Wife In A Slave House

She never liked Sunday mornings. On Sunday morning her husband was usually interested in sex.

Angela Prentice lay in bed with her back to Ken. She wasn’t certain he was awake yet. She hoped this was one of the days he would sleep until nearly noon. But then she felt him move. He was awake, all right. It was nine o’clock in Sunday morning and she suspected that in a few moments he would start something.

She was right, of course. Ken pressed against her. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass. His arm came over her, his hand moving up to cover one of her tits. He pushed his cock more firmly against her ass. He wanted to fuck.

“Awake, honey? Let’s have a little you-know-what.”

She could feel the heat of his cock pushing against her ass crack. She hated it. She’d always hated it. It just wasn’t her thing. Maybe some women liked, but she didn’t.

Now she pretended she was still asleep. Ken kept pressing against her. He whispered at her, his voice still groggy with sleep.

“Come on, baby, wake up and let’s fuck,” Angela groaned, pretended Ken had awakened her. “What?”

“I said let’s fuck.”

“Oh Ken.”

“Come on, it’s Sunday morning.”

“I know what day it is.”

“Don’t you want to?”

“Ken, it’s too early.”

Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. She had to give it a try. She hoped maybe today it would work and he’d leave her alone.

But Ken persisted. “It’s nice in the morning, Angie.”

“You know I don’t like to do it in the morning.”

“You never give it a chance.”

“Please, Ken.”

“Come on, baby, let me put it in.”

He kept insisting. She could hear the mounting irritation in his voice. If she didn’t let him fuck her now, he’d be irritable all day long. She hated the feel of his cock pushing at her as. How awful it was that he was so eager to fuck her and she had no interest in it.

Finally she yielded. She knew she had to. She allowed herself to relax and Ken felt it. He played with her cunt from behind. She felt his fingers tickling her cunt lips, pushing between them, probing at her cunt hole. She was dry. She was always dry when he wanted to fuck her. He finally reached for the bottle of lotion on the night-table. She hears him mutter something about the dryness of her cunt. Then she felt his fingers again.

She felt him rubbing the lotion between her cunt lips and inside her cunt hole. As always, she found it repulsive. She hated it. But she said nothing. She lay there waiting for him. Finally he finished greasing her cunt hole and she felt the knob of his cock pushing at her pussy. He groaned as his prick slid inside. He pushed all the way in until his belly was against her ass. “Oh, yeah, that’s good. That’s a hot pussy, honey. My honey has a hot pussy.” He giggled at his language. He started fucking her, the two of them on their sides, her back to Ken, his cock sliding in and out of her cunt from behind.

God, how she hated it. After two years of marriage she still found it awful. She hated the intimacy of it. She hated the feel of his cock in there, the feel of his prick ravishing her body. When they weren’t fucking, she was happy with him. She told herself she loved him, but now she felt only hated as his hand squeezed her ass. He was like an animal behind her, grunting and sweating as he fucked her. She was always amazed at how he turned into an animal when he did it. Sex was so messy. Her attitudes towards sex had always been negative. She had no experience with it as a girl. In high school she wouldn’t let anyone touch her.

She’d been a virgin when she married Ken. He’d seemed so delighted to pop her cherry. She remembered the bleeding. She remembered how miserable she’d been during their honeymoon. She’d made a show of it, though. For Ken’s sake. For the sake of the marriage. A man had to make a show, of it.

Now he was into the fucking. His cock felt like a had pipe in her cunt-channel. He pumped away, his hand gripping her hip, his belly slapping against her asscheeks. He squeezed her ass, then he moved his hand to squeeze tits. She felt degraded by the fucking. All he was doing was using her body. Be fore long he would come and use her cunt like a toilet. It was awful. The bed creaked as he fucked her and she hated that, too. Why couldn’t he be decent to her? She hated him when he was like this.

Then finally he was at the finish. As usual, he made noises when he came. He pumped away in her pussy as he emptied his balls. She felt the wetness, the sticky feel of his jism as he pulled his cock out and rolled away.

In a few moments he was sleeping again. He was finished with her. She waited until she was certain he was asleep, and then she slipped off the bed and went to the bathroom.

She closed and locked the bathroom door and then she sat down on the toilet. Ken’s jism started leaking out of her pussy. She hated having his slime in her. She let it all leak out and then she mopped her pussy with toilet paper. She felt so used. She told herself she was nothing but a convenient hole for him.

She lingered in the bathroom, but then finally she went back to the bedroom. Now Ken was out of bed and seated near a window. He had his shorts on. He started picking on her immediately.

“You’re an iceberg, Angie.”

“Ken, we don’t need another fight about that.”

“You’re a fucking iceberg.”

“Please don’t talk like that.”

“But you are.”

“And you’re like an animal sometimes. Do you think I enjoy that?”

“A cold fish. I never thought you’d be such a cold fish.”

It went on and on. He continued berating her. He said that after two years of marriage he expected more from her. Finally he left the bedroom. She heard him put his running suit on. Then he was out of the house to do his jogging. Angela was relieved. She was happy to be alone again.

She went down to the kitchen to have her coffee. She sat there awhile watching a stupid program on TV, then finally she went upstairs to the bathroom. She slipped her robe off, climbed into the shower and turned the water on.

It wasn’t long before she responded to the feel other own hands on her body. She always did.

She could feel her pussy twitch as she lathered her tits. Well, go on, she thought. She hated sex with Ken, but not with herself. She wasn’t such a cold fish, like he thought. She quivered as she ran the bar of soap between her cunt lips. She was a woman, after all. She had a pussy and it gave her pleasure. Secret pleasure. She put the soap away and she used her hand instead. She started masturbating.

She always liked it when she did it herself. Maybe afterwards she’d feel guilty, but now as she did it she loved it. She knew how to give herself pleasure. She rubbed the shaft of her clit. She liked to drag it out, does it slowly until she was in a frenzy of need. She pushed two fingers inside her cunt hole. Her pussy-lips felt so swollen now.

She amused herself by tickling her asshole, pushing the tip of her finger inside and turning it around. Then back to her cunt. Three fingers now. Stretch the old hole. Well, not really old, she was only twenty-eight. She gave her clit a quick rub, hard rubbing on the tip, and in a moment she groaned as her cunt spasmed.

Just a brief moment of pleasure. She thought of doing it again but she changed her mind. She was already feeling guilty. She always felt ashamed of herself when she used her fingers to get off.

When Ken returned, he apologized for what he’d said. “You’re not an iceberg. You’re my wife and I love you.”

He was affectionate. He took her in his arms and kissed her forehead. She could smell the sweat on him. She felt that now she had the upper hand. She accepted his apology.

But soon his hands were moving over her body, squeezing her ass through her robe when they were in the kitchen. He wanted to fuck again. He kissed her mouth. He made her slip the robe off. He fondled her tits and ass. He wanted to fuck her right there. He wanted to fuck her in the kitchen.

Angela was desperate. She resisted. She made excuses. She said the kitchen was an awful place. She talked about the neighbors looking through the windows.

But Ken wouldn’t be put, off. He continued to press her until finally she had to yield. She went limp. She let him do what he wanted with her body. He took her in his arms and kissed her neck. Then he bent his head to kiss her tits. He still had his running suit on. She looked down at him as he sucked her nipples. In a moment he was down in a crouch with his face pressed against her cunt bush. She let him sniff at her a moment and then she pushed him away. “Ken, please…” She told him if he wanted to fuck her they’d have to go to the bedroom. She told him she wouldn’t do it anywhere else. “I just won’t and that’s all.”

He went along with her. They climbed the stairs together. She felt awkward because she was naked and he still had his running suit on. But inside the bedroom he quickly stripped. He had a huge hard-on. He was obviously very excited. And sweaty. She could see the sweat glistening on his chest and belly. She found it repulsive. She was sorry now that she’d agreed to let him fuck her. She ought to have told him to shower first. But of course it was too late. He’d be furious if she put him off again. Now she had to let him fuck her while the sweat dripped off his body.

In a moment they were on the bed for the second time that morning. He was all over her. He kept her pinned down as he kissed her. Then he climbed over her. He pulled her legs up and apart and pushed his cock inside her cunt. He groaned as he went in. Then he settled down to fuck her. He had her legs hanging over his arms as he pounded her pussy. She kept her eyes closed. The only thing she could do now was wait for him to finish. She heard him grunting.

She could smell his sweat, and feel it dripping on her belly. She could feel his cock pummeling her pussy. He liked to fuck this way, hard and fast. Maybe some women would like it, but she had no interest in it. She prayed it would end soon.

Finally he came, pounding her cunt as he shot off, his balls slapping against her ass as the jism shot out of his prick. He always came like a bull and she always found it disgusting.

He rolled away from her and in a moment he was asleep. She suspected this time he would sleep until noon. For the second time that morning, she left the bed and went to wash in the bathroom. His sweat soiled her and jism and she wondered if she ought to have another shower. As she sat on the toilet, she lost control and started weeping.

But finally she pulled herself together. She had to get on with her life. As she expected, Ken slept until noon. She made lunch and they had it on the patio. They waved at the neighbors and Angela wondered what went on in the other houses. Most of them had kids. Maybe someday she’d have children also and the problems she had now wouldn’t matter any more.

After lunch she wanted to be alone. Ken started watching a football game and Angela decided to take the car somewhere. Anywhere. Just to get away. Ken waved goodbye as she walked out. His eyes never left the TV screen. She was happy to have her freedom. At least for a few hours she could do what she wanted.

She drove out to the country. It was a pleasant day and the farms and orchards she passed seemed so peaceful. She finally picked a side road at random and turned onto it off the highway. After a few hundred yards, she pulled the car over on the shoulder of the road and she climbed out to walk.

She hadn’t walked along a road like this since her childhood. The road was isolated, hardly any traffic, nothing more than a single old jalopy in ten minutes. She liked the silence, the open sky, and the smell of fresh cut hay.

Then a van came by, one of those vans with curtained windows and lurid colors on the outside. It slowed down as it passed Angela, and then it stopped about fifty yards ahead of her.

She continued walking towards it. She could see a farmhouse off on the right and she felt completely safe. What could happen out here at two o’clock on a Sunday afternoon?

The back of the van opened and a man and a woman got out. They looked at Angela and she felt even better because of the woman. A woman meant it was safe. She continued walking. Before she passed them, they smiled and the woman spoke to her.

“Need a lift, honey? Why don’t you climb in?”

Angela thanked them, but told them no. They blocked her way and she was suddenly afraid. Now she realized she was all alone out here.

“Please, just let me pass.”

The woman laughed and opened the back of the van. The man grabbed Angela’s arm. She struggled. The woman came to help the man. They forced Angela into the van and then climbed in after her. The woman pulled the door shut. A second man was up front behind the wheel. He called back to them. “Okay?”

The woman answered. “Okay, Moose, get going.”

Angela cowered on the carpeted floor of the van. She could feel her head spinning. She thought she was about to faint, but it didn’t happen. The van was moving now and there was no way to get out. The people who’d forced her inside had the door blocked off.

The woman smiled at Angela. She was about Angie’s age and pretty. She wore a tank top and one of her arms had a metal band around it.

“What’s your name, doll? I’m Lola and this is Jerry.”

Angela finally sat up. “You can’t do this. Please stop this thing and let me out.”

The woman chuckled. “We can’t do that now. Once Moose starts moving, he doesn’t like to stop until he gets where he’s going. Just rein and everything will be fine. You still haven’t told us your name. Come on, have some beer and you’ll feel better.”

Angela was terribly afraid. Lola tried to soothe her, but Angela could tell that Lola wasn’t sincere. They were taking her somewhere against her will. Lola kept asking her name and finally she told it to them.

“I’m calling the police as soon as I can.”

Jerry said hardly anything. Then Angela gasped as she saw him bring some rope out of a pile of junk near where he was sitting. Bath Jerry and Lola came towards her and she was helpless.

“Just to make sure you don’t try anything,” Lola said.

They tied her up. They soon had her ankles tied together and her wrists tied behind her back and a wad of cloth stuffed into her mouth. She lay on the floor and started crying into the gag.

“Oh shut up,” Lola said. She sipped beer out of the can she held in her hand. She talked to Angela. She said Angela was pretty. She took another slug out of the can, and then she handed the can to Jerry. His eyes continually on Angela, Jerry finished the beer and put the can down.

“She’s a knockout.”

Lola laughed. “Yeah, she sure is. I think Cory’s going to like her.”

Jerry kept looking at Angela’s legs and ass and tits, and then finally he touched her. He ran his hands over her tits, his fingers rough as he squeezed her flesh.

Lola laughed. “Don’t break anything, love.”

“Just looking,” Jerry said. He opened the front of Angela’s blouse and pulled one of her tits out of her bra. “Nice. Very nice.” Then he pulled her dress up to look at her thighs and ass. He fondled her ass through her panties. “Yeah, she’s a piece, all right.”

He squeezed her ass. He pulled her panties down to uncover her asscheeks.

Angela closed her eyes and shuddered as he pulled her asscheeks apart to look at her asshole. She heard him laugh. She heard Lola laugh. She wanted to scream, but she had the gag in her mouth and a scream would be useless.

Then she felt Jerry’s fingers in her ass crack. He probed her cunt, his fingers pushing inside her dry cunt-channel. The fingers finally came out and he tickled her asshole. She wanted to die. His finger rubbed around and around, then pushed inside her asshole with a screwing motion.

“Tight as a drum and clean as a whistle,” Jerry said.

Lola laughed. “All right, let’s fuck her and get it over with.”

Angela sobbed in her throat as she squirmed away from Jerry’s finger. She heard them laughing. She trembled from head to toe as she heard them laughing.


Angela lay there cringing on the floor of the van. Lola taunted her. Jerry and Lola both seemed amused at Angela’s fear of them. Jerry’s finger was out of her ass, but he was still touching her. His hand ran back and forth over her legs.

“Maybe we should stop off somewhere.”

“Never mind that,” Lola said. “If you want to fuck her, do it right here. If we stop somewhere, there’s a chance we’ll lose her. Go on, fuck her if you want.”

Jerry leaned closer to Angela. His hand moved from her legs to her ass. Her skirt was still around her waist and her asscheeks were uncovered. She trembled with fear he would stick his finger in her ass again. But instead all he did was tease her. He pinched her ass. He asked her if she liked to fuck.

“I bet you’re a hot piece.”

Angela was terrified. She was completely in their power. They could do anything they wanted to her and after that, they might even kill her. She closed her eyes. She didn’t want to look at them. Looking at them just made it more horrible.

Lola was amused. “She’s so scared, she’ll piss in her panties.”

Jerry chuckled. “That’s okay, that’s a turnon.”

He was playing with Angela’s tits now. He seemed in no hurry to fuck her. Then he pulled her head into his lap. Angela could smell him. A shudder ran through her as he pressed his face against the front of his pants.

Then he opened his fly and brought his cock out. She still had the gag in her mouth. His cock was no more than a few inches from her face. Big and thick and slowly getting hard as he stroked it with his fingers.

“You like cockmeat, baby?”

She wanted to throw up. His cock looked so huge. Then he pulled the gag out of her mouth and she gasped as he pinched her nose. “Please, I beg you!”

“Suck it, baby. Suck the prickmeat.”

She shook her head violently. He slapped her face and told her again. He pulled her face forward and pushed his cock knob against her mouth. He pinched her nose, forcing her to open her lips. Finally she yielded. She was afraid he’d hurt her if she didn’t. She opened her mouth to take his cock. Jerry grunted as he pulled at her head to get more of his cock between her lips.

“Come on, get it all in. All the way in, baby.” He laughed. He joked with Lola about it. “I don’t think she likes it. I don’t think she likes my cock. What do you say about that, Lola? This chick doesn’t like my cock.”

His big cock filled Angela’s mouth. She had to breathe through her nose and she found it difficult. Her jaws were stretched wide. He stroked her face, urging her to suck his prick. She had no idea what he wanted. She didn’t know what to do, so she did nothing. She just lay there with his cock in her mouth and before long he was angry.

He pushed her face away from his cock and he rolled her over. His big hands worked at her body until he had her the way he wanted. He had her kneeling on the carpet, her head down and her ass uncovered. Her wrists were still tied behind her back and now her arms were hurting.

He pulled at her panties, and then ripped them away to expose her ass. She felt his fingers playing with her aunt, probing between her cunt lips to find her cunt hole. His fingers pushed inside, brutally spearing her tender flesh. He churned his fingers around, muttered something to Lola and pulled his fingers out. In a moment Angela felt his cock pressing between her cunt lips. He pushed in. His cock felt like a huge club forcing its way inside her cunt-channel. A plaintive cry came out of her throat as he started fucking her.

