Aunt In Chains

“This is the most disgusting stuff I’ve ever seen,” Bonnie Edwards told her three nephew’s. “I’m sure your mother is going to let you know about it when she gets home.” Bonnie expected her nephews to show some kind of shame over what she had found and had dropped on the living room coffee table. […]

Tying the knot

With Joyce still spread completely open Richard stood on his haunches, placing his feet on either side of her waist, and lowered his still bobbing pelvis to her lap. They stopped all movement as Richard, with Joyce’s help, guided the erect and jerking penis back to the wet and winking vulva. Richard stroked to mid […]

Stepdad’s Naughty Girl

Pretty Cindy Barnes kept thinking about sex. As she lay in bed, her thoughts made her cute tits hard in the bra she was wearing. Between her legs, nested in brief bikini panties, her cunt got warmer. A soft sound escaped her throat. Beneath the blankets her hands moved to her special spots, one on […]

My Date With A Devil

The day was a picture perfect day. The flowers and bushes in the city park were in full bloom complimented by the sounds of the birds singing in the nearby trees. Overhead, the beautiful cloudless sky was as blue as blue could be. I loved days like this. However, it was going to prove to […]

Nerds and sex

She caught me at a bad time. With one hand I was cutting and pasting a code fix and with the other, I held a tuna salad sandwich I’d just taken a big bite out of. It wasn’t the best of times to meet a good-looking woman. I heard a rapping, as someone “knocked” on […]

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