Auntie With The Hots

Psychologists invariably agree that man has certain needs which are an inherent part of his nature. Most commonly mentioned are physical needs — the needs for food and shelter. The need for sex — the “reproductive drive”, as it is often referred to — is also considered basic to man.

Tanya, the young woman in this story, is a girl whose drive for sex has long been frustrated. Her pursuit of satisfaction, thus, becomes desperate and those with whom she lives and associates suddenly become targets. A normal, healthy sex drive becomes reckless and those caught in its path are abruptly confronted with a dilemma which can be resolved only through unique solutions.

AUNTIE WITH THE HOTS — the story of a woman who has to come to terms with her own nature and needs. A novel of significance to our ever-changing society.


Beth put a teacup down before her sister and filled it. Tanya seemed even prettier than Beth had remembered. She was a true blonde and her tan skin accentuated her flowing locks. Beth could see the full soft curves of her breasts bulging out of her nightgown. She wondered what it was like to have big tits. Tanya had started growing hers in junior high. Or had it been the sixth grade? No matter.

Beth had waited in vain for hers to bud and after her second year in college had realized that she was not to be blessed with anything more than a couple of adolescent-like swells.

“I’m really glad you came to visit for a few months,” she said, closing her robe around her thin body. “What with Benji visiting I can sure use a little help in the kitchen.” Benji was her and Tanya’s nephew. He was eighteen, well-developed and very nice. Beth enjoyed having him around. There were some projects to complete around the sprawling hillside home Cal had bought five years before.

“Benji has offered to help Cal with that stone fence he’s building out back. And the road in needs some work before winter.”

“I just love it out here,” Tanya said, stretching. She felt robust and full of life. Beth wondered why her sister’s husband had ever let her go. But she didn’t want to bring anything like that up. She didn’t want her sister to think she was prying. And yet Beth longed to tell Tanya some of the awful secrets in her own life. Like the fact that in all her married life she had not been penetrated by her own husband. Oh yes, she’d teen pregnant when they’d married. A crazy impossible accident. Almost impossible. As she gazed off through the window at the trees on the hill Beth remembered.

Cal had been almost as big then as he was now. Six and a half feet tall. Well over two hundred pounds. Two hundred pounds of muscle and broad shoulders. Cal’s girl had given him the gate and since Beth hadn’t dated much, they hung together that long ago summer. But there’d been a hitch. Cal was Beth’s first cousin. And she hadn’t been ready for his passion, his desire for her. They had gotten serious. They went less and less to public places as Cal sought to find the privacy he needed to seduce Beth.

Beth couldn’t forget the first time she’d seen Cal’s cock. She knew that she was abnormally small in the cunt. Her hymen had been torn in a childhood accident, but even so, it was impossible for her to use a tampon. She could barely squeeze her thumb up into her vaginal opening. She trembled, remembering more, remembering how badly Cal had wanted her. That dark night on the shore of the lake on the blanket.

“What are you thinking about,” Tanya said, putting her teacup down. “Your face really looked strange.”

“Nothing. Nothing at all.”

“Aw, come on. I’m curious now.”

“No, it’s nothing. Really.” Beth went to wash her teacup out in the sink. She wanted to continue her little reverie. It always excited her. The way Cal had moaned and rubbed his huge cock against her naked pussy. He had tried to put it in before but there wasn’t room. So during that young and carefree summer Beth had gotten into the habit of letting him rub his glans against her blossomed, juice slickened cunt lips until he came. Cal used a handkerchief then to keep from getting any on her. But that night something different happened.

Cal had grabbed her wrists and pinned her back to the ground as he pumped his cock harder and harder against the yielding swells of her pubes. There had been pain. The head of her cousin’s cock had pushed her opening as wide as it would go. He hadn’t penetrated her but when his balls exploded their hot sap, the spurts had shot up into Beth’s pussy. Two months later she knew the awful truth. She was pregnant, Beth’s daughter was delivered a good four months after Cal had married her and they’d moved to another state to hide the truth from gossipy townspeople.

Now Lori was twenty and a beautiful young woman in her own right. She knew nothing of the details of her conception. Nor that her own father was her mother’s cousin.

“I guess I’d better go see if Cal is up,” Beth said finally, rinsing her hands in the cold water and wiping them dry. Tanya still looked only half awake. She stretched again and Beth saw a lazy sexuality. She wondered if her sister had normal-sized genitals. She wondered if she had a satisfying sex life now that she was divorced from her first husband. For an instant she almost blurted out what she’d been thinking of. She wanted so badly to share her frustrations with someone. At thirty-five she was still afraid of sex. She still didn’t know much about it.

She hurried down the long hall to Cal’s bedroom and closed the door behind her.

“Morning honey,” Cal said. He was propped up on a pillow reading. Since they slept in separate bedrooms now, Beth rarely saw him in the nude. She’d forgotten that he always slept that way. Usually she popped in only long enough to give him a gentle shake and ask what he wanted for breakfast.

But this morning he’d awakened early. And there he was. A huge man, one knee bent, the other stuck out straight along the mattress. Beth stared at his cock like it was some magic cobra that could hypnotize her instantly. It rested along his thigh. It was as big around as an ax handle and the partially exposed glans peeked darkly from the opening in his foreskin.

“Com’ere,” he laughed, tossing the book aside. She cringed a little but his fingers closed on her wrist.

“Oh Cal, I can’t this morning. Tanya is in the kitchen.”

“So, she can take care of herself. She’s a big girl.” He pulled her towards the bed. Beth knew that once he got his lips on her, once he started touching her, she’d be a goner. Because Beth knew she wasn’t frigid. She was just scared stiff.

“I need a little breakfast treat,” Cal said, licking his lips. It was the way they always started. He couldn’t fuck her, but he could eat her out. And though the times he did always frightened and shocked Beth, she loved it. She sometimes almost fainted from the pleasure. But in receiving so much joy, she knew she was instantly obligated to please her husband in some way. And since she couldn’t let him penetrate her pussy, there was only one other thing she knew how to do.

Cal had instructed her in the fine art of fellatio soon after their marriage and escape from Hortonville. He told her that a man needed a certain amount of sex. If she expected him to get it from her, she had to cooperate. Beth had cooperated. She’d suppressed her shock at putting her mouth around a man’s prick and let Cal teach her.

He had her on her back now, legs spread. She was stripped of her robe and panties. It always made her feel skinny and exposed. She wished she had a plush, rounded body like her sister Tanya.

“Ohhhh, Cal! Ohhhh, God, honey we shouldn’t be doing this in the morning. Tanya is going to know something’s happening.”

“Who gives a damn? We’re married, aren’t we?” He kissed the inside of her thigh in a licking, sexy way. She trembled and felt the muscles around her pussy relax and then convulse tighter. She ran her fingers down her belly. The ridge of her cesarean scar was hidden in a small wrinkle that crossed her abdomen. The doctor had done a good job. The scar was hardly noticeable. She could even wear a bikini without worry. But she hardly ever did.

“Ohhhh baby, you smell good this morning. Nice and funky and hot!” He licked the outer lips of her pussy. The dark hair was quickly matted into curlicues. He licked her slit until it opened. Then he spread her knees back and Beth began to writhe slowly on the bed. She was ashamed of letting herself go. But with Cal she could almost forget any fears. At least for a few moments.

“Honey, Honeeeeee!” she sighed, pumping her boyish hips as he worked his mouth hard against the smoldering, slickened lips of her pussy. There was a sucking sound as he lapped at her more furiously. She could feel her clit bulging out of its hiding place. She could feel his fingers digging into her slender thigh as he stretched the meaty opening even wider to lick every fold and crevice. She pumped her ass in an instinctive fucking motion.

Cal had her spread-eagled now and he was rooting like a hungry dog between her thighs. He knew her so well. He knew exactly the right spots to touch. She felt his tongue pressing up into her hole. The tight, muscular opening pinched down, pushing him back out. She felt a sudden sadness, knowing how much of a freak she really was. But Cal only pushed into her pussy again, using his tongue-tip like a tiny cock to excite the delicate sides of her opening. The friction was wonderful and she gave a whimper of passion to let him know how much he was exciting her.

“Whuuhhh, Cal!”

“Mmmmmmm, baby this is fine eating for a Saturday morning.”

“Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh ghhaaaaa!”

“Yeah baby, just go ahead and come.”

“Oh I am! I am coming! Ohhhhh C-C-Cal!”

She jerked, pulling her knees up tight against her small breasts. But her husband still rooted between her cuntlips, lapping her like a dog then pressing his tongue into her tiny cunt again. She rolled her hips with wild abandon, her fingers clawing big lumps of the bedsheets.

A trembling scream filled the room as the final sharp ecstasy clit through her like a golden sword.

Her feet kicked the air in convulsive, random rhythms. Between her thighs she could still hear Cal drinking her juices. His tongue danced up and down her crevice, darting over her clit-tip, digging into the folds of her inner lips. And then it was over and she was being rolled onto her belly. Cal rubbed her thighs and buttocks and back to calm her down. He was such a wonderful husband. And she was such a lousy wife.

He was on his back now. Waiting. Though she didn’t mind doing it for him, it was hard to pull herself together for the task. She gazed at his prick. The oversized organ that had never yet been inside her body. She’d had a baby squirted into her pussy by that thing and still Cal had never fucked her. She felt like some kind of perverse Virgin Mary. She was about to tell Cal that she wished she could take him like a wife was supposed to be able to do. But one look, one touch told her she’d best be still. There was no possibility of that ever happening.

Cal’s cock was over ten inches long. When she hefted it gingerly in her fingers, it felt like a baseball bat. The head was beginning to swell, beginning to push out of the protective hood of the foreskin. It was glistening with moisture and she could smell the musky aroma. She closed her fingers around it just behind the flared crown. Then she edged the loose-fitting flesh back, back until the dark blue head was exposed. The foreskin fit like a thick collar behind the glans. A little smear of slickness appeared on her finger as she gently jacked the skin back over his cocktip. Her heart was beating hard and she licked her lips nervously. She had never gotten used to this part. The part Cal had taught her so meticulously.

He liked her to put her mouth to the end of his cock and slide her lips around him at the same time she forced his skin back. It was a strange sensation to feel that slick, smooth head filling her mouth, sliding between her lips and teeth.

“Baby, go on and do it to me! Goddamn, this is gonna be good.”

Cal was a highly-sexed man. He liked to have his cock sucked. There was absolutely nothing wrong with wanting that or doing that or anything else he might want. But it frightened Beth to have something so huge in her mouth and know that she couldn’t ever take it into her pussy. She didn’t understand her fear. But it was there.

“Suck me honey, suck me good!”

“Yes darling.” She pushed her pursed lips against his feverish tip. Then she eased his foreskin back and let her mouth curve around the spongy, blood-filled surface. It went into her mouth easily and she had to open her jaw big to take it. Her tongue lashed out instinctively to bathe the underside of his tip with spit. Cal stiffened and moved his hips in the bed. He was a giant stretched out there before her. She gazed at his heaving belly as her tongue did its work along the super-sensitive surfaces.

“Uhhhhhh!” he groaned, touching the sides of her face then slumping down on his back again.

The spit oozed from the corners of her lips now.

She worked her head slowly up and down in circles. She smacked as she sucked in her cheeks to excite him more. She had not yet even thought about the final moments other act. The trembling, hot explosion of his prick which would fill her mouth to overflowing with jizz.

Her small breasts felt swollen and tender. As she sucked she pushed a hand up her belly. She found one small pink nipple and pinched it between thumb and finger. Beth rarely touched her own body. She had been this way since a child. It was some kind of self-punishment for having been born a freak.

“Okay darling, yeah, now I’m gonna tell you what I’m thinking.”

This was the part that Beth hated. But it was what Cal loved to do and she couldn’t deny him. He liked to pretend he was fucking her and that her mouth was her pussy. Beth continued to suck, knowing that he was getting close. He always started his little fantasy when he was close.

“I’m in your pussy,” Cal breathed. “It’s tight… make it tighter!” Beth pulled her cheeks in around the bulging shape that almost choked her. Cal gasped with pleasure and went on. “Yeah, tight… good and tight! I’m just lying here and you’re fucking me, see? Your hot little ass is pumping up and down. I can feel your tits rubbing my chest and when you put your legs together it makes your tight little hole even tighter. You’re stripping me down good baby! You’re really gonna suck every drop of my cum into your cunt!”

Beth was lapping her tongue furiously along the underside of his shaft now. She knew that was how he wanted it. She was sucking him hard, working him over good. She only wished that his fantasy could become a reality.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed, caught up in his own excitement despite the lie he was weaving.

“Here it comes baby. You’ve fucked the hell out of me! I’m gonna fill you full of jizz now baby! Ahhhhhhh!”

And the first hot jet spattered against the back of Beth’s throat. She suppressed her desire to gag. It wasn’t easy because the stringy stuff was leaking down, tanged around her tonsils. She swallowed quickly before the next fountain of cream poured out. Cal grabbed the sides of her head and pumped his hips savagely.

“Mmmmmnnhhuuuh!” she protested, helpless as his glans thumped against the roof of her mouth and then penetrated her throat. Beth was in a panic. She’d never had her husband’s cock rammed into her throat like this! She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think!


“You lovely little bitch!” he growled, throwing her over onto her side where he pinned her with his legs and hands and kept fucking her mouth with furious, deep strokes. His cock was fully extended now and thick as a bull snake. It slid even deeper into her throat as he made her bend her head back.

He got a handful of hair to keep her in that position as he concentrated on getting his prick all the way in. When Beth felt his balls flop against the underside of her chin she gave a cry of utter panic and tried to close her teeth on him. But the moment had left her weak and helpless. She flopped in awful convulsions as his cocktip went down into her throat and Cal’s balls nestled softly against her chin. The hot spurts of cream sprayed and frothed now. Some of the stuff bubbled up when she couldn’t control her throat muscles. She felt a hot stream drip from one nostril. She was crying in fear and anger. But Cal had her rolled completely under him now as he fucked his last few strokes and pulled his cock from her lips.

For a long time she just lay there shuddering and moaning, the jizz leaking from her nose and mouth. Then she pushed herself up on her elbows and stared hatefully at him.

“You must think I’m some kind of dumb animal. Ohhh, I hate you! I’ll never touch you again! I hate you, hate you, hate you!”

“Listen Beth, I kinda forgot myself. I just never get any real action.”

“You’re a sex maniac! That’s what you are.” She was on her feet now, swaying like a drunk. She wiped her mouth and spit at him. She couldn’t believe the awful thing that had happened. He’d just thrown her over on her back and fucked her mouth like it was a pussy. She just couldn’t cope any longer. She was going to lose her mind if she even thought about it any more.

Beth was running out of the room down the hall. She had her robe in her hand but couldn’t get her arms in the sleeves. And then she was in her sister’s arms, sobbing.

“Beth, honey, what’s wrong?” Tanya held her by the shoulders and stared. Then Beth saw that her sister had smelled the pungent cum that was smeared all over her chin and neck.

“It was awful!” Beth sobbed, clinging to her. Tanya’s eyes changed and then softened.

“Oh darling, you’ve got to tell me everything. I didn’t know you were so miserable.”

Beth broke away from her and fled. Her own house was like a maze as she bumped into walls and chairs. Until finally she was in her room upstairs with the door locked. She threw herself across her bed and sobbed without restraint.


Tanya hated herself for what she’d been thinking. But every morning she awoke with hot and lusty thoughts. They were all similar. All of the same man. Instead of giving into her passion she swung her legs out of bed and rubbed her eyes. Her body tingled expectantly. Almost as if it demanded her attention, her touch.

She’d put on long pants-style pajamas and a prim buttoned top the night before. She’d done it on purpose, switching from her usual shorty gown with no panties at all. She’d been trying to keep sex out of her mind. Because her life had been so chock full of it in previous months. But it was obvious she had not yet adjusted to being without a husband. A hired stud was how she thought of that convenient situation.

“Husbands. You can’t live with them and it’s hell to be without them.” But her pajamas weren’t doing their job. She felt as sexy with the silky pants covering her as she ever did with her bottom stark naked. She rose and walked languidly to the minor. Her pussy was very moist and slippery. The inner surfaces smoothed together as her thighs changed places. And that waking fantasy rose into her thought again. The dream she’d been having just before consciousness had mercifully intruded.

“God, I bet he’s big! Anybody with a body like that would have to be huge!” She went to her dresser, dug out a pair of pink, bikini panties and skinned her pajama pants down around her ankles. As she started to put a foot through a leg of the panties, she paused. Her pussy throbbed dangerously.

“This is silly!” she breathed to herself. “I’m a grown woman. I’m twenty-eight years old. I’m not some hot-tailed little teeny bopper who can’t keep her fingers out of herself.” She smiled at her own wards. “Or can I?” A giggle escaped her. “Maybe I am hot-tailed. But I should be able to keep my fingers…”

A finger had slipped down her belly to pet the curly blonde fur that didn’t quite hide the beginning of her crevice.


Her outer lips were damp with juice. She always woke up pretty lubricated. But this morning she was slicker than usual. Because in her dream she’d been doing something terribly wicked with her sister’s husband.

“Six-foot-six of loving muscle,” she sighed, letting her mind stray at last to the details. Cal bending over her thighs, licking her hot, ready pussy. Putting his fingers in and searching in the dainty, velvet-smooth depths of her opening. And then his cock resting on her thigh. In her dreams or reveries she had only imagined what it was like. Of course she’d never really seen it.

“This is awful. My own sister’s husband! I’ve got to go to town and pick up somebody in a bar before I freak out completely.” But the thought of searching out a one-night stand didn’t really appeal to her. She had pushed her finger down across her clit now and moved it slowly as her juices continued to seep.

“So now I’ve gotten down to a plain old finger-fuck!” She shook her head sadly. But her body wasn’t sad. It shivered, grew hungrier. Her breasts took on a pink flush and the nipples extended like small, pink fingertips.

Tanya edged her finger against the ring of muscles that guarded her pussy hole. Then she put it gingerly into the opening and bent over slightly to hook it up and in.

“Uhhhhh,” she gasped, leaning with her free hand against the dresser top. There was a light tap on the door.

“Tanya? It’s just Benji. I think breakfast is ready if you’re up and hungry.”

“Just a moment Benji,” she managed to get out. She wiped her finger on a tissue and grabbed her silk dressing gown to fling around her nakedness. Holding the front closed she opened the door and smiled at him.

“You know I still think of you as my little nephew. But I forget you’re not so little anymore.” Benji pushed a hand through his curly brown hair and shifted on his feet. He smiled. He clutched the front of his T-shirt. She could see he still looked up to her as his sexy aunt. Even when he’d been much younger, he’d teased her about her blonde hair and curvaceous good looks. He’d named her the Movie Star and his friends had picked it up.

“Come on in,” she said, opening the door wider. She wanted an excuse to deny herself that final indulgence of self-administered sex. And Benji’s bright presence was just the cheerful beginning she needed for the day.

“God, your perfume knocks me out,” he said innocently. Tanya almost blushed. She chose not to use perfume. What her nephew had smelled was her own sexy musk that now filled the room. She tried to keep her thighs a little tighter as she walked over to the dresser to fish a cigarette from a gold case.

“So what have you been doing?” she asked. She was surprised at how her eyes kept sneaking to the way his body was shaped. To the way he moved.

“I’m pretty good at massage now,” he said. “I took a couple of courses. See, there are all sorts of different techniques. I’ve been doing some rock-climbing too and…”

“Hold on,” Tanya smiled. “I’d like to hear more about the massage.”

“Well, it’s kind of hard to tell somebody.”

“Mmm, sure. You have to show them, right?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Okay,” she said moving across the room towards him. “What if I had a sore muscle right here.” She touched the back of her thigh. She was seeing if she could tease her wild little nephew a little. She wondered how he dealt with ticklish situations. And she was curious about what the child of her memory had become.

“Lay down,” he told her without batting an eye. “Bet your pardon?” she said, stopped short by his frank and unabashed look.

“I can’t do anything for you standing up like that.”

“Of course not.” She put her cigarette out and stretched out across the bed on her belly. Benji knelt on the mattress and pulled her dressing gown up. She grabbed it before he could expose her thigh completely. The little nut had really called her bluff after all.

“You’re not shy, are you?” he laughed. He was blushing too but she realized that she was on the run. She gave him a knowing grin.

“Okay, smart guy. The lady didn’t have time to put her panties on before you knocked. Now do you understand? Or am I allowed a little everyday modesty?”

“I thought you just wanted me to massage your thigh,” he popped back.

“Touche for you.” She let out a breath and rolled back onto her stomach again. “But be careful please.”

Benji’s hands felt wonderful. He laid her gown up over her bottom carefully as she’d warned him not to expose anything a girl didn’t want exposed. But his fingers! They probed down deep into her flesh, working out small knots of tenseness. Instead of fighting the way he was manipulating her, Tanya found herself relaxing. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the shoots of pleasure that radiated away from his rubbing, squeezing touch.

