Sub enchanted evening

You stood there in the candlelight, your eyes big and shining in the
flicker. Looking a little nervous…maybe a little scared. Also more than a
little excited. Very pretty in the little black dress. In the Italian
restaurant, many eyes were upon you, you were turning heads.
I stand behind you, and you feel my breath on your neck. “Stand still” I say
softly into your ear, and my voice is husky. While my lips are there, I
nibble softly on your earlobe, my warm breath in your ear, and a delightful
shiver goes through you, but you force yourself to remain in the same standing
position, legs slightly apart, hands at your side. I run my hands along your
bare arms, gently tracing patterns on your skin. A wave of goosebumps rise
and then subside. Your flesh is so warm. I reach down below your skirt to
your bare legs; you aren’t wearing any pantyhose. Lovely legs, slim but
just a little plump in all the right places. My fingers trace down, your
thigh, the back of your knee, down your calve, to your ankle. I push upward,
and you lift your foot, and I remove your shoe. Black heels, not
particularly high. I slip it off, and it’s like some reverse Cinderella,
with your prince removing your slipper instead of trying it on. I gently
trace your foot, running a finger across the top, then underneath, from heel
to toes. I’ve given you foot massages before, but this is a light tickle.
You gasp and giggle and squirm a little bit. Then I release your foot and you
stand there with one foot bare in the carpet. My fingers trace back up your
leg again. To your skirt line and further up. They brush along your inner
thighs. Further up, almost to your holy of holies. No panties, which I’m
well aware of, since I am the one who, right before we left early in the
evening for the theater, knelt briefly in the stairwell of my apartment,
reached under your skirt, and grasping your black lacy panties, gently yanked
them down, having you step out of each leg.
* * *
They’re still in my jacket pocket where I put them afterwords. You seemed
both agitated and excited, afraid some neighbors would step into the hallway
and see this. You blushed prettily, the warm flush washing over your face,
and, I’m sure, other delightful areas of your body. All through the play and
the dinner afterwards, I was thinking of you sitting there in your sexy black
dress and no panties. I could have driven to the theater and restaurant,
but instead I parked and we took the train. As you walked in the train
station, and on the downtown sidewalks, you moved conservatively, lest a gust
of wind show the world your secret. When the train came roaring into the
station, your hands instinctively went to your hemline, making sure the blast
of air didn’t give you a Marilyn Monroe moment.
In the theater, you became the aggressive one, your fingers brushing
against my crotch, which, after a few repetitions of this, was a raging
hardon. Later at dinner, when we split a bottle of wine, you got very giggly
and gushing sexy, your eyes big and wide, I always get lost in those eyes.
You slipped off your heels during dinner, and played footsy periodically, and
once your bare foot found its way again to my crotch. As I’ve found in the
past, you can be so very dexterous with those toes. Again, you were keeping
me in a steadily erect state, which towards the end of dinner was getting a
bit painful, unrelieved. As we walked back to the train station, we were both
walking self-consciously, you with no panties, and me with an erection that
felt the size of an oil derrick. It was cool, and you shivered a little;
you probably should have worn a coat. I gallantly offered my sportcoat, but
you shook your head and just walked along, clinging to my arm. Our fingers
entwined, playing a sensuous little game there.
Once back in the car, you snuggled up to me and kissed me, tilting my
head with one hand, and our lips met. Your tongue danced saucily into my
mouth, and your other hand was running through my hair. This was delightful,
but I decided it was time to take the initative again: you had, after all,
said you wanted to play a submissive role in tonight’s activies, and you were
thus far being very aggressive. I ran my hands up your leg, under your skirt
to your inner thighs, and brushed your ses. You were moist there;
delightful. I removed my fingers, which had just a touch of your moisture on
them, and put them to my lips. I could smell your scent. I licked the
fingers clean, and then offered the thumb to your lips. You closed your eyes
and surrounded it with your beautiful rosebud mouth, and begin sucking softly.
