Penny x Niko – Teach, fuck off ! part 2.

For the next ten minutes Penny listened as her student
briefed her on his project and handed her pages to
reflect his latest updates. While she placed the folder
on her desk, she moved sideways to force her left foot
up from the floor. When Penny twisted around to place
the material on her desk, it forced her legs apart for
a brief moment, but she knew it was enough to expose
not only her pubic hair, but likely her sex would have
split apart. Knowing she couldn’t make it too much of a
direct move to expose her body, Penny turned back to
face her student.

Leaning over to hand Rashad a guide for studying and
documenting about those signing the Deceleration of
Independence, Penny knew her new bra was catching his
attention, and the tissue was creating the desired
effects of forcing her breasts to be exposed. In fact,
Penny wasn’t certain her left nipple wasn’t exposed, as
it felt like her breasts were slipping from the cup.

Finally she stood up and making a quick glance at
Rashad’s lap, noted he was erect. Telling Rashad, “By
the time school ends for the year, you will have earned
enough additional credits to have a 4.2 or 4.3 when
graduating, and assuredly be the top student in his
senior class.

After Rashad left, she moved into the positions she had
made while seated at her desk and saw her legs had too
have been so far apart, he would have seen her sex was
open to him. Leaning over, she could see her nipple was
partly exposed when she bent over and thought, “Rashad,
my sex was open for you… oh god, would you like to be
the first to enter my body and make me a true woman?”
and consider letting some young student be the first
with her and have her virginity.

For a well educated woman, Penny was still confussed if
she was truly a virgin, as she knew what had taken
place in Nice with Maurice assuredly was having sex,
yet she had always recalled how he told her he only
went part way. Maurice had entered her sex with his
short penis and had shot off his stuff in her, the same
as he had when he masturbated while she had. Yet there
had been no blood and no real pain when he had shoved
up into her. Penny always thought his penis was no
longer than two inches as her fist could hold all of
him in her. Over the years she had wanted to ask her
doctor to check and tell her if she was a virgin.

Walking into Flanning’s, she was greeted by Georgie,
and told the girl, “I must speak with you before you
leave this evening, but right now I’m meeting Mr.
Jackson, has he came in yet?”

“No, I haven’t seen him come in yet. Mom may let me go
see Joyce as she is home. Mom saw her today when she
was taken for a hearing. Her parents had to post their
home to get her out of jail,” the girl informed her

“Okay and make certain you see me prior to leaving as
it could be important. That is all I can say presently.
Deal, Georgie?”

Walking with the girl to a booth in the far corner of
the restaurant, she watched the girl walk away, and
thought she must drive the boys crazy with her rounded
buttocks. About ten minutes later she saw Leonard
entering the restaurant and was greeted by Georgie. The
teen pointed in her direction, and she in turn waved to

Over dinner they discussed the situation of the
principal’s attempt to have the charges reduced for the
Hawkins boy, but not the other students. After she
briefed the union rep once more on her meeting with
Principal Adkins, and had kept the note requesting she
see him, and informed him about Georgie’s comments. “So
is this a union matter and if so, how do I lodge a
complaint about what I consider a threat about my being

“There is a form you fill out. I have one with me to
provide you with, but I must tell you this is likely
more involved than you can imagine. The Wooleaver girl
and her parents filed a complaint with the school board
against Adkins. She charged him with sexual harassment
and attempted sexual assault. This is a high profile
matter and the school board is attempting to close the
matter, but the girl’s parents have resisted. They do
not have the funds to obtain an attorney, and I was
contacted because my wife and I attend the same church
as the Wooleaver. They stopped me after church about
three weeks ago and asked if there was anything I could
do to help them.”

“Would it be possible for you to tell me what occurred
sexually with Joyce? The hostess that greeted you is
Joyce’s best friend and I will inform you what she had
told me.”

Penny listened as Len described how Joyce allegedly was
confronted by Adkins in his office. When Penny heard
that the girl had been summed to his office after
school hours and on a Saturday, she hadn’t informed her
parents about the meeting as she was fearful of
something bad about her grades. When she had gone to
his office on the Saturday, the girl was spoken to in a
kind manner and Adkins had taken her more or less in
his confidence, and told her he was going to ensure she
was going to graduate with a 3.9 GPA.

“Joyce told me in the presence of her parents, that
Adkins had hugged her as he spoke to her and she
considers it just a friendly hug. Then he kissed her
and when she tried to get away from him, he begins to
molest her. First her breast and then between her legs.
As you are aware, she is a small child and he pulled
her top off and in the process ripped two buttons from
her blouse. Then he pulled her shorts down and also her
panties. He forced her onto the sofa and was on top of
her when she felt him trying to enter her.”

“What did Joyce do, didn’t she try to get away?” she
inquired of Len.

“Yes, she tried and told me that when he was attempting
to rape her, he told her, “Come little girl, let me
have your cherry and I will make you the top student in
your class.”

“The creep – she is such a petite child and isn’t much
larger than an eleven year old girl… something tells
me Adkins is a hidden pedophile,” Penny remarked and
shuddered thinking of Joyce with the large man.

