Mom In The Middle

When she was eighteen years old, Debby Griffith had never fucked a boy, or had her pussy eaten, or even seen a man’s naked cock. A lot of other teenagers in her high school slept around and gave their boyfriends blow jobs, but Debby considered herself a good girl. She was saving herself for the man she married.

It was hard to be a good girl when you were very pretty. Debby was one of the prettiest girls in the whole county. She had long, thick blonde hair, wide blue eyes, and a soft cheeked, ripe-lipped face that might have belonged to a movie star.

Debby’s best feature was her breasts. They were so big that they almost embarrassed her. She had trouble finding a large enough bra, and even the thick Maidenform-type couldn’t conceal the size of her huge, red nipples. Even with a bra on, her tits jiggled and swayed under a blouse; it made her blush the way men gawked at her when she walked down the hall.

The rest of her body was just as voluptuous. She had a slim bone structure, and her legs were long and shapely, and her ass was full, round and very firm. All her female, classmates were jealous of her, and half of the boys thought about fucking her whenever, they jacked off.

But Debby was a good girl, and she never let them touch her. The only boy she made out with at all washer boyfriend, Robbie.

Robbie was a twenty-year-old student at the local junior college. He was very handsome, Debby thought; he had a tall, slender body, brown hair, and a boyishly good looking face.

Tonight was a special time. It was their first anniversary; they’d been going together one whole year. To celebrate they’d gone to see the triple feature horror movies at the nearby drive-in theatre.

Now they were parked on the fourth ramp from the front, in Robbie’s hot-rodded 1955 Chevrolet hardtop. The weather wasn’t really very good for seeing the movie. It was drizzling rain, and cold, and the old fashioned blower heater under the dashboard had blanketed all the windows in steam.

Robbie didn’t mind. He was too busy feeling up Debby’s big tits.

Her blouse was open, unbuttoned to her waist. The front clasp of her bra had been unfastened, and the huge cups hung at her sides. Robbie’s fingers squeezed and kneaded the spongy softness of her right breast, occasionally pulling on the stiff nipples.

Debby sat with her eyes closed, giving herself up to the tit massage. She allowed Robbie to go this far with her, but it worried her. Sometimes, when he fondled her tits, she got so horny that it was hard to keep herself from fucking him.

All of a sudden, Robbie dropped his face to her jiggling breasts. Before Debby could stop him he took the circle of her big nipple deep into his mouth, sucking it hard.

“Stop it, Robbie!” Debby protested. She grimaced and tried to push his head away. “You know you’re not supposed to do that!”

Robbie said nothing. Instead he only made crude, slurping sounds as he sucked on her tit. His tongue rolled around the stiff tip of her nipple, teasing it, making it exquisitely hard.

“Unhhh… oh, Robbie… unhh!” Debby grunted. A wanton blush spread through her cheeks; she felt herself becoming dangerously turned on. “Don’t do that to me… you’re making me so hot… stop it, unhhhhh.”

“You ain’t gonna make me suffer anymore,” Robbie grumbled. “I been waiting on this for a whole fucking year!”

Robbie kept on sucking her huge white tit, chewing the stiff nipple between his lips. Debby didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to fight with her boyfriend, but he was making her so horny that she was about to lose control. Under her panties, her curly haired pussy slit was a sopping, dripping mess.

Then Robbie did something even more unexpected. He thrust his hand under her dress between her soft thighs. Debby felt his fingers groping under the crotch band of her panties. The next thing she knew he was pumping his finger in and out of her virgin cunt.

“Unnggghhh!” Debby groaned. In spite of herself she felt her clit stiffen, and her pussy walls clasp hungrily around his finger. “Stop it this instant!” she cried, pummeling his back feebly with her fists. “I mean it Robbie! I’m going to start screaming.”

Debby tried to shut her thighs around Robbie’s hand. But Robbie kept on fingerfucking her, thrusting his finger knuckle deep into the clasping wetness of her tight little hole. Soon Debby felt an irresistible warmth spread through her loins. Her cunt was actually throbbing now, spewing her fragrant pussy juices all over Robbie’s hand.

Then Debby simply couldn’t stand it. She’d always been afraid of losing control. Now it had finally happened.

Debby bit her lip, trying to restrain herself a second longer. Then she whimpered and spread her thighs as far apart as her dress would let them go, relinquishing her burning pussy to the pleasures of Robbie’s fondling.

“Unggghh! Do it now Robbie, play with me!” she gasped. Uncontrollably she humped her ripe ass off the car seat, fucking her cunt on her boyfriend’s hand. “Unh! Harder Robbie, do it hard!”

Robbie leaned over until he was about to fall off the seat. To Debby’s horror, he thrust his head under her dress. Before she could stop him he pulled her crotch band aside and buried his face into the steaming fissure of her pussy, beginning to eagerly lick up the juices that flowed from her cunt.

Debby was shocked. She had never dreamed of letting a boy suck her pussy, and couldn’t imagine why Robbie would want to do such a depraved thing. But she was too horny to resist him. She simply spread her thighs further apart and pulled at his hair, letting him have his way between her legs.

Robbie was entranced by the smell, feel and appearance of his girlfriend’s virgin pussy. It was a very pretty cunt, soft and plump, covered thickly with curls of light brown hair that spread up Debby’s lower belly.

He started licking her aching pussy as if he’d been doing it all his life. Squirming on the car seat, he thrust his tongue deeply into her fuck hole and pumped it in and out. Then he found her stiff clit and sucked it deep into his mouth, at the same time fingering her pussy slit with his hand.

“Unggghhh! Oh Robbie… oh God, that’s gross, unhhh! Awww, Robbie, nnnggg…”

Debby couldn’t believe that her body could feel so good. Her clit tingled wildly against Robbie’s tongue, and her cunt was so wet that her inner thighs were damp with her dripping juices.

Debby grimaced feverishly and shook her head back and forth against the back of the seat helplessly, gasping and whining with pleasure. She pulled Robbie’s hair and humped her ass rhythmically, overcome with desire, fucking her cunt all over his face.

“Take off this God damn dress,” Robbie muttered, breathing the words around her steaming pussy. “I want to see what I’m sucking!”

Debby didn’t hesitate. She whipped off her dress and hurled it onto the back seat, leaving herself naked from the waist down except for her black, high-heeled shoes. Then she tore her panties completely from her body.

Even in the dim moonlight that filtered through the steamed windows, her hairy pussy mound looked juicy and wet. It was like she’d been waiting for Robbie to make her cum all night.

“I’m gonna fuck you now,” Robbie muttered. Staring at her dripping pussy, he fumbled hurriedly with the belt and zipper of his pants. “I’m sick of getting blue balls from making out with you!”

“No, Robbie!” Debby clamped her thighs together and looked at him fearfully. “You can’t do that! I’m a virgin!”

Robbie knew how to get his girlfriend to submit. He returned his mouth to her pussy and sucked her clit extremely hard, holding apart her cunt lips with his fingers, nipping and tugging and licking at the tiny bud.

Debby whined and bucked her ass off the seat as if she’d been shot. Just as Robbie had expected, her legs spread wide apart.

Robbie withdrew his mouth and pulled his pants and boxer shorts down to his knees, exposing his throbbing stiff dick. His was the first cock Debby had ever seen in her life. Immediately she found that it made her much hornier than she’d been before, that she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

It looked like a real big one. The pink, blue veined shaft that stood out of Robbie’s cock hairs was at least seven inches long, crowned by a bulbous, spongy head that was almost purplish in coloring. Even as Debby looked at his prick it jumped and jerked up and down, there was white, liquid oozing from the little hole in his cock head, and Debby guessed that was his jism. From the hardness of his cock, it looked as if he was going to start shooting cum all over her body at any moment.

“Gonna fuck you now,” Robbie sighed. “Gonna fuck your sweet cunt!”

Debby was too busy staring at his throbbing dick to realize that she was about to lose her cherry.

Robbie crawled between her spread thighs. He leaned forward until the tip of his twitching prick nestled between the pouting lips of her cunt. Then he grabbed her naked ass cheeks in both hands and plunged downwards, burying the first several inches of his aching hard-on into the clasping warmth of her virgin pussy. “Awwwww!” Debby squealed. “Oh Robbie, Robbie, it feels so… unhhh!”

There was no pain at all. Debby felt her cunt walls separating around the invading shaft of Robbie’s prick, as if she’d been waiting for a man to fuck her all her life.

It felt very, very good to have a man’s prick inside her pussy. Her cunt lips sucked around it; her clit chafed deliciously against the upper side of his dick.

“You like that, baby?” Robbie whispered. “You want some more?”

Debby didn’t care about being a good girl anymore, or staying a virgin, or anything else except Robbie’s big, hard dick. She grabbed him by the hips and tried to pull his prick further up her hole. At the same time she began to buck and hump her ass wildly off the seat, in the unmistakable motions of fucking.

“Give it to me, Robbie. I want it all!” she whined. “Fuck me now, fuck my cunt!”

Robbie began to work his hips, sighing with pleasure as he felt Debby’s pussy walls sucking and slurping around the stiffness of his prick. She had a very tight cunt, even for a virgin; it was difficult getting all of his hard cock inside her.

Finally it was all the way in, the entirety of his throbbing cock buried balls-deep in the clinging warmth of her cunt. Robbie humped his ass back and forth, in and out, sliding his throbbing hard-on through the gurgling lips of her fuck hole.

Debby bucked her ass up to meet every stroke. The car springs creaked madly beneath them, and she thought she heard the sound of giggling through the windows, as if every other couple at the drive-in could tell that they were busy fucking.

But she didn’t care. With every thrust of Robbie’s cock she could feel her cunt walls tugging around it, drawing it into the root of her belly. It felt incredibly good being fucked. She knew she was being a bad girl now, but the shame was worth the intense pleasure accompanying the forbidden act. Debby had to wonder why she hadn’t spread her legs for Robbie’s wonderful prick a year ago, when they’d first met.

Her pussy was gushing now, spewing fuck juices around the pistoning stiffness of Robbie’s cock. Debby held his ass eagerly and humped her cunt as hard as she could. She panted with the effort, and her knee knocked painfully against the stick shift on the floor. She just had to get Robbie to fuck her even harder!

“I’m gonna cum now, baby,” Robbie sighed. He groaned as he hammered his dick in and out of her cunt grimacing as his balls thudded against the crack of her ass. “You’ve got my meat so fucking hard… my nuts feel like lead!”

“Keep fucking meee!” Debby gasped. Her huge tits jiggled wildly on her chest as she squirmed and bucked on the seat; the tips were as hard as rocks with desire. “Fuck my cunt! Ungghhh! Ungghhh! I’m gonna cum too!”

Robbie dropped his head into Debby’s swaying jugs. As he fucked her pussy he began to suck on her nipples, alternating between breasts, tugging the stiff pink bulbs into his mouth as hard as if he expected to draw milk.

That was too much for Debby. As soon as Robbie had her fat red nipples in his mouth she started cumming, shooting off all over his thrusting, throbbing cock.

“Fuck me now!” she moaned loudly. As she came, her cunt muscles sucked wildly around his cock. She clawed her fingernails into his back and humped her ass up as hard as she could. “Unggghhh! Fuck me Robbie, fuck me… awww cuuummmiiinnnggg…”

Robbie’s prick trembled to absolute, swollen stiffness inside Debby’s steaming pussy, the jism leaking freely from his purplish head. Immediately he pulled his dick completely out of her cunt.

He had to. Debby wasn’t on the pill. As horny as he was, he couldn’t, risk getting her pregnant.

“Suck my dick, Debby,” he said thickly. He stood up inside the car, his head and shoulders pressed against the roof. His rock-hard dick twitched and jerked in front of her face. “I’ve got to cum now. Suck the cum out of my prick!”

Six months ago, if Robbie had dared to make such a request, Debby would have slapped his face. At that time she had never even seen or touched a man’s prick, let alone taken it into her mouth to drink down his cum.

But tonight was different. Robbie’s big hard-on had just made her come, and she was still extremely horny. His hard dick looked good to her now. She was dying to find out what that huge, stiff shaft would taste like.

Debby squirmed off the seat and fell silently to her knees on the car floor. Again she heard giggling through the windows but she paid no attention. If the other teenagers in the drive-in could see her going down on her boyfriend, that was their business. She just hoped it wouldn’t be anyone she knew.

Debby slid her hands up Robbie’s thighs. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the bloated shaft of his prick, feeling a man’s hard-on for the first time.

It felt good to her. Robbie’s huge cock was so long and swollen, bursting with cum. She could feel the warmth of it against her palm, the texture of the blue veins, the way the shaft of his dick throbbed and pulsed with the need for release.

“Suck it now!” Robbie pleaded urgently. He thrust his hands into her thick blonde hair. “I can’t stand this, help me cum!”

Debby dropped her left hand between Robbie’s legs and fondled the sac of his cum swollen balls. Her other hand was clenched tightly around his dick. She moved her fist up and down the shaft, jerking his meat off.

Then she opened her mouth and dropped her face to the drooling head of his cock. She took the purplish knob between her lips and closed her mouth around it. Her cheeks puckered; instinctively she started to suck off his aching prick as hard as she could.

“Ahhhhh,” Robbie sighed. He pulled Debby’s hair and rocked his hips back and forth, fucking his dick down her throat. “More baby! Jack me off, suck it hard!”

Debby started stroking, pumping her fist up and down the blue-veined pole. Her wet mouth made obscene slurping, gulping sounds around the bulbous crown of Robbie’s cock. Her throat filled with saliva. A stream of spit mixed with cum burbled from her lips and ran down her chin.

“Suck it hard!” Robbie pleaded. “Suck my cock! I’m gonna cum!”

Very horny now, her pussy warming and juicing between her thighs, Debby worked out on her boyfriend’s cock. Again and again she slurped and sucked the head of his tool, managing to force more of it down her throat.

It tastes good, she thought wantonly. The white stuff is coming out of his cock… it’s so salty… I want him to cum now… his prick is so big and hard… I like sucking off Robbie… I want to do it some more!

Robbie screamed and bucked forward. His cock exploded in Debby’s mouth.

The thick cream poured out of his balls. Gusher after gusher squirted from the slit in his cock head, pumping hotly down Debby’s throat.

Debby didn’t know what to do; she liked the taste of Robbie’s jism, but she had no idea there was so much of it stored in a man’s balls. Clumsily she withdrew her mouth from his spurting cock, even while he was still cumming.

The cream shot off all ova her face then, burning and gushing furiously out of the swollen knob. Debby gasped as she felt his jism running down her cheeks and neck. She held his throbbing prick in both hands and continued to jack him off, staring hungrily at his cock until the last drops of cream oozed from his twitching slit.

“Ohhhhh Christ,” Robbie sighed. He smiled as he looked down at his slowly wilting prick. “That was so good. I never shot off so much in my life!”

“I… I like it too,” Debby admitted, blushing with shame as she realized how true her words were. “It felt really good. I guess I… kind of want to do it again.”

“I do too,” Robbie replied. “Hey, you know where the highway overpass is, near your house? I was just thinking, why don’t we meet there tomorrow night as soon as it’s dark.”

“But Robbie,” Debby protested confusedly, “that’s outdoors, with all those cars going by! It’ll be so dirty!”

“It won’t be bad. They’ve got lots of really soft sand under that overpass. It’s quiet enough. I used to play there when I was a kid.” Robbie grinned. “Besides, I can get some rubbers from my older brother Steve. We can fuck all night!”

“But I don’t even know Steve! I mean, what will he think of me!”

“Doesn’t matter what he thinks of you. His rubbers are good. That’s what counts. They’re Trojans.”

Debby tried to think clearly for a moment, but found it impossible. Her cunt was still so hot that it hurt her. Deep down inside she knew she was going to say yes.

Gulping meekly, Debby nodded her head.

“All right, Robbie,” she whispered. “I’ll be there tomorrow night. As soon as it gets dark.”

Robbie smiled. They left the drive-in quickly after that.

On the way put Debby looked through the window, and for the first time she saw how many of her classmates used the drive-in as a place to screw. At least half of the cars parked on the ramps were bouncing rhythmically up and down. Debby was innocent, but she knew that a sight like that could only mean one thing.

Tonight she found it reassuring. Now that she’d lost her own cherry, it was nice to know that all the other boys and girls in her high school were happy and busy with their fucking.


Debby stood in the sand under the highway overpass. It was almost dark. Overhead she could hear the thousands of cars swarming by, and she could hear the crickets, and over the roofs of the houses far away she could see the twinkling stars.

Next to Debby, to her left, there was a small creek. The creek was almost dry, and it was littered with beer cans. To Debby’s right were mountains of dusty sand, left under the overpass by the dump trucks when the freeway had been built.

On one of the mounds of sand, Debby had laid out a big terrycloth beach towel, which she’d stolen from her mother’s laundry hamper. This way she’d have something to fuck on, and she wouldn’t get all dirty.