Benji worked higher on her thigh and then started back down again. Tanya found herself breathing a little raggedly. She almost wished he’d kept his massage up there high on her thigh. Immediately she felt a little ashamed at wanting him to excite her. She was his aunt after all. And Benji was still a mere child, if a very handsome and self-confident one.

“Helping?” he asked, starting up again.

“Mmmmmmm, God it feels wonderful, darling.” She’d often called him darling in earlier times. It was part of their little joke together. But now the word felt odd on her tongue. And Benji’s massage was getting as high as it ever had been.

“Can I pull back your gown a little more,” he said matter-of-factly. “There’s a little knot here that reaches into your buttock.”

Even his use of the language was completely innocent and not self-conscious. But then everyone had them, Tanya thought. Buttocks. In fact hers were especially nice. Round and white and firm like a cheerleader’s pert ass. She’d spent many hours maintaining her body against the ravages of her twenty-eighth year.

“Okay, but be careful. I’m a little tender back there.”

“There it is,” he said, confident and pleased at his expertise. His fingers went deep into the muscle of her ass. So deep that a hot tremor of pleasure scalded her clit and then throbbed through the underside of her pubes. She felt them swell with sudden passion, parting nakedly a few inches away from her nephew’s steady, circular massage.

“Uhhhhh,” Tanya moaned, trying to hide the obvious lust she felt. She was really getting hot! She was confused, unsure of how to get rid of Benji without hurting his feelings. She couldn’t let this go on much longer.

“Hmmm,” he said, nodding. “There’s another one. You are really tense this morning.”

“Benji darling, I think you got it now. I think you’d better stop.”

“Feel that?” he said brightly. “That connects to your back and spine. It’s important to have it loose not tense.” His fingers dug deep into her buttocks again. She squirmed her mound down against the mattress, unable to hide the throbs of pleasure that built along her flesh.

“Ohhh Benji, that’s really enough. You helped me tremendously.”

“You sure you feel better?” He stopped rubbing. Tanya felt like she was floating. Her pussy had bulged out with blood and she could tell that her musky juice was smeared slickly on the outer surface of her pubes. Her blonde curls would be plastered down in curliques too. And as she rolled onto her side, her gown slipped. Benji stared. He wasn’t smiling now. Tanya wasn’t either.

“You’d better.” She’d wanted to say go. But her tongue wet her bottom lip instead and she fluttered her blue eyes as another wave of want went through her. “Ohhh Benji give your aunt a big hug!” She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down alongside her. The boy was completely surprised. Site knew now that his massage had been totally without ulterior motive. He was good and pure and beautiful and she couldn’t keep her hands off of him.

“God, Aunt Tanya. Ohhh, God!” Her fingers went under his T-shirt. She dug her nails along his back and then down.

“Benji, don’t talk. Ohhh God forgive me. But don’t say anything!” She kissed his mouth so hard that he almost pulled away from surprise. But then she had her hands on his face holding him as she nursed his chin and cheek with softer, gentler caresses.

“Huuuhhhh,” he moaned, closing his eyes then opening them wide to stare into her own.

“Your aunt needed a big, strong man like you to hold her. She gets lonely.” Tanya scolded herself for babbling like that. There was no way she could rationalize what she was doing. She just had to do it! She had to!

Her fingers found Benji’s fly and she worked it with feverish haste. He gave a sound of surprise as she dug into his jeans. His skivvies stretched down easily and she got him free. She gave a little groan of surprise and happiness herself. For a eighteen year-old Benji had a proud chunk of steamy hot meat. It was at least seven inches. It was thick too and the circumcised glans was streamlined and perfectly shaped. Her gown fell open completely as she jacked his shaft and watched him gaze longingly at her big breasts.

“Kiss me there,” she begged, arching her back to extend one plump swell towards his mouth. Benji kissed the hot flesh too tenderly. “Don’t be afraid of hurting me! Go oh, use your teeth if you want.”

“Oh God Tanya, I don’t know what’s happening!”

“Hurry darling! We can’t let anyone catch us.”

She moved her legs apart under him. His jeans were down around his knees but she couldn’t bother with them any longer. She had his cock in her hand, pushing it down her dripping slit. Her folds opened and caressed the purple head. She tilted her pelvis and moved it into position. Now his tip was pressing into the tight hollow that opened into her hungry pussy.

“Fuck me darling! Fuck me Benji!”

“I… I never did it with a girl before,” he said, blushing a violent red.

“Then do it to me,” she said, kissing his chin. “I’m just a girl like anybody else.”

“You’re my aunt.”

For a moment the panic filled her. She was so close. She couldn’t lose him now! She dug her nails into the muscled meat of his ass and pulled him forward. His cock pressed hard against her opening and then her juices coated him enough to make it easy. He slipped halfway into her pussy. The slurpy sound of their bodies joining made her give a little cry and wallow her big tits against his chest.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty,” she asked, holding him, fucking her ass around madly on the bed. His cock slipped steadily deeper. Inch by inch she could feel it penetrating her soft, slick heat.

“Yes! God yes! You’re so pretty I can’t believe it.”

“You always thought I was pretty, didn’t you?”


“And haven’t you thought of doing this to me?” Benji dropped his eyes. The color in his cheeks told Tanya she’d scored a direct hit.

“Ohhhh I love it! I’m so gad you wanted to have me. And don’t you see! Now it’s all coming true.”

“Shhhh,” she said, closing his mouth with a quick kiss. “Don’t talk anymore. Don’t think. Just fuck me!” The tightness of her pussy around his cock made him bite his lower lip. She moved her body in just the right way then, watching his expression, watching the pleasure take the place of guilt. She stroked his back and ass with her nails. It was glorious to feel that young, stiff prick stabbed so deeply into her cunt! She needed it so bad! She felt like a lioness who was finally fed her ration of raw meat for the day. Except that she had been starving for weeks!

“Ohhhhh,” Benji sighed.

“Ohhhh yesssss!” she echoed back. He was pumping his hips now. Even her nephew’s jerky unpolished movements thrilled her. She hadn’t expected him to be a smooth and clever lover. In fact she wanted him to be completely uncontrolled and even clumsy in the way he stabbed his cock into her pussy.

“You’re so hot inside! I didn’t know it would be like that!”

“Mmmmm, darling! And you’re so hard! So big!” Tanya knew the magic of massaging a man’s ego. With Benji it worked instant wonders. He grabbed her face between his hands and kissed her mouth in a way he probably thought she wanted. It was a little rough, but Tanya let him suck her tongue and whimpered to urge him on. He pumped his strong, trim ass furiously now. She was so close to coming that she could hold it off for a while and wait until she felt him quicken. He was exciting! And for someone who had absolutely no practice at all, he was a damned good lover.

“Ohhh, Aunt Tanya! It’s really starting to get to me!” He accidentally drooled on her face and blushed at his mistake. She licked his mouth with hungry growls, showing him that he could drool all over her and she wouldn’t mind.

“Come Benji!” she squealed, her clit so tumid with blood that every touch from her nephew’s body sent her into trembling spasms of pleasure. “Come inside me darling!”

“What if… I mean, aren’t you afraid?”

“No! It’s all right. Come! Come inside Tanya!”

“Ohhhh Jesus, I’m already coming.”

The bed creaked beneath them as Benji fucked her with all the strength he had left. The violent tangle of their arms and legs was lovely. Tanya fucked back against his hard thrusts, rubbing her clit into a fury. Then the gasping boy was crying out with strange growls and grinding his pubic bone down hard against hers. She shot off like a million rockets had exploded inside her womb. She wallowed her body against him, clung to his back with both hands. Then she hooked her long legs around his and pumped her ass as the last sharp bursts of ecstasy left her breathless.

“Tanyuuhhhhh!” he grunted, face beet red.

“Shoot it all inside me, Benji,” she cooed, petting his ass cheeks as he quivered and jetted hot jizz.

“Whuui… uhhhlili!”

To feel his youthful energy thrilled her past all reason. And then they were adrift on the warm afterglow that always followed a good fuck. Tanya blinked and opened her eyes. Benji’s weight was upon her now. She could feel the little tremblings and jerks coming from her nephew as the last bit of tension drained from his body. His cock gave one last lurch inside her and began to wilt quickly. She smiled to herself, happy. Happy with not thinking about it too much. She didn’t want to think about it too much. What she was most afraid of was that Benji would think about it too much. A youngster could go either way. If he really let the guilt swamp him, he’d never be done with it. She meant to stop that from the start. She wanted more of this. Lots more.

“How do you feel?” she asked cautiously.

“Great! Ohh Aunt Tanya, I love you!”

“Well, I love you too.” They kissed softly. But then Tanya saw the unrestrained worship in her young nephew’s eyes. Before she’d been afraid of it going the path of shame and guilt. Now she shivered at the thought of dealing with a sixteen-year-old who was madly in love with her.

“Maybe we can do it again sometime,” she said nonchalantly.

“Maybe?” Benji gasped. “Oh God Tanya! I want to sleep with you every night. I want to.”

“Now darling, we must be mature about this, right?”

Benji looked as if he’d been smacked on the wrist. “I… I guess so. What do you mean mature?” Tanya took a slow breath and let it out.

“Well, we have to remember that everyone might not see our little affair like we do. I know you care for me in a new and wonderful way. And I care for you.” She stroked his back. The boy was getting heavy now but she hated to disturb him. His cock was about to slip from her pussy so she squeezed down on it with all her might. She was surprised to feel it stiffening a little. But then Benji was very young. At the height of the most virile period in his life.

“I still don’t understand.”

“Come on now darling, you know that an aunt doesn’t just climb in bed with her young nephew and expect everyone to applaud and commend her for forthright and upstanding community service.”

Benji grinned. He had such a lovely, wide mouth. Tanya wanted to kiss him again. But she had to make her point. They had to get this clear between them before he got crazy and aroused everyone’s suspicions.

“So we’ve got to keep it a secret,” he said at last.

“Don’t you think you can?”

“Yeah, but…”

She hugged him, rolling him gently to his side. “Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for us to be together. But we must be careful.” His cock had slipped from her pussy now. She was surprised to see that it was half erect again. Still it was too soon for him to sustain a perfect erection. She touched the cum-smeared shaft and licked his chin. “Don’t look so serious…”

“It’s easy for you to say.” Benji frowned.

“It isn’t so easy. I didn’t plan this or anything. It just happened.” She was staring at his young, lovely prick. She was thinking about putting it in her mouth. But there wasn’t time this morning for any more games. People would be wondering where Benji had disappeared to. They might even come poking around. Tanya swung her legs out of bed and held a towel under her mound. Benji watched with interest.

“It all just leaks out?” he asked, biting his lip.

“Well, not all of it.” She winked. “There are the ones who make the lone swim.”

“The long swim,” he repeated as if in a trance. “God, I hope you don’t get…”

“Knocked up? No chance. I’m on the pill.” She walked over to where he sat on the edge of the mattress and pinched his cheek. “You do know about the pill, don’t you?”

“Oh sure.” He stood and pulled her against him. “That means we can do it all the time and not worry about making a baby.”

“With you I’m not so sure that even the pill is foolproof,” she laughed, twisting out of his embrace. She cleaned up in the bathroom and let Benji watch her pull on the pink bikini panties she’d never quite managed before. Then she got into a silk frock and brushed out her hair.

“Wow,” he said, adoring her from where he sat. “I know what’s underneath all that. I can almost see you walking around naked.”

“Well make sure you don’t telegraph all this to somebody who doesn’t know.”

Benji came to put his arms around her belly. He hugged her from behind, rubbing his stiffened prick up and down her buttocks. She gave him a little spank and pulled away again.

“You’ll get me all randy and sticky,” she teased.

“When can we?”

“You’re ready again?”

Benji grew shy again now that his cock was stiffening. “Yeah. I’m ready.”

“Maybe I can sneak to your room tonight,” she said. “I’m not sure I want you stumbling through the house on your way to my room.”

“You’ll be sure and come?”

“If I don’t, that’ll only make you appreciate me more the next time.”

“You’ve got to come,” Benji said, taking her arms. “You’ve just got to.”

Tanya let him kiss her. Her heart was pounding but she wasn’t afraid of her own emotions as much as she was of her nephew’s. If he really got crazy, he could bring it all down around them. She had to walk a pretty high wire to keep it all working.

“Have I ever chewed off a hunk this time,” she murmured to herself.

“What Tanya? What’d ya say?”

“I said that you’re a lovely hunk of man, Benji. A real lovely hunk.”


Lori had been thinking about the fight her mother had had with Cal. It seemed they argued a lot lately. But she’d overheard a real bad one. She’d heard Tanya trying to soothe Beth. She’d heard everything but what the fight was actually about. She’d stayed in the downstairs bathroom until all the flak had passed and then sneaked out of the house to mull things over. That was four days ago.

“What you thinking, Lori?” Jim asked her.

“Nothing much.” She smiled at him but her heart wasn’t in it. Lately she’d been getting more and more bored with Jim Hanson. At twenty she was supposed to be in an exciting and vital time of her life. That was what everyone told her. And she was dating one of the most eligible bachelors in town. Jim was twenty-five, and almost out of law school. He would be a successful, dependable husband if she cared to accept his offer of marriage. But something had caused her to hesitate. It wasn’t any one thing. It wasn’t really something she could put her finger on. But it was something.

“God, would I love to wake up with you tomorrow morning.” He pulled her against him. They were parked in front of the house. Lori wanted to go inside. Site wasn’t tired. She was just a little tired of Jim. The radio on the dash of the Cadillac played soft, romantic melodies.

“Did you like the movie?” she asked, trying to make conversation.

“When I could concentrate,” he said. His fingers were toying with the buttons of her blouse.

“Jim, I think I’d better go in.”

“Not yet, darling. Let me hold you a little longer.”

Lori pushed a lock of soft, brown hair out of her eyes and sighed. She knew Jim’s routine. Maybe because she knew it so well, knew he wouldn’t vary from it was the reason she was bored. He was a habitual person. He liked the same approach over and over again. Just as now he was undoing the bottom button of her blouse first. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with that, Lori thought. But why didn’t he start at the top? Just once.

“I’m glad you never wear a bra,” he whispered, putting his mouth against her cheek. Exactly the same moves, the same words he’d always used.

“I guess I’m not really big enough to bother,” she said. That wasn’t entirely true. Sometimes when running or jumping around, Lori wished she was in the habit of wearing one. But the damned things were so restricting, so uncomfortable.

“Mmmmmmm, so soft! You’re lovely to touch, Lori,” Jim said as he fingered her nipple.

Lori closed her eyes. She knew that her date had given the signal for her to begin. If she was to be on cue, she had to reach over and unzip his fly. Then she’d find his cock and pull it out. Jim had a passion for a quick hand-job at the end of a date. It was funny how prudish he was. Though she hadn’t ever hinted that he couldn’t make love to her, Jim had assumed that she wished to remain a virgin until after they were married.

“Uhhh, Lori, you’re fantastic,” he sighed, twisting his hips in the seat. She’d delayed her reaction but now felt obligated to go ahead with their little charade. What she really wanted was for him to get crazy. Pull off her clothes. Push her down on the seat and force her white thighs apart. She tried to imagine what his cock would feel like stabbing into her pussy. It wasn’t really such a big cock. But it was better than nothing.

She had his fly open. Her fingers dug under his skivvies until she found the damp, hot snake and eased it out. Jim was not what you could call hung. Lori had measured him in her mind. She guessed he had five inches. And again she admitted that there was nothing wrong with that at all. It was a nicely shaped cock, thick around the shaft and curiously broad and blunt at the tip. It was enough to please her, she knew. But with it attached to Jim Hanson, there was something missing.

“Oh yes! Do that, darling! Do it faster.” Jim leaned his head back on the seat. His dark hair was a little mussed now. It was the only time she saw it like that. And he had seemingly forgotten her tits. Though her blouse was parted back wide to expose the nicely-shaped, medium-sized orbs tipped with ruddy fingers of flesh. But then this was the way it always was. Jim got his and assumed that a girl could live without a climax. Since he didn’t encourage her to beg, Lori never had. Jim Hanson was not the kind of man she wanted to beg.

His cock had swollen to its full size now. She could see it in the green reflection off the dash. The head was filled out like a mushroom and it pulsed in her palm. For a moment she found herself excited again. Her clit thumped in the juicy folds where it usually hid. She could feel the muscles around her pussyhole squeezing in tense spasms of sexual pleasure. In all her twenty years on the earth, Lori had been penetrated only twice. Neither time had been especially satisfying. Pleasurable, yes. Satisfying no.

“Honey!” Jim gasped, pumping his hips.

“Shall I get out your handkerchief?” she said, unable to hide the invitation in her voice. She rocked her hips back and forth in the lush leather seat. She wished that he would touch her like that. And sometimes he did get a finger into her panties. But Jim had no idea how to excite a woman. He fumbled around in the wet folds like a lost child until Lori usually made him stop out of frustration. She’d never had the nerve to tell him exactly how to feel her up. It would destroy someone like Jim. Utterly destroy his sense of manhood.

“Lori… Goddamn!”

His cock was as rigid as a short piece of steel pipe. The skin slid loosely on the inner hardness. She could feel the tube along the bottom now. It was bulging as if readying itself for the powerful flood of cream that would soon come spurting up. Again Lori felt a little of the excitement she’d experienced the first time she’d done it to him. His shirt was opened enough so that she could see his heaving belly. She could see the sparse hair that went in a line down his abdomen and the thicker, tighter curls around his cock and balls. Her fingers tightened on his prick now and she jacked him more roughly.

“Ahhhhh,” Jim growled, jerking in a frantic, wild way. Lori almost wanted to hurt him. She wanted to make him understand what she needed as a woman. She tightened her fingers even more, strangling the place behind his glans. It was angry dark and bigger than she’d ever seen it.

“Whhuuuuh,” he gasped, “Jeeeeesussss!”

“Do you want me to get your hanky?” she asked again.

“Better… get… it!” Jim choked out. Lori curled her lips in a smile and let go of his cock. She’d never done anything like that before. She wondered what sort of effect it would have on him.

“Lori, for God’s sake don’t stop!” He was angry. Yelling at her. She glared at him, his handkerchief dangling from her fingers. Jim glared back. He grabbed her wrist roughly and tried to make her take his cock again. Something unexplainable made her pull back.

“For Christ’s sake, I’m about to come, Lori! What in hell are you…”

“Doing?” she finished for him. Then she tossed his handkerchief into his lap. It landed over his prick, draping it like a statue about to be unveiled. “I’m going to let you do it yourself.”

There was a strangled, awful noise in her date’s throat. And then he grabbed his own cock and began to jack it. The handkerchief fell aside as a small fountain of hot jizz leaped a foot into the air. It fell around Jim’s fingers so that now his pumping fist made a slick, squishy sound. More white strings leaped up and splatted down again. Lori was breathing hard, her lips pressed angrily together. She was disgusted with him. Not because of what he was doing. But because of the way he assumed so damned much. The bastard.

“Ohhh… ohhh shit!” Jim grunted, milking his cock. The cum was just oozing out now. The head and shaft of his prick were coated with milky, glistening curds. The sharp aroma filled the car. That was what made Lori grab her door handle and work it frantically. The smell of fresh, raw jizz always drove her wild. There was something about it that made her crazy for sex. And ironically, it always meant too that her date was incapacitated.

“You incapacitated son of a bitch,” she spit, getting out.

“Lori! Wait! What the hell is wrong with you tonight?” She was walking rapidly up the lawn. “Did I say something?” Jimmy tried. “Did I do something to irritate you?”

She closed the front door behind her and leaned against it. Then she saw the small speck of white glistening on her arm. She wanted to wipe it off, to forget about it. But instead she brought her wrist up to her nose and sniffed.

“Goddamn every man on the face of the earth,” she whispered. But even as the words crossed her lips, she touched her tongue to the silky fluid and savored the sour, flat taste. It was the first time in her life she’d ever experienced a man’s cum in her mouth. But there was only a drop and it was gone almost before she had a chance to really get the taste and texture firmly in her mind.

She was breathing hard, almost panting as she went into the kitchen. She put an ice cube in an old-fashioned glass and went to the dining room and opened the liquor cabinet. Five fingers of her father’s best Scotch would help. She let the ice work on the liquor for a moment or two before drinking half of it down.

“Wow,” she breathed, shaking her head. Her eyes watered but she drank the rest down and poured in just half as much again. She went upstairs with the ice jingling in her glass. “Goddamn all men. I hate all men…” she mumbled.

She came around the corner of the upstairs hall and almost ran into the gowned figure of her visiting aunt. Tanya gave a squeal of surprise and seemed to flounder for something to say.

“I… I was needing a drink myself,” she blurted. “You must’ve just gotten in from your date, Lori.”

“Yep.” Lori swirled her drink. She felt a little drunk.

“Did you have a nice time?”

“Wonnerful. Just wonnerful.” She hiccuped. Tanya glanced nervously down the hall and gave a thin smile.