Continuing on with his comments, Len told Penny, “You
will love how the girl got away. She told me that she
kneed Adkins in his groin. When he rolled off her and
lay on the floor holding his privates, she grabbed her
clothes and ran from his office. Joyce said she hid in
the hallway long enough to get dressed and then ran
past the security guard and out the door. The security
guard has refused to speak to anyone about the matter.
So that is the story, and sorry I took so long
explaining it to you.”

“The man should be reported… why is the school board
not taking action on such a volatile claim?” Penny
asked in disbelief.

Smiling and then laughing aloud, Leonard responded,
“It’s only a guess, but perhaps it’s because his sister
is president of the school board. And if that isn’t
enough, his brother is the mayor of Patterson.”

“Let me go speak with Georgie and see what she might be
able to tell me. Be right back Len,” Penny informed the

Walking over to the hostess stand she asked Georgie,
“How much longer before you get off work?”

“It will be nine o’clock before I get off. Can I help
you in some way, Miss Gleason?” the teen asked

“Do you have any knowledge of anything personal or so
private that perhaps only her best friend might have
knowledge about that Joyce suffered lately?” Penny
requested in a soothing voice of the girl in front of

Penny looked at the teen girl’s face as it changed from
a smile to a look of sadness, and noted a few tears
came into the corner of her eyes. When the girl told
her, “Miss Gleason – s-she was nearly r-raped recently.
When she escaped from the man, she called me to and
asked me to pick her up – her clothes had been torn. Oh
she was crying so hard. Please help Joyce, she is so
tiny and she has been set up by the man who tried to
rape her – I wanted to tell my mom.”

“Do me a favor, say nothing about this until I get back
with you, but I can tell you that I’m going to help
Joyce. If you know who tried to rape her, please tell
me, as I likely already know, but I need to hear from
you, please tell me, won’t you?” she asked the girl.

“Yes – it was – Principal Adkins, oh don’t get me in
trouble like Joyce is, I think he set her up as she
hates drugs and I think they got her on them under some
other condition…” and Penny patted the girl’s arm.

“You helped me a lot and even more, your friend Joyce,”
she told the girl.

Walking back to Len, she took her seat and relayed the
information from Georgie to him. He smiled and told
her, “I’m leaving you this form and ask you complete it
as near to what was said as possible. Also attach the
note from Adkins to the form, or better yet, make a
copy and you keep the original,” she was instructed.

Without informing Len, especially after his speaking to
her about the school board and mayor tie, Penny
thought, “I have a brother who is a federal agent and
I’m calling him tonight. Jimmy always told me if I had
any problems to call him, and I feel like I’m being

After leaving the restaurant, Penny felt like she
wasn’t ready to head back to her apartment. As it was
still early, she stopped at a small local bar about a
half block from her apartment that she had visited in
the past. Todd, the bartender always joked with her,
“If you ever get under the influence on those virgin
Bloody Mary drinks, let me know and I’ll be more than
happy to escort you home.”

Penny enjoyed setting at the bar and if possible always
took the stool at the end of the bar where Todd washed
glasses. He would talk with her and if someone was
annoying her by trying to pick her up in a drunken way,
she always chuckled when Todd would tell the man, “Now
be nice to my wife, she and I don’t mind if you speak
to her nicely, but be a nice guy or she just might have
to kill you, she is a cop.”

Tonight it was still early for the regular crowd, but
as she took the stool she normally sat on, she couldn’t
believe her eyes as to who was drinking with two older
men at the table in the corner of the bar. There sat
Donald Hawkins, and she was glad he hadn’t seen her.
Yet she was frightened and when Todd saw the look on
her face he knew something must be bothering her.

“What’s wrong with my second favorite woman, you look
kind of out of it tonight Penelope?” using her given
name whenever teasing Penny.

“Todd, I had trouble at school yesterday, and that is
why I have the patch on my cheek. The boy seated in the
center of the table in the far corner is the one who
throw his book and struck me. His name is Donald
Hawkins and he is only eighteen years old, and I don’t
know the two men he is with, but he isn’t old enough to
drink. I guess they bailed him out of jail, do you mind
if I leave by the back door so he doesn’t see me?”

“I have a better idea, just hop in the ladies room, and
once I get him out of here, I’ll have Sonja come in and
tell you he is gone. I haven’t seen you for awhile, so
go powder your nose or something, but I want to find
out why you were fighting with someone bigger than
you,” Todd said in a joking way.

Heading into the ladies restroom, Penny stood with the
door cracked just enough she could see out into the bar
and where Don was seated. She watched as Sonja walked
to the table and picked up all three bottles of beer
Don and the other two men were drinking. Penny could
see the men were arguing with her, and Don stood up and
immediately got in her face. Although she couldn’t hear
what was being said, Penny knew Don was arguing he was
old enough to drink. Then she watched as Don grabbed
one of the beers from Sonja’s hands and shoved her
roughly and caused her to fall on the floor. In moments
two of the four men seated at the table next to where
Don and his two friends were seated, were up from their
chairs and had the youth penned against the wall.

One of the men flashed something he had taken from his
back pocket in front of the youth and she could see him
turn pale. The other two men, who appeared to be in
their thirties, were saying something, but from the
motions on the men who were pinning Don to the wall, it
was enough to have the men sit down.

Todd had evidently watched what was occurring and had
joined the situation. When one of the two men who were
restrain Don used his cell phone, in about five minutes
two deputy sheriffs walked in and greeted the two men
who were restraining Don. In a few minutes, they all
walked outside, and Sonja came to get her.

