The Proof of the Pudding (fdom, fetish)

The near-naked domina smiled as she regarded her client’s dancing
cock. He was bound to the low bench, face up. She had teased him past
the point of distraction, and took pleasure in his frustrated groans.
She knew he craved relief. They both knew that he craved even more to
be inside her, to thrust and pump until he could hold back no longer,
and in a burst of passion, spurt his seed, over and over, into her
warm receptacle.

She felt his hungry eyes on her smooth thighs and bare legs. Her
bikini panties obscured her sensuous grotto and concealed her matted
brunette pussy hair.

He had done well over the past few months. After going through a
heartbreaking divorce, he sought her services. No money changed hands
— they had casually known each other socially at a previous job. She
had told him that he must submit to her to the best of his ability.

She had trained him to accept domination from her, including paddlings
and canings. As time went on, through her encouragement, he was able
to bend over and keep his bare bottom in place as she placed
striations from the rattan cane across his nether cheeks. He had a
harder time taking the paddle — the hot sensation from each swat
grabbed his attention and made him squirm far more frequently that
even he wanted.

As she looked at his pleading eyes, she felt a zing of pleasure course
through her. She had given him an enema earlier that day, paddled him,
bound him to the bench and, over the past hour, mercilessly teased his
throbbing erection, keeping him just shy of ejaculation. She always
got aroused from administering enemas. She had ordered him to strip
and lie on the floor face down. Then she prepared the three-quart
sudsy solution and inserted a large retention nozzle. Then, as the
warm soapy water inexorably coursed into him, he groaned and wiggled
his bottom. She took great delight in watching his nether cheeks
clench and release under the increasing pressure as he wiggled.

Now, she took a moment to decide whether to bring him to a spurting
climax or delay it and tease him some more.

She smiled sexily and removed her bikini bottoms. Then she straddled
the bench. Her pussy was almost in contact with his mouth. “Suck it,
David” she hoarsely whispered, thinking of his frustrated cock.

He knew how to suck her pussy. With the right combination of pressure
and reverence, he worked on her until she climaxed.

“Let’s have coffee,” she said, and began to unfasten his bindings.
They always had coffee after a session, and it was a time when they
usually dispensed with the dominant/submissive relationship and talked
as friends.

He looked at her questioningly. The end of a session always culminated
with a wild ejaculation from her handling, and his cock was still hot
with arousal and frustrated desire.

“You’ll feel the paddle next time for questioning me,” she said. Her
tone was severe. “Don’t get dressed.”

A moment later he heard the percolation of the coffee maker in the
other room, and after a few minutes of confused reflection he heard
her call him.

She had not put any clothes on, another departure from their routine.
He seated himself at the table where she had poured a cup for each of

In silence, they each took a few sips.

“I haven’t told you that I’ve been celibate for more than a year,” she
began. She smiled at his surprise. An attractive domme like her, he
reasoned, must have several men always after her, and she could be as
choosy as she wanted.

“I’ve not had a man enter me for that time and I’ve been thinking of
doing something about that,” she continued. “And I have considered you
for the slot.” She giggled at the inadvertent pun. She knew his
frustrated cock was probably throbbing under the table. She knew that
he had a myriad of questions.

She took a moment to savor his predicament, his rising hopes, his
confusion. “Before I let you in you must prove yourself. But maybe I’m
going too fast. I don’t know how you feel about having intercourse
with me.”

There was an awkward pause. He drew in his breath and stammered,
“Well, I would like — I mean, that would be wonderful. Uh, how do

“Much of our relationship would not change,” she interrupted. “I would
still be your domme, and you would still submit to me. And we would
have intercourse, as often as I want. You want to know how to prove

“Yes!” he whispered attentively.

“Yes, what?”

“Oh! Yes, Mistress Kristy!” He knew from her tone that he had just
earned a very sore bottom the next time he bent over to accept
discipline. He felt uncomfortable that his Mistress changed the rules
without telling him what the changes were.

“You will first undergo a journey of preparation in which I will
assess your willingness to submit to my needs. Today, you will
ejaculate on my legs and then clean it up with your mouth. Swallowing,
of course. Then you will wear a chastity cage for several days.” She
almost giggled when she saw the look on his face from her words. She
had never before even hinted that she wanted him to ingest his own
semen. “Can you do that?”

