Penny x Niko – Teach, fuck off !

Walking into her apartment, Penny felt like cursing and
would have if she hadn’t been a religious person. Her
day ended with the altercation in her last history
class of the day, where she taught at Woodland High
School. School had been a bitch all day for one reason
or the other and a few students had tried their best to
hinder her teaching during the last class of the day.

After several minutes of being interrupted and having
text books thrown at her by three male and two female
students, she finally had enough of the disruptive
students. Penelope “Penny” Ann Gleason pushed the
button that alerted security she needed assistance in
her class room.

Penny, as she was normally referred to by those who
were close to her, had ordered the five to leave the
class room and report to the office. They laughed at
her and the leader of the group, Don Hawkins, threw his
world history book at her and told her, “Teach, fuck
off and you go to the office for me, as I’m busy.”

Within a minute three school officers arrived in he
class room, along with vice Principal Mary Sheline. The
officers entered the room quickly and unexpectedly, and
in time to observe Don Hawkins throw another book at
her, which struck her in the face and broke her

Moving quickly the officers took the Hawkins boy into
custody and placed in him hand cuffs. One of the
officers called the Patterson Police Department and
asked for back up officers, as he had observed the
other two males and two females starting to throw books
as he was the first officer to enter the class room.

The other two male students were placed in cuffs, and
then two female students were cuffed and the five
ordered to sit on the floor facing the wall. When
Hawkins tried to escape from the officers he was warned
to stop and not resist the officers. Instead he spit,
cursed and kicked at the school police officers.
Finally they told him to stop resisting or he would be
tasered. Once more he kicked the office when he
approached him, and the sergeant used his taser on the
large two-hundred pound six foot lineman on the school
football team.

“Students, those of you who weren’t involved in this
ruckus, please leave your seats and report to the
office with me,” Sheline Patton instructed the
students, “and follow me, please,” and left the office
with the eighteen students. Walking past the police
sergeant, she spoke so only he could hear her, “I’m
going to have them write statements of what occurred. I
will also ask Coach Doug Watkins to come to this room
as the male students are on the football team and he
can be immediately apprised of the situation. As of now
and until further notice those involved are suspended
from school.”

Once the five students removed from the school by the
police and they had obtained the statements from the
other students and Penny, the five were transported in
separate police cruisers to the juvenile detention
center. The exception being Donald Hawkins who was
taken too central booking as the sergeant discovered he
was eighteen and considered an adult under the law.

After the school nurse treated Penny, she was taken to
the emergency room by ambulance to have stitches put in
because her glasses had cut her face directly below her
eyes, after they were being broken by the book hitting
and breaking them. “Penny you need to have your eye
checked to ensure no glass got in there, and I have
cleaned the wound around the edge, but you must have it
checked,” which the para-medics on the ambulance crew
agreed with.

Now she was home and could forget the day Penny thought
as she walked into the kitchen of her apartment and
decided she needed a cup of coffee to help settle her
nerves. The amiable and captivating twenty-four year
old teacher looked through the eight or ten different
flavors of coffee she kept stocked in her pantry.
Finally settling on the chocolate-hazelnut blend she
had recently purchased after the sales clerk had she
had fixed for herself. “So today I will try you out,
and see if my friendly sales associate Selma was
correct that you were an excellent brew.”

Dumping enough of the raw beans into the coffee
grinder, she pushed on the container and watched as
listened as the beans were ground to the texture Penny
believed was correct. Measuring out enough coffee to
make two cups, and decided to make it a strong brew
after her horrifying day at school added an extra scoop
of coffee grounds to the pot. Pouring distilled water
into the coffee maker, the young woman felt so anxious
to taste the coffee, she placed the tip of her finger
in her mouth, and after it was wet with her saliva,
touched it in the coffee grounds that were left from
grinding it moments before.

Once her finger tip was covered with the freshly ground
coffee, she slowly moved her finger to where she could
touch it with her tongue. The immediately sensations of
the coffee on her tongue gave Penny a feeling of
pleasure. She didn’t know if it was real or her
imagination in an attempt to ease the strain of today’s
confrontation in her class room.