Smiling as she spoke, Sonja told her, “Your friend Don
is headed for jail for assaulting me, underage
drinking, and his friends are also under arrest, but
they were only given citations. Todd is waiting for you
to tell him what is going on with his pretty teacher
and girlfriend, and he said to tell you,” “He wants to
know what in the hell is going, and how did you get the
black eye.”

Penny informed Todd how Don Hawkins had struck her with
a book in class, along with some other students being
involved, but she was limited as to what she could tell

Setting at the bar and thinking of what she had learned
about Joyce, Penny had a reality check about seducing
Rashad. Knowing if it was discovered she had sexual
contact with the student, she would be in severe
trouble. “I must wait until he is out of high school or
forget the idea all together. Yet it was my intent to
have Rashad as my first lover. Guess I will need to
find someone else who is…”

While in deep thought about her and Rashad, she hadn’t
heard Todd speaking to her. After seeing him leaning
down with his face looking up at her as she rested on
her hands and her elbows on the bar, she leaned back
quickly and replied, “Sorry Todd, I was in deep thought
and didn’t hear what you asked. Tell me again what you
were saying to me; or if you were asking a question,
please ask again. Sorry.”

“I was telling you that Beth and I are having our first
child, and it is so great to know I’m going to be a
father. When purchasing the bar, we had to hold up on
starting a family, but now we have decided we can
handle it financially, and I thought you should be one
of the first to know,” Todd said in a happy and
pleasing voice.

“Congrats, but I always thought you only worked here…
I didn’t know you owned the bar, also. Oh I’m so happy
for the two of you. Guess you will be happy and when
you need a baby sitter some night to take Beth out
after the baby is born, let me know and I would love to
help you two. Oh tell Beth to call me and I’m so happy
for her.” she told the man she enjoyed visiting with
when she came into the bar.

Arriving in her apartment, she dialed Leonard and told
him what happened at the bar. “Yes… I don’t know who
the other two were… oh yes, he was taken to jail in
handcuffs… no he didn’t see me… okay I’ll bring you
the completed form tomorrow… yes… and thanks
Leonard… sure will.” and Penny loved hearing that the
state union president had been informed about her
situation. Also knowing the Hawkins’ boy had brought
additional problems on his shoulders by drinking and
resisting arrest would provide the union the ammunition
needed to get his felony charges reinstituted against

Looking in her mirror as she undressed, she looked at
the bridge clock on the shelf on the wall beside her
bed, Penny noted it was eight-thirty and decided to go
swimming. The pool was open until ten at night, so
taking her new one piece bathing suit from the dresser
and before slipping it on, looked at her image in the

Before her eyes was an image of a woman Penny always
considered too tall? At five-ten, her body was rounded
and curvy, but there wasn’t one spot that was plump or
contained any marks to flaw her smooth complexion. From
the time she became a woman at thirteen and her body
started menses, Penny knew her height was only a
problem to herself until her father took her with him a
trip to Europe and she was constantly being asked if
she was a model by sales clerks in Copenhagen, Bern,
Paris and favorite city of all she had ever visited,

While she was strolling along the beach, Penny had
overcome her teenage modesty and removed her top. She
couldn’t help but compare her breasts with those of
other girls and woman, and wondered if she would have
breasts the size of her mother when she was older.
Thinking that having become thirteen, and a full
fledged teen, Penny knew her lanky body was being
watched by most of the males she walked past.

Her perky breasts were small, but knew the puffy
nipples and areolas that surrounded them made up half
of her boobies. While walking in a small strip of beach
that seemed to be isolated from the rest of the world,
Penny discovered everyone was nude. Giggling to
herself, Penny removed the bottoms of her bathing suit
and placed it in the small bag where she had placed the
top. The small patch of hair over her sex was
enchanting to her from the first time she had noticed
it growing on the fatty mound over her female opening.

Penny had been getting ready to take her bath and
suddenly noticed hair on her body above her sex, and
thought it must have grown over night, as she hadn’t
seen it before going to bed. She stood in the bathroom
as a teen and thought, “Now I’m a woman, and have hair
on my sex – wow! Should I tell mom?”

When Penny noticed a man earlier, each time she turned
around or stopped to look at something, even if only
looking out over the beautiful waters of the
Mediterranean Sea the man seemed to be taking her photo
or watching her. Now she was nude and the man was
walking toward her.

At the time all this happened, Penny recalled how she
had asked herself, “If he tries something should I
scream or run for help?” and the man was standing in
front of her and smiling and spoke in a pleasant voice.

“Hello Miss – I couldn’t help but notice you, and are
you here as one of the models for the fashion show?”
and he moved to within two feet of the leggy young girl
he was speaking with.

Knowing she wasn’t permitted to speak to strangers and
to make matters worse, was standing nude before a man
that she knew had been taking her photographs of her
naked body. Yet was excited the man thought she was a
model and replied, “No, I’m on vacation with my father
who is working for a month in Europe and he brought me
with him. Have you been taking pictures of me naked? Oh
I hope not… have you?”

“No, I’ve just looked at you through the lens to see
how you would look if I was doing a modeling assignment
and covering you – I would love to take your photo, if
you permit,” he lied.

