No Longer Virgin

Teenagers who leave home, for whatever reasons, often face problems and dangers their experience has not yet taught them to deal with. The dangers include the likes of crime, drugs, even physical harm and problems are manifest in situations which are too complex, too involved for a youthful mind to comprehend and resolve.

At eighteen years old, Wendy Winkler runs away from her Midwestern home, her eyes set on Los Angeles and the hope and promise it could bring in resolving a traumatic high school experience. A normal teenaged girl, she finds herself escaping from her childhood while on the verge of becoming a woman in every sense of the word. The first steps are awkward, trying, and she is plunged into depraved, perverse, sometimes shameful center stage.

NO LONGER VIRGIN — the story of a girl who learns individual responsibility, who learns the necessity of developing her own moral code rather than blindly accepting that of the community. A lesson we would all do well to learn.


Wendy Winkler was nine years old when she climbed up on the back of the overstuffed couch in the basement playroom, balanced, one leg on each side as if astride a horse, and bumped across the coarse fabric. She wore only light cotton panties under her dress and was immediately arrested by the delightful sensation received from her action. She did it again, was rewarded with the same delicious twinge. She did it yet again. And again.

As sliding any distance at all proved awkward, Wendy soon discovered that by leaning forward, supporting herself with her hands, arms straight, elbows locked, and moving slowly back and forth, she could effect the same pleasurable tug. She was totally enchanted by it.

She pulled her feet up, crossed them behind her, frog-like, heels touching her small bottom, the smooth muscles in the backs of her legs tensed. She began rocking. The first steady, precise thrusts of her narrow hips gradually took on a mysterious urgency, quickened, until finally, her heart pounding in hex ears, her skinny arms and legs trembling uncontrollably, her tight, straining buttocks pumping feverishly, she gasped aloud at the flame suddenly licking through her insides, shuddered, surprised, as it consumed whole the delicate tissue between her damp thighs.

She immediately ran to tell her best girl friend.

Now, at the age of eighteen, Wendy Winkler was tallish, slim-hipped, and the possessor of huge, inquisitive brown eyes, a tousled tangle of tawny blonde hair, and an impish, as equally often sensitive, or even secretive, smile. Her firm breasts, though not overly large, were exquisitely round, heavy, poised high and distinctly separate. They tilted upward slightly, pointed outward. To the chagrin of her parents, she never bothered wearing a bra.

Wendy had, by this time, discovered another use for that same overstuffed couch in the basement playroom. She lay sprawled on her back in semi-darkness, the gentle curve of her slender body pressed deep into the battered cushions, her small, denimed bottom wedged into the space formed between them. Alan Stokes, Wendy’s boy friend, her lover, her “steady” of two months, his muscular arms around her middle, the throbbing erection within the tight confines of his jeans poking obtrusively against her thigh, lingeringly explored the sugary warmth of her mouth with his tongue.

Wendy squirmed yet more tightly to him, sucked and bit at his lips eagerly, darted her pink tongue wetly against his own.

Alan pulled away slightly, murmured, “I love you, baby.” He brushed his lips lightly across her apple smooth cheek, gently chewed at her ear. “I love you,” he said again.

“I love you, too,” Wendy breathed against him, entwined her fingers in his dark, curly hair. “Touch me.”

She shifted position slightly, avoided a loosened spring jabbing at her, worried only briefly if her mother would come downstairs to see how the studying was going, decided she probably wouldn’t. She had never yet, anyway.

“Touch me,” Wendy coaxed again, almost child-like.

Trembling, Alan quickly unbuttoned her blouse, tugged it free from the waistband of her faded, beltless denims. He pushed it back off of her shoulders and reached for her.

Wendy stiffened with a muffled little gasp at the cool touch of his hands on her bare breasts, shivered almost imperceptibly when he squeezed one gently. Her dark plum nipples already rapidly hardened, swelled into taut erection out of sheer anticipation. She flicked lightly with her tongue at the corner of her mouth.

“Wendy, you have the most fantastic Goddamned tits!” Alan managed hoarsely, kissed wetly along the damp, round underside of one. “I mean, they’re so damned perfect!”

“You always say that,” Wendy giggled, pleased at his obvious delight with her. “They’re just… breasts.”

“I always say it because I mean it. They’re flawless! Compared to you, every other girl in the seventh grade looks like she’s wearing an iron board under her blouse.”

“Oh, Alan!” she giggled again, softly, twisted slightly, closed her eyes. She was aware of his tongue teasing at one of her distended nipples, then the other. His breathing, as her own, grew by degrees more uneven.

“Alan, I love you,” she said quietly. “I really love you.”

And, of course, Wendy did love him, adored him. She was deliriously happy she had him, thought of him, in fact, as something she owned, much like her record player or the English racing bicycle she kept in the garage. Alan belonged to her, was hers, and she loved him as much as she was capable of loving anything. Or anyone, for that matter.

“Your nipples will burst if they get any bigger!” Alan laughed, covered one warmly with his mouth. He tugged at the rubbery flesh with his teeth.

“Well, don’t bite it off!” Wendy breathed, shivered at the delicious tingling sensations, the delightfully electric miniature spasms sluicing down her body. She could almost believe that, somehow, through her breasts and nipples alone, she might achieve some form of partial relief, some form of orgasm.

She squirmed for even more body contact with this boy she loved, pulled him even more on top of herself. She felt his stiffness against her thigh again, was both excited, at the same time, frightened at the thought of it.

A brief fantasy, vague, confused, flitted through her mind, captured her, released her. A fantasy about his cock, about her in complete possession of it, touching it, holding it, putting it into her mouth, putting it, forcing it, into the slick passage between her legs, into the tight opening of her anus. She wanted it with a ravenous urgency, wanted it within her, throbbing, alive.

To Alan, she said nothing. Her relief, she knew, would only come later, after Alan had gone home, after the rest of her family was asleep, when Wendy was safe and alone in the darkness of her own bed. When all was still in the house, then would her relief come, quietly, and in the form of her own slender, probing fingers.

“How did you ever get your tits so firm?” Alan asked and squeezed one. He tweaked at a shiny damp tip with his fingers. “You do breast exercises or something?”

“No,” Wendy answered awkwardly, thought she might be blushing. “I don’t do those.”

“You must do something,” he insisted.

“Nothing. They’re… they’re just natural.”

“They’re just beautiful,” Alan corrected her.

She loved it when he complimented her so extravagantly, felt somehow even more valuable to him, and he complimented her often, particularly about her breasts. She was lucky to be so endowed, she guessed, but if Wendy’s wondrously round and uptilted breasts gave her reason for pride, then they certainly also gave her cause for concern, and even occasionally, as when the girls in her seventh grade gym class glanced at her with obvious curiosity and envy, cause her acute dismay and embarrassment.

Wendy, of course, was as curious about the other girls’ tits as they about hers, and, twice a week when the entire class stood naked in the shower room together, toweling off or dashing in and out of the tilted shower stalls, she covertly compared herself to them and was always honestly amazed at the difference.

“I’m completely in love with your body,” Alan announced, moved from sucking at her nipples to kissing her throat. He pushed her loosely-cut hair aside, chewed at her slender neck, ended at her bare shoulders.

“Only my body?” Wendy chided softly.

“Everything,” he said. “I love everything that’s part of you, all and everything that makes up you.”

His hand moved down across the tips of her breasts, across the flat expanse of her tummy, lingered momentarily to toy with her navel.

Wendy giggled.

Alan reached out, through her denims squeezed the plump mound between her slightly parted thighs, caused her to start with a small, audible sigh. Quickly, he slipped his hand under the waistband of her jeans, managed to poke a finger under the elastic of her panties before Wendy said, “Man, please don’t, baby.”

“Oh, come on, Wendy!” he responded almost peevishly, raised up on one elbow. “Christ, we’ve gone together for over two months now. I love you. You say you love me. What’s a finger going to hurt?”

“You know how I feel about that,” she said. She was acutely aware of the oily-slick wetness that so completely filled the area Alan wanted access to, worried it would actually seep through her jeans. She could just barely detect the warm passion smell of herself and hoped unreasonably that Alan couldn’t. It embarrassed her.

He had not yet removed his hand, but now inched his fingers forward and touched the finely curled hair that began on the gentle slope of her groin.

“Stop it, Alan!” She would have stamped her foot had she been standing. “I mean it!”

“Damn it, Wendy! What’s it going to hurt? Tell me.”

She finally took his hand firmly, pulled it away, wrapped her arms around his neck. She began kissing at his face wetly. He moved away from her.

“Wendy, you don’t understand what you’re doing to me! Look at me! I’m going to burst through these jeans any second!”

She wouldn’t look, but shook her pretty head.

“Alan, behave yourself. Besides, if I let you touch me there, it would only make things worse for you.”

He ignored her logic. “Let me just touch it once. Just with my finger. Just once. I promise.”

She felt her resolve weaken slightly, still held firm.

“Honey, I love you, but I just can’t. Try to understand.”

“But you’ll like it, Wendy. You will. Besides, all the other girls let their boy friends do it.”

“And just how do you know that?” she asked. “The guys all talk about that sort of thing,” he answered vaguely, suddenly defensive. “You know, just talk.”

“I know. Just talk. Like talk about that whore Lucinda Krell and how many different boys have pulled her pants down. I’ve heard that talk. And you just want something to talk about, too! Well, I’m not Lucinda Krell and I wouldn’t want to be!”

Alan blurted, “I would never say anything about you! I love you!”

Wendy suddenly smiled then, kissed him on the mouth impulsively. They looked at each other for a moment without speaking.

Finally Alan said, “Let me touch it through your underwear. I’ll stop the second you tell me. I swear.”

“My parents are right upstairs,” she said.

“What’s that got to do with it? We’re not going to be throwing the furniture around or anything.”

She was silent and looked away from him, unsure of what exactly to do. After all, she did love him.

“Do you promise, on our love, you’ll stop the instant I tell you to? Do you promise?”

She glanced almost shyly at him, saw in his eyes his anticipation was even greater than her own.

“I promise,” his voice cracked.

“Be gentle. I’m very sensitive down there.”

“I would hope so,” he laughed nervously, his fingers already under the front of her jeans, moving cautiously along her lace panties toward the center of her young womanhood.

Wendy bent her knees, raised them, parted her legs slightly to afford him more room within the tightness of her denims. She could tell her underwear was already soaked, could feel the wetly clinging fabric riding up in the back between the cheeks of her bottom.

Alan couldn’t quite seem to reach her, the area just too confining.

“Undo the snap,” she suggested finally in a tiny voice.

Alan fumbled with the front of her jeans, flipped open the snap, pulled down her zipper, exposed a large triangle of white panty. He slipped his fingers past the elastic, when she didn’t protest, moved down through her damp, curly hair. He searched.

Wendy cried out with a barely stifled sob when he found the slick opening of her cunt, caught her breath with a sharp little whimper when his fingers discovered the fleshy covering protecting the exquisite sensitivity of her faintly trembling clit.

He probed gently, lit on the quivering, distended stub, enclosed it. He tugged at it.

“Don’t!” Wendy barely managed to gasp brokenly, twisted away from his touch. “What’s wrong?”

“I want you to stop. You promised.” She removed his hand, pulled up her zipper, re-snapped her jeans. She was trembling.

“Let me make you come at least!” he almost cried.

“No,” she breathed in a small voice, felt her face flush, turned away. “That’s enough.”


“Alan, don’t start again. You promised.”

“Just tell me why.”

“Alan, please…”

“There’s nothing to worry about,” he persisted. “Even if we did end u-uh — anyway, I have a — uh — a rubber.”

“What!” she turned back to him. “Where’d you get it?”

“Tyrone gave it to me so you wouldn’t get pregnant.”

“You told your creepy brother about what we do together!” she suddenly flared.

“Calm down. It’s no big deal. It’s just a rubber.”

“What did you tell him?” she wanted to know. “Nothing. Forget about it. I didn’t say anything.”

“Then why would he give you a rubber? He must think I’m like that dopey slut Lucinda!” She paused, looked at Alan keenly. “Or maybe he gave it to you for Lucinda!”

“You’re crazy.”

“Don’t think I miss the way that little bitch rubs all over you in school,” she continued heatedly. “I know she’d love to add you to her list.”

“I don’t give a damn about her,” Alan said angrily.

“Then why did Tyrone give you the rubber? You must have said something about us.”

“I didn’t,” Alan insisted. “He just assumed, well, you know. And, anyhow,” suddenly louder, “what’s the big fucking deal? People do have sex together. It’s, not unheard of. I’m human, you know. I’ll bet Lucinda never got a guy all worked up and sent him home ready to explode in his pants!”

“Ohhhh, then go find Lucinda!” Wendy blurted, tears burning her eyes. “If that’s all you want, go get it from her! You’ll probably get something else, too.”

“You’re impossible,” Alan shook his head disgustedly. “I mean, you’re really out of your Goddamned mind!”

“I’m sorry I’m not like your precious Lucinda,” Wendy said sarcastically, turned her back to him. She didn’t want him to see her crying.

“So am I!” Alan said. He stood suddenly. “At least Lucinda’s not some Goddamned tease!”

He stormed up the stairs, slammed the back door behind him.

“Good for her,” Wendy said quietly, bit her lower lip to stop it from trembling.


The bell signaling the start of eleven o’clock classes rang through the halls of Westmont High School, echoed down near-empty, locker lined corridors, could be heard even in the rest rooms. Wendy ignored it. She was not going to her class, was not going anywhere, in fact. She just wasn’t up to it, could not face being confined in another class, not even for the one hour until lunch.

She sat alone in the girls’ rest room, enclosed in one small, gray, metal stall, perched on the toilet. Her short skirt, the blue one Alan liked so much, was bunched behind her, her pale lace panties pushed down to her knees, dangling over the tops of her white knee socks. She merely killed time.

She had sat through her first three classes without the least interest in anything her teachers had said, hadn’t bothered taking notes, hadn’t bothered even to jot down her homework assignments. As yet today, she had not once seen Alan. She knew that he was obviously avoiding her, was pained by the thought, but knew, also, that he would get aver his anger of the previous evening once he saw her again. At least, he always had before.

Wendy glanced around the stall indifferently, looked at the few obscene comments and drawings etched into the paint. She smiled at one rendering in particular of a fat boy with a huge balloon penis covered with porcupine-like quills, thought to herself, “God, that would hurt!” She wondered who it was supposed to be, decided Jerry “Chub” Parks, maybe. It kind of looked like him for some reason, though Wendy couldn’t be too sure about the quills. She wouldn’t want to be, for that matter.

She stretched out her slender legs, wondered also if Alan would show up at noon, as he always did, to have lunch with her in the school cafeteria. She was at least hopeful.

The hard plastic seat felt like it was beginning to bruise her. She shifted her weight uncomfortably, scooted her bare bottom back. She managed a dribble, fumbled with the tissue dispenser, finally pulled two paper squares free from where they were jammed in, absently dabbed at herself. She dropped the tissues into the bowl.

The outer door to the hallway banged open, slowly closed with a pneumatic hiss. Wendy perked up, listened. Whoever it was who came in went directly to a stall, quickly did what it was she had to do, left as quickly without even going through the pretense of washing her hands. The door hissed shut.

Wendy relaxed again, toyed idly with the elastic band of her panties, snapped it. She glanced down at the patch of curly hair covering the hollow between her thighs, considered a brief bout between her fingers and the sensitive area within, thought it might help pass the time.

She dismissed the idea finally, was not really in the mood at all. She chose instead to fold her arms across her bare knees, lay her head in the crook of her elbow. She thought of Alan. She closed her eyes.

The outer door to the hallway opened again. Wendy heard two girls walk in. She sat up. One of the girls giggled about something. Wendy recognized the voice, tensed. It was none other than Lucinda Krell.

Wendy could picture the small girl without actually seeing her and would have guessed Lucinda’s round face was garishly painted, especially around her doll-like eyes, knew that the girl’s dark hair was ratted-up like someone in a 1950’s movie. Lucinda stood barely five feet tall and was as thin as a piece of chalk, but she made up for her slender stature with an abrasive, and almost nonstop, mouth. She was one of the few girls in the school that Wendy truly couldn’t stand.

And the fact that Lucinda was so obviously hot for Alan, always rubbing her small behind against him when she had the chance, didn’t help to endear the girl to Wendy, either. Why, once she even sat down on Alan’s hand, “without looking where I was going”, of course. And the things she did with the other boys, sometimes with more than one at a time, it was reputed, were legendary around the school. Lucinda was, in fact, occasionally called “Peanut Butter” behind her back, obviously because she spread so easily. It fit.

Wendy knew, of course, that Alan, in spite of his threat to go see Lucinda, would never actually touch the girl. He had more than once mentioned that he thought Lucinda must be diseased, probably mentally, definitely physically. That, of course, didn’t stop Lucinda from trying.

Wendy heard a match strike, could smell the burnt sulfur, realized the two girls had ducked into the bathroom for the illicit pleasure of a cigarette. She hoped they’d be quick about it, preferred to brood alone without having to listen to them babble. Besides, all Lucinda ever talked about was her love life, her sex life, actually, with one and sundry and the girl’s blatant crudity could literally make Wendy flinch. As far as Wendy was concerned, Lucinda was a real “oink”.

“Give me a drag,” the other girl said — she was Bonnie Ivar, another, though chunkier, winner.

“Don’t take it all!” Lucinda giggled, then coughed.

“So, what happened after he called?” Bonnie asked. “Did you go meet him?”

“Sure. He was waiting for me down in Clement Park. The place was deserted.”

“Well? What happened?”

“What do you think?” Lucinda giggled again. She was a great one, for that. “I still have grass stains on my ass. It’s sore as hell, too!”

“No kidding! What’s he like?”

“He’s really big!” Lucinda laughed hoarsely. “I’m tight, anyway, but God! I thought he was going to break something! Or, come out the other side, at least!” She giggled still again, sucked at the cigarette, exhaled.

“Great,” Wendy said to herself disgustedly, “just what I need to listen to. Why don’t they get out of here?”

“I thought Alan was Wendy Winkler’s boyfriend?” Bonnie asked, and Wendy stiffened suddenly. She held her breath, leaned forward. She couldn’t believe it! Alan!

“So what?” Lucinda answered. “She got him all excited last night, then told him to go whack off Christ, he must’ve come about a gallon in me! What’s she expect?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Bonnie Ivar agreed, laughed.

“She’s such a lead pipe, anyway.”

Only overpowering pride kept Wendy, just barely, from rushing at Lucinda, pounding the small girl’s face flat into the hard tile floor. She dug her fingers into her thighs.

“He’s coming over for lunch,” Lucinda continued. “My folks both work. I don’t think we’ll be eating lunch, though.”

Bonnie laughed.

“He said he’d screw me until I couldn’t move!” Lucinda added.

“Christ! If you come back to school on crutches, I’ll know why!”

“I may not come back at all!” Lucinda giggled.

One of them banged a stall open, flipped the cigarette butt into the toilet. The outer door opened and closed. Wendy was alone again.

A choked sob escaped her, shook her. Tears ran down her smooth cheeks. She buried her face in her hands, could not stop crying. She thought she was going to be sick.

A vision of Alan, her Alan, and Lucinda, both naked and rolling in the grass, locked against each other’s thighs, captured Wendy’s mind, would not let her go. She considered double murder, believed she was actually capable of it. She rejected the idea finally, reluctantly, as ridiculous. She didn’t know what do to. She sniffed, thought of the alternatives, knew that she had to do something, anything, to get back at Alan to repay him for his betrayal of her. And with Lucinda Krell, yet! she thought almost hysterically, with that scab Lucinda Krell! She hated Alan as she had never hated anything in her life, thought it would explode inside of her, destroy her. An idea came to her. She would do it, she decided, stupid or not, it had to be done! She would have to vent her rage and frustration somehow, or go completely mad. She knew that.

