The Family’s Hot Daughter

When a girl becomes a woman, she is usually subjected to biological and psychological forces which are totally unfamiliar to her, and, usually, over which she has no control. Some times it can seem to a young girl that entering the world of sexuality is tearing her apart, ripping away her emotions and exposing parts of her which were totally unknown before.

In America, young girls are further frustrated by the fact that they are forced to hide what they are feeling, to deny the desires they feel. Oftentimes, the feelings of frustration and guilt which girls are forced to carry end up being more damaging than their newborn sexuality.

Marge Randall, the young girl in THE FAMILY’S HOT DAUGHTER, is also a victim of passions and desires beyond control. Unlike others, though, she has given in to them, has let them take control of her actions.

Drawn into the web of lust which she has weaved about herself is her family. They find themselves objects of Marge’s lust, and there is very little they can do to change what is happening, to alter the dangerous course they are all following.

THE FAMILY’S HOT DAUGHTER is the story of a young girl whose passions have run wild. Whether Marge is right or wrong in what she does is something to be decided on an individual basis.


“Ohhh, Uncle Andy,” Marge whispered as her uncle finally pulled away from their incestuous tongue-kiss.

The man had given his niece a ride home from school. Somehow, the sexual longing they had always felt for each other had caught fire as he had leaned across the lovely, young girl to open her car door.

They had embraced and kissed each other hotly before Andy Randall had finally managed to pull away, a little shocked by his own desires and by his young niece’s eager reaction.

“Sorry, baby, that shouldn’t have happened,” he murmured.

“And why not? I’m glad it happened, and, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you’re glad too!” Marge said, flinging her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

She got out of the car.

“I’ll tell you what, Uncle Andy,” she said with a smile, leaning down and looking in at him through the car window. “There’s no one home right now. Why don’t you go on home and make up some excuse to Aunt Helen about why you have to leave right away again?”

“What do you have in mind, Marge?” Andy asked hoarsely, hardly able to talk past the knot of lust he felt in his throat, lust for this gorgeous teenager who was standing there about to offer him what he had been horny for years now.

“What do you think, Uncle Andy?” Marge laughed, knowing that she had her uncle right where she wanted him. She could see that he was so hot for her that there was no way he would pass up a chance to be alone with her.

“Say it, Marge. Just what do you want?”

Andy demanded between clenched teeth, trying desperately to stem the tide of desire that hardened his cock painfully.

Marge moved closer to the car window and draped the top part of her body over it so that her huge tits were hanging over into the car’s interior, big tits crowned with long nipples which were stiffly poking through the girl’s sheer blouse.

Andy stared at his niece’s huge tits and swallowed hard, vainly trying to compose himself.

“What I want,” Marge began in a firm tone as if he were a naughty child trying to get out of doing something that was good for him, “is for you to go home now and let Aunt Helen know that you won’t be home until late. Then, while you’re gone, I’m going to undress and stretch out on my bed and wait for you to come back so you can fuck me!”

“Oh, God, Marge, we can’t.”

“The hell we can’t!” Marge exclaimed, moving back from the car a bit and balancing her school books on one hip. Her big tits punched their stiff nips against her blouse. “Don’t play games with me, Uncle Andy. I see that huge hard-on you’ve got there! There’s no point in denying that you want to fuck me! And I want to fuck you! So what’s the big deal? I expect you back here in half an hour at the latest, and I don’t want you to keep me waiting!”

“I don’t know, Marge,” the man said uncertainly, struggling with his feelings of guilt for wanting so badly to fuck the shit out of the young girl.

The girl’s eyes, narrowed and her full-lipped mouth became a straight line of determination.

“If you don’t do what I want now,” she said through clenched teeth, “I’ll see to it that you never get another opportunity! This is your only chance. Don’t be a fool and throw away what half the men in town are hot for I’ve got a great little pussy.”

With that, she turned and started walking toward her house. Halfway there, she paused and looked back over her shoulder with a sexy smile.

“Don’t miss the hottest piece of ass you’ve ever fucked, Uncle Andy!” she said.

She deliberately swayed her hips temptingly as she let herself into her house, leaving her uncle to deal with the cruel hard-on that continued to grow inside his pants.

As he finally pulled away from the curb, the man had no doubt that he would do exactly what his sexy little niece had demanded of him. He would return as soon as possible and fuck the hell out of her!

Inside her house, Marge quickly undressed and took a steaming shower and toweled her body until her flesh was tingling. Then, she applied her favorite erotic perfume to all the pulse centers of her body, paying particular attention to the valley between her tits and her inner thighs.

A short time later, Andy walked up to Marge’s house. He started to knock on the front door, but his hand froze in midair. She had said she would be on her bed, naked and waiting for him. With an excited grin, he gripped the knob and twisted it, easing the door open and stepping quickly inside, hardly able to contain his fuck-lust for the young girl.

He walked upstairs where the bedrooms were and moved toward Marge’s room.

“You in there, baby?” Andy called huskily as he paused outside her room.

“Undress out there, Uncle Andy,” Marge’s voice said from her bedroom.

Andy quickly tore his clothes off, his cock swelling more and more by the second.

“Hurry, Uncle Andy! I can’t wait! Are you undressed yet?” Marge called.

“Are you already undressed, honey?” Andy called, swallowing hard as he imagined the girl’s naked body all spread out on her bed, just waiting for his cock.

“I told you I would be,” Marge responded impatiently. “Now hurry up and get in here!”

Completely naked now, Andy stepped through the door, his cock thrusting upward in complete rigidity. For a long moment, Marge and her uncle just stared at each other, their eyes feasting on their naked bodies.

“Wow!” Marge cried, her eyes glazing with lust as she stared at the man’s enormous prick. “Your cock’s even bigger than I thought… or hoped.”

Andy’s eyes drank in the tempting sight of his niece’s long legs and the firm thrust of her big tits. His eyes were drawn to the blonde triangle of fuzz covering her pussy.

“You’re gorgeous, darling,” he said huskily, “and it’s your sexy little body that’s made my cock so big and hard… just for you.”

“Come here, Uncle Andy,” Marge murmured, extending her arms out toward him.

Andy moved toward the bed and in seconds he was lying next to her, drawing her warm nakedness against his hard muscular body and trying to touch her with every single inch of his naked flesh. His lips found hers and the young girl thrust her tongue inside his mouth.

The man’s hands slid over Marge’s lush curves, cupping her straining asscheeks. He pressed his throbbing prick against the warm underside of her fiat belly.

Their lips parted and Andy dropped his mouth to the girl’s tits, sucking in one other juicy nipples, his lips tightening around the distended nip while his tongue jabbed. His fingers dipped between her thighs, and Marge quickly and eagerly parted her legs.

“Ohhh, Uncle Andy, that’s good,” she moaned as her uncle probed the moist heat of her cunt, starching for and finally finding the swollen bud of her clit, his lewd touch sending shiver of lust through her body.

“Oh, you bastard, what you’re doing to me,” she whimpered as his fingers rolled her clit back and forth. Her body arched and, her hips thrust forward and upward. The young girl turned on more and more.

Andy let the girl’s turgid nip slide through his lightly gripping teeth, rubbing his tongue across its pulsing tip. Then, he lifted his head and looked down into the girl’s lust-glazed eyes.

“Ohhh, baby, this is all so confusing…”

“What’s the matter, Uncle Andy? Don’t I turn you on?” Marge asked, already knowing the answer to her question.

The man jammed his bursting cock against her naked thigh.

“Does that answer your question?” Andy said with a laugh. “I’ve wanted to make it with you for a long time now.”

“Then why haven’t you? I’ve been flirting with you for years now, Uncle Andy,” the teenager said softly.

“I guess I’ve just been hungry, baby,” he said, shrugging. “You know… I mean, we’re talking incest here.”

“Right. That’s the main reason it’s so exciting… don’t you understand that yet, Uncle Andy? Don’t you get it?” Marge said impatiently, silently wishing that he would stop talking and just fuck him.

Andy licked his lips as his eyes swept over his niece’s body, his gaze locking on her little pussy.

“Yeah, I get it, baby, don’t worry, I’m not fighting it anymore! I get it, and in just a minute you’re gonna get it! You’re gonna get my big cock… right up this juicy little cunt of yours!” Andy growled as he worked his fingers deeper into the juicy groove of Marge’s cunt, probing at the taut cunt-flesh.

Marge moistened her lips nervously as she thought about what she had to say.

“Uncle Andy,” she said, hesitating for a few seconds before continuing. “I have a confession to make.”

“What’s that, baby?” Andy asked, smiling reassuringly at the lovely young girl.

“Well, it’s just that I let you believe that I’ve really been around… you know, I’ve been acting like a whore around you,” Marge said.

“Yeah, and I love it,” Andy said, still smiling.

“Yeah, well, the truth is that I’ve never fucked before,” she said softly.

Andy’s hand froze on his niece’s moist crotch, his fingers motionless in the juicy cleft of her hot little cunt.

“You’re kidding!” he finally said.

Marge rolled her blonde head back and forth on the pillow.

“No, it’s the truth. I’m a virgin!” she cried, almost defiantly, as though she were blurting a secret.

“My God! A virgin! You? As gorgeous and sexy as you are, it’s a wonder that you haven’t been raped before now. How have you managed to stay a virgin this long, sweetie?” Andy asked, already thinking that it would give him an extra thrill to be the one to pop the girl’s cherry.

“It hasn’t been easy. I’m always jerking myself off. And I sometimes let a guy eat me out… that helps a lot!” Marge said breathlessly as her uncle’s fingers once more began to move inside her wet cunt.

“But it hasn’t been enough, has it, baby?” Andy asked.

“No… no, none of that is enough! I need you and your great big cock! I need you to fuck me, Uncle Andy! I need you to pop my cherry!”

“Oh, Marge, baby!” Andy cried hoarsely. His lips covered hers, and he sucked on her tongue as it slid into his mouth and explored his teeth and gums skillfully.

“Let me touch your prick!” she cried, breaking their kiss and scrambling down in the bed, reversing her body as she reached for her uncle’s enormous cock, curling her fingers round his prick and sliding the loose skin up and down the pulsing cockshaft.

Andy rolled onto his side, facing her, and pulled her hips toward him, his warm breath striking the base of her tummy, just above her cunt mound. He kissed her satiny smooth tummy, opening his mouth against the warm flesh and pressing his tongue in slow circling that made the girl squirm excitedly.

His chin was rubbing against her golden pussy hair, and desire was building furiously inside the young girl’s body. Uncle Andy moved his face lower now, licking at the delicate area where thigh and hip formed a tempting valley, and his hands urged her thighs farther apart.

His tongue slid over the sensitive inner thigh, his breath fanning her lust, into a wild fire.

“Unnhhhh, oh yesss, Uncle Andy,” she groaned.

Her fingers clutched his big hard cock almost painfully, and her other hand dug its sharp fingernails into his thighs as the teenager braced herself for what she knew was about to happen.

With a groan of hunger, Andy pressed his lips against his niece’s wet pussy and slid his tongue between the juicy cuntlips, far back into the pussyhole that throbbed against his tongue.

“Ohhhh God!” Marge shrieked, turned on beyond belief.

The man’s tongue burrowed between the bloated pussylips and his tongue began a slow, skillful dance of lust, in and out, flicking and twisting and fucking. His strong hands gripped her ass, holding her tightly as he tongue fucked her cunt. He went as far as he could without breaking the tight little cherry that was tautly stretched across her narrow virginal fuckhole.

“Aaaarrrgghhhh! Ohhh, Uncle Andy! I can’t stand it! It feels soooo fuckin’ good! Ohhhhh, Uncle Andy, keep it up! Keep eating my pussy! Tongue-fuck my little cunt until I come, Uncle Andy!” she cried.