“She’s got a dry pussy,” Jerry said. He pulled back and grunted as he rammed in again. “I hate a damn cunt when it’s dry.”

Lola laughed. “I guess you don’t turn the girl on, Jerry.”

Angela prayed he would finish quickly. He reminded her so much of Ken. They were both animals. But this was much worse. This was a nightmare and she told herself she wanted to die. She felt completely degraded. His cock bruised her cunt. It was awful to be taken like this in front of another woman. Lola seemed to enjoy it. Angela couldn’t understand why Lola showed no interest in helping her. She suddenly hated Lola more than Jerry.

Jerry finally shot off in Angela’s cunt. She heard him grunting and then she felt the sudden wetness. He pulled his cock out of her pussy. He slapped her ass and she rolled away to the side with a sob.

Jerry cursed. “She’s a lousy fuck.”

“I told you why,” Lola teased. “You just don’t turn her on. Let’s find out if she likes pussy.”

Angela started trembling again as she watched Lola pull her jeans off. She can’t mean it, Angela thought. But of course Lola did mean it. The brunette wore nothing under her jeans. She had a dark hairy cunt. She ran her fingers through her cunt bush and smiled at Angela.

“Now you get to suck the goodies, honey.” Lola moved to Angela, pushed her over on her back and squatted over Angela’s face. She ordered Angela to suck her cunt. She spread her cunt lips with her fingers to show Angela the inside of her cunt gash. Angela couldn’t help looking at the girl’s hairy pussy. Lola’s clit was like a big red bean. Angela could see the film of white cunt juice at the opening of Lola’s gaping cunt hole. Then suddenly there was nothing but darkness as Lola sat down on Angela’s face.

She could smell it. Angela had the smell of Lola’s cunt in her nose as Lola mashed her pussy against Angela’s face. Angela was nauseated. Lola’s dripping cunt seemed to be everywhere, covering her eyes and nose and mouth. Then Lola pulled up a bit to make it easier for Angela. She ordered Angela to use her tongue.

When Angela did nothing, Lola slapped her. Angela shuddered and stuck her tongue out. She started licking. She soon had the salty taste of Lola’s cunt juice on her tongue. Lola giggled and asked for more.

“Stick it up my pussyhole. Get it all the way in there.”

She pressed down on Angela’s face. Angela did what the girl wanted. She stuck her tongue deep inside Lola’s cunt hole. She could feel Lola’s fingers near her nose as Lola rubbed her clit.

Lola jerked off on Angela’s face. The brunette grunted as she came. Angela retched as a gob of slimy cunt juice slid over her tongue. The hot juice seemed to pour out of Lola’s pussy. Then Angela realized that some of it was piss and she wanted to die. Lola laughed as she climbed off Angela’s face.

After a while the van stopped somewhere. Moose, the one who was driving, wanted his turn at Angela. He came into the back. He was a brawny-looking man and Angela was suddenly terribly afraid of him.

Moose knew exactly what he wanted. The others watched as he forced Angela to kneel on the carpeted floor. His hands were rough as he pushed Angela’s head down. Then his fingers worked at the rope that bound her ankles. “Christ, we don’t need this. She’s not going anywhere.” He spread her legs apart. In a moment Angela felt his cock ramming inside her cunt from behind.

He gripped her asscheeks with his big hand. He fucked in and out of her cunt slowly. He grunted as his fingers toyed with her asshole. Then his pace quickened. He fucked hard and deep until his load boiled over. He rammed into her as he dumped his load in her cunt.

When Moose pulled his cock out of Angela’s cunt, Lola started teasing Angela about all the jism in her pussy. Moose left the back of the van and went back to the driver’s seat. In a moment the van was moving again. Lola scooped same cunt juice out of her own cunt gash and wiped it over Angela’s face. Angela closed her eyes and started crying. The feel of the wet slime on her face was horrible.

After that they drove for hours and hours. Angela slept awhile. She dreamt she was free, on a beach somewhere in the sun. She came awake when the van stopped. She had no idea where they were now. Jerry opened the back door of the van and Angela saw that it was night outside. Moose came around from the front and he helped Jerry carry Angela out of the van and into a house. They took her to a bare room and switched the overhead light on. Then the two men left.

Angela lay on the floor. She thought of getting up and running, but she was too exhausted. Finally the door opened and Lola came in. She brought some water and Angela drank it. After that Lola cleaned Angela’s face.

“You look messy. You’ve got to look pretty for Cory.”

Angela had no idea who Cory was. She begged Lola for more water and Lola gave it to her. She asked Lola where she was, but Lola shook her head and refused to answer. Angela continued asking, and then she started crying again. Lola laughed and pinched one of Angela’s tits until Angela groaned. After that Lola left the room and Angela was alone again.

She remained on the floor. Her wrists were still tied behind her back, but they hadn’t tied her ankles again. She thought about her plight. She’d been kidnapped by these horrible people. They’d been driving so long, they could be anywhere. Maybe four or five hundred miles from her home. Ken had probably called the police by now. Maybe they’d already found the car. The more Angela thought about it, the more confident she became that she’d be found and rescued.

She looked at the room. It was just a bare room with a few chairs and a table. The shade was pulled down to cover the one window. There were no sounds of a city from outside. Angela remembered how clean the air was when she’d come out of the van. She guessed she was in the country somewhere. Once again she wondered who Cory was. Cory was the one she was supposed to be pretty for.

Then she heard talking outside the room. She was suddenly afraid again and she wanted to run. She tried to free her hands but it was useless. Someone laughed on the other side of the door. Angela shuddered, wondering what would happen to her next.

Then suddenly the door opened and a man entered. He was a tall man with dark piercing eyes. He wore neatly pressed pants and a clean white shirt. Angela immediately saw he wasn’t like the others. This one seemed to be someone special. He had an air of quiet authority about him.

The man sat down in one of the chairs and smiled at Angela.

“Hello, Angela. My name’s Cory.”

He started questioning her. Was she married? Did she have any children? What had she been doing walking on that road? Did they hurt her in the van? He had a soft voice and Angela found herself answering his questions. She thought he might help her. He seemed to approve of her. When he wasn’t asking a question, he was looking at her. He seemed to like the way she looked.

Then he asked again about her treatment in the van. “What did they do to you?”

Angela complained. “They raped me. All of them raped me and it was horrible.”

Cory said nothing. Then his lips turned in a thin smile.

“Lola too?”

“She made me do things to her.”

Cory chuckled. “I guess she gets that way sometimes.”

Angela suddenly begged him to release her. She promised him money. She said she was sure her husband would be happy to pay something to get her back.

Cory shook his head and said it wasn’t possible. “We don’t do that. Once you come here, we don’t do that.”

Then he said she shouldn’t think about escaping. He said no one ever escaped from this place. His voice was still soft. He seemed so gentle and easy and yet he was telling her she was a prisoner. She was puzzled and terrified.

Then Cory called to someone and the door opened. Jerry came in and Cory told him to untie Angela’s wrists. Jerry bent down to do it and in a moment her hands were free. Cory told her to stand up and Jerry helped her.

Then Cory told her to take her clothes off. He said he wanted to look at her. A great knot of hopelessness gathered in her stomach. She knew she had to do it. She could tell by his eyes that if she refused he would have Jerry strip her clothes off her anyway. She did what he wanted. She peeled off her blouse and skin. Her panties were already gone. She unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor.

Cory looked at her. He motioned with his hand and she had to turn to show him her ass. When she faced him again, she saw that he seemed to approve. He nodded and looked at Jerry.

“Take her to the slave house.”

Angela froze. She was numb as Jerry led her away. He held her arm and in a few moments they were out of the house. It was a black night, with no moon and no stars.

They walked on a gravel path and Angela was glad she still wore her flat sandals. Jerry still held her arm. He took her to a long low building, opened the door at one end and made her go inside.

It was a barracks of some kind. There were two rows of cots, a few lamps, and some clothes hanging on a line. And a group of women were inside. Angela was shocked to see the women. They were all naked and they were all looking at her. Angela shuddered upon remembering that Cory had mentioned a slave house. If this was the slave house, then these women must be the slaves. She was more frightened now than ever before. Now she was facing something totally unknown. Jerry left her, closing the door behind him as he walked out. She heard the bolt slide to lock the door from the outside.

Angela looked at the women. There were five of them. They were all young and attractive. They came forward and crowded around Angela.

“Welcome to the fun house,” one of them said.

They questioned Angela about where she was from and how she’d arrived. No one seemed surprised when Angela told them she’d been kidnapped. Then Angela asked about the barracks and about the women themselves.

“Why did he call this a slave house?”

“That’s what it is,” a slender blonde said. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Angela asked them what would happen to her and they told her she would be a slave.

“After you’re trained.”

“I don’t believe it. No one can do that to someone else.”

They all smiled. They told Angela she would learn. One of the women was sarcastic about Angela’s innocence.

“You can’t be such a pussycat. What did Lola do to you? Did she make you suck her off? I bet she had a time with you.”

The others laughed and Angela blushed. She felt miserable. She found an empty cot and she lay down on it. The women soon ignored her and she lay there trembling in her misery.


Angela had a sleepless night. She tossed and turned on the cot. She was afraid to try anything in the darkness. When dawn finally came, the others were still asleep. She lay there on her cot thinking about her plight. She looked around at the barracks. It was tidy enough. But she could see the bars outside the windows now. There was no doubt that the women in the barracks were prisoners. She looked at the door that she’d come in through last night. Now she carefully slipped off the cot and walked down to the door.

She was about to turn the handle when she heard the deep, growling of a dog outside. A guard-dog. She backed away in fear. She quickly returned to her cot and lay down again. She had to bide her time.

She told herself that if there were any chance to escape, it would come later. She had to learn about the place first. The people here wouldn’t be careless enough to make it that easy for her to get away. She remembered the one called Cory. The way he’d looked at her as though she was just a piece of property he’d acquired. She wondered about the slave girls. They seemed so resigned to their fate. She wondered how they were treated. They were certainly prisoners. Bars on the windows and a guard-dog outside. It was awful.

After a while an alarm went off and the other women finally started awakening. They stretched and yawned on their cots. They sat up and started grumbling at each other. They were all naked. No one seemed bothered by it. Angela lay on her cot and watched them. She heard them joking with each other. They were all attractive women.

The women glanced at Angela occasionally, but no one seemed impressed with her presence. Their attitude seemed to be that she was just another slave girl. There were five women in the barracks beside Angela. All of them were under thirty. There were two blondes and two brunettes and one redhead. Angela thought the redhead was the most beautiful. She had the lushest body. Big tits with large pink nipples and curvy hips. The women gradually came over to talk to Angela and she learned the redhead’s name was Rhoda.

Billie was a tall slender brunette with tiny gold rings piercing her nipples.

Evelyn, the other brunette, was more stacked, with swinging tits and long brawn nipples.

The two blondes seemed to be sisters. One was Susan and the other Connie. They were both sleek and a bit stand-offish, as if they felt they didn’t need anyone else.

Before long the women were talking to Angela. No one questioned Angela too closely about her previous life. They treated her kindly enough, but they seemed preoccupied with their own problems.

After a while the barracks’ door opened and a man appeared. Angela hadn’t seen him before. She tried to hide her nakedness, but none of the other women seemed to care. The man was brutish-looking. His face was unshaved and he had a beer belly that pushed out the front of his grimy tee-shirt. He came over to Angela’s cot and snickered at her.

“So here’s the new one. My name’s Dugan, honey. What’s yours?”

Angela resisted answering him, but then she caught a look of warning from one of the other women. She kept her body covered by the blanket. She finally spoke.

“My name is Angela.”

Dugan smiled. “Come on, off with the blanket so I can look at you.”

He chuckled and pulled the blanket away. She was afraid to do anything. She just lay there as he looked at her naked body. She trembled as she saw the interest in his eyes.

“Nice tits!” he said. “Show me your cunt gash.”

A shudder ran through her as she opened her thighs to show him her pussy. Dugan seemed amused by her fear of him as he feasted his eyes on her cunt.

“Don’t try any tricks around here and you’ll be all right. You try anything and you get it from me.”

She froze as he touched her. His hand moved between her thighs and his fingers, touched her cunt lips. He spread the hairy lips of her pussy to look at her cunt hole. He gazed at it a long moment and then he pulled his hand away. He seemed satisfied. He turned and spoke to the others.

“All right, everybody out. Line up and let’s get out of here. Come on, move your asses if you want breakfast.”

The six naked women lined up near the door. Angela found herself in the middle of the line as they filed out. She had Billie behind her and Rhoda in front of her. Then they were outside in the daylight and for the first time Angela had a look at where she was.

There were six or seven low buildings grouped around a larger three story house. Neat gavel paths ran between carefully cultivated lawns and bushes. There were no other people visible, just the six of them and Dugan. He walked alongside the file of women. He led them to a small building and they went inside.

There were two rooms with tiled walls, one room with a row of three toilets and the other room with three shower nozzles. Dugan herded the women into the toilet room first. Three of the women hurried to the toilet bowls, seated themselves and started pissing.

Angela was shocked. She trembled as she realized in a moment she’d be expected to do the same. Dugan was standing right there watching. He seemed bored by it all, as if he’d seen it a thousand times. Angela was mortified. She couldn’t imagine herself using the toilet in front of Dugan. Or in front of the other women, for that matter. Rut the women on the toilet seats, Rhoda and the two blonde sisters, didn’t seem to care.

Then Dugan moved closer to Angela and casually put his hand on her ass. She cringed as his hand moved over her asscheeks. When she tried to inch away from him, he growled at her to stay put. She had to suffer through it. His fingers pushed beneath her ass to probe her cunt from behind. A shudder ran through her as she beard one of the women on the toilets farting. She guessed it was Rhoda. Angela was horrified as it dawned on her that all three women on the toilets were now shitting.

Now Dugan’s fingers tickled Angela’s ass crack. She trembled as he touched her asshole. “You need to go?”

Angela stammered. “I-I don’t know. Please don’t do that.”

Dugan chuckled. He was amused by how skittish she was.

“Open your ass, cutie.”

She groaned as his finger pushed inside her asshole. She was aware that the other women were watching her now. She closed her eyes. She wanted to die. She stood there frozen as Dugan’s finger worked deep inside her ass. Finally he pulled his finger out. He sniffed his finger and laughed at her.

“Yeah, you got to go, all right. Don’t play any games and hold back. I want you shitting when you sit down.”

Then he wiped his finger on her hip and moved away from her.

Rhoda and the sisters were at last off the toilets and now it was Angela’s turn. Angela realized it was no use fighting it. She sat down on the middle toilet seat. Her bladder was full and she started pissing almost immediately. She heard the others doing the same.

Then after that the shitting started on either side of her. She remembered what Dugan had told her. He was looking at her now. Their eyes met and she blushed. She had to shit. She couldn’t help it. She closed her eyes and pretended she was alone. She prayed she wouldn’t fart. Two long turds came out of her ass and she quickly flushed the toilet without getting up.

Then a roll of toilet paper was passed to her and he tore some paper off the roll and wiped herself. She felt completely degraded. She wondered what Dugan thought about as he stood there watching a group of naked women pissing and shitting under his eyes. She felt a sudden hatred for him. She had an urge to kill him.

Finally the toilet time was finished and Dugan ordered them all into the shower room. He told them to double up. He said they were late for breakfast. Angela found herself under one of the shower nozzles with Billie. The slender brunette seemed amused to have Angela so close to her. She slipped her arms around Angela’s waist as the water cascaded over them.

Then Billie started soaping Angela’s body and now Angela quivered with the strangeness of it. Billie smiled when she saw how Angela felt.

“Just relax, honey. Let me wash you. Don’t let that bastard get you down.”

Billie’s hands moved over Angela’s tits, lathering them up with soap, then gently squeezing and fondling them. Angela felt her nipples get stiff. She felt soothed by Billie’s hands. Then she suddenly realized Billie’s caresses were totally sexual and she tried to pull away. Billie held her, spoke in her ear and told her not to make a fuss. She said Dugan liked to see the women play with each other.

“We’ve got to keep him happy or he gets mean.” She told Angela to just go along with it.

Then Dugan spotted them and he made a wisecrack about Billie feeling up Angela. “Hey, Billie, you got some new pussy, huh?”

Angela shuddered. Billie’s fingers were near her cunt now. Angela closed her eyes and moved her legs apart as Billie’s fingers pushed between her cunt lips. Billie found her clit and whispered in her ear.

“You want to come, honey? It’ll help you to relax. You’ve got to stay relaxed in this place.”

Billie’s fingers started rubbing Angela’s clit and Angela groaned. “Please don’t.”

