Slave Niece

Immoral men capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder…

The girl in this book — Mary Roberts — is the victim of her unscrupulous uncle and the evil people he causes her to become involved with. At seventeen, Mary finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

SLAVE NIECE — the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncanng society.


Sweet-smelling froth flew from Mary’s cunt. “Oh!” she moaned. “Oh yes!”

It felt good to have her pussy filled. It felt good to feel the stretching of the elastic cunt walls. It felt good to feel the relentless driving friction on her swollen clit.

“Yes! Yes!” The fabric of her T-shirt rubbed against her inflated nipples. She loved the rich smell of her hungry pussy.

It was all too good to be true. How much better it would be, she thought, if it were a boy’s cock that was fucking rapidly in and out of her cunt with a sloshing, sucking noise!

A slim hand crawled over Mary’s tits. She could feel the hard marbles of her nipples burning into her palms. Her tongue stuck out from the side of her sweet mouth as she pushed a nipple into the spongy titflesh and felt the pleasure flow from it.

In all her eighteen years of life, Mary had never had a boy’s cock in her pussy. She had never even had a boy touch her tits. But just after the ending of her sophomore year in high school, she had discovered the joys of masturbation. Now she was making up for lost time!

The aromatic juices of Mary’s pussy glinted along the length of the banana in her right hand. It was a big one, ten inches long and an inch around in the middle. It stretched her virginal cunt incredibly when she shoved it into her.

The pert blonde had started off by playing with herself, diddling her clit with fevered fingers until she had gasped with the first climax of her life. After that she had progressed to sticking fingers up her pussy. First one, then two, and finally her whole hand plunged into her cunt had kept her occupied through a number of afternoons after summer vacation began.

After a while, though, Mary had started to feel a hunger for something her fingers couldn’t give her.

She knew what a cock was, and what to do with it, but where to get one was a problem. She had always been shy, and had never really dated any boys. They were put off by her uncle, her legal guardian since she had been orphaned at the age of eight. He was the District Attorney, and had a reputation as a stern moralist. Currently he was spearheading a campaign to stamp out pornography in the city. The boys she knew were not terribly eager to mess with his lovely ward.

But then Mary had hit on the idea of using a substitute. If it was hard and shaped like a cock, she reasoned, why wouldn’t it serve just as well to quell the hungers yearning in her cunt? The idea had led to a delightful series of experiments.

Fruits, kitchen utensils, even candles, had been tried by the girl. The housekeeper her guardian had put in charge of her in the daytime was an old, round, cheerful woman who was always busy cleaning the large, two-storey house or sitting and sipping sherry. In the privacy of her own room, or out in the high-walled back yard, or downstairs in the den when the housekeeper was upstairs, Mary had plenty of opportunities to fill her aching pussy!

With two thirds of the long yellow fruit buried in her cunt, Mary leaned back on the bed and spread her legs. She admired the vision of herself in the full-length mirror on the closet door. She was five-foot-six of nubile, adolescent girl, her hips and ass already full, her legs long and shapely, swelling pussy mound covered in a fleece of honey-colored pubic hair. Her cunt lips were pink, seeming to suck the embedded banana like a mouth. The last three inches of the fruit stuck from her cunt like a shiny yellow cock.

The reclining girl wriggled her hips. Delicious sensation flooded from her pussy. Its elastic walls undulated around the slick hardness of the banana.

With a pillow under her head so she could watch her own lascivious reflection, Mary tightened the muscles of her trim belly. The protruding end of the banana wagged like a puppy’s tail. A trickle of cunt juice spilled from her gorged cunt. Mary lifted her legs to watch the glistening droplet trail down her snow-white ass onto the green bedspread.

The sight and smell of her excited, full cunt turned Mary on. With a moan she took hold of the banana once more. With her arm around her butt and her legs sticking straight up, the half-naked blonde girl began to fuck herself again with the banana.

The fruit was cool, hard, and long. The girl could not take it all in without it hurting. But the more she felt its thickness sliding erotically in and out of her oozing cunt, the more turned on she got and the faster and deeper she screwed herself.

“Mmmmmm. Ahhhhhh — nice,” Mary moaned. Her green eyes were closed. Her whole body was tingling and sensitive to the slightest breath of air. Every movement of the banana was a jolting current of electricity surging into her cunt.

What would it be like with a real cock? Sometimes Mary fantasized about being fucked by handsome movie actors when she masturbated, but most times she just let herself drift on an erotic tide while she wallowed in the feeling of rigid hardness driving in and out of her pussy. She could not really imagine what a real cock would be like. Warm and pulsing with lustful heartbeat, rather than cold and dead, she realized. But how would that feel?

It couldn’t feel any better than this! she thought happily.

In and out went the banana. It was covered in a greasy layer of cunt juice. It was getting so slippery Mary had trouble holding on to it. Her clit was swollen and rubbed raw by the slithering touch of the yellow skin.

She was getting ready to come. She could feel the orgasm building in the deepest recesses of her pussy. It felt like a spring being coiled in the pit of her stomach. Soon, she knew, the sexual energy would be released in one blinding spasm.

The very thought of coming brought Mary closer. Cunt sauce flew like ocean spray as she fucked herself still faster. In and out slid the long hard fruit, till the yawning mouth of her cunt could take no more.

The rubbery walls of her pussy closed in behind it with a soft sigh of pleasure she felt all over her body.

“Oh! Yes!” she cried, as the first twinge clamped her pussy on the outward-sliding banana. “Oh, yes, yesssssss!” she shrilled as she stabbed it back into her needy cunt. “I’m coming! Now I’m coming!”

Mary’s fingers could feel the banana shake in the grip of her exploding cunt. Her pussy sucked in another inch of hard thick fruit as Mary came. She wrapped both hands around the end of the banana and drove it further still into her seething pussy.

Hot ecstasy flooded over her. Her eyes were closed and glowing red clouds swirled behind the lids. Her ass was bouncing off the bed rhythmically as her clutching hands fucked the banana into the steaming pit of her cunt. It felt as if a stick of dynamite were blowing up in her crotch.

Blonde hair flew as Mary shook her head and screamed. “Oh, God!” she shrieked. “Oh, God, God, it’s so goooooood! My pussy is on fire! Oh, I’m coming!”

In her delirium, the teenager didn’t hear the heavy footsteps in the carpeted hall. Nor did she notice the doorknob turning.

“Mary?” came a voice. “Mary, is that you? Are you…” The door opened. The girl’s eyes flew open, then widened in horror as she saw her uncle standing there.

Oh my God, Mary thought.

“What in the name of God is going on here?” her uncle demanded in a thunderous voice.

His niece tried to respond, lifting her head to speak. The motion sent a shock of pleasure into her banana-filled cunt, and another climax hit her like an express train. “Oh! Ohhhh! Unnggghhh!” was all she could say, flopping helplessly in the grasp of an orgasm made fiercer by the sick knowledge that she had been caught.

Her uncle made a strangled sound. “You-you little slut!” he finally managed to choke out as Mary writhed abandonedly on the bed. His long, heavy-browed face had gone red. “You disgusting tramp!”

“I — ahh! I’m sorry,” Mary gasped, trying to fight the tide of pleasure. “Mmmmmmmnnnnnhhh! I can explain! I can explain — ooohhh!”

The District Attorney’s eyes were narrowed to slits. They took in the whole scene-his half-naked niece lying on her back with her nipples threatening to burn through her T-shirt, her legs in the air and a banana sticking out of her pussy. “How depraved!” he said, more to himself than to Mary. “How disgusting! You were watching yourself in the mirror, weren’t you, you disgusting, sick little bitch?”

Mary shook her head. Her legs sank back to the bed. She felt washed out, weak, helpless.

“Don’t lie to me!” her uncle roared. “You were watching yourself! While you played with yourself with a banana! My God, what a nauseating spectacle.”

The girl was tugging frantically at the hem of her T-shirt as if trying to cover her naked pussy. Tears welled up in her fever-bright eyes. “No, no,” she said pleadingly. “No, please, I’m sorry. I…”

“Shut up!” bellowed her uncle, striding to the bed. He yanked the banana out of her pussy with a wet sound and flung it across the room. “Good Lord! It’s dripping wet!”

He shook the pungent, sticky cunt juice from his fingers. His face was twisted into a mask of rage.

Mary cringed away. She curled into the fetal position, but he grabbed her shoulder and jerked her upright.

He slapped her. Mary’s head rocked back. Stinging tears filled her eyes.

“Damn you,” her uncle hissed, his face inches from hers. “After all I’ve done for you, after the way I’ve tried to instill some values and decency in you, to find you in here like a sick, perverted whore!”

He slapped her again, then again backhanded. Her cheeks burned from the blows. “Please!” she sobbed. “Don’t hit me! I wasn’t — I didn’t mean to…”

“Shut up!” her uncle ordered, hitting her with enough force to send her sprawling. She fell back, seeing stars.

Mary felt her wrist grabbed. Her uncle pulled her off the bed and dragged her to her feet. He slapped her on the ass, lifting her off the floor. Mary yelped and tried to escape.

It was a futile effort. Her uncle was six-foot three and gaunt, but he was strong. Much stronger than the cowering girl. Her heel-dragging and struggling was as useless as her free-flowing tears as he dragged her to the door.

With his free hand, the tall man was undoing his tie. “It’s these filthy, corrupting modem times,” he was saying under his breath, as though he were cursing. “The permissiveness is wining our society. Masturbating with a banana — ugh!”

His necktie undone, he caught hold of her other wrist and pulled both wrists together. The hysterical girl felt cool brass as her uncle looped the tie around and around her slender wrists. He was tying her to the doorknob!

“The Victorians had the proper remedy for self-abuse,” Mary’s uncle said, stepping back. He took off his suit coat and undid the top button of his conservative white shirt. “None of this nonsense about a healthy expression of adolescent sexual awareness. It’s a sin, a dirty sick sin!”

The towering D.A. was breathing heavily. His hands shook as he undid his belt and slipped it off. Mary was standing bent over with her naked butt sticking out into the room.

“A dirty, disgusting, evil sin,” the man intoned. He wrapped the belt once around his hand. “And it must be punished.”

With a heave of his shoulders he hit the girl across her naked ass. The impact of leather on yielding white female flesh was like a gunshot.

“Punished!” Again the leather licked out like a tongue and wrapped around Mary’s buttocks. She jerked. Her mouth was open in a shocked, soundless scream.

“Punished!” Smack! The belt slashed cruelly, leaving a third red line over the quivering demi-globes of assflesh.

“Eeeiiiaaahhh!” shrieked Mary.

Frantically she thrashed, trying to wiggle free of her bonds. Her butt burned with excruciating pain as a rain of blows fell on it. Her lovely face was contorted with fear and pain. What was happening to her?

Her uncle’s face was twisted too. From rage his expression had turned into satisfaction. And as lie beat his niece’s bare ass it changed again.

Slowly, the look on Herbert Castle’s face turned into something very like lust.

He took a step back. He swung his arm and the belt wrapped around the top of a white thigh. Mary gave a short screech. “Vile, disgusting behavior,” her uncle panted. He swung again, and the leather looped around the other thigh with a crack. “A perverted fascination for the genitalia. For your disgusting, dripping, pink-lipped… pink-lipped… cunt!”

The belt whistled in a vicious underhand. It smacked into her vulnerable, gaping pussy, the tip whipping up to cut into her belly.

Mary’s scream was agonizing and heartfelt. She had never even imagined anything could hurt as much as having her pussy lips slashed with her uncle’s belt did.

“Have to cure this fascination,” the man gasped. He looked at the belt. There was a dark smear of cunt juice on the underside. He held it up, sniffed at it. “Vile!” he hissed, and hit her on the cunt again.

“Don’t! Please don’t!” Mary begged. Her cunt-mound felt swollen. It felt as if someone had stuck a broken bottle in her pussy. “Don’t!”

Her uncle stopped and stood breathing heavily. He stared at the girl’s upturned ass. The crack was a scarlet line, crossed by the flaming welts his belt had left. The tender skin on the inside of her thighs glowed red, and the golden-furred swelling of her pussy had a puffy, inflamed look.

Mary turned her tear-streaked face to look at her uncle. There was no mercy in his eyes, just an unholy light. His lips were a taut line.

The girl dropped her gaze. The man’s knuckled were white. Then she looked past his hands, and her gaze widened. But there was no mistaking the enormous bulge at the crotch of his trousers.

“What are you staring at?” her uncle demanded.

The girl shook her head.

“Are you looking at this?” he asked, zipping open his fly. He fished inside his pants. Then his hand came out, holding a rampant, rigid, eight-inch cock! “Are you staring at my cock, you slut?”

Stunned, Mary kept shaking her head. The man stepped forward, raising the belt. The cock jutted out in front of him like the bowsprit of a ship.

“You’re looking at my cock, aren’t you? Have you no shame?” he demanded. “Looking at your own uncle with lusting eyes! Oh, you dirty little harlot!”

The belt fell across Mary’s back. She screamed and fell to her knees. With a heavy thud her uncle went to his knees behind her.

He beat her on the back and shoulders while one hand pumped his long, slender prick. The hairy clam of her cunt was open, seeming to cry out for the throbbing length of cockmeat. “Slut!” he grunted, shuffling forward and aiming his prickhead at the gaping opening of his niece’s pussy. He struck again with the belt. “Harlot!”

With a lunge his inflated cock drove into Mary’s pussy. She gasped as it forced apart the walls of her cunt. Her uncle still flailed with the belt as he thrust every inch of his erect prick into his niece’s still-sopping cunt.

Mary could feel the cloth of her uncle’s pants pressing into her buttocks. His cock burned like a firebrand inside her pussy. She could feel the pounding of his pulse, throbbing within her oily cunt.

Herbert Castle pulled his cock out two inches, gasping at the tightness surrounding his prick. “Harlot,” he whispered, letting his hands drop to the small of the girl’s back. “Filth. Whore. Slut.” With a grunt he fucked into her again, then pulled his prick out till just the fat head remained within her pussy.

In spite of her pain and humiliation, an excited thought flashed through Mary’s mind. So this is what a real cock feels like! But this was her uncle. It was incest… it was rape.

So why did it feel so good?

Mary’s butt wiggled as she thrust it back to meet her uncle’s lunge. His cock went in balls-deep. It was smaller than the banana. But somehow it felt a million times more filling. It was alive, and throbbing with masculine power and life!

“Whore. Bitch. Strumpet!” Mary’s uncle gasped in time to his fucking. His long cock slid in and out of Mary’s cunt with a squishing noise. She was hot and wet and willing!

“Take me,” she moaned in her frenzy of lust. “Fuck me! Let me taste that cock! I never dreamed it would be so nice!”

Her uncle didn’t seem to hear. He kept fucking her at a steady pace, ramming in with brutal force and pulling his cock out just as fast. Each and every time it seemed as if the tightness of his niece’s cunt would strangle his prick.

Mary’s head was spinning. Unbelievable pleasure suffused her whole lithe body. Her ripe tits swung with the power of her uncle’s fucking, rasping the nipples delightfully on the cloth of her T-shirt. Her body was a live wire thrumming with pleasure.

“Slut. Perverted cow. Harlot.” As he screwed the girl, Castle kept chanting. Mary felt him plugging his cock into her pussy faster and faster.

“Whore… bitch… strumpet… filthy, diseased, disgusting… pussy! Cunt! Quim! Aaaaagggggghhhh!”

Searing hot wetness flooded into Mary’s pussy like lava. She felt the cock buried in her cunt jerking with mighty spasms, and with each spasm she felt more of the searing liquid flow into her pussy.

Her uncle was coming in her cunt. That was his jizz, she felt filling her pussy channel!

With a wailing cry of ecstasy Mary came.

Her cunt closed like a strangler’s cord around her uncle’s cock. It caused a fresh explosion of jism to pump into her pussy. It filled her pussy and flowed out around the sides of the cock. Gooey whiteness dribbled down the soft insides of her thighs.

Mindlessly, her uncle fucked her while she sobbed and sighed and drank in his jism with her greedy cunt.

At last the fury of orgasm died away. Mary stopped bucking her hips. Castle’s cock gave a final spurt.

The once-proud cock quickly softened into a limp worm of meat. It shrank. Mary’s uncle let out his breath in a long sigh and pulled his prick from the sopping mess of her twat. It made a pop like a cork coming out of a bottle, and let loose a torrent of mingled cunt juice and cum that soaked the girl’s thighs and made a dark, pungent pool on the rug between her knees.

The girl’s knees were sore from being rubbed on the carpet, and her shoulders ached from the way her arms were tied. But a warmth like she had never experienced filled her pussy. She was in heaven.

Her uncle brought her down immediately. He stood up and stuffed his cock back in his pants, then leaned over to pick up his belt. The girl slumped as he untied her wrists. With the toe of one black shoe he pushed her out of the way of the bedroom door.

“Filth,” he said, and left the room.


“So this is the merchandise,” murmured the little man. He stroked his chin appreciatively. “Quite a piece, isn’t she?”

District Attorney Herbert Castle blushed. He started to protest, then thought better of it. He darted a glance at his niece.

Mary was sitting in a motel room easy chair. Her ripe tits were rising and falling beneath her white blouse, and her blue eyes were pale with resignation. At her uncle’s glance she shifted in her chair, reaching instinctively to tug down the hem of her short kelly green skirt.

“I find I am no longer able to care for her,” Castle said. “I think I…”

“Cut the bullshit,” the little man said rudely. “You want her out of the way. You’d like to make some change on the deal, but it strikes me that the big issue is to get her out of the scene without missing a stir.” He looked appraisingly at the tall D.A. and then at the lovely, frightened blonde girl.

“You’ve gotten into her — that’s it, isn’t it?” Castle opened his mouth again, felt his face turn a bright red, and shut up. “Is she pregnant? Or is it just that you don’t want her around to open her mouth and cry rape? What would that do to your reputation as a moral crusader, Mr. District Attorney?”

“Spare me your inferences and disgusting insinuations,” Castle said. “I’m in a bad situation, I admit. The girl must be removed. She is a threat to me.”

The other man lounged back on the bed where he was sitting. “There are other ways of removing her.”

“She is my niece!”

“That didn’t stop you dipping your cock in her snatch when the urge struck you — no, I don’t want to hear about it. And you aren’t hesitating to sell her into what used to be called white slavery. Your major concern is that while what you’re doing is illegal as hell, murder is a capital crime and too hot to touch. Am I right?”

Castle fidgeted and said nothing.

Mary sat in her chair, bolt upright. Her every muscle was tense. In spite of the air-conditioned chill of the room, a fine film of sweat shone on her forehead. This was all unreal.

She had never been close to her uncle. But he had cared for her since she was small, had given her affection of a sort.

How could he be doing this now?

“All right,” the little man said, “You’ve come to me because we can deal with each other. You have something on me — you know what I do for a living, with documentary proof if I ever get out of line. I’ve got something on you — records of the times you’ve contracted my services in the past, and what those services were.” He turned to Mary, licking his lips with a small pink tongue.

“You know what your uncle really likes?” the man asked. His hands were white and he fluttered them as he spoke. “He likes a woman to take all his clothes off, tie him up, and then spank him with a cane until he begs for mercy. And after that…”

“Stop it!” Castle roared. He came up out of his chair. His face reflected his anger. “I’ll kill you some day, I swear to God. Some day you’ll push me too far!”

The pimp shrank back from the towering figure. The white hands waved between him and the tall D.A. “Hey, hey, take it easy,” he said quickly. “I didn’t mean any harm. Look, let’s get down to business like gentlemen. Okay?”

The enraged man stood for a moment, knotting and opening his fists. At last he turned and went back to his chair. “Very well,” he said, his voice under control. “I am in essence selling you my niece and legal ward to you for whatever purpose you decide. The only condition is that she not be able to… interfere with me in any way.”

The little pimp nodded approvingly. “Very neat. The scandal of your niece turning into a bad girl would be damaging, but if she tried to say anything, it would be your word against that of an ungrateful little slut. Neat. But how do you explain her dropping out of sight?”

“On returning home I will express concern at Mary’s absence to my housekeeper. After a sufficient time has passed to be sure she is not coming back, the police will be notified that my niece and ward Mary Roberts, legal minor, has run away from home.” He shrugged, and a brief smile quirked his slit-like mouth. “Who knows?” he said. “It could even help my career. I could point to myself as one who has suffered first hand at the decay brought on by permissive morals. My own niece, turning against me, running away like any common harlot!”

He finished in a tone of voice usually reserved for the courtroom and the campaign trail. The pimp clapped his hands. “Great,” he said. “Truly great. You’ve already got yourself half talked into believing it. So how about clinching the deal?”

“I am in no position to be greedy. Two thousand dollars.”

“Too much. Remember that there are any number of beginners on the street. I don’t have to pay to increase my stable. I’m going along as a favor to you — and, I’ll admit, because the chickie has something special, something I’ve never seen in a hooker. Innocence, I guess, maybe. Real, wide-eyed innocence. But at the same time she looks as if she’d fuck like a mink, and that’s a dynamite combination. I’ll give you a grand, but I have to sample the merchandise before I’ll close.”