“You mean now – I’m young and only turned thirteen a
few weeks ago. Why would you want to photograph me?”
and she was flattered when she listened to him tell her
she should be a model. She agreed to allow him to take
her photographs and would go with him to have photos
done for the model show – which he would show the
manger of the show and get her some runway work. Even
though she knew better, she was like any teen and
permitted the man to take her photos as he wished,

When the man told her to lie on the sand and had her
turn over and hold her legs apart, Penny did as she was
asked. Even when the man had her bend over and look
back at him through her long legs, Penny didn’t
consider that her young body would soon be seen by men
throughout the world.

After putting on her bathing suit, which the man took
shots off, some with only the bottoms on, and others
when she was dressed in the top, or allowed it to hang
loosely from her developing breasts. They walked in
what seemed a long hike to a small building that was
like the others where it was located. Penny was so
excited in believing she was going to be a model, she
failed to notice any street signs or other indications
that would tell her where she had walked to with the

Inside the room she had walked to with Maurice, she was
soon dressing in one costume after the other, and
posing in many explicit shots that Penny realized these
weren’t modeling photographs. She asked, “Why are you
taking photos of me nude or almost nude, and especially
of my sex and boobs?” and told Maurice, “I need to go
home as my father will be looking for me.”

The man walked with her back to the beach and during
the total time made no move to touch her
inappropriately. Maurice asked if she could meet with
him tomorrow and he would show her some of the photos
and set up an appointment with the manger of the
fashion show. Finally they were a block from the hotel
she was staying in with her father.

Once she was in the room she saw a note from her
father, and reading it discovered her father was having
dinner with some of his clients and if she wished, get
dressed in a nice dress and meet me in the hotel

After showing and seeing the white skin that had
normally been covered by her bathing suit was red from
having been nude in the sunlight. It was impossible to
use hot water as she had a slight sun burn and when she
dressed found it was uncomfortable to put on her bra
and panty, Penny slipped the pale yellow dress her
father purchased for her in Copenhagen.

Entering the restaurant she saw her father and two men
seated at a table near the center of the room. Penny
walked over and greeted her father, and he introduced
her to the men he was having dinner with. Joining her
father and his business acquaintances, and after the
waiter took her order Penny enjoyed speaking with the
men and her father.

After leaving the men and walking to their room, Penny
listened as her father apologized for not waiting for
her to join him for dinner. He explained that he was
late returning to the hotel after spending the day with
the men, and by the time he was showered and had
changed clothes, it was time to leave for dinner. Penny
listened as her father asked her, “So how was your day
– do anything interesting?”

Knowing she couldn’t tell her father she had posed
nude, she replied, “Oh daddy I was bad – kind of,
anyway. I found this beach where people were nude and I
went to the far end of it and sunbathed naked. And now
I’m…,” and before she could complete her comment,
listened as her father asked if she was serious.

“Penelope, you’re telling me you – you Miss Modesty,
went nude bathing? Are you certain no one saw you
and…?” and he busted up laughing as he added, “…
that I would love to have seen. That could be dangerous
for such a young girl, honey. Next time let me know and
I’ll go with you, deal?” and he chuckled and by now
were at the door to their room.

“Daddy you’re being perverted. Why would you want to
look at skinny legged me?” and once inside the room,
turned to her father and asked him, “Could you help me
remove my dress daddy, as it hurts when it rubs against
me? This dress is driving me crazy as I got sunburned
in places the sun hadn’t ever seen before. Heck fire, I
couldn’t wear my bra and panties when I dressed to join
you and had to take a cold shower when I was getting
ready to meet you for dinner.” Penny had turned with
her back to her father as stood so he could undo her
dress and help removed it from her body.

“Man do you have a red butt – turn around honey…” and
after his daughter was facing him, continued by saying,
“…and even your boobs are sunburned. Do you have
anything to rub on yourself? Hang on a minute I believe
I have some calamine lotion in my personal bag,’ and he
walked into the bathroom and looked through his small
case which he used to carry his razor, men’s cologne
and other personal items, and found the lotion and
returned to where his daughter was standing.

“Here, see if this doesn’t help,” and handed the bottle
to his cute little girl and smiled as he saw her small,
but perfectly adorable breast buds, and the light
colored hair adorning her body above her sex.

“D-daddy, could you put it on me – I can’t stand to
touch myself?” Penny asked when attempting to rub some
of the lotion on her breasts.

“Well – I guess, but don’t tell your mother I did this
for you or she will have a fit. Let me get a bath towel
and you can lay on it so we don’t mess up the bed. Turn
the covers back on your bed while I’m getting the
towel, please Penelope.”

Penny had first lay on her front while her father
rubbed the lotion across the small strip where the
strap of her bathing suit top would normally cover, and
then felt her father’s soothing hands lightly spreading
the lotion over her buttocks and inside her upped
thighs. When she felt her father moving his fingers
between her buttocks, Penny wondered and then knew it
wasn’t necessary for him to be touching her tiny hole
between her buttocks. Yet the feelings were stirring
her body for its first ever sensual feelings and
causing unbelievable urges she had never felt before to
center in the area just below where her father was
stimulating her tiny back hole.