Billie wouldn’t stop. She had an expert touch. She rubbed the shaft of Angela’s clit until Angela had an orgasm. Angela was intensely embarrassed. No one had ever done it to her before. She was mortified.

Then finally the showering was finished and Dugan handed each of them a towel to dry themselves off. Billie stayed close to Angela as they left the building ma file. Dugan led them along one of the gravel paths, the women stepping carefully in their bare feet.

Angela saw more of the grounds now. The place seemed huge. They seemed to be in a valley of some kind. She could see nothing around them except mountains. She had no idea where she was.

She walked with the others into another small building and she soon understood it was a mess hall. She was thankful for it. She was hungry and she was eager to have some food in her stomach.

The women lined up at a food counter. They had breakfast served to them by three women behind the counter. The serving women were as naked as those they served. Angela thought the serving women looked haggard. Some of them had bruises on their arms and faces. All three of them wore leather collars with metal rings in back and front.

Angela took her tray of food and went to one of the tables. Billie came to sit with her and they started eating breakfast together. Billie smiled when she saw Angela’s eyes returning again and again to the serving women behind the counter.

“They’re just like us only worse,” Billie explained.

“I don’t understand.”

Billie shrugged. “Those are serving girls. They serve everybody, including us. You’ll either be with a group like us or with a group like them. She said Angela would get assigned to one group or the other. Either a serving girl or a playgirl.”


Billie chuckled. “You’ll see.”

Billie told Angela that the serving girls did all the dirty work, the laundry and the cooking and cleaning. She said they also had to have the dirty sex with the masters.

Angela felt herself trembling. “What do you mean?”

Billie showed no emotion as she explained things. She said the serving girls sometimes had to drink piss and eat slit. Billie said that as long as a girl stayed desirable, she could avoid being a serving girl. She warned Angela to make sure she was chosen to be one of the playgirls and not a serving girl. She said the way to do it was to show the masters she could turn them on.

“They like them hot,” Billie said with a smile. “You just be as hot as you know how.”

By the time breakfast was finished, Angela was thoroughly frightened about what would happen to her. Finally the girls were led out of the mess hall and back to the barracks. All of them except Angela were told to go inside. Dugan said Angela was to be shown to the masters immediately.

“I’ll take you over there, cutie.” He locked the barracks door and led Angela away.

He fondled her ass as they walked. “Billie rang your buzzer in the shower, didn’t she? You better watch it with her, she’ll bite your clit off.” He laughed at his joke as he squeezed Angela’s asscheeks. “Nice little ass. Do you like it in the ass? Yeah, I bet you do. I bet you’re a hot one when you get going.”

The weather had suddenly cooled and the gravel was cold. Angela cringed at the feel of his hand on her ass, but she could do nothing. Finally they came to the large three story house and Dugan led her up the steps and inside the front door.

He took her to a room and left her there. In a moment a serving girl came in, a naked girl with a leather collar around her neck. The girl hardly looked at Angela. She went to a small dressing table and took some make-up things out of a drawer. Then the serving girl opened a closet and pulled some clothes and shoes out.

“You can sit here,” the girl said, pointing to the chair in front of the dressing table.

Angela sat down. She tried talking to the girl and asking her questions about what would happen, but the girl refused to talk.

The serving girl helped Angela make up her face. Then the girl showed Angela the clothes and shoes and told Angela to put them an.

“You’d better hurry, honey. They’re waiting for you and they don’t like it when they wait too long.”

She said Angela would go out to them three times. First she’d have everything on. Then she’d go out with only the underwear and heels. Finally she’d go out naked with only the high heeled sandals.

She said after the masters had a chance to look Angela over, they would decide what to do with her. She teased Angela. She said that if they didn’t like Angela, she’d wind up with a leather collar around her neck.

“Just like me.” The serving girl snickered. “Then you won’t be so snotty any more.”

Angela’s hands trembled as she started getting dressed.


Angela knew she looked beautiful as she walked into the room. She wore a lovely black knit dress and high-heeled sandals. Her face was carefully made up. The dress was her exact size, close fitting around her tits and hips. The serving girl had offered her a choice of beige or smoky nylons and Angela had chosen the darker stockings because she thought they looked more sexy.

Now she walked down the aisle in the midst of all these people. There were at least several dozen men and women in the room. They sat surrounding a large open area. In the center of the area was a leather exercise horse.

Angela saw Cory sitting up front. He smiled and beckoned to her. She recognized Lola sitting behind him. Dugan stood off at the side with his anus folded. Angela hadn’t seen the other people before. She walked up to Cory and stood in front of him.

The room had the appearance of a large living room. There were easy chairs and sofas, but there in the center was that leather horse.

Cory told Angela to walk slowly around the horse. “My friends would like to look at you.”

She blushed at the way he stared at her. She was afraid not to obey Cory. She started walking around the leather horse. She felt all the eyes upon her. She pretended they weren’t there. She made believe it was just Cory and herself. Her high heels clicked on the wooden parquet floor. She heard some of the people talking to each other. Were they talking about her? She felt so awkward. All these strange people. She kept walking around and around.

Then finally Cory ordered her to stop. He told her to stand in the center of the room near the horse. She was in a daze. She was afraid to do anything wrong. These people had complete power over her. She told herself the best thing to do was to wait and see what happened.

As she stood surrounded by the seated people, she heard them talking about her. They asked Cory questions and he answered them. Angela understood very little of it. She remembered what Billie had told her about these people deciding her fate.

Finally Cory nodded at Angela and told her to go back to the other room. She walked back the way she had come. She felt their eyes on her.

The serving girl was waiting for Angela with a smirk on her face. “Well, how was it? You’re scared, aren’t you? I was scared too when I did it. They make you afraid, don’t they?”

She helped Angela get her dress off. She smiled at Angela and said she looked sexy. Angela was now wearing a black lace undie set, a black garter belt, the smoky nylons and the black sandals with stiletto heels.

“You look sexy, all right,” the serving girl said.

Angela knew it would be awful to face all those people out there dressed as she was.

But she knew she had to do it. She went back when the signal came. She walked into the room and walked down the aisle to where Cory was.

No one seemed surprised about the way she was dressed. She thought they looked at her with more interest now. Or maybe it was her imagination. Some of the people did look bored.

Once again Cory told her to walk slowly around the horse. Now she felt the full brunt of their eyes. She felt whorish in the lace undies. She never wore underwear like this. She felt terribly awkward because the bra and panties were almost transparent.

But she saw that some of the people were hardly looking at her. She had a sudden bout of fear. She remembered what Billie had said about pleasing them. Some of the people in the room were talking to each other and ignoring her. She tried to avoid thinking about the people or what she was doing. She thought about escaping. She told herself there must be some way to escape.

This time when Cory told her to stop walking, he did not have her stand still. He told her to return immediately to the other room. A bolt of fear went through Angela. She could feel herself sweating as she walked away from the horse. Please God don’t let them make me a serving girl, she thought. She wanted to cry. Now she regretted she hadn’t tried to be more seductive. She had one more chance. The girl who’d helped her dress had told her she’d go out naked the last time. My last chance, Angela thought.

The serving girl chuckled at Angela. “You’re scared, aren’t you?”

Angela nodded. “Tell me what to do. Please help me.”

The girl looked smug. “Well, first you get stripped. Nothing but the shoes.”

She helped Angela get the underwear off. Angela had to unbuckle the sandals in order to get her stockings off. Then finally she was naked. She put the sandals back on and looked at the serving girl.

“Will you help me?”

The girl gave her a cold smile. “You hate the idea of wearing one of these collars, don’t you? You think you’re better than me.”

“No. I don’t.”

Angela wanted to cry. Then she realized that it would ruin her make-up and she would look horrible.

The serving girl was amused by Angela’s distress. “My name’s Lynn.”

“And I’m Angela.”

The girl snickered. “I already know that. I heard Cory talk to you.”

“Will you help me?”

“You’ve got nice tits. Make sure they jiggle around when you walk.”

“What else?”

“And your ass. Don’t be afraid to show them your ass. Put on a little show for them. Even if Cory doesn’t tell you to do it. Let them see your pussy and asshole.”

“Oh God.”

“If you don’t do it, they won’t like you. They won’t choose you to be a playgirl. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”


“Then put on a show.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

Angela hated the idea of facing all those people naked. She couldn’t bear the thought of doing what Lynn had suggested. She wanted to run. But of course if she tried to run they would force her into that room again.

She returned to the large room again. This time she had only the heels on. They all looked at her as she walked down the aisle to Cory. She stopped in front of him and he smiled at her.

“Very nice, Angela.”

Once again he told her to walk around the horse.

She did it. She deliberately moved slowly. Then she remembered what Lynn had said about shaking her tits and she walked a bit faster. She glanced down to see if her tits were jiggling. She prayed it would be enough. She prayed they would like her enough to make her a playgirl.

Cory finally told her to stand still when she came around to him again. He ordered her to bend over with her hands on the horse and stick her ass out.

“Keep your legs apart,” he said.

Angela suddenly froze. She couldn’t do it. She found it impossible to move a muscle. She couldn’t do what he wanted in front of all these people. She couldn’t expose herself to them. All the eyes. The women were looking at her with as much, lust as the men. She stood there paralyzed, unable to move, unable to obey Cory’s order.

Cory spoke to her again. “Angela?”

“I can’t.”

“You must obey me, Angela.”

“I can’t!”

There was an eerie silence in the room. Angela could feel her legs trembling. Cory looked at Dugan and Dugan grinned and started walking towards them. Angela saw that Dugan held a rod of some kind in his hand. When he was a few feet from Angela, he raised his arm and touched the rod to Angela’s belly.

An electric shock suddenly ripped through her middle. She cried out and doubled over. Dugan poked her again. She felt the shock a second time and she fell down at Cory’s feet. She wanted to throw up. She was trembling from head to toe now. She lay naked on the floor trembling with fear.

Some of the people in the room giggled. Cory spoke to Angela again. He told her to get up. He told her to bend over the horse. This time Angela did it. Now she was too afraid of Dugan and the electric prod. She bent over with her hands on the leather horse the way Cory had instructed her.

“You were stupid to be disobedient,” Cory said.

He said she would be punished severely whenever she disobeyed them. Next time the punishment would be more severe. He said she had to learn what was expected of her.

Then he told her to move forward and put her head on the horse. When she did that, he told her to spread her legs apart and pull her asscheeks open.

Angela started crying. But she did what Cory wanted. She reached back with her hands and pulled her asscheeks apart. All the people sitting behind her could see everything she had. She was deathly afraid of them now. She realized she would never have any choice about anything. She had to do what they told her to do. She heard Cory give an order to Dugan. Then a shudder ran through her as she felt Dugan’s hands on her ass. He tickled, her cunt. It was horrible because she knew everyone was watching him. Then he started playing with her asshole. She still had her asscheek spread with her hands. She was afraid to let go of her ass. She had to hold her ass open while Dugan played with it.

Then suddenly she felt something push inside her asshole. It was metal object of some kind. It felt so cold. Cory said something to Dugan and the thing in her asshole suddenly came alive. She felt the electric current. She felt as though her ass and cunt were exploding together. She cried out and lost control of herself. She started pissing all over her legs as the electric shock continued.

Then it stopped as abruptly as it had started.

Cory was explaining something to the audience. Angela felt the metal plug come out of her ass.

She felt Dugan’s fingers again. This time he was greasing her asshole. She was frozen with shock.

A moment later she felt his cock pushing at her asshole to get in. He grunted as his prick stretched her shitter. She sobbed against the leather of the horse. She felt her ass getting ripped open by his cock. She still held her ass with her hands. She was convinced she was going to die.

Dugan grunted as his belly slapped against her ass. He had his cock all the way inside her slitter now. He churned against her asscheeks. Angela kept her eyes closed. She felt saliva drooling out of her mouth. She wanted to die. Anything to end it. A great shudder went through her as he started fucking her.

She’d never imagined it would be like this. Dugan’s cock felt so huge. And before that the electric shock had turned her insides to butter. He fucked her slowly but steadily. He held her hips with his big hands and kept his cock moving smoothly in and out of her ass.

A woman called out something. Angela heard the people talking about her. They were talking about how much training she needed. Someone said she was too green. Cory countered. He said they were using new training methods. He said he was sure she would work out.

Dugan pulled his cock out of Angela’s ass before he came. She moaned as his cock knob popped out of her shit hole. Then she heard him grunting and a moment later she felt his jism splatter against her asscheeks. Angela heard some of the people snickering. She started crying again as Dugan smeared his spunk over her asscheeks.

An hour later Angela was back in the barracks. Rhoda sat with her on her cot. The redhead tried to console her.

“It’s not that bad, honey.”

Angela shook her head. “It was horrible. Dugan is a monster.”

“He doesn’t get at YOU unless you misbehave. When Cory tells you to do something, you always do it.”

“Now I’ll be a serving girl, won’t I?”

Rhoda shrugged. “Maybe not. They do what they want. They may decide to make you a playgirl like us. There’s still hope, honey.”

Rhoda said that if Angela was chosen to be a playgirl, she’d be assigned for training to one of the master couples. Angela would have two weeks of that and then she’d be back in the barracks until they found a place for her.

“A place where?”

Rhoda smiled. “It could be anywhere. I’m hoping they get me a place in Florida. I’ve always wanted to live in Florida.”

Angela quivered. “I’ve got to get out of here. I don’t want to go any place except home.”

Rhoda shook her head. “You can’t get out, honey. If you try anything you’ll be in big trouble. I saw what happened to a girl who tried something. They made her a serving girl and they gave her the worst of everything. She lived with Dugan awhile in his cottage. She was a wreck by the time he was through with her. You don’t want that, do you?”

Angela shuddered as she thought of Dugan. She’d kill herself before she’d live with Dugan in his cottage. She leaned against Rhoda when Rhoda put her arm around her. She was grateful for Rhoda’s friendship. The redhead had turned out to be nicer than the others.

Suddenly the door of the barracks opened and Dugan came in. He wanted Angela. He led her away, out of the barracks and to another building. He said nothing as they crossed the compound. He made her go into a small building. She was put into the hands of two serving girls. Dugan walked out and the girls snickered at Angela.

“On the table, honey.”

Angela had to lie on a massage table while the girls worked on her. One of them shaved her pussy. Angela had no will to resist any more. Rhoda had frightened her.

After her pussy was shaved, Angela was taken to a shower to clean up. When she finished, the girls helped her get her hair dried and her face done.

Then Dugan looked in. He smiled when he saw Angela’s shaved pussy. “Nice little pussy slit, cookie.” Then he told Angela she’d been assigned to the Morgans to be trained as a playgirl.


Carol and Gus Morgan, one of the master couples, had a ranch-style house all to themselves at the edge of the compound. Angela was now with Carol Morgan in the Morgan living room. Carol wore a white jumpsuit but Angela was naked. Angela had already met Gus briefly. Carol was now questioning Angela about her sexual experience. The sultry blonde leaned back and smiled at Angela who was standing meekly in front of her.

“Married only two years?”

Angela nodded. “Two years and two months.”

Carol chuckled. “Take your hands away from your belly, honey. You don’t want to cover that pretty little cunt slit, do’you? Let’s have a look at it.”

Angela was miserable. She felt awful being naked in front of this woman. She could see the mockery in Carol’s eyes. But she had to obey her. She pulled her hands away from her front and moved her legs slightly apart.

Carol wanted more. She told Angela to spread her cunt slit with her fingers.

“Don’t be bashful. You’re never to be bashful here. You always do as you’re told. Do you understand that?”


“Open your pussy more. That’s the way. Don’t be afraid to show your cunt. I watched Dugan fuck your ass this morning. You didn’t like that, did you?”

“I hated it.”

Carol snickered. “You’ll get enough of it from Gus. He likes a tight asshole. And maybe you’ll get some from me, too. Have you ever been fucked by a woman?”

Angela looked at Carol and shook her head.

“Dear God, no.”

“Don’t look at me. You don’t look at any of us, you look at the floor when you’re with us. Do you understand that?”

“You behave yourself, honey. Either that or you get to be a serving girl. Are you going to behave yourself?”

“I’ll try.”

“Well, let’s find out. You can start by kissing my feet.”

Angela went down on her knees on the rug in front of Carol. The blonde raised one foot and Angela kissed her instep. Then Carol slipped the high-heeled mule off her foot and told Angela to suck her toes.

“Get them good and wet. I like the wet feeling.”

Carol kept Angela working on her feet as she sipped her drink. Angela whs miserable. She hated being a slave to this woman. She hated the way Carol treated her. Angela hoped she’d be able to escape from the Morgan house. She had to find a way. She couldn’t go on like this. It was awful to have the woman’s toes wriggling in her mouth. She was determined to try to escape no matter what the danger.