She stood shakily, took a deep breath, pulled up her panties. She grabbed several pieces of tissue, blew her nose. She pushed her hair back, another tissue, wiped her eyes.

She picked up her small purse, straightened herself, pushed the stall door open. She walked steadily to the sink, splashed cold water in her face, wiped it dry with a paper towel. She looked at herself in the mirror.

She burst into tears again.

“Hello, George,” Wendy said and smiled warmly at him.

George Davison seemed a little startled, looked up from where he stooped over putting his books into his locker, gave her a shy smile in return. It was lunchtime and the hallways almost completely deserted. He always seemed to be where other people weren’t.

“Waiting for Alan?” George asked and straightened his lanky, loose-jointed frame. He looked like the type that would wear thick, horn-rimmed glasses, but he wore none at all. Maybe that was why he always seemed to be squinting, Wendy smiled to herself. She had chosen him, of course, because she felt he would not be too difficult to handle. He shared the locker he stood before with Alan. “Waiting for Alan?” he asked again.

“No, George,” Wendy said quietly.

“You’re not?”

“I wanted to see you,” she smiled, moved closer to him.

“You did?”

“Well, what’s wrong with that?” Wendy asked. “I thought we knew each other pretty well. Don’t you like me?” And she lightly touched his arm. She hoped she wasn’t overdoing it, realized it all sounded a little stagy so far. “It’ll just have to do,” she thought, did not know any way around it.

“Sure, I like you,” George said hurriedly, coughed awkwardly. He turned away from her, made a show of staring down the hallway as if he was watching for someone, seemed to be blushing. He coughed again. “I like you a lot, in fact.”

“Well, I like you, too,” Wendy giggled, did indeed like him. She often thought of him as a stork, the way he stood around self-consciously when she was with Alan at the locker, the two of them giggling and hugging each other. And his appearance no doubt inclined others to think of him in the same way, but at least he was a stork Wendy felt that she could talk to. “Are you doing anything special for lunch?”

He merely looked at her, uncomprehending. Finally, he asked, “What about Alan?”

She managed a laugh, was surprised at how little effort it took. “What about him?”

“Well, you’re his girl.”

“Don’t worry yourself about that,” Wendy smiled, thought of what Alan and Lucinda were doing at right this moment, cringed inside, outwardly was calm.

“Where did you want to go for lunch?” George asked.

Wendy could tell he was really nervous, that he might actually bolt from her any second. She didn’t want to scare him off, but neither could she afford to waste any time.

“Somewhere we can be alone,” she suggested quietly, was not really sure how to handle it from this point on.

“Well — uh — I don’t know…”

It had to be today, Wendy knew, right now. She glanced both ways down the hall, made certain it was empty. She boldly took George’s hand in her own, met with no resistance, guided it to her firm breast. She felt the rubbery point of her nipple under her blouse harden slightly. She smiled at George again. He was shaking.

“Do you know anywhere quiet?” she asked him.

“In the school?” he stammered incredulously.

“Why not?”

He jumped slightly, looked around edgily. “T-There’s no one in the Auto Shop classroom tight now,” he whispered.

“That doesn’t sound very comfortable.”

“Uh, Larry Drewitt’s ’57 Chevy is sitting in there. It’s been there for weeks. They’re doing something to the engine.”

“That sounds better,” she smiled.

“Wendy, I don’t know…” George said nervously from the dusty back seat of the old Chevrolet. Wendy sat almost on top of him, wedged between him and the door, her back against the arm rest, her slender legs thrown over his lap. He had only to glance down, and he would see all the way up her bare, brown thighs. He didn’t, though.

“Oh, George, don’t be such a deadhead,” she whispered. She wrapped her lithe arms around his neck, giggled at the way his eyes widened slightly. She kissed him on the mouth, with her moist tongue traced across his lips. He didn’t respond, sat woodenly, stared at her.

“Loosen up, George,” she giggled again, kept kissing him.

He warmed finally, met her darting tongue with his own, entwined with it. He began sucking at her soft mouth, held her awkwardly with his arms around her slim waist. He seemed to be catching on.

Wendy pulled away a bit, took his face gently in her small hands, kissed at him wetly. She managed to kick her shoes off.

George surprised her, lay back, partially on his side, pulled her down with him. Wendy pressed close beside him, her pert bottom jutting just over the edge of the seat, tanged her bare legs with his. Her skirt was pushed up over the full part of her smooth thighs, revealed the delicate lace trim of her panties, just barely the shaded hollow above.

He moved one hand cautiously up the front of her blouse, started working her buttons loose. He managed to get his hand inside, groped for her. He cupped one heavy breast, found a taut nipple, pulled at it. He seemed to be in a state of shock.

Wendy moved against him with a little sigh, held him to her, breathed hotly in his ear while he fondled her. She couldn’t believe how excited he’d become, would have bet he’d never touched a girl before. It began to affect her also, his fervid excitement, somehow, contagiously, was arousing her more than she would have thought possible with anyone except Alan.

George worked two more of her buttons loose, pulled her blouse open. Her breasts jiggled into view, caused him to suck in his breath sharply. He kissed them feverishly, sucked on her swollen nipples. The dark tips puckered at his touch, stiffened upright. He moved his hand to the inside of her warm thigh, squeezed her, traced up between her parted legs. He poked a trembling finger under her underwear, through the mesh of her matted pubic hair, found her lush cunt easily, pushed his finger up into her, parting the slick muscles. Wendy squirmed against him with a small groan, spread her thighs wider, pushed her slim hips toward him slightly. He eased his finger out of her, inched it in again, moving slowly in the warm lubrication. She caught her breath. Held it. Exhaled.

Wendy watched the throbbing bulge in George’s pants for some time before she finally reached for it, put her hand on it. She squeezed, felt it jerk like she knew it would. She boldly pulled down his zipper, reached into his pants.

“It’ll make a mess,” George croaked.

“Don’t you have a handkerchief or something?” she asked, watched his face. With some effort at his underwear she found his cock and took it in her slender hand. His sudden change of expression startled her. She giggled, pulled at him.

“Yes,” he said finally, fumbled in his pocket with his free hand. He produced a handkerchief, gave it to her.

Wendy took it, at the same time managed to work his hardness out of his pants. She stared. It stared back at her, stood hard as stone. Purplish red veins ran the length of it, pulsed. The tip was swollen, gorged with blood. It twitched in her hand.

Wendy swallowed silently, considered for a moment putting it into her mouth, actually wanted to, was not that bold. She began to masturbate him instead, with a circled thumb and forefinger, her other hand ready with the handkerchief. She watched closely, did riot want to miss anything, waited for the eruption she knew must follow.

She moved her hand ever quickly, increased it even when a small drop of clear fluid appeared on the bulbous tip, signaling probably, she realized, the nearness of his ejaculation. She was aware at the same time of the frantic activity of George’s fingers in the slippery opening between her parted thighs, felt her own relief drawing closer, felt the pressure within her loins build. It was obvious George didn’t know where Wendy’s clitoris was, if he knew at all what it was, but his fervid in and out, finger-simulated intercourse movement put him in contact with it, pulling at it, often enough to make her squirm. He was going crazy down there.

Wendy thrust her hips forward, pumped with a short, jerky, almost twisting motion against his action. He had one finger deep inside her, stabbing at her wildly, cupped and squeezed her plump pubic mound wetly with the rest of his hand. Wendy was ready to explode.

George exploded instead, suddenly splattering her skirt and panties with erratic streams of thick liquid before she could cover him with the handkerchief. He made funny little noises in his throat, clutched between her legs.

Wendy’s bare thighs tightened, clenched, then the sharp, keenly anticipated spasms of pleasure she knew so well burst within her, suffused her pelvic region with warmth. She clung to George, ground against him with a broken, shuddering heave, cried out.

Neither one of them moved.

Wendy stirred finally, glanced down at herself.

“My God, George, what a mess! What’ll we do? I can’t walk through the halls like this!”

She looked up, noticed for the first time that fifteen or more boys stared through the car windows, gawked at them in stunned disbelief. Auto Shop class had resumed.

Mr. Rainier, the instructor, was aghast. He cursed bitterly, kicked and shoved wildly at his boys, tried in vain to pull them from the unholy spectacle. “Get the fuck away from that car! Goddamnit! Why me? GODDAMNIT! WHY ME?”

George Davison reacted immediately.

“She made me do it!” he blurted, his eyes like a crazed animal. “I didn’t want to! I swear to God! She made me do it!”


Wendy waited silently in the small lobby of the counseling office to see Miss Westoff, the school psychologist. She stared vacantly at the floor, sat with her hands in her lap, tried to cover the dried semen that stained the front of her blue skirt. She had even found a small bit of it entrusted high on one knee sock, had scratched it out with a fingernail. There wasn’t much she could do about the rest until she got home. She tried not to think about it.

George Davison was still in Miss Westoff’s office, no doubt still loudly proclaimed his total innocence in the matter. It made little difference to Wendy what he said. Fault was not the issue. The mere fact of her involvement labeled her. She knew that and could do little about it. That she had actually initiated the episode would add only slightly to her guilt. Soon, the rest of the school would know. And then, of course, Alan would know.

The door to Miss Westoff’s office opened finally. George Davison appeared. He walked quickly past Wendy, would not look at her. Wendy really couldn’t blame him.

She stood uncertainly. When no one appeared to usher her in, walked cautiously to the open doorway. She rapped lightly.

Miss Westoff sat at her desk, sorted through a stack of Manila file folders. She looked up, smiled at Wendy. She was an attractive woman, slender, probably not quite thirty-five. She wore her blonde hair tied back in a rather severe style, and somehow gave the impression of being a 19th century English boarding mistress or something. Even the dresses she chose, though stylish, seemed always to suggest that same image. Wendy had talked with her before. The woman was easy enough to get along with. At least she seemed understanding.

“Wendy, come in,” she said. “I didn’t mean to keep you waiting. I’ve just been searching for your file here. My records are always such a jumble, you know. Oh, and close the door, if you don’t mind.”

Wendy quietly closed the door. She walked over, sat down across from Miss Westoff in a surprisingly comfortable leather bound chair… She waited silently, unsure of what exactly to expect. She kept her hands in her lap.

Miss Westoff stood finally, came around the side of her desk, moved another chair alongside Wendy’s. She sat down.

“This is a trifle more informal,” she smiled. She started right in. “Now, suppose you tell me what exactly happened between you and George?”

Wendy blushed, did not know what to say. Given a choice, she wouldn’t have talked about it at all. She knew she didn’t have that choice. Miss Westoff waited.

“Well, relax, Wendy,” Miss Westoff said easily. “There’s nothing to be frightened of I’m here to help you, not to punish you. Just talk to me as if I was one of your friends.”

She paused expectantly, when Wendy still didn’t respond, said, “I’d like you to think of me as one of your friends, Wendy. That’s why I’m here. To be your friend.” She smiled again.

“I know,” Wendy said, shakily. “I’ve always liked talking to you. You’re easy to talk to. It’s just that… that…”

Two tears trickled down Wendy’s face, dropped soundlessly to her skirt. She felt completely lost.

“It’s all right,” Miss Westoff said quietly. “I can understand how you must feel. Take your time. There’s no hurry at all.”

She rose, walked to her desk, pulled out a box of facial tissues. She offered it to Wendy.

Wendy took several, wiped at her eyes, balled the tissues in her hand.

“Thank you.”

“So, anyway,” Miss Westoff said, smiled again. “Back to business. I’d like your version of what happened. It won’t leave this room, I assure you. Anything you say will be held in strictest confidence. Do you understand, dear?”

“Yes,” Wendy nodded.

“Fine. Now, start at the beginning.”

Wendy told her, haltingly, about her quarrel with Alan, his infidelity with Lucinda Krell, finally Wendy’s silly attempt at some sort of revenge through George Davison.

“That’s so typical of a man,” Miss Westoff shook her head. “If he doesn’t get what he wants from a girl, he throws the relationship aside. So typical. No consideration at all for the sensitivity of a woman.”

Wendy nodded. “I felt like he cheated me out of something. Out of our relationship. He didn’t even think of what he was doing to me. He didn’t even care.”

“It’s something women have to face, I’m afraid,” Miss Westoff said. “There’s really very few ways around it.”

She patted Wendy’s hand consolingly. Wendy smiled at her, felt somehow cheered by her presence.

Wendy said, “I feel so dumb about what I did with George. I’m too ashamed to face anyone again. I can imagine what they’re saying right now. It’s so embarrassing!”

“There now, don’t be overly harsh on yourself. Besides, you actually wanted to be caught, you know. And, that’s exactly what happened.”

Wendy, startled, glanced at her.

“Of course, you did,” Miss Westoff continued. “Few things occur that are not somehow intentional. The subconscious mind works in ways often contradictory to the purposes you might think. In effect, you set the stage yourself for discovery.”

“To hurt Alan, you mean?”

“Exactly. To get even with Alan. Surely, if you hadn’t wanted him, or anyone else, for that matter, to find out, you could have chosen a safer location to carry out your plan. And, consider your choice of a temporary lover. Alan’s locker partner! What could be more obvious?”

“That’s frightening,” Wendy said slowly, realized what the woman said was probably true. It did seem to fit neatly.

“Not frightening, dear,” Miss Westoff laughed. “Quite normal. When you decide something, consider all the reasons. The actual one may be quite different than those merely on the surface.”

“It’s as if I wanted to get caught on purpose,” Wendy said.

“That would seem to be the case,” Miss Westoff agreed. “At least, on a very elementary level. It’s something you’ll have to learn to live with, at least for the time being.”

“I guess so,” Wendy nodded.

Wendy became self-conscious at the direction the conversation was taking. She looked at her hands.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Miss Westoff assured her, patted her hand again. “It’s merely a part of growing up. Accept it.”

Miss Westoff glanced down, seemed to notice for the first lime the dried semen on Wendy’s skirt.

Wendy blushed, tried to explain, “George, uh, when he…”

“Oh, Wendy, it’s a mess! You’ll have to rinse it before you go back to your classes, dear.”

“I know,” Wendy answered, would not look at Miss Westoff. “I haven’t had a chance…”

“Well, come with me. We’ll take care of it right now. By the time we’re through with our little talk, it’ll be dry and you’ll be good as new.”

Before Wendy could protest, she was led to the small, private lavatory off of Miss Westoff’s office. There was barely room enough for the two of them.

“Now, stand up here by the sink,” Miss Westoff said, nudged her lightly towards it. She turned on the water.

Wendy did as she was told, stood while Miss Westoff took the front of her skirt, attempted to rinse it in the sink. Most of the stains proved too high for the water to reach. The edge of the sink was cold against Wendy’s bare thighs. She stepped back slightly.

“This won’t do at all,” the other woman said. “You’ll have to take your skirt off. We can dry it over the air vent.”

Wendy was unsure of what to do. The idea of running around Miss Westoff’s office in only her underwear didn’t appeal to her. She made no move.

“There now, don’t worry about it, dear. No one will come in here.”

And Miss Westoff unhooked Wendy’s skirt, tugged it down. Wendy stepped over it, knew she was blushing again. Luckily, her blouse was quite long.

“Oh, and it’s all over your underwear, too,” Miss Westoff said, touched at Wendy lightly to indicate the stain. “You’d better take those off too. We’ll just take care of everything at once.”

“I don’t think…”

“Don’t be silly. I told you no one would come in here. Now, give me your panties.”

Wendy awkwardly pulled her underwear down, stepped out of them. She handed them to Miss Westoff, stood only in her blouse, knee-socks, and shoes. She waited while Miss Westoff washed out her skirt and panties in the small basin.

“Don’t be embarrassed, dear,” the woman said. “These will be dry in just a little while.”

She finished, hung the wet garments carefully over the heat register. She turned to Wendy.

“You have such an attractive shape, dear,” she said. “Such a cute bottom.” And she patted it lightly.

Wendy jumped slightly.

“Take this, then,” Miss Westoff laughed, found a small, white face-towel under the sink, handed it to her. “This should help, seeing as you’re shy.”

Wendy wrapped the towel around her hips, found it covered very little.

Miss Westoff led her back into the office.

“Relax, dear. I told you no one would come in here. Come on, sit right back down and we’ll finish our little chat.”

Miss Westoff said, “Now, of course, you know that your parents will have to be told about what happened here today.”

“Do they have to know?” she almost cried, with a start realized she hadn’t considered their reaction at all. The thought terrified her.

“Well, of course, dear. My responsibility is to them, also. We can’t very well just forget about what happened today, now can we?”

Wendy thought she would cry again. It wasn’t that either of her parents would strike her, for she knew they wouldn’t. Her mother, in fact, a frail, skinny woman with virtually no shape at all, would become almost hysterical at the thought of Wendy’s father putting his hands on Wendy in any way whatsoever.

But this, she thought, this latest would surely push Wendy from her parent’s realm altogether. She wasn’t sure she could face that. Not yet, at least.

Miss Westoff said, “Wendy, we all have to deal with unpleasantness occasionally. You’re a big girl now. It’s time you learned to handle these difficult situations.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Wendy had to agree.

Miss Westoff put her hand on Wendy’s bare thigh, squeezed lightly.

“It’ll all work out for the best,” she soothed. “You’ll see.”

She had not yet removed her hand, inched it slowly upwards. Wendy said nothing, was unsure how to react. She sat stiffly, watched as the other woman’s hand crept under the towel, touched between her legs.

“Just relax, dear,” Miss Westoff said, put her arm around Wendy’s shoulders, hugged her gently.

“Miss Westoff, I…” Wendy started shakily, stopped abruptly when she felt the woman’s fingers expertly separate her moist labia, move wetly to the small point of her sensitivity.

Wendy shivered involuntarily, felt her muscles tense. She couldn’t believe what was happening, sat dumbly while Miss Westoff began slowly to manipulate her.

“Miss Westoff…”

“Call me Christine, dear. I want you to think of me as your friend. A very close friend.”


“Now, hush, dear. Don’t worry your prettyhead about a thing. Perhaps you were right. Perhaps your parents won’t have to be told. After all, what purpose would it serve? Why should you go through the humiliation? To needlessly embarrass you seems so senseless.”

She knelt on the carpet, gently nudged Wendy’s knees apart, managed to get between them. She raised slightly, Wendy’s legs over her shoulders, put her hands around Wendy’s bare bottom, pulled her to the edge of the chair. The towel slid to the floor.

Christine kissed in wet circles along one damp inner thigh, licked at the smooth hollow where it joined Wendy’s hip. She pulled Wendy yet closer to her, finally crushed her mouth against Wendy’s slick warmth.

Wendy squirmed her round bottom with a little moan, watched as if it was someone else this happened to, as if she had no part in it at all. The sensations Christine Westoff’s flicking tongue sent through her stunned her, were more wildly pleasurable than anything she could ever imagine. She made a token attempt at resistance, tried to ignore the exquisite tremors racing through her, could not. She closed her eyes tightly, gripped the arms of the chair. She could not stop squirming.

She was startled when she felt something poke gently at the circle of her anus, tensed when she felt Christine Westoff work a finger slowly up into her tight rectum. She wanted to cry out, did not want it to go this far, could not believe she was letting it all happen to her. She eased her head back, gulped air hungrily. It was all so unreal!

Christine worked her tongue with a frenzy at the fleshy covering of Wendy’s pulsing clitoris, darted moistly across it, under it, twitched at the distended stub itself. She sucked at it with her lips.

She had one finger completely up Wendy’s throbbing rectum, tried to work still another into the small opening.

