The Family’s Four-way Suck

Today’s middle class Americans maintain a stable outlook which in reality masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds.

There is alcoholism, promiscuous sex, for the adult and teenager alike, and, for some, the breakup of marital relationships as a result of mate-swapping. The children observe their parents’ so-called “mature” lifestyles. The mark is made and the effect lasts a lifetime.

This is the story of a family in which the relationships follow an unusual course of development. What happens to the children is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

THE FAMILY’S FOUR-WAY SUCK — a novel with a lesson for those unaware of what is really happening behind the closed doors of America.


“One: empty liquor bottles littered on the front seat of the car. Two: three half-naked girls in the back seat.”

Steve Madison held up his hand and counted out the offenses on his fingers, while his teenaged daughter looked up at him sullenly.

“Three: one of the girls was in the act of… the act of sodomy when the squad car rolls into the drive-in. And four: all three boys and all three girls — including you, especially you — are sassy and uncooperative to the officers who brought you home, even though it’s an absolute wonder that they didn’t arrest you!”

His eyes smoldering, Steve folded his arms across his chest and looked furiously down at his daughter. He was in his early forties and there was some grey in his temples, but he still had the overall rugged appearance of the football star he’d been in college, and he was still capable of plenty of anger. He was particularly angry now. It was almost two in the morning, and Steve had barely had time to dress when the police had called him to come in and identify his daughter. Tammy had been picked up for being “drunk and disorderly”, as the police put it, at a drive-in. And it wasn’t the first time she’d been in trouble.

“Now, all I want to know is what in God’s name you have to say for yourself,” Steve concluded furiously. “I am at my absolute limit with you. For the past two years you have ignored my authority as a parent, you have gone running off with any boy who wanted to date you, you have come home so drunk that you could hardly walk. And now this! Tammy, what possible explanation can you give me for tonight’s behavior?”

“I can give you a real good explanation, Daddy,” Tammy said evenly. “I like to fuck!”

“You like to… you like to what?” Steve sputtered, reddening brightly.

Tammy brushed the straight brown hair out of her wide blue eyes and looked at her father defiantly. She was still drunk enough to be careless, and she didn’t like being ordered around.

“You heard me. I like to fuck! That’s the only reason I went out with them! I don’t give a shit about the drinking! I like to get my pussy fucked!”

“What?” Steve was practically shrieking now, and his fists were clenched tightly at his sides. “You shut your filthy mouth! You, you…”

“Slut? Is that what you want to call me, Daddy?”

Shamelessly Tammy ran her hands up her sleek thighs and lithe hips, making her father look at the lush curves that were so mouthwateringly developed for a girl who stood only five-feet-three.

“Well, what’s so bad about that? Shit, I know why guys like to go out with me!”

Tammy arched her back as she lay on the bed, then wantonly caressed her big tits through the blouse. Steve gasped as he watched. Tammy’s tits were obscenely oversized for her girlish frame, two firm D-cup melons that jiggled provocatively in the most restrictive of brassieres and had earned her the name of “Big Tits Tammy”. But the first thing she’d done at the drive-in was to let a boy take her bra off, and she knew that her father was now staring at her huge, fat nipples through her top.

“They like my big tits, Daddy! Lots of girls would do the shit I do if they had big tits like mine! Guys like to suck on them and I like to get ’em sucked — at least before they put their big, fat hard-ons in my horny pussy!”

“You shut up!” By now Steve was trembling with rage. He glanced nervously at the bedroom door, as if afraid that Tammy’s big brother Johnny or her mother Lana might overhear. “You shut your filthy mouth this instant!”

“And I’ve got a real tight, juicy pussy too, Daddy!” Tammy continued brazenly. Licking her lips, she pulled aside the crotch of her shorts, displaying a thick mass of darkbrown cunt hair. She started to hump her full, round ass suggestively off the bed. “I’ll bet you’d like to fuck a tight, juicy cunt like mine! Wouldn’t you?”

“I told you to shut up!”

Tammy gasped as her father leaned forward, slapping her sharply across the cheek. Immediately Steve was sorry, and his expression changed as he stepped back from the bed. It was one of the few times he’d ever hit her, but he was still very, very mad.

“Now, I don’t want to hear one more word out of you,” Steve said, fighting to control his voice. “From this moment onward, you can consider yourself grounded. Indefinitely grounded to his house, except for school.” Tammy shrugged. Her father had grounded her lots of times.

“This time I mean it, young lady! I am going to instruct your mother, your uncle and your cousin, Bridget, to keep a close watch on you. If you so much as step out of this house without permission, you can say bye-bye to that car I promised you for your birthday.”

“No, Daddy!” Tammy immediately sat up! Her father had never threatened to take her car away before. “Aw, Daddy, you promised me that car! You can’t…”

“I said shut up!” Steve interrupted harshly. “My word is final! I have had it up to here with you, Tammy! God only knows why you couldn’t be a decent, obedient girl like…”

“Like my cousin, Bridget,” Tammy interrupted, in a sing-song voice.

“Yes, like your cousin, Bridget!” Steve roared. He stepped out of the room, pointing an accusing finger at his daughter. “Now remember what I said! You are grounded!” Then he left, slamming the door behind him.

Tammy groaned and swore obscenities at her father under her breath. Then she absentmindedly started to rub her hot pussy through her shorts. She was in a particularly bad mood now, and it wasn’t just because she’d been grounded. Tammy hated being reminded of her cousin. Bridget was just her age, though she looked younger, a slim girl with long, blonde hair and an innocent face. She and Tammy’s Uncle Cal, Steve’s brother, had moved in with them when Cal’s company had relocated to their area.

Cal and Bridget lived in the two-room cottage on the Madison property behind the main house. Sometimes they ate dinner with Steve, Lana, Johnny and Tammy, and sometimes they fixed dinner for themselves on the cottage’s hot plates. Tammy knew that Bridget was all right, but she seemed like such a fucking goody-goody. She never got in trouble. Tammy wondered what Bridget did when she got horny, if she ever got horny at all.

Tammy knew how often her own pussy got horny — it was horny right now!

Wincing, the big-titted teenager hurriedly stripped off her shorts, baring her very hairy, very tight cunt. A quick dip of her fingers into the pouting pink slit confirmed her suspicions — it was literally dripping with cream. She was dying to get fucked. Goddamn the fucking cops, Tammy thought miserably. If they’d just come twenty minutes later George would have had the chance to give her the fucking she needed. As it was, all she’d had a chance to do was suck his prick, and that wasn’t enough, not nearly enough.

Tammy considered the grounding and considered how long it would be before her next fuck. Then she started to finger-fuck herself, splaying her shapely thighs wide as she rubbed her clit. Goddamn it! She knew she couldn’t take a chance on the car! Her father might keep her inside for months! What was she going to do? Of course, she could always fuck him! Tammy giggled and finger-fucked herself faster, using her left hand to pump two fingers into her clinging pussy as her right thumb pleasured her clit. There was no shame in the thought of fucking her father. Tammy had known she wanted to make it with him for years, ever since she’d seen that big prick he had one day when he came out of the shower.

He had a hard-on tonight, Tammy thought, or at least a partial hard-on. The wanton brunette moaned as she remembered the way her father had looked at her stacked figure, the bulging of his cock obvious through his slacks. She got closer and closer to cumming as she imagined her daddy’s long, meaty cock spearing wetly into her horny cunt…


“Aw, Daddy, put on more of the cream!” Bridget squealed. “You’ve got such a big cock!”

The slim, blonde teen was spread-eagled on the bed in their little cottage, her ankles crossed around her father’s back and his huge, fat cock crammed up her curly haired cunt. Moaning as his prick throbbing in her pussy, thirty-eight-year-old Cal hurriedly applied more cream to the cock-filled lips of his daughter’s cunt, dipping his fingers into the economy-sized jar of Albolene by the bed. Bridget had a very tight pussy, and Cal had a very fat cock. Sometimes they used up a whole jar in just a couple of days!

“Okay, Daddy!” Bridget let her head fall back to the sheets, groaning as her father’s prick poked deeper into her cunt hole. “That’s good! Now start fucking me again! You’re gonna make me cum!”

Cal supported the weight of his torso on outstretched arms, looking lovingly down at his naked daughter. The lights were on and Bridget looked so sexy and beautiful. Sometimes, even in the middle of a good fuck, he had to pause to thank goodness for the privacy of the backyard cottage. They needed lots of seclusion to partake of a pleasure as illicit as incest. Cal had been fucking his daughter for a year now, and he knew he never wanted to give up the joys of her tight, eager cunt. It had turned her into such a good, obedient girl, too. She didn’t have to go out with boys when she knew she’d have her daddy’s prick to fuck every night.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” Bridget pulled him down against her, so that his hairy chest crushed her stiff-nippled tits. “My pussy’s so wet. Fuck me, fuck me!”

Cal cradled his head between his daughter’s neck and shoulder, groaning as he felt the wet pressure of her pussy walls sucking around his cock. Then he resumed the steady fuck rhythm, pounding his stone-hard prick in and out of her juicy cunt.

Bridget slid her slim legs higher up his muscular body, wrapping her ankles together around the middle of his back. Feverishly her ass bounced off the bed, avidly pounding her wet pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his cock.

“You fuck me so good, Daddy! Haaarder! Aww, Daddy, I wanna cum.”

Groaning with pleasure, Cal started to fuck his daughter’s juicy pussy as hard as he could. In and out his big prick sawed, spearing deeper into her pussy with every stroke. His cock head touched the opening of her womb, sending spasming thrills through his daughter’s body. Their bellies slapped sweatily together and the bed creaked loudly as the fucked noisily.

“I’m cumming, Daddy!” Suddenly Bridget wrapped her arms around his shoulders, clawing his back with her long nails. “Unh! Can’t staaaand it! Fuck my cunt, Daddy, fuck it hard! I’m cuuummmiiinnggg!”

The cum gushed through her naked body, making her asshole pucker as her pussy contracted rhythmically around her father’s big cock. Cal fucked her hard and fast through the spasms of her cum, groaning as her slippery cunt tunnel milked his cock. But his prick was still hard inside her when she finally stopped humping beneath him.

“Okay, Daddy. Take it out now!”

“But I still need to cum!” Cal didn’t want to, but slowly withdrew his prick and winced as the rock-hard shaft oozed pre-cum onto his daughter’s sweating belly.

Bridget giggled and pinched her father’s rosy cock head. “I know, Daddy! But I want to give you a blow-job! I need a cum cocktail tonight.”

Cal followed his daughter into the bathroom, his massive prick throbbing stiffly before him. He knew that after she cleaned the lube out of her pussy, she’d want her pussy sucked. Then it would be his turn for total relief.

“Oh, Daddy, clean me good,” Bridget purred. “I love the way your fingers feel on my cunt.”

Bridget stood naked in the bathtub, soap suds covering her lower belly and pussy triangle. Kneeling on the floor by the tub, Cal pushed his fingers gently into her pussy to clean out the traces of Albolene. This was such a regular form of foreplay for them that they even used a special soap that wouldn’t irritate the tender folds of Bridget’s pussy.

“Ummmm, Daddy!” Bridget flexed her pussy muscles around her father’s probing fingers. “I love it when you get me all clean like this.”

Cal carefully washed his daughter’s pussy completely, then soaped up her ass cheeks and thrust a finger into her asshole. Bridget hornily rocked her ass as he cleaned her asshole too, finger-fucking into the puckered ring with a soapy finger.

“Okay, honey,” he said softly. “Down we go.”

Cal turned on the water and his daughter lay down in the tub, positioning herself under the gushing stream, her feet on the tiled wall and her pussy writhing under the lukewarm flow. A minute later, Cal shut off the water and Bridget rose eagerly to her feet.

“Okay, Daddy! Now you get to dry me off!”

Cal retrieved the fresh towel and carefully toweled off his daughter’s luscious figure, taking special care with the matted triangle of her pussy. Then Bridget stepped onto the throw rug on the bathroom floor.

“Here comes the good part, Daddy.” She stretched out on her back, wiggling her ass on the rug seductively. Then she spread her legs wide apart, showing her father the clean, glistening lips of her pussy.

“Suck it for me Daddy!” Bridget lightly fingered herself, squeezing the plump, pouting lips of her cunt together. “Suck my cunt and make it all juicy again.”

Cal stretched out on his belly and groaned as he buried his head between his daughter’s legs. Already the pungent aroma of fresh cunt cream seeped from her pussy slit, making his prick throb painfully as he savored the smell of his daughter’s cunt. He thrust his hands under her lithe hips, gripping the cheeks of her horny ass. Then he thrust his tongue deep inside her hairy pussy hole, spreading the pink slit wide. Immediately Bridget started to hump her ass, grinding and thrusting her pussy onto her father’s face. “That’s so good, Daddy! Suck it for me! Make my cunt cum!”

Cal massaged her humping ass cheeks for a minute, then pulled them away and used his fingers to spread the glistening folds of her pussy. Holding them open, he tongued out the pink interior of her pussy, cleaning off the fuck-juices as they drooled from the depths of her cunt channel. “Unnngghhh!” Whimpering, the horny blonde humped her ass faster, pulling her father’s hair. “Lick it, Daddy! Lick my clit!”

The sensitive nubbin was swollen at the top of her cunt slit, protruding from the soft, flowering folds. Cal pushed his tongue up her throbbing pussy and wrapped it around her clit like a slippery eel. He alternated between licking it and kissing it, occasionally flicking his tongue on the tip. “Ahhhhh! I love it, Daddy! Ahhhhh!”

Bridget’s face softened into a dreamy smile of sexual pleasure. She closed her eyes and rested her cheek on the floor, continuing to hump her ass as her father’s tongue brought her closer and closer to cumming.

Cal knew just what his daughter liked and he wanted to make her cum hard, so he’d be able to lick up all of her hot fuck-juices. His tongue moved on her clit, making it grow and pulse hornily. Then he slid the fingers of his free hand to her hairy pussy. It was by now completely dripping with fuck-oil, as sticky as it had been before the bath. Cal pushed his fingers all the way into her throbbing pussy and started to finger-fuck her as he licked her clit.

“Nuuunhhh! I’m gonna cum, Daddy! Oh fuck, now put your finger in my ass!”

That was the last pleasure, the one that always put the insatiable Bridget over the edge. Stiffening his finger, Cal pushed it between her ass cheeks until it touched her puckered, hairless ring. Slowly he slid it all the way into her asshole, feeling the rubbery sheath compress around it tightly.

Immediately Bridget’s dreamy smile contorted to a grimace of extreme arousal, clawing the back of her father’s neck, Bridget humped her ass uncontrollably off the bathroom floor. “Yes, Daddy! Stick your finger up my ass. Play with my pussy, lick it, suck it… awwww, Daaaaaddy, I’m cuuumiiiinnnnggggg!” Her cunt throbbed into orgasm, juicing heavily as the pouting lips gushed out their reservoir of fuck-juice. Now Cal alternated between licking her clit and stabbing his tongue into her pulsating fuck hole; the best part of sucking his daughter off was being able to lick up all the cream that came out of her cunt.

“Ungggghhhh!” Bridget grit her teeth as she continued to hump and buck, spasming sharply as the last cum peaks shot through her body. “Oh, Daddy! Fuck… ahhh.”

Slowly she let her reddened ass cheeks fall back to the floor. For a long time she lay there spread-eagled, panting and sighing as her naked father continued to clean up the stray drops of oil from her throbbing cunt.

“Okay, Daddy,” she said finally. “It’s your turn now. I can’t wait any longer. I want your big prick in my mouth!”

Cal rose to his feet, walked to the toilet and sat down on it, his hairy legs spread and his massive prick pulsing stiffly on his stomach. The combination of fucking and sucking his pretty daughter had made his prick as hard as a bone, painfully loaded with cum and blood. But the wait had been worth it. Hot pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock as he watched his daughter crawl over, kneeling on the floor before the toilet. His daughter gave the best, hardest suck-job he’d ever had in his life! “It’s nice and stiff for my mouth, Daddy!”

Giggling, the eager blonde wrapped her fist tightly around the veined trunk of her father’s cock. Eagerly she jacked on it, moving her fist fast and hard, making more cock juice dribble out of the tip. “Are your balls nice and full of cum? Am I going to get a belly full of your jism, Daddy? You know how much I love your jizz!” Cal groaned and nodded his head. Then he thrust his fingers in his daughter’s long blonde hair, pulling down, signaling her to begin the blow-job.

Bridget pushed her tight fist to the root of his cock, holding it in position. For a minute she just licked up and down the throbbing shaft, teasing her father, making him as hot as she could. Her tongue danced around his ball bag, titillating the hairy sac. She briefly took one cum-congested globe into her mouth and sucked it hard. “Ahhhh!” The cock cream was oozing freely from the tip of Cal’s prick, making his spongy knob slippery with drooling cum. “So good, honey! Suck it now! I can’t wait anymore! Suck Daddy’s hard cock!”

Bridget paused again to lick the bridge of flesh between his balls and his asshole. Then she gradually moved her mouth up to the knob of his cock again, showering the shaft with kisses along the way. Opening her mouth wide, the horny blonde made a lewd smacking sound as she engulfed the first several inches of her father’s cock. The knob pushed past her tonsils, nearly choking her. But a year of daily cock-sucking had taught her to fight back the reflex, flaring her nostrils to breathe when her mouth was stuffed by his prick.

“Ahhh, God!” Hungrily, Cal looked down at his daughter’s face, her lips stretched to bursting as they tightly compressed his cock. “That’s good, honey! Now suck on it! Daddy needs to cum!” Bridget moved her head from side to side, again nearly choking herself as she crammed another inch of his meaty cock into her mouth. Then her cheeks puckered, and then she started sucking, squeezing her fingers repeatedly around the root of his cock.

Cal squirmed on the toilet seat, groaning as the wet sensations danced around the head and shaft of his prick. Soon he knew his daughter would make it impossible to think about anything but the load of cum building in his nuts. That was the best thing about her, he thought shamelessly. She was the best cocksucker he’d ever had in his life. More than anything else, she sucked hard, and she was beginning to do that now. Bridget brushed the hair out of her eyes, bobbing her head as she began to lewdly fuck her throat with her father’s stone-hard prick. The familiar slurping, smacking sounds came out of the back of her throat, filling the bathroom. That was another thing about his daughter, Cal thought happily, she was a very loud, juicy blow-job artist, too.

Skillfully she pressed her tongue on the underside of his drooling cock head, making the whole trunk of his prick spasm and pulse in her mouth. Bridget’s lips compressed tirelessly around the veined stiffness, drinking in the shaft. Alternately her cheeks puckered and bellowed, increasing the suction around her father’s cock. “Ahhh, fuck!” Cal curled his fingers into her hair and bucked his ass, fucking his prick down her throat. “Keep doing it, baby! Shit, you suck my cock so good! Daddy’s gonna cum!” Bridget pulled some of the big prick out of her mouth, pausing at the tip to lick all the oozing cream off of his bloated cock head. Then she contentedly slurped a full half of his prick down her throat. She was really sucking violently now, reddening until her cheeks were crimson, thinking of nothing but the oral pleasure she could bring to her dad’s aching prick. The smacking, slurping noises became even louder.

“Jack on it now, baby!” Cal demanded hoarsely. “I’m getting real close!”

Bridget tightened her fist around the thick root of her father’s fat prick. Urgently she began to beat his meat fast and hard, milking and tugging the swollen root of his cock. Her jack-off rhythm coincided with her sucking, as her lips dragged wetly around the shaft beneath the knob. Finally Bridget pushed her free hand between his hairy thighs. Finding his swollen ball bag, she fondled it tenderly, squeezing and milking the twin globes it contained.

“Start swallowing, Bridget!” Cal gasped. “Here it comes!” His cock trembled to total stiffness in her mouth, stretching her lips even further. Then the big load of jism started spraying out of his nuts. The first spurt splattered on the roof of Bridget’s mouth and she did gag a little this time as it quickly rushed down her throat. But she quickly recovered and began to suck her father’s cock even more wildly as the sappy ribbons of spunk erupted from his balls, filling her belly with the cock juice she needed. Slowly Cal thrust his ass off the toilet seat, as his daughter’s skilled lips and tongue and hand milked the last burning drops of cum from his aching cock. “Oh, honey! That was a Triple A blow-job you just gave me! You really outdid yourself tonight!” Giggling around the cock in her mouth, Bridget continued to lick and suck and kiss his cock until it started to soften between her lips. Then she let it pop out and looked up at her father with shamelessly lust-filled eyes.

“Let’s go to bed early, Daddy! Then you can get up and give me a good fucking in the morning!”

Cal smiled.


