Silk Stockings

Sloane was in a bar in Palm Beach, Florida when she walked in. She was
tall, confident looking, with shoulder length blonde hair. She wore a
leather jacket and jeans, and had a badge. Her name was Cassie St. John and
she was a sargeant in the Palm Beach Police Dept. She was a homicide
detective. This was the world of “Silk Stalkings”.

Sloane watched her and her male partner move to the bar and talk
to the bartender. They showed him a picture and he shook his head,
then they left. He got up and followed. He liked the blonde’s ass.

They got into a sedan and he watched it drive off. He had no
intention of following them now. He knew where the police station
was, and knew when the shifts changed. He went to his hotel and prepared
to take the female cop.

He watched the rear of the station from a distance, using a
night scope. She came out, said good bye to some people and got
into her car. He waited, and followed the car as she drove
home. He hadn’t fucked a cop in a long time before and wanted to rape Cassie
St. John.

The good thing about her though, was that her movements were pretty
He knew just when she’d get off and when she’d go to work. Cassie was a
beautiful lady.
She had blue eyes and a set of big tits that he wanted to get his hands on.
He could use
his mind control powers on her but he wanted to enjoy her the old fashioned
way by raping
and degrading her.

Sloane toyed with the idea of sneaking into the police station and
getting her there somehow, but the risk was too great. He’d get her
at home. She lived in an apartment just inside the city limits, a
nice, peaceful, quiet neighborhood.

She was divorced and lived alone. That would make things that much
easier for him. She’d be much more likely to cooperate if he threatened her
voilence. He would never seriously harm Cassie but she didn’t know that.

Sloane broke into the apartment building late one night, after only a
few days
of study. Her pattern was so inflexible that he’d known she would
go to bed at precisely ten, as she had. It was midnight when he
slid into the building basement through a window.

He crept into her apartment, then went to her bedroom. He stopped at
bedroom door. He waited for ten minutes so his eyes would beadjusted to the
so now he could see fairly well as he slowly pushed the woman’s door open.

The sound of her deep, even breathing came clearly to him. He
snuck in, crouching by the door, then closed it behind him. He took
a small triangular door block from his jacket and slid it beneath
the door, pushing it in hard. The last thing he wanted was for her
to wake up and see him.

Slaone crawled over to the bed. The blonde cop was asleep on her side,
her cheek pressed into the pillow. His next movement had to be carefully
Cassie was likely to fight if she could, unlike most women, and also unlike
most women,
she probably had a pretty good knowledge of unarmed combat. His superior
weight and
strength would still overcome her, of course but he didn’t want any noise to
wake up her

His hands encased in soft leather gloves, he rose and very
gently slid into the bed on his knees. Then, with a fast movement,
he clamped his left hand over her mouth and shoved her over onto
her belly, bringing his heavy weight down on her back and clamping
his knees and thighs into her arms, pinning them to her sides.

Cassie struggled wildly, muffled yells and screams coming through
his hand as her body writhed and thrashed beneath him. Sloane rode her
like a wild, bucking bronco, waiting for her to settle down or
exhaust herself. It took less than a minute for her to realize the
situation was hopeless.

“Much better,” he said softly. “Now. You and me are going to reach an
understanding, aren’t we?” Cassie made a muffled sound that he took for a
“Now don’t do anything stupid copper,” Sloane warned her.

He took a ball gag from his jacket and slid it in beside his hand.
“You’re going to
take this in your mouth when I slide my hand back. Understand?” Slowly, he
his hand over, the ball gag instantly replacing it against her lips. “Open
your mouth,” he

Cassie did so and he slid the ball gag into her mouth, then pulled the
around her head and snapped them tight behind it. “Good girl.” he said.

Sloane shifted backwards a little, grabbing her wrists and pulling
them up behind her back. He held them there with one hand as he
snapped a pair of handcuffs over them. He raised himself and rolled
her over, then sat back down on her hips.

Cassie stared up at him in rage and fear as he smiled back down.
“Now that didn’t hurt, did it, baby? Let me tell you what’s gonna happen.
I’m gonna
fuck the living shit out of you, and you’re gonna like it. Understand?”

An angry muffled snarl came through the gag and he smiled even
more broadly.
“Now, now, now. We don’t want to wake up the neighbors, do we?” he

Sloane’s hands slid onto her breasts and he began to caress them.
He watched her face with considerable satisfaction as she stared up
at him in hatred. His thumbs and fingers pinched her nipples and
kneaded her breast flesh. He rolled her nipples between his
fingertips and pulled them up hard.

He shifted his way down further, so he was kneeling between
her legs, which he had forced wide apart. He licked and sucked on
her nipples, then began biting them, his teeth digging into the
soft tender meat as the woman winced in pain.

He shifted his mouth downward, then began to lick her pussy,
prying her cunt lips apart as his tongue delved deep within her. He
rose up like a mountain and then got out of bed. He calmly,
tauntingly, stripped before her angry, fearful eyes.

When his giant erect cock sprang free he laughed in
appreciation as her eyes widened. “Yeah, baby. That’s all for you.”
He grabbed her hair and pulled her out of bed, turning on the
light to see her better.