Mary felt a thrill of horror shoot through her. A brief look of disgust crossed her guardian’s heavy face. “If you feel that’s necessary,” he said with irritation, “then go ahead. Take her into the room next door, and discover for yourself whether she is satisfactory.”

The pimp shook his head, rising from the bed.

“No way,” he said with a twisted grin. “I can try her on for size right here and now. While you watch.”

He walked to stand in front of the terrified girl. Mary shrank back away from him. “There, there, sweetheart,” he said, taking her by the chin and lifting her face. “I won’t hurt you. I want to be your friend. Just call me Perry.”

Her eyes wide, Mary gazed at the man. His hair was black and slicked back. A scraggly beard and moustache framed his mouth. He was in his early or middle thirties, she decided. A weasel if she ever saw one.

“We’re going to get along fine,” he murmured. “You’re a lovely girl. Why don’t you just go ahead and suck my cock?”

Mary gasped.

“Now, wait a minute!” her uncle began.

“Shut up,” Perry told him over his shoulder. “Just sit and enjoy the show.” He chuckled obscenely.

His fingers had Mary’s lower jaw in an unbreakable grip. She couldn’t twist away. She felt her stomach turn as he reached down with his other hand and undid his fly.

“Now then, baby,” Perry said, fishing inside his pants. “Let’s you and me get one thing clear. You mustn’t try to struggle. It won’t do you any good. And it could get you hurt — do you understand?”

Wildly, Mary shook her head. Her blonde hair whipped from side to side as her face broke free of Perry’s grasp. He grinned at her.

He pulled his erect, straining cock from his pants. Mary’s eyes were screwed shut and she was tossing her head hysterically, but she could feel its heat. It was much too large for a little man like Perry the pimp. Eight inches long and two thick.

The cock wagged like a dog’s tail as Perry grabbed the flying hair on either side of Mary’s face. He held her head still, aiming the prick at her mouth. She opened her eyes to stare at him. She saw the cock, hard and poised. She opened her mouth involuntarily to scream.

With a shove of his hips Perry stuck his cock in Mary’s mouth. Her scream came out as a muffled gurgle around the thick plug of cock. “Mmmmmmm,” the pimp said, shutting his eyes.

Mary’s stomach reeled. The rank meaty taste of cock was too strong for her. She pushed against the pimp’s hips with her little fists. Her neck muscles stood out as she fought to escape. But Perry held on to his double handful of hair and pulled her face relentlessly onto his bar of prick.

The invading cock forced Mary’s jaws apart till tears came to her eyes. The swollen red head began to push down her throat, and made her gag. It felt as if her hair was being torn out by the roots.

She bit.

With a cry Perry let go of Mary’s hair. The next instant he stunned her with a resounding slap to the side of her head. Furiously he rained blows on her until she curled up in a ball and covered her head with her arms.

“Damn you!” yelled the pimp, stepping back. He looked down at his cock, feeling it gingerly with his hand. “My prick is okay. You better get down on your knees and thank God. Better yet, get down on your knees and thank me — by sucking me off! Do you hear me?”

Roughly the little pimp dragged the girl from her chair. Small strong fingers twined cruelly in her long hair and pushed Mary’s head back.

“Now,” Perry commanded, shoving the tip of his dick into her full lips, “suck me off. And don’t try any shit, or I’ll make you wish you’d never been born. I own you, bitch! I can do anything I want to you. Anything!”

He emphasized his words with a painful yank on the girl’s hair. She opened her mouth.

As he fucked into Mary’s face, a feeling of warmth flooded into Perry’s belly. He was getting off on debasing this lovely cunt. And right in front of her uncle’s eyes!

Perry face-fucked the adolescent with short, hard, powerful strokes. The pain from having her jaws forced far enough open to take in the enormous prick made Mary’s head spin. Her throat muscles contracted, trying to reject the invader. Nausea rolled in her belly. The carpet was rubbing her knees raw.

The even teeth in the girl’s mouth scraped like files along the top and bottom of Perry’s cock. The underside of the burning-hot prick slid back and forth over Mary’s wet tongue.

The rampant prick was like a firebrand in Mary’s mouth. She could feel the pimp’s racing heartbeat pulsing within her face. She was faint and dizzy.

The prick gave a throb. Mary could feel the pimp’s whole body quiver. Oh God! He’s going to come! She thought. He’s going to come in my mouth!

The pimp did.

Mary felt him jump and shake. Her hands were pressed against his thighs as though to push him away, and she felt the muscles tighten. Then the cock surged and spat.

White jizz bounced off Mary’s tonsils. Jism choked her in a pungent thick flood. Every spurt spewed acid-sweet cum over her tongue. Her stomach revolted, tried to retch. But all she could do was kneel and take in the steaming, reeking load!

Perry’s cock pumped jizz into Mary’s face till it backed up and got into her nose. She began to cough. The pimp pulled back as a stream of sperm dribbled out a nostril.

The coughing fit lasted a full minute. When it was over, Mary looked up again at her tormentor. His limp dong hung before her eyes like a red and brown firehose. It looked impossibly big.

Cum was smeared all around Mary’s mouth. Her coughing had sprayed the stuff onto her blouse and short skirt, and white droplets glittered on her bare knees. She started to get up.

An arm on her shoulder held Mary down. “I’m not finished,” Perry said. “Suck me some more. Suck me till I’m hard again. Make it good — you’ll stay here and suck till my prick is as hard as cold-rolled steel!”

Reluctantly, Mary reached up and took the dangling cock in her fingers. It felt warm and slimy. With her heart sinking and her stomach still going like a washing machine, she lifted it to her lips.

She kissed the head of his cock. She felt life begin to stir in it. She glanced back over her shoulder, desperately hoping her uncle would come to his senses and save her.

What Mary saw killed all hope. Her uncle sat staring at her. His trousers were open and he held his stiff, long cock in his hand.

Mary’s lips parted. The barely-hardened prick slid inside.

Though her whole system revolted against taking this evil man’s disgusting cock into her mouth again, let alone giving him a blow-job, she knew she had no choice. If she tried to balk he would hurt her, and her uncle would not lift a finger to help her. No, the fact was, the sooner the pimp’s prick was hard again, the sooner Mary could get it out of her mouth.

Tentatively, her tongue reached out to touch the tip of the cock. It was hot. A droplet of cum lingered at the opening, and tasted salty-sweet. Fighting down her nausea, Mary slid the cock into her mouth, sucking it in while her tongue played around and around it. Perry closed his eyes blissfully. He began to stroke her long golden hair.

Slowly, his cock began to swell again. Though unskilled, Mary learned the art of wrapping her tongue around the thick bar of cock meat, slipping and sliding, feeling erotic pleasure tingling in the massive prick.

Suddenly, Mary realized she was getting turned on! She recognized the sharp smell of her own cunt, watering with excitement. Her hot, sucking mouth and wet agile tongue were bringing Perry’s big prick back to raging life. The idea that Mary could do that, could wield that much power over a man, made her pussy squirm with lust.

As Mary’s excitement grew, it transmitted itself to the pimp. Half-opening his eyes, he watched her head bob and nod as she worked over his cock. A lock of her hair fell aside. Perry was treated to the spectacle of his hefty, hardening prick disappearing into the pink-lipped cavern of the girl’s mouth.

He had never seen such a lovely image of innocence. And she was sucking his cock and liking it!

With a growl Perry pushed away. A brief look of disappointment actually crossed the girl’s face as his rock-hard cock popped out of her mouth. “That’s great,” he husked, dropping into the chair Mary had vacated. “Now, fuck me!”

Urged by Perry’s hands, Mary got to her feet. Her face was flushed and her breathing was ragged. Her newborn lust overcame any thoughts of resistance. She wanted that big, fat, beautiful cock crammed into her pussy!

She lifted her skirt and started to pull off her panties. “C’mere,” grunted Perry. He pulled her to him with remarkable strength. She spread her legs and went to her knees on the chair, straddling Perry’s lap.

Wiry fingers clawed Mary’s panties open at the crotch. Cunt juice spilled onto her thigh. Gasping with eagerness, Mary positioned herself above the upthrust, rigid prick.

Asscheeks tightened with lust, Mary lowered herself onto Perry’s cock. Her cunt was open and ready, and the swollen head of the prick slid effortlessly in.

The touch of the hard cock, the stretching of her cunt lips, almost made Mary pass out with ecstasy. The engorged cock crushed her clit as it slid in. She moaned like an animal and began rolling her hips, corkscrewing down the mighty prick.

Glancing once over her shoulder, Mary saw her uncle furiously jacking off. Then she felt her pussy lips splay out at the base of Perry’s cock. Warm sauce flowed from her pussy and stained the light-colored cloth of his fly.

When Mary’s cunt had seemingly taken all Perry had to give of his giant cock, he jerked his ass off the chair and drove another half-inch of stiff prick up her twat. Mary threw back her head and screamed.

Perry’s hands clawed feverishly at her cloth covered jugs, crushing and tearing at the delicate mounds of flesh. The elastic leg band of her panties squeezed his prick. Most of all, the unbelievable tightness of Mary’s cunt strangled his throbbing prick in a grip of pure pleasure!

Madly they fucked. Mary’s skirt flew up and down as she pumped her cunt on Perry’s huge cock. Cunt oils flew in a sweet-smelling froth.

The thickness of Perry’s cock threatened to tear Mary’s cunt apart every time it rammed to her hilt in the rubber-walled pussy. Every time he pulled out the vacuum seemed certain to pull her inside out. And with her cunt crammed full to overflowing with gigantic cock, every move either made was transmitted instantly in a blinding burst of pure joy to the sensitive node of Mary’s clit. The little pleasure button was swollen and hard as a marble, caught between the girl’s pubic bone and the sliding, pulsating shaft of Perry’s cock.

Mary’s nipples rolled like pebbles inside her bra. Perry could feel their heat and hardness in his palms. Mary was attuned to lust, quivering like a struck tuning fork.

The pimp grabbed Mary by the buttocks. Her panties were silky-smooth beneath his sweaty palms. The pliant flesh filled his hands the way only a nubile girl’s ass can. Groaning with desire, Perry redoubled his efforts at fucking the hell out of the beautiful adolescent.

“You’re big,” moaned Mary. “God, you’re big! You’re tearing me apart. Keep it up! Keep it coming — coming — coming!”

A velvet vise damped down on Perry’s buried prick. He let out a wild strangled yell and fucked into her to the hilt. For a moment they hung there suspended in space. The whole magnificent length of his cock was being crushed. The overwhelming force of Mary’s orgasm threatened to grind the prick to a nubbin.

Perry didn’t care! The sensations from his trapped cock were too wild and wonderful! Sobbing with passion, Mary began to squirm around the impaling prick, and Perry shot his wad.

The two were shaking uncontrollably as they fucked in the throes of mutual orgasm. Mary’s cunt sucked like a powerful mouth, milking Perry’s exploding prick for every last drop of white gooey goodness.

Despite the awesome amount of cum Perry had pumped into Mary’s unwilling mouth such a short time before, his balls provided not a drop less to be fountained into the girl’s greedy pussy!

A torrent of jizz boiled out around the cunt-wrapped base of Perry’s cock and flooded into his lap. He didn’t notice. His sperm was searing the girl’s soul. Her cunt was sucking his very life force out through the tiny opening in the end of his dick. They came together for eternity, welded into one by an overwhelming orgasm.

When the throbbing climax finally died down, Perry lay back in the chair gasping with exertion. Mary collapsed sobbing on his skinny chest, her tears staining his tan turtleneck. “My God, what a fuck!” the pimp exclaimed. “What an incredible piece of ass! I’ll give you fifteen hundred, Castle. She’s worth it!”

The District Attorney didn’t reply. The only sound in the room was a soft plop as his own jizz sprayed from his cock and dropped into his lap.


The small, weasel-faced pimp riffled casually through the roll of bills. Its girth was scarcely diminished by the subtraction of fifteen hundred dollars. Perry stuck the roll into the pocket of his sports coat. Castle had left, and Perry was alone with Mary.

He turned to face Mary and sat. His beady dark eyes bored into her. “Well,” he said, “you’re a damn fine little fuck. But you’ve got too much spirit, you know what I mean? You might just get the idea you can cross me up.” He shook his head. “We’ll just have to cure you of that little notion.”

The pimp stuck his fingers in his mouth and gave a shrill whistle. The door connecting the room with the room next door opened. Two people came in, eyeing Mary with frank curiosity.

The girl looked uncertainly back at them. The man was short and squat and looked immensely powerful. He had short curly brown hair and a broad flat face. The girl, or woman rather, was an inch or two shorter than Mary. Her blonde hair was dark at the roots. She was slim-waisted with voluptuous hips and unbelievable huge tits, swinging unconfined inside her blouse.

Mary didn’t like the way the blonde looked at her. The liquid brown eyes held undeniable lust, but it was a sort of lust that made the skin crawl between Mary’s shoulder blades.

“Larry and Cat,” Perry said, “meet my new thoroughbred filly, Mary. Mary, meet Larry and Cat. They’re your, shall we say, trainers.”

He lounged back and lit up a cigarette. He shot the squat muscular Larry a bored look. “What are you waiting for?” he asked, sucking smoke into his lungs. “Saddle-break her!”

With surprisingly broad strides Larry crossed the room. He picked Mary up, then started to undress her.

After a moment of shocked immobility, the teenager fought back. She kicked and struggled and tried to bite. Her hands curved into claws and raked for Larry’s eyes.

The effort was wasted. Her fierceness failed to impress the man, who methodically stripped her clothing from her writhing, lithe body. He managed to unbutton her blouse and work off her short skirt without damaging them, but her bra and panties he simply ripped off her. In a matter of moments she was stark naked. Her pale limbs flailed and flashed.

The woman named Cat had disappeared into the next room. Now she returned. In one hand she carried a tangle of leather straps. In the other she had a short riding whip. Mary, thrashing in Larry’s strong arms, saw her through a disordered cloud of yellow hair. At once, she stopped struggling.

“What-what are you going to do?” she asked. Fear tinged her voice.

“What I told them to do. Saddle-break you,” Perry said, blowing smoke through his nostrils. “Ride you till you’re worn down. Whip every last vestige of resistance out of you. Oh, and it’s going to hurt. Gentleness is wasted on sluts!”

Standing behind the nude girl, Larry gripped her forearms and held them out to Cat. The slinky woman with the bleached hair, quickly and professionally strapped them together at the wrists. She cinched the straps cruelly tight. Mary bit her lip as the leather bit into her skin.

Kneeling before the naked adolescent, Cat strapped her ankles together. Then she stood up. A wicked smile crossed her full, red lips.

Her heavy breasts rose and fell as Cat eyed the prisoner. Then she slapped Mary hard across the face. Mary’s head rocked back. Cat hit her again. She sagged against Larry. He let her slide to the carpet. He held her pinioned wrists above her head in one brawny hand.

Cat picked up the whip, moving gracefully like the animal she was named for. “No!” exclaimed Mary, shaking her head madly. “No, don’t!”

The tip of the whip flicked out. Gently, it caressed Mary’s cheek. She winced.

“Now, now,” purred Cat in a low sensuous voice. “That didn’t hurt, did it?” The whip snapped, stung Mary’s cheek. She gave a cry and blinked back tears.

“That did, didn’t it?” Cat licked a lip and ran a hand over her ample boobs. “You see how much power I have over you, darling?”

Mary tried to fight to her feet. Larry moved, pulling her upraised arms back till they strained in their sockets. Her early-ripened tits were thrust forward and up. The nipples jutted out like small fingers.

The ship twitched restlessly. Then it licked out and gave one of the nipples a feather light touch. Mary gasped. Again it lapped at the nipple, and again. Then the thin lash began to tickle both her tits, thrilling the tender pale skin.

“Oooooh,” Mary moaned. She rubbed her thighs together. She could feel the warmth in her pussy. This felt sooooo good! Cat was incredibly skilled with the little whip. Her delicate touching and teasing of Mary’s boobs was turning her on!

Mary closed her eyes, let her head loll against one upraised arm. Sensuous delight flowed from her tits as the whip caressed them lovingly. The smell of her aroused cunt filled the room as the sweet oils started to flow again.

With one hand Cat unbuttoned her blouse. The restless whip never stopped kissing and licking Mary’s boobs. Cat’s own huge tits swung free of the blouse. Thumb-thick red nipples hardened instantly in the cool air.

The whip twitched away as Cat shrugged out of the blouse. In the open air her tits were fully as magnificent as they had promised to be when concealed by her blouse. Big as melons and firm, with palm-sized patches of brown forming halos around the swollen nipples. One of her specialties was taking a customer’s cock between those tits rid fucking him with them. The sensuous wealth of tit flesh was guaranteed to drive anybody mad.

Long fingernails fondled the boobs. Cat took one of her nipples between her nails and twirled it. Searing pleasure shot into her chest. On the floor before her Mary was writhing around with an ecstatic expression on her face.

Cat smiled still more widely. She cocked her arm and cut the whip savagely across Mary’s super sensitized boobs. Mary shrieked with agony, bouncing off the floor.

His face expressionless, Larry held the helpless girl in place while Cat lashed her tits with the whip. The skin of Cat’s face and jugs glowed with excitement. Her pendulous boobs flew to the rhythm of her blows, flopping on her chest with a sloppy sound. Though it felt to Mary as if her tender tits were being beaten raw, Cat was working with the skill of an artist. Though red lines soon crisscrossed the heaving mounds, the delicate white skin was never broken and no permanent marks were made to mar their milky perfection.

When Mary’s shrieks got to be too much to take, Larry stuffed a handkerchief in her mouth. Cat, with one hand stuffed down the front of her jeans to play with her aching pussy, signaled him to turn the prisoner over.

Effortlessly, Larry did so. Mary’s tortured tits hung toward the floor, feeling as if they were on fire. Her knees were rubbing on the rug and her cheek was pressed into the man’s crotch. She could feel the hardness of his cock beneath her cheek. It radiated heat.

The girl’s upturned ass peeked toward the ceiling. Cat began to whip Mary’s asscheeks. They could take much more punishment than the tender boobs, and she laid it on accordingly. Her fingers were thrust deeply into her cunt, jacking herself off.

A red crosshatched welt appeared on Mary’s asscheeks. Then Cat shifted her aim and landed a stinging cut right between the reddened buttocks. The whip bit into the crimson crack and stung the fisted asshole. Mary’s cry was sharp inspite of the gag.

Breathing heavily from passion and exercise, Cat stepped back. She laid three more strokes right smack between her captive’s asscheeks, then collapsed with a soft cry. Mary turned her head and stared in wonder as Cat lay on the floor, writhing as she fucked herself furiously with her hand. It was obvious the big-titted woman was coming hard.

Perry waved a hand to Larry. He dragged the girl around and propped her on all fours, facing her tormentor. Cat gave a long sobbing cry, her tits seeming to swell as she arched her back skyward. Then she fell back to the floor with a sigh.

“As you see,” Perry said, getting out of his chair, “Cat likes to hurt people. It turns her on. Keep that in mind, baby. And here’s something else. Cat, shuck out of those pants. I want to show Mary something, and anyway we’re going to fuck while Larry continues her education.”

Cat bounced to her feet, tits flopping. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down off her ass. The big firm cheeks were pale, with the same olive tint as the rest of her skin.

Cat’s bare butt was as splendid as her tits, but it wasn’t its beauty that made Mary gasp. It was the two initials on her right asscheek, burned in inch high red letters: A.H.

“That’s right,” nodded Perry as he walked to the bed. “Artie Howard used to be Cat’s pimp. She tried to run away. Got as far as Las Cruces before he tracked her down and brought her back. That was her reward.”

He sat down, finishing off another cigarette. “Artie had a little disagreement with a sawed-off shotgun shortly after, and Cat came the way of someone more appreciative of her and her talents…” Perry grinned at his captive. She looked up at him with her face blank. Her butt and tits smarted. Cat stepped out of her jeans and walked to her pimp with a springy step that made her jugs bobble enticingly.

“Being branded like that sort of changed Cat. Now she doesn’t care what she does to someone. No compassion, you might say. And if one of my girls got out of line, say tried to run off, or maybe spill some dirt about a famous uncle — well then Cat would just have the greatest time playing with her. She likes knives, too.” The big-boobed Cat slithered onto the bed beside him and stuck her tongue in his ear. He slipped an arm around her and fondled one giant tit casually. “I’m sure you get the idea. You’ll have time to think about it while Larry fucks you up the butt.”

Before Mary had time to realize what he had said, Larry had his pants off. Mary could actually feel the warmth of his turgid prick behind her upturned, beaten bottom. Then Larry plunged his cock into the kneeling girl.

