My fifty-year old wife is tempted into her first ever lesbian experience

“The compliments kept coming. Love your legs. You have a wonderful body, she told me as she watched me trying on clothes. I could see the girls in the shop trying to tell me something. Then a shock.

“I am a lesbian Joanne. I would love to make love to you,” she told me out loud. The girls in the shop all had knowing smiles.

The next day Joanne phoned me at work. “I can’t stop thinking about that woman. It is very tempting for me. I have never had a lesbian experience, though most of my girlfriends have. Would you be comfortable if she was to seduce me?”

“As long as I can watch,” I told her. Joanne is a retired model. Still incredibly attractive. A tall size-12 with wonderful long legs, very good ass, no sagging or dimples and excellent 36C tits. She is a Leo and thrives on compliments. And dressing to impress.

She phoned me back again later. “I can’t stop thinking about that woman and what she wants to do to me. I am going to shave my cunt for you, just as you like it. When you arrive home I want you to tongue fuck me while I close my eyes and fantasise about that woman, Janine.

When I arrived home Joanne greeted me at the door wearing heels and a short silk dressing gown. As soon as the door closed she flashed it open to show me her naked body. “I told you what I want you do it. Now do it, I am so horny.

“So horny, so fucking horny,” she moaned as my tongue pleased her cunt lips.

We enjoy cunnilingus, often. This time there was a whole new dimension to it.

“Why don’t you invite Janine around for a drink one Sunday afternoon? No pressure, let’s see how it plays out,” I asked several times in the following days as we watched lesbian sex clips.

“I told two of my girlfriends about Janine. They have both had lesbian lovers. One of them as late as last week. They both told me I was ripe for a lesbian lover and should take Janine up on her offer.

“Your ripe body at your age is very attractive to both sexes. Sex with a man after a lesbian dalliance has a different perspective they told me. They both want me to keep them posted,” Joanne confided the next day.

“I had lunch with Janine today. She really is very attractive. Taller than me, slim boyish figure, blond, bobbed hair. She was wearing a very short skirt. Her legs looked fabulous every time she crossed them for me,” Joanne told me the next day.

“She asked if I shave or wax. I told her we shave each other every Sunday. She told me she is completely bald down there. She asked lots of questions about you. How often does he fuck you? Doe’s he tongue fuck you? Is he good? Is he well hung?”

“At least four times week, yes he does tongue fuck me, he is good, very good. He is very virile, he has a very good, toned body and a strong sex drive.

“I took great delight in telling her you are much bigger than most men, and thick,” as I watched her reaction.

“She sucked my fingers as she told me she would like to lick me like an ice cream. Very tempting, very, I told her as I warmed to the idea.

“Very tempting honey. Can I.”

“As long as I can watch.”

The intensity of our love making has increased measurably since Joanne met Janine and started telling me about her. “Imagine another woman fucking you with her tongue Joanne,” I whispered one night as I fucked her doggy style.

“I am honey, I am, so fucking good with you watching.”

One night I sat Joanne naked in our sex chair in front of our wall length mirror and stood behind her. “Open your legs and imagine Janine licking her way up your gorgeous thighs while I stand behind you and tease your erect nipples with a fingertip. Then at the very moment her tongue finds your clit, we tongue kiss with just the tips of our tongues.”

“That was wonderful foreplay,” she told me in the afterglow after a long, slow fuck.

“Janine is coming to visit this Sunday,” Joanne told me a week later while we watched another lesbian clip. “My bi-curious side has really kicked in, my libido is sky high. I told her you wanted to watch and masturbate. Fine by me she said.”

Two more sessions of cunnilingus before Sunday. Joanne has taken the bait. I like it.

Lesbian videos every night. “I have watched some of those women fucking men. A lot of them appear to be more comfortable having sex with women. They really are bisexual, I like it. And they are obviously enjoying it, look at the way they kiss each other. And it makes me far more comfortable.

“Remember this one, I would like that,” she told me as we watched two very attractive women kissing. One of the women was wearing an incredibly short skirt. Then the other woman lifted the skirt enough to slide her thong off, before she knelt in front of her, grasped her ass cheeks and commenced licking her cunt lips.

“What should I wear for Janine? What are you going to wear,” she asked on the Sunday, naked in heels just before she was due. “Does my hair look alright?”

“That skimpy black underwear I bought for you,” I reply as I wonder what to wear while I watch my lady havimg sex with a lesbian for the first time in her life. I decide on clothes I would wear to go shopping, jeans and a t-shirt.

Joanne wants me to meet Janine at the door to heighten the tension. Just as Joanne had described, she really is very attractive. Taller than Joanne, slim, boyish, though with feminine figure and blond, short, bobbed hair with a wonderful smile. She is wearing heels, and a skin tight, short backless dress.

