The Family Lay

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is perhaps the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs, and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

THE FAMILY LAY is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

THE FAMILY LAY — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal far others.


“Suck it,” he said. “Get that cock in your mouth and suck hard!”

Young Susan Bell quivered as her cousin ordered her to suck his cock. Jerry Clifford was just a little older. He sat on a keg in the old barn, his fly unzipped and his rampant cock sticking out of his jeans like a hard club. Susan stared at his prick, mesmerized by the boy’s throbbing cockflesh and the juice oozing out of the tiny slit in his bloated cockhead. She was a virgin. Ten minutes ago she hadn’t been sure she wanted to lose her cherry to her cousin, but now that she had his hard cock under her nose all resistance vanished.

Susan and her mother, Marie Bell, were staying with Jerry and his parents all summer at the old farm. Aunt Angie was Marie’s sister. Susan had expected a dull summer with relatives, but now it looked like this would be a summer she’d remember for a long time!

“Come on,” Jerry urged, his teeth clenched and his eyes bright. “Take it in your mouth, Susan. Or maybe you’re not grown up enough yet to suck a cock, is that it? I swear you’re not getting out of here until you do it. Suck it, you bitch!”

Filled with a mixture of fear and desire, Susan slowly lowered her mouth to his swollen cockhead.

Jerry groaned softly as her lips closed over his throbbing knob. He kept his eyes on her mouth, savoring the sight of the pretty blonde teenager sucking his rigid prick.

Although Susan was a virgin, this wasn’t the first time she’d had a cock in her mouth. The first time had been a year before when her high school algebra teacher had taken advantage of her. No more than five minutes after she’d admitted to him that she had a crush on him, he had her in his office with his fly unzipped and her mouth on his cock. She loved it. He gushed buckets of hot jism down her throat and she came again and again as she swallowed everything. A few days later she sucked him off again. After that it became a regular once-a-week session and Susan was proud that at her age she’d succeeded in becoming what Mr. Wilson called a “great cocksucker”.

Jerry had a fatter cock than Mr. Wilson. Susan could tell by the way his cockshaft stretched her lips. She knew how to please a man, how to tongue and suck, and she was anxious to please her cousin. Mr. Wilson had loved having her suck long and deep on his prick while her tongue fluttered over his juicy cockhead. She did that to Jerry. She tickled his pisshole with the tip of her tongue and sucked hard when she had his gorgeous cockhead completely inside her mouth.

“Shit, yeah!” Jerry groaned. “That’s the way, Susan. You’re doing fine!”

Susan could feel the twitching in her cunt. She was dying to be fucked. There came a time when a girl just had to lose her cherry, and it seemed that fate had provided her cousin to do the job. She wandered if Jerry intended to come in her mouth. She wouldn’t mind. She was curious to know if he tasted different from Mr. Wilson. She suspected it wouldn’t take much to make Jerry shoot his load now, but she decided to delay things a bit. She liked it too much!

Pulling her mouth off her cousin’s cockhead with a slurping noise, the blonde teenager dribbled saliva on his pink cockshaft. She ran her slippery mouth up and down the length of his rigid shaft. She nibbled and sucked and licked his silken cockskin, loving the smooth velvety feel of it against her lips. When his cock was completely drenched with her warm saliva, she fumbled with his belt buckle and asked him to get his pants down.

Jerry snickered as he pushed his pants and shorts down. “I guess you want more meat, huh?”

Susan blushed and nodded. She no longer cared what he thought of her. She kept her eyes fixed on his spit-soaked cock and caught her breath with excitement when at last his lovely pink balls appeared.

Jerry pulled his feet clear of his pants and shorts and spread his legs wide. “It’s all yours, baby!”

Susan purred with pleasure as she burrowed her face between his legs and started licking his fuzz-covered balls. Mr. Wilson had taught her how to work on a man’s nuts with her mouth.

She quivered with excitement as she nibbled the crinkly skin and wiry hair of her cousin’s ball-bag. Sucking gently, she pulled Jerry’s bloated balls into the hot wetness of her cage mouth.

Jerry groaned and shuddered as his pretty cousin sucked his swollen nuts. “Jesus Christ, what a mouth?” he said. “What is it? You want my leg up? What for? What are you going to do?”

Susan licked under his quivering balls, fluttering her tongue over the tight grommet of his asshole.

“Oh fuck.” Jerry croaked, squirming his ass as he felt Susan’s tongue tickling his shitter.

Susan stifled a giggle as she slipped the tip of her tongue into his hot asshole. This was another thing Mr. Wilson had taught her. Her teacher had been wild about it, and obviously Jerry liked it too. The teenager swirled her wet tongue in her cousin’s asshole and thrilled at the way the boy responded.

Susan fluttered her tongue in Jerry’s asshole another full minute before she once again moved her mouth up to his cock. She sucked his hot cockhead back into her ravenous mouth. She sucked slow and deep, pumping her face up and down over the boy’s twitching prick. She loved the way his hard cockmeat slid over her tongue to the back of her throat. She loved the delicious texture of his cockshaft as it stretched her lips. Slowly moving her mouth up and down on his thick slippery fuck pole, she sucked hard on the hot flesh of his cockhead.

Jerry moaned with pleasure, his eyes feasting on his cousin’s pretty mouth as it bobbed lazily up and down. He was amazed that his young cousin seemed to know more about sucking a cock than any of his girlfriends. Jesus, what a summer this is going to be! he thought.

From the way Jerry’s body was jerking, Susan knew he was ready to come. She decided to let him shoot his load in her mouth. She knew he could come again and she wanted to taste his jism.

Jerry was experienced enough to sense that his cousin wanted his load down her throat. Her mouth worked on his prick like a machine, a marvelous sucking machine that could no longer be denied its reward. With a deep groan, the boy released his hot load into his cousin’s hungry mouth.

Susan mewled with pleasure as the boy’s thick creamy jism gushed and squirted out of his fat cockhead. God, how much of it there was! No matter how fast she sucked and swallowed, it was just more than she could handle. Globs or ropey jism oozed out from between her sucking lips and dribbled down her chin. This was an ocean compared to Mr. Wilson’s thin load. She relished every tangy drop of it. She sucked the last delicious glob from his slowly shrinking cockhead and giggled softly as the drained boy slumped back on the keg.

“Christ, where did you learn to suck like that?” Jerry moaned.

Susan giggled again and fondled his juice coated softening cock with her fingers. She had an expert touch, her fingers stroking gently and persistently, and soon the boy’s cock was becoming stiff once more.

“Fuck me now,” Susan said.

Jerry smirked. “I bet you’re cherry.”

“So what? There’s always a first time, isn’t there? You ought to be thankful I want you to do it.”

“Bullshit. Fucking a virgin is messy. But if you want me to bust you, I’ll do it. Suck my cock some more. Get it good and hard.”

Susan leaned forward and once more sucked his prick into her mouth. His cock quickly became as hard as an iron bar. She jiggled his balls with her fingers and nibbled on his swollen cockhead until she sensed he was ready for fucking.

“Okay,” Jerry said at last. He pushed her face away from his cock and stretched out on a large piece of canvas on the floor. “This is a crummy place to fuck, but it’s better than nothing. Next time we use a bed. Come on, get on top of me. That’s the easiest way to bust your little cherry.”

“Don’t you want me to take my clothes off?”

“Of course, stupid! How are you going to fuck with your clothes on?”

Susan pouted. “You don’t seem too interested in looking at me.”

“Oh, shit, don’t start that, will ya? You’re a kid. What the hell have you got to show me?”

Susan blushed. Maybe he was right. Mr. Wilson thought her tits were big enough, but maybe he was just being nice about it. Jerry was used to older girls. Susan felt awkward now, and she was no longer sure she wanted Jerry to fuck her.

Jerry sensed her discomfort. He was eager to see her without clothes, but he figured he could keep the upper hand by playing it cool. He hated the idea of running after a girl as young as Susan. He liked older girls, the older the better. Women his mother’s age really turned him on. Women with big tits and long stiff nipples. Christ, just thinking about his mother’s tits drove him wild! Why not pretend Susan was his mother? Jesus, what a gas!

“Okay,” he said, “show me your tits. I’m sorry about what I said. I bet you’ve got gorgeous knockers.”

“You really wanna see them?”

“You bet.”

Susan smiled. Mr. Wilson played with her tits and fingered her pussy, but he’d never seen her naked. She was thrilled at the idea of showing her body to her cousin.

“Come on,” Jerry urged. “Show me those boobs!” Closing his fist around his cockshaft, he slowly pumped his fuck pole as he watched his cousin undress.

Tits first, Susan thought, her pussy quivering as she watched Jerry fondle his cock. She seductively peeled off her shirt and bra and cupped her hands under her ripe young tits.

Jerry was surprised. Her tits were bigger than he’d thought. She had large pink nipples and his cock jerked in his hand when he realized she really did remind him of his mother. They were both blonde. Jerry had more than once sneaked a look at his mother’s body and her tits were a lot like Susan’s. His mother’s tits were bigger and drooped more, but the resemblance was there.

“Now the rest,” he said, his voice shaky with excitement.

Susan shivered with pleasure. She could tell he was turned on by her body. There was no need for him to talk. She could tell by the sound of his voice and the look in his eyes. She finished undressing, pulling her jeans and panties off her feet and standing there before him completely naked.

Jerry gazed at his cousin’s thick blonde cunt-bush. The more he looked at Susan, the more he saw his mother. It was funny the way Aunt Marie was, a brunette and Susan a blonde, Susan took after his mother rather than hers. Jesus Christ, how it turned him on!

“Get on it,” the boy croaked. “Get over here and sit on my cock!”

The blonde teenager scrambled to obey. She positioned herself on top of her cousin and slowly lowered her crotch. Jerry jerked his hips upward, nuzzling his swollen cock against her wet pussy.

“Slip it in,” he breathed. “Get it inside.”

Susan pressed her cuntlips against the hot knob of his cock. She humped forward and then down, capturing his cockhead between her quivering cunt flaps.

“You’re so big!” she gasped. “Maybe I can’t take it!”

“Don’t worry,” Jerry chuckled, his hands finding the girl’s hanging tits and his fingers pulling her juicy pink nipples. “Just sit down on it. You’re wet enough, aren’t you?”

“I’m sopping!”

She moaned as she eased down on his cock. In a moment she felt the firm thickness of his fuck pole sliding into her cunt-channel. She felt hardly any pain as his cockhead punched through the thin membrane of her cherry. Then the marvelous feeling of his fat cock stuffing her cunt overwhelmed her.

“Oh, God, it’s good!” she purred.

Jerry hissed with pleasure. “Your cunt is so fucking tight! Tight and hot! That’s it baby! Move it around! Keep your cunt moving!”

Susan groaned. Her mouth dropped open as she slammed down on his throbbing fuck-pole. His cock felt wonderful inside her pussy. So big and delicious and wonderful!

Gripping her luscious young tits, Jerry showed her how to move up and down. He taught her how to pull up until she had no more than his cockhead inside her cunt. She needed no instructions about ramming down on his cock, since that was the part she liked best.

“How do you like it?” Jerry asked with a grin, his cockshaft grinding against her clit. “How does it feel in there?”

“I love it!” the girl moaned.

“We can do this all summer.”


“You’ve got a juicy hot cunt and I like your tits too.”

Susan quivered with lust and reached behind her to grab the boy’s bloated balls.

With a grunt, Jerry suddenly rolled her over and pushed her legs back so that her knees touched her tits. Her cunt was fully exposed. He could see the pinkish-brown nut of her asshole. His cock jerked as he remembered the way she’d reamed his ass with her tongue. He wondered if his mother ever did that to his father.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out!” the boy croaked.

Susan gasped as he plowed his cock into her sopping cunt. She’d never dreamed fucking could be so marvelous. Now she knew why those of her friends who’d been fucking boys had that glazed look in her eyes. The feel of her cousin’s hot thick cock stretching her cunt was enough to blow her mind. She cried, out with frenzied lust each time his fat balls slapped against her asshole.

After what seemed like a hundred strokes of his cock inside her cunt, Susan was no longer rational. His cock felt like a hot poker inside her pussy. She started coming and there seemed no end to her orgasms her pussy spasmed and boiled and churned, gripping his sliding cockshaft as he pumped in and out of her juice drenched fuck-hole.

“Harder!” Susan cried. “Fuck me harder! Oh, God, keep fucking me!”

Her head bounced on the canvas each time Jerry slammed into her cunt. He grunted like a wild animal and the girl knew he was about to shoot his load.

“Oh fuck!” he moaned. “Here it is! Suck it out with your cunt!”

His hips jerked as he pumped hot globs of jism into her hungry pussy. Susan pictured his fuck-cream splattering her cunt-channel. She tightened her cunt muscles as she tried to milk him dry. They came together, crying out and groaning, their bodies coated with sweat, their minds shattered with sensation. Finally they settled down and Susan leaned forward to press her lips against his. She briefly sucked on his tongue. When she sat up again, Jerry’s hands still held her tits.

“Christ, you’re a great fact!” he said.

Susan was thrilled. “Do you really mean that?”

“You bet.”

“Oh, Jerry, you turn me on, you really do!” Slipping her cunt off his soft cock, she stretched out beside him and pressed herself against his athletic body. She ran her palm up and down over his smooth hairless chest.

Jerry could feel his cock getting hard again. He wanted her fingers on his prick. He turned to face her, cupping a tit in his hand and smiling when she moaned in response. Susan’s fingers found his wet sticky cock at the same time as his own hand pushed between her thighs.

She opened her legs and his middle finger traced the swollen flaps of her cuntlips. A moment later his finger slipped into her cunthole and churned her juices. Susan moaned, her breath quickening. Jerry pressed his body against hers and she reached down to fondle his balls. Their lips met in a hot kiss as she pressed her middle finger against his asshole.

“I’m horny again,” she whispered. “Don’t stop!”

Jerry grunted his agreement and sucked on her tongue, his thumb massaging her clit as his middle finger continued stretching her wet cunt-hole. He slipped his other hand around her waist and fondled her ass-cheeks. He drew her to him until his cock pushed against her cuntlips and he felt her wet cunt hair tickling his cockhead.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me again!”

She gasped as he pulled his middle finger out of her cunt and pushed it into her asshole. His thumb now moved down from her clit and slipped into the mouth of her cunthole.

“Oh, Lordy, that feels good! Both my ass and my cunt! Oh, Jesus, yes!”

Jerry giggled. He watched her face as he slowly reamed her cunthole and asshole at the same time with his fingers. “You like this, huh?”

“I love it!”

She spasmed. An unexpected orgasm suddenly convulsed her cunt and ass on his fingers. She cried out, sobbing with pleasure as he continued fingerfucking her two holes.

Jerry got a big thrill out of making his young cousin blast off. Her breath tasted sweet and full of passion as he hungrily kissed her. He squeezed her asscheeks with his free hand. When her fingers once again found his hard cock, he pumped his hips to encourage her.

“Let me make you come,” she whispered in his ear.


“Let me make you come. Let me jerk you off. I want you to come all over my body. I want you to shoot it on my tits.”

Jerry groaned. The idea excited him to a fever pitch. He felt her fingers gripping his throbbing cock. She expertly pulled his cockskin back and forth over the rim of his cockhead.

“Where’d you learn how to do this?” he asked.

“One of my teachers at school.”

“Jesus,” he muttered.

He moved his hips into her fist, moaning with pleasure as he felt his balls tightening. Now she stroked just the upper half of his cock, the most sensitive part immediately behind his cockhead. His cockhead swelled into a fat plum under her fingers.

“You’re going to come soon,” she hissed. “I can feel it!”

“Let me fuck you.”

“No, just stay like this, please!”

Her fist moved more rapidly now, beating his cockmeat with a regular rhythm. He arched his back and groaned. She hovered over him, looking down at him, her eyes moving from his cock to his face and back to his cock again, her fist continuing the pumping action which would drive him over the brink.

Suddenly, he cried out and shuddered as the jism began boiling out of his balls. Susan purred with pleasure, her eyes fixed on his thick cock, on his juicy fat cockhead, on his swollen pink balls bloated with his fuck-cream.

“Now!” she moaned.

A moment later his cock exploded in her hand, hot stringy globs of white jism splashing against her belly and tits. His cock was like a fountain. Glob after glob shot out of his pisshole to splatter her body. When she had her fill of watching him, she swooped down and engulfed his sprouting prick with her mouth. He cried out as he emptied the last of his load down her gulping throat.


As Jerry Clifford had the last dregs of his come sucked out of his prick by his cousin, his mother was inside the house getting ready for an afternoon treat with his father.

Angie Clifford surveyed herself in the full length mirror in the bathroom off the master bedroom. The expectation of sex had already brought the juice flowing out of her pussy and a high flush of excitement to her face. She liked the way she looked. She knew she had a gorgeous figure and she enjoyed admiring herself. She had lovely blonde hair and her face was still unlined. Her luscious full mouth was made for sucking, and more than one man had told her she gave fantastic head. She smiled at herself as she cupped her tits in her hands. Her boobs were big and heavy, two creamy cantaloupes with fat juicy nipples that drove men wild. They drooped only enough to make them even more attractive, and they were super-sensitive, always aching to be touched and sucked, her spongy nipples always hard and long.

Her eyes traveled over the slope of her belly to the full bush of blonde hair covering her pussy. Using the fingers of both hands, she pulled her cuntlips apart to reveal the glistening pink meat of her cunt. Juicy wet cuntflesh just aching for hard cock.

