Sharon and Meagan’s lesbian action

Sharon and Meagan lay side by side on the beach,
watching the sun fade over the horizon. The air was
warm despite the darkening sky; it was going to be a
hot night. The sand was deserted as far as they could
see in either direction — the public beaches were a
few miles down the road, and tall fences conveniently
blocked the tourists from intruding on the private
playgrounds of the people who owned the beachfront

Sharon reached over to the small cooler and found
a large piece of ice, which she popped into her mouth
quietly. Beside her, Meagan lay half asleep, obviously
enjoying whatever day dream she was having — her hands
were passing slowly back and forth on her bare stomach,
caressing the tanned skin softly, reaching a bit fur-
ther down and a little further up with every pass.
Sharon turned to watch her, propping herself up on one

“Why don’t you let me do that,” she suggested,
whispering softly. Meagan simply nodded not bothering
to open her eyes.

Sharon continued to suck on the ice while pulling
Meagan’s bikini top away from her breasts gently. The
other woman sighed as her nipples were exposed to the
warm breeze. The ice melting rapidly in her mouth,
Sharon bent forward and clasped her lips tightly over
the tip of one beautifully tanned breast. Meagan
gasped at the unexpected shock but didn’t move to break
the contact.

Smiling to herself, Sharon swirled the diminishing
ice around in her mouth, pressing it against the
rapidly hardening nipple. Meagan moaned quietly and,
encouraged, Sharon sucked harder at her lover’s breast.
The ice had melted into a pool of cold water in her
mouth, making the nipple and surrounding breast glisten
in the fading light as the hardened bud popped out of
Sharon’s mouth.

Reaching back, Sharon found a few more pieces of ice.
She slid one into her mouth, kept the rest clenched in
one fist. Climbing to her knees, Sharon took a single
cube in her right hand and traced it slowly around the
circumference of Meagan’s untouched breast. When it
reached the stiffened tip Meagan released a protracted
sigh. Raising her left hand, Sharon let some of the
melting ice drip straight onto the warm skin between
Meagan’s rapidly heaving breasts.

Sharon held her hand above Meagan’s warm skin, slowly
leading a trail of cold drops down her chest and onto
her stomach. When the water reached the tender skin
just above her bikini bottoms, Meagan cried aloud
involuntarily. Sharon inched sideways, her left hand
continuing its journey to one of Meagan’s thighs. The
ice in her mouth was nearly gone, so she found more
with her free hand and grinned as it disappeared.

Meagan, eyes closed but realizing that her lover’s
hands were busy, pushed her bikini off impatiently.
The tops of Sharon’s breasts brushed against the out-
side of Meagan’s thigh as she leaned forward, trailing
her dripping hand past Meagan’s knee. Meagan’s legs
spread wide on their own accord and Sharon could almost
feel the heat emanating from their juncture. Smiling
wickedly to herself, Sharon bent forward and set her
lips around Meagan’s clit, placing her freezing tongue
directly on the tender bundle of nerves.

Meagan cried out again and clenched her hands in the
sand, thrusting her midsection up at her lover’s face.
The ice in Sharon’s hand had disappeared by now and she
swung herself around between Meagan’s knees, rubbing
her cold, wet hands across the hot skin of Meagan’s

Craning her neck further, Sharon thrust her tongue
directly into Meagan’s heated sex. Meagan’s buttocks
rose from the towel as she arched her back, driving
herself against the cold organ inside her. Sharon’s
tongue didn’t stay cold for long; however. She felt
her mouth growing rapidly warmer as Meagen writhed
uncontrollably on the towel.

In only seconds Meagan was gasping uncontrollably,
twisting and grinding her nether region against
Sharon’s invading mouth. Her entire lower body was
in the air, propped up by her kneeling lover’s arms
and shoulders. Sharon drove as deep as she could with
her tongue, one hand reaching around to caress the
quivering clit above her mouth. Meagan gave one more
long cry as she came, actually squeezing Sharon’s
tongue for a moment with her inner muscles. When
Sharon finally released her, Meagan lay on the towel,
an occasional tremor rolling through her body.

“That was wonderful,” Meagan said, finally opening
her eyes.

Sharon smiled, looked around to find that they were
still all alone. “Am I going to get a turn?” she asked,
nipping lightly at Meagan’s still-hard nipple.

Meagan wiggled teasingly, rolling up onto her side.
“That depends,” she said. “Is there any ice left?”