The college had originally been built between a leafy wood and an open
plain; a sizable stream ran practically past its door. The first students
used to paddle in those crystal waters, giggling as tiny fish brushed
against their ankles.

Now the college is jammed between a Cantonese restaurant and a used car
dealership; such is the price of progress.

On the other hand, until 15 years ago the college didn’t have a Culinary
Arts department.

The Star Student squirted the whipped cream and looked into the approving
eyes of his tutor. Ms McConnelly, with that sparkle on her smooth face
and soft hair that, contrary to every hygene regulation in the book,
reached half-way down her back. She was hotter than a day in August.

Crying shame she was a lesbian.

And when finally Ms McConnelly smiled, nodded and moved on to look at the
efforts of the next student, Leon let out the breath he had barely noticed
holding. What he wouldn’t give… what he wouldn’t give. Even watching
her chastise Keilly over the way she had arranged her croutons made him
feel… frisky.

Frisky indeed.

Get down little man, he thought. You’ll have your fun later.

Mild mannered cookery student by day, at night Leon McHelter became The
Hunter! Blue suit, white shirt, blue tie; he was so hot the pavement
melted beneath his feet. No woman could resist him. He patted his little
man and dived into MacDonalds.

Women. Well, females anyway; fifteen-going-on-eighteen years old and
clustered around one of the clunky cream tables. Seven of them. They
hadn’t ordered yet. Perfect.

Pick one, little man. Any one. Good choice.

His prey was brunette; curls cascading down her neck and around her ears.
Talking with her friends, laughing, showing a full set of gleaming white
teeth. Not fat but not anorexic either.


The Hunter moved in.

“Say, I am really sorry about that.” called Leon, pulling his largest
saucepan out of it’s cupboard.

Linda’s – what an awful name for such a gorgeous girl – voice drifted in
from his living room: “Don’t worry; I’m sure your food will be much better
than fries and burgers at MacDonald’s anyway.”

“I really didn’t think the waitress would take offence like that.” he
called, mentally reminding himself to pay the waitress her usual fee first
thing in the morning.

“Well I just can’t think why my friends took her side; I mean, what a
bunch of slappers eh?”

“Don’t be so hard on them, they were probably worried they’d get thrown
out as well. That security guard did look pretty fearsome.” The guard;
he must remember to pay the guard as well. He could still feel the
bruises from that one time he’d forgotten.

Linda poked her head around the door. “Let’s not talk about that any
more.” She took in the gleaming worksurfaces, the state-of-the-art hob,
Leon pulling a large number of spice bottles out of a cupboard. “Wow,
what a kitchen; it looks like something off the Starship Enterprise!”

Leon smiled and shooed her out. “Now now, a master chef cannot work while
being watched. You go and make yourself comfortable, I won’t be long.”

He opened the fridge and gawped. Not much Meat left. Enough; probably
just enough. But he’d have to get some more.

“Ooh, that was yummy!” yummed Linda, pushing her plate to one side. “I
couldn’t eat another bite, but it was so yummy, what was it?”

Leon smiled; he’d already finished eating. And it was delicious. “A very
rare delicacy; the Meat of the South Peruvian Swan-Billed Platypus.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever tasted such a yummy dinner.” said Linda, getting
up and laying her hand on Leon’s. “I can’t thank you enough with my
mouth – at least, not with *words*. But I really think I should give you
something in return for this meal.”

Leon grinned ear-to-ear. It had worked again. “Why don’t we go through
here and discuss terms?” he said, taking Linda by the arm and leading her
through his bedroom door.

Linda raised her bottom off the bed as Leon yanked her panties off her
legs. Then he returned his hands to her crotch, feeling, kneading; but
this time working on furry genitals not slippery-wet panties. He plunged
a finger into her engorged opening, feeling her shift and moan as he
wiggled it in and out. Another finger; another moan. Her hips moving ten
to the dozen. Up and down, round and round, his fingers thrusting in and
out. A third finger. She was panting hard, moaning hard, legs spread
wide as could be to increase his access.

He saw her clitoris poking from between her labia and descended upon it;
sucking between his lips, drumming on it with his tongue. Vaginal muscles
tensed around his fingers, gasps escaped her lips amoung the moans. Just
a little orgasm to start with.

No mercy.

He pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his tongue, plunging it
deep into her slick innards, waggling and wiggling, licking up and down
the length of her slit. Fingers working at her clitoris. He could hear,
feel, smell her getting higher. Higher. Closer, closer, closer to
something special. Really special. One of the best of her life.

Probably *the* best.

He removed his hands and sucked her little love button in between his
lips, striking it roughly with his tongue. At the same time he reached up
with his arms, pinching her nipples through the rough fabric of her
blouse. She squealed in joy, throwing her head back, muscles all over her
body spasming uncontrollably.

And while she was climaxing, Leon flicked the penknife out of his sleeve,
expertly opened the blade, and plunged it into her jugular vein.

He couldn’t believe it. Just couldn’t believe it. Finally, she was here,
in his flat, sitting at his table.

Ms McConnelly. Looking more beautiful than ever.

Okay, Leon reminded himself. It was only because the security guard had
broken his leg so badly he couldn’t walk down the stairs from his flat.
(He slapped his head – He really *must* remember to pay him next time!)
She was only here to mark his dessert assignment.

But it was a start.

And, of course, you couldn’t have a dessert without first eating a main

Leon set the saucepan on the stove and opened his freezer. He smiled.

He had plenty of Meat. More than enough.