“Permanently grounded!” Tammy’s older brother Johnny laughed and shook his head. “Jesus, you really must have done something awful to get the old man that pissed off at you.”

“I guess,” Tammy murmured sullenly. “Now what’s the answer to question seventeen?” It was late in the afternoon, and they were in Johnny’s room, seated on his bed with a history textbook open between them. For an increase in his allowance, Johnny had agreed to help his sister with her homework. That morning Steve had told Tammy that she had to get her grades up if she ever wanted to go out on a date again.

“Caligula,” Johnny said. “The Emperor Caligula. Jeez, you really aren’t paying attention today, are you? You better go back and look that up.” Tammy sighed and flipped through the pages in search of the section about Caligula. It was a very hot day, and the sweat had molded her t-shirt to the lush curves of her big tits. But that wasn’t the main reason she had trouble concentrating. Tammy’s pussy would still have been wet and burning if it had been the coldest day of the year. The interrupted session at the drive-in the night before had started a fire in her cunt, a fire that only a stiff, thrusting cock could put out. No amount of finger-fucking helped. Tammy was too horny to study. She was dying to sneak out and find one of her boyfriends to give her the good, hard fucking she needed.

“Did you find it?” All Johnny had on were a pair of gym shorts, and Tammy could see the sweat dripping clown his lean, tanned body. “Yeah.” Tammy wrinkled her nose as she studied the section on the ancient Roman emperor. “Christ, this guy was pretty weird.”

“You should talk!” Johnny laughed. “Shit, you’re the weird one. Dad’s always hot on your ass for one thing or another.” He paused to look at her curiously. “Hey, what were you doing last night anyhow?”

“Usual bullshit,” Tammy grumbled.

“Drinking and making out. That’s all.”

“Well, that shouldn’t be enough to make the cops come. I… well, I never did the stuff you do, but when I was your age we used to get loaded at the drive-in lots of times.” Tammy looked at her brother in amusement. Johnny liked to give the impression of being worldly, but he was already pulling straight A’s in college and he’d never gotten in much trouble in high school. He was a real handsome guy, and Tammy knew he had his share of girlfriends, but it was hard for her to imagine him even getting fucked. “Well, drinking isn’t all we were doing,” Tammy giggled.

“Yeah?” Johnny was obviously curious. “Well, what did make the police come?”

“Monroe and Phyllis.” Tammy smiled sweetly. “They were making the car bounce up and down on the ramp a little too much.”

“Monroe and Phyllis? Well, how were they doing that?”

“How do you think, Big Brother?”

Johnny gasped. “You mean they were… they were fucking? With the rest of you in the car and everything?”

Tammy had to laugh at he brother’s innocence. “Phyllis really needed it. Monroe, he’s more straight, he wanted to go to a motel, but she was pullin’ on his cock and spreading her legs and all that, so old Monroe just climbed aboard.” Tammy wiped the sweat from her forehead, flashing the same smile. “I made room for him. They started fucking slow at first, but I guess Phyllis must be real juicy ’cause then Monroe started pounding the holy fuck out of her. And we were drunk and everything. I started laughing ’cause of the way the car was bouncing. It was like being on a roller coaster. I didn’t even think about the cops.”

“Jesus!” Settling back on the bed, Johnny pushed the history textbook absent-mindedly to the floor and slowly shook his head. Monroe and Phyllis, right in the car. She looks so sweet. His crotch was now exposed, and Tammy looked at it automatically, as she did at all crotches. Then the horny teen saw that her story had affected her brother more ways than one. He had a big hard-on! Johnny wasn’t wearing a jock strap, and the big tube of cock meat was practically sticking out of the leg opening of his gym shorts. Immediately Tammy felt her cunt beginning to itch and burn. She’d never been turned on to her big brother before, but that was changing rapidly. His prick looked awfully big!

“Shit, Johnny,” she said softly. “I didn’t know you wanted to fuck Phyllis.”

“Phyllis?” Johnny looked surprised. “Who said I did?”

“Then why do you have that big hard-on sticking out of your shorts?”

Johnny flushed and looked defensive. “Well, I guess I don’t hear stories like that every day.”

“I’ll bet you don’t.” Tammy squirmed closer to her brother, until their bare thighs touched, smiling at him shamelessly. “Hey, Johnny. Do you ever think about fucking me?”

Johnny’s jaw sagged open in surprise as his sister wantonly dropped her hand into his lap, lewdly gripping his throbbing cock. Then he tried to retrieve the history book. “Uh, I think we better go back to our studying.”

“Cut it out, Johnny. You know you can’t study with a big hard-on like this.” Brazenly Tammy thrust her hand under the waist band of his shorts, pushing her fingers through his cock fur and gripping the turgid root of his naked prick. “Goddamn, Johnny,” she whispered huskily. “You’ve really got a big one.” Johnny laughed at his sister’s lust and shook his head. “Tammy, you better cut that out. You’re going to make me lose control of myself.”

“Fuck, you’re already out of control, Johnny.” Tammy pumped her hand up and down his meaty shaft, marveling at his size, jacking him off as best as she could with his shorts in the way. “I know what it feels like for a guy to have a hard-on like this. You need to shoot a big wad before you’ll be able to think about studying again.”

“Tammy, I can’t fuck you,” Johnny said seriously. “No way am I going to make it with my own sister.”

“Well, you don’t mind if I at least look at it, do you?” Not waiting for an answer, Tammy pulled down his shorts with one hand and used the other to haul out his throbbing cock. “Oh fuck, Johnny!” she gasped. “You’ve really got a whopper!” The veined shaft of cock meat stood stiffly out of his ball bag, swollen and twitching with blood. Tammy had fucked a lot of guys, but not many of them had had a prick this big. It was long and fat and thick, and there was already sticky pre-cum seeping all over the bulbous rosy knob. “Oh fuck, Johnny!”

Johnny just grinned and shook his head as his sister pulled his shorts all the way off, leaving him naked. Then he groaned as she dropped her head to his groin, resting her cheek on his muscled stomach as she took his spongy cock head between her lips.

“Christ, now my own sister’s giving me a blow-job!” he muttered. “What a horny slut.”

Tammy ignored him, she didn’t care what Johnny called her as long as he let her go down on him. Her pussy creamed lusciously as she savored the taste and aroma of his cock flesh and felt the hot stiffness of his cock shaft stretching her lips as she took his prick knob down her throat.

Tammy made an obscene gurgling sound as she stuffed his cock knob down her buttery throat, nearly choking as it pushed past her tonsils. But she fought back the gagging reflex and feverishly started sucking her brother’s prick. All day she’d been starving for the cock in her mouth she hadn’t had last night. Lewd slurping, smacking sounds filled the bedroom as Tammy wantonly sucked, swirling her tongue around the oozing crown of her brother’s hard-on. Her lips formed a tight circle around the center of his prick shaft. Tammy started puckering and bellowing, her cheeks, increasing the suctioning pressure around his cock meat. “Unh!” Johnny’s face clouded dazily with desire. He leaned back on the bed and looked at his sister, seeing the way her full, ripe lips were wrapped around his cock. “Jeez, Sis,” he said softly. “You’re an awfully good cocksucker. Where’d you learn to give a blow-job like that?”

Tammy didn’t answer, she was much too busy with the stiff cock clogging her throat. Her hand slid down, enveloping the throbbing base of his prick. She started to beat his meat hard and fast, milking and tugging the bloated prick between her lips.

Johnny’s cock grew in her mouth, responding to the skillful ministrations of her lips and tongue and hands. “Oh fuck, Sis!” He started to jerk his ass off the bed, fucking his prick down her throat. “Harder! Suck hard! Oh fuck, you’re gonna make it shoot!” His cock was incredibly stiff now, and the spunk was oozing profusely from his dilated piss slit. Tammy knew he was about to blow a big wad, and that was the part she enjoyed most. Nothing was better than hungrily slurping down the salty spurts of a man’s cum! Her cheeks reddened as she sucked his cock harder than ever, closing her eyes as she thought of nothing but the hard cock deep inside her mouth. Tammy pushed her free hand between her brother’s thighs, finding his ball bag, wrinkled and hairy and bloated with cock cream. Tammy started fondling it with one hand while her other hand raced up and down the turgid stalk of his prick.

“I’m making it, Tammy!” Johnny suddenly thrust his hand behind her head, curling his fingers in her straight brown hair. “Suck on it! Suck my prick! I’m popping my rocks! Oh, fuck it… ahhhhhh!” His cock started to jerk and throb obscenely in her mouth and Tammy sucked it as hard as she could. Then the big prick started cumming!

Geysers of cock juice sprayed from the tip of his prick, splattering on the roof of her mouth and shooting down her throat. Tammy nearly came in her pants as she tasted the milky, musky taste of her brother’s jizz. It was hot and gooey, and she eagerly swallowed it all down, jacking his cock frantically as she worked the hungry muscles of her throat. Johnny kept rocking his ass, fucking his squirting cock between her lips until the last drops had burned out of the head. But his sister kept on sucking furiously, as if expecting another big load of cum. Johnny had to push her harshly off of his prick. “Okay, that’s enough! Jesus!”

Tammy licked the spunk from her lips and looked at her brother. He looked a little guilty now that she’d drained his wad, and also a little angry, as if he blamed her for his succumbing to the temptations of incest. “Okay, you did it to me!” Johnny started to pull up his shorts. “You gave me a blow-job, and that’s fine, but like, that’s the last time we better do anything like that. It’s incest, and if dad ever catches us, Christ…”

“No, Johnny, it’s not the last time.” Suddenly Tammy’s expression became pleading. “Johnny, my pussy really hurts. It’s really burning! I need to get fucked so bad.”

“Well, I’m not going to do it to you! I can’t fuck my own sister! Shit, you’re crazy! Forget it!” Forgetting the shorts for the moment, Johnny reached down and retrieved the history book. “Now, let’s just pretend this didn’t happen and get back to studying. You can’t flunk out of school.”

“Johnny, I’m too horny to study now. I guess I’ll just have to finger-fuck myself so I can concentrate. You don’t mind if I do that, do you?” Tammy pouted.

Johnny tried to shrug, but there was the same curiosity in his eyes that Tammy had seen earlier. She knew he hadn’t seen her naked in many years. “Oh, shit, what’s the difference?” he murmured. “Go ahead.”

Johnny’s shorts were still bunched around his ankles, and Tammy kept her eye on his cock. Completely wet with her saliva, it lay half-swollen on his thigh. Let’s just see if seeing me naked can make it stiff again, Tammy thought, and pulled up her shirt. Johnny was pretending to look at the history book, but Tammy knew he was watching her. Slowly she peeled off the t-shirt, leaving her naked from the waist up except for her lacy white, D-cup bra. Her belly was slim and tight and her huge tits protruded obscenely through the bra cups.

“Since when do you have to take off your shirt to finger-fuck?”

“Well, it’s hot in here, Johnny. Just like you said.” Giggling, Tammy reached behind her back and undid the clasps of her bra. The undergarment fluttered to the floor, and Tammy arched her slim back to proudly display her huge tits.

Johnny gasped in spite of himself. The spongy, milk-white melons stood out firmly, jiggling slightly with every breath she took. Her nipples were the size of silver dollars, dark-red and with very fat tips. They were stiff now and Tammy brushed her fingers across them casually.

“Do you like my tits, Johnny? Aren’t they nice and big?” Johnny wiped the sweat from his forehead and nodded. “I gotta admit.” Tammy stood before him, letting him admire her magnificently shaped, bare legs. Then she pulled off her shorts. She wore no panties, and Johnny groaned as her very hairy pussy bush came into view. Tammy turned so he could see her rounded ass cheeks as she stripped. “Now, since you won’t fuck me…” The words trailed off as Tammy spread her feet on the floor, facing her brother with her curly haired cunt mound mere inches from his face. “I guess I’ll have to take care of myself.”

Tammy pushed her fingers through her pussy triangle, shuddering as she sank one deep inside her cunt. Her pussy slit was hot and drippy and Tammy knew her brother could smell her creaming cunt as she started to jack off in front of him, shamelessly pumping her fingers in and out of her furry pussy slit. Johnny wasn’t even pretending to look at the history book any more. His eyes were glazed as he looked at his sister, watching the finger stabbing in and out of her cunt. Her pussy was so wet that it made little clicking, squishing sounds as the pouting folds clung to the pumping finger. His cock was starting to get stiff again, throbbing up from his thigh.

“Oh, Johnny, it feels so good!” Tammy felt her big tits jiggling as she worked on herself. “My pussy’s so hot! Ummm, my finger feels so good in there!”

Johnny seemed to be unconscious of the way he was now leaning forward, his eyes riveted on her cunt. His cock was now as hard as stone, pulsating stiffly. “Johnny, won’t you suck it for me?” Tammy cried suddenly. “Please? That won’t hurt anything. I did it for you! Oh, Johnny, please! Suck my cunt!” Johnny stared at his sister’s seeping pussy, as if fighting a war between his conscience and his desire. Then he moaned loudly and pushed his head forward, rubbing his face all over the matted curls of his sister’s juicy cunt. “Yes, Johnny!” Tammy automatically put her hand behind his head, curling her fingers in his hair. “Unh! That feels so good! Suck it for me!”

Johnny slid his hands up his sister’s naked thighs, digging his fingers into the succulently rounded cheeks of her ass. Tammy spread her feet on the floor and pushed her cunt hole onto his lips. Thrusting out his tongue, Johnny pushed it deep inside her hairy pussy slit. Then he noisily began to lick out the musky juices drooling from the depths of her cunt. “Nnnnnngggg!” Tammy hissed. She used her other hand to peel open her pussy lips, completely exposing her clit to her brother’s tongue. “Lick me there, Johnny! I need my clitty licked so I can cream!”

Johnny groaned as his big hands massaged and kneaded her peach-shaped ass, rolling the cheeks, making her hairless asshole throb and pucker in and out. His tongue rooted in her juicy cunt swath-like a starving kitten lapping up milk. He stuck his tongue deep inside her pussy hole, then licked noisily away within inches of her throbbing clit.

Tammy grimaced as her cunt spasmed slightly, the flowering lips throbbing on his mouth. “Lick my clit, Big Brother!” She pulled his hair and shoved her cunt on his mouth. “Lick it, lick it good!”

Johnny pressed his tongue flat on her swollen clit. He licked it avidly, lapping away at the whole top portion of her juicing cunt. Then he stiffened his tongue so that only the tip tickled her tingling clit, moving the glistening bud from side to side.

“Awwwwwww!” Hornily Tammy rolled and rocked her hips, moving her pussy so that her brother’s tongue would hit a different part of her clit with every stroke. “You’re such a good cunt-sucker, Johnny! Do you like the way my pussy tastes?”

Johnny groaned and nodded his head. Then he centered his tongue on her clit and licked it hard and fast. His hand pulled away from her ass cheeks as she humped more and more wildly. Extending his fingers, Johnny speared two slowly up her clinging, oozing cunt. Tammy’s moan was prolonged as she felt his fingers invading her cunt tunnel. The sensations of being finger-fucked merged exquisitely with the tongue on her throbbing clit. “Unh! Unh! Gonna cum, Johnny!” Now she was humping her ass like a bitch in heat, fucking her aching pussy hole all over his face. “Lick it, lick my fucking clit! It’s throbbing, Johnny, throbbing on your tongue! Unggghhh! Awww, suck my pussy, Big Brother! I’m cumming! I’m cummmiinnggg!”

This time her pussy spasmed violently, the pouting cunt hole contracting as if to suck around a thrusting prick. Johnny felt it squeezing on his fingers, the clit bud twitching as he continued to titillate it with his expert tongue. Then the fuck juice oozed out, turning her hairy cunt into a glistening pool of lust. Tammy pulled back slightly, unable to stand any more direct stimulation of her clit. Johnny dipped his tongue back into her throbbing pussy hole and lapped up all the juice, not letting her step back again until he’d cleaned up every drop.

“Okay, Johnny,” Tammy panted. “Now you’re gonna get fucked!”

Her cunt was throbbing violently, desperate to feel the stabbing of the long, fat hard-on she so desperately required. Tammy stared down at her brother’s rock-hard cock, seeing the fresh cock juice oozing out of the tip. She was too horny to care about his objections. She wasn’t going to let him push her around. Tammy knew when she needed to get fucked.

Johnny just looked up at her dazedly as she flung herself on top of him, her huge tits jiggling as she wrestled him onto his back on the bed. Hurriedly Tammy positioned herself on top of him, straddling his hips with her knees planted on the mattress to either side of his waist. “No, Sis,” Johnny pleaded softly. “No.”

“You’re going to fuck my ass off, Johnny!” Holding him down with one hand, Tammy reached between her thighs and lewdly grasped the upthrust length of his hard-on. Hurriedly she brought the tip to her cunt, grunting as she impaled the knob securely in her slit. Then she held both of his arms down, gasping as she dropped her ass, feeling the meaty inches of his huge prick boring up her cunt. “It’s going into me, Johnny! You’re fucking your sister! Ahhhh, it feels so gooood!” With her hands locked around his wrists, Johnny lifted his head and watched his cock shaft boring into the enveloping tube of her pussy. Then he stopped struggling entirely, groaning as his prick was encased by the buttery sucking wetness of her cunt. “Oh fuck, Sis! You’ve got the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked!”

“Unh! Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck me!” Tammy twisted her lithe hips, her tits and ass cheeks jiggling as she stuffed her pussy with every inch of his straining cock. “Fuck your sister! Fuck, fuck.”

Johnny was now as obviously aroused as she was, and she stopped trying to hold his arms down. Instead she gripped his shoulders for support as she started humping, making the mattress creak, pounding her drippy, sucking pussy up and down on his cock.

“Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck my cunt!” Johnny just lay there and watched her for a moment, seeing her hairy cunt slit riding his cock shaft, feeling the exquisite pleasure of her cunt muscles around his prick. Then he started bucking to meet her strokes. Within seconds they were fucking in rhythmic unison, their bellies slapping together as they brought each other off. “Oh, Tammy!” The loud voice came from the bottom of the stairs. “Are you up there? Come down here and help me with these dirty dishes you left in the sink!”

“Oh, fuck,” Tammy groaned. “Mom!” Brother and sister looked at each other for a moment, wondering if there was any way to continue their fuck-session. Then Tammy groaned and disengaged herself, reaching for her clothes and miserably watching her brother’s stone-hard cock throb enticingly over his stomach.

“When are you going to finish me?” Johnny moaned hoarsely. “Jesus, you can’t leave me like this!”

“Tonight! We’ll fuck tonight!”

“No we can’t fuck tonight!” Johnny protested. “Jesus, not with everybody awake downstairs!”

“Tammy!” It was her mother again. “Stop dawdling up there! What on earth are you doing?”

“Tomorrow!” Tammy whispered as she left the room. “Wake me up early in the morning, okay?” Johnny nodded quickly.

Adjusting her clothes as she walked downstairs, Tammy wined as she felt the heat burning through her pussy. Well, I’ve finally done it, she thought wantonly, I’ve fucked my own brother!

And she could barely wait for the morning to come.


Tammy was red-eyed when she awoke at the crack of dawn the next morning. She hadn’t slept very well, having been tortured by one frustrating wet-dream after another. Rolling onto her side under the covers, she realized that the sheets beneath her were soaked with the juice that had oozed out of her cunt. “Oh fuck,” the girl whispered.

She lay motionless for a moment, hearing the birds chirping in the big trees outside and seeing the pale grey twilight filter through the shades. Then she spread her legs and shamelessly started to finger-fuck herself, thinking of her big brother’s big prick. At that moment the door cracked open, and Johnny peered into her room.

“Sis!” he hissed. “Are you awake?” Tammy responded by crawling naked out of bed, crossing the room and flinging her arms tightly around his shoulders. She gave him a long, tongue-sucking kiss, at the same time grinding her big-titted body onto his and dry humping her pussy onto his crotch. “I can’t fuck you here!” Johnny moaned. All he had on were his pajama bottoms, and his cock was protruding through them obscenely. “We’ll make too much noise!” Tammy frantically scanned her mind for a safe place to fuck her brother. Briefly she thought of the basement and laundry room, but they were too close to their parents’ bedroom and the proximity of the rooms might awaken Steve and Lana with some pretty suspicious noises.

“Outside,” Tammy said suddenly. “Fuck me outside! In the bushes next to the cottage! I know a place!”

Johnny looked at his, sister for a moment, then nodded quickly. Hurriedly Tammy threw on a nightgown and followed him as he tip-toed down the stairs. It was already warm outside and Tammy found only a little dew on the grass when she stepped out the back door. She waited for Johnny to close it behind her; then together they walked silently away from the house.