He thought for a moment as he looked at her. He saw her sensuous eyes.
It would be so good to be in bed with her, looking into those excited
eyes, thrusting his hard cock in and out of her delectable pussy. The
aching arousal he felt told him what his answer would be.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied in a quavering voice.

“Good. There’s more. Next Saturday evening, you will accompany me to a
‘pussy party.’ There will be three or four other Mistresses there,
with their clients, boyfriends, lovers, husbands, whatever.” She
leaned back and put her legs on the table, knowing he would be more

“After a light meal, each Mistress will take her male to a separate
room, and over the next half hour or so, have him ejaculate inside
her. More than once.” She ran her hands along her smooth legs,
something she permitted him to do occasionally.

“The Mistresses will then be seated at the dinner table for dessert.
As they eat, you will get under the table and use your mouth to
extract every trace of cream from their pussies.”

She paused for a moment to let her words have their effect.

“If you perform your task satisfactorily, I will then take you to my
bed and we will have a night of intercourse.”

His cock jumped at her mention of taking him in. He knew that he would
undergo the humiliating, mysterious, sensual and distasteful task she

She smeared warm butter on her hands and told him to stand up and come
hither. She grasped his hardened member and pointed it toward her
legs. Slowly and relentlessly, she pumped his cock, and within a
minute he exclaimed and spurted a large payload of pent-up desire on
her legs.

She released his cock, put her feet on the floor, and pointed to the
streaks of cum. Wordlessly, he knelt before her and performed his
cleanup task. Her breathing told him that she enjoyed the scene.

After making sure he swallowed every drop of his cum, she locked a
cock cage on him and brusquely sent him home. Before she got in the
shower, she reclined on her bed and slowly brought herself to an
intense climax.

Nearly a week later, he nervously went with her to her Mistress
friend’s house for the pussy party. It had been in his thoughts almost
every moment that week. In his mind, over and over, he imagined the
scenario of his kissing and sucking on the pussies of several
Mistresses — pussies full of other men’s cum. As his arousal and
frustration increased, he liked the idea more and more.

As soon as they entered Mistress Inga’s house, Kristy told David to
strip completely. His heart pounded as he removed his clothes. His
cock cage was the only thing he wore. Then she led him to the living
room where the others were.

He had been coached on his expected behavior on the way over. There
were three women seated on the sofa chatting. They looked up at

“Hello, Inga,” Kristy said. “This is David who will be initiated

David stepped forward and knelt before the platinum-haired Mistress.
He bent down and kissed her toes. The severe-looking woman accepted
his homage for a moment, and then said, “I’m looking forward to your
initiation, David. Next to me here is Mistress Anika.”

Anika, in her late twenties, was slender and had close-cropped black
hair. She extended one leg forward and David bent down to kiss her
feet. She introduced him to Mistress Vicki, a dishwater-blonde woman
in her early forties who let him work on her feet for a while before
she mentioned that she too wanted to see how David would perform under
the table.

“Catalina is in the first phase of preparing the guys,” Inga remarked.
As if on cue, an attractive young woman, wearing only a bikini top and
platform shoes, walked into the room. She bowed toward the contingent
of mistresses and set food and wine on the dinner table. The four
Mistresses seated themselves along one side of the spacious table.

Kristy nodded to David and he crawled under the table and kissed and
licked the feet and legs of the four women as they ate. The way they
occasionally moved and stirred told him that they enjoyed the homage
he paid. The dominas were not dressed in formal dominatrix uniforms –
Inga wore a short leather skirt and ruffled white top, Anika had on a
tight fitting sheath dress, and Vicki wore a T-shirt and white shorts.
They all were barelegged. While David licked Anika’s legs, she
reached under the table and brought his face between her thighs and
gently closed in on him. he had little choice but to inhale the scent
from her panties — the scent of feminine arousal.

When they had finished eating, Inga had David crawl out from under the
table and be seated next to Kristy. She smiled at him and said, “It’s
closer to the moment of truth, David. Three of us will now go upstairs
and get ready for your initiation. Catalina has been preparing the
males for their part in this.”

