Bobby and Mom – A Holiday Affair

Claire couldn’t believe what she was seeing — what she had caught her son doing! She had gotten off work early and come home to give her Bobby the incredible news about their Christmas together. Her holiday bonus was much bigger than expected, big enough to buy the things she knew he wanted and was too proud to ask for. How excited she was, knowing how much better the holidays would be with the two of them being on vacation, with money to spend for a change.

But now this! Her mind struggled to comprehend that when she had opened her son’s door without first knocking she had been confronted with the sight of her Bobby, lying on the bed naked from the waist up with his pants down around his ankles. And between his legs was his best friend Roy sucking his erect penis.

“Oh my God” Claire thought.

This couldn’t be happening! But it was happening. Right before her eyes Bobby’s friend was performing oral sex on him. Something inside her screamed for her to run away and hide — to go somewhere and pretend this wasn’t happening. But she couldn’t pull her eyes away. So she stood there silently, her heart racing as she watched young Roy’s head bobbing up and down on her son’s hard manhood. And she stayed there dumbfounded all the way until her Bobby moaned softly and ejaculated into his friends mouth. Even after that, she stood there outside the door for a long moment before finally announcing her presence to the two young boys.

“What the hell is going on in here?!!,” Claire screamed angrily.

The two boys were caught completely by surprise. Roy instantly backed his mouth off Bobby’s spent but still hard cock, and her son hurriedly reached for his trousers and pulled them up.

“Nothing,” the two boys said, nearly in unison, as if Claire what she had just witnessed was just nothing.

Claire was usually a talkative person — some of her friends thought too talkative. But for once in her life she found herself totally speechless. So after standing there for a long moment staring at the two embarrassed boys, she said nothing but simply walked away.

For more than an hour Claire lay on her bed, her mind replaying the scene in her son’s room. Eventually her heart stopped pounding in her chest and she could breath a little easier. But she still felt her heart skipped a beat and felt sick in her stomach at the thought of what she had just witnessed. Sure she was aware that her Bobby had turned fifteen — the small patch stubble sprouting out on his chin was evidence of that. Claire knew his was changing from boy to man, And she had even wondered if some day she might come home to catch him with some girl. But this??? Oh my God, she had never expected to find out her son was gay!

“Mom?”, came the sound of Bobby’s voice from outside her bedroom door.

Claire felt her heart flutter again.

“Mom”, her son said again “Can I come in?”

Just like always Bobby was at her bedroom door, timidly asking to come in. It was always the first step to their making up from whatever disagreement they were having. But this time was not like always, Claire thought.

“OK.” Claire answered after a long moment.

Claire said nothing as Bobby entered the room and came to the side of her bed. She usually started the conversation at this sort of moment, but not this time This time was different!

“I’m sorry Mom,” Bobby whimpered, his voice sounding on the edge of tears.

“Sorry?” Claire replied “You’re SORRY???

“I didn’t know you would be home so early.”

“Oh I see,” she yelled back angrily “So you’re sorry you got caught. Is that it?”

The anger in her voice was only half genuine. She had sensed in his quavering voice that he was very upset. And now he was crying, and the anger she was feeling gave way to a mother’s love, making her feel guilty for having made him cry.

“Oh Bobby. Please don’t cry baby.” Claire said. “Mommy didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Then you’re not too mad?” her son replied.

His tears made her putty in his hands and she guessed he knew it. It had always been that way and now was not any different.

“I’m not mad baby … just … I’m a little disappointed Bobby.” She replied. “I mean … well I always knew that someday you would become interested in sex. It’s perfectly normal for a boy your age. I just never expected that … well you know. I always thought you would be interested in girls.”

“But I am Mom,” Bobby replied. “It’s just that the girls in my classes at school are so much older than me. I’d love to fuck one of them, but they aren’t interested so …”

“Oh my god Bobby!,” Claire gasped, “Do you have to use words like that?”

“Oh … sorry Mom”

“Where did you learn such words? Certainly not from me. Was it at school? Is that what they’re teaching you?”


“Then where did you learn it? Who have you been hanging around with?”

Bobby didn’t answer. He was more nervous than Claire had ever seen him, his lower lip trembling as he struggled to come up with an answer to his mother’s question. She felt relieved that her son might not be a homosexual, and the dirty words aside, she was not surprised at his lack of interaction with girls. Bobby had an IQ that was nearly off the charts, and on two occasions he had skipped a grade in order to not be held back by his normal classmates. When the decisions were made to do that, she had indeed worried that it might not be good for his social development. Now it looked as if she had been right to consider that, for as girls his age were just starting high school, he would graduate in the spring at age fifteen.

“But aren’t there younger girls at your school?” Claire asked, letting her question about his language remain unanswered.

“Well yeah, a few.” Bobby said. “But then there’s always the fact that I am such a nerd.”

That was true as well. Bobby had been conceived by artificial insemination using the sperm of an anonymous donor, someone who supposedly was a super intelligent scientific PhD. Claire had no doubt that her son’s intelligence came from that donor’s genes, and had always thought her genetic contribution cursed him with a smaller than average frame. His chubbiness came from her side, Claire had no doubt.

“I’m sorry about that, baby,” Claire said. “I know it must be hard to have the urge for sex and not have any young ladies available.”

Yeah … it is. So that’s kind of why I let Roy suck my cock. It feels so good to cum and I get tired of just jacking off.”

“Oh Bobby,” Claire blushed. “Must you describe things so crudely.”

“Sorry mom,” he replied, blushing. “But words like penis and vagina are OK for sex-ed class, but when I think about actually doing something the other words seem better. Heck just thinking about using those words makes it more exciting.”

It was just like Claire’s’ high-IQ son to somehow logically explain his way out of trouble. He was so smart in that way, as well as in his studies. Some day when he was out of college and had a good job and plenty of money to make him appealing to women, he would be able to talk the pants off of any one of them. But now, Claire fully understood how her son felt justified in taking whatever he could get at the moment. And as for the dirty words, she had suddenly realized that he had probably learned them looking at porn on the internet. She made a mental note to have a look on his computer sometime to see where he was finding it.

“I guess your right baby.” Claire told her son. “I suppose its OK for your to masturbate. I wish you wouldn’t do things with your friend but ….. well honey, just be careful, OK?”

“I will Mom”

“Just as long as you still love your old Mom.” Claire added. “You do don’t you?”

“More than anything,” Bobby answered. “And I always will no matter what.”

And with that pronouncement, Claire’s young Bobby kissed her on the cheek and went back to his room, leaving her alone to consider what she had witnessed earlier, and what they had said to each other afterward. She hoped he had been truthful with her. For now, all she could do was take him at his word that it was not by choice but due to the unavailability of girls that he had been fooling around with a guy. With all this whirling in her head, Claire turned out the lamp next to her bed and sought the relief of sleep.


Bobby had been in his room only half a minute when he found the DVD of porn he had downloaded from the net and slipped it into the player. Now he lay naked on his twin bed, stroking his hard cock as he watched the two men on his TV screen fuck the older woman. She was about his mothers age, she was liking what the two young studs were doing to her. One guy had his cock in her mouth, sawing it noisy in and out. She was taking the second guy from the rear, her big behind shaking and jiggling each time the young stud slammed his big cock into her wide open cunt. Before long the first guys cock was pulsing and delivering his load into the older woman’s mouth. She swallowed most of it, letting just a small drop of the sticky semen escape her mouth and drip down onto her chin. The second guy wanted more of the same, and as he pulled out of her pussy she turned to face him. This time she took it all in the face, letting the young stud ejaculate a huge load to paint her nose and cheeks. Her face covered with his cum, she took the thick cock into her mouth and sucked him dry.

Normally this would be the point of video watching where Bobby’s own cock would be spurting. But for once he had not been paying that close of attention to the video, because tonight wasn’t “normally” was it? Tonight his mother had caught him having his cock sucked, and thought him to be gay.

He wasn’t gay of course. He hoped his mother had believed him when he told her that.. It had been the truth. Roy’s sucking him off felt good, but it would never have happened if Bobby had a girl to fuck. Hopefully his Mom believed him about that. He had been surprised when she calmed down so quickly, and they talked honestly about what had happened. He might have stayed longer had not something happened — something that he should have expected to happen ….. something that had him desperate to get out of the room as soon as possible… It was the same something that now had Bobby not paying attention to his porn, but with his cock hard and dripping.

There had been other nights like tonight. Not ones involving him and Roy, but ones that ended with the two of them sitting around and talking just before bed — nights when Bobby sat before her and gazed upon her beauty. Pray to God that she never knew how he thought of her sometimes

She was so casual about how she dressed around him, especially late at night after the two of them were dressed for bed. She thought nothing of parading around in front of him in nightclothes. She was bigger than the women he saw in the porn clips on the internet, but unlike those women, she was real, and right there in front of him, her silky nightgown clinging to every curve of her body. Some nights it didn’t affect him as much. But on other nights he was glad to have with him a book or something with him to cover himself when his cock stiffened. It was good that he and his mother had talked honestly about sex tonight. He would be honest with her about almost all of that, but not about how much she excited him.

Not for the first time Bobby closed his eyes and thought of her. His mother was a beautiful woman. And in the absence of girls to date (and try to fuck) that other boys had, his mother was the only “girl” he was ever close to. Tonight, as always, she was naked in his fantasy, her well developed breasts not partway hidden by her night gown, swinging bare in front of him. He had never really seen them of course, but he knew they were big and soft. But tonight while talking with her, he had happened to glance down and notice that with all the talk of sex his mother’s nipples had hardened and were outlined clearly on her tight fitting nightgown. His hand had gone immediately down to cover his rapidly growing cock, which became fully hard as he thought of her being somehow excited right then and there. It was by the slimmest of margins that he had been able to continue hiding his erect cock from her when she gave him the customary goodnight hug and he felt her hardened nipples on his chest.

Bobby opened his eyes momentarily and glanced at the TV. The older woman on the screen had a wide but perfectly round ass, just like Mom. First she was on her knees sucking a young guy’s cock, and Bobby thought of his mother. He closed his eyes and imagined looking down on her doing him the same way, her beautiful blue eyes looking up at him, her nipples standing erect as she took his hard dick into her mouth and sucked on it.

