Laura the Prostitute

When Susan and I split, it wasn’t easy. We came to an amicable
arrangement for me to have access to Jane but a fifteen year-old girl
doesn’t always want to spend every other weekend with her father. So, I
took the decision to move out and find somewhere of my own. I was 37 at
the time. Things were going O.K. but it wasn’t easy to meet women. I’d
not dated in nearly 20 years so I was a little rusty and this meant that I’d
been without sex for over six months. Sure, I wanked off on a fairly
regular basis and the freedom to buy a few videos while I was in
Amsterdam on business kept me going – but it wasn’t the same as a good

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother with the cards stuck up inside of the phone
booth. But this night, I was desperate to get a taxi home and I was
determined to wait until the cab firm answered the phone. I surveyed the
cards casually – ‘Young model, new in the area, will pose for you’ or ‘Big
tits and long legs, call me’ – the usual stuff. One card caught my eye
because the line drawing on the card seemed so sweet and the text was not
as obvious as some of the others – ‘Laura is lonely and looking for a warm
companion. Call her and relax’. I was picturing Laura in my mind when
the cab firm finally answered. I left the booth and stood waiting for my

When I got home, and dumped my case and keys, I found the card from
the phone booth in my pocket. I thought for a second and realised I was
lightly flicking it between my fingers when the cab phone answered and I
must have slipped it into my pocket with the card for the cab. I looked at
it now and thought to myself if it was worth the risk. I thought for a few
minutes while I got changed and decided to give Laura a call. If I didn’t
like the sound of what was on offer, or if the price wasn’t right, I’d not

I dialled the number and waited. A soft voice spoke as the phone
answered – “Hello, this is Laura”. It was a sweet voice, and quite warm.
“What’s your name ?” she continued. “Err, Paul” I stuttered out before I
realised I meant to give a false name – oh well, it was only my first name.
“Hello Paul,” she continued “how can I help you ?”. I thought for a
second and said “I saw your card and wondered if I could see you”.
“Sure” she replied “I like to meet in a neutral location the first time and
just talk – is that o.k. ?” I was pleased she wasn’t pressuring me into
signing-up for a week long fuck-fest so I agreed to meet her the following
night in a quiet bar that we both knew.

The next day I was nervous and couldn’t decide whether to meet Laura or
not. The day went quickly as I was so busy and by 6 o’clock I realised I
still hadn’t decided on what to do. I stood thinking as Pippa, the office
tramp, strolled by in her tight sweater and skirt. My cock twitched and my
mind was made up – I was dying for a fuck.

I arrived at the bar a little before seven and got a table slightly out of
of the main area. I sat with my drink and read my paper. I lost track of
time and it was 7.15 when I realised someone was standing next to me. I
looked up and saw the face of a gorgeous girl. She looked young, 18 or 20
maybe with lovely blond hair cut into a stylish bob. She wore a tight
white blouse over a standard black skirt and nylons and black heels
completed the look. She could have been an ordinary secretary but when
she said “Hello, Paul” I realised it was Laura. I apologised for not having
been paying attention but she dismissed that and sat down opposite me
with her drink – that she had bought for herself.

We chatted briefly about the traffic and she apologised for being late
After ten minutes she collected her things and put on her jacket. She
slipped a card across the table to me. She leant forwards and said “I insist
on meeting everyone prior to seeing them for….other things” she smiled
and her face lit up. She had the cutest smile, with dimples forming in her
cheeks. I glanced at the card and it had the word “Plasticine” on it with a
phone number. My eyebrows raised ready to ask a question but she
anticipated and said “This is a password – a word known only to me and
you, no-one else”. I nodded. “Can I ask you for a word in return –
whenever we speak, I will ask you for your word and you will give my
word back to me as well..o.k.?”. I smiled at the simplicity of it all. This
was a woman who knew what she was doing. “Well ?,” she was waiting
for my reply. I thought briefly and said “Amsterdam”. She giggled and
turned the card over and wrote upon it. She left without saying anything
else. On the front of the card was a phone number and the words “Call
only between 6pm and 7.30pm – never at any other time”. I turned the
card over to see what she had written – “My place is fine, 3a Arch Road”.
There followed a list of what was on offer and prices. It seemed a little
expensive at first but she seemed to be worth it (in terms of looks and
personality) and she seemed discreet and careful. I thought for a minute
and decided I’d go for it, at least once. It would scratch an itch I’d had
six months. I looked down the rest of the card at the ‘menu’ of
possibilities. “Standard”, “Dominant”, “Slave”, “Schoolgirl”, “Slut”,
“Anal”, “Group Sex” & “Bondage”. My eyes widened at the
comprehensive list. I could feel my cock twitching already. I finished my
drink and left. On the way home I pictured all of the dirty things I could
do to Laura.