Wendy cried out with a choked little whimper, squirmed, twisted her damp buttocks up out of the chair, strained until her sleek muscles ached. She hurtled to her orgasm, shuddered with a low, groaning wail.

“Oh, God!” she moaned raggedly, thrashed wildly, was crushed flat by the incredible intensity of the impact, jarred to the brink of insensibility.

She slid from the chair, hit her head on the edge of it, but barely noticed. Christine Westoff followed her movement, kept at her, still sucked at her feverishly. Wendy sprawled on the carpet, threw her arms over her face. She groaned, twisted slowly, could not escape the woman.

“I can’t…” Wendy gasped brokenly. “Please…”

“Once again,” Christine whispered hoarsely, was now beside her.

She pushed Wendy’s blouse up out of the way, squeezed at her firm breasts, held them as she kissed them. She licked at the full underside of one, traced her tongue lightly across Wendy’s flat stomach, down across her groin, arrived again at her cunt.

Christine worked at it from the top this time, her mouth flush against the plump mound, her hands under Wendy’s hips, cupping her warm buttocks. She held Wendy to her, moved forward, flicked with her tongue at the rubbery cheeks of Wendy’s behind. She spread them with her fingers, probed with her tongue-tip, entered the young girl’s puckered anal perforation, licked at it. Wendy dug her heels into the carpet, arching her back with a half-suppressed moan, spread her knees involuntarily.

Christine lapped across the small, tight muscle that separated Wendy’s anus and vagina, sucked wetly at the glistening erect finger of the girl’s trembling clit. She pushed two fingers into the swollen opening, another into Wendy’s bottom, began moving her hand in short, jerky thrusts.

Wendy ground her damp buttocks against the carpet, strained to spread her round thighs still wider, could think only of the immense relief Christine again hurried her to. She stretched her legs taut, felt her toes spread slowly apart, was battered by the groaning spasms that wracked her slender body into clenched knots of flesh and pounded the breath out of her.

Christine Westoff stood slowly, reached up under her dress and pulled down her pantyhose and underwear. She left them dangling around one foot, moved to Wendy. She stood almost directly over her.

Wendy froze inside. From where she lay looking up, she could see the thick patch of dark hair between the woman’s full thighs, could see the deep pink slash of Christine’s thick labia peeking from within. Wendy started slightly. If Christine Westoff thought Wendy would perform similarly on her, she was more than a little mistaken. Wendy began to get up.

“Relax, dear,” Christine said huskily, crawled right on top of Wendy. “Just lay still. I have to rub my cunt against your leg a bit. Otherwise, I won’t be able to think straight this afternoon.” She giggled.

Christine lay slightly off to one side, pulled her dress up in front, pushed it out of tile way. She smiled at Wendy’s expression. “This won’t take a minute,” she said. “Raise your knee up a little, will you, baby?”

Wendy raised her knee reluctantly, felt Christine’s thighs clamp her own warmly between them. She turned her face away, would not look at the woman.

“Put your arms around me at least,” Christine said with a small laugh.

Wendy encircled her slim waist and held her. She closed her eyes.

Christine moved back slightly, positioned herself against Wendy’s upraised leg. The slick opening of her cunt slid wetly along Wendy’s thigh. Wendy tried not to think about it and remained perfectly still. Christine began to pump her hips, with her hands searched under Wendy’s blouse, lit on her firm breasts, clung to them. She wasted no time, was already thrusting with a fervent urgency, her breath coming harshly, hot against Wendy’s neck.

Wendy moved her leg slightly, bounced the heel of her foot, thinking it might hurry things along. She still would not look at Christine.

“Wendy, honey?” Christine breathed between small, almost crying whimpers.


“Move your hands down to my bottom, will you, baby?”

Wendy made no move, merely closed her eyes more tightly, pretended she hadn’t understood.

“Please, baby,” Christine said brokenly.

Wendy reached down and cupped Christine’s sweaty buttocks, helped pull her along. She would have done almost anything to end this humiliating scene.

Each time Christine thrust, Wendy’s fingertips inadvertently touched the crinkled ring of the woman’s puckered anus and seemed to spur her on all the more. Wendy curled her fingers slightly, trying to avoid the small opening.

“Go… go ahead,” Christine urged, grinding against her.


“You know,” Christine breathed. “Stick your finger… up my ass.”

“I’d… I’d rather not.”

“You can wash your hands after,” Christine gasped. “I’m almost… there. OH! OH, IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD! I… I want you to… fingerfuck my asshole! OH! GOD! Please, hon!”

Wendy swallowed, reached slightly, managed to poke a finger up into Christine’s rectum. It throbbed, was as slickly wet as the gaping opening she thrust against Wendy’s upraised thigh. Wendy pushed her finger all the way in.

“Another!” Christine urged, obviously within seconds of total oblivion. “Wendy, please! OH! My cunt’s ready to burst into flame! OH, FUCK! Stick another finger into my ass! FUCK MY ASS! PULL IT OPEN!”

Wendy forced another finger into her rectum, managed to get still a third partially in, tugging at the elasticity of her tight anus, before Christine convulsed wildly with a gurgling, strangled shriek, went rigid, then was limp on top of her.

Christine lay with her face buried in the warm hollow of Wendy’s neck, her arms around Wendy’s slim waist. Wendy moved slightly, had trouble breathing with the woman on top of her.

“Do you want to come again?” Christine whispered, traced a hand lingeringly across Wendy’s bare groin, entwined her fingers once again in the soft tendrils of hair between the younger girl’s parted thighs. “Would you like me to suck on your darling pussy again?”

Wendy felt a tear forming in the corner of one eye, turned her face away, trembled. She heard herself answer as if from a great distance, and in a very small voice. “Yes.”


Following her session with Miss Westoff, Wendy went directly home and packed. All that mattered was that she get away.

She now stood on the shoulder of U.S. Highway 20, about an hour outside of Fort Worth and was hitchhiking west under the blazing afternoon sun. The desert which stretched to the mountains in the distance, was a sandy, barren expanse broken only by small clumps of scrub pine and cactus. The road seemed endless, a narrow black strip of asphalt that ran both before and behind her to each horizon. She shifted her weight from one small foot to the other, watched impassively as a station wagon loaded with kids passed. She was in no great hurry.

The last ride she’d gotten had been with a weathered, red-faced old rancher in a fairly new pick-up truck, and had ended when he’d turned off for Mineral Wells. Wherever that was, Wendy thought.

She’d gotten out, thanked him, set her knapsack beside the road and thrust out her thumb again. Her face was beginning to tan deeply, her windblown hair, combed only intermittently over the last two days, was starting to look a bit tousled. She wore the same denims and blouse she’d left home in, had not bothered to change clothes, had slept in them both nights. She knew she needed a bath, but did not really care one way or the other. She’d straighten herself out when she reached Los Angeles, would wait to worry about her appearance until then.

A Cadillac with an elderly couple in it passed, threw dust on her, did not slow down. Wendy shrugged and sat down on her knapsack, waiting. She glanced around at the countryside, could not remember ever feeling so totally alone. She was impressed with the scenery, though, she had to admit. It looked almost like a painting, almost too perfectly beautiful to be real.

A battered Mustang slowed as it passed her, then stopped with a squeal of rubber. It backed up over on the shoulder of the road, sat waiting for her.

Wendy stood up. She noticed the Tennessee license plates, noticed also that the trunk of the car was almost completely bashed in. She hesitated a second, finally grabbed her knapsack and ran to the car.

A tall, dark-haired young man sat behind the wheel, smiling at her. He looked around twenty years old, was lean and wiry. The back seat was loaded up with clothes, books, some household goods, and what looked to Wendy like camping equipment. He seemed safe enough, she decided. She got in.

“Thanks,” she said, set her knapsack on the foot between her feet. She exhaled with a small sigh, sat back. Her legs were beginning to ache.

They pulled back onto the highway, threw sand and gravel behind them. Wendy hung on, glanced over at the driver sharply.

“Where you heading for?” he asked. He talked with a distinctly Southern accent.

“Los Angeles.”

“Well, isn’t everybody?” he said. “I’m going out there myself to try to find some work. Guess we’ll be together a bit. My name’s Marshall. Marshall Tucker.”

“I’m glad to meet you. I’m Wendy.”

“City girl?” Marshall asked, tromping it to the floor and passing the Cadillac that had showered Wendy with dirt.

“Not really,” Wendy laughed.

“Where you from?”

“Up north,” was all she said. “You?”

“Tennessee,” he said. “Snortbuck County. About ten miles east of Duck River. Nice place. Real comfortable. No work around, though.”

“What a funny name,” Wendy mused.

“Duck River? Yeah, it is kinda odd, I guess.”

“No,” Wendy laughed. “Snortbuck County. It sounds like some… wild western town or something.”

“Nothing of the sort, I’m afraid,” he laughed. “About the wildest it gets in Snortbuck County is when old Elmo Jenkins gets ripped on white lightning and starts knocking the pool hall to pieces. Yeah. Anyway, it’s home to me. Hell, I miss it already and I’ve only been on the road one lousy day.”

“So, you’re going to Los Angeles, too?” Wendy asked, looked at him. He had an easy manner about him, relaxed, and that, coupled with his lean rugged appearance, appealed to her.

“That’s right. I’ve got relatives there. Aunts and uncles and cousins, too. Never met any of them, of course. Talked to my uncle on the phone once, though. He told me to come on out. Well, here I am. What are you going out there for?”

“Oh…” she started vaguely. “I’m sort of looking for work, too. Mostly, I just needed a change of scenery. California seemed like the place to go.”

Marshall was silent a moment, said finally, “You seem a little young to be out on your own. I mean, it doesn’t matter to me, mind you. It’s your business and all. It’s just you seem kinda young to be so far from home.”

“Well, how old do you think I am?” Wendy laughed.

“Oh… sixteen?” he guessed, glanced over at her.

“I’m eighteen,” she laughed. “Everybody says that. That I look so young. I’ll probably look twenty when I’m forty. I’m lucky, I guess. People tell me that, anyway.”

“Always lucky to look young,” Marshall nodded with a smile.

Wendy settled back, tried to stretch her legs. She really didn’t have that much room. She pushed her knapsack aside slightly, got as comfortable as she could manage.

“How far is it to Los Angeles from here?” she asked.

“I don’t know for sure,” Marshall shook his head. “I’ve never been there. Never been out of Tennessee, actually. I figure, though, we should get into L.A. sometime late tomorrow night. Hell, it’ll take us the rest of the clay just to get across Texas. It’s pleasant enough country, though.”

“It sure is,” Wendy agreed, tensed when a huge semi-trailer truck rolled past them, almost blew them off the road. “God!”

“Yeah, those boys drive like crazy out here on this open road,” Marshall said. “If I had a newer car, I’d just stay right behind one of those big rigs all the way. They do about eighty, got a radio, tell each other where the police is. They slow down, and sure enough, you’ll always come across a Highway Patrol car, sitting about a mile up the road.”

“I’m in no hurry,” Wendy said.

“Oh, just relax now. I’ve been driving since I was ten years old. I’ll get us there all right.”

“I hope so,” Wendy laughed.

“Marsh, you didn’t have to pay for my dinner,” Wendy said, shook her head with a laugh. “I have enough money.”

They had just passed through the small Texas town of Odessa, were once again driving across the open prairie. It was dark out, not a cloud overhead, and the moon illuminated the desert rushing by them with an eerie glow. Wendy could make out the outline of a ridge of mountains, off to the side and before them, still miles ahead.

“Well, I know I didn’t have to, girl,” Marshall said. “You just hang on to your money, though. You’re going to need every penny you’ve got when you hit Los Angeles. Besides, you might just make it big in the movies or something, never can tell, and, if you do, just remember old Marshall Tucker bought your supper once. Anyhow,” he laughed, “you’re sure pretty enough to be one of those Hollywood starlets and all.”

“Oh, Marsh!” she laughed. “I’ll bet you say that to all the girls you pick up hitchhiking.”

“I never picked up a hitchhiker before,” he said, glanced at her with a smile. “I never liked the idea of maybe catching a knife in the ribs when I wasn’t looking. Never can tell, you know.”

“Why did you stop for me, then?” she asked.

“Oh… you looked harmless enough. Kind of like an injured bird sitting there by the side of the road.” He laughed at her expression.

Wendy shook her head with a smile, stared out the window.

“This looks like as good a place as any to get some sleep,” Marshall was saying, pulled over into the roadside rest area. He stopped the car and cut the lights. They were still almost two hours from El Paso.

Wendy sat up. In the darkness she could make out several covered picnic tables, just as many stone barbecue pits, and two rest-rooms, separate out-buildings, sided with cedar strips. A semi-trailer truck and a few cars already occupied the short cut-off road and Marshall had parked as far from them as possible.

“Have you ever slept outside?” he asked her.

“When I was a kid, we used to camp out in the backyard during the summer a lot. I can handle it.” She smiled at him.

“I’ve only got one sleeping bag and you can use it. I’ve got some extra blankets I’ll just throw on the ground for myself. It’s going to get pretty cold tonight. This desert doesn’t hold the heat from the day too well.”

“I don’t want to take your sleeping bag,” Wendy protested. “I can sleep with just the blankets. That’s all I really need.”

“Don’t worry about it. You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?”

“No,” she laughed, and jumped out of the car to stretch her legs. She walked around a bit, felt good to be in the cool night air. She looked back to Marshall.

He was pulling a handful of tangled blankets from the back seat, carried them over to a spot beside one of the picnic tables. He dropped them, went back for the sleeping bag.

“I can help,” Wendy said, and walked to the car. From the passenger’s side she managed to locate the sleeping bag, tugged it out. She unrolled it, then dragged it over near the blankets Marshall had arranged on the grass. “Right here?” she asked.

“Sure,” he nodded. “Have you got everything you need out of the car?”

“I think…”

He walked to the car, locked both of the doors, then came back to Wendy. “We’ve got a long drive ahead of us tomorrow,” he said, sat down and took off his shoes. He left his clothes on, crawled under the mound of blankets, moved around some, straightening them as best he could, finally lay still. “I’ll see you in the morning, Wendy.”

“Good night, Marshall,” she said, sat down on the sleeping bag. She slipped her shoes off, unzipped the side of her bed, then climbed into it. She took several minutes trying to get comfortable, then lay her head down. She rolled onto her back, pulled the flap of the sleeping bag up under her chin, stared at the black sky sprinkled with stars overhead. The moon was almost down already, hovered just over the ridge of mountains she’d been watching as they drove.

“Marsh?” she whispered. “Are you asleep yet?”

“Yes. No. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m fine.” She was silent for a moment, then she asked him, “Are you afraid at all?”

“Of what?” He turned to her finally, raising up on one elbow. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know exactly. Los Angeles, I guess. Being so far from everything. You know.”

“Yeah, I know,” he answered slowly. “Sure, I’m scared just a little. Not much, really. Mostly, it’s not knowing for sure what’ll happen next. It’ll pass. It always does.”

They were both silent.



“Would you kiss me good night?”

He didn’t answer her right away, then asked, “Do you really want me to?”

“I’d like you to. I like you. Everything’s happening so fast.”

He didn’t move, merely looked at her.

Wendy said finally, “You don’t have to, Marsh. Not if you don’t want to. I wasn’t trying to embarrass you or anything.”

“You’re not embarrassing me, Wendy. I want to. Kiss you, I mean.”

“Just a good night kiss. No one’s kissed me good night in ages. Not since I was a little kid.”

Marshall crawled from under his blankets and crept over beside her. He touched her vibrantly warm cheek lightly with his fingertips, then leaned over and kissed her softly on the mouth. He looked down at her.

Wendy said quietly, “It’s nice out here, isn’t it? It’s all so peaceful at night.”

“Almost like back home,” Marshall nodded. “Of course, we got no desert back home and flat it ain’t, but it feels almost the same for some reason. Maybe because of the sky. I don’t know.”

He kissed her again.

“Is it comfortable over there in your blankets?” Wendy asked.

“It’s all right. I’ve slept on a lot harder ground with a lot less over me.”

Wendy looked away from him, said, “There’s room enough in this sleeping bag for two, Marsh. We might keep each other a bit warmer.”

Marshall hesitated only a moment, then pulled Wendy to him, squeezing her in his arms. Wendy held on to him tightly, was comforted by his strength, by his warmth. He unzipped the sleeping bag, then crawled in on top of her, cradled between her denimed thighs. He kissed her once, then again, probing with his tongue, the heat of his breath exciting her. He slowly pulled away from her mouth with a soft sucking sound.

Wendy said, “I haven’t had a bath in two days. I probably stink really bad, don’t I?” She wrinkled her pretty nose.

Marshall laughed, “You smell like a woman. You’re supposed to.”

Wendy giggled, and then said quietly, “Marsh, I’ve never…”

“Never what?”

“You know. Been with a man. Not really. Not like this, anyway.”

“Never? With your looks? Oh, come on!”

“I’ve kissed and hugged a few. Maybe a little more sometimes. But I’ve never actually… gone all the way.”

“You’re serious? Nobody’s ever fucked you before? You’re still a virgin? For real?”

“You don’t have to make it sound so terrible,” she laughed. “There’s still a few of us around, you know.”

“I guess,” he said.

“I want you to…” she trailed oft could not bring herself to say it. “Do you know what I mean?”

“Of course I know what you mean,” he said.

“You don’t sound very pleased.”

“It’s not that,” he said. “I just feel kind of funny, being the first and all. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I really like you a lot. More than a lot, even. You’re damned easy to care about. But, why me?”

“I like you,” she said quietly. “You’re nice. And I need someone. Someone to be close to. I need it.” She looked away, had not meant to sound so serious. Finally, she said, “I won’t hold you to anything. You won’t be obligated to me or anything like that. You don’t mind being the first, do you?”

“Hell, no, I don’t mind!” he laughed. “Of course, there’s always a little pain when a man busts into a woman’s cunt for the first time. It might make you cry out a bit.”

“I know and I’m not going to worry about it. Anyway, I’m already open down there.”

“What do you mean?”

“My… it’s not closed up. My doctor, when he examined me, said it was broken already.”

“Your cunt doesn’t work?”

“Not that!” she laughed. “My hymen. It’s already broken…”

He looked at her quizzically.

“My cherry,” she said, blushed like mad after she said it. She was thankful for the darkness.

“I know what a hymen is,” Marshall laughed. “But, come on. You can tell me. Who’d you really lose it to?”

“My bicycle,” she said with a small shrug. “That’s what the doctor said probably happened, anyway. I was so embarrassed when he mentioned it, he just kind of dropped it.”

“And that’s how it got broken?”

“Marshall, I’m serious,” she said softly.

“I know, I know. Relax, I’m just kidding. But, it’s still going to hurt you some. There’s no way around it.”

“I’ll risk it,” she breathed, moved her hips against him slightly. The heat between them was building already. “Are you sure I don’t smell too terrible?”

“I won’t know until after I get your clothes off,” he laughed, then said, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Well, I don’t want to be running around out here completely naked,” she said, glancing around. “I mean, there are a few cars over there.”

“We’re not going to be doing much running,” he said, then raised himself partially beside her, partially on top of her, and unbuttoned her blouse. He reached down and unsnapped her jeans, Wendy raising her hips to help him, then pushed her denims and underwear to her knees. “God!” he said, laughed. “I really can smell your cunt!” He worked his foot between her bare legs, pushed the garments down around her slender ankles.

Wendy kicked her feet, managed to free herself from them. She pushed them down into the bottom of the sleeping bag, left them where she could find them.

“It’s kind of awkward in here, ain’t it?” Marshall said, and slid his hand across her smooth tummy to her silky white breasts, squeezed first one, then the other, fondling them until Wendy’s alert pink nipples puckered, stiffening erect.

