Searching for Miss Brown 2.

I headed back over to the shop, feeling so good about things that I got
totally and completely lost. I got so lost I couldn’t find my way back to
the hospital and Chris’ office again. I finally guessed that the mountain
should be on my right. I was just about to stop and call for help on my
cell phone when I recognized the tamale place. Even then, I felt sure it
should have been on the other side of the street; that’s how turned around
I was. Fucking lot of good money does me, I can still get lost when I’m
not paying attention.

I parked in front and walked in. Ellen, the gal I’d gotten the red rose
for yesterday, told me Nancy and Gail were expected back in a while. I
went back outside and flipped open my cell phone, giving Jill a call.

“I was about ready to send out a search party,” she said when she came
on the line. “Tell me, tell me!”

I told her Gail was a wonderful woman, and had known dear John for about
nine years. I told her the trust owned part of the company that developed
and ran the complex; she let me know they were still running down details
such as that. I also told her about our mystery redhead from the LA area.

She wanted to know when we’d be back in town. I told her I didn’t know;
was there something we needed to do? She laughed and told me no. The
cleaners had done a great job on the townhouse; the real estate gal showing
it expected offers right away and suggested we get together to look at
offers next Tuesday. I pulled out my pilot and looked at my schedule; were
we supposed to fly to Europe next week? No, it was the week after. I
guess we probably should go back to the Bay area tomorrow or the next day.
But why? We should get rolling on bookcases for the house. I needed to
talk to my boss and clean out my office. I hadn’t called Marshall back to
see if he was still alive. What was happening with Janet’s options and
Santa Clara University?

I had Jill repeat her last couple of sentences, apologizing for having a
major brain fart. When she asked me what was the matter, I told her I was
alternating between going with the present moment and freaking out at all
the things that weren’t done. She reminded me we hadn’t seen her counselor
friend yet, and reminded me I said we would. I sighed and told her if we
didn’t go back tomorrow, we’d go back the next day.

I put the phone away and leaned back, closing my eyes. I was still
upset at myself for getting lost. Why? Then I thought of what I’d done
with Chris this morning…. And barely made it out the Jeep and to a
street side waste bin about ten feet away before I saw my breakfast again,
vomiting forcefully.

I’d been more than physically lost — what had I done? If I felt so
strongly about Nancy, why had I done what I had with Chris? The thought I
was turning into someone like John sent another wave of nausea through me.
Couldn’t I be faithful to anyone? I’d lost my bearings this morning, both
physically and morally it seemed. One side of me said I was single, she
was willing, and after all, she’d drugged and stripped me. I wasn’t in
much of a position to resist. Bullshit — I’d shown a lot more resolve
yesterday with Nancy when she had me tied to the bed. Is this how John

I felt a hand on my back and heard Ellen say, “Are you all right?
Should I call for help?”

I shook my head. “No, I’ll be okay in a minute. Thanks.”

She helped me in to the store. We went back to employee nook in the
back and I washed my face in the sink and rinsed my mouth out, having a
couple sips of water as well.

“You sure you’re okay?” Ellen asked.

I tried to smile. “Thanks, I’m just a little wiped out now. It’s all
the crap we’re going through.”

I didn’t know how much she knew, but from her reaction, she must have
known something, as she nodded her head somberly. At the sound of the bell
for the front door she put a hand on my shoulder and smiled to me again.
“Let me know if you need anything,” she said, and walked back up front.

I leaned up against the wall for a couple minutes, then headed back out
and sat in the Jeep again. I told myself that right now there was nothing
I had to do, nothing except be right here, right now, feeling the sun warm
one side of me. I’d talk to Nancy as soon as I could.

It had been an intense morning. Hell, it had been an intense couple of
weeks! All the years with Janet, I’d never considered fooling around on
her. Not that I’d had much opportunity, but still, the thought never
crossed my mind. Well, I’d react occasionally to someone walking by, or
pictures, or similar things, as would any man.

So what was it, the money or the sex? What had changed? I guess I’d
changed. I’d had more orgasms in the last week or so than in the last six
months most likely. I imagined Nancy would say the same. What had she
been doing yesterday morning in the back of the shop? In all the years
we’d been together, Janet sucked me off maybe three times? Janet had never
brought me to such an intense orgasm that I blacked out. I couldn’t
remember ever feeling I’d lost control with her, or that I wanted to lose
control with her.

That was an interesting issue: control. From what everyone said, John
had to be in control. Yet he let Nancy gas him. How did I feel about
having her do things like that to me? Even when I’d been tied to the bed,
I felt safe with Nancy. Apprehensive — yes, excited and not knowing what
would happen next — yes, but still I felt safe with her. And when was it,
yesterday, when she’d started rocking her bottom, and I just let go and let
my body respond to hers, taking me to a crashing orgasm?

And what Chris had said this morning, what Gail told her — I’d gas her,
but wouldn’t take advantage of her; she’d wake up protected, comforted. I
thought about it. The first thing I’d done after gassing her was to make
sure she was safe and secure.

Then she’d gotten me, gotten on top of me, and I’d given in to her, let
go to her. It had been nice. And then I’d gone down on her; we’d both
enjoyed that. What about that upset me so strongly and suddenly?

What was it that let these women read me so easily? What was it that
confused me so totally about them? Was I in love with Nancy, or just
attached to her body, to the sex, to all the sensual accessories?

The coat, the spread, the pillows — all those were nice, but that
evening out on the deck by the spa — Nancy on her back on a cushion —
that had been great. That had been another one — I’d started out with a
desire, wanting to make love with her, and after a while I let go. I think
she’d done the same, and we both enjoyed it, giving ourselves to the other.