His tongue had moved to her cunt and blasted it with a fast, furious licking, his lips closing tightly to create a tremendous suction of heat and wetness. His mouth filled with his own saliva and the tasty juices from her spuming cunt.

Marge was working responsively, grinding her horny little cunt against her uncle’s busily sucking mouth. She welcomed each thrust of the man’s tongue with a moan of delight.

She moved her hand over his hard prick, pumping the cockshaft hard and fast, and he groaned into her wide-open cunt, thrilled by the heady combination of her steady cock-stroking and the taste of her horny pussy.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Uncle Andy, fuck my cunt with that hard, wet tongue of yours! I love it! Ohhh, yesss, I love it woo much! Keep tongue-fucking me, Uncle Andy! Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop until I come!” Marge cried hysterically, lifting her ass up from the bed and ramming her wet cunt up hard again his face, trying to coax even more of his tongue into his moan muffled by the wet cunt-flesh that was throbbing so lewdly against his tongue and lips.

Andy’s tongue bounced off the girl’s cherry, and he moaned again, thrilled by the knowledge that in just a matter of minutes now, he would be breaking right through her cherry with his big hard fuck.

With his tongue, he licked the entire surface of the girl’s wet cuntwalls, and suddenly Marge clutched her uncle’s tongue with her strong cunt-muscles.

Andy was surprised that his inexperienced niece knew how to use her muscles to grab his tongue, and he immediately realized that she would be able to grab his cock in the same way. I very soon now. That obscene thought turned him on so powerfully that, he almost came on the spot.

“Uhhhh, sooooo good,” she moaned, feeling her orgasm about to explode.

Andy thrust his tongue into her fuckhole over and over and then be suddenly sank the edges of his sharp teeth into her twitching clit.

“Commmiinnngggg!” Marge screamed at the top of her lungs. A gigantic orgasm exploded throughout her cunt, releasing a fresh flood of juice which Andy thirstily swallowed. “Okay, baby,” he said, finally raising his juice-smeared face from between her thighs and grinning at her. “It’s time that you got your little cherry popped!”


“Ohhhh, yessss, Uncle Andy, it’s time now! Fuck me, Uncle Andy! Pop my cherry for me!” Marge cried desperately, her pussy still spasming orgasmically.

Andy twisted around, pushing the girl onto her back once more, and he knelt between her thighs as she spread them wide for him. She moved her legs up on either side of the muscular man, cradling his hips as he guided his throbbing cock into her virgin pussy.

“Ohhh, hurry, Uncle Andy! I can’t wait to feel you breaking my cherry and fucking me good and hard!” Marge cried.

“Don’t worry, baby. Just trust your uncle. I’m gonna take real good care of your little cherry for you,” he moaned as he felt the wet heat of her cunt-flesh embracing the head of his prick.

“Unnnbhhb, ohhhh,” Marge moaned continually, staring up at her handsome uncle with wide eyes, her arms outstretched, her fingers gripping the bedclothes. Her lips were drawn back in a grimace of desire, and her tongue moved restlessly between her teeth.

They both groaned as the man’s hips forced the head of his prick between the tight folds of her cunthole.

“Ohhhh, it hurts,” she groaned.

Her uncle saw the flicker of pain in her green eyes.

“Want me to stop, baby?” he asked breathlessly, knowing that he wouldn’t stop, no matter what she said.

“Nooooo!” she cried loudly. “Do it, Uncle Andy! It’s okay, really it is! It hurts, but I expected that! Just go ahead and fuck me hard with your big prick! Pop my cherry!”

“Okay, baby, if you’re sure,” Andy said throatily as he eased his prick deeper into the girl’s tight virgin cunthole.

“Ohhhh, baby,” she moaned as she felt the churning heat of the rippling cock-flesh that penetrated her slimy pussy.

Halfway in, he paused, letting the convulsions of his niece’s hot cunt caress his prick while he shifted his arms to support his weight, letting only his chest press against her firm tits.

“How do you like it so far, baby?” he whispered, his lips only an inch from hers. “Is it good?”

“Yesssss!” she hissed, and she squeezed her cunt-muscles around his prick as if to reassure him just how good it was. “You’re so big and hard! I love your cock! Is it all the way in? Have you popped my cherry yet, Uncle Andy?”

“Oh no, honey, I’m only halfway in and right now the head of my prick is resting right against your cherry,” he told her. “One more hard shove should do it.”

“Ohhhh, do it, Uncle Andy! Fuck right through my cherry!” Marge cried.

“I’ve got a lot more cock here for you. Are you sure you can take it all?” he asked teasingly.

“Oh, yes! I’ll try! Just tell me what to do!” Marge cried eagerly.

“Pull your legs up, baby, and spread them as widely as you can. Then push your hips up when I push down,” he ordered.

Andy waited until his niece’s knees were almost parallel with her big tits, enjoying the sensuous movement of the hot sheath of cuntflesh around his cock. Then, he took a long deep breath and held it, shoving downward with the full force of his muscles.

“Ohhhhhh!” Marge cried as the entry of her uncle’s cock forced the sound out.

His huge prick had just burst right through her cherry, just as she had begged. The young girl had never felt so excited before in her entire life.

“How do you like that, baby? I just popped your little cherry for you.” Andy laughed triumphantly as he gazed down at her lust-contorted face.

“Ohhhhh, thank you, Uncle Andy! I love it! It hurts like hell, but I still love it! Ohhh, your cock is so big and hard!” Marge groaned.

The full length of her uncle’s massive prick was inside her now, filling her cunt with its throbbing heat. She writhed and squirmed beneath him in a frenzy of fuck-lust and pain.

“You’ve got it all now, baby! How does it feel?” the man asked lewdly.

“Ohhhhh, it feels like I’m gonna burst! It’s filling me all up… my little cunt’s never felt so full in all my life! I love it.” She savored the feeling.

Andy covered his niece’s mouth with his own, sucking at the tongue she offered him.

As they continued to tongue-kiss each other, he eased his hips upward, dragging his prick back through the slippery cunt-folds that trembled and nibbled. He pulled his prick almost all the way out before fucking back in again with a deliberate tantalizing slowness. “Yessss, fuck meee!” Marge screeched, thrusting her hips upward to meet her uncle’s fucking thrusts.

She worked her juicy cunt up and down the man’s dick as they began to fuck each other in earnest.

“Ohhhhh, it feels soooo good, Uncle Andy! I love fucking you! Am I doing it right!” she cried as their lips slid apart and she clutched her uncle tighter against her trembling body.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Andy gasped, fucking his huge cock in and out of her cunt with hard strokes. “You’re fucking back at me really good!”

Her cunt-muscles tightened and loosened as her uncle fucked his cock into her, and her ass twisted and bucked, adding to the lust-filled pleasure that both of them surely felt.

“Do you like fucking me, Uncle Andy?” she suddenly asked, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear him say the words which, she knew, would turn her on even more. Her fingers clawed at his naked back as she waited for his response. “Is my pussy good, Uncle Andy? Do you like fucking it?”

“God, yes, baby! Your pussy’s the best! Just keep fucking back at me like you’re doing, you sexy little girl,” he growled, fucking her harder and faster.

Soon, the bedroom was filled with their groans and whimpers and sighs of pleasure, and the sounds of naked flesh slapping lewdly against naked flesh could be heard. The man fucked his niece harder and faster, his big prick squishing through her juicy cunt-folds rougher and rougher.

“You hot little bitch!” Andy gasped into her ear, his hips pounding at her with increasing speed.

“Yes, yes! I’m so hot I can hardly stand it! I’m burning up! Ohhh, Uncle Andy, I’m sooo turned on!” the girl whimpered, writhing and twisting about furiously on the bed.

They fucked each other harder and faster now, both of them desperate for the orgasms they needed so badly. Marge’s ass bucked and jerked, working more wildly, jerking up violently with each downward thrust of her uncle’s huge, pulsing prick.

“You’re a great fuck, baby,” Uncle Andy panted, fucking his prick full-length into her and feeling her pussy juices sloshing around his cock.

Andy reamed his niece’s cunt with his big cock, fucking in deep and hard, ramming his prick into the churning depths of her wet cunt and jabbing at the very back wall of her pussy with savage thrusts.

The man knew that he could come any second, and he was almost too turned on to care. But he was determined to hold back until he had given the young girl the fucking of her life.

Over and over again, Marge lifted her ass from the bed, thrusting her crotch up at her uncle’s prick as he fucked down into her cunt, more violently with each thrust. Her bloated cuntlips rode up and down his dick as her cunt-muscles squeezed his meat as hard as was possible.

Her heels were dug into the bed now, and together with her braced shoulders, they provided the leverage she needed to shove her hungry curt upward until her pussy mound slammed against the man’s crotch, and his prick was buried in the shifting, wriggling tissue of her pussy, its head butting against her vibrating cunt-walls with every thrust.

Andy fucked into her with a vicious lunge and began fucking in and out, thrilling to the sound of the wet squishing as his cock slid through the teenager’s thick fuck juices.

“Ohhhh, Uncle Andy! Hahn, fuck meee, fuck me good and hard, I love it!” Marge cried.

She wrapped her long slender legs around his back, gripping him so that she could shove he hips up even harder against his as his prick continued to fuck into her, over and over against her huge tits were slick with sexual sweat, and the man’s broad, hairy chest slid lewdly against her swollen nipples in a constant, mind-blowing massage as he fucked in and out of her. His hips rubbed against the velvet of her inner thighs as they pumped, reaming her out until her little ass was jerking and bucking uncontrollably.

“Unnnnhhhhh,” Marge moaned weakly.

The young blonde no longer knew her own name, she was so completely dazed with lust and the need to come. She didn’t know who she was. And she didn’t know who the man was who was fucking her so wonderfully. She was so spaced out, she didn’t know what the fuck was going on.

And what was more, the young girl didn’t care who she was or who the man was. To her lust-satiated flesh, he was nothing more or less than a big hard prick, and his only purpose, as far as she was concerned, was to fuck the hungry hole between her thighs. She was lost in a sea of pleasure and lust, blind to everything else except the delicious feeling in her pussy.

It was not love that answered the man’s pounding prick, but lust. And the wild gleam in Marge’s eyes was like that of a wild animal, obsessed with the overwhelming need to fuck and to come.

Andy fucked his niece even harder now, brutally ramming the entire length of his mammoth-sized prick up her pussy. Every thrust of his cock into her juicy pussy added fuel to the fire already raging out of control in the girl’s mind.

“Ohhhh, baby, your little cunt’s so nice and tight,” Andy moaned as he lifted her ass up off the bed. He buried his raw cock-meat to the hilt in his niece’s aching, pulsing cunt.

“Ahh, yessss, Uncle Andy, more, harder, faster! I want this so bad! I need it! I love it that you’re fucking me, Uncle Andy! I love it that you popped my cherry for me! I love it all! And I need it more!” Marge screamed, turning on more and more.

She clenched and unclenched the walls of her pussy, loving the way it felt when she hugged her uncle’s huge prick tight in her throbbing cunt. She lowered her head and sank her teeth into his shoulder.

“Yeeeoooowwww! You hot little bitch!” he roared.

Marge wriggled her hips in response to her uncle’s fucking thrusts. She bucked her hips up to his and rolled with wild abandon, feeling his prick fuck in and out of her tight pussy.

The young girl couldn’t believe how big and hard her uncle’s prick was. In all her wildest dreams about fucking the man, she had never dared to hope that his prick could possibly be this big. But his cock was completely filling her up, giving her a lewd thrill that she would never forget.