She was busy undoing Marshall’s shirt, wanted to feel his chest against her, wanted his body wrapped around her own. She pulled his shirt free, fumbled with his belt, finally unbuckled it. Then she unzipped him quickly and reached for him without hesitation, encircling his hardened cock with her slender fingers. She angled it out of his pants, pulling at it, fell it throb in her hand, alive with sensation. Marshall groaned low in his throat, pushed his pants down out of the way.

Wendy moved her hand along the warm fleshy shaft to the velvety smooth cap at the end, ran her fingers slowly over the keenly responsive glans, caused Marshall to shudder. She could feel the oily conditioning fluid dribble out of the small hole and she smeared it with her fingertip. It was sticky to the touch.

“It’s so… big!” Wendy breathed, loved the feel of his stiffened cock in her hand. She shivered deliciously.

“What is?” Marshall laughed.

“Your… thing,” she stammered.

“What thing?”

“Your…” and she closed her eyes. “Cock!” She started to blush again the instant she said it, had never once said the word aloud before. “Your cock!” she said again, almost proudly.

Marshall smiled at her excitement, then shifted his attention from her firm breasts and ripe nipples to the hair-covered hillock, between her eagerly spread thighs. He gently squeezed her pink cunt, compressed the moist lips, then opened them again. He searched, found the tiny erect button of her sensitive clit, circled it repeatedly. Wendy trembled, shaking, her eyes bright with anticipation. Wendy bit into her full lower lip. She was starting already to breathe more quickly, could feel the warm lubrication of her slick sex oozing from her, the heady fragrance of it now clearly evident to them both.

“God, your cunt gets wet quick!” Marshall said, pushed his finger slowly up into it, gently explored the interior heat of the tight cleft of flesh. Her trembling pink labial lips sucked wetly at his finger. “I never seen a pussy get so slippery so fast!”

“What do you expect!” she gasped with a sharp little intake of breath, giggling. “You’re touching… OH! Right on my… OH!” She squirmed suddenly, raising her slim hips to him, at the same time pulled him almost completely on top of her. Marshall sucked at her ivory neck, worked his face down to her firm breasts, chewing at her taut rubbery nipples. He was between her slender legs, supported by the warmth of her bare inner thighs. He moved his hips against her.

“Go slow,” Wendy said in a tiny voice.

“Relax. I’ll be careful. We’re just going to take it nice and easy. I got no intention of ripping up your sweet cunt before we even get started. Not right away, at least.”

Wendy felt the warm tip of his cock graze along her damp thigh, felt it press against her tentatively.

“Oh!” she giggled, startled. “It’s down too far! You’re putting it… in my… OH! Here, let me!”

She took his throbbing cock in her small hand again, guiding him, the tightly veined skin of it shifting under her fingers, the hard center of it jabbing forward as he thrust at her. “Easy,” she breathed, spread her knees slightly wider to accommodate him, felt the inflamed lips of her tingling pussy gaping open, swelling with the hot rise of her lust.

“Just relax now. It’ll be all right,” he assured her, then Wendy felt the swollen tip of his stiffness entering her, felt his twitching glans part the slick deft wetly. She tensed, held her breath while he gradually, inch by inch, began to slip into the pulsating passageway of her pussy.

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“It’s awful tight,” she answered, swallowed. “God, it’s so big! I’m not sure I can…”

He laughed, “You’ll get used to it. You might even get to like it.”

Wendy smiled, kissed him on the mouth lightly. He pushed his hips slowly against her, continued to inch slightly more into her heat.

“Wait a second!” she said quickly. “Just lay right there. Let me get used to it.” She took a deep breath.

“I might just come right here,” he said.

“Not yet!” she giggled softly, felt him throb within her. “Wait for me!”

He squeezed her around the waist, while she was still giggling gave a sudden vigorous shove with his hips and pushed his thick cock fully into the heat of her gripping cunt, cleaving all the way into her. Wendy let out a little squeal, clutched at his back, held herself rigid under him. “Don’t move!” she gasped. “It hurts just a little.”

He lingeringly kissed her on the mouth, lay buried to the hilt in her, the curly hair between their damp thighs meshed tightly together. He kissed along her smooth cheek until he was nibbling at her ear, then moved slowly back to her mouth.

Wendy attempted to move, took it very slowly and carefully. “Does that feel good?” she murmured, was tensing the muscles deep within her loins. “Do you like that?”

“You’re so damned hot and tight in there, I can’t believe it!” Marshall managed. “It feels like you’re sucking on me with your pussy when you move like that! It’s even making my balls tighten up!”

Wendy giggled, reached between his legs from behind, touched lightly at the fleshy pouch hanging there, gently stroked what felt to her like two walnuts suspended in oil. They bobbed away from her fingers, were difficult to restrain.

Marshall started to move his hips against her with short, almost bouncing, thrusts, slowly, then gradually increasing the tempo, was met each time by Wendy’s hot moist crotch, her strong thighs pumping yet more quickly, more urgently with each stroke of his pistoning hardness. Wendy’s muffled sighs rapidly became hoarse groans, then changed abruptly to sharp little cries of pleasure, her supple body yielding to his, squirming beneath him. She thrashed with her bare legs, was becoming tangled with the sleeping bag, tried to kick herself free, was hopelessly entangled.

Marshall hammered at her with his body, was driving the full length of his pumping cock into her with quicker and quicker thrusts, was engorging her cunt with his hard shaft, inflaming the tight passage.

“It’s so far IN!” Wendy moaned, twisted against him. “Your cock feels so good! I… I love it, Marsh. Oh!” His hands were clenching at her back, at the undersides of her writhing thighs, at her sweaty, pumping buttocks. “Oh, Marsh, I love it! OH, GOD! I love you fucking me! I love your cock!”

He was ramming his rigid shaft deeply into her, the base of it grinding against her wildly throbbing clit, pivoting on it almost, tightening the tension of her ravenous desire and stretching her into a taut squirming wire. Her young body, glistening with perspiration, bucked wildly beneath him, the quivering warmth of her churning vaginal muscles pulling wetly at his driving cock, sucking on it almost, lusting for the thick shaft of it to penetrate the pink heat yet more deeply.

“Fuck me, Marsh!” Wendy groaned. “Fuck me faster! OH GODDAMN! Ram it in deeper. DEEPER!” She writhed and thrashed, her hot thighs urging him on, faster and faster, her pumping buttocks digging into the ground. His battering cock was slamming up into her, pounding her wildly.

She was an animal in heat, delirious with the wanton ecstasy surging through her loins, was conscious only of the ramming stiff cock that gutted her senses. A profusion of ragged moans and sobs suddenly escaped her lips, and she was inside out, her crackling nerve ends exposed, her straining muscles convulsing.

“OH, FUCK!” she cried, was on fire, overwhelmed by the shuddering spasms that flailed her.


Marshall was suddenly filling her with hot liquid, squirting it up into her, his action as frenzied as hers, his arms squeezing the breath from her. He ground into her once more, his teeth clamped to her neck, then was lifeless.

They lay in a sweat-covered haze, the night air cool on them and growing cooler, oblivious to everything but each other.


Marshall and Wendy drove into Los Angeles and were hurrying to beat the infamous rush-hour traffic. Wendy could see the mountains, had only a vague notion of where the ocean might be, supposed it was somewhere ahead of them still. She knew it was very close by, of course, as she had at least partially chosen Los Angeles as the city to run to because of its proximity to the water.

“God!” she said with some awe. “Just think. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Disneyland…” and Marshall glanced at her with a smile, seemed to be only half-listening to her, “the Pacific Ocean, mountains, woods, everything! Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?”

“Hard to say,” Marshall shrugged. “But, most do, of course. Roots, I suppose. Family and that type of thing.”

“Say, listen,” Marshall started, and he sounded suddenly very serious, caused Wendy to glance at him. “I’ve been thinking. You really don’t have anywhere to go out here — nothing specific, that is — so why don’t you come along and stay with me at my uncle’s place? I’m sure they could find room for you. And I’d sure miss the hell out of you if you didn’t.”

Wendy was silent, did not really know how to answer him.

“Well?” Marshall asked, smiled at her. “What are you sitting there thinking about for so long? It should be an easy decision.”

“I can’t, Marsh,” she looked away. “I’m sorry. I’m going to get a place on my own, I guess.”

He drove on silently, was apparently surprised at her answer, had probably decided much earlier that she would go with him and that his asking her was only a formality.

“But, why?” he asked finally. “I was kind of getting to thinking of us as… well, more than just friends.”

“We are more than just friends, Marsh. You’re special to me. You’ll always be special to me. And I’m glad that I’m special to you. It’s just that I have to try to make it on my own first. I have to at least try.”

“Let me help you make it on your own, then,” he said. “Come and stay with me. I’ll be working soon and we’ll get a place for ourselves.”

“I’m sorry, Marsh,” she said, realized that he cared for her even more than she’d thought, felt even worse now. “I’m really sorry. I’ve already made up my mind.”

He said after what seemed like a very long silence, “At least let me give you my Uncle Jack’s phone number. Then you can call when you’re settled and I’ll come and see you. Now that I know you, I just can’t pretend I never met you.”

“Sure!” Wendy said brightly. “Where does your uncle live, anyway? Right in the city?”

“In the San Fernando Valley,” Marshall said, seemed cheered somewhat at the prospect of seeing her again. “It’s not too far, I don’t think.” He paused, then asked her, “Where do you want me to drop you? Do you have any idea?”

“Hollywood,” Wendy said without hesitation. “I’ll get a motel room tonight, then start looking for an apartment tomorrow.”

“I’ll take you to a motel in Hollywood, then. There’s no sense in just dropping you off and letting you wander on foot trying to find one.”

“Thanks, Marsh, I’d appreciate it. You’ve been so good to me, I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you.”

He said, “Just don’t forget to call me after you’re situated, that’s all. That’ll be repayment enough, believe me.”

“Don’t you worry about that,” she smiled at him. “I’ll call you as soon as I find an apartment. I’ll call you right away.”


Wendy looked up at the huge three-story frame house before her. It had been divided, and possibly even subdivided, into a maze of many small apartments. She glanced around critically — the area didn’t impress her as being a particularly dangerous section. And it was clean. More importantly, it had been within walking distance of the Belmar Motel where she’d spent the night before and so had been fairly easy to find.

She carried the classified section of the newspaper with her, had circled in pencil an ad under the “Apartments to Share” heading, was now at the address. The ad said simply that the apartment offered was on the second floor, was $25 a week — the only thing Wendy had found that she could afford, much to her dismay, and to “See Sherry Hartman”.

Wendy looked up at the house again, tucked the newspaper under her arm, and walked up the walk to the ornate front door. She looked over the four rows of buttons alongside the door, each with a small name tag beside it, found the one with “SHERRY HARTMAN” typed on it, and pressed the buzzer. When there was no answer, she pressed it again, jumped slightly when the rusted intercom speaker crackled and a feminine voice said, “Yes?”

Wendy said, “Hello. I’ve come to look at the apartment. The ad was in the paper…”

“I’m in 215,” the girl said. “Just come right upstairs and turn left. The front door down there should be open.”

Wendy crossed to the stairs, walked quickly up them, went directly to apartment 215. She knocked lightly.

The door opened arid Wendy found herself facing a young girl probably in her mid-twenties, a very slender, almost to the point of being boyish, girl who was taller even than Wendy. Her dark hair was cut in a shag, close to her head, and she wore black hip-hugger slacks and a matching halter top that showed a swath of her bare tanned middle and her navel. It was obvious the girl wore no bra but, unlike Wendy — who’s round breasts jiggled with each little step she took — this lack of restraint served only for the girl to show gentle slopes of flesh and the distinct outlines of what must have been very large, and very pointy, nipples. In contrast to her lack of curves, however, the girl’s face was decidedly feminine and, Wendy thought, extremely pretty.

“Hi,” Sherry Hartman smiled. “Come in and look around.” And she stepped aside to let Wendy in. “I was just fixing myself a rum and Coke. Would you like one?”

“Oh! Yes, thank you,” Wendy answered uncertainly, thought if she refused it might cast doubt upon her age. She was immediately impressed, captivated actually, by the decor of the apartment.

“Take your time,” Sherry said, and disappeared into what Wendy assumed was the kitchen. The thin girl called out, “Do you want a lot of rum or a lot of Coke or what?”

“Mostly Coke is fine,” Wendy answered, looking round the room. A deeply padded leather and chrome-framed couch dominated one wall, right above it a large abstract painting done in vivid colors. Two matching chairs sat across from it, were offset by chrome lamps of varying height, and chrome and glass end-tables. The gold shag carpeting was deep, the matching drapes heavy and definitely not inexpensive. Smaller abstract paintings, some framed and some not, graced the other walls.

Sherry Hartman came back into the room and handed Wendy a drink.

“What a beautiful apartment!” Wendy said. “I love it. I absolutely love it!”

“I’ll show you the rest,” Sherry laughed, and led Wendy through the bright kitchen, the small bathroom, finally to the bedroom Wendy would have if she moved in. It was decorated in brown and gold, lacked only sheets and blankets for the huge double bed.

“Are there two bedrooms?” Wendy asked, had not noticed another.

“Well, of course!” Sherry giggled. “My room’s right there.” She pointed to a closed doorway. “It’s really a mess,” she laughed, took a large swallow of her drink.

Wendy glanced around the apartment again. She was enchanted by it, could find absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was almost too good to believe, both that she could afford it and that she had even found it. “It’s still available?” she asked.

“So far,” Sherry answered, and invited her to sit in one of the leather and chrome chairs. “Well, what do you think?”

“It’s perfect!” Wendy said, took a very small sip of her rum and Coke and managed to swallow it without a pained expression. “I love it. It’s just what I was looking for.”

“When would you want to move in?” Sherry asked, had apparently accepted Wendy as her new roommate.


“Sure… that’s fine.”

“I feel really good about finding this place,” Wendy said. “It was just so lucky!”

“I know what you mean,” Sherry nodded. “Sometimes it’s murder trying to find a place to live.”

“I can imagine,” Wendy said.

And then Sherry said with a smile, “You seem very young to be out on your own.”

“I’m eighteen,” Wendy said casually. “I’ll be nineteen in September.”

“Do you have a name?” Sherry asked, laughed.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking, I guess. It’s Wendy. Wendy Winkler.”

Wendy lounged in the bathtub, soaked in hot water to her neck, only her pretty face, her knees, and the scarlet tips of her breasts above the water line. She relaxed completely, wanted only to drift without purpose or problems, found herself thinking of Marshall Tucker, and of the somehow not alarming fact that she was no longer a virgin. “My, God, I’ve actually done it!” she thought with a giggle, was surprised at her lack of panic or even remorse at the loss. Even the pain she’d expected that night in the sleeping bag had never fully materialized, had not detracted from her ecstatic enjoyment of the act at all. She seemed to be having a lucky streak, she thought with a small smile.

She ran her hands lingeringly down over the gentle curves of her naked body, slowly, starting at her heavy breasts, then down along the silky expanse of her waist and over the soft bulge of her copious pubic hair, to her thighs, the backs of her knees, finally to her rubbery warm buttocks. She squeezed herself with a bright little sigh, felt no different, really, than she had before Marshall had made love to her, had skewered and ravished her trembling virginity with the throbbing head of his huge cock. If anything, she felt better, relieved somehow, was actually glad she had abandoned the oppressive responsibility of protecting her innocence. She sighed again, happily.

She sat up slightly, giggled at the squeaking noise her firm round bottom made when she scooted along the tub, then put both of her hands between her smooth thighs and began absently to squeeze and cup the plump hairy mound of her tight cunt. She closed her eyes, lowered her head on the edge of the tub, examined herself intimately, leisurely, with her fingers was already sending tiny flickering sparks of sensation through her loins, fanning them slowly into burning coals deep within her. For some reason she thought of Christine Westoff, was reminded of the exquisite pleasure the woman had inflicted upon her, blushed even alone when she remembered her wantonly indecent writhing and squirming under the woman’s rapt attention. With a little shiver she realized she could never fully accept the way her body had responded without her permission, the way it had virtually acted on its own without her consent and had actually enjoyed the violation of its most inner recesses.

Wendy pulled with her fingers at the thick pouting lips of her hot cunt, slowly spread the slick folds open, was soon gently massaging her tingling pink clit, pausing to touch at it every few seconds with a trembling fingertip. Dots of perspiration beaded on her smooth forehead and she felt her face flush, her breath quickening.

She tensed slightly as the fiery excitement of her burgeoning built steadily and became more delightfully intense, was penetrating her to the quick. She began to work her slender middle finger into her tight pussy, pushing it through her sensitive wet labia and up into the throbbing slippery hole of her, exploring and stimulating herself at the same time. The tremulous interior of her swollen cunt felt no different than before Marshall had crammed his hardness into her, had certainly not been damaged in any way that she could tell.

She pushed her middle finger yet more deeply into the tightly gripping passage, the fingers of her other hand still caressing with quick, fleeting touches the distended nub of her acutely sensitive clit, inciting her to greater and greater passion, the keen spasms of pleasure spreading warmly through her young loins.

The bathroom door opened without waning.

“I’m sorry, I simply have to go…” Sherry said, and she stopped abruptly when she saw what Wendy was doing. “Oh! I am sorry! I didn’t mean to…” She had pushed her black hip-huggers and panties down while she talked, was already sitting on the toilet. “I must have weak kidneys, I guess,” she added with a laugh.

Wendy reddened from her face to the puckered tips of her perfectly white breasts. She didn’t know if she was more angry with Sherry for walking in unannounced, or with herself for not thinking to lock the door. She kept her face to the tiled wall, was discomforted even by the girl’s presence while she sat naked in the tub.

“You don’t have to be so embarrassed,” Sherry laughed. “Everybody does that. Really… I do it all the time.”

Wendy could only nod, was filled with shame nonetheless and wished only that Sherry would finish and leave.

Sherry said, “You’re blushing ferociously. Believe me, it’s not that big of a deal. So what if you were fingerfucking yourself? Don’t worry about it.” She laughed again, then she asked, “Were you close?”

“Oh… uh…”

“I didn’t mean to barge in. Really. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t wait another second. I honestly would have peed in my pants.” And she giggled again.

“It’s… all right. I was just… messing around.”

“Have you ever tried it using the water?” Sherry asked.

Wendy was silent, said finally, “No… I don’t know what you mean, I’ve never done it like that.”

“Oh, you should!” Sherry laughed. “You get under the faucet and let the water run right on your… well, on the spot you can feel it the most on. You won’t believe it! It’s like having a big wet tongue up your cunt.”

Wendy had to smile to herself, would admit her curiosity was piqued by what Sherry suggested, was, in fact, intrigued by the thought of a variation of that nature. She tried to picture what exactly would be involved, found it somewhat confusing, especially the position. “What about your legs?” she asked. “I mean, it seems like they’d get in the way.” She still wouldn’t look at Sherry.

“You put your feet high up on the wall and lay back.”

“I’d drown!” Wendy giggled.

“Well, you let out mast of the water first, then support yourself on your elbows and put your bottom up against the front of the tub.” Then she said, “Go ahead and I’ll show you what to do. It’s easy.”

And she flushed the toilet and pulled up her pants, was suddenly half-kneeling, half-crouching beside the bathtub. She reached in between Wendy’s feet, the water to her bare elbow, and pulled the rubber stopper.