“Well I think I’ll go have that drink and go to bed. Night Lori.”

Lori watched her pretty blonde aunt descend the stairs. She was really a cover girl. But then Lori didn’t think she was so bad herself. She’d done a little modeling, caught the eye of more than one photographer. She hiccuped again.

On her way to her room she was able to stop the tiny spasms in her throat. She pushed open the door and entered the darkened space. She’d closed it behind her and was reaching for the light switch when her cousin’s voice made her jump.

“God Tanya,” he said softly, “I’m glad you came.”

Lori just froze there, her boozy state of mind making her slow to figure things out. Then she remembered that her parents had asked her to move to the room next door while Benji was there visiting. She had given him her room, since it had a connecting bath. Lori hadn’t minded the move. She’d just forgotten. She’d stumbled by habit to her old familiar bedroom. And in doing so she’d discovered a little secret. She knew at once where Tanya had been going in her flowing gown. The liquor in her blood almost made her laugh. But then she was trembling with lusty excitement. Another possibility had occurred to her. Sober she might never have considered it for a moment. But half drunk she considered it more with each passing second.

“Tanya?” Benji called, voice hushed but urgent.

“Ssshhhhh,” she hissed, gaining a little time to think things out. Benji thought she was Tanya. The room was pitch black. The opportunity was to fantastic to resist. There wasn’t enough difference in size between her and her aunt to really matter. And if Benji never suspected, she could do something about the pounding lust she felt. Yes, the liquor had only made her more wanton, more hungry for some real action.

“Where are you Tanya?” Benji breathed.

Lori turned the key in the door and groped her way across the room. It was easy to find the bed. She reached out to touch her cousin’s bare leg. A jolt of pleasure made her gasp with delight. She hadn’t realized just how horny she was. She smoothed her palm up and down his thigh, shivering with the knowledge of the naughty thing she was doing. Her own cousin! Not that she hadn’t had her share of fantasies about him. He was a nice kid. Handsome. Pretty sexy. But her surprise came then as her palm accidentally strayed to his crotch. He was naked in the bed and his cock jumped to her touch.

“Ohhhh,” she breathed, careful to disguise the sound. Benji’s cock was big! She guessed seven inches. It was lovely and hard and long. She felt dizzy from wanting it. With another sigh she put her face down against his thigh and started kissing him. In an instant Lori realized the suppressed emotions she had inside her. All these years she’d hidden her hunger from her boring steady date. Now she knew that she had longed to suck a male cock! She had longed to do unnamable things and have them done to her. Free at last from Jim Hanson’s prudish code, she felt like an animal who’d been freed from a cage.

“God, Tanya… Ohhh, God!”

She was nuzzling in the soft sack of his balls. Her nose pressed the slippery eggs around as she kissed him again and again. The sensation was totally new to her and she was breathless, her skin washed with sexy tingles. She began to lick the underside of his shaft as he lay there on his back. She lapped at him like a cat on cream. Benji pitched in the bed, his hands touching her hair now.

“Tanya! Tanya!”

That heavy shape felt so hot, so smooth. She could trace the veins with the tip of her tongue. She traced them up to where his glans bulged out sharply. Then she continued to swath the sensitive surface with hot spit. Benji was gasping, pumping his hips. And Lori realized that she was about to do something she’d only dreamed of doing before. She was going to slip her lips around his prick and suck it!

“Ohhhhh!” her cousin sighed as his flared crown went between her teeth. She smacked at it noisily. The spit ran down her chin. Her breath was hot against Benji’s flesh. He smoothed her hair as she suckled at him like a hungry piglet at a nipple. And she was hungry. She took the unbelievable shape of his cock deeper into her mouth. She’d never felt anything like that… ever! It was so spongy and soft at the tip. But there was a firmness below the sponginess. She pushed the tip of her tongue hard against his glans and felt him stiffen. He held his breath as she explored the blood-packed knob with teasing, curious licks. Then she made a strong suction with her cheeks and once again took him very deep.

“Yaaaaagghhhuuuuh!” Benji cried, flopping around under her. She was on her knees between his legs, bent over so that the curtain of her hair tickled his belly and thighs. His prick was so stiff now! She was aware that if she kept on like that she might not have the fun she planned.

“What’s happening?” Benji gasped in surprise when she took her mouth away and stood up beside the bed. The sound of her clothes coming off answered him. She dropped everything in a pile on the rug and shivered there in the darkness. Her nakedness made a new fire burst up between her thighs. She raked a finger in her juicy crevice and smeared it under her nose. She remembered doing that as a child once. And now that she was free from Jim Hanson, she could do it again. The musky smell made her clench her teeth. Her eyes had adjusted a little to the darkness. It was still too dark to discern much, but she could see the dim outline of Benji’s prick throbbing up against his belly. It glistened with her spit.

“Let’s fuck, Tanya,” Benji said.

Lori didn’t know why she got down on her hands and knees on the floor. She only followed the powerful instincts that seemed so overpowering. The emotions and desires that had burst from the dam she’d created inside her all these years. Benji hovered over her, reached out to touch her back. Then he was kissing her there, rubbing the firm, round swells of her buttocks. She gave a soft whimper of lust, hoping that Tanya whimpered in somewhat the same way. Benji was too wrapped up in what he was about to do to discover anything important.

“Uhhhh,” she gasped, not so afraid to keep quiet now. Benji had accepted her. She was female. And that was obviously the most important thing.

His fingers went between her thighs and she opened them, moving her knees wider on the rug. He touched her mound, rubbed the swollen lips open. Lori had never felt anything so sexy in her life! She realized just how inexperienced and protected she’d become.

“Hhhuhh,” she groaned, pumping her ass as her cousin pressed a finger down along her clit. The bulging nub of dripping flesh extended against his touch. He made slow circles around it and then pushed it down again. She clicked her teeth together and her toes fanned from the excitement.

“God, this is so much fun, Aunt Tanya.”

“Whhuuhhh! Nhhuuhhh!”

“I never did it like this before.” He touched his cock up between her thighs. His finger stroked her crevice steadily. The slick sound of her folds clasping around his knuckles was driving Lori half mad with want. That feverish cocktip was only inches from her dripping pussy. She pumped her hips again. Then she reached her hand back under her body, back between her legs. She took the heavy meat gingerly in her fingers and guided it up, pressed it between her inner folds. The velvety flesh squirted apart and her sex butter spread over the head. Benji trembled. He jabbed his hips, trying to spear her pussy. But it was a difficult angle. She had to help him, had to let her back curve sharply downward so her pussy was lined up at the right angle.

“Ohhhh shit,” he moaned, pumping at her now that his cock had slipped into the tight circle of muscles. She squeezed down with her sphincter, clasping him behind the glans. Benji shuddered again and spread sloppy kisses across her back and shoulders.

Then he was pumping furiously, trying to bury himself deeper. The size of his cock was absolutely exhilarating. Lori figured that she’d never been properly fucked. It was so tight going in. It rubbed the sides of her pussy, stretching them, tickling them in a way that made her want to scream with joy. Her opening squeezed and relaxed with a steady rhythm. She was milking at that rigid thing already, wanting its potent sap. But first she wanted to come!

“Whhhooo,” she sighed.

“Is it good?” Benji asked.

“Ssshhhhh.” She couldn’t have him asking her questions. She just couldn’t let him find out who she was at a time like this.

His fingers grasped her hips, pulling her ass back against his lunging, frantic fucking. The effect was immediate. Lori tossed her trim bottom up and down. Then she was making quick circles as her cousin rooted deeper with the knobby, hot head of his cock. Her insides caught at him. Her head dangled weakly between her arms as she felt her pussy inflamed with the blood that pounded through her loins. She was being fucked! Really fucked!

The slick slap of their bodies together made her cry out again. Her clit was jutting out from her body like a hungry finger. And though it was in no direct contact with her cousin’s body, the stretch of her membranes from the fucking was exciting the steamy slick nubbin. But Lori caught Benji’s wrist just the same and guided his finger around the front of her thigh and down against her slit. He began to rub her clit with a rhythm that was only half of that he used to spear her pussy. Lori almost choked on the joyous surge of pleasure she felt.

“Huuhhh… ohhhh, yeessss!” she babbled, not caring anymore whether Benji found out who she was. “Ohhhh fuck me!”

“Tanya?” he gasped, still fucking her with furious, frantic jabs. “You sound… weird.”

“Uhhhhh! Benjeeeee!” she cried, falling forward as her arms crumpled. She felt the teasing itch of her climax build to maddening proportions. The whole underside of her young body was a storm of pleasure. She couldn’t move fast enough, couldn’t get to the core of the itch! Benji was stretched along her back now, plunging against her soft ass as his cock ravished her hole. As he took her up, in a swirling storm of ecstasy.

Her pussy tightened down on him as she came. Benji hesitated as her muscles squeezed his cocktip. Then he shuddered and speared so deep that Lori felt her womb pushed up deeper inside her belly. She pounded the floor with her fists and babbled. Now Benji had his rhythm slowed so that his cum squirted into her with agonizing slowness. He made noises like someone was torturing him. But Lori knew that her tight, hot pussy was making it especially good for him. She felt a surge of pride and happiness as her climax continued with weaker tremors of pleasure. She was giddy with happiness. She had never know such release. Such energy! She lay her head against the rug and cried for joy.


Benji put his face against her back, sucking in huge lungfuls of air. He was still moving his prick around inside her body. Lori could feel the difference his cum had made. She was very slippery inside. And something hot and stringy was leaking out around the edges of her opening.

“It is you, isn’t it Tanya?” Benji whispered, real doubt in his voice now.

Lori rolled him off of her back. Then she had his face between her hands and was kissing him, using her tongue willfully. He sighed and kissed her back. She had a yearning to kiss the head of his cock. It was coated with the sharp-smelling cream that flowed front a man’s balls when he filled a woman. She wondered how it would really feel on her chin and cheeks. But she shivered and pulled away.

“You’re not Tanya!” Benji said. Lori had already scooped up her clothing and made it across darkened room. Benji was getting to his feet. But then she had the door unlocked and was outside, shutting it again. Thank God the hall light was off. He still hadn’t seen her. She hurried to her room and shut the door softly. Benji was in the hall now, searching for the female who’d sneaked in uninvited to take him on a ride. Lori bit her bottom lip and smiled.

“Oh God, if that wasn’t the craziest stunt I’ve ever pulled!” she said to herself. Benji was standing near her closed door now. She could almost feel his tumid, nervous presence. Then he was gone. She heard his door shut again and let out her breath.

With a mirror in her hand, Lori sat on the edge of her bed in the glow from her table lamp. She gazed in fascination at the swollen, ravished state of her pussy. The outer lips were swollen so much that her softer, slicker folds were all pushed out. She could see the inner labia clearly defined and the turgid button of her clit completely exposed. The whole area was red and a little raw-looking. Then she found that she’d tightened her pussy hole ever since her cousin had slipped his cock out. She tried relaxing it and a dribble of white cum dripped onto the mirror.

“Ohhhh, God in heaven, that was wonderful fucking I got!” she sighed, licking the milky stuff from the glass. Now she could really taste it. She let more drip onto the mirror and quickly lapped it off.

“It’s lucky my period will be due in a few days.” The possibility of ending up with her cousin’s baby growing in her belly didn’t particularly appeal to her. But Benji was a wonderful fuck! “Until I wake up sober tomorrow morning.” She shook her head slowly. “My own cousin!” Lori put out the light and lay on her back naked. Her body had a warm glow to it and her pussy felt deliciously plump and comfortable. She could have stared fretting about the terribly daring thing she’d pulled off. But she chose to sleep instead.

Sleep came as a breeze from the open window played across her tits.


It took Beth three solid drinks to even think about the possibility. It took her another whiskey and soda to get dressed in what she considered a sexy outfit and put on a little eye-shadow and make-up. Then she phoned Doctor Barnaby’s office and insisted on being seen that morning. The secretary squeezed her in after juggling the appointment schedule. Then Beth made her one last whiskey and went shakily to the car to start the air-conditioner. She didn’t want to arrive at Doctor Barnaby’s office all sweaty and wilted.

She wasn’t even sure what she would say when she confronted the young, handsome M.D. All she knew was that she had problems. Plenty of them. And Phil Barnaby had given her a sympathetic shoulder to cry on once. She and Cal had been out at a party and Phil and his wife had joined them for conversation. Doctor Barnaby had asked Beth to dance. She’d been a little loaded. She’d started talking. About nothing at first but then the booze had opened those awful secret doors and she’d found herself quietly crying as Phil Barnaby had swung her around the floor, his blond hair brushing her face from time to time. She’d realized that evening that she really couldn’t talk to her husband. About the things that counted. And part of the reason she couldn’t confide in her very own man was that sex thing. If you can’t fuck together, you can’t talk together, she finally concluded. Yet she hadn’t fucked Phil Barnaby. Maybe it was the fact he was a doctor. And that he had an obvious sexual appeal to any woman with two eyes. No, Beth decided. She’d only need one to pick up on Phil Barnaby’s sex appeal. More important though she had to spill the junk that was collecting in her head. She had to spill it to someone. Maybe Phil could help her somehow.

By the time she got to the office building she could hardly park the Cadillac. She was winging on straight Scotch whiskey with a little melted ice to lubricate. She giggled crossing the parking lot, the dregs of her drink still in her hand.

“Maybe I don’t even need to see a doctor,” she sang. But she knew that as soon as she came down from her boozy flying that she’d feel even worse than when she’d awakened that morning. Something was in the air. She had the feeling that her husband was about to have an affair with someone. She’d always thought she was psychic. And while brushing her teeth, she’d felt that familiar urging. The male surge of desire. She hadn’t been completely satisfying her husband lately. As if she weren’t allowed to think, of her own satisfaction. But that was the way the world was set up. The boy got his goodies first. If the girl happened to luck out, fine. If not, tough titty. Beth giggled again. Her laughter sounded strange and unfamiliar. She didn’t laugh much. And she did it always shocked her. Beth put her empty glass in an ashtray in the lobby.

The receptionist gave her a look that said she could smell the booze on her breath.

“Won’t you sit down please?” the girl said. “The doctor is running over a few minutes this morning.”

Beth tried to read a magazine but couldn’t focus on the page, let alone concentrate on what the words meant. She felt like giggling again. Then crying. She took a firm grasp of the chair arms and tried to pull herself together. She hadn’t meant to get this sloshed. She’d only wanted to get enough guts to see somebody. For a moment she felt like getting up and getting the hell out of there. But when she stood, she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror at one end of the waiting room. Drunk as she was she looked fine. Her expensive silken dress showed off her willowy form to its best advantage. She didn’t look skinny now, just tastefully thin. Her small, high breasts were perfect. The receptionist was staring at her when she turned to find her seat again.

“Is everything all right, Mrs. Henderson?”

“Oh sure,” she said, voice unnaturally high. “I’m just a little sloshed.” She gave the girl a stupid grin and plopped back too hard into the seat. The door opened and Phil Barnaby was looking at her. Thank God he wasn’t wearing a stethoscope, Beth thought. If he had been, she would have broken out laughing.

“Hi Phil,” she said, wobbling towards him. Phil exchanged a look with his receptionist and stepped back to let her pass by him. Beth made it somehow and turned as he closed the door behind. Then she lurched into his arms with a sigh.

“Oh Phil, I almost didn’t make it.”

“Beth, it’s a little early to hang one on, isn’t it?”

“You don’t know the half of it,” she said, breaking into gales of laughter now that the tension in the waiting room had passed. She clung to the slim doctor’s body. He felt so warm and good. So understanding. At least she didn’t feel obligated to him physically like she did with Cal. Phil would understand all that, wouldn’t he?

“Why don’t you tell me about it.”

“Sure. Love to.” The room spun. Beth felt that she was getting drunker instead of more sober. She almost fell trying to get to a chair. Then Phil helped her up onto the examination table and sat there with his arm around her waist.

“I usually don’t give such personal attention to my patients,” he joked, “but you’re a fiend. And a good dancer to boot.”

“Phil, ohhh God am I drunk.”

“You don’t need a doctor to find that out.”

“It’s because I’m so miserable. Cal. We don’t make love. We’ve never made love. I know, I’ve got a twenty-year-old daughter. That was a miracle. Virgin birth. Right out of the blue.” The room swam again and she had to clutch at Phil. She found herself clutching his thigh.

“Hey, slow down. I’d need a tape recorder to get all of this.”

Beth went over things as carefully as possible. She even started putting, in the details. Like how huge her husband was. How she’d measured him once. An honest ten, and a half inches. And there was something wrong with her which even made it worse. There was no way in hell that her husband would ever be able to have sex with her. And now he was about to do something to break her heart.

“Adultery isn’t the end of the world,” Phil said, rubbing her back gently. She had collapsed with her head in his lap and he was petting her, talking quietly to her.

“I do everything he wants,” she went on, still sobbing. “I do it to him with my mouth. But last time he got too rough. He choked me half to death.” Beth was surprised to feel Phil Barnaby’s crotch tighten. Maybe it was the way she’d been rolling her head around and talking all this nonsense. But she’d thought that doctors were different somehow.

“Hmmmm,” he said at last, making her sit up again. “I think we’d better take first things first.”

“Oh Phil, what am I going to do?”

“You’re going to have a pelvic examination for a starter.” He started for the door. “I’ll call the nurse to get you ready.”

“Oh, Phil, I don’t want a woman in here with me.” She clutched her dress. She could see that he really did have a hard-on. A beautiful hard-on. Beth knew that she always liked a man’s cock as long as it was inside his pants. No, that wasn’t quite right either. She found herself wondering about Phil Barnaby. She imagined he had a nice slender cock that would fit perfectly into her vagina. God, she sure was drunk.

“You met Barbara. I don’t see why…”

“No!” Phil appeared momentarily irritated. Then he smiled and shrugged.

“All right. Take off your dress and panties and get on the table. If were going to do it like this, I guess you don’t even need a gown.”

It took Beth a little fumbling around but she managed at last to get onto the table and put her legs in the metal stirrups. She felt so vulnerable. Though she’d never been the least bit sexy in a doctor’s office before, the liquor had worked wonders. She felt a warm glow between her legs. Maybe it was seeing her doctor sexually excited by her presence. And he had been! It was more than happened with Cal. He treated her like mouth for his cock. A convenient hole to pump his cream into. Phil Barnaby entered the room with a tray of instruments. Beth blushed furiously. Phil put the tray down and turned to look at her.

“Perhaps I should have made you wear a gown after all. You’re a very lovely woman, and I think your husband is a fool.” His face showed that he’d said too much. Beth felt that he was trying hard to maintain a patient-doctor relationship. She moved her hips on the table. Her inner surfaces were very oily and hot. The months of frustration, of not being able to come really good were clearly showing now. Yes, she wanted to be examined. So someone else on the planet would know her problems.

“This might be a little cold,” Phil said leaning down between her legs. The sight of him gazing right up her pussy made Beth giddy. He touched her hair fringed labia and parted them slightly so the instrument would fit in. She trembled and moved her ass in a slow circle. She could feel her juicy folds open. A droplet of lubrication slid down one ass cheek. Phil cleared his throat. His fingers were shaking.

As the hard metal went into her hole, Beth let out a sigh. She’d been ashamed to use anything on herself. Even her own finger. But now it was all okay. It was a doctor doing it. The metal slid easily into her depths. She rocked her hips, unable to keep still now. Deep… soo deep! Why couldn’t a man’s cock do that? Her husband’s cock…

“Ohhhhh,” she gasped. “It feels so strange.”

“Try to hold still,” Phil said, fingers trembling more than ever.

“I… I can’t. Ohhhh Phil, you don’t know what it’s like to have something going inside me!” She bit her bottom lip. Her fingers were squeezing at the edge of the examination table.

“Yes,” he said in a doctorly tone. “You are somewhat smaller than normal. It could be a hysterical reaction. Something psychological. I see no abnormal growths. Your body is perfectly normal in every other way. There’s no reason…”

“Uhhhhh,” she moaned, pumping her hips with abandon. A tingling glow spread quickly through her pubes and down both thighs. Her belly heaved as she tried to keep control and couldn’t.

“I’m going to spread you a little now,” Phil said. He sounded very tense. “To see just how much expansion you’ve got.”

“Nhhuuuhh! Ohhhhh, Goddamn!”

“Are you in pain, Beth?”

“Nhoooo. Feels good… wonderful!”

“I’ll try and get this over with as soon as possible.” Phil sounded like he was coming unglued. She didn’t want him to feel like that. She wanted him to…

“Phil. Do it to me!”

“Beg pardon?”

“Make love to me! Right here! Right now!”

Phil had just expanded the instrument to stretch her soft tube to its fullest. The sensation was of having something like a cock inside her. But not quite. She thought of the hard lump she’d seen in her doctor’s pants. Why couldn’t he give her some of that. God knows she needed it worse than any medicine in the world.

“Beth… my God, I can’t do something like that.” He slipped the instrument out of her.