When Carol had enough of the toe sucking, she brusquely pushed Angela away with one of her feet. The blonde chuckled as Angela fell over on the rug.

“I like your mouth,” the blonde said. “I liked it as soon as I saw you. I had Gus pull some strings to get you. Now let’s have the mouth where it belongs. Let’s find out how much you know.”

Horrified, Angela watched Carol unzip her jumpsuit and peel it off. Carol waved her hand and Angela had to crawl to get the jumpsuit off her feet. Then Carol leaned back and spread her thighs apart. She had dark cunt hair. She wasn’t a true blonde. She opened her cunt with her fingers and told Angela to suck it.

Angela stared at it. She wanted to retch. She remembered Lola’s cunt and how she’d sucked it in the van. She saw the amusement in Carol’s eyes. She knew she had no choice. She knew if she refused, Carol would call Dugan and Dugan would give her the electric prod. Or maybe worse than that. Angela moved forward and went down on Carol’s open pussy.

The blonde made a sound of pleasure at the first touch of Angela’s lips.

“That’s it, baby. Don’t be afraid of it. Suck my pussy hole awhile before you do my clit. Get some of the juice out. Let me see it. Let me see some juice on your tongue.”

Angela had to show Carol the froth of cunt juice on her tongue. Angela trembled with disgust at the smell and taste of the woman’s gaping cunt. She tried not to look at it, but she couldn’t avoid it. Carol had a fleshy ripe looking cunt. She had a large clit and a large cunt hole. The mouth of her cunt hole was covered with a film of white cunt juice.

Before long Carol ordered Angela to suck her clit to bring her off. The blonde humped her pussy at Angela’s face. Angela worked diligently to get Carol off. She hoped it would be finished then and she’d have some peace. Carol finally came with a shudder and a groan.

After that the blonde kicked Angela away. She said Angela would get to suck her off at least once a day. She teased Angela about Angela being a lesbian.

“You give head like a dyke, honey. You’re just what I need.”

She said Angela was to remain naked in the house. She could wear shoes when she wanted, but never anything else unless she was told to. Carol said Gus liked his girls in high heels.

“He likes legs and asses.”

She told Angela to keep her asshole clean and always lubricated with Vaseline. She said that if Gus ever found Angela’s ass dirty or without grease he’d get very angry. She said Angela would be taught how to please Gus when he fucked her ass. She said Angela had a nice ass.

“He’ll fuck your brains out,” Carol said with a chuckle. “The one thing he likes is a nice ass.”

Angela learned all about Gus Morgan that evening. She had her first lesson in ass fucking from Gus and Carol in their bedroom. They had some hot musk on the stereo in the living room piped to the speakers in the bedroom. They had Angela kneeling on the bed with her ass in the air. Gus stood behind her. Carol sat on the edge of the bed near Angela.

Gus talked about Angela’s ass hole as he played with it. He’d already greased her asshole with Vaseline. Now he told her to loosen up as he probed it with his fingers.

“Come on, cutie, open it up. That’s it. See how easy it is?”

He stretched her asshole with two fingers. Then a moment later she felt his cock pushing in. He had a thick prick and he hurt her.

Carol taunted Angela as Gus worked his cock inside Angela’s ass.

“You like the cockmeat, don’t you, honey? Oh, look at it. It’s lovely when it goes in.”

She fondled Angela’s tits and pinched her nipples. Her hand slid over Angela’s belly to find her bald cunt lips. The blonde giggled as she pushed two fingers inside Angela’s cunt hole.

“Come on, fuck her, Gus. Fuck the slit out of her.”

“She’s hot. She’s got a hot ass.”

“I told you you’d like her.”

“And what about you? Did you suck her off yet? I bet you had a gallon of cunt juice in your mouth.”

“I haven’t yet, but I will.”

Angela understood that Carol was bisexual. Carol had already told her that she liked pussy. She’d frightened Angela. She said she liked sucking pussy and she liked hurting it. She said she would hurt Angela sometimes when she was in the mood for it.

In the meantime Gus continued fucking Angela’s ass like a bull. He grunted each time he rammed forward. The pain never stopped. Angela’s ass felt like a wide open tunnel, hot and burning. His cock felt enormous as it slid in and out of her shitter.

Finally she came. He roared as he shot off in Angela’s ass. Carol giggled and tore at Angela’s cunt with her fingers. A wave of disgust passed over Angela as Gus pulled his big cock out of her ass.

After fucking, the three of them rested. Carol called one of the two serving girls assigned to the Morgans. The girl’s name was Sarah. She brought in some wine for them and Angela was happy to have it. She tried to catch Sarah’s glance, but the girl kept looking away. She was a slender girl with a pretty face and a leather collar and darling little tits.

Carol spoke to Sarah. She told the girl to suck Gus’ cock and get it clean.

“If there’s anything on it, you can blame Angela,” Carol said with a chuckle.

A quiver ran through Angela as she watched Sarah obediently go down on Gus. His cock had just been inside Angela’s ass. But Sarah seemed hungry for it. She sniffed his limp prick. She licked his hairy balls. Then she took his cock knob between her lips and started sucking it. Angela watched the girl gobble more and more of Gus’ cock until she had all of it in her mouth. She held his balls in her hand and bobbed her head. Her mouth was stretched wide by Gus’ thick cock. Angela thought it looked so obscene.

Finally Sarah had Gus’ cock cleaned off and she was sent away. Gus sat in a chair, his drink in one hand and his cock in the other hand. He kept rolling his foreskin back and forth over his cock knob.

“Make her suck some pussy,” he said to Carol.

The blonde smiled and stretched languorously. She told Angela to get down and eat her cunt. Angela moved forward and started sucking Carol’s pussy. Carol grabbed Angela’s head with both hands and pushed her face into her cunt gash. Then Carol kicked Angela away and told her to go to Gus. She ordered Angela to suck Gus’ cock while he sat in the chair.

“Make him feel good, you lazy bitch. You can’t just lie around here and do nothing.”

Gus giggled as Angela slid off the bed and crawled to him. He opened his legs and ordered her to lick his balls. Angela was afraid to disobey Carol. She understood Carol was the dangerous one. She licked and sucked Gus’ hairy balls.

Carol moved off the bed and came behind Angela to fondle her ass. She dug her fingernails into Angela’s tender cunt flesh while Angela sucked Gus’ balls. Angela shuddered as she felt Carol’s finger twisting inside her asshole.

Finally Gus’ cock was hard again. He told Angela to get back on the bed. She stretched out on her back and Gus mounted her. He put her legs over his shoulders. He drove his cock straight up her cunt and started fucking her. Carol climbed onto the bed and straddled Angela’s head. The blonde sat down on Angela’s face as her husband continued to fuck Angela’s cunt.

Angela was repelled by Carol’s wet cunt on her mouth. But she sucked the blonde’s cunt gash. She hated every moment of it but she did it. She told herself she had no choice. They could do anything they wanted with her. She was a playgirl. She belonged to them.

The two Morgans used Angela, one fucking her cunt and the other fucking her face. Gus shot off in Angela’s pussy and Carol poured out a load of cunt-cream over Angela’s mouth.

Later Angela was alone in the small room she’d been given. She was completely miserable. Then someone knocked on the door and Sarah came in with a tray of food.

“I thought you might be hungry.”

Angela was grateful to the girl. She tried to talk to Sarah about her captivity, but Sarah refused. She said it was too dangerous. She left the food with Angela and went away.

The next day Angela learned how awful it was for the serving girls. She was with Carol in the living room. The blonde seemed in high spirits, almost a little crazy. She called in Sarah and told her to fix a couple of vodka tonics for her and Angela. When Sarah brought the drinks in, Carol began to abuse the girl. She called Sarah vile names. Angela felt awful as she listened to it. Sarah stood there meekly, her face pale with fear as she listened to Carol.

Then Carol made Sarah kneel on the rug. She had to kneel with her back to Carol and Angela and show her cunt and asshole. The slender girl trembled as she pulled her asscheeks wide apart. Carol giggled and rubbed the toe of her shoe up and down Sarah’s ass crack.

“Nice little ass, isn’t it? But it’s the front-end that’s the best. Come on, Sarah, you can do a little clean-up.”

Carol pulled her skirt up and slipped her panties off. She sat down with her skirt around her waist. She slid forward and pulled her knees all the way back to her tits to expose her crotch.

Sarah evidently knew what Carol wanted. The girl crawled forward to bury her face in the blonde’s crotch.

Carol squirmed. “My ass, honey. I want you to suck my ass.”

Angela was shocked at Carol’s depravity. She trembled as she watched Sarah obey her mistress. Sarah’s tongue came out and she started licking Carol’s asshole. Carol giggled.

“Suck it, honey. Get right on it and suck it.”

Sarah’s lips pushed against Carol’s pussyhole. Angela could see the girl’s mouth working. A sound of pleasure came out of Carol’s throat and Angela realized Sarah had her tongue deep inside Carol’s asshole.

Then Carol giggled again. “At the faucet, honey.”

Sarah quickly moved her mouth from Carol’s asshole to Carol’s pisshole. Angela quivered with shock. She could tell that Carol was now pissing in Sarah’s mouth. The craziest thing of all was that Sarah had a look of complete bliss on her face. The girl had her eyes closed, her lips sucking at Carol’s pisser as the liquid gushed, her throat jumping as she continuously swallowed. Angela trembled with shock and disgust. Carol looked at Angela and snickered.

“She’s good at this. She wasn’t that good when she first came to us, but now she’s a little doll.”

Gus walked in just as Carol finished pissing in Sarah’s mouth. He laughed when he saw what was going on.

“Christ, you’re at it again.”

He told Angela to get his cock out and suck it. She did what het wanted. She unzipped his fly and pulled his prick out of his pants. Kneeling at his feet, she sucked his cockhead as he talked to Carol. Angela heard them talking about Sarah. She heard Carol order Sarah to suck her asshole again. Then Gus said he wanted Sarah to work on Angela’s asshole to get it ready for his cock. Carol laughed and pushed Sarah away from her crotch.

In a moment Angela felt Sarah’s face against her ass. It was a wild feeling. A shock of pleasure went through her as she felt Sarah’s tongue lapping over her asshole. Sarah worked diligently with her lips and tongue.

She soon had Angela’s asshole soft and loose. Then her tongue slipped all the way inside Angela’s ass. Angela trembled at the feel of it. She had Gus’ cock stuffing her mouth and Sarah’s tongue stuffing her asshole. She felt the wetness in her ass as Sarah blew her saliva inside her shit hole to get it ready for Gus’ cock.

Before long Angela’s asshole was thoroughly lubricated by Sarah’s saliva and Gus demanded to fuck it. He had Angela kneel on the rug with her ass raised. Angela realized she had no lubrication in her asshole except Sarah’s saliva. She prayed the girl had done a good job. Then Gus’ cock pushed in. Angela groaned. Gus laughed as he rammed forward to fill her shit-tube. Angela looked over at Carol and she saw that Sarah was back at Carol’s crotch. Sarah once again had her mouth on Carol’s asshole.

Suddenly Carol said something to Sarah and pushed her away. Sarah obediently stretched out on the floor. Carol quickly stripped her clothes off and squatted over the girl’s tits. Angela was mesmerized as she watched it. She paid no attention to Gus’ cock in her ass. She couldn’t believe what Carol was doing to Sarah. Carol was shitting. Or at least trying to shit.

Angela could see the blonde’s asshole pushing out. And then the shit finally appeared. A long brown turd oozed out of Carol’s asshole and fell down heavily on Sarah’s pretty tits. Carol grunted, shifted a bit and started another turd on its way. The second one came out just as the first had and fell across the first on Sarah’s tits.

Angela expected Sarah to faint. But instead of fainting, Sarah started smearing Carol’s shit over her tits with her hands. Carol giggled insanely as she watched it.

Gus continued grunting as he rammed his cock in and out of Angela’s ass.

Angela wanted to throw up. She told herself she had to escape. She had to do it soon. A shudder went through her as she watched Sarah smearing the shit over her tits.

Late that night, Angela crept out of her room. She tiptoed down the hall and then through the living room to the front door. She was still in a state of shock over what had happened earlier. She prayed the front door would be open. She finally arrived at the door. She stopped and listened. They were all asleep. If she would ever have a chance, it had to be now. She couldn’t go on with it. She had to get away from this place.

She opened the door carefully and quickly slipped outside into the dark night.

She ran. Ten feet and another twenty feet. For a few seconds, she thought she’d made it.

Then someone grabbed her. Two huge hands grabbed her arms and held her. It was one of the guards. He laughed and brutally squeezed her tits as he dragged her to the punishment house.


Cory sat in a chair and stared impassively at Angela. They were alone in a bare room. Angela was standing, her wrists manacled behind her back and attached to a tall post. She had a ball-gag in her mouth. She was completely naked. She had bruises on her tits and thighs where the guard had hurt her.

She was deathly afraid of them now. She knew they could easily kill her. Cory frightened her more than any of the others. He was the one who controlled them. She trembled at the way he stared at her.

Then suddenly Lola came in. She smirked at Angela. She wore a leather bra and leather pants and calf-high leather boots with five-inch heels. She carried a whip in her hand. Angela’s heart sank when she saw the whip.

No one said anything. Cory looked at Lola and nodded. Angela thought she heard Lola chuckle, but she wasn’t sure. Lola moved behind her.

The whip suddenly came down on Angela’s ass. The post protected her somewhat, but part of her ass and her hip got the full brunt of it. The pain was awful. She sobbed against the gag in her mouth.

Then Lola came around to the front. She smiled at Angela. “Hello, baby.” Lola’s arm went up and the whip came down again. This time it landed on Angela’s tits. She closed her eyes against the burning pain.

After that Lola started whipping her steadily. The whip found Angela’s ass and tits and thighs. Again and again the lash came down. Cory said nothing. He just sat there and watched.

Lola continued the whipping. She timed the blows perfectly. She was an expert. As soon as the effect of a stroke diminished a bit, the whip came down again. She spared no part of Angela’s tender flesh. Finally Angela couldn’t take it any more. She fainted.

When Angela opened her eyes again, she found herself on the floor. She was no longer attached to the post. The ball-gag was out of her mouth.

Cory started talking to her. He told her that any attempt to escape was a severe infraction of the rules.

“You’re going to suffer for it.” Then he told her to crawl to him. She didn’t wait for Cory to tell her. She took his cock in her mouth. She sucked his cock knob. She was anxious to give him pleasure.

But he wanted something else. He started pissing. Angela was caught by surprise. She did her best to hold on. She kept the tip of his prick in her mouth as he pissed.

Cory chuckled and held her head in place. At one point it was too much and she made as if to pull away. He warned her. He said if she moved she’d get whipped again.

She stayed put. She took his piss. The hot salty fluid ran down her throat as she swallowed again and again. She drank everything down.

When Cory was finished pissing, he pushed her away.

“You need practice with that. We’ll make you good at it.” He nodded at Lola. “Get the rhino over here.”

Lola chuckled and walked to the far end of the room. There was something there covered by a large plastic sheet. Angela had noticed it before. She had no idea what it was. Now as she watched, Lola pulled the plastic sheet off and started pushing the thing towards them. It was a machine of some kind, a contraption on wheels. It had something like a small saddle in the middle of it.

They made Angela climb onto the machine. She was in a daze. Lola told her to bend forward. Angela’s ass and part of her cunt hung over the back edge of the saddle. Lola closed the clamps attached to the machine. Angela’s wrists and ankles were fixed in place.

Then suddenly she felt something being pushed inside her cunt. A metal cylinder of some kind. She groaned as it went in. Lola giggled and told her to hold still.

“That’s only one horn, honey. This rhino has two horns.”

Another cylinder pushed at Angela’s asshole. It slipped in. She had both holes filled with cold metal. She was helpless. She trembled with fear.

Lola turned the machine on. At first all that happened was a whirring noises. Then Angela could feel it. The metal cylinders were moving. Slowly at first. Then the speed increased. The two cylinders worked in tandem. One pushed in while the other pulled out. They fucked her cunt hole and asshole with a steadily increasing pace. Angela’s mind was in a whirl. She hung on. She had the rhino’s two horns inside her two holes. It was awful. The speed kept increasing. Before long she thought her insides were coming apart.

Lola laughed as she increased the speed by turning a small dial at the rear of the machine. “She’ll see stars now.”

Angela went wild. She was afraid the machine would kill her. The two pistons were fucking her ass and cunt so fast she couldn’t tell one from the other. Her crotch was on fire. She thought she might be bleeding. She couldn’t see anything. The way her wrists and ankles were attached to the machine, she was bent too far forward to see anything.

