Tanya In Chains

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely trying and tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during the strip show at a stag party, climbs up on the stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly join the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Tanya Harris is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a love of degradation and a desire to be debased lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

TANYA IN CHAINS — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


“You’re so big in me,” moaned Tanya, struggling passionately with her boyfriend on the huge waterbed. The wave motion under her carried the woman up and down, sending the prick ever deeper into her pussy. She loved the feeling. But there had to be more to fucking than just this. There had to be or it would not be worth the sweat and time and effort.

“Do it again,” he urged. “What you were doing with your pussy. I need to feel that cunt of yours smashing down hard around my prick.”

She tensed and relaxed her cunt walls and felt his cock jerk in lusty response. He was big. Bigger than she had any right to expect from his behavior out of bed. Charlie was an okay sort of guy but he left a lot to be desired in his approach to life. He wasn’t terribly aggressive or ambitious. Still, Tanya couldn’t afford to be choosy right now. The hunger in her loins threatened to devour her totally. She would go mad with lust if she didn’t get enough cock to keep her happy and sated sexually.

These spells hit her periodically. She looked over all the men she knew and tried to evaluate each and every one of them. She always drew a blank as to the one she was excited the most by. They all seemed so namby-pamby. Not a one of them had ever had an original thought in his head. And the idea of competing and winning would scare them all shitless.

What she needed was a take-charge man, one who would know what her needs were and fill them totally. A man like that wouldn’t have to be told what to do. A man who knew women — who knew what she would love the most — wouldn’t ask her to tighten up her cunt so that both of them could get that much more of a thrill out of fucking.

He would order her. He would command her to do the things he enjoyed and this would give her the pleasure lacking in her humdrum life.

Tanya sighed and struggled a little more with the impaling spike of Charlie’s cock inside her pussy. No matter what she did would pleasure the man. He was a zero in the equation of life. But she needed all him. Rather, she needed his cock inside her. Masturbating was a thrill and she never failed to get her rocks off doing it but it wasn’t the kind of involvement she wanted. She was a woman who needed a man.

A real man.

“Fuck me good, Charlie,” she sobbed out, her emotions washing over her. But in spite of the arousal she felt inside, she also knew something was missing. But Charlie might — just might — provide it for her this time. Maybe he would take over. Order her around. Maybe even slap her. Maybe this was the time he would become the type of man she desired most and never found.


Tanya didn’t count on it. She lifted her legs on either side of the man’s body and shoved them out as straight and fast as she could. The impact of her snatch against the man’s crotch sent his prick another inch up into her seething hot cunt. She shuddered under the impact.

“Fuck me hard! Be brutal!” she sobbed out. “I want you to be as savage to me as you can!”

He began fucking her with slow, deliberate strokes, just the thing she didn’t want. The motion of the waterbed under her ass helped arouse her, but what she desired most was for Charlie to really take command. She locked her legs behind his back and pulled his crotch into hers.

His cock ground fiercely into her pussy but it wasn’t the same. She was the one doing the work, not him. She wanted to be used, abused, reduced to a quivering blob of protoplasm and then built back up by the power of the man’s personality, the promise of his cock. This type of lovemaking was all right for satisfying her physical needs but it did nothing for the psychological needs begging for fulfillment.

“You’re so beautiful,” the man said, his motion deliberate, slow. He gazed down at her midnight black hair and her pale skin, which glowed with an inner light. He knew that it would glow even more after he’d finished fucking her. She would burn like an incandescent bulb, the sure sign that the fucking had been the best ever.

He bent forward and applied his mouth to her ample tits. The naked mounds of titflesh bobbed on her chest, as much from the movement of the waterbed as from her tortured, heavy breathing. She came the instant his lips touched one of those rigid, throbbing, hard little nipples. It was everything he could do, to keep his prick inside her.

“Hurt me, Charlie. Use me!”

“Hey, cool it,” he said, wondering at the strange turn the fucking always took. “I’m not going to hurt you. You’ve get nothing to be afraid of.”

“Rape me, dammit. Use me. Take me hard.”

“Fuck me like I’m some whore, a bitch you hate!”

“I love you,” he said earnestly, continuing to suckle at her nipple. The hard nubbin of erect flesh pounded eagerly against his tongue. He shoved the pebble of nipple down into the softness of the marshmallowy flesh below. The feel of the woman’s heart beating fiercely aroused him even more.

“Fuck hard. Rip me apart with your cock. Burn me up inside. Hurt me, damn you, hurt meeeeee!”

She came. The orgasm smashed through her and gave momentary release from the world. She soared on the wings of ecstasy and then drifted down to the world again. It hadn’t changed. Everything remained the same. Charlie’s cock still moved sluggishly inside her cunt when she needed it to fly. The man’s mouth still licked and kissed her tits when she wanted him biting her, raising blood and making her entire body feel intense pain.

She needed those things. And she didn’t get them.

Tanya tried to relax and just go with the flow of the fucking. She knew that Charlie wasn’t capable of the lovemaking she needed. She closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like with a real man.

The feel of the cock inside her became more heated. A man hung like a bull elephant would fuck her, tearing her tender flesh apart. He would rape her, shaving his cock into her dry cunt. But she would respond. She was forced to respond to his brutal overtures. Her cunt juices would begin to flood out and her arousal would grow — but she would feel nothing but fear. The man was so large! One false move on her part and he would rip her apart all the way to her chin!

And the mouth on her tits. It wasn’t a kind, tender and loving mouth. It was a mouth filled with sharp fangs. Those teeth would savage her snowy-white tits and leave ugly red streaks behind. And she would struggle to shove her tit even more fully into his mouth to get the full benefit of that brutal tonguing.

She lifted up off the waterbed, her chest surging forward. For a heavenly instant, pain ripped into her chest. The man’s teeth gouged into her silky white flesh. And the pain exploded in her body like an atomic bomb.

She came harder than before. Her hips ground hard against the man’s crotch, sucking the prick even deeper into her pussy and tightening like a hangman’s noose around it.

“God,” he grunted, “you’re gonna break me off inside if you keep doing that. But don’t stop. I love it!”

She didn’t hear him. The blood pounded like the ocean’s surf in her temples. Her ears were filled with nothing but the roar of her own pulse. The blood flushed her face and upper shoulders as another come stalked her tender body.

He fucked faster. She tried to make him speed up even more. The feel of another, larger come lurked in the woman’s loins. She needed that sexual release like a flower needs water.

“More!” she screamed. “Rape me. Use me. Fuck me gooooood!”

The come wasn’t the intense one she had thought it would, be. The way he fucked her prevented it. She needed all-out fucking. No holding back. She needed the friction of cockhead against cunt wall burning her to a crisp. She needed it all and she wasn’t getting it.

The woman’s fingernails clawed at the man’s back, leaving bloody trails. She hardly knew she did it. But it was a good to him to fuck her more. And he did speed up the tempo of his fucking.

The lewd squishing noise of his prick racing up into her excited, seething hot cunt came to her. She could feel every single inch of his virile cock filling her. The juice leaked out around the thick plug of his cock and dribbled down the crack of her ass. It tickled and aroused her, but she didn’t want arousal like this.


She needed pain to get off in the way she knew she could. His cock didn’t hurt as it slipped easily in and out of her pussy. His mouth didn’t give her the sweet, savage release of orgasm as he tongued her tits. That tongue raced around in tiny circles, drawing up the red finger that was her nipple until it throbbed with too much blood inside. But that wasn’t pain.

“Bite me! Bite my nipple!” she shrieked, her body going out of control again. She hunched up to his prick and slammed her cunt lips around his cock so hard she hoped she bruised them. The pain might be enough to get her off later on.

But no such thing happened. The man slowed down the break-neck fucking he had started and corkscrewed gently into her cunt. It aroused her. The feel of his hot and hard flesh against her cunt walls turned her on in a big way. But she knew that she was being robbed. He wasn’t giving her what she wanted more than anything else in the world.

“Hurt me, hurt me, hurt meeeeeee!”

He tried to devour her entire jug. His teeth scored the sides of the sloping cone of titflesh but even this wasn’t enough — and it came too late. She shuddered and tried to get the full measure of enjoyment from it and failed.

She limply collapsed back to the bed and opened her blue eyes to stare up at the sweaty, straining man.

The sight of his face told her he still hadn’t gotten off. She couldn’t have known because of her own arousal. Her body was all that mattered. She felt his long, pulsating cock sink repeatedly into her pussy but there wasn’t the thrill in the fucking that she’d felt before. He had failed her.

She decided to get out of this fucking the best she could. She might enjoy a little more of it but she doubted it. The only way of ending it was to get the man off as fast as possible.

With cold, deliberate planning, the woman began tightening the muscles in her belly and cunt. The man grunted.

“Like fucking into a mine shaft — and having the tunnel collapse on you,” he puffed. “It’s great!”

He pulled out of her with some difficulty. She clutched wildly at his prick with her torturing cunt walls. She would have held him inside her body permanently except for the slipperiness of her cunt juices. He pulled free with a lewd smacking noise and paused for a moment between the pink fluttering flaps of her inner pussy lips.

“I love you, Tanya, I love you more than life itself. Your cunt’s just the right size for my cock!” He drove his prick in again and the woman thought she might be able to recover a small measure of her arousal then. She felt his control slipping away from him as his hips took over. The wild, frantic fucking of a man just about to come burned hotly in her cunt. His cock surged and roared and pumped into her cunt and made her groan with pleasure.

“Rape me. Really rape me,” she moaned, trying to recapture the feeling she’d had before. “Hit me. Tie me down, but rape me. Fuck my cunt with your raping cock!”

She allowed the motion of the waterbed to carry her along. It slapped hard at her ass and back and shoulders through the thin plastic of the bag. But the motion was always just a little out of tune with the man’s hard-fucking cock. It speeded up until she thought she was going to bet — finally — what she had been begging for all night.

But it didn’t work that way. Charlie slowed down and controlled himself, saying to her, “I want this to last all night if possible. I don’t ever want to leave the hot sheath of your pussy.”

“No, no, no,” she cried out, beginning to feel the salty, hot tears pouring down her cheeks. “I want more! I want you to fuck me, really fuck me. Twain you to rip me apart inside. Make me hurt. I want to feel it, damn you, really and truly feel your cock!”

“You will,” he solemnly assured her.

He began fucking with well-paced strokes until she thought she would lose her mind, not from the wild passions the fucking caused in her loins but because of their lack. She wasn’t frigid. She just needed a different type of fucking to get off in as big a way as possible. And nothing she said seemed to have any effect on the man. He was going to fuck her as if she were a piece of fragile porcelain and that was that.

Another woman could have come hard from the feel of his prick pressing so powerfully against her cunt walls. The thickness of his prick kept her writhing about, moaning and demanding more. Not once did he let her cool off totally. But never did he shove her over the edge of orgasm, either.

“Here it comes,” he grunted, raising himself up on his hands to get a different angle of entry into her sucking, seething cunt.

He blasted into her so hard it rattled her teeth. She closed her eyes and imagined herself staked out in the middle of a burning desert, being raped by marauding Indians. She was tied and helpless, unable to prevent the rape. She felt the flaming-hot cock race all the way up her fuck tunnel again. She felt the sexual tensions mounting in her belly.

And then he came. His prick spewed out the white hot load of come and he spurted repeatedly. But she couldn’t get off on that. It wasn’t the brutal, savage fucking she needed.

Cheated, she simply lay under him until he had pumped the last of his jism from his balls. He smiled and said, “It was great. But with you, Tanya, it always is.”

“It’s always the same,” she said in a dull voice.

“Always great!” enthused Charlie, rolling off her and stroking his hand over her heaving belly. He seemed more animated now than when he was fucking her, she thought glumly.

“Are we going to the party or not?”

“We’ve got time. All night long, in fact. Those damn things tend to last until the wee hours of the morning.”

“Let’s go now,” she said, rolling out of the bed and getting her feet under her. When she started going with Charlie, the prospect of a waterbed had seemed great to her. Now it was only another annoyance.

Getting out was a problem. And the fucking she never-quite-enjoyed before getting out had gotten to be a real drag, too. She silently dressed, knowing the man’s eyes drank in every, line of her trim young body and hating him for not realizing what would really turn her on.


The party thrilled Tanya, even though she’d come with Charlie. The number of unattached men provided promise for her. She might find one who could give her all the things she didn’t get with Charlie.

“Let’s go, Tanya,” Charlie said uneasily, after they’d been at the party for about an hour. “Not much happening here. We can go back to my place and…”

“Oh, hello,” she said suddenly to a man passing by with a drink in his hand. “I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Tanya Harris.” She smiled winningly and turned her back on Charlie. She didn’t bother to see what effect this had on him. Frankly, she didn’t give a flying fuck.

Not when this man was ever so much more attractive to her. The man’s muscles bulged and he had a couple scars on his, fact that showed his life hadn’t been one filled with ledger books and other dull things. The tan on his face and hands showed he spent a good deal of time outdoors. Perhaps he was an explorer. A man who had seen the upper waters of the Amazon or crossed the North Pole on a dogsled.

“These parties get more and more interesting every time,” he said, glancing from Tanya to Charlie and then back to the dark-haired woman. “I’m sure you haven’t been here before. I’d’ve remembered.”

“Why’s that?” she asked, fishing for compliments. The woman didn’t try to figure out why she was doing this to Charlie. She knew. The man bored her now. He didn’t give her the all — out sex she wanted, needed. Charlie wasn’t bad in bed. His prick was larger than most men’s and he knew how to use it.

Her only gripe came in that he didn’t use it like she wanted him to.

“Simple. A woman with your… charms,” he said, glancing down into the canyon between her mountainous tits, “would stand out in a crowd.” She basked in the man’s attention. Her hand stroked over one of his mighty biceps as she asked, “What do you do? From the size of your arms, you must be an alligator wrestler.”

“Nothing so thrilling,” he said, laughing, then drinking the remnants of his highball. “I work for Mr. Steele.” He said the name as if that explained everything. She had never heard of Mr. Steele and said so.

“Really? I thought everyone here would know him.”

“Tanya, it’s getting late,” said Charlie irritably. “Let’s go.”

“So go, if you think it’s late,” she said brutally. “I think I’ll stay and find out a bit more about my new friend…” She let her sentence drift away because she hadn’t found out this scrumptious man’s name yet.

“Marcus,” he told her. “I work for Mr. Steele.” He glanced up and locked eyes with Charlie. Charlie nervously shifted from foot to foot, then left without another word.

Tanya was impressed with Marcus’ power. In more ways then one.

“He must be important, this Mr. Steele.”

“About the most important man in the room,” said Marcus, glancing around. “And I’m sure he would be willing to meet you. Even eager. He’s always interested in beautiful women who are willing to take a chance.”

“What makes you think I’d take a chance?”

“Then you’re willing?”

“For the right man,” she said. She moved closer to Marcus, her leg pressing into his crotch. The warmth from the man’s body thrilled her and the promise given by the huge bulge between his legs told her she’d done the right thing in sending Charlie away. Let the man think she was a prick teaser. She’d show him! Would she ever show him if she could get him alone?

“Mr. Steele enjoys a poker game now and then, usually once a month, about this time. If you like, I’ll try to get you into the game.”

“Sure,” she said, not caring in the least about any poker game. She played well, but was more interested in other things right now. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine Marcus’ arms around her, crushing the life from her. Her nipples began to harden at the thought. She wanted them pressing into the man’s broad chest, feeling the crinkly, sandy hair covering that expanse of man flesh. The woman wanted him to squeeze her until her bones snapped and her entire body protested.

“This way,” he said, taking her elbow and guiding her along. She started to protest and pull away. Tanya found she couldn’t. That light hold on her elbow effectively guided her into the next room where a green felt-covered table already had stacks of chips on it.

She swallowed hard. Three of the men were cut from the same cloth as Marcus. Huge, powerful, dominant men. The three women already seated were gorgeous. She self-consciously shrugged her shoulders to make her cleavage all the more daring. Pulling her shoulders back and shoving out her chest caused the hardened nipples to poke against the thin fabric and create tiny wrinkles. She was beautiful and knew it.

But the other women obviously knew they were seductively pretty, too, and made the best of that knowledge to play up to the fourth man at the table.