Beth pushed herself up and got her legs out of the metal stirrups. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it hard. Her thighs were still parted and the darker inner membranes swelled out with glistening invitation. She could smell her clean, musky perfume too. The aroma that rose from her whenever she felt like this.

“I don’t need a prescription,” she sighed, putting his hand down against her. “I need affection. Love. I need you.”

“Goddamn,” Phil interrupted. His finger had just slid down her crevice. She saw him pull it back. His knuckles glistened with her juice. He turned toward the door.

“Look at me!” she cried, pumping her ass up and down on the table. “You said I’m beautiful and desirable. Don’t you want to do it?”

“That’s not the point,” he said, coming over. He stayed just out of her reach. “I’m a medical doctor. This would be…”

“It would be exactly what I have to get. Or I’m going to lose my mind.” She caught his hand again and pulled him close. She could see that Phil wanted her. He was shaking hard. She unzipped his fly and dug frantically. He continued to stand there by the examination table as she fished his hot, moist prick out into her palm. It wasn’t anywhere near as big as Cal’s. It didn’t scare her. It was quite a bit more slender and not so thick. She moaned and put her tips against the blue-tinged glans. Phil tried to say something. Instead he just petted her head with both hands.

“Ohhh, I want it! I want it bad!” She covered his cocktip with feverish kisses. She saw that a little of her lipstick had become smeared on the white, veined shaft.

“I don’t know what to say,” Phil stammered. She had both her hands on him now, sucking and kissing.

“Don’t say anything. Just give me what I need!”

Beth’s heart danced when she saw him reach to the intercom and thumb the button.

“Hold all my calls, Barbara. I’ll be in private consultation for a little while.” He locked the door and came over to her again. His fingers trembled so badly that he couldn’t get his belt undone.

“Ohhhh hurry!” Beth whined, pumping her trim, boyish hips up and down. Phil turned the fluorescent light out. But it still smelled antiseptic and fresh in the small room. Beth didn’t care what it smelled like. Anyway her musky pussy was changing everything very quickly. Phil had his pants off now. She loved the way his blond pubic curls framed his balls and cock. She opened her legs for him and he moaned and kissed her pussy. She would’ve liked more of that but she wanted to come with a cock in her.

“You’re so beautiful!” Phil whispered, kissing her chin and cheek. Then their mouths were pressing hard together. She sucked at his tongue like a wild animal. He felt of her breasts tenderly and then more urgently. She could tell that he was admiring the firmness, the smallness of them. Phil’s wife had big ones. Maybe a guy liked a little variety. He pulled one gently between his teeth and began to feast on the nipple. She arched her back and let him feel her nails at the nape of his neck.

“Yuuhh, Phil!”

Her fingers grasped between his thighs. She could feel the heft of his prick. It was so hot and hard. She’d always shied away from a man’s organ before. Why was she so ready this time? Except for the fact that he was a little smaller. And he was a doctor. Her juiced overflowed again and she jacked the skin of his cock up and down, pulling him closer. His cocktip fit into her swollen crevice and a surge of juice dripped down her bottom and onto the table.

“You are small,” he breathed, not sounding at all like a doctor now. “So I have to be careful.”

“Just do it to me! Just fuck me!” She bit his ear as he pushed his hips forward. His cocktip seemed to be stretching her, pushing her plump halves apart. Her hole opened and then closed back against the smooth, streamlined shape of his glans. The smack of her juices being smeared over his flesh made Beth shiver with want.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he insisted, holding back now.

“Ohhh God! Do it! Just shove it in!”

Phil eased forward again. Her hole spasmed, forcing the hot tip back. She dug her nails into the meat of his ass and growled. Phil seemed uncertain as to what to do. He tried to force his glans through the muscular ring. Her juices were flooding out now, dripping down his shaft. Beth rubbed the lubrication in with her fingertips as she kept jacking his shaft to keep him against her, to keep him wanting her. It had to work! It just had to!

“Ohhhhh, I want to be fucked so bad!” she cried, her black hair flailing over the table as she tossed her head in frustration. She sucked her belly in sharply under her ribs as if to pull the doctor’s cock up into her body that way. But still her muscles wouldn’t relax.

“You’re still afraid,” Phil said against her ear. “Something in your head is lighting me.”

“Then fight back!” she cried. “Rape me! If it’s the only way just go ahead and rape me!”

“I might hurt you.”

“Damn it Phil, don’t be afraid of hurting me. I’ve been hurting all my life. I’d rather be hurt by your lovely cock than die without knowing what it was like.”

She dug her nails into his ass again, then slipped her fingers around to pull at him. Phil began to press forward harder. Her muscles tightened, guarding the door to her virginity. She felt ashamed and sorry. She had no cherry to break and yet it seemed harder than was normal for any woman to receive a man.

“Yes!” she cried, feeling the pain now as his glans bulged with excitement. He was wedging the slickened shape deeper into her hole! Her muscles were being forced back. Her dripping vulva pulsated with a tinge she couldn’t describe. She bucked with jerking, spasmodic movements as he gritted his teeth and tried to drive into her. Then the pain made her feel faint and there was a popping, sliding sound.

“God, it’s so tight!” Phil grunted. “You’re strangling the head of my cock off. But I’m inside now.”

“Ohhhhhh shit!” Beth babbled, touching him in a dozen places at the same time. She petted his back, rubbed his sides, touching his pulsing cock and balls. Her palms cupped each of his muscled ass cheeks, petting them like separate animals. The pain was constant now. But she had the cock of a man inside her body! She had actually been fucked. Two inches worth. But fucked.

“Ohhhh God. Ohhhh Jesus, keep doing it Phil.”

“You’re so hot and tight inside… it’s hard to keep from coming, Beth.” He kissed her mouth hard. He was grinding his hips down hard against hers. But his cock had slipped only a little deeper since first forcing through the ring of muscles. She flopped her body under his, rubbing her hard, sensitive breasts up against his chest. He kissed her mouth again and again. The heat was rising in him. She could feel the tension in his groin.

“Don’t come yet,” she begged, working her ass against the table until her flesh squeaked on the plastic surface.

“Uhhhh… Beth, with you moving like that…”

“I can’t help it,” she sobbed, her head spinning. She kicked her slender legs into the air, crossed them at the small of his back. She rubbed him with her heels then, pumping her ass like a wildcat on the examination table. His cocktip wasn’t hurting so much now. It was stretching the tissues around her hole, pulling everything up and down the entire length of her slit. Her clit bulged out to rub against something. But with Phil’s cock only a little ways inside her, his body was too far back to give the needed friction. Beth touched the hot little finger herself and felt the fresh surge of excitement as she rolled it down into its own juices.

Phil had her ass in his hands now, shoving in and out. But his cock could slide only a few inches. She was clasping him like a python! Her juicy insides squeezed with steady spasms at the first three inches of his prick.

“Beth! God!”

“Ghhhuuuhhh,” she sighed, rubbing her clit wildly now. The sound of her juicy folds being masturbated added to everything else. She bucked suddenly. A jolt of pleasure shot through her. Then Phil was pulling back. Pulling his cock out of her. The head slipped from her opening and the muscles closed down. A hot line of cum streaked up along her belly and bathed the underside of one breast. She had her fingers around him then milking and jacking. Phil moaned, holding himself up on hands and knees as the white cream jetted from his cock. It splatted down over Beth’s belly and chest until both her nipples resembled pink cherries tipped with white. Her climax still burned with excitement. She’d come, but not completely. She felt like she could make it get even itchier and more maddening.

“I couldn’t do it inside you,” Phil apologized. He looked worried. “This is bad enough.” Beth wanted to say it wasn’t quite good enough. She kept still instead.

After Phil had helped clean her up and held her dress for her, Beth turned to him and pushed her willowy body against his.

“I want more. I’ve got to have more!”

“Beth, for Christ’s sake.”

“Meet me somewhere. It’ll work. You almost got it in this time.”

“But I hurt you. I know I hurt you.”

“I don’t care.” Yes, it had hurt. It’d hurt quite a bit. And even now Beth felt that perhaps she’d been torn a little down there. But it was exactly what she needed. To fuck. To fuck until all, the trash in her head was pushed away. She pressed her face against his bare chest. “Don’t you understand?”

“I’m a married man,” he went on. “With a successful practice. I can’t risk everything like this.”

Beth stepped back and looked at him. She didn’t know what to say. So she stepped quickly past him to the door.

“Beth, wait!”

“Oh go fuck yourself with that damned metal thing you put in me!” she spit and then she was rushing through the waiting room. When the receptionist asked her if she wanted to make another appointment she didn’t so much as look around. She made it to the lobby of the building before she broke down. A man emptying ash trays looked at her.

“Hey lady, you okay?”

“Just fine and dandy,” she sobbed, hurrying through the doors. The heat of the day hit her and she leaned against the building for a moment before going on. She drove from the parking lot to a park nearby. The cool shade was better for her state of mind and she began to calm down. But her pussy ached for something more than Phil Barnaby had given her. Not something bigger. Just something better.

He was walking alone, a tennis racket swinging easily in his hand. He had on white shorts, white socks, white shoes. His chest was bare and he had a happy, carefree expression. His sandy red hair was mussed and damp-looking. Beth thought that he probably smelled sweaty and wonderful. He looked all of fifteen.

“Need a ride?” she called from her window. The warmth of the park rushed through the air-conditioned air that streamed steadily from the little vents on the Cadillac’s dash. The boy had stopped and was staring at her. He looked confused. As if no one had ever asked him that question. And Beth guessed it was likely that no female ever had. He took the gleaming white car in and the expensive dress she had on. She let him see her hand, see the expensive ring Cal had given her some years before.

“Well, do you want a ride, or don’t you?”

The boy shrugged. “Why not?” He jogged across the asphalt and got in. “Neat car,” was his first comment.

“Do you know a good place to go?” She was trembling like she had in Phil’s office. She pulled the shift down to drive and moved off slowly. The boy hadn’t heard her. “I said do you know a good place to go?” This time her voice broke.

“I don’t know. What do you mean?”

“I I mean. What I want is…” She stopped, bit her lip.

“Hey lady, there’s a stop sign.”

“Oh yes!” She braked, looked both ways, started off again. “Would you like to drive?”

He touched his sandy hair in an off-handed way.

“I don’t have a license.”

“I could say I’m teaching you,” Beth went on. The boy smiled, shrugged again.


It was better sitting there and watching the country go by. After a few minutes Beth realized that the youngster was quite skilled at manipulating an automobile. And when she’d suggested he take it out in the country, the boy had seemed eager to do that very thing.

“I guess I was lonely,” she said, starting the conversation again. The boy just smiled, keeping his eyes on the road. “I get lonely a lot. Do you ever get lonely?”


“I’ll bet you’ve got lots of girl friends.”

“Not so many.”

“If I was a girl your age, I’d want you for a boy friend,” she said. Beth clenched her teeth. She had to take it easy. She was going to scare the poor kid off. She found herself staring at his crotch. The tight tennis shorts didn’t leave much to the imagination. He had nice, muscular thighs that were covered with reddish blond curls.

They passed a sign at the entrance to the national forest.

“How far do you want me to drive?” he asked.

“This is fine. Why don’t you take the next exit.”

The car moved up the two-lane blacktop. There was a turn off ahead. Beth remembered picnicking there with Cal years before. She pointed it out to the youngster behind the wheel and he slowed obediently and guided the big car down into the tall pines. She had him park by the very last picnic table. Through the windows they could hear the stream tumbling over rocks. Beth reached over to turn off the engine.

“What’s your name?” she asked, breathless from wanting him.

“Ronald. Most people call me Ron.”

Beth wanted to say something but she couldn’t think of how to begin. Finally she put a hand out and caressed the side of Ron’s face. He stared at her, swallowed hard.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Sure. You smell good too.” He reddened a little after this admission. Beth felt flushed too. How could she just come out and ask for it? How?

“Ron. Have you ever…” She cleared her throat. “Have you ever done it with a girl?”

“No ma’am.” He looked scared.

“Would you like to do it to me?”

“Y-Y-Yes ma’am.” He swallowed again. Beth put her cool fingers on his thigh and moved them up. Then she was undoing his shorts. The boy watched without touching her at all. She made him sit tip in the seat a little so she could work the white material under his ass. The sight of his jockstrap excited her past reason. Those little straps, that hot little bag all stretched out with young, warm cock.

A car came down the road and stopped at the far end of the campground. A man of about sixty got out and pulled on some rubber boots that reached to his waist.

“Don’t worry,” Beth soothed, petting the elastic bag of his jock. “He’s just a fisherman.”

“You sure he won’t come down here?”

Beth took his face between her hands. “He won’t come down.” She kissed him softly. He didn’t know how to use his tongue or lips at all. She kissed him again, teaching him. He got the idea quickly and let her suck his tongue between her teeth. The bag of his jockstrap swelled suddenly. Using both hands, Beth massaged it, urged it harder. The boy groaned softly and opened his thighs some. He liked that! She squeezed the pouch more, feeling the shape of his prick more clearly now. His balls squirted around in their slick sack when she closed her palms on them.

“I’m going to take this off now,” she whispered, “if that’s okay with you.”

“Yes ma am.”

“And stop calling me ma’am.”

“Yes ma am.” He tried to laugh. “I mean I will stop.” He blinked rapidly. He looked as if he’d just gotten off a ride that had made him dizzy. Beth stretched the waist band out and down and looked at the white shape that straightened and extended itself Ron let her slip the jockstrap off. Now he was sitting there behind the wheel naked as a jaybird. The line of his tan stopped low on his belly. His groin and prick were white and delicate-looking. He was quite a bit smaller than Phil Barnaby. She pulled his foreskin back and saw that the bluish head was not more than half as big as Phil’s had been. Then she bent slowly and placed her lips against the smooth shape. Cal had given her plenty of practice at this. But she’d grown to hate it with him. Now she loved it all over again.

“Ohhh, you’re so beautiful,” she breathed, tonguing him softly. The boy was holding his breath. Then she saw that he had a death grip on the steering wheel. His knuckles were white and he was trembling.

“Maybe I’d better not do too much of this,” she said, reaching behind to undo her dress. She snaked it up over her head and allowed Ron to gaze at her bare breasts and smooth, white tummy. She threw a long leg over the back of the seat and motioned him with her head.

“There’s more room in the back seat.” Ron almost broke a leg following her over. She put his tennis racket on the floor and lay on her back with her thighs parted slightly. She didn’t have time for much fooling around. She wanted what she’d almost had in the doctor’s office. She wanted a hot, hard male cock pushed as deep as it would go into her body. She wanted that now!

“Gosh, you sure are pretty.” It looked as if the boy was searching for something to call her.

“Mary is my name,” Beth said.

“God Mary, I don’t think I’m very good at this.”

“You’ll be fine.” She took his cock in her fingertips and pulled him down. He bent forward on his knees. She lifted a breast to him and he began to kiss it.

“You can do it harder and it won’t hurt me.” The boy nuzzled the nipple, a little uncertain as to how to make love to a long tall woman in the back seat of her Cadillac. “Bite my tit a little mmmmmuhhh, yesssss!”

She had his cock and was pressing it against her open pussy now. The boy made a sound of surprise as he eased forward. The head slipped down her crevice. She knew how hot it must feel to him. How slick. She humped her back down into the leather seat so that her opening would line up with the angle of his cock. Then Beth prayed that it would go in easily. It did. The head seemed to open her muscles out without effort. And she seemed more relaxed now, as if the few moments with Phil had been a warm-up. She cupped her palms against the firm, young ass. Ron made a sound in his throat. He was really getting into chewing her nipple now. She told him with her movements that she liked what he was doing.

“Does it feel good to you too?” she whispered, throwing her thighs wider. The movement seemed to relax her. The dappled shade coming through the back window relaxed her too.

“Yes! God yes!”

“Tell me what it feels like?” she begged.

“Warm. No, it’s hot! And so smooth. I didn’t know a girl was like that inside.” He growled and pushed his ass forward. There was a silky sound as his shaft pushed into her pussy. So easy! Beth wanted to laugh with joy. It was so damned easy now! She hugged Ron’s tan back and kissed his salty neck.

“Ohhhh you’re so wonderful. You’re fantastic.”

“I am?”

“Yes! You’re the best I’ve ever had.”

“Christ,” he mumbled, not knowing how to respond to her adoration.

“It’s getting really deep now!”

“Yeah. Really deep. Ohhhh, Jesus, I can’t believe how nice it feels.”

“Ohhh Ron, kiss me!” She tilted her chin up, opened her mouth. He met her lips and they sighed into each others’ kiss. She stroked his back, tickled his sides with her nails. Then she was feeling his ass again, marveling at the way it moved as the young boy plunged in and out of her hole. She could clearly feel the sides of his shaft pushing through the ring of muscles that had kept most of Phil Barnaby out of her body. She was going to get all of this one though. She stretched her knees so far apart that a joint in her pelvis popped. Ron seemed spurred on by this surrender. He grasped her hips awkwardly and fucked energetically. His ass jerked forward burying his slender cock to the hilt. Beth gave a cry of pleasure and rocked her hips. Deep, deep inside her the velvet surfaces stroked his swollen glans.

“Stay deep like that,” she babbled. “It rubs my clit.”


“My clitoris. Oh you darling!” She took his finger and guided it down to where her slit began. “That little bump. Feel it? Ohhhh yessss, you feel it now don’t you?”


“Not too hard Ronny!” She bit at his shoulder. He was deep, plunging in and out. She could feel everything! She could feel that tumid barb of his cockhead pushing in — stabbing and fucking her!

“Uh… ohhhhh Mary! Ohhhh shit, it’s starting to feel so weird.” She tensed, dug her heels hard into his ass.

“Don’t come yet! Ohhh don’t do it yet!” She began to work her slim hips with a feverish obsession. Almost immediately her clit was pulsing with the familiar tickle she knew. But it was better this time. Better than when her doctor had done it.

“I’m gonna do it! Ohhhh shit, I can’t stop!”

Ron was really on his way now.

“Then do it, darling! Just do it!” She tossed her slender body around under him. She was surprised at her strength, at her vitality. She had lost her breath now as the tickle turned to a maddening, smothering ecstasy. She ground her pubes upwards against him.

“Yuuuhhhh!” Ron jerked. A shudder ran through him but he kept fucking. Fucking hard. The slap of his thighs against hers, the ramming penetration of his slender cock took her up into a swirl of light and fleshy sensations. Her breasts tickled. Her skin crawled with pleasure. They kissed. Then her clit seemed to explode. A second passed and it exploded again only more turbulently. The little nubbin felt blistered. She had her thighs thrown wide again as she see-sawed her ass so she could rub every little fold and hollow upwards against the frenzied fucking movements of the young boy. She felt her lungs fill with air and then she was screaming, kicking the roof of the Cadillac with both feet.

“Whhhuuuhhh!” Ron cried out, almost pulling the two of them off the seat.

“Nhhhhuuuh… ohhhh, darling baby!” Something tore and Beth saw that she’d put a heel through the Cadillac’s headliner. The slick sucking slide of Ron’s cock was like music to her. She crushed him to her, crying now, happy.

“Ohhh Mary, I never felt anything like that.”

“God, me neither,” Beth sighed. The hot cream was leaking out of her crevice now. She put a hand down to scoop some up and smell it. She wondered in the deep warmth of her lust whether she should be afraid of getting pregnant or not. She couldn’t even remember when her last period had been. The passion of the moment had wiped out her memory. And what really did matter but hot, raw sex at a time like this?

“I can still feel you inside me!” she gasped. Ron’s cock was shrinking some but it had a spongy tumidity left and with the added lubrication of his jizz, Beth was enjoying the sensation intensely. She knew that this was how sex was supposed to be. Almost as good afterwards as it was before a climax.

“You sure that guy is fishing and not peeking on us?”

She petted the boy’s face. “If he looked, well he got an eyeful. I really don’t care. Do you?”

“I guess not. It sure was neat.” He hugged his arms tighter around her slenderness.

“Ronny, I want to tell you something. But keep it a secret. My name is Beth, not Mary. I guess I was afraid to use my real name. But I’m not anymore.” She kissed his forehead. “You will keep it a secret, won’t you?”

“Will we get to see each other again?”

“I think so. I’d like it very much.” Beth’s mind was spinning with possibilities. She didn’t really know if a woman of her status and age could maintain an affair with a mere child. Young boys had a way of bragging. It wouldn’t be Ron’s fault. But eventually he would have to tell someone.

Then people would know that they were meeting in secret. It would get back to Cal somehow. The town wasn’t that big.

But feeling him against her small breasts, feeling his cock still grasped firmly by her pubes made her almost faint with happiness. Ron’s cock had been the perfect size. He was just what she needed. A cock that would fit, not hurt. A boy she wasn’t afraid of. A young man like Ron was innocent and eager and without motive. Beth remembered the attitude Phil Barnaby had displayed. He was so holier-than-thou. Doctors were such petty little snobs anyway. So her doctor was a snob and her husband a beast. But she had Ron. At least for now.