One last time Bobby opened his eyes and saw that the woman on the screen was now flat on her back and the young stud was fucking her. For just a moment Bobby thought about how wrong it was to look at porn of older women with young men and fantasize doing the same things with his mother. But then, as always lately, he closed his eyes and imagined just that — that it was her with her legs pulled back and spread wide, and him pistoning his hard dick in and out of her . It was only a fantasy of course, but it was a frequent one these days, and as always led to him shooting off a huge load of warm sticky semen that spewed out of his jerking cock and ran down onto his clutching hand.

The Dream

Sleep did not come easy for Claire that night. Her honest discussion with Bobby had taken the edge off of her the anxiety, so much so that the thoughts keeping her awake were not those of a worrisome mother who had just discovered that her son was having oral sex performed on him by his male friend. What kept her awake were other thoughts, and in the aftermath of the evening, her images in her mind began playing back what she had seen when she walked in on her son with his cock in his friend’s mouth. When it had happened it seemed to be over quickly, but now after the fact it played out in slow motion in Claire’s head, forcing her to take in every detail of the encounter. She saw her son, laying back with eyes closed, his young smooth body writhing from the oral servicing of his friend. Almost everything about him was the Bobby she knew — the innocent boy with the face of an angel, still chubby with baby fat and pale skin from being in the house all the time instead of playing outside. She was in almost all ways still her little boy — the child she had raised on her own — the son she loved more than life itself.

But one thing was different, and thinking about that one thing was when Claire’s visual recollection presented extreme slow motion images — ones she did not want to see but could not turn her mind away from. Bobby was still her little boy, but his penis was anything but young and innocent. His COCK, Claire thought. That’s what her had called it. His COCK! There was nothing boyish about it. Where Bobby’s body was that of a boy, his cock was that of a man — fully erect and standing straight up, swollen to unbelievable thickness and coated with his friends saliva. And finally, when the climatic moment came, it had visibly throbbed and Bobby had moaned out loud as he ejaculated into his friend Roy’s mouth. Roy had to be gay, she thought. For he moaned as well and sucked wantonly of Bobby’s throbbing ejaculating cock, noisily swallowing all of the semen, save for a few drops that leaked out of his mouth and ran down the thick throbbing shaft.. Try as she may, the nasty scene played out again and again in Claire’s mind, until somewhere along the line sleep eventually came to her, and the images of her Bobby folded hazily into the dream.

The dream was an old one, one that she had not dreamed of since she couldn’t remember when. She hated the dream even more that the real life events it brought back to mind. In the dream she was young again — just 15 in her sophomore year of high school. She was attractive with a beautiful face and a fetching smile. But she was also 20 pounds over weight, not ugly obese, but chubby enough that none of the boys of her age were interested in her. She was still a virgin..

It wouldn’t have been so bad if not for the other girls. She was OK with the fact that while boys were nice enough to her, it was the other girls they pursued for sex. What bothered her was that whenever one of the other girls got fucked, the next day they told all the girls including Claire about it. Claire had so sick of hearing each and every skinny giggly girl telling her got-fucked story in vivid detail, not for a moment thinking how Claire felt. How could she stay such a good girl they asked, either not knowing the truth or pretending not to know it — that in reality Claire wanted very much to be fucked and was prepared given her virginity to any one willing to do the fucking.

Such desperation leads to foolish behavior, and in Claire’s case that behavior had been believing Scot McGill’s bullshit in the first place. Why would one of the most popular boys in school — a boy who had fucked at least five local girls by Claire’s count, two of which were deflowered but it — why would such a hunk bother to ask her over to his house after school. At the time she had taken the realistic view that the boy just wanted an easy to convince girl to fuck, and she was perfectly willing to give it to him. The naive view persisted for a while as within minutes of her arrival he had her clothes off and was sucking on her breasts. And when the doorbell rang she had been horrified that his parents came home unexpectedly. It wasn’t until Scot McGill came back into the room with two of his friends that Claire realized that he had more than just an easy fuck on his mind. Whatever was going to happen involved the other boys as well. But even then Claire didn’t think about leaving. It didn’t matter. Whatever happened, she was going to get the fucking she wanted to badly.

But it didn’t turn out that way — not then and not now as Claire lay in her bed dreaming of that awful night. The faces of the other boys were all to familiar to her, even after 30 years. But she had long forgotten their names. Only Scot McGill did she remember. Scot McGill who led her on to get her there that night, only to sit on the sidelines stroking his hard cock and watch his two now nameless friends abuse her. The first boy had kissed her tenderly and asked her what she wanted. To be fucked she had replied. Then, with a total change in character the boy laughed that sure he would fuck her, just not the way she wanted.

Now dreaming, Claire again nearly choked as she felt the boy’s thick hard cock being jammed into her mouth. Suck it she was told, and suck it she did — opening her mouth wide to take all of the cock into her mouth — licking and slobbering all over the thick shaft as it was driven into her throat again and again. She knew how this would end, and she was fully prepared for it. She would swallow every drop just like the other girls said they did. Then just like the other girls she would be fucked. Maybe it would be Scot McGill. Or maybe his other friend. It didn’t matter who.

She never got to taste his cum, not even in her later dreams. For just as had happened all those years ago, the moment the bastards cock began to swell in her mouth, he ripped it out and sprayed his hot jizz all over Claire’s face. And just as always, the other boys laughed and patted their friend on the back.

Her face smeared with the first boy’s semen, Claire had turned her attention to the other boy. Please fuck me pleaded, eliciting a laugh from his two friends. After some discussion the boys unanimously determined that she deserved to be fucked, just not the way she was suspecting. Even now, after so many years of having the same dream, Claire always mistook the meaning of that and readied herself to be mouth fucked again. And as always she was taken aback when the three boys grabbed her roughly and positioned her on her knees with the top of her body shoved down to the floor to position her wide buttocks upward in the back. Scot McGill and the one who had just ejaculated in Claire’s face held her down in this position, and the third boy moved behind her.

Claire whimpered in her sleep as the dream images playing in her mind reached the point where she realized what the boy behind her had in mind. She didn’t scream out loud in her sleep the way she had back then when the boy brutally tried to put his cock in her ass. Tonight it was more of a long low tortured moan as she dreamt of the boy trying to penetrate the place the place she never even dared to put her finger. First he tried shoving it into her ass with no lubrication. When this failed, he scooped up a handful of fresh semen off her face and slathered it on his hard penis and tried again. Even though he never managed to get even the head of his cock inside her, the pain of him trying was excruciating. Again and again he tried unsuccessfully to penetrate her ass before giving and jacking off in her face.

Claire’s body writhed on her bed as in her dream she wrestled herself away from the three boys. SOME BODY FUCK ME she shouted in her dream, just as she had back then with tears of anger and frustration streaming down her face. That’s all she wanted — to be fucked!. She was standing there naked in front of them, her face smeared with sticky semen, her legs trembling as she debased herself completely, begging them to fuck her like some kind of a whore. Was it to much to ask for one of them to that — take her young cherry and fuck her?. Scot McGill hinted that her would, and when his two friends abruptly put on their clothes and left, Claire’s heart skipped a beat at the thought of getting what she came for tonight — to sacrifice her virginity to one of the hottest boys in school.

But he didn’t fuck her. What he did was fuck with her mind, stringing her along by telling her to suck his dick first to get him ready. She had eagerly complied with his request, dropping to her knees and sucking his cock lovingly, her heart beating rapidly as so much wetness of anticipation dripped out of her vagina that it formed a pool beneath her.

Back in the present, Claire awoke with a start, gasping at the sudden presence of reality, and then crying when her now conscious mind recalled how it had ended all those years ago. It was never part of the dream, but instead was the waking remembrance that Scot McGill had not fucked her at all. Instead, after a half hour of her sucking his cock, he had suddenly grunted and ejaculated in her mouth.

“Fuck YOU?,” he had laughed cruelly, before telling her that he wouldn’t fuck her if she was the last woman on earth. She was too fat and ugly he said, and now she was a whore as well.

All these years of having the dream, Claire had always cried upon waking and recalling the humiliation she had suffered at the hand of Scot McGill and his friends. What upset Claire the most was how the effect the dream affected her physically. Her nightgown was always soaked with sweat as it was now, and during her dream a huge volume of silky liquid had flowed out of her vagina and soaked the inside of her thighs. The wetness was the same as it was on the night long ago, her womanhood soaked with natures lubrication and ready be fucked, but no one around to do the fucking.

There never had been anyone around to do the fucking — not in all the years that had passed. At times there were men that might have done it, but Claire was no less chubby now than she was then, and each time she shied away from the guy, fearing that she would again end up humiliated. She was not totally without sexual release. She masturbated sometimes, and on occasion she had experimented with other women. But even though such encounters always left her wanting, the only vaginal penetration had been the slim insemination tube inserted through a tiny opening in her hymen when Bobby was conceived. His delivery had been by C-section, so even now at 45 years of age, Claire was a virgin.

Claire sighed out loud as she once again saw herself, and what she had become. She was an old maid — a mature middle-aged woman with a woman’s desires — a woman who despite a lifetime of fearful abstinence from men, could be horny. And the damn dream always left her that way. Having again accepted that there was only one thing to do about it, she reached down and shoved two fingers into her well lubricated vagina. No …. It’s my PUSSY she thought ,,, my CUNT. Isn’t that the way men like to think of it? Isn’t that what Bobby would call it?

“Fuck me,” Claire muttered again and again to herself as she used her fingers to bring herself to climax, shoving her middle two fingers inside and rubbing the palm of her hand until her body tensed and she came.

It was a good one she thought afterwards. The orgasms after the dream were always better, and over time she had come to realize that was because the mental images of the hard cocks in her dream had excited her, even if those cocks had done nothing more than violate her mouth and ass and leave her wanting all those years ago. But cumming tonight was especially good. She wondered why.

Then the reason tumbled upon her like a lead weight landing on her chest. Perpetual virgin that she had become, those three selfish teenage cocks that still tortured her in her dreams were the only ones she had ever seen. But tonight that had changed, Claire thought has she lay in her sweat soaked bed, feeling her heart pounding and struggling to calm her breathing. Tonight she had seen another stiff one, and that one belonged to her own son. And what made her feel very dirty now was that she realized that the sight of her Bobby’s fully erect penis pulsing and ejaculating into his friend’s mouth had excited her enough to bring on the dream in the first place, and must have made her cum harder afterward.