Tanya didn’t have to be told he was Mr. Steele. The man’s presence dominated the entire room. He sat quietly, his swarthy face calm, aloof, impassive. She wondered what thoughts raged behind those hawk-like eyes? They must be potent ones, she guessed, because she felt cold shivers go up and down her spine. This was a man used to commanding — and being obeyed.

This was a man she wanted to know better.

“Sit,” he said, his voice calm and level. “And we shall begin.” He glanced at Tanya and asked, “Has Marcus told you the rules?”

“Poker,” she said, trying to be casual about it even though she was raging inside. “What more do I need to know?”

“We play for more than simple table stakes,” said Mr. Steele patiently. She wondered if fire ever burned in those eyes, the fire of arousal, sexual arousal caused by a woman. She wanted to be the one to find out.

“I don’t care.”

“Good,” he said. “I like that attitude. It shows you are in command of your own mind and body. Cut for deal.”

The play went swiftly, expertly. Tanya had learned to play in a hard school and won fairly consistently, the chips piling in front of her. But Mr. Steele’s game wasn’t that of an amateur. He won, gradually and soon only the pair of them were left in the game.

“Get the others out of here,” said Mr. Steele to Marcus. The burly man opened the door and ushered out the other women. The men at the table leaned back and watched the play continue between Tanya and Mr. Steele as if it were the most interesting spectator sport in the world.

Tanya couldn’t figure out what was going through the men’s minds. They eyed her almost exclusively, as if staring at Mr. Steele would cause them to turn into pillars of salt. Their continued study of her made her a little nervous. She felt the tension in the air — and it was a highly sexual tension she couldn’t understand.

She began to lose. Gradually, a few chips at a time, then more and more. Soon, she was busted. “I guess that makes me the winner,” said Mr. Steele.

“Not so fast,” she said. “I’ve still got something to play with.” She stood and skinned out of her cocktail dress. She rolled it into a ball and tossed it onto the table. “Another pot with that instead of chips.”

“It’s been a long time, Mr. Steele,” started one of the watching men. “Why not go along with her?”

“I do like her spirit,” the dark-visaged man conceded. “Very well, young lady. If you know what the end result is likely to be if you should lose everything.”

“Would I really lose, if I lost all my clothes?” she asked coyly, trying to lock eyes with the mysterious Mr. Steele. The man sat with his face shrouded in the shadows. She saw a glimmer of light that might have meant his eyes twinkled.


She dealt. And lost. Marcus took her dress off the table and vanished with it. She wondered if she could recoup her loses. The man against her played conservatively. She could win with a bold move now. Both of her shoes were lost on the next hand.

“I still have enough to bet with,” she said, standing and moving away from the table. She was clothed now only in her bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. She began to undo the garter belt when Mr. Steele’s sharp, “No!” stopped her.

“Why not?” she asked.

“The bra — or forfeit everything.”

She seductively undid the bra, bringing the cups off her voluptuous tits in a slow, teasing motion. She shivered as a blast of cool air from the air conditioner raked across her turgid nipples. She was still turned on by the brief encounter with Marcus. Or was it Marcus at all who turned her on now?

She had to admit the idea of fucking Mr. Steele stayed high in her mind. The other women weren’t two-bit whores — nor were they thousand-dollar call girls. They were sexy, sensuous, sex-starved women who wanted what she now had a chance at. They couldn’t be wrong. And everything Tanya had seen so far told her that they weren’t wrong.

Mr. Steele was intensely desirable. That he insisted on having the other inch stare at her naked tits only turned her on more.

This was a man such as she’d never seen before. And she wanted him. She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted a man in her life. And she would get him!

She lost the bra to a full house. Her panties were lost, by a narrow margin. He had two pair, aces high. Her two pair had been sevens high. Clad only in her stockings and garter belt, she felt her pussy begin to churn in excitement at what she was wantonly going to suggest.

She knew she should leave right now. But she couldn’t just walk away and pass up the opportunities she knew could, be hers.

“I’ll offer a bit more than table stakes,” she said. “I think you know what I mean.” She licked her lips seductively and leaned forward just enough to let her tits dangle. The sight of ruddy figure eights traced out by her nipples as her tits bobbed around would have been enough to give any man a hard-on. She wouldn’t have been surprised to see the table start to rise — from Mr. Steele’s stiffening prick.

Nothing of the sort happened. And the man’s voice was as calm as it had ever been. She felt a surge of desire for him unlike any she’d ever felt for a man. She knew he had to be hot for her body. And he hid it so well. That made it at the more important for her to get him into bed. She’d show him what real excitement was!

“Very well,” he said.

They played — and she lost. She could hardly believe her bad luck. She had a fairly decent hand. Mr. Steele’s was better. But she had made the sexual bet and now it was time to pay off.

She smirked. How could she have possibly lost? Either way she would have come out ahead, getting to fuck Mr. Steele!

“Where do you want to go, Mr. Steele?” she asked. “A bedroom handy?”

“My dear,” he said in his maddeningly soft voice, “that part of the game was long over — and lost by you. When the others left and you were out of chips, I’d already won you. The rest of this was an added bonus for my friends, she is yours.”

“Wait a Goddamn minute, mister,” Tanya raged. “That’s not the way it is at all. I was playing against you. And you and me will…”

She yelped when strong hands picked her up and turned her around. She sat heavily on the felt covered table, her legs dangling over the edge. The men were already lining up, pulling down their zippers and letting impossibly hard cocks leap from their trousers.

Tanya didn’t want to be gang raped! This wasn’t what she’d been playing poker to accomplish!

“Stop it this minute!” she cried. “Or I’ll get the cops up here so fast your heads will spin.”

“My dear, you don’t understand,” said Mr. Steele. “The first gentleman in line waiting to possess you sexually is the chief of police. It will do you no good to cry out. Marcus has already sent the others home. There are only those of us in this room. Now put out and don’t try to welsh on a bet. I hate women who welsh on bets they’ve freely made.” The coldness of his voice reminded Tanya of stainless steel. Sharp-edged, it made her shiver all over.

She glanced at the line of men waiting silently, lust all over their faces. She had fantasized about being raped — even gang raped — but a fantasy was something different from real life.

“Let me go!” she screamed, kicking and trying to get free. Marcus held her in an impossibly strong grip. There was no way she could elude him. And the chief of police smiled and entered the vee of her legs.

Tanya might have blacked out. She never knew. Her next memory was the swollen pecker of the cop moving faster and faster in her hot cunt. She was oozing out her lust juices and dribbling them to stain the felt-covered table top. And her legs were caught and held under the fucking man’s arms. She was rolled onto her back, her legs spread obscenely wide. In no way could she prevent the man’s prick from fucking hard and deep into her cunt.

“God, so tight, so fucking hot!” the man moaned aver and over. She blinked to clear her eyes and saw that the cop was lost in the throes of his own ecstasy. Her arousal didn’t matter to him. This was rape, pure and simple — and she didn’t like it at all.

She’d always dreamed about a moment like this where the man would brutally shove his prick balls deep up her cunt. Now that the moment had come, she found that she preferred more control over the act. She was helpless, totally lost and confused.

“Stop, please, don’t do this to meeeeee!” she shrieked as she felt the white-hot jism spattering into her pussy. Her cunt walls convulsed and smashed down hard around the man’s cock, further milking it of its creamy load.

Shuddering through a small orgasm, she hardly knew when the man released her legs to allow them to dangle limply over the edge of the table. But she did know when the next man in line came up to her and rammed forward.

His powerful thrust toward her cunt missed. The head of his cock went skittering along between her cuntlips. The thrill of that passage might have turned her on in other circumstances. Not now. All she could think of was that she was used, abused and would be discarded afterwards. She didn’t think she had much of a chance at fucking Mr. Steele.

Mr. Steele!

The thought of the grim, dark man pounded into her brain. She tossed her head from side to side looking for him. A deep shadow at the side of the room seemed to move. It had to be him!

“Mr. Steele, please stop them. I… I’ll do anything you want, but don’t let these men gang rape me. Please, I’ll suck you off, anything! But make them stop.”

She might have heard a tiny chuckle. Or it might have been the signal for the man moving his prick up and down in the warm cradle of her cunt lips to really go for an all-out fucking. She didn’t know or care. All that mattered to her was the sudden entry of the cock into her writhing cunt.

He rammed so fast into her that she didn’t have time to stretch and accept the huge girth of his prick. She felt as if he ripped her apart inside. She simply knew she would bleed to death because of it. But nothing of the sort happened. Her resilient inner membranes expanded and took the full thickness of the man’s huge cock. He grunted and gasped at the tightness but he was intent on really fucking her.

He ground his crotch into hers. She had been wanting Charlie to hurt her, to bruise her cunt lips with the force of his entry. She no longer wanted that. This man’s body moved powerfully against hers. She was nothing to him. She was just a convenient hole to fuck his prick into.

“Continue fucking,” came the level, cool voice from the shadows. “Build up speed slowly. I want to see everything.”

The man obeyed Mr. Steele’s orders perfectly, driving Tanya out of her mind. She loved the feel of his hard-fucking prick. It filled her and made her come alive in ways that Charlie’s gentle fucking never had. She had wanted this — before she had it forced on her.

The man began with long, potent strokes that shook her all over. He gradually built-up the speed of his fucking until he used only short, quick motions that threatened to burn her insides. The friction from his rapid in-out fucking made her gasp and shudder all over. She couldn’t deny that she was on the brink of climax. Just a little more and…

And nothing. The man shot his wad, moved quickly away and allowed the final man to move into the vet of her legs. He quickly ran one hand up and down the insides of her thighs. She trembled at his touch. There was something evil about this man.

“Don’t do this to me!” she begged. “P-please don’t!”

His hands clamped like steel bands on her tender flesh. He picked her up and turned her onto, her side. She squeezed her legs as closely together as possible and pulled her knees up to her tits. Tanya couldn’t have known this was exactly the position the man wanted her in.

He moved quickly, hiss prick pressing between the meaty half-moons of her asscheeks. He drove forward, seeking out her humid gash. She shook when he found that hairy-rimmed opening to her body. And when he fucked hard into her cunt, she heard the gush of her frothy cunt juices leaking out around the prick. The impact of his legs against her softly curved ass made her come. She didn’t want to but she did. The feelings ravaging her body were too intense for her to hold back any longer.

The man fucked with easy strokes, then jetted out his come. Heaving a deep sigh, he moved back and allowed her to rest on the table. Tanya cried softly to herself, hating her weakness and unable to do anything about it.

“Are you ready to leave now?” asked Mr. Steele.

“Yes, damn you. And I never want to see you again!”

“Oh, but you will, my dear. You lost at the poker game. The stake was your body for the next 30 days. For the next month, you are to be my sex slave.”


“You’re joking,” said Tanya in a dull, muted voice. The way Mr. Steele said the words was so matter-of-fact that she almost believed him.

“I never joke,” he informed her.

“Your sex slave for a month? You’re mad! You’re cracked, man, and I don’t want anything to do with you!” She tried to stand but strong hands shoved her back to the table. “Let me up!”

“No, my dear, that won’t be possible. You said you understood the rules of the game. Apparently you didn’t, but that’s not my concern. You could have asked when I gave you the chance.”

“What were the rules?” Tanya asked, stunned at what was happening to her.

“Very simple. It came down to one man and one woman. The others were out of the game for the month. The winner gets the other’s exclusive sexual service for one month.”

“You mean if I’d won I would have had you to myself for an entire month?”

“Correct. But,” said Mr. Steele, “you lost.”

“What about the strip poker part?”

“You wanted to continue after the end of the usual game. That was your decision. You lost again and were the pot for the other gentlemen in the game. I think it was a noble gesture on your part. I can’t understand why you’re being so uncooperative now.”

“You crazy son of a bitch!” roared Tanya, managing to get to her feet. She felt naked, even though she still had on her stockings and garter belt. If anything, wearing only those made her feel even more vulnerable. “I didn’t know what I was getting into. No judge in the world would uphold an agreement like that!”

“Judge Martin, here, would.” Mr. Steele pointed to one of the other men, who bowed slightly and smiled.

Tanya could hardly understand all that had happened to her. A police chief? A judge? Who were these people? She suddenly wished she hadn’t sent Charlie packing like she had. The man would be pissed at her for playing up to Marcus and wouldn’t care if she never came by his place again. There wasn’t anyone to miss her if they did enslave her for a month.

“All four of you will use me?” she asked in a quaking voice.

“No, only I,” said Mr. Steele. “The other’s have had their chance for a month. Another game will be convened after your month is up. Of course, if you desire to play again then, you may do so.”

One of the men snickered. Tanya couldn’t see who it was, but the sound chilled her to the soul. It didn’t sound as if any woman used by Mr. Steele for a solid month was ever in condition to come back and demand a rematch.

What was in store for her?

She bolted far the door. Mr. Steele and the others made no effort to stop her. She found out why the instant she opened the door. Marcus stood there, his arms folded across his broad chest. The expression on his face was absolutely neutral. She couldn’t tell what the man thought of this weird poker game. She ducked and tried to get around him. One powerful arm circled her waist and hoisted her feet off the floor.

“What’s to be done with her, Mr. Steele?”

The way he asked it made Tanya even more frightened. She thought he would obey whether the answer came “Free her” or “Kill her”. It didn’t seem to matter one way or the other.

“To the limo and to the house. I shall meet you there.”

“And Marcus, you and Lucien may amuse yourselves with her on the way. Just don’t get into another wreck. It’s so hard finding good mechanics to repair a car these days.”

“Thank you, Mr. Steele.” He turned and walked off. All Tanya could see was where she’d been. She kicked and struggled but the man’s grip on her trim waist was too strong to break.

“What are you going to do with me?” she demanded. “I’m not somebody’s property. You can’t use me like this!”

“You lost fair and square. That’s one thing about those games. They are absolutely fair. Everyone has equal chance at one. You lost — and I’m mighty glad. Otherwise I’d never had a chance at a prime piece of pussy like you!”

“Gimme my clothes back!” she cried.

“Not until we get to the house, if then,” he said mysteriously. She kicked and bit and fought and it didn’t do her a damned bit of good. He was vastly stronger than she was and he wasn’t scared shitless.

Tanya twisted around to see a Rolls Royce pull up. This was the car? She’d guessed Mr. Steele was rich, but not this rich. And the Lucien mentioned wasn’t the chauffeur but another assistant, idly lounging in the spacious back seat.

“Climb in, with your lovely load, Marcus,” he called out. “I’m anxious to get out of here.”

“I’m anxious to have this vixen sucking on my cock!” laughed Marcus, “I saw her at the party and knew she was the type to go for the game. She lost.”

“Of course, they all lose to Mr. Steele,” said Lucien, a brown-haired man in his mid-twenties. His muscles rippled in the dim light cast by the street lights. “He’s just too damn good a card player.”

“I’m glad we work for him. I don’t dig picking up the crumbs — unless the crumb is as foxy as this chick!”

Marcus dumped her unceremoniously onto the carpeted floor. Tanya sat up and glared. Both men smiled down at her.

“I like the outfit,” said Lucien. “Skin. And lots of it.”

“Don’t jive me, man. You like the garter belt and the stockings. You get off on chicks wearing them when you fuck.”

“Never could keep any secrets from you, my friend. You’re as sharp as Mr. Steele, at times.” Tanya didn’t see either of them make a signal to the driver, but the car smoothly accelerated away from the curb and raced through the night.

“What do you want out of me?” she demanded, feeling angry and scared. The bravado she displayed was just a facade, to her quivering, frightened inner self.

“Your mouth around my prick,” said Marcus, running his zipper down the track. The metallic hissing sounded like a death knell to the scared woman. She saw his cock leap out, racehorse eager. In other circumstances she wouldn’t have hesitated a second wrapping her ruby lips around that prick.

It stood tall and proud, the purpled knob on the tip throbbing with virile lust. The veins on the sides pulsed visibly and made the shaft almost too large to get into her mouth.

“Burn in hell,” she snapped.

Lucien reached over and gently ran his hands through her hair. When the raven locks were well mingled between his fingers, he jerked hard. She screamed and he pulled her head forward and down into his friend’s crotch.