Angie was happy that her sister and niece were staying with them this summer. Angie liked her sister Marie. They had drifted apart in recent years, but when they’d been younger they’d been terribly close.

As close as you can get, Angie thought with a soft giggle. They had tasted each other’s pussies before either of them knew what a cock was for. The sex-play continued through their adolescence, and by the time Marie was sixteen and Angie seventeen bringing each other off with fingers and tongues was almost a daily routine. Happily they both liked boys more than girls. Marie, in fact, had stopped all sex with Angie after Angie married Clyde. And then a year later Marie herself had been married and the two sisters no longer even mentioned what had gone on during their teens.

Angie was certain that through the years Marie had never had any fun with girls. Somehow she could tell. In her own case, things were different. Angie liked pussy almost as much as cock, especially when she could call the shots and do some of the kinky things that really turned her on. Would she and Marie have a chance to get together again this summer? And what about Susan? The thought of a little cunt-to-cunt intimacy between herself and her young niece made Angie quiver with lust.

In the meantime, Clyde was in the bedroom waiting for her. Angie knew he was in the mood for a lazy afternoon fuck and a long nap afterward, but she wanted much more than a quickie and a meager orgasm. She needed heavy fucking today. She’d been terribly restless since the arrival of Marie and she heeded something to calm her down. And then there was the problem of Jerry. She’d more than once caught herself searing this bulging crotch and wondering what it would be like to fuck him. Her own son! Jerry wasn’t oblivious to things, either. She’d seen the way he looked at her tits. God, that would be a turn on! The image of Jerry sucking hungrily at her tits caused and of cuntjuice to gush out of her pussy.

Angie had brought a black lace garter belt and dark nylons into the bathroom with her, and now she put them on and checked herself out in the mirror. She loved the erotic touch of the stockings and garter belt and thought they would drive Clyde wild. Turning her body, she looked over her shoulder at the lush cheeks of her ass and the creamy flesh of her thighs above the tops of her stockings. Yummy! she giggled.

Clyde was sitting on the edge of the bed when Angie came out of the bathroom, and when he saw her he smiled and rose to his feet.

“Jesus, you look great!” he said.

They moved into each other’s arms. Angie pushed her big tits against his chest, purring as Clyde pressed his lips against her perfumed hair. Slipping his fingers under her chin, he tilted her face upward and kissed her. Angie pushed her hot tongue into his mouth and pressed herself against him. Her hard nipples stabbed against his bare chest.

Gliding his hands down over the curve of her back, Clyde cupped her lush asscheeks with his palms. He recognized how lucky he was. Angie had a gorgeous body and she loved to fuck. Her skin was like silk and the flesh of her ass in his palms was firm and resilient. He knew she liked having her ass squeezed, and now his big hands gave, her asscheeks a workout.

“That feels good!” Angie cooed.

“Great ass, baby!”

“Are you going to do all kinds of nasty things to it?”

“You can bet on it,” he chuckled.

He pulled her closer and her cunt-bush rubbed against his cock and balls. She was wearing high-heeled mules and they were almost the same height. She slipped a hand between their bodies and ran her finger over the hard length of his cock.

“I feel a hot prick,” she said.

“It’s hot for you, honey.”

She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled him forward until she had his throbbing cock under her nose. He groaned as her wet tongue teased his swollen cockhead. She sucked up some of the clear juice oozing out of his pisshole. Opening her mouth, she closed her lips over his cockhead and probed his pisshole with the tip of her tongue.

She loved it when his cock was hard and ready like this. Her teeth scraped over the sensitive skin of his cockhead, just enough to make him feel it, and her reward was a gasp of pleasure out of his throat.

One of her hands slipped around to his ass. She tickled the groove between his asshole and the base of his cock. She cupped his balls and squeezed gently, pulling on his ball-bag as she continued sucking his cockhead.

At last pulling her mouth off his cock, Angie told Clyde to get on the bed. “On your back,” she said. “Let momma do the work.”

Clyde grinned as he stretched out on his back in the center of the bed. She gazed at his thick hard cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. Lying on her side, she closed her hand around his throbbing cockshaft and began slowly stroking his fuck pole. She slid the loose flesh of his foreskin over his swollen gleaming cockhead. Shifting her body, kneeling on all fours, she lowered her face to his cock and once again sucked his knob into her mouth.

Clyde groaned as he watched his cockshaft disappear into her face. She sucked cock like no woman he’d ever known. He had a good seven itches of hard meat, but Angie had learned how to take all of it. He loved the sight of his thick cockshaft ringed by her wet lips. His cockskin glistened with her spit as she moved her lips up and down on his quivering prick.

Angie immersed herself in the taste and smell of hot cock. She sucked rhythmically up and down, the thumb and forefinger of one hand stroking the base of his cockshaft while the fingers of the other hand massaged his bloated balls. Then her hand moved, reached beneath his swollen balls, to find his asshole. He groaned as she screwed a finger into his grommet and began reaming out his shitter with twisting strokes.

“Oh, Jesus!” Clyde croaked. “You’d better let me fuck you before I blast off!”

Pulling her mouth off his cock with a wet slurping noise, Angie laughed and rolled over on her back. “Okay, tiger, stick it in and fuck me!”

He crawled between her open thighs. She grabbed his cockshaft in her hand and brought his fat cockhead to the mouth of her oozing cunthole. She rubbed his knob around the edges of her fuckhole, massaging her cuntlips and clit with his dripping prick. Clyde grunted and lurched forward, spearing his cockhead inside her cunt and ramming the length of his prick into her fuck-channel.

Angie grabbed his asscheeks with her hands. “Come on, honey. Dump it in me. Let me feel it squirt!”

“Are you sure?” Clyde moaned. He was anxious to blast off, but he knew Angie hadn’t had her fun yet.

“Don’t worry about me now. We’ll get you hard again, you’ll see.”

Clyde needed no more encouragement. He began a hard pumping of his stiff cock in and out of Angie’s sopping cunt. When it came to straight fucking, what Angie liked best was having a hard cock pounding her pussy to pieces. Clyde knew best. She held her legs up in the air and wide apart as he rammed her cunt again and again. She could feel his hairy nuts slapping against her asshole. She knew he’d be good for one more come before the afternoon was over, and she wanted that fat prick of his stretching her bung. How things change, she thought. When she’d been a girl, the idea of getting fucked in the ass had horrified her. Now she loved it. There was nothing in the world nicer than the feel of a thick cock packing her shit-chute.

“Oh, fuck, here it comes!” he groaned.

She clutched his ass and urged him on. When he blasted off, she found his asshole with a finger and helped him along by screwing his shitter. As he dumped the last of his load into her cunt, she had a small orgasm herself. Hardly enough to satisfy her, but they still had time to play games.

Angie liked games. She liked having her crotch worked over. By man or woman, it made no difference. She liked playing master to a slave and having a wet mouth gobbling her oozing flesh between her clit and asshole. She liked the idea that someone was down there devoted to making her feel good. She liked having people doing wicked things to her. When Clyde recovered his senses after their first fuck, he moved his head between her legs and began eating her cunt. Angie soon wanted more than that. Rolling over on her belly, she told him to eat her ass.

Clyde snorted with lust. The sight of Angie’s luscious asscheeks framed by her black garter belt and dark nylons was enough to turn him into a raging bull. He caught his breath as she reached back with her hands and pulled her asscheeks open to show him what she had.

“Eat it!” Angie hissed. “Do my ass, honey. Go all the way!”

She moaned as he lowered his head and began nuzzling and, licking up and down the crack between her asscheeks. She raised her hips to help him. She gurgled with pleasure as he dipped his tongue into her cunthole and dragged her cuntjuice up the damp grove to her winking asshole. She pictured his thick tongue swabbing over her hot shithole. Of all the men she’d known, Clyde was the only one who ate her ass with real gusto. He always slobbered and dripped spit into her asscrack. The feel of his warm saliva running over her asshole never failed to carry her over the moon.

“DO my asshole, honey!” she moaned. “Let me feel your tongue!”

Clyde drew back a moment and gazed drunkenly at the pinkish-brown grommet of her asshole. She had fine blonde hair growing up from her pussy to ring her shithole. He liked hairy women. The sight of Angie’s hairy little asshole always brought him to a fever pitch of excitement. Lowering his face to her ass, he closed his lips over the ring of her asshole and slithered his warm wet tongue inside her shitter.

Angie groaned. Having a thick tongue stretching her asshole was definitely the most heavenly caress. There was something almost magical about just lying there with her asscheeks pulled open and Clyde’s mouth sucking at her asshole.

“Tongue-fuck my ass!” she purred. “Let me feel it going in and out!”

Clyde obliged her. He whipped his tongue in and out of her shithole as she squirmed her asscheeks against his face. Her ass surrounded him, covering his nose and mouth and chin, smothering him in hot creamy ass-flesh. He could feel her shuddering. Each stroke of his tongue brought a whimper out of her throat. She fucked her ass at his face, pumping her hips and clamping her asshole down on his tongue each time he drilled it all the way inside.

She came twice. Sometimes she had to rub her clit in order to go over, but this time the feel of his wet slithering tongue was enough. He satisfied to keep his tongue in her ass, and she thought about having him there all afternoon, but she decided she wanted some cock. Rising up on her knees with her head down and her ass in the air, she told him she wanted his cock in her asshole.

“Unless you’re bored,” she teased.

Clyde swore and playfully pinched her ass. He moved in behind her. Holding his cock in his hands, he pressed his fat cockhead against the tight ring of her shitter.

Angie looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. She swayed her ass to encourage him.

“Do it, Clyde! Stick it in my ass.”

Years of assfucking has made her asshole loose and springy. Clyde had no trouble squeezing his cockhead inside her grommet, but he pushed forward slowly because he knew she liked it best that way. He grunted with pleasure as she took the full length of his hard cock into the warm rubbery depths of her shitter.

Angie looked back at him and purred. “Feel good, honey?”

“Damn right!” Clyde croaked, his hands clutching her luscious asscheeks and his eyes fixed on the way her stretched asshole gripped his cockshaft. “You want some fucking now?”

“Sure, baby. Give it to momma. Fuck my ass!”

He began stroking his fat cock in and out of her shitter. After the tenth stroke she warmed up and began mewling and whining. Ten more strokes and she started coming big and heavy. A flood of juice gushed out of her cunthole as she moaned and squirmed her ass on his cock. When it was Clyde’s turn, he leaned over her, grabbing her hanging tits, and pumped his thick load into the depths of her bowels.

Angie collapsed under him. For a shocking moment she suddenly imagined it was her son mounting her from behind with his cock in her ass. I’m wicked! she thought. Then she smiled, squeezed her asshole around her husband’s cock, and closed her eyes.


Marie Bell knew a horny teenager when she saw one. For the first, time in weeks she was alone with her nephew Jerry, and the tall and beautiful brunette was aware of the boy’s ogling eyes. Since her divorce two years before, Marie’s sex-life had been meager. She was leery about letting herself get into the clutches of another man. She restricted herself to casual fucking, one-night stands without any complications. Truck drivers, gas station attendants, and even the mailman. The fucking was usually low-grade, but it was better than nothing. Now here she had her nephew, young and bursting with vitality, and just the thought of his hard young cock throbbing in his shorts was enough to make her cream her panties. My nephew, she thought, my sister’s son. She knew incest was a sin, but she didn’t care. The idea of fucking the boy tilled her mind and made her blood race.

Did he like older women? Some boys did. She was older, but not that much. No older than his mother. Boys his age were often turned on by their mothers. Angie was certainly something to look at, with her big knockers and curvy ass. Did he jerk off thinking about his mother? Marie pictured Jerry stroking his rigid cock and almost came in her pants. She wanted him.

They were in the living room, seated side by side on the sofa and watching a silly TV show. She realized that nothing would happen unless she took the initiative. Slipping her arm around his shoulders, she spoke to him in a sultry voice.

“You’re growing up fast, Jerry.”

He chuckled and nodded, his eyes on the TV screen. “That’s right, Aunt Marie.”

“You’re almost a man. Can I ask you a special question?”

“Sure, whatever you want.”

“What’s going on these days? Are boys your age usually virgins?”

His eyes left the screen now and he looked at her uncertainly. “Yeah, I guess so. Some are.”

“And what about you?”


“You don’t have to answer,” Marie smiled. “I don’t want to embarrass you.”

“Hell,” he protested, “I’m not a little kid, Aunt Marie. I haven’t been a virgin for three years!”

“Then you’re more experienced than I thought.”

“I guess so.”

She kissed him. He was surprised at first, but she held him tightly and soon he melted into the kiss. She explored his mouth with her tongue. How sweet he tasted! Unable to resist the urge, she slipped her hand to his crotch and trailed her fingers over the bulge of his hard cock.

“Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this,” she purred. “Maybe I’m too old for you. But some boys like older women, don’t they? Do you think I’m sexy, Jerry?”

“Jesus, yes!” he groaned.

She rose up leaving the sofa to stand before him. She was beyond caring about consequences now.

“I think you and I are going to have a little party, aren’t we, Jerry?”

His face flushed, he gazed at the swell of her tits. “Whatever you want, Aunt Marie.”

She found it exciting to be in control. He belonged to her now. She could do whatever she wanted with him. Thinking about all the possibilities made her giddy with lust.

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse all the way to her waist. She pulled her shoulders back until the thin material of the blouse tightly molded her tits. She was not wearing a bra and a slight movement of her shoulders uncovered her thickly spiked nipples.

“Do you like these?” she teased him. She adored the passion in his boyish eyes. Men had always been turned on by her boobs. Her tits were big, but they still had their shape. Her fingertips danced over the globes of her tits, and then she gently pinched each hard nipple between a thumb and forefinger.

She moved closer to him, slipping her blouse off as she eyed his crotch. Have patience, she thought, you’ll have that sweet cock of his soon enough!

“Do you like my tits, Jerry?”

“Jesus, Aunt Marie, maybe we shouldn’t do this!” he breathed.

She replied by leaning forward to push her tits against his face. When he opened his mouth to groan, she pressed a fat titty between his lips.

“Suck my titty, honey! Give it a good suck!” She quivered with pleasure at the feel of his hips and tongue on her swollen nipple. When she was aroused like this, her tits were excruciatingly sensitive. She could feel the juice gushing out of her cunt to wet her panties. The boy had a wonderful mouth. He no longer objected now. He worked hungrily on her titflesh, sucking and licking and chewing until she had to pull her nipple out of his mouth and give him the other one. She held her tit with both hands and fed it to him.

“That’s the way, honey. You like sucking on them, don’t you? It’s good for me too. It turns me on to see your mouth filled with my tit.”

Her nipples were raw when she finally pulled her tits away from his voracious mouth. Now she had a desperate need to get her hands on his cock. Pulling him to his feet, she sat down on the sofa in front of him. She pushed his hands away when he tried to grab her tits again. Fumbling with his belt buckle, she finally opened it and loosened his pants.

“Get them down!” she hissed.

She helped him pull his pants and jockey shorts down to his knees. His cock sprang out like a truncheons pink and hard and oozing juice at its tip. Snaking one hand around his waist to cup and squeeze the muscular cheeks of his ass, she curled the other hand around his cock and visibly quivered with lust. His lovely young prick throbbed deliciously under her fingers. She gently stroked his cockshaft, enjoying the way he trembled at her touch. Pulling his foreskin all the way down, she completely exposed his gorgeous wet knob.

“It’s a lovely cock!” she crooned. “You keep it busy, don’t you, darling?”

“I guess so,” the boy croaked. He still couldn’t accept the reality of what was happening. The feel of his aunt’s fingers fondling and probing his cock and balls drove him wild. He was fascinated by her big tits. They were the same size as his mother’s tits. They hung like huge melons on her chest, jiggling and bouncing each time she moved, her long thick nipples still wet with his saliva. He licked his lips as he recalled the taste and feel of her creamy tits in his mouth.

She had both hands on his cock now, her left hand rolling his balls and her right hand slowly pumping his cockshaft.

“Jesus!” he moaned.

“It’s all right honey. You can come if you want to. Don’t hold back.”

As she closed her hand more tightly around his cockshaft and pumped it faster. She wanted him to come. She wanted the pleasure of watching his hot boyish jism gush out of his swollen cockhead like lava out of a volcano.

Jerry shuddered and groaned, his eyes closed, his chest heaving. A gurgling sound came out of his throat and suddenly his cock began squirting a geyser of jism. Marie hissed with delight, her hand flying up and down like a machine as she pumped the ropey hot cum out of his balls.

“That’s it, honey! Give it to me! Oh, look how much of it there is! It’s like a fountain! It feels so good on my tits! Keep squirting, baby! Give me all of it!”

She drained his young nuts, milking his prick until the last dregs of his cum oozed out of the slit in his cockhead and onto her fingers.


“Oh, Jesus, Aunt Marie!”

“You’re not quitting on me, are you? Let’s go upstairs.”

The boy meekly followed her upstairs to her bedroom. She dropped her skirt, briefly cupped her tits in her hands, and stretched out on the bed with her knees raised and apart.

“Take off my panties,” she said.

He came forward to do her bidding. She raised her hips slightly as he grasped her panties with his hands. He pulled them down and out from underneath her ass. He drew them along her thighs and a moment later slipped them off her legs.