“How disgusting,” Claire said out loud as she pondered the implication of a mother thinking of her teenage son’s cock in this way. What would people think? Moreover, what would Bobby think? Then another thought occurred, and the image of it in her mind was so shameful that she couldn’t believe it had come into her head. For the second time this night she sought sleep — sleep to take her away from the unwanted desires. But sleep was a long time coming, for the thoughts — especially that most evil one — remained with her and haunted her through the night.

Christmas Week

Claire and Bobby had a wonderful Christmas. For once she had enough money to give him what he wanted — which this year was some kind of camera to use with his computer. They waited until the morning after Christmas to go out and get it. He picked out the one he wanted, and after they returned home he spent the entire afternoon in his room playing around with it. When he finally reappeared for dinner, Claire kidded him about his probably being in there looking at porn, and he blushed profusely. Claire wondered if she was blushing as well, for just speaking with her son about his porn habits made her anxious.

“I hope you delete that stuff off of you computer before you use it in school.” Claire said as she quickly turned away, lest her son see her anxiety.

Bobby fidgeted nervously for a moment before speaking.

“Yeah,” he said nonchalantly, “I don’t leave it on the computer. I copy the files to DVD and watch it on TV.”

Claire felt herself blushing as she again imagined her young Bobby, lying on his bed watching dirty movies. The truth was, rarely a moment went by when she did not think about such thing, ever since with Christmas Eve and what had happened then. He had admitted to watching porn, and that Claire immediately wondering about what kind of stuff he was watching. Was it gay porn? Did he lie when he told her that he wasn’t that way— that what she had witnessed him doing with his male friend was done only out of frustration? Would he indeed rather sex with girls? If so then sex with girls would be the kind of porn he would watch, right? She had to know. And on the fourth day after Christmas, she finally had the opportunity to find out.

Claire had difficulty waiting even 10 minutes after her son left for his study trip to the library before going to his room. He had a science project due after the Christmas holiday and would be at the library for a couple hours — all the time she needed to get in his room and look around. It didn’t take her long to find what she was after — a DVD disk labeled INTERNET STUFF was right there in front of the TV. After one final guilty thought of how it was wrong to be invading her son’s privacy in this way, she sighed and slipped the disk into the DVD player.

Claire was both glad and disappointed when the video appeared on the TV screen. She was greatly relieved to see that it was a man and a woman. Great — he’s not gay, she thought, and somehow that made her feel warm inside. Her Bobby was normal in that way. He had not lied to her after all. But her heart sunk a little at what the man and woman on the screen were doing. She was on her knees in front of him sucking his cock, and he was holding her head with both hands and slowly fucking her in the mouth, sometimes shoving it into her face as far as he could, making her gag and drool.

What is it with guys, Claire thought as the action on the TV screen sent her back to the humiliation she had suffered at the hands of Scot McGill and his two friends. She was about to turn the TV off when the scene changed on the TV.

Now the woman on the screen was on her back with legs spread, and the guy was fucking her. He started out gently, easing his big cock into her and fucking her slowly as she mewed and moaned beneath him, then fucking her hard and fast, until she screamed out loud and came. In a flurry of motion they changed positions and he penetrated her from behind, pounding her that way until she came again. Claire watched in fascination as the man and woman on the screen fucked in various positions. At the end of the scene the woman was back on her knees, sucking the guys cock until her ejaculated in her mouth.

“At least she got fucked.” Claire whispered to herself, unable to keep Scot McGill and his friends out of her mind.

If only they had fucked her, Claire thought as she sat on the edge of her son’s bed and watched his porn collection. One by one the x-rated scenes her son had saved played. Each scene had the same basic scenario — a woman whorishly sucks a guys cock, then he fucks her, then she is back to being his whore, letting him ejaculate in her mouth or on her breasts, or even all over her face. In one scene the final degradation included the guy sodomizing the young girl, then pulling his cock out of her ass and spewing a huge load of semen all over her upturned face. Through it all the girl cooed and moaned as if she was more than happy to let the guy use her in this way.

Claire wondered –is that the price a woman must pay for having her sexual needs satisfied — to allow herself to be humiliated in some way before and after. Is that the way all men think. Certainly a lot of men do think that way, or else why would that scenario play out over and over in the porn scenes she was watching — scenes that certainly more guys than just her son must be looking at. Her precious Bobby was normal thank God — he wanted to fuck girls. But from the stuff he watched in the privacy of his room, it looked as if he was drawn to treating women as wanton sluts.

“At least he’ll fuck them.” Claire whispered again, her inner self now warmed by the thought that her Bobby, now so close to becoming a man, would someday find willing girls and have the opportunity to do all the things she had just watched. She hoped it would be good for him, and that the lucky girl he married would do what was necessary to feed whatever appetite he had for using her as a sex object.

Claire sighed and a warm feeling coursed through her as she imagined her son and some faceless girl, naked and hot for each other. What would he do to her?, Would he want her to suck his beautiful cock before he shoved in inside her and fucked her? It was a beautiful cock — she had seen it after all, fully erect and in a warm mouth, just as it would be in some girls mouth someday. Then he would lay her down and fuck her. Maybe her would ejaculate prematurely the first time — that must happen a lot to young men. But maybe not. Maybe he would fuck her until she came. Oh how much Claire wanted that to be the case — for him to fuck her and make her cum. And then after ,,, after …

“He can cum wherever he wants,” Claire said to herself, knowing that would be the case if it were her instead of whatever lucky girl had sex with her precious Bobby.

Claire had come into he son’s room nervous and apprehensive about what she might find, wanting only the answer to the question of whether or not he was gay. Now she was relaxed, having been relieved that he was just a normal boy, his hormones raging with a sexual desire. Claire didn’t know if it was that thought or the aftereffect of the watching her son’s porn, but as she sat now staring at the now blank TV screen, she was breathing hard and her heart was pounding in her chest, the same way as it always did was when she woke up from her recurring bad dream. Except this time there were no bitter tears — this time, it was the excitement of sneaking into her son’s room to watch his porn collection and conjuring up thoughts of him finally fucking a girl. But just as on the nights after the dream, she felt an overwhelming need for relief.

Claire glanced at her watch and saw that she had enough time before Bobby would get home. For a moment she thought to go to her own room to do it. But then her mind raced with excitement at the thought of masturbating right there on her son’s bed, just as he likely did watching the same scenes she watched now. Without further hesitation, Claire pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles an laid back on Bobby’s bed.

“If he only knew!” Claire giggled to her self, as she reached down between her legs.

That her pussy was already sopping wet was not a surprise. Despite her humiliation as a teen and the resulting sexual isolation thereafter, Claire still got horny and needed relief. There were the tearful episodes of frantic masturbation after having the dream left her wet and trembling with desire. There had even been two occasions of lesbian lovemaking with neighboring wives that were bored with their husbands. But there were also slower, less frenzied times when after having to listen to a girlfriend or coworker describe being fucked the night before, she had returned home to slowly finger herself to orgasm as behind her closed eyes her mind played images of herself being fucked that way.

This time Claire did not close her eyes. This time real images were on the TV screen in front of her, exciting her just as they excited her Bobby and kept her eyes open watching.

Two more scenes played out TV screen as Claire used her fingers to give herself sexual satisfaction, rubbing her clitoris gently as she watched the girl in the first scene wantonly suck the guy’s hard cock. Then, when the moment of truth came and the guy slipped his cock into her pussy, Claire shoved two fingers into her own cunt and finger fucked herself. To her surprise, this made her cum immediately, and while watching the second scene her rapidly penetrating fingers brought her to orgasm three times. Oh my God, she thought, this was so different. Always before she had cum once, and afterward felt only shameful relief. But now …. now in the aftermath of each body quaking orgasm came the overwhelming desire for another, until she was bucking her hips upward to meet her probing fingers cumming over and over again, not stopping even when the fucking on the screen ended and the guy grabbed her by the hair and jacked off in her face.

“Oh God … yes … yes … YES!” Claire hissed through grit teeth as the guy on the screen plastered the girls face with long ropes of thick white semen. “Give it to me ….give it to meeeee!

And then she came again, her body convulsing left and right as she spread her legs and roughly shoved her two middle fingers all the way into her vagina again and again. Waves of orgasmic heat coursed through her body and her cunt closed tightly on her probing fingers, leaving her floating on a cloud of pure erotic pleasure at being penetrated.

Afterward, Claire lay on Bobby’s bed, her heart pounding in her chest. What had just happened was not her usual relief intended masturbation session. What had happened was that laying on her own son’s bed and watching girl after girl being fucked, she had fucked herself to the most wonderful climax imaginable. And it had been good. Better than ever before. And so good that the bedspread beneath her was soaked, Claire realized as she slowly became aware that she was lying with her ass on a pool of her own juices.

Suddenly Claire knew it was time to interrupt being whoever she had become a few moments ago to be a good mother. It wouldn’t do to have Bobby come home to find his bed soaking wet. Frantically she jumped from her son’s bed, pulled her pants back up and rushed out of the room to get clean bedding. She checked her watch and relieved to see that she still had plenty of time before Bobby came home. There would be plenty of time to replace the soiled bed spread and sheets with dry clean ones

Claire was tucking in the final corner of her son’s bed when she found another DVD disk. This one he hadn’t left out in the open, for it had been hidden beneath the corner of his mattress. This one he didn’t want her to see, she thought. And the fact that he didn’t want her to see it only made Claire more unable to resist slipping it into the DVD player and having a look.

This time there was no couple on the TV screen, only a woman. She was lying on her bed with legs spread fingering herself, just as Claire had done a half hour before. The woman was older, looking around Claire’s age and with a body much like her own, except that the woman on the screen had shaved all the hair off of her vagina so that you could clearly see everything she had. How interesting that this kind of thing turned Bobby on, and that he felt a need to hide it under his mattress.

Suddenly the image on the screen jerked and disappeared into a jumble of noise and blur, and when the picture settled and became clear again, the image was of Bobby’s bed with the TV set at the foot his bed displaying the scene with the older woman. So this is what he does with the new camera, Claire thought. No wonder he was hiding this from her.

“So typical, Bobby,” Claire whispered to herself, unable to keep from thinking about all she had discovered this day — how she had come to realize how her little boy spent time in his bedroom alone.

Claire sighed, and was just about to remove the DVD from the player and return it to its secret hiding place, when suddenly Bobby came into the picture on the TV screen, crawling up on the bed and laying down. He was in underwear and naked from the waist up, and moments after settling in on the bad has hand went down to his crotch.