“He said suck, so, you suck. Or it’ll be even worse for you.”

She had no other choice. That powerful hand held the back of her head so that her lips were just inches away from the shivering pillar of manmeat. She bent forward a little more and ran her tongue over the end of his cock. His hips leaped upward from the seat and rammed the cock into her face.

She almost gagged as the knob of his cock bounced off the roof of her mouth and shot past her tonsils. Before Tanya realized what was happening, he had buried his prick all the way down her throat.

She was no Linda Lovelace but she knew bow to deep throat a man. But not like this! She hadn’t sucked in enough air to live off. The thick stalk of his prick cut off all her oxygen. She started to turn blue and gag when the hand on the back of her head allowed her to get the cock out of her windpipe.

“Suck,” came the chilly command.

She had no choice. She sucked.

Tanya usually loved the male muskiness of cock. But not this time. This was forced and she wanted no part of it. All she could do right now was go along with these two men and maybe the tide would turn in her favor later on. Maybe.

Or maybe she could do something about it first. The cold, menacing voice came to her ears, chilling her. “Don’t even think of biting his prick off. If you do, death will seem preferable. I know some horrible things to do to little girls who don’t obey — and compared to Mr. Steele, I’m a rank amateur.”

“Hell, Lucien, she wouldn’t do a thing like that,” said Marcus. “She’s got a great set of lips on her. She’s sucking real good. Just like I enjoy the most. She’s dynamite giving a blowjob.”

Tanya shuddered involuntarily. Both men knew exactly what she’d had in mind, and each had a different way of telling her they knew. Lucien was cold and up front about it. Marcus could brush it off with a joke.

Both meant business. The woman sucked harder on the cock, trying to enjoy this as much as she could. She found that she could actually get off on the feel of the hot, throbbing prick against her lips if she forced the rest of the scene from her mind.

She wasn’t a prisoner of these evil men. Mr. Steele didn’t exist. She wasn’t being whisked away in a chauffeured Rolls to some mysterious destination. All that mattered was the cock pressing so hotly against her lips.

She closed her eyes and got into giving head. She sucked. Her cheeks went hollow under the strain. Her tongue rolled around the broad bead capping the shaft and she quickly found the piss-slit. She tried to stuff her tongue all the way down that tiny hole. It wasn’t possible and she knew it. So did the man on whose prick she so avidly sucked. But that didn’t matter. Just trying gave them both a carnal thrill that wouldn’t die down.

Tanya became more and more aware of her own needs. She was naked except for the garter belt and stockings. Her pussy was damp with lust now that she sucked harder and harder on the cock. She wanted more. She wanted, his huge fuck stick shoved balls-deep up her pussy.

“Oh, fuck me,” she groaned around the prick pulsing so powerfully in her mouth. “I want to feel you in me. I want this big, swollen cock in my cunt fucking the hell out of me.”

The laugh that echoed through the compartment of the car shocked her. She opened her eyes and simply stared at the two men. They were laughing as if she’d just told the biggest joke in the world. She couldn’t understand what was so wrong with her request.

“That’s up to Mr. Steele whether we fuck you or not. He told us to have, fun with you on the way. That means only our cocks in your mouth.”

Before she could protest, Marcus rammed his prick back into her mouth. And a heartbeat later, a second cock slammed in. Both men fucked slowly in and out of her mouth. She was revolted, horrified that two men would try such a thing. But she didn’t have time to worry over it. The taste of two cocks turned her on and the sheer kinkiness of it made her mouth water. She clamped her lips around both pricks and sucked for all she was worth.

“That’s a girl. Love it!”

“Don’t stop or you’ll regret it!” cautioned the other man. She marveled at the way the two approached her. Lucien was cold and demanding, like Mr. Steele. Marcus seemed genuinely turned on by her and wanted to do things at a slower pace.

She was so confused she didn’t know which she preferred. A few hours earlier she would have branded Marcus a milquetoast like Charlie had been. Now she wasn’t so sure. She felt the steel under the man’s soft exterior. He was capable of being intensely cruel. She could feel it like heat from a stove. As long as she continued to pleasure him, though, she didn’t think she had anything to worry about.

That made Marcus totally unlike Lucien. This man held the capacity for total evil. And she guessed that he’d told the truth when he claimed to be an amateur in comparison to Mr. Steele.

She shivered at the idea of anyone being more vicious than Lucien seemed to be. The man’s hand had never left the back of her head. He gripped the midnight-black hair and jerked her face forward repeatedly, causing the girl to face fuck herself. The feel of the two cocks in her mouth made her wonder what other humiliation was in store for her.

“Keep sucking, damn you!” cried Lucien.

He twisted her head around so that both pricks leaped free of her mouth for a moment. She didn’t know what to do. She cried, the tears running down her cheeks.

“You scared her, Lucien. Hell, she’ll do anything you want if you lighten up on her.” Marcus knocked Lucien’s hand from the back of the woman’s head and substituted his own. It wasn’t any less brutal, but it seemed that way to the frightened girl.

“Suck,” he commanded. “And keep sucking no matter what. I want it to feel like a vacuum cleaner on my cock — and his.”

The man shoved her face down into his crotch. She almost choked on the cock, but she sucked. Her tongue swirled and probed and stroked every possible flap of flesh she could find. And just as the man’s arousal was at the breaking point, she felt that strong hand pulling her away another prick jammed into her mouth. She had to repeat the process she’d just gone through.

A tiny drop of pre-come beaded. Her eager tongue licked it away. She knew the flood of tasty, salty, tangy jism wasn’t far behind. She wanted it all. She loved the taste on her tongue and would do anything now to get it. The promise of him coming in her mouth couldn’t be taken away from her now.

But it was.

Just as she felt the cock begin to buck, Marcus yanked her head back and off the prick. She caught the first spurt of jism in the eye. The second hit her in the cheek and ran down, in a thick river. The third and fourth and all the rest went into her luxurious inane of black hair. She was almost sobbing with horror and degradation when Marcus strong hand forced her face down onto his prick again.

She had to suck him off. And she knew exactly what would happen when the man started to come.

She wasn’t wrong. He shoved her back into a sobbing, crying heap on the floor of the luxurious car and came in her face. He held his dick in one hand and beat himself off fiercely. The jizz arched and landed squarely on target — right on her forehead.

Tanya moaned in humiliation and knew she couldn’t do a damn thing about this. Not yet. Let them have their way with her but soon she’d get even. She didn’t know how or when, but she would. She would!


She didn’t know how long she huddled on the floor, her arms pulled tightly around her naked body. Tanya had never been more miserable. She had tried to clean off some of the jizz shot onto her hair and face but the men had stopped her. They said they liked the sight of the white cum drying against the black hair. She whimpered but did nothing more to fight them off. They were so strong, so dominant.

All she knew was that she wanted to die.

The Rolls Royce pulled to a halt and both the men got out. Lucien beckoned to her. She wondered if she should try to make a run for it or not. Again, the man read her mind.

“We’re inside the grounds of Mr. Steele’s mansion. The stone walls around the place are a half mile down the road. And on top of the fifteen-foot walls is ground glass. And if that’s not enough to slow you down, there’re electric wires, too.”

She looked around in awe. Lucien wasn’t lying to her about this being a mansion. The three-story house was immense. She let her gaze travel away from the house and around the grounds. She couldn’t even see a stone wall for the forest surrounding the house. She guessed it might be possible to get totally lost in the woods and never stumble across the wall mentioned.

“Come along, Tanya,” said Marcus gently. “I do so love that outfit you’re wearing. Makes me hard just looking at that perky white ass of yours.”

He pinched her ass and she yelped. But she didn’t slap him. She guessed he would slap her back. And with the power locked up in those arms, he might knock her out.

She trotted along as docile as a lamb toward the house. She had to admit she was intrigued by the huge house. Never having seen such a mansion before, Tanya wanted to satisfy her curiosity before making her escape.

And she wanted to get some clothes. She shivered at the cold wind blowing across the small lawn and knew she was in for big trouble when both the men laughed at her distress.

“The least you can do is offer me your sweater,” she snapped at Lucien. “I’m going to turn blue from the cold.”

“You’ll look good in blue-blue skin. That’s the way Mr. Steele likes to keep his winnings.”

“I’m not a winning,” she protested. “As soon as I can sit down with Mr. Steele and talk this out, everything’ll be okay. He’ll give me back my clothes and let me leave.”

“In a month,” said Marcus. She didn’t have the chance to make a quick retort. The man shoved her through the opened doors of the house. She stumbled and fell heavily, scooting across a highly polished floor. Both men scooped her up and carried her up the stairs.

“Here’s going to be your home for the next month — if you don’t behave.”


She cried out, trying to retreat. She fell heavily against Lucien. The man stood like a stone wall. Her frightened eyes almost refused to believe what she saw in the room. Whips hung in racks from the walls. A brazier with a branding iron heated to a dull red burned in the center of the room. Chains dangled from the ceiling, shackles just the right size for her slender wrists open at the ends. A set of stocks stood open at one side of the room.

And there were other, more terrifying items that belonged to the Spanish Inquisition, not the twentieth century.

“What is all this?” she asked feebly. She was coming to realize just how serious the spot she’d gotten herself into was.

“This is all yours — unless you cooperate.”

“Wh-what do you want from me?”

“Come this way and see the other room — which might be yours if you go along with everything Mr. Steele wants.” Marcus bowed from the waist and sardonically pointed the way to an adjoining room. With great fear, she went into that room.

She caught her breath again. But this time it was at the luxurious furnishings. A four-poster bed dominated the room. Velvet bedcover, soft rugs on the floors, paintings on the walls that looked old and done by master painters, tasteful sculptures on tables and every convenience a woman could want.

“This — or the other room. Which will it be?” asked Lucien.


“I feared as much,” sighed Lucien, obviously turned on by the prospect of her being chained and left in the other room.

Tanya went to a closet and flung open the door. Inside was a long row of fine dresses, designer originals, all expensive and all just the right size for her. She hastily put one on and immediately felt better. Not standing naked in front of those two men did wonders for her spirits. She even considered getting away from here.

“What’s in there?” she asked, waiting for Marcus to open the door. The instant he did, she kicked him hard in the ass, sending him stumbling. She leaped over the bed and cut off Lucien. In a flash, she was in the hallway outside the room and running for her life. She slid down the banister and onto the slickly polished floor in the foyer, then opened the front door.

Standing there was a woman with brilliant red hair and a figure any model would envy. But that wasn’t what Tanya noticed. Nor did she notice the skintight leather tunic and pants or the knee-high black leather boots the woman wore so stunningly.

All she saw was the cruel whip in the woman’s creamy-white hand.

Tanya staggered back a step in surprise. This was all that the red-haired woman needed. The whip sang its merciless song as it curled around Tanya’s legs. A quick yank and the woman fell heavily to the floor, stunned by the impact. The whip uncurled and lashed out again and again. Tanya fought to cover her face.

The leather tip of the whip sought out her skin, ripped off the dress she had so recently donned, made her cry out in pain as it licked across her soft white skin.

“Try to escape, eh?” laughed the red-haired woman. She continued to use the whip until her arm tired. She laughed again and said, “I’m Henrietta. And I do what he wants.”

Tanya didn’t have to ask who “he” was. She knew. It could refer only to the mysterious Mr. Steele.

“Where is he? I want to talk to him. This is fucking ridiculous!”

The whip sang again and lashed across her tender shoulders. She screamed and writhed, trying to evade the whip’s second trip. Tanya failed. She felt the sharp sting of the leather go all the way down into her body.

“Don’t use words like that unless you’re ordered to,” snapped Henrietta. “I ant to be your keeper for the month. Please me and your existence might be pain free. Maybe. But anger me and…”

She demonstrated. She used the whip marvelously well. Tanya didn’t appreciate the fact, though, that Henrietta could have stripped the flesh from her bones. She only knew the wracking pain zinging along her nerves. Henrietta continued to whip her until both Lucien and Marcus came down the stairs.

“Back to the room. You know which one,” said Henrietta. “I’m surprised you allowed her to escape so easily.”

Marcus shrugged easily and said, “Isn’t it always this way?”

“Yes,” said Henrietta, speaking for Tanya’s benefit. “All the young girls think they can just walk out. Mr. Steele makes a harsh bargain, but it’s a fair one. They have to learn to abide by it.”

“It wasn’t fair!” protested Tanya, being dragged up the stairs. “I didn’t know what I was getting into!”

“Liar!” shrieked Henrietta. “Mr. Steele always lets his women know. And you are calling him a liar. I’ll punish you for that!”

Tanya felt the licking of the whip against her ass and back all the way up the stairs. She thought the trip would last forever. The whip stung and bit into her flesh without doing permanent damage, but she didn’t have time to consider that. Mr. Steele probably didn’t want his property damaged, was her only thought on the subject.

“No, not the room with the bed. The other one. The place where a slut like this belongs!”

“NO, NO!” cried out Tanya, realizing they were taking her into the torture chamber. “I’ll be good. I… I’ll do anything you want. Anything.”

“Sorry, kiddo,” said Marcus. “You had your chance and blew it. Now you have to pay for it.”

“Chain her in the center of the room where I can see her,” ordered Henrietta. The men pulled Tanya’s arms high above her head until her tits flattened from the extreme position. She felt the harsh iron manacles close around her slender wrists. They had chained her so that she had to stay on tip-toe. Already she felt the muscles in her calves beginning to tighten and pain her.

“Why are you doing this to me? What have I ever done to you?” she demanded.

“Henrietta does nothing without my orders,” came the damnable, cool, level voice she had come to dread already. Mr. Steele walked into her line of sight and just stood. He might have been studying a side of beef for all the emotion he showed.

“Let me go. I… I’ll give you money. I’ll do anything you want, but don’t keep me here like this.”

“My dear, you aren’t listening. You seem an intelligent enough sort. Perhaps this will penetrate. You made a deal with me. Call me the Devil, if you will, but it is a deal nevertheless. For one month I will be able to do anything sexually to you I wish. You lost, I won. It’s that simple.”

“You can’t have her whipping me like that. She’ll kill me.”

“Only if I order her to. Henrietta is most expert with the whip. Show the young lady, Henrietta.”

Mr. Steele stepped back and watched with clinical detachment as the red-haired woman started landing stunningly intense blow after blow on the chained woman’s shoulders. Tanya sagged down, not caring that the full weight of her body rested now on her shoulders. She tried to keep the cramps from her legs and failed. Simply dangling and allowing the impact of the whip to swing her to and fro seemed the simplest.

“Behind the knees, Henrietta,” said Mr. Steele. And the whip started lashing at Tanya’s knees. She was forced to put her feet back down on the cold stone floor. And this only increased the pain she felt lancing throughout her body. In a bizarre way, she had to admire Henrietta.

The woman was masterful with that whip. She landed it in the exact spot that would cause the most pain and the least physical damage. Tanya didn’t have to look to know that her back was criss-crossed with dozens of red welts. Nor did she have to be a fortune teller to know that those marks weren’t permanent.

But they could be.

All Mr. Steele had to do was order Henrietta to whip her a little harder, to use a slightly different angle of attack. That would lift the skin from her bones and leave her skeleton hanging from, the chains.

“Use the dildo on her,” came the cold command.

“No, please, not that!” cried Tanya in horror, seeing what Henrietta had in her hand. It was the biggest, thickest rubber dildo she had ever seen. She doubted she could have gotten her hand around it. The thick pillar of rubber had been obscenely crafted to look like a man’s cock, but there the differences became more than the similarities. A real cock didn’t have a handgrip fashioned into one end of a two-foot length. The thick head bobbed and threatened her pussy as Henrietta moved closer with it.

“My dear, you must come to learn, to accept the inevitable,” said Mr. Steele. “Continue, Henrietta, and do it properly. I don’t want to become angry with you for shirking your duties.”

Both fear and lust crossed the red haired woman’s face. She moved closer, the obscene length of rubber pressing into Tanya’s cunt lips. More pressure and the bulging head entered her. The woman knew she would go out of her skull with the pain. No man’s cock could be that huge. She wasn’t built to take such a thickness in her cunt.