Marie spread her knees and smiled at him as he gazed with hot eyes at her hairy crotch. She parted her thighs wider, causing her cuntlips to furl open and reveal the pink meat of her gash. It’s the wet meat that gets to them, she thought. She’d never known a man to resist the sight of her open wet cunt, and her nephew was certainly no exception. Lifting her knees, she pulled them back to her tits with her hands and spread them as wide as possible.

Jerry’s heart pounded as he gazed at his aunt’s exposed crotch. He could see everything. She was different than his mother. Marie was a brunette and Angie was a blonde. But they were sisters and there were similarities. They were both very hairy. He’d never seen his mother as close as this but he suspected all the details were the same. Marie had a thick growth of cunt hair growing down past her cuntlips and into the crack of her ass.

He could no the dark ringlets circling, her puckered asshole. She had a prominent clit, a glistening red bud protruding at the apex of her cuntlips. The inner cunt flaps were dark pink and much longer than any he’d seen before. Her cunthole looked as though it were filled with cuntjuice, and even as he watched, a glob of cunt-cream oozed out of her pussyhole to stream into the crack of her ass.

Marie decided the show was over. Hooking her legs over his shoulders, she pulled the boy towards her and told him what she wanted.

“Take my ass in your hands and put your mouth on my pussy. I want you to suck my cunt.”

He never had a chance to refuse. When his head was close enough, she grabbed his ears and pulled his face into her steaming wet crotch. She sighed with satisfaction as his nose rubbed against her swollen clit.

“Suck it, baby,” she purred. “Suck your Auntie’s pussy. It’s nice and juicy for you. Suck all the lovely juice out of my hole!”

Jerry dug in and started sucking. It wasn’t the first pussy he’d sucked, but this one overwhelmed him. His face seemed to be completely covered by soft warm cunt flesh. The ripe smell of her cunt made him giddy. It was different than the smell of a young girl’s pussy. Young girls always smelled and tasted fishy. The smell of Marie’s cunt was more spicy, a sharp aroma that really turned him on. He sniffed and licked and sucked, slurping thick wads of cuntjuice out of her gaping cunthole, rolling them over his tongue and swallowing them down. He loved the taste of her. He loved the feel of her cunt-slime on his tongue.

Marie opened her thighs as wide as possible, crossed her ankles behind his neck and forced his face more deeply into her cunt.

“Tongue-fuck me, honey! Move your tongue in and out of my hole! Oh, yes, that’s good, that’s the way! Do you like Auntie’s wet cunt? Nice and juicy, isn’t it? I can feel your cute little nose on my clit!”

She finally pushed him away from her cunt and told him to get the rest of his clothes off. When he was naked, she sat on the edge of the bed and had him stand in front of her. She closed her hand around his cock and slowly moved his foreskin up and down over his cockhead. His cock had a fresh look about it, his cockskin pink and tight, his throbbing cockshaft a solid hunk of young male meat. She cupped his balls in her free hand and ran her middle finger into the crack of his ass to find his asshole. He groaned as her finger invaded his shitter. She ran her wet lips up and down his cockshaft, then sucked his cockhead into her mouth and probed his pisshole with her tongue.

Jerry quivered as he gazed down at his aunt’s face and saw the way her lips were wrapped around his cockshaft. He watched as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, fucking him with her mouth, her finger gently reaming out his shithole. Christ, her tits were gorgeous! Her thick nipples jiggled as she sucked him. He could feel the heat of her pretty mouth. He quivered again as he wondered what it would feel like to have his mother sucking his cock like this.

Marie decided she wanted his lovely young cock inside her pussy. Pulling her mouth off his saliva-coated prick with a wet noise, she ordered the boy to stretch out on the bed. She straddled his body and crouched over him, her tits hanging like ripe fruit against his face. When he opened his mouth, she giggled and dropped a nipple between his lips. She had him suck both tits, one after the other, and then she slid forward to hang her crotch over his face. Cooing encouragement, she eased her wet cunt down on his nose and mouth.

“Just a little more, baby!” she hissed. “I can come this way. Ooooh, you do like my cuntjuice, don’t you? This way it drips right down into your mouth, doesn’t it?”

She rubbed her sopping crotch over his face, giving his mouth everything she had from clit to asshole. She was experienced enough to recognize that the boy was excited by her bung almost as much as her cunt, and she chuckled as she settled her asshole on his mouth to see what he would do. She didn’t expect much. A grown man might find it exciting to stick his tongue in the ass of a beautiful woman, and she’d had her asshole reamed out once or twice, but she suspected a boy Jerry’s age would be too naive to do it. She was wrong. Whether from instinct or experience, he knew exactly what to do when he had his face between a woman’s asscheeks. He licked and swabbed her asshole, tickling the rim with the point of his tongue, and then finally stiffening his tongue and screwing it inside her bung.

Marie groaned with delight. The tickling wet feel of his tongue inside her shithole drove her wild. Dropping her head to her crotch, she rubbed her clit as her nephew continued to piston his thick tongue in and out of her ass. She came twice, pissing a little with each climax, giggling hysterically when she realized what had happened. If Jerry minded, there was no sign of it. He lapped and sucked her wet crotch with relish.

After that she slid backward until she had her cunt suspended over his crotch. His pink hard cock rose up like a baseball bat between her thighs. Holding his cockshaft with heat fingers, she eased herself down until his rigid prick entered her steaming cunt and slid all the way into her juice-drenched fuck-channel.

She moaned at the lovely feel of his hard cock stretching the walls of her cunt. She could feel his fuzzy balls tickling her asscheeks as she pushed down hard. His cock was marvelously stiff, and she soon found that the slightest movement on her part brought the most exquisite sensations to her pussy.

She began riding him, her torso straight, her body twisting voluptuously as she sucked on his rampant cock with her wet cunt. Her heavy tits bounced and wobbled, her hair tossed from side to side as she moved. She massaged his cock with her cunt her hands feverishly sliding from her ass to her tits and back to her ass again.

Jerry grabbed her bobbing tits, squeezed and pulled at her thick jutting nipples. He’d never fucked this way before, not with someone as experienced as Marie riding his cock, and he was thrilled by it. It turned him on to watch the expression on his aunt’s face as she fucked his cock. He found it exciting to have her heavy tits hanging over him, juicy big tits that felt so good in his hands. By craning his neck, he could even see some of her cunt as he moved up and down on his cock. His cockshaft was coated with her whitish cunt-cream, and each time she slammed down on his prick her cunt made a squishy noise.

Marie fucked him more rapidly now, anxious to reach her climax. She bounced up and down as though she were riding a horse. At intervals she lowered herself onto his body and squirmed and pumped at his cock. With his cock as hard as it was, it was easy to get friction on her clit, and before long she felt herself surging towards orgasm.

She cried out when she came, frantically pumping her cunt on his cock, aware of the juice gushing out of her spasming pussy. A moment later a croaking sound came out of Jerry’s throat as he spurted his load into her sucking cunthole.

When Marie finally rolled off him, she remembered the feel of his tongue in her ass and suddenly came again.


Angie was determined to get her sister involved in some cunt to cunt action, and the next time the two women were downtown shopping, the blonde decided it was time to get things rolling. She had always beat the one with the stronger personality, and after they finished topping and sat in a cozy cocktail lounge for a drink, Angie made her pitch Marie resisted. She told Angie it would be awful to do those things again. It wasn’t that she was a prude, but they were grown women now and it wasn’t right. Sure, it had been fun, but it just wasn’t right. Gradually, Marie yielded, blushing furiously when Angie slipped her shoe off and pushed her foot between Marie’s thighs under the table. Angie was still the dominant one, and the fact that Marie was divorced and without a man made it even more difficult for the brunette to resist. After the cocktail lounge, Marie allowed herself to be led along to a hotel.

Angie quivered with excitement. The clean and unfamiliar hotel room, Marie’s blushing resistance and the afterglow of the daiquiris they’d been drinking, were all enough to turn her on to the maximum. After locking the door of the hotel room, she made Marie sit down in the upholstered chair near the window.

“You’re going to come on my tongue,” Angie said. “Just a quick one. After that we’ll get down to basics.”

Marie groaned as Angie knelt at her feet and reached under her skirt to get at her panties. When the brunette raised her hips, her sister quickly pulled the wispy nylon down her thighs and off her legs. Angie threw back Marie’s skin and told her to drape her legs over the arms of the chair.

“This is the way we used to do it in our room when we were kids,” Angie snickered. “Do you remember, honey?”

Marie caught her breath as she looked data at her sister’s face and her own cunt. She whimpered softly as Angie extended her tongue and began lapping her cuntlips.

“Lovely,” Angie chuckled. “You’ve got a sniffy pussy. Delicious cunt-smell, just the way it ought to be. I hate antiseptic pussies.”

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Marie groaned.

“Nonsense. We’re going to have ourselves a ball.”

“At least let me shower.”

“Not a chance, honey. Just let big sister clean it for you.”

Marie shuddered as Angie’s wet tongue lapped over her clit, down her slit to her cunthole, and up again over her cunt flaps. She stopped resisting. The pleasure was just too great and it was no longer possible to turn back. Her hands moved down to caress the blonde’s hair. At the same time she shifted her legs and draped them over Angie’s back.

Angie responded with a rapid vibration of her tongue inside Marie’s juicy cunthole.

“Oh, God.” Marie moaned. “That’s so good! You’re making me crazy!”

Angie pulled her tongue out of Marie’s cunthole and looked up at her sister with glittering eyes. “Come for me, honey. You used to come for me so good! I want you to gush on my tongue!”

Angie’s mouth returned to Marie’s cunt, but this time she zeroed in on the brunette’s turgid clit. Closing her lips over the pink bean, she sucked hard until Marie started trembling and moaning.

“Oh, my God!” Marie cried. Her climax rose in a mighty wave, the pleasure bursting up from her belly as her cum oozed out of her pussy. Heels braced on her sister’s back, she bucked her hips and pushed her cunt at Angie’s face. She pumped her crotch each time the blonde’s tongue hit a sensitive spot. Angie’s tongue raced up and down her oozing slit, coiling over her swollen clit, jabbing into her juice-drenched cunthole.

“Oh, baby!” Angie purred. “You’re juice tastes like honey! I can’t get enough of it!”

After that Angie brought Marie down with a gentle swabbing of her tongue over the brunette’s heated cuntflesh. Marie mewled with contentment as she caressed Angie’s head.

“Was it good for you?” the blonde said. Marie smiled. “You know it was.”

“I bet you could use another one. You’re still jittery. Another quick one?”

Before Marie had a chance to protest, Angie’s mouth was on her clit again. This time the sucking was more insistent, Angie’s lips closing over the swollen passion button and her tongue rapidly whipping it. Marie felt as though her clit were being sucked right out of her body. She gasped when Angie pushed a thumb into her cunthole. A moment later Angie drilled her middle finger into Marie’s asshole and the brunette went wild.

After Marie’s second orgasm, they stretched out beside each other on the bed. They joked and tickled each other, recovering some of the old magic that had existed between them when they were teenagers.

“I know I’m going to regret all of this,” Marie murmured.

“Don’t be silly,” Angie replied, forcing Marie to roll over on her belly and then climbing over her.

Angie ran her hands lovingly over Marie’s back and down her sides, leaning forward to lick Marie’s earlobe and plant soft kisses on her neck.

Marie lay still, quivering with pleasure as she allowed Angie to have her way. The brunette groaned when her sister’s hands moved down to her asscheeks.

Angie’s fingers sensuously caressed Marie’s ass. Straddling Marie’s thighs, the blonde bent forward to kiss the top of the brunette’s asscrack. Marie gasped as her sister’s hot tongue slithered over her sensitive ass crease.

Angie chuckled at Marie’s response. She adored turning her sister on like this. Her wet tongue covered every bit of Marie’s luscious ass before returning to the deep crack between the satiny globes of her asscheeks. This was an old routine in their lovemaking. Marie hardly ever returned the compliment, but Angie didn’t care. A gorgeous female ass always made her crazy with lust.

Using her hands to pull Marie’s asscheeks apart, Angie lapped Marie’s winking asshole with broad strokes of her flattened tongue.

Marie moaned and squirmed with delight, lifting her ass to give Angie more room. The brunette remembered the attention her asshole had received from her nephew Jerry. Now here was Jerry’s mother doing even a better job!

Angie’s wet tongue circled the rim of Marie’s asshole. The blonde got her kicks with women by dominating them, by making them quiver and groan, by making their pussies cream, into her mouth. Now she stiffened her tongue and drilled it into her sister’s bunghole, pleased at the way Marie squealed and pumped her ass in response.

Marie came again and again as Angie tongue-fucked her asshole. At last the brunette couldn’t take any more and she rolled away from her sister.

The two women smiled at each other. “Don’t you want me to do anything?” Marie asked.

Angie chuckled as she stretched out on her back and pulled her knees to her tits. “Box lunch, honey. Let’s see if you still know how.”

Marie blushed. She’d been hoping Angie would ask for it. It wasn’t often that she had an urge to suck pussy, but now her sister had turned her on and she yearned for it.

The brunette knelt between Angie’s widespread legs. Her finger pried open Angie’s thick wet cuntlips. Hunching down, Marie plastered her mouth against Angie’s slime coated cunt and began sucking.

The taste of Angie’s pussy excited Marie. She felt her own cunt tighten with pleasure. She rubbed her tongue over Angie’s throbbing clit. She pushed back the protective folds of skin with her lips and Angie’s clit rose up and stiffened under her tongue. With a loud slurp, Marie sucked her sister’s passion button into her mouth.

“That’s it, baby, suck it good!” Angie moaned. “Do it harder! I’m almost there! Don’t stop! Oh, God, yes! Oh, shit, I’m coming.”

Grabbing Marie’s head, she pulled her sister’s face against her oozing gash as her pussy spasmed.

When the two sisters went home that evening, Marie was overwhelmed with guilt. She vowed never to repeat what happened and went to bed early. The next afternoon when she found herself alone with Jerry, the brunette told herself that maybe if she fucked the boy again it would wipe out the memory of her session with Angie.

Jerry blushed when Marie began talking to him about what they’d done together when they’d fucked. She whispered in his ear, reminding him of what they had done to each other. A glance at his crotch told her the sexy talk had given him a hard-on. She chuckled and kissed him, pressing her hot lips against his, probing his mouth with her tongue. Jerry was helpless. He groaned as she pressed her thigh between his legs and rubbed his stiff cock.

“Get on the sofa,” Marie cooed. “We have all afternoon to play games.”

When she had him on the sofa, she tickled and squeezed his cook through his jeans. His breathing became heavy. His body quivered with excitement as she fumbled with his pants to release his cock.

Once again Marie found herself with frenzied lust for her young nephew. Her blood raced. Her pussy leaked cuntjuice as she anticipated his hard cock stretching her cunthole. Finally she had his zipper pulled all the way down. She snaked her hand inside his shorts and brought his stiff young cock out into the air.

“I love your cock,” she said huskily. “You want to fuck me, don’t you, baby?”

“Christ, yes, Aunt Marie!”

“I want to do all kinds of nasty thing to you,” she purred.

His cock swelled and throbbed as she stroked it. She played with it, running her fingers up and down his cockshaft and tickling his pink balls. His juicy fat cockhead made her mouth water. She could feel the heavy discharge of cunt-cream oozing out of her pussy and wetting her asscheeks. Shifting away from him, she quickly stripped her clothes off. She climbed over him and pulled his hands to her dripping pussy.

“Feel it!” she hissed. “Feel how wet I am!”

Jerry stroked her swollen cuntlips and then pushed two fingers inside her juice-drenched cunthole. “Jesus, you’re wet, Aunt Marie!”

“Stick your fingers way inside, honey. Let me feel them. Yes! That’s it!”

The boy began fucking her cunt with his hand, his eyes moving back and forth between her tits and pussy, his fingers churning her juices and deliciously stretching the mouth of her cunthole.

Now twisting, her cunt away from his fingers, she shifted forward until her pussy was over his mouth.

“Here it is, baby! Get your mouth on it. Oh, yes, that’s the way! Suck my pussy-lips! Be careful with your teeth!”

He sucked her thick cuntlips into his mouth. She rolled her ass and pushed her sopping crotch against his chin. She found it thrilling to dominate the boy like this, to call the shots and make him pleasure her.

“Tongue me, honey! Get that tongue in my cunt as far as it’ll go! Get it deep inside!” His tongue was thick and agile and it drove her wild just her pussy-hole. He thrust his tongue in and out of her cunt like a cock. She ground her cunt on his face, urging him to suck harder.

“Now do my clit,” she crooned, working her cunt up and down on his sucking mouth. “Get it with your tongue. Ahh, there, that’s it; suck it hard!”

Holding him firmly by his head, she stroked into his mouth. She pumped steadily against his tongue. She gazed down at his face, excited by the sight of her cuntjuice gushing out to wet his nose and chin. How delicious it was to fuck a mouth like this! Much better than being passively sucked.

“Keep sucking!” she groaned. “Lick it faster! Ooooh! That’s it! I’m going to come! Suck it all up, baby! Drink my juice!”

Ramming her crotch violently into his face, she rode his mouth and nose and came with a series of spasms that sent a flood of cunt-slime cascading out of her gash to drench his lips.

As soon as Marie recovered from her orgasm she helped Jerry strip his clothes off. She made him stretch out on the sofa again.