“Follow me,” Tammy whispered. They could both see Cal’s and Bridget’s cottage through the bushes as they skirted around it, going into the woods perhaps a hundred and fifty feet away. Then Tammy stopped at a thick row of bushes between the trees.

“In here!” She pushed aside the dense brush and Johnny followed her in, cursing when he stepped on a rock. Then he saw what his sister had meant. The bushes formed a circle around a small section of thick, smooth grass. There wasn’t a lot of room, but there was enough space to fuck in, and the chances of their being discovered were very small. Once inside the bushes, Tammy turned and gave her brother a long, smoldering kiss. Then she pulled off her nightgown, leaving herself naked. It was just cool enough to make her nipples stiffen, the fat areolas crinkling into taut, rubbery tips. “I want you to ram it up my pussy now, Johnny!” Tammy got on her hands and knees on the grass, spreading her knees and lifting her ass for the invasion of his cock. Impatiently she looked at him over her shoulder. “Please, Johnny, don’t make me wait! My cunt’s already so wet, it’s burning! I need to get fucked so bad!” Johnny dropped his pajama bottoms, his massive prick throbbing out like a shaft of iron. He knelt on the grass between his sister’s legs, staring at the hairy mouth of her pussy and the winking ring of her asshole. Lifting his cock, he fit the crown into her tight cunt.

“Push it in me, Johnny!” Tammy started humping with only the tip of his cock inside her. “Fuck my pussy, fuck my hot cunt!” Johnny slid his hands up his sister’s full, firm thighs, digging his fingers into the rounded, flaring cheeks of her ass. Then he pushed the cock meat into her. Her cunt was very tight, but it was so juicy that his prick speared into her pussy like a knife going through butter. Johnny pushed all of his cock into her with the first thrust.

“Unnnggghhh!” Tammy dropped her shoulders, resting her cheek submissively on the grass and whining as her pussy was stuffed suddenly by all of his cock. “Oh, Johnny, what a big fucking prick you’ve got! You’ve got one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever fucked!” Johnny kept his hard-on all the way inside her, feeling it twitch and throb, pulsating madly in the enveloping wetness of her pussy. Slowly he pulled his cock out of her, looking down. He saw the hairy pink mouth sucking needfully around his prick. “Push it back in, Johnny! I need your big fucking cock!”

Johnny pushed his cock home again, moaning as the juicy pussy tunnel again sucked around his cock. Then he started a steady, cunt-battering rhythm, pistoning his long, swollen hard-on through the slippery tunnel, of her cunt.

“Aw! Oh, Johnny! You’re a good fuck, Johnny! Fuck my pussy! Fuck the shit out of me!”

Again Johnny held his prick deep inside his sister’s hairy cunt, feeling her pussy tube throb violently around the meaty thickness of the shaft. His hands slid from her ass cheeks, gripping her waist. He started to fuck up into her pussy, banging his cock head on her pussy wall with every thrust. “Unggghhhh!” Tammy winced and clawed the grass, shuddering as her cunt throbbed around the pistoning cock. “It feels so big in me that way, Johnny! Fuck me deep, fuck me haaard!” Johnny fucked his sister like a machine, drawing his cock out until only the rosy knob parted her clinging cunt, then spearing it back in all the way with every thrust. Tammy moaned and humped her ass up to meet every stroke. Her brother was a good fucker, she quickly realized. He wasn’t nearly as inexperienced as she’d thought. Now her pussy was starting to burn, as it always did before an extremely hard cum. She could feel the contractions starting to rack her belly, coursing through her loins, making her cunt tunnel suction and spasm around his racing cock. “You’re gonna make me cum, Big Brother!” she cried warningly. “I’m gonna cum all over your big fucking dick!” Her huge tits swung pendulously as he sawed the meat into her, the stiff cherry nipples brushing the blades of grass. Tammy felt her asshole throbbing now, puckering lewdly as her cunt muscles contracted uncontrollably around his huge, hammering prick. “I’m… I’m cumming, Johnny!” Suddenly she shook all over, barely able to stand the pleasure. Her clit was swollen, chafed exquisitely by his stroking cock. “Fuck me! Unnggghhh! Fuck me harder! My pussy’s creaming! It’s gonna cum!” Then the throbbing contractions started in her belly. Tammy gasped and humped her ass as hard as she could, her ass cheeks slapping her brother’s thighs as she pounded her pussy onto his cock. “Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it, fuck my brains out! Unnggghhh! I’m cumming, cuuummmiiinnggg!” Her pussy exploded, squishing wetly as the velvety walls sucked madly around her brother’s cock. Tammy dug up the grass in a frenzy of lust, banging her knees on the soft earth. Again and again her pussy exploded, milking down hard around her brother’s cock. Then she couldn’t take anymore, and fell flat on her belly on the grass. Tammy was surprised when her brother pulled his cock out of her. She hadn’t felt the jism splattering inside her hot cunt.

“What’s the matter, Johnny? Why didn’t you pop your rocks?”

Johnny blushed a little sheepishly, lightly stroking his stone-hard cock. “I… well, I jacked off four times last night,” he confessed.

“Thinking about your cunt.”

Tammy giggled, then sighed as she suddenly re-awakened to the lewdest fuck-need she had ever had. Squirming flat on her belly on the thick grass, she reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks, making her brother look at the pink ring of her puckered asshole.

“Well, I better give you another hole to think about, Big Brother,” she purred shamelessly. “See my asshole, Johnny? See the way it’s throbbing? That means your sister wants to get fucked up the ass!” Johnny hesitated, staring at her small ass ring. He’d never found a girl who’d let him fuck her asshole before. He didn’t know where to begin. But his cock grew even stiffer as he watched her asshole throbbing, and he knew how badly he wanted to bury his prick between the quivering, milk-white cheeks.

“Go ahead, Johnny!” Eagerly Tammy spread her ass cheeks wider, sensing his reluctance. “I’ll show you how! Just ease it in nice and slow! But hurry, Johnny! Your sister needs her asshole fucked now!”

Holding the root of his hard-on in his fist, Johnny fit the bulbous knob onto her ass ring. Tammy grunted as she felt it pushing into her asshole, stretching the rubbery shit ring wide. Then her brother was fucking her ass, pushing inch after inch of his stone-hard cock into the exquisite tightness of her ass.

At that moment, Cal stepped out of the cottage for a little morning stroll. He’d spent the whole night fucking his daughter’s sweet pussy, first ramming his cock up Bridget’s cunt after dinner at 6:30, and continuing to fuck and stick her until he’d worn her out a little after ten p.m..

Bridget was exhausted, and he didn’t expect her to get up until seven, when he’d awaken her by easing his stiff prick up her cunt. Sex was one of his most treasured pleasures. The more he had it, the younger he felt. Cal felt like he could have walked ten miles before his daughter got up.

He stretched in front of the door, squinting at the sun that was beginning to stream through the big trees around his cottage and the big house in which his brother’s family lived. Nice living out in the country, Cal thought, and began his walk, heading towards the woods.

He hadn’t gone more than a few steps when he heard the noises.

Cal never dreamed that his niece and nephew would be fucking, or that anyone would be getting it on near his house! He recognized the groans and grunts immediately, but he couldn’t believe what they were. Stepping softly across the grass, he went to investigate. Then he discovered the noises were coming from a thick growth of bushes between two large trees. “Fuck me,” a girlish voice groaned. “I’m so horny! Fuck me up the ass!”

“Jesus,” Cal whispered, feeling his cock swelling as he realized what was going on. Walking with deliberate softness, he approached the bushes and peered over the edge. And there, lo and behold, were his niece and nephew! Cal’s eyes bulged as he watched a naked Tammy writhing on the grass, pumping up her bare ass cheeks for more of her brother’s cock. Johnny was fucking her ass, Cal realized dazedly. His eyes moved over Tammy’s lush body. He’d never known she was so mouth-wateringly stacked!

“Fuck me, Johnny!” Tammy squealed. Cal could see his nephew’s cock shaft boring in and out between her cheeks. “Fuck me, fuck my butt!”

Cal just stood there, rooted to the spot. He pushed his hand into his pants pocket and started to squeeze his cock, realizing how stiff it was. Suddenly he realized how badly he wanted to fuck his niece too.

“Fuck my asshole, Johnny!” Tammy cried, her voice rising with excitement. “Oh fuck, gonna cum again! Gonna cum all over your big cock in my ass!” At first he’d almost hurt her by pushing his cock into her tight, sensitive shit tunnel too quickly. But now it was all the way inside her ass, and he was fucking her as if he’d been doing it all his life.

Tammy squealed as she clawed the grass, hotly humping her hips to meet his strokes. Her asshole was burning, sucking and clenching around his huge prick. She could feel it pleasuring her pussy at the same time, pressing onto her cunt through the thin membrane separating her fuck-holes. “Harder! Fuck my ass off!”

Suddenly Tammy pushed her hand under her belly, groping through her pussy curls for the drippy opening of her hairy cunt slit. She started to jack herself off, as her brother fucked her asshole, rolling her clit wildly under her thumb. “Gonna cum, Johnny! Fuck my asshole! Fuck it as hard as you can!” Johnny had been humping gently so he wouldn’t hurt his sister, but now he stopped trying to hold back. Her asshole was so tight and hot, a rubbery shit tunnel sucking uncontrollably around his stiff prick. Rearing up his tips, he started to ream out her tender asshole as hard as he could. In and out his big prick slammed, fucking her butt deeper with every thrust. Tammy whined and rocked her rounded ass cheeks to meet the spearing thrusts. “Gumming, Johnny! My asshole’s cumming! Fuck it! Fuck it with your big hard-on! Unhhhh! It’s throbbing, Johnny! I’m cumiiiinnnnggg!”

“Aww! Sis!”

Her asshole spasmed obscenely as she came, sucking every inch of his stabbing prick. Johnny collapsed on top of her, his hairy ball bag slapping her pussy crack as he rammed all of his cock into her ass tunnel. Then his prick exploded! Geysers of cum squirted into her burning asshole, deluging the narrow tunnel with an extra-heavy load of spunk. Moaning, Johnny humped lightly, draining his wad into her burning asshole. Again and again the sticky geysers of cock sap rushed up from his balls, splattering deep inside her churning ass guts. Tammy whimpered as she felt the juice fill her asshole completely, bubbling out of the puckering ring around his spurting prick. At that moment they were joined by their uncle, who fell on the grass beside their naked, heaving bodies!

Cal hadn’t intended to surprise them, or even to let them know he’d seen them assfucking. There was no point in it, particularly considering the joy he took in his own daughter’s pussy. He’d let them fuck if they’d let him fuck; it was best to leave well enough alone.

Unfortunately, while transfixed by the sight of Johnny shooting his jism into Tammy’s asshole, a cat skittered past by Cal’s foot. Surprised, he stepped forward, only to lose his balance and land on his stomach beside his humping nephew and niece. Tammy shrieked, and Johnny groaned, staring at him wide-eyed. Cal knew that once he’d caught them, he had no choice but to play the role of the stern, moral uncle.

“Oh, Jesus!” Tammy squealed. “Uncle Cal!” Johnny groaned and pulled his fuck-wilted cock out of his sister’s asshole, shamefully sitting up and covering his crotch with his hands. Cal rose quickly to his feet, thankful that his hard-on had wilted just enough so that it wouldn’t stick out of his pants obscenely.

“Well, well,” he said softly, voicing the first words he could think of. “This is one hell of a way to spend an early morning, isn’t it?”

“What’re you going to do to us?” Tammy asked softly. She made no attempt to cover up her nakedness, instead only looked up at her uncle shamelessly. “I don’t know,” Cal said softly. “I don’t… you two better get your clothes on and get out of here right now. There’s no way I ever want to catch you out here going at each other again.”

Tammy and Johnny quickly began to pull on their night clothes. “Are you going to tell Mom?” Johnny asked worriedly.

“I… I don’t know,” Cal said. “I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m not going to say anything right away. Just get out of here and don’t let me catch you again. I hope you know what most people would think of what you were doing.”

“We know,” Tammy said sassily. Cal looked at her, studying the lush curves of her perfect, big-titted body as she crawled into her gown. He spoke automatically. “Tammy, I think you better come out to the cottage this afternoon to have a little talk with me.” Tammy and Johnny nodded, apparently not questioning Cal’s motives for wanting to speak with one offender while neglecting the other. Cal watched the teenagers walk silently back to the house. Then he headed back to his cottage, his cock throbbing violently in his pants. Bridget was going to have to awaken a little earlier than expected. He needed to shoot a big wad in a tight pussy immediately.


Dirty old fucker! Tammy thought furiously. Goddamn Uncle Cal! Dirty old fucking Peeping Tom!

Tammy cursed under her breath as she dressed in her bedroom at one that afternoon, wiggling into a tight pair of designer jeans. She knew it was time to go out to her uncle’s cottage for the lecture he’d suggested, and she wasn’t looking forward to it. Just thinking about it made her mad. Back inside that morning, Johnny had refused even to touch her, or to promise to fuck her again when they had a chance. He was scared to death of what Uncle Cal might say, and Tammy knew she had to act like a good girl when she met him. If he mentioned the fuck-session to her father, she could kiss her four-wheeled birthday present good bye. Like a good girl! Jesus Christ!

Tammy hated the whole good girl routine. She hated having to kiss ass to anyone, particularly a relative, even though she knew that it was her wild streak that always got her in so much trouble. And it started to assert itself now, as she studied her reflection in the mirror. A slow smile curled the teenaged vixen’s lips. Tammy pulled off the jeans and opened her bureau drawer for a change of clothes.

A minute later she was looking at another reflection entirely. The cut-offs were the shortest she owned, riding up her thighs so high that a mouthwatering expanse of bare, curvy ass cheek was completely visible. Tammy giggled and shrugged her shoulders, making her tits bounce. The t-shirt was skin-tight and a little too short, so she could see her navel. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits were too big go braless in even the hottest weather, but that wasn’t going to stop her now. The massive melons thrust obscenely through the stretched, sheer cotton, the shape of her fat, rosy nipples completely visible.

Tammy smirked with satisfaction as she stomped out of her room, hurrying down the stairs to the back door. If Uncle Cal wanted to give her a lecture, he was going to have a hard time keeping his eyes on her face!

She stepped out of the house and walked bare foot across the grass, feeling her huge tits swing and jump under the shirt as she approached the cottage. The tight cut-offs were creating a hot itch in her cunt and Tammy found herself wondering about the size of her uncle’s cock. “Yes?” Cal said, when she knocked on his door.

“It’s me,” Tammy said sullenly. “You wanted me to come over, remember?” Cal opened the door, dressed in an open shirt and a pair of loose shorts. The first thing he looked at was her luscious tits. His jaw sagged open as he moved his eyes down her slim waist, ogling the sleek expanse of her bare legs. Tammy smiled as she saw the surprise and awe in his eyes. Having a good body had some definite advantages, particularly when dealing with men.

“I said you wanted to talk to me. Remember?”

“Oh… oh yes, of course,” Uncle Cal held open the door, gesturing her inside. “This is a good time. Bridget won’t be home for a while.”

There was no real living room in the two room cottage. The front room, which was Bridget’s bedroom, had a couple of easy chairs facing each other. Tammy sat in one, and coolly watched her uncle take the other. She was happy to see he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of her tits.

“All right, Tammy. We might as well not beat around the bush. How long have you been… copulating with your brother?”

“Why is that any of your business?”

“Now don’t sass me, young lady,” Cal said, his voice rising. “I hope you know what my brother would do to you if I decided not to be so kind-hearted about keeping this little secret!”

“Okay, okay. He just fucked me for the first time yesterday.”

“Tammy, are you aware of what a serious thing it is to have sexual intercourse with your own brother?”

Tammy shrugged. “What the fuck difference does it make?”

“Tammy…” Cal paused, speaking very patient and fatherly. “Your dad has told me all about you, many, many times. He’s had a lot of trouble with you, I know.”

Fucking lecture, Tammy thought. “Maybe I can succeed where he has failed. Could you please tell me why you have to carry on the way you do?”

“Sure I can, Uncle Cal. I like to fuck!”

“Tammy, please don’t talk like that…”

“Don’t tell me how to talk! I like to fuck! And guys love to put it in me! Everybody gets horny! What do you expect me to do now that I’m grounded? I can’t go without getting laid!”

“Tammy, I don’t care how desperate you are, you can’t go around having sex with your brother! It’s sinful.”

“It’s sinful, huh? You mean it’s sinful for him to get turned onto me.”

“That’s exactly what I mean, Tammy.”

“Okay. Then why, do you have that big hard-on sticking out of your pants?” Cal gasped and glanced down at his crotch. A knowing, triumphant smile spread across the big titted teenager’s face as she saw his expression. His cock was as hard as iron, throbbing and pulsing obscenely through his shorts. There was no way he could deny the extreme stiffness of his prick. “Well, Tammy, uh…” Cal paused, suddenly flustered. “The, uh, erection of the male organ doesn’t necessarily depend on the circumstances. Sometimes a man will get an, uh, an erection for no apparent reason.”

“Why don’t you cut the bullshit, Uncle Cal?” Tammy interrupted. “You been staring at my tits ever since I walked in here, and you know it.”

Tammy rose victoriously to her feet, standing in front of his chair. Cal just looked up at her dazedly. She had the upper hand now and she enjoyed turning the tables on him after the lecture. “What would Daddy say if he knew you got a big hard-on from looking at my titties, Uncle Cal?” Lewdly Tammy massaged her big tits through the shirt, fanning her thumbs across the nipples until they stuck out like little erasers. “Shit, you’ve got a teenaged daughter too! You ought to be ashamed of yourself for wanting to fuck me.”

“Tammy… Tammy, you’re taking advantage of me,” Cal sputtered miserably. “Please, let’s not talk like this.”

“Okay, Uncle Cal. We don’t have to talk.” Tammy suddenly fell to her knees, sliding her hands up his thighs before her uncle had a chance to stop her. Cal groaned as she put them both on the swollen bulge of his cock. Lewdly Tammy squeezed it, pinching the cock knob with one hand and massaging the shaft with the other. “Ummm, Uncle Cal! You got a Goddamn big cock!”

“Tammy… Tammy, for God’s sake, stop!” Tammy ignored him. Swiftly she pulled his shorts down to his ankles, releasing his stone hard cock. Then the wanton teen gasped at the size. Her uncle’s cock was huge, even fatter than Johnny’s prick, but just a little bit shorter. Obscenely it throbbed and pulsed, swollen to bursting with cum and blood.

“Umm, Uncle Cal, you really got a cock like a horse.” Shamelessly Tammy wrapped her fist around the thick shaft, marveling at the way she could barely get her fingers around it. Then she fell to licking the tip of his cock, lapping up the cock juices as they oozed from the narrow slit.

“Now, what were you really thinking when you watched my big brother fucking my horny ass?”

“Tammy… no, Tammy! Stop it! No!”

“Unh unh, Uncle Cal! Your big cock is too stiff for me to stop! You need a good cocksucking immediately!”

Opening her mouth wide, the horny brunette made a lurid gurgling sound as she stuffed his puffy cock head down her throat. She nearly choked on its stiffness, fighting back the gagging reflex as she wrapped her lips tightly around the circumference of his prick. Tammy puckered her cheeks. Feverishly she started sucking it, swirling her tongue repeatedly on the enormous, shiny-skinned knob. Her ass wiggled as she knelt before his chair. Sucking a big prick always made her pussy get so hot and wet. This was the solution to the whole problem she thought, as she tirelessly slurped and sucked. Uncle Cal would never tell on her if she just put his big cock in her mouth.

“Ohhhh, Tammy, oh God…” Uncle Cal’s voice faded away as his prick started throbbing wildly down her throat, pumping out little droplets of pre-cum. His moral resistance was fading rapidly before the compelling force of her cock-sucking. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me oh, Tammy! Unnnn!”

“You like the way I suck your cock, don’t you, Uncle Cal?” Tammy withdrew his prick from her mouth long enough to mewl out the words, her wet ups still pressed on the knob. “You don’t want me to stop, do you? Do you, Uncle Cal.”

“Suck it!” Blushing with shame and desire, Cal curled his fingers in her straight brown hair. Then he started to buck his ass off the easy chair, fucking his prick through the wet oval of her lips.

