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Just Good Friends

Glenda and I had been friends since grade school. While it was true that most of our meetings had been in school, we had been to each other’s houses many times. Glenda was one of these girls who did not attract much attention. She was pretty but not really beautiful. It was really hard to […]

Spying on Amber

Amy is my twin sister. We were born less than an hour apart. By all accounts we were a “surprise” to our parents and older siblings. Charlie, the oldest, turned 33 last month. Meg and Liz (also twins) turned 28 in April, and the closest to us, Amber, will be 25 this fall. Amber just […]

Picking up guys in bars

This is a true story, or as true as I remember it. I’ve changed some of the names, for obvious reasons. My name isn’t Jenny, my boss isn’t named Cynthia, and the club in question isn’t called Club San Limites, but the club does exist in downtown Montreal under a different name. I’ve also omitted […]

Granny gets drunk 2.

Jan leant down and kissed Dan hard; she pulled back and looked at him, ‘Dan, its ok. Don’t worry, you can fuck me bareback, I’m ok with it, I give you permission to spunk in me. In fact I want it bareback. It’s more exciting, not knowing what will happen, perhaps you will make me […]

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