Mary’s first thought was, that isn’t my ass! She was glad, too. Larry’s cock was still bigger than Perry’s, from the unbelievable way it stretched the walls of her cunt as it plunged in. What would it do to her tiny, virginal rectum?

Warm oily pressure enfolded Larry’s cock. What a tight pussy! He fucked in and out of Mary for a half dozen eager strokes before pulling out. He was sorry he was not going to be able to blow off in her twat. But orders were orders.

His huge thick-veined cock liberally smeared with Mary’s cunt grease, Larry positioned his prickhead at the little opening of Mary’s rump. He ran his fingers lightly over the slope of her buttocks. Then he put broad flat thumbs to either side of her anus and pulled it as far open as he could.

At last Mary realized what was going on. Larry had merely been getting his cock lubricated in her dripping cunt! Now he was going to plow into her asshole with that oversized prick.

She gave a yelp as the tip of Larry’s prick touched her gaping asshole. With her wrists and ankles tied she couldn’t get her balance to leap away. Larry’s fingers made white indentations in the cheeks of her ass as the awful pressure began.

By slow, agonizing degrees the mighty cunt sauce smeared cock drove into Mary’s butt. The first entry of the bulbous head wasn’t so bad. But when the great ballooned head was inside the ring of her asshole and sliding with excruciating friction up the ass channel, it was sheer torture. Tears flowed from Mary’s tightly-shut eyes. Her jaw was clenched. Every muscle of her fit body stood out as she fought with all her strength to keep the massive invader from sliding into her rump.

It was no good. Like a spiked bar the cock forced its way in. She could feel it wedging her buttocks apart. It felt as if the walls of her asshole would rip to shreds at any minute. Slowly she was forced forward and down, till her tits were pressed into the floor with her bound wrists between them. The carpet grated her cheek.

“Oooooooooh, God,” she moaned as another inch of prick slid up her butt. “Stop. Please, stop!”

“No can do, lady,” Larry grunted. “Gotta do what old Perry says. You better learn to, too. Ungh! What a tight ass!”

He stopped. Though it felt to the helpless girl as if a telephone pole was stuck in her butt, only three quarters of his cock was buried between her mounds of ass meat. For a minute Larry just stood there on his knees, reveling in the most incredible tightness his prick had ever felt. Mary spit the rest of the gag out.

It wasn’t really so bad now that the cock was just sitting there in her butt. But if he tried to stick any more in, she’d surely die!

On the bed, Perry was lying on his back smoking a cigarette nonchalantly, Cat sat astride him, ecstatically fucking herself on his big stiff prick. She held her boobs in her hands, kneading and rolling the doughy flesh, teasing the taut nipples.

Larry glanced over his shoulder at the pair just as Cat brought the tip of one outsized jug up and tilted her head to kiss the nipple. The wantonness of the sight tightened Larry’s ball-sac with a twinge. He could hear the lewd sucking sound of Perry’s cock going in and out of the woman’s cunt. She was gyrating her hips wildly around the impaling pole of prick.

A sudden surge of lust boiling in his balls, Larry tightened his muscles and shoved two inches more of his cock into Mary’s vulnerable anus. She screamed into the carpet as the agony overwhelmed her.

Her cry of pain was answered by a scream of joy from Cat. The teenager’s agony sent her over the edge into a fantastic climax that sucked the jizz in a seething torrent from Perry’s nuts.

Mary’s cries were continuous and piercing as Larry pulled his cock out of her ass. It was almost worse than it had been going in. It felt as if he had barbs on his prick, tearing into her ass channel in a million hooks of pain.

Sweating with the effort, Larry began to fuck Mary’s butt for real. As his prick stretched the small passage ever wider he was able to fuck her faster and faster. Spurred by Cat’s cries of joy and Mary’s wordless pleas for mercy, he hurtled in seconds to the brink of climax.

Pain and shame and sickness overwhelmed Mary. The degradation of forced anal penetration was almost as bad as the pain. To be tied like an animal, and used like a piece of meat — broken like a horse, her tender body debased to be used to make profit for these disgusting, evil creatures.

Mary had been betrayed. As the warning pulse of Larry’s cock warned her he was about to come, she knew in a moment of clarity what she must do.

Larry came. His wad traveled the length of his dong like a runaway locomotive and blasted into Mary’s rectum. It seared her like acid as it filled the passageway and leaked out her butthole. She didn’t cry out. She wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction!

Let them do their worst! She was going to make it through. And someday her chance would come — and she’d make them cry.

Larry grunted as the last of his jism pulsed into Mary’s butt. After an eternity, the softening prick popped out. Cum leaked from the tip. Jizz leaked from her violated asshole.

Perry got up off the bed. Cat lay on her back feeling herself. Apparently her appetite for sex was insatiable. The now-naked pimp walked over to stand beside his half-naked muscleman.

“How’s her ass?” Perry asked. Larry grinned lewdly. “Good deal. Got my money’s worth, then. Get her up on her knees.”

Strong hands lifted Mary, sat her down on her bare heels. She winced as her butt touched them. It sent a spear of pain into her asshole and up her back.

Two limp, gooey cocks confronted Mary. “That’s right,” Perry said. “Our lovely cocks are all dirty and sticky. What you do now is make them nice and clean.”

Numbly, Mary stared at the pricks. The one so recently thrust to the hilt in a woman’s oily, rank pussy, the other just out of her own asshole. Her stomach turned over.

But no. If she tried to refuse they’d hurt her. She could not get out of it. She had to go along with them. Her chance would come.

“Well?” Perry asked.

She’d pay him back one day, Mary silently vowed. But she would really wait for the day she could get back at the man who had done this to her — who had beaten and raped her, then sold her to these evil men.

Her uncle. District Attorney Herbert Castle. Her uncle, the crusader.

Live through this, Mary, she told herself. Uncle Herbert will pay for it all, with interest. Some day.

Clear, dry blue eyes looked from one goop smeared prick to the other.

Mary opened her mouth and leaned forward.


With her heart seeming to pound in her throat, Mary walked up toward the front parch of the big house. A gaslight flickered at her back, and a yellow porch light was burning, beckoning her. Once on the porch she raised her hand to the doorbell, then hesitated.

This was to be her first job.

After the painful and degrading scene in the hotel suite, Perry the pimp had seemed to change completely. Mary’s docile manner convinced him that she was saddle-broken. He had no idea that her resignation was feigned, a cover of her determination to get revenge one day.

Perry the pimp had become the urbane and charming Perry Roadman, who wore the best clothing and drove the fastest cars. The very evening after her uncle had sold her like a side of beef, to be raped and sodomized and humiliated by Perry and his evil assistants, the pimp had dressed her in a lovely, sheer dress of green silk that matched her eyes, taken her to dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town and then to a movie.

By the time the evening was over, Mary found she was actually enjoying herself. Perry seemed to be trying to impress her with the message: cooperate and you will be rewarded. Resist and be turned over to Cat and her twisted fantasies. And the pimp did know how to reward a girl.

Mary found she did not even mind so much when at the end of the evening she found herself on her knees with the lovely dress hiked up around her nubile hips, while Perry unzipped his pants and brought his big prick out for more oral adoration. She had sucked him to climax once, and then he fucked her from behind, grunting and moaning like a dog in the rut. His massive cock had been like a piece of heaven shoved up Mary’s yearning pussy, and she had come again and again before he shot his second load.

After spending the night in the hotel suite, Mary was taken to what would be her new home. Perry had some kind of agreement with the manager of an apartment complex not far from the university. A whole block of the trim, clean efficiency apartments was reserved for Perry’s girls. Each had her own apartment — not because of generosity, this time, but so that she could entertain customers there when the occasion demanded.

Perry Roadman’s whore service also made home deliveries, though. It was one of those tonight, Mary’s first night as a working, if unwilling, hooker.

She stood there in the porch light feeling uncertain and afraid. Mary was self-conscious in the clothes she had been given to wear: a tent-like yellow dress, Mary Jane high socks and buckled shoes. Her hair was in pigtails, tied with yellow ribbons. It made her look twelve years old, and she wondered what the reason was.

She had expected to have to wear red lipstick, a micro-mini, and thigh-high black patent leather boots over black mesh stockings, like the girls who strutted their stuff under the streetlights downtown.

A car motor gunned impatiently at her back, reminding Mary of where she was and what she had to do. Though Perry was apparently satisfied that Mary would obey, he had sent Larry to make the delivery. And Larry had instructions to wait until the girl was safely inside with her john before taking off.

A slim finger pressed the doorbell. Electric chimes sounded inside. Mary heard footsteps, and caught her breath as the door swung open.

The teenager was not sure what she had expected her first customer to look like. Mary only knew that she was surprised at the man who appeared in the doorway of the large white house in the ritzy residential section of town. He was a tall middle-aged man, graying, beginning to bulge around the middle. He was not handsome, but his heavy, jovial features were not at all unattractive.

He looked, Mary suddenly realized, fatherly. At least she thought he did. She had never really had a father of her own. Only Uncle Herbert… but it wouldn’t do to think of him. Not now.

The man’s broad face lit up with a warm and winning smile. “Good evening, my dear,” he said in a rich smooth voice. “Come in, come in. So good to see you. What’s your name?”

Mary stepped across the threshold. The man took her arm, and her flesh seemed to tingle where he touched her. What would it be like? she wondered fearfully. But even as she did, she felt her anxiety ebbing. The man’s sincere and friendly manner was putting her at ease.

Behind her, she heard the purring of an engine as Larry eased the Cadillac away from the curb.

“My name is Marti,” Mary said as the man closed the door behind her. “Marti Rheinhardt.” Perry had warned her not to use her own name, for obvious reasons. Instead he told her to choose one that sounded similar, so it would be easy to remember. Mary had seen the name Marti Rheinhardt somewhere, and decided to use it.

“I’m pleased to meet you,” the customer said, ushering the girl into a spacious living room. “Call me… Mr. Burns.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Burns.” Mary was conscious that hookers often had to play roles to satisfy the appetites of their johns. But Mr. Burns — the name was no doubt as false as Marti Rheinhardt — made her feel so comfortable she just acted like herself. Though she found that in her little-girl clothing, she tended to act younger than she usually did.

“You’re a very polite young lady,” commented Mr. Burns. “Very well brought up. I like that. Here, do sit down and make yourself comfortable.” Mary sat on the divan, crossing her legs as she did so.

“Would you like a Coke?”

Mary nodded. The man went into another room, came back shortly with a glass full of bubbling soft drink.

“You’re a very lovely young lady,” Mr. Burns said, sitting down beside her as she took a sip of her Coke.

Normally she looked closer to twenty. But with the Mary Janes and pigtails, her green eyes made huge by skillful eye makeup, a healthy natural-looking blush of pink rouge on her cheeks, and her naturally red lips untouched by makeup, she might almost have passed for thirteen, but for the enormous boobs thrusting out the front of her dress. They gave the lie to her statement.

Nevertheless Mr. Burns accepted it. Something told the girl he wanted to believe it.

“I have a daughter, you know,” he said. He glanced at a table beside the couch. A photograph was there in a stand up frame. It looked like the graduation photograph of a lovely, brown-haired girl. “She’s away at school now. On the East Coast. I remember once when she was that age, it was two years after her mother died, when she…” He stopped and seemed to shake himself. He looked at Mary.

“You’ve almost finished your Coke, Marti dear,” he said. His voice was a shade huskier. He was breathing faster. “I know. Why don’t I make you a nice chocolate sundae. Little girls love chocolate sundaes.”

Mary started to refuse. So soon after drinking a Coke, a gooey, sweet sundae was the last thing she wanted. But she remembered in time that in hooking as in other trades, the customer was always right. “Yes, please,” she said. “That would be very nice.”

Mr. Burns rose and left. Mary put the empty glass down on the coffee table and looked at the picture of Mr. Burns’ daughter. It gave Mary a strange feeling.

Why was Mr. Burns paying Perry Roadman a goodly sum for a four-hour session with a call girl? The man seemed to Mary to be the kindest she had ever met, and just as charming. With his wife dead and his only child at school, he should have had no trouble finding attractive women all too glad to help relieve his loneliness for free. In her few years Mary had learned that genuine warmth and tenderness were rare commodities. Burns had lots of both. And they were what a woman wanted. Why had he hired Mary?

Unless he had some needs that were not so easy to satisfy? Mary felt a peculiar tingling in her pussy.

Mr. Burns returned from the kitchen. This time he had a tray, loaded with a bowl, an open pint of vanilla ice cream with a scoop stuck in it, a can of chocolate syrup, and a spray container of whipped cream. He set the tray on the coffee table and sat down beside Mary. His thigh brushed hers.

“I’ll make you a sundae right here,” he said. He was almost panting now. Mary’s eyes traveled to his crotch, saw a pronounced bulge. He was getting a hard-on! He spooned ice cream into the bowl.

“Do you like sundaes?” Burns asked as he poured the syrup liberally over the ice cream. Dumbly, Mary nodded. The man picked up the can of whipped cream, sprayed a conical swirl over the top of the sundae. “Good, good. Here, have some.”

He dipped a spoon into the sundae. Mary reached for the spoon, and Mr. Burns’ warm hand closed over hers. Gently, he guided the spoonful toward her mouth.

Eyes round and fixed on the man’s face, Mary let him steer the spoon into her open mouth. She closed her lips around it and sucked off the ice cream and syrup. A little chocolate sauce stuck to her lip. Unconsciously, she licked it off with her tongue.

Mr. Burns let go her hand. His hand dropped to her ripe right boob, cupping it. Mary was not wearing a bra beneath the dress. Her nipple was hard, poking into his palm. “You have such large breasts, sweetheart,” Mr. Burns breathed. Mary bit her lip.

“Mr. Burns…”

The man had his hands on both tits now, massaging the pliant cones of flesh. The fabric of the yellow dress scraped deliciously over her swollen nipples. “Don’t call me Mr. Burns,” he gasped. “Too-too formal. C-call me Daddy!”

“Yes, mmmmmmmmmm… Daddy.” Mary rolled her shoulders, pressing her tits into his avid palms. She was suddenly hot and willing.

So Mr. Burns wanted to play with a make-believe daughter. That was fine with her! Her pussy was hungry to take all he had to give.

Feverish fingers tugged at her blouse, pulling it open to bare her tits. They looked just like twin, generous scoops of vanilla ice cream, the nipples like brown cherries firm and ripe atop them.

Burns pulled the opened dress down over Mary’s shoulders. Her tits heaved to the rhythm of her breathing, jigging slightly. His eyes were fixed hypnotically on the milky mounds of tit flesh. Slowly, he pushed her onto her back.

Reaching behind him, Burns dipped the scoop into the ice cream. While one hand squeezed one of Mary’s boobs, he brought the scoopful of icy confection up and deposited it right on the jutting nipple.

Mary gasped and jumped. The dress was around her upper arms, pinning them to her sides. “Oh, Mr. — Daddy!” she yelped. “That’s cold!”

Paying no attention to her protests, Burns dropped a second scoop onto her other jug. He had a hand on her shoulder, holding her down.

A trickle of melted ice cream ran down into the deep valley between her boobs. Mary’s teeth closed on her lower lip. The scoops of ice cream on her boobs felt funny. The cold hurt at first, but then she felt the stuff start to soften and mold itself to the contours of her flesh. The cold made her nipples still stiffer, and the ice cream flowed down around them like something alive.

Burns was sitting up. His jacket was off and he was untying his necktie. “I like sundaes too,” he was saying. “And I like little girls. They go so well together, don’t you think?”

Mary inhaled deeply. She could feel the juices from her aroused cunt leaking into her panties. “Anything you say, Daddy,” she said, voice thick with lust.

Burns took off his shirt. “But we don’t want to get that nice dress messy, do we?” he asked, leaning forward. His hands went around Mary’s shoulders, unfastened the buttons in back. Then she lifted her ass obediently off the couch so he could slip the dress off over her long slender legs.

His eyes devoured her. The two mounds of ice cream topped her boobs like snowcaps on mountain peaks, melting slowly with the heat of her body. Her firm belly rose and fell slowly. Her panties were yellow to match her dress, and they were taut over the swelling mound of her cunt. The sheer material showed the crinkle of the fine pussy hairs beneath.

Mary’s thighs were trim and juicy, tapering to dimpled knees and swelling out into slim calves, covered now by the high topped stockings. Her buckled shoes had been kicked off. The sight of the pigtailed young blonde, clad only in panties, knee socks, and vanilla ice cream, was unbelievably erotic.

Burns ran his fingers across Mary’s stomach and laid his palm on her pussy bulge. The warmth and pressure excited the girl. She rolled her hips, grinding her cunt into his hand.

Burns moaned. He tore at her panties, dragging them off her ass and down her magnificent legs. The scent from her dripping cunt hit him. The smell of greedy, wet pussy!

The panties were flung clear across the room. Burns slid a hand under Mary’s thighs and lifted them. Mary got the idea and raised her legs in the air, spread wide.

The wet mouth of her cunt gaped open, turned up toward the ceiling. A third scoop of vanilla went smack between the pink lips.

Mary screeched at the sudden freezing chill in her steaming twat. Then she screamed again as she came!

The unique sensation, the kinkiness of it all, got the teenager off in a blinding orgasm. Her butt wiggled around and her legs waved in the air.

Melting ice cream ran into her cunt. It felt like chilled jism.

In his pants, Burns’ hard cock begged to be set free. Fumblingly, he undid his belt and fly and released it. Seven inches of good hard prick swung out of his trousers, poised and quivering like a pointer on a scent.

The pointer of Burns’ prick was on a scent. The scent of aroused snatch.

Not bothering to pull off his trousers, Burns picked up the can of chocolate sauce. He poured it liberally over the ice cream on Mary’s jugs and cunt. “There,” he said, setting the can down. “How does that feel?”

“F-funny, Daddy,” Mary said. She put a finger to her tit, brought it to her lips and licked the syrup from it. Burns’ cock throbbed.

“Here,” he said, picking up the can of whipped cream. With two deft motions he made swirls of the goo atop each sundae-clad breast, then a third spiraling cone of whipped cream over her upturned cunt.

“Now,” he said with satisfaction, “I get to eat my sundae!”

He lunged forward and began to attack the brown and white blob on Mary’s left jug. He took great gulping mouthfuls of ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream, laying his tongue over the mess at every bite. In seconds he had uncovered her tit. His greedy teeth scraped the sensitive skin of her boob.

Burns’ tongue sought out, swirling around and around. Mary felt it scour away the ice cream. Her cunt was awash with desire and her vision swam in a red haze of lust. This was incredible! What a turn-on!

When the first tit-sundae was reduced to streaks of brown chocolate and white cream smeared over Mary’s boob, Burns shifted his attention to the other one. This too was consumed in great gulps, all that remained was a fat dollop right over Mary’s unbelievably hard, unbelievably sensitized nipple. Mary caught her breath as Burns raised his head to look at the treat, then opened his mouth.

The mouth came down over the jug and sucked like a vacuum cleaner. The entire summit of Mary’s boob disappeared into his face. His tongue drilled into the gooey sundae right to the nipple below. Then, still sucking, Burns pulled his head up so that spongy, sweet titflesh slid agonizingly out between his teeth. Slowly, the greedy mouth closed, till the teeth clamped gently on the throbbing finger of Mary’s nipple.

Mary’s back arched. She came again as pleasure stabbed like a dozen knives into her boob. The melting mess on her twat mingled with the pungent juices of her lusting cunt.

“Good, dear? You like, that?” Burns’ asked, lifting his head. Chocolate sauce was smeared all over his chin.

All the girl could do was nod and moan for more. She wagged her legs urgently.

“Please… please!” she sobbed. “Lick off my pussy. Lick my little pussy clean!”

“How do your titties feel?”

“Good! Ooh, sooooo good. But my pussy needs you! It’s cold! Make it warm — make my cunt all warm with your lips and tongue!”

The rigid cock was shaking with the need to be plunged into the adolescent’s brimming snatch. But it would have to wait. Its way was blocked by the last remaining mound of sundae.

But not for long!

Burns had been kneeling on the floor to devour the girl’s jugs. Now he got up on the couch below her upturned ass. His cock stabbed deep into the cushions as he maneuvered his head between her thighs.

Mary’s entire body was taut as a bowstring. She tingled with delighted anticipation. Mr. Burns was about to start eating the treat he had created on her pussy. And when that was finished a different sort of treat awaited his questing tongue! What would it be like, having her cunt eaten by this man with a yen for little girls?

Licking his lips, Burns tucked into the final sundae. Weird sensations trickled into Mary’s cunt as he began to gobble the ice cream. Her clit was swollen with excitement, and the blob of frozen cream lay right atop it. The ice cream moved as he ate into it, stimulating her clit.

“Oh, hurry!” Mary cried. “Hurry and get into my pussy! Eat my pussy all up!”

Whipped cream and dark chocolate syrup flew as Burns dove in headfirst. The mess made a squelching sound and Mary yipped as ice cream was forced into the channel of her twat. The mans tongue lapped like a dog’s at the sticky morass, delving or the sweet meat of her pussy.