“Suck it, Tammy! I can’t hold back anymore! Suck all the juice out of my big fucking cock!” The obscenity of his words surprised her, and for a moment Tammy wondered if her uncle lived a wilder life than she’d ever thought. But she put the question quickly out of her mind as she devoted her full attention to his straining, stone-hard cock. Tammy knew she didn’t want him to change his mind and tell her mother later, so she had to really give him a blow-job to remember her by. Besides, her pussy was now juicy and itching from having his big, thick cock down her throat. She took more of his cock in this time, again nearly choking as she crammed a full half of his rod down her throat. Her lips were stretched to the bursting point around the meaty cock shaft. But she eagerly started sucking it again, closing her eyes as she gave him the best head she could. Up and down her head bobbed, fucking her face with his enormous cock. Sliding her hand up his hairy thigh, Tammy wrapped her fingers tightly around the mammoth root of her uncle’s prick. Then she started giving him a hand-job, frantically tugging and milking the length of his cock down her throat. “Oh-h-h, Tammy!” Cal held her head with both hands, moving it up and down, groaning as the cum load boiled in his balls. “I’m gonna shoot it, honey! You’re making me cum!”

Tammy felt his prick growing ever stiffer in her hot mouth, stretching her lips wide. She sucked his cock very hard, hearing the slurping, smacking sounds fill the little room. At the same time her hand raced up and down his meaty prick shaft, jacking him off as hard as she could.

Uncle Cal pulled her hair and heaved up, preparing to cum. Then his mischievous niece lifted her head, withdrawing his throbbing cock from her mouth and quickly clamping her thumb and forefinger on the tip.

“Unh unh, Uncle Cal!” She pinched his prick head hard, holding back the load of cum. “I don’t want you to cum in my mouth! First you have to fuck my juicy cunt!”

“Tammy,” Cal gasped. “Tammy! Please finish sucking me. You know I can’t fuck your pussy!” Tammy giggled and rose cockily to her feet. For a moment she just looked down at his enormous hard-on, watching it pulse and ooze. Then she pulled off her shirt, leaving herself naked from the waist up.

“Oh, God,” Cal groaned.

“Like my big titties, Uncle Cal?” Tammy playfully cupped her over-sized tits, displaying the cherry-ripe nipples. “I’ll bet you wish Bridget had a pair of tits like mine.” With her uncle still busily ogling her jiggling tits, Tammy unzipped her cut-offs and skimmed them down her hips. Immediately Cal’s eyes dropped to her pussy fur, seeing more and more of the thick bush come into view as she wiggled the denim over the mouth-wateringly full cheeks of her round ass. Then she was naked. Tammy dropped to the floor, wiggling her ass seductively on the carpet. Stretching out on her back, she felt the weight of her D-cup tits quivering as she splayed her soft, white thighs wide apart, letting her horny uncle stare into the fleecy haired lips of her juicy teenaged cunt.

“Sucking your big cock made my pussy all gooey, Uncle Cal,” she squealed. “I really need you to fuck me. Oh please, won’t you fuck my hot cunt?” Cal didn’t need any more persuasion. He slid off the couch, his huge hard-on pulsing stiffly before him as he crawled on his knees between his niece’s thighs. Then he mounted her, holding his throbbing cock in his fist, dropping down until he fit the oozing knob between the flowering folds of her cunt. “Unhhh! Uncle Cal!” Automatically Tammy threw up her delectable legs, opening her pussy hole for the invasion of his cock. “Yes, you’re fucking me now! Fucking my pussy!” Cal rubbed his fat cock head up and down her pussy trough, teasing her by pushing the tip of his prick on her swollen clit. Then he pushed it back into her cunt hole and heaved forward, sighing with incestuous pleasure as the slippery walls of her cunt tunnel sucked in his big prick.

“You’re fucking me, Uncle Cal!” Tammy wrapped her thighs swiftly around his heaving waist. “Unh! You’ve got suck a big, thick cock! Aww, it’s stretching my pussy! Fuck me deeeep!”

Her cunt was very, very tight, but her pussy was so wet with fuck fluid that Cal was able to stroke his cock all the way up her cunt. In and in and in his huge prick pushed, sucked into her belly by the clinging suction of her pussy muscles. Then it was all the way inside her, buried to the balls in his niece’s hairy, tender lipped cunt. Tammy lay motionless beneath him, savoring the sensation of being completely stuffed with cock meat. “Oh, Uncle Caaaal! What a big, fucking prick!”

Cal grunted and pulled out slowly, feeling her pussy walls drag needfully around his receding cock. Then he thrust slowly back in again. He felt her big tits jiggle as he pushed his prick back into her belly. Cal started fucking his niece hard and fast, sawing his cock steadily through the gushing wetness of her horny cunt. Up and down his ass heaved, moving frantically between her spread thighs. He spread his knees on the floor to give his hips power as he fucked the big cock into her pussy.

Tammy was overwhelmed by the thickness of his prick, spearing in and out of her pussy. Her cunt felt exquisitely stretched by the meaty thickness of his cock. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, clawing his muscular back with her long nails. “Fuck my wet pussy, Uncle Cal!” Tammy feverishly humped her ass off the floor, eagerly pounding her hairy cunt onto his delicious cock. “Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me! My pussy wants to cum!” Moaning and sighing, Cal fucked his niece as hard as he could. Tammy gasped and worked her lithe hips to meet his strokes. Then they were fucking in unison, their bellies slapping sweatily together, and Tammy could feel her asshole throbbing as the cum mounted deep inside her voluptuous body.

“Gonna blow it,” Cal moaned. “Tight, fucking pussy… can’t hold it, Tammy… gonna blow my wad!”

“Fuck me!” Tammy was tossing her head wildly back and forth, grimacing and biting her lip as the cam spasms started to throb through her belly. “I’m cumming too, Uncle Cal! Unhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck my juicy pussy! I’m cumming, cummiiinnggg!” Her cunt spasmed uncontrollably, the cock stuffed lips suctioning spasmodically around her uncle’s hammering prick. Tammy jerked and humped her ass madly off the floor, crying girlishly as her pussy came over and over again. She was barely conscious when her uncle moaned and buried his aching cock all the way inside her pussy channel.

“Ahh, Tammy!” The big cock spouted, spraying her inner pussy walls with a hot bath of jism. Tammy felt the thick white spunk gushing inside her and she heard her uncle moan as his balls emptied themselves of their heavy load.

It was like he hadn’t cum in a year. Repeatedly the white jets of cock juice erupted from his cock, flooding her pussy, oozing out of her hairy slit around his pumping, spurting cock. Tammy wrapped her thighs tighter around his waist, humping tirelessly. She flexed her cunt muscles to milk out every drop. A wanton smile spread across her face as she felt the last drops squirting into her pussy. Now her uncle would never tell her mother about Johnny, and now she had another big prick around the house to fuck!


Shit, Johnny thought. Walking home from school the next afternoon, Tammy’s big brother had a worried expression on his face. All day long it had been difficult to concentrate on his studies. The more he thought about it, the more he was sure his uncle was going to spill the beans to his mom. Fucking Tammy. Fucking his own sister, right up the ass! Johnny groaned as he hurried up the street, oblivious to the gentle breeze that had finally come in from the south to end the heat wave. All he could think of was the trouble he’d get into if his uncle talked.

Entering the big house, Johnny’s first impression was that he was the only one home. Then he heard his mother whistling in the kitchen. He dropped his school books and hesitated for a moment. Then he bravely walked in to greet her. He’d already decided that it would be best to bring up the subject first, particularly now that they had a chance to talk privately.

Whistling as she dried the dishes, Lana Madison might, at first glance, have appeared as a vision of all-American motherhood — except for the wet need burning deep inside her hairy cunt. She was a beautiful woman in her late thirties, and one glance at her prominent bosom showed the world where Tammy had inherited her huge tits. Lana’s long, wavy brown tresses framed her pretty face and cascaded around her huge tits. Her narrow hips flared into a ripe ass that was still devoid of excess fat, and, unlike her teenaged daughter, she had very long legs.

Lana looked like a chaste, moral woman, but her lustful nature belied her appearance. All her life she’d been very, very horny. The main reason she’d married her husband, Steve, was that he had the biggest cock she’d ever fucked, a long, thick tube of cock meat loaded with lots of sappy cum that had always been ready to spurt out at any moment. Even during her pregnancies with Johnny and Tammy, Steve had fucked her every night, usually a couple of times in a row. But in the past few days he hadn’t been keeping up with his marital duties. Apparently the trouble with Tammy had upset him more than usual. Steve wasn’t even coming to bed with a hard-on! Lana couldn’t stand it. She needed lots of sex! As she stood at the kitchen sink in her dress and apron, it was hard not to put her fingers under her skirt and massage the burning lips of her cunt. Her pussy was so wet that the fuck juice had soaked through her panties. Lana didn’t know how much longer she could go without a stiff, thrusting cock. “Hi, Mom.” It was Johnny, smiling at her as he entered the kitchen. “I’m home.”

“Hello, darling.” Lana smiled at him warmly. “Have a seat at the kitchen table. I’ll make you a little snack.”

Lana glanced at her son over her shoulder as she put some cookies on a plate and poured a tall glass of milk for him. Johnny looked rather sheepish, fidgeting on the chair and looking at her nervously. Lana could tell he had something on his mind.

“Darling, what’s bothering you today?” She looked at him lovingly as she set the plate and glass down in front of him. “Is there something you want to talk to me about? You’re such a big boy now, you usually don’t even say hello to your old mother when you come home from school.”

“You’re not old, Mom,” Johnny said seriously, “You don’t look old at all. You’re one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen. Hell, lots of my buddies are always saying how pretty you are.”

“Why, thank you, darling,” Lana murmured, blushing at the unexpected compliment. “Now what’s on your mind?”

“Well…” Johnny blushed, averting his eyes. “You know, Tammy’s been pretty, uh, upset about dad grounding her and all. She’s used to a pretty active social life, and she gets pretty, uh, weird if she has to be cooped up.”

“I know, darling,” Lana sighed. “But don’t you think this is something you should discuss with your father?”

“No, Mom, I really don’t. You see… uh, now I don’t want you telling dad about this, and I don’t want you getting pissed off at Tammy, but, uh… well, the main reason Tammy likes to go out so much is that she likes to have lots of…”

“I know what Tammy likes a lot of, Son.” Now Lana felt herself blushing, and the reddening of her cheeks was joined by the growing ache in her hairy cunt. For some reason the lewd thought of her daughter fucking her brains out with some horny boy thrilled her no end! “Okay, okay.” Johnny fidgeted on the chair again, looking more nervous than ever. “See… now, really, this is mostly my fault. I mean, I take responsibility for the whole thing, all right. But, you know, Tammy being so, uh, anxious and all, she’ll even go after someone she never would have thought of going after. And we were studying the other day together, for a long time, and, uh…”

“Son, what are you trying to tell me about you and your sister?” Lana’s voice was unexpectedly firm, and Johnny found himself responding automatically. “Well, just that we, uh, messed around a little. I mean, nothing.”

“Johnny!” Lana gasped. “Me you telling me that you had sex with your own…”

She stopped in mid-sentence, picking up the milk glass and taking a quick gulp. But she was so surprised that her hand shook, and Johnny gasped as all the milk tumbled onto the crotch of his tight jeans.

“Oh, Johnny! Your brand new pants!” His revelation momentarily forgotten, Lana hurried to the sink and automatically picked up a wash cloth. She knelt on the floor and busily started rubbing the front of her son’s pants, oblivious to the fact that her fingers were molding his prick. “Oh Johnny, I’m very sorry, how clumsy of me,” Lana said quickly. “What a thing you just told me! We are going to have to talk about this, and you’re right, it’s better that we don’t mention it to your father.” But Johnny didn’t say anything, and after a moment Lana looked up into his face. Johnny’s eyes were wide, and his expression was one of deep embarrassment. Then Lana looked down at his crotch. She gasped, dropping the wash cloth to the floor. Her efforts to scrub the milk out of his jeans had given him a gigantic hard-on that was throbbing obscenely through the denim. “Oh, Johnny!” Lana cried. “What an enormous cock you’ve got!” The obscene words came out of her mouth before she had a chance to stop them. Now Lana was blushing too, as she helplessly stared down at her son’s stiff cock. Before her eyes it jerked and pulsed, and she could see how long and thick it was as the meaty prick shaft stretched down the inside of his pants.

“Oh, Johnny…” Lana hesitated only a moment, breathing hard. Then it was as if her lust overwhelmed her, and she gave in to her most secret, forbidden desires — the need to fuck her own son! Deftly her fingers pulled down his zipper. She opened the buckle and tugged his pants down to his knees. Now his cock was encased only in jockey shorts, and the meaty trunk showed clearly through the sheer fabric. The whole crotch was wet with the cock juice oozing out of the head.

“Mom,” Johnny gasped deliriously. “Jesus, what’re you doing to me?”

Lana didn’t answer. She felt hypnotized by lust. Her pussy throbbed like a heart as she tugged the jockey shorts down too. Then she moaned at the sight of her boy’s naked prick. Up it rose like a battering ram, throbbing and pulsing stiffly over his stomach. Lana stared at the thick vein seaming the underside of his prick, seeing the way light blue lines wound up the stem to the head. The knob was very fat and juicy-looking, covered with a glistening sheen of pre-cum.

“Oh, Johnny…” Lifting her hand, Lana lewdly wrapped her fingers around the swollen trunk of her son’s cock. Furiously she started jacking on it, milking and tugging from root to knob, making more cock cream leak out of the tip. Then she pushed her fist to the root of his cock, holding it in position. Lana brushed the hair out of her eyes and lowered her head. She made a soft, submissive, gurgling sound as she stuffed the spongy crown down her throat.

“Oh, Jesus, Mom!” Johnny gasped as he beheld the obscene spectacle of his pretty, big titted mother with a mouth full of his cock. “Christ, you’re giving me head!” Lana didn’t answer, she was too busy savoring the musky taste of his cock meat. Her lips clasped tightly around the swollen shaft, drinking in his cock. Her tongue swirled around the cum-seeping head. Then she started to give her son a blow-job, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his cock.

“Unh!” Johnny thrust his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her thick hair. “Oh shit, Mom!” His expression became pained, wincing as he felt the cock juice building up in his hairy, wrinkled balls. “Suck it! Oh fuck, I can’t stand it! Suck out my cum!” Lana shut her eyes tightly, refusing to think of anything but the tasty stem of cock meat rammed down her throat. Soon she heard the slurping, smacking sounds of a juicy blow-job fill the kitchen as she hornily concentrated on giving pleasure to her son’s prick.

Her head started bobbing, fucking her face with his massive cock. Lana pumped her fist slowly up and down his cock shaft, milking him. Then she started to jack on it harder, doing everything she could to make him cum.

“I’m gonna blow it,” Johnny panted. He dug his fingers into her neck and bucked his ass, fucking his prick through the grip of her lips. “Harder, Mom… unh, Christ, suck hard! I’m gonna shoot my wad!”

Lana felt her cheeks flush as she sucked her son’s cock as hard as she could. Rhythmically her cheeks puckered and bellowed, working mechanically around his stone-hard cock. She licked her full tongue up the slit of his cum hole, shamelessly lapping up the jism as it oozed up from his nuts. “Play… play with my balls,” Johnny gasped. He took his mother’s free hand, directing it between his spread legs. “Oh please, squeeze them a little! My cock’s so stiff! I can’t staaand it!”

Lana eagerly complied with her son’s wish, pushing her fingers tenderly into the cum swollen sac of his nuts. The twin globes were heavy, bloated to bursting with cock milk. Lana hefted them, groaning around the prick in her mouth as she realized, their size. Then she started to fondle and squeeze them, jacking wildly on his rod as her lips and tongue nursed the juicing crown of his prick. “Oh, Mom!” Johnny held her head in both hands, wincing as his cock grew to total stiffness down her hot, tight throat. “I’m shooting it, Mom! I’m shooting my spunk! Unh! Suck it… oh, fuck… ahhh…”

His prick quivered in her lips, the shiny skinned knob banging against the roof of her mouth. Then his hot sap started squirting. Long ribbons of cock juice squirted out of the tip of his cock, shooting across Lana’s tongue and gushing down her throat. “Ummlllpp,” gurgled the horny mother. She nearly came in her panties as she tasted his hot cum. It was filling her gullet with jizz. Tightening her hand around his throbbing cock, she jacked it harder than ever, swallowing loudly as she gulped down every burning drop of her son’s cum.

“Oh, Mom!” Johnny winced as he pulled his still-twitching prick out of her lips. “That was the best fucking cock-sucking I ever had in my life!” Lana just looked up at him, her cheeks flushing with shame as she realized the irreversible enormity of her sin. Johnny groaned as he looked down at her. His cock didn’t wilt, instead continued to pulse obscenely in the air. “Mom, I’ve got to fuck you,” he said hoarsely. “You know we’ve gone too far to stop now! I’ve just got to fuck your hot cunt!”

His filthy words and the image of his big prick spearing into her hairy pussy filled the horny mother with uncontrollable fuck lust. Lana moaned softly and she felt she had lost control over her actions as she rose to her feet, staring hungrily at his cock. “Pull up your pants, Johnny. I can’t do it to you here. I’m taking you to a motel!”

The nearest motel was the Country Squire, a pompously named but cheaply furnished meeting spot for adulterous lovers throughout the suburbs. The Country Squire was only a few miles away, but Lana felt as if it were the longest trip she’d ever taken. She was dying to feel her son’s big cock boring inside her. Johnny sat beside her on the station wagon’s bench seat, and he made no effort to keep his hands to himself, now that they both knew what they wanted. Lana gasped as he repeatedly felt up her huge tits, squeezing and massaging them through her prim dress. Helplessly she tried to make him stop as he thrust his hand between her legs, rooting under the dress, mauling her pussy through her panties. By the time they finally pulled into the motel parking lot, her cunt was a dripping mess.

“W-w-wait in the car, Johnny,” Lana stammered. “I’m going to get us a room.” They had one a few minutes later — small but surprisingly clean, with a big double bed. Johnny was all over her before she even had a chance to lock the motel room door. Lana turned to him, hungrily thrusting her tongue into his mouth as his hands massaged the cheeks of her ass.

“All right, darling. Slow down now… oh, Son!” Johnny pulled open the front of her blouse, popping two buttons as he exposed her huger brassiere-encased tits. Lana tried to push his hands away, but he pulled the bra off too, nearly breaking the front clasp. Then her tits were naked before him, and Lana moaned deep in her throat as Johnny took a fat, dark red nipple between his lips. “Oh, Johnny,” she moaned, stroking the back of his head. “Suck it for me! Suck Mommy’s big tit…” Johnny sucked hard, dragging his teeth across the nipple, feeling it crinkle and stiffen between his lips. Then he let the jiggling tit fall from his mouth. Feverishly he tore off all her clothes, leaving his mother naked. “Get on the bed,” he said hoarsely. His eyes were riveted to her pussy mound, drooling over the tight, wet slit of her cunt. “Get on the bed and spread ’em, Mom!”

He was like an animal, Lana thought, like a rapist, and the thought of being taken so wildly by her own son excited her even more. Slowly she backed up, falling onto her back on the springy mattress. Johnny stripped off all his clothes, and Lana groaned as she saw how big and stiff his cock had grown.

“Are you wet enough, Mom?” Johnny crawled onto the bed between her splayed thighs, his massive prick beating and thumping over her belly as he luridly fingered her cunt. “Shit, your pussy feels so juicy! Are you ready for my big prick?”

“Fuck me,” Lana groaned. She started humping her ass, grinding her steaming pussy onto his fingers. “Fuck me, darling! Yes, oh yes, fuck your mother!” Johnny crawled into position, holding his pulsing prick before him. Lana threw up her legs as she felt the spongy knob press onto her pussy folds, finding the opening of her slick cunt. Then her son’s cock was going into her, inch after inch of its meaty thickness stabbing into his mother’s creaming cunt. Convulsively Lana threw her legs around his waist, hugging him close as she longed for all of the cock shaft to bore inside her. “Yes, darling! Unggghh! What a big fucking cock you’ve got! Fuck me, Johnny! Unh, unh, fuck mommy’s wet cunt!” His mother was the oldest woman Johnny had ever fucked, but her pussy was still as tight and juicy as a teenaged girl’s. Panting, the naked boy heaved his ass, forcing his cock to the hilt in her hairy slot. Then he just lay on top of her, letting his hard-on soak in her fuck oil as her pussy walls reflexively squeezed and milked his burning prick. “Fuck me, Johnny!” Lana pushed her thighs higher up his back, lifting her ass so that another inch of his magnificent prick would stab into her pussy tunnel. “Unh! Johnny, it’s stretching.” She started clawing his back, then raked her fingernails up his muscular ass cheeks. “Fuck me, fuck me…” Johnny pulled out slowly, groaning as he felt his mother’s pussy walls suctioning around his cock. He teased her with just the tip of his prick for a moment, fucking her lightly with only the head. Then he again pushed every inch into her clinging, slippery, clasping cunt. “Fuck me, fuck me!” By now Lana was humping hard and fast, her enormous tits jiggling as she drove her burning ass off the sheets. “Don’t torture me like this! Fuck me haaaard!” Johnny let his torso fall to her nakedness, flattening her spongy tit mounds under his chest as he cradled his head between her neck and shoulder. Then he started to fuck his mother hard and fast, banging his balls on her heaving ass crack with every thrust. “Unngghhh! Oh yesss, Johnny!” Lana twisted her head deliriously from side to side, groaning and sighing as the fuck thrusts massaged her pussy’s oily walls. “You’re fucking me… unh! Fucking my horny son…”

“You’re tight, Mom!” Johnny groaned. “You’ve got such a sweet juicy pussy!” He spread his knees between her milk-white thighs, changing the angle of his ass so that his long, hot cock would spear more easily into her juicing pussy channel. Then he started to fuck his mother as hard as he could. Johnny panted on her shoulder as he pounded his prick into her pussy, the fat knob banging her womb opening with every thrust.