Leaning over him, she began licking his cock. She tasted the clean spongy hardness of his cockhead. A surge of hot liquid pleasure ran through her body as she worked on the boy’s prick with her mouth. Her tits tingled and her nipples hardened with excitement. She could feel her cunt juicing up again. She lapped his pink cockhead, running the tip of her tongue over it until it glistened with her saliva. She pulled his foreskin down and licked his cockshaft. She ran her tongue up and down and thrilled at the way he groaned in response to what she was doing. She worked his cockskin up and down with her fingers, sliding it over his cockhead and pulling at it with her lips. He squirmed and moaned as she filled her mouth with warm spit and let it wash over his bloated knob.

Pursing her lips now, she drew them in over the edges of her teeth and closed her mouth tightly on his cockhead. She began rocking her body back and forth, fucking him with her mouth, rubbing her lips back and forth over his spit-soaked knob. Jerry cried out, but she continued sucking. She could feel the tension in his body. She fingered his huts, delighted at how full they seemed. She could feel his cock growing harder, his cockhead swelling to its maximum size.

When Jerry’s cock started jerking in her mouth, Marie knew he was about to shoot off. She stopped sucking a moment, giving him a chance to control his climax, but he was too far over the edge. She went to work again, swirling her tongue over his pulsating cockhead, sucking hard on his throbbing cockflesh.

The boy cried out. “Oh, Jesus Christ!” He clenched his teeth. A croaking sound came out of his throat. Marie squeezed his nuts as she continued to suck his cock. She worked her lips back and forth over his cockhead, giving it as much friction as she could.

Suddenly she came. A huge orgasm made her tremble and quiver. Having a climax while she sucked a cock hadn’t happened to her in years. Her cunt muscles contracted and relaxed rhythmically as though she had a cock stretching her fuck-channel. The tingling sensation spread over her body. It prickled her skin and warmed her insides. She mewled with pleasure, moaning as she continued sucking his cockhead.

And then his hot jism began spurting into her gulping mouth. His cum filled her mouth with a bitter taste that was both exciting and wonderful. She had always liked the taste of jism, and her young nephew’s cream was delicious. Another orgasm ripped through her body and she felt her juices gush out of her spasming cunthole. A flood of cunt-slime dribbled down the insides of her thighs.

The boy’s cock continued to erupt like a fountain, and Marie worked hard to swallow all of it. She sucked on his pisshole with a rhythmic pulling of her lips that drove him crazy. She drained him. The ring of her lips moved up and down over his cockhead and cockshaft until his nuts were dry and be begged her to stop.

At last she pulled her mouth off his cock. He groaned with pleasure when she opened her lips to show him his white jism on her tongue.

“Did you like that, baby?” she smiled.

“Shit, yeah!” Jerry moaned.

“Would you do something for me now?”

“What ever you want, Aunt Marie.” His eyes were glazed with the aftermath of his orgasm. He was helpless, like clay in her hands.

Marie chuckled. She turned and straddled him again, this time with her back to his face.

“Eat my ass, honey. Do what you did last time. That’s what I want.”

Shifting her body backwards, she settled her asscheeks around his face and squirmed until she had her asshole over his mouth.


Eighteen year old Susan had the hots for her Uncle Clyde since the beginning of the summer, but there seemed no way she could get to first base with him. He ignored her, treated her like an insignificant kid, like a teenager who had no idea what sex was all about. It made Susan angry. Then one day she returned home early from a boring afternoon in town and everything changed.

The moment Susan walked into the house, she knew something special was going on. She heard strange noises. After awhile she realized it was the sound of a woman moaning and groaning. It had to be her Aunt Angie. It had to be Angie and Clyde together and they were probably fucking. Susan quivered as she listened to the sounds.

The teenage girl carefully and quietly climbed the stairs to the hall outside Angie and Clyde’s bedroom. The door was partly open. Susan could clearly see her aunt and uncle on the wide bed.

Angie still had most of her clothes on. She sat on the bed with her back against the headboard. She had her dress pulled up to her waist and her knees pulled up to her tits. Her thighs were wide open. She wore no panties. Her beige stockings were helped up by a white lace garter belt. Clyde was kneeling on the bed in front of Angie with his face burned in her crotch. He was eating her cunt.

Angie groaned. “Suck it good, honey. It’s nice and juicy for you!”

Susan knew all about cunt lapping, but she’d never seen grownups doing it. Watching her aunt and uncle was a powerful turn-on. Angie was a voluptuous woman. She looked sexy even with her clothes on. Susan wished she could see more of her aunt’s hairy cunt. They were both blondes, and Susan wanted to see what a fully grown blonde pussy looked like. She was also sorry Clyde had all his clothes on. If he’d been naked from here she was standing, she’d be able to see his ass and balls and maybe his cock. She had a yearning to see her uncle’s cock.

Clyde sucked Angie’s pussy like a hungry dog going at a bowl of food. His palms were against Angie’s inner thighs, forcing her legs wide apart. He pulled his juice-coated face back a moment and grinned at her. His thumbs moved to the fleshy hair-lined lips of her cult and dragged them apart.

“Christ, what a gash,” he grunted, his eyes burning into the slimy core of her slit. Then he swooped down, slamming his fact against her crotch and screwing his tongue into her cunthole.

Angie groaned, twisting and bucking in response to his vibrating tongue. She gazed down between her heaving tits as his nose mashed against her clit.

Clyde snorted in the wet folds of her steaming cult, pushing her knees buck even further to turn her gaping crotch up to his mouth. He slurped his tongue in and out of her cunt. He licked down to the tight pucker of her ass hole and chuckled as she moaned in response.

“Oh, honey rim me!” Angie croaked, her face flushed and her mouth hanging open. She squirmed her ass to get more of his tongue inside her shithole. Clyde laughed as he pulled his mouth away and drilled a thick finger inside her bung.

He lapped his tongue up and down the groove between her cunt and asshole, sucking up the stream of thick juice oozing out of her gaping twat.

Her breathing ragged and her own pussy leaking juice, Susan watched her aunt squirm and writhed under the caress of Clyde’s agile tongue. The pretty teenager quivered as she imagined her uncle rooting around in her own crotch like that.

Gripping her thighs behind her knees, Angie humped her cunt at Clyde’s face. “Come on, honey!” the blonde said. “Suck it all out! Suck the juice out of my cunt! I’m going to come soon! One come and then you’ll fuck me! Oh, God, I love your mouth! Is it hot and juicy for you?”

She came, a rattling orgasm that made her shudder from head to toe. Clyde gluttonously sucked up the flood of cunt-slime gushing out of her pussy. He licked and slurped until Angie stopped heaving, and then he pulled his face away from her crotch and prepared to undress.

It was at that moment that he turned to look at the door end saw Susan in the hall.

Susan found herself paralyzed, unable to move, her eye locked with Clyde’s. A moment later the teenage girl bolted down the hall to her room.

Once inside her room, Susan locked the door at quickly stripped her clothes off. God, how hot she was! She could feel the juice oozing out of her pussy. She stretched out on the bed, lay naked on her back, her anus limp at her side, her legs apart. Her swollen cuntlips fluttered open, and in the mirror on the dresser at the foot of the bed she could see the gaping pink maw of her pussy.

The blonde teenager stroked her fingers down over her belly and along the insides of her thighs. She teased herself, avoiding her pussy but getting close enough to it to make her moan with frustration. Then her fingers slipped through her cunt hair to tickle the fat lips of her pussy.

Now she could see her gaping cunthole in the mirror. Her fingers worked gently into the softness other cuntflesh, spreading her velvet cuntlips until the throbbing bud of her clit was exposed. Her pussies button stood up like a tiny cock. Susan groaned as she imagined her uncle closing his lips over her clit and sucking hard. She thought of how sexy Angie had looked with her gartered thighs pulled back and her thick bush glistening with pussy-juice.

Susan shuddered, her fingers tickling the flesh of her cunt, pulling at the hairs on the edges of her cuntlips, now and then gently rubbing the stiff shaft of her bloated clit.

The girl whimpered and squirmed her asscheeks on the mattress. Her body was consumed by desire. She had to relieve the torment in her throbbing pussy. A juicy fat cock would be best, or a thick wet tongue, but she had nothing more than her hand to help her.

Teasing herself again, she pulled her hands away from her crotch and rubbed them over her body.

Suddenly, a gurgling moan escaping her throat, she jammed her hand into her crotch and screwed three fingers deep inside her cunthole. Three fingers stretched the warm wet walls of her tight little cunt. She mashed her hand up and down on her pussy, twisting and turning it, pistoning her fingers in and out of her elastic fuck-channel. Fingerfucking myself, she thought. Fucking my pussy with my own hand. How she’d love to have Uncle Clyde’s big cock in there. How she’d love to suck her own cuntjuice off her uncle’s fat prick!

Another few thrusts of her fingers and the blonde teenager came with a wild jerking of her hips.

Two days later Clyde asked Susan if she’d like to ride downtown with him in his pick-up truck. Susan eagerly accepted the invitation. She had a feeling her uncle had more in his mind than just a ride in his truck. The teenager’s heart pounded as she climbed into the truck beside him.

“You saw something the other day, didn’t you?” Clyde chuckled as they drove off. “I guess you had a good eyeful of me and your aunt.”

“I couldn’t help it,” Susan said meekly. “I heard funny noises and I went to look. I didn’t mean to snoop on you like that.”

Clyde grinned. “That’s okay, kid. But as long as you were there, you should have stayed for the main attraction. Your aunt was real horny, and when she’s like that she always puts on a good show. Good way for a girl your age to learn about sex. You ever been fucked, little Susan?”

“I’m not little,” Susan pouted.

“Real swinger, aren’t you?” Clyde snickered.

“Don’t make fun of me!”

“Put your hand in my lap,” he said. “See what you can find.”

Susan’s heart thumped in her throat as she moved closer to him on the seat and slipped her hand into his lap. Her fingers immediately found the bulge of his cock.

“Bring it out,” he said. “It’s much too warm in there. Give it a little air.”

Susan quivered. Her fantasies were at last about to be realized. She’d been panting for Clyde for a month, and now finally she had him. Her fingers trembled as she unzipped his fly and brought his cock out into the open. She moaned at the sight of his fat reddish-purple cockhead and the juice oozing out of his pisshole.

“Like it?” Clyde grunted.

“It’s gorgeous, Uncle Clyde.”

He really did have a beautiful cock. Big and hot and throbbing. A cock made for sucking. The teenage girl’s mouth watered.

As if reading her mind, Clyde said, “Get your mouth on it honey. Let’s see how much you know.”

Brushing a strand of blonde hair from her eyes, Susan bent her head over the large bulb of his cockhead. Extending her tongue, she touched his trembling cockflesh.

“That’s the way,” Clyde said, encouraging her by patting her head with one hand and held the steering wheel with the other. “Make nice to it. Let me see those pretty lips on it.”

She covered the entire knob of his cockhead with wet kisses. She pushed her tongue-tip at his pisshole, spreading it and probing inside. She could taste his salty cock-juice. The thought of his big balls filled with creamy jism made her quiver with lust.

Opening her mouth, she captured his bloated cockhead. She used her lips and tongue on his hot cockflesh until she heard him groan.

“You’ve given head before, you little minx.”

Susan pulled her mouth off his cock and giggled. “I told you I wasn’t a kid.”

“Go on and suck, then.”

“Are you going to come in my mouth?”

“Would you like that?” he chuckled. “I’d love it, Uncle Clyde.”

“Okay, I’ll blow a load in your mouth and then we’ll park the truck somewhere and play some more.”

The girl purred with pleasure as she anticipated tasting and swallowing her uncle’s thick cum. It made her feel grown up. She quivered at she thought of his ropey jism sliding down her throat.

Bending her head again, she sucked his hard cock into her mouth. This time she went down on him as far as she could, filling her mouth with his cock, taking him in deep until his cockhead jabbed at the back of her throat. Then she pulled back again, slowly moving the tight ring of her lips up his cockshaft to his cockhead, her tongue swirling over his sensitive cockskin, her teeth lightly grazing the rim of his knob.

Clyde clenched his teeth with pleasure. His young niece was an expert cocksucker. He’d heard that these days girls lived on jism, and now that he had her pretty lips wrapped around his cock he certainly believed it. Funny how unpredictable everything is. He’d had his eye on her all summer, but he’d never expected anything like this. Christ, what a mouth! Nothing in the world was better than tight pussy. Jesus, look at the way she gobbled it down! Seven inches of hard cock in her mouth and she looks eager for more!

“You’ve got a sweet mouth!” he groaned. “Sweet sucking mouth! Use your tongue a little more. Ahhhh, that’s it! Sweet little cocksucker.”

He had an urge to control his climax, to make it last, but he found it impossible. Her mouth felt like hot lava as she sucked on his stiff cock. He could feel his balls tightening and he knew that soon he would blast a load into her face.

Susan could sense his excitement. She began moving her mouth more rapidly up and down on his cockshaft.

“I’m coming!” he croaked. “Suck it, honey! Take my load! Oh, fuck, suck it all out!”

As Susan felt the first twitch of cock, she went down on him as far as she could. The first hot spurt of jism hit the back of her throat. Then a geyser of thick jism erupted out of his cockhead to fill her mouth and run out between her lips. She sucked and swallowed, drinking down his ropey load as though it were a milkshake. She kept her mouth on his prick until she had the last sweet glob of jism sucked out of his twitching balls. When his cock began to soften, she held his cockhead in her mouth and lapped it lazily with her tongue.

“What a luscious little cocksucker!” Clyde chuckled. “Did you like the taste of my jism?”

“I loved it, Uncle Clyde? It really turned me on!”

“Pussy all juiced up?”

She blushed. “And how!”

“You want Uncle Clyde to suck you like you saw him sucking your Aunt?”

“Oh, yes, I’d love that!”

“Suck all the goop out of your cute little twat. Show it to me, honey. Peel your panties off and show me that sweet pussy!”

Susan hurried to do his bidding. A moment later she had her panties off and her skirt pulled back as she leaned against the door on her side and faced him. She opened her legs wide and showed him the oozing gash of her young pussy.

“You’ve got me all hot and bothered again,” Clyde laughed, his eyes feasting on her gaping young cunt. Blonde pussy usually had a delicate look about it, but not this one. Susan’s cunt was very much like his wife’s, meaty and ripe-looking and filled with juice. He could see the cream brimming in the girl’s cunthole. She also reminded him of his sister Marie. After all, she was Marie’s daughter. Did Marie have a cunt like this? Just thinking about his sister’s pussy was enough to make Clyde’s cock twitch with lust.

A few minutes later, Clyde pulled the truck off the main highway and followed a narrow dirt road into the woods. After awhile he stopped the truck and ordered Susan to get out. The blonde teenager giggled as her uncle pulled her into a clearing behind a clump of trees.

“Are you going to lick my pussy, Uncle Clyde?”

“You’re damn right!” Clyde grunted. He stretched out on the grass and told Susan to sit on his chest. The perky blonde did exactly as he wished. Her blue eyes glittering, she wriggled her cute a across his hairy chest until her pussy was against his face.

Clyde sniffed her delicious young cunt. Jesus, what a treat! Her twat-smell was intoxicating. He inhaled the slightly fishy aroma and gazed with heated eyes at her oozing twat.

“Eat my cunt!” the teenage said huskily. “Suck my pussy, Uncle Clyde!”

She moaned as be worked his wet tongue between her cunt lips. He pressed his mouth against her gash. He gently tugged at her cuntflesh with his teeth. Cream gushed out of the girl’s cunt as be worked on it. He lapped liked a thirsty kitten, his tongue fluttering up and down her pink clit.

Susan quivered and moaned each time Clyde’s tongue touched her swollen clit. She remembered the way her Aunt Angie had looked when Clyde had sucked her pussy on the bed. Gartered thighs and nylon stockings. Her blonde cunt glistening with cuntjuice. The girl wondered if she tasted different than her aunt. She was thrilled at the way Clyde slurped and sucked her pussy juices. She contracted her cunt muscles, forcing her cunthole to clutch at his lapping tongue. If only she could suck his tongue deep inside her steaming cunt channel!

Reaching behind her now, Susan unzipped Clyde’s fly and brought his cock out. He was hard. Clear juice dripped out of his pisshole and wet her fingers. Curling her head around his cockshaft, she squeezed and jerked his prick as he continued sucking her juice drenched cunt.

“Get your tongue in deeper!” the girl cried. “I’m so hot, Uncle Clyde! So fucking hot! I want to feel it all the way up inside me!”

Clyde worked his stiffened tongue in and out of her clutching cunt. She had a saucy taste and she definitely had more juice for him than Angie. He slurped the cunt cream out of her twitching fuck-hole. Susan gyrated her hips as she ground her cunt against his face.

Clyde finally pushed her away and told her to lean against a tree with her back to him.

“Are you going to fuck me, Uncle Clyde?”

“Just bend over and show me your ass. Oh, yeah, that’s nice, Susan! Bend over a little more and spread your legs. Shit, you’re dripping like a faucet. Hot fuck, aren’t you?”

“Oh, God, yes! I want you to fuck me!”

Clyde pulled her sweet asscheeks open to expose the tight brown grommet of her asshole and the fat pink lips of her cunt below it. Slipping his middle finger and forefinger into her wet cunthole, he rolled the ball of this thumb over her winking bunghole. She mewled with pleasure as he slowly pushed his thumb inside her shitter.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, Uncle Clyde! It feels good!”

He chuckled as he pinched the thin membrane separating her cunthole and asshole. She moaned and wriggled against his hand.

“Please fuck me!” she begged. “I want your cock in my pussy!”