“Unnnhhhh, sooooo good, Uncle Andy, so fucking good,” she moaned, raking her long fingernails down the man’s back, making him groan with pleasure.

The man grunted loudly with the effort to hold back still longer and not come. He knew that his little nice could enjoy it all the more if he could hold back longer.

His hands were now clamped hard around her huge, heaving tits, using them as levers as he pumped his cock in and out of her hot pussy. He could feel her tight cunt clasping and unclasping around his thrusting prick.

Suddenly, her horny pussy grabbed his cockshaft extra hard, squeezing unmercifully. He felt his cum churning in his balls, and he realized that he couldn’t hold back any longer. He had to come.

He felt the beginning of his orgasm tense his asscheeks and tighten his balls as they swung back and forth at her crotch.

“Here it comes, baby!” he gasped. Fucking hard and fast into her as he worked his hips powerfully.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Uncle Andy, come!” Marge cried as she felt his prick swell and jerk inside her. She bucked and jerked savagely, screwing her cunt around her uncle’s cock, welcoming the spurting cum that she had lusted after for so long.

Her pussyhole squeezed and sucked, desperately trying to milk every single drop of the man’s cum from his balls. Her own climax began.

Her clasping cuntwalls sucked brutally at her uncle’s prick, chewing at his meat unmercifully. His cockshaft leaped with the violence of his spurting cum.

“Commmiinnngggg!” he bellowed.

“Yessss, Uncle Andy, shoot your load into my pussy! Do it, Uncle Andy, do it! Come inside me! I want it all!” Marge cried as her own orgasm crashed through her. She was super turned on by the fact that her little cunt would soon be running over with her uncle’s thick cum.

Andy’s tight balls pulled tight and blew, his thick goo shooting into his niece’s spasming pussyhole. He continued to shove his huge prick in and out of her orgasming cunt as they both came hard.

As her uncle’s thick, hot cum filled her pussy to overflowing, Marge’s orgasm continued. Her entire body shaking uncontrollably, she saw tiny dots of brilliant colors behind her closed eyelids as she came. Shudder after shudder of delicious, hot, forbidden climax thundered through her, leaving her shaken and trembling.

Her beautiful, young face was flushed a deep red, her tits were sweaty and heaving, hard and throbbing. She clawed desperately at her uncle’s body, pulling him even closer to her, trying to get even more of his coming prick inside her.

Uncle Andy blew wad after wad of thick, hot cum into his niece’s spasming cunt. He could feel her cunt-muscles sucking at his prickmeat, milking it of every drop of cum. And the lewd sensation turned him on even more as they both continued to come.

Finally, long moments later, their orgasms ended, and Andy collapsed against Marge’s body, both of them breathing hard.

Marge reached out and smoothed the man’s thick hair back and ran her hands aver his lean hips.

Oh God, she thought excitedly, I’ve never felt this wonderful before in all my life! I have my very own uncle’s cum churning around in my pussy. I can feel it sloshing around in there and I can feel it running out and dribbling down my thighs and I love it!

She squeezed her cunt-muscles tightly around the man’s softening prick and she came again. The teenager squirmed hotly beneath Andy.

He gazed down at her and saw that she was coming again. He covered her mouth with his, forcing his tongue between her lips and quickly finding her own tongue.

Their tongues locked into each other. The young girl moaned with excitement as her orgasm rocketed through her, releasing even more pussy juice, which drenched her cunt, mingling lewdly with her uncle’s spilled cum.

As Marge’s orgasm finally subsided, she realized two things. First, she knew she had been right to save her cherry for her uncle. He had fucked her so good! And, second, she knew that she was ready to be fucked again. As she glanced down at her uncle’s hardening prick, she could see that he was ready to fuck too.


Days later, Marge’s young brother, Joey, picked up the telephone and called his Aunt Helen. They talked for a few minutes, both of them thinking how lucky they were to be so close to each other.

“Then you’re really sure it’s okay if I come over now to talk to you, Aunt Helen?” Joey asked.

“Of course, darling! I’m always here for you. You know that. Your uncle is at work now and I’m all alone in the house so we’ll have lots of privacy. You come right on over now and I’ll try to help you with whatever problem you’re having,” Helen said warmly.

Helen hung the phone up, feeling strangely excited, almost as if she were intoxicated. She hadn’t been completely alone with her nephew for a long time, certainly not since he had sprouted up so much and become so tall, even though he was still a very young boy.

She turned and glanced in the full-length mirror on the wall.

Even though I’m the boy’s aunt, she thought, I sure as hell don’t look very old. And my tits can hold their own without a bra and without any sag.

Even her ass looked good, she realized with a smile as she turned and patted her ass, still looking in the mirror. No sag there either, she thought with pride. She licked her lips and thought about Joey, realizing for the first time just how much she would love to fuck the boy.

Hot shivers of lust raced through her loins as she imagined herself in bed with Joey, his strong arms holding her close against him. She knew that if he were as eager to fuck her as she was to fuck him, there would be no holding back. The very idea, of having his young, muscular body bouncing between her thighs made her pussy tingle and burn, and she trembled as she thought about wrapping her lips around his young cock.

Helen showered and toweled her body to a glowing sensuous pinkness. Then she slipped into her sheerest, sexiest nightgown. She was very aware that her nipples and pussy fur were clearly visible through the fabric. And that was just how she wanted it.

She knew that she would deliberately try to seduce her nephew, and she only hoped that he would be interested. By the time the doorbell rang, the woman was trembling with hot anticipation.

She hurried to the door, glad that she was alone in the house. She would have plenty of time to seduce her young nephew.

“Wow, Aunt Helen!” Joey cried as he looked his aunt up and down, his eyes fixing on her pussy, which he could easily see through her sheer negligee. “Gosh, Aunt Helen, I guess I never really noticed how gorgeous you are!”

“Why, thank you, darling,” she said huskily.

Her face flushing with pleasure and excite ment at her nephew’s words.

“Now, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” Helen asked softly as she let the boy in and they sat on the large couch together.

“Oh, y… yes, that’s right, I do have a problem,” Joey said, gulping as he stared at his aunt’s body through her gown, a body which was tempting him more and more by the second.

Helen’s eyes raced at once to the growing bulge between the boy’s legs, and she felt her heart race. My God, she thought, he’s got a hard-on, and he’s really hung. He’s hung like a horse!

“Is it about your girlfriend, Kim?” she asked finally, trying to tear her gaze from the throbbing outline of the boy’s young prick.

“Yes, I guess… I mean, yes, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about, Aunt Helen,” the boy responded, hardly able to think clearly. “I mean, she’s a girl and you’re a woman, so I figured that you might be able to understand her better and let me know what I’m doing wrong.”

“That’s right, darling,” Helen cooed as she scooted closer to Joey on the couch. “I’m a woman. A woman with all of a woman’s natural feelings and desires…”

“Yeah, I can see that! You’re so sexy, Aunt Helen!” the young boy blurted.

“Oh, darling, you shouldn’t say things like that,” she protested weakly as the boy moved forward and drew her against him, letting her feel the engorged stiffness of his prick against her belly.

She moved her hips into closer contact with his, rubbing against his huge cock. Joey’s hands were moving, parting her nightgown and exposing her nakedness. And when his lips found hers, parted and moist, his tongue driving into her mouth in a kiss that made the woman moan with desire.

Joey’s lips shifted downward, seeking the thrusting nipple of one of his aunt’s naked tits, sucking and tonguing it until she was working her hips against his with complete abandon.

He moved his hands behind her, sliding and cupping the cheeks of her tight ass, pulling her closer to him. She rolled her trim belly against his hard prick.

Then, suddenly, without a word, the boy scooped his aunt up in his arms and lifted her easily. With his big cock throbbing harder and harder, he carried her across the room and down the hall into the master bedroom.

He put her gently on her bed, her negligee gaping open and showing her naked body to him from head to foot. For a few breathless seconds, the boy stood there; drinking in her body with eyes that were rapidly glazing over with fuck-lust.

Helen looked up at her nephew from beneath lowered lashes, a film of desire over her eyes.

“What… what are you going to do now, Joey?” Helen murmured.

The woman was thrilled that her nephew had so quickly and eagerly mastered the situation and carried her off to bed. He had taken complete control in a masculine way that turned Helen on even more, and she laughed to herself as she realized that she sure as hell didn’t have to worry about seducing him.

Joey grinned and, not answering his aunt, quickly undressed, letting his hard prick spring free, pointing out and up, its swollen head almost purple with the young blood of his lust.

“What are you going to do, Joey?” Helen asked breathlessly, her voice but a husky whisper.

“What do you want me to do, Aunt Helen?” he asked softly, placing one naked knee on the bed and letting his swaying cock come within inches of her parted lips.

Helen gave a little squeal of excitement and reached out for him, puffing him down to where her mouth could claim his magnificently big cockshaft. She tasted the salty maleness of him as his cockhead slipped between her lips, and she opened her mouth still wider, accepting almost half of his prick’s length before she clamped down and began to suck, slowly and hungrily.

The woman’s tongue fluttered about the bulbous cockhead, and her checks hollowed. One hand gripped his hips while her other hand hefted the weighty bulk of his balls as she sucked on the young boy’s cock.

“Jesus, that feels great, Aunt Helen!” Joey groaned. “Can you take it all in?”

Her response was a gurgled moan as she let his prick slide over her tongue and down her throat, almost gagging as the throbbing cockhead bumped her tonsils before retreating to where she could once again use her tongue in swift, swirling caresses.

Helen held the boy firmly, her jaw working steadily. She struggled to suck his etc from his balls, thinking of his long thick prick as the straw through which his jism would spurt into her sucking mouth.

“I want to fuck you, Aunt Helen!” Joey groaned. “You can suck me again later after I screw your gorgeous cunt!”

Helen’s entire body tingled with excitement at her nephew’s lewd words. She relaxed her mouth-grip, letting the cockshaft slide from between her lips with a wet, slurping sound, which aroused her even more.

“Ohhhh, yesssss, Joey, fuck me! That’s what I want, too!” she groaned as soon as her mouth was empty once more.

With a cry of triumph, the young boy mounted his aunt with one skillful movement, slipping between her spread thighs and shoving his hard cock into her waiting cunt with a perfectly timed stroke, sliding in to the steaming depths of her hot fuckhole.

“Aaaarrrgghhhh!” Helen wailed.

She hadn’t felt such a big cock inside her pussy for a long time, much too long. Her pussy felt stretched beyond its capacity, and she thrilled to the exciting sensation. Every nerve ending in her body burned with the joy of her nephew’s swift cock-thrust and the unbearable delight of having her pussy so completely filled with hot, hard prickmeat.

“Ohhhh, Aunt Helen, your pussy is so tight it’s wonderful!” Joey whispered, his lips hovering just above her wide-open mouth. “You really want this fucking, don’t you?”

“Yesssss!” she hissed, her hips squirming and thrusting as he held his cock buried inside. “My pussy really needs this fucking, Joey! Now fuck it!”

Joey grinned triumphantly as he began fucking in and out, giving Helen plenty of time to adjust to his cockshaft, which seemed to grow even bigger and harder inside her.

Helen easily matched the boy’s rhythm, and her ass began grinding and shoving upward to meet his down strokes. The muscles of her tight cunt squeezed his cock with regular motions, the contractions perfectly timed to his in and out movements.

“Oh, God, you’re making me so hot, I’m gonna come!” Helen cried out, amazed that she could come so soon.

“Let it go, Aunt Helen! Come!” Joey urged, thrilled that he was able to make his aunt come so soon.

The teenager reached back and gathered her legs with his strong arms, pulling them high and wide, fucking at her pussy with furious strokes, his crotch pounding against hers with firm, wet slaps. The steady tugging and pushing of his blood-engorged cock stretched and teased the nub of the woman’s twitching cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Helen gurgled. “Nowwww! I can’t wait! I’m commmiinnggg!”