“When can we get together again,” he said. He was looking at her breast like he’d never seen one before. Beth considered the possibility that perhaps he hadn’t. The sexual revolution of the sixties had been a short blast of hot air. Girls were as tight as ever with their bodies now. Or so she guessed anyway.

“I don’t know. Give me your telephone number and I’ll call you some evening.”

“I live with my sister. But if I’m not there just leave a message.” He stretched a little and eased his cock out of her body. He looked at the mess between her loins and looked at his own slickened, cum-smeared cock. “Just rubbing them together feels that good,” he mused.

“And you rub it so good, smarty-pants,” Beth laughed, mussing his hair. “You rub it so good.”


“Of course it wasn’t me,” Tanya said. She glanced over her shoulder nervously. She had the creepy feeling that someone was hiding in the bushes listening to them. It was silly of course but after that night Lori had met her in the hall she’d been very suspicious of almost everything. Benji gave her an intense, bedroom-eyes look.

“God, I don’t understand.”

“It was Lori, don’t you see? She just pretended to be me.”

“Lori?” He shook his head slowly. “But she’s got a boy friend. I see him bringing her home lots of times. And we hardly ever speak. She has her interests and I have mine.”

“She’s your cousin. You both live in the same house.” Tanya looked around again. The bushes rustled, but only with the wind. “We got it on, didn’t we? And I hadn’t spoken to you much before.”

“But you think she just sneaked in my room to climb in bed with me?”

“She was a little sloshed when I met her in the hall,” Tanya said. “She probably thought it was her room. Didn’t you two change because of the bathroom or something?”

“Yeah. That’s right.” Benji looked off into space. “Wow, my own cousin. It really must have been Lori.”

Tanya let her irritation show. “Unless you’ve been giving house keys to some of your girl friends.” Benji seemed to ignore her.

“But that doesn’t change anything. I still can’t stop thinking about you. I woke up this morning and had to.” He dropped his eyes and reddened slightly.

“I think that things are a little too warm for comfort right now. If that was Lori, I don’t know what she’s got up her sleeve.” Tanya took a breath. “Anyway, I don’t want to be caught all tangled up in bed with you, young man.”

“Oh Tanya. I love you!”

Tanya chanced reaching out to brush his cheek.

“And I’m very fond of you. But let’s just cool it for a while. It’ll be that much better when we can get back together again.”

“I could meet you somewhere else. We could get a room, couldn’t we?”

“Just a few days, darling.” Tanya could see that her nephew’s cock had pushed out his jeans something awful. She longed to unbutton him and free the bind of his lovely prick. She longed to pet him and caress the stiffness. There were a thousand little delights she had planned in her mind. But she couldn’t get rid of that crawly feeling up her back. Like the whole household knew exactly what was going on. Hadn’t there been a hint of it in Lori’s voice that night? Or had the girl merely been drunk and a little loose with her sentences? Benji put his hand on her arm. She quickly shook it off.

“When?” he insisted.

“I’ll let you know.”

“Oh, damn. I’m going to have to go beat my meat again.”

“Oh surely you’ve got more willpower than that.”

“You don’t know how it is with a guy.”

“Like hell I don’t.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t you think I’d like to feel your hot cock going between my pussy lips?” Her words made Benji tremble. He bit his lip and his eyes half shut.

“Oh God, Tanya, I never felt like this before. I know I’m in love with you…”

“You’re in love with wanting to rub your cock between my thighs again.” She laughed then, tickled him in the side. “But if you want to believe you’re in love with me, go ahead. I love it.”

“Damn it. You’re always making fun of me.”

“I don’t make fun of that,” Tanya breathed, voice husky. She touched her knee against his cock and then turned toward the house. Beth was in the kitchen making orange juice when she came in. Her dark-haired sister turned and smiled brightly.


“You feel all right?” Tanya said, grinning.

“I guess I was frightful the other day. But I do feel much better.” Beth turned to the sink and rinsed her hands off Tanya watched her movements, listened to the little melody she hummed. Something told her that her skinny nervous sister had gotten laid in the past twenty-four hours. And laid good.

“You and Cal getting along better now?” she asked, really curious about the change in Beth’s demeanor. Beth shrugged, wrinkled her nose.

“Oh I don’t know. I don’t really have much to say to Cal anymore. I guess it’s up to him to make up. If he wants to.” She wiped her hands on a towel and looked at her watch. Tanya realized that her sister looked absolutely ravishing. Her hair was perfectly combed, her red silk dress clung to her body in just the right way.

“I’ve got to run,” she said. “Do you think you could fix something for Cal when he gets up? He has a luncheon date with some important real estate contact.” Beth shrugged. “I don’t keep up with his business anymore. But don’t let him sleep too late, okay.”

“Where are you off to?” Tanya almost hadn’t asked. But her question had gotten just the reaction she’d hoped for. Beth had blushed a little and gotten fussy with her hair.

“Shopping. I feel like getting out of the house today.” As she turned in the light, Tanya was almost positive that her somewhat prudish sister wasn’t wearing any panties. And since she never bothered with a bra, that meant she was stark naked under the sheer frock. “Tell Cal I wanted the Caddy. He can have the MG today. I get so cramped in it.”

When the Cadillac had rushed off down the street, Tanya finished her glass of orange juice and went down the downstairs hall to her brother-in-law’s room. The door was cracked slightly and she put her face up close to see if Cal was stirring yet. She hadn’t expected the sight that greeted her eyes.

Cal was stretched out on his back with both legs spread wide. He seemed to be halfway between dream and wakefulness. But what glued her attention was his cock! Cal had an unbelievable erection. It was without doubt the largest cock Tanya had ever laid eyes on. She was breathless for a moment, watching the heavy shaft rise from his belly and then fall back again. The fact that Cal was uncircumcised made him seem even bigger of course. But he was big any way you looked at it.

Tanya had never been so mesmerized. She’d had a few men in her time but to imagine something like that going into her was enough to make her break out in a rash. She cupped her plump breasts unconsciously as she watched Cal moan and flop his head. Something flashed through her mind.

“Beth couldn’t possibly take anything like that!” Tanya could remember their childhood games. When they’d been old enough to simulate sexual activity as all children do. Beth had often mentioned that she was different than other girls. Tanya had known what the difference was. They’d talked shyly about it one night when they’d both been in bed. Beth was too reticent to just come out and say it. But Tanya had guessed.

Then once a year or two later Tanya had accidentally come upon her raven-haired sister in the midst of masturbation. She’d watched from a hiding place while Beth had tried to put the handle of a hairbrush into her vagina. The stretching had been too painful and Beth had finally settled on her middle finger. Tanya had concluded then and there that Beth was not a normal woman.

And now as she stared at that giant cock on Cal’s body, she even wondered if a normal woman could handle something like that. And her very next thought was that she sure would love to try.

“God, it’s beautiful! It must weigh three pounds.”

Cal rolled onto his side and then onto his back again. He was dreaming something pretty intense. His hand slipped up his thigh and he caught his rigid shaft in a tight-fisted grasp. He seemed half-awake now but kept his eyes pinched tight as if trying to keep the dream going.

Tanya found her fingers at the edge of her short skirt. She had it up quickly, groping for the lace edge of her panties. With a finger sliding along her mushy, partly swollen lips, the sensation was one of pleasure. But only half a pleasure. Looking at that giant of a man with his huge cock gripped tightly in his fingers made her bite her bottom lip to have it!

“God!” Cal barked, his muscles hardening. He was a tense statue now, flopping in the bed as he jacked his cock with sharp, almost brutal movements. Tanya felt faint. And she thought she’d seen about everything there was. But this scene unfolding before her was making the juice drip down the insides of her thighs. Her panty-crotch was soaked. Her bare feet squirmed against the nap of the rug. She pushed her face closer to the partly open door.

“He’s magnificent,” she breathed, sliding her middle finger into her pussy as far as she could reach. But it wasn’t quite the same. Not by half a foot and two pounds worth. Cal gave a strange growl and had a kind of convulsion there atop the mattress. He kicked his legs out straight and the muscles in his thighs went hard as granite. His biceps were bulging out in bold relief as he pumped the shaft of his cock. Tanya could see his foreskin closing over the darkened glans, and then sliding slickly back to expose the glossiness again.

Cal gave a shuddering moan and hot seed spit into the air. The stuff frothed furiously around the tiny orifice at his cocktip. It dripped down his fingers and jumped even higher into the air and splatted down on his belly and thighs. There were even a few flecks on his face but Cal didn’t seem to notice them. And then Tanya heard the word on his lips.

“Tanya,” he sighed, fist still milking the scalding curds of semen from his balls. Tanya fled back down the hall, barely able to keep her balance. She leaned against the kitchen door, panting, filled with raw lust. Out in the garage she could hear Benji tinkering with his motorcycle. Her head was spinning. Was Lori up and around? Would it take very long for her to find release there in the garage? Then she couldn’t think anything anymore. She opened the door which led to the garage and stumbled through. Benji looked up from his work with obvious surprise. He wiped his greasy hands on his overalls and tilted his head as if to ask the question.

“Fuck me,” she gasped, falling onto her knees. She pulled her skirt up and began to wiggle her ass around wildly. “Hurry dammit! Before someone comes and finds us here!”

“Goddamn!” Benji said, wiping his hands again, looking down at her white thighs and the wet, dark place at the crotch of her panties.

“Just pull them aside.” Tanya ordered. “Hurry.”

She could hear him unzipping his coveralls and pulling them down and off. Then he was hovering over her from behind like a dog. She held the lace crotchband to one side as he pressed, the head of his cock up against her slit. She gave a cry and pumped her hips violently. His glans slid in easily. She was so greased up from watching Cal that the glossy lubrication was smeared everywhere by now.

“Tanya, ohhh wow this is far out!”

“Ohhhhh, push it in quick! Hurt me a little!” She was thinking of Cal’s big cock. Her brother-in-law. Her cousin. Her sister’s husband. And now she was rutting on the cold cement floor of the garage with her nephew. She let the wickedness excite her the more.

“It’s tight this way!”

“I know! I want it like that!” She tried to imagine Cal’s cock stretching her, hurting her. She made the angle of her hips bend against the stiff penetration of her nephew’s prick. But it still wasn’t like Cal would feel in there.

“Harder, can’t you?” She bit her lip and ground her curvy, plump ass around like she was trying to break Benji’s cock right off. He grunted and clung to her back as he dog-fucked her with increasing excitement. Their sighs echoed in the garage. She could hear the suck of their parts too and it helped. Helped take her up to that sharp-edged glint of pleasure when she knew that she could come anytime she wanted.

“Tanya,” Benji growled, “it’s hard for me to hold it. It’s so hot and tight this way. Ohhh Tanya, Tanya, Tanya!” He kissed her back where the dress had come undone.

“Go on! Shoot it in me!”

Her knees hurt on the concrete floor. Her breasts longed for affection, for a man’s hungry mouth. But the tightness between her cunt lips made up for all that. With Benji plunging away at her from behind it made him feel twice as big. And now she was coming! The tickling glory burning up and down her legs as she felt the spasm begin.

“Uhhhhhh. Benji! God!”

He grasped her wide hips and fucked like a mad dog. His shaft was so constricted by her opening that she could actually feel the bulge of his tube as the cum shot up and exploded inside her pussy. The boy shuddered and slobbered passionate kisses against the back of her dress. She let out a girlish squeal and wriggled her bottom like some small animal had sunk its teeth into her. Her muscles wrung out the hot sap, sucked it from her nephew’s body. He held himself as deep as he could, gasps of pleasure coming from him with every breath he took.

Tanya stumbled up, her nephew’s cock popped from her pussy and leaked a string of jizz down one of her calves. Benji reached after her but she was leaning against the wall now, panting like a sprinter. She looked at him with heavy, passion sated eyes for a moment and then fled back into the kitchen. Something drew her down the hall again. She could feel her nephew’s slick curds oozing through the nylon of her panties. The stuff dried cool on her thigh. She peeked into the crack of Cal’s bedroom door again.

The shower was going and she could hear him singing and splashing around. There on the unmade bed was the puddle she knew she’d find. And Cal was closed safely inside the bathroom. He would never know.

Ignoring the fresh sap that dripped from her loins, Tanya hurried to the bed where Cal had milked himself only moments before. She put her nose down close to the glossy patch of white. The sound that came from her throat then was that of an animal as she lapped the heavy cream and rolled it around on her tongue.

“Mhhhuuuhhh,” she sighed, both hands on the mattress as she bent to eat her cousin’s seed. It glistened on her chin now and on the tip of her upturned nose. Suddenly she was going at it with her fingers too, scooping up the stringy stuff and sucking it from her knuckles. The sound she made did things to her that only made her want more. And the sour, flat taste in her mouth made her half crazy. She wallowed her face against the wet sheet, licking and slurping until she was, sure that she hadn’t missed a speck.

Tanya hardly knew where she was as she turned to the door again. She pushed it open and started out. Lori was there before her, staring!


“Jesus Christ!” Lori whispered, looking with wild eyes. The girl stepped back like she was afraid of Tanya now. She spoke again, but softer. “Jesus Christ.” Then she fled. Tanya pulled herself together enough to start after her but soon stopped to lean against the wall.

“I think I’m losing my mind,” she mumbled. But another part of her was very sane. Idly she touched her cheek where Cal’s cum was drying. Someday, somehow she would have to experience that glorious cock of his! Just to feel it forcing between the plump, white lips of her pussy would be enough to live for. It would be enough.


Ever since she’d sneaked into her cousin’s room drunk, Lori had been bombarded with all sorts of guilty thoughts. Of course what she’d done was wrong. But worse was the fear of exposure. Would Benji know it was her? He’d had a pretty good idea it wasn’t Tanya. And who else would have been in the upstairs hall at that time of night? Sure, he probably knew. And the fact that she’d stayed completely out of his way since that night surely cinched it as far as Benji was concerned.

After the first rush of embarrassment, this excited her. Knowing that Benji knew. Knowing that he was thinking about her. And keeping to herself, avoiding him at all costs probably increased his tension. She had started to imagine him sneaking to her bedroom. Unless he’d decided that between the two of them he preferred the older, more experienced Tanya.

It really pissed Lori off to think of her aunt seducing someone like Benji. She was his aunt for God’s sake! But there was no room for self-righteousness. Lori was the boy’s first cousin. It was the damnedest mess she’d ever found herself involved in.

And then of all things she’d surprised Aunt Tanya in Cal’s bedroom.

Lori still wondered if she’d hallucinated the whole thing. But she could still smell the way her father’s sap had smelled on Tanya’s face. Tanya hadn’t even seemed human. Her eyes had been wild, her breasts rising and falling. But what was most titillating to Lori was what she’d caught her aunt actually doing! Eating a man’s jizz!

It made her remember the many times she’d watched the stuff bubble up out of her boy friend’s cock and wondered. Did women really suck, that stuff from a man’s penis sometimes? Did they really like to swallow it or did they just do it to please. Now Ron had seen Tanya doing it with her own eyes. She imagined that Tanya had probably fucked Cal and then eaten the stuff that was left when he went to shower. Surely that was the only way it could have happened.

So now Tanya was committing adultery behind her own sister’s back. Lori’s own guilt swelled up to torture her again. But soon she was imagining Cal fucking the hell out of Tanya on his own bed. She had seen her father’s cock once or twice and knew how abnormally large it was. Tanya was a compactly built woman. She had a fully mature ass, a soft belly, big tits. But as totally female as her blonde aunt was, could even she take Cal’s prick? And that raised the question of her own mother.

Lori had a theory. She had pieced together what she imagined to be true. She guessed that Cal had fucked her mother once. Just once. It had almost killed Beth. But during that hot, animal moment she, Lori, had been conceived. Her mother had not even been able to give birth to her the normal way. This was part of the family secret that had leaked out. Yet there was something else.

Lori felt that something even further back, something more shameful was connected with Cal and Beth’s relationship. Tanya knew the secret. But it had to do with a time before her own birth, Lori was sure.

Again she was thinking of Tanya’s face all shiny with cum.

“So people really do eat it!” she gasped. She thought of all the times she’d watched Jim Hanson’s jizz spill into that handkerchief. She’d even had a drop or two on her finger. Now she almost wished she could have one of those times back. She longed to feel what that stuff was like spurting onto her tongue.

“But that would mean sucking a guy’s cock.” She got up from her bed and paced the room. Outside, her father’s sports car started up and he pulled out of the driveway and roared off down the street. An immediate tingle of excitement went through her. Except for Tanya, she was alone in the house with her visiting cousin. It was funny how she could almost feel his presence. Since that night in the dark she’d thought of how his body had felt. She still didn’t have the guts to say anything. But as her passions grew, so did her courage.

The front door opened and Tanya went off across the lawn with a handbag. She turned at the corner and crossed the street. She looked fresh and together. She went out of sight behind a hedge finally and Lori turned from the window. Now her heart was pounding like a hammer in her chest. All she had to do was confront her cousin Benji and let it happen. Let sex happen. Lori wasn’t able to hide that from herself any longer. Though she might have to have a stiff drink to get herself going.

She had put on a pair of cut-off jeans that morning and it seemed silly to dress up now. Her little halter top showed off the rounded shapes of her breasts nicely and showed too a smooth expanse of firm, young belly. She touched her navel, wondering what it would be like to have a jewel stuck in it. Then she padded barefoot downstairs. She was pouring herself a drink when Benji came in.


Their eyes had still not met. Lori sipped her whiskey quickly. It was way too strong but she didn’t have time to let the ice cubes melt. Benji went to the hall bathroom to wash his greasy hands. She could hear him scrubbing, hear the water running. She was twenty years old, after all. She didn’t have to be shy around a boy of eighteen. But she was.

He emerged from the bathroom shirtless and damp. His hair was mussed and he had a spot of grease on his nose. Ron took the towel from him and dabbed it off.

“My, you’re a mess.”

“It was you, wasn’t it?” Benji was blushing but his eyes were boring into hers steadily. “The other night?”

Lori let her eyes flutter closed. “Yes,” she admitted. “And it was nice too. I’m not ashamed at all.”

“I’m not either. I mean…” He smiled. “I know you’re older and everything. What I want to say, what I want to ask is…”

“Yes?” Lori replied, urging him with her eyes.

“Would you like to… do it again,” she finished for him. Benji blushed more, nodding. “Oh yes, let’s hurry!”

Lori finished her drink and let her cousin catch her hand. He pulled her up the stairs and she ran barefoot behind him. She’d never been so hungry for it. But she wanted it to go slow too. She wanted it to last. Benji closed his bedroom door behind her and turned. She was stripping off her halter top. He gave a soft moan when her tits bounced free.

“God, you’re beautiful!”

“As beautiful as Tanya?”

Benji avoided her eyes. But she wasn’t out to be a bitch today. Not with this lovely opportunity before them. She let him kneel to unbutton her jean shorts. He peeled the faded denim from her abdomen as if he were discovering the meaning to all life. She was wearing nothing underneath and when he saw her tightly curled cunt hairs he moaned again. A musky scent wafted up from her crevice. Benji was panting as he slipped the shorts down to her ankles and Lori stepped out. It was her turn to undress him.

He was already shirtless so all she had to do was undo his pants and slide them down. Then his skivvies. His cock thumped up solidly when the elastic cleared the tip. Again Lori felt the almost uncontrollable curiosity she’d felt earlier that day. She wanted to have one of those things in her mouth. Why not now?

“Benji,” she breathed, not able to meet his eyes, “I want to suck you.”

“Oh God!”

“Sit down on the bed please.” She was on her knees now as Benji sat. She opened his thighs a little and caught his bobbing cock in both hands. When she lowered her face toward it there was the unmistakable musk of another woman. For a moment Lori felt wronged. Benji had just fucked someone. Maybe that very morning. How could she suck the still-damp juices of another woman? But then she was looking at the swollen, bluish head. It seemed to entrance her, pull her towards it. The streamlined shape of the glans had to be one of the marvels of nature. She could understand why girls envied boys that organ. She held it, felt it thumping against her palm. She was breathing hard and nervously wet her bottom lip again and again.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she gasped finally and pressed her pursed mouth against the small, slitted orifice. Benji shivered and put his hands, out as if to touch her head. He pulled them back again and let a lungful of air out. She pressed her lips over his glans. Slowly she pulled it back off. There was a sucking pop as she pulled free and gazed down at the glossy coating of a saliva she’d applied to him.

Her eyes fluttered up for approval. Benji’s face was slack with passion but he nodded and tried to smile. Lori repeated her actions, this time letting more of the tip slide in. She went down on him, down until the spongy head bumped the roof of her mouth.

Her body tingled with excitement. She was fully aware of what she was doing. Crouching on her knees between a map’s legs. Sucking his hard, hot cock! She’d never been happier. It seemed right. It seemed exactly right. And the way the shape of it fit against her tongue. She pushed out in a tantalizingly slow lick along his shaft. The underside of it was ridged with the tube that carried his jizz. There were veins too and two plump lobes at the bottom of his cockhead. She rubbed them with circular motions, her spit crackling at the corners of her mouth now.