Watching his daughter’s buttocks tighten as he
unintentionally at first touched her anus with his
finger tip, Jeremy Gleason, he removed his hands from
her buttocks and taking the tube of lotion, squirted
more onto her hips, but hold his fingers so he could
part them, he allowed a large dollop of calamine lotion
to land directly on her anus. He watched the tiny,
light pink colored puckered rink tighten as the cool
lotion landed on the protective muscle.

Never in a million years had Jeremy even considered
touching his daughter’s body, but the circumstances
were such he couldn’t pass up an opportunity he was
aware of it being a once in a lifetime chance to feel
and touch a girl’s private body parts that had only
became a teenager a few weeks previously. Again his
hands rubbed the lotion over his own child’s buttocks
and then holding the hips apart, allowed his finger tip
to stimulate the puckered anus. After a few minutes he
told his child, “Oke Penelope, what say I do the front,
or would you rather do it yourself?”

‘No daddy, you can see where the lotion needs to be
rubbed on me, and your hands felt so good on my butt,”
and as she spoke, Penny moved on her back and lay with
her legs kind of closed together.

Squirting some of the lotion on each of his daughter’s
puffy breast buds, he watched as listened as she told
him, “Gee whiz daddy, it feels cool on me. Umh daddy
your hand feels nice,” and for Penny the knowledge that
a male was caressing her tiny breasts didn’t go
unnoticed, even if the male foundling the light tan
hillocks on her chest was her own father. Without
saying it aloud, Penny could feel the tiny points at
the end of each breast tighten and became exceeding
receptive to her father’s touch. “Oh gee, no wonder
some girls tell how good it feels to have a boy touch
them inside their bra,” and Penny didn’t consider her
father as someone who would “feel her up” as she and
her girlfriends spoke of about a boy touching them.

Father or not, never would he have considered touching
his daughter inappropriately, and yet he was as guilty
as any older male who enjoyed molesting young children
– hell, I’m actually molesting my own child – and such
awareness didn’t curtail Jeremy from continuing to rub
the lotion on his daughter’s breasts.

After spending several minutes rubbing his daughter’s
breasts for both medicinal and what he understood was
sexual pleasure, Jeremy squirted lotion on each side of
the small thatch of light colored inch long hair
adorning his pretty girl’s pubic mound. Squirting an
additional amount of lotion on his right hand, he
reached down to touch his child’s most intimate part of
her young body. As a father and adult, Jeremy knew he
was doing nothing more than seeking hedonism and erotic
gratification from his own flesh and blood.

In her mind Penny could only lay in suspense as she
watched her father’s hand moving to the exclusive part
of her body that was to be done only by herself, or
when married to her husband. Now Penny wiggled as her
father’s fingers brushed in the small pool of lotion he
had squirted on the right side of her sex thing. After
only moments of feeling her father’s fingers rubbing
the lotion on the sunburned skin on the side of her
sex, and when he wedged his fingers between her legs so
they parted, she only made a token resistance.

Penny understood that it wasn’t necessary for her
father to touch her sex, but she didn’t move or make
any sounds to stop his rubbing the soothing lotion on
the side of her thing, and even when he brushed it up
between the small lips. For what must have been five or
ten minutes, the thirteen year old was enjoying the
stimulation her daddy was given her.

The physical gratification his touches were giving her
was to such an extent, Penny wondered if the feelings
were meant to be amusement or did sex make a person
want to move around and wiggle as her hips were doing
as her daddy had found a small spot to rub the lotion
on that was just below the hair she had recently
obtained. When her father stopped rubbing the lotion on
her, Penny was tempted to say, “No daddy, I don’t want
you to stop rubbing that spot.”

Jeremy was at the point where he was about to take the
touching of his daughter to a sexual completion, and
forced himself to stop rubbing the lotion on his
child’s vulva. He knew it was nothing more than his own
sexual gratification he was obtaining in stimulating
Penelope’s clitoris to bring down her climax. The
continued moving of his fingers to the small clitoris
that had become hard and was now visible to him and he
watched his own daughter’s hips moving ever so slightly
as she attempted to not show the effects of her clit
being stimulated from his touch.

“Should I make her get off,” he asked him self, “No, I
mustn’t take her that far?” although Jeremy understood
it would be cruel to not let her get off. Looking at
his pretty daughter’s face he saw her eyes were
squeezed tightly shut, and her head titled back as her
mouth was open in silent sound one makes just before
climaxing. He could see Penelope’s face was showing her
orgasm was ever so close, and was about to get her
goodies. ”

Pulling his hand away from giving his daughter what he
knew was likely her first climax; he reluctantly halted
the stimulation of her clit. He believed if he
continued his sexual caressing, it would be crossing
the bar of father-daughter relationship. And even what
I’ve already done is taboo. Jeremy heard the weak
protest, “Um – no,” and continued looking at her as she
lay with her head tilted back with her chin raised
upward and the welcoming of her sexual release just
cheated from completion.

That night in bed, Penny couldn’t get over the feeling
of her father’s finger having excited her by rubbing
the one spot. She knew what it was that gave her the
excitement, and for the first time in her life, Penny
eased her fingers to her tiny sex and masturbated. When
she climaxed, the impact was strong from being
stimulated for nearly an hour by her father when he
rubbed the lotion on her body.