That was part of it — givers and takers. John was a taker, never a
giver. And if what I’d heard was correct, if he screwed someone in the
process, that made him happier, taking that little bit extra. I could see
now Janet had been turning more and more to that, taking rather than
giving. His influence? I’d like to think so.

But Nancy, Gail, and our Christine down in the valley — they all felt
like givers, open and caring. Maybe that was their weakness, our weakness.
We’d give and give and give, and they’d take and take and take, and never
be satisfied.

I was startled by a tapping on the window; I looked around to see Nancy
and Gail standing by the jeep. I quickly got out and hugged Nancy to me,
saying, “I need you to hold me; I need you.” It’s something I don’t think I
ever said to Janet. Maybe if I had, things would have been different.

Nancy squeezed me and laughed. I heard the doors slam, and looked to
see Gail sitting in the back seat with some bags.

Nancy said, “Give me the keys, I’ll drive.”

I gave her the keys. I walked around to the passenger side and got in.

“Where are we going?” I asked as we sped off.

“Lunch, then show you something,” Nancy told me as she looked around for

I was feeling uncertain again, when she turned and gave me a big smile.
“Did you have a good morning?” she asked.

I put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed gently. “I think so. I got
totally lost coming back to the shop. Oh, I gave Jill a call and talked to
her for a while.” My stomach remained stable.

Unconsciously that had been the right thing to say; it focused her on my
conversation with Jill. We talked about those details for a bit. Nancy
had made an appointment with the cabinet maker for Friday afternoon at the
Woodside house, so we needed to be back by then. She also reminded me we
needed to talk to the counselor. I agreed, especially after this morning.

At that, Gail spoke up from the back, leaning forward and putting her
hands on our shoulders. “Hon, the best counseling for you two would be to
go somewhere together for a while.”

I put my hand on hers and laughed; I had to agree. Nancy gave me a look
that told me she thought so as well.

We drove over to a restaurant at the end of a mall. When we got out,
Nancy told me to get my jacket, so I did. Our lunch spot was an upscale
nuevo-western place; upscale decor, menu, and prices. Actually the chips
and salsa were very good. The tamales from the hole-in-the-wall around the
corner from the shop had been superb; this place didn’t even offer tamales.
I was still pretty subdued and had a bowl of tortilla soup. It was pretty

After lunch we went to a store in the mall. It turned out I needed a
hat so bad I hadn’t even realized it. Nancy and Gail helped me pick one
that fit me and my leather jacket. I had to admit, the combination looked
good, sort of Indiana Jones-ish, especially when I lightened up and started
to smile. Nancy told me it would be just the thing for Europe. Well, I’d
be easy to find, that’s for sure.

“So what’s next?” I asked as we walked along.

“I’ve got something else to show you,” Nancy said, taking my arm in

“Okay, what?” I asked.

She and Gail both giggled. “Not here, silly,” Nancy told me.

So we headed back to Gail’s shop, where she picked up her car, following
us back to the townhouse. When we walked in the door, Gail called out,
“Potty break first!”

Nancy headed to the downstairs bathroom, undoing her belt as she walked.
“Great idea!” she hollered to us.

Gail grabbed my sleeve and pulled me upstairs. She stepped quickly to
the closet and opened a drawer, fishing out a familiar looking mask and
handing it to me with a big grin. She closed the closet as I took the
cover off the plunger and shook the thing a couple times. We were all set;
I stood at one side of the doorway with the mask by my side, my heart
beating fast.

A couple minutes later, Nancy came up the stairs. “That feels much
better,” she said as she walked in the door, “Wha…”

As she stepped by me, I raised the mask and fired the plunger as it
touched her face. I got an arm around her as she pitched forward, and
rolled her on to the bed.

“Ooh, well done! You learned a lot this morning!” Gail laughed.

My stomach tightened a bit. “Yes I did, quite a bit,” I said slowly.

She’d stepped over and flipped down the spread to reveal one cuff
already attached to the head of the bed. “We don’t have much time — get
her clothes off,” she told me.

I had half a mind to stop; I was confused again. Then I remembered that
Nancy had wanted this. I also remembered how nice it had been for me this
morning, and how nice Chris had found it. Then there was the video of
Janet — she’d enjoyed it.

Let’s go for it, I decided. I quickly got Nancy undressed and we got
her arms secured with the padded cuffs around her wrists. We left her legs
a little loose. When Gail questioned me on that, I told her I liked the
feeling of her legs squeezing my head.

As I told Gail that, her eyes rolled a little; I thought she was going
to moan out loud.

She wheeled out the gas rig and set it by the side of the bed. “Use the
mask, not the cannula,” I told her, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom.”

She laughed as I went in to pee; I just had to go. I finished stripping
off my clothes as I sat on the toilet. I got a washcloth damp with warm
water then grabbed a bath towel on the way back to the bedroom.

It wasn’t until Gail asked, “What’s that for?” that I realized what I
was doing.

I’d been so focused on Nancy, on pleasing her, that I’d forgotten
completely about Gail, how she’d held me dancing, her other comments, Nancy
telling me Gail had the hots for me. Now I was standing in front of her

What the hell — keep going, I thought. “It’s for me,” I said as I put
the towel down on that seductive bedspread below Nancy’s legs so I could
lie on it. Then I got a cushion and put it under her bottom, and got on
the bed.

Gail had put eye shades on Nancy, and the mask.

“Don’t start the nitrous until she comes around,” I told Gail.

“Okay hon, it’s your show,” she told me.

I was wiping Nancy gently with the washcloth as I turned to Gail and
said, “Thanks, I love her.”

I thought I heard a sigh as I dove in. I love her, I do. I kissed her
gently as I enjoyed her scent.

After a little while that scent started to strengthen, as did her legs
around me.

“What… Oh my God…” Nancy moaned.

I lifted my head a bit and nodded to Gail; she turned on the nitrous
flow. “I love you. Enjoy yourself.”