Waiting for the coffee to brew, she walked into her
bedroom and removed the jacket of the pants suit she
was wearing and then eased the slacks down and off her
legs. Reaching up she unbuttoned her blouse and hung
the pants suit on its hanger. After deciding the blouse
couldn’t be worn again unless it was laundered, she
carried it to the bathroom and placed it in the clothes
hamper in the closet that contained the washer and

After using the toilet, Penny washed her hands and
looking in the mirror, looked closely at the small
bandage covering where the emergency room doctor had
placed three stitches. “Oh I hope they don’t leave a
scar,” Penny spoke aloud, although she was the only one

The mirror showed the flawless smooth creamy skin of
the alluring young woman, and her face contained the
same lovely skin that covered her total body. “Why did
this happen to me?” and she remembered the police
sergeant saying that the five had evidently smoked
crack only moments before entering her class room.

The police had borrowed plastic sandwich bags from her
that she kept in her desk in the event she needed then
for some reason. Penny hadn’t believed they would ever
be utilized to place the drugs in as evidence, but the
police found crack cocaine on each of the five
students. During their search of the students back
packs, they uncovered a crack pipe on one of the girls.

Joyce Wooleaver had always been such a sweet girl and
was a 3.7 honors student; Penny was shocked that a
crack pipe was found in her back pack. The teen was
crying and saying she was only carrying it for Don, and
crying uncontrollably said to the police, “It’s not
mine, I’m only keeping it for Don… please don’t
arrest me. This is the first time I’ve ever done
anything like this, let me go please?” and the girl
cried constantly as she was taken from the room by the

“Miss you show evidence of having used drugs, and this
is a plastic baggy with crack cocaine in your pocket,
and you gave us permission to search you things. Plus
you have been read your rights, so you can explain it
to the judge, I don’t pass judgment, I only

Why did she become evolved in drugs, and she and the
other four were immediately suspended from school for
the remainder of the year? Penny knew the girl didn’t
understand the severity of what the suspension meant in
her drugged out mind, but she wouldn’t graduate, nor
likely receive any scholarship one she did complete her
senior year of school.

Walking from the bathroom, Penny unhooked the front
closure of her bra once she was in the kitchen hung the
garment over the back of a chair at the table. Taking a
large cup from the cabinet, she poured the coffee in
the cup and moving it the hot brew to her lips, sipped
a tiny amount into her mouth. In another couple
minutes, she thought that she needed to thank Selma for
suggesting the delightful tasting coffee.

Setting at the table in her kitchen, Penny thought she
would go out for something to eat, even though she was
wearing the bandage by her eye. Then remembered she
needed to find her old glasses to wear until getting a
new pair from her optometrist. Moving to the desk where
her computer was set up in the bedroom, Penny looked in
the top right drawer and searched through the various
items that had been discarded for one reason or the
other, but she couldn’t stand to throw away. After all,
she reasoned, they might come in handy some day.

Not locating the glasses in that drawer, she opened the
top left drawer and repeated the search amongst the
many things she’d accumulated since being in high
school. Then spotted the glasses in the back of the
drawer and speaking aloud as if to confirm the approval
of saving what she knew was junk, “See; now I have a
pair of glasses and it proves some things shouldn’t be
thrown away as someday they might come in handy.”

Slipping on the glasses, Penny laughed as she could
hardly see though the dirty lens, and walking to the
kitchen sink, washed them and then dried them with a
paper towel. Once more she placed the glasses on and
picked up her cup and took a long drink of the hot
coffee. Setting the cup down, she refilled it and then
carried it to the dinette table in the kitchen, sat
down and enjoyed the coffee.

“So do I go out for dinner this evening?” She decided
that was exactly what she would do.

When her coffee cup was empty, she refilled it and
carried it to the bathroom where she started filling
the tub. Once the water level was deep enough in the
tub that Penny was able to soak her body up over her
breasts if she scrunched up her legs, she was soon
relaxing in the tub.

Settling into the water and moving so the water was
over her breasts, Penny enjoyed her coffee while trying
to forget all that happened that day. Thinking this was
her third year teaching at Woodland High and before
today, pleased with how she reacted with the students.
Plus the students were kind and followed her

Stepping from the tub, Penny dried off and carried her
cup to the kitchen and poured the remainder of the
coffee in the cup and pulled out a kitchen chair and
again sat down and her mind again returned to her

Penny’s mind wandered to one student in particular and
she thought how she’d observed his watching her walk.
Smiling while recalling the day she was seated on the
edge of her desk and Rashad was seated at the desk in
the front row before her. Every so often out of the
corner of her eye, had caught him looking intently at
her legs. At first Penny didn’t think too much about
his checking her out, and knew her body was one man
enjoyed seeing. Then it dawned on her that something
must be captivating his attention and she wondered if
her skirt was revealing more than it should be while
she sat on her desk.