Her cries of orgasmic pleasure turned into loud grunts and groans as her nephew rammed his prick into her coming cunt, hard and fast, slamming his cockhead against the very back wall of her pussy with powerful thrusts.

Helen’s entire body trembled, and her hips thrust up harder and faster under the boy’s continued cock-stroking. His broad chest pressed down against her large tits as he pulled her legs still higher. His cock squished through the juices of her pussy, probing her little fuckhole’s most remote corners.

The woman continued to come and dazedly she realized that, she had never before been fucked so thoroughly and satisfyingly. She knew, too, that the fact that it was her own nephew who was so expertly fucking her turned her on more than any other aspect of their fuck session. It was the incestuous quality of their coupling that made this fucking so extra thrilling.

She hoped desperately that Joey wouldn’t come yet. She hoped that the obvious excitement he felt from her orgasm wouldn’t push him over the edge. She needed more of his big, hard cock. She needed to feel him fucking her over and over again. She needed for him to be able to hold back long enough so that she could come again but he was so young, and she knew that that might be asking for too much.

But, as it turned out, that wasn’t asking for too much. As young as he was, Joey was experienced at fucking. And, he was enjoying the forbidden act of fucking his own aunt far too much to allow himself to come just yet.

As turned on as he was by the woman’s pussy orgasming around his prick, he was able to exert every ounce of self-control that he could muster and hold himself back.

For, just like his aunt, Joey wanted this fuck session to go on and on and on. He felt her strong cunt-muscles squeezing his cock hard as she continued to come, and he groaned, realizing that he had never enjoyed a fucking session more than this one. There was something so exciting about fucking his own aunt that it took every bit of his inner strength to hold back and not let himself come just yet.

“Don’t stop, Joey!” Helen cried as her orgasm subsided.

Her ass thumped wildly up and down as she fucked back at the boy’s strokes.

“Don’t stop!” she cried again. “Give it to me, Joey! Give it to me hard and fast! Ohhhh, God, Joey, you’re fucking your aunt so good!”

Her hand groped between the cheeks of his pounding ass to finger his swaying balls.

“Ohhhh, God, your balls! What a load you’ve got in these beauties,” she moaned lewdly.

“Yeah, Aunt Helen, enough to fill your little pussy!” Joey cried excitedly, fucking his cock deep and hard and working his hips in a grinding motion that turned the woman on beyond belief.

She flexed her pussy muscles about his prick, and he gasped at the hot, obscene grip, fucking her still harder.

“Ohhhhhh, I’m ready now, Joey! Come, darling! Come inside your aunt’s pussy! Come, Joey, come! I want your cum! I want to feel it shooting into my cunt! I want it all, Joey! Shoot!” Helen cried suddenly in a frenzy of desire and the need to come again.

“You… sure… Aunt Helen?” the boy asked, panting hard as he continued to fuck the woman as hard as possible.

“Ohhhhh, yesssss, come, Joey, come!” she gasped, tears of pleasure filling her eyes.

“All right, you hot cunt! Here it comes!” Joey cried, excited by the lewd words that spilled from his aunt’s lips.

Enormous wads of hot, thick cum shot from his prick and filled Helen’s pussy to overflowing.

“Yesssss!” Helen shrieked with ecstasy as her orgasm crashed through her. “I’m coming, too! It feels soooo good!” She was thrilled by the lewd, exciting sensation of her nephew’s cum shooting into her and, having completely filled her little cunt, dribbling down her quaking thighs.

Long minutes later, Joey was on his back. Aunt Helen bent over his half-hard prick, licking from base to slitted tip with broad sweeps of her tongue, pausing now and then to dive between his thighs where she drew his balls into her mouth for a saliva bath while her tongue flicked and fluttered lightly over their firm roundness.

“It’s been a long time since you’ve had a young cock inside your pussy, hasn’t it, Aunt Helen?” Joey whispered, turning on more and more as the woman’s mouth played with his prick and balls.

Helen nodded without stopping her licking. Then she took the head of his cock in her mouth and began to suck.

His hands gripped her thick hair and forced her head even closer to his crotch. More of his prick entered her eagerly sucking mouth.

“Ohhhh, yeah, Aunt Helen, suck me off! Suck me really good and I’ll cream your tonsils for you!” Joey cried, humping his ass up from the bed and fucking his big prick into her mouth.

Helen had almost forgotten just how exciting it was to suck such a hard, young prick with the knowledge that her efforts would be rewarded with a spurting load of hot cum. Her cunt was nicely satisfied for the moment. Once she felt the boy’s rigid cockshaft between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, Helen found herself overwhelmed by a renewed cock. In hunger, and she began to suck with undisguised lust, moaning and gurgling as she gulped down his pre-cum mingled with her warm saliva.

Joey spread his muscular thighs, allowing his aunt’s hands to stroke and balance his balls and their heavy load, and to caress his ass crack at the same time. And, all the while, her soft, wet lips were sliding up and down the length of his engorged cock. Her cheeks were hollowing and pulsing with the relentless sucking action.

“Oh, God, Aunt Helen, you really know how to eat cock!” Joey gasped.

Her response was a strangled gurgle as she took the full length of her nephew’s cock with a brutal, violent movement of her head. She raked her teeth lightly as she withdrew, holding the cockhead in position where she could use her tongue in quick, satisfying swirling movements around the sensitive cockflesh.

“Unnnggghhhhb, you’re sucking me soooo good… and sooooo hard… I’m gonna come soon, Aunt Helen!” the boy cried as he continued to hump his ass up from the bed, fucking the woman’s face with his huge prick.

“Uanmmfffff,” Helen moaned, trying to let the boy know that he could come anytime, that she was good and ready for him.

As if reading her mind, Joey suddenly let go with a huge spurt of hot cum that exploded into Aunt Helen’s mouth, almost making her pass out with pleasure. She eagerly swallowed the delicious-tasting stuff. She knew that there was a lot more where that had come from, and, with that exciting thought, she came again.


Andy Randall was working late at the office. He was sitting at his desk, trying to catch up with some of the work he seemed to be getting more and more behind in lately.

He sighed, thinking about the hard-on he always seemed to have these days. The cause for his semi-hard prick was also the cause of him being so far behind in his work — Marge.

Ever since he had fucked his little niece, the man had been unable to think of anything else except her hot, juicy pussy. When he should have been working, he would catch himself sitting at his desk, daydreaming sexual fantasies about fucking and sucking the lovely young girl.

He sighed again and was just about to return to his work when he heard his office door open, and he looked up with a frown, wondering who could be in the otherwise deserted office building.

“Hi, Uncle Andy,” Marge and her sister Ellie said together as the two young girls approached his desk.

“Oh, uh, hi, girls,” he muttered, trying to keep his tongue from circling his suddenly dry lips as he watched the two sexy teenagers walking toward him.

Remembering just how tightly Marge’s virginal pussy had gripped his cock that day made the man’s cock grow completely hard, thankfully hidden from the girls by his desk, but painfully obvious to himself.

The two gorgeous girls grinned at their favorite uncle.

“How come you’re working so late, Uncle Andy?” Ellie asked.

Andy’s mouth worked but no sound came out. He was unable to tear his eyes away from the tanned thighs of the girls who were both wearing very short shorts.

“Oh, well, uhm,” he finally croaked, “I’ve gotten too far behind in my work so tonight I’m trying to make up for lost time.”

Both of the teenagers giggled and exchanged meaningful glances. Andy flushed as he realized the double-meaning of his words.

“That’s what we’re here for, too, Uncle Andy… to make up for lost time,” flue murmured as she leaned forward, poking her firm tits within inches of his startled face. “You’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, God, Ellie!” the man responded, hardly able to believe his own ears.

“Answer her, Uncle Andy,” Marge demanded. “You want to fuck my sister, don’t you?”

“Oh, God! More than anything else! Yes, I want to fuck you, Ellie!” he cried as his cock grew even harder.

“Good,” Ellie said, her eyes glinting excitedly. “I’ve been horny for you for a long time and I just hope you’re not hung up or anything.”

“What do you mean, honey?” the man asked, regaining most of his composure but still excited by the idea of fucking his other niece.

“I mean I’d like you to fuck me in every way possible,” the young girl murmured in a throaty voice. “After all, if I’m gonna give you my cherry, I might as well go all the way, right?”

“Right, baby,” Andy said, feeling his prick throb with even more arousal at his niece’s sexy words. “We’ll do it every way and any way you want it.”

“You can take my word for it, Sis,” Marge said with a low chuckle of approval, “Uncle Andy really throws a mean fuck! You’ll love it!”

“Did you tell your sister about us, Marge?” Uncle Andy asked, his eyes widening.

“Sure, why not?” Marge responded, moving around her uncle’s desk to reach down into his lap and curl her soft fingers about the outline of his hard cock and make it throb against his pants.

Andy squirmed under the warm pressure of his niece’s hand.

“Mmmmm, you’ve got quite a hard-on here, Uncle Andy,” Marge purred. The lewd sensation of his engorged prick against her fingers was arousing her to fever pitch.

Meanwhile, Ellie had moved to the man’s other side to watch the exciting action between her sister and her uncle. Her lips pursed in a soundless whistle of admiration.

“Now that,” she murmured, “is what I call a real big cock!”

“You think you can ride it okay?” Marge asked teasingly.

“You’re damn right I can! It’ll probably hurt but I’ll love it! It’s just the way I always wanted my first fuck… with a huge prick,” Ellie responded.

“Okay, well, I’m gonna leave now and let you two be alone so you can pop Ellie’s cherry for her, Uncle Andy,” Marge said, taking her hand away from the man’s lap and straightening up.

Andy’s eyes were riveted on Marge’s up thrusting tits, the hard nips showing through the thin blouse but then he remembered that in just seconds he would be fucking his other niece, and he turned his attention to Ellie.

“Okay, honey, goodbye,” he said absentmindedly in Marge’s general direction she headed for the door.

Ellie was alone with her uncle now and she licked her lips excitedly.

“Mmmmmm, Uncle Andy, that’s quite a hunk of meat you’ve got there,” she said dazedly, staring down at the bulging outline of his full-blown hard-on.

Andy eyed the girl’s lush body and swallowed hard.

“God, how I wanna fuck you, honey! Is your little pussy ready?” he asked.

“Are you kidding?” Ellie said with a laugh. “I’m dripping wet!”

The young girl lifted her skirt and skinned her tight, sheer panties down over her legs. Then, she seated herself on the edge of the big desk and spread her legs out invitingly, the lips of her little virgin cunt oozing with her fuck juices.

“Ohhh, baby,” Andy groaned as he unfastened his belt and dropped his pants, baring the rock-hard shaft of his eager prick. Bending his knees then, he planted his mouth right smack against the center of the girl’s cunt.

“Oh God, no one’s, ever done that to me before!” Ellie squealed, already beginning to come as he felt her uncle’s tongue thrusting into her tight little virginal fuckhole.

A flood of hot cunt juice flowed from the girl’s pussy and Andy moaned with excitement as he swallowed every drop, relishing the delicious taste of the girl-cum.

As soon as she finished coming, she jumped up from the desk and all but ran across the room to the big old couch which the man sometimes used to take naps on when he had to work late. Ellie quickly tore her clothes off and threw herself onto the couch.

Andy took his own clothes off, shaking his head as if in a daze. He had just begun to eat his niece’s cunt and he had planned on sucking her little pussy for a long time before finally fucking her. But the teenager was hornier than he had realized. She had cum the instant his tongue had entered her and now there she was, spread out nakedly before him, just waiting for him to fuck her.