I went back to my enjoyable task. Her movements increased, then seemed
to get less coherent as she got louder. She was delicious. I brought her
to a couple orgasms with my lips and tongue, then let her rest for a

I pulled myself to sitting and stroked the insides of her thighs,
stroking from just above the knee up to her hips. The areas which
generated the best reaction got more attention. She was panting, moaning,
and moving around on the bed as much as the restraints would allow.

I went back to my task, slipping a finger into her and hooking it back
as I touched her with my tongue again. She seemed to lift off the cushion
a little before collapsing back, rocking her hips. A good dancer knows how
to follow a lead, and I followed hers, two or three times, until she
collapsed finally on the bed after a long low moan and a shudder that felt
as if it went from head to toe.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I pulled back a bit and looked up.

Gail said, “She’s out hon, let her rest for a while.”

I looked over at the gas bottles; the nitrous flow was turned up. As I
looked, Gail moved over and turned it off, now delivering only O2. From
what Chris taught me, Nancy would be out for ten minutes or so and then
wake up, or drift off to normal sleep.

I moved to the floor, sitting up and pulling my knees to my chest,
stretching my back a bit, letting my head go forward to rest my neck. Soon
I felt strong hands massaging my neck. I sighed, then tensed up, and then
started laughing a little.

“What is it hon?” Gail asked, kneeling next to me.

I looked at her. “This is so weird,” I told her.

She gave me a questioning look. “What?”

I shook my head. “This whole thing. What I’m doing. That I’m doing it
with you in the room. The whole thing with Chris this morning, and how I
reacted. I’m confused.”

She sat down and laughed. “Well you didn’t look confused to me. You
looked like you knew exactly what you were doing, and both of you seemed to
enjoy it.”

I looked at her and said, “I love Nancy.”

Gail smiled. “I know you do hon, and she loves you. Everyone that sees
you together knows that.”

“But with Chris this morning… It felt so good, but then I felt so bad
about it.”

Gail put her had back on my shoulder. “Chris called me after you left.
She told me what happened. You don’t have anything to feel bad about.”

I shook my head. “But Nancy… I don’t want to turn into another John,
screwing everything that moves.”

She sighed. “Hon, you could never turn into someone like John. You’re
too considerate, for one thing. You know Chris feels a little bit bad
about jumping you? She was so surprised when she woke up, to see you
sitting there looking at her, and both of you still had all your clothes

I laughed a little. “She’s a sweetie.”

Gail said, “And so are you, and so is Nancy. And speaking of Nancy,
what do you want to do for Act 2? She’ll be coming around in a minute.”

I raised my head, looking up at the ceiling, stretching my neck. “How
about a butterfly? Got one?”

Gail stood up, giving me a low laugh. “You bet hon, one of my
favorites. Let’s get it put on her.”

I helped Gail put the vibrator on Nancy, putting the straps around her.

“When she wakes up, we’ll let her move a bit, then start the gas again
low, and turn it on. A low setting is good — hell hon, a low setting is
fantastic!” Gail laughed.

I went to her side and leaned over, taking a nipple in my mouth. How I
loved to be in her arms. There was something so relaxing, so comforting
about being in her arms, especially when I was sucking on her.

She started to move and to moan again. I enjoyed her nipple a bit more
then moved up to her ear. I heard the gas flow change.

“I love you darling. Ready for the next part of the ride?”

She moaned and took a deep breath. I could see her smile through the
plastic of the mask. She nodded her head and said, “I love you, and I’m
going to get you for this.”

I picked up the switch. “Good. I hope so,” I said, then turned the
switch to its first position.

She twitched and tensed up as if she’d gotten an electric shock. Her
hips started gyrating slowly as she moaned. I sat up and held her breasts,
rotating her nipples between my fingers a little. She shook more and let
out a wail, collapsing back to small movements of her hips. I felt another
touch on my shoulder.

I got of the bed, and as I stood up, Gail took me in her arms, kissing
me, and running her hands over me.

I pulled back after a while; I was breathing heavily. “Gail, I don’t

She squeezed my hips to hers, then let go and stepped back. She gave me
a concerned look. “Don’t know what, hon?”

“Gail, I don’t want to hurt Nancy.”

She smiled. “I know hon, and you won’t. Yesterday morning I told her
if you two stayed much longer, I was going to get you in bed. You know
what she told me?”

I shook my head no.

Gail smiled and moved a little closer. “She told me to teach you well.
From what I’ve seen, I don’t have much to teach.”

Another low wail came from Nancy as she moved incoherently on the bed.
Damn that looked like fun.

“What would you like, hon? I’ll live…” Gail said to me.

I turned back to her and gave her a hug. “What would you like?” I

She sighed and looked me in the eye, our foreheads touching. “I don’t
know if I want to be on my back, or I want you on yours.”

It was my turn to sigh. “Gail, I just don’t know.”

She held me. “I understand hon. I can wait,” She pulled back a bit,
still hip to hip. Then she smiled. “But there is something you could do
for me…”

“What?” I asked.

“Would you set me up with another mask and a vibrator? Please?”

Nancy was sort of grunting on the bed.

I nodded to Gail. “Yes,” I said softly.

“Hot damn!” she said as she whirled into the bathroom.

I laughed a little and went back to Nancy. She still had quite a bit of
muscle tone, at least from the way she twitched. I turned up the nitrous a
little until she relaxed more, then backed it off a bit. I put a hand on
the vibrator and pushed into her gently, moving it around. I was rewarded
with a low moan and a shudder.

I heard the toilet flush and Gail scampered out of the bathroom and dug
into the closet, retrieving another mask and another vibrator similar to
the one Nancy was using. She got a throw from the bottom drawer, a piece
of plush spread fabric about five feet by three feet. She put that on the
floor next to the bed and lay down. God she looked good. I could almost
feel sliding into her.

