My teen stepsister

I sat on my living room couch watching the television. I think it was
a natural history programme on but i’m not sure, I was paying more
attention to my sister Alison.

She was lying face down on a rug in front of the fire looking at
the t.v. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she’s the sexiest fourteen
year old ever. Knowing she was too lost in the t.v. programme to
notice me I examined her body. She was still wearing her school
uniform and she looked good in it. Her white blouse was very thin and
I could make out her bra underneath it. She was wearing a tight grey
skirt that she must have had since she started high school cause it
was definatly way too small. Her blond hair was up in a pony tail that
revealed a very kissable neck.

I watched the light from the open fire play across her long
tanned legs and felt my prick starting to rise.

Becoming uncomfortable from the heat of the fire my sister slid
over a short distance and as she did so her skirt rode up her thighs
revealing a half inch of white panty covered bottom.

I stared for a few minutes before Alison stood up and turned to
face me. “I’m tired, room on the couch for two?” she said, throwing
her arms wide in a yawn that made her tits strain against the thin
fabric of her blouse.

“I could have a nap if you’ll let me use your leg as a pillow”
she said, smiling lazily as she sat down beside me stretched out,
resting her head on my leg. I reaced my hand out and gently stroked
her hair. “That’s real nice” she said softly already drifting into

I could tell, five minutes later, as her breathing relaxed that
she was finally asleep. As I watched her face only twelve inches from
my groin, I let my hand go to my crotch to rest on my hard on.

Jesus Christ! What was I doing? For the last half hour I’d been
getting turned on by my own sister. My kid sister, she was five years
younger than me for fuck sake. Everything she’d done was in complete
innocence and it was only my sick prverted mind that was making
something out of it. She had always hero worshipped me and now I was
letting her down.

Even as I thought this I was loooking at her breasts rising and
falling with each breath. I didn’t care anymore I just needed to do
something about the erection I had. I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and
took my thick, hard cock in my hand. As my eyes moed over the length
of the sleeping girls body I jerked myself with long hard strokes.

What would happen if I touched her now? Would she awaken? I was
far too gone too care so I reached out my hand and placed it on one of
her tits. I watched her pretty face as I gently squeezed her breast.
As I ran my hand over the nipple she gave a small sigh and shifted her
position to part her legs. It was too much for me. I got a
handkerchief out of my pocket in time and shot thick wads of creamy
cum into it. I put my dick away but before I got up I had to do one
thing. With my index finger I scooped a glob of cum of the hankie and
put it to my sisters slighty parted lips.

I put my hand on Alisons shoulder and gave her a gentle shake.
“Sorry sleepy head, but I have to get up now”

“O.k.” she said sleepily and as I got up I watched her lick my cum
off her lips and wondered if she’d realize what it was.

It was nearly a month later when I stood at the front door
saying goodbye to my parents who were going away for the weekend.
“Look after you’re sister Alison while we’re away” my mother said,
kissing my cheek. “We’re putting our trust in you”

Christ, I thought , as I watched my parents drive away, I couldn’t
trust myself with the girl.

I sat in the living room that night waiting for Alison to go out
so I could have a few drinks and watch some porn on the video.

Alison was going out that night with her boyfriend Joel. She’d
been seeing him for two weeks now and they were inseperable.

I was just thinking how much I hated Joel when I heard a voice.
“Well how do I look?” It was Alison. “You look terrific” I said, and
it was the truth. She was wearing knee high black leather boots and a
really short black skirt with a tight white top. I’d never seen her
wear anything like this before, she looked like a slut. If dad had
been home he wouldn’t have let her out the door.

She turned a few times, showing off, and was gone leaving me with
a few porn videos that didn’t seem as good now i’d seen what was on
offer in my own home.

An hour later I had started into a bottle of Jack Daniels and was
watching a bimbo stripping on the t.v. screen when I heard the front
door open. I quickly turned the video off just as Alison walked in.

“Alison, what are you doing home early?” She ran over to where I
was sitting on the couch and threw her arms around me before bursting
into tears.

“I had a fall out with Joel”

She didn’t want to talk about it so I offered her a whiskey and
watched her tear stained face wince as she took her first drink.It
didn’t take long before the whiskey started to take effect and Joel
was forgotten about. Alison curled up close on the couch beside me and
soon we were laughing and joking.

“What were you watching when I came in” she said giggling.

“Oh nothing”

“Come on, I saw you, It’s o.k. I won’t tell”

“I don’t know you’re only a kid” I said not wanting to make a
hard situation any harder by putting on a porno.

“I’m no kid, I’m a woman”

As I looked over her body in that sexy outfit I had to agree. I hit
the play button and the bimbo fickered onto the screen again.

As we watched the t.v. babe Alison pressed herself closer to me
and I felt her breasts pushing against me as she whispered into my
ear, ” Am I as sexy as her”.

“Much more” I said

“Would you like me to strip for you”

I nodded yes. Suddenly she burst out laughing “My big brother
lusts after me. That’s one for the problem pages in my teen mags”

“I’m going to bed” she giggled, kissing me on my cheek.

I watched her stagger drunkenly out of the room. How could she
have done that? I felt humiliated. I opened up another bottle of
whiskey and took a long drink as the rage built up inside me. I had to
have her.

I made my way up to her room. She was lying on top of the bed
covers in just a white night gown. She seemed to be sleeping deeply
because of the alcahol so, using a pair of her pantyhose which were
lying on the floor, I tied her hands behind her back. I stripped off
and stood with my cock in my hand masturbating over her sleeping form.
No, this wasn’t right. I wanted her to see it all.

I slapped her hard across the face with the back of my hand to
wake her up and pulled her nightie up over her breasts. Christ she was

She started screaming as I forced myself into he tight cunt and
mauled her tits. Looking down onto her frightened face put me off so I
turned her onto her stomach and put my cock up her ass.

“No, please, it hurts!” she screamed.

“That’s not pain” I said, turning her onto her back so I could
punch her face. I took her blond hair in my hand and forced her mouth
down onto my hard cock just as I came.

I lay down beside her and watched the blood and cum run from
her bruised mouth.

“Do you remember that taste little sister”

“Yes” she said softly, leaning over to french kiss me.