“Sherry, I don’t… that is, I’d rather not…”

Wendy said quickly, wondered how she’d gotten into this all of a sudden.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Sherry smiled. “I’ll just show you real quick. You’ll love it. Here, move forward and put your legs up. Just like that. A little higher.” And after some expert, but gentle, maneuvering on Sherry’s part, Wendy was lying on her back in the tub, braced on her elbows, her bare feet high on the tiled wall, her lush tint immodestly exposed to the older girl’s eyes. Wendy still blushed fiercely, was held helplessly captive by the stream of warm water running down between her opened thighs, the caressing force of it directly on her wildly pulsing clitoris, the overflow spilling along the trembling lips of her soft cunt and down between the rubbery cheeks of her round buttocks. Sherry was leaning over into the bathtub, had one hand on Wendy’s bare hip, the other on her smooth groin, still helped position her.

“Like it?” Sherry asked, was answered only with a high-pitched giggle and a quick, knowing glance from Wendy.

Sherry smiled, her eyes bright with her obvious lust, then she slid her hand slightly forward, with her fingertips touched lightly at the gentle slope where Wendy’s dark pubic hair began. She entwined a slender finger in the soft mat of it, pulling at it, watched as Wendy’s throbbing cunt opened wetly, quivering.

Wendy started with a little sigh, raised her hips a bit, felt as if she were suggestively offering herself to the girl.

“I’m almost… there…” Wendy said breathlessly, the quaking of her damp thighs turning rapidly into tiny spasms.

“Can I help you finish?” Sherry asked suddenly, and her voice shook with anticipation, her expression eager.

“Oh, shit!” Wendy cried out with a little moan. “I’ve got a cramp in my leg!” And she slid her feet down off the wall, curled up on her back with her knees against her firm breasts in an effort to end the pain. She’d moved only barely out of range of the water, tried to catch her breath.

Sherry began to knead the full backsides of Wendy’s thighs, squeezing at the smooth muscles knotted there, massaging the sleek tendons. “Is that better?” Sherry asked, and then her hand moved to Wendy’s splayed buttocks, cupped first one tightly rounded cheek, then the other. Wendy was startled at the feeling of smoldering passion that was beginning to rise in her towards the other girl, was almost overcome by it when Sherry sank a probing finger into Wendy’s cunt, poking deep into its tight warmth with a deft movement. Sherry’s finger eased out of her slowly, touched teasingly at Wendy’s quivering clit, then was gone. “Does your leg feel better?” Sherry asked again.

“Much,” Wendy managed with an audible sigh, spread her slender legs and put her bare feet back on the wall, was once again rushed towards her relief by the cascade of water between her round thighs. She took a perverted delight in the obvious effect she was having on Sherry, was spreading her knees wider and wider almost posing.

“Can I join you?” Sherry finally asked eagerly.

“I… I guess so,” Wendy said shakily.

Sherry stood up, slipped off her shoes, quickly pulled her clothes off, then climbed naked into the bathtub behind Wendy.

Wendy glanced up over her bare shoulder, saw that the girl was indeed as skinny as she had imagined. Sherry’s tall slim body was tanned except for the outline of what must have been a very skimpy bikini bathing suit. Her breasts were no more than two gentle hillocks, her nipples were enormous, were huge dark rings of crimson with distended points. The soft black hair between her narrow thighs was like a bramble bush, the sliver of her pink cunt within the damp mesh exposed lewdly to Wendy, the slick lips parting wetly to reveal the tight hole of her when Sherry moved to sit down.

Sherry slid in close, her long thin legs on each side of Wendy, her knees upraised, then she pulled Wendy into the soft cradle her naked body formed, her warm crotch tight against the small of Wendy’s back. She cupped Wendy’s heavy breasts from behind, squeezing them, tugging at the young girl’s puckered nipples until they were swollen and extended, jutting proudly from her silky white flesh.

“God!” Sherry laughed hoarsely, pulling at the pliable pink tips, “Your nipples are bigger than my tits!” Then with both of her hands she traced down along the smooth contour of Wendy’s slender middle, slipped across her trembling groin, found easily the sopping heat of Wendy’s slick cunt. “Does that water feel good?” she asked, already knew the answer, with her fingers was moistly separating Wendy’s delicate labia. She held them apart, the pink flesh within so swollen it actually was protruding slightly, glistening, the warm water running down directly between them. “Don’t you love it!” she breathed.

“Open me up. More,” Wendy gulped. “OH, GOD! It is like a hot tongue! OH! Up my cunt! I… love it!” She tried to spread her trembling thighs still wider, but since her knees were already pressed against the sides of the tub, she had to shakily raise her slim hips to do so.

“You must be really close to coming,” Sherry giggled, was kissing wetly at the warm nape of Wendy’s neck. “God, you’re shaking like mad!”

“I… I’m going to… come… in about two seconds!” Wendy gasped, swallowing noisily, and suddenly she twisted her bare lower torso, sent water flying everywhere. “OH, GOD!” she cried out. “Hold me. OH, FUCK! Tight! Squeeze me TIGHT!” And she squirmed wildly with a rasping groan, pumping her long legs, then straightened them finally, splashing, pushed both herself and Sherry with a squeal of their warm buttocks to the back of the tub.


“I feel a little funny doing this,” Wendy confided with a nervous giggle, jerked slightly when Sherry’s agile fingers touched on the faintly quivering nub of her tiny clit. The two girls lay naked on Wendy’s bed, shiny with perspiration, their bare, damp legs tangled together, each slowly masturbating the other. The room was rank with their lush female odor, was moist with the strong fragrance of both their sweat and their excitement.

Wendy eagerly explored Sherry’s slippery warm cunt with ever-increasing enthusiasm, was poking her fingers into it, squeezing it, holding it open, pulling at it. Sherry’s tight sex was much smaller than her own and was formed by exquisitely delicate oily lips that trembled deliciously at the slightest touch, the fleshy outer folds sucking wetly at Wendy’s probing fingers.

“You have such a sweet, sweet pussy,” Sherry breathed, had three of her slender fingers, closed them, spread them again, agitating them gently. “It’s just so juicy! Does that feel good?”

Wendy nodded with a sharp sigh, pushed her hips forward slightly, took Sherry’s fingers more deeply into her. Sherry had tried to kiss her on the mouth earlier, had ended, up sucking on her neck instead when Wendy nimbly avoided it, turning her pretty head. Now Wendy kissed the girl on the cheek, felt Sherry’s hot breath on her ear. Sherry whispered hoarsely, “If I suck on your cunt, will you suck on mine?”

Wendy was suddenly uneasy, was not all that interested in using her mouth for such a purpose. “I… I don’t think I could do that. I’m sorry… I couldn’t do it.”

“Can I suck yours, then?” Sherry asked with a giggle, added breathlessly, “I’ll even lick your cute little asshole, if you like.” And she touched at Wendy’s puckered rubbery anus, poked into it, and it throbbed.

“All right,” Wendy nodded quickly, knew she was blushing, was eager nonetheless to feel Sherry’s moist tongue lapping inside of her hot pussy.

Sherry giggled again, sat up, pulled her long legs under her, twisted her slim body so that she faced in the opposite direction. She began to kiss at Wendy’s matted pubic hair, was nudging Wendy’s damp thighs apart, then was licking at the sugary slick and swollen pink flesh within, finally stuck her tongue deeply into the slippery pit of Wendy’s pulsating cunt. She swung one slim leg over Wendy’s head, straddled it, one thin knee on each side of Wendy’s face, was lying lengthwise along her supple body. She started sucking at the young girl even more wildly, was making wet, smacking noises with her lips, was darting her tongue with little, rapid flicks that sent a profusion of delightful tremors racing through Wendy’s entire body.

Wendy writhed, moaning and whimpering, pumped her sopping crotch against Sherry’s face, her slim hips rising up off the bed. She groaned with the torrents of pleasure radiating from her cunt, was inhaling frantically, laboring for breath.

Directly above her she could see the glistening interior of Sherry’s gaping cunt, the small folds of her moist labia resembling fragile rose petals. Wendy touched at them with a finger, then another, watched as the wet hairs parted to reveal the distended nub of the girl’s throbbing clit. Wendy held the slippery lips open, then pushed a finger up into the tight opening, was fascinated as the slick muscles contracted wetly around it, holding it.

Wendy could smell the musky odor of Sherry’s vaginal passage, found it, strangely, not unpleasant at all. She encircled Sherry’s small buttocks with her lithe arms, hugged them, pulling her down slightly, the thin girl’s knees spreading outward on the bed.

“Sherry?” Wendy said.

“Uh huh?” Sherry answered, was now working her wet tongue down along Wendy’s pink cleft and towards the twitching elastic circle of her anus, was spreading the cheeks of Wendy’s rubbery buttocks with her fingers.

“Come down a bit,” Wendy asked quietly.

“Like this?” Sherry giggled, and stuck the tip of her moist tongue right into Wendy’s tight rectum, pushing it in until her lips were sucking at the crinkled skin of her anal perforation.

“No, I mean… OH!” Wendy giggled, spread her slender legs wider to help Sherry get at her. “Here,” she said, and she pulled at Sherry’s bare bottom with her hands, raising her head slightly, and kissed Sherry’s distended clit.

“Oh, you do want to suck my pussy!” Sherry laughed. “Just lay there and I’ll rub it all over your face.”

“I… I just want to kiss it,” Wendy said.

“Use your fingers in my asshole,” Sherry giggled again, lowered herself until Wendy was staring directly up inside the deep pulsing hole of her cunt.

Wendy swallowed nervously and then kissed hesitantly at the wet heat of Sherry’s sopping cunt, the labial surfaces flush against her smooth cheeks, at the same time began working a finger up Sherry’s hot rectum, forcing it in, then working it slowly in and out of the clinging aperture.

Sherry’s supple body stiffened, her passionate delight obvious when Wendy began licking and sucking fervidly at her cunt. Then she jerked, shuddering, her entire body trembling, when Wendy fastened her mouth completely to the lush opening, glued to Sherry’s sugary cunt and sucking the wine-red lips between her teeth.

Somewhere in the building a door slammed.

“Wait a second!” Sherry gasped, looked up, her face shiny with Wendy’s warm lubrication.

“What is it?” Wendy asked, felt a tremor of fear race through her. “Was that the door here?”

“No,” Sherry giggled. “It’s the girl next door and you’ve got to hear it to believe it! Come on!” And she took Wendy’s hand in her own and led her breathlessly to her own bedroom.

Sherry hadn’t been kidding when she said her room was a mess. Panties, blouses, slacks, shoes and everything else lay piled up and scattered about. The two naked girls climbed onto Sherry’s bed, which was shoved up against the wall, the bedspread and blankets pulled back.

“Shh!” Sherry cautioned with a soft giggle. “Put your ear up against the wall here and listen.” She was on her knees, listening herself, motioned for Wendy to join her.

Wendy did as Sherry asked, the two of them kneeling face to face, arms wrapped around each other, their bare breasts, groins and thighs pressed warmly together, both alongside the wall and listening.

“What are we trying to hear?” Wendy asked quietly, could hear someone talking in the next apartment, a woman, but couldn’t make out what was being said. Then a man said something, also indiscernible.

“The girl next door and her boyfriend of the week,” Sherry whispered, and she pushed her hips forward, began to rub her hot cunt damply against Wendy’s, pressing into it. She cupped Wendy’s round buttocks with her hands, then traced a finger down between the silky cheeks. “Her bed is next to the wall on the other side. She’s older, about thirty-five, and she’s a fucking maniac when she’s screwing. And she’s always screwing!”

“Really?” Wendy laughed, suddenly heard the unmistakable groan of bedsprings. She listened intently, and a minute later a loud steady creaking followed. It was more than obvious.

“All she ever does is fuck,” Sherry said. She kissed Wendy lightly, then giggled, “Once I even heard her and the guy that was fucking her fall off the bed while they were coming! They didn’t even slow down!”

“It’s getting louder!” Wendy breathed, was meeting Sherry’s pumping motion against the wet bulge of her crotch with her own, had her hands around Sherry’s thrusting behind and was squeezing the small rubbery cheeks into pulpy knots of sweaty flesh, pulling the thin girl almost into her, their thighs locked together, fused with their impassioned lust, their bodies straining.

The creaking bedsprings were getting louder. And faster! Wendy listened, fascinated, then could hear a female groan from the other side of the wall, followed by another and another and another. She could almost picture the frenzied activity of the couple in the next apartment, could almost see the man ramming his stiffened cock into the very depths of the writhing woman, her cries of pleasure steadily growing in intensity.

“Let me get something,” Sherry said, her voice husky with lust. She disentangled herself from Wendy, quickly climbed off the bed, then went to her dresser and rummaged through it. She returned with a penis-shaped plastic vibrator, fiddling with the bottom of it, turned it on. It made a faint humming sound.

“I’ve never seen one,” Wendy had to laugh, stopped abruptly when Sherry, with a small giggle, touched it lightly to Wendy’s pink clit, caused her to shiver involuntarily, “OH, GOD!”

Wendy wrapped her lithe arms around Sherry’s neck, both still kneeling together, trembled as Sherry ran it over the damp curves of her naked body, over her firm breasts, making her already puckered nipples distend and swell until she thought they’d burst, down over the gentle slope of her groin, through her moist pubic hair, finally working the vibrating plastic penis up into her wildly throbbing cunt.

Wendy was shattered by thousands of tingling spasms that raced through her loins, coursing deep into her pulsating heat, her thighs shaking so much, trembling so badly, weak with her rapture, that she could only hold her balance by hanging tightly on to Sherry, her face buried in the warm hollow of the thin girl’s neck.

Sherry pushed the humming phallus yet farther up into Wendy’s wet cunt, cramming it into her tight pussy, filling her with razor-sharp prickling sensations that made her moan with the unrestrained ecstasy surging through her, her buttocks taut, twisting and jerking, straining at the carnal delights that were quickly overwhelming her.

Wendy gurgled low in her throat, gasping for air, was on the verge of collapse, then every muscle in her body tightened until she thought she’d snap into little pieces when Sherry managed finally to force the hard vibrating shaft the rest of the way up into her hotly spasming cunt.

Sherry pressed her own plump pubic mound against the top of Wendy’s, ground into it, squirming, was receiving the keenly pleasurable vibrations second-hand, was covering Wendy’s face with a flurry of wet kisses and soft sighs, her breath moist.

“OH! My, sweet little pet!” Sherry moaned, clinging to Wendy’s wildly wriggling body, pumping tightly against it. “Oh! Oh, my sweet girl! OH! Such sweet bliss! OH, FUCK! OH!”

Wendy’s hands traced down the gentle curve of Sherry’s silky back to the small cheeks of her buttocks, her fingers prying into the fleshy crevice between them. She probed with a finger, entered the snug opening of Sherry’s ass, began to finger it, masturbating it almost, shoved deeply into it. She could smell the sharp odor of the thin girl’s lusciously burgeoning cunt, could feel it wet against her own, grinding into her, slick with her lubrication.

The two of them toppled sideways onto the bed, their yielding flesh locked together, melting into one, both panting and gasping, writhing feverishly until a convulsive heave shook both of them, radiated into a paroxysm of groaning spasms that fled them into a knot of frantically straining sweaty pulp.

The vibrator slipped out of Wendy’s cunt, eased out onto the bed, lay humming there, sticky with her juices. Wendy tried to catch her breath, did not think she could move.

Even with her ear several inches from the wall, Wendy could hear the neighbor girl’s wailing groans pierce the air, could hear her shrill voice straining higher and higher with each sharp crack of the bed.

“God, they’re still fucking!” Wendy breathed. “It sounds like he’s fucking her to death!”

Sherry merely giggled, with an effort rolled over on her back, lay with one arm thrown over her eyes, her narrow chest heaving. Her small breasts were hard as rocks, her dark pointy nipples sticking out taut.

Wendy looked at her steadily for several seconds, staring at the girl’s nakedness, felt the heat of her lust rising within her once again. She crawled on top of Sherry’s supple frame, began to kiss her, savoring the sweet scent of the girl’s shiny skin, soon covering her mouth with her own, and darting her pink tongue into it, exploring its warmth with soft little sucking noises.

She lay cradled between Sherry’s thighs, began to pump her slim hips slowly, the pinpoint sensitivity of her pulsing clit tight against Sherry’s. Wendy murmured, “I want to fuck you. I… I want to get into your cunt! GOD! I really want to FUCK You!!”

Sherry groaned, “You are fucking me! OH! Rub your pussy into mine! OH! I love it!” And with her hands she cupped Wendy’s thrusting buttocks, pulled at them, at the same time hooking her heels around the perspiration-slick backs of Wendy’s legs, was soon squirming and emitting tiny half-whimpering moans, was biting at Wendy’s lips fervently.

Wendy’s pert buttocks bobbed up and down, the hairy bulge of her swollen cunt digging into Sherry’s with each rapid thrust. The older girl’s quaking thighs spread wider and wider. Sherry was bucking and churning beneath her, and it was all Wendy could do to hold her down on the bed, all she could do to not be thrown off.

“Oh, Sherry. GOD!” Wendy cried. “Oh! OH! MY GOD! You’re so GOOD TO FUCK! Play with my… OH! My cunt! Put your fingers in my pussy! OH, FUCK! Up my ass! OH, SHIT!”

Sherry reached blindly around on the bed, managed to find the still humming vibrator. She clutched between Wendy’s pumping thighs from behind, held the slippery lips of Wendy’s gaping pussy open and shoved the vibrating cock into Wendy’s inflamed cunt.

Wendy jerked with a hoarse groan, the cords in her slender neck standing out tautly, her motion suddenly more hurried, more frenzied, her breath coming erratically in soft murmurs of almost delirious sensation. Her trembling body was slamming into Sherry’s, was struggling for the relief it so desperately desired, was relentlessly pounding on Sherry’s willow frame.

And then the jolt of searing pleasure Wendy sought so urgently exploded within the deepest recesses of her quivering cunt. It was savage in its outburst and was as quickly followed by Sherry’s twisting relief, the two girls were lost in a tangle of frantic motion, their legs and buttocks straining, both of them kicking and thrashing so wildly it was a miracle they managed to stay on the bed. Wendy was filled with the maddening sensual joy of her jarring orgasm, her teeth clenched as the rippling waves of ecstasy washed over her. She gasped with a ragged whimpering groan, “OH! OHH! OHHHHH!”

It was silent next door.


“My last roommate could never make me come like you did this afternoon!” Sherry laughed. She sipped at a cup of coffee, her dark eyes following Wendy iron clothes. Sherry was wearing a red silk robe that went only to her knees and would occasionally spread her thighs indecently and reveal to Wendy the dark shadow of her bushy pubic hair. “You’re all fingers and tongue when you get going!” she added with obvious approval.

Wendy had to smile at her, shake her pretty head with a giggle. “It was good! And I love sucking on your pussy! I absolutely love it! I wanted to stick my whole face in it. I can even smell it a little on my hair still.” She giggled again, stretched her skirt across the ironing board. She wore only a light blouse and sheer panties and made Sherry draw the drapes before she would come into the living room. “Anyway, you weren’t exactly just laying there!” she said. “I think I did most of the coming!”

The phone in the kitchen rang. Sherry set her coffee down and ran to answer it. Wendy could hear her giggling and laughing for several moments, then she came back into the living room.

“That was Sander,” she said, and plopped back down on the couch. “Sander Baron. He’s my sort of steady boy friend. He wanted to come over later on tonight and I told him to come ahead. He said he’d bring a friend of his — Greg Young — along for you.”

“Oh!” Wendy said quickly, surprised. “I don’t think I’m up to that. I mean, I don’t think I’m ready yet. I just got here and there’s so much to do.”

“You’ll be fine,” Sherry assured her. “Besides, you’ll really like Greg. He’s cute and a lot of fun to be with. You’ll see.”

“What’s he do for a living?” Wendy asked, was becoming slightly interested at the prospect of a new man in her life.