She looked up at me with a sexy smile. “Reconsidering hon?”

I knew I was erect as I could be. I leaned over and took the end of the
mask hose from her and attached to the second barb on the gas rig. That
had to be a special deal — she must have some parties.

“Okay hon, let’s go.”

I thought about it for a moment as I opened the valve for her mask. I
only had one set of mixing valves, and two outputs. I brought both flows
back to their earlier values, O2 first.

I looked down at Gail. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing
deeply. She nodded her head.

I turned up the nitrous a bit. She turned on her vibrator, turning it
up a notch higher than for Nancy. She quivered and moaned, the control
dropping out of her hand about twenty seconds later as she moved fairly
silently through orgasm; it looked as if she was trying to hold her breath.

I turned down the nitrous and sat on the bed, pretty much automatically
putting a hand on Nancy. Even in her current state she responded to the
touch, making a little noise and moving a little. I was so hot — I needed
to do something. I thought about the coat in the closet. That’s silly,
especially with Nancy here.

I took off her eye shades and her mask. I turned off the vibrator and
removed it. Then I moved on top of her and kissed her on the mouth.

She responded a little. I sat up between her legs and started running
my hands over her body. After a while more her eyes flashed open. “I want
you!” she said hoarsely.

“Good,” I said as I leaned over her again and slid into her. She moaned
again as we slid together. I slipped my hands under her shoulders so I
could pull myself into her. Soon I was sliding in and out, in and out,
kissing her, holding her to me. How I wanted her legs wrapped around me,
holding me tight.

She started rocking her hips. I moved a bit and rocked with her,
changing our position slightly. “Oh yes, don’t stop that,” she told me.

I held her and did what I was doing. As her movements became more
intense, I found myself responding more and more. I reached that magic
point where I let go and let my body do what it wanted, closing my eyes and
resting my head on her shoulder. A shriek came from the floor next to the
bed; Nancy twitched strongly and moaned, and I started coming inside her.

We kept moving together, finally slowing down and stopping. I held her
and kissed her. As we slipped apart I hooked the towel which was still on
the bed and put it under us. Then I rested on her chest for a while.

We kept hearing noises from the floor by the bed. I got up and turned
off the gas flow to the mask Nancy had been using, and quickly readjusted
the flow rates for Gail. Then I got back on the bed and straddled Nancy.

“Would you like another round? What can I do for you?”

She smiled. “I really need to go to the bathroom.”

I kissed her on the forehead and let her up, rubbing and kissing each
extremity as I released it. Then I helped her to the bathroom.

When we walked back into the bedroom, she looked down at Gail on the
floor, then to me.

“I love you,” I sighed. I sat us down on the bed again; we both sat on
the towel. I told her about my morning with Chris, how I reacted, the
conversation with Gail a little while ago.

When I finished, she sighed and kissed my hands. “Bill darling, I don’t
mind. And you’re not going to turn into another John! I don’t mind what
you did this morning. I wouldn’t have minded if you made love with Gail —
I expected you would.” She tried to peer over the edge of the bed. “Can we
move her up to the bed? She’d be more comfortable.”

I nodded. “Sure, I’ll get her head, you get her feet.”

I knew how to pick up people from my emergency training. Still, working
with someone who is really limp is more of a challenge. But we got her on
the bed. Then Nancy smiled.

“Let’s tie her down,” she said with a low laugh.

So with the vibrator still going and her mask still on, and with her
moaning and moving incoherently, we put the restraints on her wrists and

Nancy leaned over and started moving the vibrator around slowly. That
got quite a reaction from Gail, both in terms of volume and motion. Then
Nancy looked up at me.

“Bill darling, what the two of us did the other morning in the back of
the shop was incredible. She showed me some things I’d never experienced

She went over and turned down the nitrous to a pretty low level. Then
she told me, “You take her left tit.”

Okay, I got on the bed on her left side and took her nipple in my mouth.
She was softer, but at the same time her nipple was a little larger and
firmer. I felt a hand at the back of my head holding me in place and
moaned. So did Gail.

Then Nancy’s hand moved, and I felt her head next to mine and felt
Gail’s body twitch again as both of us paid attention to her nipples.

Nancy’s head moved away, and after a moment Gail seemed to relax. Then
I felt hands holding my head to Gail’s breast again, and I moaned; there
was something so powerful about being held to a breast. Then I felt and
heard Nancy’s voice hot in my ear. “Eat her for me darling.”

I moved down between Gail’s legs; the vibrator was gone. I kissed up
her thighs and moved in slowly. I was rewarded with her arching her back
and moaning loudly through the mask when my lips and tongue touched her.
Her taste was different, a little muskier, and yet very good all the same.

She responded well, and I matched myself to her movement. Soon I felt
hands on my back, then shoulders and neck. I was laying on that damn
seductive spread again, and my hips were starting to move on their own. I
tried pulling my knees up under me to get off the spread, but Nancy pushed
on my lower back. I moaned; I couldn’t take much more.

She lifted my hips up; I was relieved. Then she squeezed the back of my
neck and whispered hot in my ear, “I want you inside her now.”

I moved up and slid slowly into Gail; she shuddered and moaned as I did.
I lay there, pushing in as far as I could. Nancy pushed my head down on to
Gail; good idea. I rested on top of her for a moment. Then I felt hands
at my hips, moving me. She touched me lightly, but my hips responded
strongly, thrusting. I let go to her touch.

Both Gail and I were moaning. She was shuddering under me; I could feel
her contracting around me as she came. Then Nancy’s hands moved and there
was just one hand, between my legs on my balls and the base of my cock,
setting my rhythm.