Placing her hand down onto her thigh, she could feel
there was no skirt covering her leg at least half way
up her thigh. “Good grief,” she had thought at the
time, “my skirt is more than half way up my leg and I’m
setting in front of the boy and he must be looking up
my skirt as I’ve got my legs somewhat open.” Knowing
her face most likely had turned red, she looked down
and her eyes confirmed what she had thought, and knew
he was likely seeing all the way up to where her legs
ended at her torso.

Easing down from her desk turned out to be another
problem as her skirt rode up her legs as she slides her
hips down over the edge of the desk. This caused her
skirt to ride up higher and she knew that the elastic
top of her pantyhose had to be showing. “Rashad,
forgive me for being so un-lady like, I didn’t realize
my skirt was so high and…”

“No problem Miss Gleason, nothing was showing.” Rashad
changed the subject in order to protect her modesty by
asking, “So you’re saying you believe the United States
military troops didn’t loose the war in Vietnam? But
the White House and the generals played body count
games, and the worst offender of them all was General
Westmoreland? From what I have heard from my
grandfather, who served in Vietnam, you are correct. He
was a captain and still laments the officers that cost
him the lives of so many of his men. The next time he
is in town, would you like me to invite him to speak to
the class?”

From that day onward, Penny had watched the teen boy
check out her legs. One day he was starring at her
breasts while asking about the special credit
assignment he was working on for a chance to bring his
GPA to a possible four point. When she was alone, she
looked down and discovered the top two buttons of her
blouse were undone. Penny knew the push up foam bra she
was wearing had given her 34-A breasts additional
fullness and the inside of her round glands were not
only on view, but the darker pink color of the edge of
her areolas were showing slightly from the sides of her
bra cups.

From that day on she didn’t hinder his viewing her, and
in fact would make slight move that either showed off
her legs or her breasts when they were alone. That she
was violating all the rules on personal conduct between
a teacher and student didn’t stop what she considered
innocent teasing.

One day she had ran into Rashad at the mall and they
had enjoyed a sandwich and soda together at the food
court. That day she was wearing a pair of shorts and a
long tub top covering her upper body. She knew the top
was more revealing than the student likely imagined his
teacher would wear, but she could see he was enjoying
the shape of her breasts under the top. Penny knew her
prominent nipples were pointing against the material of
the top and pushing outward indicating they were
excited. Until she had joined Rashad in the food court,
her nipples had made only a slight rise in the material
of her top, but now they were in full display to his
approving eyes.

Sitting in her kitchen and drink coffee, Penny
discovered she was rubbing her sex through her panties.
In fact one finger had wormed its way inside the leg
band of her panty as she thought of the handsome male
student. “Ho – I’m masturbating to the idea of Rashad
and me…”

Her attempt to remove her finger and not bring forth
her emotions about the young student didn’t work. Penny
slide forward on the chair and with her legs
outstretched and spread wide, she slide her hand inside
her panties and masturbated her sex furiously as her
fingers teased and brushed against her hardened
clitoris. When her climax rolled through her body, she
sobbed out, “Rashad, oh Rashad I’m coming for youuuuu!”

When her senses returned, Penny realized she had never
fantasized about any one person when she masturbated.
In fact the attractive young woman believed she was
still a virgin, even after what had occurred in Nice,
France when she was thirteen. During her early teens
when her friends were squealing out when loosing their
virginities in their bedrooms, in some tall grass or in
some cases in the back seat of the boy’s car. Penny had
listened as the girl told about giving it up to an
older teen while she questioned if she had sex when
Maurice stuck his small penis in her.

When she was fourteen, Penny recalled speaking to the
girl who lived next door, Debbie Brooks, who told how
she’d lost her purity at age twelve with two boys she
meet when she skipped school. During high school she
missed out on some dates because she wouldn’t give out.
By the time she reached college Penny was somewhat of
an outcast when she wouldn’t hook up in random acts of
intercourse with any boy who was around in a dorm room,
or at some fraternity or sorority function.