Oh my GOD, Claire thought. She shouldn’t be watching this. She should turn it off right now and not look on while her son did what she knew he was going to do. But, may God forgive her, she didn’t look away. She couldn’t look away. Instead she stood there watching it all play out in front of her.

It didn’t take long of Bobby rubbing his crotch to make the outline of his thickening cock appear inside his with briefs, and shortly thereafter he quickly removed his underwear and threw it aside, letting his semi hard cock spring into view. On the TV screen, a young man was fucking the older woman now, but Claire didn’t notice that. Instead her eyes were glued to her son’s cock. It soon was fully erect with swollen veins bulging out of the rigid shaft, and with a purplish head that literally throbbed before her eyes. For along minute he pumped the shaft with his hand, then reached down to gently squeeze his hairless testicles, which caused him to moan softly as his cock head visibly swelled and a globule of clear fluid bubbled out of the swollen cock head.

Claire couldn’t believe what she was seeing — . what her Bobby was doing to himself. Nor could she believe that instead of being disgusted by it, it excited her. She quickly checked her watch and saw that there wasn’t enough time to … to … to do what? Had she truly become so depraved that she wanted to masturbate to the sight of her own son’s hard manhood. It had been OK to do while watching the porn actors. But to view her own son’s cock in the same way … wouldn’t that be going to far? Still, Claire contemplated doing the evil deed. Her son’s cock was … it was …..

“Beautiful,” Claire said out loud.

And it truly was a thing of beauty, she thought. Not so large as those of the porn actors, but bigger that she would have thought. It was man sized, and somehow seeing that had Claire’s heart pounding in her chest. It excited her, God forgive her, so much so that for a brief moment she started to shove her hand down her pants and masturbate along with her young son.

Suddenly, as the older woman in the porn scene began screaming for her young lover to fuck her harder and faster, Bobby reached inside his pillowcase and extracted what Claire first thought to be a white rag. Then she realized it wasn’t a rag at all, it was a pair of woman’s satin panties, panties that Claire immediately recognized as belonging to her, panties that had mysteriously disappeared from her dirty clothes hamper the previous day.

Oh my GOD, Claire thought! Why you dirty little boy, she thought as she watched her son hold the panties up to his face and inhale their aroma. After a few moment of sniffing her dirty panties, he wrapped them around his swollen cock and began thrusting his hips upward, as if trying to fuck the panties. In the background Claire could hear the woman in the porn scene screaming FUCK ME over and over again. But her attention remained on what her Bobby was doing. He was breathing hard now, and having slowed the pace of his panty fucking he was mumbling to himself.

“I want to fuck you,” Bobby moaned, “Oh please let me fuck you!”

Claire felt lightheaded as she watched her son slowly pump his cock and mutter words of encouragement to his fantasy woman, sometimes with eyes closed, and sometimes with his eyes glued to his TV screen as the man on the screen pounded his cock into the screaming older woman. Lying on his bed, Bobby let Claire’s panties fall down around the base of his erect penis. Letting out a lusty moan, he continued masturbating, spitting on his hand and slathering the saliva onto his hard cock, then sliding his hand up and down the spit moistened shaft.

The woman in the porn scene stopped screaming and Claire looked away from her son just long enough to see that the scene changed and the man was now laying on the bed and woman was kneeling beside him sucking his hard cock. When she looked back at her son, he had wrapped the panties around his testicles, cupping them there and squeezing gently as he watched the guy getting is cock sucked, is cock jerking upward each time her squeezed. Then it happened — shocking Claire to the very depths of her soul as she suddenly realized that which her moral mind had never once considered,

“Suck it Mom!” Bobby whimpered, “I’m gonna cum …I’m gonna cummmm!

And cum he did, his hard cock jerking and ejaculating, spurting out huge globs of thick white semen that ran down his swollen cock shaft and down onto her panties below. And may God forgive her, as she watched her son’s jerking spitting cock and heard him moaning softly, his words echoed in her head and she could not help imagining herself with his cock in her mouth filling it with hot semen.

After Bobby’s climax, Claire continued to watch the TV screen, her mind a racing torrent of thoughts about what she had seen and heard, and what it all meant. Was her son to so desperate to have sex that he desired his own mother. It was obvious now that he was fantasizing about doing that as he masturbated. But at the moment it wasn’t that knowledge that concerned her. Probably a lot of boys do that, she thought. What she was concerned about was she had been excited by watching it. And, God forgive her, she had been excited enough to feel that if he wanted to fuck her… if her really wanted to … she might even let him.

More than anyone else, Claire knew the desperation of wanting sexual satisfaction having it be out of reach. And somehow, knowing that her son was feeling the same frustration made her determined to help him. He would not stay frustrated his whole life as she had. She would see to that. If necessary she help him find a girl to fuck. Or maybe she could arrange for him to have a prostitute. All of this was running through her head as she cleaned up after herself, returning Bobby’s secret DVD to its hiding place and looking around the room to ensure that there was no evidence of what she had been doing in there.

When Claire was satisfied that she had left to trace of her self in bobby’s room, her curiosity got the better of her and she could not resist looking inside Bobby’s pillowcase to see if her panties where there. They were there indeed, and she took them from their hiding place. They were stained pale yellow and stiff in places from his dried semen, and on one end they were still damp from the last time her used them, probably this morning before going to the library.

“My little Bobby,” Claire sighed as she leaned over the bed to return the cum soiled panties back to their hiding place.

But the panties never made it back there, because out of nowhere came the sound Claire’s young son coming in the front door and bounding up the stairs.

“Is that you Bobby?” Claire manage to yell out as in a panic she quickly stuffed the panties into her pocket.

Bobby rounded the top of the stairs and made a beeline to his room, meeting Claire at the door.

“Oh … I didn’t know you were in there” he said nervously.

“I just was changing your bedspread honey. The other one looked dirty.” she told him, her panic having subsided enough to say it nonchalantly.

“Uh ….OK.” Bobby said, his eyes darting to the DVD left in the open, then to the corner of the bed where his secret one was hidden”

He’s really nervous now, Claire thought. He knows she might have found something. She decided she needed to do something to defuse this embarrassing situation.

“What do you say we have some lunch?” Claire said, “I have a coupon for pizza and we can go now, while you still have your shoes on.”

He stood there silent for a moment, his eyes looking first at his room, and then at her.

“OK … let’s go.” He replied, turning and heading for the steps.


For three long hours young Bobby was frantic. He and his Mom went out for pizza together, and it seemed as if she wanted to make their together last. She ate slowly and talked to him the whole time, and he struggled to converse with her, his mind racing with fearful thoughts of what she had uncovered in his room.

That she had been in his room was not unexpected. His Mom had surprised him when she said it is OK for him too look at porn. On Christmas day they had talked about that for a long time — she questioning him about it and he reassuring her that looking at porn was only a substitute for him not being able to have the real thing. She acted like she was not all that concerned about what he did in the privacy of his room. But Bobby figured that she was more anxious about it than she let on, and would eventually be looking around for porn in his room anyway. So he had intentionally left a DVD of downloaded porn video clips of it out in the open in his room, hoping that she would find it and not keep searching around and maybe finding the other DVD — the one he certainly didn’t want her to know about. Bobby had in fact made sure the DVD would be of stuff that didn’t upset his mother — just men and women, nothing gay or bisexual. And he would bet she found it while he was at the library, or at least it seemed that way from the way she was acting at the pizza place. Since Christmas, she had kidded him about his watching porn. But tonight, she wanted to talk about everything else under the sun, as if avoiding the subject of his porn entirely. And that was OK. Truth be told, her searching for smut in his room would have excited him had it not been for that other DVD.

She had made his bed! What if she had found the DVD under his mattress? What if she had looked at that one?! He certainly hoped not. And as she paid the check and they left the pizza place, Bobby became less anxious about it, reasoning that if she had found it, she likely would have said something to him about it. Nevertheless, he told her he was tired, then excused himself and went directly to his room when the got home.

The secret DVD was still there, thank God, right there where he had hidden it. So she had not noticed it when she tucked in the bedspread. Greatly relieved, he slipped the DVD into the player and settled back on his bed. He used fast-forward to skip past the video clip of him jacking off, as well as the five following clips of older women and young guys. The last of those was his favorite because it was of a chubby older woman being fucked by a very young looking guy. The guy was likely really at least 18 years old, but he looked much younger, young enough that when he watched it, Bobby imagined that the boyish looking guy was him and the 40ish looking woman was his mother. He had watched it many times, jacking off each time. But tonight, his mind was on the clip that followed — the one he most worried about his Mom finding.

When the clip started, all it showed was his mother’s empty bedroom. It had taken him less than an hour to learn everything about the wireless video camera his mother had bought him the day after Christmas, and while she was downstairs fixing dinner the next evening, he had secretly place the camera in her bedroom. Even with an internal microphone to record sound, the camera was small enough that it would not be easily noticed among the clutter on his Mom’s dresser. At least he hoped it wouldn’t be noticed. But the truth was he was so desperate to see more of her that he was willing to take that chance.

Bobby had never been one to hide anything from his mother, nor did he think she hid anything from him. She as always warm and forgiving, and she certainly had been the night she caught him with his cock in Roy’s mouth. What other mom would forgive that, much less understand and accept his desire to watch porn. He knew it was wrong for him to desire her the way he did, and he might not feel that way if only she was a little more discrete about how she dressed when the two of them were home alone. But she had no idea how excited he became when she did things like wear a T-shirt with no bra underneath. or parade around in front of him at night wearing short pajama pants that stopped at least an inch short of covering her ass, and were so tight in the front at the outline of her pussy was clearly visible. She was a little overweight for sure, but her tits were so enticing, and her ass, although hefty, was so round and perfectly shaped that seeing it gave him an instant hard-on every time. Bobby knew he should be honest with her about how her dress affected him, but he also knew that if he did it would stop her doing it, and he didn’t want that.

For the better part of the last year, Bobby’s mother had been a leading source of sexual excitement to him, so much so that at once a day he found himself jacking off while fantasizing about her. He loved her dearly, and hated hiding things from her, but she could never know how her sexy body so dominated his teenage hormone fueled existence.