Her light touch moved me so much, and so soon I was coming, and she was
massaging the root of my cock between my legs with her hand as I tried to
push deeper and deeper inside Gail. As I started slowing down, pumping out
the last spurts, I moved my head a little as I felt something on my face,

When I opened my eyes I was on my back, legs and arms spread. I tugged
a bit to confirm my suspicions. I had the eye shades on, but no mask. I
couldn’t feel a cannula either. I sighed.

The eye shades moved and I looked up. Nancy was on my right, Gail on my
left, both naked and smiling. I looked at Nancy. “I love you.”

Gail said, “What did I tell you hon?”

I looked at Gail and she said with a laugh, “I told her that’s the first
thing you’d say.”

“Well it’s true,” I said.

Nancy laughed and put a hand on my thigh, moving her fingers a little,
stirring things up.

“I know it is sweetie, and I love you. But we need to have a talk.”

I looked at her. I wasn’t sure I liked her smile, or what it meant for

“Okay, let’s talk,” I said. I tried to move my hips away from her, but
as I did that, Gail started in on my other thigh. They both chuckled.

“I know you love me sweetie,” Nancy said, “and I love you. And I
certainly don’t want you fooling around with every woman you see. I trust
you and I know you won’t. But when we’re with Gail, and that’s going to be
frequently, well, she’s family, and we have to keep family happy, if you
know what I mean.”

By this time I was twitching and moving my hips around trying to escape
the torment. I was also hard as a rock again.

“What do you mean?” I asked her, panting.

Nancy looked at Gail, who smiled and moved more to my center. As Gail
lowered her head slowly Nancy continued. “Well sweetie, you’re just going
to have to get used to it. If she’s got the hots for you…” Gail slid her
hands along my cock, then took me in her mouth. “Then you’re just going to
have to do something about it,” Nancy continued.

Gail was doing me with abandon, and very well. My back was arching up
following her. Someone squeezed my nipples; Gail did something and I came
explosively in her mouth. Nancy laughed. “See sweetie? That wasn’t so

Then she leaned over and pushed a nipple into my mouth. She growled,
“And if you won’t give us what we need, we’ll just have to tie you down and
take it.”

I felt Gail pull up a moment later, followed by Nancy. I was still
dizzy; they giggled at me. “Okay, I’ll play nice. Now can I get up?”

Gail said in a sad voice, “Oh, we forgot — we were going to do that
with the gas. What should we do?”

I looked at her in shock, then over at Nancy. Nancy smiled and shook
her head. “We’ll just have to do it again then, and do it right. Is that
okay with you sweetie?”

Before I could object, a mask was slipped over my face and I could feel
and smell the gas flowing.

“It may take him a while before he’s ready again,” said Nancy.

“Oh, I don’t know about that hon, let me try,” said Gail.

I was getting dizzy as I felt her breasts sliding along my legs and
cock. My head was arched back and my hips were moving again.

“Here, try this,” I heard Nancy say. The mask came off my face, but was
replaced with a nasal cannula. Soon I had a nipple in my mouth and her
hands were on the back of my neck. “Don’t strain your neck sweetie, let go
and relax; we’ve got you”

I was getting hard again, and dizzier. The torment eased up on my cock,
only to be replaced by the feel of fur and her mouth again. I moaned and
took a deep breath, but that only made it worse, getting me dizzier.

Gail’s mouth left me; I thought I’d gotten a reprieve. It was only
momentary as I felt her weight settling on top of me.

“Oh you feel good, hon,” she said as she settled on to me. She moved
around a bit and shifted her hips with a gasp. I could feel myself pushing
against her cervix.

“Oh hon, that’s good, that’s real good.”

She started rocking slowly on me. I remembered what Chris had said and
what I’d seen Gail doing, so I took a deep breath and held it for a while,
then let it squeak out. The good news was I didn’t come instantly. It
wasn’t bad news, but I was pretty far gone, with her weight and the feel of
the fur against me.

“Let me do that, hon,” I thought I heard Gail say. Nancy raised up and
I gasped for air through my mouth, only to have my mouth filled once again
by a breast, one surrounded by fur. A hand reached behind my head and held

“That’s good hon, just like that. I’ll take good care of you hon, yes,
yes, yes…”

She rocked and held me, and as she came, I came weakly inside her. I
came weakly, but I still saw stars.

My neck was limp, hell all of me was going limp. She moved my head
around and cooed, “That was nice, real nice. Give him some more gas hon.
It’s nap time, nap time.”

I took a deep breath and enjoyed being held as the world buzzed out.

When I woke I rubbed my nose; it itched. Whoopee! I’m free! Well,
almost. Someone had a droll sense of humor; my arms were free but my legs
weren’t. Luckily I’m still somewhat flexible, so I sat up and reached an
ankle to undo one leg, then the other. I looked at the clock as I stumbled
up — half past five. I must have slept for a while. My head was pretty
clear though.

I took a quick shower, then got dressed and headed downstairs.

I stopped halfway down the stairs. Three ladies were sitting around the
table in the living area — Nancy, Gail and Chris.

Nancy saw me and called out, “Hi sweetie, have a nice nap?” The others

Nancy stood as I came downstairs. I walked to her and gave her a hug.
“I’ll get you for this,” I whispered in her ear. “I certainly hope so,”
she whispered back.

A bit louder, for the others to hear, she said, “Thank you for a
wonderful surprise and a very nice afternoon.”

Then Gail got up and gave me a hug. “Yes, thank you for a very nice

Chris got up and hugged me, and as the others laughed she said, “Thank
you for a great morning.”

I was feeling dazed again. Just when I think I have directions figured
out, the world takes a wild spin.

Gail patted me on the back. “Sit down hon, I’ll fix you a drink.”

I sat down on the couch and Nancy sat next to me. I took her hand in
mine and looked at Chris. She was smiling and looked relaxed.