Then she started coming. She couldn’t help it. The spasms ripped through her belly. The orgasms were almost continuous. She groaned as she convulsed. She had no control over it. She came so hard she pissed on herself. Lola giggled when she saw it. She slapped Angela’s ass and told her to keep pissing. She turned the dial again and the machine went crazy. Angela screamed. She was certain she was dying. A great shudder ran through her. She screamed and begged them to stop it.

The machine was finally turned off and Lola opened the clamps to free Angela. She fell off the saddle and cringed on the floor. They watched her. Cory kept his eyes on her. Then Lola came to stand over Angela. The brunette unbuckled her leather pants, dropped them and stepped out of them. She now wore only the leather bra and leather boots. She smiled down at Angela as she ran her fingers through her cunt bush.

“You want some pussy, honey?”

Angela quickly nodded. She would do anything for them now. Anything was better than what they’d already done to her. Anything to save herself.

She moved towards Lola, but the brunette laughed and walked away. Angela watched Lola’s ass jiggling as she walked. Lola went to a chair and sat near Cory. She called to Angela.

“Crawl, baby. Crawl over here and suck my cunt.”

Angela crawled. Every part of her body ached. Her cunt hole and ass hole still hurt from the rhino. She crawled to Lola. She pushed her face between Lola’s thighs. Lola giggled and stroked Angela’s face. Angela could smell Lola’s pussy. Lola spread her thighs wide apart as Angela pushed her face forward.

“Down in the trough,” Lola said. “Suck it good, honey. Clean it out far me.”

Angela sucked Lola’s meaty cunt. She did her best to please Lola. She sucked at Lola’s cunt hole and then she tongued Lola’s clit. Cory sat there and watched it. He said nothing.

After a while Lola pushed Angela away. The brunette rose and turned. She bent over and pushed her ass out. She told Angela to work on her ass awhile.

Angela used her hands to spread Lola’s asscheeks. She buried her face in Lola’s ass crack. She licked up and down the brunette’s ass crack. Back and forth over Lola’s asshole. Lola giggled and swayed her ass.

“In my ass, honey. Don’t, get, bashful or you’ll get the whip again.”

Angela pushed her tongue deep inside Lola’s ass. She was desperate to make Lola happy. She licked and sucked Lola’s ass hole until Lola purred with pleasure.

Finally Lola was finished with her. She pushed Angela away. She told Angela to do Cory.

He already had his pants down. He turned his back to Lola and bent over the chair he’d been sitting on. Angela crawled to him. She spread his asscheeks with her and started tonguing his hairy ass crack. Cory chuckled when she sniffed at his asshole.

“Let’s have your tongue inside.”

She gave him what be wanted. She used some saliva to make it easier. She drilled her tongue deep inside his ass and churned it around. He held still and told her to keep on with it. Sic started flicking his asshole with her tongue. In and clit. Her face pressed between his ass cheeks. He kept her there awhile, then finally he pushed her away. She crumpled to the floor. She lay there weeping as Lola went out.

Cory started talking to her. He told her she had to learn a few things about obedience.

“Women like you are too ignorant. We’re going to teach you, Angela. You’ll understand it after a while.”

Then the door opened and Rhoda came in. The redheads eyes grew wild at the sight of Angela. Rhoda was naked. Cory called her over.

“What did Lola tell you?”

Rhoda blushed as she avoided his eyes. She just asked me if I had to shit and I said yes. Cory nodded. “Do it on Angela.”

Rhoda groaned. But of course she had no choice. The redhead shuddered and walked over to Angela. She straddled Angela’s body and squatted down over her tits. Their eyes met. Angela closed her eyes and started crying.

Rhoda began shifting on Angela’s tits. Cory sat and watched it. The redhead grunted and farted. She blushed furiously as the shit came out. Angela kept her eyes closed. She tried to think of something else. But the horror of what was happening was too much for her. Then Rhoda grunted again and a load of shit suddenly dropped on Angela’s tits.

Angela wanted to die. She could feel the hot shit on her body. She could smell it. Rhoda dropped another turd and told Cory she was finished.

Cory sent Rhoda away. He called a guard in. It was the guard who’d first caught Angela. His name was Brewer. Cory told him to take Angela to the guard-house. He said for the time being the guards could have her.

Brewer kicked Angela and made her get up. She felt Rhoda’s shit drop off her body. Brewer cursed and kicked her again. He made Angela walk in front of him. As soon as they were outside the room, he kicked her ass so hard she fell down. He taunted her about the shit on her tits.

“What about it? You like it, huh? You fucking slut, we’ll make you eat it.”

He led her out of the house to the shower building. He stood by while she cleaned herself. When she was finished showering and dried off, he lacked a leather collar around her neck. “Now you’re nothing. Now you’re just another lump of slit.”

He attached a leash to one of the rings in the collar. He led her away. He laughed as he pulled at the leash. Angela stumbled after him.

Brewer took her to the guard-house. He opened the door and pushed her inside. She found herself in the duty room. There were about a dozen guards lounging around the tables. Some of them were drinking beer. They laughed and leered at her. She was horrified by the way they look at her. They were all beefy looking men with powerful arms and hands.

Brewer tossed Angela’s leash to one of the men.

“She stays here. She takes Alice’s place. You can do what you want with her.”

The men shouted their approval. Angela found herself pulled against a table. They started pawing her. She was tossed from one to the other. They mauled her tits and ass. They shoved their fingers inside her cunt and asshole. They forced her to spread her legs to show her pussy. She had to open her cunt with her fingers. Then she had to bend over to show her asshole. She was afraid to refuse anything. She was afraid they would hit her if she didn’t obey them.

They pushed her down. They brought their cocks out. She found herself surrounded by a dozen huge guards. They ordered her to start sucking. She had to suck each guard, one after the other. She had to suck each smelly cock until it was hard.

They taunted her as she did it. They joked with each other about her mouth. They compared her to Alice, the serving girl who Angela was replacing. They said Angela was prettier than Alice. Angela had to keep sucking their cocks. It wasn’t long before her lips were numb. Some of the cocks wouldn’t get hard and she had to keep working on them. She’d never had so many men around her. She trembled with fear.

Then one of them pissed in her mouth and she had to take it. They all started laughing when they saw what was going on. They taunted her.

Finally they made her stop sucking. They wanted her bent over a table. She was tied down, her wrists and ankles tied to the legs of the table.

They talked about her. Someone called for a jar of Vaseline. She felt them spread her asscheeks apart. She felt their fingers in her ass crack. They greased her asshole and cunt hole.

After that the fucking started. The first cock felt enormous nit pushed inside her cunt. The guard grunted and squeezed her ass with his big hands. He said something about the size of her cunt. Angela was too much in a daze to make it out. She wished she were dead.

The guard fucking her began ramming her cunt. He gave her a hard fuck and shot off quickly. After he moved away, and was replaced by another guard. This one wanted Angela’s asshole. His prick slipped inside her shitter without any difficulty. He cursed and grunted as he fucked her ass. Again and again he slammed his belly against her asscheeks.

After the second one came in her ass, she had no idea where they were fucking her. She could feel the cocks, but sometimes she thought she had the cock in her cunt and then a moment later it would feel like it was in her ass instead. All twelve men fucked her one after the other. Her cunt hole and asshole were left gaping and leaking jism. After that they untied her and threw her down on a mattress at one end of the room.

Angela lay there waiting. She knew they were not finished with her. She kept her eyes closed. She was afraid to look at them. They were monsters. Filthy monsters with beer bellies and sour breath.

Then one of them came down on the mattress and grabbed her. He made her get over him. She had to straddle him while he shoved his cock in her cunt. Then he pulled her down against his big chest. She had to bend ever him while he had his cock in her cunt.

In a moment another man was behind her. He grabbed her hips and rammed his cock up her ass. The fit was tight because of the cock in her cunt. They started fucking her, one cock in her ass and the other in her cunt. They joked about how tight she was. Then someone pulled at her head and raised it. Her nose was pinched to force her mouth open. A cock pushed in. The fat cock knob rammed forward until it hit the back of her throat.

They had her skewered. One in her cunt, one in her ass, one in her mouth. The men fucked her until they shot off. They pushed her away and three more men took their place. Once again she had a cock in each hole and in her mouth. She was triple-fucked four times. She was in a complete daze.

At the end, after the twelve men had dumped their load in her, they threw her on the floor. They gathered around her and started pissing on her. A flood of piss rained down on her face and hair and tits. They laughed as they drenched her. They told her she’d have to clean the place up afterward. They told her she had to keep the guard-house as clean as a whistle. “Toot toot,” someone said. They all laughed at her as she lay there on the floor in a puddle of piss.


Angela had a week in the guard-house. It was hell. She was at the beck and call of all the guards and they constantly abused her. She cleaned their rooms and served them meals. They treated her like the slave she was. They fucked her whenever they felt like it. Each guard had his own room and sometimes in the middle of the night one of them would come to Angela’s room and drag her back to his bed.

Most of them liked fucking her ass. She had a sore asshole nearly every day she lived with them. They also made her do everything else. She sucked their cocks. She drank their piss when they were in the mood for that. They constantly degraded her.

After about a week she heard a rumor that she might be leaving the complex. She didn’t believe it. She thought they were teasing her. But then one day she was called to the main house. She was afraid as she walked. She was always afraid of Cory.

He was with a woman. They were waiting for her in a sitting room. Angela trembled in front of them.

The woman was introduced to Angela as Mrs. Farrell. Her eyes were cold. She was about forty, well-groomed. Her clothes looked expensive. She was completely poised. Angela was standing there naked, but Mrs. Farrell didn’t bat an eye.

Angela was embarrassed about her nakedness. She was used to the people in the complex seeing her, but this was a stranger from outside. Angela was ashamed of the bruises on her body.

The woman looked Angela over. Her eyes took in Angela’s heavy tits and shaved pussy. She seemed satisfied.

Then Cory rose. He smiled at Angela and told her to obey Mrs. Farrell. “Do whatever she wants.” After that he walked out and left the two women alone.

Angela was puzzled. She remained standing while Mrs. Farrell sat there looking at her. She wondered what they had in store for her now. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.

After a moment, Mrs. Farrell started questioning Angela about her previous life. She asked Angela what sort of education she had. “Any college?”

Angela nodded. “Two years.”

Mrs. Farrell smiled. “Well, it’s better than nothing, isn’t it? You look intelligent and I like that.”

The questions continued. Angela answered meekly. She was afraid to show any resistance. She was afraid Cory would be angry.

Then Mrs. Farrell leaned back in her chair. She pulled at her skirt, exposing her thighs. She wore sheer pantyhose. She calmly ordered Angela to get down on her knees and suck her crotch.

“Show me what you can do.”

Angela’s heart pounded in her chest. She knew she had to do it. Cory had told her to obey Mrs. Farrell.

Angela went down on her knees in front of the woman. Mrs. Farrell smiled and opened her legs. Angela moved her face forward. She could smell Mrs. Farrell’s body. The smell was a mixture of perfume and a ripe-smelling pussy. She could see the woman’s hairy cunt lips through the sheer pantyhose. Mrs. Farrell purred with satisfaction as Angela pressed her face against her nylon-covered crotch. She spread her thighs wider to give Angela more room. Angela started chewing the woman’s cunt through her pantyhose.

Mrs. Farrell was pleased. She said she would take Angela away. Angela didn’t believe it. She continued chewing and sucking Mrs. Farrell’s cunt until the older woman pushed her away.

“I’m too wet,” Mrs. Farrell said with a giggle. “You’re good at it, aren’t you? Well, let’s get my pantyhose off. I think that would be better, don’t you?”

Angela helped. Mrs. Farrell’s shoes came off and then her pantyhose. The older woman seemed excited. She pulled her knees up to show Angela her hairy crotch. She had a ripe-looking cunt. Thick hairy outer cunt lips, with the pink inner lips and her clit clearly visible. Her pussy was soaked. Angela moved in again. Now she had the full smell of the woman’s cunt in her nose.

She pressed her face against the mushy drizzling cunt. She hadn’t been near a woman since they’d put her in the guard-house. She sucked at Mrs. Farrell’s cunt. She sucked up all the pussy-cream she could find. Mrs. Farrell had a big clit. The older woman shuddered as Angela sucked her cunt between her teeth.

“Oh, you’re good, aren’t you? Yes, you’re very good.”

A moment later Mrs. Farrell came on Angela’s face. A fresh batch of cunt juice gushed out of her cunt and Angela lapped it up as Mrs. Farrell stroked her head. Mrs. Farrell was pleased.

When Angela finally pulled away, her face was drenched. Mrs. Farrell smiled. She took some Kleenex out of her purse and carefully wiped her cunt. She wore a huge diamond on one finger and Angela guessed that the ring had cost a fortune.

When Mrs. Farrell had her pussy dried off, she made Angela help her get her shoes back on. She rolled up her pantyhose and pushed the roll inside her purse. Then she smiled at Angela.

“You do like it, don’t you? Yes, I can tell you do.”

She looked at the wad of Kleenex in her hand and chuckled. She ordered Angela to open her mouth. Angela did it. Mrs. Farrell shoved the wad of Kleenex inside Angela’s mouth and giggled.

“There’s a good bit of my juice in there. You might get it out if you chew on it.”

After that Mrs. Farrell rose and walked out. She left Angela kneeling on the floor with the wad of Kleenex in her mouth. Angela was afraid to move. She was afraid to do anything any more. She was totally paralyzed with fear.

A few days later, Angela learned she was to be taken away by Mrs. Farrell. Angela wondered if she would have a better life. Or maybe it would be worse. She prayed something good would happen to her.

On the last night, the guards had a farewell orgy for Angela in the guard-house. She served them drinks wearing nothing but a tiny apron and a pair of heels. As soon as they were drunk enough, they started working her over. It was a night of sucking. At least for Angela. She had to suck twelve assholes.

All the men were drunk when she did it to them. Then she had to suck each of their cocks in turn. They joked about her. They said she was a vampire. They said she would suck their blood if she had the chance. She wallowed in their jism. There was so much of it. When they finally finished with her, she collapsed on the floor. They carried her to her room and chained her to her bed as usual. She felt like an animal.

The next morning Angela was washed and dressed and delivered to Mrs. Farrell’s limousine. Mrs. Farrell was waiting for her in the back. Angela still wore her leather collar. The chauffeur seemed uninterested in her as she climbed into the back of the limo. Angela was suddenly hopeful about the future. It had to be better than the guard-house.

She sat down beside Mrs. Farrell and the limo drove off. Angela was afraid to talk. After a while Mrs. Farrell started talking. She said Angela could call her Helen.

“We’ll be seeing a great deal of each other,” the older woman said with a giggle.

Angela watched the houses roll by as Helen continued talking. Helen said Angela looked pretty in the clothes she was wearing. Angela blushed. The last time Helen had seen her she’d been naked.

Helen teased Angela about the leather collar.

“You’ll always wear it, of course. I guess some people will know what it means. They’ll envy me, won’t they? Yes, I’m sure they will.”

Then she told Angela to get down on the floor of the limo and get her face between her legs.

Helen uncovered her thighs as Angela went down. The back of the limo was spacious and Angela had no trouble kneeling in front of Helen. Today Helen wore a garter belt, stockings and panties. Angela moved in to get her face against Helen’s warm crotch. She worked her mouth at the nylon to get at Helen’s cunt. Helen’s panty-crotch was soaked. Angela sucked the older woman’s cunt juice through the nylon. The car rolled on. Angela had no idea how much time passed. Her nose was filled with the smell of Helen’s cunt.

Finally the limo stopped. Helen pushed Angela away and straightened her dress. Angela hurried to get back into her seat. The chauffeur came around to open the door and the two women climbed out.

Helen led Angela into a large house. Angela told herself her life would be better here. No matter what happened, it would certainly be better than the guard-house and those brutes.

Inside Helen’s house, Angela met the butler and one of the maids. The servants showed no surprise at Angela’s presence. Helen led Angela away to the library. The older woman patted Angela’s cheek.

“I’m sure they’ll love you.”

She was talking about her family. In a moment an old man and a younger one came in. They seemed amused by Angela. The old man was Arthur Farrell, Helen’s husband. He was about sixty. The younger man was their son Peter.

The Farrell men were amused by Angela, but not surprised to see her. Peter snickered as he looked Angela over. The Farrells chatted with each other about Angela’s trip. Then Helen called a maid and Angela was taken to her room. The maid’s name was Mary and she seemed disgusted by Angela.

When the maid left, Angela heard the door being locked from the outside. Maybe it would be better here, but she was still a prisoner. At least she was away from the guards.