I removed my thumb and placed my forefinger in your mouth, and you did the
same. Then I slid in another finger. You sucked lasciviously, a pantomime
of fellatio, and you had a grin that couldn’t be concealed by your occupied
mouth. I was at full flagpole again now. I started the car, and drove out
of the train station’s parking lot, but before long pulled into a residential
neighborhood. It was close to midnight now. Around a curve, there were
several dark houses, and a ravine on the other side, so it was a secluded
spot. I parked in front of one of the dark houses. I had many pleasures
planned for you tonight, but my more urgent needs I needed to satisfy now.
Erect most of the evening, I probably would not last too long now. But that
would be ok, I’m a quick recoverer, and that would mean I’d be able to go
longer on subsequent times. I looked over at you there in the darkness,
mostly invisible in your black dress, but your pale legs and arms and face
illuminated by the tiny but potent lights of the stereo, red and green.
“Are you sure you want this evening to go as we discussed?”
You hesitated just a second. But you nodded your head firmly. “Mmmm
“We don’t have to.” I continued. “We can go back to my place and make
glorious love, fantastic sex, without any dominant-submissive overtones. That
would be as great as it always is with you.”
“No, no, I want to do this. I’ve been so wet this evening just
thinking about it.” you say.
“Ok then. You will do what I say. I will be gentle, but firm. If we
get into any territory where you’re feeling uncomfortable, you just need to
say so. We’ll have a phrase. If you want to backoff, or stop, just
say..uh…uh…’I did not have sex with Miss Lewinsky.'”
That broke the tension, and she laughed. “Well, I didn’t want
something that you might just blurt out in the heat of passion unknowingly.” I
“Now…are you ready?” You nodded. Then, feeling you had to say
something, stated, “Yes.”
I brought my fingertips back to your lips again. You dutifully
begin sucking on them. “I think you’re ready for the real thing.” I said,
voice hoarse.
I undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and parted them. You needed
little direction, you bent across the seat, somewhat awkward with the
gearshift, and your fingers expertly moved my boxers aside, freeing my
erection. With one beautiful look up at me, and the look in your eyes was one
I hoped was burned into my memory, your head sank into my lap, and you took me
your mouth. Just the head, and an inch of my shaft. Your fingers of one
hand moved along the shaft, and the other hand cupped my balls. You
possessed my cock wholly, balls in the palm of your hand, fingers of the other
hand moving up and down my shaft lightly, but firmly, playing me like a
musical instrument. And your mouth delightful, alternately sucking the bulb,
and running your tongue all around it. The sucking, slurping noises were
really a turn on, and periodically you’d make a noise in your throat, an
“Mmmmm” sound like you were enjoying your meal. You started humming a little
tune with my cock in your mouth, which always drives me crazy. My hands played
in your hair, caressed the back of your neck, and traced gently over the dress
down your backbone. You were doing a wonderful, energetic job, but I had to
fight the urge to grasp your head and force you down on my cock. I knew you
didn’t like to take it very deep, but what you were doing was fantastic. As
predicted, I didn’t last very long, an evening of being turned on by you had
me primed. “I’m going to cum in your mouth.” I said, a last warning. A
question. Back off now or be prepared. “Mmmmm hmmmmmph” you merely said,
muffled, but seemingly eagerly. I shot then, your hand still caressing my
testicles, your other hand stroking even harder, your suction gentle but
steady. I spasmed and gasped, and 4 or 5 jets of semen spurted into your
mouth. You dutifully swallowed it, and I felt like I was transported to a
higher plane, the blood roaring through my veins, I had a buzz on that wasn’t
from the wine, it was from the beautiful orgasm you’d orchestrated. I’d been
saving it up for almost a week, as soon as I discovered we were going to have
this evening, and the slow torture was worth it now. My cock stopped
spurting, but a few spasms continued, and you continued to gently work me with
your tongue until I was finished. I lay back, sweating, feeling very
confined suddenly, still in my sportcoat and tie. We stayed there for a few
minutes, the sounds of the light rock station on the radio almost inaudible.
Suddenly a car wheeled around the corner, stabbing with the headlights, which
probably weren’t brights but seemed so. I had a brief flash of your lovely
face there in my lap, your head turned to one side, my softening cock still in
your mouth. You tensed from the headlights, but then the car sped on by.