Lana shuddered with the fury of his fucking, twisting and writhing wantonly beneath him on the bed. Then she feverishly met his strokes, pounding her hip in a wild frenzy of incestuous lust. Her pussy was creaming heavily, juicing and sucking uncontrollably around the satisfying stiffness of his beating cock. There was pain as his cock bored all the way up her fuck tunnel, but the sharp little spasms only merged with the overwhelming pleasure… the pleasure of being fucked by such a prime, eager stud, by her own teenaged son!

“Harder, Johnny! Mommy’s cumming, mommy’s cumming!” Lana shrieked with pleasure as he fucked into her, not trying to restrain her moans in the safety of the motel room. “Haaaarder! Unh unh unh! I’m gonna cum!”

Johnny slid his hands down his mother’s waist, gripping the sides of her heaving ass melons. He fucked her even harder, violently pounding his meat into the clinging sheath of her cunt. The jism was really boiling in his balls now and he knew he couldn’t hold his wad much longer, “I’m cumming, Johnny! Johnny, Johnny, Mommy’s cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Lana arched her back, lifting her ass nearly foot off the sweaty sheets, forcing her cum to ram every inch of his hard-on into her belly. Then she shuddered through her cunt drenching orgasm.

The cum rippled through her nakedness, flowing out of her pussy to make her asshole tingle and her nipples push stiffly onto his chest. Lana was barely conscious as she felt the hot throbs gushing through her pussy, making the velvety tunnel clasp and suction hard around Johnny’s driving prick. “Oh fuck, Mom!” Johnny kept fucking her through the sweet, protracted spasms, sighing as his cock swelled to total stiffness inside her pussy’s nursing tunnel. “I’m making it! Can’t hold it… oh, fuck!” The cock juice erupted from his balls, spurting torrentially into his mother’s creamy cunt. Lana gasped as she felt all the jizz pumping into her cunt hole, splattering the pink, inner walls of her cunt.

“Yes, Johnny!” Lana clawed his ass, simultaneously flexing her pussy muscles to work out his salty wad. “Cum in me… good boy… cumming in mommy’s cunt!” Johnny kept pushing the prick into her, wincing as the last viscous drops burned out of the head of his cock. Then he slowly slid down the bed, withdrawing the receding shaft of meat from the clinging grip of her cunt. Lana gasped as she watched him bury his head between her jiggling tits, licking up the sweat that glistened in her cleavage. Fresh heat gushed through her pussy as he held up one mammoth tit, popped the rosy nipple into his mouth and sucked it hard. Then he started sliding down again, planting wet kisses on her undulating belly as he delicately spread her legs. “Johnny, wh-what are you going to do to me?” Lana asked, almost fearfully. “I’m just gonna lick it out, Mom!”

Stretching out on his stomach between her milk-white thighs, Johnny groaned as he buried his head between her legs. Lana shuddered as she felt his tongue pushing into her pussy hole. Then her son started to eat her out, licking up the mixture of cunt cream and man cum from the ravished slit of her pussy.

“Nnnggg! John-neee!” Lana automatically spread her thighs as wide as she could, blushing as she thought of how her pussy must taste after being fucked so hard. “Oh Johnny, you don’t have to do that to me!”

“I want to, Mom!” He sighed as he inhaled the musky aroma of fuck juice, lifting his head to see the way the thick drops of his own jism oozed from her curly haired cunt lips. Johnny made slurping sounds as he hungrily gulped up his own load, cleaning all the spunk off of his mother’s pussy folds. Lana was humping and bucking again, grinding and thrusting her aching pussy onto his mouth. Johnny pushed his hand between her thighs, peeling the cunt lips up and back. His mother had an extra-large clit and he put it in his mouth and sucked it tenderly, drawing it out with his lips.

“Awwww!” Immediately Lana bucked as if she’d been shot, frantically fucking her cunt all over his face. “I can’t stand it, Johnny! Yes, yes, suck me there! I’m gonna cum again!” Johnny sucked her clit hard, hurting her a little with his eagerness to make her cum. He pushed his fingers deep inside her drippy pussy hole, and Lana grunted as he buried them to the knuckles in her throbbing cunt. Johnny jacked off her pussy as he sucked the clit, flicking his tongue on the sensitive tip of the little bud. “I’m cumming!” Lana moaned hoarsely. She grabbed the back of his head and worked her ass wildly, making the bed shake as she fucked her cunt all over his face. “Suck it, Johnny! Suck mommy’s pussy! Unh! I’m making it all over again! Nnnngggg! I’m cuuummmiiinnnngggg!”

Her cunt spasmed, overflowing in an orgasm that was easily as intense as the first. Lana pulled her boy’s hair and kept fucking her hips off the mattress, groaning and squealing as the fuck heat overwhelmed her pussy with desire.

I’ve done it now, she thought dazedly. I’ve fucked Johnny… I can’t ever go back again.


“Oh, Lana! Honey, I’m home!” Steve dropped his briefcase in the hall and kicked the front door shut behind him, fully expecting to be greeted by the aroma of one of his wife’s best dinners. But there was no aroma, and there was no answer to his voice. “Shit!”

Steve tromped into the kitchen, then walked through the house, occasionally calling out for his wife. But she wasn’t home, and there was no sign that dinner was anywhere near ready, unless she’d gone out to the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken. Frowning, he loosened his tie and went into the bedroom. That wasn’t like Lana at all, but he was sure she’d have a good explanation when she returned. Oh, well, as long as he was the only one home, he might as well take a little rest. Steve pulled off his coat and vest, then took off his shoes and stretched out on the bed. As an afterthought, he stripped off his tight dress slacks as well, leaving himself naked from the waist down, except for his jockey shorts. Within a minute he was fast asleep on his back.

“Hi, Mom! I’m home!” Tammy entered the house, tired after one of the longest school days she’d ever suffered through. Another one of her father’s bright ideas. A couple of times a week she had to take special instruction courses after her last class, which made going to high school like having a full time job. “Shit!”

Tammy walked into the kitchen and swore under her breath as she realized that neither her brother nor mother were home. All that studying had bored her and whenever Tammy was bored her pussy started acting up. Walking home from school, she’d had to restrain herself from darting into the nearest bushes to get herself off. She’d hoped to get her big brother into a private place so he could give her a good fucking before dinner. Tammy knew he was nervous about being caught by Uncle Cal, but she figured she could make his prick stiff anyhow. Besides, Uncle Cal sure wasn’t going to go blabbing to their parents now that Tammy had fucked him too! Tammy briefly thought of going to the cottage to see if Cal could fuck her, but stopped when she realized that his daughter, Bridget, would undoubtedly be out there with him, prissy cunt! Tammy was just about to go into the den to watch some TV when she noticed that the door to her parents’ bedroom was slightly ajar. Tammy opened it, peeking in. Her eyes bulged as she saw her father fast asleep, with his clothes strewn on the floor beside the bed. All he had on were his shorts and dress shirt. Immediately Tammy’s eyes moved up his hairy legs to his bulging crotch. “Oh, fuck!”

His prick was soft, but the prick mass there was obviously enormous! Tammy could see the shape of balls and the meaty cock trunk bundled on top of them. Never before had she realized what a big cock her daddy had. Her pussy started to burn and juice violently in her jeans. Without thinking, Tammy shut the bedroom door behind her and quietly crossed the room. She stood beside the bed, looking down at his smiling, sleeping face. Her father had always been a very sound sleeper. Once the police had answered a false fire alarm next door, and he hadn’t even awakened to the sound of sirens. A wanton smile curled Tammy’s lips. Suppressing a giggle, the stacked teenage dropped her hand and lightly slid her fingers up the crotch of his underwear, feeling the weight of his cock.

And immediately the big shaft started to pulse and grow. Tammy kept on tickling and touching it, staring intently at the erecting shaft of cock meat. A moment later she stepped back in awe. Now his cock was rock-hard, stabbing through his underwear, tenting the cotton fabric. Her dad had the biggest cock she’d ever seen!

Tammy had intended only to give him a big hard-on and then wake him up, knowing how embarrassed he’d be to have a straining boner in front of his daughter. But now she was hypnotized by the throbbing heat in her pussy as she ogled the huge, pulsing cock. Tammy knew she just had to see what his prick looked like in the raw. Giggling mischievously, the big-titted teenager sat lightly on the edge of the bed, by her father’s hip. Deftly she pulled down his underwear, gratified that her father showed no sign of awakening. Then her pussy creamed at the sight of his naked cock. It slapped up stiffly as soon as she released it, a steely semi-crescent of flesh, throbbing and weaving over his stomach. Hungrily Tammy stared at the enormous knob, seeing the way clear, seeping cock juice glistened on the spongy, puffy flesh. Oh God, I’ve just got to suck on it, she thought wantonly. I don’t care what happens. Just have to suck my daddy’s huge prick. She dropped her hand, and Steve breathed faster in his sleep as her fingers curled around the root of his hard-on. Tammy lifted up his big prick, holding it in position. Then she lowered her head and extended her tongue to lick the crown of her father’s cock meat. Expertly her tongue slithered around his heart-shaped knob, pressing onto his piss hole, slithering around the flaring edge. Tammy sighed as she lapped up all the prick milk oozing up from his equally large balls. Her father’s pre-cum tasted delicious! Tammy stopped thinking about the consequences. Never in her life had she seen a more magnificent hard-on. She had to put it in her mouth.

The nipples of her big tit stiffened through the blouse and bra as she dropped her head, wetly engulfing her father’s cock head between her full lips. Tammy opened her throat passage, taking his prick all the way in. She stopped with the first several inches of his prick rod lodged securely in her mouth. His cock was as thick as it was long, and she had to stretch her lips to the bursting point just to take in his pride. But Tammy managed, compressing her mouth in a tight, sucking circle around the veined stalk of his hard-on.

Then she puckered her cheeks and started sucking it, delighting in the taste and feel of her father’s enormous cock. She wanted to give in and suck his prick as hard as she could, but she knew she couldn’t do that. She had to restrain herself and suck lightly, giving her well-hung father a good sucking in his sleep. The slurping, smacking sounds came out of the back of her throat as she gave her father head, but Tammy controlled them. Repeatedly her tongue washed his cock head, lapping up the pearly drops of cum as they appeared on his pin slit.

Her father’s cock started throbbing violently, the bloated head knocking on the roof of her mouth. Tammy could barely restrain herself from thrusting her hand in her jeans and finger-fucking her pussy as she gave her father head. He had the best prick she’d ever sucked!

Boy, she thought, if mom could only see me now! She knew that her father would probably wake up if she made him squirt, but Tammy found it more difficult to restrain herself as she kept on sucking. She was dying to gulp down his hot, sticky sap, to nurse all of the white jizz out of his aching balls. Steve was squirming lightly in his sleep now, sighing as he experienced what his slumbering mind considered the world’s best wet dream. Gingerly, Tammy tightened her fingers around the thick root of his cock meat. Then she started jacking around his cock while she sucked it, milking the burning shaft into her mouth. The smacking, gurgling sounds grew louder as she feverishly sucked, shutting her eyes and thinking of nothing but the massive prick stabbing down her throat. Flaring her nostrils for air, Tammy took a deep breath and stuffed more of his hard-on between her lips. The knob was deep down her throat now, almost choking her, but still she kept on frantically sucking, intent on milking up a big load of cum. Steve was moaning and squirming in his sleep. His prick swelled stiffer, rock-hard as it throbbed and pulsed and jerked. The cum was oozing more plentifully from his cock head now. Tammy knew her daddy was about to blow his wad.

Throwing caution to the winds, the horny teenager sucked her dad’s big cock as hard as she could. Her head bobbed, fucking her face with his meaty prick. Feverishly her hand raced up and down his veined shaft, beating his meat into her tight throat.

“Ahhhh!” The cock juice spurted, a huge geyser of jism blasting out of his knob and squirting down Tammy’s throat. The initial blast was followed by steaming gushers of milky cum.

His wad was delicious. Tammy slurped loudly as she sucked it all down, tirelessly jacking and sucking his exploding cock. Then she heard her father grunt, and then he opened his eyes even as the cum continued to spout out of his cock.

“Tammy! Jesus God!” He pushed her away roughly, knocking her off the bed. But he was still in the middle of his cum. Steve looked dazedly about as the hot spunk continued to blast out of his cock head, spurting milky ribbons onto his stomach and chest. Tammy giggled and left the room, glancing once over her shoulder at the rage and confusion on her father’s face. She knew he’d be shocked and enraged with her, but she doubted he’d do anything. He’d be too embarrassed. Besides, the punishment he’d already given her for the night at the drive-in was bad enough. And even if he did do something, Tammy knew it had been worth it. Walking into the hall, she heard her mom’s car pull into the driveway. She sighed as she licked the traces of cum front her lips.

Boy, Daddy had a big cock! Tammy felt her pussy throb as she wondered when she could suck it again.


“Unh! Daddy, fuck me, Daddy! Unngghhh! Love your big priiiick!”

It was late in the evening, and Cal was having his usual fuck session with his daughter in the back room of their cottage. Lying on his back, he watched his horny daughter bouncing frantically up and down on his hard-on, pounding her throbbing, hairy cunt on the satisfying shaft of his prick. “Gonna cum, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of my horny pussy!”

The slim blonde leaned forward, grabbing her father’s shoulders, her stiff-nippled tits jiggling lusciously over his hairy body. Then she started to whip her ass up and down in a frenzy of lust, pounding her gushing cunt hole onto his big prick.

She was fucking so hard that Cal hardly had to do any more work himself. But he fucked up anyway to meet her strokes, sighing as her clinging cunt tunnel milked his rock-hard prick. “Gonna cum, Daddy! I’m getting so close! Fuck meeee! I love you, Daddy! I love your big fucking prick!” The bed was shaking now, the springs protesting. Cal wrapped his hands around his daughter’s ass, feeling the milk-white cheeks jiggle and bounce in his grip. He started humping off the bed as hard as he could, furiously meeting his daughter’s wild downward strokes. “I’m cumming, Daddy! Fuck my cunt, fuck it hard! Unh! Unh! I’m cuummmiiinnnggg!” She dropped on top of him, taking his prick to the hilt in her juicing, pulsing pussy. Then her cunt tunnel rippled into orgasm, the pink walls spasming and gripping tightly around her father’s cock meat.

“Ahhhh!” Cal lifted his ass off the bed, burying his prick as far into his daughter’s pussy as he could. The cock cream erupted from his hairy balls, geysering deep inside her buttery, cuming cunt. Again and again his nuts drained off their wad, and he felt every spurt opening his cum hole, filling his daughter’s pussy with a thick load of sappy cum. “Oh, Daddy! You really shot off that time!”

Bridget lifted her leg, giggling as her father’s cock pulled wetly out of her pussy. Like taking a stopper out of a hole, the load of cum immediately started oozing out of her hairy slit, running onto his loins. Bridget laughed and curled up at her father’s side.

“Daddy,” she said softly, after they’d rested a little while. “There’s something I have to tell you. I hope you don’t get mad at me.”

Cal chuckled and stroked his naked daughter’s long, shining blonde hair. “What is it, honey?”

“Daddy, I want to fuck my cousin Johnny!” Bridget blurted suddenly. “And I want to fuck my uncle Steve, too!”


Cal lifted his head and looked intently into his daughter’s eyes. But the expression on her face was serious, and he could see that she looked a little frightened too, as if she’d been waiting a long time to break the news.

“When in the world did this come on, honey?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Bridget sighed, resting her cheek on his stomach. “I just want to, that’s all. It’s partly your fault, I guess. You fuck me so good. I’m horny all the time!”

“I won’t tell them about me and you, Daddy,” Bridget said quickly. “You know I never would. I don’t even know if they’ll let me make it with them. I just want to try, that’s all!”

Cal hesitated. A week ago he would have been tempted to say no, but a week ago he hadn’t fucked Tammy. Ever since making it with his niece he’d worried about being discovered by his daughter. Now that would be equalized by Bridget’s fuck sessions with her uncle and cousin. In a way it was like an open, incestuous marriage.

“Okay,” Cal said softly. “You can fuck them if you want. But just don’t let them suspect about us, okay?”

“Oh, Daddy! You’re the most wonderful father in the whole wide world!” Sliding her cheek down her father’s hairy stomach, Bridget kissed the wilted, half-swollen shaft of his cock. Then she popped the whole thing into her mouth, able to suck in all of his prick in its flaccid state. Cal groaned and relaxed with his daughter while she began one of the suck jobs he loved so much. Feverishly Bridget sucked all of his cock, lightly gnawing on it. Soon it was growing and stiffening rapidly, and she had to let first the root, then the bottom several inches push out of her sucking lips.

Seconds later, it was as hard as stone, quivering stiffly over his stomach. Bridget ripped her hand tightly around the quivering root of his hard-on, holding it in position. Wetly she sucked and kissed the flared head, lapping up the fresh cum as it oozed up from his balls.

“Unh! Oh, shit, honey! You already gave me another hard-on!”

“I know, Daddy!”

Giggling, Bridget pulled the stiff cock out of her mouth and jacked on it for a moment, pushing her hand all the way up and down his rigid cockmeat. Then she got on her hands and knees beside him on the double bed. Looking shamelessly into her father’s eyes, she reached behind herself and spread her ass cheeks wide. “You deserve a special treat now, Daddy! Please, I want you to fuck me up the ass!”

Cal crawled onto his knees behind her upturned ass cheeks, his cock throbbing stiffly before him. Hungrily he stared at her puckered shit ring, thinking of how good it would feel to have her tight asshole sucking around his aching cock.

Cal held his prick in his hand and pushed forward, fitting the bloated knob onto the sphincter. His cock was still dripping with saliva and cum. He didn’t need any more lubrication to fuck his teen’s horny ass.

“Push it in, Daddy!” Bridget clawed her ass cheeks, holding them wide apart. “Fuck me, fuck my ass!”

Cal pushed the meat into her, groaning as her strongly muscled ass ring sucked in the length of his cock. Gently be stabbed inch after inch of it into her asshole, feeling the rubbery ass walls throbbing obscenely around the invading shaft of his cock.

“Unh! Daddy, Daddy! You’ve got such a big prick!”

Bridget let her head drop to the bed, lifting up her ass for all of her father’s cock. Cal pushed every inch into the churning heat of her ass tunnel. He pulled out slowly, pausing before packing his prick all the way in again.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” Bridget thrust her hand under her belly and started finger-fucking her pussy. “Fuck my asshole! Fuck me hard!”

Cal started fucking his sweet daughter’s teenaged ass, sawing his cock steadily through the tight ring of her asshole. Eagerly Bridget humped up to meet his strokes. The bed started shaking again as he fucked her asshole harder and harder, pumping his cock deeper up her bowels with every stroke.

“I’m gonna cum again, Daddy! Fuck meee!” They fucked for only a few minutes straight, groaning and sighing as hot asshole sucked around huge, straining cock. Then Cal felt the jism boiling up in his balls. Gasping, he stabbed his prick to the hilt in his daughter’s rubbery ass. The hot sap rushed up from his balls again, spurting heavily into his daughter’s ass. Slowly, the naked father worked on top of her, feeling the long ribbons of spunk erupting between her ass cheeks.

“I’m cuming, Daddy!” Bridget gasped. “Unh, unh, fuck my asshole! Fuck it hard! Oh Daddy, you’re cumming in me! I’m cumming too! Awwwww!”

Cal felt her asshole throbbing, pulsating like a heart as her cumming pussy pumped fuck juice onto her stroking fingers. They kept fucking wildly for a minute until the exhausted father pulled his cock out of her shit tunnel.