She looked at the room. It was an ordinary little bedroom with dull furniture. She walked over to a full length mirror and studied her image. She was still attractive. Her eyes looked sad but she was still pretty. She told herself maybe she could escape from the Farrells. It was a house, after all. It ought to be easier to escape from here than from the other place. There were no guards or vicious dogs. She was so thankful to be rid of the guards. She wanted to cry whenever she thought of them.

After a while the door was unlocked and Helen came in. She smiled at Angela. “All settled in?”

Angela looked away. “I don’t have anything to wear.”

Helen chuckled. “Oh, we’ll take care of that. At the moment I need you for something. Come with me, darling.”

Angela was puzzled. Helen led her out of the room and down the hall. They walked into another bedroom. Helen said it was her room. She walked into the adjoining bathroom and called to Angela to follow her.

Angela trembled with apprehension. She didn’t like the look in Helen’s eyes. Angela remembered that Helen could be awful when she felt like it.

When Angela came into the bathroom, Helen smiled at her and said she didn’t want there to be any confusion about what Angela’s duties were. “You’ve cost me a great deal of money and I expect to get full use out of you.” Her eyes were mocking. She told Angela to sit on the small bench near the marble bathtub.

Angela meekly sat down. As Angela watched, Helen lifted her dress, pulled her panties down and seated herself on the toilet. Angela blushed as she heard Helen start pissing. Helen smiled. Then she giggled as she gave out a tiny fart.

Angela quivered as she realized that Helen was shitting now.

Helen said she’d been told that Angela was experienced at this sort of thing.

“They told me you were good. Are you good, Angela?”

Angela stammered. “I-I don’t know.”

“Yes you do.”

Angela was mortified. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

Helen was amused. “You’d better, darling. Either that or I hand you back to Cory.”

Then Helen was finished shitting. She was matter-of-fact about it. She showed no embarrassment at having Angela watch her. She flushed the toilet and smiled at Angela. Then Helen rose and turned her back to Angela with her dress still at her waist.

This was the first time Angela had seen anything more than Helen’s cunt. The older woman had a full round ass with a deep split between the cheeks. The straps of her garter belt framed her ass on each side. She bent forward and the hairy pouch of her cunt was visible. She ordered Angela to clean her ass.

“With your mouth, darling. Use your mouth first and then some paper.”

Angela’s heart sank. She moved in. Helen’s ass was so white. Angela touched Helen’s asscheeks. She stroked them. She spread them apart to look at Helen’s shit hole. Helen’s grommet certainly needed cleaning. Her whole was dirty and there were streaks of slut all around it. Angela closed her eyes. She knew she had to do it. She couldn’t bear the thought of returning to Cory. She stuck her tongue out and started lapping Helen’s ass crack.

The older woman quivered. Her husband never did this sort of thing. He liked having a girl in bondage, but all he ever did was fuck them and sometimes hurt them with a prod. He was such a fool. He had no idea what money was for. Money was to buy bliss and this was bliss. A pretty girl licking and sucking her asshole after she used the toilet.

Angela gave the woman’s asshole a good swabbing with her tongue. She washed it with her saliva. Then she took some toilet paper and dried Helen’s grommet and ass crack.

Helen was pleased. When Angela finished with her ass, she turned to get her cunt licked clean. She opened her cunt lips with her fingers. She was happy as she spoke to Angela.

“I think I’m going to enjoy you. You’ll have everything you need here.” She said the next time Angela did her asshole she wanted Angela’s tongue all the way inside. “I think you know what I mean. You’ll have to learn what I like.” She said Angela was to be on constant call for any member of the family. “I suppose the men will keep you busy.” She said no one else would touch Angela unless Angela misbehaved. She warned Angela about misbehaving.

After that Helen returned with Angela to Angela’s room. She looked at Angela.

“I have something for you to wear tonight. Just wait right here until I get back.”

Angela stood near the window and waited. She could see nothing except the expanse of lawns and bushes surrounding the enormous house. She was in a daze. Then finally Helen came back with some things in her arms. The older woman seemed in good spirits. She tossed the things on the bed, then picked them up one by one and showed them to Angela.

Bondage clothes. Leather undies. Shackles for Angela’s wrists and ankles. A black ball-gag. Helen seemed thrilled by the stuff. She said Angela would look lovely in it. She told Angela to get her things off.

Angela stripped her clothes off as Helen watched. Of course Helen had already seen her naked when they first met. But the older woman’s eyes looked hungry nevertheless. She helped Angela with the leather bra and panties. The bra had holes to expose Angela’s nipples. The panties had no crotch and the back was split to allow access to her ass. Helen’s eyes were bright as she brought out the clips. Angela trembled when she saw them. Helen made Angela stand still while she put the clips on her nipples and cunt lips.

“Do they hon?”

“Yes, they do. Of course they do. It’s awful. Please, Helen.”

Helen tightened one of the nipple-clips and Angela groaned.

“Don’t talk so much, darling. This is a real hurt. Just so you know. For the time being we’ll keep it a bit loose. Now let’s have a look down here. This lovely little shaved pussy. There, do you feel that?”

The pain brought a cry out of Angela’s throat and she crumpled to the floor. Helen laughed and kicked her. She said her husband liked to use an electric prod. She said Angela should try to withstand as much pain as possible. She said her husband disliked it when the girls were too easy to hurt.

“He gets angry, darling. Then he hurts you even more. Now roll over on your stomach like a good girl, will you?”

Angela trembled as she rolled over. Helen put her foot on Angela’s ass. She pushed the heel of her shoe into the split in the seat of Angela’s leather panties. She pushed further. She drilled the heel of her shoe inside Angela’s asshole.

“Do you feel that?”

She gaged when Angela begged her to stop. She pushed deeper. Finally the tormenting stopped. She made Angela stand, up. She attached a leash to Angela’s collar and said it was time for them to go down to dinner.

Angela felt like a dog as Helen led her downstairs. The two Farrell men smiled at them as they walked in. Peter’s eyes, were hot as he stared at Angela’s clipped nipples. Old man Farrell frowned.

“I’d rather have her pants off.” Helen chuckled. “Oh, Arthur!”

The pants came off easily. Helen unsnapped the two sides and pulled them away. Peter snickered.

“Bald pussy.”

“She’d look better with hair,” the old man said. “Let me see her ass.”

Helen made Angela turn around. Now the old man was pleased. Helen told Angela to stand over at the wall while they had their dinner. Angela stood there, her wrists and ankles shackled, the black ball-gag in her mouth.

They talked about her as they had their meal. Angela tried to ignore them. She hated them. She was determined to find some way to escape.

Towards the end of the meal, Peter told his mother he wanted Angela under the table. “You know what for, Mother.”

Helen chided him, but she agreed. “Just this once, darling. I don’t like it at the dinner table.”

Then she smiled at Angela and called her aver. She pulled the ball-gag out of Angela’s mouth.

“Peter is spoiled, sweetie. I guess you’ll have to get under there and take care of him.”

She ordered Angela to crawl under the table to Peter. Angela heard Peter giggling. His cock was already out. His prick was limp, like a fat noodle hanging out of his fly. Angela took it in her mouth and in a moment he started pissing.

She swallowed rapidly. She heard them talking about her as she drank Peter’s piss. He gushed in her mouth. His piss had a sharp taste. She kept her mouth on the tip of his prick and she managed to get all of it without spilling any on herself.

She trembled in her misery as he finally pushed her away.


“You’re a nice-looking girl,” Arthur Farrell said.

They were in his den. He was smiling at her and Angela was terrified. Her, wrists were manacled behind her back. This pulled her shoulders back and made her tits more prominent. She had a ball-gag in her mouth. She wore a pair of red pumps with five-inch heels, but apart from that she was completely naked.

Farrell seemed amused at the way she looked.

His eyes roved over her tits. He told her to turn so that be could look at her ass. Then she had to turn around again to show him her cunt. He made her put one foot up on a chair to expose her shaved pussy. He seemed fascinated by it. He started talking about her cunt, and about the cunts of women he’d known.

“Sometimes the pussy doesn’t match the woman. You get surprised.” He chuckled. “You have a nice cunt slit. Very pretty.”

She trembled when he picked up the electric prod that had been lying on the nearby table. “Know what this is?”

She nodded. She was frightened. She remembered what Helen had said about him using the prod. She remembered how Cory had hurt her. And Dugan.

Farrell was amused by her fear. He giggled as he extended the prod and touched the end to her belly. Angela was afraid to move. The prod slid down. He pushed it at her pussyslit. She closed her eyes. She felt the prod pushing between her cunt lips. Then it was inside her cunt hole. She could feel it going in. Farrell snickered as she groaned. He pulled the prod out.

“Turn around and bend over.”

She did it. He ran the prod up and down her ass crack, deliberately teasing her. Then he found her asshole with the end and pushed it in. She held still as he did it. She was afraid he would injure her. She whimpered as he slowly pushed the prod inside her ass.

When he finally pulled the prod out of her ass, he made her turn to face him. He giggled as he wiped the end of the prod across her swinging tits. She realized he was much worse than Helen. He was fiendish.

Now he made her bend forward and he pulled the gag out of her mouth. He told her to keep her mouth open. He raised the prod.

“We don’t want this dirty, do we?”

He pushed the end of the prod between her lips and she had to suck it clean. She could taste her ass. She hated him. She hated all of them.

The prod was almost as thick as a cock and he teased her about it as she sucked the end.

“Push your lips out more. That’s it. A pretty girl with a pretty mouth. A sexy mouth. Helen likes it, doesn’t she?”

He said he knew all about Helen. He knew all about what his wife did with the girls. He teased Angela about having to suck Helen’s asshole after she shit. He was amused by the way Angela blushed.

Then he talked about Angela’s slavery. He said she was the fourth gi they’d had. “I think you’re the prettiest.” He opened his fly and pulled his cock out. Her ordered Angela to suck it.

She went down. She stuffed her mouth with his limp wick. She hoped she might get him off quickly and then he would lose interest in her. She took all of his cock in her mouth. He started to get hard and soon she had his cock knob in her throat. She began fucking him with her mouth, desperate to make him come.

But it was no good. He wouldn’t come and she couldn’t use her hands. He giggled at the frantic way she worked on him. Finally he pushed her away. He started frigging his cock with his hand. He had her lean over him so that he could play with her tits. He hefted each tit, bouncing it on his palm. He twisted her nipples and giggled when she sobbed at the pain. He said he liked her tits. He said it was nice to see heavy tits on a girl with slender shoulders. “I’m not too old to appreciate a nice pair of tits.”

He snickered as he continued pumping his cock with his fist.

He still didn’t come. He stopped jerking off and told her to turn around. He spread her asscheeks to look at her asshole. Then she felt the prod in her ass crack. The end slipped inside her asshole. It felt as though he’d greased it this time. He pinched one of her asscheeks and said her ass turned him on.

Then suddenly she felt a jolt in her ass as he activated the prod. He giggled at the way she squirmed. He asked her how it felt. She trembled and groaned as her shit-tube responded to the electric charge. She felt like shitting.

Farrell continued fucking the electrified prod in and out of her asshole. He was amused at her agony. He started talking about Helen again. He questioned Angela about the taste of his wife’s ass. She told him everything.

He suddenly turned the voltage up and she cried out. Now she really felt it in there. She groaned as she came. That was what Farrell wanted. He laughed and reached underneath her ass to finger her cunt. He pushed two fingers inside her cunt hole and kept them there as she had two more orgasms. He told her he could feel the spasms in her pussy.

He kept fucking her with the electric prod. Sometimes it hurt when he gave her jolt. She came again, a knockout climax this time. She moaned as she realized she was pissing on herself. Her legs were drenched. Farrell loved it. He kept his fingers churning inside her cunt as she came.

Finally he pulled the prod out of her ass and he told her he wanted her to shit for him.

She begged him not to make her do it.

He threatened her. He said, after what she did with Helen, she couldn’t pretend to be so innocent.

“One word from me and you go back to that place you were at.”

She tried. She felt totally degraded. She had her back to him. She squatted down. But nothing came out except a fart.

Farrell laughed. He was delighted with her. He reached down and tickled her asshole. He said she was worth all the money it cost him.

He made her sit down. He rose up and slowly peeled his pants and shorts off. He had spindly legs. His cock dangled over his low hanging balls. He diddled his prick with his fingers as he came to her.

She had to suck his balls. She lifted the leathery sack with her fingers and sucked his balls between her lips. He had the prod in his hand again. He prodded her cunt while she sucked his hanging balls. His balls were as big as plums and they filled her mouth. He flipped his cock against her face as he talked about the last slave they’d had in the house. He said Helen always chose the girls. He said the last girl had a terrific tongue. He said Helen liked a tongue in her ass. He teased Angela.

“I bet you like it, huh? How about giving me some? Show me some talent.”

He said he’d give her the prod again if she didn’t do it. He said this time he’d burn her ass with the prod.

She went down on his ass. He bent over in front of her face and pulled his asscheeks apart with his hands. She wasted no time getting her tongue in his ass. She stuck her tongue deep inside his shitter. She found it disgusting. She always hated it when she did it.

He talked to her. He said she was good. He complimented her when she fluttered her tongue inside his ass. He said she had the right technique. Then he talked about Helen again. He said his wife had a thing about shit. He laughed. He said Helen liked to shit on the girls when they didn’t behave.

“She loves it. She always makes them eat her slit.” He asked if Angela had done it yet.

She tried to ignore what he was saying. She sucked his ass and played with his balls. She concentrated her mind on his ass. She had already done it to Peter. And of course she ate Helen’s ass nearly every day. Peter liked a tongue in his ass as much as his mother.

She was always with one of them. They hardly ever let her out of their sight. She was always doing something. When she was inside her room, the door was always locked. She was a prisoner. She wanted to escape, but she didn’t know how. She had to keep hoping.

Then Farrell pulled his ass away from her mouth. Her tongue was sore. She closed her eyes and prayed he would be finished with her soon.

He made her rise. He told her to turn and bend over. Her fear of him returned as she bent over the easy chair.

He started greasing her asshole. He teased her as he did it. He said she had a cute asshole. He told her to open and close her asshole so he could watch it. He held her asscheeks apart with his hands and giggled as she did it. Then a moment later he pushed his cock knob against her grommet and rammed his cock up her ass.

He had no trouble getting in. He started fucking her. He went slowly at first, but then he picked up speed. He was soon fucking her ass fast and hard. He talked about her asshole. He said he could tell she had experience. He told her to tighten the grip of her shitter.

“Yeah, that’s it. Come on, cutie, grab the cock. Oh yeah! You like it, huh? Yeah, I can tell you like it. What a nice big shit hole. Not too big, ha ha.”

He said he hardly ever fucked Helen any more. He said Helen wasn’t what she used to be. He said he liked a tight asshole in a younger woman. He said he liked Angela’s ass. He teased her.

He said the next time he fucked her ass he wanted to feel her shit in there. Or maybe he was feeling something now. Was that a turd he felt in there? He wanted her to talk about it, but she refused. He was amused at her embarrassment. He pinched her ass, then slapped it and laughed. He squeezed her asscheeks as he taunted her.

Then suddenly the door opened and Helen came in. She giggled when she saw Angela with her husband. She came over to watch them. She stood beside Angela as Arthur’s cock slid in and out of Angela’s ass. She teased her husband.

“Don’t overdo it, darling. You’ll pop a blood vessel or something.”

She taunted Angela. She said Angela looked happy. She fondled Angela’s ass. She ran her hand over Arthur’s ass and then slipped her hand between his legs to grip his balls.

Angela’s ass was wide open now. Arthur’s cock moved in and out of her shitter like a greased piston. Helen came back to Angela. She started pinching Angela’s tits. Angela cried out when it hurt. She groaned loudly and Helen laughed at her. Then Helen questioned Arthur about Angela’s asshole.

“Is she what you wanted, darling?”

Arthur grunted. “She’s wonderful. She’s a hot fuck.”

“Better than me, I suppose.”

They started bickering. Angela listened to it with dismay. She hated them.

Then the bickering stopped and Helen cooed at her husband. She moved behind him and stuck a finger up his ass while he fucked Angela’s shitter. Arthur giggled as she told Angela what she was doing. He told Helen he liked it and she gave him two fingers. She fucked his ass with her fingers. Angela could feel his cock get bigger in her ass. Helen’s fingers in his shifter excited him.

Angela was amazed at how strong a fucker he was. She never felt pain in her ass any more. There was always the deep pressure and the uncomfortable feeling that she had to shit, but never any pain. Not after all the times she’d had her ass fucked by Cory’s guards. She could take a cock with ease now. And old man Farrell wasn’t that big anyway. Peter Farrell fucked her pussy but he always finished in her ass. Peter liked to slap her ass around.