“He’s an accountant. But, there’s nothing stuffy or old-fashioned about him, so don’t worry about that. If there was, he wouldn’t be hanging around with Sander.”

“What does Sander do?” Wendy was curious.

“He makes movies,” Sherry answered. “He’s made quite a few since I’ve known him. Some of them are pretty good.”

“No kidding!” Wendy looked up. “What kind of movies does he make?”

Sherry laughed. “He calls them art films. Actually, they’re skin flicks. Porno movies. There’s a lot of money in it, I suppose, and he’s very good at it.”

“He stars in them?”

“No, he directs them. You know, sets them up, then tells everybody what to do. He’s great at it. I was even in a couple of them myself.”

“You were fucked on film?” Wendy giggled, her eyes wide. She couldn’t believe it!

“Sure,” Sherry nodded, laughing. “It paid well. Besides, no one back in my home town will ever see it. And it was fun.”

“God, you must not have a shy bone in your body!”

“Not many. In one film I sucked on two black guys cocks at the same time while another guy fucked me in the ass. I never saw so much cum in my entire life! And the whole time that was going on, this other girl was laying underneath me, licking my cunt. I can tell you, it sure wasn’t boring!”

“I’ll bet!” Wendy laughed.

“It’ll be quite a while before Sander and Greg get here. A couple of hours, in fact.” Sherry slipped one hand under the front of Wendy’s filmy panties, squeezed the plump hairy bulge of her crotch. She parted the fleshy pink lips of Wendy’s slippery cunt, probed between them. “Can’t your ironing wait until tomorrow morning?” she breathed, already gently massaging Wendy’s sweet tingling clit.

“I… I think so,” Wendy said, shivered when Sherry kissed warmly along the nape of her neck. “Let’s go in the bedroom and you can fuck me this time.”

“What’s wrong with right here on the carpet?” Sherry whispered, with her other hand was already tugging down Wendy’s panties.

“Nothing,” Wendy had to agree with a giggle. “Nothing at all.”

Sander Baron was telling the sometimes almost serious — more often totally ridiculous — story of his entry into the erotic movie business. He sat cross-legged on the carpet next to Sherry, and every now and then gave her thigh an affectionate squeeze when she interjected, always laughing with a chiding, kidding remark. Wendy and Greg sat on the floor across from them, all four drinking from large glasses full of ice and red wine, all of them casually dressed and with their shoes off. The lights were turned low.

Wendy said very little, sipped at her wine, shyly smiled at Greg occasionally to let him know she was interested, mostly though, was laughing at the things Sander said. She’d decided to herself that Sander would probably be a fascinating person to spend any time with, that although Greg was very nice, Sander was decidedly the more spirited of the two. They looked enough alike to be brothers, both of them tall and lean with dark hair, looked to be in their late twenties. Greg was actually the more physically attractive, and yet still, he somehow lacked the full sense of aliveness that Sander seemed to possess.

“So, Wendy,” Sander said finally, glanced at her with a trace of mischief in his eye, “how would you like to star in my next porno epic? It’ll be a classic in sixteen millimeter cinema filth, I guarantee. An instant success! Especially with you handling the lead!” Sherry slapped his arm with a laugh and he laughed too, looking at her with mock bewilderment.

“I don’t think so,” Wendy stammered, felt her smooth cheeks flush slightly. She looked to Greg, who merely shrugged with a smile. She couldn’t tell if Sander was serious or not, assumed he probably wasn’t, at least hoped he wasn’t. “I’d blush all over during the entire filming.”

“Perfect!” Sander continued, got a warning glance and a pinch from Sherry who seemed no longer quite as amused as a second before. “What could be more perfectly natural, more obviously unstaged, then a young girl blushing at her nakedness? It’s perfect! What wholesome decadence!”

And he held his large hands up, the points of his thumbs together, fingers straight up, as if to form and frame a picture of it in the air: “A sweetly innocent girl — a milkmaid, a virgin child, in the 17th century, perhaps — lost in an age of wanton lust and utter depravity, adrift and yet trying desperately to protect her youthful pristine virtue. She struggles, she loses! I love it! It’s perfect!” And then he burst into laughter.

“I… I’d like to see something you’ve done,” Wendy smiled, nodding.

Sherry said to Sander, “I think it’s time for a little… discussion in the bedroom.” And she stood up, took Sander’s hand and pulled at it, giggling, until he stood also. “You kids have fun,” she smiled at Wendy and Greg, and Sander shook his head with a laugh and followed her into the bedroom. They shut the door.

“Strange people,” Greg laughed. “I never know what to expect next from either one of them. They’re crazy, of course.”

“He’s nice, though,” Wendy smiled at Greg. “And so are you. You’re both so easy to talk to.” She wouldn’t have protested too greatly if he just picked her up off the floor and carried her into the bedroom.

He didn’t, but he did lean over and kiss her full on the mouth, sucking at her soft lips.

Wendy responded warmly, managed to set her glass behind her on the floor, was soon lying on top of him, her slender arms wrapped around his neck, her lithe body pressed passionately against him. She felt a bit light-headed from the wine she’d had, was emboldened by it somewhat. “Let’s go to my room,” she murmured, ran her finger teasingly along the line of his jaw. “Let’s get in my bed.”

“Let’s,” he laughed, and a few minutes later they lay on Wendy’s bed, tightly in each other’s arms, his mouth pressed hotly to hers.

“You’re so firm and rubbery,” Greg breathed, running his hands all over her, through her clothes squeezed her warm buttocks, her pert breasts, the round vibrant backsides of her thighs.

He began to take off her blouse.

Wendy began as quickly to undress him, her large eyes bright, her hands pulling at his belt. “I want to suck your cock,” she said. He laughed, obviously surprised at her bluntness. She added with a giggle, “I want you to come in my mouth.”

She raised herself up, finally had Greg’s pants and underwear to his knees, his stiffened cock standing straight up between his legs. Wendy took it in her hands, moved to it, kneeling beside him. She looked at his throbbing hardness carefully, her eyes devouring it with her need, swallowed hard. She was amazed at how big around it was, seriously doubted her ability to even get it up into her tight cunt, still, was looking forward to at least trying. She caressed it with her fingertips, lowered her head, began rubbing the twitching shaft of it all over her pretty face. Greg watched, fascinated by her intensity.

With her moist lips Wendy kissed the swollen crown, with her teeth nibbled lightly, then with her fingers moved to the fleshy sac that hung between his legs, felt him tremble. She giggled, began to lick at his thickly veined cock, smacking her lips on it wetly, finally popped the engorged head fully into her mouth. She sucked on him, darting her tongue, felt his cock throbbing and jerking, alive with sensation, felt it throbbing even more wildly when she worked her moist tongue warmly over the smooth head. She probed with her tongue at the tiny slit of his glans, toying with it, and began to quickly masturbate him, squeezing with her slender fingers until the head of it was so swollen she thought it would burst in her mouth.

Greg moaned, pumping his hips against her, trying to push his stiff cock yet more deeply into her sucking mouth. He had her slacks and panties pulled down and reached between her damp thighs, searched for and found her lushly slick cunt. Wendy gasped, tried to spread her knees wider apart for him. She slid her knees back a bit to give him more room, was thrilling to the feel of his fingers within her, poking at and manipulating her hot little cunt, pulling gently at her quivering clit.

Wendy ran her moist tongue in circles under and along the bulbous head of his erection, popped it wetly out of her mouth, her lips making sucking noises, then kissed and licked along the ever tightening shaft, back and forth repeatedly, finally covered the solid cap of flesh again with her mouth. Her small hand was working frantically, the warm flesh under her fingers sliding with her movement. His thick cock stiffened upright even more with a little jerk, throbbing, and Wendy could taste the clear fluid that heralded the approach of his ejaculation, could feel it spurting against her tongue. She licked at it, sucked on his twitching cock yet more fervently, wanted to taste the full measure of the sticky eruption.

Greg moaned again, squeezing her ass-cheeks, kneading them while working his fingers up into Wendy’s slippery warm cunt, his palm flush against the plump bulge of her sopping pubic mound, cupping it. He was thrusting his hips with greater and greater urgency, was ramming his long hard cock into Wendy’s mouth with hurried strokes that took him almost to the back of her throat.

Wendy’s lips were tight around the driving shaft with her wildly feverish tongue and rapidly moving hand she was urging him on, bringing him closer and closer to climax.

She watched the fleshy pouch of his scrotum bouncing with each quick movement of her hand, considered covering it with a flurry of kisses. Then he was suddenly squirting thick viscous liquid against Wendy’s pink tongue, twitching as he filled her mouth to overflowing with the pearly white warmth. She was swallowing it as best she could, sucking it from him, and felt his throbbing cock squirt still again, felt his thick semen running warmly down her throat, some of it spilling from her lips.

Greg stretched his legs out and Wendy kept sucking on his cock, her head bobbing in his lap, still licking and nibbling at it until he finally gasped, “That’s enough, baby. You’ll wear it out. I think you’ve killed me.”

“Did you really like it?” Wendy looked up at him and smiled brightly. She said with a giggle, “That’s the first time I ever gave a guy a blow-job. I’ve never even put a guy’s cock in my mouth before.”

“You sure could have fooled me,” he said quietly, obviously pleased with her. “You didn’t even choke when you swallowed all that cum. A lot of girls do; at least the first time.”

“My God!” she giggled, touching her cunt. “I’m so wet I’m dripping down the inside of my leg! And my little cunt is tingling like mad!” She glanced at Greg. “It’s like a really feverish itch up there, like a… tickling inside. I think what I need is a really good fucking with that huge cock of yours.”

She had to laugh at his expression. “Just lay there and save your strength. When your cock gets all stiff and hard again, you’re going to need it.” And she finished undressing him, then crawled up beside him on the bed, began rubbing her warm thighs and breasts against him.

Greg pulled her to him, caressing her silky flesh. He pushed her tawny hair aside and began to suck and kiss her neck, his hands finding the heaviness of her round breasts. He tugged at one nipple with his fingertips, rolling it, and it hardened into erection, trembling. Wendy whispered to him, “If I sit on your face will you lick my pussy? Just until you’re hard again?”

“I’ll lick your hot little pussy anytime you want,” he said. “Anytime, anyplace. Just name it and my tongue will be waiting for you.”

“Here and now,” Wendy laughed, then jumped up with a bounce and a giggle, straddling his face. She poised above him, almost squatting, one bare thigh on each side of his head, her small hands hanging tightly onto the headboard to steady herself. It must have been quite a view, she imagined, knew that he must have been looking up directly into the pink hole of her tight cunt.

She lowered herself slowly, then shivered deliciously when Greg’s moist lips and tongue touched the glistening surfaces of her wetly gaping cunt. He sucked at the trembling cleft, with his hands around her full thighs was puffing her down to him, the flickering action of his probing tongue causing her to squirm on his face, her oily slickness running down his cheeks, the soft mat of her curly pubic hair crushed against his mouth.

Wendy pulled away from him with a little gasp and leaned forward slightly, pushing her slim hips down until his lips were enclosing the fleshy covering of her sweetly sensitive clit.

She started to move her hips slowly, still hanging tightly to the headboard, was pumping her pulsating cunt against Greg’s mouth, the firm cheeks of her pert bottom parting with each of her outward thrusts. Her silky white breasts rose and fell with her steady motion, her nipples, taut and distended, flushed deeply scarlet with the lusty desire she felt throughout her loins, the flame of her passion beginning to kindle.

Greg put his hands on her buttocks and pushed her gently along, helping her. He sucked at her warm cunt steadily, mouthing it, with his tongue would every few seconds dart in circles at the tiny quivering stub of her clit, then would touch at it with his tongue, causing it to tingle.

Wendy’s breathing was growing by degree more harsh, her movement gradually taking on an erratic urgency, jerking, the muscles in her smooth thighs straining taut. She could feel her heartbeat pounding in her ears, was concentrating on the keenly throbbing sensations Greg sent coursing through her with his quick tongue, on the sharply pleasurable spasms racing along her flesh.

Greg was sucking at her wet cunt with ever-increasing enthusiasm, was tonguing up into the palpitating hole of it, forcing his tongue deeper and deeper into her.

Wendy pumped her hips more quickly, swallowing loudly, then she felt the first pleasurable twinge of her climax jab at her, lightly, the merest touch of a feather. She was rewarded almost instantly with overwhelming convulsions of stabbing joy that caused her damp thighs to quake uncontrollably, that caused her pulsing, slippery cunt to clench spasmodically, the entire pink passage within closing tightly. She sat back fully on Greg’s face with a shuddering groan, was overcome by the tremors of raging sensation.

After several long moments she straightened with a sigh, raised herself up, then glanced back over her shoulder and down along Greg’s body to see how he was doing. Her exhaustion vanished almost immediately when her eyes fell on his stiff, thick cock waiting for her.

“Wow, you got hard fast!” she giggled, and sat back on his chest for a moment to catch her breath, trapping his hands beneath her warm buttocks.

Wendy giggled again, then began to move back along his naked body toward his cock. She felt the swollen crown of his throbbing erection just touch between the back of her thighs. She positioned herself carefully, mindful of the huge circumference of the shaft on which she was about to impale herself, and when she felt just the tip of his cock enter and wetly part the slick lips of her trembling cunt, she began to slowly draw him into her cunt.

An expression of rapturous pleasure crossed Greg’s face as his twitching cock cleaved into her, and he raised his hips slightly, managed to wedge the entire fleshy glans and about two inches of the shaft into her glistening pink hole, the warm resistance of the tight passage holding her almost suspended in the air above him.

“Good God!” she murmured, bouncing her hips gently, jiggling and pushing, all the while with soft little whimpers and cries, inching his penetrating cock up inside of her, sitting back, raising up against when it began to fill her too quickly, then jiggling and pushing some more. “God, it’s stretching me wide open!”

Greg swallowed hard, his breath already erratic.

Wendy slid down along the length of the pulsing rod, kept at it, watching as his cock disappeared entirely into the hairy opening between her thighs, as it was buried, finally, to the hilt in her trembling cunt.

“You’re HUGE!” Wendy breathed, twisted her torso and ground against him, felt the passage of her pussy contract wetly, gripping him yet more tightly.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” Greg gasped. “You’re going to make me come right now if you’re not careful! Christ, I can’t tell you how good it feels!”

Wendy shivered, did not have to be told how good it felt. She was filled to the point of bursting, knew that if his mammoth cock was even a fraction larger she would have never have been able to get it inside her, would have been lucky, even, to lodge just the round head of it in. She leaned forward, her warm buttocks pressed against the tops of his thighs, and supporting herself with her hands flat against his chest, began to move. She could feel his jerking hardness all the way up inside of her slick cunt, was loving every thick inch of it, was soon thrusting her hips with long, rapid strokes that took her almost completely to the end of his cock. Only the bulbous cap was still tightly within her. Then she drove herself down on it repeatedly, the throbbing shaft engorging her with wildly delightful sensation.

Greg was writhing beneath her, was clenching at her bouncing heavy breasts with his hands, cupping them, squeezing them, pulling at the swollen taut nipples. He was gulping for air, his mouth working soundlessly, his hips straining up off the bed.

Wendy pumped on him, her body shiny with perspiration, her breathing ragged. She tucked her arms under her, lay fully on top of him, her face against his neck, her slim hips jerking with a feverish, shuddering urgency. She groaned, “Oh, God! Oh, fuck! OH!” She twisted her damp buttocks each time she thrust, tightening her cunt on him, virtually sucking on him with her cunt.

“Oh! It’s so big! It’s so good, so good! It’s… in so deep! FUCK!”

He was thrusting at her frantically from underneath, ramming his hardened cock up into her heat, parting the quivering pink flesh and sending spasms of exquisite pleasure deeply into her. He ground the base of his driving shaft against the mouth of Wendy’s glutted cunt, with his hands was cupping her straining, sweaty buttocks, pulling at the rubbery cheeks, clutching her to him.

Wendy’s sopping crotch pounded at him relentlessly as she over and over again impaled herself on the rigid rod of his cock. She was suffused with wrenching lust, wanted it never to end, felt her loins constrict with the first pulsating flash of her relief. She was almost there and quickened her fervid motion, urged on even faster as the shock waves of her shattering orgasm began to burst within her.

Greg strained until his muscles knotted, until his breath caught in his throat, then he was suddenly pumping his hot, thick liquid up into Wendy’s ever-tightening cunt, his cock jerking wildly, spurting and filling her with his glutinous seed, squirting it deeply into her spasming cunt.

She gurgled, “Oh, Goddamn! OHHH! I can feel you coming! OH, SHIT! OH! GODDAMN!”


Wendy walked through the front door, dropped onto the couch with a loud sign and kicked her shoes off. She closed her eyes and leaned back, sighed again. She wore her dress skirt and her best blouse. She looked her prettiest and had spent all of the morning and most of the afternoon searching for a job. She was completely exhausted.

Sherry popped her head out of the kitchen, smiled at Wendy, and asked, “How did it go? Any luck?”

“Nothing,” Wendy shook her head. “Nothing at all. I must have talked to fifty places today, from restaurants and theatres to even the car wash over on Sunset. Either they wanted experience or they didn’t need anybody.” She shook her head again. “It was really discouraging, let me tell you.”

“Well,” Sherry nodded, “it is tough. You’re not alone, though. Half the country’s out of work. Don’t worry, you’ll manage.”

“I hope so. I’m going to run out of money pretty soon. Then I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“Don’t panic yet,” Sherry laughed.

“Tomorrow’s another day, you know.” Then she asked, “By the way, what did you think of Greg?” She laughed again, added, “It sounded like you two were having quite a time of it last night.”

“You could hear us?” Wendy giggled.

“Sometimes. Not an awful lot,” Sherry smiled. “Anyway, what did you think of him?”

“Oh, I really like him. He’s nice and he’s really good-looking and I’m glad I met him. Both of them, in fact. Sander seems… well, a little crazy, though.”

“He is,” Sherry laughed. “But, I guess that’s why I love him. He’s so unpredictable, he’s impossible to get bored with. If you really need the money Sander is shooting a porn movie tomorrow. It pays pretty good.”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“Well, we could go down and watch. What do you say?”

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to watch.”

“Did we miss much?” Sherry asked, kissed Sander lightly on the moutha nd took his arm in her own.

Sander glanced at Wendy. “I’d like you to jump in there. Really. This picture is important to me and you’d be perfect in it. In fact, although usually I pay an actress only a couple of hundred dollars, if you’ll get in there with them, I’ll give you five hundred. What about it?”

“Oh, I-I don’t… think so.” Wendy stammered, looked away from him awkwardly, “I’d never be able to do that in front of a camera?”

“It’s an underground movie,” he persisted. “It’ll never get into the regular porno theatres. It’s strictly for very rich private buyers. And most of the prints will end up in Europe or South America. No one you know will ever see it! Ever!”

Wendy could really use the five hundred dollars, that was for sure, but she knew she could never bring herself to romping around naked while being filmed. “No… really, I couldn’t. I’d be so embarrassed with everyone watching, I just couldn’t.”

“We’ll shoot it with just you and two others, then. I’ll have Jerry and Hash set up the lighting and leave… I can handle the rest myself. It’ll be strictly private.”

“And what am I supposed to do while they’re fucking?” Pam asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Am I supposed to fingerfuck myself again or something?” She was obviously not pleased at being left out of the scene and was not afraid to let Sander know it.

“Relax,” Sander said. “You just sit this one out. I want a nice, very simple screwing sequence. Nothing fancy… something for the folks back home.” And when Wendy glanced sharply at him from the bed, he added quickly, “Just kidding.”