Then he lay panting on the bed. No, he had nothing to worry about. Bridget was so horny that she’d have enough for him and Steve and Johnny and more besides!


Bridget walked home alone from school the next afternoon, her pussy throbbing wetly between her slim legs. She hadn’t thought very much about her conversation with her father the night before, though she’d decided that she was going to fuck her cousin Johnny as soon as possible. She wasn’t worried too much about the plan of seduction, either. Fucking her father had made her confident of her appearance, and Cal had told her many times that she gave the world’s most fantastic head. No guy was going to turn down a juicy blow-job from a foxy girl like her. Bridget walked up the path that led from the street around the Madison house to the cottage she shared with her father. Then she smiled to herself as she heard noises inside the garage. It was too early for Uncle Steve to be back from work so it had to be Johnny in there working on his car. She entered the garage through a small door built into the side of the house and sure enough, Johnny was there, all by himself. Her cousin was bent under the hood of his Camaro, working on something. All he had on were a pair of swim trunks and his hands were greasy. His lean, muscular back and legs shone in the dim light of the garage’s single overhead lamp.

Bridget quietly shut the door behind her and checked the door on the other side of the garage, leading into the house, to make sure it was closed. Then she smiled and dropped her school books on the floor.

There was a lot of clutter in the garage, including an old mattress propped up against one wall. Bridget hoped to be spread-eagled on her back on that mattress within the next few minutes, her cousin’s stiff cock pounding inside her.

“Hi, Johnny,” she said brightly. “What’cha up to?” Johnny wiped the sweat from his forehead with his arm and looked at his cousin over his shoulder. Automatically his eyes slid up her long, slim legs, completely revealed by her denim cut-offs, to the cute buds of her girlish tits wider her t-shirt. Bridget moved seductively towards him as he surveyed her body. Her pussy burned. “Oh, working on the car. You know anything about cars?”

Bridget walked up to stand next to her cousin and stared uncomprehendingly at the workings under the hood. “No. You can teach me, though, if you want.”

“Well, it would take a while to explain…”

Swearing lightly under his breath, Johnny went back to tightening something. Bridget stood closer to him, until their naked thighs touched. Briefly it occurred to her that she didn’t really know Johnny that well. “How was school today?” Johnny asked distractedly.

“Oh, it was okay. I didn’t really get that much done. I had a hard time concentrating.”

“Yeah? Hot weather, huh? That gets to me too.”

“Oh it wasn’t really that. I just had something else on my mind.”

“Yeah? What were you thinking about?”

“Oh, just how horny I am.” Bridget said this as casually as possible, but. Johnny nearly dropped his wrench. He glanced at her briefly, dropping his eyes to her tits. Her pink nipples were stiff. Looking uncomfortable, Johnny tried to return his attention to the engine.

“How horny you were, huh?”

“Yeah. I always get, like, super horny this time of the month. All I can think of is getting laid. God, I mean, I was squirming all over the chairs and everything. My pussy was that hot Johnny, would you do me a favor?” Johnny said nothing but Bridget saw his cheeks flush. Wantonly she slid her hand down his hard stomach, pushing aside the waistband of his swim trunks, reaching down to grasp the swollen root of his prick. “Oh, fuck,” Johnny moaned. “Mmmmmmm, you got a big one, Johnny!” Lewdly the blonde cousin milked and tugged the base of his cock, feeling the thick tube of cock meat stiffen and grow. “Johnny, would you do me another favor too?” Johnny dropped the wrench and turned to her, a dazed expression on his face. Bridget pulled his cock shaft completely out of his trunks. It was completely stiff now, and she couldn’t wait to feel it pushing into her pussy when she saw what a big one he had. Hungrily she milked and jacked it with her fist.

“W-w-what,” Johnny stammered. “That mattress over there. Would you pull it down for me? I like to be comfortable when I’m sucking a big, hard prick!” Johnny pulled away from her and crossed the garage, his cock head starting to spit little droplets of pre-cum. Hurriedly he pulled the mattress down and stretched out on his back. He’d stripped naked by the time Bridget reached him and his massive prick was throbbing obscenely over his stomach. “Ummmm, Johnny,” mewled Bridget, kneeling beside his hip. “You really do have an awful big cock!” Again she wrapped her hand tightly around the pulsing base, holding his cock in position. Then the horny blonde dropped her head and engulfed the knob of her cousin’s big prick.

She opened her mouth wide, feeling the bulbous, spongy crown push past her tonsils, down her tight throat. Bridget paused with a full half of his prick between her lips, amazing Johnny with the capacity of her mouth. Then she clamped her lips around the turgid shaft. Feverishly she started sucking his prick, giving her cousin the best head she could. Dazedly Johnny looked up at her, seeing the pink flush in her girlish cheeks as her lips clasped tightly around his cock. “Oh fuck, Bridget!” He started to move his ass, sighing as the wet, sucking pressure enveloped his prick. “Work out now… work out on… oh, fuck! Unh!”

Bridget bobbed her head, making wet popping, smacking sounds as she greedily flicked her face with his cum-oozing cock. Her hand started to pump on the blood-engorged root of ills prick. Fast and hard she beat his meat, pumping the loose flesh of his hard-on with a tightly closed fist.

Her cousin’s cock was so big and it tasted delicious. The hot cock juice was oozing plentifully from the slit in the knob. Bridget took the shaft out of her throat just long enough to slurp it up with her swiping tongue, thrusting it on the piss hole. Then she gurgled obscenely as she rammed his throbbing hard-on back down her throat.

She sucked his prick much harder now, puckering her cheeks to increase the pressure around his meat. Her wrist ached as she moved her fist in a blur up and down his burning cock, milking and tugging. “Gonna cum,” Johnny gasped. He thrust his hand behind her head, oblivious to the grease stains he left on her neck. “Suck it, little cousin! Unh, fuck it! My balls are gonna explode any second!”

Bridget pushed her free hand between his thighs, cupping his nut bag. She rolled the twin globes in her fingers and started to suck her cousin’s prick as hard as she could, shutting her eyes and thinking of nothing but the big prick stretching her throat.

“Unh! Unh! Suck, suck hard! Ahhhhh, fuck!” The sap exploded, rushing up from his balls to cascade out of the tip of his prick. The first blast splattered on the roof of Bridget’s mouth, rolling down her tongue into her gullet. Then the initial shot was followed by long, sticky squirts of spunk. His jism was even more delicious than the flesh of his cock meat. Bridget swallowed hungrily, relishing the musky, salty taste of her cousin’s cum. Frantically her hand worked on his gushing cocks beating all the jism out of his aching pick.

“Oh, God,” moaned Johnny deliriously, shaking his head slowly back and forth as the last drops burned out of the tip of his cock. “What a good cock-sucker… Jesus… fuck!” Bridget raised her head from his still throbbing hard-on, slurping up the cum from her ripe lips. “See, Johnny? That turned me on just as much as it did you! God, my cunt’s wet now. Feel it,” She spread her legs, sitting on the mattress and pushing her crotch toward him. Johnny felt up the leg band of her cut-offs, then put his hand on her crotch. It was very wet and hot.

“I need it licked, Johnny,” Bridget said wantonly. “Please help me take off my shorts. I need you, to lick my cunt!”

Johnny rose to his knees, pulling off his cousin’s cut-offs and leaving her naked from the waist down. Bridget stretched out on her back, wiggling her ass. Johnny spread her legs, staring at the curly haired mound of her creamy cunt.

“Stick it, Johnny!” Bridget cried, grabbing his head. “Suck my pussy!”

Johnny sprawled out on his stomach between her slim, creamy-white legs. He pushed his hands under her hips, mauling her rounded ass cheeks with his grease-stained fingers. Then he sighed with pleasure as he buried his face in her throbbing cunt. “Nunh!” Bridget started humping her ass immediately, spreading her legs as wide as she could. “Suck it, Johnny! Suck my baby cunt!”

Johnny pushed his tongue deeply between the pouting lips of her hairy pussy. He lapped it up and down her cunt slit, greedily swallowing the fuck juices that drooled out of the depths of her wet cunt. Then his tongue started to push onto her swollen clit. “Awwwww!” Bridget pushed her hand down, spreading her pussy petals with her fingers. “Yes, Johnny! Suck me there! Lick my clit!”

Johnny started to lick the swollen bud, moving it with his tongue. Bridget’s ass danced off the old mattress. Now she was frantically fucking her throbbing pussy all over his face, unable to restrain the humps and shivers of her incestuous passion.

“Gonna cum, Johnny! Suck me, lick me, lick my clit!” Johnny cruelly mauled her ass cheeks, delighting in the silky feel of the ball-bearing globes. His tongue pushed up on her clit, sliding on the ultra-sensitive tip. Bridget hadn’t lied about being horny all day at school. She’d been seething with desire before he’d ever pulled her shorts off, and now she knew she was about to cum on his licking tongue.

“Lick it, Johnny, lick it good!” Her ass danced on his hands, the cheeks quivering lewdly. “I’m cumming now! Suck my pussy, suck it… cuuummmuiinnngggg!” The spasms flooded through her, making her cunt gush out fuck oil and the flowering lips throb on her cousin’s lips. Johnny licked up all of the pussy cream, slurping noisily at the swollen lips. Then he rose to his hands and knees over her, ready to stab his big prick deep inside her cunt. “Okay, Bridget,” he panted. “Get ready for it, ’cause here it comes!” Bridget looked down, seeing the enormous shaft of cock meat throbbing obscenely over her stomach. Reaching down, she grasped the meaty trunk and directed the juicy tip to her seething cunt.

“Push it in me, Johnny! Push it in my pussy! Unh unh, I need to get fucked!”

The head was securely embedded in her pussy slit, and Johnny could feel her cunt muscles sucking around the tip. He dropped his ass and sighed, spearing inch after inch of his bone-hard cock into the buttery wetness of her cunt tunnel.

“Unggh! John-eeee! Your cock is so big?” Bridget twisted her head back and forth mindlessly, wincing as she felt her pussy walls stretching to accommodate the throbbing shaft. “You’re fucking me, Johnny! You’re fucking my cunt!”

Johnny looked down, seeing the way her pussy hole sucked tightly around his invading cock. Slowly he sank on top of her, burying every inch of his hard-on into her tight, syrupy pussy.

The pressure of her cunt walls was incredible, sucking around him, milking the burning hardness of his prick. Lightly Johnny worked his ass, settling his rod all the way into her. Then he pulled out all the way, until only the tip of his cock parted her pussy lips. Slowly he buried it back into her cunt again. Then he fell into a steady, driving fuck rhythm, frantically working his lean ass between her thighs, fucking her pussy with long, driving strokes of his blood-swollen cock. “You’re fucking me! Harder, fuck hard!”

Bridget reached down, grabbing his ass cheeks, clawing them in a desperate attempt to get more of his cock inside her. She kicked her slim legs high in the air before shutting them around his back, opening up her hairy pussy for the steely shaft of his prick.

Then the teenaged blonde started to hump her ass frantically off the mattress, pounding her wet, gushing pussy onto his cock. “Fuck me,” she panted. “What a big one! Fuck me with it! Hard, do it hard!” Johnny’s balls slapped heavily on the crack of her heaving ass and he could already feel a fresh load of jism boiling inside them. Dropping his head between her neck and shoulder, he started to ream out her cunt as hard as he could, pounding his cock head all the way up to her womb with every frantic thrust. “I’m gonna cum, Johnny! Unh, fuck, I’m cumming on you!” Bridget was mad with pleasure, raking her fingernails from his pounding ass up his muscular back. “Fuck me! Fuck my brains out! Ungh! Oh God, fuck it, I’m cumming, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!” The spasms jetted through her pussy, making her cunt walls clamp like a vise around the boy’s thrusting cock, as the cream gushed from the depths of her seething pussy. Johnny felt the tight pressure around his prick and stopped trying to hold back his wad. Collapsing on her belly, he slammed his cock as far into her pussy as it would go. The hot jism gushed up from his nuts, erupting into her tight, gooey pussy. Bridget gasped as she felt the torrent of cum squirting into her, bathing the ravished walls of her pussy channel with hot jism.

Slowly Johnny worked his ass, letting his wad drain off completely into the milking sheath of her cunt. Bridget almost had to suppress a giggle as his prick finally softened inside her. Boy, that was easy, she thought vixenishly. Now all she had to do was figure out a way of seducing her Uncle Steve, too!


“Hi, Uncle Steve!” Bridget said brightly. “I guess you couldn’t sleep too, huh? Mind if I watch some television with you?”

It was very very late at night, and the only light on in the Madison house was the wan glow from the television set in the den. Steve sat facing it blearily, dressed only in an old bathrobe, a drink at his side. He looked drunkenly over his shoulder at his niece, seeing first her blue jeans and sweater before her head and long, blonde hair came into view. “Bridget! What’re you doing here so late? I thought you’d be fast asleep in the cottage.”

“Oh, I just let myself in. You don’t mind, do you? I couldn’t get to sleep. I was hoping you’d be watching TV so I could watch with you.”

Steve patted the cushion beside him and Bridget joined her uncle on the couch. The show was apparently one of the endless crime drama re-runs the networks showed late at night. Steve didn’t look very interested in it. He looked pretty loaded.

“Do you get insomnia a lot, Uncle Steve?”

“Oh, no. Just once in a while.” Steve took a long swallow of gin and glanced at his niece. “You know how it is.”

“Were you thinking about Tammy?” Steve gulped down the gin and frowned as he thought of his daughter. “Yeah. Yeah, I was thinking about Tammy.”

“You shouldn’t be so angry with her, Uncle Steve. She just likes to have fun.”

“Fun!” Steve exploded. “Fun! Is that her idea of having fun? Going into the drive-in, drinking herself sick, having sex with any boy who wants to get into those Goddamn tight pants of hers and get a little feel of pussy; uh, sorry about the language, Bridget.”

“Oh, that’s okay, Uncle Steve.” Bridget deliberately wiggled her ass a little closer to him. “My dad swears all the time.”

Steve shrugged. “God damn it, I just get so… so fucking exasperated with her! As pretty and intelligent as she is, she could be any… any Goddamn thing she wanted to be, I swear to Christ. And all she wants to do is… is fuck her brains out like some cheap tramp. You’ve no idea what she’s capable of, Bridget, a decent girl like you.” Bridget managed to suppress an amused smile. “Don’t be hard on yourself about it, Uncle Steve. Tammy’s not a kid. She’s her own person.”

“Well, I just can’t help it! She’s my daughter. I swear…” Steve took another healthy swallow, the ice cubes clinking in the glass. “I just can’t help but take it personally, like I haven’t been a good enough parent to her.”

“Oh, Uncle Steve, don’t feel that way! I’d be so happy to have a big, beautiful, handsome daddy like you!” Fully aware of what she was doing, Bridget wrapped her arms around her uncle’s shoulders and gave him a long, wet kiss on the cheek. Then she slid down his torso, her arms wrapped around his stomach and her cheek pressing on the outline of his cock through the robe.

“Ummmm, and you’re so warm, too! You don’t mind if I hug you, do you, Uncle Steve?”

“Go ‘head,” replied the inebriated uncle. A silent minute passed, quiet except for the sound of Steve gulping down his big drink. Bridget pressed her head on his crotch, trying to judge the size of his cock. She could feel the tube of prick meat on her face through the bathrobe, and it was obviously an awfully big one. Careful not to disturb his drunken reverie as he watched the TV program, Bridget began to wiggle her cheek lightly on his crotch bulge. Her efforts were rewarded. Soon the big cock started to swell and grow, until Bridget could feel its thickness poking through the wool. But Steve was so drunk that he didn’t seem to knew he was getting an enormous hard-on. Soon his prick was as hard as stone, and Bridget realized that it was an even bigger cock than her father’s! Slowly she changed the position of her hand around his waist until her fingers touched the sash holding his bathrobe together. Carefully she undid it and the robe fell open easily.

“This isn’t too comfortable, Uncle Steve. Let me…” Bridget sat up, at the same time forcing the halves of his bathrobe to pull apart. It took the drunken father a moment to realize that his naked chest, stomach and crotch were completely exposed, his gigantic, rock-hard prick looming up like a length of iron pipe. “Oh, Uncle Steve!” Bridget clapped her hand over her mouth in pretend shock. “What’s that?”

“Oh fuck…”

Steve deposited the drink on the table and hurriedly tried to pull his bathrobe back together. Then his eyes bulged in shock as his teenaged niece wrapped her fist tightly around the meaty root of his cock. “Oh, Uncle Steve!” Bridget gushed. “What a big fucking prick!”

“Bridget! Jesus God…” Steve backed his ass into the couch, looking at her wildly, clutching his hotly throbbing prick, the horny blonde slid to her knees on the floor. By now she was too horny to wait anymore. She swooped down, opening her mouth wide and stuffing her buttery throat with the first several inches of her uncle’s enormous cock.

“Bridget! Holy fuck!” Steve stared down at her dazedly, for the moment too shocked to move a muscle to stop her. But Bridget knew he would try to push her away, and that she had to act fast. Fortunately, she had absolute confidence in her cocksucking abilities. She knew she’d soon have her uncle so horny that he’d beg to blow his wad down her throat. Now she had to give him the best blow-job she possibly could. Her hand tightened around the root of his cock then started jacking on it fast and very hard. Sharply Bridget puckered her cheeks, gurgling obscenely as she increased the suctioning pressure around his prick. Wildly she bobbed her head, fucking her face, sucking his big cock as hard as she could.

“Oh Bridget, what’re you doing to me? You’re a good girl! Goddamn, you’re my fucking niece!” Steve just sat there, transfixedly studying the hot blush in his niece’s pretty cheeks and the obscene way her lips stretched to engulf his throbbing cock. Then the intense pleasure of the violent cock-sucking started to get to him. A trembling spasm shot through his hip as his cock convulsed in her mouth, drawn out by the incredible suction of her lips, the pleasure of her slurping, smacking tongue. Steve shuddered as the cock juice started to seep out, drooling from the open piss slit. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me, Bridget,” he moaned. “Unh! Thought you were gooood…” Then his hands came down, holding the back of her head. Bridget knew she had the seduction in the bag when he started bucking his hips, fucking his long, thick hard-on down her throat. Bridget kept sucking his cock as hard as she could, hearing the slurping, smacking sounds of her own head-job fill the den, drowning out even the television. Then she suddenly popped the huge cock out of her mouth, continuing to jack on it as she pressed the drippy knob on her cheek, looking up at her uncle with mischievous, lust-smoldering eyes. “I’m sorry I was a bad girl. Uncle Steve. But your big cock looked so juicy! I just had to put it in my mouth and suck on it for a while. Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” Steve moaned submissively. Again he twisted his fingers in her hair, pulling her face down to his prick. “Suck on it! Oh Christ, suck out all the cum!”

Triumphantly the blonde teenager dropped her mouth back onto his hard-on. This time she nearly gagged as she crammed a full half of the enormous boner down her throat. Bridget flared her nostrils for air and started sucking cock harder than ever, swiping her tongue quickly around the stone-stiff shaft.

“Gonna cum,” Steve groaned, humping his ass. “Suck it, bitch! Jack on it… oh, fuck!”

Bridget wanted him to cum, badly wanted to drink his wad as it erupted from his balls. So she knew she had to play with them a while to coax out the cum.

Pushing her free hand between his hairy legs, the horny teenager clutched the hairy, wrinkled sac of his nuts. His balls were huge, two tangerine-sized globes swollen to bursting with a heavy load of jizz. Lewdly Bridget rolled and fondled them, simultaneously sucking and beating his meat. “Shooting, honey! It’s coming up!” Steve pulled her hair and bucked his hips mechanically off the couch. “Cummmmming. Ahhhhhhh!”

A huge geyser of jism squirted out of his spongy cock head, gushing down Bridget’s throat. Then his balls emptied themselves completely of their creamy load. Again and again the hot, milky cum shot out of his throbbing cock, splattering on the roof of her mouth and sliding luridly down her throat. His cum wasn’t as sweet and tasty as her daddy’s, Bridget thought, but it was awfully close.

Obscenely wet, slurping sounds came from the back of her throat as she started swallowing greedily sucking and milking his erupting prick. Bridget didn’t take her lips away until she’d drained off all of the cum, and his spunk-milked cock twitched over his thigh.

“Ohhhhh, God!” Steve just sat there sighing, moaning as his prick continued to tingle and pulse. “Can’t believe… can’t believe you did that to me. Oh, fuck!”

“I guess I really am a bad girl, aren’t I, Uncle Steve? I’m just as bad as Tammy!”