The closest she had come to giving up and going to bed
with a male, was with a full professor at a Greek week
function she had been invited to attend at the
University President’s home. For the first time in her
life the college senior drank an alcohol drink, albeit
it was champagne and she had three fluted stemmed
glasses of the bubbly and found herself on a bed with
Professor Mankowski, the dean of her college. The man
had such credentials that he was made the dean at the
age of forty.

Being impressed that the man wanted to be with an
undergraduate; Penny didn’t resist his removing the
cocktail dress which she had worn when crowned
homecoming queen. Even his fumbled attempt slipping off
her pantyhose and lastly her panties didn’t cause her
to stop what she knew was soon to be the end of her
self imposed and what she considered her virginity.
Feeling the man touch her breasts and hair covered sex
between the long legs gave Penny strange, but welcomed

The fact was, Penny had turned twenty-one a week before
and other than her own fingers rubbing her clitoris,
and never inside her sex, was the limit to her sexual
experiences except when she was traveling with her
father in Europe. When Professor Mankowski rubbed her
clitoris in a rough way, she knew that wasn’t the way
men touched a woman. Then she knew a moment of fear as
the professor moved over her and settled between her

“You gonna’ let me fuck you pretty girl… I’ve been
told you’re a virgin, is that true Penelope?” and eased
his cock to her slit and she felt it slip in about an
inch. When she felt the dean moving his erection
against her sex and didn’t enter her fully was actually
a disappointment. Penny had resigned herself to accept
his penis, even if he was drunk and became impatient
with his playing around. Then she was amazed when
feeling him press his body flat onto hers, and lay
perfectly still on top of her. In a few moments Penny
discovered Dean Mankowski had fallen asleep or passed
out as he was entering her.

Penny was frustrated at the time and reached between
then and moved his cock so it would enter her sex.
Instead she felt it shrinking in her hand. Using it to
rub up and down between her labia, she finally settled
to rubbing it around and around on her clitoris, she
felt him shoot his stuff on her clitoris, which caused
her to climax extremely hard, knowing it was the second
time in her life she felt semen splashing on her body.

Getting up from the bed, Penny knew it was likely the
bedroom of the University President and she tossed her
panties onto the professor’s face. After she was
dressed, Penny returned to the party, and left about a
half hour later. There were rumors the president’s wife
discovered the dean on her bed with a pair of what
assuredly was the panties from one of the young
students who had been at the party. She was furious
finding he had gotten his semen on the bedding and even
where the imprints of some girl’s hips had lain.

No one had considered it was Penny who had been with
the dean. Everyone assumed Penny was a virgin, and more
than anything else, would never give her undies and
virginity to any man until she was married, while
discussing who the girl was that had bedded the dean.

The climax she had obtained fantasizing about Rashad
had drained her emotions enough so that Penny had
forgotten about the assault in her class earlier in the
day. Now Penny felt at peace and knew she must stop her
flirting acts with Rashad. For the first time she
admitted what she was doing with the student was
flirting, which she knew was what she had been doing
all along, but had always considered it nothing more
than innocent teasing. Yet in her mind she was trying
to determine how she could dress to show off her body
even more erotically when she saw Rashad tomorrow. I
will have him stop by to see me after the day’s classes
are ended about some part of his extra curriculum

Penny was an above average intelligent adult and knew
she was treading on dangerous grounds, but she could
limit and control the situation between her and Rashad.
Moving to her bedroom she slipped on a long dress and
didn’t bother putting on a bra, and feeling brazen
slipped off her panties. For the first time ever she
was not wearing panties or at least pantyhose.

Walking through the mall she entered the nationally
known woman’s chain and sought out the bras. After
selecting three different ones, she took then to the
dressing room and tried them on. They fit her perfectly
and they brought her breasts to a fullness that she
hadn’t seen before. Each one had a different cut and
the lace on the top and part way up the straps added
the right touch to what she wanted with the idea of how
she would dress tomorrow. Unable to determine which bra
she liked best she decided to take all three and when
dressing tomorrow morning would try each one with what
she planned on wearing to school.

Penny walked to the hosiery selection and picked out a
pair of suspender hose and knew that without panties,
her sex would be on view. Selecting another pair, and
then some sheer hose that would add to her long legs,
she took them to the cashier and paid for the items she

After paying for the lingerie items, Penny wandered the
mall until she came to the small restaurant with a bar.
She noticed the crowd was sparse and not what she
wanted to help her to continuing to forget her day now
she was in a good mood.