“Time to go.” I said. You withdrew and I zipped up. We drove home in
silence, both thinking of how the rest of the evening would unfold. You sat
quietly, the taste of me still with you. I looked over, and once you
thoughtfully licked your lips.
* * *
And now, here we were, you barefoot in your black dress,
me, having removed my sportcoat and tie, crouched down beside you, my hands up
under your skirt, tracing teasingly around your shaved pussy, but not actually
venturing to touching your innermost areas yet. You were very wet. An
evening of mental foreplay had gotten you worked up too.
I grasped your ankles and forced your stance a little wider apart. Then
standing behind you, I took your bare arms and held them above your head. You
held the position, and I unzipped your dress, and then lifted it above you.
Off your arms, and you stood there, now mostly bare pale flesh, lovely in the
candlelight. Your black lacy bra still on, and nothing else but your
earrings. I was about to throw the dress carelessly on the sofa, but,
instead, went to the closet and got a hanger and hung it up. Returned to find
you standing still in the same position, hands above your head like in a
holdup. Very fetching looking. I ran my hands up your arms, and then
gently urged them down to your sides again. Then brought them behind you,
until you were standing at parade rest, military style. I ran my hands along
your back, loving the feel of your back muscles. I kneaded your shoulders and
neck gently. You were a little tense. Kissing your neck again, my hands
moved to your front and grasped your breasts through the bra. Through the bra
I could feel your erect nipples. I reached behind and undid your bra, and
slipped it off, my hands moving back around you to cup your exposed breasts.
I rubbed then gently, circling around, ending up with thumb and forefinger on
each nipple, which I tweaked gently. You moaned. I moved to your front, and
still grasping one breast, moved my mouth to the next, running my mouth in
slowly narrowing circles until I had your nipple in my mouth. You arched your
back, thrusting your breasts forward a bit, and I could tell you were having a
hard time standing still, but you kept your hands clasped behind you. I
slowly slid down, running my tongue down between your breasts, tracing a line
across your smooth tummy, down to your pussy. Again, I played, circling your
inner thighs, not yet dwelling on your clit or venturing into the folds of
your cunny.
I moved behind you. I love that part on a woman, the little fold where
the ass ends and the leg begins. I ran my tongue along here. Then stood up,
running my mouth up your clasped arms, then your backbone. I moved again til
I could see your face, and your eyes were shining, your whole body glowing,
I’d gotten you hot as..well…insert your own analogy here. You were
quivering in place, and moaning softly as my mouth roamed across your body.
I loved looking into your eyes, though you were increasingly closing them
as passion welled up inside you, but what I had in mind would unfortunately
require those lovely eyes to be out of view for awhile. I walked off to the
bedroom, and returned in a few minutes with a cloth blindfold, which I put
over your eyes. You gasped. Now your world was darkness, you standing naked
and blindfolded. It was a tiny bit chilly in here, and you shivered slightly.
Your nipples were already hard.
We were on the 3rd floor, and before you’d felt a little exposed
stripping with the curtains open, but you didn’t think anyone could see us.
Now, blindfolded, you felt even more exposed.
Going to my sportcoat, I retrieved your black lace panties from the
pocket where they had been all evening. Winding the material around my
fingers, I begin brushing your nipples with it. The silky part and the
rougher part with the lace pattern caused a titilating..ahem..sensation on
your nipples, and you moaned. I slid down and begin rubbing the panty
material over your clit, and then your pussy’s entrance. The novelty of it
not being fingers and flesh, but the material of your panties used to
stimulate you, was working you up, as if you hadn’t already been primed.