Another inch rammed into her. She passed out. But when she came to, she felt the pain and horror even mare intensely. This wasn’t some dream — nightmare — that she would wake from and find herself in her own comfortable bed. Hell, she wouldn’t even find herself in the waterbed with Charlie.

Charlie was so distant from her experience now he seemed a safe harbor in a stormy life. Never had he offered her the pain she felt in her pussy. She had begged him to treat her rough, but she’d never thought being treated rough would be this agonizing.

The rubber dildo went in another inch and another and another. The farther Henrietta shoved it, the more excited she got and the farther she wanted to thrust it.

“You’re tearing me up inside. Don’t do ittttt!” Tanya’s entire body shook. She didn’t understand her reaction to this torture. Her pussy was actually slobbering out its frothy lubricants. She tried to pass it off as a self-defense mechanism. Her cunt watered to keep that rubber cock from, harming her. But she knew that wasn’t the real answer.

She was getting off on being raped by that huge rubber mockery of a man’s prick. She loved the pain she felt all the way up into her guts.

“Fuck her with it. Hard. Fast.”

Henrietta obeyed promptly. Tanya thought her guts were going to be sucked out of her body by the retreating dildo. It filled her so full that a mighty vacuum was formed behind it. And Henrietta didn’t want to pull it out of the girl’s cunt slowly. That wouldn’t be any fun because it wouldn’t cause any pain.

“Please, please,” begged Tanya knowing that her cries only spurred the horrid woman on. How could any human being come to love seeing another in pain? Tanya didn’t know or care. She felt that pain, and that ache deep in her pussy.

She hurt!

And the red-haired woman dressed in the black leather outfit was intent on really fucking her with the dildo. Fucking hard, fucking fast, fucking deep. She rocked under the repeated assaults of the rubber dildo. Only when she fainted again did the dildo-rape stop.

“Lower her,” came Mr. Steele’s voice.

“Thank you,” she moaned out, grateful for the respite. But Tanya had much to learn about Henrietta — and Mr. Steele.

“Eat cunt, cunt,” came the command. “Lick it and suck it and make me feel good or you’ll be in a world of bun.”

Tanya opened her glazed eyes and saw nothing but red crinkly forest of bush. She was swung forward so that she could get her mouth up to the woman’s cunt. It was obvious she was expected to eat out Henrietta.

“No, I’m not gay. You can’t make me…” she started. Tanya quickly found out what they could and couldn’t do to her. They made her eat the pussy. She might not have liked it, but they forced her to eat cunt.

Her tongue hesitantly licked out. She thought this might be like eating a man’s prick, but she was wrong. Her tongue vanished between the turgid flaps of red fur-rimmed pussy lips. The salty juices welling up from inside the woman’s cunt made her want to gag but the whip all over her back and ass caused her to continue.

Choosing between the whip and eating pussy, she would choose the latter every time. It hurt less, even if it was more humiliating to her. They could make her do anything and that rankled. But it was the lesson they taught well.

“Eat me good,” ordered Henrietta, but the woman’s words were slurred with the intensity of her emotions. For a fleeting instant, Tanya felt a surge of power over the woman.

It quickly vanished.

The whip lashed at her once-white skin, turning it a fiery red. The pain jabbing into her body, however, couldn’t compare to the humiliation she felt from being raped with the huge rubber dildo and being forced to cat out the other woman’s cunt. What made it worst of all was Mr. Steele standing and watching, saying nothing.

She wanted to die. Then she vowed she’d really get even with these people. Just how she didn’t know, but she would. One day. She’d have to!


Tanya hung from the chains for hours. Or it might have been days. She had no way of telling. Her arms and shoulders ached terribly, the spurts of pain lancing down into her body almost more than she could stand. The way they strung her up on tiptoe caused her legs and hips to strain unmercifully. And being naked caused her to feel utter shame.

Worst of all, they had blindfolded her. She couldn’t see what was happening in the room around her. Occasionally, she heard scuffling noises. She would call out, demanding to know what was happening. No one ever answered. Her agile mind thought up terrible things going on. She imagined worse things than even Mr. Steele or the horrible Henrietta could conceive of.

And Tanya knew that was why they blindfolded her. They wanted to torture her both physically and psychologically. This wasn’t like anything she had ever experienced before. This was war. This was no different that being in, a prisoner of war camp. They wanted her broken so they could make her do all sorts of hideous things against her will.

She screamed when she felt something soft and feathery stroke between her legs.

“Who’s there? What’re you doing to me?”

No answer. But the feathery touch came again, stroking along one of her pussy lips and up to the vee in the front where her clit was. The feather forced its way down and stroked continually across her cunt. She tried to kick out and stop whoever it was doing this to her. Pain she had learned to handle, but not the tickling, arousing feeling.

She kicked and kicked and kicked but didn’t connect with anyone. It might have been a ghost. She knew it wasn’t, but who was it? It didn’t matter. It might have been any of them. All were capable of such subtle tortures.

Chained up, blindfolded, tortured with tickling feathers, the girls began to cry. She couldn’t believe she’d gotten herself into such a mess. Thirty days, Mr. Steele had said. How many had passed? One? Ten? None? She didn’t know. The room she was chained in had no windows. And it wouldn’t have done her any good if it had. Blindfolded, she had no way of telling how much time had passed.

“What’s happening? Who is it?” she demanded, feeling a light touch over the curve of her ass. Then she screwed in pain as the artificial cock rammed between the slabs of her asscheeks. The huge dildo forced its way down to her tightly puckered little fist of asshole and worked its way up her back. It ripped her apart and threatened to kill her.

“Stop, please stoooooop!” she shrieked. Whoever was ass raping her with the dildo continued. It seemed to the blindfolded and chained woman that the movement continued for ever and ever. And it stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

They wanted her to know she had no control whatsoever over her destiny. She was a prisoner at the command of Mr. Steele. She began to appreciate the type of control the man was working on her. She recognized the techniques and couldn’t mentally convince herself that he wasn’t destroying her by slow inches.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” asked Henrietta hours later. Or was it only seconds later? Tanya couldn’t tell. But the sound of a voice, any voice, thrilled her.

“Yes, yes, anything you want I’ll do. But take the blindfold off!”

The strip of cloth was ripped away. She blinked at the harsh light in her face. They had arranged a spotlight to focus down on her. She felt like the main attraction at a three ring circus.

“So my pretty-pretty wants to cooperate. Very good. Mr. Steele will be most pleased with you.” Henrietta walked around Tanya’s strung-up form, eyeing her trim waist, flaring ass, slightly flattened tits, the fall of dark black hair, the slender thighs and shapely calves. Her fingers touched gently and stroked over the creamy, perfect skin. She came back in front of the chained woman and lightly pressed her fingers into one of the ruddy nipples.

“Very nice jugs,” admired Henrietta. Tanya said nothing as the woman slowly circled the nipple with her fingertip until it began to respond. Tanya hated herself for getting hot because of this, but it was her body reading, not her mind.

The nipple sprang erect, pulsing hotly. The taunting woman’s finger slowly worked down into the deep canyon between the tits, stroked once and went even lower. Tanya’s flesh rippled as gooseflesh appeared. The room wasn’t cold but she felt shivers racing up and down her spine. This was worse than the whipping she had received.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked.

“Why? You are most lovely. You are seductively beautiful, if I might say so. Why shouldn’t I appreciate beauty in another woman, eh?”

Her finger dipped into the well of navel on Tanya’s belly, then worked lower into the tangled mat of midnight-black pussy fur. The pussy mound quivered as the woman’s fingers pressed into it, massaged the fleshy rise, then worked lower.

“Stop it, don’t do this to me!”

“My pretty-pretty is repulsing me? Do I disgust you?”

“Yes, I hate you. I’ve never hated anyone more in my life!”

“So you don’t want me doing this to you, eh?” The fingers probed between taut cunt lips. In spite of her anger and hatred for the red-haired woman, Tanya felt her pussy begin to slobber out its frothy cunt oils. She hated it but there didn’t seem to be a damned thing she could do to stop the flow.

The finger fucked hard and fast into her cunt hole. The young girl arched her back and rammed her pussy down into the palm. She couldn’t move much because of the chains around her wrists. She was held too tightly.

The hand gripped fiercely on her snatch until she was sobbing and crying out, “More, give me more. Ohhh, it’s so great in my poor little cunt!”

The finger fucking went on until Tanya fit the once-pleasurable sexual tension in her body build to the breaking point. She came, hating herself for such weakness. She was showing Henrietta that she could be retrained, to respond to whatever horrible torture the red-haired woman could think up.

“Yes, my pretty-pretty, you are ready for the next step.”

“Go fuck a dog!” raged Tanya, trying vainly to think of something else to get back at the woman. Her mind was confused, tumbling and not able to focus on a proper insult because of the way she felt inside. She burned. She hungered for cock. And it was all being given her, but at the wrong times. She was being played with as if she were some sort of toy.

A sex toy!

“Insults are acceptable, but you were told never to use such vile, language. For that you must be punished. Is that not so, Mr. Steele?”

Tanya spun in her chains to see the dark figure in the corner of the room. She hadn’t even noticed him before. The shadowy figure nodded but said nothing. It was apparent this was the signal for “discipline”.

Her blue eyes widened in horror as she saw Henrietta take a broad wooden paddle down from its rack on the wall. The woman swung it a few times, making whishing sounds as it cut through the air.

“It has holes drilled in the surface,” she said, as if lecturing a college class. “That lets the air rush through and gives a much harder swat when it lands on tender assflesh.”

She demonstrated. Tanya recoiled in horror from the sharp pain, lancing into her buttocks, but that motion caused her even, more agony. She swung free, supported only by the chains around her wrists. The cruel steel shackles cut into her soft flesh, the motion caused all her weight to hang from her shoulders and arms — and this did nothing to stop the hot, stinging pain in her ass.

“Yes, you can use a little toughening on that fat ass of yours,” said Henrietta, laughing at the young girl’s discomfort.

“Fat! It’s not fat!”

“It is! Don’t contradict me, bitch!”

The woman used the paddle faster and with more power now on the helpless girl’s behind. The loud thwacks of wood hitting bare assflesh filled the room. And Tanya’s body filled with pain. But it wasn’t pain that would cause her to go out of her skull. This was subtly different. She recoiled every time the paddle swung true, but she was also coming to appreciate the warmth that filled her body.

It was a sexual warmth. It spread from her well paddled ass cheeks all through her loins. Her belly quivered and turned warm just as if her cunt had been filled to overflowing with all the cock she could stand. The girl didn’t understand it. She was getting off with the spanking.

She began ramming her buttocks back toward the swinging board. The loud whack as it landed jarred her, but the heat from the spanking made her cunt begin to drool. The thick love oils leaking from her cunt ran in erotic rivers down the insides of her thighs.

“Ummm, don’t do that to me,” she sighed over and over. Her words said one thing while her body told her another. She liked this! She hated herself for it, but she liked it! She wanted more!

“Don’t lie to me, cunt,” snapped Henrietta, moving in front of the girl. The leather clad woman’s face was like a thunder storm. It glowered at her in stark ferocity. “You enjoy this. You love the feel of my paddle against your wanton flesh. Admit it, damn you, cunt, admit it!”

“No, no, it’s not true,” protested Tanya. She hardly understood her motives. This was humiliation in the extreme. Mr. Steele stood in the corner and was probably jerking off as he watched this red-haired bitch paddle his captive. Tanya should have hated every single instant of this degrading performance. Rut the feel of that wooden paddle against her naked ass did something to her. She wanted more. She was turning on and she wanted all the spanking she could get!

“I told you never to lie to me. I must punish you further. You will learn discipline at my hand!”

Marcus entered the room. Tanya had to suck in her breath. She had never seen such a glorious sight in all her life. The man’s entire body had been greased. His muscles rippled and gleamed and made him look like a Greek God come to life. He stood naked in front of her, his arms crossed over his broad chest. But she wasn’t looking at him — his prick held her entire attention.

She knew it was large from when she’d sucked it in the limousine. But this boner he sported was huge! It had to be at least a foot long. And it was hard and erect and waiting for pussy.

Her pussy!

Her cunt almost exploded with need. She sobbed and moaned and bit back her cries demanding him to get into her cunt and fuck the shit out of her. She knew that if she showed the least bit of desire, Henrietta would deprive her of her pleasure. That bitch seemed to read minds.

“You can’t do this to me. It’s inhuman!” protested Tanya, hoping that Marcus would move forward and slam that hunk of manmeat all the way up her wanton cunt.

“Stand on these chairs,” ordered Henrietta. The red-haired woman pushed two straight-backed chairs near enough for Tanya to climb onto. The girl got one knee on each chair when the chains supported her arms suddenly went slack. She fell forward.

Only at the last possible instant did the chains tighten enough to keep her from smashing her face into the cold stone floor. She was split wide apart, one knee on each of the chairs almost three feet apart. And her arms were pulled straight up and back. She could rest her forehead against the floor but this was it.

With her white ass jutting so far up into the air and her cunt widespread for any possible intrusion, she worried what would be done to her. She wanted a sample of Marcus’ cock. What she would get from these sadistic people was another story.

Tanya tried to look up and see Mr. Steele. She felt that he was the key to her pleasure. If he gave the sign, she would get the cock. If he wanted more degradation, she would get that. And with the humiliation would come pain. Lots of pain. Pain she could hardly stand.

“Aieeeee!” she cried out as the paddle began working on her tightened ass muscles. She hadn’t realized how tensed up she was in this unnatural position. Henrietta spanked her with the paddle until her ass glowed a cherry red. And then she felt movement.

Looking back through her wide-stretched legs she saw the feet coming toward her. And then came the rocket blast of cock between her punished buttocks. Marcus rammed himself forward and didn’t even try to slow down as he jammed his cock into her ass hole.

She screamed in pain. Her entire body trembled. She tried to get her legs free but the weight of her body held her in this uncomfortable position. She was exposed and totally vulnerable to the man’s attempts at fucking her up the ass.

“No, no, up my pussy,” she begged. “Not up my asshole. That buns, oh, God it hurts so baaaaad!”

It might have hurt but the nearness of his prick, the heat radiating from it, everything about this terrifying position made her come. She gulped and moaned and felt the ice and iron grip of orgasm clutch hard at her body. She couldn’t move. Something about being frozen into this position heightened the feelings ravaging her body.

When she relaxed sufficiently to feel the pressure of the cock against her asshole, she realized the man was trying to stuff his cock into her without any lubricants. The idea of her ass being ripped to shreds by such a brutal entrance made her scream again.

But when the thick arrowhead-shaped cockhead managed to intrude on her tightly held anal sphincter, she came again. The woman couldn’t understand what this change was in her. She was getting off on pain. And the pain in her asshole was intense. She felt the sharp, white hot stabs of agony fill her.

The paddling had given her a sexual warmth. This savage ass fucking produced only anguish. And Marcus seemed intent on reaming out her bottom with all the power locked in his strong, virile body.

Under other circumstances Tanya might have gotten off in a big way on the pleasure of the man’s cock slowly moving in and out of her asshole. That could be as sexy as having a man fucking her juicy cunt. But this! Pain filled her like water filling a glass. She overflowed with the agony.

And came.

She hardly knew what was happening to her. Another inch of impossibly thick cock entered her asshole. And then another and another until the man’s balls wetly slapped against her pussy lips. She could look back and up and see everything going on. But it seemed better to her if she kept her eyes tightly screwed shut. The pain wasn’t quite as intense that way.

“You are, all the way up her back?” asked Henrietta of Marcus. Tanya didn’t hear the man answer. He might, have only nodded. All she could feel was the mighty bucking of the cock against her tender, aroused flesh.

“Then fuck her! Thick her for all you’re worth. Make that snowy-white ass of hers burn with the friction of your cock! Fuck, man, fuck!”

The sound of a whip snapping echoed through the room. Tanya flinched but the whip didn’t land on her. She guessed that Henrietta was whipping Marcus, urging him on to ass fuck the helpless girl.

She was right. Tanya’s entire body shook as Marcus pulled his prick out of her tight, sucking shit chute and then slammed back into her body as fast as he could. She thought he would rip her to shreds. The girl simply knew that her guts, were turning bloody from this mishandling.

