. Even better when my man slid his huge fresh erection between my pursed lips as Isla and Silas watched while kissing my ass.

“Would you like to come along to our next swingers function, your man would be very popular and so would you Luna?,” they as ask as we bid our farewells.