Debby was waiting for Robbie. She felt very guilty about meeting him like this, but every eager and horny too. All day long she’d rubbed her thighs together in class, thinking of how good it would feel to have Robbie’s big dick back inside her burning cunt.

Robbie came into sight a minute later, walking towards her alongside the creek. Debby was shocked to see that there was another bigger man walking with him, that Robbie had not come to fuck her alone.

“Hey ya, Debs,” the stranger said, when the two boys joined her under the overpass. “Good, to meet ya.”

“Robbie, who is this?” Debby asked nervously, glancing at the stranger. “I didn’t think you were going to…”

“This is my brother, Steve,” Robbie said I helplessly. “I’m sorry Debby, I really am, but he said he wouldn’t lend me any of his Trojans if he couldn’t come along.”

“Hope ya don’t mind, Debs,” Steve interjected, his voice deep and loose and menacing.

“I just want to watch. Not much to do at home except watch TV.”

“Robbie… you know I can’t do this!” Debby squealed. “I’m not going to… have sex with you in front of somebody else.”

Debby knew very little about Steve, except that he was twenty-three, did badly in college and had been in jail twice. In the darkness she could barely see him, but there was something about his broad, toothy grin that frightened her.

“Don’t worry about me, Debs,” Steve said. “I seen lots of people fucking.”

“Come on, Debby, what the hell’s the difference?” Robbie asked pleadingly. “I’m really horny and so are you. At least this way we got some protection.”

“But Robbie!” Debby protested. “You don’t…”

Robbie interrupted her. He crossed to where she stood and wrapped his arms tightly around her, showering hot, hungry kisses on her lips and cheeks and neck.

“Stop that!” Debby squealed, trying to push him away. “You can’t do this to…”

Robbie wasn’t to be denied. Immediately he moved his left hand up her belly and squeezed her huge tits through her blouse, roughly kneading the soft, spongy globes inside her bra. His right hand dove between her legs and massaged her cunt through her blue jeans.

As soon as she felt his hand on her pussy, Debby knew she was a goner. All day long she’d been dreaming of just this moment. Her muscles went slack; her curly haired cunt slit moistened and warmed to Robbie’s touch. Suddenly it made very little difference to her that Steve was watching them, smiling.

“Ohhhh, Robbie, stop… unggghhh,” she moaned. But her words held no meaning now, and both of them knew it. “Please, Robbie, don’t… mmmnnn… anhhhh.”

Robbie tore open her blue jeans and thrust his hand into her panties. Debby gasped as she felt his fingers invade the sopping pink lips of her cunt. Instantly, in spite of herself, she began to buck her ass, fucking her cunt eagerly on his hand.

“Ohhhh, Robbie!” she whimpered. “Ungh! So good… awww, unit unh, unh…”

“Take your pants off,” Robbie demanded hoarsely. “I want to suck the juice out of your cunt!”

In the darkness beneath the overpass, with the cars roaring down the four lane highway, with Steve watching them, Debby obeyed as fast as she could. She kicked off her blue jeans, panties and tennis shoes, burning with the need to feel Robbie’s mouth glued to her pussy. Then she turned and lay down on the beach towel in the sand, wriggling her ass, spreading her thighs as far apart as they’d go.

“All right, Robbie,” she said shamefully. “But don’t you tell anyone, Steve! You’ve got to promise.”

“I promise,” Steve replied sarcastically.

Robbie knelt on the towel between his teenage girlfriend’s spread thighs. He cupped the cheeks of her ass in his palms and kneaded them greedily, rolling the milky flesh between his fingers.

Then he buried his mouth into the hair fringed lips of her pouting cunt, hungrily sucking up the juices that oozed from her slit.

“Awwwww, Robbie!” Debby shrieked. She grabbed his hair and humped her ass off the sand, locking her thighs around his ears. “Suck it, Robbie, suck my pussy, you’ll make me cummmmm!”

Robbie slipped two fingers into the sopping tunnel of Debby’s pussy and pumped them in and out, jacking her off. He fastened his mouth around her stiff clit and pulled it hard between his lips.

Debby ripped off her sweater and struggled with the clasp of her bra. She wanted to be naked now. She wanted Robbie to play with her tits.

Finally the bra came off. Debby’s enormous, firm, stiff-nippled breasts wobbled salaciously in the moonlight, the cherry-red circles goose bumping with the cold. Whining, she grabbed Robbie’s free hand and pulled it to her jugs. A moment later she gasped with satisfaction as she felt his fingers grab the spongy warmth of her breast.

“You want that rubber now?” Steve whispered behind them. “I got it in my pocket, right next to my hard-on!”

Lapping Debby’s gurgling pussy, Robbie nodded his head. Steve approached them and withdrew a small, tinfoil package from his pants. He tossed it in the sand next to the beach towel.

“Are you ready to fuck now?” Robbie asked anxiously. “Christ, honey, please say yes! My hard dick feels like it’s going to blow up in my underwear!”

Debby paused. Steve was standing directly over them now, smiling at her nakedness, and she was tempted to tell him to stand a little bit farther away. She was distracted everytime a truck roared by overhead, and the air on her skin was chill and damp. This was such a dirty place to fuck, she thought. With Steve watching, out in the open and all… it made Debby feel like a cheap whore.

But she just had to have it now. She wanted Robbie’s body on top of her, pressing her big tits. She wanted to feel his long, stiff prick thrusting inside her cunt.

“Okay, Robbie,” she whispered. “Go ahead and put it in.”

Robbie unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. He grabbed the Trojan pack and tore it open, withdrawing the small, balled sheath of rubber. Before Debby’s eyes he fit it over the knob of his throbbing, jerking, incredibly stiff dick. Then he rolled it down, encasing his hard cock completely.

“Stick it in, little brother,” Steve said callously. “Shit, can’t you see how wet her hole is? She really needs a good fucking pretty bad.”

Debby blushed at Steve’s obscene words, but she was too horny to object out loud. Besides, they couldn’t have been any more true. The sight of Robbie’s naked, stiff prick had made her even hotter than before. Her pussy was so wet for fucking now; it felt as if her cunt juices were dripping into the sand.

Robbie climbed on top of her. He positioned his prick between her nakedly spread thighs, groaning as the spongy knob of his dick pressed between the pouting lips of her cunt. Then he bumped his ass forwards, gasping as he slipped the whole length of his pulsing dick into the buttery warmth of Debby’s fuck hole.

Then he started fucking her. His lean, slim hips humped, between bet legs, hammering the length of his blue-veined cock deeper and deeper into her pussy tunnel. Robbie dropped his head to her jiggling tits and began sucking her nipple hard, nursing on it like an infant with his mother.

He’s fucking me now, Debby thought hornily. Oh God, yes, he’s doing it, he’s fucking me hard! I can feel his dick… it’s so big and stiff… it’s all the way in my pussy fuck me hard, Robbie… really hard.

“Fuck meeee,” Debby squealed. She hurled her long legs across his back and pumped her ass off the towel, grunting as she thrust up her cunt to meet his strokes. “Harder, Robbie, I want to cum! Unggghhh! Yes, Robbie, yesssss!”

Robbie fucked Debby like a madman. Her pussy was so wet that it juiced around his throbbing prick, making slurping, gulping sounds every time he thrust it into her belly. Robbie moaned as he felt her cuntal walls sucking around his cock. His strokes became fast and deep and very hard.

“I’m gonna cum, Rob… unhhhh…” Debby gurgled. Her thighs squeezed tighter around his back, locking his burning prick inside her pussy. Wave after wave of drenching satisfaction poured through her cunt. She was as horny as she’d ever been in her life. “Fuck meeee, Robbie, unhhh yesss!”

Robbie pulled his hips back until only the swollen knob of his prick distended her pussy. He delivered a hard, upwards, savage thrust burying his cock balls-deep into the sucking grip of her hole.

Debby started cumming. The consummating spasms pumped rhythmically through her loins, making her stiff nipples tingle, and her clit throb, and her cunt muscles squeeze tightly to the shaft of Robbie’s cock.

“Cumming now!” she whined. “Fuck meeeee, awww yes, awww yes, cuummmiiinnnggg…!”

Debby came for almost twenty seconds, grunting and whimpering, shaking her head back and forth in the sand. When she came to she realized that Steve was kneeling next to her as she lay on her back on the towel.

His pants were open. He had his cock out. It was extremely hard.

“Why don’t you suck on this for awhile, baby?” Steve grinned, furiously stroking his stiffened dick. “I don’t have another rubber, but don’t worry. You won’t get pregnant from giving blow jobs.”

Debby gasped and prepared to scream. She’d been afraid this would happen all along. There was no way she was going to put her mouth on the cock of a man she didn’t even know.

Then she got a good look at the hard-on Steve was stroking, and any desire to scream vanished from her mind.

He had a beautiful cock. It was just as long as Robbie’s and much thicker; the base was so fat that he could hardly set his hand around it as he beat himself off. The knob was gigantic, smooth skinned and bulbous, a fleshy crimson in color. As Debby stared at Steve’s dick several drops of cum cream oozed from his slit, dripping onto the sand.

“Come on, baby, give me a little French,” Steve said crudely. “Little brother won’t mind. Will you, Robbie?”

“I don’t give a shit,” Robbie said simply.

Robbie still hadn’t cum yet. He took a deep breath and returned his mouth to Debby’s milk-white tits, sucking her big red nipple into his mouth. Then he again bucked his ass between her thighs, beginning to fuck her cunt all over again.

As soon as Debby felt Robbie starting to fuck her, she knew she had to give Steve a blow job. She was so horny now, and she really wanted to suck the cream out of his cock. Steve was twenty-three, a full grown man. He had the most beautiful dick she’d ever imagined.

Debby whimpered and humped up her ass lightly, encouraging Robbie to give her pussy the rhythmic, eager fucking she needed. Then she shut her eyes and opened her mouth, silently assenting to the blow job.

“That’s a good girl,” Steve whispered.

He held her head and lifted his hips, thrusting his cock into her mouth. Debby felt the spongy, purplish knob going in. It was so big that she had to stretch her lips wide apart to take it into her mouth.

“Taste good?” Steve muttered.

It did taste good. The cum was oozing freely from his slit, dripping onto her tongue. Debby lapped it up and made a wet gulping sound around the fat head of his meat. Then she held the shaft of his hard-on in her fist and stroked it hotly up and down, at the same time beginning the slurping, cheek-puckering pressures of cock sucking.

It tasted very good! Debby felt his enormous prick head throbbing inside her mouth, trying to push its way down her throat. Hungrily she sucked harder, pulling her lips across the shaft, jerking him off faster by the second.

“That’s good, Debby,” Steve murmured. He held her head tightly and rocked his hips, fucking his stiff dick down her throat. “You’re one of the best little cock suckers lever met in my life. I swear, nobody gives a better blow job than a teenage girl.”

Robbie was fucking her fast now; she could feel his prick pumping furiously in and out of her juicy cunt. Debby threw her legs around his back and bucked up her ass to meet his rhythm. At the same time she consciously widened her throat passage, grunting as she took over half of Steve’s prick into her lipstick-smeared mouth.

“Harder, Debs,” Steve demanded. He pulled her hair sadistically and bucked his hips, ramming his swollen tool further and further down her throat. “I want you to suck the cum out of it. Doesn’t it taste good?”

Debby sucked hard. Gradually her cheeks flushed with the effort of the blow job, and her hand became tired from feverishly jerking Steve off.

She didn’t care. It felt good having a huge cock like Steve’s throbbing between her lips as she nursed on it, especially when her boyfriend was reaming put her cunt at the same time. Debby laved her tongue hungrily all over the knob of Steve’s bursting prick, doing everything she could to excite him.

“I’m cumming now!” Robbie grunted. He heaved between her shuddering thighs, pumping his aching prick through the sucking lips of her pussy. “Ahhh, Christ; your cunt’s so tight… I’m blowing my wad!”

Robbie gasped and impaled his dick completely up her cunt. His long, blue-veined shaft twitched and jerked violently as he poured his jism into the rubber. For a long time he continued to fuck on top of her, letting all of his white cum spurt into the Trojan. Then he sighed and rolled off of her, pulling his fuck-wilted cock from the grip of her dripping cunt.

Within three seconds Steve had pulled his fat cock out of her mouth and rolled between her thighs to take Robbie’s place. Before Debby could stop him, she felt his purplish knob pushing into the hair-fringed slit of her pussy.

“Steve, nooooo!” Debby shrieked fearfully, helplessly trying to push him away. “You’re gonna get me pregnant.”

“Don’t worry, Debs,” Steve grunted. “One cum ain’t gonna give you a baby!”

Debby screamed and struggled, trying to shut her naked thighs, pummeling her fists into his shoulders. Until she felt his stiff cock sliding into her greasy cunt.

That made her stop fighting. Steve had a thicker dick than Robbie. It felt so good going into her wet pussy, stretching the walls of her cunt wide apart around his blood-swollen shaft. As soon as she felt the knob inside her hole, Debby knew how much she wanted Steve to fuck her hard.

For a minute she lay motionless beneath him as he slipped his throbbing dick up her cunt, trying to suppress her shameful desires for more fucking. Then she crossed her legs across his back and again started humping her ass off the towel on the sand.

“You like that now, don’t you?” Steve asked crudely. “You like getting fucked by a nice fat prick.”

“Yes,” Debby admitted wantonly. She bucked her rounded ass cheeks harder, pumping her pussy furiously around his dick. “Put it all the way in now. Oh yes, fuck me with it! Annnhhh! Make me cum!”

Steve buried every inch of his massive hard-on into her clasping cunt tunnel. He dropped his head to her bouncing tits and sucked her nipple, feeding on them, just as Robbie had. Then he began to fuck her very hard, pulling his bloated cock all the way out of her slippery cunt before hammering it in again.

It didn’t take long. As Robbie watched them, as the cars droned by on the freeway overhead, Steve and Debby fucked frantically on the towel. Soon Debby’s teenage pussy became wetter than it had ever been, juicing fragrantly around his pistoning cock. Steve’s prick throbbed violently with every thrust.

Debby whined and whimpered and groaned, begging Steve to fuck her cunt as hard as he could. Their bellies slapped together as they fucked faster and faster. Finally, Debby screamed loudly and pulled Steve into her. Her pink cunt tunnel clenched and spasmed around his dick as she came the second time that evening.

“I’m cumming too,” Steve moaned. He grimaced, as if the extreme stiffness of his cock was painful. “Can’t stand it… cuming now… ahhhh, there it is… ahhh…!”

The white cream literally exploded from his bulbous, spongy knob. It was the first time a man had ever shot off inside her pussy, and Debby was overwhelmed by the sensation.

Repeatedly the cum pumped out of his balls, squirting in a torrent of thick juice up her fuck hole. Steve’s dick throbbed as the jism spurted from the head. Debby felt his sticky cum filling her pussy completely. It burbled out of her hairy slit and ran obscenely down the insides of her soft thighs.

“You… you Goddamn bastard, you got me pregnant!” Debby whispered tearfully. Now that the act of fucking was over, she felt consumed by the fear of having a child. “I don’t want to be pregnant. You… you son of a bitch!”

“Aw, you’re not pregnant. It’s harder to get pregnant than you think,” Steve said. A knowing grin spread across his face; he winked at Robbie, and Robbie winked back. “Besides, now that you ain’t a cherry anymore, you’re going to be getting yourself some kind of protection.”

Steve was telling the truth. Debby didn’t get pregnant from his cum; this time she’d been lucky. And a few days later she got a diaphragm, so she could keep on fucking the two of them as much as she wanted.


One night a week later, Debby stayed up after midnight in her bedroom. She lay on top of the covers on her bed, with her head and shoulders resting on two pillows. Her legs were spread wide apart, and her ass quivered on the mattress. She was naked, fingering her wet pussy, thinking about Steve’s and Robbie’s cocks.

She’d spread her legs for them the very next night after the gang bang under the freeway.

Debby felt guilty about putting out for them so freely, but she just couldn’t help it.

She was a normal, very horny girl, with a beautiful face and just the kind of big-titted body men wanted. Now that she’d experienced the joys of fucking and sucking, how could she be expected to go without that pleasure ever again. Just thinking about giving Steve a blow job made her want to cream in her panties.

For five days in a row Debby had found an excuse to fuck both of them every night: at the drive-in, under the overpass, and other places besides. But now they were gone on a vacation trip with their parents, and Debby was so horny she could hardly stand it. This was the fifth time she’d fingerfucked herself that day.

Now she was about to cum. Debby whimpered and buried two fingers into her gurgling, greasily wet pussy. She hotly bucked her ass off the bed, humping her hand as hard as she could.

“Hey ya, Sis,” a familiar voice whispered from the other side of the bedroom door. “It’s me. Can I come in and talk to you for a minute?”