On the couch, Ellie stared up at her naked uncle with wide, excited eyes. Her long lashes fluttered, drinking in the sight of the tremendously huge prick that stuck outward and upward from her uncle’s thick matting of prick hair.

“Come on, Uncle Andy!” she cried. “Come and get my cherry! I want to fuck!”

Andy stood motionless for several seconds, the only movement being the slow sweep of his eyes up and down the girl’s naked body, and the persistent throbbing of his huge cock, its blood-engorged head twitching in the direction of Ellie’s pussy, as if already sensing the tight heat of the little virginal hole that would soon be its target.

Andy began to move toward the couch and the teenager’s desire grew by leaps and bounds as she stared at the huge outthrust of the man’s prick. The moisture between her legs increased and she groaned, needing to pull her uncle’s big cock into the churning depths of her virgin pussy.

Her small, soft hands cupped her huge tits, pushing the nips out toward her uncle. Then, she slid her hands down over her flat tummy to the blonde hair covering her pussy mound.

Her slender legs parted, still pressed flat against the bed. Her fingers deliberately and teasingly toyed with the golden hair on either side of her plump pussylips, easing them apart slowly and revealing the pinkness of her virgin cuntflesh to her uncle’s staring eyes.

“I’ve been saving my cherry, Uncle Andy,” she whispered. “I’ve been saving it for you! And now I want to feel your huge prick slide in and out of it! I want you to fuck me!”

Andy swallowed hard, completely speechless. His cock was painfully hard, jerking upward against his belly in unrestrained desire.

He stared down at his niece, unable to move for a minute, and her hips began to move in a sexy circling, making her reddened pussy-slit pull open and closed, open and closed, one cunt lip sliding against the other, as if desperately eager to embrace the engorged dick which would finally pop her cherry for her once and for all.

The girl’s eyes lifted from her uncle’s throbbing staff and locked with his and she spoke slowly and softly.

“Don’t even kiss me. Don’t touch me anywhere! Just fuck me! Take my cherry! Fuck me real nice and slow! Then, when I tell you it’s okay, I want you to fuck the hell out of me real good and hard!” she cried.

In the girl’s lust-dazed mind, Ellie sensed that she would feel no pain, even though her cherry was intact. She knew that she would accept the full thrust of Uncle Andy’s prick with a horny, lust-filled willingness. No matter what he did to her now, she knew that she would respond to him hotly and obediently. “Fuck me!” she demanded now.

Her uncle knelt between her widely splayed legs and guided his cock into position. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed as the huge cock-knob found the parted lips of her pussy and she felt the exciting spreading of her flesh as he began his entry into her.

Ellie’s knees lifted, increasing the valley of tanned thighs between which her uncle’s hips were descending. Her fingers clutched at him, trying to draw him into her and her head rolled from side to side, her eyes shut and mouth open, her tongue darting with quick motions, moistening her lips. Her huge tits heaved and trembled with anticipation as she held her breath, waiting for the moment when her uncle would take her cherry.

The flared rim of Andy’s prick pierced the girl’s inner cuntlips, and Ellie felt the forced expansion of her cuntwalls as they strained to admit her uncle’s enormous cock.

His hard cock meat eased still deeper into her virginal pussy, moving slowly, just as she had asked him to do. At that moment, the teenage realized just how right she had been not to give her cherry to any of the pimple-faced young boys at school who had lusted after it for years.

This was no inexperienced boy entering her. This was a man. A real man. And this wks a real cock. A huge, experienced cock that would fill her little pussy to its utmost capacity, and fuck her until she was nothing more than a writhing, whimpering mass of cum filled flesh, begging for more and more fucking.

She opened her eyes and looked up into the man’s handsome face, reading the lust there, yet also seeing a tenderness for her that touched her and somehow turned her on even more. His hips were motionless now, only the first two inches of his enormous cock touching her throbbing cunt.

“Don’t be afraid, baby,” he whispered. “Ellie. I’ll hold it just like this and you can control the moves. Just reach for it, baby with your pussy, okay?”

“Okay,” she said with a grin.

She moved her feet closer to her hips, bracing them on either side of her uncle’s thighs, providing the leverage that would send her crotch upward.

“Like this?” she whispered, pushing her hips against the in thrust of his cock and feeling the exciting friction as her widely stretched lips slid over the distended cockshaft, drawing him into her and filling the inner depths of her pussy with the hot hardness of his prick.

“Yeah, baby, you’re doing just fine!” he panted.

“Ohhhh, it feels soooo good!” Ellie cried. She jiggled her hips as her cunt slid up and down with the motion of her thrusting crotch.

Now her hips bolted upward to claim two thirds of her uncle’s cockshaft, feeling his prick invade the soft cunt-flesh and force her pussy to admit its hot bulk. An overwhelming pleasure radiated throughout her entire body, which jerked and bucked violently.

Then she began a steady pumping of her little ass, sliding the juicy lips of her cunt up and down her uncle’s cock, her cunthole clenching and loosening as the hard cock-meat entered and then retreated.

She wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him down against her, his chest pillowed by the huge twin mounds of her tits.

“Now!” she cried, panting hard. “Do it to me now, Uncle Andy! Do it to me now! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Those were the words Andy had been waiting for, and he responded by flicking forward in a move that matched the rise and fall of the girl’s ass, his prick sliding into the hot cunt with each stroke.

“Ohhhhh, God, I love it!” Ellie cried as each fuck-stroke created another surge of pleasure, a pleasure far beyond anything she had ever experienced before.

Each one of her senses was on fire, all centered on her pussy, where Uncle Andy’s hard cock was sliding in and out, riding her juicy little cunt-tunnel with a slowly increasing speed, and driving still deeper as he fucked her more and more demandingly.

The couch yielded under her pounding hips, adding to the force of their fucking as their weights shifted. Wet cunt-flesh being fucked filled the room with an erotic squishing sound that further roused the incestuous lovers.

“Oh, yeah, baby, what a good, tight fuck, you’ve got a great little pussy, baby!” Andy groaned as he steadily pounded into her, slamming his hairy crotch against hers with each downward thrust.


“Fuck me, Uncle Andy, fuck me hard!” Ellie cried, half out of her young mind with lust.

Andy was now giving his niece’s pussy the full length of his tremendous prick, and the teenager’s ass was working in a writhing dance of complete submissiveness. Her fingers were clawing at her uncle’s pounding ass as though trying to pull his cock still deeper into her wet, hot pussy.

“Damn!” Andy gasped. “You’ve got such a great little cunt!”

“Then fuck it, Uncle Andy, fuck it good and hard!” she panted, moving one hand between the man’s asscheeks to fondle his cum-loaded balls as they swayed before slamming against her crack with a savage pressure.

The young blonde could feel a huge orgasm beginning to build, and she worked her hips even more frantically, screwing her tight little cunt about the man’s pistoning cock.

“Don’t stop!” she gasped. “I’m gonna come! Fuck me! Fuck me haaard! Ohhhh! Arrrgghhh!”

As she came, she gurgled incoherently as the intense pleasure-filled sensations in her cunt became unbearable, and the writhing of her hips became a senseless jerking and bucking.

Andy fucked his cock to the hilt inside her orgasming pussy and let his niece grind the very back wall of her pussy against the bloated head of his prick.

“Commmiinnngggg!” Ellie wailed as she tightened her pussy muscles around her uncle’s fucking prick.

“Ohhhh, yeah, baby, when you come, you really came! Keep it up! I love feeling you coming against my cock, baby!” Andy groaned.

He felt the contractions of her pussy as the well-stretched walls of her cunt quivered and convulsed in the spasms of her climax, and he struggled against the urge to spill his own load of cum into her greedy cunt. He was consumed with fuck-lust as the hot suction of Ellie’s pussy tugged at his prick like a hungry mouth.

But he was determined to hold back at least a while longer. He was enjoying this incestuous fuck far too much to want it to end so soon. “Ohhhh, aaaabhhh,” Ellie moaned as her orgasm subsided, and the frantic writhing of her hips became a slowly decreasing jerking motion which almost made her uncle lose control of his own growing passion.

“Keep it all the way in!” she panted, working her ass to make the buried head of his cock rub against the recesses of her snug little cunt.

“Ohhhh, God, that feels sooo good, Uncle Andy!” she groaned.

Trying desperately not to come yet, Andy forced himself to think of other things, to forget the ecstatic clenching of his niece’s cunt. His savage fucking motions which would end with his cum blasting into the girl’s horny pussy. Finally, he felt his balls lose some of their tenseness, and he knew that he was ready for the wild fucking ride down the home stretch.

“Jesus!” he grunted. “What a great lay!”

“And what a great cock!” Ellie grunted back, flexing her cunt-muscles as if to underline her words. “Are you gonna come soon?”

“Right up your pussy!” he cried, beginning the slow in-and-out stroking that frictioned his cock against the sensitive surface of the girl’s pussy. “I’m gonna cream you baby! I’m gonna fill you nice and full with my spunk!”

“Ohhhh, goody, ’cause that’s just what I want, Uncle Andy! I want to feel you coming inside me!” Ellie cried, twisting her ass around in wild circles. She tightened her pussy-muscles around his prick and loosened them again so he could withdraw until only the head of his prick remained inside her pussy, hugged by the lewd grip of her bloated pussylips.

And, again, he fed his long, thick prick into the well-oiled hole, each stab wringing a whimper of pleasure from the girl’s parted lips.

“Oh my God!” she cried as the feelings in her cunt became more and more intense. “I can’t stand it! It feels soo good that I can’t stand it!”

The young girl lifted her knees still higher, and her ass spun and rotated frantically under her uncle’s pounding hips, faster and faster. His cock was fucking deep and withdrawing until only the bloated head remained captured in the spasming lips of her young cunt.

“Unnnnnhhhh,” Andy groaned.

His powerful ass was busy fucking his hard prick in and out. He was fucking the girl’s pussy with a heady speed which he had never achieved before. The couch heaved and rocked and swayed with the force of their fucking, and, each time he fucked into her, the wet meshing of their crotch hairs blended with their hoarse cries.

Turning on more and more, Andy felt the tension in his balls building to a furious pressure that he could no longer control. Ellie sensed that the sudden swelling of her uncle’s cock inside her cunt meant that he was about to come, and that face aroused her still more.

She thrust her ass up from the bed with even greater urgency, her pussy chewing on the man’s cock furiously as she waited for him to explode inside her cunt.

“Give it to me!” she cried, her ass jerking violently as Andy jammed his prick into her and reamed the depths of her cunt with short, powerful strokes. “Shoot it to me, Uncle Andy! I need it! Oh, God, how I need it! I have to feel you shooting inside me! I have to feel your hot, thick cum filling me all up! Shoot, Uncle Andy, shoot!”

The teenager felt the huge cock swelling inside her until it seemed that her already stretched pussy could not possibly contain the monstrous cockshaft. But it felt so good to her that she didn’t care if his prick split her wide open. All she wanted was to feel even more of that hard cock-meat fucking in and out of her, and she wanted to feel her uncle’s cum shooting into her pussy.

“Aaarrrghhhh!” Andy cried as his hot cum pumped through his prick shaft and jetted into the girl’s quivering cunt.

“Ohhh, yessss,” she hissed between clenched teeth as she felt the first wad of hot jism explode in her pussy.

She could feel the man’s prick steadily pulsing as he shot his load into her, and the sensation was so lewdly thrilling that she came on the spot.

“Cummiiinngggg!” she wailed as the full force of a gigantic orgasm struck her.

Her pussy muscles contracted wildly as Uncle Andy continued to pump his thick fuck cream into her, letting her greedy cunt milk the last drop of jizz from him before the incestuous lovers finally relaxed. The man’s cock was still buried inside the velvety grip of Ellie’s cunt.