Driving home she saw a restaurant with a nice bar that
some of her fellow teachers spoke about going to for a
nice meal or even to have a couple of drinks. Since the
time of the Greek night, Penny hadn’t drunk again. Now
she wanted some excitement in her life and pulled into
the restaurant parking lot and after locking her car,
entered through the door of the restaurant where a
hostess greeted her.

Telling the young girl she was just going to the bar,
she thought the girl looked familiar and she heard the
hostess speak to her, “Miss Gleason, I’m sorry to hear
what Don did to you today. Oh my, is that where the
book hit you?” the girl asked in a way to indicate she
was sincere in her question and concern.

Knowing the girl attended Woodland, she looked at her
name tag and saw it read, “Georgie” and recognized the
girl was Georgie Edmunds, and a junior at the school.
Suddenly Penny tied the hostess to Joyce Wooleaver and
knew they were the best of friends and hung around

“Hello Georgie, I didn’t know you worked here. And
you’re a four point student aren’t you?” she asked in
wondering how the girl could be in so many
organizations and clubs, work and still get straight A

“Oh hi, Miss Gleason – you look nice this evening. Then
again everyone thinks you’re so nice and always dress
like those of us who are students believe a teacher
should look. Are you having dinner with us this

“Yes Georgie, I’m eating light this evening and will
sit at the bar… but you mustn’t tell anyone you saw
me hanging around in a bar,” and Penny chuckled as she
made the comment.

Laughing at her teacher’s comment, replied, “Gee, if I
told about seeing you hanging out in a bar, they would
know I was in a bar or wouldn’t have known you were.
Guess I must keep my trap shut about where you hang
out, huh?” Then Georgie asked, “Could you help Joyce, I
know she was set up… by someone she turned down…”

When she heard Georgie speak out Joyce being set up,
Penny didn’t consider the comment other than a teen’s
attempt to help out her best friend. Penny then asked,
“Tell me dear, what would have caused your friend Joyce
Wooleaver to become involved in drugs, or is this
something she’s done all along? I have trouble thinking
she would mess up her 3.7 GPA for drugs, do you have
any knowledge you could share with me. I might possible
help Miss Wooleaver with her problems, although the
police watched her start to throw her book at me?”

“Miss Gleason I have no idea, but she has never done
drugs before, and my parents know about the incident in
school and I’m not allowed to speak with her. They
wouldn’t release her from custody according to my mom,
and she works at the juvenile detention center, so she
knows all about the problem. She grilled me for an hour
about drugs and made me empty everything in my room
onto my bed. She never looked at any one thing, just
made me dump it all out for her to see.”

“Your mother has a concern for you and sincerely hopes
you don’t get in trouble is her reason for dumping your

“Yeah I know Miss Gleason, but Joyce is in deep trouble
according to mom. She told me the prosecutor wants to
set an example of school violence by getting the five
committed to the max time under the law. Mom said the
kids will be tried as adults, the same as Don. That
means Joyce could be sentenced to as much as three
years in the women’s state prison.”

“Yes, that would be the ruination of Joyce, and she
seems so innocent, and I believe that’s because she is
so small, and her long blonde hair makes her appear so
sweet and naïve. I wish there was some way I could help
her, but I’m at a loss as what I could do for her under
the circumstances.

Georgie looked at her teacher and once more said, “I
know someone is trying to set her up because she turned
him down… Miss Gleason, Joyce is my best friend and
now I can’t speak with her makes me wants to cry. But
she’s a v-virgin and he’s trying to get even for her
not letting him do…”

Penny listened to the girl and knew she was most likely
trying to assure her that some male had wanted to have
sex with Joyce and when she wouldn’t; he had the
situation set up somehow to have her be involved in the
disruption in her class room yesterday. That seems
fairly far out, Penny thought, but decided to speak
with the girl in more detail before leaving the

After telling the girl she would speak to her before
leaving, she walked to the bar and ordered a virgin
Bloody Mary. Looking through the appetizer menu, she
ordered a combination of Mexican foods and for the next
hour had fun visiting with different men who tried to
pick her up. Guess the guys haven’t learned any new
lines since I was in college. And around ten o’clock
she left for home. When she asked about Georgie she was
told she had left.