Debby groaned and covered her voluptuous nakedness with a loose sheet. The voice was one she recognized all too well. It was her brother, Dave.

Debby thought Dave was a little twerp. He was only two years younger than she was, and she had to admit that he was quite handsome, with a slim, athletic figure and wavy blonde hair. But Debby considered him very immature, and she didn’t like the way he sometimes made crude remarks about her “big knockers” and “stacked” body.

“All right, come on in,” she said tiredly. “You’re probably going to if I say so or not.”

Dave opened the door and entered her bedroom. He was only wearing a pair of jockey shorts, and the shape of his thick, soft cock was completely visible through the cotton. This was the first time Debby had seen her younger brother in his underwear since she’d started fucking. She couldn’t help noticing that his dick was very well developed.

Dave grinned at her and sat on the edge of the bed.

“How you doing, Sis?” he asked cheerily: “What you doing up so late?”

“I’m thinking about the Cold War,” Debby said sullenly. “What do you want to talk about?”

Dave grinned. “About your fucking Robbie and Steve.”

Debby gasped. For several seconds she was too overwhelmed with shock to say a word.

“How did… oh my God, who told you that?” she stammered.

“Nobody told me,” Dave admitted brazenly. “The other night I got suspicious and followed you out of the house.” His grin broadened. “I watched the two of them taking turns with you under the highway all night!”

“You… you sonofabitch!” Debby cried furiously. “How dare you do something like that! I ought to…”

“Not so fast, big sister!” Dave said, happily but meaningfully. “Aren’t you forgetting old Mom and Pop asleep downstairs? It wouldn’t be so hard for me to run down and tell them about it.”

Debby quickly fell silent. It was hard to believe that she was being blackmailed by her brother.

“Can’t you imagine what they’d do if they found out you were putting out? Shit, I bet Dad would tar your ass but good!”

“What do you want?” Debby whispered meekly.

Dave licked his lips and smiled menacingly. He squirmed closer to her on the bed and rested his hand casually on her knee. For the first time Debby realized that his prick was swelling in his shorts, making an obscene tent as it stiffened to a full hard-on.

He did have a big dick, she thought wonderingly. A really big one.

Dave slipped his hand under the sheet. He ran it up his sister’s naked thigh and pressed his finger into the still-moistened slit of her pussy.

“Well for starts you could take off this sheet!” he suggested huskily. “Always did want to see you naked.”

“Dave!” Debby said sharply, staring at him in horror. “How… how dare you! You can’t!”

“I can do anything I want to,” Dave interrupted. “Unless you want me to have a little talk with Dad.”

Debby bit her lip and stared at him helplessly. Without waiting for permission, Dave pushed the sheet away, leaving her naked.

He seemed in awe of her body. His eyes widened as he saw the size of her, enormous firm breasts, the color contrast between their whiteness and the red circles of her nipples. Gradually his gaze moved downwards, taking in her slender waist, lithe hips, long legs, the fleecy brown triangle of her cunt.

Dave grinned and slipped his finger into the clinging lips of her pussy. Expertly he pumped it in and out of her hairy snatch, jacking her off.

“Unnnhhhh,” Debby moaned. Within seconds her cunt became extremely hot and wet. Her nipples stiffened with desire; her pussy walls sucked around her brother’s probing finger.

Debby didn’t want to fuck Dave, or be blackmailed, but she couldn’t help it. She’d been so close to cumming when he’d entered the room. His big dick was rock-hard now, and looking at it bulging in his shorts turned her on. Deep down inside she already wanted him to fuck her.

“Stop it, Dave,” she whispered. But her words were meaningless, and both of them knew it. “Unhhh no… don’t do this, not to your sister… ahhhhh, Dave…”

Dave withdrew his finger from her sopping pussy and stood up next to the bed. His expression was quite serious now. Silently he pulled down his jockey shorts. His heavy cock bobbed out, standing straight out before him like a battering ram, jerking stiffly with its engorgement of blood. The head was fat and crimson, and the cum drooled freely from its tip.

“I want you to suck my cock now,” he said tersely. “Unless you want me to yell for Dad.”

Debby said nothing. Her nipples ached with horniness; her pussy was a steaming, wet mess. She was all too eager to take her brother’s prick deep into her mouth.

She sat on the edge of the mattress before him, her face directly before the jutting, blue-veined shaft. Debby wrapped her hand around the base of his click and squeezed it hard. She opened her mouth and gurgled as she took the mushroom-shaped head between her lips.

“Suck it,” Dave murmured anxiously. “I mean it, Sis, I got you where I want you. Suck my dick hard!”

Debby sucked. Her hand clenched his pulsing prick and stroked it rhythmically, drawing the loose flesh up and down. Again and again she curled her tongue around his spongy prick head, kissing and licking it, darting it like an eel into his cum slit.

Dave moaned and grabbed her shoulders. Helplessly he rocked his hips, fucking his long cock down her throat.

“Ummffff,” Debby moaned. More gurgling sounds came from her throat as she sucked his prick. Her mouth filled with a mixture of saliva and his dripping jism. “Oh Dave… ummfff, unnnmmgg.”

“Play with my balls,” Dave demanded. “Goddamn, they’re full of cum. They really hurt!”

Debby dropped her free hand between her brother’s thighs. Tenderly she fondled the hairy sac of his gorged nuts, rolling the balls between her fingers, as if loosening the tremendous load of cream they carried.

She was getting very horny now, as turned on as she’d been since her first night with Robbie. Dave’s sexual experience was amazing. He couldn’t have much of it, but he seemed to know exactly what he was doing. And there was something about sucking off her own brother that turned Debby on.

Wildly she began pumping her head up and down over its jutting, throbbing meat. Her lips pursed wetly around the pink stem of his hard-on, so tightly that her cheeks puckered and ached with the effort of sucking him.

I want to taste his cum now, she thought shamefully. Oh God, he’s got me so horny… I really do want to drink it… want to feel it spurting down my throat.

Dave seemed tote reading his sister’s mind. His cock twitched to absolute hardness inside her sucking mouth, bursting with seed. The teen gasped and held her head over his dick with his hands. A second later he came.

Debby had never swallowed so much jism. Furiously his white cream spouted from the tip of his huge prick, gushing into her mouth. She started swallowing it eagerly, working, her throat muscles to get it all down into her stomach.

Dave kept cumming. The squirts out of his throbbing knob were endless, as if his nuts were emptying themselves of a lifetime supply of juice. The boy cried out as he came in his sister’s mouth, rocking his hips, wincing as the last white droplets burned oat of his cum slit.

Finally his cum was over. Debby licked a trace of cum from her lips and looked up at him shyly. She was sure he wouldn’t get another hard-on, and she was already starting to feel terribly ashamed of herself. How could she have ever let her brother make her suck his dick, blackmail or no blackmail?

“You know something?” Dave said, smiling.


“You have really got a huge pair of tits!”

Dave dropped his hand to his sister’s milk white, cherry-capped breasts. He squeezed the spongy globes hungrily, kneading them like bread dough, rubbing his palms hard across her goose bumped nipples.

“Oh, Dave, for God’s sake…” Debby sighed. Her nipples stiffened instantly to his touch, but she ignored it. It seemed a little silly to her that Dave would want to play with her tits after he’d just shot such a big wad in her mouth. “What’re you…”

“They’re really huge,” Dave said wonderingly. He squeezed them harder, staring at her tits intensely. “They’re so firm too. Shit, I’ll bet you, got the best set of knockers in the world.”

Debby was about to push Dave’s hands away and have a serious talk with him about the incestuous act they’d just committed. Then she happened to glance at his prick.

It was getting hard again! So soon after cumming, less than a minute after spurting so much cream. It was swelling straight out before him, stiffly and proudly, the mushroom-shaped crown again filling with cum and blood.

“Oh Jesus, Dave!” she whispered in awe. “I can’t believe it. You’re getting another boner!”

“I know that,” Dave murmured. “I told you. Your body really turns me on, Sis.”

Debby completely forgot now that Dave was her brother. All she could think of was that he was the first man she’d ever heard of who could get two hard-ons in a row.

Her pussy was getting wet again, aching and warming between her shapely thighs. Unconsciously Debby lifted her hands to Dave’s stiff cock and stroked it up and down.

“I get to fuck you now,” Dave whispered. “Get on your hands and knees. I’ll do it to you just like the dogs do, just like Robbie fucked you the other night.”

Debby didn’t even think of scolding Dave for his crude words. She turned on the bed and squatted on her hands and knees as quickly as she could. Her cunt was burning now, waiting for the invasion of her brother’s gigantic superman cock.

Robbie knelt on the bed behind her. For several seconds he stared at the inviting spectacle of her nakedness. Debby’s round, peach shaped ass wiggled with eagerness, the cheeks jiggling with the slightest movement of her body. Her legs were spread wide apart, and between them he could see the hairy mouth of her cunt, the tight, pink slit he would be sinking his aching dick into any moment.

“I really want to fuck you, Sis,” he moaned hoarsely, “I’ve been wanting to fuck your cunt for so long.”

“I want it too, Dave!” Debby admitted wantonly, glancing at him anxiously around her shoulder. “Hurry up now, stick your cock in my pussy! Fuck my cunt hard!”

Dave squirmed on his knees between his sister’s thighs, holding the sides of her ass cheeks for support. With one hand he lifted his throbbing cock and fit the purplish, fleshy crown into the slit of her pussy.

Then he bucked forward and sighed with pleasure, as his stiff prick slid gradually into the clasping wetness of her cunt.

Debby grunted and hornily started fucking her ass against him, not even waiting for him to get all of his cock inside her. Her tits swayed back and forth, and her nipples were painfully stiff as they brushed, the sheets. She was as horny as a bitch dog in heat.

“Oh, Debby, that’s so good,” Dave sighed. He grimaced, as if the pressure of her pussy walls around his rod was more than he could stand. “Your cunt’s so tight… unhhh…”

“Fuck me, Dave, don’t wait!” Debby screamed. Harder and harder she humped her ass, burning up with her animalistic desires. “Fuck me, fuck me haaaard!”

Dave bucked forward, ramming his dick completely up her fuck hole, stretching the lips of her pussy around the base of his tool. Then he feverishly worked his hips and met her humping strokes, pumping his prick, fast and rhythmically through the buttery wetness of her cunt.

“Squeeze my titties!” Debby pleaded. She lifted her ass, desperately trying to get more of his satisfying cock inside her snatch. “Pull on my tits while you fuck me! I want to cum!”

Dave wrapped his palms hungrily around the swaying, mammoth globes of her spongy breasts. He squeezed and kneaded and pulled them, making her nipples ache with their hardness against his palms. At the same time he caught the tempo of their humping rhythm, reaming out her pussy with long, even, satisfying strokes of his swollen cock.

Then they were fucking together. The bed shook on the floor as Dave humped his older sister. Debby felt his balls thudding against her cunt mound, his panting stomach heaving against her upper ass with every thrust.

She was practically beside herself with lust, she made her cunt tunnel contract and squeeze around his pumping dick. She wanted him to cum first. She wanted to feel his white gushers squirting deep inside her pussy.

But Dave had more endurance this time. It was Debby who came first.

It happened like an explosion. Her clit began to tingle wildly as it chafed against his bloated cock and her flowering cunt gripped convulsively to the base of his dick.

“I’m cumming now, Dave!” she whimpered shrilly. Debby clawed the sheets and bucked her jiggling ass, gasping for air as the cum overwhelmed her juicing pussy. “Fuck meeeeee! Fuck me haaarrrd! Unggggggghhhhhh! Oh, God, uuuuunnnnggghhhh, yes… unhh… unhh… cuuummmiiinnng!”

Debby came so hard she almost blacked out. For a full half minute the spasms raged through her nakedness, making her skin goosebump, her clit tingle, and her pussy throb with desire. She was so overwhelmed by orgasm that she didn’t notice when Dave pulled his throbbing dick out of her fuck hole.

But when she came to she realized he had pushed her flat onto her stomach on the mattress, in a helplessly submissive position. He had her ass cheeks spread apart with his hands now. He was actually pushing the spongy head of his stiff dick into her puckered little pink asshole.

At first, Debby couldn’t believe it. Never in her life had she considered letting a man fuck her in the ass, not even her future husband. She’d heard of the perversion, but she thought it was too sick and depraved to be taken seriously. As far as she was concerned, only degenerate people would ever take pleasure in fucking up the ass.

But now her brother was doing just that, and she could hardly believe it. Debby lay silently on her belly, feeling the knob of his cock twitching as it pressed into the rubbery grip of her asshole. Then he humped over her, embedding the fat head completely inside her puckered hole.

“Unggghhh!” Debby grunted. Her cheeks flushed with pain as her asshole lips stretched around the thickness of his cock. “Stop it, Dave!” she whined, beginning to struggle beneath him. “Awww, God, that’s disgusting! Don’t do it to me there, noooooo…”

“Always did want to fuck you up the ass,” Dave grunted. He humped frantically over her sweating nakedness, his cock throbbing as he forced more of it into the sucking tunnel of her asshole. “Unh that’s so good, awwww God, you got a really tight one!”

“Stop it, Dave!” Debby cried, more shrilly than before. Her brother had half of his huge cock embedded in her asshole, and the pain was worse than ever. Waves of burning heat shot through her, forcing her asshole walls to clasp and contract round the swollen stiffness of his cock. “Take it out of me! You bastard, stop it!”

Dave sighed with pleasure, forcing the last inches of his cock between the puckering, stretched-apart ring of her ravaged asshole. Then he held her spongy tits for support and savagely began to fuck on top of her, brutally pumping his big dick in and out of her virgin ass tunnel.

It was the most overwhelming feeling Debby had ever experienced. She stopped protesting and lay silently on her belly, giving herself up to the incestuous rape of her ass.

With Dave’s every thrust she could feel his meaty prick slamming up her hole, spreading her asshole walls further apart around the throbbing shaft of his cock. Her ass was burning incredibly; she could feel the heat of his humping throughout her loins, pouring through her cunt.

Already, it was beginning to feel good. Debby flushed with shame as the depraved pleasure coursed through her body. Yes, it did feel good. Her brother’s big, cum-dripping dick, shooting through her asshole, fucking her deep and fast and hard.

“Unhh…” Debby couldn’t help moaning with anxious desire. Her nipples were stiff again. Her hair-fringed pussy oozed fuck juices onto the stained sheets. “Oh, Dave… unhhh yes… ahhh…”

“You like it now, don’t you?” Dave panted. He pulled on her swollen tits and fucked her asshole harder, his stomach slapping against her giggling cheeks with every impaling thrust. “You like a nice stiff prick up your ass!”

Going into me, Debby thought hotly. Oh, God, yes, what a huge cock, pushing into my asshole… my pussy’s so wet… I want to finger myself… I do like it, it’s so good… fuck me, Dave… fuck me hard…

“Harder, Dave!” Debby cried aloud.

Wantonly she thrust her hands under her bucking nakedness and finger-fucked her dripping pussy, rolling her clit lusciously under her thumb. Her white ass cheeks heaved; feverishly now she humped up her hips, lifting her ass back to meet her brother’s fucking rhythm.

“Fuck my asshole,” she whispered, obscenely and compulsively. “Unh… fuck me… fuck my ass… fuck my ass… uuhhh…”

Dave’s stiff cock oozed cum freely now, coating the pink inner walls of her ass tumid with a sticky sheen of his jism. There was no pain at all anymore. With every thrust his prick made a slurping sound, bathing in the natural lubrication that seeped from his cum swollen nuts.

Dave gasped and delivered several, savagely brutal thrusts up his sister’s ass. His balls bloated against her jiggling cheeks, and his long prick twitched to absolute stiffness inside her rubbery sucking asshole.

“Cumming,” Dave grunted. “Oh fuck… there it is… ahhh…”

Dave came. His purplish dick head spewed jism wildly up her ass, squirting and spurting the white cream into the root of her belly. There was as much of his juice as there had been the first time. The cum spouted in gushers out of his silt, pouring into Debby’s body until her asshole was filled with salty white cream.

Dan’s cum put her over the edge. As her brother blew his wad, Debby felt a shaking warmth overpower her loins, drenching the hairy slit of her pussy, forcing her asshole walls around Dave’s cock. Then the warmth exploded, and she was cuming too.

“Fuck me, Dave!” she shrieked. The mattress bounced as she bucked her ass furiously into his cock. “Fuck my asshole, unhhh, cuming now, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

“Boy,” Dave grinned, “was that ever good!”

Dave winced as he withdrew his cum-wilted cock from Debby’s asshole. Debby moaned and lay silently on the bed. Already she was beginning to feel ashamed of herself for letting her brother fuck her, especially in the asshole, but she knew that the shame would not stop her from putting out to him again. From now on there would be another stiff cock to spread her legs for besides Steve’s and Robbie’s.