A few days passed before I called Laura – at the prescribed time between
6pm & 7.30pm. We agreed that I would visit the following night at 8pm.

I walked up to the house having parked a street away. The house was an
old dormitory style building with a double-front and three floors. I walked
to the door and surveyed the bells. I smiled as I read the list of names –
“Chantalle”, “Francois”, “Phillipa” etc.. Six in total, including Laura. I
rang the bell and after a slight pause I heard Laura’s soft voice. I
announced myself and said the words ‘Plasticine’ and ‘Amsterdam’ – the
door buzzed open and I stepped inside. Laura had said Flat A, first floor.

I nervously knocked on the door. I had never been with a prostitute before
but I was certainly in need of one now and I certainly wanted to get up
Laura. The door opened and a hand beckoned me in, the body hidden by
the door. I walked into a slightly darkened room and turned to see Laura
closing the door. She looked fabulous! She wore a short and tight knitted
black dress, the hem around mid-thigh. She had on nylons and some spiky
black stilettos. She wore the faintest hint of make-up and her hair was
pulled back behind her ears. I was admiring her lovely curves, large and
firm breasts and long legs when she ‘woke’ me by asking if I wanted a
drink. I asked for a whiskey and she disappeared into the kitchen and
motioned me down the corridor to the end room. I sat on a large sofa and
waited. The room was sparsely furnished and looked functional, but there
was no bed. Laura entered and sat next to me.

Laura spoke “Let’s get the business out of the way first thing. What are
you looking for tonight ?”. I paused and said ‘just straight sex’. She
smiled and set a price which I paid immediately. As she was putting the
money in a box on the fireplace I said that I liked underwear and would
she keep hers on. She turned to face me with her hand on her hips and her
legs slightly apart – God, but I could have fucked her straight away !.
“What sort of underwear do you like ?” she began, “full black silky stuff
or just hold-up stockings”. I was looking at her mouth as she spoke and
was wondering if she swallowed come or spat it out. I looked at her again
from head to toe and was once more struck by how lovely and young she
looked. Part of me was feeling quite protective to this sweet girl, having a
teen-age daughter of my own and knowing the feelings they have. “Paul
?” she said and I realised my mind was elsewhere. “Oh, I’d like you to
keep your hold-ups and shoes on please” I answered feeling like a small
boy. She smiled and left the room.

After a minute she called me and I followed her voice to the next room –
the bedroom. Laura was lying on the bed, wearing sheer hold-up
stockings and high-heeled black shoes. The only other thing she wore was
a thin string of pearls around her neck. She was raised a little on one
elbow with the fingers of her other hand lightly stroking her large breasts.
I got erect immediately and rushed to take off my clothes. She lay silent
and continued her stroking. When I was naked she stopped me from
climbing onto the bed and asked me to stand where I was. I was ‘pointing’
at her and she smiled and she crawled across the bed. She knelt on the
edge of the bed so that she was just shorter than me and took my hands to
cup her gorgeous tits. I rubbed my thumbs lightly over her stiff nipples
and she sighed a little. While I was doing this she cupped a hand around
my balls and squeezed gently. Her other hand gripped my cock and gently
rubbed it up and down. This continued for a minute but I moved a little
and she let go and lay back on the bed. Her fingers moved to her pussy
lips and I realised then that she was partly shaved. Her lips were clean but
there was a small triangle covering her pubic mound. I watched as her
fingers rubbed her lips at the top of her pussy and one slipped easily
inside and soon disappeared to be followed by two more. She now had
three fingers circling around her pussy, buried up to the second knuckle.

She looked at me and said “Well, what are you waiting for ?”. I needed no
further prompting and kneeled on the bed. I moved towards her and she
opened her legs wide. I shuffled forwards and she gripped the end of my
cock. I thought a little as to how long I would last but I had planned the
night before and wanked three times so that it wouldn’t be over too quick.
She guided my cock to her lips and I pushed a little and felt the glorious
slipperiness that only a wet pussy can give. I pushed again and my head
slipped inside. Laura moaned a little and said “Mmmm, that feels nice”. I
knew this talk was for my benefit, but it was nice to hear and she had a
lovely, sexy voice. I pushed again and my whole length was now inside of
her. Her hands moved around to grip my bum cheeks and she gripped
tightly as an encouragement for me to fuck her.