“To what do I owe this honor? How long have you been here?”

Nancy answered. “She’s been here about an hour, while you napped. Gail
and I invited her to dinner with us.”

Chris took a sip of her drink and said, “And I’m glad they did. Gail is
a good friend. And I can tell that you two are special as well.”

Gail brought me my drink. It was green, as were the others. I must
have given her a funny look.

“Midori margarita,” she told me. “Full of vitamins. Wouldn’t want you
to get weak, would we?” The ladies all laughed at that. I took a sip. It
was good.

Gail picked up her glass. “I understand you have a special toast?”

Nancy picked up her glass and looked at me, smiling.

“I love you,” I said to Nancy right off.

“That’s wonderful, and I love you too, but that wasn’t what I was
thinking of. Remember the restaurant, with Jill?” she responded.

I nodded and stood, waving the others to remain seated.

“Fate has brought us together this evening, fate and a guy named John.
We are part of an elite group; the small, I hope, group of those who have
been screwed by John. I know I was, but in doing so, he made me… The
Golden Mule.” I took a drink.

Nancy explained that part of the story to Chris; how they found me when
they arrived on my doorstep that Friday afternoon.

“And I swept her off her feet by woofing out my guts, and she held my
head,” I added.

Nancy corrected me. “The first time, Karen held your head. I held you
in the car on the way here.”

I raised my glass. “I stand corrected. I love being held.”

Chris shook her head. “What a bastard! He really brought that out in

“Only in some people,” I told her. “He didn’t bring it out in any of

That got me silent agreement.

“So what did the three of you decide, while I was sleeping so
peacefully?” I asked.

Nancy smiled and held my hand. “I decided I’m going to keep you.”

Gail leaned back and after a sip of her drink said, “But she may have to
fight to do it.”

Chris looked at them, then me, and said, “While they’re fighting, I’ll
take you for myself.”

I sighed and looked in Nancy’s eyes. “We need to talk,” I said softly.
Then I turned to the others and said, “Well, now that my fate has been
decided, what’s for dinner?”

Gail laughed out loud. “There’s a man for you.”

“I thought you were the one who was so worried about me keeping my
strength up,” I retorted.

Nancy jumped in with, “It’s not your strength you need to keep up,

I turned to Chris. “Well, don’t you have anything to heap on?”

She smiled and said, “I’m willing to wait.”

I laughed. “Well, I’m not. I’m hungry. What’s for dinner?”

Gail stood up. “Get your coat and hat, hon. Let’s get this show on the

We headed out and got into the Jeep, with Nancy driving. As we headed
out to the street Nancy said, “The Chinese place sounds good — okay with
you sweetie?”

“As long as it’s Hunan or Szechwan — hot and spicy.”

Nancy smiled and Gail added from the back seat, “Told you he was a
keeper, hon.”

Nancy laughed and said, “I knew that already.”

We ended up at a Chinese place associated with one of the casinos. We
had a very good hot and sour soup and an assortment of other dishes.

I don’t know how it happened, but dinner turned into a series of John
stories, mostly talking about his darker side. Nancy told us of him
crowing at screwing someone else in a real estate deal. Chris talked about
the way he treated people, ignoring them unless they had something he
wanted. Gail told of him coming up with his new Jaguar to get seat covers,
and being incensed when Jeff and his people wouldn’t stop what they were
doing and take care of him right then. He’d told her they were bad
businessmen, turning down the extra money he’d offered them, insisting on
finishing up work promised to someone else first. That one hit home with

Then Nancy told me about the beach house, how she’d expressed interest
in a place, and they’d looked at a few. After a few months, she’d thought
he’d forgotten, then he took her over one weekend and gave her the keys.
Only later did she find out that he’d deliberately low-balled the previous
owner, who was in a bind and had to sell in a hurry. She also told us of
John buying her a new car at the drop of a hat, yet never getting her
flowers. Then she held my hand and with tears in her eyes told them of
coming home to all the roses, roses everywhere.

Chris told them again of working with me in the morning, how gentle I’d
been, and how surprised she was to wake up after I’d gassed her, sitting
comfortably in the chair, fully clothed, and with me looking at her
intently. It was not at all what she’d expected, and not at all what she’d
experienced with dear John.

We settled the bill and headed off again. We ended up at the same place
we’d been the night before.

“I didn’t bring my shoes,” I told Nancy.

She laughed. “That’s okay, I did.”

I changed shoes in the Jeep; we sat in the bar, or at least they sat in
the bar. I seemed to spend most of the time on the dance floor with one or
more of them. Chris was a better dancer than Nancy, but not as energetic
and outgoing as Gail. Chris liked the slow tunes, and liked to snuggle up
on my shoulder. I liked that as well.

After an energetic swing number with Gail, I sat down. “I’m through for
the night,” I announced, “My right knee is a little stiff. I may have
pulled something earlier today.”

I was deluged with offers to kiss it and make it better. I laughed and
thanked them very much. We finished our drinks and packed it in for the
night. On the way back to Gail’s place, Nancy told her we’d be leaving in
the morning; we needed to get back to the flat lands. I could hear Gail
sigh over the noise of the radio. She wanted to know when we’d be back up.
Nancy told her we were going to Europe in another two weeks, and be gone
for three. She’d call when we got back, and we’d get together one place or
the other. Gail reminded her about checking out some folks for her while
we were on the trip; she’d put the information together in the morning if
we could stay for a little while. That sounded fine.

We parked and split up with Chris. I gave her a hug and thanked her for
everything. We kissed and she told me she looked forward to seeing me

Gail, Nancy, and I went inside. It was a little after ten. I drank a
big glass of water, and ended up pouring the same for the ladies. I
slipped off my shoes and sat on the couch again, leaning against Nancy.