Huge tension as we sip coffee to break the ice and make small talk.

“In my early twenties I posed topless for an artist famed for his nudes,” Joanne tells Janine as she hangs on to her every word. “My man loves taking photographs of me naked and blowing them up to A4 size and making albums of them. This album is mostly of my naked ass in various poses. He insists I wear heels when he takes pics of me naked. Always makes my legs look longer and sexier.

“Would you like me to model some of my outfits for you Janine?

“I used to wear this one to the races,” she smiles as she re-appears.

“And this one to cocktail parties. And this one to gallery openings. And this short, backless one to dinner parties. Wonderful feeling with my nipples against the soft, black silk with men and women ogling and fantasizing about my erect nipples.”

After the fourth outfit, Janine is standing close by and watching Joanne changing.

“Would you like to see this outfit without the bra Janine.” Joanne teases as she motions for Janine to remove it. “I can’t find the top I wanted,” she smiles as Joanne and I ogle her wonderful tits.

“I wore this one the first night I seduced my husband. Our second date actually. No bra, just a tiny black thong. Wonderful, exciting sex for both of us. He has the largest cock I have ever had or seen.

“And I used to wear this one with no underwear at all, just a pair of killer heels. Completely naked underneath it in our early dating days. Would you like me try it for you Janine,” she continues teasing as she turns her back and slides her knickers off.

“Do you like my big ass? My man loves it?”

Electric moment full of sexual tension as Joanne turns, with her legs spread to face Janine as she drinks in her naked body. “My man shaved me this morning to his satisfaction. Just a tuft above my sex. No man had ever had any interest in shaving me before him.”

“One more outfit for you, my man loves this one. Do it up for me Janine,” Joanne tells her as she poses with a very sexy, lacy, black garter belt around her waist. “I wish I could find the stockings.”

A strange though exciting feeling watching my wife taking the initiative and seducing a woman who wanted to seduce her.

“Your naked body is magnificent in that garter belt Joanne. I want it now, right now,” Janine whispers, very agitated.

I have seen Joanne kiss other women as friends do. Never kissing like this. They are passionately tongue kissing with just the tips of their tongues. Janine is still dressed as she was when she arrived as she licks, kisses, then sucks my wife’s erect nipples with her hands grasping her ass.

The voyeur in me loves watching. I have an erection.

“Your wife told me you want to watch and masturbate while I have her, fine by me. Men have done it before while they watched me have their wife or partner. An extra buzz for me,” she smiles at me as Joanne and I watch her undress. A tiny black g-string is all she is wearing as she removes her dress.

Her naked, slim, boyish, feminine figure is an extra turn on as I undress with two women watching. “Your wife was correct, you are much bigger than most men, and thick,” Janine smiles as I flaunt and stroke my erection for her.

“Sit on the chair and watch me tongue fuck your wife,” Janine whispered as she laid Joanne on her back on our bed. “Love the mirrors on all the walls and ceiling. I love another person watching me tongue fucking their partner. A hung man masturbating is a bonus.”

Janine slowly licked the insides of my lady’s thighs before she put a pillow under her ass.

“Wow, oh fuck, so good,” my lady moaned as the tip of Janine’s tongue found her clit. I had told, or was it warned, her I wanted to tongue kiss her shortly after Janine commenced licking her. Electric moment as I did, we had never ever kissed like that before.

We kept on tongue kissing as she soaked up Janine’s lesbian love making skills. Janine had her arms wrapped around Joanne’s wonderful thighs as she gave her new levels of sexual pleasure with her tongue, lips and fingers.

I had a full on, rock hard, thick erection as I watched Janine teasing my lady’s wet cunt lips with the tip of her tongue while I licked and sucked her erect nipples.

“Is she good baby? Do you like her fucking you with her tongue?,” I asked.

“I love it, love it, just love it, I want more.”

Joanne had a hand on the back of Janine’s head as she slid a finger into her while licking her.

“I want you to orgasm for me Joanne. Sit on my face, while your man masturbates for both of us.”

“I intend to,” she replied as she reached out and briefly sucked my cock before she sat on her face.

Joanne has watched me masturbate for her countless times. This time with another woman glancing at me as she tongue fucks her, her first ever lesbian experience at fifty has me rock hard.

I had a bottle of oil close by and smeared some over my erection. Masturbating while watching my lady having her first ever lesbian experience was very exciting. Incredibly exciting when Janine reached out and stroked by erection.

All I could say was, “ Harder do it harder, harder,” as Joanne and I orgasmed at the same moment.

“Would you like to meet some of my friends?,” Janine asked before she departed. “I have some gender fluid friends who would enjoy both of you and who you would enjoy.”

“Why not?,” Joanne replied, hooked on her new found sexuality.