I again disappeared, and you could tell by my footsteps I went to the
kitchen. I busied around there for awhile, you could hear the fridge slam,
drawers open and close, the sound of silverware clinking, etc. You were a
little apprehensive. I returned, and you could hear me set some things down
on the table. Then I brought a wineglass to your lips. “Drink.” I said,
and you took a sip of wine, you realized your mouth was dry and parched all of
a sudden. Just a sip, you realized you’d probably really had enough wine,
and you might need a clear head for the rest of the evening. I put the
wineglass aside, you heard it clink on the coffeetable, and then, after a
pause, you felt a burning on your forehead. You realize after a moment it’s
an icecube, which I run down your face, and offer it to your mouth. You open
your lips, and feel its shape, it’s big and square. I run it down your chin,
your neck, til it’s between your breasts. I annoit each nipple with it, and
then slowly run it down your tummy. It’s leaving a little wet line, along the
same path my mouth travelled earlier. I run it down, again teasing around
your pussy, finally circling around and running it across your clit. You gasp
and squirm, and your muscles tighten; you’re having a real effort to keep from
unclasping your arms. I run the ice cube down your legs now, and back up, now
moving closer around your pussy. I tease around the lips, and then slide it
in partly. Moving it around, it’s now melted quite a bit, the edges rounded.
I continue working it. You are really getting vocal now, moaning and
muttering words, a little incoherently, “yes” a lot, “god” a lot, biting your
lip. I expect that this is going to go awhile longer, but you suddenly
scream, and your knees buckled, and you fall to the carpet to your knees,
shaking. You have a lovely powerful orgasm. I sink to my knees too and
continue to work you with the ice cube, which is quickly diminishing with your
inner heat. When it’s just a sliver, I pop it into my mouth…then I take
your face in my hands, kiss your lips, part them, and slide the ice cube into
your mouth with my tongue. You take it and suck on it for a second, then
crunch it between your teeth and it’s gone.
“I’m sorry.” you say, “I couldn’t stay standing.”
“Shhhhhh.” I intone. I move lower, my mouth and hands playing with your tits
on the way down, and then I spread your knees wider, and my tongue moves to
where the ice cube was so recently. I grasp your ass cheeks and dine on your
pussy, my tongue dancing into your folds. In very short order you are coming
again. You kneel there gasping, sweating despite the slight chill. I guess
I should turn up the heat a little, but, actually, the contrast of coolness
and warmth is stimulating.
I rise again, and I’m hard again. I present my cock to your blindfolded
face, running it across your forehead, your cheeks. It’s dry now, just a tiny
hint of precum at its tip. You open your mouth, and I again slide it in, and
you gently work me, while I look down at your blindfolded face. I’d like to
see your eyes, but you can’t have everything. You kneel there, in darkness
from your vantage point, your world filled with my cock in your mouth. I’m in
no danger of coming for a long time now, having shot earlier, so I just enjoy
the sensation for awhile. Finally I withdraw, popping out of your little
rosebud mouth, and I leave for a minute. You feel a void, now with your
mouth empty. I return, and put a cushion behind you, then urge you back onto
the carpet, on your back, on the cushion. I straddle you, and you shiver as
my cock brushes between your legs, and then moves across your tummy, finally
coming to rest between your breasts. You know what I want, and your hands
come up to either side of your breasts, pushing them together. I slide my
cock between your breasts, and begin slowly titty-fucking you. It feels very
good, and it’s interesting seeing your blindfolded face, a few inches from my
cock thrusting between your cleavage. A few minutes of this and I abruptly
stand up, then grasping your shoulders, urge you to your feet. Leading you to
a wall, I place you flat against it. Then I press my body up against you, my
hard cock pointing straight up, against your belly, your breasts against my
chest, my face pins your head to the wall gently, and my mouth covers yours
with fierce kisses. My hands hold your face as I french kiss you, then they
slide down to your breasts, then lower down, you are so wet down there. I
grasp your hips and lift a little, and then, with just a little effort,
finally slide my cock into your pussy, you offer a little unladylike grunt as
I fill you, and then I begin slowly fucking you there against the wall. You
are loving it, making the most delightful noises.
After a few minutes of this, I lift you up, hands on your ass, my cock
still inside you, and I awkwardly move over to the couch. Almost stumble for
a moment, and then, on the couch, I lay you back and begin earnestly fucking
you, sliding my cock in and out hard. Your wet pussy is so tight, so warm.