Arthur finally pulled out of Angela’s ass without coming. Angela could feel her asshole gaping. She remained as she was, bent over the easy chair, her wrists manacled behind her back and her tits hanging down like a pair of grapefruits. She heard Arthur talking to Helen. Angela didn’t catch it at first. Her mind was too occupied with the easing pressure inside her asshole. Then she realized Arthur was telling Helen that he wanted to fuck her ass. He wanted her to bend over like Angela.

Helen laughed. She was surprised and amused. She teased him about Angela.

“But what about me? Do I still turn you on?” Angela turned and sat down. She watched them as they bantered with each other. It was obvious that Helen wanted to get fucked. She soon pulled her dress up and bent over one of the other chairs. Her big round ass was exposed. Arthur pulled her panties down to her knees. Helen’s creamy white ass seemed to fill the room. The pouch of her cunt and her dark asshole were clearly visible.

Arthur stroked his wife’s ass. He muttered to her as he did it. Angela wondered how often they fucked these days. They weren’t that young any more, even if Helen was twenty years younger than Arthur. She watched as Arthur greased Helen’s asshole. Helen squirmed as his thumb pushed inside her ass. He screwed his thumb in and out and she started giggling. Now they seemed very much at ease with each other. They teased each other about ass fucking. Arthur kept stretching her asshole with his fingers.

Finally he decided she was ready. He took his cock in his hand and placed his cock knob on her asshole. He pushed forward and slowly buried his cock in her shitter. He went in easily. Angela could see how Helen opened her ass to let him in. The older woman groaned with pleasure. Her asshole was now like a huge mouth surrounding Arthur’s swollen cock.

He gripped her ass and started fucking her. He talked to her. He said she was still good. He said she still had a lovely shit-tube. Angela watched his cock slide in and out. Helen made noises as he fucked her. Angela wanted them to enjoy themselves. She prayed they wouldn’t bother her any more. But of course they would.

Then Arthur started grunting, ramming his wife’s ass as he shot off in her shitter. Helen mewled and squirmed. She rolled her ass around, her asshole sucking on his spurting cock. Arthur grunted again and slapped her ass as he shot off.

Angela thought Helen seemed to like it intensely. Arthur giggled as he finished. He pulled his cock out of Helen’s ass and gazed fondly at her gaping asshole. Her fucked out shitter slowly closed. Arthur laughed and rubbed it with his finger.

Helen called to Angela now and Angela trembled. Helen ordered Angela to suck her asshole. She wanted Angela to suck out Arthur’s jism.

Angela was disgusted at the idea. But she resigned herself to it. She was helpless. She never thought of disobeying them. Her slavery in the Farrell house was complete.

She moved behind Helen’s ass. She could see Arthur’s jism leaking out of the older woman’s asshole. Angela crouched down. She still had her wrists manacled behind her back and she moved awkwardly. She pushed her face against Helen’s ass and started licking the woman’s asshole. Helen mewled with pleasure. Angela lapped her tongue over Helen’s asshole. Then she pressed her lips against it and sucked. In a moment Arthur’s jism started flowing into her mouth. She sucked Helen’s shit-ring to get it all. Angela could taste Arthur’s jism on her tongue. Helen squirmed with pleasure. She quivered and mewled as Angela sucked her shit hole.

Angela got most of the jism out of Helen’s ass. Helen urged her on. The older woman’s fingers were moving in her cunt as Angela sucked her asshole. Angela could tell that Helen was more excited than usual. Getting her ass fucked by Arthur and then sucked by Angela seemed to turn her on.

Finally Helen was finished. She shuddered as she came. She rubbed frantically at her clit. Then she pulled away from Angela’s face.

Arthur had watched it carefully. He looked amused. Angela lay an the floor in a heap, and when she looked up she could see the lust in Arthur’s eyes.

Then Helen came over to Angela and straddled her. She had her panties off. Holding her dress at her waist, she squatted down over Angela’s face. Angela groaned as Helen’s cunt came down on her mouth. There was no escape. She had to suck Helen’s raunchy cunt. She had to let Helen’s cunt-slime drip over her tongue and down her throat.

Arthur called to Helen. He said his cock was dirty from her ass.

“Let Angela take care of me first. After that you can fuck her face all day.”

Helen giggled and climbed off Angela. Arthur waved his cock at Angela and smiled. She had to do it. She crawled to him and took his limp prick in her mouth. Yes, it was dirty. He had traces of Helen’s shit on his prick. Angela sucked it. She sucked him clean. Helen frigged her cunt as she watched it. She brought herself off again as Angela cleaned Arthur’s shitty cock with her mouth.

After that Arthur pushed Angela down again. She groveled on the floor in front of them. Arthur giggled and started pissing on her. Angela was miserable. Helen laughed and joined him. The older woman squatted over Angela’s face. Both Farrells pissed on Angela and she was soon drenched.

She lay there in a puddle of piss. She kept her eyes closed. She had the taste of it in her mouth, the smell of it all around her. The Farrells laughed at her. Angela shuddered with revulsion.


Weeks passed. Angela was now a complete and abject slave. She was used constantly by the Farrells. She spent more time with Helen than with the men. Helen enjoyed taking her out sometimes. Angela would wear a turtleneck to cover the leather collar.

Inside the house Angela was always on a leash. The servants in the house mocked her. But at least none of them was allowed to touch her.

Then one day Helen announced that there would be a party for friends of the Farrells. She patted Angela’s cheek and told her she would be one of the star attractions at the party.

When the evening of the party arrived, Helen took great pains with Angela’s outfit. Angela learned she was to be introduced to the people at the party as what she was a slave to the Farrells.

Helen helped her dress. Angela was horrified when she realized what she’d be wearing. Her tits were packed into a fight bra with holes cunt out for her nipples. Then Helen clipped Angela’s nipples and connected the two clips with a thin gold chain.

Angela’s panties had no crotch. The bald lips of her cunt were clearly visible. Helen pulled out Angela’s inner lips and clipped them. Each clip had a thin gold chain dangling from it. Angela’s ankles were loosely shackled with a leather covered chain with large links. Her wrists were manacled behind her back with leather cuffs. Helen giggled as she stuffed a ball-gag into Angela’s mouth. Then she helped Angela step into a pair of five-inch stiletto heels.

Helen was pleased by Angela’s appearance. She said Angela would be a smashing hit at the party.

“I want them creaming,” Helen said. “I want all my girlfriends to envy me.”

Angela had to remain in her room until ten o’clock. Then Helen came for Angela. She led Angela downstairs to the crowd on a leash. The people in the room immediately turned their attention to Angela and Helen.

As Helen had predicted, Angela was a big hit. Angela was mortified at the way they stared at her, at the mocking contempt in their eyes. Then she noticed that certain people in the room also had a leash in their hands and at the other end of the leash there was a woman. A slave. Angela realized she wasn’t the only slave at the party. They were all decently dressed, but they were slaves nonetheless.

Some people began questioning Helen about Angela. Helen answered the questions. She told them about Angela’s history. Then she forced Angela to display herself. Angela was always in fear of Helen’s cruelties and so she did whatever Helen wanted. She had to entertain the guests by exposing herself. She had to show her cunt-lips. She had to bend over and show them her asshole.

They joked about her. They asked Helen questions about her talents. Some of the women wanted to touch Angela and Helen agreed.

Angela found herself pinched and fondled. Some of the women were cruel. They seemed jealous of Angela’s beauty. One woman tore at Angela’s cunt with her fingernails. They all pulled at the clips on her nipples and cunt lips.

At moments Angela looked into the eyes of the other slaves. She saw understanding in their eyes. They knew about her misery.

The ball-gag remained in Angela’s mouth. Finally Helen removed the gag. She announced that Angela would service any of the men who wanted it. The only rule was that it had to be done before all of them.

“I want volunteers. Now is the time for all the big cocks to come forward.”

There were giggles all around. The first man moved towards them. His friends teased him, calling out to him, making cracks about bin to his wife. He brought his cock out. Angela had to go to him. She knelt at his feet. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

It wasn’t long before some of the other men in the room had their cocks exposed. The women were amused. They made sarcastic comments about the long cocks of some of the men.

Angela sucked the cocks one after the other. She sucked off five men. She never missed a drop of jism when they came. Helen patted Angela’s head and complimented her. Then one of the women cajoled Helen into letting her have Angela in the john. Helen agreed. There were catcalls as Angela was led away by the woman. Angela understood that these things were nothing new to this crowd. All of them knew what the slaves had to put up with.

Inside the bathroom, the woman teased Angela. She said her name was Dora. She raised her dress and slipped her panties off. Angela was surprised to see that the woman had a shaved pussy. Dora smiled at Angela. She had fat cunt lips and a protuberant clit.

“I’m going to piss in your mouth, honey,” Dora told Angela.

Angela went down on her knees. She turned her face up. Dora giggled and spread her legs. She moved forward to position her crotch over Angela’s face. Angela opened her mouth. She had serviced Helen like this many times. Helen always said it was more fun to piss standing up than sitting down.

Now Dora arranged her cunt on Angela’s mouth. She started pissing. The hot liquid gushed over Angela’s tongue. She took it all. She missed nothing. Dora had a full piss. She mewled and squirmed a bit. At the end she rubbed her clit very fast and came on Angela’s face.

“There’s a load, love.”

Angela sucked up the woman’s cunt juice.

When it was finished, Dora adjusted her clothes and they returned to the party. Dora stroked Angela’s ass and told Helen that Angela was very skillful.

Soon after that Helen led Angela over to a man.

“She’s all yours, Stan. But don’t break anything.”

The man chuckled as he took hold of Angela’s leash and led her away. He took her out of the room and down the hall to a bedroom. He unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. He wanted the same thing as Dora. He said he would piss in Angela’s mouth.

“Helen says you’re good.”

Once again Angela went down on her knees. He giggled as he started pissing in her mouth.

“Take it, baby. Christ, what a mouth?”

Suddenly the door opened and a woman came in. “Freaking out again, Stanley?”

Stanley giggled. “She’s great.”

“So I see.”

The woman was Stanley’s wife. Angela saw that she was irritated by her husband’s approval of Angela. The woman chided Stanley. She waited until he finished pissing in Angela’s mouth, and then she kicked Angela’s ass and hurt her.

“Stupid little slut.”

Stanley was amused. “Take it easy.” The woman unbuckled the belt around her dress and started beating Angela with it. Stanley stood nearby laughing at them. The woman made Angela kneel with her head down on the carpet. She whipped Angela’s ass.

Then finally the woman stopped. She tossed the belt away and raised her dress. She uncovered her ass and bent over the edge of the bed. She ordered Angela to suck her asshole.

“He says you’re good, so let’s find out.” Angela crawled to the woman and went down on her ass. She licked and sucked the woman’s asshole. She did so much of it these days, it meant nothing to her. The woman made sounds of pleasure and rolled her ass around. She farted in Angela’s face and her husband laughed. She told Angela to keep her mouth on her asshole. Angela did it. She kept her lips on the woman’s ass-chute. She feared the worst and her fear was justified.

The woman started pushing shit out of her asshole. Angela was afraid to refuse it. Helen had wanted her to be completely obedient with her friends. Angela kept her mouth in place. The stink and taste was horrible. Stanley came behind Angela and jerked off on her ass.

Suddenly the woman stopped shifting and she turned around and kicked Angela to the floor. She squatted over Angela and finished the shit on Angela’s face. Angela sobbed as the woman’s shit covered her. Stanley had finished jerking off, and now he pissed on Angela’s face. The man’s wife laughed as his piss washed the slit off Angela’s forehead. Angela rolled on the floor in misery as the couple left the bedroom.

She finally crawled into the bathroom. She climbed under the shower and struggled because of her manacled wrists to turn it on. But finally she did it. She had to get clean again or she would lose her mind. She wanted to kill herself, but she knew she lacked the guts for it.

Finally she was clean. She climbed out of the shower. She looked at her face in the mirror and she saw that she looked like a wounded animal.

At last the evening was finished and all the guests had left. The Farrells and the servants were exhausted and asleep. Angela was out of the bondage gear, unchained, with her hands free. She tried the door of her room and she found it unlocked. They’d forgotten to lock her in. Angela realized that this was her chance. Maybe her only chance.

She put on a raincoat to cover her nakedness. She slipped out of her room. She stole downstairs to the front door. She made it outside without anyone awakening.

She started running. In a moment she reached the road. She had no idea where she was. Should she go right or left? She chose right. She ran. She told herself she had to make it. She had to get far away from them.

Suddenly a bright light shone in her eyes, a spotlight attached to a car that had been sitting in the dark on the shoulder of the road. A police car. The door of the car opened and a cop came out. Angela sobbed and ran into his arms.

She started babbling to him. Her raincoat fell open and the cop chuckled when he saw she was naked under the coat.

“Hold still a moment, honey.”

Before Angela could pull away, he had his handcuffs locked around her wrists.

He shoved her into the back of the patrol car and she fell down across the seat.

“God looks after people,” the cop said after he climbed behind the wheel in the front. “I’ve been horny all night and now the Good Lord has dumped some pussy in my lap.”

He said his name was Wally. Angela lay in the back of the patrol car trembling with fear. The cop talked constantly as he drove the car. He said he was a widower. He said he was glad to be rid of his wife because she was a lousy fuck.

He drove Angela to an abandoned warehouse in a deserted industrial area. He hauled her out of the patrol car and dragged her inside. The place was a huge warehouse with an eerie emptiness inside. Angela’s fear was extreme. The cop closed the door that led outside and laughed at her.

“Relax, honey. I won’t bite you, or if I do, I’ll do it in the right place.”

He laughed again and hauled his cock out of his pants. He moved towards her. He made her kneel and he forced his cock inside her mouth.

She had to blow him. She was afraid he would hit her. She knelt there on the cold floor in front of him while he fucked her face. He held her head with both hands. His cock slid in and out of her mouth. Then finally he pulled his cock away and he told her to get up.

When she rose up, he unlocked the handcuffs. He stripped the raincoat off her body and looked at her.

“Oh yeah, look at the tits. Nice, baby, and that shaved pussy. You like getting head, huh?” He laughed and said she turned him on. He fingered his cock, jiggled it and waved it at her. Then he took her tits in his big hands and squeezed them. He made her turn so that he could look at her ass. He squeezed her asscheeks.

“I bet you’re a good fuck. You dig cock, huh? With an ass like this, you should. Go on, bend over that crate. Stick your ass in the air.”

Angela went to the crate and bent over it the way he wanted. He was behind her immediately. She felt his cock pushing at her cunt. In a moment he was inside. His cock plowed into her cunt hole. He rammed his cock up her pussy and started fucking her. He held her hips with both hands as he pounded her. She groaned as his cock pummeled her pussy. She took it. She couldn’t do anything but take it.

Finally he shot his load in her cunt. He churned his cock around, grunting as he pressed his balls against her cunt lips.

Then he pulled out. He pushed his cock inside his fly and closed his pants.

“Put the raincoat on, honey.”

When she had the raincoat on, he locked the handcuffs on her wrists again. He dragged her out of the warehouse and pushed her back into the patrol car. She fell down sobbing on the leather seat.

Now as he drove he was silent. No more talk about his dead wife. Angela prayed he would take her somewhere and let her go.

But it didn’t happen. After a while the car stopped. He came around to pull her out of the back. He dragged her into a small frame house. He told her it was his house. He told her he lived alone.

He pushed her into the cluttered living room. He made her sit down in an easy chair. He picked up some rope from the floor and tied her to the chair so she couldn’t move. He warned her not to try any tricks.

“You don’t want to get me mad, do you?” Then he slapped her face.

She started crying. He listened to it for a moment and then he told her to shut up. She tried to stop, but she couldn’t. She continued sobbing. The cop cursed and went to the kitchen. He came back with a wad of paper towels. He grabbed her chin, forced her mouth open and stuffed it with paper.

“Now you’ll shut up, won’t you?”

He pulled the raincoat down off her shoulders to expose her tits. He jiggled one of her tits with his hand. He pulled her nipple out and twisted it.

“You like a little of that? Sure you do, they all like it. I bet you like them sucked. But you’re the one who’s going to suck, right? Go on, suck it!”

He pulled the paper out of her mouth. He lifted her tit with his hand and forced the nipple towards her mouth. He used his other hand to push her head down. He laughed as she took her nipple between her lips. He said every broad ought to be able to suck her own tits.

After that he left her. He went back to the kitchen and made himself some coffee. Then he brought the coffee to the living room and he sat down and gazed at her.

“We’re going to have a nice time.”

“Please don’t hurt me.”

He laughed. “I’ll do what I want, cunt. I like you, so maybe I won’t hurt you too much.”

She was afraid of the crazy look in his eyes. She was afraid of the gun and the gunbelt and the wild look in his eyes.