One afternoon a week later, Debby was walking home, down Mulberry Road, when she was stopped by a stranger.

Mulberry Road was a winding, pretty, nearly deserted street on the edge of the suburbs. It was bordered by a dense group of maple trees, which was why Debby preferred the mile long walk to a ride on bus. She thought the road was peaceful, and she liked to walk in the shade under the rustling leaves.

A car stopped in front of her, suddenly. A young man stepped out. He was about twenty-two, tall and angular, with a shock of frizzy brown hair he combed straight back from his forehead.

Debby had never met the young man before, but she recognized him immediately, and her heart began to pound. The mans name was Ray Frenn. He was a notorious stud on the junior college campus.

Steve had told her about him. Ray Frenn wasn’t a handsome man, and he wasn’t particularly romantic. The reason he was a stud was that his dick was a full ten inches long.

He was approaching her now, grinning. Debby’s cheeks flushed. She’d never been fucked by a guy with a really huge cock before. She couldn’t help wondering what it might be like.

“Well, hey there, baby,” Ray said easily. “Now what’s a pretty thing like you doing walking home on her lonesome? Can I give you a lift somewhere?”

“Thanks anyhow,” Debby murmured shyly. She started to walk past him, but Ray stood directly in front of her.

Now that’s no kind of answer, he continued, his voice as familiar as if he’d known her for years. “You and me’ve got to get to know each other. Your name’s Debby, ain’t it? I been hearing a story or two about you.”

“Oh, really?” Debby replied, trying to keep the embarrassment out of her voice. “What story is that?”

“Well, maybe I can describe it with actions better than words…”

Ray Frenn didn’t believe in messing around. Before Debby could stop him he stepped forward and wrapped his arms tightly around her shoulders. He kissed her hard, full on the lips, thrusting his tongue deep down her mouth.

“Oh… God!” Debby gasped. She dropped her mouth open in shock and pushed him away. “What are you… oh, God? What do you think you’re doing?”

“You know what I’m doing, baby,” Ray murmured, grinning happily, not releasing her shoulders. “And you know who I am, too. Come on, now. Let’s go into these trees where we can have ourselves some privacy!”

Ray was incredibly bold. He held Debby by the waist and half guided, half pushed her off the sidewalk. The next thing she knew they were standing together in a thick copse of maples, a full fifteen feet from the sidewalk, sheltered completely from the street.

“Stop it!” Debby protested. But she was too surprised to resist in earnest. “Oh my. Oh!”

“Now, isn’t that better?” Ray asked.

Debby gaped at him. Ray kissed her again, even more passionately. As he embraced her voluptuous body he dropped his hands down her back and brazenly squeezed the plump cheeks of her ass through her dress.

“You… oh!” Debby cried. Recovering herself, she tried to struggle away from him. “I don’t even know you! Stop that! I’ll start screaming!”

“Mmmmm, you got one nice pair of tits,” Ray muttered. Protected by the tall trees surrounding them, he pressed his palms to her jutting breasts and squeezed them happily. “Steve wasn’t lying to me. You got one of the nicest sets of knockers in town!”

“I’m going to start screaming!” Debby threatened. “I mean it! You leave me alone!”

“Aw, you’re not going to scream,” Ray said slyly. “Besides, I know what you really want. Something like this.”

Ray stepped away from her, quickly, as if allowing himself room. Then he unzipped his slacks and pulled out the monstrous, half-stiff shaft of his prick.

As soon as Debby saw it, she knew she’d fuck Ray in the woods, or behind the school, or anywhere else he wanted.

His cock was enormous, easily ten inches long, as thick around as a boa constrictor. The head was fat and swollen, and the swelling shaft hung from the opening of his pants like a tube of rubber. His click was so big that it dwarfed his skinny body. It was like the cock of a horse.

Within seconds, Debby’s pussy was getting hot and dripping fuck juices into her panties.

She stared at Ray’s hanging tool, unable to tear her eyes from it. Already she knew sit wanted to be fucked by that incredible dick, and suck the cream out of it into her mouth.

“Oh God,” Debby panted. “I don’t… know what to… oh my Lord!”

“What’re you waiting for, baby?” Ray asked calmly, as if he’d been through similar scenes innumerable times. “I know what you want. Go ahead and suck my cock off!”

Ray folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the trunk of a maple. Without hesitating, Debby fell to her knees, soiling her stockings in the dirt and fallen leaves. Her nipples were stiff beneath her bra. She couldn’t wait to see what Ray’s dick would look like completely hard.

Eagerly she undid his belt buckle and pulled his pants down his thighs, giving her more room to stroke and play with his prick. Ray’s cock hair was brown and curly, and his balls were as oversized as his dick. The twin globes looked as if they could hold a gallon of cum. “Oh God, it’s big,” Debby whispered. She held his bloated prick in both hands and squeezed it like a baseball bat. Slowly she began to stroke the loose flesh up and down, jacking him off between her fingers. “It’s getting stiffer now… I can’t believe how… how thick it is… oh God!”

“Suck it off, baby,” Ray whispered. “Come on now… I don’t have all day.”

Debby opened her mouth as wide as she could and fit the huge mushroom-shaped knob between her lips. Then she started sucking.

She sucked hard. Ray’s dick was stiffening rapidly now, and she couldn’t wait to see what it would look like in full hard-on. Her lips pursed wetly, around the underside of his cock head, drawing the purplish, cum-oozing knob into her mouth. She licked and kissed and laved her tongue sloppily all over the spongy pink flesh of the crown.

Seconds later, Ray’s dick was as hard as a rock. It stood straight out now, pulsing and throbbing with its load of cum.

Debby felt herself becoming unbelievably turned on. She sucked harder. Her mouth and throat made slurping sounds as she worked over his meat. She struggled to take it all the way down her throat. There was something about the hugeness of Ray’s cock that was irresistible to her. She felt as if she could spend the rest of her life feeding on his cum.

“You’re a good cocksucker,” Ray said, smiling with pleasure. He curled his fingers into her thick blonde hair and held her sucking head over his blue-veined shaft. “Work out baby… help my balls unload!”

Debby began to bob her head, fucking herself in the mouth with Ray’s steel-like dick. More and more violently his cock throbbed; the thick tube along the underside of his prick seemed to pulse in and out with every beat of his heart.

She was going to make him cum soon. She could practically feel the jism, welling up in his nuts and shaft. Debby grabbed the base of his enormous dick and again jerked his meat off, feverishly now, stroking as hard as she could. At the same time she dropped her free hand between his thighs and fondled the hairy sac of his balls, encouraging him to squirt his load of creamy jism down her hungry throat.

“Unhhhhh,” Ray moaned. His body stiffened. Debby felt his massive hard-on grow a little bigger between her sucking lips. “Oh fuck is that good… I’m gonna blow my wad… keep sucking.”

Debby panted wantonly through her flared nostrils. Her pussy ached and juiced freely, staining the crotch band of her panties with the fragrant scent of her desire. Gradually she forced more of his dick down her throat, until she had over half of it imbedded in her mouth. She compressed her lips hungrily around the thick pink shaft, doing everything she could to bring him off.

“Cumming now,” Ray groaned. “Ahhhh fuck it… ahhhh… ahhhhhh…”

Ray’s massive cock trembled and throbbed between Debby’s lips. Then the knob pulsed, and long white gushers of cum squirted down her throat.

His jism was delicious. Debby tasted the thick cream and swallowed it all eagerly, frantically working the muscles in her throat to take his load. The squirts pumped repeatedly out of the slit in his dick head, diminishing finally, the last droplets burning painfully up from his balls.

When Debby finally and reluctantly withdrew her dripping, mouth from Ray’s organ, she was shocked to see that his enormous dick was still rock-hard. Ray was like Robbie, she realized wonderingly. He could keep his big cock up twice in a row!

“Get on your ass and pull up your dress,” Ray said sullenly. “I’m gonna give my prick a little taste of your sweet pussy.”

Debby was too horny to think clearly. She knew that she had left her diaphragm at home, and that the chances of getting pregnant at this time of the month were excellent. But she simply didn’t care. Just this once, she had to get Ray’s monster dick inside her, stretching the walls of her pussy with the throbbing thickness of his shaft. Being fucked by such a huge cock was worth the risk of being knocked up.

Debby lay on her back in the dirt and leaves. Staring shamelessly at Ray’s twitching cock, she pulled the hem of her dress up to her belly and pulled off her panties. Then she wriggled her naked ass into the dirt and spread her creamy white thighs far apart, wantonly exposing the hair-fringed fissure of her wet pussy.

“You want it, baby?” Ray asked. He knelt on the ground between her long legs and stared hungrily into the cleft of her cunt. “You’ve got such a small pussy. You ready for big old Ray?”

“Yes,” Debby replied hotly. Staring at his cock, she dropped her hand between her thighs and eagerly fingered her burning fuck hole. “Go ahead and slip it in me… don’t worry, it won’t hurt… I want you to fuck me… fuck me with that huge cock… fuck my pussy, do it hard!”

Ray climbed on top of her. Slowly he lowered his torso, holding the base of his dick and fitting the knob of his prick into the pouting lips of her pink cunt. When it was in he grunted and eased forward, embedding the first inch of his giant dick into the clasping wetness of her pussy.

Debby could hardly believe how big it felt. The walls of her cunt tunnel stretched to bursting around his thick cock. Instantly she felt a wave of pleasure enveloping her stiff clit.

Debby hurled up her long legs and clasped her legs around Ray’s back. Hotly she humped her ass in the dirt, fucking her cunt onto Ray’s huge dick, encouraging him to slip every satisfying inch of his prick into her eager pussy.

“Oh you do like that, don’t you?” Ray muttered. He felt Debby’s bucking movements and smiled, as if her reaction had been anticipated all the long. “Yeah, you like getting fucked with a big cock. Yeahhhhhh!”

A lurid grin spread across Ray’s face. Then he thrust down hard and swiveled his hips, gradually forcing all of his blue-veined dick into the sucking sheath of Debby’s cunt.

“Ungghhh!” Debby grimaced with a mixture of pleasure and pain and shook her head helplessly back and forth. “Fuck me, Ray… oh, God, it feels so big… fuck my cunt with it… now, make me cum… fuck me!”

Ray fucked her. He pounded his hips between her spread, quivering thighs, reaming out her burning cunt with the hugeness of his cock. His dick seemed to grow even bigger as he fucked her. Debby felt as if he was ramming his monstrous prick all the way up to her throat.

“Harder, Ray!” she squealed hotly. She clawed her fingernails up his back and furiously gyrated her ass, gasping as the spasms of pleasure flowed warmly through her loins. “Oh, God, Ray, it’s so good… fuck me with your big cock! Ahnnhhh! Harder now! I’m gonna cum!”

Ray reached around Debby’s hips and wrapped his fingers juicily into the jiggling cheeks of her ass. Violently he pulled her hips toward his body, forcing another inch of his rock-hard dick into the encasing wetness of her warm cunt. Again the cum seeped freely from the purplish knob of his prick. Ray was close to shooting another load.

Debby screamed and begged far more. With every thrust she felt his stiff hard-on boring into her belly, the upper side chafing against her clit, drenching her cunt with mounting desire. His hard stomach slapped against her curly pussy hairs as he fucked her, making a squishing sound that excited her all the more. Debby pulled his head to her swaying tits and bumped her ass as fast and hard as she could.

“Unh,” Ray grunted. “Oh shit, Debby… so tight… cumming now…”

Ray gasped and delivered a brutal downward thrust into Debby’s pussy. Then the second load of his jism burst from his fat cock head.

It was a big cum. The white cream squirted convulsively from his slit, spouting to the end of Debby’s cunt tunnel. Ray kept his spurting prick deep inside her hole and worked it anxiously back and forth, draining off his jism into the gurgling wetness of her pussy.

“Cumming now, Ray!” Debby shrieked. As his cream squirted up her pussy her desire climaxed. Debby felt herself immersed, in one of the hardest cums of her life. “Unggghhhhh fuck meeeee, oh yes, yes… unngghh!”

When her cum was over, Ray already had his wilted prick out of her sopping cunt and was fitting it gingerly back into his pants.

“Be seeing you around, Debby,” he murmured, before leaving her alone in the woods. “Hope we get together some other time.”

Ray left. Debby lay alone on her back for a long time, her dress, hiked around her slender waist, her bare thighs and hairy cunt triangle exposed in the sun. It occurred to her dimly that she might have gotten herself pregnant, but she ignored the thought. Next time she’d remember her diaphragm. Ray was now the fourth boy she was willing to spread her legs for, anytime he liked.


“… so now you’ve gotten yourself pregnant.”

Mr. Mitchell Wallace, the principal of the high school, glanced around his office, shut the folder and looked at Debby in disgust. He was almost fifty years old, and with his heavy jowls, burly figure and expensive three piece suit he looked like one of the most frightening people Debby had ever seen.

Debby wriggled uncomfortably in the chair before his desk and bowed her head in shame. Two months had passed since her encounter with Ray in the frees. His cum had gotten her pregnant. She hadn’t stopped fucking since.

“Now let me get this straight,” Mr. Wallace continued, his voice contemptuous and severe. His private office was decorated with football trophies and scholastic achievement awards. There was no question of what he thought of promiscuous teenage girls.

“Get what straight?” Debby asked meekly.

“You’re going to have the baby,” Wallace went on. “You want to transfer to another school. Your parents already know about the… God only, knows what they must think of you…”

“They don’t like it.”

“Don’t interrupt me… and now that you’ve gotten yourself knocked up, so to speak, you want me to approve the transfer, and you want me to conceal the true reason for the transfer. You want me to lie for you.”

Debby raised her eyes and looked at Mr. Wallace pleadingly. It embarrassed her horribly to ask him for the favor, but there was no way she could get around it. If he refused her request and the word of her illegitimate pregnancy got out, her reputation would be ruined.

Enough damage had been done already. Her parents hardly spoke to her anymore. They wouldn’t let her go out of the house. Clandestine meetings under the overpass were out of the question. For the past two weeks Debby hadn’t been able to fuck anyone except her younger brother Dave.

She hadn’t mentioned Ray to anyone, of course. How could she admit that she’d let a total stranger fuck her in the woods, just because she’d heard of what a huge dick he had?

She’d told her parents Robbie had gotten her pregnant, and she’d told Robbie the same thing. The chances were that he’d marry her as soon as she graduated. Debby didn’t love him, but her belly would start swelling in a couple of months. She didn’t have much choice.

“You’re a slut, of course,” Mr. Wallace continued bitterly. “You know that, I imagine. I think I’ve heard a few stories about you. What were their names? Robbie? Steve?”

Debby said nothing, lowered her head.

“Just a slut. You can guess my opinion of having prostitutes like you attending my high school. Don’t worry, you’ll be transferred. As far away as I can get you. But I’ve got a mind to call the Daily Journal and have them feature your exploits on the front page!”

“Please, Mr. Wallace,” Debby whispered. “I’ll just do anything if you won’t tell. Please!”

“Just a slut,” Mr. Wallace repeated emphatically. “Filthy slut.”

Debby happened to glance under his desk at the crotch of his pants. It was then that she realized how totally stiff his dick had become while talking with her.

His hard-on couldn’t have been more obvious. The shaft stuckout like a length of iron pipe, forming a tent along his zipper. Mr. Wallace was turned on by her. He was hot for her body. A fifty-year-old man. He wanted to fuck her.

If it had happened two months ago, Debby wouldn’t have known what to do. But she was experienced now. All at once she realized the one, sure-fire way of insuring that the principal would keep her transfer hushed up.

Debby rose from her chair. Silently, blushing, she crossed the room and knelt on the floor behind the desk, next to Mr. Wallace’s thigh. She lifted her hands and squeezed the length of his big dick through his pants. His cock was rock-hard, throbbing.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” the principal asked. Yet he made no move to push his chair away.

“If you transfer me I’ll give you a real good blow job. Mr. Wallace,” Debby said simply. “Honest, I won’t tell anyone. I’ll suck your dick for you as much as you want.”

“You’re a slut,” Mr. Wallace repeated. His face shook with anger and lust. His cock pulsed in her palm. “Disgusting, trashy slut.”

Debby knew she’d struck a bargain.

Quickly, she pulled his pants down to his knees and withdrew his dick. Debby held it in her hand and stroked it gently up and down, comparing it to the other cocks she’d sucked.

Mr. Wallace had a big prick. It was all fat and swollen and thick veined, with a bloated pink head that looked like it was about to shoot cum on her face. As she studied his stiff prick Debby felt herself becoming rapidly excited. She’d never dreamed it possible, but the idea of giving this fifty-year-old principal a blow job was turning her on.

Debby stroked his dick faster, jacking him off. She opened her mouth wide and sank her head into his lap as she knelt on the floor, taking his throbbing cock deep into her mouth.