And now he had seen her tits, Bobby thought as the image of his mother entered the scene on his TV screen. The first night after placing the camera had been a disappointment, with him waiting patiently at his computer and hoping to see her undress before bed, only to have her undress in the bathroom and turn out the lights immediately after entering her room to go to bed. The second night was more of a success. She stood before her dresser directly in front of the hidden camera and undressed completely. Bobby felt his cock stiffen now as he watched the video from that night, with her standing completely naked on the TV screen. Her lower half was not visible, but her upper half was, revealing her creamy soft breasts. Bobby’s cock became fully erect and stood straight up as he watched her on his TV screen, her large beautiful tits swaying to and fro as she went about getting ready for bed, removing her makeup, brushing her hair before finally putting on a pink nightgown. The time between her entering the room and getting into bed and turning off the light was only about two and a half minutes. But Bobby had watched the short video more times than he could count, laying on his bed playing it over and over, slowly pumping his hard dick until he shot his load, using her panties as a cum rag to keep from getting semen on his bed.

He was going to need those panties soon, he thought. Setting the video to loop play mode, he laid back on his pillow and began fondling his manhood with both hands, cupping his balls with one hand and slowly pumping his cock with the other. Again and again he watched his mother undress and reveal her magnificent breasts, each time he imagining she was offering them to him, encouraging him touch them or suck on them. Just the thought of having his mouth wrapped around on of her large pink nipples made his cock throb and spit out a huge drop of precum. He knew he was going to cum soon, and reached inside his pillowcase to retrieve his mother’s panties.

Gone!!! The were GONE!!! Bobby’s mind raced in panic as he realized the implications of that. In seconds his cock deflated in his hand, leaving him laying on his bed frantically coming to terms with the reality that while making up his bed his mother had found her panties under his pillow, panties that were stained with his cum. For some reason she hadn’t brought it up before now. How in the hell was he going to explain it to her when she did?

Suddenly, as if the missing panties wasn’t enough of a problem, Bobby heard his mother coming up the stairs. He steeled himself for her to come into his room and finally confront him about the panties.

But she didn’t confront him. Instead he heard her walk by his room and into her own room, shutting the door behind her. Bobby sat silently listening for the sound of his mother coming back down the hall to his room, wondering why the hell she decided to come up stairs so early tonight. She never did that. What was she doing?

Suddenly Bobby remembered the camera, and realized that he might be able to see what she was doing. He moved swiftly to his desk and turned on the computer. It seemed to take forever to start, but when it did he was rewarded with the sight he had come to desire most, his mother standing before her dresser, and thus before him on the computer screen, with her breasts bared. Her white cotton bra was pulled up around her neck, and she was standing in front of her mirror, swaying back and forth with eyes closed, fondling her tits. Her big nipples were fully erect and she moaned as she pinched them with her fingers.

Whatever panic Bobby had been experiencing faded away completely as he watched his mother move one hand down over her belly in into the part of her that he couldn’t see — the part of her that he so WANTED to see. As if his thought had willed it to happen, his mother sighed deeply and move from in front of her dresser. He could see all of her now and was disappointed to see that she still had her panties on. But again as if his thoughts were controlling the action, she laid down on her bed, raised her hips up and pulled off her panties, throwing them to the side before continuing with what she was doing in front of the mirror, this time rubbing her crotch with one hand and caressing her heaving breasts with the other.

Bobby couldn’t believe his luck. Moments ago he had been overwhelmed by the panic knowing that his mother had found her panties in his room. But those panties were not even in his thoughts now. Now he was mesmerized by the live streaming video of his mother pleasuring herself in the next room. And even when he watched her pull those very same panties from underneath her own pillow he didn’t notice ….. at least not at first.

“Do you want me to suck you?” came his mother’s voice. “I want to suck your cock first.”

Bobby looked at his mothers face on the screen. She looked so relaxed. Not like she was most other times —- tense and on edge. A fleeting thought flashed in from the edge of young Bobby’s mind. Now that he thought of it. She had seemed a lot more relaxed since ….. since.

There was no sense of panic now. Perhaps had he seen her hold the panties in her hand, he might have worried. But he noticed them only when she raised then up to her face and started licking them with her tongue. Yeah … she found them, Bobby thought. She found them and at this very moment she was tasting the remains of the semen he had deposited on them over the past day and a half. And that was the hottest thing he had thought of ever!

“Now FUCK me!” Bobby heard his mother say as she moved the panties down to her crotch and began rubbing her cunt furiously with them.

His eyes glued to the image of his masturbating mother, Bobby hurriedly pulled his pants down and started stroking his cock. On the screen in front of him his mother used the panties soiled by his own cum to literally fuck herself. At first she rubbed them over her cunt and then up and over her heaving breasts. But soon she began stuffing then into her pussy, thrusting her hips upward as she moaned out loud.

“Fuck me baby,” she whimpered as her legs began to tremble. “Fuck Mommy”

Seconds later and she grunted and her body writhed left and right as she had a giant orgasm. Whether it was from watching his mother cum of the words she had spoken beforehand, Bobby came himself, ejaculating a long ropes of hot semen that landed on his hairless belly.

New Year’s Eve

Claire stood before her mirror, examining herself with a critical eye. At times she didn’t think of her self as old. But now, seeing herself in the mirror, she noticed all the physical shortcomings that made her look that way. Her breasts didn’t sag too much, that was good. But her hips were another matter. She had always had a big behind, and although it was still nicely round and firm, over the years it had grown decidedly wider. Of more concern was her belly, which at the moment was protruding over the top of the Victoria’s Secret garter belt she had purchased with tonight in mind. The black lacy belt had come with real silk stockings and a matching push-up brassiere, the top of which stopped half way up, leaving her nipples half exposed.

Looking downward in the mirror, Claire saw that indeed the flimsy see-through panties she was wearing did very little to hide her vagina, which she had completely shaved, again with tonight in mind. Taken together, she had thought the pieces of her outfit made her look sexy. But now she realized that the effect of her sexy outfit was ruined her damn big belly hanging in the middle of it all. She had had a smaller version of it as a teenager when it made her a laughing stock among the boys, and it was even more prominent now on this night that she had so wanted to make special for herself and her young son.

But now … now the thought of her Bobby seeing her old looking belly made Claire to change her mind … again!. She had worn the sexy under things tonight at dinner with him, and having the push up bra underneath the low cut black dress made for a display of ample cleavage. The restaurant dinner had been her idea — something she told him would be a nice change from just having dinner at home and then waiting for to the ball to drop to begin the new year. She had consumed the better part of a bottle of wine before and over dinner. And in her wind clouded woozy state she not only could not help but notice that Bobby couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off her breasts but she had enjoyed watching him do it. Any woman liked to be looked at like that she had thought, even if the guy looking is her own teenage son. And somewhere between the end of dinner and dessert, she began thinking non-stop about what his reaction would be if she went through with her plan and let him see saw the rest of what she had on under her tight fitting dress.

By the time they left the restaurant, Claire had decided that before the night was over she would at least show Bobby the rest of it. That was why she had bought the stuff in the first place wasn’t it? She might lie to herself and pretend that it wasn’t the reason, but she the truth was that her buying such expensive sexy night thing never occurred to her until she found out his secret desire on the day she invaded his room. She knew she shouldn’t be thinking in such a way, but Claire was very flattered that her son was somehow turned on by her. And just as on the day she decided to shop for the clothes, she felt a need to feed his interest. She hadn’t known where it would lead, but as the two of them had left the restaurant, Claire had decided what she was going to find out. Except now, as her wine buzz faded, that didn’t seem like such a good idea.

“Why would he even want to see my fat body’” Claire mumbled to herself as she shrugged and put on her thick winter robe over the sexy under things. “Why would anybody?”

Her mind made up to forego further shenanigans, Claire wrapped the robe snugly around her and headed out of her room and down the stairs. Enough silliness, she thought. The two of them would have their normal New Years celebration, watching the big ball come down in New York and exchanging a new years hug, just as they always did — just what normal single mothers and sons do. Afterward she would return to her bedroom and masturbate, just as she had done so many times during this crazy week.


To say that Bobby was disheartened when his mother appeared at the top of the stairs would have been an understatement. His long night of anticipation ended with a thud as Claire appeared in a bathrobe — her thick terrycloth robe, the one that she rarely wore that hid her body completely. Bobby had been hoping that at the very least she would be wearing one of her thin robes so that he would be able to feel her breasts against him when they danced, as they had always done on New Years. And in his secret heart he had hoped for something more — something much more.

He had seen her dress, having rushed up to his room and started up the camera program the moment she disappeared into her room to dress for their New Years “date” tonight. So he knew what she thought he didn’t know — that underneath her sexy low-cut dress she wore undergarments straight out of the porn he was so fond of watching. And after seeing her masturbate on his computer screen twice more since the first time, he could not help but hope for what he knew was the last thing a son should be hoping for.

“Hi sweetie,” his mother said as she kissed him on the head and then sat down next to him on the couch, “You all ready for the new year?”

“Uh-huh.” Bobby answered, doing his best to keep a look of disappointment off his face.

The smell of her perfume entranced him, even though her bulky robe hid her body from him, leaving him to only imagine the treasures beneath. He had seen them all before, but only on his PC screen. He wanted to see her for real, and he had hoped it would be tonight.

“Bobby?” his mother said, breaking the silence and shaking him out of his fantasy.


“Your fifteen years old now.”

“Yeah….so what about it”

“Well …. I thought we might have a glass of wine together this year. Would that be OK?”

“Sure Mom.” Bobby answered. He had never had alcohol before, but was more than willing to try some.

Claire disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a cold bottle of wine and two glasses. She poured one for Bobby and one for herself. They clinked glassed, then drank their wine in silence, watching the New Years Eve show on the TV until his mother spoke again.

“There’s something I need to tell you.”


“A confession I need to make.

“OK what?” Bobby said, intrigued by her sudden need to confess something.

“I was in your room looking at your porn honey.” she answered. “And I found the panties.”

Bobby blushed profusely and cast his eyes downward in embarrassment, unable to respond to his mother’s proclamation. It had floored him, and he was unable to keep from showing that to her.

“Don’t worry honey.” she said sweetly, as if she sensed his anxiety. “It’s no big deal, OK. I know how it is for young men …. and especially for you.”

Bobby was suddenly overcome with emotion and had to turn away to keep her from seeing the tears welling up in his eyes. If only she knew how it really was for him to be so horny and have her right there for him to look at and …, may God help him …. to outright desire. If she knew she wouldn’t be sitting so close to him, close enough that the smell of her perfume filled his mind with fantasies, undressing her in his imagination and longing to hold her naked body close to his.