They lay panting for several seconds before either of them could speak. Their hands roamed over each other’s naked bodies, and Ellie moaned softly, her pussy still spasming from the huge orgasm she had just experienced.

As she lay there, catching her breath, the young girl suddenly realized that she didn’t even remember that moment when her uncle’s cock had burst through her cherry. She thought back, but could remember only a mind-blowing pleasure that had increased the longer they fucked. If there had been any pain when Uncle Andy’s prick had torn through her cherry, she had been unaware of it, welcoming any and all sensations connected with her virgin-fuck.

“Well, baby, your little cherry has just been picked,” Andy said, grinning at his lovely niece.

“Yeah, I’ll say! And by the biggest, hardest dick I could ever imagine,” Ellie responded warmly.

Andy smiled, feeling a satisfaction from just resting there, his cock buried balls-deep in his niece’s cum-filled cunt, knowing that he had just given her the first blast of hot jism she had ever experienced.

He could see that his little niece would develop into a hot fucking machine, and he was only too glad for his part in that. He kissed the teenager long and hard. Their tongues twisted around each other. Then, as she licked the inner edge of his upper lip, the man began to fuck her again, sliding his cock through the slippery embrace of her cunt with renewed hardness.

“Ohhhhh, yesss, Uncle Andy,” Ellie moaned.

She came again in a few minutes. The spasming convulsions of her orgasming pussy increased her uncle’s own lust, until he began fucking her with a steady pounding that he almost kit he could continue forever. As the blonde girl cried out in joy, he fucked his prick-meat into her, bringing her to repeated climaxes until the couch was fuck-juice wet beneath her wriggling ass.

“Let me suck it!” Ellie pleaded suddenly. “Let me suck your big cock, Uncle Andy! I want you to fuck me but I want to suck you too.”

Andy grinned and slid his prick out from between the tight cuntlips, and he rolled over onto his back, letting Ellie scoot down on the bed to bend over his up thrusting prick. His cock’s pulsing bulk was slick with their combined fuck juices. He moaned with pleasure as the girl’s blonde head bent and her warm lips slid over his cockhead, engulfing his prick.

Her tongue swirled faster and faster, and her checks hollowed in as she sucked hard, her head bobbing up and down and sliding her lips along the pulsing rod of cock-meat.

“Ohhhh, yessss, baby,” Andy moaned.

“Ummffff,” Ellie moaned seconds later as she tasted the first spurt of her uncle’s jetting cum.

She gulped eagerly, swallowing the thick cream as she tongued the spurting tip for more and more of the delicious jism, taking almost the entire length of the big cock down her convulsing throat before Andy finally finished shooting his cum.

Then, like a contented kitten, she licked him, down the softening staff, and carefully licked his balls until she had swallowed every single drop of spilled cum. Then, planting a wet lewd kiss on the limp cockhead, she raised her head and gave him a wicked grin, licking a drop of cum from the corner of her mouth.

“Mnunmm, delicious,” she purred in a husky whisper that turned the man on all over again.

Then, before he could speak, the teenager enveloped his prick again with her wet lips, rolling the cockhead about inside her mouth with a circling motion of her tongue. Then, she let his prick slip out of her mouth and she smiled at her uncle.

Using one hand, the man rubbed the head of his hard cock against his niece’s chin, holding her blonde hair with his other hand.

“Oh, baby,” he moaned, “I’m so fuckin’ lucky to have such a hot, horny little niece.”

The teenager responded by enveloping his prick inside her mouth once again. Within seconds, she was sucking a fully erect cock, her blond head bobbing up and down, her lips slid over the throbbing prick shaft. Her fingers toyed with his balls, dipping lower and stroking his asshole.

Her eyes were wild with fuck-lust as Uncle Andy forced her head up, dragging her mouth from his prick with a lewd, slurping sound.

“No!” she panted. “Let me suck it!”

“Later!” he gasped. He pushed her into position on her back, mounting her naked body and entering her juicy little pussy-slit with one powerful shove that sent his prick to the hilt inside her cunt.

“Ahhhgggg!” Ellie screamed, feeling the huge hard prick stretch her pussyhole until she felt as though she would split in two. His prick somehow felt even larger than before, but every movement of his monstrous cock gave the young girl a delicious hot thrill which made her little ass wriggle in response.

“Ohhhhh, God, Uncle Andy, you’re fucking the shit out of me!” she gurgled, matching each stroke of his pounding hips with a lift and a twist of her crotch, her legs scissoring his waist as she strained to receive all the prick he could deliver.

Her pussy throbbed as her uncle’s cock fucked into her. Then, as his prick withdrew, she tightened her juicy cunt, making her little pussyhole suck and wriggle about his pulsing prick until he groaned from the pleasure of the steady pumping.

“Commmiinnngggg!” Ellie squealed, her cunt churning through the throes of still another orgasm. Andy’s huge prick reamed her deep and hard, making her climax even more intense.

He fucked in and out of Ellie’s greedy cunt faster and harder, pulling her hips higher by clutching her writhing asscheeks, keeping her fuckhole in position for each full-length fuck stroke.

He forced the girl’s legs still higher, and limited the movement of her hips to small grinding and jerking motions, perfectly timed to the deep plunges of his cock. But he could still control her inner pussy muscles, and she used them skillfully, following her natural instincts. She felt as if she had waited all her life for the moment when each separate fold of her little pussy could be used to heighten the pleasure of a huge cock.

She tightened the circle of her inner pussylips about the base of her uncle’s prick. Then, she relaxed her grip and clamped the muscles of her cuntwalls about the invading cock. A wave seemed to ripple, along the throbbing cockshaft until the prick head was surrounded by a churning, sucking wetness.

Now, as Andy fucked his niece, there was an animal-like savagery in the powerful pumping of his hips, and a groan of lust accompanied each deep thrust into the girl’s quivering little pussy.

The brutal way her uncle was fucking her only heightened her sensual pleasure, the teenager realized. It felt to her almost as if the man were raping her, and there was nothing she could do to stop the savage thrusts of the huge prick into her cunt.

The young girl had often dreamed of being raped. In fact, one of her favorite fantasies was of being raped by Uncle Andy, and, now, the fact that it was actually happening thrilled her beyond belief, and she realized that the real thing felt a million times better and more exciting than all of her rape fantasies, no matter how vivid.

“Ahhhhh, unnnhhhh,” she groaned as her pussy shuddered into a series of almost-painful orgasms, each one more exciting than the one before.

Both of the incestuous lovers cried out their shared pleasure as their bodies arched and pounded.

The man’s heavy balls slapped her ass with each plunge.

Ellie silently urged him on with clutching fingers, tugging at his heaving ass as if to pull him still deeper into the squishing, sucking depths of her cunt.

“Fuck me harder! Ram it to me, Uncle Andy! Go, you bastard! Fuck it into my cunt! Make me taste it! Give me your balls and everything! Ohhhhh, you wonderful fucking bastard! Ohhhhh, you lovely son of a bitch! Screw me! Fuck meee! Ohhhh, God, I’m coming again!” Ellie wailed, half out of her mind with fuck-lust.

Ellie was fucking back at her uncle’s prick like a wanton whore, and her wildness excited the man in a way he had not thought possible before that moment.

He fucked her shuddering pussy with short, savage strokes that sent them both over the top. Andy’s cock leaped and swelled painfully as the thick cream of his cum boiled through its pulsing length and spurted into his niece, sucked deep into her cunt by the suctioning of her orgasming flesh. She writhed and bucked in a frenzy.

“Aaarrrghhhh! Unnhhhh! Ohhhhhh! God! I’m commmiinnngggg!” she cried loudly.

Her head rolled on the pillow and her fingers clawed at her uncle’s still pumping ass, her own hips circling and jerking as she felt the ecstatic tremors of her cunt spreading throughout her entire body, filling her with more pleasure and excitement than she had thought possible. It left her gasping for breath as Andy rammed into her for the last time and let her grinding, churning pussy finish him off.

Then, they rolled onto their sides, his prick still inside her, and they gazed fondly at each other.

“Oh, Uncle Andy, you made my little pussy feel so good! I can see now that Marge really knew what she was talking about,” Ellie said, grinning at her favorite uncle.

“What do you mean, honey?” he asked, stroking her still heaving tits.

“I mean… you really know how to throw a mean fuck,” the girl said and then they fell asleep in each others arms.


A couple of mornings later, young Joey Randall was awakened by an animalistic cry of delight from somewhere in the house, and he felt his cock stiffening involuntarily at the sensual sound. His curiosity was aroused by repeated cries of excitement. It was clear to the teenager that someone was getting it, and getting it good, and he grinned with anticipation.

Quickly, Joey slipped from his bed and padded across to the door, opening it and peeking into the hallway. It was empty. It was obvious that the sounds were coming from his sister Marge’s bedroom.

He tiptoed to her door and listened, his hand resting on the knob. He licked his lips excitedly as he heard the lust-filled cries coming from within.

“More!” he heard Marge’s strangled cry. “I want more!”

Joey twisted the doorknob and cautiously opened the door, his eyes hungrily taking in the scene with mounting, lust. Marge was sitting on top of their father, Ted, straddling him, riding his huge cock with steady pumping of her hips, while Uncle Andy knelt behind her, fucking his own prick into the girl’s quivering asshole.

They were on the thick rug, and Marge was staring directly at Joey as he pushed the door all the way open and stood watching his sister being double-fucked by his father and uncle. A slow grin stretched his lips, and he moved forward, drawn by the inviting sight before him.

Marge was staring, not at the boy’s face, but at the huge outward thrusting of his young cock. She darted her tongue out and slowly circled her lips, making them wet, shiny, and very inviting. She moaned lowly as her father and uncle continued to fuck her. She felt her uncle’s big cock fucking into her asshole as she rammed her crotch down hard over her daddy’s big prick.

Marge bent her head back and opened her mouth wide as her brother approached her. He positioned himself over his sister’s upturned face, his prick reaching for her open mouth.

With a little whimper of excitement, Marge sucked in the head of his cock. Her cheeks hollowed, sucking the swollen cock-meat into her oral grip, and her tongue began massaging his prick with lusty swirling.

Joey gripped his sister’s head with both hands, holding her in position while he began fucking his prick in and out between her tightly gripping lips. His cockhead pressed against the roof of her mouth while her tongue wriggled and curled about the lower part of his prick shaft.

Marge’s hands moved to Joey’s hips, drawing him forward, urging him to fuck his prick deeper, and he obeyed, willingly and almost savagely, filling her throat with the bloated thickness of his prick.

As his cock sank into his sister’s mouth and throat, Joey groaned with a hot, rising excitement.

“Ohhh, yeah, Sis, yeah! Suck me off! Suck my dick!” the boy cried excitedly.

Over Marge’s arched back, Uncle Andy leaned forward, thrilled by the sight of his sexy little niece sucking his nephew’s prick. He wrapped his arms around the girl and squeezed her huge tits, filling both hands with their spongy softness and feeling her thick nips hardening between his fingers.

“Ummmmfffff,” Marge moaned happily around the thickness of her brother’s big cock which was rammed halfway down her throat now.

She felt deliriously turned on and content. She could not imagine anything else in the world more wonderful or more exciting than being triple-fucked, all of her holes being filled with hot, hard cock-meat.

She moaned again as she thrust herself up and down on her daddy’s dick while her uncle squeezed her tits and fucked her up her asshole and she continued to deep-throat Joey’s cock.

Ted was the first to come and he lifted his ass up from the rug and rammed his cock deep into his daughter’s cunt as he pumped his load into her churning pussy. The jerking explosion brought the young girl to a powerful orgasm as her father’s cum spurted into her, and she sucked her brother’s cock even harder, chewing and tonguing frantically.