“Ungghhh!” Mr. Wallace grunted. He shuddered in the chair and shut his eyes. “You slut… oh God, yes… ahhhhh…”

Debby sucked hard, eagerly, puckering her cheeks as she increased the suction in her mouth. Her tongue rolled skillfully all along the crown of his prick, darting in his cum slit like a slippery sexual eel. She lay her left hand between his legs and played with the hairy sac of his balls, loosening the load of cum that had swelled his nuts to the size of golf balls.

“Oh fuck,” Wallace gasped. He thrust his hand convulsively into Debby’s thick hair and pulled her mouth further down over the throbbing length of his hard-on. “Yes, you slut… suck on it… drink my cum!”

“It tastes good, Mr. Wallace,” Debby said honestly. She squeezed his throbbing meat and looked innocently into his eyes as she knelt beside him, unconscious of the way his cum dripped from the side of her mouth. “You’ve got a really beautiful prick. You’ll keep my transfer quiet, won’t you?”

“Yes, of course,” Wallace said impatiently. “Just keep sucking!”

Debby returned her mouth to the pink stiffness of Wallace’s shaft. Tantalizingly she kissed up and down his long cock, pressing her mouth to the tube along the underside of his dick, that his cum would shoot out of when she made him squirt.

Her lips brushed around the blood engorged knob. She opened her mouth again and took nearly all of his burning prick down her throat. Wantonly she pumped her head up and down, fucking her mouth, slurping up air as she sucked wetly around the thickness of his organ.

“Let’s get this blouse off,” Wallace demanded hoarsely. He reached down and struggled clumsily with the buttons, strained with the mouthwatering fullness of her tits. “Want to play… unhhh… with the slut’s big tits!”

Debby helped him along. Keeping her head over his throbbing cock, she quickly unbuttoned her blouse to her belly and undid the front clasp of her lacy white bra.

Her breasts bobbed out, the enormous white globes slapping fleshly together and jiggling atop her rib cage. Debby’s tits had swelled even larger since she’d become pregnant. Her nipples were completely stiff now, testifying to the pleasure she took in sucking the principal’s prick.

“Big,” Wallace grunted. He dropped his hand to her bursting breast and kneaded it hard, rolling his palm across the silver-dollar sized nipple. His expression had become flushed and dazed; obviously Debby was giving his cock the best sucking it had had in years. “Oh yes… so big… unhhh.”

Debby felt Mr. Wallace’s dick growing stiffer and stiffer between her tugging lips. She knew from experience that he was about to cum.

She grabbed him by the hips and positioned her drooling mouth directly over the jutting shaft of his hard-on. Then she sucked his cock as hard as she possibly could to bring him off. Her mouth slid feverishly around his swollen pole. She took his cock in both hands and milked it up and down, coning the cream up out of his nuts.

“Unhhhhh,” Wallace sighed. His body went rigid in the chair, and he thrust his hand behind Debby’s head. “Oh fuck… fuck it… ahhhhh…”

The cum squirted from the narrow, twitching slit in the center of his cock head. Debby felt the salty white gushers squirting down her throat. Whimpering hungrily, she worked the muscles of her throat, gulping down every drop.

Wallace moaned, bucked his ass off the chair. Repeatedly the jism spurted from his pink cock head. Debby kept on swallowing, but she couldn’t take it all. The cream burbled from the side of her lips and ran in a lurid stream down her chin.

“Was that all right?” she asked shyly. Debby wiped the cum from her face and looked up at her principal. “You’ll give me the transfer now?”

“Not so fast,” Wallace mumbled, staring greedily at her stiff-nippled tits. “Sit on the desk in front of me. I want to eat out your pussy.”

“But Mr. Wallace,” Debby protested, “I have to be in class!”

“I’ll write you an excuse,” he replied impatiently. “Come on now! I want to suck your cunt!”

Debby shook her head and rose to her feet. She thought it was a little unusual that Mr. Wallace would want to eat her out now that she’d satisfied him, but she was hardly complaining. She hadn’t cum once all day, and having her clit sucked was one of the sexual acts that pleasured her most.

Debby sat on the edge of the desk, directly before Wallace’s face. Before his eyes she pulled her dress up and wriggled her ass on the hard wood as she pulled her panties down her long, tapering legs. She kicked them off and spread her thighs, planting her heels onto the edge of the desk, completely revealing the hair fringed mound of her cunt to the fifty-year-old principal.

“You’ve got a pretty pussy,” Wallace said dilly. He stared at her cunt transfixedly, admiring the curl of the brown hairs around her slit, the pouting, flowering shape of her pussy lips. “I wonder how many boys have worked their cocks off inside this tight cunt. Hmmmmm?”

Debby bit her lip and blushed with embarrassment.

Wallace leaned forward. He wrapped his hands around the sides of her naked ass cheeks and buried his mouth into the reeking fissure of her pussy.

“Unggghhhh,” Debby gasped. Immediately she felt her pussy warming and moistening to the touch of his lips. “Oh, Mr. Wallace… you’ve got me so hot… feels good… unhhhh…”

Wallace started sucking, quickly and eagerly, as if he couldn’t wait to lap up the fuck juices that oozed from her cunt. He really loved to suck pussy, Debby realized. Some men were like that.

He really knew what he was doing, too. The heat mounted inside Debby’s pussy, making her clit stiffen and the moisture pour through her cunt tunnel. She winced and lifted her ass unconsciously, thrusting her hairy slit into his mouth.

Wallace ran his tongue around the periphery of her cunt, chewing the hairs, licking and tugging the fragrant lips. Gradually he inserted two fingers into the opening of her pussy and pumped them through the wetness of her fuck hole, jacking her off. His lips fastened around the aching stiff bud of her clit. He sucked it hard.

“Oh fuck,” Debby gasped. She grimaced in agonized desire and helplessly bucked her ass off the sharp edge of the desk. “Suck it, Mr. Wallace,” she pleaded breathlessly. “Oh God… oh fuck… suck off my pussy!”

Wallace inserted a third finger into the wet grip of her cunt, making her pussy feel as filled-up as if she were being fucked by a big cock. Gently he nibbled the tip of her clit.

“Harder, Mr. Wallace!” Debby cried. Her voice was louder now; already his expert cunt sucking had her close to climax. “Oh God, you do it so good! Suck me! Awwwunh! Suck meee!”

With his free hand Wallace separated the flattened cheeks of Debby’s ass. To her surprise he began to fondle her asshole, rolling his finger around the puckering, throbbing little ring. Then he thrust his finger into the rubbery grip of her ass and jacked off her asshole in time with his sucking of her cunt.

“Cumming, yes, stick it, yes… suck it — cumming!” Debby cried. She humped her ass feverishly off the desk, fucking her wet pussy all over Mr. Wallace’s face. “Suck me, oh yessss!”

For a full minute Debby bucked and moaned and grunted. Wallace kept his mouth pressed tightly to the throbbing slit of her pussy, drinking up the juices that oozed from her tunnel. Then the spasms of cumming finally subsided. Debby shuddered and let her ass fall back onto the polished wood.

When she glanced at Wallace’s cock, she was shocked to see that there was more jism gleaming on the head of his dick. The high school principal had cum a second time, just from eating out her pussy.

“Gee, Mr. Wallace,” Debby said innocently. “I didn’t know you liked the taste of my cunt that much!”

“Never mind that,” Wallace said stuffily. He tucked his wilted prick back into his pants and grunted as he pulled up his zipper. “All right, young lady, I guess you’ve earned yourself a transfer. Make sure to take Beginning Russian at Carter High. I’ll say that your interest in Anglo-Soviet relations is the reason for your going there, or some such thing. Don’t worry. It’ll be kept quiet.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wallace,” Debby said meekly. “I appreciate it.”

“I hope you understand that these… ah visits to my office are going to be a regular thing from now on,” Wallace added. “Let’s say once a week.”

Debby nodded her head. “I’ll do anything you say.”

“And I want you to keep your nose clean from this day on,” he said sternly. “I mean it. No more Steve and Robbie, or whatever their names are. If I’ve done you this favor I’m not going to have you behaving like a little slut in the future, here or at Carter. You’d better shape up from now on!”

Debby bowed her head and nodded again. She knew that Mr. Wallace was right. Her parents were so angry with her, and her reputation had been damaged enough. Soon she’d marry Robbie, but she wouldn’t fuck him again until their wedding night. The only boy she’d spread her legs for in the near future was her faithful brother Dave. She was pretty sure he could keep a secret if he really had to.

In the years that followed Debby kept her promise, to Mr. Wallace and to herself. Soon she even developed interests that had nothing to do with fucking.


Debby’s fucking sessions with Steve and Robbie under the freeway, her secret meetings with brother Dave, her pregnancy by Ray and her rendezvous with the high school principal… all of it happened in 1963.

In 1982 Debby turned 37. There were laugh lines around her eyes and mouth, but she had lost none of her mouthwatering, cock stiffening beauty.

Debby’s tits were still amongst the biggest and fullest in the suburbs. Her legs were long and shapely, and her peach-shaped ass cheeks were as tight and firm as the ass of any teenager. Her thick blonde hair, which curled past her shoulders, still turned heads on the street.

Debby was still married to Robbie, who had acquired a receding hairline and beer belly with age. Together they lived with their children in a ranch style house outside of the city. Robbie was doing well as an account executive. They were a typical, upwardly mobile, middle class family.

Unfortunately, their marriage was in sad shape. Robbie was too busy fucking his young secretary to bother with the needs of Debby’s cunt. Debby was too wholesome to cheat on him, but she was horny all the time. Many of her afternoons were spent lying naked on her bed, fingerfucking her dripping pussy as she fantasized of men’s throbbing hard cocks.

Debby’s two children were Paul and Annette, both teenagers.

Annette was a very pretty young woman. She had Robbie’s dark hair, which framed her youthful Elizabeth Taylor face. But she had Debby’s body, and the development of her figure worried her mother more than a little. Debby was afraid that some boy would want to use Annette for her large breasts and the shape of her saucily jiggling ass.

Paul was the boy Ray had given her that day in the trees. His appearance was not that much unlike Robbie’s as a boy, and Debby was sure that her husband had never expected Paul’s true genetic origins.

But there was one part of Paul’s body that would have marked him as Ray’s child for sure — the size of his dick. It was gigantic, ten inches long and incredibly thick, the best hung cock in Paul’s high school.

Now it was 3:00 p.m. on a beautifully sunny weekday afternoon. Robbie was at work, and Debby had gone shopping. Paul was alone with his sister Annette in her bedroom.

At that moment, Paul’s enormous prick was swollen to its full ten inches, as hard and stiff as a rock. He was lying on his sister’s bed, as naked as the day he was born.

Annette was naked too. She was lying next to her older brother on the mattress, with her hand wrapped tightly around the base of his monstrous dick. She was sucking him off. She’d been sucking his cock for him regularly for almost a year.

“Harder,” Paul grunted. He lifted his lean hips off the bed, trying to ram more of his bloated cock down his sister’s throat. “Oh fuck, is that good… really suck it now… take all of my meat!”

“It’s so big, Paul,” Annette protested. She withdrew his cum-dripping prick head from her wet mouth and looked at him anxiously, repeatedly stroking and tugging the base of his gigantic dick. “You know I can’t get anymore than the head in my mouth!”

“Try,” Paul demanded simply. His huge dick ached stiffly from the intensity of Annette’s sucking; his balls were heavy with cum, and he was dying to shoot every drop of his cream into her mouth. “Come on, you got me really hot now. Make me spurt!”

Annette squirmed closer to her brother on the bed. Her bare, shapely, milk-white thigh crossed over his hairy leg. Again she opened her mouth wide and dropped her face down over the purplish knob of his prick.

This time she tried to take more of his dick in. Her pouting lips stretched obscenely around the thickness of his cock. She gagged, then made lurid, gulping sounds as she forced his rubbery shaft down her throat.

“Ahhh fuck,” Paul sighed. He smiled with pleasure as he felt his prick throbbing against his sister’s tongue. “That’s so fucking good… make me cum!”

“Ummfffff,” Annette gurgled. Feverishly she bucked her head up and down, fucking her mouth with Paul’s gigantic hard-on. Her tongue licked wetly all over his cum-soaked cock head, darting in and out of the little slit in the tip.

Paul shut his eyes and let his body fall slack onto the spring mattress. Annette was really working out on his dick now. She was jacking off the shaft hard and fast, and slurping around the head, and her fingers toyed gently with the hairy sac of his balls. He knew how much the taste of his stiff prick turned her on. She’d make him cum real soon — he could leave all the work to her.

Sometimes, Paul had to thank the heavens that he’d summoned up the courage to seduce his sister a year ago. If he hadn’t, he never would have known the pleasure he was missing.

Annette had been more than ready for a good hard fucking. She’d responded to his advances immediately, and they’d been humping incestuously together ever since.

Usually they managed to fuck each other every day of the week. Sometimes it was difficult. They were both terrified of being caught by their parents. But there were always a few hours when Mom and Dad were out of the house.

“I’m gonna cum,” Paul muttered. He felt the familiar burning sensation throbbing through the center of his cock. He was about to shoot his cum at any moment.

“Suck it hard now,” he commanded. He thrust his hand into Annette’s long dark hair and bucked his ass frantically off the bed. “Oh fuck, I can feel it! Suck harder! Unhhhh!”

To Paul’s surprise, Annette pulled her mouth away from his rigidly swollen cock head. She grabbed his huge blue-veined shaft in both hands and frantically began to beat him off.

“Unhh… what’re you doing?” Paul said helplessly. “I’m about to cum! I want you to suck it up!”

“I want to see it,” Annette purred shamelessly. She jacked his enormous cock off as hard as she could, both hands racing up the pink stem of his meat, staring expectantly at his twitching cum slit. “I want to see it squirt out of your dick. Come on, Paul! Cum! Start squirting!”

“Ungggghhhh,” Paul gasped. He grimaced as the spasms erupted in his aching cock. “Oh fuck… you bitch… ahhhhhh.”

Paul’s dick started spurting jism. It was an incredibly explosive cum. The first gusher of his thick white cream shot a full foot in the air and cascaded wetly all over his chest.

“Oh God damn,” Annette whispered hornily. She stared at the jism pumping out of his purplish knob and managed to jack off his prick even harder, her hands a blur along the shaft. “Oh fuck, Paul, you’re cumming… mmmmm… it’s so beautiful!”

Paul could hardly stand it. Again and again the gushers spurted from his slit, covering his cock hairs and stomach in cum. It felt as if his nuts were unloading more jism than they’d ever held in his life.

Annette continued to stare as the cum shot out of him. When she could stand it no longer, she dropped her mouth over the stiff, throbbing tip of his hard-on. Immediately she began sucking very hard, milking and draining the last of his cum up from his ravaged balls.

Paul winced as the last drops of cream oozed from his pulsing prick. Annette licked it all up then, stroking his prick tenderly with her hands, tongue lapping the swollen, fleshy knob. Wantonly she moved across his stomach and thighs, gulping up all the jism that had collected there, drying his body like a mother cat with her kittens.

“Oh fuck,” Paul moaned. He shuddered and smiled giddily at the tingling sensation in his loins. “Was that ever good… you really know how to suck me off!”

“I want you to make it stiff again, big brothers,” Annette pleaded hotly. She continued to suck hard on the tip of his dick, trying to milk another hard-on out of his rubbery shaft. “I want you to fuck my cunt!”

“But, Jesus, Annette, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

“You just leave it to me,” Annette purred knowingly. “I’ll make your big cock hard again!”

Annette went to work, applying every trick in the book. Ferociously she sucked and jerked his massive prick. Her fingers toyed with his ravaged balls, then squirmed between the cheeks of his ass. Lewdly she thrust a finger into his asshole and pumped it in and out.

As Annette massaged his asshole, Paul felt the blood pouring back into his heavy dick. Within seconds it was as hard as a length of steel pipe, standing stiffly out of the curly hairs under his stomach.

“Oh, Paul, you’ve got a boner again,” Annette gushed. She fondled his asshole harder and tenderly stroked the jutting pole of his cock. “Let me get on top of it now, I want to fuck you so bad. Please, Paul, just say yes!”

“Go ahead,” Paul grinned.

Annette climbed on top of him, straddling him with her knees digging into the mattress to either side of his hips. Her cute ass jiggled over the knob of his twitching cock.

At the sight of her body, Paul’s tool grew even stiffer. His sister was the best stacked chick in town. Her tits were big and firm, and the large nipples capping them were like ripe berries waiting to be plucked.

He lowered his eyes to her fleecy-haired cunt mound and licked his lips with desire. She’s got such a soft pussy, he thought hungrily. Her whole body’s soft, just like a baby… she’s got the tightest, hottest fuck slit in town.

Annette held Paul’s dick and slowly lowered her hips onto it. She gasped and whimpered as the fat knob pushed into the soft pink lips of her cunt.