“Uhhhh, Lori!”

“Mmmmmmm,” she cooed back, nostrils flared.

“You don’t know how that feels!”

“Mmmmmmmmmuuhhh!” She suckled him hungrily, her tongue curling like a snake around the ridged crown that throbbed so tightly between her teeth. It had the rubbery feel of some delicious morsel from another world. It seemed that if she nibbled at it long enough it might burst out its juices so that she could swallow them down in hungry gulps. Lori rubbed her thighs together as she knelt before her cousin. She’d never been so excited in her life.

She let her fingers slip under his scrotum and then she was hefting his slick eggs tenderly, squeezing them as she sucked. Benji almost went out of his mind. He touched her face, smoothed her cheeks with his fingers as she sucked him. He felt gently around the edges of her lips where they were stretched around his shaft. Her spit was leaking down her chin by now and Benji scooped up a droplet and put it to his lips. He was gasping, pulling his belly in under his ribs. She fondled his balls more frantically, loving their dense, spongy texture. How much more cock could she take into her mouth? She eased her mouth free of him to catch her breath so she could try again.

Benji sat staring down at his tumid, spit-glossed prick. The head had expanded until it was a broad blunt barb of dark blue. Lori could see her saliva hanging from it. She licked her lips though she didn’t have to at all.

“I want to see how far I can get it in my throat,” she whispered, saying the words like a prayer. And she did feel as if she were participating in something special.

“Lori, you’re the most fantastic girl I ever dreamed of.”

“You’re not dreaming now,” she reminded him. “And I’m not either.”

Holding his cock up at the right angle, she lowered her chin again and went down. His cock pushed smoothly over her slickened bottom, lip. She caressed the lobes of his glans with it for a few seconds until Benji begged for wore. Then she let her teeth slide lightly over his meat until it was deeper than she’d ever had it. Her tonsils brushed the hot head and for a moment she thought she might gag. But she controlled the spasm and tried to swallow every time she felt a little uncertain. Now Benji had begun to pump his hips up from the bed where he sat. She couldn’t keep the swollen tip from going deeper and she tried to blot out all thoughts of something too big back there. It was just a natural extension of a man’s body. It wouldn’t choke her. It would just rub against her soft, slick throat while she swallowed. And every time she swallowed, her throat closed around the hot crown, strangling it in velvety membranes.

“Uhhhhh, Jeeeeesus!”

“Mmmmmnnnuuuh!” she moaned through wide nostrils. She could feel the whole length of his shaft now. She couldn’t quite squeeze in the last few inches but she could run her tongue out and touch the base of his cock, touch the wrinkled loose skin where his sac was attached. She swallowed again and felt the violent choking sensation. With her mind she fought away the urge to gag and calmed her bucking stomach. Benji’s fingers grazed the sides of her face. She could tell he wanted to grab her and force the rest of his cock deep. But he was too concerned with her own welfare to be that rough. She loved him for it. Her tongue rewarded him by slithering along his cock like an eel and winding itself hotly around his glans again.

She had to pull her head back to do this and now Benji was trying to push deep again. His body trembled with a new heat. His lungs tried to suck more and more air. And deep up inside his crotch something was throbbing like a small heart. Lori knew that it was his prostate. The gland that would shoot out all that lovely, hot cream. She almost fainted knowing that in just a few seconds she would know exactly what the stuff tasted like!

“I’m gonna come, Lori! Ohhhhhh God!”

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, nursing his balls with both hands, squeezing them to start the jolting spasms inside his body. She stroked the hairy spot up behind his balls too. That was where the gland was about to jump from his body. She petted and dug at the lump with her nails as her cousin’s cockhead swelled huge at the back of her throat. A gagging sensation made her pull her head back a little. As her excited tongue swathed and teased that engorged cocktip a white droplet oozed from the tiny slit. Then a raging fountain of cream boiled out. It was thick and steamy and the taste so odd that Lori had to blink rapidly to keep from getting dizzy.

“Yuuuhhhh!” Benji cried, flopping around where he was perched on the bed. The hot seed bubbled out so fast now that Lori couldn’t swallow it all. She felt it rising up into her nose and then a white string exploded from one nostril. She snuffled the stuff back but Benji’s balls exploded again and even more dribbled out. She was dazed, gulping frantically as his cock jerked and foamed out more slippery curds. Lori was aware that she was swallowing millions of those tiny tadpoles, any one of which could make a baby in a girl’s belly.

Benji fell back on his bed and his cock popped slickly from Lori’s mouth. When it did a bunch of his jizz spilled from her mouth and ran down her chin onto her tits. She was moaning with passion now, wanting her own little pussy taken care of in her excitement she smeared the sticky fluid over her nipples and down her belly.

“Ohh, Benji, I want you to do it to me now!”

“I want to Lori.”

“When we’re like this, I really don’t feel so terribly much older than you are,” she admitted. And it was true. Though four years older than her cousin, Lori felt that now they were stripped down to the basic male, female opposites. Age didn’t matter now.

She wiggled up onto the bed and raised her knees slowly while Benji watched in silent admiration.

“It looks so hot and slippery in there,” he said, staring at the way her outer lips were swollen open. Her mound was plump with fresh blood. It throbbed as if in expectation of what it was about to receive.

“How long will it take you to get hard again, Benji?”

“Not long at this rate,” he laughed, touching a fingertip to the juicy, darkened membranes. She groaned and let her legs fall apart. Then she caught his wrist and made him push the finger into her hole. Her insides closed down around him, squeezing, begging for something bigger. Benji panted as he felt the unbelievable softness where soon his cock would be plunging.

“It’s going to be good, you know?”

“Oh God, I think I’m going to lose my mind when you put that thing inside me?”

“God Lori, is it wrong for cousins to do this?”

Lori rolled over and took his handsome face between her hands. She kissed his lips gently at first but kept teasing him with her tongue until the boy was moaning and his breath came in labored gasps. Then she ran her fingers down his belly, down until she caught the hot snake of his cock. It was starting to get firm again.

“I don’t really care if it’s right or wrong,” she whispered, licking his chin as she spoke. “I just want you to fuck me, Benji. I need it so bad I could scream!”

“Ohhhh Christ, Lori, I can’t believe this is happening. You’re so pretty.”

And Lori let her cousin slip his body up over hers. Their legs brushed and she closed her eyes to soak up every sensation. The smell of him, the warm smoothness of his belly against hers. It was ecstatic. She felt him touch her breasts and then his lips were caressing one, sucking slowly at the nipple. The nubbin rose from the areola and pushed between his teeth. Lori watched as he began to eat at it with tantalizingly gentle bites. Fresh juice spilled from her pussy. Benji shoved his thigh up against her pubes and there was a sticky sound as her flushed, dripping folds smeared hot butter against his skin.

“I think you’re ready,” he sighed.

“Oh God. Am I ever!” She circled her arms around his neck and clung there as Benji guided the firm, taut head of his cock between the smoldering lips of her pussy.


Beth was a little ashamed of herself. She’d driven around the park three times looking for Ronny. She felt like an old lecher sitting there in her air-conditioned Cadillac and silk dress. During the past few weeks she’d had the boy half a dozen times. It had gotten to be a joy in her life like no other she’d ever experienced.

But there was something about the handsome youngster that was starting to bore her. He wasn’t really any better at fucking than when they’d started. Not that Beth herself had been such an expert. But she was getting tired of his hurried pumping and all too hurried spurt of jizz. Twice since they’d been having this affair, Beth hadn’t climaxed. Ron just didn’t know what Beth meant when she begged him to take his time.

She pulled up to a stop sign and craned eagerly for sight of him. The tennis courts were empty except for a long-legged girl with her date. But Ronny hadn’t been at home when she’d called.

“Oh damn,” she sighed, biting her lip. “I really need it bad today.”

She decided to circuit the park one more time. When she came around the corner by the tennis courts again she saw him. She saw the girl on his arm too. A buck-toothed little redhead with freckles. Ronny saw the white Cadillac but averted his eyes quickly. A pang of disappointment went through Beth like a knife. So the little bastard had gotten tired of her. He was working on that pug-ugly little girl who had her arm around his waist now as they crossed the road. Beth almost honked. But her rage passed quickly and she watched them go off together across the grass. She couldn’t blame the youngster. After success with her it was only natural that he try his talents on some other female. She could still see them through the trees. Ronny had slipped his hand down to rub the redhead’s ass. She hugged him to her tighter as they clumped along.

“Probably heading for her parents’.” Beth mused aloud. “That little honey will find out soon enough just how much fun Ron is.”

Beth felt a surge of wetness between her legs. It seemed sadder somehow that there was no one to enjoy it. She almost wished she’d worn panties to absorb a little of the seeping butter that had no place to go. She turned the Cadillac around and headed home.

Cal’s car was gone when she pulled into the garage. She opened the glove compartment and got out the carefully washed and folded jockstrap she’d intended to return to Ronny that day. He’d left it under the seat during their last wild fuck. She’d really gotten off on hand scrubbing it and hiding it amongst her silken panties in her chest of drawers. Maybe she’d just put it back in the same place.

The house seemed quiet and empty when she went in. But Beth heard the noise from upstairs and paused. She pulled off her shoes and went barefoot to the stairwell to listen again. Someone groaned. A girl! She was sure it was her daughter Lori groaning. But it wasn’t a groan of pain. It was… it was the unmistakable sound of pleasure. Sexual pleasure!

“I shouldn’t even be here,” Beth sighed, touching her hands to her dress to rub her tingling breasts. The roan came again, more fervent, more urgent! Beth went up the stairs stealthily and edged down the hall to her daughter’s room. The door was closed, but Beth immediately thought of the balcony which connected three bedroom windows along the back of the house.

“I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t,” she kept whispering to herself. But she had to go on to the bedroom at the end, Cal’s bedroom, and open the sliding glass door to the outside. She came along the balcony on her hands and knees, panting at the thought of what she might see. Because she had the strongest feeling that her daughter was not alone in that bedroom. As she peeked up over a low table, she knew she’d guessed right.

“Ohhhhh Benji!” Lori sighed, her hands stroking the boy’s back. It took Beth a moment or two just to accept the reality of what was taking place on her daughter’s bed.

Lori’s brown hair was splashed across a pillow and her face glowed with pleasure. Her perfectly proportioned thighs were spread so that her own cousin could lay between them. As Beth watched, Benji opened his mouth and framing one of Lori’s breasts with his fingers, pushed it up between his lips. There was a sound of wet suction and his cheeks pulled in. By the movements under his chin, Beth knew he was using his tongue on her daughter’s nipple. Lori squirmed under the weight of her cousin’s body. Then came the groan Beth had heard all the way downstairs. Slowly, Benji moved his ass in a pumping motion. By the position of their bodies Beth realized with a shock that the two young people were already joined. Benji moved again and there was the unmistakable sound of a cock sliding into and out of a very wet pussy. The expression on Lori’s face changed subtly as she moved back against him. Beth watched her daughter’s toes fan out against the bed.

“Nhhuhhhh, Benji! Benji!”

“Oh God, you’re so soft inside! It’s hard not to come.”

“Don’t do it! Not yet, darling!”

They kissed furiously, Lori’s nails cutting into the skin of her cousin’s shoulders. When he tried to pump her, she dug into his ass cheeks too and made him stop.

“I just want to feel it so deep inside my pussy!” she breathed.

Beth was on her knees behind the table. As she watched she thought of her lost young lover. It was obvious that her nephew Benji was a much better lover than that tennis-playing beginner. And wasn’t it odd that she was comparing the two of them rather than reeling with shame at what she was observing? Or was it just too good not to watch.

Benji was doing something different now. He had pulled Lori’s heels back up until they almost touched the underside of her ass. Then he pushed her bent knees outward, splitting her wider. Holding his body up, he eased his cock out of her hole so slowly that Beth could hear every fold of her daughter’s body slipping away from that hard, hot shaft. She saw Benji’s prick shining with its glossy coating of girl juice now. Inch by inch it was being stripped out until even the head was visible. Now Lori’s pussy tightened, opened and closed as it sucked after disappearing pleasure. She pumped her hips up from the bed. Beth could see the darkened membranes, the slippery drip of her lubrication. Fringing her wet wound was the delicate fluff of curly brown hair. The same exact shade as what tumbled over her shoulders in softer, finer hanks.

Beth had never thought of a pussy being beautiful. But watching her own daughter stretched so wide she quicky rearranged her prejudices. The warm, swollen mounds on either side of her crevice were lovely. And now as Benji eased his bulging glans completely out of Lori’s cunt, the girl squirmed more hungrily against the mattress.

“Uhhh, put it in again! Ohhh this is the most wonderful torture I’ve ever had!”

Benji smiled, delighted that he was doing something right. He pushed his cocktip against the tumid folds and gave a quick little shove with his hips. There was a soft sound as his crown penetrated the dripping membranes. Holding just the tip of his prick inside her, he began to lick her nipples, each in turn.

Lori went half crazy. She wriggled like a snake, cried half words that strung together in what seemed to be a kind of erotic poem.

“Fuhhh… ohhhh, shit, Benji, it’s so gohhhh dammmmmmmmmn gooooood!”

Her knees were still bent and she dug her heels viciously into the mattress as her cousin teased her. Using only the head of his cock again, he slipped it up along her slit until he could rub her clit. The smacking slurpy sound as he did this with agonizing slowness made Beth’s mouth go dry. She found herself lusting after that wonderful looking penis! It was much bigger than Ron’s. And now that she felt she’d taken a small one into her body, she wondered if she were woman enough to take something like Benji’s.

“I must be losing my mind,” Beth said to herself. But the desire was there. She could easily imagine herself stretched under Benji. She could imagine him teasing her dripping pussy with his cocktip.

“Benjeeeeee!” Lori cried, pumping her pert, plump ass like a wildcat. She was actually fucking herself on her cousin’s prick. She was squirming down against it as he held back to make her beg.

“Now!” Lori flung her head back and forth on the pillow. “Ohhhhh now, Benji! Now!”

Beth’s mouth fell open. She was entranced by the beauty of the two young people. Her daughter and nephew! As Lori’s belly heaved and then sucked sharply under her ribcage, Benji stabbed deep with his cock. It went straight into Lori’s body and the girl clutched frantically at her cousin’s ass to keep it there. But he quickly pulled it out again until only the dark blue glans rested at the edge of her opening.

“Yaaahhhhhhh!” she groaned, her ass bucking. Benji penetrated her to the hilt once again and Lori’s small feet pedaled jerkily in the air as her clit was ground down under the hilt of her cousin’s body. Beth could hardly watch it was so erotic. She pushed a finger under her dress and between her hair-fringed lips. This time her thumb went in easily. She plunged it in and out as she squatted there behind the table. As she thumb-fucked herself, a steady drip of her juices made dark dots on the concrete between her bare feet.

“Benji, Benji, Benji, Benji!” Lori grunted the word every time the boy speared her again. A steady, unrelenting rhythm echoed through the open glass door to the balcony. Beth kept the same rhythm with her thumb.

“Lori… God, you’re getting tighter inside. It’s real spongy and soft. But tight!”

“Cause I’m gonna commmmme!”

Beth had never seen anything like it. It was as if Lori had suddenly gone mad. She gave a banshee scream and began to nip and bite at Benji’s shoulders and neck. She half rolled him over as she attacked him with every bit of strength she had left. The movements of her ass were vicious and unrelenting. And Benji fought back just as frantically. The bed thumped under their wildness. Benji’s cock slid in and out of his cousin’s pussy as he rammed and stabbed at her. Beth could see the slick gloss smeared over both their bellies.



“Lori, Jeeeeesus!”

“Ohhh bite me, hurt me a little!”

The slapping sound of their bodies coming together again and again made Beth start to whimper. She had her thumb up inside her as far as it would go but felt that it wasn’t really big enough. She lusted shamefully after that turgid, hot shaft that was being shoved deep into Lori’s body over and over and over again. She was getting off on watching her own daughter fucked.

Benji reached a point where his face tightened in the agony of spurting pleasure that would be the end for him. Lori felt his shudder and hurried, squirming like a mink under the rigid boy.

“Yeeeessssss!” she gasped, fingers curled into small fists against Benji’s back. Her belly was pulled in hard and her thighs clasped her cousin’s body as she ground out her pleasure in time to frantic little cries from deep in her throat.

“Uh! Ohhh! Nhhuhh! Whhhuuhh!” And then it was over, the two magnificent young people kissing in a last quiver of ecstasy. At the very end, Lori straightened her pretty legs and her toes pointed like a ballet dancer’s. Then another little tremble went through her and she collapsed completely under her cousin’s body. Her eyes were heavy and happy. Her mouth had the softest, sweetest smile on it that Beth had ever seen.

“I want him,” Beth breathed to herself. “I want my nephew.” She crawled away down the balcony to Cal’s room and staggered into the cool darkness. Her eyes were dazzled from the sunlight and she felt strangely displaced. But she wouldn’t have Ronny any more to give her some sort of satisfaction. Would she have the guts to seduce her very own nephew? Would she dare to try and fit that larger cock of his up into her abnormally small pussy? But Ron had stretched her a little. So it was just a question of morality. Could she, as Benji’s aunt, actually go so far as inviting him to go at her with everything he had. Beth ran her long fingers over her body.

Yes, she could do that. She had to do that. Or go mad.


“I mean I just wanted you to know that I understand your problems. Cal.” Tanya stirred her drink nervously. “I’m sympathetic. What I mean to say is…” She stopped and looked down. It was so damned hard talking about it. Because she was really hiding what she wanted to say. Cal smiled across the table at her.

“I don’t know what Beth has told you but I’d just as soon not discuss it. It brings me down. I just want to enjoy this moment with you. I’ve been needing to relax with someone who’s easy to be around.” He looked into her eyes. “Someone female.”

Tanya lost her cool just enough to blush.

“I didn’t mean to get some big uptight discussion going about your marriage, I just wanted you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to I’ll be available.” What Tanya had wanted to say was that she’d be available for anything if he’d only ask. Cal was married to a cousin. But he hadn’t tried the blonde one yet.

“Want to dance?” Cal asked. Tanya almost spilled her drink getting up.

They clung to each other and moved in the shadows at the edge of the dance floor. There wasn’t much of a crowd in the bar this particular night and the juke box was grinding out a slow, country ballad. Tanya had dressed in softly faded jeans and checkered shirt that showed off her big breasts. She’d left it unbuttoned enough so that Cal didn’t have to try very hard to catch an occasional glimpse of a dark and tumid nipple. Her hair was in braids and tied with red ribbons. She kept pressing her cheek against his chest as he swung her around in slow circles. She could feel the heat of his big body and shivered when she remembered how huge he was in the crotch. Then she was recalling the crazy moment when she’d found his spilled seed on the bed and groveled over it like a hungry dog to lap every last bit. She hoped he would never know how insanely she’d behaved, and yet she almost wanted him to find out.

Now they were dancing in such a way that her thighs were parted around one of Cal’s legs. It was excruciatingly sexy and she began to pant softly as the rubbing friction against her clit increased. She hadn’t bothered to wear any panties and dancing with Cal like this made her much more aware of the fact.

“You have such a warm, soft body,” he said. Their lips almost grazed as she turned her face up to him. She knew he could feel her breathing hard. And her musky scent was starting to leak through the crotch of her jeans. When the music ended she leaned heavily against him.

“I think I’d better go sit down.”

“Sure Tanya, I’ll get us some more drinks.”

“I feel rather strange being here with you like this,” she said when he returned to the table. A barmaid followed with two Scotch and sodas. When they were alone Tanya fluttered her long lashes at him. “I mean, I am Beth’s sister and all.”

“And you’ve been wanting to come out on a date with me as bad as I’ve been wanting to bring you.”

“Is this a date?”

“I don’t know what else you call it when two people dance like we just danced.” Cal’s eyes told her that he knew how aroused she was. And of course she’d felt the lump in his Levi’s. She’d felt it with her belly when they’d been so close out there in front of the juke box.

“Maybe we should be getting back. It is late.” She prayed he would argue.

“Beth wasn’t home when we left,” Cal said. “She won’t know the difference.”

Tanya knew that doing this gave her a youthful, country girl appearance. Cal watched every second of the little act. His brown eyes glistened with desire. Tanya wondered if she could take it much longer. Just sitting there across from him, wanting him. She took a big swallow of her drink and reached out to touch his hand.



“There’s something I’ve got to say. It’s about why I came with you tonight.”

“Maybe you forgot it was you who asked me out,” he laughed.

“I know. Because I had to…” She let her lashes drop. She squeezed his hand hard. “Oh Cal, I’m almost ashamed to say it.”