The tip of Burns’ tongue touched Mary’s clit. Mary screamed, arching her back to crush her cunt into Burns’ gobbling face and she grabbed his head to hold the teasing, all-consuming mouth in place.

“It’s good!” she shrieked. “So good. I never thought — I-I-I’m coming!”

A flood of oils gushed from her cunt. Burns drank the flavorful cunt wine eagerly. Its taste blended with the ice cream and chocolate syrup into new and delightful combinations.

The mixture acted as an aphrodisiac. Burns’ nose poked thrillingly into Mary’s clit as he thrust his tongue deeper and deeper into her spasming snatch. Mary’s tender thighs held his head in a vise-like grip. His hearing was cut off by the walls of nubile flesh and his eyes were filled with the sight of Mary’s golden cunt thatch, sticky and matted with brown and white slush. Nothing mattered but tongue-fucking the hell out of this beautiful girl!

Fantastic sensations boiled up from Mary’s cunt. The tongue was like a living flame in the oily tunnel of her pussy, and the man’s chin struck sparks of ecstasy when it touched the pearly marble of her clit. She just couldn’t quit coming!

“Keep it up, Daddy!” she cried. “Oooo-ahhhh! Fuck your tongue up me!”

Burns’ pulled his tongue out with a corkscrewing motion that drove the girl mad. When it came free of her pussy channel he scoured it all around the pink mouth, lapping up every drop of cunt juice and sweet slush. Mary’s butt lifted from the couch as she shoved her pussy against his face, trying to wring every last bit of pleasure possible from her first cunt-eating.

Finally the shiny pink lips of her quim were clean. The man lifted his head and smiled. The girl whimpered with disappointment and tried to pull his mouth back to her gaping, hungry cunt.

“Don’t stop, Daddy!” she begged. “Don’t ever stop!”

“I’ve got something else for you, sweetheart,” Burns murmured, sliding forward.

Mary felt his weight atop her. His breath crawled like a snake up her belly, over her heaving, still-sticky boobs.

“Yes, yes!” Mary said. “Fuck me. Fuck me now, Daddy! Fuck that big bad cock into your baby girl!”

The words drove Burns deeper into his frenzy of lust. Hunching like an inchworm he prodded with his iron-hard cock at the opening of Mary’s pussy. She reached down with fingers that trembled with passion to steer the prick into her ravenous cunt.

When Mary steered the head of Burns’ cock to her cuntlips, he lunged into her with all his might, burying his shaft of prick balls-deep in her brimming pussy. Mary cried out with joy and rolled her ass around the bar of cock.

Madly, Burns fucked the girl. Her feet waved in the air as he pumped in and out of her. Cunt juice and cream flew in a froth from the manic energy of his fucking. Each thrust of his rigid cock drove Mary’s ass deeply into the cushions of the couch inspite of the fact she was pushing upwards with all her might, to take every inch of that marvelous prick into her aching pussy.

His mouth sought hers. His tongue tasted rich and strange from the mixture of cunt juice and sundae it had been sampling. Mary took his tongue in her mouth, wrapping hers around and around it.

The middle-aged man was too turned on to hold his orgasm back for long. He yelled around his mouthful of tongue and his hands fastened like talons on Mary’s asscheeks as he came.

Mary felt the steaming jet fill her pussy. It set off yet another orgasm in her churning loins. She locked her legs around Burns’ waist, forcing even more of his fountaining cock into her cunt. A velvet noose strangled the cock. It seemed to pulse up and down the length of cock, milking the creamy jism from it in great spurts. In seconds the jizz had overflowed the well of Mary’s cunt and run over her asscheeks, mingling with cunt sauce, chocolate syrup, melted vanilla ice cream.

For a long time Burns continued to fuck the girl, till his exploding prick had no more jizz to give her. Then slowly the fires died down and they subsided into a warm afterglow.

At last Burns pushed himself up and away from the girl. His prick slid out with a pop. A dab of cum ran down Mary’s butt.

The man sat up. “Marti, honey?” he said.

“Yes, Daddy?” Mary cooed, stretching like a cat.

“Did Daddy’s little girl enjoy herself?”

“Mmmmmm-mmmmhhh! Very much,” Mary said truthfully. Her ice cream sundae fuck had been the wildest experience of her short life. What a ball!

Mary heard a hissing sound. She lifted her head and opened her big green eyes, which had been screwed tightly shut in the fury of her climax.

Burns had the can of whipped cream again. He was applying the sugary foam to his own crotch this time. The length of his cock was already almost covered.


“Yes, Daddy?”

“It’s your turn now. Lick up all the nice cream.”

Mary sat up, stretched, then tilted her head down. Her pigtails fell into the mound of whipping cream. “Yes, Daddy,” she purred obediently.


Mary sat in a chair in her one-room apartment. The TV was turned on, but she wasn’t watching it. She was waiting for her customer. Or customers, since Perry had told her to expect more than one. The girl felt nervous. She was just getting used to the apartment, but already it was beginning to feel like home. It felt as if her privacy were about to be invaded by customers coming into it. Wasn’t there any refuge for her?

In her heart she knew there wasn’t. She was property. A slave. Wherever she was, her nubile young ass was for hire and she had better not forget it.

She thought of Cat then, and shivered.

What was in store for her tonight? It wouldn’t be realistic to expect all or even very many of her tricks to be like the one the night before.

Her ecstasy with the eccentric Mr. Burns had been unfeigned. His game with the sundaes had got her hotter than she had ever been before, and the games they’d played after that had been just as wild. Burns had the sexual vigor of a much younger man. He was also very kind to the girl, and it seemed to Mary that his kindness was sincere, not part of the odd fantasy he had hired her to act out, not a ploy to make her more cooperative sexually.

To her surprise, Mary found she was not repulsed by the man’s middle-aged sexual kinks, even after the passion of the moment had faded. If anything, she felt sorry for Mr. Burns. He was so lonely, with his wife dead and his daughter gone off to school.

The buzzer sounded. Mary got up with her heart pounding. She walked to the intercom and pressed the talk button.

“Who is it?”

“Perry sent us,” a voice said. It was a male voice, but it was too distorted by the intercom for Mary to tell any more than that. She pushed the button to open the door to the apartment complex.

Mary went and stood in front of the full-length minor set into one wall. These apartments must have been designed with hooking in mind, she reflected bitterly. Who else would want so much of the wall space in the tiny shoe-box apartment taken up by a mirror?

As she waited, she wondered what this trick would be like. The man said us, confirming what Perry had said to expect. It can’t be too bad, she told herself. One guy will probably want to screw me while the other watches. Or maybe have me suck one off while his partner fucks me from behind. She sighed.

Just hope they don’t want to fuck me up the ass, she thought. She remembered the pain of Larry’s giant cock reaming her butt.

Then she thought: What’s the difference? Sooner or later someone would want to butt-fuck her. And she’d have to go along with it.

For now. The idea of submitting her tender asshole to the lusts of some stranger strengthened her resolve to break free some day.

There was a knock on the door. She gave herself a hurried once over. Her gleaming blonde hair hung down her back, fastened with a clasp at the back of her neck. She wore a low-cut, clinging shirt with her magnificent boobs bare beneath. Hip-hugging double-knit slacks completed her outfit, emphasizing the ripeness of her figure.

Here goes, she told herself. She turned from the mirror and went to the door.

She was frightened. Her fingers wouldn’t cooperate when she tried to undo the deadbolt. “Just a minute,” she called, and then the bolt slid open.

Two people stood on the walk outside the apartment. They were not at all what the golden-haired girl had expected. One was a man, about the same age as Mr. Burns had been, but unlike Mr. Burns, this one had an unpleasant look to him. His belly was hanging over the belt of his tailored trousers and he was obviously treating his hair to keep it so black. Something about his face reminded Mary of a fat, disgusting toad.

But it was his companion that made Mary’s breath catch and her eyes widen.

The other john wasn’t a john at all — It was a jane, if that was what they were called. A woman, enormously tall — Mary guessed her to be at least six feet. Her long lithe body was slender, almost gaunt. Her tits were high firm cones pushing out the front of her blouse, filmy blue and transparent so the hard, pointy nipples were almost visible. She wore a long dark-blue skirt that brushed the carpet as she stalked in behind the dumpy man.

Mary turned as they walked past her. That’s strange, she thought, feeling put out. She arranged her pretty face into a smile. “Hi,” she said brightly. “My name’s Marti. How a…”

“Shut up, bitch,” the man growled, producing a big black cigar from a pocket of his pastel leisure suit. “Make her shut up, Tanya.”

The tall girl stalked toward Mary. Tanya’s hair was a shining abundant black mass, but her eyes were the oddest pale blue Mary had ever seen. Like chips of ice, she thought, as Tanya towered over her.

Face blank, the woman called Tanya looked down at Mary. Then without warning she lashed out and slapped Mary in the face.

The force of the blow knocked Mary off her feet. She fell back against the wall with a cry. It felt as if she had been kicked by a mule.

“Why did you do that?” she sputtered in outrage. “What the hell…”

Her voice trailed off. Tanya loomed over her. The tall brunette reached down and grabbed a handful of Mary’s hair. “P.J. says to shut up,” she said, twisting the girl’s head back till her neck creaked painfully. Her voice was an eerie rasp, as if her vocal cords had been sandpapered. Her eyes glowed with a pale cold light.

P.J. puffed on his cigar. He blew out a cloud of blue smoke. “Use her,” he said.

Pulling her by the hair, Tanya dragged Mary to her feet. The blonde bit her lip to keep from crying out. She got her feet under her, supporting herself against the wall at her back. Her eyes were wide with fear. A long-nailed thin hand reached into the top of Mary’s low-cut blouse and pulled out a tit. The nipple was instantly erect. Tanya teased it with a thumbnail, sending a pang of pleasure into Mary’s chest. Then she bent over and wrapped her lips around it.

Mary put her head back and closed her eyes as Tanya sucked her breast. It felt good. The lanky brunette used the tip of her tongue on the end of the blood-gorged nipple. She was skillful, almost making Mary forget it was another woman lavishing attention on her jug.

The unwilling teenage prostitute realized she was going to have to perform lesbian acts with Tanya. Even if resisting would not have gotten her in bad trouble with Perry, she would have gone along. She was frightened of Tanya. The big black-haired woman was as crazy as Cat, and as dangerous.

A soft moan of pleasure escaped Mary’s throat. She put a hand on the back of Tanya’s neck, cradling her head against her boob. She could feel the oils start to stir in her cunt.

Tanya bit down hard on Mary’s nipple.

Mary howled like a scalded cat. Incredible pain shot through her ribcage like fire. She tried to escape, flailing at Tanya’s shoulders with her arms. Tanya slipped an arm around the smaller girl’s shoulders and held her in a grip of iron. She began to suck great masses of pliant boob into her mouth, abusing it painfully with her sharp teeth.

It felt as if the skin of Mary’s tit was being scraped off. Her screams subsided to moans of pain and pleading. Tanya was oblivious, chewing savagely on the trapped jug. Across the room, P.J. smoked his cigar furiously. A cloud of blue smoke surrounded him.

Finally Tanya released Mary’s boob. Mary sagged in the tall woman’s arms. Her heart pounded. Fearfully, she dropped her eyes to her tortured tit, expecting to see a mass of blood.

The normally white skin of the girl’s ample jug glowed a hot pink. But it was easy to see at a glance that no damage had been done to it. Only to Mary’s pride.

Anger flaring, she glared at Tanya. Tanya gave her a lazy, lewd smile. “You have nice-tasting tits,” Tanya husked. “How well do you eat cunt?”

Surprised, Mary choked out, “I never…”

A pink tongue flickered along Tanya’s upper lip. “Every little girl ought to be taught to eat pussy,” she said. “On your knees and give me pleasure, slut!”

Mary struggled, tried to twist away. Tanya hit her hard on the face with her free hand. The blow brought tears to Mary’s eyes but didn’t stop her resistance. Something inside the teenager rebelled against the idea of putting her mouth to the sadistic Tanya’s steaming, rank pussy!

When the slap on the face didn’t stop the blonde’s efforts to free herself, Tanya changed target. Her next open-handed slap landed right on the reddened boob. Mary shrieked. Tanya began to pummel her boobs mercilessly. The slaps sounded like gunshots in the small room.

Curving her slim fingers, Tanya began to drag her clawlike nails over the sensitive surface of Mary’s tits, gouging them agonizingly.

“God, oh God!” Mary cried. “Stop — pleeeeeaaaase stop! I’ll-I’ll do it. I’ll do anything! Stop!”

Tanya quit. “You’ll do what, cunt?”

“I’ll do… what you want me to.”

“You’ll do what?” Tanya slapped her across the boobs again. “Say it! Say what you’ll do.”

Mary gulped. The words were almost as foul on her tongue as she was sure the woman’s quim would be. “… eat… your… ulp, pussy,” she said, dragging the words out.

“Very good.” Tanya nodded. “Get on your knees and get at it.”

A hand twisted in Mary’s hair helped her to the floor. Tanya’s long, heavy skirt came together in the front and was held by a belt. Her free hand swept it open. The luxurious bush of her cunt was revealed in all its glory.

With her nose mere inches from the aromatic growth of pubic hair, Mary studied the cunt. It was the first time she had ever seen another woman’s pussy from close up. The curly, crisp black hairs were incredibly thick on Tanya’s swelling pussy mound. The hairs started well up on her flat belly, spreading out to the folds where her thighs joined with her crotch and then tapering to a wispy point. A black diamond of cunt hair.

No trace of pink cuntlips showed through the dense underbrush. Then Tanya thrust her hips forward, shuffling her booted feet apart on the carpet. Her cunt opened like a scarlet flower greeting the dawn. A hot reek of pussy oil caught Mary full in the face, making her head swim.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” Tanya demanded. “Eat my pussy!”

Afraid of more pain, Mary fought back her rising nausea and leaned forward. The fragile flesh curtains of Tanya’s inner cunt lips poked out past the thick furry rolls of her outer labia. Mary could see the humid crack between. A fat, pearly drop of cunt oil welled up from the depths of Tanya’s quim and rolled out of her gash.

The woman’s clit was enormous. It poked a full quarter inch out of its protective hood of skin. It seemed to quiver like a rigid cock.

“Kiss my cunt! Kiss it good!”

Mary obeyed. Her lips pressed together, she gave the cunt a maidenly peck. The pussy felt almost scalding hot. Rant oils leaked over Mary’s closed lips, and the aroma threatened to overpower her.

“Use your tongue, slut! Tongue my twat or I’ll give you pain!”

The strange ruined voice was full of menace. Scared, Mary opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She closed her eyes and, by sheer willpower, darted her head forward. Her tongue speared right between the gaping lips of the cunt.

Instantly, cunt-taste and cunt-oils flooded her mouth. Mary gagged. Her tongue was buried like a cock in Tanya’s pussy! She tried to pull back. She could not. Tanya’s hand was wrapped around the back of her neck, holding her in place. The other hand was on the ripe curve of Tanya’s own ass, pushing her cunt down onto the delightful spear of tongue. Tanya moaned and rolled her hips.

“Good, so good!” she sighed. “Now, lick my pussy!”

She gave Mary a little slack. Mary pulled her tongue from Tanya’s hot hole. It made a bubbling sound as it came out.

As she began to lap with long dog-like strokes of her tongue at the gaping gash, Mary found she was getting accustomed to the heady scent of Tanya’s twat. It wasn’t really bad at all, once you got used to it. After all, it was the same smell as that her own pussy gave off when it was excited, and she’d always been turned on by the smell of her own cunt. It was just magnified a million times. And there was also the factor that it was another woman’s cunt. This was lesbianism, and Mary had always been taught lesbians were sick and evil.

Tanya shuddered with delight. Mary didn’t think this was sick at all! Her big tits, hanging out like ripe fruit over the top of her blouse, seemed to swell with excitement. The nipples were hard. And the juices of lust were starting to chum in the recesses of her own cunt!

The pearly tip of Tanya’s huge clit touched Mary’s nose. Tanya quaked like a skyscraper hit by an earth tremor. Animal sounds of pleasure escaped her throat. Her grip tightened on Mary’s neck, and the long nails dug deeply into the half-moon of her ass.

Experimentally, Mary touched the tip of her tongue to the slit. “Oh, Jesus!” gasped Tanya. The juices flowed faster from her gash as her lust grew. “Do it, bitch-baby. Do my clitty good with your tongue!”

With the pussy sauce flowing over her chin, Mary did as she was told. Her own passion was rapidly approaching fever pitch as she felt the gaunt and lovely brunette responding to the torturous touch of her tongue.

I’ve got the power now, Mary told herself with awe. This black-haired bitch beat me and abused me and made me submit, but now I’m the center of her universe!

It was the same as the time she’d had to suck Perry’s prick hard, after he had come in her mouth. Once the revulsion had eased, she began to enjoy the physical act, just as she was starting to get off on tonguing Tanya’s swollen, greedy clit. But what made Mary’s own pussy twist with lust was her feeling of absolute domination over people who thought she was in their power! First Perry, and now raven-haired, ice-eyed, beautiful, sadistic Tanya.

She had the power!

“I’m coming!” Tanya groaned. “Oh slit, I’m coming! Make me come with your sweet, sweet tongue!”

Mary closed her lips over the rigid finger of Tanya’s clit. She sucked with all her might, till her belly was a hollow and her ribs stuck out. “Oh Christ!” cried Tanya. Her hips began to chum of their own accord, twisting and turning her clit in its fleshy prison. “Oh, mother! Suck me! Ohhhh, you slut, you’re making me coooooooooommmme!”

Maliciously, Mary closed her even white teeth around the clit. She bit down, gently at first, then harder. It was Tanya’s turn to shriek now, a long wailing cry of agony mingled with the raging ecstasy of climax. “Yah!”

Her slim hips began to pump furiously. Her hand kept Mary’s head in place as she fucked herself, face-fucked the blonde with her stiff clit as though it were a cock! The hard pubic bone beneath the cushiony cunt mound smashed painfully into Mary’s front teeth, but she kept her torturous hold on Tanya’s clit.

Cunt juice dripped like liquid fire onto Mary’s bare tits. It burned there, cooling slowly. Mary’s boobs flopped as her own slim body shook with orgasm.

For an eternity the two girls were joined, cunt to mouth, in a searing, soul-shattering climax.

At last the fury of coming abated. The iron grasp on the back of Mary’s neck eased. Mary brought her face back from the morass of Tanya’s pussy. Her upper lip was swollen from Tanya’s pubic bone banging into it, and her mouth and chin were smeared with a foam of cunt juice. Tanya’s pussy closed slowly as she straightened her long body. Her cunt hairs were damp and matted with the oils of her body.

“You learn quick, baby whore,” the brunette said throatily.

“Very good,” came P.J.’s raspy voice. Mary had forgotten that the bloated toad of a man was in the room with them. She turned and looked at him as he flicked away the stub of the cigar he had smoked while watching Mary eat cunt. Was that all the longer it lasted, Mary thought wonderingly. It had seemed like forever.

Tanya’s body tensed, like a dog awaiting its master’s next command. “You did good, Tanya baby,” P.J. said. “You got me nice and hot. Get her ready for me, and make it snappy!”

Mary fell back with her tits jiggling as Tanya gave her a shove. The tall brunette knelt quickly and unfastened the blonde’s slacks. Then she pulled Mary’s slacks and panties off with a fluid motion.

The carpet itched Mary’s bare bottom. Tanya straightened and undid the belt that held her long skirt. It fell to the floor, baring her magnificent slender legs and the ebony diamond of cunt fur nestled between her thighs.

She held the leather belt in her hands. Mary’s heart pounded as she stepped forward. “What are you doing?” the blonde girl asked.

“Be quiet,” Tanya ordered. Mary shut up. She had seen the light of madness gleam in those pale-blue eyes once more.

Tanya knelt. Her perfect conical breasts bounced within the wispy blouse as she grabbed Mary’s wrists, pulling them together in front of her. With professional ease she tied the belt around the girl’s wrists and knotted it securely.

“I’ve got her ready, P.J.” Tanya towered over the supine girl, breathing deeply. The pointy nipples seemed ready to poke holes in the filmy blue blouse. A glittering trickle of cunt juice rolled down one ivory thigh.

P.J. was naked. He had undressed while his companion had tied Mary’s wrists.

Naked, the squat man with the dyed-black hair was even more repulsive than he had been with his clothes on. His jowls sagged and the muscles of his chest were like the breasts of an old woman. His vast doughy paunch bounced as he walked forward, and his stiff cock wagged in the air ahead of him. It was a seven-inch rod of purple flesh, covered with a snake-like tangle of twisted blue veins.

The man called P.J. dropped something to the floor beside Mary. It was a cushion from the convertible couch, that pulled out to become a bed. “Get her buns on that,” he commanded Tanya.

A hand slipped under Mary’s butt. The fingernails pricked slightly as Tanya urged the girl’s rounded ass off the carpet. She slid the pillow under Mary, propping her up.