“Oh, Paul, your dick is so big,” she whined softly. Her pouting pussy slit clung to the tip of his cock, sucking around it, trying to milk it all the way up her tunnel. “Oh, Paul… uhhhhh, fuuuuck yes, I’m… so horny… unhhh…”

Annette winced, forcing her cunt down over Paul’s ten-inch cock. It was always difficult getting his prick in her pussy the first time. His cock was almost too big for her cunt. “Keep going,” Paul grunted. He held Annette’s hips and pulled her voluptuous body forcibly over his jutting shaft. “Come on, sit on it! Take it all the way in your cunt!”

“Oh, Paul,” Annette whimpered. “Unggggggghhhh! Ohhhhhh! Oh, God… yes… unhhhhh…”

Finally over half of his massive dick was encased in the tight sheath of her cunt. Paul could feel her tight pussy muscles sucking wetly to the flesh of his cock. He could see his dick going into her hairy slit, and the sight was an incredible turn on. His sister looked like she’d been impaled on his gigantic prick.

Annette grunted and began to pump her ass brutally onto his dick. She was so horny now that she didn’t care if it hurt her. All she wanted was every inch of his cock inside her pussy, and the pain she’d have to swallow to get it all didn’t matter.

Then it was in, his stiff cock buried balls deep in the clasping warmth of her tight cunt. Annette moaned and lifted her ass up again. Paul watched as his dick slid back out of her cunt; the pink shaft was coated now with her fuck juices. Her pussy was good and wet. They could really get down to fucking.

Paul dug his fingers into her ass and squeezed her blushing cheeks hard. Furiously he started thrusting off the bed, fucking his aching hard-on through the slippery tunnel, of her cunt.

“Oh, Paul, it’s so good.” Annette whispered. Hotly she humped to meet him, gasping with pleasure as she slammed her pussy all over his cock. “Fuck me now, I’m so horny… awwww, Paul, fuck my cunt hard!”

Then they were fucking together, hard and fast, like two dogs in heat. Annette’s round ass jiggled in a blur as she pumped her pussy. With every stroke Paul’s cock got a little stiffer. Already he was set to squirt another load of jism into the buttery wetness of her cunt.

“Harder now, fuck me haaaard!” Annette cried. The bed began to shake on the floor as she increased, the intensity of their fucking. Wet popping sounds burbled out of her slit as they humped. “Oh God, Paul, I’m gonna cum. Fuck meeeee!”

Annette’s cunt was hot and as wet as a swamp. Paul could feel his dick bathing in the flow of her juices; her pussy felt even better around his dick thin her mouth. Hungrily he raised his hands to her tits and began to squeeze them hard, pulling savagely on her dark-red nipples.

“Cumming now!” Annette whined. She bucked, her ass in an animalistic frenzy of incestuous lust, blushing and gasping as the warmth exploded in her pussy. “Fuck me, Paul, fuck me hard! Awwwwww, yes, I’m cuummiinngg.”

“Unhh!” As Annette’s pussy clamped around his dick, his balls tightened and swelled under her ass. “I’m cumming too… ahhhhhh…”

The second load of jism squirted from the open slit in his knob. It was a violent cum, racking in throbs from the tip of his cock through the bloated sac of his balls.

Repeatedly the gushers of jism spurted inside his sister’s clasping pussy. Paul moaned and worked his hips steadily off the bed, draining his cum into her cunt. When all of his jism was gone he sighed with pleasure and reined under her heaving body.

“I love you, Paul,” Annette whimpered. She continued to hump over him, biting her lip as the strength of her cum diminished and his cock softened inside her fuck hole. “Oh yes, I love the way I feel fucking you… I love your big dick… I want to keep on fucking you forever!”

Both of them were too hot and sweaty and satisfied to notice that the bedroom door had been cracked open, that someone was peeping in on them as they lay nakedly entwined on the bed.

The shopping bag sat forgotten by her at the foot of the hallway wall. Debby Griffith, model suburban housewife, mother of two, peeped through the door and gasped in shock as he watched her children Paul and Annette fucking in the bedroom.

At that moment, Debby was not thinking of how surprised she was, of how she had never expected to find this when she had come home unexpected early from shopping. She was not even thinking that her children had committed incest, that her husband Robbie might be horribly shocked if he found out.

Rather, Debby was thinking of and looking at her son’s big dick. It was ten inches long, incredibly thick. It had been years since she’d seen Paul in the raw. She had no idea, what an enormous cock he had.

He inherited it from Ray, she thought feverishly. Oh, God, it’s even bigger than Ray’s… my son’s prick is gigantic… he’s got the biggest, longest, thickest dick I’ve ever seen…

Suddenly, Debby realized that she couldn’t peep through the door any longer. Her nipples were bursting stiff through her bra, and her cunt was so wet that her fuck juices were wetting the insides of her thighs. No, she couldn’t stay there any longer. Her children might catch her. She had to go to her room and jack off.

Silently, careful that not the faintest squeak would be heard, Debby shut the door. She picked up the shopping bag and padded quickly down the hall to her own bedroom. As soon as she was inside she tore off her clothes as fast as she could.

Within seconds she was lying naked on the bed, her lusciously stacked thirty-seven-year old body shining with sweat in the late afternoon sunlight. Debby thrust her hand to her dripping pussy and furiously began to fingerfuck her cunt, daydreaming about the size of her son’s enormous dick.

She knew she was going to cheat on Robbie now. All these years he’d kept her horny, and the sight of Paul’s naked cock had finally put her over the edge.


For two weeks Debby went entirely without sex. She fingerfucked herself constantly, always trying not to think of her son’s gigantic dick. Finally she knew that she had to find herself another teenager. On the following Monday morning Debby took to the road in her Custom Estate station wagon, looking for a handsome male hitchhiker.

She found one less than fifteen minutes from her house, on the Faulkner Thoroughfare. The boy appeared to be eighteen years old as she studied him through the windshield. His appearance was unkempt; his clothes were scruffy, and his long, curly black hair looked as if it needed washing. But his figure was tall and lean, and if the bulge in his crotch meant anything, he was very well hung.

Debby pulled over next to him and leaned across the seat to open the door.

“Thanks,” the boy said. He climbed into the station wagon and slammed the door behind him. “Where you headed?”

“Oh, I’m just driving,” Debby said, glancing at him and smiling. “Where are you going?”

“Carytown. Do you know where that is?”

Debby nodded. “I can take you there.”

“That’s good; I was beginning to think I was gonna be stuck out there all day. I really got to get back to school.”

“Oh, you go to school in Carytown?” Debby asked conversationally. “You mean to Monroe College?”

The two lanes of the thoroughfare now wound between a thick forest of pine trees. Every quarter of a mile there was a place to pull over, and there were countless trails and clearings for hikers. Debby smiled. If she succeeded in seducing this handsome teenager, there would be many nice, private places for fucking.

“Yeah, I’m a freshman there,” the boy responded. “My name’s Bill, by the way. What’s yours?”

“Debby. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but isn’t Monroe the college in that sex scandal a month ago?”

“Aw, we were just having ourselves a little orgy,” Bill grinned. “It wasn’t any big deal.”

“An orgy!” Debby said, pretending shock. “Well, I certainly hope you weren’t involved.”

“Shit,” Bill said. “I practically organized the God damn thing myself!”

The station wagon was approaching a fire trail that branched, off the thoroughfare and vanished into the woods. At Bill’s words, Debby pulled off the road onto the trail. Already her pussy was aching wet under her panties. She didn’t see the point in wasting anymore time.

“Hey, Debby, where you taking me?” Bill asked unworriedly.

“I always did want to meet someone who’d been to an orgy,” Debby said very evenly. “Especially a nice strapping guy like you. Maybe one of the girls there taught you how to eat cunt!”

Debby parked the car near the shelter of a grove of pine trees. As Bill gaped at her she unceremoniously flipped her legs onto the seat. Resting her shoulders against the door, she pulled her skirt up to her waist and wriggled her ass, pulling her panties down her long, naked legs.

“Jesus Christ!” Bill stammered. He stared helplessly at the curly haired triangle of her pussy, nakedly exposed as Debby flung one leg over the back of the seat. “What’re you… Jesus, Debby, what are you doing?”

“I want you to eat me out, just like I said,” Debby said shamelessly. She stared at Bill’s bulging crotch and rubbed her fingers through the gurgling wetness of her fuck hole. “Come on now. I don’t have all day! Suck my pussy!”

Gradually Bill’s shocked expression evolved into a knowing, lustful smile. He leaned across the seat, stretching out across it so that his torso rested between Debby’s spread legs and his face was over the bush of her pussy. Then he cupped his hands under her firm ass cheeks and buried his mouth into the pouting pink slit of her cunt.

“Unggghhh…” Debby shuddered violently with lust and humped up her ass, thrusting her pussy into his mouth. She felt so lewd, picking up a boy like this and getting him to eat her out in the car. It was the most brazen thing she’d ever done.

“Start sucking, Bill,” she demanded. She held the back of his head and pulled his face toward her pussy. “You know how to do it, don’t you? Lick up my juices!”

Bill extended his tongue. For a full minute he licked over and in and around her moistened slit, occasionally tugging her pussy lips gently with his teeth. His strong fingers squeezed and kneaded the bare cheeks of her ass.

Debby moaned. This eighteen-year-old boy was an expert cunt sucker. Already her clit was very stiff and her hole was dripping wet — he had her close to cumming.

“That’s right, Bill, oh God, suck meeee!” Debby moaned. Feverishly she bucked her ass in his hands, fucking her steaming cunt all over his face. “Harder now! Work on my clit…”

Bill wrapped his lips around her glistening clit and sucked it hard. He withdrew his hands from her humping ass and tenderly worked his fingers into her tight cunt tunnel, pumping them in and out, jacking her off. His left hand wriggled between her ass cheeks. Debby grunted as she felt his finger push into the puckered ring of her asshole.

“That’s good, Bill!” she sighed. Her rubbery asshole muscles clenched around his finger, drawing it deeper up her hole. Debby pulled his hair and bucked her ass rhythmically off the seat. “Awwww suck mee! You’re making me so hot!”

Bill sucked and licked and chewed, fingering her pussy and asshole at the same time. After awhile Debby’s cunt was so wet that the eager boy’s cheeks were coated with her fragrant fuck juices. That only made him suck her clit harder.

“I’m cumming now!” Debby cried. As the satisfying spasms burst through her loins she humped his face in a frenzy of lust, grimacing and squealing with the sensations. “Unggghhhhh, God, unnnhhhh… unhhhhhh, yes, cuummmiiinnnggg…”

Bill kept his mouth pressed tightly to her burning cunt mound as Debby came. Then he pushed his hands under his body and undid his pants, sliding his jeans and shorts down to his ankles.

Bill climbed on top of her, wriggling his hips between her open thighs as they lay together on the front seat of the station wagon. Debby was only able to catch a glance of his prick before he slipped it in her cunt.

It was a nice thick cock, fleshy and stiff and fat-knobbed, with blood-gorged purple veins. Debby whimpered and lifted her ass, bracing herself for the invasion of his long hard cock.

Bill grunted as he struggled to fit the twitching crown of his prick into the pouting slit of her pussy. Then it was in, and he heaved forward, with one thrust burying every inch of his throbbing cock into the clasping wetness of her cunt.

“Oh God,” Bill groaned. He grimaced, as if he could hardly stand the extreme tightness of her pussy as it sucked around his bursting dick. “You’ve got… a really small cunt,” he gasped hungrily. “Oh shit… it’s sucking around my dick… I can hardly fucking believe I’m doing this to you!”

“Fuck me,” Debby pleaded. She flung up her legs and wrapped her thighs tightly around his back, moaning as she felt his pole sink a little deeper into her gurgling cunt. Then she furiously began to work her ass, fucking her pussy up around his cock. “Oh please, Bill, I can’t wait! Fuck me now, fuck me hard!”

Bill started moving his hips. In and out the teenager’s prick moved, reaming out Debby’s clasping pussy with long, steady strokes of his blood-swollen cock.

He’s a good fucker, Debby thought hotly. They must really teach him how to screw at college… oh yes, I can feel it going in me now… his big dick… it’s fucking me… I want more of it… I want him to fuck my cunt as hard as he can…

“Harder,” Debby cried. She clawed his back with her long fingernails, deliberately forcing her pussy muscles to suck deliciously around the pistoning shaft of his cock. “Oh please, I want to cum again. I want to feel your cum squirting inside me! Fuck me hard, oh please, fuck me fast!”

Bill panted with the effort, slamming his stiffened prick again and again through the encasing warmth of her cunt. Gradually his dick swelled to new hardness, and Debby felt it throbbing inside her pussy as his balls tightened along the crack of her ass. He was going to cum soon, she realized. He was going to shoot his cream into her cunt at any moment.

She needed her tits sucked. Debby tore open the buttons of her blouse and pulled down one lacy white cup of her bra. Her exposed, milk white breast jiggled salaciously every time Bill slammed his dick inside her. Debby grabbed his head and pulled his face to her aching, cherry-red nipple.

“Suck my tit,” she moaned. “Unhhh… oh yes, keep fucking me, suck on my nipple, it’s hurting me. Please, I want to cum so much!”

Bill wrapped his lips around her nipple and started sucking it hard, tugging her spongy tit into his mouth like a hungry baby. The taste of her huge breast was more than he could stand. The head of his cock swelled and oozed jism, and the shaft pulsated furiously inside her cunt.

Then he started cumming. The white stream of cream shot rhythmically from his purplish knob, spurting into the root of Debby’s cunt. Bill grunted and hammered his cock into her undulating belly, grunting with pleasure as the last spurts pumped up from his satiated balls.

“Cumming, fuck me, I’m cumming!” Debby shouted. She tightened her thighs around his waist and humped up her ass as fast as she could, oblivious to the way his cum oozed from her pussy and dripped onto the car seat. “Fuck me, Bill, fuck me hard!”

Bill sighed and relaxed on top of her, sweating and panting, his prick still throbbing inside her pussy. Debby smiled. She had another teenage boy to fill her cunt. Perhaps this one would keep, her from having incestuous desires for her well-hung son.


It didn’t work out that way.

A few days after Bill started fucking her, he was expelled from Monroe College. The eighteen-year-old returned to his parents’ home in Iowa. Debby never saw him again.

Two days after that, she finally made the decision to seduce her son Paul.

She just couldn’t stand it anymore. More and more often — at dinner, when she kissed him goodbye in the mornings, when she passed him in the hall — Debby found herself staring at the crotch of his pants. The bulge there was always enormous. Constantly Debby daydreamed about his prick, remembering when she’d seen it naked, huge and thick and throbbing, pumping in and out of daughter Annette’s cunt.

Deep down inside, Debby had always wanted to spread her legs for her only boy. Now her son was full grown. Just thinking about sucking his cock made Debby cum instantly when she fingerfucked herself.

Debby was jacking off when she made the big decision. Lying naked on her bed, grimacing as she rolled her thumb around the stiffened bud of her clit… she realized all at once that she’d never be happy until she had Paul’s monstrous dick throbbing inside her cunt.

It was the perfect time to do it. Paul and she were the only ones in the house. Annette wouldn’t be back from cheerleading practice until dinner, and Robbie was away at a convention. There was no point in waiting any longer.

Debby withdrew her fingers from the reeking fissure of her pussy and rose from the bed. Shaking with excitement, she combed her hair and put on a terrycloth bathrobe over her nakedness.

The seduction plan was simple. She would join Paul in his bedroom and talk with him about his fucking his sister. While speaking, she would let the robe come undone, exposing her tits. Her son’s reaction would tell her what to do next.

Debby left her bedroom and walked down the hall. As she approached Paul’s room her nipples were stiff under the robe, and her cunt ached with its wetness between her legs. She needed to fuck her boy so badly. She wanted to stroke and suck his huge cock more than she’d ever wanted anything in her life.

Debby knocked on his door.

“What is it?” Paul shouted.

“Can I talk to you for a moment, Son?” Debby asked. “It’s kind of important.”

“Door’s open.”

Debby stepped into Paul’s room and shut the door behind her. Her son was lying on his bed, thumbing through a history textbook. He was naked, with a towel covering his waist. Under it Debby could see the outline of his enormous, soft cock lying against his leg.

“What’cha want, Mom?” Paul asked casually, closing the book and smiling at her. “I was just reading up for a test.”

Debby assumed a solemn expression and sat next to him on the mattress. She was so horny that it was hard not to throw off his towel and suck his dick on the spot. With seeming innocence, she placed her hand on his thigh.

“You’d better brace yourself, Son,” she said. “It’s about you and Annette. I know you’ve been having sex with her.”

“Oh, yeah?”

Paul dropped the book and looked back at his mother. His expression was quite calm. He seemed neither shocked nor ashamed by the news. If anything, there was a trace of a smile at the edge of his lips. It was as if he knew exactly what his mother really wanted.