As the three dominas got up, Catalina came down, still wearing only
her bikini top and her shoes. She brought David a large glass of water
and retreated back upstairs.

Kristy told David about Catalina’s role. “The males have been wearing
chastity devices for over a week. Before dinner Catalina bound them to
their respective beds and teased their cocks without letting them
ejaculate. Naturally it won’t take long for their first load to pop.
Catalina’s job is to get them quickly aroused again for their second

David’s heart raced. The scene he imagined taking place upstairs
sounded at the same time sensual and frustrating.

“Immediately after receiving the second serving, the Mistress will
come downstairs and be seated at the table. When all three are here,
and Catalina has served them tea and cookies, you will perform your
initiation task. If you see any semen dripping down their legs, be
sure to get that as well.”

Kristy had a sensuous look in her eyes. “When you are pleasuring a
Mistress it is okay to bring her to orgasm. Be sure to get every trace
of semen out of her.”

The look in her eyes was one that David hoped to see close up in her
bed. He wondered if he would pass the test and be able to extract
everything from the women’s pussies.

The minutes slowly passed. Kristy frequently looked at David and

Finally, one by one, the three Mistresses regally came down the stairs
and took their places at the table. Catalina efficiently served
cookies and tea.

The moment had arrived. David self-consciously crawled under the table
in front of Mistress Inga. She moved forward in her chair and opened
her legs. The breathtakingly beautiful sight of Inga’s blonde pussy
with beads of fresh sex juice stared him in the face. He breathed
lightly on her blushing labia. She opened her legs still more, until
one of them touched Anika’s bare leg.

He swiped his tongue on Inga’s labia and licked up the wetness on her
pubic mat, deliberately ignoring the taste and texture. When he placed
his lips on Inga’s vaginal entry she stirred.

“Use your tongue first,” she instructed.

David probed inside Inga’s steamy pussy with his tongue and was
surprised at how slippery her innards were. He knew he got a
substantial amount of cum using that technique. After a few moments he
began to suck on her pussy again. She moaned, and tried to assist by
pulsing her vaginal muscles. More juicy mixture emerged and he
swallowed several times. He went back to probing her pussy with his
tongue to get the final remaining traces of payload.

When Inga put her legs together David gently kissed each of her knees
and then went over to Anika. When she opened her legs he noticed
several shiny wet spots on her inner thighs. He ran his tongue across
all of them. Then he gazed at her black-haired pussy with translucent
juice oozing from her vaginal opening. ‘That pussy could coax cum from
a broomstick,’ he mused to himself as he felt his cock twitch a couple
of times.

David flicked his tongue around Anika’s external pussy and lapped up
her slippery cream mixed with semen. Her subtle stirring disclosed her
sensual enjoyment. When he penetrated her pussy with his tongue she
thrust her hips forward for easier access. He scooped out a
substantial amount, and hoped that some of it was Anika’s own cream.
When he pressed his lips on her pussy she moaned and closed her legs
around his head. He kissed and sucked on her pussy and felt pulses of
cream enter his mouth.

Anika’s moans reverberated through her body. Her powerful slender legs
held David’s head in place as her pumping became more intense. He
sucked harder and probed recklessly with his tongue. He knew when she
climaxed — another wad of viscous substance pulsed into his mouth and
he swallowed.

Anika opened her legs and affectionately grasped David’s face with her
hands. He kissed her wet pussy once more and she released him to go to
the next one.

Mistress Vicki opened her legs and treated David to the sight of her
honey-blonde pussy. Thick, viscous strands of cervical mucus stretched
across her opening. They were drenched with semen, as were her labia
and pussy hair. A glob of semen waited just inside her pussy, ready to
come out. The sight was at the same time alluring and disturbing. This
would be his most grueling test of the evening.

David tried to stay focused on his eventual forthcoming reward, and
with some determination put his face between Vicki’s opened legs.
Closer, closer, and then he pressed his opened mouth over her oozing
labia. Keeping his lips against her pussy, he licked once and scooped
a considerable amount of creamy substance into his mouth. He groaned
as he swallowed the massive wad, and Vicki stirred. He knew that was
just the beginning, and that there was much more inside her.