I rested a hand on Nancy’s leg and looked across at Gail. “What a day,
what a trip,” I said.

“What was your favorite today?” Nancy asked.

Gail’s head went back a bit, her eyes closed, and she shuddered. “Oh,
what a talented tongue you’ve got hon.” Then she looked at me and smiled.
“And the rest is pretty good too.”

Nancy rubbed my back with one hand. “You gave me another great
surprise. But what did you like?”

I thought of the day’s events — with Chris, then grabbing Nancy, then
the two of us with Gail, and then me tied on my back.

I felt moisture growing in my eyes as I held Nancy’s hands. “The best
part, what I really enjoy, what I need, is holding you and being held. The
time I spend in your arms is the best, and the most important.”

I turned to Gail. “And what you did was so intense, but the feelings I
had when you held me to you — I don’t understand why. Am I making any

Gail stood up. She walked over to us, leaned over, and kissed me on the
head. “You make a lot of sense hon. You don’t have to understand it. I’m
calling it a night, and won’t wake you in the morning. I’ll see you

We both said good night and she headed up the stairs to the small
bedroom. Nancy put her arms around me and hugged me. “Oh I love to hold
you, I do.”

I felt myself relaxing in her arms. I wanted to tell her, but she held
me and rocked me gently. I had to tell her. “Nancy, I love you and I need
you. I don’t want to hurt you.” I knew I’d do anything to protect her from
harm. But how do I protect her from me?

She rocked me gently. “I know Bill, I love you and I need you. And
right now I need to be held, and I need to hold you.”

I started to say something else, but she stopped me, putting a finger on
my lips. “Tomorrow,” she whispered. We went upstairs and quietly got
ready for bed. I was ready, standing next to her, when she said, “Go
ahead, I’ll be right there.”

I climbed into bed. It felt so good to be horizontal again, the weight
of the bedclothes on top of me. I closed my eyes and let go of the day. I
felt her get into bed; I could smell her perfume. She drew me to her, and
I nestled into her softness and warmth, putting my arms around her and
holding her to me. “Oh, there’s that feeling again,” she sighed. I went
to sleep in her arms.

The first morning in a long while when I didn’t have to get up for
something, and I woke up at my usual time, 6:25. How many years had I
gotten up at that time? I’d done it for at least the last five or six.
Well, no more of that, I told myself. I pulled myself up, and as I was
standing heard a growl, “Where do you think you’re going?” I leaned over
and kissed her. “Pee. I’ll be right back.”

I went in and did my duty, then brushed my teeth and ran the electric
shaver across my face. When I returned to bed I felt a little cold, and
eagerly snuggled up to her. As I touched her she startled. “Cold!” she
complained, and got out of bed. I expected her to be back, so I moved over
to take up most of the bed and sprawled on my back.

She returned also feeling a little cooler, but with more perfume. She
straddled me and held me to a nipple. I put my arms around her and rolled
us a little to one side, all the better to snuggle with you, my dear. I
was lost in her when she pushed me on my back. She kept a hand behind my
head as she inflamed me and then took me inside her. As I moved my hands
to her waist she took them and held them up over my head, still brushing me
with her breasts. I moved my head between her breasts to fill my soul with
her perfume as we rocked together. I struggled briefly with my arms,
drinking her in, tilting my hips more to her. With a little more tilt I
felt us slide together more and felt myself bumping against her core.

I let go with my arms and upper body, moving my hips with her. She
moved a hand behind my head again and held me to her. I needed a nipple,
but I didn’t know if I would get to it in time, I was so close. I found
her nipple and let go, coming inside her.

We snuggled together afterwards and went to sleep again. When I woke
up, I was alone in bed, and I didn’t like it. Oh well. I got up and
showered, then came out and stripped the bed; it was the least we could do.
As I headed downstairs I smelled bacon.

“I love you!” I hollered halfway down the stairs.

Nancy laughed and walked out of the kitchen to greet me; what a sound
her laughter is!

“Did you get to sleep in?” she asked me with a hug.

“Yes, but I don’t like waking up alone.”

“Well, you’re sure hard to please,” she said.

I pulled back a little and frowned.

She smiled and held me again. “I’m sorry darling; I didn’t mean that.
I’ll try harder to make you happy. Why don’t you sit down.”

I sat at the table and she brought me breakfast; a bacon sandwich and
two eggs over easy. She had a couple eggs and toast with me.

“What shall we do today?” she asked with a smile.

I thought for a moment, then laughed — that was totally irrational; it
was way too early to think about marriage, even though we were in Tahoe,
home of the instant marriage.

“What was that about?” she asked.

I held her hand. “Random thoughts. I stripped the bed; we should
remake it and dump the linens in the wash for her. Then see Gail at the
shop, and head out, I guess. I might want to get a dozen or so tamales to
take back with us. How about you?”

“That sounds good; I like those tamales as well. I thought we’d stop
for lunch in Tracy, maybe walk through the outlet stores. We need to sit
down and figure out what we need in terms of wiring for what you call the
confusers; I like that term. Oh Bill — there are so many things I want to
do with you.”

I munched another bite of bacon sandwich, dipping it in the egg yolk.
“Such as?”

She sighed. “See things with you, do things with you, just be with

I was squeezing her hand as I spoke. “I feel the same way; there are so
many things to see and do together. But one of the first is to just spend
a couple days with you, just you, holding you, snuggling, napping…”

I could see the fire smoldering in her eyes. “I hope you want to do
more than just snuggle,” she growled.

I laughed a little. “Oh yes, don’t worry about that.”

Then I continued, more seriously. “But we don’t need fancy coats, fancy
spreads, gas, or any of that stuff — all I need is you.”

She nodded, a little more somber, then an impish smile broke through.
“I understand — but I hope you don’t mind the rest.”