“What’s wrong honey,” she said. “I didn’t mean upset you. I just wanted to let you know that I understand.”

“Oh Mom!” Bobby sobbed as he fell into her arms and hugged her. “It’s so awful!”

“ I know honey. I know.” she replied. “I wish there was something I could do to help.”

“Not unless you can find me some girl to fuck.”

“Bobby! Such language! Isn’t it better to say make love?”

“Yeah maybe. But the boys all talk about the girls they fucked. And I even heard a couple girls talking about it using that word.

“Well in my day we didn’t use those words. But OK, you want someone to fuck.” She said blushingly.

“Yeah. That’s what I want. Someday I’ll finish school and get married and make love to my wife but right now … right now I’d be happy to just fuck a girl.”

Bobby, his tears now under control, drew back from his mother and sighed, wondering if he should tell her what had happened right before school closed for the holidays. He decided that he should, and after his mother poured them each another glass of wine, he told of his humiliating experience, one that he had kept to himself until now.

The girl’s name was Amy Franks, and unlike the other girls in his class she actually had been nice to him. Or maybe, Bobby now thought, she was only being nice because she wanted something. She was failing her Geometry class and he had helped her understand enough of it to achieve a passing grade. At first, she had acted very grateful, and invited him to a New Years party she was having while her parents were away, telling him that with no Mom and Dad to chaperone, there was bound to be a lot of making out and maybe even some kids going all the way. He had been ecstatic about it, right up until the moment that she called him to say that she had changed her mind about having him there, using as an excuse that he was so much younger than the rest of the kids and just wouldn’t fit in.

“I guess having me there would be an embarrassment.” Bobby said after telling his mother the story.

“Of course you’re not any embarrassment,” she responded/

“Aw c’mon Mom … look at me,” Bobby said. “I’m 5 foot nothing and wear, not to mention being fat.

“You’re not fat Bobby”

“Well I am as far as they’re concerned Mom, even if I do have ….”

Bobby caught himself in mid sentence. He had almost mentioned the size of his cock. It wasn’t huge like some of the guys in porn stuff, but he had seen the other boys cocks in the shower after gym class, and although his wasn’t the biggest of the bunch, it was way bigger than most. He had measured it once, and it was almost five inches soft. And when hard it was almost exactly eight inches

“Have what?” his mother asked, “Better grades?”

On a normal night Bobby would have said yes to that question. But tonight, his inhibitions were weakened but the wine he had consumed. He looked his mother in the eye and answer honestly.

“No…” Bobby told his mother, “Because I have a bigger cock than the other boys.

She stared at him for a moment as if deciding what to say.

“Well …you know … I HAVE seen it.”

Now the both blushed. She HAD seen it, and somehow in the moment it had slipped his mind. He had been so obsessed with her body this night, that he had totally forgotten how the whole thing started. She had walked in on him with his hard cock in his friend’s mouth.

“More wine honey?” she asked. “I can get another bottle.”

“Sure,” he replied.

Bobby liked the way the wine made him feel. The first glass had made him a little dizzy. But that went away, and as he and his mother finished off the first bottle, he had somehow become less disappointed about how the night had worked out. He had had higher hopes of course. But how cool was it to sit with his Mom and drink wine and talk about the things they had talked about tonight.”

“I have a story to tell too,” she said after returning with a fresh bottle of wine and filling their glasses.

Bobby listened in his own wine induced trance as his equally tipsy mother related to him what had happened to her as a 15-year old teen. It was the same for her, she told him, except that in her case the humiliation was physical as well as mental, with three boys leaving her unsatisfied after using her mouth and cumming in her mouth and on her face. The episode had left her bitter, she told him, to the point that she never had anything to do with men sexually thereafter.

“So you never…,” Bobby asked incredulously after hearing her sad story.

“No … never,” she said, “Not in all these years.”

“So you’re still a virgin?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, telling him how the only penetration she had experienced was when they seeded her with the sperm of a total stranger, and that she had decided have him delivered by caesarean section so as to preserve the tightness of her unused vagina should she ever find the right man to be her first.

Bobby’s mind swirled with images of his mother being used by the boys. It must have been horrific, he thought, having foregone sex all these years as a result of her humiliation at the hand of those boys. But she seemed all right with it now, or at least she seemed to be as she looked him in the eye and smiled warmly at him.

“Well, enough of that,” she said wistfully. “I’m sure life will be kinder to you honey.

“I sure hope so,” he replied.

And with that, Bobby and his mother sat quietly together for a few moments watching the New Year’s Eve show on the TV. He wondered what she was thinking, and if she had any idea of what his thoughts were at the moment. She might be much old than him and a little bit overweight, but to him she was beautiful. Those evil boys must have been crazy to not want to fuck her, something he would certainly do if given the chance. That had seemed possible earlier, but he had to admit it was never going to happen. But just the same, he somehow loved her more than ever after all they had said to each other this night.

“OK,” she said, rising from the couch to turn down the sound on the TV and dial up the smooth jazz station on the radio.

“Let’s have our dance honey,” Bobby’s mother continued. “It’s almost the new year”

As he held his mother in his arms and danced with her, just as he had done in years past, Bobby felt warm and content inside. It was different this year, he thought. This year they were closer than ever.

Out with the Old Year

It was the kiss that did it, pushing Claire beyond the edge of all that is moral and into the abyss of a kind of depravity that she once would have never imagined. Had it been a normal kiss — an innocent kiss between mother and son to celebrate the new year — their celebration might have gone on as it always had, followed good-night sleep-tight family style ending. But as the two of then danced in front of the TV set and watched the Times Square ball hit bottom, the kiss they shared afterward turned out to be anything but normal. Instead one of them — Claire honestly didn’t know who – opened their mouth and the innocent kiss turned into lover’s kiss with tongues swirling around in each others mouths and both of them breathing hard and moaning.

When finally the kiss ended, Claire and Bobby held each other close, swaying back and forth to the music. Claire leaned back and looked into her son’s eyes.

“Were you? …. Did you? …” she mumbled.

She couldn’t find the right words. The enormity of what had just occurred raced in her swirling alcohol clouded mind. How does a mother ask her son if her enjoyed French kissing her? Her body trembled a bit at the thought of it, her moral compass telling her to not ask the question, but something else inside her daring her to ask the question and hoping his answer would be yes. Suddenly she felt the hardness of Bobby’s erect manhood against her and that was all the answer she needed. Then came the sudden realization that no matter how immoral — how WRONG it was to do what she was doing, she had liked it as much or more herself. And with that thought swirling through her head , her whole body shuddered and she felt a stream of warm fluid seep out of her vagina and drip down her leg.

Except it wasn’t her vagina, she thought, it was her PUSSY. Better yet, it was her CUNT. Those were the words the sluts in Bobby’s porn collection had used. And what she felt right now grinding against her dripping cunt wasn’t a penis, it was Bobby’s COCK! Not the innocent penis of her little, but the hard cock of a horny guy crying for satisfaction.

Suddenly, throwing caution to the wind, Claire stepped back and threw off her bathrobe, revealing her sexy lingerie to her son. Bobby’s eyes grew wide as he took in the sight of his mother clad in a the see-through outfit that clearly showed everything she had. Her brain fogged with alcohol, she began dancing in front of him, her nearly naked body swaying to the music. Her hands shaking, she slowly removed the each piece of her sexy attire until she was dancing completely naked before him. Their eyes met, then she fell back into his arms and kissed him again.

This kiss was so much more intensive than the first, and was accompanied by roaming hands, with both her and Bobby feverously feeling the other up. Claire’s trembling hands quickly found his hard cock, sliding down inside his pajama bottom and grasping the thick swollen shaft, feeling it throb in her hand. Just as quickly his hands found her heaving breasts, reaching up to squeeze and fondle them as she continued exploring his manhood with her hand. Bobby was breathing hard and she could feel his racing heart beating against her chest. How many times over the past week had she fantasized about this moment? Fantasies are one thing, but what kind of slut really wants to be fucked by her own son. FUCKED! Somewhere in her subconscious a rapidly fading thought reminded her that such a thing was so wrong. But just as quickly a louder thought rang out that it just didn’t matter anymore. Even after so many years of deprivation, Claire still wanted desperately to be fucked. And Bobby’s pulsing cock in her hand was all the evidence she needed to know that after all these years, her own son was going to be the one to do it. Perhaps tomorrow she would regret it, but tomorrow was not now. Without saying a word or even exchanging a glance with her son, she pulled away from him and dropped to her knees in front of him, pulling his pajama pants down to his ankles.

Claire’s heart beat rapidly as she beheld her Bobby’s erect penis. Unlike the milky white hue of his nearly hairless body, His swollen cock protruded from beneath a small tuft of wispy blond hair and was a delicious shade of pink and dripping a clear liquid. For a brief moment she again felt guilt about what she was doing. But she had already come too far this night to stop now.

Claire grasped the base of her fifteen year old son’s swollen cock with her hand and took the bloated head into her mouth. In later times Claire would wonder how she didn’t know what would happen at this moment. He was a young boy with his cock in a woman’s mouth for the very first time, and it only made sense that he would cum quickly. But now, on her knees with her son’s erect penis in her mouth, she wasn’t thinking about that. Instead, the thoughts flashing through her mind of were scenes from her son’s porn collection. Many of the videos in his secret collection started out with a woman sucking cock just as she was now, and many ended with the guy ejaculating in her mouth or even in her face or on her breasts. But in this moment of her moral degradation, Claire was thinking of what happened in between. Afterward he could cum in her face or wherever he wanted, but now she desperately wanted her son to fuck her. Certainly he would give her what she wanted … what she NEEDED! , she thought as she sucked him gently and reached up to fondle his testicles..

But no such thing occurred, for the moment she touched his balls, Bobby moaned loudly and his cock erupted in her mouth, shooting a wad of warm sticky semen all the way to the back of her mouth, The hot fluid nearly choked her, causing her gag and back off of the spurting cock. A second jet of cum landed on her nose and a third hit her square in the eye.

“Oh NO!” Claire whined as she backed away. Through her one open eye she saw her son’s cock jerking up and down spraying the rest of his load on to the floor in front of her.

“I didn’t …. I thought….” Claire whimpered as tears flowed down her cheeks. “Oh Bobby … how could you? Didn’t you want … didn’t you want to fuck me?”