After a while he left her again and went to the kitchen. She heard him use the phone. She heard him talking to someone. Then he came back and sat down again. Fifteen minutes went by and then someone was at the front door.

Wally went to the door and opened it.

Another cop came in and they exchanged greetings. Wally smiled at Angela and introduced his friend Vince.

The new cop was amused. He was a big burly cop, just like Wally. Vince joked with Wally about Angela. He came over to Angela and pinched her cheek.

“Hello, cutie.”

He reached down to squeeze one of her tits. He smiled and looked at Wally.

“I’m gonna fuck her right now.”

Wally chuckled. “Be my guest.”

They untied her. They left the handcuffs on. They talked to each other as they pulled the ropes away. They seemed completely at ease, no tension, no nervousness. Vince made her stand up and he stripped the raincoat off. He fondled her. He squeezed her tits and then her ass.

“Christ, she’s built. Nice, Wally, very nice.”

“I told you, didn’t I.”

“Yeah, you sure did.”

“Prime stuff, huh?”

Vince made her turn and bend over the chair she’d been sitting on. He ran his hands over her ass and probed her ass crack. He chuckled as he spread her asscheeks wide apart.

“How about some KY, Wally?”

Wally laughed. “I got Vaseline.”

“So let’s have it.”

Wally went for the Vaseline. When he returned with it, Vince scooped some out of the jar and greased Angela’s asshole. Angela couldn’t see anything. She heard him dropping his pants and shorts. She felt his fingers stretching her asshole. Then she felt his cock knob pushing against her grommet. His cockhead popped in, then the rest of his cock slowly followed. Vince grunted as he slammed his balls against her cunt.

“Oh yeah, man, she’s a hot ass.”

He started fucking her ass vigorously. He kept his hands on her hips, with his balls slapping against her cunt lips, his big cock sliding smoothly in and out of her greased asshole. It wasn’t long before the pace quickened. He had no desire to play games with her. He grunted and heaved and dumped his load up her shitter while Wally watched him.

“Good fuck, man. She’s a good fuck,” Vince commented.

Then he pushed her away. Angela crumpled into the chair. She could feel his load burning out of her ass. She lay in the chair and avoided looking at them. She heard them strip their clothes off. They joked with each other about something.

They started drinking. They talked about their work.

After a while they dragged her into a bedroom. She lay on the bed and watched them as they finished their drinks. She knew that whatever would happen, it wouldn’t be pleasant. They were brutes. They were so much like Cory’s guards. They were both brawny, with lots of muscles, big cocks and bloated balls. She’d escaped from the Farrells only to find something worse.

Vince stretched out beside her on the bed. Wally unlocked the handcuffs that held her wrists together. He slapped her around and warned her to behave herself. They forced her on top of Vince. Vince pushed his cock inside her cunt. Then he pulled her forward so that she was doubled over him.

Wally came behind her. He played with her ass a moment, and then he drove his cock up her shifter while she had Vince’s cock in her cunt.

She had a double fuck. Two big cocks, one in her cunt and one in her ass. They showed her no mercy. She’d had it often with Cory’s guards and this time it was just as bad. They kept fucking her, and kept her rocking between them until they shot off. Then they pushed her away and she lay there on the bed weeping.

The two men started drinking again. After a while Wally dragged her into the bathroom and told her to get into the bathtub. She climbed in and lay there terrified. Vince came in. Both men laughed as they began to piss on her. She was drenched in their piss.

Later she heard Vince leave the house. Wally came in and dragged her out of the tub. He put handcuffs on one of her ankles and attached the handcuffs to one of the legs of the bed. He brought some blankets in and told her she’d sleep on the floor near his bed. He told her to lie down and go to sleep. He was very drunk.

“Just pretend you’re a dog,” he said with a laugh.

He stretched out on the bed and started snoring almost immediately.

She lay there sobbing quietly on the mattress. Then finally she stopped. It did no good to cry. She looked around her, at the room, at the handcuffs, at the leg of the bed to which the handcuffs were attached. Her heart almost stopped. The handcuffs looked funny. It looked like they weren’t closed properly. She trembled as she touched it. The handcuffs came open. He’d been too drunk to snap the lock around her ankle and now she had a chance to get away.

She moved quickly. In a moment she was free. She crept out of the room while Wally snored on the bed. She wanted to run, but she told herself to calm down. Do something right for once, she thought. She went to the living room and found some matches. Now that she had the idea, she was frantic to see it done. She looked in the kitchen until she found a can of lighter fluid in one of the cabinets. Oh dear God, yes. She stole back to Wally’s bedroom. He was still snoring. She poured the lighter fluid over everything in sight. She went back outside the room. She lit a match. She tossed it into the room. The fire roared up and suddenly the room was an inferno.

Was he screaming? She had no idea. She ran out, out of the house and down the street. She heard the neighbors shouting. She kept running. Then she heard the fire engines. She ran blindly down one alley after the other. She suddenly realized she was stark naked. She kept running until she came out onto a road somewhere. In a moment she found herself lit up by the headlights of a slow moving car. She was suddenly afraid to take a chance. Then she realized she had to. She flagged the car down.

She prayed whoever it was in the car would help her.

The car stopped.

She opened the door on the passenger side and climbed in.

She heard a curse.

A familiar voice called her name.

She looked at the face behind the wheel, the face of the driver.


She fell into his arms sobbing.


They sat beside each other on the sofa in their living room and held hands as they talked. Ken knew everything. He knew all about Cory’s place and the Farrells. All of them had been rounded up by the FBI on kidnapping charges. Ken had traced her to the Farrell. Then he’d heard a rumor about some cops on the police force in that town. He’d been roaming the town in a rented car, hoping to find her. Then suddenly there she was in the road. His prayers had been answered.

“I thought I’d lost you for good,” he said. Then he smiled at her. “Guess I was wrong.”

He wasn’t completely familiar with all the horrors she’d experienced. She was grateful he didn’t ask. Maybe someday she would tell him everything, but not now. What she wanted now was something else. She kissed him.

“Ken, I love you.”

He held her tightly. She felt herself turning on. They kissed again. She probed his mouth with her tongue. His hand moved over the front of her blouse. He wanted her tits.

She smiled as she unbuttoned her blouse for him. She unhooked the front of her bra. Ken kissed her and filled his hand with one of her tits.

“I missed you,” he said.

“I missed you too.”

She looked down at his hand as he fondled her tits. He suddenly lowered his head and started sucking her nipples. She moaned. It felt so good. He sucked hungrily at her tits. She held her tits for him. First one and then the other. He pulled at her nipples with his teeth. Finally he lifted his head again.

“I’m crazy about your tits.”

She told him she wanted to get into something more comfortable, something he’d like.

“Promise me you won’t move until I come back.”

He promised. She left him and went to their bedroom. She quickly stripped her clothes off. She unwrapped a box, opened it and brought out some lingerie. She quivered with excitement as she held the things up to look at them. She hurried to make herself sexy for Ken. Sexy in black lace. A garter belt and black nylons. Wispy panties without a crotch, her bare pussy lips clearly visible. She prayed he’d like her pussy without hair. She pulled a pair of high heeled pumps out of the closet and slipped into them.

She posed in front of the full length mirror. She turned right and left and then she decided to change the bra. She brought another bra out of the box and put it on. This one had holes to let her nipples show. She liked it. Her nipples looked so juicy sticking through the bra like that. She touched up her nipples with some lipstick.

She was pleased with the way she looked. She rubbed her pussy with her fingers and discovered that her cunt slit was drenched. She giggled softly. You’re a hot little slut, she thought. She left the bedroom and returned to Ken in the living room.

His eyes went wide when he saw her.

“Christ, Angie!”

“Would you like a drink?”

“I’d like to bite one of those tits.”

She giggled. “Patience, lover. First we’ll have something to drink.”

She was aware of his eyes on her body as she walked to the bar. She loved it. She loved getting him hot. She stood at the bar conscious of her ass and nylon-covered legs. Finally she brought the two martinis back to the coffee table. She stood near him and put one foot on the sofa cushion beside him.

He whistled under his breath as he stared at her crotch. She smiled down at him. She teased him, rubbing her hand along the insides of her thighs, her finger moving closer and closer to her shaved cunt, then finally lightly stroking her cunt lips.

She slowly opened her cunt to his eyes. She could see how turned on he was. She told him to bring his cock out.

“Show your cock to me, darling.”

He did what she wanted. He unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. He had a lovely hard-on, his cock knob swollen and wet at the tip.

She wanted his balls out in the open and she told him so. He smiled at her and scooped his balls out of his pants. Now he had everything hanging out. All that cockmeat. She quivered as she looked at it. She could see the fine blue veins running through the skin of his bloated ball-bag.

She finally put her drink down and knelt between his legs. She kissed the tip of his prick. She took his cock knob in her mouth. He made a sound of pleasure as she sucked the leaking juice out of his pisshole. Her lips slurped aver his cockhead. She loved the feel of his hot prick in her mouth.

Then she left his cock knob to lick his balls. She took each ball in her mouth, lifting them with her fingers. He watched everything she did. He groaned when she took his cock in her mouth again. Now she started mouth-fucking him. She bobbed her head up and down. She took his prick deep in her throat. Saliva drooled out of her mouth to wet his cock and balls. He groaned and held her head. Finally she stopped.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” she said. She worked on his shoes and slipped them off his feet. Then she helped him get his pants and shorts off. He sat down again, naked now below his waist.

She made him raise his knees to his chest. For a moment she just looked at everything. His thick cock, his dangling balls, all the hair that grew into his ass crack and around his tight little asshole.

She started licking his balls again. This time she licked lower down. He shivered when her tongue touched his asshole.

She licked his asshole steadily. She kissed it. She pressed her lips against his asshole and nibbled the puckered ring.

He went wild, groaning and squirming as she worked on his asshole. She let some saliva flow out of her mouth to drench his grommet. His asshole opened up like a small brown mouth. Her tongue pushed inside. She began fucking his asshole with her tongue. His balls pushed against her eyes and nose as she worked her tongue in and out of his ass.

She was very hot. She loved doing his ass. She loved the musky taste. She could feel his asshole becoming loose and receptive. She thought of all the people she’d done it to. She was a different woman now. Lord, how different she was.

She held Ken’s cock as she sucked on his asshole. She slowly frigged his prick as her tongue slithered in and out of his grommet. He was into it now. He pulled his knees all the way back and told her to go deeper with her tongue. “All the way in, baby. All the way in.”

She giggled against his asshole as she rammed her tongue inside his shit-tube.

Finally she pulled away. His cock was like iron. She rose up and climbed over his lap. She poised her crotch over his lap and pushed, his cockhead inside her cunt hole. They, both groaned as she sat down on him.

His cock seemed bigger than ever. It felt so good in her pussy as she squirmed around. She lifted one of her tits in her hand and he took her nipple in his mouth. She began moving up and down. She fucked him slowly. She wanted it to last. She wanted it to go on forever.

She could feel the juice pouring out of her cunt. She talked to him about it. She said his cock felt wonderful. She said he had the loveliest cock in the world. Everything a girl could want.

When he tried to speed up, she told him to slow down.

“Make it last, darling. I don’t want it to stop.”

She teased him with her pussy. The mouth of her cunt sucked on his cock each time she rose up.

He squeezed her ass with his hands. He said her cunt felt great on his cock.

“Tight pussy, baby. Tight hot pussy.”

She pumped up and down. She watched his face. It made her hot to see the pleasure in his face. She kissed him. Then she slowly pulled herself off his cock.

He showed his disappointment. “What’s the matter?” He had a puzzled look on his face as she squirmed around on his lap.

Reaching behind her, she grabbed his prick. She pushed his cock knob against her asshole. Her asshole opened and she eased down again. No lubrication. She didn’t need it any more. She took him easily. She sat down, stuffing his hard cock deep inside her ass.

It took him a moment to realize what was happening. Then he groaned.

“Christ, it’s in your ass.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“Baby, I love it!”

She wriggled on his lap. She had all of his cock in her shitter, every inch down to his balls. He groaned as she squirmed around and she smiled at him.

“Feel good?”

“If you keep it up, I’ll come.”

“No, darling, not yet. We’ll do it slowly. Just let me do everything.”

She gripped his cock with her shit-chute. She started fucking his cock with her shitter, a slow fuck, her ass moving slowly up and down.

She tightened a bit when she moved up and her ass hole sucked on his prick. She opened her ass wide when she sat down.

She asked him if it was nice. “Hot and tight, darling?”

“It’s great.”

“For me too. It’s just marvelous. We’ll do it often, won’t we?”

“If you want.”

“Yes, I want.”

“I’ve always been crazy about your ass.”


He said he liked to see her in a tight dress or tight pants. He said he used to dream about fucking her ass.

“Sometimes I jerked off thinking about it.” She giggled. “Well, flow you have what you want.”

She said he could fuck her ass anytime he wanted. Then she said she was going to come soon.

“I’m getting close, darling.”

She speeded up the fucking. He was wild about the way she was fucking his cock with her ass. She unhooked her bra and tossed it away. She told him to take a tit in his mouth. She told him to bite her nipple.

Her ass pumped up and down on his cock. She reached behind her to play with his balls. She ran her fingertips around the ring of her asshole to feel how stretched it was. Then she hefted his bloated balls again. She thought about all the jism what would soon shoot up her ass.

He was on the way now. She wanted to come with him, and she started fingering her clit, jerking off to have her climax with his. She was fucking him like crazy now, bouncing up and down on his cock, her asshole grabbing at his prick to get him off, both of them grunting as she sucked on his prick with her shitter.

Finally he cried out. He started coming. She tightened her ass as she pulled the load out of his balls. He went wild. He cursed. He told her it was the best. He pumped his load inside her shit-tube.

She milked him with her asshole. She watched his face, watched the pleasure in it as he spurted. She could feel his jism being squeezed out again as she continued moving up and down. The hot spunk lubricated her asshole and made the fuck even better.

His cock stayed hard and she continued fucking him with her ass. She farted and they both laughed. He told her she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

She finally climbed off him. His cock was a mess of shit and jism and he was visibly embarrassed. She teased him about it. Then she knelt at his feet and went down on his cock.

He was amazed as he watched her. He groaned and said it turned him on. She giggled as she licked his cock clean. She sucked on his shitty cock until she had him cleaned off. He shuddered at the pleasure of it. And she had her own pleasure. His cock was still half-hard and delightful to suck.

When she finished sucking all the shit and jism off his cock, she asked him if it really turned him on. “Honest?”


“I love sucking your cock.”

She played with his cock and balls. They continued drinking and talking as she knelt at his feet and sucked his prick and ball-bag. He said having his cock in her ass was the greatest. He said he loved her in lingerie. He said he liked high heels and stockings.

“Next time I’d like to fuck your ass while you’re bending over.” Then he said he had to go to the bathroom to piss.

She smiled at him and told him to do it in her mouth. “That way you don’t have to go anywhere.”

He looked incredulous. He didn’t believe she was serious. “You don’t mean it.”

“Yes I do.”

She convinced him she meant it. She said he should try it. He might like doing it. She coaxed him until he agreed.

She took his cock knob between her lips and he started pissing.

He watched her face as he did it. He groaned and told her it made him hot.

His piss came out in force. She took everything. She swallowed it all down. She was an expert. He stroked her face as he finished. She continued sucking his prick and before long he had a full hard-on again. She handled his cock and balls. She stroked his cock as they talked about pissing.

“You can do it any time you want, darling,” she told him.

He said it had always been his fantasy to suck her ass. She laughed and said she’d love it anytime he wanted it. She said he could suck her ass and then fuck it. She tickled his asshole with her finger and then pushed the finger inside. She asked him if he liked it when she’d sucked his ass before.


“I’d like to do it again.” She said he should turn around and bend over this time.

He grinned and did what she wanted. He knelt on the floor, bending forward over the sofa cushion. She moved behind him. She started licking his asscrack. She pulled his cock and balls back and sucked his prick. She sucked his balls one after the other and then she returned to his ass crack. She tickled his asshole with her tongue and then she worked her tongue inside.

He groaned as her tongue went in. She nibbled at his asshole and started tongue fucking his shit-tube.

“Oh Christ, I love it,” he said. He said he loved her. She gripped and squeezed his balls as she worked her tongue in and out of his ass.

Then she talked to him.

She said she wanted them to be happy forever. She said she wanted to be his slave. She wanted to make him the happiest man in the world.

She pushed her face against his ass crack again. She bit the skin between his balls and his asshole. She pushed her nose into his asshole.

Then she gave him her tongue again. She drilled her tongue deep inside his ass.

She was happy.

So happy, she thought.

She was back where she belonged.