The next morning as she was slipping on the suspender
hose, Penny looked in the mirror at her image and
wondered if she should trim her bush? It had grown down
the sides more than she liked, especially when she wore
her bathing suit and hang out the sides if she didn’t
keep it trimmed. But with summer over and the pool
closed she hadn’t thought to trim her dark brown hair
covering her sex.

Deciding to leave it alone and shave it when she next
bathed, Penny took out the suit she had purchased a
week or so before, but had never worn before. Now she
slipped on the skirt and loved how it had a nice kick
pleat and slit on the left leg that was rather high.
When Penny had purchased the suit she had loved how it
seemed to be tailored by the way it hugged her hips.
Sitting down on the chair by her bed, Penny crossed and
uncrossed her legs and wondered how much she was
exposing of her body.

Standing up, she moved the chair over to the mirror on
its own stand and repeated crossing and uncrossing her
legs. Penny found if she hiked her skirt an inch the
insides of her thighs were visible and when
unintentionally crossing her legs and easing the skirt
just a small amount, the skin of her thighs became
visible. Needing to know what would happen if she held
her legs open slightly, she discovered if she was
standing and then sat down and used her hands to pull
her skirt up on the sides, and then sat down with her
legs parted, her pubic hair became visible.

Trying on each of the three bras she had purchased last
evening, and then slipping on the suit jacket, Penny
first tried the red bra, then the black one, and lastly
the violet colored bra; with deeper lavender colored
lace trim as the one she would wear with the suit.
She’s discovered when trying on the suit before
purchasing it, that leaving the top button undone on
the jacket revealed the center of her bra and chest.

The image she thought of when trying on the bra at the
lingerie and clothing store was revealing as she
desired. The lace trim and the top sides of each cup
showed. In additional the cups were padded at the
bottom and pushed up her breasts to a lovely fullness.

That morning when she checked her mail box in the
school office, Penny found a note from the school
principal Thaddeus Adkins. The hand written note asked
if she would please stop by his office when she had a
free moment. Seeing she had another fifteen minutes
before her first class, Penny walked to the principal’s
office and was greeted by his administrative assistant,
Rea Worthington.

“Good morning Penny, let me check to see if Principal
Adkins can see you now. He was alone before, but
sometimes he has someone come in the other door. Be
right back,” and watched the attractive older woman
walk to the door with the gold lettering, “Principal
Thaddeus Adkins,” and tap on the glass.

Rea motioned for Penny to come into the principal’s
office, and after she had entered the office, the door
closed behind her. She listened as the school principal
spoke and watched him stand as she walked toward his
desk. “Have a seat Miss Gleason. I hope your fine this
morning after the horrific situation with the students

“Thank you Principal Adkins and it was an experience I
still have difficulty believing it happened. You wished
to see me according to your message, how may I help
you?” and she had a feeling she wasn’t going to like
what she was in the principal’s office to hear.

Principal Adkins said, “The hospital sent us a fax
regarding your treatment, and review of the protocol
they treated you for, indicates some scarring is likely
from the cut and stitches they had to put in to close
the cut. I have been informed your glasses were broken
and the glass shard was what cut you. Security has
provided me with their report, and they also obtained
copy of the Patterson Police Department’s report. Miss
Gleason I must ask you if you have consulted an
attorney and considering action against the school,
this is necessary before I can continue my conversation
with you about the incident. Sorry, but with the
litigation that occurs in today’s society I must ask
the question.”

“Sir I hadn’t of such a thing, if I have anything legal
to speak about in the matter, it would be about Joyce
Wooleaver. I spoke with another student who indicated
the girl had never been involved in drugs previously,
and she is a 3.7 student and I feel she needs some
slack,” Penny said in a firm voice.

“That is a matter for the police and court, and I must
tell you not to become involved in any of this matter
unless the school’s attorney is present when you speak
about the case to anyone. That means anyone, Miss
Gleason, and I’m certain you understand what I’m
saying. That will be all Miss Gleason, I will contact
you if anything further develops,” Principal Adkins
stated in a voice to indicate he was speaking to her in
a superior position.

Penny understood exactly what he was telling her, and
it ticked her off. “He spoke to me like an abusive
father to a child, and that is not correct.” Walking to
her first class of the day she spotted Leonard Jackson
and stopped him as he passed in the hallway, “Len, I
need to see you about something, and as the union rep
how about we speak at lunch, provided you have time?”