But the heat of his long, virile cock turned her on at the same time. She was too confused to understand what she really felt. The man’s hairy thighs rubbing into her taut, well spanked buttocks turned her on. The pain of his huge prick fucking into her asshole without any greasing at all hurt. She was torn between the love and hate, of this situation.

She loved the idea of this well hung man ass fucking her. But he wasn’t doing it right. She guessed that he was pummeling her butt simply because of the way Henrietta swung the whip.

And somewhere, off in the corner, the black shrouded Mr. Steele watched with silent intensity. Tanya could never forget that this live sex show was strictly for that man’s benefit. All that the red haired, leather-clad woman did was to please Mr. Steele. Even the mighty Marcus, with all his muscles, obeyed the powerful man. Tanya hated him with an intensity that scared her — and she loved him at the same time.

Who else could see her needs so clearly? He had ordered Henrietta to spank her. That had turned her on by warming her guts, her cunt, her ass. And she would have gotten off repeatedly on the cornholing if Marcus had only oiled his prick before getting it on.

But he hadn’t. And the pain threatened to devour the young girl’s entire body. Her back ached from the repeated impact of the man’s body against hers. She was in an uncomfortable position to start with. The ass fucking made it all the more precarious.

But the pain and the pleasure she got from the carnal friction of his fucking cock blended oddly. She quickly discovered she couldn’t tell which was giving her pleasure and which was giving her pain. Even when Henrietta turned her whip onto a naked, straining back, Tanya couldn’t separate the two.

Pleasure-pain. Pain-pleasure. They became one. The feel of the meaty prick parting her tender inner membrane and pulling her apart merged with the delightful friction of his cock entering her. She came. The feel of his body rubbing sensually against her pain-wracked ass flowed together. She came again. The pain of the whip and the excitement of knowing Mr. Steele watched every second of this buggering fused. She came.

And came and came.

Marcus lost control and soon fucked her with the total abandon of a man on the brink of his own come. When she felt the flowing hot surge of his jism, she came again. And all too soon, his huge prick melted inside her body and flowed out, a thick rivulet of his jizz pouring across her parted cunt lips and onto the floor.

In her upside-down position, she could only watch. But it made her feel good. Damned good. The pain was intense, but the pleasure had been more potent. She felt she had won this round.

She’d show that red-haired bitch she could take it!


Tanya hated the timelessness of this mansion the worst. She could stand the abuse they all heaped on her. She could even handle the pain meted out by the sadistic Henrietta with her whip. Rut she couldn’t bear not knowing what time of day or night it was. Tanya didn’t even know how long she had been held captive by Mr. Steele.

She tried to work it out according to the number of meals she ate. But she wasn’t fed on a regular schedule. Sometimes it felt as if they were giving her four meals within as many hours. Other times she was sure she had gone an entire day without eating.

The dark-haired woman simply didn’t know how long she had been there. And more important, she didn’t know how many days remained of the month pledged to Mr. Steele.

She paced the sumptuous bedroom, content at least that they no longer kept her chained in the next room. This was so luxurious she was positive royalty would have found it extraordinary. But she couldn’t fully appreciate such luxury without the knowledge that she was also free to come and go. She was a prisoner and that filled her every waking thought.

Naked, she lay back on the bed and stared up at her reflection in the overhead mirrors. She arched her back and shoved her tits upward to watch the play of the muscles. She smiled. She was pretty, damned pretty. All the way from the top of her silken-haired head past her face so perfectly formed to her ample tits to her trim waist and into the divine patch of pussy fur between her slender legs. She was damned pretty.

And that didn’t amount to a thing in this household. Henrietta carried out Mr. Steele’s wishes and the mysterious man seemed impervious to her beauty. He never once touched her or even approached her. He just stood and watched what the others did to her. It was spooky and Tanya had made a promise to herself. She would make Mr. Steele respond to her sexually if it was the last thing she did.

Closing her eyes and imagining what he would be like in bed, on top of her, his weight holding her pinned to the mattress, his cock fucking deep into her cunt. She began to juice up in the cunt just thinking about it. She reached down into that damp patch and ran her finger up and down her pussy lips. Tingles of delight throbbed into her body and spread like wildfire.

Mr. Steele fucking her. That would be the ultimate reward for all the pain and suffering she had been subjected to. She couldn’t wait till the end of the month. She was positive the man would want to sample her charms then.

She opened her eyes and came out of the fantasy dream. It wouldn’t happen that way. If he hadn’t fucked her yet, he might never do it. Just because she wanted to lay him didn’t mean he felt the least bit of attraction for her. She didn’t have any power or wealth like he did. What, besides feminine beauty, could she use to entice him?

Sighing, Tanya swung her long legs off the bed and stood. She went to the closet and glanced through the lavish gowns inside. Occasionally, Mr. Steele would order her to put on a specific dress. For the most part she was allowed to choose as she saw fit.

The raven-haired woman put on a revealing dress with a neckline plunging all the way down to her navel and a slit up the side of the skirt all the way to her hip. She didn’t bother with bra or panties. They seemed superfluous with a fine dress like this. She put on high heels and paraded in front of a full-length minor admiring herself, patting her hair into place and strategically draping the front of the dress to reveal only the creamy bulge of her tits.

Tanya would have turned any male head in that dress. Yet she knew that Mr. Steele would hardly notice her. It was enough to make her cry.

The sound of the door opening made her spin around. Lucien, the brown-haired and aloof Lucien, pushed a cart with her supper on it.

“Dinner already?” she asked, confused. “But I just had lunch a few minutes ago.”

“It’s supper time,” he said, his eyes drinking in her beauty. She knew he could be cruel, but she also knew he was the only one of the men to really lust after her. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her when they were together like this.

And that gave her an idea. Escape might be possible if she could get the proper information from Lucien. She thought she knew just the way to do it, too.

She strutted over to the table, making sure her ass swung in just the right motion. He watched her, the bulge in his trousers a silent testimony to the amount of his desire. She said nothing as she slowly turned. By moving cleverly, she was able to reveal one tit almost entirely before the silken fabric of the dress flowed back as soft and warm as liquid. Tanya knew he’d seen that erect nipple.

Erect with lust. Erect because of him.

“Do I have to eat?” she asked in a sulky voice. “I’d much rather just sit and talk — with you.”

“Me?” he asked suspiciously. “Why me?”

“You’re so handsome. Why shouldn’t I want to? Unless, of course, you have other things you have to do for that cunt, Henrietta.” She saw the man tense. Cursing herself for the intensity of her hatred of the woman, she softened her voice again and said, “You’re ever so much nicer than she is. Please. Just talk for a while. No one will miss you.”

She sat on the edge of the chair and crossed her long legs. The flow of her skirt allowed the man to see ill the way up to her pussy. She doubted if he could see the tiny dewdrops of cunt juice dotting that magnificent bush, but she was sure she could entice him to find out just how ready she was for him.

“Came and sit down. I want you to,” she said in a sexy, husky voice. Her tongue tip just barely parted her lips and made a slow, wet circuit. The sight of the growing bulge in the man’s pants almost made her laugh. But she was having to be dead serious about this seduction. If she wanted information — and escape — she couldn’t screw up now.

“Just for a second,” Lucien said. The man had seen her naked on the way to the mansion. He had even had her sucking his prick. But the way she moved, exposing strategic portions of divinely naked flesh and then biding it again turned him on.

A stripper had the same power ever him. There was something erotic about a woman undressing. He could watch for hours and hours.

Tanya saw Lucien sit uncomfortably in the other chair. She didn’t hesitate a second. With one fluid motion, she stood and turned to sit on his lap.

“There, isn’t that a lot better?” she asked, moving her lips closer to the man’s eat. She thrust her tongue into the tight little passage and began breathing hotly, trying to arouse him as much as possible. She could feel the virile pulsing from the bulge under her lap. If his pants hadn’t been zipped up, that cock would have leaped straight up and thrust all the way into her pussy.

“Yeah, lots better,” he said, his hand slowly moving over the woman’s thighs. He stroked up and down, the silken fabric between him and her naked flesh. But that didn’t last for long. His hand sought her nakedness and worked toward the wet patch of her pussy mound.

She sucked in her breath when the man thrust a finger all the way up into her cunt. He stroked his thumb over her cunt lips and teased her clit enough to make her gasp repeatedly.

“Isn’t it so much nicer when I cooperate?”

“Yeah, I guess,” he answered, more intent on storms down her cleavage and at the heaving mountains of titflesh. She shoved her shoulders back slightly to allow one tit to come tumbling out. The nipple visibly swelled with lust. She felt her heart hammering in her chest. In spite of knowing she was seducing this man solely to escape, she was getting hot. She was turned on by the idea that his pleasure might mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment for her.

“Do we have to fuck here?” she asked. “Or could we go to your room?”

“Here,” he said quickly. “My place is a dump compared to this.”

“But all the cameras and things watching us.”

“Nothing like that. Nowhere on the grounds. Just lots and lots of land all around. That’s all Mr. Steele really needs. He values privacy above everything else.”

She wanted to ask Lucien more questions but didn’t think this was the right time. Her own breath came faster and grated in her throat. She felt as if she’d swallowed sandpaper. “Ohhhh!” she sobbed when the man added another finger up her cunt. “Don’t you think you could find something nicer — larger? — to sniff up my pussy? I need you, so!”

Her hands began unbuttoning his shirt. He easily lifted her and carried the dark-haired beauty to the bed. Gently placing her there, he quickly ripped off his shirt. She felt her eyes widening in lust as she saw his broad, hairy chest and the muscles that would soon be sweaty and straining as he fucked her.

“So masculine,” she said, her fingers tracing over his chest. She didn’t have to pretend she was excited now. She felt her pussy beginning to boil with the need for cock.

He reached down tenderly, his fingers slipping on either side of her plunging neckline. His muscles tensed once as he ripped the dress from her body. She shrieked, but in surprise, not pain. He ripped again and the fragile dress parted, leaving her gloriously naked on the bed.

She reached up and unzipped his fly. His prick danced out, jerking and bucking hard. She immediately thrust it into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. The huge girth of that prick made her lips tingle as the strained to get all of it in.

Her tongue glided along the underside of his cock, and stroked the most sensitive portion. She teased the tiny flap of skin dangling under the cleft head and then slowly kissed and nipped her way down to his balls. The whole while she made this erotic journey, he was kicking free of his pants.

She cradled his balls in one hand as if they were religious relics. She felts his balls inside the hairy little bag lurch and tumble with desire for her. She bent forward and sucked the entire sac into her mouth. Gently chewing, she felt the nuts begin to boil. She sucked and licked with her tongue and nibbled away until the man was almost mad with lust.

“Lemme fuck you. Goddamn, gotta get it in before I come like some kid getting his first piece of ass.”

He almost dived onto her when she released his scrotum. His hands shoved her thighs apart and he rolled heavily onto her. But the feel of his body pressing her down into the soft mattress turned her on in a big way. His hairy chest crushed her tits flat. She felt the hard little points of her nipples begin to pulse and throb with new life.

“Fuck me. Take me hard. I want to feel your cock in me, fucking me, driving me out of my head with lust. Fuck me goooooood!”

He rammed his hips forward as she wantonly spread her legs. The first thrust missed its target. The purpled knob of his cock went skittering off down the damp cradle of her pussy lips. But the second thrust was dead on target. He speared deep into her scathing hot pussy.

As he penetrated her body, she didn’t know if she was going to faint or come. The sensations inside her were too confused. She had been abused and tortured and then fucked. She had begun mixing pleasure and pain into one heady wine.

Now that she was seeking out the man’s cock without any agony involved, she hardly knew how to respond.

But the powerful movements of his prick brought back the old reflexes. His cock swelled as he stroked in and out of her body. She sobbed and moaned and began to respond fully. She became a part of the fucking. The dark-haired woman had never been content to simply lie like a log under a man while he fucked her pussy. She had to move, cry out, respond totally to his cock.

“Give me more. Fuck me till you split me apart all the way to the chin. God, how I need your cock. It’s super! Give it all to me, all of it!”

“Shit, baby, you’re so damn tight you’re crushing the life out of me. Gotta take it easy far a second. Get my wind back.”

“No, no,” she cried, her fingernails ripping at his broad back. “Ride me hard, ride me and shove that cock all the way up so it comes out my mouth. I want it now!”

He began fucking her with long, slow movements that drove her insane with need. She felt the throbbing, dancing cock press against her cunt walls. His strong hands went under her armpits and over her shoulders to give him the best possible leverage. His toes dug into the bed and he arched up and fucked straight into her pussy.

She had to ram her hips downward to meet his incoming stroke. Every time he fucked into her, he sank just a little farther. Soon enough, he was balls-deep. She ground her snatch into his crotch. The cock stirred in her guts like a spoon in a mixing bowl.

The feelings were too intense for her. She came hard. She shrieked and thrashed around and hunched up to meet his smoothly fucking cock. She needed that cock more than anything else in the world. And she got it! Repeatedly, he stuffed it balls-deep into her body.

The sexual tensions in her belly didn’t diminish after her come. If anything, they were more intense than before. She had to feed those desires. The woman rolled both of them over so she was on top now. Her hips worked like pistons moving her cunt up and down on that thick spike of impaling prick. She fucked herself until she was gasping for air. Liquid fire gushed in and out of her lungs. And she came again.

The man rolled her back over and kept his prick moving, even faster. He picked up the tempo until his hips blurred with the motion. He drove himself far up into her humid depths and then paused, only to race out, pause while he was between her trembling cunt lips, and then retraced the path.

“You’re too damn hot inside,” he moaned out. “Feels like a fucking blast furnace. You’re gonna melt me to slag.”

“No, no,” she cried out. “I won’t. Don’t stop fucking. I need it.” She curled her legs around the man’s waist and pulled him powerfully into her body. With her ankles locked behind his back, she could get better control over both the rhythm of the fucking and the depth of his penetration.

“Don’t worry,” he panted. “I won’t stop.”

“No, don’t, don’t!”

The woman went off like a string of Fourth of July firecrackers. She couldn’t hold back the intense feelings. She came repeatedly. Her cunt convulsed and smashed down hard on the hidden prick inside it. She felt every single contour of that mighty fuck stick.

“Oh, oh, sweet Jesus,” the man called out. “Gonna come. Can’t hold back much longer.”

“Not yet, you bastard,” she moaned through gritted teeth. “I want to get off one more time.”

He hardly heard her. The blood roared in his temples. His vision had blurred. And his cock felt like a fuse that had been lit. The slow fire burned down into the powder keg of his balls, then exploded. He spewed forth his white-hot seed into her hungrily sucking cunt.

His sperm had semen whitewashed her cunt walls, but she hardly noticed. She was lost in the fairyland of another orgasm.

He pumped fiercely, then sank down between her legs, exhausted by the effort expended. In a few minutes, after his prick had limply fallen from her twat, Lucien slept peacefully. Tanya struggled and heaved and finally rolled tiw naked man over onto his back.

Silently she stood and rubbed her aching snatch. He had really fucked her good. She would be sore for days. But it had been worth it, in more ways than one. She had really gotten a normal fucking out of one of the staff — and she now had his pants.

In one pocket was a ring of keys. She grabbed the first dress she saw in the closet and went to the door of her prison. A lush prison, true, but still a jail cell as surely as if it had had metal bars and cold cement walls. She opened the lock, went out into the hall and re-locked the door. Let Lucien explain his way out of this one!

Tanya took the time to slide the dress on and then looked up and down the hall. She had scant idea how to escape. She had tried the front door before and run into Henrietta. That might have been planned. The longer she stayed around her the more she wondered at Mr. Steele’s total control. Nothing happened without him okaying it.

She ran toward the back of the house and checked one of the windows. It was firmly nailed into place. It would take a crowbar to pry it open. She searched and found servant’s stairs going down to the kitchen. She didn’t hesitate. She went down.

Hesitantly, Tanya poked her head around the corner and studied the kitchen area. It was empty. The most modem equipment possible filled every nook and cranny. She went out, saw a microwave oven and popped a piece of meat from a nearby platter into it. She let it heat for a few seconds and then ate it, smiling.

Nothing but the best for Mr. Steele. But she was going to be free of him now. All she had to do was walk out the back door and run to the highway and hitch a ride.