He moved forward, his cock rock hard and throbbing. Pulling his thumb out of her asshole, he used to open the wet lips of her swollen cunt. Using his other hand, he guided the head of his cock into her gaping fuckhole. He swayed his hips, rocked his fat cockhead in the tight hole and slowly pushed it inside.

“More,” she groaned. “Fuck me more!”

Clyde laughed and grabbed her hips in his hands. With a solid thrust, he gave her the full length of his cock to the balls. Susan cried out and humped her ass. She lowered her shoulders, raising her ass even higher, and fucked back at him with a twisting motion of her hips.

Leaning forward, Clyde slipped his hands under her body and grabbed her hanging tits through her thin blouse. She sobbed as he pinched her thick nipples. A great shudder ran through her body as she climaxed, and a wad of cuntjuice gushed out of her pussy to soak his balls.

The feel of the pretty teenager’s cunt coming on his thrusting cock was too much for Clyde. With a mighty roar, he rammed her one last time and emptied his balls inside his niece’s steaming fuckhole.


Jerry squirmed with embarrassment and uncontrollable excitement. His mother had caught him spying on her as she walked around her bedroom naked. They were alone in the house. She’d ordered him into her room, and now they stood there facing each other. Angie had covered her body with a robe, and Jerry found his eyes glued to the swell of her big tits outlined under the thin material.

Just a few minutes ago he’d watched his mother rubbing vanishing cream over her luscious tits.

The boy was confused by her lack of anger. She seemed amused as she stared at the bulge of his hard-on clearly defined in the crotch of his jeans.

“I suppose it’s my own fault,” Angie said. “It’s thrilling that my own son gets turned on when he looks at me. You’re turned on, aren’t you, sweetie?”

“Yes,” the boy groaned.

Taking his hand in hers, she led him to the bed and made him sit down on the edge of the mattress. Standing before him, she slowly slipped her robe off her shoulders and uncovered her heavy ripe tits.

She reached out and caressed his cheek, slipped her hand around his neck and pulled his head forward to bring his face against her tits. Cupping both hands under her swollen jugs, she offered them to him.

Jerry groaned and nuzzled her heaving boobs.

“Open your mouth,” she said with a sultry voice.

As the boy’s lips parted, she fed him her tit. She pressed her firm titflesh into his mouth. The suction, of her son’s lips on her creamy boob caused a fire in her cunt. She gasped and forced more of her tit into his mouth. When his hand closed over her other tit, she covered it with her own hand and helped him squeeze and maul her flesh. Both hands worked one tit as he continued sucking the other.

Angie’s cunt spasmed and gushed a flood of juice. She had a small orgasm as her son chomped on her boob. She’d come at other times when her tits had been sucked, but never this easily. The feel of the boy’s hot mouth went right down to her twitching snatch.

Lifting his hand off her tit now, she pushed it down over her belly and pulled her robe aside. “Go on, honey,” she said. “Put your hand on Mommy’s pussy.”

His mouth filled with her hot tit, the boy shivered and slipped his hand between his mother’s legs. Angie moaned as his fingers touched her juice-drenched cuntflesh. She shuddered and came again. This time the orgasm was stronger, and Jerry realized he’d brought her off. He pulled his mouth off her tit and looked up at her.

“Did you come, Mom?”

“That’s right, honey. It was lovely! I came the moment you touched my pussy.” She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair.

The boy gazed at her tits. He raised his hand from her crotch. He took a tit in each hand and squeezed them to his cheeks.

“Get your clothes off and get on the bed,” Angie whispered.

Jerry quickly stripped his clothes off. Angie grabbed his hot throbbing cock and squeezed it. They fell down on the bed. Their mouths fused in a wet kiss, their tongues tangling as they pressed their bodies against each other.

Pulling away from the kiss, Angie purred, “I love your cock! It’s so damn hard!” She rubbed her palm on the underside of his cockhead, then slipped her hand down his cockshaft until her fingertips touched his balls. She fondled and squeezed his ball-bag, delighted at how big his nuts were. Holding his balls in her hand, she pressed her forearm against the length of his cock and told him to get his hand between her legs.

Jerry was in a daze. After years of lusting after his mother, now he had her luscious body in his arms. The sweet smell of her perfumed skin made the boy quiver with desire. He trembled as he slipped his hand between her thighs. The feel of her hand fondling his cock and balls was marvelous. He touched her hairy cuntlips, gently tickling them, probing his fingertips into the wet cuntflesh. The heat of her oozing gash penetrated his hand.

As he fingered her hairy cuntlips, Angie asked, “Do you like my pussy, homey? Do you want to put your cock into it?”

Jerry shuddered and nodded. He could hardly believe that he was actually going to fuck his mother. It seemed like a dream. Was this really his mother stroking his cock with one hand and holding his balls with the other hand? Was this really his mother’s wet cunt under his fingers? Her huge blonde cunt was like a ripe fruit, like Aunt Marie’s pussy, hairy cuntlips fat and juicy, her plump clit the size of his fingertip.

Jerry bucked his hips, fading his cock in and out of his mother’s hand, squirming his body on hers as he quivered with anticipation.

“Get on me now,” she whispered. “Fuck me now.”

The boy moved to obey her. Climbing between her legs, he positioned himself as she opened her thighs wide. She lifted her knees, he gazed down at her gaping cunt.

“Put it in,” she said huskily. “Put your cock in there and fuck me.”

He lowered his hips until his fat cockhead pressed against her cuntlips. He penned as his knob touched her hot ant flesh. He pushed forward, slipping his prick into the mouth of her cunthole, sliding his rigid cock into her fuck tube. They both moaned as the full length of his cock slid home into her cunt channel.

Wrapping her legs around his back, Angie cried out happily and squeezed his prick with her cunt muscles.

Jerry groaned as her cunt tightened on his rigid cock. The grip of her pussy was hot and wonderful.

He came down on her, resting his weight on her body, his lips nuzzling her neck, his nostrils filled with her exciting smell.

He began fucking, his hips lifting, his cock grazing her cunthole and then slamming inside as he thrust back into the lush swamp of her juice-drenched pussy.

Angie mewled with pleasure and tightened her arms and legs around her son. She cried out with approval as he began fucking her with long strokes. He pulled back and shoved forward with a ramming thrust.

She lifted her hips, arching up to him, squirming her cunt on his rigid cockmeat. Within moments a climax convulsed her pussy and she pumped her fuck-hole up and down on the hard cylinder of his prick. She cried out as she came again and again. She grabbed his hands with her hands, digging her fingernails into his flesh, holding him tightly to her while she rode out the lovely orgasm.

Finally Angie’s movements slowed, her cunthole enlarged and quivered as a flood of cuntjuice gushed out to drench his cock and balls.

“Oh, how lovely!” she murmured. “What a lovely come. Now it’s your turn, honey. Pump your prick and shoot off inside my pussy. I want your load blasting off in my cunt.”

Grunting with lust, the boy began pile driving his cock into her sopping cunthole. He soon cried out his voice croaking as the hot jism boiled out of his balls and jetted out of his pisshole to splatter the walls of his mother’s spasming cunt.

After that mother and son behaved like a pair of horny lovers. Angie made him straddle her with his head towards her feet and his cock and balls hanging over her face. His prick dangled near her lips. Her hands moved over his asscheeks. She kissed the end of his cock and slid forward to enclose his cockhead with her mouth.

The boy’s prick quickly swelled as she licked it with her tongue. She could taste her own cuntjuice mixed with the taste of his sweet young jism.

Gripping his mother’s lush ass, Jerry buried his face in the perfumed valley between her thighs. His tongue plowed into her steaming pussy. Her soft thighs squeezed his face as his mouth pressed against her cunt. His nose rubbed against her asshole.

He tongued her cunt with gusto as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his rapidly stiffening cock. The feel of her sucking mouth on his cock drove him wild. He corkscrewed his tongue in and out of her cunthole, swabbed it over her hard little clit.

Angie growled with lust and chewed on the boy’s juicy cockhead. She swirled her tongue over his pisshole and nibbled at his cockshaft with her lips.

Soon the boy’s juicy fat fuck pole was stuffing her mouth. She groaned as she breathed against his prick, her lips planting sucking kisses on his bloated knob. Her lips, teeth and tongue worked together on his rampant prick.

Jerry moaned as he felt his balls working up to another climax, he pulled his tongue out of her cunthole and fluttered it down to her tight buns.

He licked the fine blonde hair circling her asshole. He probed the tip of his tongue inside her shitter and giggled as she squealed with pleasure.

Angie sucked and licked her son’s cock until he had a full hard-on again, and then she made him turn around and straddle her with his hot throbbing cock between her tits.

She placed her hands on her tits and squeezed them together to form a hot channel around his stiff prick.

Jerry leaned forward and began fucking his cock back and forth between the soft melons of his mother’s boobs. Each time he thrust forward, his cockhead almost hit her mouth.

Angie finally lowered her head and extended her tongue to lap at his juicy prick each time it slid up the groove between her tits.

Jerry hissed when he felt her tongue against his prick. Angie squeezed her tits, rolling them with her hands, jacking his cock as though to jerk him off.

His balls dragged against her belly as her hands slid around now to grab his ass. Pulling him forward, she opened her mouth and gobbled his cock until she had his cockhead jammed into her throat.

His eyes glittering, his breath coming in gasps, Jerry gazed down and watched his mother suck his long pole of cockmeat. He began fucking her mouth, slamming his cock in and out of the ring of her lips. The more he gave her, the more she seemed to want it. He watched his prick piston in and out of her face. He quivered with pleasure as he lurched forward to ram his cock into her sucking mouth.

“I’m going to come?” the boy groaned. “I’m going to blast off!”

Angie momentarily pulled her mouth off his cock and told him to come in her mouth. “Let me have it, honey!” she purred. “Shoot your hot load down my throat!”

The boy gasped as she once more closed her hot mouth over his cockhead. Her mouth worked on his prick like a vacuum cleaner, her lips sliding up and down his cockshaft, her tongue swirling over his bloated knob.

It wasn’t long before the boy heaved and grunted and emptied his balls into his mother’s mouth.

After Angie finished swallowing her son’s load of hot jism, she wiped her lips with a tissue and asked him if he’d like to take a shower with her. “I’m all sweaty and my pussy’s gummy,” she said. “Come on and help me wash.”

Jerry trembled with excitement as he went along with her to the bathroom. In a moment they stepped into the warm shower and the soothing water gushed over them. They stood there several minutes, relaxing under the spray. Finally Angie handed Jerry a bar of soap and told him to lather her up.

She turned around as he rubbed her smooth skin with the soap. His hands worked their way up her shapely legs to the crack between her asscheeks. She spread her legs apart while he massaged her ass. She wriggled her hips and pushed backwards as his fingertip probed her asshole.

“You’re a little devil!” she laughed. “It’s really naughty to put your finger in your mother’s ass.”

Jerry giggled, pulling his finger out of her shitter and continuing to soap her body. He worked his way up to her heaving tits. He lathered her huge jugs and squeezed her thick nipples with his fingers.

Angie moaned as a shiver of sexual excitement passed through her body. She loved the feel of her son’s hands on her swollen tits.

Jerry’s hands soon moved from his mother’s tits to hr thighs. He rubbed the soap into her hairy pussy. Her cuntbush was soon covered with a white froth of suds. He slipped his fingers between her juicy cuntlips, stroking his fingers up and down in her steaming gash.

“Oh, that’s nice!” Angie groaned. “That’s very nice! I love when you do that. You like to play with Mommy’s pussy, honey?”

“I love it,” the boy said. “I love your twat!”

Angie was in a fever of lust by the time it was her turn to bathe Jerry. Her hands quickly moved to his hard cock. She soaped his balls and covered his cock with suds. She pulled his foreskin back tightly to the base of his prick, one hand holding his cockskin down and the other hand squeezing his cockshaft. Using the soapsuds as a lubricant, she slid her fist up and down the length of his stiff fuck pole.

“Oh, what a big banana my baby has!” she giggled. “It felt so good inside my pussy! Was my cunt hot and juicy for you?”

“It sure was, Mom!”

The water splashed over them. When they finally left the shower, they dried each other slowly and then moved out of the bathroom and back to the bed.

“I’m going to suck you off again,” Angie cooed. “I’m going to put that big beautiful cock into my mouth and milk your balls completely dry! I’m going to suck every last drop of prick-juice right out of your nuts!”

Jerry shivered, his heavy cock throbbing as he sat down on the bed beside his mother. Her hand slipped over his belly to encircle his fuck pole. She closed her fist around his cockshaft and began stroking it up and down. She massaged the length of his cock, teasing his cockhead with her fingernails as she cradled her hand under his big balls.

She gently caressed his nuts, purring with delight as she felt how bloated they were once again with his jism. “This will be your third load,” she said, “and we better make it the last. There’s no sense in overdoing it! Okay, honey?”

“Whatever you say, Mom.”

He groaned with pleasure at her touch. She made him stretch out on the bed. Her hand continued to stroke and tease his jism-swollen cock and balls. He was afraid he’d shoot off before he had a chance to get his cock into her soft wet mouth.

Rising up in a kneeling position, Angie bent forward and worked her tongue over his hot cockflesh. She trailed wet kisses along the full length of his cockshaft. Her fingernails gently scratched his cockhead, moved down to squeeze his balls, and then slipped into the crack of his ass to probe the puckered ring of his asshole.

“You’d better get your mouth on it soon, Mom,” he said. “I think I’m going to come.”

He thrust upwards, his head lifted so that he could look down at her lustfully contorted features as her face poised above his stiff cock. He could feel his hot jism boiling in his aching balls. He knew it wouldn’t be long before his load erupted out of his swollen cockhead.

“Suck it, Mom!” he groaned. “Suck my cock!”

Angie laughed with glee and swooped down. She closed her lips over his bloated cockflesh. Her tongue swirled over his fat cockhead, probing at his pisshole, sucking out the first drops of his fuck-cream as it leaked out.

Jerry grabbed his mother’s hair and pulled her mouth down on his cock. He bucked his ass and drove his prick into her throat. He pushed the entire length of his thick cock deep into the warm cavern of her sucking mouth. He moaned as he felt her throat muscles grip his knob.

Angie mewled and squealed as she sucked on his rampant fuck pole. A moment later the boy’s balls erupted like a volcano. Jet after jet of thick hot jism splattered and gushed in her greedy mouth. She swallowed and gulped, sucking the last load of thick cream out of her son’s twitching nuts.


Marie had thought more than once about fucking her handsome brother-in-law, but she never expected it to be more than a hot fantasy to be used when she was playing with herself. Then one day she and Clyde were in the house alone, and Clyde began unexpectedly flirting with her.

Marie was surprised, but also pleased. She knew she ought to discourage him, but she was having too much fun to put a stop to it. After a while Clyde became more direct and told Marie he’d be willing to suck her pussy without asking anything from her in return.

“That’s nasty,” Marie giggled. “What would my sister say?”

Clyde shrugged. “She won’t know. Anyway it’s not as if I’m cheating on her. There’s nothing terrible about a little cunt lapping.”

Marie found the casual way he talked about it exciting. She wondered how good he was at giving head. The thought of his mouth down there sucking at her oozing twat turned her on.

“I know you’ll want more than that,” she said.

“I promise.”

“You won’t make me do anything?”

“Cross my heart.”

The temptation was too strong to resist. “You certainly know how to turn a girl on,” she chuckled. “If you’re serious about this, let’s go into the living room.”

He followed her out of the kitchen. She quivered with excitement as they entered the living room. Reaching under her dress without revealing too much, she slipped her panties down, pulled them off her feet and tossed them away. She sat down in an easy chair, pulled her skin back and opened her thighs.

“Have some lunch,” she smiled.

Clyde crouched in front of her. She looked down at him as he moved forward to bring his head between her thighs. She ran her fingers through his hair.

“Eat it, baby! Suck my juicy pussy!”

She purred with pleasure as his hot lips touched the sensitive skin on the inside of her thigh. His teeth nipped her soft flesh. His wet tongue fluttered over her silky skin. She opened her thighs wider, completely exposing the fat lips of her feverish pussy.

“Don’t tease!” she hissed. “Get your mouth on it!”

“You smell good,” he grunted. His tongue brushed her cuntbush. She could feel his hot breath on her oozing cuntflesh. He pressed the flat of his tongue between her outer cuntlips and slowly dragged it upwards.

She groaned when his tongue touched her clit. She spread her thighs even wider, exposing all of her crotch to him, squirming her ass on the cushion of the chair as he burrowed his face into her steaming gash.

Her cunt was flooded with juice. She quivered as she heard the sounds made by his mouth as he slurped up her cunt-cream. Her clit had stiffened into a throbbing little spike. She slid her ass further down on the seat as he nuzzled his mouth more deeply into her wet cunt.

Her fingers grabbed his ears, her hands pulling his face more firmly against her crotch. She gazed down with hot eyes and watched his mouth work on her pussy. Her thighs splayed wide, she pumped her ass up and down, fucking her cunt at his face.

“Oh, yes!” she groaned. “Eat me, baby! Eat that pussy! I knew you’d be good at this. Stick your tongue way inside. That’s the way! I like it all the way up there! That feels marvelous! Oh, yes, wiggle it around like that! That’s good!”

He ate cunt like an expert. He knew how to use his tongue and teeth in a way that tortured her cuntflesh. He drove her wild with the things he did to her clit.

She cried out with lust as he rammed his chin into her fuckhole. She could hardly believe they were doing this. Here she was having her cunt eaten out by her sister’s husband! Instead of feeling guilty about it, she was enjoying every filament.