A cool breeze tickled the fine hairs on Mary’s cunt mound. “Spread ’em,” P.J. ordered.

Mary let Tanya part her legs without resistance. Her blonde-furred twat opened. Tanya pulled Mary’s legs up till the fronts of her, thighs almost touched her upwards-thrust jugs. Lifting her head, Mary watched P.J. kneel before her exposed butt, fat jiggling.

Mary’s bound arms were held over her head. Half-naked, Tanya squatted beside her, holding her thighs in position. P.J. took his big cock in hand and put his other hand where Mary’s thigh joined her ass. A thumb touched her puckered asshole and began to urge it open. “No!” cried Mary in alarm. “Not my ass! Please not my ass. I’ll give you a blow-job, anything. Don’t fuck me in the ass!”

P.J. shot a glance at Tanya. Her slender body pressed Mary’s right leg down into her boobs as she leaned across to cover the adolescent’s mouth with hers. Tanya’s tongue quested eagerly into Mary’s mouth. Mary’s tongue responded eagerly at first, then she felt the head of P.J.’s prick touch her asshole. “No, no!” she tried to scream. “Please not the ass! Not dry!” But her words were muffled by Tanya’s lips.

P.J. was not only going to fuck Mary up the butt, he was going to do it without lubricating his cock!

Inspite of Mary’s clenching the muscles of her belly and ass as tightly as she could, P.J.’s flat thumb worked her anus open enough to get the tip of his cock inside. From then on Mary’s cause was lost. His cock-head acted as a wedge, opening the way for the endless length of the fat man’s cockshaft.

Tanya’s tongue scoured the inside of Mary’s mouth as the prick was forced into the dry channel of her butt. Mary groaned and sobbed around the mouthful of tongue, shaking her head. With Tanya pinning her legs and body, she was helpless to escape the torture in her ass.

P.J.’s stiff cock was like broken glass forcing its way into Mary’s ass. He’s tearing me apart! she thought wildly. The pain was unbelievable.

Larry’s cock had been much thicker than this. But Larry’s enormous prick had had a slippery coat of cunt grease to ease its entry into her rectum. P.J.’s was bone dry, bone-hard, grating her nerves like sandpaper as it slid endlessly in.

How long was his cock? It kept going, in and in, while Mary’s whole body cried out in pain. P.J. grunted from the effort as he drove his pole of cock into her bowels.

At last the searing pain of forced anal penetration stopped. The agony ebbed to a dull throbbing from her asshole to the depths of her belly. She sighed. Even this low insistent pain was like heaven after the agony she had just undergone. “Jesus fuck, what a tight little butt!” P.J. exclaimed. He rotated his hips, stirring his prick around and around in Mary’s rump. She tried to scream around Tanya’s ever-probing tongue. “God, that’s fine! Get your mouth on this little whore’s pussy and see if you can whip up some interest on her pad.”

Tanya obeyed instantly, slithering down to fasten her head over Mary’s upturned, gaping cunt. The long raven hair fell tickling over Mary’s crotch. Lines of pleasure began to shoot through the dull haze of pain as Tanya’s agile tongue went to work.

Mary was almost at the point of forgetting the prick shoved up her ass when P.J. started to pull out. Somehow it hurt worse than before. It was as if a million tiny barbs were trying to hold the prick inside her, tearing at the lining of her ass channel.

Tanya’s tongue was like a living flame, questing deep into the oily mysteries of Mary’s cunt, slithering and spiraling.

What’s happening to me? Mary thought in a delirium of pain and pleasure. How can I hurt so horribly and feel so good at the same time? Had the pain in her rump driven her mad? Or had the equally maddening delight of Tanya lovingly devouring her boiling, juicy twat?

Inflamed with lust, P.J. flicked away at the teenager’s ass with the power and precision of a jack hammer. What a tight fit! The dryness of Mary’s butthole scraped his prick, the million small motions she made as she tried to writhe away from the pain seemed to grind his cock to nothing. The spectacle of Tanya humiliating this pretty blonde gash, then forcing her to eat pussy and like it, had given him his best hard-on in years.

And now he was making the most of it!

Tanya’s lips closed on Mary’s blood-gorged clit, sucking on it hard. Mary moaned and undulated. The brunette’s tongue teased the clit while incredible suction thrilled it.

Mary came before she realized she was about to.

Her scream was half from the relentless pain in her ass, half from the glorious fury of the climax that wrenched her. “It hurts! God, my ass hurts! But I’m coming!”

Tanya tongued her furiously as orgasm after orgasm exploded in her cunt. Rippling waves of pleasure rolled down her cunt. Orgasm clenched Mary’s ass impossibly tighter around the invading bar of prick.

“Oh, my God!” yelled P.J. as his cock was strangled. A long forceful jet of jizz was sucked from the head of his prick. He fought to pull out as his prong blew blast after blast of creamy jism into Mary’s butt.

The fat man’s prick jerked free of Mary’s churning butt. Orgasm kept Mary twisting and turning as more come sprayed from P.J.’s prick, all over her gaping gash and Tanya’s gobbling, greedy mouth. A spurt of hot come hit the gaunt brunette on the cheek.

She turned her head. “Let me drink it, P.J.!” she cried pleadingly. “Let me taste your cum!”

Eyes closed blissfully, P.J. fucked his exploding prick across the fisted pucker of Mary’s asshole. He just couldn’t keep coming! His prick fountained milky jizz in a pulsing stream, arcing through the air into Tanya’s open, eager mouth. Her sharp chin was stuck into Mary’s cunt, and the blonde girl thrashed in ecstasy as she kept coming.

Finally P.J. was exhausted. He sat back with a heavy sigh. Tanya licked greedily around Mary’s twat, lapping up every white gobbet that had escaped her open mouth. When Mary’s twat and perineum were cleaned of jizz, she moved down and licked up the sticky stream of sperm that had leaked from Mary’s asshole.

Mary opened her emerald eyes as Tanya started to work her tongue into her asshole. The wetness soothed the pain that still throbbed there. Mary’s back ached from the position her thighs were in.

The warm afterglow of climax flowed through her. But she knew that when it faded, the pain from her violated rectum would be intense.

Some day, she promised herself again. Some day!


“Hi, are you Marti Rheinhardt?” asked the young man at Mary’s door.

She looked at him in surprise, then dropped her gaze. “Yes,” she said, “come right on in.” He stepped through the door and she closed it behind him. She kept her face down.

Her cheeks were burning. God, he’s handsome, she thought. He’s beautiful! What’s he doing, coming to a… a hooker?

The young man stopped in the middle of her floor and stood smiling bashfully at her. Heart pounding, Mary forced herself to look at her customer.

He was as good as her first impression of him. He wasn’t tall an inch or two over her own five-six. He was slender, with long dark brown hair framing a long handsome face, beard and moustache around a strong, kind-looking mouth. His eyes were the deepest, most intense blue Mary had ever seen. They reminded Mary of deep pools, and suddenly she wanted to drown herself in them.

It wasn’t that he was breathtakingly handsome. It was just something about him, the way he held himself maybe, or perhaps an aura of strength and warmth and generosity that surrounded him, that overpowered the girl.

“P-please sit down, make yourself comfortable,” Mary faltered. “Can I get you a drink?”

“No, thank you,” the young man said, seating himself on the couch. “I’m just on my lunch hour. Don’t want to have liquor on my breath when I go back.”

He’s just another customer, Mary said to herself. Nothing to get worked up over. Just a lousy john who’s hired your snatch for a lunch-hour quickie. Then why do I feel this way?

“I’ll turn off the TV,” she said, and turned to do as she said. Then she stopped. Every muscle in her body tensed.

Her uncle was on the television. He stood behind a podium, talking while reporters cameras flashed.

She heard the low, familiar voice: “… stem the tide of filth that threatens to overwhelm our society. The action today in closing these bookstores is just the first step in our program to combat the depraved menace of pornography, which saps the very mor…”

His voice died with a click as Mary switched off the TV. She was dead white, and shaking all over.

“Is something the matter?” The young man’s voice held genuine concern.

Mary spun, almost falling back against the TV set. “Nothing,” she said, forcing a smile. “I’m just fine.”

She walked toward him, swaying her hips. The short green skirt flounced around the tops of her thighs as she walked. Her legs were tan from hours by the apartment pool, and she knew she looked good.

She was supposed to act enticing and seductive, to make the johns feel irresistible and macho. But this was no act. She wanted this man to desire her! She hungered to have him inside her, to have him mount her and fuck her with fierce passion.

Mary was barely able to restrain herself from tearing off his clothes as she sat down beside him.

His pants leg brushed her bare thigh, sending chills down her spine. “What’s your name?” she asked in a low voice, staring deep into his eyes.

“My name’s Kirk,” he said in his low, masculine voice. He had a pleasant hint of a West Texas accent. “Sorry. Must have forgot my manners.”

“That’s all right,” Mary purred. She rubbed against him like a cat. Her fingers sought the buttons of his shirt. They were trembling with excitement.

“What would you like, Kirk, baby?” she asked. Beneath his shirt his body was lean and muscular. His chest was covered with curly black hair. “Anything in particular?”

“I don’t care,” he said, sounding embarrassed. “I just came down here kind of as a dare. Some of the guys in the office were talking about how good the the girls here were. Teased me about it, till I finally said I’d come down and try it out.”

Mary slid his modish sports jacket and his opened shirt off over his shoulders. Her heavy breasts brushed against his chest. She pulled the coat and shirt away and threw them on the table.

She locked her fingers behind her neck and flexed. Her tits jutted proudly at Kirk’s face. “Well?” she asked kittenishly. “What do you think?”

“I’m surprised,” he said frankly. There was no shyness in his voice as he reached a gentle hand and cupped her chin, saying, “I didn’t know I’d find anyone as… beautiful as you.”

Suddenly his arms were around her. Their mouths melted together in a kiss. His teeth crushed her full red lips as his tongue slipped into her mouth. Her fingers played over his back, thrilling to the feel of his muscles as their tongues entwined.

They broke apart. Panting with passion, Mary pulled her blouse off over her head. Her jugs were full and ripe, barely constrained by the lacy white bra. Kirk’s eyes widened as he marveled at their bountiful splendor. What a pair of tits for such a slim girl! he thought.

Mary ran her fingers through her hair, pulling it up and letting it tumble in a golden cascade over her bare shoulders as Kirk leaned forward hungrily. He reached behind her and unfastened her bra with a single authoritative flick of his fingers. Mary’s jugs popped free as the bra fell into her lap.

Kirk’s piercing blue eyes got wider. “My God!” he said.

Mary threw her arms around him, hugging his face into the warm crevice between her boobs. His moustache tickled her. Resilient walls of flesh surrounded his head, blocking sight and hearing. His nose was filled with the slightly perfumed smell of healthy, horny, adolescent girl.

Opening his mouth, Kirk began to lick at the huge globes of tit. Back and forth his tongue roved, coming near the crest of one glorious mound before sliding into the valley and partway up the other white flesh slope. His teeth gently scraped the skin, thrilling Mary’s tits with an electric intensity. Maddeningly, he carefully avoided any contact with her nipples, now ballooning and tingling with lust and desire.

“My nipples!” Mary cried urgently. “Suck my nipples! Suck my titties into your mouth! Please!”

The young man’s tongue began to trace a wet, tingling spiral around one pendulous tit, starting at the base and working toward the throbbing, needy nipple on the tip. Mary’s breath came faster and faster as the tongue neared the cherry.

It touched the brown areola. Mary sucked her breath in. When the burning wetness touched the nipple at last, she let it out in a cry of pleasure. “Ooooooh, that’s right! So good!” Kirk sucked the tit into his mouth.

Her eyelids, shut tightly, flew open in surprise. “Oh! Oooooh! I’m coming!”

Her ass bounced up and down on the cushion, her whole body coming alive as she came. Incredible! The young man had barely laid a hand on her, and she was coming in her panties!

Mary squirmed her butt hard into the cushions as the brief orgasm died away. She spread her bare thighs, begging for attention to be paid to her cunt. Her pussy ached with the need for Kirk’s cock!

Kirk dropped a hand to her hip. Her short skirt was riding up around her hips. His hand closed over her cunt mound. He could feel the wetness of her ravenous twat.

Reluctantly, Kirk let the sweet fruit of her tit slip out of his mouth. His lips traced a cool line down her belly. He lifted his head and then brought his lips down to kiss the panty-covered bulge of her cunt.

“Ooooooh yes! Yes! Let me feel your lips and tongue on my pussy.”

Kirk opened his mouth. His jaws worked the spongy mound of Mary’s cunt. A finger slipped inside the leg band of the panties. It sought the girl’s gash.

Mary sighed as Kirk’s finger touched her slit. Her hand stroked his shiny dark hair. The finger prodded her cuntlips aside. It went into her cunt.

She drew a hissing breath, rolling her hips around the finger sliding up her twat. Fingerfucking her, Kirk pulled the leg band up over her cunt mound with his other hand, baring her pussy to his lusting gaze.

He kissed furry soft flesh. Then his lips slid down, finding the pink-lipped mouth of Mary’s pussy. “That’s it, baby,” Mary cried softly. “Eat me all up!”

Lips worked at Mary’s pussy. Kirk was rewarded with a juicy stream of oil as Mary’s cunt grew hotter. She sucked in her belly, clenching her cunt around the probing finger. Kirk took the pink flaps of cunt flesh into his mouth, sucking gently on them while Mary moaned with pleasure.

“That’s the way. That’s the way to eat my cunt, lover!”

Kirk’s tongue crept out. Still sucking the dainty cunt-curtains into his mouth, he sent his tongue along the girl’s slash till it touched the base of his buried finger. Slowly, he pulled the finger out. It made a lewd, sucking sound.

The finger glistened with the oils of her pussy well, thicker than the sweet smelling fluids that filled his greedy mouth. He let go of Mary’s inner twat lips, licked the rich grease off his finger, and let his tongue slide up Mary’s cunt.

He was on the floor now, kneeling with his head between the blonde’s widespread thighs. His cock tented the front of his trousers, begging to be set free.

Mary was in heaven. Having her cunt lapped by this fantastic young man would be enough to drive her out of her mind any day. But Kirk was good, and his mouth worked wonders on her cunt.

Before she knew it, Mary was writhing and sobbing in the grip of another orgasm. Her pussy tightened around Kirk’s tongue, tasting the oral invader, drawing it up inside her.

This time she came harder than the last. But it still wasn’t earth-shaking. Mary was still waiting for the real thing — when Kirk’s pulsating cock was fucked up her cunt as far as it would go!

And she needed it now!

Still coming, she tugged at his long black-brown hair. “Get out of there,” she gasped. “I need your cock! I want to feel your cock in my cunt!”

Kirk’s tongue slurped out of the girl’s cunt. Cunt juice was whipped into a froth around her pussy lips. Her cunt hair and Kirk’s beard were smeared with the aromatic foam.

He tugged the teenager’s panties off. Her cunt was gaping and glittering with moisture, waiting for him. He pushed his mouth between those widespread cunt lips, eating Mary while he unfastened his trousers.

Kirk stood up and pulled his pants down. His cock sprang free. Mary’s half-opened eyes flew wide.

Kirk’s rampant prick was a good nine inches long!

“Sweet Jesus!” Mary murmured.

“I hope you like it, sweetheart,” Kirk breathed, the Texas twang heavier, “’cause it sure likes you!”

He sat down heavily beside her on the couch.

Mary stood up and stepped in front of him. Her plump, rounded buttocks poised in front of his bearded face. He kissed them on their blushing, full cheeks.

The girl’s pert ass descended towards the hairy pole of cock sticking out of Kirk’s crotch. Mary bit her lip in delicious anticipation. What would it be like to have all that cock sliding into her cunt?

What would it be like to make love to someone she wanted to make love to? Someone she wanted more than anything else, wanted to fuck her hard and well, again and again until she couldn’t take it any longer? Someone she wanted the way she wanted Kirk?

Mary found out.

It was heaven.

The giant tip of Kirk’s cock touched Mary’s snatch. Eagerly her lips parted. Cunt juice ran down its magnificent length.

Kirk was panting with desire. He watched the cuntlips splay out to take the mighty girth of his cock. He felt the cool kiss of pussy enveloping his rigid prick. Felt the warm, wet snugness start to surround his cock.

The girl’s asscheeks were forced wide apart by the cock sliding into her cunt. Mary’s hands were at her crotch, holding her pussy wide open to take him in. Her green eyes were closed and her teeth made little white moons on her lower lip.

God! It’s incredible! she thought. He’s so long. The feeling of massive, pulsing prick sliding up into her belly was delicious beyond compare. And it seemed as if it would never stop.

Mary felt the endless length of dick sliding into her pussy, felt the burning warmth of its head climbing higher in her belly. Her hips were moving gently of their own accord, a rocking motion like the sea. The thick cock stretched her cunt walls as far as they would go. It crushed her rock-hard clit against her pubic bone.

Curly hairs tickled the spread lips of Mary’s pussy. With a sigh she let herself down while her cunt enfolded the base of Kirk’s cock. At last she had him all inside her.

And what a lot of him there was! It seemed as if the cock was halfway to her throat. She could feel his racing heartbeat, pulsating madly in her sensitive pussy.

“Wow!” she said breathlessly.

Kirk could only nod his head in reply. His whole body was shaking with lust. He was going mad with the need to fuck the beautiful young blonde.

His hands cupped her jugs. The nipples poked into his sweating palms. He began to roll the heavy mounds of boob around, crushing them against Mary’s ribcage.

Mary was sitting on Kirk’s cock now with her feet flat on the floor. Muscles stood out on her legs as she began a slow undulation. Sweat stood out on Kirk’s forehead as the girl’s cunt began to roll and ripple around his deeply-buried prick.

“Oh man, Marti!” he whispered. “You’re good. You’re so fucking good!”

“Speak for yourself, lover,” the girl said in a voice husky with passion. “You’re good at fucking!”

She lifted first one foot and then another from the carpet, tucking them back under her luscious ass. The movement of her cunt when she did made Kirk gasp and thrash around behind her like a beached fish. “Like that, darling?” Mary asked lasciviously. “Then just hang on. The fun’s just begun!”

Tensing her thigh muscles, she began to lift herself. The cushiony weight of her butt came off Kirk’s lap. He leaned back and stared wide-eyed as his cock came wetly out of her.

The rigid staff of cock was smeared with a shiny coat of cunt oils. The tight, grasping cunt slipped reluctantly from the cock. It was like a greasy noose of flesh sliding up Kirk’s dick. He clenched his teeth.

The man’s ass was tightly clenched. The girl’s cunt seemed to be sucking his soul out through the tip of his prick!

The vacuum made by the withdrawing cock was having the same effect on Mary. Such pleasure she had never felt! The cock quivered inside her, grating over her swollen clit as her pussy grudgingly surrendered it.

Up and up went Mary’s butt. Finally she was as far up as she could go, on her knees straddling Kirk’s crotch. Her butt was almost in his face again. He licked at the top of Mary’s asscheeks as she poised for a long moment.

The tip of his fantastic prick was still in her pussy! The purple glans of his cock was like an ember in her pussy. Its heat seared the sensitized clit and lit flames that spread upwards from her crotch, threatening to consume her.

Mary bit her lip and lowered herself.

With insane energy the girl started to fuck herself on that telephone-pole-like cock. Cunt juice sprayed in all directions as she pumped herself up and down. She just could not get enough of that giant prick!

Kirk could not get enough of her almost-virgin tight cunt. Every time her ass slid down his greased cock-pole he thrust his hips up to meet it, and every time she raised herself he crushed his buns into the couch as far as they would go, to prolong the sweetness of every stoke. Faster and faster they fucked, working like a piston, in-out, in-out, in-out.

The muscles of Mary’s cunt squeezed Kirk’s cock. It filled her to capacity, stretching the elastic walls of her cunt until she felt she’d die if she got any more cock shoved into her cunt. And still her yearning cunt demanded more! And what a way to go!

Kirk’s hands squeezed Mary’s boobs, kneading the soft flesh. He pulled them away, then squashed them back, and every movement added to Mary’s already-feverish passion.

“I’ve… never… felt… anything… like… this… before!” Mary forced out as she fucked herself relentlessly.

“Neither… have… I,” grunted Kirk in reply. As her butt came down he put his feet on the floor and pushed up with all his might. The effort drove another half-inch of prick into Mary, lifting her into the air.

“Oh, I’m coming!” she exclaimed. Her cunt spasmed once, clamping on Kirk’s prod. She squirmed her butt around on the balls-deep cock. “Fuck me, I’m coming!”

Kirk’s hands clamped on the tops of her thighs. He literally dragged her off him, pulling her cunt up his cock. Pussy oils streamed down his prick.

“Fuck me fast! Fuck me hard! Make me come!” An overwhelming orgasm went off in Mary. This was what she’d been waiting for! This was the cataclysmic climax the other two orgasms had been preludes to. This was what she’d been trying to find in her fast halting experiments with masturbation.