Lying in his own bed on his right side and looking at
his daughter in the bed about three feet from the one
he occupied, Jeremy watched Penny in what he knew was
the act of masturbating. He wondered if she had ever
gotten off by herself in the past. Whatever she may or
may not have done in the past, he loved watching her as
she had kicked the covers from her body and lay nude
while masturbating.

Viewing the young body responding in what he could see
was her fingers moving fast and hard on her clitoris.
“Oh yes, she is getting off really good,” and knew this
was her first time to get off. When she immediately
started working her fingers on her sex the second time
he listened as she uttered, “Oh gee daddy, I’ve never
done this until you showed me how… oh it feels so
wonderful.” Thinking her father was asleep, Penny
rubbed her sex and become excited the second time and
got off again before going to a restful sleep.

Knowing it wasn’t a good idea, Penny ignored her own
warnings and walked to where she was suppose to meet
Maurice, and have breakfast together. Because her body
was still sore from the sunburn, Penny wore only a
dress without a bra or panty on her sunburned body.

She and Maurice walked to his place after having
breakfast, and again undressed while he photographed
her in the nude. This time she was asked to touch her
breasts and even her sex. When Maurice started using
the video camera to film her, she listened as he
explained the manager wanted to see her on a video.
“This will permit the manager to judge how you will
appear walking the runway.” Penny understood what she
was doing was wrong, but didn’t stop doing even when he
asked she touch her body.

Maurice asked, “Do you know how to masturbate?”

Penny couldn’t speak, but understood what she had done
for the first time in the privacy of her bed last
night. What Maurice was asking, while he video recorded
her nodded her head in the affirmative. At first she
couldn’t openly do, but simply placed her hand over her
sex. Finally he told her to watch him and to move her
fingers like she did to make herself feel good.

This caused her to be embarrassed and Penny thought she
would die thinking somehow he had seen her playing with
her sex. Penny watched in total surprise as Maurice
undressed and before her eyes were the first male thing
she’d ever viewed before in her life. Her mind quickly
took in the fact she had seen many during her walk on
the nude beach, but they seemed larger and weren’t
sticking out in front of the men standing, walking or
seated on the sand. “Gee, his isn’t very long.” Penny
thought to her self.

Maurice told her, “Okay, now you jack off while I do,
and that way you won’t feel like you’re the only one
who does such a thing. Damn, it feels great to jack off
while looking at such a lovely woman like you

Seeing how Maurice was stroking his thing sticking out
from his body, and moving his hand up and down on his
thing. Penny started rubbing the spot between her legs.
In a few minutes she was at the point of getting off,
and just as she did, watched Maurice move to stand
beside her. To her amazement, Penny saw thick white
stuff shooting out from the end of his manhood. Memory
of having spoken and viewed illustrations in health
class provided her with the knowledge it was semen
squirting out of him and it contained sperm that made a
girl pregnant.

Penny was beyond the stage of excitement, and she
received such complete elation of getting off in front
of Maurice; she considers crying out for Maurice to
have sex with her if he wanted. The thick stuff landed
on her breasts and all over her sex and on her fingers
as they continued rubbing her spot. Without protesting
when the man reached down and took her other hand and
placed it on his thing. Penny whimpered softly and
based on being vulnerable at her age and lacking the
sense to completely understanding what she was doing
asked, “Maurice, do you want to do it with me – you
will need to show me – I’ve never…”

“I just shot off, but if you make me hard again, that
would be nice. I will only go part way. Do you want
that Penny?” and felt his thirty -two year old cock
becoming erect already as he lay over the young girl.

Penny’s sexual excitement high and her legs spread
automatically in the knowledge of being a woman and
welcomed him to take her. When Maurice reached between
them and placed his thing against hers, Penny’s body
quivered in anticipation of what was to be her first
time to have sex.

There wasn’t the pain she and her girlfriends had
spoken off, or had heard about, and after he moved it
back and forth in her for several minutes. Hearing
Maurice tell her, “You don’t have a lot of hair on your
little cunt, but man I like what you have… damn you
are my first virgin and I love your puffy titties;” and
she hugged him when he told her those things and much
more as he moved his thing in and out of her.

Wondering if she should reply and felt a little
embarrassed when she did, Penny asked him, “Do you mean
it when you say you like my boobies, and they aren’t
big? And I’ve only had the hair for a few weeks – there
isn’t much, but I feel good knowing you enjoy what I
have. Maurice, what do you mean, ‘my cunt and you like
fucking me?” she asked in complete ignorance of the

After sometime Penny felt like she might get off like
she had with her fingers, but suddenly Maurice pushed
against her really tight and listened as he moaned, “Oh
yeah, I’m coming.” This caused her a slight pain in her
sex, but not hurtful. Penny understood Maurice was
filling her sex thing with his thick stuff. When it
started running back out of her, she enjoyed feeling it
and thought it was soothing as it ran between her butt
and over her secret hole in back.

After Maurice got up from the bed, Penny was feeling
like she had better get out of the room before things
happened. What that might be she didn’t know, but
promptly dressed and told Maurice, “I’ll see you
tomorrow, but would you take me back to the beach?” and
hoped her daddy wouldn’t know she had let some man do
it to her.