She gave him no time to answer, turning to flee up the stairs to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Obviously he didn’t want that. He might have sniffed her panties and enjoyed the smell of her pussy when he masturbated, but fuck her? What young boy wants to fuck his own mother — especially a mother who was so overweight and unattractive. In the end, he had done the same thing as Scot McGill had done all those years before, taken his pleasure in her mouth and given her nothing in return. Except this time it was Claire’s fault, not the fault of her innocent young son. Despite whatever he fantasized about, he certainly had never expected her to behave as she had. Mothers just don’t do that, and he would be right to hate her forever for her shameful behavior. Sure he got excited and came quickly. But wouldn’t any young boy to that having his cock sucked. That didn’t mean her wanted to fuck her.

“God DAMN it,” Claire sobbed as she lay on her bed, her tears streaming down her face to mix with the remains Bobby’s semen. “What have I gone and done?.”

In With the New

Bobby’s Mom was lying on her bed sobbing when Bobby came in to her room. Still naked, she had slipped under the bed sheet and pulled it up over her head, as if trying to hide from the fact of what she had done.

“I’m sorry Mom,” Bobby said to her, “I didn’t mean to do that.”

Claire poked her head out from beneath the bed sheet and faced her son, her eyes growing big as she saw him standing naked in front of her. Her face was wet with tears, but she had stopped crying, and now her eyes became fixed on his cock, which was nearly fully erect again and was still slick with a mix of her saliva and his semen. Her jaw dropped abruptly and she looked up at his face, and then at his cock, and then his face, as if struggling to figure out what to say.

“Uh … sorry,” Bobby said, moving to cover himself.

“No!” his mother stammered, “I mean no … you don’t have to do that …. I mean you can if you want but ….. Oh HELL I don’t know what I mean anymore.”

“Relax Mom,” Bobby said soothingly. “It’s OK.”

“But it’s not OK honey …. Not OK at all.”

“Why not?” he challenged, “It’s not like anyone but us knows what just happened.”

“Well I know about it,” she responded, “and YOU know!”

“I’m not gonna tell anyone” Bobby said.

“Oh Bobby,” Claire sniffled, “What have I done?

“You sucked my cock,” Bobby said calmly.

“Oh honey …. I never should have ….”

“And I loved it!” he interrupted, “I’m just sorry I messed it up by cumming so soon….in your mouth ….and on your face..”

Before his mother could say another word, her son leaned over to take her head in his hand and tenderly kissed her full on the mouth. It was a soft kiss, but a hungry one, with tongues swirling around and mother and son gently sucking each other’s mouths. After the kiss was over Bobby sat beside her on the bed and stroked her head lovingly. Her body was trembling as she lay there looking up at him with questioning eyes that warmed his heart with love for her.

“Relax Mom …. OK?” he whispered, kissing her forehead, “I love you … I’ll always love you Mom… and after what happened to tonight, …. well, I love you more than ever.”

Claire ’s near panic faded as her he went on, reassuring her that she had not ruined their relationship — that this night could only bring them closer together. He again told her how much he had liked it, being careful not to use words like FUCK and COCK, talking instead about love and desire and the joy of having someone do what she had done for him.

“Can I see more of you?” Bobby asked, gazing down at the outline of her body hidden under the bed sheet.

“Do you want to?” she asked.

Bobby didn’t answer. Instead he gently pulled the bed sheet down to reveal her breasts. Her soft pink nipples turned instantly hard when he took first one and then the other into his mouth and sucked gently, causing her to moan out loud. Her breathing became ragged and her hips writhed slightly as he moved back and forth from one breast to the other, sucking gently on each one, squeezing it softly as he did, as if gently milking his mother. The sound of her heart pounding in her chest mesmerized him as he kissed and caressed the delightful flesh of her bosom as he had fantasized doing so often in the past.

“Oh Bobby …. Baby,” Claire whimpered. “It feels so good!”

Bobby could only moan his acknowledgement, his mouth full of her erect nipple. But the thought that his mother liked what he was doing excited him so that his cock stiffened and swelled larger, spitting out a large glob of pre-cum that dripped down onto his leg. She was here! Here right next to him, not a fuzzy image on a video screen. She was here naked with him, and letting him touch her.

Bobby continued at his mother’s breasts, caressing one of the warm spongy globes tenderly with one hand, while hungrily sucking on the other. Back and forth he went, until Claire became so aroused that her body was writhing back and forth on the bed. In a flash bobby backed off her heaving chest to lay beside her and take her in his arms.

“Oh Bobby, you make me feel so good baby!” she whimpered. “Please don’t stop!”

Bobby had no intention of stopping. And as if to signal that intention, he eagerly French kissed his mother, this time holding her tightly to him and shoving his tongue into her mouth as deeply as he could. She responded in kind, battling his invading tongue with her own, bring his desire to a new level as their kiss, when combined with the intoxicating smell of her perfume and the warmth of her body tight against him raised his level of excitement to a new plateau.

It was Bobby who ended the kiss. He looked down at his mother’s naked body, and then up to her face. She was breathing deeply and her eyes were closed. When she opened them to look up at him, her glance was of a woman alight with desire. She was beautiful. But she was so much more now! No longer was she just a doting mother intent on doing the best for her little boy, nor was she just the liberal and understanding mother who had OKed his looking at porn. Now, in the warmth of his arms with her naked body pressed close against him, she was everything he had fantasized about.

Neither of them spoke. It was as if there was no need for words any more. They were together, as they always had been, except closer now. Much closer!

Without breaking eye contact with his mother, Bobby slipped his hand downward and began rubbing her belly, tracing large circles around her navel with his hand, feeling the soft flesh of her belly. He let his hand linger when it reached the part of her tummy that lay just above her vagina. It was warmer there, and her body quivered at his touch. His mind still swirling with alcohol and naked desire, he slowly slipped his hand downward onto her womanhood. He could feel the moisture seeping out of her as she groaned and her hips rose to meet his invading hand.

“Oooooo yeah baby, touch me there!” she moaned. “Touch Mommy there!!”

First with one finger and then the middle two, Bobby penetrated his mother’s juicy wet cunt. He began fucking her with his fingers, feeling her body shiver and shake as his probing fingers reached inside her. The more he continued, the more agitated she became, mewling and moaning, rolling from side to side and thrusting her hips upward to meet his penetrating fingers. She’s close to cumming, Bobby thought. But before that had a chance to happen she reached down and pulled his hand away.

“No …. No no no! she begged, “Not now … not that way!”

Bobby was taken aback. He had thought she wanted his attention. She had started it downstairs. Why stop now? He looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and fluttering and her breathing was ragged. As if sensing his confusion, she turned to him and whispered breathlessly.

“Don’ … want … it … that … way,” she said between breaths. “Want more … want more!

She reached up and pulled Bobby’s head down to her and French kissed him wantonly before continuing.

“Give it to me please honey. Give it to me.” she said, her breathing now more under control and the words tumbling out of her as if in desperation. “Your cock … your beautiful COCK honey! I want it! I know its wrong but I can’t help myself. I want it baby! I want you …. I want you to FUCK me!

Bobby didn’t need to be asked twice. Without hesitation, he jumped up from her side and frantically positioned himself between his mother spread legs. Crawling forward on his knees, he put the swollen head of his now fully erect cock against her vaginal opening. Then gently shoved is hips forward, he penetrated her half way until he felt a resistance. She gasped as she felt his manhood press against what remained of her hymen. She had been telling the truth, he thought. and he suddenly realized that he must be hurting her.

“I love you Bobby.” She said plaintively.

“I love your too Mom.” He replied.

“Then go ahead baby. Go ahead and do it.”

Bobby looked down at her. Her body had not stopped trembling, and now he could see tears welling up in her eyes.

“But Mom, I don’t wanna hurt you…” he said.

“No …… no …… please ….. I can’t …. you don’t ……. oh please Bobby,” she stammered, now with a look of desperation in her eyes. “Fuck me baby …… FUCK Me!”

Tears were now streaming down her mother’s cheeks as bobby’s mother begged him to fuck her. He need no further encouragement. With a mighty shove, he shoved his swollen cock into his mother’s hot dripping cunt. She shrieked out loud as his bloated cock head tore away the remains of her virginity. Another thrust and he was almost all the way in. He paused there for a moment, closing his eyes and remaining dead still in an effort to keep from blowing his load. He had cum already three times today — once first thing in the morning, another time while he watched her on his computer screen as she dressed, and then no more than an hour ago when she sucked his cock. But in spite of all that, the feeling of his mothers wet hit pussy wrapped around his cock had him already on the edge.

Uhhhhh …..Uhhhhh….Ohhh!” Claire moaned wantonly as she lay beneath her son, her body quivering with excitement. “Do it Bobby. Do it to Mommy. Fuck me baby. Fuck me!”

Bobby had always been the smartest kid in his class, even when he skipped grades and was competing with older children. That had not been an accident. While other kids were out playing or goofing around, Bobby was home reading a book, or cruising the internet, doing the extra study, acquiring the knowledge that made him do so well in school. So it should not have surprised anyone that when his inquisitive mind became hormone driven, he had immediately read everything available on the net about how to fuck a woman properly. So it was that at this very moment, he was struggling to pull his thoughts away for the current situation and think of an advanced Calculus derivation. Think about something else — that seemed to be the standard internet-provided advice for controlling premature ejaculation.

And it worked. After a half minute he felt himself better in control, and started fucking his mother with slow gentle thrusts, penetrating her completely with each push. Her body shuddered beneath him and she moaned lustfully and called to him.

“Oh Bobby Bobby Bobby! Oh baby it feels so good. Don’t stop baby. Don’t stop.”

Only a few minutes of slow fucking made her cum, her body thrashing below him as her cunt tightened around his hardness and secreted new wetness to the junction of their unholy physical union. By now Bobby felt totally under control, so after pausing for a moment to let her orgasm subside, her continued his assault, fucking her faster and harder than before, punctuating the slow the stream of rapid but gentle thrusts with occasional harder more violent ones that seemed to drive her to a higher level of excitement. He made her cum again …. and then again …. and again, with each orgasm more intense than the one before, until she cried out to him plaintively.

“Uh yes baby FUCK ME! Fuck me good. I’ll do anything baby. Anything you want! ANYTHING! Just fuck mama baby! Just fuck me!