This was ecstasy.

Mary’s orgasm clamped her cunt like a fist on Kirk’s cock. His prick gave one mighty throb and then he blew his wad.

“Oh, mannnnnn!” he said as the first shot of jizz jetted up Mary’s churning twat.

The cum burned like acid. Mary could feel it, could almost taste its salty-sweet tang. “Oh, come in me! It makes me come harder!” she cried. “Shoot your jism up my cunt! I want you! I want all of you! Oh, come in my pussy. I love you!”

Kirk pumped his load into Mary’s cunt. Her pussy milked his cock like a gloved hand, bringing spurt after spurt of rich seething jizz blasting from his hairy, tightened ball-sac.

Orgasm after orgasm piled into Mary’s brain. It was an eternity when Kirk’s fountaining cock slid out, and sweet forever when it drove back in again. Behind her his blue eyes were screwed tightly shut and his lips moved. No sound came out. It was all he could do to catch his breath.

He would willingly have died in that moment, with his cock filling Mary’s climaxing cunt with gallons of cum.

Finally the last drop of milky goodness was drawn out of the hole at the tip of his prick. The tremors of his own orgasm kept up for what seemed forever, but they slowly subsided until the great prick was still.

Mary gave the cock a last squeeze with her cunt. She cried out briefly, and then toppled to the side. Slowly she slithered off the deflating serpent of cock. At last it popped out, uncorking a stream of cum and cunt sauce that soaked into the couch.

The teenager lay on the couch, limp and spent. She was in a daze, barely aware of her surroundings, barely aware of anything but being fucked better than she had ever been. Better than she had ever imagined possible.

Better than she ever would be again, she knew with sick certainty.

Something touched her sweaty forehead. She opened her eyes and found herself looking right into Kirk’s eyes. He was dressed again, looking unruffled as though nothing had happened.

“I’ve got to go now, honey,” he said softly. “But I’ll be back. I’ll see you again. I promise.”

He bent down and kissed her on the lips. Then he was gone, the door closing behind him.

I need him! thought Mary, wanting to leap to her feet and run after him, begging him to take her with him, wherever he was going. But she couldn’t.

If she did, Perry would track her down. He owned her. He would be enraged that his property was trying to get away. He’d turn Mary over to Cat, and Cat would smile and play with her. The thought made her blood run cold.

And even if Kirk did take her away, what would happen to him? Perry would be mad at him for stealing the girl. He would want vengeance against Kirk as well as Mary.

No. She could not follow the slender young man with the beard and the gentle smile.

He had said he would be back.

But Mary knew she would never see him again. He’d forget about her just as soon as the warmth of afterglow left him. If he ever remembered her, it would be with a smile, as one of the best lunch hours he’d ever spent.

She turned her face down and began to cry.


“Fuck me!” Mary squealed. “Fuck me hard, lover boy!” She squeezed her plentiful boobs. Her nipples felt like heated marbles in her palms.

Long blonde hair flowed over a pillow in an orange flower pattern case. The springs of the mattress squeaked rhythmically to the exertions of the fucking pair on the bed. They were both covered with a sheen of sweat. The smell of aroused cunt filled the air.

Mary lay on her side with one magnificent leg thrown into the air. It was held up by a man’s strong brown hand. The owner of the hand knelt behind Mary’s rounded rump and fucked his long skinny cock into her with fevered urgency.

The unusual sensation of being fucked sidewise had Mary turned on and going strong. The sliding prick applied sweet friction to whole new areas of her seething cunt. The erect prong had a natural tendency to spring up to a forty-five degree angle from its owner’s hairy crotch, and the fact that it was bent downwards meant it was constantly pressing up against the oily walls of the girl’s cunt. And it was driving her wild!

It hadn’t been twenty minutes before that Mary had arrived at the sprawling ranch house. It stood by itself on a vast tract of land in the expensive valley area of town, not far from the river. This part of the city was cooler and greener as a result of the river’s closeness.

A man had greeted Mary at the door, dressed in a short white terry-cloth robe, gathered at the waist. What seemed to be a hundred dogs were barking from somewhere behind the house. The man saw Mary’s nervous look as he ushered her inside.

“Don’t worry,” he said soothingly. “We raise dogs. German shepherds. They’re safely penned up in back, never fear.” He had smiled at her then. A crescent of super white teeth split his sun-browned face.

The man introduced himself as Ed, laying a firm hand on the girl’s shoulder. The touch thrilled Mary, and she felt cunt juice beginning to simmer in her cunt. The man was no Kirk, and the thought of the young man she had met made her heart race. But there was something to him, and enormous, virile animal magnetism that seemed almost too much for his compact five-foot eight frame to contain. He was all man, and he could sense Mary’s excitement as they walked a paneled hallway, whose walls were decorated with pictures of German shepherds. A large number of the photos had blue ribbons pinned to the frames.

Mary noticed Ed’s cock shoving out the front of his short robe. It shoved it out a long ways!

It was something of a surprise for Mary when they came into a wood-paneled recreation room to be met by a woman. Her name was Penny, Ed said, and she was his wife. Mary’s heart thudded and her stomach flipped as she thought of the last male-female team she’d had to service. Could she ever forget that slug P.J. and his lesbian assistant with the pale eyes and the tongue like honeyed fire?

But Ed and Penny weren’t like that. Mary could tell that just by looking at them. They were normal, healthy, outdoorsy American people, and if they wanted to hire a teenaged partner for some threesomes action, what of it? This was the 1970’s, after all.

The rec room apparently was designed for specific activities. Even with a large pool table in the center of the floor, there was room for the bed Ed folded down out of the wall. He pulled down the sheets, which were bright orange and covered with flowers. “Get undressed,” he told the girl.

As she complied, Mary looked over Ed’s wife. She was as tanned and fit as he was. She was dressed the same way her husband was, in a short fuzzy robe, and the front was pushed out by a pair of jugs as impressive as the cock bulging under Ed’s robe. The hem rode high on perfect, full brown thighs.

Mary’s blouse and skirt fell to the floor, leaving her dressed in lacy bra and panties and sandals with thongs wound up her calves, almost to her knees. She hesitated, aware of the two pairs of eyes boring into her. What the hell, she thought, I’ll leave the sandals on! With practiced quickness she stripped off the bra and panties.

Penny ran a tongue over her lips, as the blonde girl stood flaked before her. Mary decided she would not mind making love to the sun-bronzed woman. She was lovely and full-figured, about the same height as her husband in her early thirties. Her face was a bit square and mannish, and her brown hair was cut short to frame it. But she had the same sort of sexual vitality her husband possessed.

It quickly became apparent that Mary was going to service him first. He slipped off the robe and knelt on the bed. Mary caught her breath.

His cock was huge! It was at least ten inches long! It was skinny, not nearly so beautifully proportioned as Kirk’s prick had been, but just the sight of it sent a droplet of cunt sauce trickling down the inside of Mary’s quivering thigh.

The giant, prick wagged like a puppy dog’s tail as Ed climbed on the bed and beckoned her. Her breath came in ragged pants as she clambered up and into Ed’s powerful embrace. His tongue sought hers as she became aware of the burning length of prick caught between them. Its tip was almost between her flattened tits, and she could feel the powerful, rhythmic throb of his heartbeat in every inch of his cock.

Firm hands groped Mary’s ass, working the rosy cheeks together then apart. A finger played with her asshole while another tickled across her perineum and slipped into her cunt. The girl’s pussy didn’t need any foreplay to get it ready to accept even Ed’s incredible length of prick. It was hot and dripping wet with desire.

“You’re a beautiful little piece,” Ed murmured in Mary’s ear. “What do you want me to do?”

“Stick that big cock up my pussy and fuck me!” she said without hesitation. “Now!”

Ed smiled and gently pushed her back onto the bed. He knew the girl’s excitement was genuine, not the paid enthusiasm of a hooker. She wanted that prick up her snatch!

Firm and gentle hands urged Mary onto her side. A lock of hair fell in her face and she brushed it aside. What did Ed have in mind? Her cunt seemed to be crawling with just. Whatever it was, Mary was ready for it!

The bed bounced as Ed positioned himself. Mary saw that Penny had settled herself in a chair across the room, beside what looked like exercise equipment — barbells, jump ropes, an angled, padded board. The woman had her legs drawn up and crossed, and the robe fell open to reveal the shadowy mystery of her cunt. A hint of pink peeked out, but Mary could see no sign of pubic hair.

Ed slipped a hand between Mary’s thighs and tugged one leg into the air. A draft of cool air washed excitingly into her sopping pussy as it opened. “Oooooooh,” Mary cooed.

She glanced between her parted legs. She saw something she had missed before. Ed’s crotch and waving wand of cock were shaved, and were as uniformly suntanned as the rest of him. Far out, Mary thought, as he wrapped one hand around his incredible cock and bent it downwards.

The cock had become a bronze arc of manmeat as Ed tilted its head down towards Mary’s gaping pussy. The head touched Mary’s bare thigh, shocking her like a live wire. Her cunt watered greedily.

Ed’s cockhead seemed to be glowing with heat, searing Mary’s pussy flesh as he smeared it around and around the wide-open gash, teasing her straining clit, her perineum, the fat rolls of her cunt lips. Then he inserted the conical spearhead of his cock into Mary’s cunt.

Instantly the cock tried to spring straight. It was bent like a drawn bow. Mary’s eyes widened as she looked at the hose-like cock arcing down from Ed’s hairless crotch to disappear in her yearning cunt.

Ed pushed forward with his hips. Indescribable pleasure filled Mary as she watched the huge prick slowly disappear into the recesses of her pussy. The feel of the cock as it slid into her cunt like a warm-blooded snake was fantastic, but what made the turn-on complete was being able to watch that spectacular spear of prick going into her!

Inch after inch of prod slipped between her open twat lips. Mary felt burning warmth creeping up her belly till it seemed it must bump into her tonsils. Finally Ed was bent over the girl, smiling down at her with his cock embedded in her cunt.

“You like that?” he asked. All Mary could do was nod enthusiastically. He started to pull out of her, and she cried out with pleasure.

Across the room the front of Penny’s robe had fallen open. She fondled one sun-bronzed tit. The other hand crawled like a small animal toward the warmth of her shaven cunt. Her eyes were emerald green like Mary’s, and as the adolescent glanced at her they trapped her gaze and held it.

Penny’s pretty face was pale and strained. Her gaze was as intense as a hawk’s. A funny feeling stirred in the pit of the blonde’s stomach, then was overwhelmed by a tidal wave of ecstasy as Ed drove his cock back into her twat.

Mary cried out as the man began to screw her in earnest. He fucked Mary with speed and power but still the strokes were far apart. It took a long time to get all that cock in and out of the girl’s pussy! Her cunt was filled with slippery, aromatic grease, but it was also very, very tight. What luck, Ed thought in the back of his lust-filled mind, this one hasn’t been used much.

In her chair across the room, Penny had her robe all the way open. One hand played with the smaller mound of a swollen nipple set in the center of a big firm boob, the other was closed over the bald mound of her pussy. Animal sounds of delight escaped the woman’s throat as she finger-fucked herself. Her eyes, half-shut, still took in every detail of the scene.

She saw her husband, sweat starting to plaster his red-brown hair to his forehead, fucking his mighty prick madly into the blonde piece’s snatch. Her tits were as large as Penny’s and almost as firm, though Mary’s rigid nipples were like out thrust fingers while Penny’s were beehive-like mounds, and the girl’s boobs were banded with the white lines of bikini marks, not overall tan like Penny’s.

Penny thought of how her husband’s prick would feel to the teenager, slipping in and out of her pussy like that, with her on her side and the prick constantly straining as if to tear upwards through the resilient walls of her cunt. Penny quivered all over with ecstasy. One finger diddled her cut expertly while the other delved deep in her cunt. But she scarcely needed to stimulate her tit and pussy to get her off. The live sex show by itself was enough!

Mary’s senses reeled from the fucking she was getting. That cock drove in and out of her like a pile driver. It seemed to fly up and back her slithering cunt channel. It was like a runaway freight train, driving forever into her tight pussy, then reversing and backing out while the spongy oil-soaked tunnel closed behind it with a sigh.

The teenaged hooker was watching Ed’s wife watch her, and the thought that Penny was getting off on watching Mary get fucked was almost too much for her. What a turn-on!

“Shove it up me, lover!” Mary gasped. She watched Penny jerk at the words, as if they were erotic arrows aimed right at her steaming cunt. “Put it to me! Let me have that great big prick all the way to my tonsils! Give me your cock! Let it rip my pussy apart!”

Her words trailed off in a wail of ecstasy. Ed fucked into her to the very hilt of his endless dong, smashing his groin against her lust-inflated clit. It acted like a button, setting off an explosion that started in her pussy and blasted the length of her writhing, sweating body.

“I’m coming!” Mary shouted. “Oh, God, that fucking giant prick is making me come!”

Ed didn’t need her to tell him that! First it seemed that a hydraulic press padded with oiled silk clamped down with crushing force along the entire length of his dick. Then the killing, delicious pressure eased, and a wire closed around the buried base of his prick and traveled up the rigid cockshaft. When it reached the flared hood of his prickhead and squeezed the underside of the cock just below the head, he yelled and blew his wad.

“Jesus!” he cried. “Feel that pussy! God, it’s tight. Ugh-unnnnngggghhhhh!”

A jet of cum fired into Mary’s cunt. She screamed as she felt it rebound from her womb and start to flow back along the pumping dick. Another spurt followed it, and another.

“Your jism is burning me!” Mary called out. “I can feel it in my pussy! Oh, you’re filling me up. My pussy is filled with your cum! It’s overflowing. Your cum is spilling out of my cunt! It’s going all over my legs! Oh wow, I can’t stop coming!”

Bubbling jizz boiled from Mary’s yellow-breaded snatch. Penny moaned at the sight and came, her cunt juice flowing like molten delight over her fingers. Her husband was spewing his load into this little pussy’s twat, while she cried and begged for more!

The big dick throbbed like a firehose spraying water on a burning building as it pumped cum into Mary. Her hips jerked back and forth across the flowered sheets, wagging his prick from side to side in her spasming pussy. Ed’s fingers made white depressions in the flesh of her thighs as he pulled his prick out slowly.

It kept pulsing and pumping as it withdrew. Mary’s orgasm subsided, leaving her on a knife-edge of lust, ready to go over again. The cock slid out with a sucking sound till all that remained in her was the head. Penny squealed as she writhed in the grip of climax, and the mighty cock pulsed to another blast of jism.

The cock bounced against Mary’s clit as it shot off. Mary shrieked wordlessly as a titanic orgasm smashed into her. Her hips jerked wildly, pulling her dripping cunt away from the still-spewing dick. White droplets of jizz sprayed over orange flowers. Mary grabbed her cunt with both hands, filling her pussy with fingers as her climax rode her.

Ed stood up, holding his prick with one hand. It was half limp and gooey with cum and cunt sauces. Penny bounced out of her chair, leaving her robe behind. Naked, she walked to her husband, ignoring the stream of pussy juice that streamed down her thighs. She knelt in front of Ed and began to lap the fruits of his and Mary’s lust off his cock with an eager tongue.

Ed felt life returning to his spent cock. “You ready, dear?” he asked Penny. She quit lapping at his outsized cock and looked up at him. Her green eyes glowed with passion as she nodded.

On the bed Mary was gradually coming down from the pinnacle of ecstasy. “Wow!” she breathed. “That was fucking far out. And a far-out fucking.” She looked up as Ed appeared beside the bed. He held a tanned hand out to her. She took it and stood up. Cunt honey and cum drooled from her pussy and rolled down her legs.

“Come along,” Ed said. She followed as he led her across the play room. Her sandals slapped softly on the linoleum floor.

Ed stopped by the exercise board. “Lie down,” he commanded. Mary wrinkled her brow at him, then obeyed. She didn’t know what Ed had in mind next. But after the fucking she’d just had, she was ready, willing, and eager to find out!

The board was angled at about thirty degrees off the floor, held up by a wooden frame. There were straps hanging from it at various places. Mary had seen boards like it in her high school gym.

So Ed and Penny were into gymnastic fucking!

Well, that was all right by Mary.

She lay along the padded board. The vinyl covering was cool on her back. She stretched like a cat, arching her back and thrusting her golden haired pussy mound at the ceiling.

Ed went out of the room as Penny leaned over the reclining teenager. Heavy boobs fell into Mary’s face. “Suck on them,” Penny urged, “Suck on my titties!”

Mary did so without the slightest hesitation. She opened her mouth and sucked in a wad of brown bouncy flesh. It tasted slightly of suntan oil. Mary could feel the tit flesh thrill with delight as she caressed it with her tongue.

Mary’s cunt oil was already running again. She was turning the bronzed woman on, and the very thought of it got her hot! She opened her mouth again so that Penny could slide a swollen nipple into it. From the way Penny moaned and moved as Mary teased her nipple with teeth and tongue, the teenager could tell the whole area was extraordinarily sensitive.

Feverishly, Penny began to stroke and caress the supine blonde girl. Fingers petted her hair, then slithered along her neck, over her shoulders. Then Penny’s touch was cool on Mary’s arms, as if feeling the feminine fitness of the girl’s biceps.

Penny moved her shoulders. Mary turned her face sideways. The billowy tit pressed down on her cheek. She took Penny’s nipple between her teeth from the side. She nipped it gently, playing with it with her avid tongue. Penny sighed and stroked her harder. Mary could smell a heady tang and knew it was the odor of Penny’s shaven cunt.

Mary’s own cunt was alive and demanding attention. Her tits tingled with the need to be touched. Penny was still stroking her arms, and Mary hoped she’d stop that and play with her jugs before she went crazy. She was horny!

Suddenly hands clamped on Mary’s arms, pulling them down. Mary opened her mouth to cry out, but her voice was muffled by the mass of jug that suddenly filled her face. The older woman’s nipple quested into her mouth like a lover’s tongue.

Mary’s wrists were drawn together, behind her, beneath the board. Penny trapped both in one hand while she reached behind her. Her jug slipped out of Mary’s mouth.

“Hey, what are you doing?” the teenager demanded. “What’s going on?”

Penny picked up a jump rope from the floor, tied the shapely young blonde’s wrists securely with it. Mary’s shoulders were pulled back, jutting her proud tits at the ceiling. “Don’t worry, darling,” Penny said soothingly, running her hands over Mary’s taut body. “It’s just a little game we like to play. It won’t hurt you. You’ll love it!”

Mary eyed her suspiciously. She took Mary’s tits in her hands and began to massage them. Mary lay back, closing her eyes.

Her experiences with being tied up before were bad. But she trusted Penny and Ed. They were such wholesome-looking people!

Penny leaned her weight on the smaller girl, crushing rock-hard nipples into the pillowy boobs.

She rolled the ample tits upwards on the girl’s ribcage. Then she laid a warm forearm across the tits, holding them in place.

With one hand freed, Penny drew a strap across Mary’s chest just under the girl’s ripe jugs and cinched it tight. Mary gasped and tried to wriggle free. Penny released her boobs and the strap cut into them as she struggled.

“What’s going on now?” the girl demanded.

Penny responded by pressing cool lips to her belly. The girl moaned involuntarily as Penny’s tongue came out and began to lick downward. It wormed its way into the tawny bush covering her pussy mound, then slipped down to tease her cunt open with short, coquettish laps of its tip. Mary sighed and parted her thighs, pushing her pussy upwards to meet Penny’s lips.

As an incredible knowing tongue devoured Mary’s brimming cunt, Penny took hold of a strap dangling from the board. She pulled it up inside Mary’s right thigh, then around and down, strapping it on the outside. In a delirium of ecstasy from Penny’s skilled cunt-lapping, Mary scarcely noticed. At this point she didn’t care anyway.

Ed and Penny knew their stuff where fucking was concerned. If they wanted to tie Mary up, that was fine with her! It was bound to feel good, whatever they did.

Penny repeated the process with Mary’s other leg, so that her thighs were tied apart, straddling the board. Her feet rested on the floor. Penny continued to eat Mary’s pussy, savoring the ripe rank smell of her cunt, the tickly feel of her soaked and matted cunt hair.


Mary’s tits bounced beneath her T-shirt as she walked down the street. Her long golden hair hung in a ponytail down her back. The tan lengths of her legs were revealed in all their glory by the ultra-short cut-off jeans she wore.

She was conscious of the admiring stares of the men along the street, and the envious glares of the women she passed. She was hot stuff, young and lithe and lovely, and right now she was reveling in it with healthy youthful sensuality.

In her adolescent mind she was turning over fantasies of Kirk. Gentle, handsome Kirk. She saw them together, holding hands, strolling in green mountains, running ankle-deep through surf along a sea-shore. But most of all she saw them fucking, him taking her with that big beautiful cock in her dripping pussy, thrusting his prick between her eager lips. She could imagine the taste of Kirk’s cock, meaty and salty, filling her mind and her mouth with his masculinity.