“Then why say it? Let’s just go do it.” He smiled an unmistakable smile. Tanya let out her breath. She grabbed his hands with both of hers. Fire seemed to leap between them. Cal reached under the table to push a finger against the soft swell of her pussy. Her jeans were so thin that it was almost like he was stroking her flesh directly. She sighed and chewed on her bottom lip as he explored the place where the faded denim had pulled up between her labia.

“God, I want you,” she whimpered. “My own cousin and I want you!”

“Then you’ll have me.” He got up, pulled her up after him. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

The key to room thirty dangled from Cal’s fingers as they kissed under the neon sign of the motel. Tanya saw the night clerk watching them through the glass front of the office. He smiled and turned away when he saw that Tanya had seen him peeking. But she couldn’t blame the poor guy. As Cal had pulled her against him, he’d petted the rounded cheeks of her ass. It’d felt lovely.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Oh God, I think I might come on the way to our room.”

“You’re lovely. But I guess I’d better tell you that I haven’t had much sex with a woman of late. What I mean is normal sex. I might lose it while you’re taking your panties off.”

“I’m not wearing any,” she giggled. “And anyway, if I was, I’d make you take them off.”

“Then I’d cream my pans for sure.” He stopped and pulled her to him again. “So you’re really not wearing a thing under those tight-assed jeans?”

“Nope. I dressed for the occasion.” She tilted her head up sharply and opened her mouth to be kissed. Cal’s tongue drove downward between her teeth and she nibbled at it hungrily, her body grinding eagerly against his.

“God! Tanya baby!” He clutched her and pushed her up against the wall of the motel room. They were in the shadows of a tree and Tanya let herself go. She slipped her hands under his shirt and rubbed his muscular back as he ravished her mouth and neck. Somehow she got his fly unbuttoned and then his belt.

“You’re going to undress me out here,” Cal laughed, loving it.

“I’d do it in the middle of an intersection with you,” she whimpered.

“God have I ever needed someone like you,” he breathed against her ear. She had his big cock out now and for the first time curled her white fingers around the dusky dark meat. She felt like she was in heaven.

“Better hide that thing,” he told her. “It’s a dangerous weapon.” Tanya pushed it up under her shirt. The foreskin-draped head was hot against her belly. Then Cal picked her up and carried her into the room.

“Just stand there,” she commanded him. “I’ll undress for you.”

“Doesn’t sound like there’s much undressing to do,” he chuckled back.

“You just wait and watch.” With the bedside lamp their only illumination, Tanya did a slow dance in the middle of the room. She shucked her sandals and peeled her shirt off button by tantalizing button. When Cal saw her high, full breasts he whistled softly. Then came her jeans. The crotch of them peeled away from her pubes with a wet sound. Her blonde cunt hair was plastered down against her lips in wet curliques.

“I guess it’s easy to see how badly I want you to fuck me.” She dropped her clothes and made a little curtsy. “Now let me undress you.”

Tanya did the job as slowly as she could. She wanted to make it all last. She wanted the night to be perfect. When she’d stripped her sister’s husband down to essentials she ran her fingers over the outlines of his body… marveling at his size again.

At last she caressed his rigid, throbbing prick. It seemed even bigger than she remembered.

“How long is it?”

“Ten inches and a little extra when I’m really excited.”

“Like now?” She eased his foreskin back to expose the darkened crown.

“Like now.” She dropped down on her knees and pressed her wet lips against the head. With her tongue she began to flick it gingerly. Cal trembled and his breathing grew more labored. She let the insides of her lips brush every bump and hollow of the glans and then started licking the streamlined ridge where the knobbed part connected to the shaft.

“Tanya! You’d better cool that a little.”

“It’s all right,” she said, sensing how close he was. “We’ve got all night to play.”

“But I want to do it inside you. Uhnnnnnn!”

“Darling, darling, don’t worry. I love you! I want you. We can take our time the next one.” A milky droplet had appeared at the orifice at the very tip of Cal’s prick. Tanya dabbed it off with her tongue and then surrounded as much of his cock as she could with her mouth. She took him deep, deep into her throat. Her belly bucked but she suckled her tongue hungrily along the underside of his rigid shaft. Then she pulled her head back and let her lips smooth gently over the velvet surface of his glans. She gazed down at the blind eye as it opened to let an inch-high fountain of white cream bubble out. Her fingers worked his shaft skin up and down, up and down. She rubbed her tongue expertly along his tip lobes and another gush of cream boiled forth from deep inside his body. She lapped it up before it dribbled down over her knuckles.

“Ghhhaaaa!” Cal moaned, strangling on the sound he’d made.

“Yes baby, come! Come in Tanya’s mouth!” She let her lips enfold his tip again, brushing and caressing it with the velvet insides of her mouth. When she pulled her, chin back again another hot jet of dream erupted from Cal’s cock. She jacked his shaft slowly, teasingly. She knew exactly how to make a man come. She could do it so slow that he didn’t know what was happening. Cal pumped his ass, trying to bury his throbbing, spurting cock in her mouth. She let him slip between her teeth for a second. Then fluttering her tongue against his glans again, pulled back. She jacked him once, twice, three times and his prostate spasmed like an exploding bomb. The white streak jumped two feet into the air this time. It spattered down on her arms and shoulders and Tanya smiled. She knew he would never forget this orgasm! Never in his whole life. He’d married one of his cousins. Now he was learning about the other.

“Tanya, you lovely blonde bitch! You’re murdering me! Ohhhh Jesus Christ!”

He grabbed her head but she turned slyly away as she masturbated him with a steady pumping movement of her hand. If he wanted fellatio, he’d have to take it on her terms. Even with a giant like Cal, she knew how to manage him. And as she continued to lick, suck and pump his cockshaft, Cal dug his fingers into her shoulder and came in hot, creamy surges until his balls had emptied completely.

Tanya wiped up the mess and looked at him as he lay weak and happy on the bed.

“I wish we’d brought the bottle in,” she said, “I’d fix you a drink.”

“Mmmmmm. Yeah.” Cal was smiling, his eyes closed.

“I know what. I’ll slip out and get it. Maybe I’ll bring back some ice too.”

“You must be an angel from heaven,” Cal murmured, his hand rubbing her thigh lovingly.

Tanya was very wet between the thighs but she wiggled into her Levi’s anyway and pulled on her cowboy shirt. She could just go barefoot to the car and get the bottle and get back in a wink. Then she’d nurse her cousin back to health and ready herself for that moment she’d been waiting for for years. The moment she would actually take his huge cock into her body!

There was no one around outside when Tanya padded down to the ice machine with the pitcher from their room. She scooped up plenty of cubes and was about to start back to Cal’s MG for the bottle when the lights of a white Cadillac startled her. She ducked back into the passageway and watched with open mouth as her sister Beth got out of the passenger side. Yes, it was Beth! Then who was driving? She almost dropped the pitcher when she saw Benji straighten up and lock the door behind him. Beth seemed nervous. She could hardly meet her nephew’s eyes and he was having a little trouble looking at her.

But when Benji leaned down to fit the key in the door of their room, Beth came up close behind him. Tanya could see from the lights of the overhead portal that her sister’s face was flushed and she looked at Benji like she wanted to eat him alive. Her fine, white hands darted out, and she touched his body, began to caress it. Benji was having trouble getting the key to work. Beth didn’t seem to care. She was rubbing his thighs now, feeling up between his legs.

Tanya was really turned on. Beth was going at him in such a shy hot animal way. Until Benji could take it no longer. He turned into her arms and they hugged and kissed there in front of their room. Tanya watched her slim-legged sister grind her hips up against her nephew. Benji’s fingers had lost any shyness too. He was caressing the cheeks of Beth’s ass. Even from where she was Tanya was sure her sister wasn’t wearing panties. She could see her nephew’s fingers squeezing the firm, smooth swells and she could hear Beth’s shuddering whimpers of delight.

The door was open then and the two of them disappeared inside. For a long while Tanya just stared at the room where her nephew and sister were now probably tangled in some lusty position, their mouths together as the throbbing rhythm of their excitement built in tempo.

“I’ll be damned,” she said at last, remembering the ice she had in the pitcher. “I didn’t think she had it in her.” Tanya giggled aloud at her choice of words. “Well, she’ll have it in her pretty soon, that’s for sure.”

“Where were you?” Cal said, looking sleepily at Tanya as she dropped ice in two glasses and tipped the bottle of Scotch.

“Just being nosy,” she smiled. “I’m a peeping Tom in my spare time. Or didn’t you know?”

“I just know you’re got the most educated mouth I’ve ever felt.”

“And you’ve got the biggest cock.” She sat on the bed and stared at the half-hard monument to Cal’s masculinity. Her look made it flush dark at the tip. Though the foreskin now covered most of the crown, she could see a little glossy patch peeking out. She sipped her Scotch and then reached a hand out to pet the magnificent piece of meat.

“If I had you, I’d sleep with that thing against me every night.”

“I wish Beth felt the same way.” Cal swigged his drink. “Oh hell, I was the one who didn’t want to bring her up tonight.”

“Maybe you will have her someday.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Tanya shrugged. “I don’t know. Just a feeling.”

She finished her Scotch and leaned her head down so she was close to Cal’s big prick. She kissed it gently on the underside and then stroked it until the foreskin slipped back to expose even more of his tumid glans.

“I know what you want,” Cal said, touching her blonde hair like it was spun gold.

“Yep. You’re probably right too.”

“Do you think we can? Lots of women can’t take me at all. Some can take a little. Then they start bellowing.”

“Honey, Tanya is going to take every last inch of that beautiful prick. If it reached up my throat I’ll take it all. Not every woman gets an opportunity like this. You must have the biggest cock in Barton County.”

“You’re terrible, Tanya,” Cal laughed, pulling her face up so he could kiss her. Then he rolled her over on the bed and began to cover her belly with kisses. As his mouth slipped lower, Tanya began to give little squeals of delight.

“Uhh! Ohhhh yes darling! Ohhh Cal! Ohhhh Jesus, this is good!”

His mouth touched her dripping pubes and she threw her thighs apart to open her slit to him. Then he growled and wallowed his chin into the velvety folds. The smacking wet sound as he drove his tongue over her clit was enough to make her half crazy. Then he was lapping at her slowly slowly, teasingly. It was going to be good. Tanya ground her teeth together. It was really going to be good.


It was like a complete reawakening. Beth had never really let herself enjoy sucking cock before. But with Benji kind of shy about it and with her libido doing somersaults, she found that his cock was actually a lovely thing. Something that seemed right to suck on. She was licking it now, covering the hot shaft with her spit. Her fingers were still shaking as she gently rolled his balls around. She knew all about blow-jobs from doing it to Cal. But she wasn’t so afraid of her nephew’s smaller cock. It seemed more her size, something she could believe. Unlike that heavy chunk of uncircumcised meat that hung from her husband’s groin.

As soon as they’d come into the motel room, Benji had tried to push her down on the bed. But she didn’t want it that way. She’d made him lie down and then unbuttoned his fly slowly. She wanted to get used to him first. She wanted to quiet all the fears she still carded around with her. After all, his cock was bigger than Ronny’s. She had to go at this slowly or she might flip out.

“God Beth, what you’re doing with your tongue!”

She let the tip play around the underside of his cockhead. It was so spongy and hot. She could push in the membrane and watch the blood rush back when she let up.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” she announced, kissing his cockshaft loudly and getting up. “Something I picked up the other day. I didn’t know I’d be getting it for you.”

Before Benji could grab her and pull her back on the bed, Beth hurried to the bathroom with her overnight case. Before the minor she undressed and pulled the expensive gown over her head. It wasn’t just any gown. Its breast cups were held up by the narrowest of shoulder straps. They were small cups so that her small tits looked plumper, more luscious than usual. Her hardened nipples made the silk poke out in front. But that was only half of it. The waist of the gown was high under her tits, the hem reaching to her ankles. But from the V above her navel to the floor, the front was open. The slightest movement let the lacy edges part to expose her belly button, the sculptured bones of her pelvis, the glimpse of dark and dewy cunt-hair. Another swirl and a thigh might come into view. And Beth knew how nice her slender thighs were. She fluffed her dark hair and opened the bathroom door.

Benji sat naked on the edge of the bed. He rose as she drifted towards him, the front of the gown waving like a flag to give him teasing glimpses of her body from the tits down.

“God!” he said, his hand sliding down to grasp his rigid cock. “Goddamn!”

“Do you like it?”

“You look like some fairy princess.” He shook his head. “I guess when I used to read about Snow White and Cinderella and all that stuff, I used to wonder if this was what the handsome prince got at the end of the story.”

“This prince does,” Beth said, sliding her fingers to the nape of his neck. She was learning quickly how a girl could be sexy. She knew that a man liked a woman to scratch her claws at certain places on his body. But she’d always held so much back. She hadn’t wanted to get pregnant that first time from Cal. It’d all happened too fast for her to adjust to. But she was adjusting fine to Benji.

“Aunt Beth, I’m crazy about you.”

“And your cousin too?”

“How’d you know?”

“What about Tanya? Have you had an affair with her, too?” Benji looked down. “I didn’t want to start anything,” she went on. “I just want this to be perfect. Here. Tonight.”

He pulled her against him. He was still sitting on the bed and she was standing. He parted the front of the blue gown and kissed her flat belly. She knew she had a body that many teenagers would give an eye for. And as her nephew explored her flesh with hungry fingers, she moaned and pushed herself closer to him. He had the gown opened back now so he could get his hands around her ass. He felt each cheek as if it were the most lovely shaped thing in the world. Then he teased a thumb over her asshole and slipped further. He fingered her slit gently and the pubes parted to let out a rush of hot butter. The sound of it being rubbed around the edges of her cleft made her shiver. She bent to kiss her nephew’s face and mouth as he explored her pussy with both hands now. She was in heaven!

“God, you’re so wet!”

“I want everything to be good for you,” she said, knowing that she was selfish enough to want the same for herself. She crawled onto the bed and lay down. The gown parted a little to expose part of one leg and glimpse of her dark cunt hair. But instead of crawling up onto her like she thought he would do, Beth came at her upside down.

She found herself looking up at his swinging balls as he got his knees on either side of her face. His head was down close to her pussy and then he bent to kiss the furred triangle. She wiggled her hips and let him force her thighs apart. She still didn’t know what he wanted until she saw that his cock was getting closer. He lowered his balls down until they dropped against her lips. She opened her mouth with a groan and sucked the twin eggs between her teeth.

A shiver went through her young nephew’s body and he got his fingers on either side of her mound. Slowly he pulled the feverish swells apart. Beth felt her velvet membranes exposed. She could feel the musky heat rising up from them. Then Benji was softly kissing each fold. His pursed lips were quickly covered with her juices. He slid along the whole length of her crevice, rubbing with his chin and nose. Toying with her clit with his bottom lip. All the while Beth suckled excitedly on his balls.

“Uhhhh,” she moaned through her nose.

“Beth! Oh Beth!”

Benji was eating his way deeper now. The sides of his cheeks were glossy with her buttery mess. Bet found herself stretching her legs as wide apart as they could go. She wanted to expose everything to the hungry boy. He seemed to love eating her! She never knew that a man would be so excited about that part of a woman’s body. It seemed such a slick, sloppy place. But Benji was wallowing his face against her and making animal sounds deep in his throat. Then she felt the stab of his tongue and she cried out and plowed her ass around wildly on the mattress. She pulled away from his balls.

“Ohhh! Benji! You’re fucking me with your tongue!”


“God! Ohhhh God, I’ve never felt anything like that!”

“Mmmmmm yeah, baby!” He had her ass with both hands as he lifted her gently to penetrate her pussy again and again. He could really get it deep too! She gasped as the muscles guarding her opening tightened around him. It was as if her body longed to capture that licking, teasing thing and keep it forever.

“Benji! Yesssss!” She humped her ass wildly now, and caught at her nephew’s cock with both hands. It took her a little doing to get her mouth at the right angle. But then she had the head of it between her teeth. Her tongue flicked excitedly along the sensitive membrane that was so packed with blood. It was sensitive when it was so taut, she knew that from her experience with Cal.

“Yuuummmmmmm,” she sighed, taking his shaft deeper. It dug against the roof of her mouth and she tightened her jaws down to hold it there while she ravished the bumps and hollows with powerful licks.

“What’ll it feel like to have you fucking me?” she whimpered. “I don’t think I can wait any longer…”

Benji quit eating her pussy and turned on the bed. He lowered his body down and eased a shoulder strap down so that he could un-cup one of her breasts. When his lips fit around the orb, Beth felt like it was happening for the first time in her life. She felt like a teenager falling in love. She felt hot tingles all over her body. Benji’s tongue petted her nipple with agonizing slowness. Then when she arched her back to press herself up to him, he sucked more of her breast between his teeth. As he feasted gingerly on her, Beth rubbed her pussy up and down against the thigh that stretched between both of hers.

“Fuck… I want to fuck you!”

“I want to fuck you too Aunt Beth!”

“Ohhhh I’ve never been so excited.” Her eyes flashed with barely suppressed wickedness. “And I love it that you’re my nephew!”

“Wow! Ohhh wow!” Benji sighed, touching his cock. Beth felt him getting into position to do it to her. A shiver of fear made her cry out.

“Let me be on top this first time,” she begged. “I… I think I’d like it better that way.”

Benji rolled over and held his cock up with one hand as she straddled him. The gown lay around them in long folds. Its silkiness touched her nephew’s thighs and belly. Only the point of conjunction of their bodies was exposed. A musky perfume filled the room as her juices continued to drip from her crevice and wetting the pounding hard prick that waited for her to descend.

Beth was on her knees, lowering her ass to that spear that Benji held up for her. When the outer lips of her pussy swathed the hot glans with butter, she gasped and moved her ass back and forth. She watched Benji’s face as her tissues petted him. The subtle friction made him bite his lip and lunge upwards from the bed. But she wasn’t quite ready yet.

She centered her clit over his crown and began to pump her bottom with vicious little jerks. The rubbing excitation soon caused her muscles to relax. She could feel her opening push outwards. Like it knew there was something out there that was stiff and hot and good. She kept rubbing her engorged clit against her nephew’s glans until her body was trembling for more.

“God, Beth, if you keep doing that I could come without even fucking you.”

“Oh, I don’t want that! I want you inside me when you shoot.”

Benji had both her shoulder straps off now and her small, firm tits dangled aver his face as she tried to center herself for the final joining of their bodies. Benji pushed up on his elbows so he could lick her nipples. Each hot stroke of his tongue sent Beth into trembling ecstasy. She’d never had so much attention given to her poor little titties. She’d never been very proud of them. But now they seemed as vital and feminine as any other part of her. She was so happy that a man could appreciate her like Benji was. He had a way of touching her, a way of rubbing against her.

“Nnnnhhuuuh!” she groaned, pushing his fingers away from his cock so she could, steady it. Her body eased back. She let his glans slide down her cleft to the place where her muscles were spasming in excited expectation. The smooth crown fit perfectly into the hollow that was the beginning of her pussy. She had him centered, had him at just the right angle. She arched her back then and threw her head back proudly. She bit her bottom lip and lowered her weight on that gorgeous chunk of manhood. Her pussy stretched and the muscles gave. The bulging head of Benji’s prick entered her body with a soft sound.

“Ohhhh God, it was easy!” she laughed, feeling the tingle in her breasts. Her hands fluttered around the place she’d been penetrated like nervous birds. She touched the slick edges of her hole and felt where his shaft disappeared. The whole head was being squeezed by her hot, slippery tube! She could even control how tight it was inside her. She concentrated then, squeezed down on him until Benji’s face went slack with passion.

“Fuck… ohhhhh fuck!”

“Good darling?”

“Ohhh, shit yes!”

“Like this?” she teased, twisting her hips so that she was sliding her dainty surfaces around his flared glans. There was another sound of sex as their bodies clung, slipped and rubbed together. Beth decided she wanted more of him. With her hands on her nephew’s chest she began to push back again.

“Aunt Beth, it’s really nice like this. I never got fucked on my back.”

“You darling, I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am.” She covered his face with kisses, then straightened her thin arms to support her as she rocked her slim hips from side to side and pushed back against the spear of meat that was slowly slipping into her pussy. She could feel her juice as it covered Benji’s cockshaft and, made dewy droplets in his tight pubic curls. The thing poked against the walls of her pussy now. When she changed the angle of her hips it did strange and exciting things. Beth realized that when a woman was penetrated like that she was under the man’s control. It was the way of nature. And it made her that much more excited to know how vulnerable she was.

Her clit was swollen out like another nipple. When she tilted her body in the right direction it was rubbed. Rubbed by the inward stretch of her own tissues. When her nephew was all the way in, she would be able to rub it against his body. She hurried to take it all.

“You’re so damned tight! You’re tighter than the first girl I ever fucked.”

“You’re so big!” she whispered back. He was more than halfway inside her now but Beth had begun to grow fearful. She might be overdoing it. What if he was too big? Would it injure her in some awful way. Benji decided it all for her.

“I can’t wait,” he groaned rolling her slim body under him. She was taken by surprise. He had her on her back now, legs thrown wide. She tried to wiggle free but he pinned her wrists to the bed and covered her neck and face with hungry kisses.