Bridget rose to her feet, kicking off her tennis shoes. She stripped off her sweater, showing her dazed uncle her naked tits. Then she skinned off her tight blue jeans, and Steve saw that she didn’t have any panties on, either. His eyes bulged again at the sight of her very hairy pussy bush, almost concealing the dripping-wet slit within. “Now you get to suck me, Uncle Steve! I’m horny too! Here! Suck my pussy!” Standing before him, the slim blonde brazenly lifted one leg, planting her foot on the armrest of the sofa. Then she cupped the back of his head and thrust her hips forward, grinding her hairy pussy hole onto her uncle’s mouth. “Unh, I’m so horny! Suck my cunt, Uncle Steve! Suck out all the juice!” Steve inhaled deeply, relishing the indescribable, musky aroma of wet pussy. He hesitated a moment, then slid his hands up, her bare legs to cup her ass cheeks. Then he pushed out his tongue, rooting it into her pussy hole, licking up the delicious fuck juices drooling from the depths of her cunt slit. “Ahhhh! Ahhh, suck!” Bridget’s tongue lolled out obscenely as she watched her uncle eat her out, her face contorting with incestuous passion. “Lick it good, Uncle Steve!” Her fingers tightened on the back of his head, her long nails digging into his neck. “Suck my pussy! Suck it good!” Steve started lapping up and down her cunt slit, spearing his tongue deep inside the pink channel. Bridget couldn’t wait for him to get around to licking her clit. She pushed her fingers through her pussy bush and exposed the swollen pink nubbin, drawing back her flowering cunt lips.

“Lick me there, Uncle Steve! Nnnnnggg, lick my fucking clit!” Steve pushed his tongue onto it, making his niece gasp and buck her ass as if she’d been shot. Then he started licking her clit, delicately pushing the swollen, pea-sized bud, to and fro with his tongue. “Put your fingers in me! I need to get hand fucked!”

Sliding his hand from her thrusting ass, Steve pushed his fingers slowly into the clasping sheath of her pussy. He started to jack her off, simultaneously closing his lips around her clit.

“I’m cumming, Uncle Steve! I’m gonna cream on your mouth!”

Steve sucked her clit hard, drawing it out with his suctioning lips. He flicked his tongue on the tip as he jammed two fingers to the knuckles in her hot, drippy, throbbing pussy hole. “Cumming!” Now Bridget felt even her asshole spasming as the pleasure thrills flooded her naked body. “Lick it, lick it good! Suck on it! Oh fuck, Uncle Steeeeve! I’m cuuummmmiiiiggggg…”

Her cunt exploded, drenching his mouth with oozing fuck oils. Steve pushed his tongue back into her throbbing pussy, not wanting to miss a single drop of her delicious cunt cream. Then he went back to sucking her clit and jacking her off, guiding her through the tingling peaks of her orgasm.

“Ah! Ah, fuck! That’s enough! I can’t take anymore!” Bridget pulled back, panting hard as she stood before her uncle. Still dazed by the whole incestuous experience, Steve sat back on the couch. Bridget drooled over the sight of his naked cock. It was still as hard as stone, throbbing stiffly aver his belly. Her pussy seethed as she thought of cramming the meaty prick into her tight pussy.

“I’m gonna fuck it, Uncle Steve,” she mewled. “I’m gonna fuck my cunt with your big fucking prick!”

She climbed on top of him, straddling him as he sat on the couch. Bridget’s knees slammed down on the cushions to either side of his hips, with her pussy bush hovering over his cum-drooling cock.

Reaching down, the slim teen grasped his turgid cock grasped and directed the spongy tip to the narrow slit of her cunt hole.

“Ahhhhh…” Lewdly the girl rubbed his knob up and down her pussy, thrusting it oh her clit. “Put it in me, Uncle Steve! Put it up my cunt!” Groaning, Steve grasped his huge rod and directed the meaty crown to the throbbing folds of her pussy hole. Immediately Bridget dropped her ass. Then she shuddered as she felt the huge cock boring into her, slowly spreading the pink walls of her fuck channel around the invading thickness of his rock-hard cock. “Unhhh! Uncle Steeeve! You’ve got a big one! Unhhhhh…”

Her ass squirmed, twisting and humping, forcing all of his cock inside her. Bridget held his brawny shoulders and sat on his prick hard, taking all of it into her creamy pussy. Then she started to fuck herself on it, frantically bouncing her ass up and down on the spearing pole of his enormous cock. “Fuck me, fuck me,” she panted, her tits heaving. “Horny, so horny! Fuck my hairy cunt!” Steve looked down, seeing the way her humping motions made his throbbing cock appear and disappear into the matted curls fringing her cock-gorged pussy. He held her ass cheeks, digging his fingers cruelly into the peach-shaped cheeks. Then he started humping, slamming his big cock in and out of her tight, buttery cunt. “Fuck me, fuck harder!” Now Bridget was really working out, humping like a bitch in heat as she felt the spasms starting again deep inside her cock-filled pussy. “I said fuck me! Fuck harder! I’m so horny, Uncle Steve! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!” Steve started fucking her savagely, forgetting all guilt and shame as he rammed his enormous, aching cock into her cunt tunnel as hard as he could. Bridget felt every thrust battering her pussy hole, the knob punching against her womb opening. It was like being fucked by a horse, she thought dizzily. And she was going to cum all over the horse’s cock, too! “I’m making it,” she panted. “Gonna cum… any fucking second!” Steve fucked into her even harder, making the couch skitter on the floor. By now the sound of the heaving cushions and the wet flesh slapping together had completely drowned out the television. Bridget felt her pussy tunnel burning and throbbing, the slippery walls milking uncontrollably around his massive cock. “I’m cuming, Uncle Steve!” She left red welts with her fingernails on his shoulders as she worked her ass like a machine, relentlessly pounding her hairy fuck slit onto his cum drooling prick. “Fuck me! I’m cumming now, right now! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy creamed, the clit bud tingling and the velvety sheath clamping forcefully around her uncle’s cock. Steve groaned and pushed his ass off the couch. The cum started spouting, rushing up from his balls, squirting torrentially into his niece’s wet, hairy cunt.

Bridget felt the jism squirting into her pussy, bathing the inner walls with the sappy seed of her uncle’s spunk. Hornily she flexed her cunt hole around his prick, milking out all the cock juice.

A lewd smile curled her lips as she felt his cock finally softening inside her. So Uncle Steve had always thought she was a good girl, huh? Maybe now he wouldn’t be so hard on Tammy!


The next morning Steve awakened sick and had to stay home from work. His wife Lana was concerned by this because her husband had always been very healthy. Only Bridget might have guessed that the illness was psychosomatic, a simple result of guilt for fucking his teenaged niece the night before. And Steve’s condition only worsened when he learned that Tammy would stay home from school to take care of him. Cal had to work, and Bridget had an important test in school. Likewise, Lana had an important appointment with a guidance counselor about her son. She wasn’t about to tell her husband that there really wasn’t any guidance counselor, that it was just an excuse so that she and Johnny could rent another motel room and spend the whole day fucking. So Tammy got to spend the whole day with her ailing father, and her pussy burned at the mere thought. Her fuck lust for her dad had grown stronger and stronger since she’d awakened him that afternoon with a blow job. What a big, fat cock her father had! Maybe now she’d get the long-awaited opportunity to take it into her juicy cunt.

“Goddamn it,” Steve muttered. “Do you have to dress like a whore in your own house?”

“Now, Daddy,” Tammy pouted. “What’s wrong with the way I dress?” Steve sat up under the sheets, his bare chest showing as he frowned around a thermometer in his mouth. Tammy wiggled her hips enticingly as she entered the bedroom, carrying a tray of cold cuts. All she had on was a nightie that barely covered her pussy triangle, showing all of her naked, shapely legs.

It was an old cotton nightie with the fabric worn very thin. Tammy’s big tits stretched the front obscenely, the braless melons jiggling as she moved. The shape and color of her fat, rosy nipples were completely visible through it. “Look at that,” Steve muttered. “Can’t you even wear any underwear?”

“Now, Daddy…”

Tammy put the tray of cold cuts on the nightstand next to the glass of milk he hadn’t touched, and sat on the edge of the bed. She took a deep breath, making her D-cup tits push through the nightie. Then she leaned forward and brushed her titties on her father’s arm as she slowly pulled the thermometer from his mouth. “101,” she said softly. “You’ve been a bad boy, Daddy.”

“Don’t talk to me like that, Goddamnit!” Steve growled. “Oh, Daddy, what’s wrong with the way I talk?” Pouting her lips playfully, the stacked teenager sat back on the bed and carelessly lifted her feet onto it, facing her father as she sat back on her hands. Then she slowly spread her legs, giving him an unobstructed view under the skimpy hem of her nightie. Steve’s eyes bulged as he saw the very hairy triangle of her pink, juicy cunt.

“Jesus, Tammy!” he groaned. “Where the hell do you get off running around without your panties on?”

“I’m in my own house, Daddy. Where do you get off looking at my pussy?”

Chuckling, the wanton girl slowly pulled up her nightie until the hem was almost around her waist, giving her father an even better view of her cunt. Steve gasped, but Tammy knew he was too sick to push her off the mattress unless she really infuriated him. Slowly she pushed her hand between her legs, lightly scratching her swollen pussy lips as he watched. “Tammy! Stop that!”

“But it’s so hot, Daddy.” She wiggled her ass, pouting. “It’s so hot and itchy. Daddy, won’t you let me suck your big fucking cock again?”

“G-g-goddamn it!” Steve sputtered. “I don’t want you to even mention that again! I don’t know how in the world you ever got the nerve to… if you ever mention that again I’m going to ground you until you’re old enough to collect Social Security!”

“Aw, Daddy…” Tammy brazenly pushed her hand into the top of her nightie and her father’s eyes bulged even wider as she pulled out one big, creamy white tit. Lifting the massive melon, Tammy managed to tongue the stiff, crinkled nipple a bit before her father suddenly leaned forward and shoved her off the bed.

“Out!” he shrieked. “Little slut! Get out of this bedroom!” Laughing, Tammy left the bedroom, not bothering to shut the door behind her. Steve glowered after her for a moment, then furiously punched the pillow and propped it up under his head.

His eyes closed, the milk and cold cuts forgotten, he settled off to sleep. Goddamn horny daughter, he thought furiously. Maybe he’d just forget his problems with Tammy if he took a long nap.

But he didn’t forget about Tammy, even though he had no problem falling asleep. It was his dreams that betrayed him. When Tammy re-entered the bedroom a half-hour later to get the tray, she immediately saw the enormous hard-on tenting the sheets as her father slept, stretched out on his back.

“Oh, wow!” Tammy whispered. She still wore the same slinky nightie, and her big tits jiggled as she walked barefoot across the bedroom. Standing beside the bed, Tammy looked at her dad’s sleeping face, then dropped her gaze to his enormous hard-on. Before her eyes it twitched and pulsed under the sheets. She would have loved to know what he was dreaming about. Hardly hesitating a moment, the horny vixen took the sheets and gently pulled them to the foot of the bed. Her father was naked, his body lean and hairy. The gigantic hard-on thrust out of his cock fur, quivering obscenely over his stomach. Looking at her daddy’s cock, Tammy felt her pussy burning uncontrollably. Then a lewd smile made her face shine with desire. Well, this would be worth getting grounded for. Her daddy was about to get fucked! Swiftly the stacked teen pulled off the nightie, leaving herself naked. She climbed onto the bed, being careful not, to disturb her dad. Then she straddled him as he lay on his back, planting her knees on the mattress to either side of his hips. Reaching between her sleek thighs, Tammy grasped his pulsing hard-on and directed the spongy knob to the hairy slit of her cunt.

With some effort she pushed, it inside herself, groaning as she felt her wet cunt stretch to admit the bloated tip. Tammy leaned forward, lightly holding his shoulders, her big tits swinging over his chest. Then she pushed her ass down, shuddering as inch after inch of his gigantic cock bored into the greasy, clinging sheath of her cunt channel. “Urn, Daddy! Daddy, Daddy.”

Steve didn’t open his eyes, but he smiled lightly in his sleep. “Mmmmm… Bridget!” he groaned.

Tammy wanted to laugh out loud. So her daddy was dreaming about her prissy cousin! He’d either fucked her already or he wanted to fuck her! He wasn’t such a pinnacle of morality after all. “It’s not Bridget, Daddy,” she purred. “You’re fucking your own daughter!” Tammy squeezed his shoulders hard now, rhythmically humping her ass. Steve’s eyes started to flutter as she ground her tight pussy hole on the very root of his cock. He awakened just as she was fucking herself on it, pounding her wet, hairy cunt up and down on her father’s gigantic prick.

“Tammy… good Christ!”

“Wake up, Daddy!” Tammy squealed. Harder and faster she fucked herself, gasping as her father’s huge cock head pounded on the opening of her womb. “This is part of your treatment too! You’ll get better real fast if you just — unh! — fuck my tight cunt…”

Steve just gaped up at her for a moment, unable to believe his eyes. He saw the agonized desire in his daughter’s pretty face, her huge tit melons bouncing and jiggling, and felt the pressure of her slippery pussy sheath milking around his stone-hard cock. Then his face contorted into the angriest expression Tammy had ever seen. At first she thought he was really going to beat her this time, but she was happily surprised when his rage took another direction. Grabbing her by the hips, Steve suddenly swung their bodies around, dropping his daughter on her back, his cock still deep inside her. Now they were in the missionary position, and Tammy squealed in ecstasy as her father savagely started to fuck the shit out of her tight teenaged cunt.

“Little whore!” he bellowed, right in her face. “Do you like to fuck? Is that it, you little slut? Well, I’m going to fuck the hell out of you! Okay? Okay, you bitch!”

“Yes, Daddy! Oh, yes!” Steve rode high up between her spread eagled thighs, with his cock crammed to the hilt in the juicy wetness of her teenaged pussy. His prick was huge and hard as a bone. He dropped his torso, flattening her huge tits under his hairy chest, cradling his head between her neck and shoulder then he violently started to pound his gigantic prick into his daughter’s gurgling cunt hole, immediately fucking her tight pussy as hard as he could.

Tammy loved being fucked hard and fast, but her father’s cock was so enormous that he was actually hurting her. She grunted, wincing as her pussy walls stretched and tore around the invading shaft. “Not so hard! Daddy, you’re hurting meeeee!”

“Kill you, you slut,” Steve grunted. He just fucked her even harder, panting and sweating as he heaved his aching prick into her buttery cunt. “What’s the matter, Tammy? I thought you liked getting fucked? Don’t tell me I’m doing it too hard for you? Huh?”

“Unhhhhh! Daaaady!” Squealing, the big titted teenager shook her head mindlessly back and forth beneath him, shuddering as the bone-jarring cock thrusts ravished her cunt. “Unggghhh! Stop! Unggghhhh!”

But Steve was so horny and enraged that he hardly heard her. His hands slid down her slim waist, cupping the sides of her quivering ass cheeks. Then he started fucking her even harder, pounding his cock into her pussy like he was trying to hammer it through her back.

“Like it? Like it, bitch?” he panted on her shoulder. “You like to get fucked, don’t you? You want your own fucking father to do it to you! Well, Daddy’s fucking you now! Daddy’s fucking the holy shit out of you!” Then Tammy started to like it.

The pounding thrusts of her father’s cock sent throbbing vibrations shooting through her loins, racking her asshole and belly and cock stuffed pussy with the animal sensations of fucking. Tammy knew she’d never been fucked so brutally in her life. The pain was gone now. Those nerve endings had dulled to the constant, jarring strokes of her father’s enormous prick. Now there was only intense pleasure. It filled her whole naked body, seeming to flow out of her womb to warm and wet the outer lips of her pussy. Tammy had always thought that all pleasure was centered in her clit, tantalizing it as it rubbed the thrusting shaft of a man’s hard cock. But now she felt something else, something deeper. A pussy cum, she thought deliriously, as she lay helplessly on the mattress beneath her wildly fucking father. A cum that started deep inside her cunt.

Tammy just lay there, trying not to respond to his rapid thrusts, her legs spread and her knees up around his shoulders, spread-eagled, letting him fuck her as hard as he liked. “Oh, Daddy… ungghhh!”

“Do you like it? Like it, you whore?”

Steve panted out the filthy words, punishing her with the bone-shaking, thrusts of his enormous cock. “I don’t fuck your mother like this! This is how I fuck a slut! Like being a slut? Huh?”

“Dad-deeeee!” Tammy flung her thighs together, locking them around the middle of his heaving, muscular back. Then she grunted as she started pumping her wet, hairy pussy onto his huge prick as fast as she could, desperately trying to meet his strokes. “Unh! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Tammy raked her long fingernails down his back, clawing the cheeks of his ass. “Harder! Fuck me harder! Kill me with your big prick!” Shocked by her obscenities, Steve mustered up all his energy, slamming his throbbing cock furiously into his teenaged daughter’s cunt. But now Tammy whipped up her ass to meet every stroke, groaning wantonly as she ground her pussy hole onto his prick. And her pussy was throbbing and juicing uncontrollably.

“Cumming, Daddy!” she shrieked. “Cumming on your big fucking prick! Haaarder! Kill me with it! Love to fuck, oh Daddy! Awwwww! Cuummmiiinnngggg!” The spasms burst through her, making her pussy tunnel contract like a vise around the stabbing stiffness of her daddy’s cock. Again and again the white-hot waves of pleasure flooded through her, in the most intense, driving cum she’d ever had in her life.

The fuck juice gushed out of her pussy, surrounding her father’s pistoning cockmeat. Again and again her cunt throbbed, spasming uncontrollably around his stone-hard cock until Steve felt as if even his balls were being sucked into her wet, syrupy cunt. “Oh, Tammy…”

Then he collapsed between her thighs, and then his cock exploded with the biggest load of jism Tammy had ever taken in her life! A whole gusher of the milky spunk shot out of his prick head, blasting all the way up her cunt. “Dad-deeee!”

Tammy felt all the cum squirting into her, shooting out of his bloated cock head in one geyser of jism after another. Steve groaned as his balls drained off their racking load. There was so much jism that it squirted out of her ravished pussy around his mammoth cock, puddling thickly on the bed beneath her humping ass. And little squirts of cock juice kept flooding out of her father’s cock. Slowly Steve worked his ass, draining his wad completely in his daughter’s silken cunt. Then he pulled out of her pussy and collapsed exhausted on his back. “Oh, God!” he groaned.

Dazedly he stared up at the ceiling, obviously unable to believe how willingly and angrily he had fucked his teenaged daughter’s cunt. Tammy looked at him sympathetically, wanting to tell him how much she’d enjoyed and encouraged the savage fuck.

Finally she curled up on her side by his hip and girlishly put her hand on his wilting prick.

“Don’t do that,” Steve murmured with surprising gentleness. “Tammy… we’ve done enough…”

“No we haven’t, Daddy. I liked it. I want to fuck some more.” Steve glanced down at his daughter in surprise. Tammy rested her cheek on his hairy stomach. She held up the softening cock and popped the first several inches into her mouth. Her father’s cock was slimy with a combination of cunt cream and salty jism, and Tammy thought the two tasted heavenly together. Puckering her cheeks, she started to suck her daddy’s cock very hard, rolling her, tongue rhythmically around the spongy knob to lick off all the goo.

“Oh, Tammy!” Steve moaned as he watched her give, him head. “Don’t you think… Don’t you think we ought to stop now? Haven’t we done enough?” Tammy shook her head with the big cock still stuffed in her mouth. She was desperate to make it stiff again, so she started sucking as hard as she could.

Her whole face flushed as she gave her daddy a blow-job, shutting her eyes, concentrating on nothing but the big prick between her lips. Soon her efforts were rewarded, as his over-sized cock meat began to twitch and throb with fresh blood. Tammy wrapped her fingers tightly around the root of his swelling cock. She started jacking on it fast and hard, milking and tugging the blood back into his shaft. Bigger and stronger her father’s hard-on grew. Soon it was again as hard as iron, by far the biggest cock that she’d ever sucked.

Realizing that he’d gone too far to stop, this time Steve gave in easily to the cock-sucking pleasure. “Ohhh, Tammy!” He slid his hands down, curling his fingers into her hair. “Suck on it, baby… that feels good…” Now that his cock was so big and hard, Tammy could only stuff the first several inches into her mouth, her lips stretched to bursting around his prick. Sitting up, crouching on her knees beside his hips, she devoted all her attention to the blow-job. Her head bobbed, lightly fucking her face with her father’s enormous prick. Tammy beat his meat as hard as she could. She could hear the slurping, smacking sounds of her own juicy head-job filling the bedroom, and she knew her father could hear them too. “Unh! Unh!” Steve held her head tighter, wincing and gasping as his big prick started to pulse wildly down her throat. “Yes! Oh honey, that’s so fucking good! You give the best blow-job! Unh!”