She tried the backdoor and found it locked. Fumbling at Lucien’s keyring, she tried one key after another. None fit the lock. Furious, sure that she’d been in too much of a hurry, she tried all of them again. Still no luck.

Turning to head for the front of the house where one of the keys might work, she stopped dead in her tracks. Sitting at the kitchen table were Mr. Steele and Henrietta. They had been watching her every move.

“Yes, my dear,” said the cold Mr. Steele. “We just wanted to watch as you tried to escape. Nothing is more cruel than giving hope, then taking it away. Your discipline for trying to escape will be all the more dreadful for you now. Henrietta, she is all yours.”

Tanya watched in shocked silence as Mr. Steele rose, and left the room. All she could heat was Henrietta’s evil laugh.


“This is cruel! This is inhuman! You’re violating my civil rights. You can’t do this to me!” she screamed. But they didn’t heed her pleas.

Mr. Steele stood in front of her and simply stared. With her hands tied behind her back she couldn’t reach out and strangle the man. With her feet just inches off the cold stone floor, she couldn’t kick him. And her head, neck and shoulders hurt like hell.

Henrietta had brought her into the room and strung her up by the long mane of her midnight black hair. The woman had thrown a handful of the hair through a big ring, then tied it firmly in a knot sure not to come loose. Then Henrietta had pulled at a winch and Tanya found herself being dragged off the ground by her hair.

It hurt. It hurt bad.

Worst of all was the stark humiliation in the act. It seemed to her to embody all the hatred and contempt these people had for her. They thought so little of her that they would use her hair instead of chains to securely fasten her from the ceiling.

“What are you going to do to me?” she demanded.

The pain rocketed through her jaw and into her upper chest. She bit down on her lower lip and even this caused strain. She had never realized how firmly her hair was attached. The slightest movement of her jaw caused her scalp to flex — and this gave pain.

“I will do whatever I wish,” said Mr. Steele calmly. “You were told not to attempt to escape. You disobeyed. Now it is time to discipline you. Perhaps you will not be so foolish a second time if the lesson is painful enough.”

He walked to her and laid his hand gently on her cheek. She tried to snap at him. He moved faster than a striking snake. His hand landed soundly on her cheek. She felt the jolt of the open-handed slap all the way down to her toes.

She swung to and fro. He stood back and waited for the motion to die down before he spoke again. In the same level, calm voice he said, “Henrietta is going to be given full authority in this matter, I think. You shouldn’t have tried to bite me!”

“Rot in hell!” the woman snapped.

She quieted down suddenly when she saw the leather-clad redhead come into the room. Henrietta smiled wickedly and moved with fluid grace to a rack of whips on one wall. She selected one with a short lash and came to stand directly in front of the dangling woman.

“I picked this one because it has a lead bead in the tip. See?” Henrietta held the tip of the whip up so that Tanya could see that she told the truth. The tiny lead weight gleamed dully, a reddish stain on it. Tanya didn’t have to be told what that stain way.

It was blood. Human blood.

“Don’t do this to me,” she pleased, panic flaring in her again. “I promise not to try to escape. Really!”

“You lied before. You might lie again. Unless I convince you of the folly of doing that.”

Henrietta stepped back, uncurled the slender whip and sent it whistling around. Tanya closed her eyes a split second before the lash landed on her shoulders. She felt the lead weight cut into her tender skin and slice through the thin dress she wore like a hot knife through butter. Henrietta continued to use the whip to strip away the dress.

“Notice how careful I am,” said the woman conversationally. “I know exactly how far to go. Like this and this and this.”

Every time the lash landed another bit of the dress leaped free. Tanya felt the hot lead against her left nipple, then her right. She had to admire the woman’s skill with the whip. If Henrietta had moved the lash just a fraction of an inch, she would have sliced off two nipples.

As it was Tanya felt the hot lead and the way her dress came off her body. There was something magical about it, something sexual. She hated the idea that she could possibly respond to a woman whipping her like this. But she did. The tears rolled down her cheeks and she couldn’t brush them away. Hanging from her hair the way she was, she couldn’t even toss her head to get rid of the salty tracks.

It took less than five minutes for Henrietta to completely strip away the dress, Tanya hung by her long black hair, hands chained behind her back, completely naked and totally at the mercy of these vicious people. The only problem was, these people had no mercy.

“Very good, Henrietta,” complimented Mr. Steele. He moved into Tanya’s line of sight again and critically examined the girl’s flesh. “Only one or two red marks. The very first lash left a mark six inches long. That was careless.”

“I did it on purpose — to get her attention, Mr. Steele,” explained Henrietta. “I know what I’m doing. I get enough practice.”

Tanya mentally thought, I just bet you get a lot of practice — on girls like me!

“Lucien is the one who allowed her to obtain his keys, is that not correct?”

“Yes, Mr. Steele.”

“I would hardly give her over to him. She is all Marcus’. As for Lucien, get him in here. I want to punish him for his stupidity.”

“She is beautiful, Mr. Steele,” said Henrietta with grudging respect. “I can see how a man might fall for her.”

“I pay my men enough for them to get any woman they want. Lucien should have known better. Get him in here. Now!”

Henrietta silently left. Tanya didn’t miss the fact that the leather-clad woman carried her whip with her. She would use it on the erring Lucien if the need arose.

“Are you primed for the disciplinary action that must follow?” asked Mr. Steele. “I see you are.” His hands ran down the smooth flanks of the helpless girl, seeing the way she shivered and responded. His hand gripped firmly at her snatch.

She twisted, as painful as it was, trying to elude his hand. She couldn’t. His finger sailed all the way up into her cunt. She didn’t know which was worse, being subjected to such humiliation or the idea that her pussy was damp and ready for a cock. All through the whipping, she had been strangely turned on. The idea of Mr. Steele watching had been part of it, but the way Henrietta narrowly avoided inflicting nerve-twisting pain had turned her on the most. The threat of pain was almost as potent an aphrodisiac for her as a man’s prick.

She sobbed and moaned as he ran his finger in and out of her cunt, fondling the velvet walls, feeling her ripply muscles respond to his light touch. She panted and strained, flow she wished she had some freedom of movement!

The chains on her wrists cut into her flesh. Worst of all was the way her hair had been tied to the ring far above her head. She swung helplessly from that bizarre bond.

Lucien was herded in and shoved to his knees in front of her. Henrietta stood behind him, her whip restlessly moving just inches away from his body. The man tried to appear defiant but Tanya saw the stark fear lurking just a heartbeat away. He knew what that lead-tipped whip could do.

Her heart went out to him until she caught Henrietta’s eye. She felt a cold lump form in her stomach. Whatever Lucien got, she would, get double — triple — of!

“Beat off,” said Mr. Steele. “Now!”

Tanya closed her eyes and waited for the deadly whip to begin its trip up and down onto defenseless flesh. But the sound never came. She hesitantly opened her eyes and saw Lucien on his knees, his huge prick limp and lifeless in his hand. He was stroking up and down it trying to get an erection.

“Do it. Now!”

The man’s face took on a look of fear so profound Tanya cried out, “Leave him alone, it was all my fault. I did it to him. Please don’t!”

“You assume all punishment he would receive?” asked Mr. Steele mildly.

“Yes, yes! Just don’t beat him. It was all my fault.”

“Continue to jerk off. But you will be free of any whipping. This young lady has just assumed it for you.”

Lucien started to speak, looked first at Mr. Steele and then shut up. He wasn’t going to try his luck. He had been saved a nasty beating, one which might have killed him. He wasn’t about to rock the boat. If the stupid chick strung up by her own hair wanted to take the blame, that was her business.

“Marcus!” called Mr. Steele. “She’s yours. Do with her as you please. But from behind so she can’t see your face.”

Tanya began to worry what Marcus might do to her. He had seemed the nice one of the pair. Lucien had the ugly streak, but she didn’t doubt that Lucien’s close call had told Marcus he’d better do his damndest. And she had felt the ice just under his placid exterior. He was capable of intense cruelty. And he had been unleashed on her.

What would, he do?

She hung there waiting for something to happen. Five minutes. Ten. The people in front of her seemed to be frozen into statues. She guessed the actual time that passed wasn’t very long but she had no way of telling. Her heart raced and fear clutched at her belly.

And then she felt the hands on her waist. She flinched away but it did no good. She didn’t have the mobility to escape the man’s hands. They clamped firmly on her waist and pulled her back until she was staring almost straight down at the ground.

He released her and she swung in an arc like a kid’s swing. She swayed back and forth, the pain lancing down into her neck and shoulders. How she damned her, vanity in wanting such lustrous long hair. Why couldn’t she have had it cut short? This wouldn’t be happening to her then.

As she swung back, she felt hands reach down and grab her upper thighs. The powerful hands pulled her legs apart. She fought and failed. Her legs spread obscenely wide for the man behind her. And his prick almost instantly shot up toward her cunt.

She wanted to look down to see his prick. The way her hair was tied through the ring prevented even this simple motion. She had to rely on feel alone. His huge-tipped prick shoved into her pink, trembling cunt lips. For a moment he paused. Then he sank to the hilt in her softly yielding cunt.

Tanya screamed. She felt pain at the sudden penetration. She was being humiliated worse than ever in her life. And she knew that Mr. Steele was quietly laughing at her, ridiculing her, wondering what sort of a dumb bitch she really was to get into such a mess. She wished she some sort of an answer for that question.

All she knew at that instant was pain. Stark, soul-wrenching pain. It lanced into her hands and up her arms. It came down her neck and through her shoulders. And the pain in her pussy was even more intense. It ripped and tore at her senses. The man’s cock filled her to overflowing and then refused to shrink down. His swollen length tortured her more than she’d thought any man’s cock could.

Marcus was hung like a bull. His prick filled and stretched and demanded more room in her almost virgin-tight cunt. It took long seconds for her resilient inner pussy-walls to expand en ugh to take him. And then he was gone. He left her pussy hollow and aching and demanding more.

The man tortured and teased with his cock. She had never felt a man do this before. And when he reached around her body and pulled her backwards in an arch, she screamed. Her entire weight was resting fully in her hair. Her scalp threatened to pull loose at any second.

He held her legs under his arms and stroked in and out of her cunt in this position. She felt every single impact on her body. She was positive he was going to bruise her pussy lips with those potent, stinging surges all the way up into her belly.

“Stop it!”

“Keep fucking,” came Mr. Steele’s command.

“Yes, sir. I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to,” said Marcus, obviously enjoying the sensation of the woman’s hot, tight pussy surrounding his prick. He pistoned forward and surged back repeatedly, building speed, increasing the friction of cockhead against cunt wall until Tanya couldn’t stand it any longer.

She felt the heat from the fucking spread throughout her loins. She tried to deny she was getting off on this brutal rape. She was chained and hung up and not able to do the least bit to join in the lovemaking. This was rape pure and simple.

And she came — hard.

The orgasm held her in its velvet grip and squeezed down hard. She shook and flushed vivid red and came again.

She had long since stopped hating herself for these feelings. She couldn’t deny she was sexually aroused by Marcus’ cock. Nor could she hide the fact that she had climaxed. She was humiliated, abused and insulted in ways most women never dream of — and she got off on it.

Tears ran down her cheeks at the knowledge. She shivered and felt the monster cock dig just a little deeper up her juicy, inflamed cunt. Every single thrust into her tender body gave her more arousal, more excitement, heightened passion. She came again.

“Aieeee!” she shrieked, her body trying to tear itself free of its moorings. She tried to toss her head. The way her hair was fastened prevented it. She tried to reach upward. The chains bit into in wrists. She tried to kick. Marcus held her legs too firmly under his arms. She was impaled with his prick and unable to do a damned thing but come.

She couldn’t move. She was a prisoner. And she was being raped. And she came hard.

Opening her eyes sent new thrills of horror and delight throughout her body. She saw Lucien had a hard-on and was stroking up and down its, length. Henrietta stood behind him, the whip laid lightly on the man’s shoulder. But he hardly seemed to notice that. He was too intent on watching his friend fuck the imprisoned cunt.

Henrietta seemed aroused too. Her face was drenched with sweat and she had unlaced the front of her tight leather tunic. Her huge tits threatened to spill out whitely. Tanya even caught sight of a bright red nipple throbbing lustily. Henrietta was getting off in a big way on the rape of the captive girl.

Only Mr. Steele appeared calm and cool. He stood with his arms crossed on his chest. He was interested, but the interest might have been that of a spectator at a football game. His eyes glowed and his lips curled upward into a smile like the home team had just made a good play, but this was all the emotion he showed.

Tanya hated him and loved him. She hated him for what he was doing to her and loved him for being so dominant, so powerful, for being able to do these terrible things to her. She didn’t understand it. She was too confused and in too much pain.

Marcus began swinging her back and forth so that he wouldn’t even have to thrust into her pussy. She tensed and felt her fuck channel clamp hard on the man’s entire length. He jerked and his cock swelled even more inside her. She knew he was getting ready to come.

She hated herself for giving him the sexual stimulus that allowed him to get his rocks off, and yet she was pleased. The contradictions rocketed in at her brain and body from all sides. She didn’t know what the hell to do or think.

He released her to swing forward just as his prick spewed forth its creamy load of jizz. He hosed her down from the back, denying her the fountain of his cock.

She cried then. She had wanted his come inside her pussy. She felt hollow and abandoned. She was tied and whipped and hung up by her lovely long hair and degraded and he wouldn’t even come inside her. She cried and cried and cried. When the tears went away she found herself all alone in the room.

Lucien was gone.

Henrietta was gone.

Marcus was gone.

And Mr. Steele was gone. This shook her more than anything else. She could put up with incredible torture — for his sake. And now she was abandoned by even Mr. Steele.


She whimpered like a whipped dog. The dark haired girl curled up on the floor and hated herself for allowing the pain to dominate her life. But she couldn’t really help herself. She had trouble figuring out which pain was the worst.

It might have been her wrists. They had been cruelly chained together ever since she had been put into this torture chamber. The flesh was raw and red and bruised, tender to the touch. The links from the steel cut into her wrists and sent lances of burning pain up into her arms.

But she had to remember the hair she’d once had. Her scalp ached from being suspended by that hair for so long. The humiliation of such a hanging was as bad as the pain.

Tanya rubbed her thighs together to try and get the pain in her cunt to go away. That might have been the worst of all. She could put up with annoying twinges in her twists or the dullness in her scalp.

The whippings had only torn the flesh across her back. Tiny rivers of blood flowed, with more welling up from the livid bruised areas. But inside, in her tender cunt, she couldn’t even touch herself to see what the full extent of the damage was.

She guessed it was a lot.

What worried her and made her agonies all the greater was that she couldn’t examine herself to find out for sure. These people were experts at making her uneasy, at giving hope and snatching it away, at inflicting great without actually injuring her. If they could have raped her psychologically, they wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.

“Are you ready for more, bitch?” asked Henrietta. Surprised at not having heard the red haired woman come into the room, Tanya looked up with wide eyes. She felt even more violated at the sudden entrance. She couldn’t even pity herself in private.

She might as well have lived in a goldfish bowl. They watched her every second of the day. And worst of all, they prevented her from learning how long she had actually been here. Tanya thought she had only a few more days to go in the month term of the bet.

It might be as long as three weeks.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Do you care?”

“Of course I care,” she snapped, not caring if the vicious woman tortured her for her impertinence or not. “I hurt all over and I’ve been mistreated and there’s not a damned thing I can do until the month’s up.”

“I told you not to swear.”

“So whip me. See if that has any effect on me. I can’t hurt anymore. I’ve become used to it. Whip me and see!”

“You have grown to like the pain, haven’t you?” shrewdly observed the woman. She moved around Tanya, staring at her like she was a bug under a microscope. Henrietta loosened the ties on her leather tunic and allowed her tits to bulge out the front.

“Are you trying to tempt me?” asked Tanya bitterly. “You might make me suck your pussy but licking tits doesn’t mean a thing to me.”

“Oh, really? Let’s see,” Henrietta pulled the last of the lacing out and her boobs swung free in front of her body. The fiery red nipples pulsed visibly as she thrust them toward the chained girl’s mouth. “Suck on them. Make me feel good, cunt!”

