Slutty pregnant wife

Allie, 8 months pregnant, couldn’t fuck her husband any longer without pain in her virgina or ass. Their dog was moping around feeling left out too. Both were walking around with blue balls. Hand jobs sufficed but even blow jobs for her ‘men’ was becoming difficult, as the taste and aroma were nauseating to her lately.
Sally called her mom completely embarrassed and ashamed, but told her what was going on and what should she do.
Mom said she’d be right down and not to worry; she’d take care of everything. She left a note for her husband, packed a suitcase, and drove overnight to our house.

Knocking on the door at 6:00 am, Saturday morning, she set her bags down, hugged each of us, and petted our dog on the head.
She told her daughter not to worry. Who’s first honey? Your husband or your dog? I was completely lost. First what?
Why to take care of you sexually of course. My daughter called and said she couldn’t stand seeing either of you like this. I know she said; I’ll take my clothes off and relax you two boys. With just sweats and no underwear underneath, the two garments were off in no time.
Standing before me and the dog, she put her finger in her slit and slowly brought it up to her clit.
Let’s sit down okay. She asked her daughter to bring her a beer. 11 hours driving straight through tired me out. I must have mastubated a dozen times dreaming about the next few weeks. Oh, that’s good. Bring me another honey.
Our dog could smell her sex from the all night cunt fingering. Sniffing the area, smelling her hairless pussy, his cock came unsheathed. We all laughed. Just like a dog.

Mom reached underneath and started stroking his cock. Obviously he wanted more but she wasn’t ready yet. She said they’ll be much more later on, but for right now this was all she could give. Jacking him off, spreading her legs, and finishing her second beer seemed to relax her a little bit . Honey get me another if you don’t mind.
Now, sit down and watch your mom start to get rid of your husband’s blue balls. Not needing instructions, I stood up with my dick swaying back and forth in front of her face. After a huge sip of her third beer, setting the bottle down, she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Making it as hard as it would get, she shoved it down her throat. Sucking it in and out of her mouth she finally got me off.
Smiling at her daughter, she asked if this is what she wanted for her men. It’s a start her daughter replied.
Good. Now go get me and your husband another beer.

Passed out later that morning, she was fucked by her son in law and their dog. She woke up cum splattered and a sore pussy. God these next few weeks were going to be great.