Suddenly Tammy pulled up her head, letting the completely stiffened cock throb and pulse and ooze jism onto his stomach. Hurriedly she got on her hands and knees on the big bed, with her ass facing him.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” Tammy dropped her shoulders, pressing her cheek on the mattress. She spread her knees wide, then reached behind her to spread her silky ass cheeks, exposing the pink, puckered ring of her asshole.

“Jesus,” Steve groaned. “Fuck my asshole, Daddy!” Shamelessly the horny teen flexed her ass muscles, making the sphincter pulse and pucker inwards as her father watched. “I’ve been a bad girl. You need to punish me. Hurry, Daddy! I need to get my asshole fucked!”

Steve quickly crawled onto his knees, forgetting his sickness as his cock bobbed and twitched stiffly before him. Holding the meaty trunk in his big hand, he mounted his daughter, bending forward to fit the rosy knob onto the rubbery ring of her asshole.

“Yes, Daddy! Fuck my ass!” He pushed forward, embedding the first two inches of his enormous cock into the forbidden warmth of his daughter’s ass tunnel. Tammy bit her lip as she felt the painful stretching in her asshole but it felt good — very good. Her asshole always got really juicy and tender when she was super-horny, and her father’s cock was drippy with saliva and pussy juice and cum. No additional lubrication was necessary. Bunching over her, Steve held onto her hips for support. Then he started to stab the big prick into her, cramming inch after inch of his hard-on into the tight tunnel between her ass cheeks.

“Aw, Daaaddy!” Tammy started humping, pushing out her puckered asshole to help her dad cram his cock into her ass. The pain was still there, but he’d already shown her how good pain could feel when he’d violently fucked her cunt. And her asshole was spreading open, accommodating him, and the pleasure was getting better and better. Tammy clawed the sheets, shuddering as he got a full half of his enormous prick into her asshole. And he still kept fucking behind her, driving the big cock in…

“Unh, Daddy! Unh unh unh…” Tammy humped faster, constantly pushing out her asshole, wanting all of her father’s cock inside her churning ass guts. “It’s so big and fat! Fuck me with it! Oh Daddy, I’m taking your cock up my ass!”

Steve winced with pleasure, feeling the extreme tightness of her ass channel milking around his prick. Slowly he sawed it into her bowels until it was buried to the balls inside her, with the pink ring stretched painfully around the root of his enormous cock.

“Awwwww…” Tammy fell flat on her belly, squashing her tits on the sheets. Her asshole pulsed uncontrollably, nursing the steely hardness of her father’s prick. Slowly Steve pulled out, feeling her rubbery ass walls drag needfully around his cock, until only the knob parted her puckered ass ring. Then he pushed it back into his daughter’s asshole. It was easier now, her asshole had loosened just enough to take his huge cock.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” Tirelessly Tammy humped beneath him, feeling her pussy burn in sympathy with the huge cock spearing into her ass. “Fuck me, fuck me!” Steve fell into a steady fuck rhythm, sawing his bloated prick in and out between her shivering, milk-white ass cheeks. Tammy was instantly in heaven, overwhelmed with the intense pleasure of being ass-fucked by such an enormous cock.

“Yes, Daddy, yes!” She thrust her hand under her belly, groping through her pussy curls for the opening of her cunt slit. The pussy hole was awash with juice. Tammy started to finger-fuck herself, rolling her clit under her thumb, stabbing two fingers into her sopping-wet pussy, grunting every time her father hammered his cock into her throbbing ass tunnel.

“Harder, Daddy,” she yelped. “I can take it now! Fuck my ass off, fuck haaard!”

Giving in to the pleasure of incestuous sodomy, Steve started to pound his stone-hard cock into her asshole as hard as he could. Continually his prick grew and, swelled inside her asshole, becoming as hard as a board. It stretched her asshole completely, overwhelming the teen with the size of her father’s cock, until Tammy thought she could feel the cum-seeping cock head pounding into her knotted up stomach.

“Gonna cum, Daddy!” Wildly she pounded her fingers into her juicy, throbbing pussy, feeling the tingling spasms erupting from her swollen clit. “Gonna cum on your big, fat prick! I love it, Daddy! Unh! I love getting my asshole fucked!”

No longer trying to restrain himself, Steve reamed out his daughter’s asshole even harder than before. He fucked his huge cock into her ass guts like a machine, painfully stretching her ass ring as he whipped his cock in and out between the pear-shaped ass cheeks. “Cumming, Daddy! Unh! I’m cumming on it!” Tammy quivered and shook uncontrollably as the spasms flowered inside her, humping her asshole frantically on the impaling shaft of her father’s cock. “Nunh! Keep fucking me, Daddy! Harder, oh fuck, I’m cuming now! Love your prick, Daaaa-deee, I’m cuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her asshole contracted, sharply milking around the veined stiffness of his jackhammering cock. Sighing, Steve collapsed on her naked, sweating body, burying his prick all the way into her lewdly throbbing asshole.

The second load of cock juice flooded out of his cock, and Tammy instantly knew that there’d been a lot more cum left in his balls after all. Again and again it geysered out of his piss slit, deluging his daughter’s burning asshole with streams of sticky, sappy spunk.

“Unh, Daddy!” Hornily Tammy flexed her ass muscles, milking out all of her father’s cum load. A happy smile spread across her face as she felt the jism splattering deep inside her asshole.

Her father couldn’t resist her now, she knew, not after fucking her cunt and asshole so hard. It overjoyed, her to know that she could now fuck her willing daddy as much as she liked.


A few days later, Lana was sprinkling garnish on a big casserole when her son Johnny came home from school. The first thing he did was drop his school books on the kitchen floor and walk up to his big-titted mother, wrapping his arms around her waist and dry-humping an obviously big, stiff cock on her ass. “I want it bad, Mom,” he murmured, leaning forward to whisper his obscenities in her ear. “I had a big hard-on thinking about your cunt all day in school!”

“Oh, Son!”

Lana sighed and pressed back onto him, feeling his stiff cock throbbing on the crack of her ass. Already her pussy was burning and juicing, seeping through her panty crotch. Since the first time in the kitchen, Lana had fucked her teenaged son every chance she could. But their longest fuck sessions usually took place in motels. Lana was desperately afraid of being caught by her daughter or… worst of all… her husband.

“Johnny, you can’t do it to me now,” she squealed. “Tammy’s upstairs! And we can’t go to a motel. I’ve got to make dinner!”

“The basement,” Johnny moaned. “Let’s go into the basement. Mom, I’ve got to have it. My prick’s so fucking hard, it hurts!” As far as Lana was concerned, those were the magic words. The mental image of her son’s mammoth hard-on flooded her mind… a long, stiff, steely hunk of cock meat, oozing juice from the tip. Suddenly she knew how desperately she longed to stuff it down her throat, to suck out all his cum.

“All… all right,” Lana panted. Pushing away from him, the horny mother stuffed the casserole into the oven. “Let’s go. Quietly! Follow me…” The basement was entered by a door through the laundry room. Together they walked down the creaking stairs, seeing the small, dusty room full of everything from old tennis rackets to a big, dilapidated couch.

“All right, darling…” Lana pushed away the hands hungrily molding her big tits. “We have to hurry! Sit on the couch, lover! Mommy wants to suck your cock for you!”

Crossing the basement ahead of her, Johnny sprawled on the big, dusty couch. Hurriedly Lana knelt on the floor before him. Her hands shook as she fumbled with the zipper of his jeans. She pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles, exposing his legs, releasing his stone-hard prick. “Oh, Johnny,” the mother gushed. “What a beautiful cock!”

Proudly it stood out of his prick fur, looming large with blood and cum. Firmly Lana wrapped her hand around the root, holding it in position. Then her mouth swooped down on the turgid tip. Her lips parted wide and she made a lewd gurgling sound as she stuffed the meaty inches of his prick down her buttery throat.

“Unh! Suck it, Mom! Gimme some head!” Lana clamped her lips in a tight, sucking circle around the center of her boy’s cock, savoring the musky taste and aroma of hard cock meat. Her cheeks puckered and feverishly she started sucking, stroking her hand up and down his swollen shaft, beating his meat into her mouth.

“I’m sure they’ve got some extra pillows, Daddy,” Bridget said, glancing at her father over her shoulder. “Don’t worry. We can make up some excuse. Tell ’em I’m having trouble sleeping or something.”

Just as Lana was beginning to suck her son’s fat cock, Bridget and her father, Cal, were entering the house. They wanted the pillows so that Bridget would have something to stuff under her belly when her dad dog-fucked her. She wanted to be more comfortable when she was getting her asshole fucked. “Oh, damn it! Lana’s not here!”

Bridget stood in the kitchen with her hands on her hips, sniffing the air as she caught the scent of the casserole. Cal walked over and looked at the big dish through the oven window.

“She left it on,” he said. “She must have just stepped out for a minute.”

“Damn it,” Bridget pouted. “I’m so horny! I want you to fuck me right now, Daddy! Oh, where does she keep the pillows?” Then Bridget snapped her fingers. “Oh, I know! The basement! Come on, Daddy! Lana won’t mind! We can just go down and get some!”

Cal followed his daughter through the laundry room, standing behind her as she opened the door to the basement. Then they both stopped in shock before they’d gotten half-way down the rickety flight of stairs.

“Oh fuck, Mom,” Johnny said suddenly. “We’ve had it! Look!” Lana continued to slurp madly away at his huge hard-on for a moment longer, desperate to gulp down the ivory spurts of his boiling cum. But Johnny pushed her away, and she reluctantly turned her head. Then she felt herself gripped by the worst fear she’d ever felt in her life. “Oh, God,” she mowed. “It’s Bridget and Cal.”

Bridget and Cal finished walking down the stairs into the basement, staring at them wildly. Lana desperately searched her mind for some feeble excuse, but it was utterly impossible. Her niece and brother-in-law had just caught her with her son’s cock packed in her mouth. What excuse could she make for sucking Johnny’s prick?

“Okay… okay,” she stammered bravely, wiping the pearly drops of jism from her lips. “You’ve caught us. Now what are you going to do, Cal? Are you going to tell my husband?” Cal just stood there with his mouth open, and Lana gasped as she saw the big hard-on sticking through his pants. Bridget giggled shamelessly, covering her mouth with her hands.

“Shit, we’re not gonna tell anybody,” she laughed. “Not if you let me suck that big fucking prick too!”

Then she crossed the basement, making Lana gasp as she pushed the big-titted mother roughly away. Lana’s mouth opened wide in shock as her niece knelt on the floor where she had been. Johnny didn’t protest as his cousin dropped her head, stuffing his cock firmly between her lips. “Bridget!” Lana croaked. “You’re sucking him too! Good Lord!” Lana looked up at her son’s handsome face, seeing the glaze pass over his eyes as his prick was again engulfed in a wet, hungry mouth. From the looks of it, Bridget had obviously done a lot of cock-sucking in her years. Lana could see the way the girl’s cheeks flushed, her lips forming a tight circle around the center of Johnny’s cock. Then Bridget shut her eyes and furiously started sucking it, bobbing her head, fucking her face with her cousin’s prick.

“J-J-Jesus,” Lana gulped. “I can’t believe this is… oh my God! Cal!”

Cal had his pants off and his stone-hard cock was throbbing stiffly before him as he approached his brother’s wife. “You can’t really blame my daughter, Lana,” he said softly. “I gave her permission to fuck Johnny and Steve as much as she wants to! See, she’s been fucking me for years!” Lana’s mind spun with his confession. “You… you mean your daughter has fucked my husband?”

“You bet she has, honey! Just like I’m going to fuck you! Now spread those pretty legs!”

The slurping, smacking sounds of Bridget’s blow-job filled the dusty basement. Lana didn’t protest as Cal put her on her back on the floor. Hurriedly he pulled open her dress, unsnapping her bra to expose her enormous, creamy-white tits. Then he tugged off her panties, spreading her thighs and looking hungrily at the fleecy-haired slit of her juicing cunt.

“Oh, honey,” he moaned. “I been wanting to fuck you ever since my brother and you got married!”

Lana watched him spread and lift her thighs, falling to his knees between her legs. The big, fat cock pulsed and oozed over her naked stomach. Then she watched herself reach down and grasp his big prick, directing the knob to her hairy pussy. “Yes, Cal,” she panted. “I want it too! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!”

Cal eased his spongy cock head into her pussy, sighing as he felt the slippery walls of her cunt suck tightly around his cock. He stretched out on her body, flattening her big tits under his brawny chest. “Fuck me!” Out of the corner of her eye Lana could see Bridget’s lips smacking and slurping around her son’s hard-on, drinking in his meat. “Yes, fuck me, Cal!” She wrapped her long legs tightly around his waist and furiously started humping, pounding her wet pussy onto his cock. “Fuck my cunt!”

Cal pulled out slowly, then sawed his prick back in again. Then he fell into a furious, driving fuck rhythm, pounding his big prick relentlessly into the juicing wetness of his sister-in-law’s cunt. “Fuck me harder! Fuck the slit out of me!” Surprising herself with her own shameless lust, Lana worked her full ass frantically off the basement floor, pounding her pussy onto his big cock. “You can do better than that! Unh! Fuck my ass off! I need to cum!” She turned her head, watching Bridget fuck her face with her son’s straining hard-on. Johnny’s face was a mask of ecstasy, and Lana could see the jism oozing out of Bridget’s mouth. Very soon her boy’s cock was going to cum.

“Fuck harder!” she scissored her thighs higher around his back, lifting her ass so that even more of his prick would slam into her pussy passage. “Unh unh, fuck my brains out! Come on, Cal! I need to get fucked!”

Cal groaned as he felt the weight of her big tits jiggling wider his chest, the velvety tightness of her cunt tunnel compressing greasily around his pistoning cock. Spreading his knees slightly between, her thighs, he started to nail his big, throbbing cock into her pussy as hard as he could. Johnny bucked his ass off the couch, fucking Bridget’s face. “Gonna come,” he panted. “Gonna blow my wad!” Bridget sucked his aching cock as hard as she could, flushing brightly with the obscene energy of the blow-job. Her hand raced up and down his bone-hard cock shaft, beating his meat into her mouth.

“Cumming,” Johnny groaned. “Play with my balls! I’m cumming!”

Bridget thrust her free hand between his thighs, cupping his ball bag. The big load of jism squirted out of Johnny’s cock. Bridget felt the sappy spunk shooting down her throat. Hungrily she swallowed, nursing out every drop.

But some of it oozed out of her mouth, and as Lana turned her head she could see the milky jism running back down Johnny’s throbbing cock. The sight of her son’s drooling jism made her pussy start spasming all over Cal’s thrusting prick. “Fuck me, Cal!” she yelped. “Fuck me, fuck me, cuuummmiiinnnngggg!” Cal collapsed on her belly, spearing his cock to the balls into her hotly throbbing, gripping pussy. The white load of jism blasted out of his prick head, shooting deep inside the mother’s pussy. Lana’s cunt was like Bridget’s mouth — it couldn’t take all of his cum. She gasped and humped tirelessly beneath him as the sappy jizz ran out of her hairy cunt slit, dripping down her legs. Sighing, Lana continued to hump her pussy onto Cal’s shooting cock. So Bridget had fucked her husband! Lana sensed that it wouldn’t be long before Steve and Tammy — especially Tammy — were in on the family action.


The living room curtains were tightly drawn, and that morning Steve had installed a heavy set of blinds on the picture window, so no one would ever be able to see inside. There were two sources of light, one from the hall and one from a covered lamp next to the sofa. The living room was silent, except for the slurping, squishing sounds of a lot of sex in progress.

“Lick it, Daddy! Unh! You lick my cunt so good!” Bridget was naked on the couch, her legs spread wide and her small feet pushed onto the cushions. Her horny father knelt naked on the floor before her. His stiff cock pushed out, throbbing as he gripped his daughter’s ass cheeks. His mouth rooted on her cunt, sucking up her pussy juice.

“Harder, Daddy!” Bridget frantically humped her ass, fucking her cunt all aver Cal’s face. “I’m gonna cum! Gonna cum!”

Cal pawed his daughter’s humping ass cheeks, slipping one hand between them, making her grunt as he pushed a finger deep inside her rubbery asshole. Then he continued to lap away at her frothing pussy, delighting in the taste of her cunt juices.

“Lick my clit, Daddy! Awww, I love the way you suck me! I’m gonna cum!” Cal responded to his daughter’s obscene wishes, moving his mouth up her cunt hole to envelop her swollen clit bud. At the same time he pushed his free hand up her slender thighs, burying two into her pussy, finger-fucking her with the sane rhythm with which he jacked off her throbbing asshole.

“I’m cumming, Daddy!” Bridget bucked as if she’d been shot, grinding her hairy, steaming pussy mound onto her father’s lips. “Suck my cunt, suck it! Awww! I’m cumming, cuuummmiiinnnggg!” Her pussy creamed, oozing hot, musky fuck oil into her father’s mouth. Cal kept on jacking off her pussy and asshole, licking her tingling clit. Then he pushed his tongue between her pouting cunt lips to suck out all of his teenaged daughter’s cum. At the same time, less than two feet away, Johnny was sitting on the other side of the couch. His face was transfixed with passion. Dazedly he looked down at his mother, who was feverishly sucking his rock-hard cock. “Oh, Mom, do it harder,” he groaned. He saw the flush in her cheeks, heard the slurping, smacking cock-sucking noises drown out Cal’s lips on Bridget’s pussy. “I’m about to cum!”

Lana was naked, and her enormous tits jiggled spongily as she fucked her face on her son’s cock. Her hand tightly gripping the root of his hard-on, she jacked him off. She sucked her boy’s cock as hard as she could, anxious to be rewarded with a big load of shooting cum. “Aw, Momma!” Johnny curled his fingers into her hair, sighing as the cum load built in the hairy sac of his balls. “It’s gonna shoot any fucking second!”

Lana puckered her cheeks, sucking his hard-on that much more energetically. Her tongue swirled around his cock knob, lapping up the juice. She pushed her left hand between, his thighs, tenderly squeezing his balls.

“Ahhhh…” The cock milk squirted, lurching out of his prick to shoot torrentially between his mother’s lips. The wet sound of Lana’s sucking changed as she started swallowing at the same time. Her throat muscles moved, gulping down the cum. She continued to suck her son’s cock furiously after the spunk had finished squirting, wanting him to stay hard for a good fucking.

And at the same time, her husband and daughter were doing just that. Steve and Tammy were on the living room floor, in the dog-fucking position. Tammy’s big tits were jiggling as her father pounded his enormous hard-on into her tight, teenaged cunt.

“Harder, Daddy, fuck me harder!” Tammy panted. “I love your huge fucking meat! Fuck the shit out of me!”

Steve fucked as hard as he could, hunching over her big-titted body, pounding his gigantic prick into her hairy, sucking cunt. Tammy moaned and took the fuck thrusts, knowing that she was about to cream. Things had worked out so well, she thought. She had to laugh when she remembered her earlier opinion of Bridget, who hadn’t turned out to be a goody-goody at all.

She was glad they were all fucking together. Tammy wasn’t grounded anymore, but she knew she wouldn’t be going out nearly as often in the future, or getting into any kind of trouble. Having her daddy’s huge cock fucking her pussy was all the pleasure she needed.

“Unh! Oh, Daaa-dee!” Tammy clawed the carpet strands, furiously pumping up her ass cheeks as the spasms started knotting up her belly. “I’m cumming, Daddy! Fuck my cunt, fuck it hard! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy creamed, throbbing lusciously as the cum ravished her nakedness again and again. Steve kept fucking her furiously through her orgasm, until the exhausted girl fell flat on her belly on the living room rug. He pulled his cock out of her hairy slit, and a quick glance over her shoulder showed Tammy that he hadn’t blown his wad yet, that his cock was still as hard as stone. And she had to do something to satisfy her father. She looked up, seeing her mother wetly sucking Johnny’s cock, and Uncle Cal climbing up to stab his big prick into his daughter’s pussy. Then Tammy spread her ass cheeks with her hands, exposing her pink, puckered asshole to her father. “Go ahead, Daddy,” she moaned. “Fuck my horny ass!” Holding his huge, throbbing prick in his fist, Steve pushed the knob onto his daughter’s ass. Then it was pushing into her, invading her asshole with the burning hardness of stiff cock meat.

“Unh, Daddy!” Tammy started humping again, insatiably thrusting her asshole onto her father’s enormous cock. Fucking was so fantastic, she thought giddily. All she wanted to do was fuck her daddy’s big, beautiful cock from now on.

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