“Nooooo! Ohhh Benji, not so hard!”

“I want in! I want all the way in!” He ground his powerful hips up and into her. His cock ravaged the walls of her pussy. But there was really nothing to stop him but the tightness. Her buttery juices had lubricated them completely. Benji pulled back some and then rammed deep. His shaft forced her insides into a different position as the bulging glans went into the deepest part of her pussy. The muscles there spasmed close around him. Beth felt a dull ache. But stronger than the pain was a new sensation. A new pleasure that was building deep in her pussy.

“Ohhh fuck, it’s hard not to come!” Benji howled, digging his fingers into her ass cheeks. The sensation of being clutched so furiously sent Beth off into shivering pleasure, her head thrown back now as she received another inch of her nephew’s hard cock. Every lunge jarred her upwards on the bed. He was taking what he wanted. He was stretching her body to fit him! She felt her fear being burned up by her passion now. She threw her thighs wide and wrapped her ankles behind his ass as he jabbed and speared.

“Ohhhh! Uhhhhh!”

“Beth. Goddamn!”

“It’s going in all the way,” she cried, her fingers finding the place again. She pushed back up with her body as he drove the last inch of his prick into her pussy. Then his balls bumped her ass and she felt her clit being ground down between his body and her own. The rubbing friction was ecstatic! She clutched his ass, pulling the cheeks apart. Benji made a sound in his throat and grabbed her face between his hands. Then his tongue was deep in her mouth and she bit down on it, teased it with licks of her own.

“Mmmmmnnnnuuuhh!” she moaned through her nostrils. Benji kept fucking her. He was all the way in and still his glans seemed to be reaching deeper. She rocked her hips, made slow circles on the bed as he slipped in and out, in and out, in and out.

“Let me on top again,” she cried, holding his strong boy body against her. Benji rolled the two of them over and she felt a new surge of excitement. He opened his thighs so she could close hers between them. Then she rocked her hips like before. Only now the touch of their bodies so deep and hot was even better! She could feel that big hard thing inside her when she moved. And as Benji stretched his legs even wider it was kind of like she was the boy fucking him! She pinned his wrists down like he’d done to her. Then she kissed his mouth with rough urgency. It was glorious!

“I’ve got you,” she said, biting his chin, pumping her slender ass up and down like she would never let him up until she felt like it.

“Ghhhaaa,” he moaned, squirming under her tempestuous loving. He crossed his ankles behind her legs now as she skewered herself again on his prick. Her pussy was super tight, super hot, super slick. She could feel everything his glans was doing to her. And not once had she sensed that he was at the end of her vagina. She could take a cock as big as Benji’s with not too much trouble. She clutched her pussy muscles tight, gasping at the streamlined shape of him so deep in the slickness of her pussy! Her toes were pointed out gracefully as she kept rolling her ass, kept pumping down against him.

Benji’s head was flopping around and his breathing had gotten strange. He was panting, sighing with lust. His struggling movements seemed to tell her that he was about to come. He lunged upwards now as she drove down on him. Her dripping pussy was tingling and her clit felt like it might explode every time she rubbed it against the base of his cockshaft. Then it was happening so fast!

“Ohhhh honey. Ohhhh God help me!”

“Yeah, Beth. Yahhhhh!”

“Ohh do it faster!”


Their mouths clung wetly as Beth tried to move her ass as fast as she possibly could. The tingling itch had turned into a maddening glow that was enveloping her completely. She felt as if they were floating up from the bed. Their legs tangled and Benji rolled them over onto their sides. She held him with both arms as he rammed and squirmed. Their hips bumped together as they tried frantically to scratch that unbelievable itch that was burning between them. The slick, sucky sound of their fucking was wonderful! And Beth saw colored light against her closed eyelids as her clit throbbed with that special pleasure that came just before the end.

Beth screamed. Her heels flailed the air. Benji had her on her back again and was plowing up into her pussy as his cocktip swelled as big as it ever got. She could feel the swelling, knew that he was about to spurt his cum deep into her body. She dug her nails into his back and held on as he took her up the final few seconds and then trembled as his balls unloaded. She could feel his spurting! She was sure of it. And her pussy convulsed down as if to milk him of every drop.

“Give!” she growled. “Give it all to me!”

He pumped feverishly, kissing her breasts and stroking the slim outlines of her body. Beth was screaming again. The pleasure she was feeling transcended all pleasure. It was like dying and being reborn. She found herself crying at last. She had finished, she had come. Benji still wiggled and rubbed his stiff cock in and out of her ravished pussy but she could tell he was through too. The sharp aroma of jizz wafted to her nostrils and Beth smiled.

“It was wonderful! Ohhhh Benji, it was grand!”


Cal sat on the edge of his bed, his cock jutting up like nothing Tanya had ever seen in her life. She was stripped down to nothing again and her braided blonde hair dangled over her shoulders as she cupped her breasts up to her cousin’s mouth. He licked each full swell with careful affection, not missing any of the firm white flesh. Then he sucked gently on her nipples, giving each one an equal amount of attention. The quivery feeling of want shot down through her belly and centered between her blonde-fringed pubes. She was standing before him now, ready and eager to try to take his lovely prick into her body. His knees were sticking out from the bed and she straddled them and moved forward until her pussy brushed his chest.

“You lovely cunt,” Cal whispered, tracing her curvy body with both hands. He touched her slender waist and let his palms glide over her full, womanly hips, down her thighs.

“All I have to do is sit down on it,” she breathed. She slipped one hand down between her thighs, the other around behind her. It felt even bigger than it looked. She sighed, rubbing the foreskin and then easing it back from the feverish crown of Cal’s glans. Her knees bent almost without her thinking about it. As she nestled her stretched slit down against that tip of firm male flesh, she wiggled a little to let it fit up into the beginning of her pussy. There was a wet sound as her folds clasped it. The head was tight! Very tight! She closed her eyes and moved slower.

Cal grabbed her wrists and wrapped something around them.

“What are you doing?”

“Tying you up,” he laughed. But there was something in his laugh that said he wasn’t just fooling around. She saw that he’d used his belt to bind her wrists together. She jerked but couldn’t get free. Arms tied behind her back she found that her excitement was increased instead of diminished. But then Cal pulled his cock out of her.

With a laugh, he flipped her over onto the bed. She writhed there, hands bound under her back as he pushed her legs up. Tanya had never realized how it felt to be really helpless. A shiver of excitement made her flop her head to one side. Blonde hair spilled over her face as her cousin, her sister’s husband, forced her to bend her knees. He pushed her thighs up against her belly. Holding them like that he lowered his mouth to the blossomed folds of her pussy. There was a wet smack as he began to rub his chin and lips against her dripping slit.

“Whhuuuuuhhh,” she moaned, plunging her ass in circles on the bed.

“Mmmm, baby, you taste like heaven.”

“Ohhhh… fuck me Cal!”

“How bad do you want it?”


“It’s pretty big. Do you think you could take it?”

“Ohhhh, I want it even if it kills me!”

Cal laughed and licked her clit until Tanya thought she might lose her mind. He would caress the throbbing little nubbin with his lips until she was jerking her hips in the instinctive motions of fucking. Then he’d graze the tip of the dripping morsel with his tongue. Flicking and roughing the sensitive surface, he worked her into a frenzy. She wasn’t even making words now. Just grunting and gasping like a hungry animal wanting to rut. The tight warp of his belt around her wrists was driving her up the wall. She couldn’t get her hands loose to grab at him. He could lease her unmercifully. And he loved it!

“Maybe you’d better try my tongue first.”

“Noooo, give me your cock!”

“You can’t take ten inches. You’re not a big enough girl.”

“I can do it Cal! Ohhhh give me a chance! Put that beautiful thing in me now!”

But Cal wasn’t through licking her pussy. He seemed to be devouring her, devouring every fold and hollow. She didn’t realize that there were so many sensitive spots on her body. But Cal was discovering all of them. Cal even got his head sideways so he could work the swollen outer lips back completely from the tumid layers of cuntflesh. Her steamy juices bathed her surfaces with lubrication as her cousin used the flat of his tongue to caress her. She flopped sideways, tried to kick her legs straight. But Cal twisted her onto her back again and put his shoulders under her thighs as he began to lick his way up her belly.

“Whhhuuuh!” she sighed as Cal cradled one big tit between his hands and pressed in so that the nipple was forced up towards his lips. He sucked it into his mouth with a loud noise and his tongue went crazy across the sensitive nub of her nipple. Again Tanya was jerking at the belt that held her wrists behind her back. But just the strain of trying to get loose made her tingle and cry out with desire. She had to submit. That was what Cal was doing. He was going to take her on his terms. And she was too hungry for him to think straight. The only thing that frightened her was his cock. Was she really big enough inside to surround that monster?

Cal was kissing her mouth now! She cried and opened her lips and he hugged her body up from the bed. He was on his knees between her thighs. She pumped her bottom, wanting the inevitable. Gently, almost as gently as she might touch herself, Cal pressed the engorged head of his prick against her outer surfaces. The juicy velvet smeared his glans. Tanya thought it felt like the two slickest surfaces in the world touching, rubbing.


“Baby, you’re burning up.”

“Yessss! Ohhh Cal, I want you so bad that I’m ashamed. If my sister ever found…”

“Will this make you forget about worrying?” He rubbed the underside of his glans against her clit. The bump throbbed harder, rose again from its hiding place. Tanya pushed her ass up at a sharp angle. Her back was humped down into the bed so she could offer as much of her crevice to her lover as possible.

Cal was intent on exciting her with the tip of his cock now. He watched down her heaving belly as he grasped his thick shaft and moved it up and down. Her clit was rubbed and crushed down under the feverish hot glans. When he stopped and lifted the heavy prick thing up for her to see she shuddered and licked her lips.

Cal’s cockhead was a dark blue, glossy with the juices of her body. The foreskin was pulled back behind the ridged part to form a thick collar of flesh. With Cal so excited, so rigid, he looked even bigger than before. She gave a little whimper and squirmed on the bed in ecstatic fright.

“I’m gonna fuck that little cunt of yours!”

“Ohhhh God!”

“I’m gonna bury my prick up inside all your belly, Tanya! Goddamn, it’s gonna be hot and tight and…”

“Ohhh yesssss! Darling! Do it!”

Scared as she was, she urged him, begged him to take her.

Cal leaned forward, his weight on his hands. He brushed her tumid folds open and got the head of his cock against the muscled opening of her pussy. Then he licked her nipples each in turn as he pressed his hips forward.

The first thing Tanya felt was the pressure. It was much more than it would’ve been with any normal man. When she fucked a guy who was not so big, she could make her opening tighter to make it feel better for him. But now she was only hoping that her pussy was as relaxed as possible. Cal felt tight and he wasn’t even inside yet!


“Easy baby, just hold still!”

“Can’t. Can’t hold still!”

“Christ, your cunt is so slick. It’s beautiful.”


“Going in baby, it’s going in!”

Tanya rocked her hips sharply to one side. “Uhhhh, God it’s hurting me a little!”

“Hold on Tanya. Just hold on!”


“Can’t you feel it! Now?”

“Christ in heaven!” She was bucking, writhing in panic as the blood-packed head forced its way through her muscles. She felt the ridged part of her cousin’s cock slip inside her. Her tightened hole closed down on him. Now she felt the power, felt the excitement that Cal had been feeling.

“I’ve got you! I’ve got you good, baby!”

Cal didn’t have to hold her legs back anymore. She kept her thighs pressed against her belly, feet kicking the air excitedly as he kissed her mouth. She would have grabbed him tight if her hands hadn’t been tied and in her excitement she wiggled one hand out. With a laugh she flung his belt across the room and dug her long nails into his ass muscles. He lurched forward with surprise.

“Uhhhhh!” she shuddered, feeling his thick shaft sliding past her delicate surfaces. That thing was gouging out its own room in her body! She pumped her hips carefully, not wanting to get too wild. She still felt as if moving at just the wrong angle might bring pain. But so far there was only a pleasant ache. An ache of being slowly filled by the biggest prick in her experience.

“Ohhh Tanya, I wish I was married to you.”

“This is just as good,” she babbled caressing his back, letting her fingers trace his muscles. Then she found his cock, closed her palms around both balls. He gave a sound of pleasure in his throat and gave her three more inches.

“You’ve got more than half now,” he whispered. They kissed again, rubbing their mouth together like they were fucking with their tongues.

“Take it out of me,” she begged. “I want to see it, kiss it.”

Cal eased his cock back. He did it so slowly that Tanya could feel her pink folds close in like the petals of some strange flesh flower around the bulging glans of her cousin’s cock. He pulled away completely and straddled her chest. She gazed up with dazed excitement at the heavy, throbbing thing. Then her hands fluttered up and she caressed and held the rigid shaft.

“Mmmmmm,” she cooed, placing her lips over the crown, licking off her juices, replacing them with hot spit. Cal watched her lovingly. He petted her hair, touched her pert, rounded features. From between her legs a musky aroma rose tip.

“I’d better put it back in,” Cal sighed. He lowered his body so that his cock dragged down her chin, down across her neck and one breast. As the glossy head smeared spit and juice across one of her nipples, Tanya turned her head to one side and growled hot words of lust.

“Fuck! Fuck me! Ohhhh I want it worse than I can ever tell you! Cal! Fuck me!”

Cal teased her navel with the meat of his glans. He pretended to be fucking her there. The softness of her tummy was pushed in by him as he pumped and caressed her buttocks at the same time. Then he let his purple tip sup down to where the sparse fringe of cunt hair began. He gave a gasp and Tanya knew that his crown had come into contact with her feverish, slickened pussy. He found the secret spot, lunged forward hard.

His wick went in with a squishy sound and she snapped her ass up and down furiously to get it deeper. He grabbed her slender waist now and buried his mouth in between her big tits. They were fucking with frantic excitement. The bed bounced under them. Tanya could feel it going in deeper.

“Uhh! Ohhh… shit!”


“Ohhhhh hold me! It’s so scary knowing that something as big as your prick is actually going inside my body! I’m just not that big, Cal!”

“But you’re all woman. You’re taking it. Even this last inch!”

“Darling! Will it go?” Tanya couldn’t keep still. She was writhing like a teenager getting her first finger fuck. Her heart pounded. Her breath came in broken gasps. Hey clit had bulged out from her body until it was rubbing Cal’s cockshaft as he tried to bury the last of his prick in her pussy. And then she felt their loins clasp wetly together. It was in! She had more than ten inches of hot, male cock! It was wonderful.

“I’m gonna die from excitement,” she whined. Her white, soft cheeks worked feverishly against the mattress. Every move, no matter how slight, let her feel the stiff shape of Cal’s cock inside. The knobbed head gouged against one side of her pussyhole and then the other. The juices smacked at where her slit was stretched around the base of his organ. She caressed him with her insides. His tongue went into her mouth and she felt like she was getting fucked both ways at the same time. Even her asshole tingled. She was a shivering mass of girl-flesh. She was drowning in pleasure!

“You’re the first woman I’ve ever gotten all the way into!”

“Ohhhh it’s glorious!”

“Baby… baby, it’s tight too. I can’t hold very long!”

Cal rolled onto his back and pulled her on top. Tanya was really free to move now. She arched her back so sharply that her ass poked up high. Ramming down again, she skewered herself and her juices spilled out the edges of her pussy. She did this again, slowly, tantalizingly. Each time she pressed her pussy down over Cal’s cock again, he grunted and his eyes got a glazed, distant look.

“Like that?”

“Ohhh Jesus Christ!”

“Mmmmm, me too!”

She pulled her dripping crevice almost all the way off of him. Then with just the tip touching her smooth flesh, she fucked downward, stabbing her loins full of hot cock. Cal’s big body shuddered. She had to wriggle hard to get the last inch to fit against her womb. Holding him like that she tried to do something special.

By sucking in her belly, as hard as she could, the surfaces that clasped Cal’s cocktip tightened. He was pulled into her deepest pocket, into the softest place that existed in the universe. Using all her concentration she used her stomach muscles to keep the excitation going. The slippery heat that sucked at him now was taking him up quickly to a new plateau of pleasure. Tanya bit her bottom lip and watched the expression change on his face. She was working her trembling ass in slow circles, sucking in her belly until her ribs jutted out sharply.

Cal’s mouth opened as if he might call out to her. But only a strangled gasp emerged. Then he gave a violent buck with his hips and Tanya knew that the hot cream was shooting up the little tube inside his cock.


“Come inside me, darling! Come and come and come!”

She let her eyes close and then she was coming too. A sharp jolt of pleasure made her bite Cal’s shoulder. Another made her drool like a child against his chest. She couldn’t do it slow anymore. She had to fuck like a nymphomaniac.

“You blonde cunt!” he growled rolling her over again. The crushing weight of his body drove the air from her lungs in a sigh. She felt his ramming movement, felt his cock shove almost into the mouth of her womb as the spurting seed leaped from the tip of his glans. They ground theft bodies together, biting and licking each other.

Tanya kicked her legs high pawing the air. Between her thighs the muscular body of her cousin rolled and plunged. His ass was hard as granite as he penetrated her pussy over and over and over. Then the boiling cream was spurting out around the edges of her folds. She could feel the slimy dribbles on her ass. The bed was wet with a dark, sticky puddle. And still Cal went on fucking!

Just before she felt the last trembling spasm of pleasure, Tanya thought of her sister Beth. In the same motel and maybe even coming at the same time. With her handsome young nephew locked between her thighs.

“I told you not to move!” Beth ordered. Cal swallowed, lowered his eyes. He was on his back. His wrists were tied to the bedposts. Beth had thought of tying his ankles too but decided against it at the last minute.

Since Benji had gone back to his parents, and Tanya had found an apartment other own, Beth had begun to concentrate on her own husband. She’d moved back into his bedroom and bed. And every night she’d insisted on the little ritual she was in the midst of at the moment.

“It’ll take a while,” she whispered, kissing his face lovingly. “But after a few more weeks. It’ll fit me all the way.” Using her slim hips, she pumped down against the rigid head of Cal’s prick. She’d carefully smeared it with margarine and applied a liberal amount to her own pussy. As if she needed any additional lubrication. Her pubes were swelled with blood and her tissues dripping with juice. The last time she’d been able to fit his glans up inside her. This time she wanted more.

“Beth… Beth… you’re driving me crazy with this idea of yours.”

“But it is working, darling! Don’t you see?”

“I want to roll you over and really fuck you good,” he babbled, jerking at the leather thongs that held him.

“That’s exactly why you’re all tied up. So I won’t be afraid.” Her small tits felt hard with excitement. She rubbed the big nipples against her husband’s chest and watched his face. He looked like he was being tortured all right. But there was obvious enjoyment in his expression too.

“You like it, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Damn it.”

“You always did like my skinny body.”

“I like any woman’s body.”

“Just think how good it’ll be when your cock is all the way in.”

She pushed again and this time the head made a sucking noise as it disappeared. Her folds had closed behind it, spreading hot juice across its sensitive surface. She felt Cal tighten his sphincter and felt the head grow inside her at the same time.

She had about six inches now, maybe almost seven. Her pussy was aching… She decided that was enough for a while.

“I’ll untie you now if you’ll be good.”

“Ohhhh God, Beth, this is pure torture. A guy wants to come [missing text].”

“But then your cock would shrink and I wouldn’t be getting stretched at all.”

“You expect me to sleep all night with that thing stuck into your hot little cunt?”

“You did it last night,” she teased, poking him in the ribs.

“I wasn’t erect all night was I?”

“No. And that made it even better. When I felt you get softer, I was able to wiggle down again and get even more cock in me.” She licked her lips, remembering. “By morning you were dreaming pretty good and when your cock grew rigid again, it really gave me a terrific stretching.”

“Honey, I’m not getting enough sleep. I couldn’t even do any work yesterday.”

“This is more important now. I want you to be able to fuck me.”

“Like you fucked your nephew, Benji.” Cal pulled her mouth down. His kiss told her he forgave everything. They’d hashed it all out, had their confessions and decided to give marriage a try again.

“Now quit your griping,” Beth scolded. “You know you love this teasing.”

“Ahhhh, baby!”

She undid his hands and rested her face on his chest. Inside her she could feel the thumping of his hard-on. When he dozed off and his cock lost some of its rigidity she would wiggle down on it some more. Then later she’d softly kiss his nipples and pet his balls until that huge thing hardened inside her it hurt, but it hurt nice. It was even nicer when Cal had a wet dream. Then she knew that she was going to have him for her very own again.

“Sweet dreams, darling.”

“Yeah baby. Yeah.” He kissed her mouth and Beth knew he was falling in love with her again. Her hot, tight pussy tightened around his prick, waiting for the time it could devour more of the tumid meat. And Beth knew that inch by inch she was becoming a real woman. Cal was almost dozing off when she put her lips close to his ear to whisper.

“Good night, sweet cousin.” It was great what a little incest could do for a marriage.

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