Another swipe with his tongue got almost as much as the first one. He
kept scooping the profuse load with his tongue, and there was always
more. Then he penetrated her sticky vaginal hole with his tongue as
she squirmed. It was at that point that David realized how amazingly
sensuous Vicki was. His cock twitched when he imagined the feeling of
being inside Vicki, and how easy it would be to come to ejaculation
amid her thick internal cream. How deliciously frustrating it would be
to be endlessly teased by her; how willingly he would bend over at the
waist and accept her severe discipline for a chance to eventually feel
her inner vaginal muscles around his member; and how intensely
pleasurable would be the wild spurts from his cock.

His arousal spurred him on to then kiss and suck on Vicky’s
cum-streaked pussy with renewed energy. His pleasurable moans did not
go unnoticed as he fervently extracted the last remaining traces of
joy juice.

Vicki let herself enjoy David’s initiation ceremony, and quietly
surrendered to an orgasm. He whole body trembled as the orgasmic
energy surged from her midsection outward in strong pulses. David was
in awe from the effect that his oral attention had on Vicki. No wonder
she got such a voluminous load from her male. What male wouldn’t be
drained of every last drop when he got inside that pussy?

David’s face was coated with feminine glaze when he emerged from his
station of oral servitude. Each dominatrix in turn said that he
performed satisfactorily for a first-timer.

Later that evening in Kristy’s spacious bedroom, David’s member jutted
straight out from his midsection. Droplets of pre-cum glistened around
the tip of his erection from his constant and unsated arousal. Kristy
was in no hurry, and the anticipation played havoc with his impatient

As Kristy lay on the bed, naked, she was aroused. David had used his
tongue on her feet and her legs, up to her hips. He saw close up
Kristy’s feminine cream lightly oozing from her pussy.

“David,” she whispered, “Enter me now. Last as long as you can before
you ejaculate.”

Her words alone almost sent him across the line. She had wide eyes and
an almost-suppressed smile as he guided his anxious member to the
opening of her womanhood.

“Ahhhhhh!” she whispered as he slid in. A few thrusts, and she opened
her arms. They lay chest to chest, face to face.

Kristy welcomed the feeling she had not experienced in over a year —
that of a virile male member spreading her vaginal muscles apart with
each thrust and eagerly probing inside her.

David took long thrusts and reveled in the sweet feeling of being
inside the sensual dominatrix he had gotten to know. He thrust a few
more times, and the feeling of impending ejaculation at the base of
his cock became stronger.

“David,” Kristy whispered, “I expect you to suck me clean. Every

There was no doubt what she meant.

He had to have her, to consummate lovemaking with her.

“Yes Mistress!” he panted after a few seconds of thought.

She smiled, and a few thrusts later David thrashed about as his cock
blissfully erupted within her. Every wild spurt into her creamy
womanhood sent an intense zing of pleasure through him.

David’s cock finally stopped pulsing, and he panted in the afterglow
of one of most intense ejaculations he had ever experienced.

Kristy had a radiant smile. She had enjoyed David’s enthusiasm and the
hard thrusting of his anxious member. She liked the feel of his body
against hers when she knew his cock was giving forth its immediate
reservoir of semen. There was still more pleasure in store for her.

Having finally had release, David lay with his body on hers. His cock
stirred and he felt an occasional pulse of semen course through and
spurt into Mistress Kristy’s pussy.

Kristy was in no hurry, and she knew that David’s fervor for
extracting male cum from her pussy was probably completely gone. She
had heard about the post-ejaculation ‘blues.’ She waited a few
minutes for his reluctance to increase.

She stirred under him. “Okay, David,” she whispered, “I’m ready.”

David’s cock slipped out. He knew he agreed to the task ahead; he knew
he pumped an incredible amount into her. All he wanted to do now was
relax, and he couldn’t do that until he fulfilled his part of the

He wondered if it was going to be worth it as he got down between his
Mistress’ legs and gazed at her cum-soaked pussy. Over the next ten
minutes, he extracted the mixture of his cum and Kristy’s own cream.
After he swallowed the first wad, Kristy let herself surrender to her
own orgasms.