Uncle Andy felt the force of the combined climaxes against his own fuck-tool and he fucked the girl faster and harder, fucking his prick all the way into Marge’s quivering little asshole.

Joey almost went over the edge. The young boy had never seen anything so exciting in his life as his sister coming while their father shot his wad inside her pussy and she continued to suck on his cock.

“Aaaarrrghhhhh!” Uncle Andy groaned as he came, shooting his thick, hot fuck cream up the girl’s ass.

Her own orgasm intensified, making her scream out her pleasure around her brother’s prick which pulsed lewdly down her throat, jerking madly as if he were about to come.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Andy cried as the cum continued to shoot from his prick, drenching the girl’s asshole and overflowing from it, running obscenely down her quivering thighs where it mingled with her father’s cum and her own cunt juice.

When Andy’s orgasm subsided, he pulled his softening prick out of the girl’s wet asshole with a loud popping sound. He staggered weakly backwards toward the bed and sat down on the edge, his eyes still fixed on the scene unfolding before, him.

Ted had finished coming, too, and his daughter continued to sit on him, his limp cock now slightly jerking inside her in post orgasmic convulsions.

Marge now turned her full attention to her brother whose cock was still rock-hard and throbbing wildly inside her mouth and down her throat.

“Finish me off, Marge,” Joey whispered. “Suck my prick hard until I come!”

“You heard your brother, you little slut!” Ted bellowed, turning on all over again as he watched his daughter sucking her brother off. “Suck him off good and hard!”

Marge could feel her father’s prick beginning to harden inside her cunt once again and the lewd sensation just aroused her all the more. She pulled her head back from Joey’s prick until only the pulsing cockhead remained encircled by her grasping lips.

“What the hell? Shit, don’t stop now, Sis!” Joey cried desperately, misunderstanding his sister’s intentions.

But Marge just grinned and let the boy’s throbbing cockhead play about her lips, working her mouth around the hot, hard flesh, letting his prick slide back and forth, against her lips and mouth-flesh.

From Joey’s throat came a strangled moan of lust, and he shoved his hips forward. His swollen prick slid into the hot, wet embrace of Marge’s mouth to be met by her tongue, which curled and twisted about as she licked the broad cockhead with hungry sweeps. She was beginning to suck again as Joey started the bunching movements which sent his cock sliding between the girl’s tongue and palate, feeling the light touch of the girl’s teeth as she took in more and more of the cock, moaning her pleasure as her mouth gradually filled with hard cock.

Joey made no effort to hold back when waves of lust and pleasure began to surge through his swaying balls. His fingers tangled the girl’s hair, and he drove his prick still deeper into her sucking mouth, almost making her gag as his broad, pulsing cockhead slid deep in her throat.

Suddenly, Joey’s cum boiled upward, spurting through his prick in jolting spasms, and the girl swallowed noisily, eagerly, sucking and tonguing the thrusting cock as it spilled its thick cream, some of it escaping and dribbling down her chin before Joey finally eased his prick from between the tightly gripping lips.

Joey, Ted, and Andy all watched in fascination as Marge’s tongue licked out and down, gathering in the spilled cum. Joey shoved his prick back into her mouth, letting the young girl suck the last few drops with the hot suction of her mouth.

A few minutes later, Joey smiled weakly at his sister and left the trio as they prepared to fuck each other again. Though he wanted to join in and help his father and uncle fuck his sister, the young boy felt drained, almost weak. He slowly made his way to the living room and to the bar there, his prick hanging limply between his muscular thighs. He knew what he needed at that moment, even more than pussy, was a good, stiff drink, and he and needed it badly.

At that moment, the teenager felt as if his cock would never become hard again. He had never had a chick suck him off so hard and so thoroughly, not leaving even one drop of cum in his balls.

As he walked into the living room, he gasped and blinked hard at the erotic sight of his aunt and sister, Ellie, embracing on the couch. And, to his surprise, he felt himself growing more than a little aroused at the display of writhing female flesh in front of him.

Aunt Helen and Ellie were in a perfect sixty-nine position, with Aunt Helen on top, screwing her juicy cunt down against the younger girl’s busy mouth while her own tongue licked and danced between Ellie’s widespread thighs, spreading into the reddened cunt-slit with deep thrusts that made the teenaged girl squirm and moan with joy.

Joey poured a generous slug of bourbon into a glass and lowered his naked ass into an easy chair, sipping the strong drink as he watched the two females, listening to their moans and the sounds of their sucking lips and thrusting tongues.

Aunt Helen and Ellie gave no sign that they were even aware of the boy’s presence near them. They were too close to their much needed orgasms at that moment to be much aware of anything beyond their own hungry flesh and the need to come.

Their naked bodies writhed against each other, their big tits crowned with stiff, pulsing nipples which looked as if they would explode with lust. The sounds of pussy sucking increased, and the women moaned over and over.

Joey drank the bourbon steadily, his eyes wide as he continued to watch his aunt and sister eating each other’s cunt. He shook his head dazedly, wondering when this exciting family orgy had been planned, and why he had not been invited. Then, he remembered his father saying something the night before, something about Uncle Andy and Aunt Helen coming over early that morning to plan a vacation with the rest of the family. Joey realized then that the orgy had probably not been planned at all. It had probably happened spontaneously, while he had slept, just as Joey himself had spontaneously joined in.

Joey groaned involuntarily as Aunt Helen buried her lips between Ellie’s swollen pussy lips, and the teenaged girl groaned, too, as she felt her aunt’s tongue working deep inside her cunthole.

Ellie came first and her hips jerked and quivered beneath the older woman’s thrusting tongue-caress. Just seconds later, Aunt Helen lifted her head, her mouth smeared with cunt juice.

“Elllllie!” Aunt Helen cried as she came, and her ass twisted wildly, frantically circling, screwing her exploding cunt about the girl’s busy tongue as she shuddered all over in climax.

Then, Aunt Helen’s eyes fastened on her nephew’s grinning face, and she smiled weakly at him as she licked her juice-covered lips, slowly moving away from her niece.

“Was it good?” Joey asked.

“God, yes!” both Ellie and Helen cried at the same time, both of them panting hard.

Aunt Helen slid to the floor beside the couch and planted a wet kiss on Ellie’s cunt.

Joey found that his big cock was beginning to stir again, growing and hardening with fuck lust as his eyes moved back and forth between his aunt and sister.

His eyes found Ellie’s, and he saw that she was blushing as she kept glancing at his hard prick.

“How you doing, baby?” he asked softly. “I… I’m okay,” she said, blushing furiously.

Aunt Helen laughed softly as she watched her niece and nephew playing cat and mouse. She used her fingers to toy with the silken hairs of Ellie’s exposed cunt, but her eyes, just like Ellie’s, were fastened on the now fully erect cockshaft that thrust upward from between Joey’s thighs.

“I think I want to be fucked!” Aunt Helen said suddenly. She spread her legs to give her nephew a better view of her juicy pussy. “Do you want to fuck me, honey?”

“I think I’d like to fuck you… both of you… at the same time,” he said, grinning at the looks of utter amazement that spread over their faces.

“At the same time? That’s impossible!” Ellie cried.

“Not if you use your imagination,” Joey responded, downing the last of his drink and placing the glass down on the bar. “I’ve done it before, so it’ll work, trust me. But you two will have to cooperate with me!”

“Hell, I’m so horny that I’ll cooperate with anyone who has a big cock like yours!” Aunt Helen said and she and Ellie giggled as they exchanged excited glances.

Joey stood up, his cock standing stiff and ready as he directed his aunt and sister into position. They eagerly followed his instructions, growing hotter and more aroused with each passing second.

Joey had Ellie and Aunt Helen lie down on the rug, feet to feet. Then he had Ellie wriggle closer, her legs surrounding Aunt Helen’s left leg. This position forced the younger girl to turn slightly but she continued moving until the two furry crotches were pressed lewdly together.

“Now,” Joey said, standing over them. “Both of you pussies spread your legs as wide apart as you possibly can, even if it hurts a little.”

The two females shifted their thighs, and Joey stared down at the two gaping pussy-slits, the webbed openings only an inch apart.

“Jesus, this is hot!” Ellie gasped. “I could practically come like this!”

“Me too!” Aunt Helen said. “Just by rubbing our pussies together!”

“Go ahead… try it for a few minutes. I’d like to see that,” Joey urged, enjoying the view, and feeling his prick grow even bigger as the two sets of pussylips began grinding together.

He watched the plump pussylips meet and merge, sliding and rubbing as the two females worked, their hips in perfect tempo with each other.

“Wow! I can’t believe this! I’m so turned on!” Ellie gasped as her aunt’s cuntflesh invaded her slit and slid through its slippery grip.

“Great! It’s great!” Aunt Helen cried, wriggling even closer as her cunt pressed against that of her niece, grinding slowly and forcefully.

“Ohhh, God, you two look so beautiful,” Joey moaned, unable to wait any longer.

He knelt beside the wriggling bodies, draping his own naked body across the merged middle parts of their bodies, steering his prick into the juncture of their meshed crotches. The cockhead speared Ellie’s puss slit and he rammed about four inches into her before pulling back and shifting just enough to plunge into Aunt Helen’s waiting pussy. It was difficult to do this, but well worth the effort. “Ooaooohhhhh!” Aunt Helen squealed as the prick entered and stretched her pussy into delicious fullness. Joey gave her about three slow strokes before switching back to Ellie’s excited pussy, where he fucked in deeper, feeling her tight puss muscles tighten eagerly.

“Yesssssss!” Ellie hissed between clenched teeth.

He fucked into his sister’s cunt a few times and then re-entered his moaning aunt. The head of his prick spread Aunt Helen’s inner pussylips.

Aunt Helen cried out and wriggled her ass convulsively. Her orgasm began as her nephew fucked in and out of her, riding her furiously until she relaxed with a little whisper of joy and satisfaction.

Then, he fucked back into Ellie’s cunt, and the girl matched her aunt’s orgasm with a shuddering one of her own, her ass pumping furiously as she worked her pussy up and down the hot, hard meat of her brother’s prick.

When Joey pulled his prick out of Ellie, he carefully slid his cock down between the two cunts, letting their slippery cuntlips surround his prick shaft while he worked his cock slowly up and down through the juicy juncture.

Ellie and Aunt Helen pressed even closer together, tightening the pressure of their wet cunts against the boy’s pistoning prick.

“Ohhhh, God! I’ve never felt anything like this!” Ellie squealed, half out of her mind with excitement.

Aunt Helen moaned in reply, and worked her ass, adding to the increasing pleasure she felt. It felt to both of the females almost as if the boy’s cock was inside them, for his prick was sliding between the folds of their cunts, stroking and wriggling against them as they moaned and writhed in response.

As good as it felt, Joey knew that he had to feel his cock inside their pussies again, and he probed into Aunt Helen’s juicy slit before shifting back to Ellie’s. As he fucked his aunt and his sister, he turned on more and more, and the two females were beside themselves with fuck-lust.

“Ohhhhh, SOOO good,” Joey groaned as he fucked his cock into the two cunts, first one, then the other. Both of the cunts were tight and slick with fuck juice, and both Ellie and Aunt Helen expertly worked their strong cunt muscles around the boy’s prick each time his cock entered them.

Aunt Helen and Ellie came many times, each climax leaving their pussies wetter and quivering more and more violently. Joey could feel their orgasmic spasms vibrating against his hard meat, and he trembled with excitement.

“Ahhhhh,” he groaned as he felt his cock enter the waiting lips of Ellie’s pussy.