I wanted this to last but also I was desperate for a fast, hard, nasty fuck.
The sort of fuck where you’re taking some sort of revenge. She could
sense I was ‘tightening’ and she almost whispered “Fuck me as hard as
you want, I can take it”. That did it. I moved my hips in fast stabbing
movements, moving her arse up the bed as I did so. She put her arms
above her head and pushed back from the bedframe. Her pussy ground
onto my cock as I almost grunted in an animal manner. I realised I
wouldn’t last much longer and said
“……”. She was breathing hard herself
now and she replied in a similar way and said “”. I
looked at her lovely tits and couldn’t resist them. I pulled out with an
audible slurp and shuffled up so that my cock was hovering over her tits.
She grabbed it quickly and angled it down whilst rubbing at the same
time. “OH SHIIIITTTT..” was as far as I got and a long stream of come
shot out, landing on her chin and neck. The next spurt was controlled by
her and landed right over her left breast. I spurted a couple of more times,
each one landing on her lovely breasts. As I weakened she pushed me
back so that I was sitting on my ankle haunches. I looked at her tits
covered in come and was surprised when her hands went back to her
pussy. She looked at me and said “Well, I haven’t come yet”. This took
me by surprise as I never thought to consider her and I had some
recollection that prostitutes almost prided themselves on the fact that they
never came (‘I save that for my boyfriend !’). I watched as her fingers
played around her clitty and was surprised at how quickly she came. He
arse bucked from the bed as four fingers played around inside. She
moaned deeply and fell back onto the bed.

We stay unmoving and unspeaking for a minute until she opened her eyes
and looked down at me and her come-spattered tits. With her middle
finger she scooped up a blob of come and stuck out her tongue. She
flicked it from her finger and drew her tongue back into her mouth. She
smiled. Again, her finger scooped up a blob but this time she sat up and
moved her finger to my mouth. I paused a little but thought ‘what the
heck’ and opened my mouth. She placed her finger on my tongue and let
me lick the come from it. She smiled widely and said “Most men won’t
do that”. She paused and then said “Paul, I’m going to let you see me
again”. I was a little surprised by this ‘turn’ of events. She noticed I was
considering what she had said so she continued “I don’t do this very
much, so I can afford to be selective”.

She continued to tell me that to get an ‘invitation’ to return had only been
granted to a few. These few needed to be clean, well-behaved and ‘up to
her standard’. Laura told me that she needed to be careful and this ‘work’
was only a temporary thing. She would only do it whilst she felt safe and
whilst she enjoyed it.

As I dressed I asked when I could return. She paused and said the
weekend would be fine. She asked what I would like and I retrieved the
card she had given me. I looked at this gorgeous girl in front of me and
the word ‘Slut’ almost leapt from the card. Laura smirked and gave a long
‘Mmmmm’. “O.K. then,” she continued “I think I know what you’d
like…will you leave it my hands ?”. I laughed at the double-meaning and
she smiled in return. Shit, but I liked this girl. She showed me to the door
and kissed me softly on the cheek. We agreed to meet on Saturday at


The week went slowly. I couldn’t get Laura out of my mind. She was the
sexiest woman I had met and I was able to put to the back of my mind the
fact that I was paying to fuck her.

I phoned on Saturday at 1pm as agreed and felt slightly hurt when Laura
asked if I could make it at 4pm, rather than 2pm. But my curiosity (and
cock !) was aroused when she said that she wanted to make sure she was
ready for what she had planned for me !

I arrived at 4pm and went through the usual routine. I knocked on her
door and stood and waited for a while. I knocked again and eventually the
door was opened. I waited for the ‘beckoning hand’ but nothing appeared
so I entered and closed the door after me. Laura wasn’t to be seen. I
walked slowly down the corridor until I came to the door of the bedroom.
>From inside I could hear noises. I listened closely and thought it sounded
like moaning, and I don’t mean in pain ! I pushed the door a little and
looked inside. Laura was on the bed, and my mouth dropped open when I
saw what she was doing..

Laura had a large black dildo pushed up her pussy and was working it
hard inside of her. The plastic cock was glistening with her juices. She
was dressed in a black corset with her tits exposed over the top, black
suspenders and stockings. She wore a black leather choker with studs
around it. He arse was bucking off the bed as she worked the dildo in and
out of her. She looked over at me and said, “Either fuck off or come and
suck on my tits”. Well it was an invitation!. I dropped off my jeans and
shirt and almost ran to the bed. I bit down on her swelling breasts and
sucked on her nipples. Laura almost screamed in a mixture of pain and
pleasure. I continued nibbling but I was aware that she’d stopped with the
dildo. She put her hands around my head and pushed me down to her
pussy. I was looking forward to eating her out and slid my tongue
greedily over her shaved lips and lapped up the juices. It tasted odd,
slightly salty. I realised quickly that she was full of come and she was
now forcing me to ‘clean’ her out. I pulled my head away a little but she
forced it back. I didn’t want this so I pulled away forcefully and rolled
the bed. “Well, you wanted me to be a slut” she jeered. “Yes, but I draw
the line at eating other men’s spunk” I spat back.