Her eyes fixed on her crotch, she watched her belly rise and fall, watched his head move up and down as he rubbed his mouth on the swollen wet flesh of her cunt.

The slick sucking sound he made drove her wild. She could feel his thick tongue all the way inside her fuck-channel. God, how good it was! He seemed to love what he was doing.

Now he pressed his mouth hungrily around her clit. Pursing his lips, he applied suction to her passion-button until she began shuddering and moaning. He chewed her cuntflesh, nibbling and massaging her cuntlips with his mouth until she thought her pussy would explode.

Then he put his hands on her thighs and pushed her knees all the way back to her tits.

“Take hold behind your knees,” he said.

She hurried to obey him. Once again he plastered his mouth against her wet gash, this time his hands fondling and squeezing her fleshy asscheeks.

She gasped with delight when he fluttered his tongue from her cunthole down to her asshole. A wailing sound came out of her throat as his tongue-tip explored the tight ring of her puckered bung.

“Oh, that’s nasty!” she giggled. “You shouldn’t do that!”

Instead of pulling away, he stiffened his tongue and slowly drilled it into the hot grip of her shitter.

She moaned as she felt his tongue slithering inside her shit-chute. “Oh, Jesus!” she cried, “that’s lovely!”

Clyde thrilled to the feel of her hot asshole squeezing his tongue. She had a gorgeous ass. He imagined her bending over with her ass up in the air and his cock drilling her bung. He began tongue-fucking her shit-hole, pistoning his tongue in and out with a regular rhythm that soon had her quivering and groaning.

“Oh, God, that drives me wild!” she cried. “Put a finger in my cunt! Get something in my cunt and keep your tongue in my ass! Oh, God, that’s good! Oh, yes! Oh, Jesus Christ!”

Her eyes glazed over with lust and she was afraid she might faint. This wasn’t the first time she’d had her asshole stretched by a tongue, but Clyde knew what he was doing and somehow the fact that he was her brother-in-law made it all the more thrilling.

Since he seemed in no hurry to go anywhere, she held his head in place with her hands and urged him to keep fucking her asshole with his tongue.

She came three times before he finally pulled his tongue out of her bung. When he rose up to stand before her, she knew what he wanted. She quickly unbuckled his belt and helped him strip his pants and shorts down to his ankles.

Holding his heavy nuts in her left hand, she closed her right hand around his thick cockshaft and slowly jacked his prick up and down.

Clyde grunted with pleasure. He could tell by the way she handled his cock that she’d be good at giving head. He was excited by the idea of having his cock sucked by his wife’s sister.

He watched as Marie’s hot wet tongue came out of her mouth arid licked the tip of his cock. She ran her tongue down his cockshaft to his balls. He hissed with pleasure as she sucked his balls one after the other into her mouth. She teased him with her tongue as she rolled his tight nuts from one side of her mouth to the other. She coated each of his balls with her saliva, and by the time she released his nuts they were wet and dripping.

She ran her tongue back up his cockshaft and began kissing and licking his fat cockhead.

“Suck it!” he said huskily. “Suck the knob, baby! Get it in your mouth and give it a workout!”

Marie opened her lips and popped the bulb of his bloated cockhead into her mouth. She chewed on his knob, biting just hard enough to stimulate him. At intervals she pulled her mouth off his cock with a loud slurping noise.

Clyde trembled as he watched her sweet rosebud lips sucking his rampant prick.

Now Marie sucked all of his cock into her mouth. She took the full length of his cock shaft, slowly gobbling up his fuckmeat until his balls touched her chin. Her throat muscles closed on his cockhead.

She milked his prick with her throat, thrilled at the way he trembled with pleasure. Then she slowly pulled her mouth back until she had no more than his cockhead inside her lips. She began bobbing her mouth up and down on his cockshaft, sucking hard each time she pulled back to his knob, the tight ring of her lips gripping his throbbing fuck-muscle.

One hand cupping his balls, she squeezed the base of his cock with her other hand to keep his cockhead fat and hot.

Clyde finally pushed her mouth away from his cock. He told her to turn around and bend over.

Marie knew she ought to stop him, but she found herself helpless. She needed fucking badly, and whatever promises she had made to herself no longer counted.

Turning her back to him, she knelt on the chair and quivered as he raised her skirt up to her hips to reveal her bare ass.

Moaning softly, she found herself swaying her hips in an effort to entice him. If he was going to fuck her, she wanted him as turned on as possible.

She purred with pleasure when she felt his hands on her asscheeks.

“I like your ass,” he said. “I liked it the first time I saw it.” He stood behind her and ran his hands over her asscheeks. She had a bigger ass than Angie, big and luscious. Dark hair curling up from her cunt to surround her tight little asshole. He grinned as he remembered the taste of her asshole on his tongue. Women could never resist that. A little bung lapping always turned them on. Stepping back, he looked down at her drooping cuntlips, fat pinkish-brown flaps protruding from her bush of dark cunt hair. He liked it when a cunt had hanging cuntlips. A meaty cunt usually had enough juice to keep a man’s cock warm and wet. It was nice to have her like this with only her ass exposed and the rest of her body still covered. He had a yearning to see her tits, but having her half-dressed was more erotic. Christ, what a gorgeous little asshole! He loved it when a woman had hair ringing her shitter. Marie was much hairier than Angie, a bigger ass and more cunt hair. He wondered if she’d be a better fuck than his wife. He wondered what her pussy would feel like when he’d get to stretching it with his cock.

His hands moved over her ass again. Marie was thrilled that he was taking his time about things. She loved this position, and it was exciting not to be rushed. She loved bending over like this and showing her cunt and ass to a man. It turned her on to know that he could see everything she had. Shed loved the feel of his hands. The harder he squeezed her asscheeks the more she liked it.

She cooed with delight when his fingers worked their way into her damp asscrack. The first touch of his fingertip on her asshole made her shiver. She remembered the feel of his tongue in her bung. There was nothing lovelier than a hot tongue stretching her shithole. It was rare that a man would keep his tongue there long enough for her to really clamp down on it. Clyde certainly knew how to rim a girl’s asshole! She felt a pang of envy as she wondered how often Angie had Clyde do that to her.

Now she felt his fingers move to her cunt flaps. He tickled the rim of her cunthole, spreading her cuntlips and churning her fuckjuice with his fingertips. He had a gentle touch, gentle and at the same time thrilling. He knew how to finger a girl’s pussy.

She moaned with pleasure, swaying her hips, gyrating her ass, hoping he’d get the message and give her his fingers inside her cunt.

But he teased her, spreading her cuntjuice around, rubbing it over her clit and even over the ring of her asshole. Mewling sounds came out of her throat as he played with her overheated pussy. God, how good it felt! She moaned as he pinched her cuntflesh.

She felt terribly abandoned, bent over like this with her ass in the air, her hot cunt exposed to his eyes and fingers. She wondered if he could see the juice running out of her cunthole. She could feel her cunt cream wetting the insides of her thighs. Her crotch must be soaked with it! Did it turn him on to see her wet like that? Her clit felt swollen. She knew that when she was turned on like this, her cuntlips always thickened with her excitement. She suspected she looked like some red ass monkey bending over and waiting to be fucked. The idea thrilled her. She wanted Clyde’s throbbing red cock sliding into her juice-drenched fuckhole.

Marie gasped as she suddenly felt Clyde’s face pressing against her asscheeks and his mouth closing over her dripping pussy. She imagined him crouching down behind her and nuzzling her swollen cuntflesh.

She groaned as he chewed her cuntlips. Having him suck her pussy from behind like this was lovely! If he had his mouth on her cunt, he certainly must have his nose on her asshole. The thought of him sniffing and rubbing her bung with his nose made her shudder with lust. She pushed back against his face, wondering what it would take to get him to actually stick his nose inside her ass. No one had ever done that to her. Just the thought of it was almost enough to make her come!

His tongue found her cunthole now, his two hands squeezing and fondling her asscheeks. He pressed his mouth hard against her pussy and began a vigorous tongue-fucking of her cunthole.

It almost felt as good as a cock. His wet tongue fluttered in and out of her fuck channel as she squirmed her ass against his face. She tried to squeeze his face between her asscheeks, to get his nose and mouth solidly into her crotch. She moaned when she felt a flood of cunt-juice gush out of her cunthole. Did he suck it all up? She wouldn’t mind having him suck her asshole for a bit. That was something he hadn’t done yet. It wasn’t something you could ask someone to do, especially your brother-in-law! But, God, how lovely it would be! Her ex-husband had once done it to her, but they’d both been drunk as hell, and she hardly remembered what it felt like. She pushed back against his face as she thought of his mouth planted on her hot bunghole.

Clyde’s mouth finally left her sopping cunt and moved over her asscheeks to leave a trail of wet kisses on her creamy assflesh.

She loved having her ass kissed like this. Once again she envied Angie. She purred as Clyde’s mouth moved slowly over her asscheeks. His hot kisses left the skin of her ass wet with her saliva.

She groaned now as he moved his mouth into her asscrack. Was he going to work on her bung again? She prayed he would. She quivered at the first touch of his tongue.

He teased her by not moving directly to her asshole. He worked his tongue up and down between her shithole and cunthole. She imagined his mouth working there between her asscheeks, plastering wet kisses on her asshole. She could feel his saliva dripping down the crack of her ass to her cunt.

She heard him mumbling something about her ass now, and then a moment later she felt one of his fingers tickling her asshole. Yes, she thought, get your finger in there! Ream out my asshole! Oh, God, how good it felt! She squirmed her hips, driving her ass back to get her asshole sucking on his finger as he pushed it inside.

Soon she knew she had all of his middle finger stuck up her ass. It felt marvelous!

Maybe sometime she’d get him to fuck her ass with his cock. Marie was sure Angie took it up her ass every chance she had.

She groaned now as Clyde continued to ream out her shit-tube. His finger still working in her asshole, he leaned over to grab her tits with his free hand. She was sorry she hadn’t stripped her clothes off so that she could feel his hand directly on her tit-flesh. She was glad she wasn’t wearing a bra. Bending over like this, her tits hung down like melons, terribly sensitive, her nipples thick and hard. God, she needed fucking! She was like an animal in heat, bending over and waiting to be mounted. He was a lovely fuck, Clyde was. He knew how to delay things long enough to get a woman crazy!

At last he pulled back and she finally felt his fat cockhead probing between her swollen cuntlips.

“Yes!” she hissed. “Stick it in and fuck me! Give me all of it!”

She grunted with ecstasy and lurched backward to capture his cockhead with the mouth of her cunthole. She moaned as the full length of his hard cock slowly slid into her oozing fuck-channel. She pictured his thick red prick reaming out her cunt-tube. She quivered as he began fucking her with long smooth strokes.

He pistoned his cock in and out of her cunt with a slow tantalizing rhythm. She cried out and came when she suddenly felt his thumb corkscrew into her asshole.

“Oh, God, yes!” she wailed. “Stick your finger in my ass while you fuck my cunt! Keep fucking me! Fuck me hard! Oh, you bastard, give it to me!”

She came again and again, her cunt clamping down on his pistoning cock, until finally Clyde roared and dumped his load into her spasming fuck-channel.


Angie leaned back against her son’s chest. They were in the kitchen together. Jerry had come up behind her, slipped his arms around her waist, and moved his hands up to cup her heavy tits.

The blonde purred at the feel of her son’s fingers squeezing her thick nipples. “That’s good, honey!” she said. “I do like that!” She was without a bra and the boy’s hands ran riot with her titflesh. She giggled as he bounced and hefted her jugs.

She could feel his hard cock against the crack of her ass. Could they risk having a little fun while the others were in town? Angie could not resist the impulse. A week had passed since she’d let Jerry fuck her, and she was terribly hungry for it.

Unbuttoning her blouse now, she pulled it aside so that the boy’s hands could have total access to her tits. She looked down and watched as his fingers caressed her nipples.

“Do you like Mommy’s tits, honey?”

“They’re gorgeous!” the boy said huskily, pushing his cock against her ass and hefting her huge jugs in his palms. Her nipples had elongated into thick spikes.

“Suck my titties, honey,” Angie said. “Give your old mom a good hard suck!”

She turned in his arms and forced him to sit down on a chair. Leaning over him, holding one of her big tits with both hands, she fed the fat pink nipple to his mouth.

Jerry quivered with pleasure as he sucked his mother’s creamy tit. He loved Angie’s boobs. None of his friends had a mother with such beautiful tits. They felt like two cantaloupes when he played with them, and now that he had her fat tit stuffing his mouth he couldn’t get enough of it. He chewed her nipple, whipping it with his tongue, pulling the thick stalk out with his lips and then letting it pop back again. His mother’s tit had a lovely sweet taste.

Looking down at her son’s face, Angie watched with hot eyes as his mouth worked over her swollen boob. She squeezed her tit with both hands to push her nipple out as far as possible. She loved feeding a tit to a mouth like this. In this case the mouth sucking her tit belonged to her own son, and that made it incredibly erotic.

“Put your hand under my skirt, honey,” Angie said. “See if you can find Mommy’s pussy.”

She giggled as he slipped his hand under her skirt, ran it up between her fleshy thighs and found her wet panty-covered crotch. The boy’s fingers worked over the fat lips of her cunt. Pulling her panties aside, he screwed one of his fingers into her sopping cunthole. He slowly fucked his finger in and out as he continued sucking on her thick nipple. In a moment he added another finger to her cunt, spreading the elastic walls of her pussy, his knuckles grinding against her hairy cuntlips. He churned her cuntjuice. He could feel her cunt-cream wetting his hand. They both heard the sounds made by her juice-drenched cunt as he pumped his fingers in and out of her hungry fuckhole. Angie moaned softly. The feel of his hot mouth on her tit and his fingers fucking her oozing pussy drove her wild.

“Rub my cunt,” she cooed. “Do something to Mommy’s cunt, honey.”

The boy found the thick stalk of her swollen clit and rubbed it back and forth until Angie’s knees trembled.

“Oh, yes, that’s good!” she groaned. “That’s the way, honey! That really gets me off!”

She came on his hand, her thick cunt-slime gushing out to drench his fingers as they worked in her steaming gash.

After that she made him pull his mouth off her tit and his hand out of her cunt. She pulled him to his feet and took his place in the chair. Her fingers worked frantically at his belt buckle. In a moment she had his jeans and jockey shorts stripped down to his ankles. The boy’s swollen cock and fat pink balls swayed under her nose. She quivered as she sniffed the smell of his male meat.

She ran her fingertips lightly over his cockshaft, quivering with lust as she watched the throbbing column of his prick vibrate under her touch. The boy took after his father. Like Clyde, he was well-hung. How lovely it was to have a son with a gorgeous prick like this! She smiled as she watched a glob of clear fuckjuice ooze out of the pisshole in his bloated cockhead. His cock was dripping for her. It thrilled her to know that the jism filling his balls would soon be hers.

Gripping his cockshaft lightly now, she gently pumped his cockskin up and down on the rigid stalk of his prick. Jerry groaned as her fingers worked over his cockflesh. The slit in his cockhead continued to ooze fuck-juice, and now it leaked and dripped over her fingers, wetting her hand as she continued stroking his twitching cock.

“Lord, what a lovely cock,” she chuckled. “When was the last time you shot a load, honey?”

“Yesterday, Mom.”

“No wonder your balls are full. A boy your age can make a barrel of the stuff overnight.”

Angie moved one hand around to his ass now, running her palm over his firm asscheeks, her fingers tickling his asscrack. She found his asshole with a fingertip and giggled as Jerry groaned in response.

“Is my baby sensitive there?”

“Jesus, Mom!”

She giggled again, slowly working her fingers into his asshole and watching his balls twitch as the feeling got to him. He was just like his father. Clyde always liked a finger in his ass, or a tongue whenever he could get it.

Both hands up front again, Angie held the boy’s cock up with one hand and lifted his balls on the palm of the other hand. Opening her mouth, she sucked one of his nuts between her lips, rolled it around from one side of her mouth to the other. She dribbled saliva on the wrinkled skin of his ball-bag. Then she worked on the other nut. She loved his pink young balls. His nuts were deliciously firm and the skin of his ball-bag had a sweet taste. She continued sucking his balls until they dripped with her saliva.

“I used to do this when you were a baby,” she said. “You always had such cute balls. I could never resist it. You don’t remember that, do you?”

“No, Mom.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Now I’m sucking your cute nuts again and that’s all that counts.”

“Are you going to blow me, Mom?”

“Do you want me to?”

“I sure do,” Jerry giggled. “But you’d better do it before I shoot off in your hand.”

Angie continued teasing him with her fingers. She wouldn’t mind watching his young prick spurt his load of jism, but it would be much better to get it in her throat. She remembered the last time she’d sucked him off. How delicious it was! The taste of his young spunk had remained with her for days. She was lucky. Many women her age had to go out cruising when they had a yearning for young cock. She had a sturdy young prick right here at home. Maybe some day his father would find out, but she had a feeling Clyde would understand.

She started sucking his cock now. First she rubbed his juicy cockhead over her face, moving it over her cheeks and sniffing his pisshole. Then she closed her mouth over his bloated knob, swirled her tongue over it, and began sucking.

She took his cock into her mouth inch by inch, sliding the ring of her lips down towards the base of his cockshaft until his cockhead tickled the back of her throat.