Young Bobby reveled in the moment. For so long he had dreamed of this. And now here he was doing it. He was fucking his won mother! Maybe tomorrow they would go back to being just a normal mother and son, but right now they were much more than that. Right now his hormones were the only thing guiding him, the sensibilities of moral society had long been left behind in the fog of his adolescent lust. Certainly he would fuck her! He would fuck her as long as she wanted, anyway that she wanted.

Without warning, Bobby’s mother pushed him of her, .scrambling onto her hand and knees.

“Fuck me this way!” she panted, looking back over her shoulder to Bobby. “Like in your dirty movies. Fuck me from behind.

Bobby immediately complied, moving toward her on his knees and shoving is cock into her dripping cunt. She moaned her approval, and continued moaning and mewling as he plowed into her from behind, now fucking her with hard, pounding thrusts, gripping her rotund ass cheeks with his hands and slamming his cock into her.

On and on it went, with Bobby fucking his mother in one position after another, driving her to orgasm after orgasm. He continued fucking her hard from behind, first with her on hands and knees, and then with her flat on her belly. When they both were both cover in sweat and literally fell over from exhaustion, then they laid on their sides and he fucked to her that way, first slowly grinding into her from behind before flipping her over and doing her the same way from the front. He looked into her eyes and saw a lust there that was more than he had ever even imagined. The sad tearful look he had seen at the beginning of their incestuous union had been replaced by a sinful smile and wanton excited eyes that rolled back in her head each time the throes of another orgasm ripped through her body.

The fucking ended as they had started, with her underneath him. Her legs were spread wide and she had pulled her knees back against her shoulders to make herself wide open to him. Bobby had often imagined fucking her, with her looking up at him in total surrender. Being close to exhaustion now, he slowed his movements and fucked her slowly but deeply. He looked down upon her, taking in her sensual beauty and reveling in the way her lust fired eyes welcomed him as he slowly slid all of his young hard meat in and out of her. The sensation of her now well fucked but still silky wet pussy around his hard cock sent bolts of sensual delight through his young body, and having her quiver and moan beneath him made his head spin with wonder of how open she was to him. Her eyes were filled with much more than motherly love; they radiated an undisguised wanton desire for his incestuous affection. What once was a fantasy was now reality. He had fucked his own mother, fucked her good, making her cum and cum and cum until she was slick with sweat and her pussy was red and raw.

Bobby had always loved his mother more than anything in the world, but now he loved her even more. And because he so loved her, he knew he could not cum insider her. Her long years of sexual abstinence made it likely that she did not practice any kind of birth control, and even in the rapture of this moment, he realized that planting his seed in his own mother’s cunt. Better to pull out and cum on her belly, he thought, just like the guys on the porn flicks did. But not now, he thought. Not right now.

Claire could barely control her emotions as she looked up at her young son. He was between her spread legs, his hard cock penetrating her with slow even thrusts, gentle but urgent strokes, different from the hard and fast copulation that had preceded it, but somehow more intensely erotic in this moment. He slid his swollen penis all the way into her and held it there, grinding his sparse pubic hair against her inflamed clitoris and setting her body to shuddering. She closed her eyes and moaned as yet another round of delicious ecstasy radiated out from their joined genitals and flooded her sweat covered body.

Claire opened her eyes and saw Bobby smiling down at her. He is proud of what he has done, she thought, and he should be. Claire remembered how earlier in week she had tried to temper her desire for him, telling herself that just the idea of having sex with her own son was in itself evil. But in the end it didn’t matter. She had wanted him to fuck her — needed him to fuck her — and wantonly plotted to make it happen, regardless of any repercussions their incest might bring. Now, as she lay exhausted under him, she could not believe how much she had underestimated him. She had anticipated that Bobby would too nervous and overexcited for the sex to amount to much. But he had been neither, and the screwing he had given her was more exciting and more deeply satisfying than she ever imagined being fucked could be. He had fucked her and fucked her and fucked her, making her cum again and again and again, until she could barely recognized where one orgasm ended and the sex began.

“Oh Bobby honey, I love you so much!” Claire whispered softly, tears welling up in her eyes.

A look of worry passed over bobby’s face, and Claire realized that her tears were concerning her young son.

“Oh no baby,” she quickly added. “Don’t worry. Mama loved you doing it to her … fucking her.. You made me feel so good.”

For a long moment, mother and son smiled at one another before Claire spoke again.

“Come lay down beside me Bobby.”

Bobby pulled his still hard cock out of his mother’s pussy and lay down on his back beside her. She raised herself up on one elbow and turned toward him, gently planting kisses on his forehead and cheeks.

“Did you like it honey,” Claire said softly as she lay her head down on her son’s hairless chest. “Did you like fucking Mama?”


“So you’re not mad at me then?”


“Oh Bobby I’m so happy!

Claire again kissed her son on the cheek, letting her hand wander down to caress his breasts and belly. His nearly hairless body was red flushed and slick with the sweat of their incestuous copulation. Bobby moaned softly as she extended her reach downward toward his hard penis and slipped her hand under into his crotch to gently squeeze his testicles.

“Do you like that honey. Do you like Mama doing that?” Claire cooed.

Bobby didn’t say anything in response, but that he did indeed like what she was doing was evident by the way his cock reacted, spitting out a huge drop of clear liquid that bubbled out of the swollen cockhead and trickled down onto Claire’s exploring fingers.

“You made Mama feel so good Bobby when …when you FUCKED me! Claire said, her new found sexual awakening somehow making it easy, maybe even natural to use that word.

There had been long slow moments during their incestuous coupling when she had thought of him as her lover; and their gyrations as making love. But then there had been other times — times with him driving his hard cock into her as hard and deep as he could — times that most certainly she thought of as pure lust driven fucking. And isn’t that what she had always wanted … to be fucked? There never could have been any love between her and the three assholes that used her mouth and left her unsatisfied as a teen. All Claire had wanted then was for someone to fuck her. Fuck her like her young Bobby die tonight.

Claire released her hold on her son’s balls and trailed her fingers lightly up the underside of his erection. The lily white shaft Claire had seen in a video clip and in his friend’s mouth was not evident now. Now it was a swollen fiery red shaft, topped by a deep purple head that spewed huge globules of precum each time her exploring fingertips ticked its underside.

“Mama wants to make you feel good too Bobby,” Claire told him. “She loves you and she will do anything for you.”

Again Claire’s son said nothing, but his naked body trembled slightly and he sighed deeply. She reveled in his reaction to her. A couple hours ago she had thought their mother-son relationship ruined by her aggressiveness, only to lay here now, naked beside him, his hard cock throbbing with desire. He was her little boy; except he didn’t seem so little any more. His young body remained as soft and childlike as it had been a week ago, but his young cock was hard — urgently hard —- hard like a man — a man who had fucked her as well a any man could, sweeping away years and years of her sexual frustration the moment he had entered her, then fucking her and fucking her and fucking her, satisfying a burning desire that she had kept hidden inside her for so many years.

Bobby turned and gazed at his mother’s face, his eyes afire with unbridled lust for her.

“I love you Mom.” he said.

Hearing her son’s words, Claire could not help but become emotional, and tears again welled up in her eyes.

“I love you too Bobby.” she said, trying not to sob. She didn’t want to upset Bobby. Now now…..

Not when she was just about to finish it. She had thought about this moment often during the past week. Thought about it even when she doubted it would ever happen, and most certainly when she had fantasized about Bobby fucking her, something she had done endlessly during the past week. Through all of it, she had considered the eternal truth she had learned watching her son’s porn — that the male of the species somehow wants to treat the females as sluts. Maybe not at first but certainly later, after the fucking was over. For whatever reason, they wanted a woman to be a slut, drinking the semen their hard cocks or taking it in the face.

“I want to make you cum honey, Claire told her son. “Is that OK?”

Bobby nodded his head in agreement. At this point Claire was not at all surprised. He had just fucked his own mother, why not take the depravity all the way.

Claire kissed Bobby’s flushed face a final time before moving to the foot of the bed to pull open his legs and crawl on her belly between them . She rested her head on his hip, inches away from his blood engorged hard-on. The juices she had expelled around his cock during of their deviant union was drying now, forming thin crust around the stiff shaft. Above it the swollen head was wet from the constant spewing of clear liquid that continued even now.

She started on him by licking — just licking, all around the throbbing shaft until it was wet with her saliva, turning the crust of her dried vaginal discharge into a milky film. This she noisily slurped into her mouth and swallowed, the taste and aroma infiltrating her senses to light a fire in her soul. It was so fucking NASTY, she thought as another drop of precum bubbled out of Bobby’s cock and onto her waiting tongue. But at the same time, it made her feel so good inside. He had given her what she wanted. Now she would be his whore, just like the tramps in the videos. And God help her, her descent into incestuous depravity had her wanting to be just that for him now.

All things do not end up as planned. Claire had intended to make this moment last, to let her son’s passion build up slowly, teasing him with her hands and lips and tongue just like the video sluts often did. But the emotional heat of the moment overtook her and she could not help herself, suddenly and deliberately taking the head of Bobby’s cock into her mouth and sucking on it. His reaction was immediate.

“I’m gonna cum Mom …. I’m gonna cum.

And cum he did, but not before Claire grabbed his hips and shoved her head violently downward, taking the entire length of his manhood into her mouth and throat. The first jet of his ejaculated semen caused her to gag and cough, expelling some of the pungent white cream out the side of her mouth and onto his cock shaft. Still she kept her lips wrapped around on Bobby’s spurting penis, backing off until just the head was in her mouth and sucking greedily as the throbbing jerking cock filled her mouth with his seed.

For over a minute Claire kept her cum filled mouth on her son’s cock, sucking wantonly even after his orgasm subsided and his cock began to soften. She turned her head and looked up to him to see that he was watching her. Letting Bobby’s spent cock slip out of her mouth, she smiled at him. Then, just like some of the porn sluts in the videos she had studied so much, she opened her mouth to show him the cum before noisily swallowing every last drop of it.

As Claire and her young son Bobby lay side by side in the afterglow of sexual satisfaction, she wondered where things would go from here. She had committed the evil of evils, letting her own son fuck her. She knew full well how wrong that was, but right or wrong didn’t matter now. They had done it, and Claire knew for certain that she wanted them to do it again. And as she and her young son drifted off to sleep in the haze of their shared sexual satisfaction, her last thought was of what she could to ensure that it would.