I chuckled a little. “God no, but I’m in love with you.”

“Good,” she said, “I love you too. Help me clean up the kitchen?”

We stood and hugged, then cleaned up the kitchen and the rest of the
place. We went upstairs and did our packing. Nancy found clean linen and
we remade the bed. We dumped the dirty linen in the washer and started it
going. We headed to Gail’s shop a little after ten.

When we went in Ellen was with a customer, but waved to us. We looked
around a little, and soon Gail walked out from the back. She came over to
us and we exchanged hugs.

“So did you get to sleep in this morning hon?” she asked me, rubbing my

I laughed a little. “Yes I did, thanks. Gail, thank you so much. This
could have been such a nightmare.”

She nodded, as did Nancy. Gail said, “There were moments when it was,
hon. We just turned out to be lucky. So what are your plans now?”

I mentioned tamales; Gail told me I should go over right away, and that
would give her time for some girl talk. She winked at Nancy.

“Okay, I can tell when I’m not wanted,” I said, and started to walk off.
Nancy put a hand on my arm and I turned to see her almost in tears.

I hugged her to me. “I’m sorry darling. I need you. I want you.”

We held each other for a moment. I kissed her forehead. “I’ll be back
as soon as I can. I’ll miss you, I will.”

She sniffled a little. “Okay, hurry back,” she told me.

I smiled and headed around the corner.

Yes, I could get two dozen tamales, and they suggested I go to a store
another block down for a small Styrofoam container to take ’em back. Good
idea — I headed down the street and got just the thing. I talked with a
couple people in the restaurant when I got back while they were loading me
up. They gave me a couple containers of sauce for the tamales as well,
packing everything with ice. I paid for them and said I’d be seeing them
in another month.

I put the tamales right into the Jeep, in back with our bags. When I
walked back into the shop, Nancy, Ellen, and Gail were sitting at Gail’s
desk. As I walked over, Gail waved a hand and said, “Shoo!” which caused
the others to laugh.

I walked over to the mattresses, took off my shoes, and flopped down on
my back. I closed my eyes and let it adjust to my body. I’d thought about
doing something to learn to handle stress better; maybe this was the time,
I thought to myself. I didn’t have work to deal with anymore, but I
certainly seemed to have developed a particularly intense way of reacting
to some situations. I’d dragged Janet to an evening presentation on
managing stress last year. What had that gal said? Just focus on the
breath, breathing slow and deep through the nose. Something like that.

I felt the bed move, then felt a warm body on top of me. My eyes popped
open; it wasn’t Nancy!

Gail looked down at me and said, “You’re too attractive hon.” She leaned
down to give me a kiss. What the hell — I closed my eyes and kissed her.

“Have a safe trip hon, and come back to visit,” Gail whispered in my
ear, then she got up.

I rolled up to sitting on the edge, to the mild laughter of the ladies.
Nancy walked over to me and took me in her arms, holding my head to her. I
put my arms around her waist.

“Ready to go?” she asked.

I sighed. “Yup, we should visit the bathroom first though.”

She laughed and rocked me back and forth. “Always practical.”

I squeezed her. “Not always — we could go back to Gail’s for a while.”

She put a hand behind my head and pulled me to her, making me dizzy.
“Or I could take you back to the back room,” she growled. I held on.

She stepped back and pulled me to my feet. I got my shoes on. As we
walked by Gail’s desk Gail said, “Oh, I’ve got something else for you —
hold on.” She dug through a drawer and pulled out an envelope of photos.
She flipped through them and dug out three, handing them to Nancy. I
stepped to Nancy’s side.

Wow. They were of our redhead. I’d never seen John before — he was a
good looking old goat. But the redhead — buxom was a good start — or was
that good tart?

Gail was chuckling. Nancy looked up at me and said, “Well, I hope I see
her first — you’d be helpless in her arms.”

I blushed and put an arm around Nancy. “Don’t let go,” I told her

“Oh I don’t intend to.”

Nancy started handing the photos back, but Gail said, “No, you can keep
’em, I’ve got the negatives.”

“I’ll use the can,” I told Nancy, kissing her on the cheek. When I
returned, Nancy went. I went through the pictures, copying down all the
dates so I could correlate them with his calendars. There was one of him
and Janet — she was looking up into his eyes, giving him a look and a
smile I’d thought reserved for me alone.

“Gail, Ellen, thanks so much. We’ll be seeing you again, I’m sure,” I
told the ladies.

Gail gave me another hug. “I know we will hon. You take good care of
that girl, she’s real special.”

“I know she is Gail; I know she is,” I told her.

Nancy came back out and we exchanged hugs again.

As we stood there, Nancy and I with arms around each other, Gail asked,
“What’s next for you two?”

I hugged Nancy a little closed. I looked at her, and turned back to
Gail. “Find a new life?” I looked back at Nancy. She smiled and nodded.

“That sounds good, hon,” Gail said, “Make it a good one.”

We smiled and walked to the door. Ellen called out, “Fill up with gas
on this side — it’s cheaper than in California.”

Nancy said, “We will, thanks!”

Outside Nancy held out her hand. “Keys?”

I handed them to her. “You don’t mind driving?” I asked.

She put a hand on my back as we walked to the Jeep. “Not at all — I
like to drive. I’ll drive, you think. How’s that?”

“That’s fine with me.”

“How’s your knee doing this morning? We got distracted and I didn’t get
a chance to check it.”

I stood on my left leg and tested the right a bit. “Still a little
stiff. I’m not sure what I did to it. The hip is a little stiff as well.”
I put my arms around her and held her to me. “May have had something to do
with being tied to a bed. Thank you.”

“Oh thank you Bill — that was quite a trip.”

We got in one more kiss before getting in the Jeep.

“Let’s go find a new life,” I said, settling into the seat for the