“You don’t seem top upset,” Debby said, a little indignantly. “Don’t you feel at all guilty about what you’ve done?”

“Don’t see why,” Paul smiled. “She’s on the pill. She’s not going to get pregnant. I mean, I used to be afraid of your finding out, but then I figured, what the hell for?”

“She’s your sister, Son,” Debby replied. “Don’t you understand what that is? That’s incest.”

“Incest don’t bother me.” Again a smile lingered on Paul’s lips. Enunciating carefully, he added: “It doesn’t bother me at all.”

Debby’s cunt was dripping and throbbing between her legs. She shrugged her shoulders deliberately — the robe came slightly open, exposing several inches of her mouthwatering tits. She felt as if Paul and she were about to leap at each other.

“You must be kidding, Son,” she said nervously. “Incest… that would be like having sex with me. Wouldn’t it bother you to have sex with your mother?”

“That wouldn’t bother me either.”

Paul’s lips spread into a broad, lustful smile. He leaned across the bed and arrogantly pulled apart the halves of his mother’s robe with one hand, opening it to her waist.

Her huge breasts were revealed to him, hanging and white, capped by big red nipples that were stiffly distended with her horniness. Paul wrapped his hand around her right tit and squeezed it hungrily. His ten-inch dick began to stiffen beneath the towel covering his waist.

“What… what are you doing, Son?” Debby asked nervously. She was shaking all over, her pussy pulsing and juicing with lust. “Paul, you’d better stop that… I’m your mother.”

“I don’t give a shit,” Paul muttered. “I want to fuck you. I’ve always wanted to fuck you, Mom.”

Paul leaned across the bed. As Debby quivered he wrapped his arm around her waist and pressed his face into the warmth of her tits. He took her nipple into his mouth and began sucking it hard, tugging the whiteness of her breast deeply between his lips.

“Oh God, Son… you’d better drop that,” Debby sighed. But her nipple was stiff against his tongue, and she knew that her words were only an act. “You can’t do this… not to your mother.”

Paul continued sucking. With one hand he took the towel and pulled it from his waist, leaving himself naked.

Now his dick was completely hard. Debby stared helplessly at the ten-inch long shaft of flesh jutting out of his curly hairs. It was even bigger and thicker than she remembered it. The underside was turned to her. She could see the fat tube running along the underside of his prick, the shape of his huge, hairy balls, the spongy knob of his dick head.

His enormous cock throbbed before her eyes. Debby stared at it, knowing that her attempts to restrain herself were over. Shuddering as Paul sucked her tit, she reached across his body and clasped the shaft of his hot prick in her palm, squeezing it hard.

“Stroke it, Mom,” Paul said, whispering the words around the fullness of her tit. “Jack it off.”

“I want… I want to put it in my mouth,” Debby replied, blushing with the openness of her words. “Please Paul, I just want to suck it!”

Paul grinned and withdrew his mouth from her tits. He folded his arms behind his head and relaxed on the bed.

“Sure, Mom,” he said, smiling. “Go ahead. Give me a blow job.”

Debby stood up and took off her bathrobe, leaving herself naked. She was blushing and shaking, and her cunt had drenched the insides of her thighs. All she could think of was the stiff shaft of her son’s enormous cock, how good it would feel to have its thickness stretching her lips. She’d never been so horny.

Debby climbed onto the bed. She knelt by her son’s thighs and dropped her shaking hands to the rigid shaft of his cock. Hungrily she squeezed it with both hands, milking it, stroking the loose flesh up and down.

I’ve got it now, she thought hornily. Oh God, I’ve really got my hands on my boy’s prick… it’s so stiff and hot… I can’t believe how big it is… I’m really jacking him off!

“Suck it, Mom,” Paul said anxiously. “I’ve really got a hard-on for you. Suck my cock hard!”

Debby opened her mouth as wide as she could, barely managing to take the purplish, cum-drooling knob between her lips. She closed her mouth around his thick meat and puckered her cheeks, increasing the sucking pressure in her throat, immediately beginning to suck as feverishly as possible.

His huge dick tasted good to her. Debby ran her tongue around her son’s spongy cock head and darted it into his cum slit, teasing him, making his tool that much stiffer. As she sucked she gripped the base of his cock and eagerly beat him off.

“Ungghhh,” Paul grunted. He grimaced and began to rock his hips on the bed, fucking his throbbing cock into her mouth. “That’s good, Mom… you give a good blow job. Suck harder!”

It’s in my mouth flow, Debby thought. I can hardly believe it… I’m really frenching my own son… I can feel his cum… it’s drooling out of his dick… it tastes good… I want to make him spurt… oh, Jesus, I’m horny… I’ve never been horny like this… ohhh, God…

Debby sucked her son’s cock very hard. Her fist tightened around his meaty shaft. She jerked him off violently, pumping his prick in quick, milking strokes. Slurping sounds burbled out of her throat as her lips clasped the pink flesh of his dick.

“Unhhhh fuck,” Paul sighed. He thrust his hands into his mother’s thick blonde hair and urgently humped his ass, rhythmically thrusting his cock into her mouth. “Harder, fuck, is that good… suck it hard!”

“Ummffff,” Debby burbled. She took a deep breath and thrust her head down, managing to take another two inches of his throbbing prick down her throat. Her boy’s cock was so huge that it stretched her lips to the paint of bursting.

“I want to… want to suck your cunt!” Paul panted. Keeping his dick impaled in her mouth, he began to squirm around on the bed, moving into the sixty-nine position. “Always did want to taste your pussy.”

Paul grabbed the hem of her bathrobe and separated the halves completely, revealing all of her luscious nakedness. Debby turned on her side for him and spread her legs. As she continued to suck and lick his dick she waited anxiously for the touch of his mouth on her steaming cunt.

Now they were lying side by side on the springy mattress. Paul dug his fingers into his mother’s juicy ass cheeks and pressed his mouth to her fragrant pussy. The slit of her cunt was fringed with soft curly brown hairs, and the pouting lips were small and pink. It was one of the prettiest pussies he’d ever seen.

Paul started sucking. Kneading her ass cheeks, he licked a wet circle around the periphery of her cunt opening. Then he took her stiff clit into his mouth and sucked it between his lips, knowing from his long fucking sessions with Annette that that was the best way to make a woman cum.

Debby gasped as he sucked her clit — it came out as an obscene grunt from her cock stuffed mouth. As Paul continued to eat out her pussy she sucked his dick much harder. Her cheeks flushed a deep red with the effort of the blow job. Her whole face was caved in around the throbbing shaft of his cock, as if she wanted to suck his monstrous prick right off his body.

“Not so hard, Mom!” Paul cried. He grimaced with the incredible force of her cock sucking. “Jesus, you got my dick so stiff, it’s fucking killing me! Not so hard! You’ll make me cum too fast!”

Debby ignored him. Sucking her son’s cock was what she had always desired most, and now that she had it she was like a bitch in heat. His dick was delicious, and every time it throbbed between her stretched lips, her pussy grew a little wetter. She was dying to taste his cum. She wanted it to explode in long white squirts down her throat.

Debby went on sucking. Her throat muscles tightened around the blue-veined stiffness of his hard-on, trying to milk the cum out of his balls. She fondled his bloated nuts with one hand, furiously jerked off the base of his aching prick with the other.

“Auuugghh!” Paul moaned. “I can’t fucking stand it, you’re going to make me cum! Unhhhh…”

More eagerly than before, Paul returned his mouth to his mother’s throbbing, dripping fuck hole. He thrust his tongue into the depths of her pink pussy and pumped it rapidly in and out, making Debby whine and fuck her cunt hotly against his face. Gradually he worked two fingers into the clasping tunnel of her pussy. As he sucked her clit he stroked them through her cunt.

“Cumming, Son, I’m cumming!” Debby gasped the words wetly around the thickness of his dick. Her naked body quivered on the bed. Her clit throbbed in his mouth. Her lipstick-smeared lips trembled around the shaft of his cock.

Debby clasped her thighs around Paul’s head. Wildly she bucked and humped her ass, moaning as the consummating spasms exploded deep inside her burning cunt.

“Suck meeeeee, Paul, oh Son, oh God, I’m cumming!”

In the throes of her climax, Debby was so hot that she nearly bit down on her son’s huge dick. Instead she clamped her lips tightly around the center of his cock and sucked it harder than ever before. Wantonly she thrust her finger into his asshole, desperately needing to taste his jism shooting from the drooling knob of his cock.

“Unhhhh,” Paul grunted. “Oh fuck, Mom… I can feel it now… you’re making me cum… awww fuck… ahhhhhh!”

Paul’s balls tightened painfully. His enormous prick twitched to absolute hardness deep inside Debby’s mouth.

Then he started cumming. Again and again the gooey spurts of his cum cream squirted from the spongy knob of his cock, gushing down his mother’s throat. Debby frantically jacked off his big prick and hungrily gulped down every drop.

Paul kept on cumming, loosing so much jism that Debby wondered how he could have held it all in his nuts. Eventually she was physically incapable of swallowing more, no matter how hard she sucked and gulped. His cum dripped from her lips and ran down her chin, oozing onto the juice-stained sheets.

Slowly Paul withdrew his mouth from his mother’s soaked cunt, smiling and sweating as he relaxed on his back. Debby nearly gagged as she pulled her head back, letting his rubbery tool slide wetly out of her mouth.

His big dick was still hard and throbbing. Debby could see the fat knob twitching and swelling with its engorgement of blood. All at once she realized that her teenage boy was still horny for her body. The head of his cock was coated in his own jism and her saliva, but he was still ready for more. He wanted to fuck her.

“What do you want now, Paul?” Debby asked, almost shyly. “Your prick… I mean, it’s still so stiff.”

Paul grinned. “Get on your hands and knees, Mom. I think I’ll fuck you doggie style.”

“Of course, Paul. Whatever you say.”

Blushing, Debby turned onto her hands and knees and crouched on the center of the mattress. Her knees were spread, and her ass was lifted in the air. She turned her head, waiting anxiously for the insertion of her son’s wonderful big cock.

Panting and sweating, Paul knelt behind his mother’s upturned, ass cheeks. He lifted the shaft of his still stiff, throbbing prick and fit the purplish knob carefully to the center of Debby’s cunt hole. Then he winced and leaned forward, slowly pushing the ten inches of his dick down the tunnel of her cunt.

“Uggggghhhh…” Debby moaned. Immediately she felt her pussy stretching apart, packed to bursting by the length and thickness of her son’s cock. She hadn’t had her cunt so completely packed since she’d spread her legs for Ray. “Oh my, Paul, your cock is so big… go… easy… with… me… unhhhhhh…”

“Okay, Mom,” Paul said. He stopped with the first several inches of his prick embedded in her pussy. Then, as he continued to slide his cock up her cunt, he began to wriggle his hips in a circular motion. His sessions with Annette had taught him that this would make it easier for his mother’s pussy to accept the hugeness of his organ.

“Ohhhh, God,” Debby whimpered. Over half of Paul’s dick was inside her now, and she felt as if a gigantic snake was crawling up her cunt. “Unhhh… please, Paul, be gentle… oh… ohh… unhhhh…”

Oh, God, it’s big, she thought hornily. My son’s cock… it’s the biggest one ever. I can feel it going inside me… my cunt is so wet… I’ve never had this big a dick in my pussy before… I can hardly stand it… I’m so hot.

Paul changed the angle at which his throbbing dick bored into her cunt. Then he gently began to buck and hump behind her, force feeding the rest of his cock up her fuck hole.

“Nhuuuunhhh,” Debby gasped. Helplessly she rocked on the mattress, wincing in a mixture of pleasure and pain as Paul pumped his dick into her pussy. “Not so hard… oh please, Paul, your cock is so big… go easy… unhhh, easy… unhhhhh!”

Paul paid no attention. His dick was again as stiff as a rock, packed to bursting with blood and cum. He could feel his mother’s tight pussy clasping exquisitely to the flesh of his cock, milking and tugging it, sucking it into her belly. He wanted to shoot his load now. He needed to start fucking her.

Paul leaned forward. He wrapped his arms around his mother’s naked body and hungrily squeezed her hanging tits, kneading the big spongy globes like bread dough. Then he grunted and feverishly humped his ass, thrusting every inch of his ten-inch dick into the buttery warmth of her pussy.

“Unggggghhh!” Debby gasped. She grunted and dropped her shoulders into the mattress. “Oh, Paul, oh, God it’s big, please be easy, anhhhhhh!”

Paul started fucking her. His hips moved over her naked body, his ass cheeks quivered as he began to hump her pussy. Rhythmically his blue-veined shaft pumped in and out of the hairy mouth of her cunt, reaming out her hole in long, sure strokes of his blood-swollen meat.

He’s fucking me now, Debby thought excitedly. Oh yes, I can feel it… in and out, in and out… I can feel my cunt sucking around it… that’s right, Paul, fuck me… fuck your mother.

“Awwww yesssss,” Debby hissed. She clawed the sheets and eagerly began to buck her ass back into him, moaning with pleasure every time his throbbing cock invaded her pussy. “I can take it now… oh God, Paul, it feels so big and good! Fuck me, fuck me haaaarrrd!”

Paul squeezed her swollen tits, pulling on her nipples. His cock was so hard that he thought more cum would start spurting out of it at any moment. His mother’s cunt was so deliciously hot and tight. Her pussy walls sucked around his prick, milking it like a machine.

Paul began to fuck his mother much harder. His hard stomach slapped her jiggling ass cheeks with every stroke. The sweat covered their bodies. The bed shook on the floor with the incestuous energy of their wanton humping.

“Harder, Paul!” Debby shrieked. She panted for air as she thrust up her ass toward his cock. Deliberately she forced her cunt muscles to clench around his rubbery cock shaft, hoping to excite him further, to make him fuck her faster. “Do it to me Son! Fuck meeeee! Yes, I’m gonna cum!”

Suddenly Debby felt a tingling heat mounting through her clit and the root of her cock filled pussy. It was the beginning of her cum, but the sensation was more intense than it had ever been before. Her nipples stiffened painfully, like two rocks. Her pussy tunnel poured her fuck juices wetly all over Paul’s pistoning cock.

“I’m cumming Paul!” she cried. Debby bit her lip hard enough to draw blood and humped her ass into him in a furious frenzy of lust. “Fuck meeee! Unh!”

“Unh shit, Mom,” Paul whispered. “I’m cumming too… unnnnhhh… oh, fuck it… ahhhhh!”

Paul sighed and heaved forward, slamming his throbbing cock balls-deep into the clasping warmth of her cunt tunnel. Immediately the white cream began to shoot violently out of his purple-skinned dick head.

His second cum was as big as the first. Repeatedly the thick liquid squirted from his throbbing balls, pumping gusher and gusher of jism into his mother’s cumming, gurgling cunt.

Debby gasped and collapsed on the bed. Her teenage boy had just given her the biggest orgasm of her life. She wouldn’t be able to stop herself from fucking him again even if she wanted to.


The next afternoon, Debby again walked down the hallway between her bedroom and Paul’s. This time she was naked. As she padded barefoot on the soft carpet her big tits swung salaciously, and her cunt triangle itched between her thighs. She was on her way to another fucking session with her son.

She’d been waiting for this all day. The afternoon before, Paul had fucked her constantly until Annette had returned at dinner time. Four times in a row his throbbing cock had pumped its load of cum, spurting into her mouth and clasping pussy.

Debby hadn’t been able to continue fucking him that evening, but she’d badly wanted to. For once she hadn’t begged her husband Robbie to give her cunt the filling it needed. Instead she had lain next to him, fingerfucking herself, fantasizing about the next time she would be able to get her hands on her teenager son’s warmly pulsing dick.

That time was now. Debby smiled eagerly and opened Paul’s bedroom door without knocking, stepping inside. She was sure Paul would be waiting for her. He was probably already naked, she thought, lying on the bed and stroking his hard prick as he impatiently awaited the arrival of his mother.

Paul was naked, but he wasn’t alone. Debby stood in the doorway and gasped in shock, staring wild-eyed at the spectacle on her son’s bed. Annette was with him. Her daughter and son were busily fucking.

Annette was lying flat on her back, her slender thighs spread wide apart and wrapped around her brother’s heaving back. Furiously Paul humped between her legs, his lean ass cheeks contracting as he steadily hammered his ten-inch dick through his sister’s pussy.

Debby stood and stared. Under her daughter’s thigh she could see the shaft of Paul’s cock, hard and slippery with Annette’s fuck juices. It was thrusting into her cunt, and Debby could see the hairy mouth of Annette’s pussy as it clung hungrily to the thickness of his meat.

“Oh… oh God!” Debby gasped. She flushed with embarrassment, and her heart began to pound wildly under her jiggling tits. “Annette! Paul! What are you… oh my God!”