She loved the feel of his warm cockmeat filling her mouth. She could feel the throbbing of his cockshaft with her lips. She slurped her mouth up and down on his prick, one hand fondling his balls, the other hand squeezing the base of his cockshaft to make his cockhead swell up like a juicy fat plum.

It was at that moment that Marie came to the doorway of the kitchen. She’d been downtown, had returned home early, had heard noises from the kitchen and walked over to see what was going on. The sight that met her eyes blew her mind. There was her sister with her mouth on her son’s cock!

Her eyes wide, Marie watched as Angie’s stretched lips moved slowly up and down Jerry’s rigid cockshaft. The boy’s prick glistened with his mother’s saliva.

This wasn’t the first time Marie had watched a woman suck a cock, but this was a mother doing it to her son and the brunette found it incredibly stimulating. She had to give Angie credit. Now many women would have the nerve to do something like this.

Angie had both hands on Jerry’s ass now, squeezing his asscheeks as she rhythmically pumped her mouth up and down on his twitching cock. Saliva continuously streamed out of mouth and dripped over the boy’s prick and balls. She lapped some of it up with her tongue, but most of it ran down to drench his cockbush. God, how she loved sucking on her son’s cockmeat! She turned her face to the side in order to get his cockhead rubbing against the inside of cheek, and it was then that she saw Marie standing in the doorway.

Their eyes met. The two sisters looked at each other, Marie smiling, her hands on her hips, Angie’s eyes wide with surprise, her mouth stuffed with her son’s cock.

With a slurping noise, Angie pulled her mouth off Jerry’s prick and gasped. “What the hell are you doing here? You’re supposed to be downtown.”

Marie shrugged. “Well, I’m not. Are you going to monopolize that cock all day, or can I get some of it too?”

Jerry gulped. He’d already fucked both his aunt and his mother, but he’d never thought he’d ever find himself shared by the two of them.

Within moments the boy found himself standing before the two seated women. They took turns sucking on his cockhead. While one had his knob in her mouth, the other fondled his cockshaft and balls. The sounds of slurping saliva filled the room. Jerry groaned each time a tongue-tip probed at his pisshole. He lost track of whose hand had his balls or whose mouth was filled by his cock. The sucking lips of the two women worked over the boy’s cockflesh until they had him quivering and moaning.

The two sisters shifted their positions now. Angie yielded Jerry’s cock to Marie and moved behind him to work on his ass with her mouth. The blonde kissed her son’s asscheeks, running her tongue up and down over his firm flesh and gradually moving her mouth and, tongue into his damp asscrack. Pulling his asscheeks apart with her hands, she fluttered her tongue over the boy’s asshole until he moaned with delight.

Jerry quivered, his knees trembling, his heart pounding as his aunt’s mouth worked on his cock and his mother’s mouth on his asshole.

Pulling her mouth away from his asshole, Angie said, “Let’s go upstairs and get on a bed. This is no way to do this.”

Tickling each other and giggling, the two women and the boy bounded up the stairs to Angie’s bedroom. Whatever clothes remained were quickly stripped off and tossed away. After making him stretch out on the bed, they hovered over him and made him suck their hanging tits one after the other.

Jerry went wild. His lips and tongue worked on the four jugs hanging over his face. The two women giggled as he slobbered and slurped over their titflesh.

Jerry no had a chance to compare their tits, and he decided he liked his aunt’s the best. Her dark nipples were longer than his mother’s, almost the size of thumbs, and her heavy tits were like two beach balls. The boy wondered if either woman knew he’d been fucking both of them, fucking and sucking their juicy cunts all summer long.

After Marie and Angie had their fill of Jerry sucking on their hanging tits, they moved away from him. They knelt on the edge of bed side by side with their heads down and their asses in the air.

“Get behind us and suck our pussies,” Angie ordered.

His face flushed with excitement, Jerry moved behind his mother and aunt. He stood there, gazing down at their upturned creamy asses. God, what a feast! Marie’s ass was the biggest, and because she was a brunette and had dark hair curling up to surround her asshole, her ass looked more ripe and raunchier. But his mother’s ass was a treat. It never failed to turn him on whenever he looked at it. Even if she was a blonde, she was just as hairy as Marie.

The boy groaned with pleasure now as both women reached their hands back to pull their asscheeks open and show him their cunts and assholes.

“Which one is prettier?” Angie giggled.

“Jesus,” he croaked, “they’re both gorgeous!” Then he said: “Put your fingers in your assholes,” his eyes feverish and his voice trembling.

The women shuddered as they obeyed the teenager’s lewd request. Jerry watched as his mother and aunt each probed her asshole with a fingertip. His blood raced as he saw each puckered shithole open like a tiny mouth to admit his exploring finger.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he breathed.

Tickling their assholes with their fingers made both women horny as hell. As the boy watched, a flood of cuntjuice gushed out of each cunthole. The juice streamed over their hairy cunt flaps and down to their clits. The feel of their warm cuntjuice bathing their clits excited the women even more. Soon they were moaning and swaying their hips from side to side and begging the boy to get his mouth on their cunts and suck their pussies.

First he put his hands on their asses. He caressed their asscheeks, running his fingers over the globes of creamy assflesh. They pulled their fingers out of their assholes now and waited expectantly. He had no intention of disappointing them.

He worked his thumbs into their sweaty asscracks and soon there he stood behind his mother and aunt with a thumb in each woman’s hot asshole.

“Stretch my bung!” Angie groaned. “I love the way it feels?”

“Fuck it in and out like a cock!” Marie squealed.

Angie’s asshole was much the looser one, and Jerry suspected it was his father had used it regularly over the years. His had a yearning to fuck his mother’s ass, and rather than wait and let the women take the lead, he decided to tell them what he wanted. He made his request, expecting to be rebuffed, but instead both women giggled.

“Oh, Jesus, I’d love to see that!” Marie said. The thought of watching her cute nephew fuck her sister’s asshole was thrilling.

Marie stared now as the boy crouched down behind his mother’s ass and began kissing and licking her fat asscheeks. Marie helped him by leaning over Angie’s back and using her hands to pull Angie’s asscheeks apart so that Jerry could get at his mother’s bung.

The brunette’s eyes glittered as she watched the boy’s tongue fluttering back and forth over his mother’s winking shithole.

“Get it inside!” Marie hissed. “Let me see you stick it inside!” She held her breath as she watched him zero in on the center of her bung with his tongue-tip and push in.

Angie groaned, her asshole opened like a flower, and the boy’s wet tongue slithered inside her shitter.

By the time Jerry pulled his tongue out of her ass, Angie had come twice and was frantic to have him stuff her shithole with his rigid cock.

They had a debate about whether to use cunt juice or Vaseline to lubricate Angie’s asshole. They finally settled on Vaseline and Marie quickly brought a jar of it from the bathroom. She proceeded to grease up the boy’s cock, and then she dabbed a glob into Angie’s puckered brownie.

A few moments later Jerry pressed his fat cockhead against his mother’s bunghole and pushed in. Angie moaned and pushed back to open her asshole. She shuddered as her son’s thick cock slowly slid into her steaming shitchute.

“Oh, Jesus, how lovely!” Marie said, her hands still holding Angie’s asscheeks, her eyes fixed on the boy’s throbbing cockshaft as it pushed into his mother’s ass.

Marie looked at Jerry and smiled. “Feel good?”

Jerry closed his eyes and groaned. There was no need to answer. The feel of his mother’s elastic shiner gripping his teenage cock was the most wonderful thing in the world.

Later on Jerry fucked Marie’s ass while his mother watched. After that the two women led him into the bathroom, cleaned their shit off his cock and brought another load out of his balls with their mouths.


Susan had invited her uncle to join her in the barn for a quick blowjob, and that was an offer Clyde found it impassible to refuse. Now he sat on a barrel with his back against a post and the plucky teenager crowding between his knees.

His fly was open and his cock was out. The little blonde leaned forward and moved her face close to the tip of his rampant prick. She curled her hand around his cockshaft down near its base and tightened her fingers until his fat cockhead swelled up like a balloon.

Susan giggled with delight as a glob of clear fuck-juice gushed put of his pisshole and streamed over his cockhead. Removing her hand from his cockshaft, she extended her tongue and licked her way from the base of his cock up to his bloated knob.

Clyde groaned as he watched her catch some of his fuck-juice on her tongue. She swirled his juice over his knob. The horny little teenager had an obvious passion for sucking cock, and Clyde was delighted to be able to take advantage of it. Watching her sweet young mouth working on his throbbing fuckmeat was exciting as hell.

Susan now dug her hand into his fly and scooped his balls out. For a moment she did nothing, her eyes feasting on the hang of his heavy nuts. Then once more she applied her mouth to his cock. This time she fluttered her tongue down his cockshaft to his hairy ball bag. She licked his nuts, pushing them around and probing his ball-bag with her tongue. She finally sucked one of his nuts into her mouth. She gently vibrated her tongue against it and quivered with pleasure as she heard, her uncle groan in response.

She sucked both his nuts until they were thoroughly wet with her saliva, and then she pulled her mouth away from his balls. She fisted his cockshaft again. Skinning back his foreskin, she uncovered his velvety knob. She bent her head to plant a series of wet kisses on his swollen cockhead.

She teased his knob with her tongue, stabbing and swabbing his sensitive flesh. He looked down at her with hot glittering eyes. He sat there with his head resting against the post and told himself how lucky he was to have this big-titted little teenager fawning on his cock. There was a certain innocence about her that really turned him on. Even if she was a cock hound, she was inexperienced enough to be an interesting change from women like Angie and Marie. Thinking about the two horny sisters who’d been milking his balls one after the other these past weeks, he grunted with satisfaction. He bucked his ass to urge Susan to get his cock into her mouth.

Susan swirled her tongue over his smooth fat cockhead. She loved sucking cock. Her uncle’s prick was definitely the nicest she’d ever had in her mouth. She found it much more thrilling to suck the cock of a man her uncle’s age than that of a boy like Jerry. Clyde even smelled differently. His cock and balls had a musky male scent that turned her on.

She loved the taste and aroma of hot cock.

She worked her tongue on the underside of his cockshaft now, tonguing his prick up and down, finally zeroing in on the sensitive spot between the lobes of his cockhead.

“Do you like this, Uncle Clyde?” she whispered as she continued to tease him with her tongue.

“Don’t tease, you little bitch!” Clyde croaked. “Get your mouth on it! You promised you’d suck me off. That’s the only reason I came in here.”

Susan giggled. She’d already done enough cocksucking in her life to know that the more she teased him the more juice she’d get out of his balls. The anticipation of filling her mouth with his hot load made her pussy quiver. Was it possible for a girl to like sucking cock more than fucking?

Making a ring of her lips, she suddenly pulled his cockhead into her mouth. Her lips grasping his cock tightly, she gently grated her teeth over his cockflesh. She twisted and turned her mouth this way and that, rubbing his cockhead over the insides of her cheeks. She loved the taste of his fuck-oil on her tongue.

At intervals she pursed her lips over his pisshole and pushed her tongue into the oozing slit. She sucked hard to get out his leaking juice.

She was really into it now, her eyes glazed, her nostrils quivering with the smell of his cockmeat, her mouth sucking hungrily on his fat knob. She began bobbing her head up and down, slowly moving the ring of her lips back and forth on his cockshaft. Her mouth pulled and pushed his foreskin when she reached his cockhead. Her teeth gently grazed the knotted veins on the surface of his fuck-muscle.

The girl mewled with pleasure at the heat of his cock in her mouth. It was thrilling to feel his hot cockflesh on her tongue, to smell the heavy scent of his maleness, to burrow her nose in his crotch hair each time she took the full length of his cock into her throat.

She found it exciting to pretend her mouth was a cunt, an overheated pussy that would milk him dry.

“Oh, you little bitch!” Clyde moaned, his hands moving to her blonde head to imprison her face between his sweaty thighs. He was afraid that somehow she would suddenly disappear. “Suck it, you little cunt! Suck that cock!”

Susan gazed up at him with adoring eyes. She loved turning him on like this. She sucked and slurped on his cockhead, teasing him by avoiding a regular rhythm that would bring him off.

After a while the teenager decided it was time to get her uncle’s load. One hand holding his dangling balls, she fisted the base of his long cock with her other hand and began bobbing her head up and down with a rapid rhythm. She worked to bring his load of jism boiling out of his balls.

Clyde groaned and grunted and soon his cock began twitching and jumping from one side of her mouth to the other. Susan quickly pulled back until she had her lips on the flared rim of his cockhead and her mouth poised to accept the eruption.

A moment later spurt after spurt of thick hot jism jetted out of his pisshole to fill her mouth. His slimy hot cum cascaded down her throat. She gulped and swallowed, tightening her lips behind his cockhead and sucking hard to get all of his load.

She kept his prick in her mouth until she felt it lose its hardness. She released him when she was sure there wasn’t a drop of jism left in his balls. She swirled her tongue over his cockhead to lick off the residue of his cum. She tucked his prick back into his pants and smiled up at him.

“Did you like that, Uncle Clyde?”

“Jesus Christ!” he groaned. “You’re a great little cocksucker!”

“Any time you want it, Uncle Clyde.”

He patted her head. “How’d you like to have some fun with your aunt and me?”

Susan looked up at him, her eyes wide. “You mean it?”


“I don’t think Aunt Angie will go for it.”

He chuckled. “Don’t you worry about that. Tomorrow afternoon your mother and Jerry won’t be around. About two o’clock I’ll be fucking Angie in the bedroom and I’ll make sure to leave the door open. You just come along and sort of accidentally join us, if you know what I mean.”

“Are you sure?”

“You’re damn right, I’m sure!” he laughed.

The next afternoon Susan made sure to follow her uncle’s instructions. As Clyde had said, her mother and Jerry were out of the house. The teenage girl moved quietly along the upstairs hallway and approached the bedroom used by Angie and Clyde. Sure enough, the door was open and she could see into the room.

The young girl shuddered with excitement at the sight of her aunt and uncle on the wide bed. Angie was on top of Clyde, her hips grinding hard in a circular motion. Clyde arched his body to spear his cock into her cunt.

Susan stared at her uncle’s juice-coated prick as it stretched her aunt’s pussy. The girl had more than once felt that cock reaming out her own cunt, and her lust-swollen clit quivered with excitement. It was a fantastic turn-on to watch her aunt and uncle like this.

Angie’s tits jiggled and bounced as she rode up and down on Clyde’s rigid cock. Susan could see the expression of sheer lust on her aunt’s face. Angie’s mouth hung open, her tongue sliding back and forth across her lips, her eyes closed and her forehead wrinkled as she concentrated on the feel of Clyde’s thick cock in her steaming cunt.

Clyde grunted and jerked his hips, fucking back at his wife as she bounced up and down on his prick.

Susan stood there watching them, getting hotter by the minute, and soon she had one hand under her dress massaging her erect clit. The teenage girl was so turned on she thought she’d pee in her pants right there in the hall.

Susan’s heart pounded as she watched them, and then suddenly Clyde turned his head and looked directly at the teenage girl. “We’ve got company,” he chuckled.

Angie looked over her shoulder without missing a stroke, her hips bouncing up and down as she continued fucking her cunt on his rigid prick. Her mouth turned up in a smile. “Hello, cutie. Spying on us, are you? Don’t just stand there, come on in and join the party!”

The blonde teenager gulped and stepped into the room. Clyde had obviously arranged it all with her aunt. The young girl quivered with excitement as she approached the bed on which the two older people were still fucking.

Susan’s eyes feasted on their grinding crotches, on Clyde’s long thick cock reaming out Angie’s cunt. The girl remembered how it felt to have her uncle’s cock deep inside her pussy.

“Get your clothes off,” Angie snickered as she continued bouncing up and down. “Get your clothes off and sit on his face.”

Susan quickly removed her clothes. When she was completely naked, she climbed on the bed, straddled Clyde so that she faced her aunt, and slowly squatted down until her sopping cunt was hanging directly over her uncle’s face.

The teenage girl blushed when her aunt’s hands reached out to grab her young tits. “You’ve got lovely boobs!” Angie said. “Sit right down on his face, honey. Don’t be bashful.”

Clyde stared straight up at Susan’s gorgeous blonde cunt. Her cuntlips were open and glistening with her juices. He could smell her ripe young pussy as she lowered it to his face. In a moment he had Angie’s cunt grinding on his cock and Susan’s cunt grinding on his mouth.

Angie’s cuntjuice gushed over his cock and balls, and Susan’s cunt-juice streamed over his tongue.

Susan watched Clyde’s cock move in and out of her aunt’s fuckhole as she wiggled her hips and smeared her pussy on his nose. The teenage girl could see the thick veins along his cockshaft bulge and strain as Angie rode him with a grinding movement of her ass. Her eyes feasting on their crotches, the young girl picked up her aunt’s rhythm as she squirmed on her uncle’s face.

“Good, honey?” Angie asked.

Susan nodded. She moaned when she felt Clyde’s tongue dip into her cunthole and then lap back and forth over her swollen clit.

Her hands supporting the blonde teenager’s heavy tits, Angie fingered Susan’s nipples and gazed down at the young girl’s pussy. She found it exciting to watch the girl’s wet cunt press against her husband’s upturned face. She’d never done anything like this with Clyde before and she found it thrilling. She was also turned on by her niece. She’d had no idea Susan had such a luscious body. The girl’s pussy looked tasty, and Angie hoped that before they were through she would have a chance to suck it.

“Put your hands on my tits,” Angie said to Susan. “Pinch my nipples, honey. Hold my tits like I’m holding yours.”