“Whip me and I will,” said Tanya. For a second she could hardly believe her own words. She was asking for pain to go along with whatever pleasure she might derive from sucking on this evil woman’s nipples. She had been perverted totally by the whip!

“Ho! You’ve learned to enjoy pain completely. No, my pretty-pretty, I won’t whip you. That would only give you what you want. I will see that you are degraded, though. Like this. I want to fuck my tits against your cunt. What do you think about that?”

Tanya hardly knew what to do. She felt the woman spreading her legs wider and wider until her cunt was exposed to Henrietta’s wanton explorations. The red-haired woman shoved her left tit all the way down into the vee of her legs. Tanya felt the nipple pulse and throb against her own clit. The feelings racing into her body totally confused her.

Henrietta began rubbing her nipple and the marshmallowy, white soft flesh under it all over her gash. She closed her eyes and felt the fluids gushing up to flow outwards. She was excited! The woman us actually turning her on by shoving her boob into her cunt.

“No, please, don’t do this to me. Ummm, oh, no, don’t stop now. It feels good after everything else.”

“Doesn’t it, though?” taunted Henrietta. “My poor little titties give relief to your tortured pussy. Feel it. Enjoy it. Revel in it.”

She shoved her chest down even harder. Tanya felt the pinkly fluttering cunt lips over her pussy part as the other woman got more and more of her titflesh into her excited cunt. She didn’t want to respond. But her body had a mind of its own. It had felt pain for so long, it would respond positively to any softness, any gentle handling now.

She came.

Her legs locked around the woman’s body trying to pull even more of her tit into her pussy. This was perverted, so kinky that Tanya would never have done this on her own. But she was forced. What else could she do but obey the woman’s most obscene commands? Weren’t her hands tied securely behind her? The chains tattled every time she moved. Just as she felt the hard pebble of nipple crushing into her erect little clit, Henrietta moved away and was gone.

The unfulfilled feeling in her guts threatened to tear her apart. She couldn’t stand it. She had gotten to the point of needing to come to get off and the stimulation was taken away from her.

“Suck off the cunt juice on my tit,” commanded Henrietta. She had pulled herself upright on her knees.

Tanya blinked and struggled to her knees. She inched forward, her lips and tongue seeking out that nipple. It gleamed with the dewy cunt oils on it. And she knew it would be tasty. She had to have it.

Just as she bent forward to suck the nipple into her mouth, Henrietta moved. Tanya crashed to the floor, unable to break her fall using her hands. She twisted in time to keep from smashing in her face.

“Stupid bitch!” snapped Henrietta. “Get up and try it again. Now, damn your eyes, do it now!”

“Please don’t make me,” sobbed Tanya. “I’m so tired. I hurt. And the tensions inside me are about to drive me out of my skull.”

“Then suck my titties,” said Henrietta, her voice softer and somehow more menacing than ever before. “Suck on them and that sexual need will go away. But do it now or you’re going to regret it.”

The iron menace rang in Tanya’s ears. She had no idea what Henrietta might do but it had to be bad. The woman had no goodness in her at all.

But rebellion flared. Let the red-haired cunt do her worst! Tanya knew she was strong enough to resist. She could take anything the woman could dish out!

“Do it,” came the cold, emotionless voice of Mr. Steele.

She trembled inside. She could fight off Henrietta and even openly defy her. There was no way she could stand up to Mr. Steele. He was too strong and dominant. She felt the undercurrents of power whenever he spoke. He didn’t converse like ordinary mortals — he commanded. And she tried to obey.

Getting her legs under her, she scooted over to where Henrietta knelt, her tit thrust out for Tanya’s greedily nursing mouth. Tanya tasted her own pussy juices and didn’t know whether to puke or come. The odd sensations in her body got her all mixed up in the head. She hated and loved at the same time.

She ended up by trying to forget everything. She sucked nipple until she was sore in the jaws. She had made Henrietta’s nipple expand to the point where it threatened to pop. And the huge white tit under it had expanded with aroused blood and hung pendulous and sensitive.

Henrietta didn’t allow her to get off on sucking her nipples, though. The red-haired woman shoved Tanya back against the wall. She sagged down weakly, staring at the woman and up at Mr. Steele. He simply stood, saying nothing, his cold eyes not missing a single detail of the lesbian lovemaking.

“I think she’s a bitch, a bitch in heat,” snarled Henrietta. “She doesn’t deserve anything, that a dog wouldn’t get. Here, eat that!”

Tanya saw a bowl of dog food. The smell made her gag.

“If you don’t eat it, you won’t get a single human meal until the month is up — and that’s quite some time, my dear,” said Mr. Steele. “It’s only dog food, after all. Dogs enjoy it, even thrive on it. Why shouldn’t you eat it?”

“Like a bitch dog in heat!” Henrietta cried.

Tanya recoiled from the softness — and ice — of Mr. Steele and the outright hate radiating from Henrietta. Why shouldn’t she eat it? What else could they do to her to humiliate her? They had done it all, she thought.

She worked her way painfully to the dog food in the bowl. She couldn’t eat it because of the way her hands were chained. Henrietta saw this and quickly refastened them so that her right ankle and wrist were firmly linked together just as her left wrist and ankle were likewise secured.

Tanya bent forward and began eating the terrible-tasting dog food. But the worst of it wasn’t the slimy feel of the dog food on her lips and tongue, it was the idea that these people made her do it. She hated Henrietta for forcing her to eat like a bitch, but Mr. Steele okayed it. He stood silently and watched every second of her humiliation.

Then she felt something new and different. A movement behind her and a hard cock shoved into her from behind.

“Fuck her! Fuck her like a bitch in heat! I want to see her bark with delight!”

Henrietta’s words burned in Tanya’s ears. She tried to look back and see who it was shoving his prick into her pussy from behind. She failed. The position she was in didn’t, allow such movement.

The cock surged all the way up into her cunt. She felt the impact of the powerful body against hers. The way his body curved made her ass fit perfectly, like two pieces from the same jigsaw puzzle.

Most of all, his hot and hard cock shot all the way past her tortured cunt lips and berthed itself in her trembling cunt. Her pussy walls clutched wildly at the manmeat, her pussy juices leaking out around it. She didn’t know what was going on. She was responding. She wanted that cock to fuck her. The girl was too, confused to understand her own motives.

“Fuck me good. Drive that cock all the way up my pussy!”

And he did.

In that instant, she realized what was happening to her. This was the only “normal” fucking she had had. She was able to feel and respond and be a woman again. She wasn’t merely a sex toy. Sure, she was tied up, her hands and ankles secured with the iron chain. But that didn’t matter. She wasn’t being whipped. Her hair wasn’t tied to a ring mounted on the ceiling. There wasn’t a broom handle being shoved up her cunt, raping it and mutilating her guts. She wasn’t being given an enema with a garden hose.

This was normal fucking; this was good fucking.

“Fuck more! Ride me, ride me hard!”

“See how the bitch likes it. Perhaps Marcus would care to give way for my friend,” said Henrietta.

Tanya was poised on the brink of coming. She didn’t care if it was Marcus or Lucien who fucked her. All she knew was that she needed the cock inside her, fucking hard, giving her feelings she remembered so well before she had lost the bet and become a slave to Mr. Steele.

“Hurry, hurry!”

She felt the cock leave her pussy and another immediately inserted. This one felt different, longer, thinner, less rigid, but she didn’t care.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee!”

She came and felt the wild surges of orgasm smashing through her body.

Henrietta had finally broken her. She wouldn’t resist any longer. She was a lump of plastic waiting to be molded in any way the vicious woman desired. Tanya felt the tiny spark of her own self esteem go out entirely.

“She still isn’t broken, Henrietta. You have failed again,” came Mr. Steele’s voice.

For several heartbeats, Tanya couldn’t believe her ears. Mr. Steele was turning against the red haired Henrietta, the one who had made life so unbearable. That meant that Mr. Steele actually cared for her! She had a chance to get out of this horrible fix.

“Mr. Steele! Please! Help me!”

“Help you, my dear?” he asked mildly. “Why should I do a thing like that?”

“I need you! I’ll do anything you want me to. I mean it. I really and truly mean it! I’ll be totally devoted to you!”

“Of course you will. All my servants are. But you aren’t really a servant, are you? You got into a poker game and lost. I own your body and soul for a solid month. You’re my sex toy. I can do anything — anything I want with you.”

“Yes, yes,” she sobbed, the tears running through gobbets of dog food. “I’m all yours.”

“Yes,” he said slowly, “I think you are.” And then he and Henrietta left.

Tanya was alone in the room again.


“He actually punished me! Me! I’ve been here with. Mr. Steele for over a year and he turns on me. And all because of you, you slimy cunt! I’m going to punish you for turning him against me! There won’t be an ounce of skin or muscle left on that scrawny body of yours when I’m done with you!”

The whip sang its wicked tune instants before it landed with stunning impact on Tanya’s shoulders. She cringed and worked away from the tip of the lash. She had to feel an inner glow, however.

Henrietta was mad, really mad. She could actually believe Mr. Steele had turned against the red haired woman.

“What’s the matter, Henrietta? Can’t you pleasure him any more? Or did you fall down on your job? Did you let little ol’ me show you up?”

Tanya knew the punishment she would have to take would be excruciating. But it was worth it. She felt a thrill of triumph headier than any sexual kick she had ever gotten. She had soured Mr. Steele on Henrietta. The dark-haired woman wondered if it were really that simple, but she finally decided Henrietta’s rage was real.

She puffed up with pride and a certain feeling that refused to die down, no matter how vile Mr. Steele’s employees had been to her. She secretly felt that the man cared for her in a way that he had never cared for anyone else. Why should Henrietta be so furious unless this were true?

She was replacing the red-haired bitch in Mr. Steele’s world!

The whip lashing across her shoulders lost some of its sting then. She could bear up under any punishment. She had won! She might still have weeks to go on the bet, but she had won Mr. Steele.

It wouldn’t be long before the man came to her and asked for her sexual favors. And she would willingly give them!

Tanya didn’t understand it, but she loved Mr. Steele more than she had ever loved any man before. He was dominant, powerful, he knew what he wanted. The man never had to hesitate and he never seemed to be wrong. Everything about him exuded the raw masculinity that turned Tanya on the most.

She didn’t care if he beat her or chained her or did terrible things to her. He knew what he wanted and he took it. She could only love him for that. He wasn’t like other men. He wasn’t wishy-washy and hesitant. She had never been able to have anything but contempt for a man who was nervous.

But Mr. Steele nervous? Never!

“Go on and hit me all you want. But I’ve won, haven’t I? I beat you at your own game.”

The whipping ceased. Henrietta took a step back, panting at her exertion. The wild-eyed look told Tanya that something really awful was going to happen to her, but she couldn’t have cared less. She had won!

“You think you’re hot stuff. You aren’t. Mr. Steele will come around and see you’re nothing. And I’ll prove it to you!”

Henrietta turned and went to the corner of the room. She wheeled out a large coffin-sized box. Tanya didn’t know what it was. It looked like a medieval torture device known as an Iron Maiden, but this wasn’t equipped with the long spikes in the door. The inside of the box had tiny plates about the size of silver dollars and there were cutouts throughout the box.

“Inside,” snarled Henrietta. “Get into the box or I’ll kill you with my whip!”

“I can take anything you can dish out,” said Tanya, feeling the euphoria of success. Mr. Steele was all hers! She was floating on cloud nine. It didn’t occur to her that Henrietta still held the upper hand and could mete out pain and anguish whenever she wanted.

Besides, this box seemed so innocent. The tiny metal disks inside couldn’t harm her.

“Get me out of the chains and I’ll go willingly,” Tanya said, her voice taunting. She smiled broadly as Henrietta unfastened the chains binding her ankles and wrists. Painfully, she stood and stretched.

The red-haired woman swung her whip and lashed across the firmly fleshed ass cheeks, making Tanya yelp in pain.

“I’m going, don’t worry about it. Hey, what is this thing, anyway? It’s got those cold metal disks all over the inside and the funny holes are right around my tits and cunt and ass.”

The wooden coffin cover slammed shut. But Tanya could still see out a large hole cut through the lid allowed her complete vision.

“Are any of the plates touching you?” asked Henrietta. The woman’s tone of voice made Tanya suddenly afraid. She was enjoying a secret jest that the captive woman didn’t share. That made Tanya edgy.

“Yeah, on both tits and a spot on my ass. I… aaaaaeeee!” she screamed in pain.

Henrietta had taken an electrical cord running from the bottom of the box and plugged it into an outlet in the wall. Every single disk touching Tanya’s young body surged with pain-giving electricity. She reacted too fast, trying to escape the plates pressing against both her nipples.

The girl over-corrected and pressed her back into the disks against the entire bottom of the case. She screamed again as the electricity burned her flesh. She quieted her rampaging fear and moved slowly, carefully finding the right position that wouldn’t give her pain.

She had to stand with knees slightly bent and ass thrust back through the hole in the bottom of the case, but it was possible.

“What’s the matter, Henrietta?” she laughed. “Didn’t think I could find the right position, the one that didn’t give me any pain?”

“Oh, no,” smirked the red-haired woman. “I counted on you finding it. Are you comfortable? Can you stand with your legs bent like that long? Or will the muscle strain get to be too much?”

“I can take it.”

“Don’t be so sure!”

Henrietta spun and left the room. But Tanya was confident. She had won. Mr. Steele was hers for the asking. All she had to do was avoid Henrietta’s wrath until the end of the month and everything would be great.

She began daydreaming about her future life with Mr. Steele. Rich, powerful, the man obviously had influence all over the world. She could travel with him, meet only the highest class of people. She would be the perfect companion. She wouldn’t be like Henrietta, so obviously lusting after the man and eager to do his every bid.

Oh, no, she wouldn’t be like that at all. She would be the man’s partner. They would be equal. She could give the sex and he could grant her the money and power she desired.

For that kind of a life with Mr. Steele, Tanya felt prepared to stand in the slightly uncomfortable position for months. So what if the tiny plates inside the coffin were electrified? She needn’t touch them. Nothing could make her move and give herself pain.

And then she found out how wrong she was.

Henrietta had brought Lucien into the room. The sight of the man with a raging hard-on made Tanya’s pussy churn with desire. How she would have loved to ball the man again. He had been good, damned good, in bed. But compared to what she imagined Mr. Steele to be like, he was only a boy.

“Come to see me, big boy?” she laughed.

She flinched as she accidentally moved against one of the electrified plates, but the young woman was able to get back into the safe portion of the box. Let Henrietta do her worst! She wasn’t going to budge! She could stay here like this without any pain for the rest of the month she had lost to Mr. Steele.

And Mr. Steele would have to be proud of her. She was showing that she had the stamina and nerve not to let Henrietta cow her. She was going to be the one who came out of this with Mr. Steele on her side. She knew it.

Tanya became less sure of herself when she felt what Lucien was doing behind her. She couldn’t see the man, but she could feel it. His prick pushed between the meaty slabs of her asscheeks and dived down for her asshole. As long as she stayed rock still she wouldn’t touch any of the electrical disks. But the feelings mounting in her trim, lithe body were almost more than she could bear.

Cock. Lots of prick being shoved against her tightest hole. How could she take his prick all the way up her asshole and not move against the electrified plates? It didn’t seem possible.

“Wait, don’t do it!” she called out to Lucien. “Please, for me, don’t bugger me!”

“Well, what do you want me to do?” Lucien asked. Tanya didn’t know if he was asking her or Henrietta.

Henrietta answered. “She’s such a good girl. Obey just one command from her.” To Tanya, the red-haired woman asked, “Is that what one thing you desire most from Lucien — that he not ass fuck you?” Her mind raced. Then she answered, “Yes!”

“Very well, my pretty-pretty. Lucien, lick her asshole. Drive that tongue of yours up her shit chute.”

“NOOOOO!” she shrieked as she felt the dancing, wet, pink tongue slither over the creamy white curves of her ass cheeks and then plunge down into the humid canyon, between them.

That tongue drove her berserk with desire. She loved the feel of it stroking against her assflesh. And when he got to the tightly puckered pink ring of her asshole, she almost came. The only thing that kept her from experiencing the ultimate in human enjoyment was movement.