It did not take long for the effects of David’s period of forced
denial to turn his thoughts again to sex. The nuzzling and touching in
Kristy’s bed got him hard, much to her delight. She had him enter her
again, and this time David enjoyed a lengthier period of intercourse
than before. His ejaculation was no less intense the second time, and
after he spurted far up inside her, he again put his will, and his
mouth, to the task and sucked her pussy clean.

Twice more in the dreamy nighttime hours Kristy aroused him and
mounted him. The skillful minx leisurely took her pleasure and in due
time felt David’s cock passionately burst forth. Then she straddled
his face and placed her sloppily sexed pussy against his mouth and
cried out in orgasm as he swallowed his own payload.

The following day, before she sent him home, Kristy attached David’s
cock cage and told him to be back for a session the following week.

David keenly felt the days of denial after his blissful night with
Mistress Kristy. On the evening of their session, she gave him enemas,
shaved him from the waist down, and had him bend over for the paddle.
He hoped that she would have forgotten her promise to increase the
severity. She didn’t forget.

With a hot and sore bottom, he got on the bondage bench and lay face
up. After Kristy bound his wrists and ankles, she proceeded to tease
his cock and balls over an extended time. She took pleasure in David’s
groans and his pleading eyes. Every few minutes she straddled his face
and had him kiss and lick her aroused pussy, and told him how good it
would feel to have a hard cock pumping inside her.

When she was convinced that her charge had been taken to the summit of
erotic distraction, she tightly bound his midsection to the bench to
further restrict him. This way he was unable to pump or thrust. She
had total control.

With a teasing smile, she straddled the bench so that her pussy was
just above the tip of David’s desperate cock. She waited a moment, and
then, slowly and gradually, bent her knees enough to take in the cock
that danced under her.

With her feet apart and her knees bent, Kristy presented a sensuous
picture of feminine control. Over and over, she slowly withdrew until
just the tip of David’s member penetrated her, and just as slowly took
him in again. She disregarded his moans of desperate torment. When she
herself was satisfied with the prolonged intercourse of bondage, she
placed her hands on her hips and gradually increased the tempo of her

The gleam in her eyes and the expression on her face told him that she
was looking forward to draining his balls. All the heated arousal
that permeated his midsection became concentrated at the base of his
cock. All he had to do at that point was remember the sweet feeling of
the first time he penetrated Kristy’s womanhood and sank his member
inside her.

Mistress Kristy suppressed a smile when she felt David’s cock expand
slightly and throb in preparation for ejecting the reservoir of lust
she helped him build up. She had handled many cocks in her tenure as
dominatrix; she had brought them to ejaculation, some of them many
times. Some of them ejaculated a small amount of thick, ropy cum;
others flowed when they ejected, not shooting in spurts; some
propelled spurts slowly, others quickly. Many of them suddenly
ejaculated with no warning. She loved the way David ejaculated. The
brief throbbing, then a couple of jerks, followed by a series of
powerful spurts.

Kristy barely heard David’s exclamation when he crossed the line into
a lengthy ejaculation, she was so focused on the feelings inside her.
She kept on pumping, as David could scarcely move. Indeed, she
continued to pump long after David’s cock had spewed a healthy amount
of semen in her. She wanted to blend their juices before withdrawing.

“Open up, David,” she ordered when she could no longer pump without
his cum leaking from her pussy. He no longer entertained thoughts of
resisting. He willingly opened his mouth wide and Kristy stepped
forward. She made gentle contact with his mouth, and he immediately
lapped and swallowed the oozing mixture.

When David began to probe his tongue deeply into her cum-drenched
pussy, the heat of arousal stirred inside her pelvic area. Her hands
still on her hips, she jutted her chest forward and tossed her head
back. David’s heart raced as he energetically applied his mouth to the
extraction task. He kissed Kristy’s blushing labia; he sucked and
tongued her pussy as she got more aroused.

Subsequent to David’s swallowing another wad, Kristy could not hold
back any longer. Her whole body trembled and her womanhood made more
forceful contact with David’s mouth.

He did all he could to keep his mouth on her pussy as she rocked her
hips and filled the room with her gasps of orgasm.

A few moments later Kristy unfastened David’s bindings. Her demanding
pussy glistened from the recent activity. As they sipped coffee she
told him that she wanted him to spend the night.