I pop out and decide to change position again, turn you around, bend you over
the couch. I enter you again, this time from behind, doggy style, as I
thrust, my hands are grasping your tits, and I’m gently tweaking your nipples
in time with my thrusts. Two fast thrusts, and then a slow one, a rhythm,
and your body arcs to anticipate my thrusts, your tits shaking as my body
rocks you, my mouth is on the side of your neck, you turn your head so that
our lips meet. I keep thrusting, fast fast, slow, relentlessly, pistoning,
and finally you come so loud I’m sure the neighbors hear it. I continue
ridding you for a few minutes, and then disengage. Sitting down on the couch,
my cock still hard, I pull you into my lap. Still blindfolded, you’re never
quite sure what I’m going to guide you into next. You wrap your legs around
me, and impale yourself on my cock. Your legs curl behind my back, and
meanwhile you’re bouncing up and down on my pole, while I lift your ass and
then allow you to settle back down on cock. We sit in this position for
awhile, just gently fucking, and finally you’re over the edge, coming for the
4th time this evening, and my cock finally can’t take it anymore and I come
for the 2nd. We both are gasping, breathing hard, and we finally slow to a
stop. My cock still inside you, semi-hard. Our arms are around each other,
and we are both shiny with sweat. I hug you close, your breasts pressing
against my chest, and gently kiss your face, finally peeling away the
blindfold revealing your lovely eyes again. I kiss each eyelid, forcing you
to close them again briefly, and then there’s a long period where we just hold
each other. Almost dozing, but not quite. It’s starting to get a little
chilly in here, and I don’t want to move, you’re so snug and warm, but I
finally lift you off, and go get a blanket. Wrap us both in it, and we
snuggle on the couch, just enjoying each other’s warmth lazily. In another
hour or so I might want to go again, before we go to bed, but for now, we’re
just wrapped around each other.
“So”, you whisper into my neck, “What are we doing next Saturday night?”
“Well…let’s see…I had some other things in mind with this
blindfold…the shower…the bubble bath where I soap you up…you tied up
with scarves, spread-eagled on my big bed…”
You leaned in closer, and whispered into my ear, “The night’s still
young…and there’s nowhere I have to be tomorrow.”
We spent about another ten minutes just snuggling up and enjoying each
other’s warmth. My hands gently rubbing your back. You curled up around me,
one foot was gently, lazily rubbing my cock. A foot-job that was having
results; I was starting to stiffen again. Your hands where tracing little
patterns on my chest.
I stood up, abruptly displacing the blanket, exposing us both to the
slightly chilly air. I grasped your arms, and pulled you to your feet.
Standing face to face, naked, I kissed you again on the forehead, your closed
eyes, down your cheek, until our lips met. Then with a grin, I put the
blindfold in place again. I gently grasped each of your nipples with the
thumb and forefinger of a hand. Then, walking backward, still pinching your
nipples, I urged you onward, leading you by the breasts, carefully around
corners since you were blindfolded, into the bathroom. I put the toilet seat
down, and, cupping your crotch with one hand, my other hand on your back,
urged you down to sit on the toilet seat. I began to run the bathwater. You
sat there blindfolded, awaiting what I’d come up with next with anticipation.
I sat down on the tub, swishing the water to make sure it was warm but not too
hot. As the tub filled, I looked over at your lovely form, naked and
blindfolded and sitting primly on the toilet seat, legs together, hands in
your lap. The air was still a little chilly, but every once in awhile some
warm drops splashing from the filling tub would land on you. A wave of
goosebumps swept over you, and you shivered a little. I got out a
bathsponge. Just watching you, my erection was back. I felt like I could
keep entertaining you (and entertaining myself with you) until at least the
sunrise. Then we’d both probably needs a good lazy until mid afternoon
sunday sleep. I leaned close and whispered into your ear, “This has been
great so far. But the best is yet to come.” While I waited for the tub to
fill, I pushed your knees apart, and begin to idly explore you. You sighed,
and bit your lip, and tried to keep still and not squirm, your world dark
behind the blindfold, just the sound of the water, the bathroom fan going, and
my hands on your body. It was about 2am now. The next 5 hours before sunrise
were going to be fun….