She grinned and rolled away from me slightly giving me a lovely view of
her rounded arse. “So, take it out on me – get your own back then !” she
goaded and moved her fingers back down to her pussy. They rubbed
inside a little but she withdrew them, glistening with a mixture of spunk,
pussy juices and saliva. She moved her index finger to her anus and
pushed it inside easily. She rolled over onto her stomach and threw her
legs wide. She pushed another finger up her arse and started to rub around
in circular motions. I looked at her pussy, glistening wet. I knelt behind
her and lowered myself down and thrust my cock hard into her snatch.
“Mmmmm, that’s nice” she cooed. I thrust hard into her, as though to
punish her. She grunted a little but kept rubbing her ass-hole. I wanted her
to really feel my cock so I moved my arms higher and levered myself to a
steeper angle and thrust back down. “Aaaarrggghhh” was all she managed
and I could feel my spunk building. As I neared the end of my resistance,
I used one hand to pull the fingers from her ass and then pulled my cock
from her pussy and pushed my head against her tight, puckered anus. I
grunted and shot my load over her ass. Spurt after spurt hit her bud and
slid down between her legs. “Oh, shit that’s hot !” she cried and then
squealed a little as she came.

I fell onto the bed next to her to recover. I guess I must have fallen
as the next thing I remember was a strange sensation. I opened my eyes
and looked down to see Laura rubbing a vibrator over my already stiff
cock. “Oh, you’re awake then !” she said and immediately dropped the
vibro and shuffled up the bed so she was squatting over my cock. She
held it pointing at her pussy and then dropped her hips to impale herself
on it. I looked at her tits bouncing free above her corset and moved my
hands to grip them but realised I couldn’t move them. They had been tied
above my head to the bedframe. Not hard, just with soft rope and I had
some movement, but it was clear that I wasn’t going anywhere. I moved
my legs and realised again that my ankles were tied. Laura was now
bouncing away on my cock and whispering to herself ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’
and she rubbed my cock inside of her. She lowered her head down to my
ear and whispered “Slutish enough for you ?”. I moaned as I felt my
second orgasm building inside of me. She sensed I was close and stopped
moving. She turned around and moved her ass backwards towards me. I
could see spunk was still smeared around her anus as she lowered her
pussy to my mouth. I licked furiously at first and then found her clitty. I
sucked hard and felt her stiffen. She was now wanking me and I knew I
wouldn’t last long. I sucked for all I was worth and she squealed as she
came. Her juices tasted slightly sweeter for a second but I lost control
myself and spurted hard, my ass leaving the bed as my hips bucked. She
put her mouth around my head and took the full force of my come in her

We relaxed and she rolled off me. She quickly untied my ankles and
wrists and lay beside me on the bed. “Shit, Laura, that was powerful” was
all I could manage. She giggled and gave my cock a small squeeze. “I said
I was good” she replied, and continued “I like your body Paul. You have a
nice cock, not the biggest I’ve had but stiff and receptive – I like fucking
you”. I felt my ego swell. I didn’t think this was normal ‘business’ talk –
she said I wasn’t the biggest. She could have said how she’d never had
anyone better etc.. I really felt she was genuine.

I sat on the edge of the bed and found my jeans. I looked inside my wallet
– untouched from when I entered. Even though I was asleep enough to be
tied up, she didn’t take advantage of me in the other way. I pulled out the
agreed number of notes and paused before drawing out an extra 10 note. I
put it on the dresser. I got dressed and turned to look at her. Laura looked
peaceful. Her legs were slightly bent which only made her stockings look
even more gorgeous on her lovely legs. She looked up at me and said
“Like to make another appointment ?” Now, that was a silly question !.
We agreed on next weekend but I said my mind was too addled to come
up with a ‘theme’ just yet. I said I’d call her and let her know what I


The rest of the weekend was a blur. I was physically exhausted for the rest
of Saturday and all through Sunday and the next few days I couldn’t get
Laura out of my mind. I felt like a kid at Christmas – I knew I had a ‘treat
coming. This time though, I could decide on what the ‘treat’ would be !. I
had some very erotic dreams over the next couple of nights and it was the
last of these that gave me the impetus to call Laura. We went through our
code words, and I put my request to Laura. She thought for a few seconds
before answering and said that what I had in mind sounded fun and she
giggled like a schoolgirl. I felt pleased that I seemed to be making her