Pam stood with a small flourish and a pouting smile, thrust out her bare dimpled behind to accentuate its gentle roundness, stretching languorously with her hands clasped behind her head.

“Well, if you really don’t want my cute little ass in the scene, I guess I will fingerfuck myself.” She walked with an exaggerated wiggle to where Sander stood over the camera and plopped herself down on the carpet to watch and began at once to pull and poke at her warm little cunt, all the while smiling up at Sander with mock defiance as if daring him to make her stop.

Sander only shook his head with a helpless laugh, said to Wendy and Robert, “Whenever you’re ready.”

Wendy lay on her back, her round thighs spread outward, knees raised, her feet flat on the bed. Robert balanced forward with his hands on each side of her slender waist, his hips nestled between her bare thighs, the renewed stiffness of his cock poking at her, prodding her.

“Let me help,” Wendy smiled up at her. She found she was becoming very fond of this young boy, and she felt even more so when he returned her smile with obviously mutual affection. She took his warm cock in her hand and guided it to her, pushed it easily through the matted bush of her damp pubic hair and began to work the fleshy thickness of the velvet tip into her slippery cunt.

Robert thrust with his hips against Wendy’s warmly yielding thighs, managed to poke the round head and most of the twitching shaft of his invading cock into her, was met with the soft sucking action of her hot tightness. He moved in the lubricious passageway with slow, deliberate persistence, sending sparks of rapture into the center of Wendy’s gripping heat, causing her to moan softly with the sheer wanton joy she felt at having him, alive and throbbing, within her.

She encircled his buttocks with both hands, pulled him fully to her with a sharp little sigh, shivering when his rigid cock plunged the rest of the way into her, lancing her with pleasure. She hooked her heels behind his legs, wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him, wanted to cuddle him like a teddy bear.

“Is it good?” Wendy asked him, began kissing his face all over. “Does it feel good? Does my little curd feel good to you?”

Robert was flushed, dots of perspiration on his forehead. He nodded, swallowing loudly, then started to pump on Wendy with many short, jerky thrusts, was kissing her on the mouth, sucking at her lips until she was ready to burst with the heat building in her trembling loins. With unrestrained enthusiasm he was pummeling her with his young body, pronging his hard cock into her more quickly than she would have even imagined possible.

She moved under him with a squirming, undulating wiggle, her firm breasts pressed against his heaving chest, her rubbery nipples swollen and distended. She darted her moist tongue into his ear, breathed hotly, “Stick your fingers up my asshole.”

“I’ll stick anything you want up there!” he gasped shakily and was already working his hands under the warm cheeks of her wriggling buttocks, searching for the puckered opening of her tight anus.

Wendy pumped from underneath yet, more feverishly, the two of them thrusting as one.

Robert’s hardened cock reaching as deeply as he could force it into the churning depths of her, his hands squeezing her behind into two handfuls of sweaty muscle. Then his fingers poked into her wet anal slot, first one, then another, then, with some effort, a third, all of them probing up into her still sensitive rectum.

Wendy clawed at his back, raking her nails across his flesh, leaving red welts and scratches that he would feel only much later, was thrusting still more urgently. She groaned with delight as his cock hammered into her, throbbing, pulsing with his excitement, grinding into her, the base of it squeezing her tingling clit, inflaming it, driving Wendy wild with sensation. She was biting at his mouth, groaning more hoarsely, “Oh… my little love… OH! You’re fucking me so fast! It’s so wonderfully good! OH! GOD! It’s so… kiss me! OH, SHIT! OH!”

They smacked together, Robert ramming his pistoning cock into her tight cunt deeper and deeper, his furious thrusts pushing her slowly up along the bed, her slick lubrication oozing from her vaginal crack, running down between the churning cheeks of her warm buttocks.

Her slender legs were climbing steadily up his pumping thighs, working their way up until she was more brazenly open to him then she’d ever been to anyone in her life, until her thighs were wrapped around his hips, pulling him to her, clasping him to the now almost gushing wetness of her cunt.

“You’re fucking me to DEATH!” Wendy managed to gasp, and then the shattering concussion of jarring pleasure she so avidly awaited slammed into her, overwhelming in its jolting intensity, pummeling her into a world of only shadows and brightly flashing lights. Robert was pumping her full of fluid warmth, was pounding into her clenching cunt furiously as his sticky seed surged into her in thick streams, filling the depths of her with hot, coursing liquid.

Wendy was hit with still a second wrenching spasms, and could not believe this boy could be carrying her to such unheard of heights of passion, could be turning her loins into molten jelly that ached and ached for still more and more of his battering cock. “OH, GOD! OH, GOD!” she cried, gritting her teeth each time another wave of sensation broke against her, “OH, GOD! You’re making me come! OH, FUCKING BLISS!”


Wendy sat across from Sander in a booth in a restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard, set her fork down with a little sigh, could not have eaten another bite. Sander was finished eating also and he pulled a partially crushed pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket, offered one to Wendy, who shook her head, then lit one for himself. He tossed the match into the ashtray, exhaled smoke at the ceiling.

“I should make a fortune off that movie,” he said. “You — all of you — came across fantastically well. Really natural, just like the three incredibly enthusiastic teens you are. The buyers are going to love it!”

“I’m glad you’re pleased,” Wendy smiled. “Pam and Robert are really something else!”

Sander laughed. “So are you. I had a hard-on from the first second your perfect tits popped out of your blouse. I mean, Christ, I’ve filmed a lot of naked girls, but you have the most lust-provoking body I’ve ever seen! Not to mention one of the prettiest faces in the city.”

Wendy giggled, was beginning to blush, looked away.

“But you did disappoint me in one respect.” She glanced at him, and he went on, “You didn’t blush once in front of the camera… not once! I was looking forward to it.”

“I was too nervous to be embarrassed,” she said, brightening. “Then, by the time I got over my nervousness, I was too busy to be embarrassed.” She smiled at him, said boldly, “I really like you. You seem so sure of yourself about everything… so in charge of everything! And you’re so different from any of the other guys I’ve ever known.”

“I’m glad to hear you think so,” he laughed, seemed somewhat self-conscious for the first time since Wendy had met him. He took a long drag at his cigarette.

“I guess now you’ll have Sherry, uh, move in with you, huh?”

He looked at her oddly, asked, “What makes you think that?”

“Oh!” Wendy was surprised. “Well, Sherry said that…”

Sander interrupted her, “I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what Sherry says about us. She always seems to think we’re just one step from the altar. She’s always telling everybody that. I have no idea why. I certainly don’t encourage her along those lines.”

“Oh,” was all Wendy could say.

“And anyway,” Sander continued, “if I was going to ask anyone to move in with me, it obviously wouldn’t be Sherry. It would be you. In fact,” and he smiled at her, “consider yourself asked.”

“What!” Wendy blurted, suddenly felt her heartbeat quicken, her face flush. She turned her head away, asked haltingly, “What do you mean? Why me?”

He smiled at her as if she was being falsely modest. “Why not you? You’re smart and you’re amusing and you’re sexy as hell. Also,” and he laughed softly, “you’re a hell of a lot younger than you say you are. That, turns me on. And, like I said, you could give a hard-on to a marble statue.”

Wendy said nothing, was more than merely surprised at his sudden — and seemingly sincere interest in her. Not that she didn’t welcome it… she did, after all, find him fascinating.

“It’s perfect! Now I know I have to have you living with me! Tonight. You can move in tonight! You will won’t you?” He was leaning over the table, looked like he was ready to leap over it and start kissing and hugging her.

“I, uh, yes!”

Neither of them spoke for a long moment. Sander finally said, “You’ll have to pick up your things from Sherry’s. I’ll go with you.”

Wendy glanced at him with sudden realization, considered what Sherry’s reaction would be to all this for the first time, was actually terrified at the prospect of facing her with the news.

“No,” Wendy said with more confidence than she felt. “I’ll go alone. If you went, it would be like rubbing it in her face. And she’s still my friend.”

“Whatever you think is best.” He reached out and squeezed her hand. “I hope you know what you’re doing, though.”

“Me too,” she said, smiled at him uncertainly.

Wendy stood before the door of Sherry’s — and what was technically still her own apartment. She had no idea what to say to Sherry, much less how to say it, and knew only that she wanted to hurt the girl as little as possible, was feeling a curious mixture of both guilt and elation at her decision to move in with Sander.

She took a deep breath, opened the door, and walked in as casually as she could manage. She saw Sherry immediately and cringed inside.

Sherry glanced up from where she lounged naked on the couch, a glass half-full of wine in her hand. Her large eyes were slightly red arid swollen, and Wendy knew that it was from either drinking or crying, or possibly a combination of the two.

“Well,” Sherry said, “so you’ve decided to come home at last.” She attempted a small smile, only partially succeeded, managed a somewhat lopsided grin. “How did the movie go?”

“I’m moving in with Sander,” Wendy said abruptly, knew she could never handle going through any preliminaries. “I’m really sorry. You were very good to me and I like you very much. I… I don’t know what else I can say.”

Sherry merely stared at her, then stood very slowly and very shakily. “I’m glad for you,” she said quietly. “I’m gad for both of you, in fact. I hope you’ll be very happy together.”

Wendy thought for a moment it would be all right, thought with relief that Sherry wasn’t going to display any hysterics. She found out how wrong she was when Sherry suddenly burst into tears, broke and ran, sobbing, to her room.

Wendy stood alone in the living room, considered only briefly just gathering her few belongings and leaving quietly. She couldn’t do it, she realized, not without at least trying to assuage Sherry’s feelings. She walked to the open doorway of the girl’s bedroom, peeked in cautiously.

Sherry lay sprawled naked across her bed, face down, her pretty face buried in her pillow, shaking convulsively, her crying soft and muffled.

“Sherry?” Wendy started.

The girl’s thin frame stiffened, and without looking up, she said, “Go away… just… go!”

Wendy swallowed hard. “I love him,” she said, was trying to explain. “I can’t help it, Sherry. I wouldn’t hurt you for the world, but I really love him.”

“Well, maybe I love him too!” Sherry sat up suddenly, wiped at her eyes. “Did you ever think of that? Did you? Did you, you little whore!”

“I’m… sorry,” Wendy said simply, knew there was little else she could say that would make any difference.

“You should be sorry!” Sherry spat, started to cry again. “You fucking little bitch! You dirty fucking cunt! Don’t you ever come back here! EVER! You bitch!”

“Good bye, Sherry,” Wendy said quietly, felt a strange lump in her throat. “Good bye.”

And she turned and walked quickly away.

“How did Sherry take it?” Sander wanted to know right away when Wendy finally got to his apartment. “Was she very upset?”

Wendy didn’t answer, set the knapsack with all of her things crammed in it down on the floor, looked around at her new living quarters. Sander’s apartment was huge, big enough to easily, contain two the size of Sherry’s place. It was decorated entirely in white and black, was almost stark, the living arrangements consisting of strangely-shaped pillow furniture and odd plexiglass and wire lighting. Wendy could see into his bedroom — their bedroom, she corrected herself — saw that the king-sized bed was unmade, was a tangle of blankets and sheets thrown half on the floor. Everything impressed her. She smiled to herself.

“How did Sherry take it?” Sander asked again. “Did she get very mad?”

“She seemed to take it very well,” Wendy said, smiling up at Sander. “She said she was glad for us. I guess she’s pretty tough.”

“She is,” Sander nodded, seemed satisfied, tough still maybe a bit glum. “Good, I’m gad that’s settled. Now,” and he wrapped his arms around Wendy’s slender waist, “where shall we start?”

Wendy smiled again, was feeling more at home by the minute. She said, a little shamelessly, “How about the bedroom? I can hardly wait for you to fuck me.” She looked at him provocatively.

He brightened right up. “Very direct, you are, my dear, very direct. I like that in a woman. What an amazing combination of admirable traits you seem to possess. Amazing. Yes, I like that.”

“You know…” Wendy started, pouting her full lower lip, “you’ve never kissed me. I mean, here we are, actually going to live together, and you still haven’t kissed me. Not once.”

He laughed easily, “Soon enough — and I do mean soon enough. A little anticipation on each side will only enhance our… enjoyment later in the evening. You’ll see. For now, though, why don’t you put your things away and get used to everything.” He squeezed her gently.

“You sure talk funny sometimes,” she laughed.

“A touch of formality,” he laughed. “It’s become something of a habit, I’m afraid.”

Wendy suddenly stood on her tiptoes, kissed him lightly on the cheek, then with a giggle broke from his grasp, snatched up her knapsack, and ran to get unpacked.

Wendy stood in front of the bathroom. She couldn’t see Sander anywhere and announced loudly to the apartment at large, “I’ve put my stuff away. I’m going to take a quick bath and then,” she giggled, “I’ll meet you in the bedroom.”

Sander appeared suddenly from a doorway just off the long hall, said with a smile, “Here, put these on. You might as well dress the part,” explaining, “This is some of the junk we used in one of my first movies. Pick out what you like. I’m sure you’ll find something intriguing of the lot.”

Wendy peeked into the bag, shrugged with an almost secretive smile, said, “I’ll certainly try.” She stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

Forty-five minutes later, she flounced happily through the same door with a bouncy giggle, posed for Sander. He got up off of the couch and walked over to her with an appreciative smile, looking her up and down.

She wore a frilly white dress, cinched at her waist with a tiny red plastic belt, the ruffled hem of the skirt just barely covering her panties.

Sander was right at her heels, pounced on her almost immediately, brought her down laughing and squirming wildly, twisting, the two of them landing squarely on a massively large bean bag chair. They flattened it almost with their impact, the vinyl surface instantly taking the contour of Wendy’s firm buttocks and back. She tried to wriggle free of Sander.

“Oh, please, mister,” she panted, giggling, and Sander had his hands all over her writhing body, squeezing and tugging at her, half-pulling and half-ripping the front of her dress open, “Please,” she cried, “you can have… your candy back… please!” And her exquisitely heavy breasts jounced into view, burst free from their confinement, quivering, the rubbery nipples already hard and distended.

Sander lunged at her, ravenously covered a swollen nipple with his mouth, sucking and chewing at the pliable flesh. He forced her dress open wider, tearing it back out of the way, popping her buttons off right down to her red belt.

Wendy twisted away from him with a sharp little gasp, kicking her slender legs, managed to get on her side, then on her stomach, was trying to pull herself across the huge bean bag, was crawling, her bare skin sticking to the vinyl, her breath coming hot and quick. Sander was right back on top of her, had somehow managed to get his pants down, had his throbbing erection tight against the backs of her bare brown thighs and was slowly working his way up between them. Wendy flailed with her outstretched arms and he held her down while she wiggled and squirmed, sill trying to break loose.

“Please!” she wailed, thrashing, “…it’ll hurt! Oh, please, I’ll do anything… just let me go!” They had slowly slid back down the bean bag, were sprawling over it, Wendy’s knees just touching the carpet, her short skirt pushed up over the thrust-out tautness of her rubbery firm buttocks. Her white cotton panties were damp with perspiration, the crotch sopping with her lush female lubrication.

Sander let go of her with one hand, with his weight pressed against her to hold her down, he pulled with his fingers from underneath and behind at the narrow band of wet panty between her legs, was at the same time trying to force his twitching hard cock under it and up into her slippery cunt. Wendy squirmed her damp buttocks wildly, tried to slow his progress, but with a push against her, he slipped the smooth head of his erection into the slick lips of the opening he sought. He was constricted by her tight panties, managed still to work himself slowly but surely up into the wetly pink hole of her.

She cried out, panting hoarsely and thrashing relentlessly, then she suddenly straightened her trembling legs with a jerk when he finally shoved his stiffened cock fully into her pulsating cunt, filling her with throbbing hardness. He held her struggling hips down with his hands, began to move in her with quick, full strokes that soon stopped her thrashing and had her moaning and sobbing and working her straining buttocks feverishly against him.

She clenched at the covering of the massive bean bag chair, hung on to it tightly, could feel the shifting-sand sensation of the huge pillow under her tits and thighs, could feel Sander’s weight slamming against her from behind as his thrusts quickened and became more violent. Her underwear was binding her crotch, was riding up in the back between the damp cheeks of her pumping buttocks, in the front was tight against her cunt-mound.

Sander was driving into her with a fluid, intense motion that let Wendy feel every solid inch of his cock, that let her feel it from the blood-engorged head all the way back to the hairy base of it, the full length of it repeatedly parting and then filling the slick, clutching muscles of her tightly gripping cunt. She was reeling with mad delight, ravaged into a sensual stupor by Sander’s throbbing, jabbing hardness.

Her legs were spread open against the bean bag, her knees imbedded into the contour of it, digging yet more deeply with each of Sander’s vigorous heaves, her soft inner thighs so sweaty they were beginning to slide on the smooth vinyl. She worked her churning buttocks frantically, enjoying this rape fantasy as she had never enjoyed anything else, was spellbound by the illusion of being taken against her will, of being forced to submit.

And then, to her surprise, she felt Sander’s hammering cock slip suddenly from her heated loins. She looked up, was caught by even greater surprise when he abruptly slammed the full hardness of it up into her tight and still extremely tender rectum, made her cry out with a shuddering groan, “OH, GOD, YOU’RE HURTING ME! YOU’RE HURTING MY ASSHOLE!”

Sander rammed into her, oblivious of her wailing protests, pumped until her puckered anus was even more raw and swollen, until Wendy was groaning with a mixture of acute pain and pleasure, her reluctance lost in the swirling sensations that filled her.

She was grinding the bulge of her slick pubes into the bean bag beneath her, was fast approaching the verge of what she knew would be a staggering orgasm, and then, when she was almost there, gasping for breath, Sander pulled his cock out of her wet anal passage with a soft sucking plop, once again drove his solid stiffness into her lush cunt, thrusting into it feverishly.

Wendy grabbed more tightly with her hands at the bean bag’s vinyl covering, hung on, her small fists clenching until her knuckles were white, the sleek muscles in her damp thighs and round buttocks tensed rigid. She felt Sander’s stabbing cock deep within her, felt the first spasm of pleasure bit her, jarring her, suffusing her with sensation as it was quickly followed by another after another. Each stab was more intensely delicious than the last, each driving her still further into the moist fog of near delirium that enveloped her. The glistening interior walls of her hot cunt closed with a wrenching convulsion about Sander’s throbbing cock, and he jerked deep inside of her with a harsh moan, shooting his thick sperm into her, pumping with a fury.

Wendy cried out, then sagged limply, utterly spent.

They lay sprawled across the bean bag chair, panting for breath, both too drained to move. Wendy felt a trickle of thick liquid running slowly down the inside of her bare thigh, reached back with her hand. She dabbed at it with her fingers, found it warmly sticky.

“You’re running down my leg,” she murmured quietly, showed him. She laughed softly. “After all of that, and you still haven’t kissed me yet!”

He said with a smile, “I haven’t licked your pussy yet, either, but that doesn’t mean I never will.” And with a groan he pulled himself forward slightly, kissed her damp cheek.

“That’s certainly a start,” Wendy giggled.


At two-thirty Wendy walked down to get Sander’s mail. He would he gone for most of the day editing the film Wendy had made her cinema debut in, had told her to amuse herself until he returned. She imagined he wouldn’t be home until after seven, wondered what she would do to occupy her time until then.

She wore her snug-fitting jeans; a white blouse, and Sander’s bedroom slippers, had not bothered to get dressed until a few minutes earlier, had thrown her clothes on without bothering even to put on socks or panties. She found the rows of mail boxes easily enough, and pulled out two large envelopes and a small package, glanced at them with disinterest, decided they were of no particular concern to herself. She turned around and almost knocked over a slender Chinese girl who was trying to get to her own mail.