She moved forward in the electrified coffin and touched both her nipples to plates mounted in the lid. Surges of nerve-searing electricity volted into her body and made her scream and scream and scream.

The dark-haired woman tried to thrash away from the pain. And this caused her to touch other parts of her body to electrodes. She bounced around inside the coffin-like box, touching first one side and then the other. Red welts appeared from the stunning blasts of electricity ripping through her. She finally managed to get her runaway emotions under control.

She found the zero point again where no pain drove mercilessly into her tender young body. But she also felt the tongue driving into her asshole again. It built up desires in her body that couldn’t be denied. She wanted him to tongue fuck her asshole. She needed it. But the slightest movement on her part would give more pain than pleasure.

“Stop, please don’t do that to me!”

“You don’t want Lucien’s tongue buried all the way up your ass? Why, my pretty-pretty, how unlike you. Would you like to get one final wish? Would you want Lucien to grant you just one more before he… continues?”

She knew that it didn’t matter what she said. If she told Lucien not to tongue fuck her ass, he would try something else. There was ample room in front of the girl’s pussy for the man to get his head through. He could lick her gash and cause equally devastating emotions — and motion.

“Burn in hell!” she cried.

“Rather, my pretty-pretty, your sensitive white flesh is going to burn inside that box. Lucien! Tongue fuck her ass as hard and fast as you can. Give her all the pleasure you can!”

And the man did. Under other circumstances, Tanya would have loved this intimate attention. The man’s tongue drove between the meaty slabs of her ass and worked away at the pink muscle guarding her tightest passage. He licked and tongued that little muscle until it relaxed. He shoved his tongue all the way up her hole.

She came. She couldn’t help herself. The sexual power in her body couldn’t be denied any longer. And as she came, she felt the sharp, burning sensations from the plates mounted inside the box. Pleasure from her tingling, burning asshole. Pain from her tits and hips everywhere she touched one of the electric plates. She felt the now-familiar pleasure and pain merging in her body. She became confused again.

Which was getting her off? Was it the pain? Or the tongue fucking so far up into her rear? She didn’t know. All she could do was ride out the winds of ecstasy and try to hold back the nerve searing pain she felt.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh!” she moaned, crying aloud with both pain and desire. “I hate this, I hate it!”

“Nonsense, my pretty-pretty. You love it. Tell me how much you love it.”

“Yes, I do,” she admitted, hating herself but too late to lie. “I love the feel of his tongue.”

“And the pain, too. Tell me how much you love that!”

“That, too. I love it all. Oh, oh, shiiiiit!”

She came when she felt the warmth caused by the fucking tongue against her asshole. The warmth spread like molten lead and puddled in her belly. The sexual tensions built to the breaking point once again.

And then his hard fucking tongue vanished from her ass.

The relief she felt was mingled with hatred for the man, too. She was glad he didn’t force her to thrash around in the deadly box with its pain giving plates, but she was also, left hornier than hell. The sexual ache inside was almost as bad as the pain she’d felt.

“Lick her pussy,” came the excited command. “I want to see that tongue of yours moving all over her cunt lips. I want you to tongue fuck her all the way up into her belly. Do it, Lucien, do it now!”

Tanya blinked away the tears of pain in her eyes and saw Lucien moving around to the front of the coffin. He thrust his face through the hole cut at her crotch and his tongue raped her pussy.

She screamed at the touch. It was rough and wet and exciting. She moved back in the box the merest fraction of an inch and felt the electrodes zinging out their cruel load of electricity into her body. She shoved forward quickly in mindless reaction — and got the man’s tongue all the way up her cunt.

She came and came and came.

And the electricity burned holes in her flesh. She tried to back away from the places, where the pain was the most intense, but she found herself unable to figure out just where those places were. She was so confused! The pain and pleasure of the tongue fucking her cunt made her wonder which she loved the most.

Pain hurt badly throughout her body, but she had to endure the pain to get the man’s tongue all the way up her cunt. The frothy liquids boiling forth from her convulsing cunt dribbled down her legs and touched one of the electrical disks on the side of the coffin. The hissing as the juices turned to steam warned her of a single wrong movement.

“Stop it, please stop this!” she pleaded with Henrietta. “I can’t take any more of it!”

“The tongue picking of your pussy? You don’t want any more? My, my, I misjudged you, my pretty-pretty. Very well. Lucien, ball her. I want to see that cock of yours all the way up into her cunt!”

The man silently obeyed. For a brief few seconds Tanya felt nothing but the aching loneliness in her cunt. And the knobby end of a cock poked between her trembling pussy lips before surging balls deep into her cunt.

She screamed at the sudden penetration. And came. She moaned and didn’t even notice the stench of her own flesh burning against one of the electrodes. The pleasure of the prick inserted all the way up her seething hot, clinging cunt was more than enough to make her forget any pain. She knew the agony existed. The pleasure was greater.

The man fucked her with long, quick strokes that rocked the coffin back and forth. This caused her to bounce around inside. Electrodes burned her tits and back and all around her ass. She screamed and moaned and came again and again.

The friction of the cockflesh against her pussy walls was enough to keep her alive and happy. When the hot rush of his jism filled her, she came. When he kept fucking her for a few more seconds, she came. And when he pulled out with a wet little plop she came.

And then Tanya screamed for a solid hour from the pain in her body. She had dozens of ugly red spots burned into her flesh from the electrodes. And as she screamed, she hated. Henrietta stood in front of her and smiled, enjoying every second of the anguish-filled spectacle.


Tanya was never sure when Henrietta pulled the plug on the electricity. It might have been any time during the night. She was poised in, the half bent position, trying desperately not to inflict any more pain on herself than was possible.

But this caused her legs to begin to cramp. Her shoulders were hunched forward and the spots where she had already touched the electrodes burned as if they were being constantly bathed in some fierce acid. The cramps and the other pains wracking her body kept her in a perpetual haze.

But she finally collapsed nearly ten hours after she had been put into the box and touched more of the electrodes. Nothing happened. Sighing with relief, she sagged down limply inside the coffin-like box. She just hoped it wouldn’t end up being her coffin. She had a score to settle with Henrietta.

Lucien entered the room silently and opened the front. She tried to stand up straight and tall and defiant. Instead, she fell forward into the man’s strong arms.

“I didn’t mean to…” she began.

“That’s all right. I would have come sooner but Henrietta’s kept me busy all night long. She’s a real bitch to do this to you, especially when you only have a few more hours to go.”


“Didn’t you know? The month’s almost up. Mr. Steele’s had to go out on business and won’t be back until after your time’s up, but you’ve done it. Really. You’ve got maybe four hours left.”

“So little,” she said, stunned at the news. Or was it true? Could this be just another means of Henrietta’s to give her hope and then snatch it away? She had no way of telling.

“Help me into the other room, Lucien,” she said. “I need to lie down for a while. Goddamn, but that thing left me woozie.” She glared at the coffin-like box and hated it as much as the woman who had put her into it.

“Believe me, I didn’t want to do it. But Henrietta’s got almost as much power over me as Mr. Steele does.”

“Just help me, Lucien. Good, thanks,” she said, leaning heavily on the man’s strong arm. It was comforting to have so strong a man aid her again instead of abuse her. When she get rid of Henrietta and took over the reins of power around here, things would be a lot different.

She’d make sure that Mr. Steele said so.

The plush bedroom had never appeared more inviting to her. She dropped to the surface of the bed and reveled in the softness of the velvet under her burned skin. She snuggled down and all the hurt seemed to go away. She could hardly believe she was able to recover this fast.

She looked up at Lucien, still standing beside the bed. The bulge in his pants told the story. He was hornier than hell for her. And why not? She was naked and had been available to him on all manner of occasions, but not once had she really given herself freely to him. She had duped him and used him just as Henrietta had used them both.

“Lucien,” she said softly. “I want you.”


“I want you to fuck me. Do it now. You said there’s only a few hours left. I want my last memories of this place to be good ones.”

“After what I’ve done to you, you still want me to screw you?”

Her legs wantonly parted. This was all the invitation he needed. The man ripped off his clothes and dropped to her. The added weight made the bed springs squeak, but she didn’t mind. The weight pressing down into her body was good — and the pressure of his prick against her cunt lips was even better. She felt her body begin to respond immediately to him.

“Ummm, oh, God, fuck me good. Make me into a real woman!”

She closed her eyes as the prick penetrated her cunt lips and pummeled her cunt. The feel of so much cock inside her, fucking her, making her into a woman, again robbed her of breath and speech. She could only moan and thrash about weakly under him.

The man’s hips began to piston in and out. And suddenly the cock was entirely gone from her cunt. Hollow, achingly empty, she opened her eyes to see Henrietta standing over her and Lucien pushed off to one side.

“You!” cried Tanya. “I’ll…” But she never got a chance to claw out the red-haired woman’s eyes. The whip stung like fire across her arm and made her back flinch.

“Tie her up. Spread-eagle. And then you can have the cunt all for yourself, Lucien,” said Henrietta.

Tanya fought the man off but it did no good. The rough hemp ropes circled her wrists and pulled her out straight on the bed, the rope tied to the headboard. In short order, ropes were fastened around each ankle and she was pulled out into a painfully wide vee. Her cunt was lewdly exposed and she was totally helpless.

What had started as a fucking that promised pleasure had turned into another brutal rape. And she was totally powerless to prevent the physical abuse being dished out to her.

“Fuck her now,” said Henrietta. “I want to watch.”

She perched on the side of the bed and idly played with Tanya’s nipples. The girl hated the way those pebbly mounds of erectile flesh hardened and throbbed with desire. She wished she could show no emotion whatsoever. But her body betrayed her.

“Tanya, I don’t want to do this. She’s the one who…” began Lucien.

“Fuck the black-haired bitch, damn, you!” shrieked Henrietta, “I’ll rip the flesh off your back with this whip if you don’t!”

She lashed Lucien several times. Tanya saw the man’s fists ball up as if he would hit her, but whatever power Henrietta — Mr. Steele — had over him still held him in check. He came back between the captive woman’s legs, his prick gleaming like silver from the cunt juices all over it.

She screamed as he inserted his prick into her steamy cunt again. He was trying to be gentle about it. Just as he started sliding in, the whip lashed out across his tensed ass. He jerked and drove mercilessly into her cunt. She raised her hips up slightly off the bed and felt his cock bang into her softly padded cunt.

“No, no, don’t do it.”

But her words fell on deaf ears. She couldn’t blame Lucien. The man was in fear of Henrietta. And she couldn’t blame Mr. Steele. He wasn’t even here. He didn’t know what was happening.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on only the pleasure of the fucking. It was hard for the young, bound girl to do until she discovered how much nicer it was thinking this was Mr. Steele fucking her. Gone was the whipped and subdued Lucien. In her frenzied mind, he was replaced by the powerful, dominant Mr. Steele.

She had won the elusive, dark-visaged man over. She had aroused his passions so much that he had to fuck her. No longer content to simply watch his employees screw her, he had jumped onto the bed and whaled the shit out of her with his own mighty, virile, hard-fucking cock.

She came.

Her entire body was totally alive now. Every single nerve ending fired out a message of complete pleasure for her. She was enjoying this more than she could have ever thought possible.

Mr. Steele wasn’t the one fucking her, but she could imagine that as long as she kept her eyes tightly closed. The cock reaming out her tortured cunt was good, long, hard, hot. She got off on the feel of the arrowhead pressing firmly into her cunt walls, stretching her to the breaking point. She loved the feeling of being entirely filled with hard fucking cock — Mr. Steele’s cock.

“Ummm, oh, it’s so niiiice!” she sighed aloud. She didn’t care what Henrietta did to her. There wasn’t a thing in the world that the evil woman could do to take away the wondrous sensation of that moving, fucking cock.

Mr. Steele’s prick fucked faster, in and out of her tight, gripping cunt. She got so excited her cunt walls collapsed around the thick rod of manmeat. She felt the way the cock danced hotly in the tight confines and this excited her even more. She came and her cunt crashed down with furious desire on the hidden prick.

The man struggled more above her. She heard the whip singing and smashing into his body. Every time that whip landed he drove his prick just a little farther up into her hungering cunt. The added force of his fucking turned her on more than she would have thought.

She was tied down securely. This wasn’t anything she would have chosen for herself. It was rape. The man fucked her without her being able to stop him. But the very helplessness made her more excited. She was being dominated. This was no wishy-washy man fucking her. This wasn’t a pitiful human being like Charlie. This was a powerful man, Mr. Steele!

“I’m commmmming!” she shrieked out. Her ass lifted off the velvet bedspread and she crammed her snatch down hard into the man’s crotch. She felt his crinkly bush grinding into her tender, bruised cunt lips. The feel made her come even harder.

Clit pounding and pulsing with desire, she started moving her hips in a circular motion to get as much pleasure as possible.

The prick retreated and left her hollow inside. She couldn’t follow that cock because of the way she was tied down to the bed. She tugged and strained at her bonds. They cut cruelly into her wrists and ankles. She was helpless, but the feel of the cock returning to bury itself balls-deep into her cunt made her forget all about that.

All she knew was excitement.

She came again. She came like a machine gun firing. Her body was tortured and burned and she wanted more of it! The pain had been a wonderful contrast for the pleasure she felt now. She could get off on the man’s fucking, hard, hot cock even more now that she had known real agony.

“You bitch!” screamed Henrietta. “You’re enjoying this! You can’t do that!”

“Ummm, oh, Mr. Steele! You’re so swollen inside me. Fuck more!”

“Mr. Steele?” cried Henrietta. “You stupid cunt! That’s Lucien fucking you. Don’t you know the difference?”

“Be brutal to me, Mr. Steele,” Tanya cried to drown out Henrietta’s protests. “I love you — I need you!”

The whip seared along her bound arm. She felt the butt end of the whip nudging into her ass. She didn’t care what the red-haired woman did. She had won! She had triumphed. As long as she could maintain the fantasy that the cock fucking so hard into her body was really Mr. Steele’s, she had won everything.

And then came the cold, harsh voice she had learned to love so well! She was caught up in the middle of an intense come and thought it might be just her dream making her believe he was really there, with her fucking her. Then she wasn’t so sure.

“She is still tied and being abused,” came the accusation. “Her month was up an hour ago. Longer!”

“Mr. Steele, let me explain,” began Henrietta. “It was like this. I…”

Tanya heard a fleshy, thud and Henrietta groaned. She opened her sex-glazed eyes and saw Mr. Steele standing over the fallen woman. And then her senses were ripped away by the cock exploding inside her tight cunt. She came along with Lucien, their passions merging and forcing them into lands seldom visited by mere humans.

When she came to her senses, Lucien had gone limp and left without a word. Mr. Steele stood looking at her. She saw the bulge in his pants and wondered if this was going to be the real thing. Was he going to climb onto the bed and pull out his prick and give her his cock?

“Mr. Steele,” she said.

“Tanya, my dear.”

“What kind of deal is this?” the brunette raged. “I got into that poker game thinking it was on the level.”

“It was,” said Mr. Steele’s assistant. She strutted around, smoothing out the tight blouse she wore. She had on black net stockings, a garter belt — and nothing else. Her pussy was lewdly displayed to the new captive, cunt lips pink and fluttering and a steady flow of frothy cunt oils leaking out.

“You can’t be serious about me beings his slave for a solid month,” the brown-haired girl protested.

“But I am. Mr. Steele never jokes,” she replied.

“This is insane.”

“It is a bet. You are his sex slave for an entire month. And I am here to make sure his will is carried out. Lucien! Marcus!” she called out. “Strip her. I want to see nothing but her naked flesh in ten seconds!”

They did as they were told. They always obeyed when a command was given. Tanya felt her own, passions rising as they stripped the girl. The sight of all that naked flesh turned her on strangely. She had hated Henrietta as this woman must hate her, but Tanya knew now that being hated meant nothing as long as there was hope.

Hope that Mr. Steele would relent and break his firm rule about never having sexual relations with his assistants. But Tanya knew she could get him into her bed. She was beautiful and sexy and would do anything for him. Her loyalty would win the day.

For a dominant man like Mr. Steele, Tanya was willing to do anything. Anything at all!

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