When I split with my wife, I found I had some of her clothes. But these
weren’t clothes she actually wore – they were ones I had bought for her
and she worn only once. I had bought her a ‘naughty schoolgirl’ outfit –
short black pleated skirt, stockings, tight white blouse and necktie. I had
fantasised about it and goaded my wife into trying it. It had happened
once and she had played the naughty girl part quite well but she hadn’t
enjoyed it. The clothes had been stored in one of my cupboards and when
I moved out, I found the clothes had been packed for me. I wanted Laura
to wear them now, to act out the fantasies my wife found so difficult to

In fairness to Susan, there had been quite a bit of embarrassment
surrounding the ‘outfit’. On the one occasion she had worn it, we had
been surprised by Jane returning early from a night-out with her friends –
it had never happened before ! Jane was fourteen at the time and well
aware of the sorts of things that went on and what adults got up to. She
was well developed for her age and had lovely rounded legs (from her
mother) and nice boobs (not from her mother !). Jane came home as Susan
was bent over my knees being spanked. Susan’s arse was well exposed
and framed by the stockings and suspenders. Jane stood in the doorway
with a curious expression until the realisation hit her and she went bright
red and ran upstairs. Susan stood up and fumed at me. She called me a
pervert and ran upstairs herself. I let things quiet down before knocking
on Jane’s door to explain. I sat on her bed and tried to explain these
‘feelings’ that men have etc.. but Jane understood and sat smirking at me
all of the time. It was that look and that understanding that I got from
Laura. Don’t get me wrong, I never thought of my daughter in a sexual
way but I knew that she would become an attractive woman and probably
a sexy one at that.

That was the beginning of the end between Susan and myself.


I was looking forward to seeing Laura and playing out the schoolgirl
fantasy. Since the spilt with Susan I’d wanted to ‘exorcise’ the ghost.
Saturday afternoon arrived and I couldn’t wait to get round there. But I’d
forgotten one thing, namely Jane. We had agreed that she’d spend the day
with me weeks ago and in all of my recent excitement I’d completely

In fact, I was nearly out of the door when she arrived. As soon as I saw
her, I realised my mistake and welcomed her inside. We said the usual
‘hello’s and got comfortable. We would go out shopping later and then for
a meal before I dropped her back at her mothers. Quite some time had
gone by before it occurred to me that I’d not phone Laura to let her know
I wouldn’t be able to make it. I excused myself to Jane and went into the
hall. It was a brief call and Laura was wonderfully understanding. The
way she moaned in a girly voice ‘Oh, but I was soooo looking forward to
it’ got me stiff. I went back to the lounge but Jane had popped upstairs, I
presumed to get ready to go out.

When she came back downstairs after a few minutes, my eyes nearly
popped out of my sockets. She had found the bag containing the uniform
intended for Laura and was now standing before me dressed in the very
short pleated skirt, stockings and suspenders, high black heels and tight
blouse. I moved my mouth a little but couldn’t say anything. She spoke
first. “Laura upset or was she o.k. with you missing your appointment ?”.
I mouthed silently again trying to think of answers and realising that my
daughter looked damn sexy. “I know her, by the way. We’re not friends
but acquaintances. I saw her last weekend at a party and got chatting”. I
recovered my composure and started to explain about men’s needs etc.. I
knew she was a big girl and would understand, I only hoped she wouldn’t
tell her mother. What she said next made me certain it would go no

“Oh yes, it was a good night. Laura was with her pimp and I was with
mine. What’s up Dad, didn’t you know I was on the game ? I’m
‘Chantalle’ – I have the room above Laura. We don’t meet, she only does
a few days but I’m there most nights. School’s not a problem and I get to
study in-between fucks. I quite enjoy it and the money should put me
through college – Laura has the same plan”.

I couldn’t speak. I flopped down into the chair and tried to take in what
she was saying. I started to get angry with her – but she soon put a stop to
that. “Don’t get angry Dad and don’t try to stop me. Laura’s careful, she
takes photos of her ‘clients’, she showed me yours but it wasn’t very
clear. But when she said you wanted her to dress as a schoolgirl, I knew
for certain”. She giggled and ran her fingertips down the length of the
suspenders and into the top of the stockings. “So, I have evidence that
you’ve been fucking a fourteen year-old girl. Yes, fourteen. Now, she
may be a prostitute but it’s still called paedophillia”. She let the words
sink in. I was crushed.

“Now,” she continued, “I’ll get changed and we can.