Mary bounced into the supermarket and made her purchases, lost in her erotic daydreams. She went through the check-out line oblivious of the two plump matrons who stood behind her, shooting disapproving glares at her. Mechanically, she paid the checker, scooped her small bag of groceries into her arms, and walked out with her asscheeks rubbing together.

One of the fat middle-aged ladies sniffed haughtily. “These young people today,” she said through her nose, “I just don’t see what they think they’re proving with all this… this wanton display!”

Her companion tut-tutted. “The permissive generation,” she huffed. “That Mr. Castle is right. Our morals are decaying badly. I’m glad we have such an upright man for our District Attorney. Aren’t you, Charles?”

The last she addressed to the clerk, a lean stoop-shouldered man in his middle years. He woke up abruptly from his fantasy. In the fantasy the blonde girl had been kneeling before him, dressed only in a frilly apron and a maid’s lace bonnet, and she had been pleading with him not to use the riding crop in his left hand on her tender, welted buttocks. Her pleading was about to take on a more substantial note as she leaned forward, cradling his cock in her hands, guiding it worshipfully toward her parted, red lips…

“What?” he sputtered. “Oh, uh — yes, yes indeed. Shameful.” He watched as the electric door shut behind the blonde’s lasciviously twitching ass. A whiff of perfume hung on the air, an elusive tang of aroused adolescent pussy.

The sun beat down on the girl’s shoulders. The sidewalk was hot enough to feel through the soles of her high-thonged sandals. Mary didn’t notice. She was lost in a dream.

Oh yes, Kirk, she was thinking. “Just stick that great big cock up my little pussy. Oh, hurry! I need you so badly.” Her eyes fastened on the erect staff of prick, marveling again at its size and splendor.

It didn’t matter that she was convinced, deep down inside, that she would never see the bearded youth again. She had fallen for him, hard. He was with her day and night, fucking and fondling her in her sex fantasies.

It kept her mind off what she was. The things she was forced to do.

Mentally, she wrapped feverish hands around the big stiff cock. She could feel it radiate heat, could feel the pulse already beginning to speed at her erotic touch. She spread her soft thighs, lying back on a bed with silken sheets, steering the huge, inflated head of Kirk’s prick to the gaping, drooling mouth of her pussy.

“Miss?” a voice called. Vaguely, Mary became aware that a car was coasting in towards the curb beside her. She kept her head erect and walked on without looking. She tried to recapture the sweet carnality of her sex dream. But her heart was pounding.

“Miss,” the masculine voice came again. Mary quickened her steps. A lovely, blonde girl with her tits flopping free and her ripe ass barely covered by her cut-offs could not be indifferent to being cruised by strange men in an automobile. She was a target, even in broad daylight.

Was she about to be snatched off the street and raped?

With a purring of its engine the car slid ahead of her. It pulled in to the curb and the engine stopped. Mary’s heart jumped into her throat as she got a look at it — it was a police car.

The passenger door opened and a big, burly man got out. His face was rough and sunburned, but his expression was friendly. “Excuse me, Miss,” he said, coming around the back of the cruiser. “Routine check. Could I see some identification?”

He couldn’t and Mary knew it. A policeman was not entitled to stop a citizen on the streets without due cause. This was a roust, blatantly illegal.

And there was not a thing the girl could do about it.

Although she had led a sheltered, middle-class life until recently, Mary had picked up enough street wisdom in her high school to know that if she refused, she’d be in hot water. The cops would find some excuse to bring her in and she could not afford that!

Then, wildly, she remembered she wasn’t carrying any identification! Perry had taken them away from her that first day, promising to supply her with I.D.s in the name of Marti Rheinhardt. But he hadn’t ever gotten around to it.

“I-I’m sorry, officer,” she said, smiling helpfully. “I don’t have any identification with me. My purse was stolen last week.” She hefted the handcrafted leather purse slung over her shoulder on a long strap. “I just got this a few days ago.”

“I see,” said the cop. His expression was still amiable, but his light blue eyes were unreadable. “Did you report it?”

“No sir.” Mary shrugged. “You know how it is.” The big cop nodded. He had his notebook and pencil out. “I’ll need your name and address.”

“I’m Mary Rheinhardt.” She gave the address of her apartment complex, and her apartment number. She watched the cop write it down.

“Place of employment?”

Mary barely suppressed a gasp. She hadn’t thought about that! And a girl with an apartment would have to have a source of money. Of course, she could not tell them her real occupation.

“I’m-I’m a secretary,” she managed to say. Her voice shook. “A private secretary, just part-time.”

The driver of the prowl car stuck his head out. He had the look of a new generation cop, a dark handsome Chicano face with a trim black moustache. He was younger and smoother than his partner. “Bring her in,” he said.

Mary looked around wildly as he took her by the arm. Some people stood idly around in the sun, watching. Help me! Help me! she wanted to cry out. Don’t let them take me! But she knew it was no good. She was trapped.

Her mind was a blank as the cop led her to the open door. His partner leaned over and snapped a pair of handcuffs over her wrists. “What’s that for?” she asked, voice trembling on the verge of tears.

“We don’t want you getting away, baby.” He smiled insincerely at her. “Put her in the back, Bob.”

“Okay, Mike.” A firm hand urged Mary into the back seat. Bob got into the front and closed the door. Mike started the car and pulled away.

“What she have to say for herself?” the Chicano cop, Mike, asked.

The older man shrugged, scratching at the back of his neck. “Not much. No I.D., some bullshit about being somebody’s private secretary.”

Mike chuckled. “Some private, I’ll bet.” He turned and glanced back at Mary. “I can guess how she makes her bread.”

“Watch the road,” the other growled.

As the city slid by outside the patrol car window, Mary snapped out of her daze. She started to evaluate her situation. It looked bad.

If they took her down she’d be booked as a runaway. They’d probably try to get her to confess to being a hooker, too. She was in deep shit. If they held her, they’d trace her back to her uncle, who would be annoyed at having his wayward niece returned to him. If she confessed to being a prostitute and tried to barter for freedom or get off lightly… she thought of Cat and almost retched.

Either way looked bad. If the police turned her over to her uncle, the D.A. might find a more permanent means of getting rid of her a second time. Even if they didn’t, Mary felt sure Perry would blame her for getting picked up and causing him trouble. He’d probably suspect she’d done it on purpose, to try to escape.

The younger cop looked around again, leering at her under his pencil moustache. Mary stared back at him. The wire mesh between the back seat and the front was like a cage.

“Hey, baby,” Mike said to her, “you wanna be my private secretary? I’d be real good to you.”

“Lay off her, huh?” grunted his partner.

“Hey man, the girl’s gotta make a livin’ somehow. What about it, honey?”

Suddenly an idea flashed into Mary’s head. He was giving her a chance, a slim chance, to be set free without being booked. She returned his look with frank interest. “I might consider it,” she said in her sulkiest voice.

Mike did a double take, looking from her to the traffic ahead and then back again. “What do you mean?”

“I mean if you guys could maybe forget about taking me in, I could do some… secretarial work for you.”

“You mean that?”

Mary stretched, bringing her cuffed wrists up over her head and tensing her shoulders. Her braless boobs jutted right at the younger cop’s bulging eyes. Her nipples stood up straight beneath the T-shirt. “What do you think?” she purred.

For an answer Mike spun the wheel. The cruiser bounced into an alley Mary hadn’t seen. The roadway broadened out into a little, isolated yard, a patch of pavement surrounded by buildings. It was out of sight of the street and looked abandoned except for a big white trash bin stuffed with cardboard boxes.

“Okay, baby,” Mike said, braking to a squealing halt. “Here’s where you put up or shut up.”

His partner looked nervous. “Are you serious?”

“What the hell, man? Nobody ever comes out here except to empty trash. Pickup ain’t till day after tomorrow, and they don’t empty trash till after work hours. We got this little place all to ourselves.”

“I don’t like it,” Bob said, shaking his heavy head.

Mike turned around and crossed his arms, resting his chin on them, propped on the back of his seat. “Well?” he leered.

For an answer Mary reached behind her and pulled her T-shirt over her head. She brought her arms down in front of her with the shirt over them, hiding her big boobs from the cop’s lusting view. “Okay,” she said, a little breathlessly. “Just watch.”

The Chicano undid the special lock and let her out. She stepped out graceful as a cat, then turned and leaned in the drivers open window.

“The handcuffs,” Mary said. “I can’t get my shirt off over them.” She saw Mike’s eyes widen at the teasing flesh of white titflesh he caught over the shirt as he hurried to unfasten the cuffs and remove them.

Free, the blonde stepped back, a lewd light glinting in her emerald eyes. She pulled the rolled shirt off her arms and bunched it against her heaving jugs. Mike got out of the car, running his tongue over his lips.

Mary undid the button of her cut-offs. Grinding her hips, she slowly pulled down the zipper. Bob got out of the cruiser and looked on in amazement as the girl pulled her shorts down her slender legs and stepped out of them.

Mary stood before the goggle-eyed cops, clad in panties and sandals, with the T-shirt only just covering her magnificent boobs.

“Okay, boys,” she said, slipping a finger into the elastic waistband of her panties, “here’s what you’ve been waiting for!”

She turned her back to them. The T-shirt fell crumpled to the ground. The panties began to slip off. The patrolmen’s eyes got bigger and bigger as the underwear revealed more and more of the swelling mounds of Mary’s ass.

The contrast between the tan of her back and the creamy paleness of her rump was startling. They were white and perfect as hillocks of new snow, separated by the mysterious darkness of her ass-crack. The adolescent had her buttocks pressed firmly together, and she kept them that way as she ran the panties down her thighs and her calves and stepped daintily out of them. Then she straightened up again, her whole body writhing as her legs slid apart. Then with her ponytail flying, she bent over and peered at the policemen from between her thighs. The hairy clam of her cunt was open and dripping.

“Hot Jesus,” Mike muttered between clenched teeth.

“Come and get it,” Mary said, rolling her butt.

Mike stumbled forward, fumbling at his fly. Mary stood up and turned to meet him. His cock flopped out of his dark uniform, pants, rock-hard and ready for action.

“Suck on it, baby,” the Chicano cop commanded. “Suck my cock!”

The gravel grated Mary’s knees as she dropped before the cop. His erect prick stuck out straight from his crotch like a battering ram. A drop of clear pre-seminal fluid glittered at its tip, on a level with Mary’s eyes.

She cradled the prick in her hands. It trembled like a dog straining at the leash. Suddenly she was afraid.

Of what, she chided herself. So what if someone came out and found them?

What could they do, call the cops?

The Chicano’s cock jerked and jumped impatiently. The blonde pressed it between her palms, rolling it like a piece of bread dough. Mike moaned low in his throat. His hands stroked her golden hair mindlessly.

Still kneading the stiff dick, Mary opened her mouth wide. She steered the prick in without letting it touch lips or teeth. With a deft, sure touch she steered it toward the back of her mouth so that half the cock was inside her face. Then she shut her mouth.

The cop gasped as wet heat abruptly surrounded his prod. It lay on Mary’s tongue like a tongue-depressor. The girl’s agile tongue began to twine about the hard cock like a slimy, erotic serpent.

Mike felt his balls tightening in their hairy sac. The little slut sure gave fine head! It felt as if the head of his prick was about to blow right off, and she had only just started to suck him off!

“Hey, come on in, man!” he yelled to his partner. “The water’s — unnh! — fine.”

Reluctantly, the older cop walked over from where he had been leaning against the blue and white cruiser. “Gee, I don’t know, Mike,” he mumbled.

Mary thrust her ass toward Bob, spreading her asscheeks so he would see her tight asshole and cunt. A stream of cunt sauce ran down the insides of Mary’s thighs.

Slurping sounds issued from Mary’s cock-filled mouth. With the ripe aroma of adolescent twat in his flared nostrils and this beautiful underaged hooker spreading her cheeks for him, Bob could resist no longer. His cock was pressing against the front of his pants, yearning to be set free.

Bob’s fingers flew as he undid his fly. His big hard cock shot out like an uncoiling spring. It was big and thick, much more impressive than the younger man’s. And it was ready to be plunged balls-deep into the steaming, blonde-furred cunt!

Bob grunted as he rammed his cock home between the gaping red cunt lips. Juices squished and flew as the hefty prick went into Mary’s twat.

Mary groaned around a mouthful of turgid prick as Bob fucked into her. Oh wow! she thought. The old guy’s prod is long! It was fat, too. She could feel it stretching the oily walls of her cunt with sweet insistence.

Breath sucked into Mike’s flat belly. The girl was really getting off on old Bob’s cock! Mike knew from the showers that the older man had a dick like a firehose. He had never realized how it could double his own pleasure, though. The excitement the girl was getting from having her needy snatch fucked full of Bob’s cock was transmitted directly to the prick in her mouth!

Mike’s hips began to move of their own accord. He face-fucked the blonde with slow, easy strokes as Bob, with his pants down around his knees, drove the last inch of cock home in the rolling, sopping cunt and grunted in satisfaction. God, the blonde was tight! Her snatch seemed to be strangling Bob’s prick with a noose of silk!

Mary’s mind swam in a delirium of lust. What had started as a desperate bid for freedom had now become just plain fun for the girl. The sensation of being fucked full of hard, strong, meaty male cock at both ends was just too much! It gave her a feeling of fulfillment the like of which she’d only found before in Kirk’s arms.

Just the thought of her bearded young man made her cunt spasm with joy. Bob yelped in surprise, caught in the act of pulling his giant prick out of her pussy. “Holy slit,” he muttered. This girl was making him feel like a randy adolescent. He hadn’t been this hot in years!

Mike’s cock was caught in a constantly-moving erotic trap. Mary licked his cock with her skillful tongue while her belly went hollow from sucking the lust-inflamed cock. His prick was alternately heated and cooled as Mary closed her mouth and opened it to let her breath thrill along the entire sensitive length of his prick.

Faster and faster the youthful policeman screwed Mary’s sucking face. His hands were tangled in her yellow hair. Her small hands were wrapped around the base of his cock.

Kneeling in the gravel behind Mary’s rump, Bob was fucking Mary harder with each stroke. The feeling of the resilient meat of her pussy parting for the onslaught of his cock, then closing softly behind it as he fucked out with a nasty sucking noise, was driving him crazy with lust. God, I’m going to blow my wad in seconds, he thought.

“Goddamn!” Mike yelled, as a lunging thrust of Bob’s prick drove Mary’s face down hard on his own cock. The swollen purple glans drove deep into Mary’s throat. Her gag reflex caught it, masturbating it just behind the cock head like a tiny hand.

The feeling of Mary’s throat muscles constricting his prick lit the fuse to the keg of dynamite in his hairy, goose-fleshed scrotum. His hips jerked back and forth with a jack-hammer urgency as he fucked her willing face.

Mary’s hands were together, holding the driving prick steady as it went in and out of her mouth.

Her tongue spiraled constantly around the pistoning prick. Her vision clouded in a red haze of passion as Bob’s wild fucking ignited her cunt. She was going to come soon!

Mike’s body tensed. The fuse had burned down and his balls were just about to explode.

In the last instant before coming off in Mary’s face Mike whipped out the handcuffs and snapped them around the girl’s wrists. Then he buried his prick in her mouth and fired a long blast of jism down her throat.

Mary choked and tried to struggle away. The icy kiss of the metal bracelets seemed to drag her back to earth. Jizz filled her mouth and spilled into her nostrils. She sneezed and gagged. The motions drove Mike crazy.

“Yes, yes! Drink it up, baby! Drink it up! Drink up all my cum!”

His cock shuddered as his balls emptied themselves of their full, bubbling charge of sperm. Blinding lights flashed behind his eyes. He staggered back, his already-drooping cock drooling a trail of sperm across the girl’s big jugs.

Mary collapsed onto her elbows. Her hips rotated as though mounted on ball-bearing, corkscrewing her slithering cunt on and off of Bob’s big cock. The incredible friction on her clit was driving her to climax, oblivious now of the handcuffs binding her wrists and the tangy jism leaking out of her nose.

Bob’s ham-like hands were locked on Mary’s tender buttocks. Sweat poured down into his face. He couldn’t take his eyes off the carnal spectacle of his giant cock disappearing and reappearing in that rank, brimming, yellow-furred twat. The whole sausage-like length of cock was slimed with clear, slippery grease from the girl’s hungry cunt. And she was devouring him with the avid circular motions of her hips.

“Fuck me!” she cried. “Let me feel all your big cock in my pussy! Oh, fuck me blind!”

Bob did his best to oblige. Oh, Susan! his passion fevered mind thought. “Oh, Susan — Susan — Susan!” he cried out, not realizing he was fantasizing out loud about his own daughter.

Mary didn’t even notice as orgasm exploded in her quim. It started in her pussy, drove up through her belly to shatter her brain in a million fragments. She could hear Bob behind her, a million miles away, grunting as he climaxed violently in her cunt.

Hot cum filled her pussy. Her lithe body drank it down and demanded more, more, till the giant prick had no more to give. Bob pulled his prick out of her with one shaking hand, spilling his jism down her legs and onto the ravel.

Mary lay on her side, panting with passion well spent. Footsteps crunched in the gravel and she looked up to see Mike standing over her. He was dressed and looked as if nothing had happened.

“Come with me, baby,” he said. He held her clothes in one hand. “You can get dressed in the prowler.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” the naked girl demanded blearily. “Aren’t you going to let me go?”

Mike looked at her in phony disbelief. “You must be kidding,” he leered. “We have to do our duty!”


“Okay, girlie,” a gruff voice said, “get off your bunk — you’re coming with me.”

Blearily, Mary got to her feet. A night in the jail cell had left her disheveled and miserable. The corridor outside was brightly lit by fluorescent lights. She rubbed her eyes and shot a glance at her cellmate.

The vast black bulk snored peacefully on the other cot. Mary could still smell the reek of whiskey. The enormously fat black hooker had propositioned the horrified teenager in blatantly explicit terms before passing out, and Mary had kept awake until nervous exhaustion overcame her, afraid she would be molested if she let her eyes close for a second.

The short, fat jailer took her by the elbow as she stepped reluctantly out of the cell. The steel doors clanged shut behind her. Down the row of cells someone cursed the disturbance sleepily.

As the jailer ushered her down the hall, Mary tried to cope with this new development. Had her uncle been notified and come for her? Or was Perry the pimp waiting for her, tapping one small foot while he dreamed up a suitable punishment for the inconvenience Mary had put him to.

Or had he simply sent Cat and Larry for her?

She shivered. The jailer seemed to think she was about to break away, for he tightened his grip on her arm. Head sunk in dejection, she followed him to the receiving area.

“This the one you want, sir?” the jailer asked. Mary tensed as she awaited. Which of her tormentors would it be who answered the question?

It was none of them. “She’s the one, Fred,” came a quiet male voice. Mary stiffened at the familiar hint of a West Texas drawl.

“Thought she was doing some hooking on the side.”

Kirk shook his shaggy head. “Not a chance. This girl is a friend of mine. Her name is Marti Rheinhardt.”

Finally Mary was able to raise her head to look at him. He caught her eye and smiled.

“Well, if you say so.” The officer on duty shrugged. Returning the D.A.’s runaway niece would be a feather in his cap. But Kirk said she wasn’t, and if the girl wanted to make trouble over a false arrest… the officer grimaced. He had heard Mike bragging to another cop after they dropped the girl off at the county jail.

“Here’s your purse, Miss,” said Fred the fat jailer. Mary accepted it with nerveless fingers.

“Thanks a lot,” Kirk said. “We’ll be seeing you, Fred, Dick.”

Dumbly, Mary let herself be led into the bright early morning sunlight. Traffic hissed by on the downtown streets. Kirk led her gently by the elbow to a big orange Dodge van parked in front of the jail. He unlocked the door and helped her in.

It was all too much. Mary was rescued from a multitude of horrible fates, and reunited with the man who’d haunted her dreams these last few days. Kirk got into the driver’s seat and looked across at her fondly, slumped against the vinyl upholstery.

“Did your uncle do this to you, Mary?” he drawled.

With a choking sob, she fell against him. His strong arms encircled her body. Before she knew it, her fingers were pulling his dark blazer down off his shoulders.

Kirk shrugged the coat off, his breath coming faster. Mary slid her fingers down his chest. They touched something hard and cold. She stiffened. The green eyes opened.

“K-Kirk,” she breathed. “You’ve got a gun!”

He nodded, already slipping the shoulder holster off the little .38 Colt Cobra thudded to the floor of the van as he muffled the rising tide of her questions with his lips and tongue.

Their tongues twined as they caressed each other, each stripping the other with a lover’s touch. When they were both naked, Kirk took Mary’s arm and urged her into the back.

There were no seats in the back of the van. It was a spacious room, completely lined in black synthetic fur. It covered the ceiling and the walls and made a springy, furry mattress of the floor.