“Oh!” Wendy started, “I’m sorry… I wasn’t looking where…”

“Don’t worry about it,” the girl laughed, showing even white teeth. Her face was oval, was classically beautiful, her features finely delicate, as if chiseled from smoky-amber jade. She had high cheek bones, dark — almost black — eyes, and the most kissable, soft-looking mouth imaginable. Her hair was even blacker than her eyes, hung straight to her shoulders, satiny smooth. She said with a smile, “You must be new in the building. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around before.”

“I just moved in yesterday,” Wendy smiled back. “I’m in apartment twenty-one. Upstairs.”

“We’re neighbors then,” the Chinese girl said brightly. “I’m in twenty-six, just down and across the hall from you.” She bent over to open her mail box, wore jeans and a knit turtle-neck blouse, and when she moved her firm breasts pushed against the fabric, rounded it with their full profile.

Wendy swallowed silently, then quickly averted her eyes, was angry with herself for responding so easily to another girl’s body, even one as flawless as the Chinese girl’s. She said with studied calmness, “This seems like a nice place to live. It’s so quiet around here.”

The Chinese girl laughed, “It starts to get a little noisy at night. There’s always a lot of parties going on. Of course, I miss most of it because I work nights. Oh, by the way, I’m Kim Lee. I imagine we’ll be passing each other in the hallway quite a bit.”

“My name’s Wendy. So, where do you work?”

“I work at Jimbo’s on Sunset Boulevard. I’m a dancer.” She laughed. “I show my tits and ass to a crowd of perverts and maniacs. The money’s good enough, though.”

“You certainly have the build for it,” Wendy said without thinking, immediately regretted admitting she had even noticed.

“That’s sweet of you to say,” Kim smiled. “Say, are you doing anything right now? I have a bottle of Puerto Rican rum and I hate to drink alone. Would you like to come over? I’m just killing time until I go to work tonight.”

“I could use something to drink,” Wendy giggled, felt a little reckless. “Sure. I’m just killing time, too.”

They walked back up to Kim Lee’s apartment, and Kim asked, “How would you like your mm?” She motioned for Wendy to sit down. “I’ve got some mix to make Pina Coladas. How does that sound?”

Wendy laughed from the couch, “It sounds like a medical term for something obscene. What is it?”

“Oh, it tastes like coconut.”

“I’ll try it,” Wendy nodded, and while Kim was in the kitchen mixing the drinks, she glanced around the room, decided that Kim must have been quite a successful dancer to afford such an apartment.

“Here we go,” Kim said, handed Wendy’s drink to her, then sat down on the other end of the couch. “So,” she said, “tell me about yourself.”

“This is really good,” Wendy said, took another sip. “It doesn’t even taste like there’s any alcohol in it. It actually tastes good.”

“It’ll sneak up on you,” Kim warned her, and sure enough, an hour later, Wendy’s world was starting to spin. She was sprawled on the couch, her long legs stretched out before her, could not remember ever feeling so out of touch with reality.

“I have to pee,” Kim giggled, was obviously on the road to total oblivion herself. She stood shakily, giggled again when she almost toppled over an end table, then walked unsteadily to the bathroom.

Wendy looked up and could see that Kim didn’t bother to shut the door, that she just pulled her tight jeans and bikini panties down and sat on the toilet. Wendy watched with an almost detached curiosity, her interest somehow strangely impersonal, until the Chinese girl looked up with a startled giggle and pushed the door shut.

Wendy leaned back on the couch, found that she was breathing just a little quicker than normal, realized with a small start that Kim Lee was becoming increasingly alluring to her, was actually beginning to arouse her sexually. Wendy swallowed, suddenly felt very uncomfortable. She considered going back to her own apartment, did not want to get involved in anything intimate with the Chinese girl, especially at her own initiation. And she knew that if she drank much more, she just might say something that would only embarrass them both, that she might actually attempt to approach the girl, thus ending their friendship before it even got started.

Kim came back through the bathroom door, the zipper at the front of her jeans still undone, had managed at least to fasten the snap. Wendy could see the silky blue sheen of her lacy panties through the zipper opening, looked away awkwardly.

Kim threw herself lazily on the couch again. She picked her drink up and emptied the glass, sat for a moment staring straight ahead, a foolish expression on her pretty face.

Wendy suddenly burst out laughing, could not stop.

“What’s so funny?” Kim asked, and she looked at Wendy and began to laugh also, even though she didn’t know at what.

“It’s something dumb,” Wendy was still laughing, shook her head.

“What? Tell me. What is it? Come on!”

“Oh,” Wendy started, “it’s just that when I was in school, a friend of mine told me that…”

“What!” Kim laughed. “Don’t stop now!”

“She told me that… that Chinese girls had… you know, vaginas that slit sideways instead of up and down… and when they slid down a banister, it went, blib, blib, blib, blib…”

And she flipped her finger up and down between her lips, demonstrated the sound for Kim, was still laughing. “It’s so ridiculous,” she said, “I don’t even know why I thought about it. See? I told you it was dumb.”

“But it’s true!” Kim insisted with a giggle.

Wendy stared at her, then shook her head with a laugh of disbelief, “It is not! You’re just making fun of me.”

Then the Chinese girl said, “I’ll show you if you don’t believe me. Do you want to see?” And she giggled again.

Everything seemed fuzzy to Wendy. Kim Lee’s offer excited her, sent a small shiver down her back and straight to her warm genitals, but she would never admit it. She said nothing.

“Do you want to see?” the Chinese girl asked again.

“All right,” Wendy said finally, her voice trembling slightly.

“Well, come here then,” Kim said softly. “I’m too drunk to move anywhere.” And she unsnapped the front of her denims, with her thumbs hooked under the waistband raised herself and pushed them, along with her panties, down to her knees. She spread her firmly rounded thighs until the tangle of jeans and underwear slipped to her slender ankles, then lay her head back and closed her eyes, waiting.

Wendy kicked off her bedroom slippers, pulled her feet up on the couch, managed to scoot herself over beside Kim. She was still a little dizzy, had not noticed it so much until she’d tried moving. She stared down at the glossy black mass of curly hair between Kim’s brown thighs, could see the dark outer lips of the Chinese girl’s moist cunt peeking put at her. Kim’s pink labia were wetly slick and parted slightly, the area within the soft crevice they formed shadowed.

Their charade forgotten, Wendy touched the delicate cleft hesitantly. When Kim Lee made no protest, Wendy slowly slipped her finger into the slippery hole of her, felt Kim Lee stiffen with a quiet sigh and spread her knees still wider. Wendy explored her gently, with her fingertip found the Chinese girl’s pink clit, touched at it teasingly, felt Kim stiffen again, her soft moan more pronounced this time.

Kim Lee opened her eyes slowly, smiling provocatively at Wendy, then put her arms around Wendy’s shoulders. She pulled Wendy to her and kissed her hotly on the mouth. Wendy responded in kind, probed against Kim’s tongue with her own, pushing her finger steadily up into Kim’s cunt.

Kim kissed Wendy amid a profusion of little sighs and whimpers, whispered hoarsely to her, “You’re setting my pussy on fire! Deeper, push your finger in deeper! Oh! Let’s go into the bedroom and get the sheets all sweaty!” And she dropped her hand to the waistband of Wendy’s beltless denims, flipped the snap open, then slowly pulled down Wendy’s zipper. “You’re not wearing any panties!” she giggled, slipping her fingers out from the opened zipper. “Are you into anything kinky?”

“Like what?” Wendy asked, was trying to imagine what Kim meant, growing more excited at the possibility of doing something — anything — really bizarre.

“Come on,” the Chinese girl smiled mysteriously, her dark eyes bright, and led Wendy into the bathroom.

“What!” Wendy asked, startled at Kim Lee’s outrageous suggestion. They were both naked and in the bathtub, Kim on her slender back, her dark skin shining damply, the brown puckered nipples of her large breasts swollen rubbery hard and pointing outwards. Wendy squatted directly over Kim’s face, was braced with her knees against each side of the tub, was holding herself steady with her hands. “What do you want me to do?” she asked again, could not believe she’d heard correctly, could not imagine anyone asking her such a thing.

“Piss in my face,” Kim smiled up at Wendy from between her bare thighs. “Just piss… go ahead.”

“I… what do you mean?” Wendy couldn’t help laughing nervously. “Are you serious?”

Kim raised her head and kissed Wendy’s wetly gaping cunt, tongued slowly between the moist folds, lingeringly, then lapped warmly up into the sugary hole itself.

Wendy squirmed against her, her smooth thighs beginning to quake at the electric spasms coursing through them. She felt the girl’s agilely probing tonguetip flicking lightly at her acutely sensitive clit, teasing at it, inflaming it until it was distended and throbbing. Wendy started to sag into the tub, with an effort held herself up. Her breathing was growing gradually more harsh, her firm breasts rising and falling more quickly, hardening with each lick of indescribable pleasure Kim sent racing through her tremulous loins.

“Go ahead,” Kim coaxed, her voice thickening with desire. “Piss on me while I lick your cunt. Don’t be shy.”

Wendy swallowed hard, realized that Kim was indeed serious, that for some reason — however perverted — the Chinese girl actually wanted Wendy to urinate on her. And on her face yet! Wendy had difficulty adjusting to the idea. “I-I don’t think I can,” she stammered, began to blush self-consciously.

“There’s no hurry,” Kim laughed hoarsely, sucking and smacking with her lips at Wendy’s glistening cunt, wallowing in its warm lubrication. “Whenever you’re ready surprise me.”

Wendy nodded silently, decided to herself that if she was going to do it, she might as well get it quickly over with. She took a steadying breath, then tried to do as Kim Lee had asked, discovered she had trouble relaxing the muscles holding her urine, that while the slender Chinese girl’s moist tongue darted into her, she could just not let go of her own accord. She strained, and then suddenly the full spray of her yellow water burst from her, splattering Kim Lee’s face.

Kim jerked her head back abruptly, her mouth opened wide, closed in on the stream as if it was wine, following it up until her lips finally enclosed the tiny hole of Wendy’s urethra and sucked at it hungrily.

Wendy watched with utter fascination, could never in her wildest fantasies have ever imagined anything so totally bizarre, was at the same time amazed at the perverted thrill she felt at urinating into Kim’s mouth. She pushed with her stomach muscles, filled Kim’s mouth again and again, the small lump in Kim’s throat bobbing as she swallowed, gulping loudly.

Kim Lee squirmed wildly, her damp buttocks making tiny squeaking noises against the bottom of the tub, her slim legs thrashing, was apparently experiencing some kind of sexual thrill from the lewd act. She was moaning and sighing with guttural sounds of excitement and delight each time Wendy let up for a second and then started again. Wendy finally felt the last dribble of her urine stream from her, was surprised at how full her bladder had been, was more surprised at how much Kim had swallowed.

Kim dropped her head back lifelessly, lay with her sleek black hair in yellow liquid, her mouth open still, gasping for breath.

“I’ve never pissed in… anyone’s mouth before,” Wendy said shakily, stood up, feeling a bit guilty about having done it even though Kim had asked her. It seemed such a terribly degenerate thing to do, she thought with a small shudder, was so completely unnatural. And especially since she’d enjoyed doing it. “It was kind of a weird feeling.”

Kim Lee opened her eyes slowly, smiled up at her. “Have you ever given a girl an enema before?”

“No,” Wendy said. “No, I-I never have.”

Kim giggled. “There’s always at least one first time for everything.”

Kim Lee lay spread-eagle, face down on her bed, her naked body trembling with anticipation, her small hands and feet tightly secured with brightly colored silk scarves that ran to each bed post. Kneeling between her legs, Wendy marveled at the sleekness of the Chinese girl’s skin, at the smooth hollows and curves of her supple body. Kim’s breasts were flattened slightly into the bed, her silky black hair still damp from just having been washed and combed out.

“What do I do?” Wendy asked uncertainly, held a heavy rubber enema bag with a long plastic nozzle in her hands. It was filled with warm soapy water. “I don’t know how to do it.”

Kim giggled. “Just shove the end of it all the way up my asshole, then squeeze until the bag’s empty. It’s easy.”

Wendy set the rubber bag down beside her on the bed, then, leaning forward, she took the damp cheeks of Kim’s round buttocks and spread them slowly apart with her fingers. She stared into the small puckered hole within, the elastic ring of dark flesh throbbing when she touched it with a fingertip.

Wendy picked up the enema bag and held the girl’s buttocks apart while she poked the hard plastic nozzle into the tight opening. She heard Kim moan softly, felt her firm behind tense, and she slowly pushed the long snout of the enema up into Kim’s throbbing rectum. “Ready?” Wendy asked, was more than merely curious to see what would follow.

“Uh huh,” Kim nodded, thrusting her ass out as if to force the nozzle more deeply into her.

Wendy squeezed the bag and filled Kim Lee’s hot anal passage with soapy liquid, felt the Chinese girl jerk, felt her tighten her anus to hold the mixture of soap and water within her. Wendy squeezed again, emptied the enema into Kim’s rectum, and then very carefully eased the nozzle from the girl’s anus. It pulled free easily enough, caused Kim to groan with a short gasp, holding the liquid in her bowels.

“It’s going to really be a mess,” Wendy said with a nervous giggle, dropped the enema bag to the floor. “It’ll squirt all over the place when you let go.”

“I’ll clean it up later,” Kim managed stiffly, concentrating on keeping her anus tight.

Wendy got up off the bed carefully so as not to jiggle Kim into a premature expulsion, went to the dresser and picked up the nine-thonged whip Kim had shown her just a few minutes earlier. She balanced the leather stock of it in her hand, was strangely excited about what she was going to do.

“I don’t want to really hurt you,” Wendy said slowly, glancing at the girl.

“Don’t worry. It won’t leave any permanent marks, it just stings like hell! Go ahead.”

Wendy raised the whip high over her head, brought it down whistling through the air against the backs of Kim’s soft upper thighs, the leather biting into the girl’s warm flesh. Kim Lee jerked with a little groan, then before she could catch her breath, the whip snapped with a sharp crack at the damp cheeks of her buttocks, came down on her again and again. She twisted wildly, crying. Her soft lips pulled back over her teeth, her expression was contorted into a mixture of pain and exquisite pleasure. She gurgled, straining at her silken bonds, her smooth muscles tensed, while Wendy flailed at her with building enthusiasm, the lash stinging Kim’s squirming buttocks into a crisscross of tiny red welts.

Wendy flogged the writhing Chinese girl with all her might, her own excitement so keen and intense she was shaking, her eyes wild. She was lashing Kim’s tender behind with a mindless fury, each sharp lick of the whip sending another convulsion of trembling spasms through the bound girl’s struggling body. And each time Kim jerked, a trickle of watery brown liquid spurted from her small anus, ran down along the crimson slash of her passion-slickened cunt and added to the wet stain forming on the bed. Kim squirmed and tossed like a live wire, her body shiny with perspiration, her hips pumping erratically, feverishly.

“Oh, FUCK!” she cried. “OH! You’re whipping me… to death! Harder! Harder! OH! Don’t stop!” And she reached orgasm quickly, climaxing with a shuddering gasp that ended in a shriek, thrashing and trying to kick with her slender legs under the frenzied blows of the whip. The warm soapy water that filled her bowels suddenly exploded from her throbbing rectum with an obscene-sounding gush, squirted from her tight anus and showered the backs of her twitching thighs. She wailed with a long, choking sob, finally lay very still.

Wendy lowered the whip, stood shaking, her pretty face flushed with more than just her exertion.

“Untie me,” Kim moaned, breathing unevenly. “God, my poor ass is stinging like crazy! Rub it, kiss it… anything!”

“You seemed to enjoy it!” Wendy giggled, undoing the silk scarves from the girl’s wrists.

“I loved it!” Kim breathed. “You wouldn’t believe the sensation when you start coming and all that warm water starts squirting out your asshole! I can’t even describe it!”

“I can imagine!” Wendy giggled again, felt a tingling flash between her legs at the mere thought of it.

“Would you like to try it?” Kim asked her. “We don’t have to use the whip. I’ll suck on your pussy instead.”

Wendy felt herself blushing again, could not imagine why after all she’d just been through. She said with a quiet smile, “There’s always at least one first time for everything.”


“Where the hell have you been?” Sander asked irritably when Wendy walked through the front door. And then, abruptly, his face softened and he exhaled loudly. “I’ve been sitting here for over an hour.”

“Oh…” Wendy said slowly, handed him his mail. “I met a really nice girl in the building and she invited me over for a drink. Anyway, it’s not even six o’clock. I didn’t expect you home until much later or I would have been here.”

“Something’s happened,” Sander said carefully, and Wendy glanced at him curiously. He said flatly, “Sherry killed herself last night.”

“What!” Wendy gasped. She felt an icy chill grip her spine, actually considered the ridiculous possibility that he wasn’t serious, that he was playing some joke on her for some reason. One look at his face, however, and she knew that he told the truth. “How?” she asked numbly.

Sander shook his head helplessly. “She climbed in the bathtub and slashed her wrists and the inside of her thighs. The apartment manager found her about noon today.”

“My God!” Wendy sat down heavily on the carpeting. Trembling, she rolled over and curled herself into a ball, had broken out in a cold sweat. “My God.”

Sander just sat looking down at his hands, unwilling or unable to say anything further. He finally stood up, then slowly walked out into the kitchen. He called to Wendy, “Would you like a drink?”

She didn’t answer, lay staring blankly at nothing, her eyes open wide. She felt as though she had actually murdered her thin ex-roommate herself, as though — if not holding the knife or razor or whatever Sherry had used — she had at least pushed the girl into doing it. The oddest sensation passed over her, a sensation that made her feel like a spectator at a play, made her feel like she was merely watching from a distance, far enough away to be almost objective. She was amazed at her lack of tears, knew they would come eventually and in great quantity, but was for the moment somehow holding herself in check.

Wendy realized suddenly that she had to get away, had to get as far as possible from Sander, from his apartment, and from anything else that would remind her of what Sherry had done. And, more importantly, why she had done it. Wendy finally stood up and ran to the bedroom, began quickly throwing open dresser drawers and pulling her clothes out, tossing them on the bed. She found her small knapsack, filled it, cramming everything in without regard to how it would look when she unpacked it again. She was finished in a matter of minutes. She kicked Sander’s bedroom slippers off her feet and sat down on the bed to put her shoes on and noticed for the first time that Sander stood silently in the doorway.

“Running away from home?” he asked quietly, his expression telling her nothing. “You’re packing and leaving? Just like that?”

“Just like that,” Wendy nodded grimly, but wouldn’t look at him. “She killed herself because of us. If I stayed with you it would only compound the guilt I already feel. I… I’m sorry — for both of us.”

“Maybe we could work it out together,” Sander said. “Are you sure you have to go?”

“I’m sure. I seem to be making a habit out of running away when things get rough, but it’s the only way I know. You… you can keep the money you were going to give me for making the movie. I couldn’t take it now… I really couldn’t.”

“Where will you go?”

“I’ll find something,” she shrugged, standing. “I’ve still got a little money of my own left and I don’t eat much.”

“Are you going back home?” he asked. “Back to the farm or wherever it is you’re from?”

“No,” she shook her head. “I… I can’t go back. I feel like I’ve been through too much, like I’m too… too corrupt to go back to my family. Anyway, don’t worry about me, I’ll manage.” She picked up her knapsack, walked out into the living room, Sander following her.

“I hope you will manage,” Sander said slowly. “Take care of yourself I mean it. And call me and let me know how you’re doing.”

“I will,” she lied, knew that she wasn’t fooling him. “Good bye, Sander.”

“Good bye, baby.”

And Wendy opened the door and stepped purposely out into whatever it was her uncertain future would bring.

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