“Certainly, see you in the cafeteria over lunch.” Len
replied and patting her forearm added, “Glad to see you
weren’t injured to badly.”

After selecting her food from the serving line in the
school cafeteria and selecting a diet cola, Penny
walked across the dining area and knew she was being
watched in the suit that highlighted her perfect shape.
If only my breasts were one or two cup sizes larger, I
would be happy. Once again she thought of having a
breasts augmentation procedure done at the start of the
summer break.

“Hi Penny,” Len and asked loudly enough so the others
around her would think they were sitting together by
chance, rather than an arranged meeting. Len had
thought her request to meet with him was likely about
the assault in her class room the previous day, and he
listened as she returned his greeting and confirmed his

“Nice seeing you Len, may I join you?” and Penny sat
down across from him, which put her back to the wall of
the dinning room. Getting directly to the point, she
explained the threat Principal Adkins made by informing
her not to discuss the matter with anyone, and in
effect killed her idea trying to help out the Wooleaver
girl. “Len, the girl carries a 3.7 and unless I or
someone can help her out in the mess she made, her
chances for college are ruined. Joyce is an excellent
student, and until yesterday had no black marks against
her. I’ll admit she screwed up big time, but I was told
by someone who knows her well, she had never used drugs
before. Never!”

The look on the union reps face was such Penny couldn’t
decide if he was laughing at her or the set of his face
was showing he wished to help her. Penny knew without
the union stepping in with her fight to assist Joyce,
she had no chance to do anything, but let the girl sink
in the cesspool of drugs that Don had created for her.
Never before had Penny been an activist and she waited
for Len to make some comment. Instead it was like he
was letting her swing like a horse thief hanging on a
rope from a tree limb in the wind.

With a sound of disgust in her voice, Penny asked, “Can
I not get the courtesy of a reply? Why does it seem to
be such a problem – what is wrong that the first time
in my life I asked someone for help I’m getting told to
shut up, or ignored. I apologize for bothering you with
a problem Len, and…”

Penny watched a smile form across Len’s face and heard
him tell her, “You cute when you get pissed. Has anyone
ever told you that Penny? Have you ever heard any
rumors about the girl, and I mean even the most vague
of comments?” and he leaned across the table and
whispered lightly, “Not to sound like I’m trying to
pick you up, but we need to meet away from the school.
Can you stop by Flanning’s Grub & Suds – do you know
where it is?” he asked. Len handed her a note written
on a piece of paper he’d taken from his briefcase.

“Flanning’s I was in last evening, and that is part of
my reason for wanting to help Joyce. I have an after
school consultation, but can meet you around four-
thirty. Does that work for you? Sorry I became a little
brusque when you didn’t reply immediately.

Just before she was getting ready to leave the table,
Vice Principal Sheline walked up to the table, and in
front of Len remarked, “In the event you haven’t heard,
Principal Adkins has asked the police and prosecutor to
only charge Donald Hawkins with a misdemeanor charge of
assault. Yet he has informed me the other students will
still be charged with the felony charges. I thought you
should be made aware of this matter. Sorry I didn’t
greet you before, but hi Len.” Mary said before walking

“Son-of-a-bitch, maybe things are true… it is even
more imperative I meet with you this evening Penny.
Gotta’ run, see you around five.”

During the second class after her lunch time, Penny
noted Rashad was aware of what she was wearing. Penny
walked around the room to ensure there was nothing to
indicate she was showing special attention to Rashad
and as the class ended she asked him, “Could we meet
after the last class to discuss you extra credit
assignment? I just need to update my records and to
review your project?”

After her last class, Penny unbuttoned the top two
buttons of her suit jacket, and decided she had to
close one of the buttons as it would be to obvious if
both were unfastened. Penny reached inside her bra and
adjusted her breasts so they were more exposed than
they would normally be by the cut of her bra.

When that didn’t satisfy her, Penny reached in her desk
drawer and took out a couple of facial tissues and
folded them and then placed them in he bra so the
outside area of her breasts were pushed up and out from
the bra. Satisfied she had as much exposed as she

Penny sat on the edge of her desk and knew from the way
she was seated, her legs were parted and there was no
doubt her pubes would show if she spread her legs apart
another inch or two. Picking up the folder that
contained Rashad’s work, she leaved through the pages
and was doing so when he walked in and took the seat in
front of her.