“Ooooooh, it’s nice!” Mary exclaimed. She lay down and rolled around, thrilling to the feel of the fur on her naked body. The strands of hair caressed her in a million kisses. She sighed happily, rolled onto her back, and spread her legs.

Her cunt yawned open. It was brimful of clear cunt sauces. Its smell was an aromatic invitation to wild, sweet fucking.

Kirk’s huge cock jutted from his crotch. It looked bigger than Mary even remembered it. He took it in his hand as he got to his knees and started to bring his bearded mouth to her wide-open pussy.

“No, no!” she said urgently, grabbing a handful of his dark hair. “I need your cock in me. Now!” Kirk needed no further urging. He came forward till he was smiling down into her face, propping himself on one hand while his cock prodded at the opening of Mary’s twat. After a few tentative pokes it found the moist parting of cunt lips. Mary sighed in delicious satisfaction as the head of the cock slipped into her pussy.

Forever and ever the giant cock went into Mary’s pussy. The walls stretched and stretched till they reached their limit, and still they fit snugly around his cock, like a rubber glove filled with Vaseline.

“It’s so good,” Mary whispered into Kirk’s ear. “It’s so sweet to have your cock in my pussy again.”

Kirk’s face was buried in the hollow of her shoulder. “There’s no place I’d rather have it!” he said. His tongue traced a wet line up her neck. She felt the tickling of his pubic hair on her pussy lips, and the gentle pressure of his crotch against hers.

Mary could hardly breathe with that magnificent cock seeming to fill her entire body. It pulsed inside her, filling her cunt with his steady strong heartbeat. “Fuck me,” she murmured in Kirk’s ear. “Fuck me hard!”

He jerked his prick out of Mary’s snatch so rapidly that she gasped. “Whoo-eeeeeeeeeeh!” she yelled as the cock poised for an instant with just the head inside her cunt, then rammed back into her. Her butt came off the fur to grind her pussy hard onto Kirk’s cock. Then her ass was forced deep into the springy pile as the cock went all the way home!

In and out Kirk fucked his massive cock. Mary’s hindquarters came alive to a fluid, slithering, sensuous motion that constantly surrounded the man’s cock in delicious liquid fire. Her rigid nipples burned holes in his hairy chest, thrilling to the raspy feel grating over them. Her fingers played like small animals over his muscular back.

It was like heaven to have Kirk back. It was indescribable for Mary to have his cock driving in and out of her cunt again. She thought she would never feel it forcing its way into the tight oily channel of her twat like this again. Now she had that beautiful cock in her cunt again, and she never wanted to let it go.

Clawed hands clutched her asscheeks, pinioning the squirming girl on the mighty prick. Kirk’s mouth was pressed to Mary’s in a soul-searing kiss while their bellies slapped together and drew apart, rhythmically, urgently.

“Oh! You’ve… got me so hot!” Mary managed to gasp between piston strokes of Kirk’s cock. “I’m… about to… come!”

“Me too, baby,” Kirk grunted. “Just hang on a second longer — uuuuuggghhh!”

To Kirk it seemed as if a hydraulic press was crushing his cock. The throbbing prick was thrust to the hilt in Mary’s snatch, with her legs wrapped around his trim waist and her dainty feet squeezing against his butt to force still more of the maddening length of cock staff into the ravenous cavity of her cunt. And the entire length of her pussy clamped without warning on his deeply driven prick.

Every muscle in his fit body seemed to tie itself in knots. For a moment he was suspended in time and space as he quivered on the brink of climax, frozen, into a statue by the pre-orgasmic pulse of Mary’s pussy muscles. Then they both came.

Kirk fucked frantically in and out of the girl while his cock filled her with seething cum. Mary arched her back with the wild need to take in every inch of cock, every drop of jizz. Their souls melted together as their bodies thrashed in delirious joy.

At last, when the overwhelming passions had subsided, the lovers lay side by side, gazing into each other’s faces. Kirk’s big cock lay inside Mary’s cunt like a sleeping giant. It was still partly hard.

“You knew my name,” Mary said. Kirk kissed her and nodded.

“I know a lot about you. And about your uncle, the District Attorney.”

A chill went through Mary’s body. Kirk held her more tightly. “Don’t worry. I have a good idea of what he did to you. And I — we’re — going to make sure he can’t touch you anymore.”

A tear leaked out of one of Mary’s green eyes. “How? What do you mean?”

Kirk sighed. “It’s a long story. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not the young executive type I pretended to be the other afternoon. I’m a special investigator for the state Attorney General’s task force on organized crime.”

Mary’s mouth gaped open. “So that’s why you had the gun…”

“And that explains how I knew you had been picked up by the police — and why I was able to get you out so easily.” He gazed at her. She felt her soul begin to sink into the depths of his indigo eyes. “We’ve been working on involuntary prostitution. We’ve got your uncle tied to your friend Perry Roadman — both as a customer and as a patron. To say nothing of procurer, in your case.” His voice had a hard edge now, and his eyes gleamed like blue steel.

“We’ve got Castle tied to heroin too. He’s in a deep dark hole, and we’re about to start shoveling in the dirt.” He hesitated. “You don’t mind? That we’re going to…”

“I hope you crucify him!” Mary hissed with such venom that Kirk drew back. “I hope you cut his lecherous, hypocritical balls off!”

“Whoo!” Kirk breathed. “That answers that. We’re going to. And we’re going to get you out from under the thumb of that bastard Roadman.”


“Well, I could say it was as our duty, to aid a girl trapped by circumstance into degrading herself for the profit of criminals,” he said, his drawl getting thicker as he smiled. “But I’m too truthful. The fact is, I’ve fallen for you, lady. In a big way.”

“Oh Kirk!” Mary cried. She crushed him in her arms. “Oh, how I love you!”

“I love you too,” he whispered in her ear. “But you need to tell me something. Word on the street is that Cas… your uncle went to Roadman for a very special service. Some real weakness he’s got. Do you know what it is?”

Mary searched her mind. Her brow furrowed in thought. Then she had it. That first day, when her uncle had taken her to Perry Roadman’s hotel suite.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried. She told him, so fast she kept stumbling over the words and having to start over.

“Fine,” Kirk grinned when Mary had finished. “That’s how we get you away from Roadman and free of your uncle. I have a friend who’ll do just fine — she owes me a favor…”

“Will this be — official?”

Wicked light sparkled in Kirk’s eyes. His huge prick stirred to life within Mary’s cunt. “Castle’s going to the wall soon, with so many Grand Jury indictments, he won’t know what to do,” he said. “But this part will just be our little secret.”

Then he rolled onto his back, and pulled the girl onto his rapidly stiffening cock. Eagerly she mounted him, fucking herself on the big prick. She was laughing.

It was the first time she had been happy in weeks.


“After you, my dear,” District Attorney Herbert Castle said urbanely, ushering the gorgeous red-headed reporter into his oak-paneled office. She swept by him in a mist of jasmine, and his eyes riveted to her ass. Her buttocks flounced erotically tinder her short skirt. Her thighs were trim and fit, and her calves were covered in knee-high moccasin style boots with fringed tops.

The woman stopped in the middle of the spacious office and turned around with her cassette recorder dangling from her hand. “A lovely office you’ve got here, Mr. Castle,” she said.

Castle felt his heart pounding. What was it about this woman that turned him on so much? Was it her low thrilling voice? Her perfect, sculptured face with the sea-green eyes? Her magnificent, five-foot-ten-inch body with her tits jutting beneath her turtleneck sweater like twin cantaloupes. Or was it something about her lordly, haughty manner?

“Why, thank you, my dear,” he said. He took her by the arm and steered her toward a chair. Her flesh was vibrantly alive under his fingers. “Do sit down. It’s so rare to find a person of your profession who truly appreciates the work I’m trying to do. Most of them seem to feel I’m assaulting First Amendment rights of freedom of speech.”

He shook his head and laughed. “They just don’t understand that our forefathers never expected freedom of speech to extend to purveyors of smut. To be used to erode the very moral values on which our society is based!”

The reporter smiled up at him with ruby lips, standing in front of the chair. “I understand, Mr. Castle,” she said. “That’s why I came here today. Oh, I hope to interview you of course. But my real purpose is to see if I can express the gratitude the decent people of our community feel toward you for leading the fight against pornography. To reward you for your efforts to combat this menace.”

The cassette fell into the chair and suddenly her arms were around his neck. She pulled his head down and her tongue urged his teeth apart and slipped inside his mouth. It was like a living flame, teasing and tickling his tongue. Agile fingers slipped off his coat, untied his striped tie, and had begun to unbutton his conservative white shirt.

“There are those of us who feel you deserve a tangible reward,” the redhead said, stepping back. The shirt fell to the ground. She reached down then to the hem of her sweater and pulled it up over her head. Castle’s eyes bulged out of his head as two enormous milky-white tits bobbed into view. The nipples were bright red and hard in their round patches of flesh.

“I have the honor to be your reward, Mr. Castle.” Her voice was thick with honeyed tones of lust.

The District Attorney’s eyes bugged still more. The female reporter reached behind her slender waist and when her hands came forward they brought her skirt, unbuttoned, to drop onto the deep shag carpet. She was naked beneath.

Castle’s eyes fixed on her crotch. Her bush was thick and luxurious, between thighs like fresh sweet milk. It was the first real, flaming-red cunt hair he had ever laid eyes on. His ball-sac tightened unbearably with lust.

“Miss…” he croaked.

The girl straightened. Her tone of voice changed to one of command. “You will address me as Mistress,” she said icily. “Now take off your trousers.”

Dizzily, Castle did so. What was going on?

“The underpants too.” The striped shorts joined the pants on the floor. Castle’s skinny cock stood at eager attention from his hairy crotch. He stepped forward, his tongue hanging out like a dog’s.

The redhead was holding his necktie. Her tits rose and fell with passion. “Hold your wrists together, out in front of you,” she ordered.

Meekly, Castle did as he was told. The redhead tied the tie around his wrists and knotted it securely. “Now get your belt. And be quick about it, or you shall be punished!”

Castle knelt on the floor, clumsily trying to work the belt from the loops of the trousers. With his wrists tied it was tricky work. His rigid dick kept getting in the way.

“Don’t punish me, Mistress,” he pleaded mockingly as he brought her the belt, his head lowered. She stared coldly at his receding hairline.

“You have displeased me, fool,” the redhead declared. “You must suffer.”

“No! No!” Castle said thickly.


The naked D.A.’s knees thudded on the floor. He groveled.

“Lick my boots.”

His tongue came out and played over the slick surface of the redhead’s moccasin boots. Above his bent back she raised a slimly-muscled arm and brought the belt down across his back with a gunshot noise.

Castle yelped and cried out. The girl hit him again. “Don’t stop!” she yelled. “Don’t dare to disobey me, you worm!”

“No, no! I won’t!” Castle cried. “I’ll obey!”

“You’ll obey, what?” The belt whistled and cracked. Another red welt crossed Castle’s back.

“I’ll obey, Mistress. I’ll obey — ouch! — your every wish!”

White, scarlet-tipped tits flopped lewdly to the motion of the redhead’s arm as she whipped the groveling D.A. with his own belt. He curled at her booted feet, licking and whimpering.

Finally the rain of stinging blows stopped. Castle looked up expectantly. “Lick me,” the woman ordered. “Lick my legs.”

Her feet were widely planted on the office carpet. The D.A. looked up and saw the pink cunt lips shining through her tangled bush. Cunt-juice dewed the lips and red pussy hair, and its aroma wafted with jasmine to his dilated nostrils.

He licked his way up the boots. When his tongue touched white flesh above the fringed tops an electric charge surged through his body. The belt hissed through the air and curled right into the crack of his ass. He cried out.

“Don’t enjoy it!” the redhead shouted. “Lick my legs, but I forbid you to enjoy it!”

The flagpole-like cock throbbed with ecstasy. A stream of pre-seminal fluid ran down Castle’s prick. This was fantastic! His deepest, darkest fantasies were coming true! This impossibly beautiful redhead was dominating him, abusing him, forcing him to do her will. And best of all, she was forbidding him to like it!

Herbert Castle was in nirvana as he licked past the pale, dimpled knees. He had never gotten this much fulfillment of his forbidden sex fantasies in the secret, expensive sessions with Roadman’s girls. Even the strange slut named Cat didn’t do this to him. She and every other woman Castle had met lacked the complete, arrogant air of command the redhead possessed.

“Don’t dawdle licking my thighs, you fool,” the woman said haughtily. “I know they are sweet beyond anything in your experience, so firm yet tender, so white and pure and perfect. But my pussy needs servicing. Clumsy as you are, slug, I command you to lick my cunt!”

Castle’s tongue drew a greedy wet line up the white thigh till his nose was buried in the glorious scarlet bush. He opened his mouth to dig in.

Instead he cried out tight into the redhead’s cunt as the belt slashed across his back. “My God, do you think my cunt is a ham sandwich? My cunt is a thing of beauty, slime. Worship it with your tongue!”

Eagerly, Castle obeyed. His tongue quested into the matted red tangle, teasing apart the lips of the redhead’s pussy. She moaned softly and cocked her hips, and her cunt opened like a fragrant flower.

The D.A. licked up and down her crack. Aromatic juices leaked down his chin. The woman started rolling her hips. Castle thrust his face deeper and deeper into the brimming slit.

Suddenly a hand got him by the hair and dragged his face painfully from the sopping pussy.

He looked up at his Mistress pleadingly and she put her hand in the middle of his face and pushed. He fell heavily on his back.

In an instant the redhead was standing astride his upturned face. She was facing his feet. He stared rapturously up at her cunt.

Her pussy came down toward him, splaying open as her knees bent. The rank odor of cunt washed over him like a tide. The red-furred beaver opened like a mouth.

Castle opened his mouth to take in the delicate cunt lips. The belt lashed at his bare belly. “Not yet, worm,” came the arrogant voice. “Now you must lick my anus!”

The perfect white globes of her ass were widely spread. The eye of her asshole was thrust before him. “I-I can’t!” Castle stammered.

The belt bit into his stomach again. Then she simply sat down on his face. Her butthole pressed against his lips.

“Stick your tongue into my ass!”

Castle did. His tongue teased a wet ring around the tiny hole, feeling the puckered flesh. Then it touched the opening of her asshole lightly.

Instantly, the sphincter loosened and sucked his tongue into her ass. His own buttocks came off the carpet in shock as his tongue was strangled by the redhead’s asshole.

“Ooooommmmmmph! Unnnnnnggggggkkkk!” he squawked.

“Yes, yes! That’s right. Fuck my butt with your worthless tongue!”

She began raising and lowering her ass. Castle kept his tongue stiff, marveling at her control over the muscles of her rump. They loosened to let his tongue fuck into her asshole, then tightened around it when she pulled away. At his crotch his cock throbbed desperately for attention. He had never done anything like this before!

The redhead cried out suddenly and her cunt gushed honey onto Castle’s chin, buried in her twat. She was coming, he realized. His tongue slid from her asshole one last time with a noisy pop as she fell forward.

As she fell the redhead impaled her beautiful face on his iron-hard cock!

Castle moaned madly into the mouthful of cunt pressing down on him. His lips and teeth worked at the mouth of the woman’s pussy while his tongue delved frantically into her writhing tunnel of lust. And while he tongue-fucked her greedy hole, he was fucking her face with his rampant cock!

The girl’s red-haired cunt squirmed down on him harder and harder. He had to fight to keep from suffocating. But that didn’t really matter to him. Nothing mattered but to eat cunt and have his prick sucked gloriously by that torturing, incredibly skillful mouth!

A tongue was wrapping his cock in wet fire. She was taking his cock in, all in. Unbelievably, he felt her lips nuzzling his hairy crotch while her slim fingers toyed with his scrotum. She was swallowing his cock whole!

The feeling was sensational!

Then the tunnel of cunt caved in on his tongue. The redhead’s moans of ecstasy were heaven on his swallowed cock as her climaxing snatch tried to suck his tongue into its pulsing depths. It was too much to take. He grunted into her pussy and came.

The first blast of jizz shot clear past the redhead’s tonsils. She sucked him hard, like a vacuum cleaner drawing spurt after spurt of rich hearty cum from the pinprick hole in the head of his cock. And all the while she screwed herself wantonly on his turgid tongue.

Still exploding, the cock slid out of her mouth as the girl pulled away. Red hair fell in a fiery cascade over the D.A.’s crotch. Slender fingers jacked off the still-spewing cock. Droplets of jizz sprayed over Castle’s belly and ran down the woman’s fingers.

The redhead smeared her hand around the cum-spattered belly. Then she raised her plushly padded haunches. Castle moaned pleadingly as the delicious cunt left his mouth.

The redhead reversed herself. Castle stared at her. She put her hand on his face and rubbed the cum all over it.

“Lick my palm,” she ordered. Castle obeyed. His stomach turned over at the very idea of licking up jizz, especially his own. And when the salty-sweet taste filled his mouth he almost retched. But he held his stomach in check and dutifully lapped the white palm clean.

The other long-nailed hand jacked off his deflating cock. Something about the girl’s electric touch still sent bolts of pleasure into his sated body.

“Did you like being beaten?” the redhead demanded.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“And did you like licking my boots?”

“Y-yes, Mistress.”

“What else did you like licking?”

“Your legs. Your, your…”

“Say it!”

“Your c-c-cunt! I enjoyed licking your cunt! And I enjoyed sticking my tongue up your rectum!”

“Good — what else?”

Castle’s stomach twisted. “I enjoyed licking my own come off your perfect hands… Mistress!”

With a wide smile of satisfaction the redhead stood up. Haughty arrogance was replaced by triumph. “And there you have it, folks,” she said in reportorial tones, “the secret sex life of crusading District Attorney Herbert A. Castle, self-appointed guardian of the public morals!”

“A stunning spectacle in sight and sound,” added a voice in a soft West Texas drawl, coming from the quietly-opened door to the adjoining office. “You can turn off the recorder now, Theresa.”

Kirk stepped into the room, pulling the last snapshot from his Polaroid color camera. Mary came in behind him. She seemed to want to hide, but when she saw her uncle lying stunned and naked in the middle of the floor, she stepped out with her pretty face twisted in anger.

“Remember me?” she flared. “Your darling niece, you asshole! You sold me like a fucking piece of meat!”

She tore the developing exposure from Kirk’s hands and shoved it under Castle’s nose. Before his eyes his face appeared, mouth open and tongue extended to clean his cum from the outstretched feminine hand. He felt very ill.

“That’s right! Your ass belongs to me now!”

“I’m afraid she’s right,” Kirk said politely.

“So you’re behind this, Kirk!” Castle snarled. “You won’t…”

“Spare me the bullshit. We will get away with it. But it’s going to cost you. Money for a start. First you buy Mary back from Roadman, no matter how much he screws you for — and I hope it’s a lot. Then ten thousand dollars for Mary and me. And five thousand for Theresa here. Next, your signed statement…”

“That’s outrageous!” the D.A. sputtered. His whole body turned an angry red.

“… signed statement promising not to try to get revenge against Mary, Theresa, or myself, and to withdraw your report of your niece as a runaway.”

“And you’ll give me the tape and the photos.” Castle asked eagerly, scrambling to his feet.

“You’ll get nothing. Now get on the horn and call Roadman!”

Seething with fury, Castle dialed the pimp’s unlisted number. The conversation was brief and angry. When Castle hung up, he seemed even madder than before.

“All right,” he said. “You can pick up your share of the money this afternoon. I won’t try any tricks. Roadman is reluctant to sell.” He gulped down a fresh welling of rage. “But I will deal with him.”

“Good-bye, Uncle Herb,” Mary said tauntingly as she danced out the door. The others followed.

Castle was furiously dialing another number as the door closed behind the trio.

The van was pulled off on the shoulder of the highway. Inside, Mary was on all fours on the furry floor of the van while Kirk knelt behind her. His big cock was fucking itself along the dripping lips of her cunt while the blonde trembled with anticipation.

The radio was playing gentle rock music. The naked couple was oblivious. Kirk had just pulled back, inspecting the coating of cunt lubricants that were smeared all over his cock when Mary stiffened.

“Listen — the news!” she hissed.

“… when a freak explosion of their car’s gas tank turned the vehicle into a fireball. Killed in the blast were Percival M. Roadman, 36, and a woman, Cat Hendryx, 28, both of this city. A third person, Lawrence Fontana, 31, is in critical condition at the burn and trauma unit of…”

Kirk clicked the radio off. He turned back to the naked girl, who had fallen on her side. Her face was pale.

“Your uncle sure acted fast,” he said.

“You think he…” she started. “But, it’s so — so horrible, even for them!”

“Well, you’re free,” Kirk said. “Roadman must have tried to put pressure on Castle. But the D.A.’s done for soon anyway. We don’t…” His voice trailed off and he stared at Mary’s ass, aimed invitingly at his face. She was back on knees and elbows.

“Shut up,” the blonde teenager said, “and fuck my butt!”

Kirk did.

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