Arriving back at the beach, Penny walked toward the
nudist beach and once there pulled her dress off. “I
will get more sun on me and daddy will need to rub
stuff on me. Will he think I did it with someone today,
and he won’t know it was Maurice, but will he know I
had sex? Will daddy not realize what I did if he sees I
need more stuff on me and was a nudist again?” and
daddy will rub stuff on me and maybe I can let him…”

With no more than fifteen minutes in the sun, Penny
could tell if she continued let the sun hit her front
and back, she would be really red. After a total time
of a half hour, Penny slipped the dress on and could
tell she was going to be really sore.

Returning to the hotel, she undressed and stood under
the shower and allowed cool water to spray over her
body. She thought of what she had done that day with
Maurice wanted to see if there was anything different
with her sex that her father might be able to notice.
Being unable to see as she wished, she finally climbed
up on the vanity in the bathroom and facing the mirror
pulled her legs back and spreading the as wide as they
would stretch, looked at her sex thing.

Using her fingers, Penny pulled it open as much as
possible and other than knowing it was wet from the
sticky stuff of Maurice she saw no difference. “Hee-
hee, I’ll bet daddy would like looking at me like
this,” she thought as the idea of her father rubbing
stuff on her sunburn again tonight. I will hold my legs
wide open tonight for him.” Then she frowned and asked
herself, “Would daddy like to do me like Maurice did?”

Penny felt the sunburn and decided she would lie on the
bed and wait for her father to come home as it was
burning more than she thought it would. When her father
arrived in the room, she pretended to be asleep and
watched as her father undressed and knew he was going
to take a shower before waking her.

He walked into the bathroom in his boxer shorts, but
when he returned to the room he was naked and his thing
was long and kind of sticking out a little. Through the
slits in her eyes, she watched as her father looked at
her on the bed while having her legs spread open as if
to keep the sunburn from hurting.

Penny pretended to wake up and looking at her father,
asked, “Just getting home daddy – oh I got more sun
today and hope you will put some stuff on me. I stood
under the cool shower and it helped, but could you rub
the stuff on me?” and watched as he picked up the stuff
and didn’t put on any clothes.

“Let me get your hips first, so turn onto your
stomach,” Jeremy told his daughter, and lightly
slapping her buttocks, remarked, ‘sting a little?” and
laughed hearing his little girl cry out he was killing

After rubbing a lot of lotion on her buttocks, and on
the redness between her thighs he placed a large drop
of lotion on her anus and again used his finger tip to
give his sexual satisfaction in feeling and watching
her tiny sphincter respond. “My god I would love to
feel her take my cock up that tight little poop hole,”
he thought as his finger tip was slowing entering the
gripping muscle. Finally his finger was up past the
first knuckle in her body and he knew it had to be
providing her pleasure as he could see and feel her
hips moving, and knew she was trying not to give in to
the pleasure.

While slowing working his finger in her tiny bottom, he
permitted his thumb to lightly brush across the narrow
lips of her vulva. Jeremy had felt himself becoming
excited, and finally he glanced to see his erection was
fully extended to its seven inches. Once again Jeremy
thought how nice it would feel to have it completely
embedded up into the gripping sphincter that was
holding his finger so pleasing firm.

Using extra care, he eased his finger from his
daughter’s butt and told her, “Okay, you can turn over
now.” Watching his child roll over onto her back, he
recalled how he’d observed her lying on the bed in the
half light last night and masturbates after he had
stimulated her anus and pussy. “Will she need to bring
relief to her body again if I make her enjoy being
touched while it’s still light in the room?” and Jeremy
knew he was passed the point of giving her treatment
for her sunburn.

Penny moved so she was facing her father and lay with
her legs wider apart than she had yesterday. When she
saw the first of the lotion drip down onto her breasts
from the tube, she told her father, “Oh that feels so
cold on me – rub it in gentle, and I think the ends are
burned really bad daddy.”

For several minutes and it may have been a half hour,
Calvin rubbed the calamine lotion on his daughter’s
breasts and he loved watching the tiny points of nipple
harden and this he knew they hadn’t done last evening.
Using both of his hands after squirting more lotion on
the palms, Jeremy was massaging the puffy mounds and
then he stopped any pretext of coving them with lotion,
but was caressing them sexually.

Watching her father’s hands caused Penny to remember
Maurice kissing her tiny nipples and telling her how
pretty they were. “Daddy you may kiss them if you
want,” she thought to herself as her excitement grew
from feeling her father lightly gripping her sunburned
breasts. Yet his hands felt good, even though the sting
of the sunburn was evident.

Squirting lotion onto the red area across her lower
stomach and along the inside of her thighs, Jeremy knew
without a doubt that his own child had lain on the
beach with her legs spread extremely wide to have
permitted the sun to reach so far between her legs and
to strike against her small vaginal area. Slowly and
gently Jeremy rubbed the lotion onto the red skin of
his daughter’s vulva area, and even in the hair as he
could see the skin where the hair grew sparsely was
also red from the sunburn.

After several minutes Jeremy squired lotion directly on
the tiny clit he’d watched become engorged with blood
from being stimulated and he had yet to touch. Even the
narrow and hairless labia had become inflamed and he
noticed they were slightly parted. “Oh hell, they are
open enough I can see just inside,” Jeremy realized as
he sat looking between her legs. Moving until he was
seated between his own child’s legs, he placed them on
his lap. Looking in her face, he saw she was intently
studying his erection.