Annette and Paul stopped fucking at the sound of their mother’s voice. Slowly they turned their heads towards her. Debby was shocked to see that they were both smiling. It was as if they’d been waiting for her to walk in on them.

“Hey Mom,” Paul said. He pulled his cock but of Annette and sat on the edge of the bed. His enormous hard-on stood straight before him, stiffened to its full ten inches, throbbing with blood. As Debby stared at it the purplish knob was oozing cum, and the whole length of his shaft was wet with Annette’s pussy juices. “I guess you caught us.”

Annette giggled vixenishly and rose to her feet. Debby stared blindly as her naked, stacked daughter padded across the room to stand before her.

“Why don’t you fuck me now, Mom?” she asked shamelessly. She wrapped her slender arms around Debby’s neck and kissed her on the cheek. “We were just waiting for you to get here!”

“But, Annette,” Debby stammered. She pushed her daughter weakly away, knitting her forehead as she tried to understand what was going on. “I don’t… know what to say, I mean… this is so strange.”

“Aw, I already told her all about us,” Paul said impatiently. “C’mon, Mom, Annette’s cool. She won’t tell Dad about it.” Paul’s lips spread into a lascivious grin. “Shit, as soon as I told her she said she wanted to suck your pussy too!”

“I did, Mom,” Annette admitted. Her pretty face was open and innocent. Obviously, she saw nothing wrong with having lesbian sex with her own mother. “I really want to do it. Come on! Let’s do some sixty-nine and suck each other off!”

Annette again stepped towards her mother. She embraced Debby, making her sigh as their thighs ground together and she felt her daughter’s big tits flattening against her own. This time Annette kissed her hard on the mouth, thrusting her tongue between her mother’s lips, just as if she were a man.

Debby didn’t know what to think. She’d never considered having sex with another woman before, let alone her own daughter. It had never occurred to her that lesbianism could be enjoyable.

But it was occurring to her now. As Annette kissed her, Debby felt her nipples stiffening, the pouting lips of her hair-fringed pussy moistening with her flowing fuck juices. There was nothing wrong with sucking off her daughter. Annette’s ripe cunt would probably taste very good to her. At least it was no worse than fucking her son.

“All right, Annette,” Debby said huskily. She disengaged, herself from the embrace and looked at her daughter breathlessly, her nostrils flaring with her new passion. “I guess it wouldn’t… be wrong.”

Annette giggled, took her mother’s hand and led her to the bed. As Paul watched, his sister climbed onto the mattress and wriggled her ass until she was in a comfortable position on her back. Then she spread her legs and looked at her mother hungrily.

“C’mon, Mom,” she purred. “Get on top of me. You know how. We’ll do sixty-nine!”

Debby hesitated, staring at her daughter’s body. Her legs were long and shapely, and her fat-nippled tits were almost as big as her mother’s.

Debby’s eyes focused on her daughter’s cunt. Annette’s pussy hairs were thick and jet black. The slit of her pussy was small and pink and pouting. She had a very pretty cunt, Debby thought. It was just made for sucking.

Debby climbed onto the bed. Uncertainly she positioned herself over her daughter, pushing her knees into the bed to either side of Annette’s face, stretching out so that her own mouth was over her daughter’s pussy. Then she lowered herself. Her lips found the fleecy curls of Annette’s pussy. Debby sighed as she felt Annette’s mouth search hungrily for her own cunt.

“Mmmm, you smell nice, Mom,” Annette whispered. She clenched her mother’s ass cheeks and pressed her tongue into Debby’s cunt, separating the moistened lips, running her tongue up the underside of her stiff clit. “It really tastes good too! Come on Mom, start sucking me! A woman knows what a woman likes!”

Annette began eating out her mother in earnest. Debby gasped as she felt the incredible sensations blooming in her cunt. Annette was an expert pussy sucker. Her daughter was thrusting her fingers up her pussy now, jacking her off, at the same time clasping her lips wetly around the glistening pink bud of her clit.

“Oh, God, Annette!” Debby whined. Frantically she began to buck her ass, fucking her cunt into her daughter’s face. “Oh my, yes! Suck me, Annie! Suck your mother!”

Horny to the point of bursting, Debby thrust her face into Annette’s pussy. It was hot and wet, revealing how much their lesbian contact excited her daughter. Debby separated Annette’s pussy lips with her fingers and wildly tongued the bright pink walls within, making her daughter shudder and buck her ass off the bed.

“That’s good, Mom, that’s so good!” Annette cried. Her nipples stiffened and her tits swelled, flattening against Debby’s belly. “Suck me some more, I’m so hot! Make me cum!”

Debby was close to cumming too. Her daughter was now tongue fucking her burning pussy, rolling her thumb around the tip of her clit. Then Debby was astonished when she felt Annette’s fingers pushing between her asscheeks, groping for the puckered ring of her asshole.

“Do you like that, Mom?” Annette asked teasingly. She pushed her finger into Debby’s throbbing asshole and furiously began to jack her ass off, pumping it in and out. “Doesn’t that feel good? I’ll bet it makes you really hot!”

“Unhhhhh…” Debby moaned. She gasped in lust and quickly began to buck her hips, thrusting her asshole at Annette’s stroking finger, her gurgling cunt down into her sucking mouth. “That is good… Oh, God, Annie, do it more… suck meeeee, I’m so hot… suck my cunt!”

“Play with my asshole too, Mom,” Annette demanded. “And suck my clit. That’s what I like best of all.”

Immediately Debby returned her mouth to Annette’s steaming pussy. This time she sucked her lips around her daughter’s bursting clit, running her tongue across the tiny tip. Annette squealed and bucked and humped her face, pressing her thighs against her cheeks.

“My asshole, Mom! Jerk off my ass!”

Debby separated the jiggling cheeks of her teenage daughter’s firm white ass. Finding her throbbing little asshole, she pushed her finger all the way between the rubbery little circle of her ring. Then Debby began to pump her finger in and out, sucking Annette’s clit at the same time, just as her daughter wanted her to.

“You’re gonna make me cum, Mom!” Annette shrieked. “Unhhhh! That’s so good! Suck my clitty harder, awww yes, I’m so close!”

Suddenly, Debby felt her daughter’s naked body go completely rigid beneath her. Obviously Annette was closer than she’d thought. Debby thrust three fingers up her juicing fuck hole and nibbled tenderly on her swollen clit.

“Cuuummmiiinnnggg,” Annette cried. She moaned and shrieked with lust, fucking her cunt at her mother’s face. “Unhh! Unhhh! Unhhhaaannn!”

Annette came like a bitch in heat, writhing and bucking off the mattress. Then she held her mother’s hips firmly on top of her and really went to work, applying all the skill she could muster from her lips and tongue and fingers to bring Debby off.

Her tongue lapped wetly up Debby’s juicing pussy, twirling around her clit. Debby gasped as Annette thrust three fingers into her cunt. Her horny daughter stroked them in unison, jacking off her mother like a non-stop machine.

Suddenly the heat flowered in Debby’s loins, coursing through her nakedness. Her breasts swelled, and her nipples tingled the next thing she knew she was cumming into her daughter’s mouth.

“Suck me, Annie!” she moaned. “Suck it, awww God, cuummmiiinngg…”

As Debby came Annette stopped sucking her pussy, waiting until her mother was finished bucking and humping her face. Then both women began to suck each other off all over again, already intent upon bringing each other to a second earth-shaking cum.

“Jesus,” Paul muttered, speaking for the first time. “I gotta get in on this. My dick’s as hard as a fucking rock!”

Debby and Annette were still entwined in the sixty-nine position, with Annette on her back and Debby on top. Debby’s round ass faced the foot of the bed.

Paul knelt behind her, his cum swollen balls hanging over Annette’s forehead. He lifted his throbbing cock and rubbed the purplish knob wetly all over his mother’s pussy, as if he were jacking off her cunt with the head of his dick.

“Unggghhh,” Debby moaned. She immediately began to hump her ass, anxious to feel his huge prick invading her cunt tunnel as Annette sucked on her clit. “Stick it in me, Son,” she pleaded shamelessly. “Yes, that’s right, give me your cock. Fuck me with it, fuck me hard!”

Wincing, Paul fit his cum-drooling prick head into his mother’s sopping cunt instantly he felt her pussy muscles suck around it, trying to draw it into her belly. Paul moaned and thrust heavily forward, gradually sliding the length of his meaty hard-on into the encasing sheath of her pussy.

His dick was so long and thick. Debby gasped as she felt his rod going inside her, stretching the walls of her cunt around the rubbery, throbbing length of his cock. Wantonly she humped her ass into him and buried her face into her daughter’s delicious juices. “Do you like that, Mom?” Paul asked teasingly. He leaned over her sweating, naked body, clenching his hands around the spongy globes of her big tits. Then he began to buck behind her, forcing the shaft deeper and deeper into her hungry pussy. “I’ll bet it feels good being sucked and fucked at the same time!”

“Haaaaaarder!” Debby moaned. She took her horniness out on her daughter’s body, digging her fingernails into Annette’s soft thighs, furiously lapping her pussy. “Fuck me, Paul! Give me all of your cock!”

Paul delivered a final thrust, completely impaling his swollen prick to the hilt in his mother’s tight cunt. The jism drooled freely from his cum slit now, and his meat was almost unbearably stiff. Fucking his mother had him completely turned on.

Paul started fucking her. His lean ass cheeks contracted in and put. His back heaved, his cock bored through her cunt tunnel, fucking her deeper and deeper with every stroke. Paul pressed his chest into Debby’s back, sighing with pleasure as her hungry pussy muscles worked around the sensitive shaft of his hard dick.

“I’m cumming, Mom!” Annette cried. She withdrew her mouth from her mother’s clit and grunted like a dog, furiously heaving her ass off the mattress. “Awww, Mom, I can’t stand it, it’s so gooood! Suck me, Mom, suck off my cunt!”

For a full ten seconds the girl jerked and humped on the bed, shrieking as the cum bored through her loins. Then she returned her mouth to her mother’s clit. As Paul continued fucking, Annette sucked much harder, as if in gratitude for the exquisite pleasure her mother’s mouth had given her.

The combination had Debby in seventh heaven. Her clit was stiff and hard as Annette rolled her tongue around it. Her cunt felt wetter than ever before as it slurped and juiced around her son’s pistoning cock.

Fucking me, she thought hornily. Fucking my boy’s huge dick… it fills me up so much… oh yes, Annette, suck out my clit… you’re making me so hot… I’m going to cum too…

“I’m cumming now!” Debby whined. She thrust her hairy mound down hard onto her daughter’s mouth, at the same time feverishly bumping her ass at her son’s bloated prick. “Fuck me, Son! Harder — ahhhhhh yessss, cuummiinnggg.”

The cum burst through her like a flooding dam. Debby’s spasming pussy poured her fuck juices around Paul’s dick, so profusely that her thighs were damp from the wetness of her cunt.

“Unhhhhh,” Paul gasped. His monster dick swelled stiffer inside her fuck hole, pulsating with blood and lust. “Oh fuck, Mom… I can feel it too… ahhhhh yes… ahhh!”

Paul grunted and rammed his aching hard-on balls-deep inside her cunt. Immediately his spongy knob started shooting cum inside her, spewing jism into the depths of her pussy.

It was a big cum. Paul gasped, pistoning his spurting dick through the hairy slit of her cunt. He could feel every burning droplet of cream welling up from his balls, exploding up the tube along the underside of his cock, spurting lewdly from the slit in his tool’s mushroom shaped crown.

Then Paul withdrew his cock from her pink cunt tunnel. His dick was still rock-hard, as if he hadn’t cum yet at all.

Debby was shocked when his hands roughly separated her ass cheeks, and she felt the knob of his hard-on pushing into her asshole.

“No, Paul,” she whimpered. Her expression contorted in helpless fear. She couldn’t imagine taking her son’s enormous thick cock up her little ass. “No, not in my asshole! Stop it, don’t tease me like this, please!”

“I’m not teasing you, Mom,” Paul whispered excitedly. “I’ve been wanting to butt fuck you for a long time! Get out from under, Annette! I want her all to myself!”

“All riiiight!” Annette replied. Her tone of voice was almost delighted. It was as if she wanted nothing more than to watch her big brother rape Debby up the ass.

Annette squirmed out from under her mother’s body and crawled off the bed. She stood next to the mattress, her eyes shining with lust, staring with shameless voyeuristic pleasure at Paul and her mother.

“No Paul, don’t,” Debby persisted. She crouched beneath him without struggling, unable to believe that he would willfully treat her so sadistically. “I know you’re kidding me. Take it away now — I want to feel your cock back in my pussy.”

Paul said nothing. Instead he reared back his hips and thrust brutally forward, forcing the knob of his jerking dick into the rubbery grip of her ravaged asshole.

“Unhhhh,” Debby grunted. She gasped in horror and desperately tried to struggle away from him. Already she could feel her puckered little ass ring stretching painfully around the thickness of his prick.

“Get the Vaseline,” Paul muttered.

Annette turned quickly to the bureau and returned with a small jar of petroleum jelly. She unscrewed the top and held the jar out to Paul.

“Aww, God, stop it!” Debby cried. Her voice was urgent now. She was terrified of having her asshole invaded by her boy’s gigantic dick. “Don’t do this to your mother, leave me alone!”

Paul thrust his hand into the jar and withdrew a thick gob of the gooey jelly. Smiling, he smeared it all around his ten-inch rod as his knob speared into his mother’s asshole. Liberally he coated the length of his throbbing prick.

Then he dug his hands into her ass cheeks and began fucking brutally into her. He panted and grunted, utterly oblivious to the pain he might cause her. Paul was obsessed with getting every inch of his dick into her asshole.

“Ungggghhhh… stop it, Paul, please ungggghhhh…” Debby groaned and fell flat on her stomach, her ass cheeks jiggling around the thrusting shaft of her sons cock.

It felt as if she were being impaled on a sword. More and, more of his prick invaded her ass, stretching her anal lips, boring into the root of her tunnel. Debby felt an incredible warmth throbbing through her asshole. It was the most filled up sensation she’d ever had in her life.

She stopped protesting. Instead she lay submissively beneath her humping son, biting her lip, helplessly waiting until he got all his dick inside her.

“Ahhh shit, is that good!” Paul sighed. Over half of his cock was in her asshole now, and he could feel her powerful asshole muscles clasping and clenching around his dick. Paul thrust into her even more brutally. He buried his cock to the root between her cheeks.

“Isn’t that good, Mom?” Annette asked, grinning beside the bed. “I just love it when Paul fucks me up the ass!”

Debby only groaned. Paul withdrew his throbbing cock slowly from her tunnel, wincing with the tightness of her hole. Then he feverishly worked his hips, fucking her asshole with long, driving strokes of his cum-swollen cock.

“Unggghhh,” Debby moaned. “Oh God, Paul… unhhh please, Son anhhhhhh…”

“Like it, Mom?” Paul whispered. He fucked her ass harder and harder, making the bed shake on the floor, his firm stomach slapping against her blushing cheeks. “Feels good now, don’t it? Unh… sure feels good to me!”

Then Debby realized how good it did feel, and how close her son’s thrusting dick had her to coming.

It was like a throbbing, tingling warmth shooting through her asshole, wetting her pussy, making her ass muscles milk around his dick. Debby felt the depraved sensations and instinctively began to writhe, pumping her ass back to meet his strokes. A second later she was fucking her son as fast as she could.

“Yes, Paul, oh yes!” she cried. Debby clawed the sheets and humped rhythmically at his driving cock. Shamelessly she thrust her hands under her to fingerfuck her dripping cunt. “Fuck meee, Paul, fuck my asshole! That is good, fuck he haaard!”

Paul immediately began to ream out her asshole with all the energy he could muster. His Vaseline coated, cock made slurping sounds as it pumped through her puckered ring, going deeper up her ass with every stroke. His balls slapped against her thighs, his prick throbbed stiffer and stiffer, inside her tunnel. The rubbery grip of Debby’s ass had him very close to cumming.

Debby exploded.

“Fuck meeeee!” she shrieked. She grimaced in ecstasy as the spasms of cumming bored through her pussy and asshole. “Harder, harder, I’m cuming Paul. I’m cuummmmiiinnnggg…”

“Unh shit,” Paul gasped. “Unh… there… unh…”

The thick load of his jism burst from the purplish knob of his cock. Paul worked his spurting prick through his mother’s asshole, moaning as the gushers of his cream shot from his twitching cum slit. There was so much of his jism that it filled her asshole completely. Sighing, Paul watched as his cum burbled out of her hole around his prick and dripped luridly onto the bed.

Then it was over. Debby groaned and collapsed onto the mattress, already beginning to smile. It didn’t matter that her son had raped her up the ass. The point was that she had enjoyed it, just as she would enjoy everything she did with Paul and Annette in the years to come.

They could fuck constantly, all day and night long. She loved her children so much.