“Hmmmm MMmmm. Nice body for a cop.” he remarked to her.
He forced Cassie down on her knees before him and rubbed his
hardened organ over her face, then left her there as he moved to
her dresser. He flipped through her purse, examining her gun, then
her badge.

“Well, Cassie. Say, what do they call you, Cassandra? Cass?” he asked
“It doesn’t really matter. I’ll call you Cassie.” Sloane told her.

He opened the closet and looked inside, pulling out her old
uniform, then her Sam Browne belt, with it’s handcuff case, ammo
pouch, holster and nightstick holder. He removed the nightstick and
turned, moving his eyes up and down as he licked his lips and
leered at her.

Cassie jumped to her feet and ran to the closed bedroom door. She
tried to press her back against it and turn the knob with her
cuffed hands. Sloane padded over slowly as she attempted to yank the
door open. She was frantically trying to yank the door open as he stepped
over to her.

Sloane held the long, thick nightstick like a dagger, and as she
struggled to pull the door inward, he thrust up into her crotch
with it, shoving his other hand against her chest to pin her to the
closed door. She screamed, the sound muffled, as the end of the
nightstick rammed into her cunt pad.

He twisted it hard and forced it up between her pussy lips,
then, as Cassie jerked and shuddered and howled into her gag, he
jammed it up into her cunt. Inch after inch of hard, brown polished
wood was jammed up into her cunt tunnel, until the whimpering,
grunting woman was forced to her toes by the pressure against her
guts. “Bet you’ve used this on your pussy before. Haven’t you,
slut?” he hissed.

Sloane began to tear the nightstick in and out of her agonized
pussy, punching the end into her cervix with angry forceful
strokes. Cassie wept and moaned and shuddered helplessly.

He gripped her hair finally and pulled her away from the door.
He forced her across the room, the nightstick still buried in her
fuck tunnel, then shoved her against a dresser and pulled out a
chair from the nearby vanity.

He sat down as Cassie slumped against the wall and stared at him
in terror. The nightstick slowly slid down out of her cunt and
dropped to the floor with a soft thump.

“What you’re gonna do, cop girl, is come over here and drop
your cunt down on my prick here. You’re gonna do all the work for
me, and if it ain’t good enough I’ll get some friends in to help.
Understand?” he warned.

Sloane smiled nastily and held his cock up for her. “Let’s go,
slut!” he

Cassie huffled forward, her body shaking, then widened her legs
and straddled the chair. He held his cock upright as she lowered
her ass gently down. His hand gripped her hair, forcing her face
against his. He held it in place, his eyes locked onto hers as she
sank down onto his cock.

Cassie gave a startled gasp and jerked up briefly when she felt
his cocktip against her slit, but then slowly eased back down. She
tried to close her eyes as his cock pushed up into her but he
snarled at her to open them. Sloane stared into her eyes as she sank
down, as his thick fuck pole slid up into her belly.

She shuddered and groaned with barely three fourths of it
inside her, and tried to rise again. He sniggered and slid a hand
onto her ass, jerking her forward and down as he thrust up. She
screamed into her gag as his cock thrust up into her guts and her
ass cheeks flattened against his thighs.

Sloane gave her little time to recover, and soon she was humping
up and down, sliding her pussy up and down his thick organ,
grinding her hips into him and pressing her soft melons against his
face. He pumped a load of steamy cock milk into her pussy, then
ordered her to rise, turn around, and lower herself again.

Cassie complied with a moan, and this time he pressed his cock
against her asshole. She struggled briefly, but he pulled her down
by the hair, forcing her to impale herself on his long steel hard
prong. He bounced her up and down on his thighs, his hands
squeezing her tits as his cock slid up and down in her asshole,
then sprayed another load of sticky cum into her anus.

Sloane took a number of pictures of her, posing her in various,
obscene ways. After a while he felt confident enough in her
acceptance of what was happening to remove her gag. She had already
been raped and sodomized so he figured she wouldn’t do anything at
this point.

He was right. Cassie was sullen, angry, but weary and resigned.
She sucked his cock and hardly even tried to fight him as he forced
it down her throat. He didn’t cum there, wanting to save it and his

Sloane gave her a dildo and made Cassie fuck herself as he took
pictures. She never lost her sullen look, though, which spoiled
things a little. He made her put on her uniform then strip slowly
as he video taped her. It took a number of angry threats before she
put enough life into the performance to satisfy him.

After she’d stripped Cassie fucked herself with the nightstick,
first in the cunt, then in the asshole, writhing and moaning as he
filmed it. She had paused when he’d given her the stick, as if
considering her chances. Apparently she decided that, even with the
stick, her chances against a man his size were zilch.

Sloane cuffed her hands behind her back and put her on the floor,
on her back, then forced her feet up behind her head like he had done
to other girls before. Cassie stared out from between her legs with fury
and rage,
but could do little about her demeaning, degrading position.

Her ass and cunt stuck out lewdly as he pawed them and knelt,
chuckling, over her. He stood up and lifted her by the ankles,
using them like a handle and carrying her across the room like a
piece of luggage. He lifted her onto the dresser, then took out her
badge and stuck it into her ass.

Sloane stuck a dildo up her ass, forced her nightstick up her
cunt, then left her like that. Before he left the house he used his powers
and erased the night from her mind. He wanted to return and enjoy Cassie’s
delights at a later date. When he left, she was back in her bed sound