Ever so slowly he commenced to work the lotion on the
smooth lips of her sex and eventually his finger was
rubbing the soothing fluid up and down the nearly two
inch long clitoral hood from where it and her labia
joined her lower stomach until the penis like object
ended with the tiny bulb of her clitoris was now
visible. Easing his finger tip from the top of the
clitoral hood, and down to settle on the miniscule
clit, he lightly allowed his finger tip to caress the
hard button.

After using his other hand to squirt more lotion where
he was probing her clit, Jeremy transferred some of the
fluid onto his finger tip and slowly brought it down
between the narrow, but slightly parted labia and eased
it within until he was up inside her sex to the first
knuckle of his middle finger, and after a few minutes
of back and forth movement of his finger, had it up
until the second knuckle was inside his own child’s
virgin sex.

Penny was beyond excitement and she moved her right
foot until it was pressing against her father’s
erection. All she knew and thought about was how
wonderful his hard thing felt against the bottom of her
foot. “Oh daddy you’re so much bigger than Maurice –
would you like to put it in me,” she asked herself and
tried to determine how she could ask her father such a
thing. With Maurice it had been easy as he was a
stranger, but she knew that it was wrong to have any
sexual activity with your own father.

Feeling his daughter moving her foot against his cock
at first he didn’t notice, but by the time he had his
finger up in her gripping pussy past the second knuckle
and she suddenly exclaimed, “Ouch that kind of hurt,”
he realized her foot was moving over his cock that she
had pushed back against his stomach. He also understood
his finger had just struck against her virginity.

Easing his finger slightly outward, he moved his thumb
against her clit and again was stroking his finger back
and forth in the constricted grove that marked the area
between the exceptionally smooth skin on her thighs.

Unknown to Penny, but she was at the point of asking
her father if he wanted to do it to her, he was
thinking how pleasurable it would be to bury his aching
cock up in her virginal pussy. Throwing all caution and
what she had been taught about incest away from her
nurturing about right and wrong by her mother or
teachers, Penny in a tranquil and serene whisper asked,
“D-daddy – would you l-like to make l-love to m-me? Do
you know what I mean daddy – I’ve never…”

Throwing every known reason he shouldn’t to the side,
he moved until he was over the placid body of his
daughter, and Jeremy’s cock sought out where it should
be without any assistance. The tightness of the small
slot between his daughter’s labia had opened enough
from his finger to permit the head to slip just within
the lips of her sex and about half of the blunt end of
his cock was inside her.

For the next few moves Jeremy made no progress entering
his child’s sex. Then he felt the crown slip past her
labium and he knew all of his cock head was lodged
within a place it shouldn’t be filling. Yet it was to
late and Jeremy was making short strokes to ensure all
of his manhood would soon part the thin membrane that
was Penelope’s hymen. My god I’m getting my first
virgin and it’s my own child’s,” he thought.

Pushing against the virginity of his daughter, Jeremy
listened as she uttered her verbal announcement of her
being a virgin, “Umph, that hurts,” and with another
continuous move forward with his cock, Jeremy parted
the folds of his child’s sex and took her virginity.

After enjoying sex the second time that evening with
his daughter, they showered and called for room service
for dinner. When they were settled in bed and before
she went to sleep, Penny told her father, “No matter
who or for whatever the reason, I will forever be a
virgin until I have sex again, and that might well be
on my wedding night.”

The following day they went shopping and bought
souvenirs and a couple of skirts and tops for Penny,
and a pair of shoes she wanted. Back in the hotel, they
packed their bags, excepted what they would wear on the
plane. That evening they went out to eat, and Penny
again wore the loose fitting dress because of the
soreness of her sunburn.


Although it was Sunday morning, Penny was bored and
decided to work out at the gym. Dressed in her street
clothes, Penny drove the few miles to the gym she
belonged to and after changing into her exercise
clothes, worked out for an hour. Once she was showered
and dressed once again in her street clothes, Penny
drove to a restaurant she sometimes ate in on Sundays.
Obtaining a newspaper from the rack outside the
building, she entered the restaurant to find it was

“Good morning Miss Gleason, how are you today…,” the
hostess greeted her, and explained, “Sorry we’re full,
although there are a couple empty spots at the

After ordering a black coffee and telling the waitress,
“I’ll have a bagel and cream cheese, and a fruit cup,
please,” Penny begin reading the paper. On the front
page was a complete surprise as the headline read,
“Local High School Being Investigated.” Reading the
article Penny learned where the Woodland High School
union representative and state teachers union president
were requesting an investigation by the state attorney
general against charges of corruption against the
principal, school board members and the local
prosecutor for covering up sexual misconduct with a

The article covered the tie to a student who assaulted
a teacher and other possible criminal misconduct where
someone evidently had given crack cocaine to students.
According to the union, a federal investigation was
being conducted on the matter because of possible
payoff allegations. When she read that the union was
requesting that the state board of education and the
governor remove the Principal Adkins and the school
board during the investigation, Penny wanted to cry.

She read where the teacher who was assaulted and
intimated by Principal Adkins, teacher Penelope Gleason
had filed a written complaint and the matter had been
investigated by the union and supporting evidence
obtained. Penny was finally able to smile in thinking
that Joyce might be vindicated. Finally she read where
the identities of the students where being withheld
until state officials or federal investigators bring