The blonde teenager grabbed her aunt’s jiggling tits, digging her fingers into Angie’s creamy titflesh. Holding each other’s tits, the two women squirmed together on Clyde’s cock and mouth.

Clyde’s face was smothered by Susan’s cunt and ass. He had his nose pressing against her asshole and his tongue fluttering inside her juice-drenched cunthole. He loved it. He slurped up the heavy flow of cunt-cream oozing out of her pussy and swallowed it down with relish. Her cuntjuice tasted delicious.

Clyde suddenly grunted, bucked his ass upwards and drove his cock deep into Angie’s cunt. His balls erupted. Hot jism splattered out of his prick to wash the insides of Angie’s fuck-channel. He continued pumping and spurting until his balls were drained. He collapsed with a final grunt as the two women rolled off him giggling.

“He won’t be any good to us for a while,” Angie said, her arm slipping around Susan’s waist as they lay side by side on the mattress. The older woman’s eyes hungrily raked over the teenager’s body.

Susan lay back on the bed. Her pussy was still aching for more sex. She could sense that her aunt was up to something. The teenager knew there were women who liked to make out with other women. When Angie had earlier put her hands on Susan’s tits, it had occurred to the little blonde that maybe her aunt swung both ways. Susan decided she wouldn’t mind. She wasn’t sure what she herself would do, but she sure wouldn’t mind her aunt licking and sucking her pussy! Just the thought of it brought a quiver to the young blonde’s cunt. She imagined Angie’s face between her thighs and her little clit twitched in response.

Angie realized that words were no longer necessary. The girl was hers. Her luscious niece was an anxious for it as she was. Leaning over Susan, Angie pressed her mouth to the girl’s lips and in a moment had Susan moaning as she sucked on her tongue. After the wet kiss, Angie ran her hands over the girl’s trembling body.

She began at Susan’s shoulders, stroking them first with a light touch of her fingertips, then moving her hand slowly downward. She cupped the girl’s tits in her hands. She squeezed gently, closing her fingers on the girl’s pink nipples. Then she bent forward and kissed Susan’s nipples one after the other, sucking each nub into her mouth delicately chewing it under the little blonde groaned with pleasure.

Finally pulling her mouth away from the girl’s tits, Angie rolled Susan’s saliva-coated nipples with her fingers and began kissing her way down Susan’s smooth white belly.

The older woman was now impatient for a taste of the girl’s pussy. She realized she ought to delay things a bit, get Susan more in the mood with careful foreplay, but she was too anxious to get her mouth on the teenager’s cunt. She quickly moved her face directly to Susan’s crotch.

Angie was pleasantly surprised when Susan opened her thighs and pulled her legs back. The young girl offered her sopping cunt. She mewled with pleasure as Angie leaned forward to plant her mouth on her gaping young cunthole.

Angie quivered with excitement. How sweet it was! She hadn’t sucked a pussy as young as this in years. She’d forgotten how delightful it could be. Susan’s cuntjuice gushed into her mouth, thick and creamy with a lovely taste and a tart aroma.

Susan shuddered and moaned under the hands and lips of the older woman. The feel of her aunt’s mouth on her pussy was delicious. The girl spread her thighs as wide as possible. She craned her neck to gaze down and watch as Angie pulled her young cuntlips apart with her fingers.

Angie kissed the girl’s pink cuntlips. She could smell the teenager’s juice and it turned her on. She was sorry now she hadn’t made Clyde fuck Susan and come in her pussy. It would be glorious to suck his jism out of Susan’s lovely twat. Sticking her tongue out, Angie lapped up the whitish cuntjuice oozing out of her niece’s cunthole. She began licking rhythmically, swabbing the girl’s gash from cunthole to clit with broad sweeps, of her tongue. The licking soon brought mewling sounds of pleasure out of Susan.

It’s time, thought Angie. It’s time to get a full load of sweet cream out of her.

Plastering her mouth over the girl’s stiff clit, she began gyrating her face up and down and back and forth, sucking and chewing on Susan’s steaming cuntflesh. Soon the young girl cried out and heaved and came like a volcano.

Angie giggled softly as she lapped up the girl’s thickly flowing juices. The taste of Susan’s cum on her tongue was exquisite. By the time she rolled off the blonde teenager, Angie felt as though she’d sucked a pint of cuntjuice out of the girl’s fuckhole.


One day Angie and Clyde were in bed resting after a lazy afternoon fuck and Angie said, “I’ve got something to tell you.”

“I’m listening,” Clyde replied.

“I don’t know how much you know about what’s been going on, but things have been pretty wild around here.”

“So it seems,” Clyde chuckled.

“I mean it’s more than just what we’ve been doing together. I’ve been fucking Jerry. Did you know that?”

“I guessed it.”

“You’re not angry?”

“As long as the two of you are having a good time, why should I care? Anyway, I’ve been screwing my sister, so what’s the difference?”

“I thought you’d see it that way,” Angie laughed. “Susan’s birthday is next week and I think it would be a good idea if we all sort of got together and had a little celebration.”

“You mean an orgy?”

“How’d you guess?”

“Sounds good to me!”

“Well, that’s next week. In the meantime I wouldn’t hold it against you if you sucked my pussy.”

Clyde chuckled at the invitation. He slid down the bed and moved between her legs. Angie pulled her knees back to her tits so that he could get at her oozing gash.

“Suck it good, honey,” she said. “Get all the nice hot juice out of my cunthole!”

There was more than her juice in there. He had just dropped a load inside her cunt and he could see some of his jism leaking out of her fuck-hole.

“This is a hot-cunt sundae,” he said. “That’s right,” Angie giggled. “And I want you to dry me out.”

He brought his face close to her cuntbush and sniffed the heavy aroma of dripping cunt. Her meaty pussy had always turned him on. Extending his tongue, he slowly lapped it up and down over her thick cuntlips. He probed between the outer hairy flaps to get at her sweet pink inner lips.

Angie quivered, pushing her wet pussy at his face, urging him to get his mouth on her cuntflesh. She gazed down at him, her eyes hot as she watched him begin. He was good at sucking cunt. It was one of the reasons she’d married him. On their first date he’d lapped her pussy for nearly an hour and sent her over the moon.

She cooed her approval as he pressed his nose into her cuntbush. It excited her to watch him sniff at her pussy.

Clyde ran his hands over her ass, his nose rubbing against her clit. He pressed his mouth against her cunthole and drilled his tongue inside her sopping cunt-channel.

His fingers worked into her asscrack as he began sucking the mixture of juice and jism out of her fuckhole. She cried out and bucked her hips when his fingertip found her asshole.

“Oh, yes, do that!” she said. “Get your finger in my ass! I love that!”

His middle finger screwing inside her asshole, he pushed his thumb into her cunthole. His fingers in both holes, he began sucking her clit. She clamped her thighs around his face and groaned as he whipped her passion-button back and forth with his tongue.

The feel of his mouth on her oozing cuntflesh drove Angie wild. Her clit swelled up under his sucking mouth and threatened to explode. Again and again his tongue lashed her bloated clit, his thumb churning the juice in her cunthole, his finger slowly pistoning in and out of her tight asshole.

Clyde finally closed his lips around her clit and sucked hard. Angie gurgled and shuddered and came on his face.

A week later the festivities for Susan’s birthday began. It was a private party. If any of the neighbors had seen what was going on inside the house, they would certainly have called the police.

Soon after Susan blew the candles out on her cake, Angie suggested they all take their clothes off. All five of them had never been together like this, and at first there were giggles and wisecracks. When that ended, Angie suggested they play a game.

“We’ll have a blowjob competition,” she said. “Susan can be the referee.”

There was some debate at first about who would suck whom, and it was decided that Angie would take Jerry and Marie would work on Clyde. The idea was to see which woman could make her cock come first. Because of Jerry’s age, Marie had to start sucking Clyde two minutes before Angie began with Jerry.

They all giggled as the women knelt on the rug in front of Jerry and his father. Two pairs of creamy tits jiggled as the two sisters leaned towards the crotches of the men.

They curled their fingers around the two hard cocks. Marie positioned herself so that she could watch Angie take her son’s cock in her mouth. The sight of her blonde sister closing her lips over Jerry’s fat young cockhead was exciting. Marie’s own lips engulfed Clyde’s knob.

Father and son gazed down as the two women made love to their rampant pricks. Each woman had one hand on a cockshaft and the other hand cupping a pair of bloated balls.

The women looked at each other and smiled as they stuffed their mouths with cockmeat. Angie could feel Jerry’s cockhead pulsing under her lips. A flood of fuckjuice was leaking out of the boy’s pisshole onto her tongue. She slurped on his prick, sucking hard on his knob and then sliding the tight ring of her lips down his cockshaft. She jiggled his balls with her fingers, tugging at his pink ball bag.

Marie stroked Clyde’s cock as she sucked it, her fingers sliding up and down his cockshaft, pumping his cockskin on the thick cylinder of his fuck-muscle.

Both women made slurping sounds as they sucked. Saliva dripped out of their mouths and ran streaming down the throbbing cockshafts. Each woman probed the pisshole of the cock in her mouth, teasing it and then sucking hard to pull out more juice.

Angie was the first to snake a finger under Jerry’s balls and find his asshole. Marie followed a moment later. Each woman now had her finger in an asshole as her mouth continued sucking hot cockmeat.

Handicap or not, Jerry was the first to come. He grabbed his mother’s head and croaked out a warning. A moment later he blasted off in her mouth. Angie slurped and swallowed, gulping down his hot jism, squeezing his balls and milking his cock with her lips.

Seconds later Clyde called out and began spurting wad after wad of thick hot jism into Marie’s gulping throat.

Susan applauded. Since Clyde had won the contest, he received first prize. Later on he would get to fuck Susan in the ass. In the meantime Susan leaped forward to suck both cocks one after the other into her mouth. She savored the last drops of their loads and thoroughly cleaned off their rapidly softening pricks with her lips and tongue.

While the men rested, the three women fondled and kissed each other. Susan had never felt so close to her mother before. The teenager feasted her eyes on Marie’s voluptuous body. Marie was pleased by the attention. She hefted her tits in her hands, showing Susan how they bounced. She slid her fingers down to her dark cuntbush and pried her cuntlips open to show her daughter the pink wet interior of her gash.

Susan could not resist putting her hands on her mother’s tits. She squeezed and fondled the heavy globes, jiggling them from side to side with her palms and using her fingers to pinch out Marie’s thick nipples. Marie crooned with approval when her daughter’s hand slid down to touch her swollen cuntflesh.

“Oh, yes!” Marie hissed. “Suck one of my titties while you do that, honey!”

Susan closed her lips on the dark spike of one of her mother’s nipples as her fingers probed between her mother’s juicy cuntlips. “Let me suck your pussy!” the teenager groaned. “Please, Mommy, let me do it!”

Marie was helpless. She mewled with excitement when her daughter asked her to bend over so that she could suck her cunt from the rear. In a moment Susan was crouched behind Marie’s jutting ass, her hands running over her mother’s creamy assflesh, her lips trailing wet kisses over each luscious asscheek.

Marie moaned at the first touch of her daughter’s tongue in the crack of her ass. Susan swabbed up and down the damp valley between her mother’s asscheeks. She tickled the sensitive stretch between Marie’s asshole and cunthole. Saliva dribbled out of the teenager’s mouth to stream over Marie’s puckered bung.

“Oh, Jesus!” Marie giggled. “She really knows how, doesn’t she?”

Excited by what she was seeing, Angie crouched beside Marie and squeezed the brunette’s dangling tits while Susan continued lapping and sucking Marie’s gorgeous ass.

When Marie moaned again, Angie chuckled, “I have an idea I know where her tongue is.”

“It’s in my ass!” Marie hissed. “She’s tongue-fucking my asshole! Oh, God, it’s good!”

Susan’s agile tongue now moved from asshole to cunthole, drilling into each opening and pistoning in and out a few times before returning to the other hole.

Susan was thrilled by the feel of her mother’s wet pussy against her face. The smell of her mother’s cunt filled, her nose and it turned her on. As the thick juice oozed out of her mother’s pussy, the teenager drank it up and swallowed it down. She loved every drop.

She chewed on Marie’s hanging cuntlips until they were swollen with irritation. The girl’s fingers pried open Marie’s hairy cunt flaps to reveal the inside of her oozing cunt. The blonde teenager plastered her mouth against her mother’s cunthole and sucked hard.

Slurping sounds filled the room as Susan’s sucking drew the juice out of her mother’s fuck-channel.

“God, what a lovely cunt lapper she is!” Marie groaned. “She’s sucking my insides out!” The brunette cried out as Susan managed to get her head way underneath and her mouth clamped over Marie’s bloated clit. Marie’s thighs trembled as Susan sucked on her passion-button.

The teenager’s mouth worked in a fury, her tongue whipping back and forth across Marie’s clit, her lips sucking hard, her teeth nipping at the swollen bud.

Marie’s cunthole spasmed. Globs of cuntjuice oozed out to wet Susan’s upturned face. The girl mewled with pleasure as she sucked her mother’s cunt-cream. She found her mother’s asshole with a finger, tickled Marie’s hair-rimmed grommet, and pushed the finger inside. Her mouth filled with cunthair and cuntflesh, Susan frigged her mother’s asshole as she continued sucking her stiff clit.

“Oh, yes, baby, that’s good!” Marie moaned. “Keep sucking, I’m coming! Keep sucking! Oh, God, yes!”

She ground her crotch on her daughter’s face, her asscheeks jiggling, her hips gyrating, her cunthole spasming again and again and gushing a flood of thick cream into Susan’s gulping mouth.

Watching the two women had revived Clyde and Jerry, and now their cocks were hard and they were eager to fuck again.

Angie suggested it would be nice to watch Jerry fuck Susan, but Susan insisted she wanted both men at the same time. “One in my cunt and the other in my ass!” the teenager said. “I want Uncle Clyde to do my asshole!”

Susan pushed Jerry down on the rug, making him stretch out on his back. She climbed over him and squatted over his rampant cock. Holding his cockshaft with her fingers, she positioned his cockhead at the mouth of her cunthole and slowly eased her fuck-channel down on his throbbing prick.

Jerry groaned as her wet pussy engulfed his fuck pole. Susan’s fat cuntlips caressed his rigid cockshaft. He arched his hips, trying to fuck her, but Susan slammed down on him and giggled as she told him to keep still, “I’ll do the fucking,” she said. She looked down to watch her cunthole being stretched by his cockshaft as she slid up and down.

As her tits jiggled over Jerry’s face, he reached his hands up to grab them. He pinched her nipples and moaned as he felt her warm cunt-juice steaming over his cock and balls.

After she’d fucked Jerry awhile, Susan leaned forward and offered her ass to Clyde. “Do my shitter, Uncle Clyde! Fuck me in the ass!”

Clyde looked at Angie and Marie and shrugged. He ran his hands over the girl’s lush asscheeks. He leaned forward and planted wet kisses over each creamy globe.

Susan squealed when he nipped her ass with his teeth. She loved the feel of his mouth on her assflesh. She groaned when she felt her uncle’s hands prying her asscheeks apart.

Clyde licked his lips as he gazed at her winking asshole, he could already feel her tight shitter gripping his cock. Moving his face close to her ass, he sniffed her asscrack and then extended his tongue and slowly swabbed it up and down in the humid canyon.

Susan wailed when the wet tip of his tongue touched her asshole. She wondered if he’d push his tongue inside her shitter. She wanted that. She was dying to feel her uncle’s thick tongue reaming out her shithole.

Clyde used his fingers first. He stretched her asshole, first with his forefinger and then with his thumb, loosening it up. After that he plastered his mouth over her hung and wet it down with saliva. The girl trembled when he drilled his tongue inside her shitter. He pistoned his tongue in and out of her tight shit tube, chuckling at the way she shuddered in response.

Angie and Marie positioned themselves on either side of Susan. They each put their hands on the girl’s ass, pulling her asscheeks apart and gazing with hot eyes at Clyde’s cock as it slowly approached Susan’s asshole.

Susan groaned at the first touch of his fat cockhead on her twitching shithole. Her bung was lubricated and loose enough to take his knob without too much trouble.

Clyde pushed forward and grunted as his cockhead popped into the girl’s clutching asshole. “Jesus, what a sweet little ass!” he croaked. He bucked his hips, driving another inch of his cock into her shitter, then bucked again, jiggled his cock with a side-to-side motion and finally drove the full length of his stiff cock inside.

With most of her uncle’s cock in her ass now, Susan began humping up and down on Jerry’s throbbing prick and grinding her asshole on Clyde’s thick cockshaft. The teenager moaned as she fucked both men at the same time. Her crotch was on fire. She felt as though her asshole and cunthole had somehow merged. She felt as though she had a cock the size of a tree-trunk reaming her out.

Angie and Marie moved up to Susan’s face now. Each woman pushed a tit into the girl’s open mouth.

Her cunt filled by Jerry’s cock, her ass stretched by her uncle’s prick, her mouth stuffed with the titflesh of her mother and aunt, Susan shuddered and quaked and cried out as spasm after spasm ripped through her body.

The tightening of the girl’s asshole brought the jism boiling out of Clyde’s balls. He bellowed as her tight shitter sucked on his cock. As he dumped his load, Susan came again, her cunt violently spasming and milking Jerry’s cock. The boy shot off, erupting like a volcano, drenching her fuck-channel with his load of cock-cream.

Angie and Marie held hands and kissed each other. They were one big happy family now.

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