Ellie gasped as her cunt expanded to accept the hot, throbbing bulk of her brother’s prick.

Then, it was Aunt Helen’s turn again and she cried out her pleasure as she felt her nephew’s prick fucking into her cunt and she tightened her muscles.

To Joey, the sensation was more exciting than anything he had ever felt before, more exciting even than his wildest wet dreams. His cockshaft was surrounded by the quivering cunt-flesh of his sister and aunt, their wet cunts pressing harder and harder as they worked their slippery pussylips about. He pulled out and teasingly thrust between the two cunts, making them wait for his next fucking thrust.

When he did finally fuck into them, first one then the other, they contracted and relaxed their muscles in a greedy caress that sent shivers of sheer ecstasy through his trembling balls.

Joey arched his back and his lips found the juicy tip of his sister’s left tit, sucking the firm nip into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue as he continued to fuck her and Aunt Helen.

He fucked his hard cock in and out of their pussies with a steady motion that had the two females rolling their heads in an agony of lust and pleasure.

Ellie cried out in protest when her brother suddenly withdrew and drove deep into Aunt Helen’s cunt for several teasing strokes, switching back just as quickly to Ellie, and fucking her with deep thrusts until he knew he could hold back no longer. The older woman’s cunt churned and ground in orgasm as Joey’s hot cum spurted into her, as if responding to Ellie’s own orgasm as the three fuckers came together.


It was past midnight the following Saturday night, and all six members of the Randall family had gathered for a family-style orgy, just the way they all liked it best.

They had been fucking and sucking for hours and, after a brief break for snacks and stiff drinks, they moved toward each other once again with renewed energy and excitement.

Ellie was being fucked by Uncle Andy, and the young girl was working her hips expertly in a steady response to the man’s rhythmic thrusts, grunting each time his thick cock fucked into her flexing pussy. Her legs were wrapped about her uncle’s waist, and her fingers tugged desperately at his pounding ass.

Ted leaned over and peered at the juncture of their writhing hips. He could see the white froth that rimmed his daughter’s well-fucked pussy. Andy’s prick was coated with its slippery juice as he fucked in and out.

Ted grinned with appreciation and glanced over toward the other end of the room where Joey was fucking Marge dog-style, and the girl was urging him on with hoarse cries of pleasure as his cockshaft speared her oozing cunt, and she worked her ass, making sure that his plunging prick reached every fold of her hungry cunt. She fucked back to meet his determined thrusting until his swinging balls slapped her taut belly.

Ted leaned against the wall and suddenly Helen’s beautiful, naked body appeared right in front of him. The woman smiled and leaned her curved ass against the wall, spreading her slender legs to give her brother a good view of her juicy pussy. Her eyes fastened on the man’s hardening cock.

“I’m glad you haven’t had enough yet,” she murmured. “I want some of that big fat prick!”

“Show me how much you want it, Sis,” he said softly as he sank down into the chair behind him, spreading his thighs and moving forward in the chair. His balls draped over the soft cushioning, and he gestured toward his prick with a nod of his head. “Go on, Helen, see what you can do with it.”

The smile left Helen’s face and her eyes narrowed in lust. Her hands slid slowly upward along her inner thighs, pressing against the plump mound of her pussy. Then, with swaying hips, she moved toward him, bending to drag a cushion from the next chair and dropping it onto the floor between her brother’s feet.

Someone had turned on the stereo behind them, and a loud, sensuous, primitive rhythm filled the air, followed by excited cries of lust-filled urgency.

“Go, girl!” Joey yelled and soon there were other shouts and lewd cries that made Ted and Helen turn their heads to see what was happening even as Helen dropped to her knees before her brother.

Their eyes widened in amazement and excitement as they saw what was going on. Marge was in the middle of the large living room, her body twisting and gyrating to the raw jungle beat. Her huge tits swayed and rolled as her arms moved and danced above her head, but Ted’s gaze was fastened on the furry crotch which she repeatedly thrust forward with perfectly timed motions.

The young girl’s legs were slightly parted and bent at the knees, and Ted could see creamy fuck juice oozing from the reddened slit of her cunt as she thrust forward and back, imitating the movements of fucking, grinding her little ass with each bump until the swollen pussylips rubbed together juicily, slithering against each other.

Then, Ted’s attention was brought quickly back to the beautiful woman kneeling between his thighs, for Helen had enveloped his cock, drawing it into her mouth and rolling it about with skillful motions of her tongue, her lips buried in his thick prick hair as she sucked him hotly and wetly, making the man gasp with excitement.

“Eat it all up, baby!” Ted cried, grabbing his sister’s thick blonde hair and working his ass, fucking his swelling prick deeper into her mouth.

Helen tightened her lips and gave out a little whimper of pleasure, fondling his big loaded balls.

While his sister sucked on his cock, Ted twisted his neck to watch the scene in the middle of the room. What he saw made his prick swell even more, filling Helen’s mouth to bursting until she was forced to let her lips move upward along the bulging hardness, still tonguing and sucking with an eagerness that turned her brother on beyond belief.

Joey, Ellie, and Andy all knelt in a semicircle, their lust-contorted faces turned toward Marge’s writhing hips and crotch as she continued her wild, primitive dance. But, now, Marge was moving slowly, her body arching and her eyes half closed, as if she were dazed by her own lust.

She moved from one pair of lips to the next, offering her juicy pussy to each of the probing tongues, hesitating just long enough to let each tongue explore the constricting lips of her cunt before puffing away to sway into position before the next hungry mouth.

It made no difference to Marge whether the probing tongue was male or female. She spread her bent knees to give her family even better access to her delicious-tasting cunt as she moved from her brother to her sister to her uncle. She knew that her father and aunt were watching her, and that fact turned the young girl on even more.

Ted gasped with unbridled pleasure as he felt his sister take almost the entire length of his fully hard cockshaft with a hot sucking action. At the same instant, Ted saw Marge’s cunt writhe into place before Ellie’s waiting face, and he watched his daughter’s tongue dart out and lick tentatively between the plump cuntlips of her sister before Ellie’s head moved forward urgently. Ellie buried her mouth against Marge’s furry mound.

Hot shivers of lust raced through Marge’s body, and she ground her crotch against her sister’s mouth, silently announcing to one and all that she was climaxing around Ellie’s licking tongue.

Ellie moaned against her sister’s wriggling cunt-flesh as she felt the shuddering grip of Marge’s hot cunthole and she continued to tongue fuck Marge until the girl’s orgasm subsided.

Marge’s shapely legs were trembling as she moved to Uncle Andy, letting his tongue arouse the heat in her pussy once more.

Turned on more than he had thought possible, Ted gave out a hoarse cry and pulled Helen’s head upward, forcing her lips to slide wetly from his cock, ignoring her whimper of protest. Then, he pushed her onto her back. She grinned, spreading her legs wide as her brother mounted her.

Ted pressed the blood-engorged head of his hard prick between her bloated cuntlips, entering her with one mighty shove that took him all the way inside her.

“Ahhhh, yesssssss,” Helen groaned.

She felt her brother’s huge prong filling her completely and throbbing inside her.

“Oooohhhh!” Helen gasped as he began to stroke in and out of her juicy hole. “You’re sooooo big, darling! I love your huge cock!”

Her tight little ass writhed and danced beneath the man’s pounding hips. She began to flex her pussy muscles around his fucking prick, lifting her legs higher and higher, until they were at last wrapped around his waist.

He continued to fuck her hard and relentlessly.

“Ohhhh, God!” she hissed between tightly clenched teeth, her lips drawn back. “Fuck meeee!”

“Like this, you bitch?” Ted taunted, slamming his prick into her with an even harder shove that made his loaded balls slap against her ass as his crotch rammed hers. Inside her, her brother’s prick reamed out every nook and cranny of her cunt as her hips writhed in uncontrollable excitement.

“Ohhhh, God, yesssss!” she hissed. “Fuck my cunt right off! Fuck me to death! Tear my pussy up! Fuck my ass off! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Then the woman could no longer talk for her brother’s savage thrusting became too violent and too good to allow her much more than a strangled, incoherent cry of passion. Her pussy convulsed and spasmed in orgasm about the deeply probing cock. Hot, incestuous thrills raced through her entire body and she worked her ass in fast, furious twistings as he fucked in and out of her spasming cunt with his hot hard cock.

Ted deliberately held back, not coming yet even though his cum was boiling in his balls. He wanted to give his sister a fuck she would not soon forget. Each movement of his prick inside the woman’s hot, seething pussy filled both of the lovers with fuck-lust and pleasure, which made their heads spin.

“Ohhh, you hot bitch… you wonderful sexy little cunt,” Ted murmured into her ear as he pounded into her.

“Aaarggbhhhh,” she gurgled, realizing that she had never been so thoroughly or expertly fucked in her entire life. Her brother’s prick was rock hard and be was giving her a fucking she would always be grateful for.

Ted lowered his head and began to kiss her. Helen sucked his lower lip into her mouth, nibbling in the same way that her constantly orgasming pussy was nibbling on his pistoning cock as he made her come again and yet again.

Long minutes later, sweat coated both of their writhing bodies and their pleasure had reached the point of becoming almost painful.

“Oh, God, I can’t stand it anymore, Teddy! Please come! I love it but we have to stop! Please come, please!” Helen wailed.

“I thought you wanted to fuck,” Ted said teasingly, still thrusting his hard cock in and out with slower movements now, deliciously, teasingly slow movements, feeling his sister’s pussy shudder and quiver in response.

“But… you’re… fucking me to death!” Helen groaned. “I can’t stop coming! And I’ll die… if I come again!”

“Ah, but what a way to go!” Ted answered with a hoarse chuckle.

At that moment, Ellie suddenly appeared in front of her father, gazing excitedly at his big cock as he fucked in and out of her Aunt Helen’s juicy little cunt. Ted winked at her, his eyes traveling over her naked body.

“I’ll be through with your aunt in a minute, Ellie. Then it’ll be your turn so get ready!” he said, shoving his cock into Helen’s cunt harder than ever.

“I’m ready now, Daddy! Hurry! I want you to fuck me!” the teenager cried, scooping her heavy tits up in both hands and fingering the taut nipples.

“Ooooffff! Commmmiiiinnnngggg!” Aunt Helen groaned as her brother’s super hard thrusts made her come harder than ever.

“Okay, that’s enough for you, bitch!” Ted said, pulling his prick out of his sister’s slippery cunt and sitting back on his haunches.

As Helen rolled out of the way, dazed front her multiple orgasms, Ellie eagerly took her place, sprawling on the floor in front of her father and spreading her legs wide, her eyes still trained on the man’s hard prick.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, you’re still so nice and hard!” Ellie squealed happily.

“Sure, baby. I’ve been saving it just for you!” Ted said huskily.

Ellie’s knees lifted and parted wider as her father lowered his hips between her warm thighs. She held her breath as his thick, hard cock-meat entered her, sliding into her shuddering cunt until his lean belly was plastered tightly against hers.

“Ohhhhhhh, Daddy, fuck me good,” she moaned.

“I will, baby, I will,” Ted promised.

The man fucked his daughter with slow, deliberate strokes of his huge cock, and she responded with matching motions of her little ass, meeting each deep thrust with a clutching of her tight cunt that made Ted moan with pleasure.

He lowered his head and licked one of her hardened nips, then moved to her other tit, drawing that nipple into his mouth, sucking and tonguing as he continued to ride her writhing crotch with full-length plunges of his huge prong.

“Shit, Daddy!” Ellie groaned. “You really know how to fuck! I love the way you fuck me!”

“And I love your hot little cunt, baby!” Ted said, releasing her tit long enough to answer her.

Ted fucked his daughter harder, sucking and licking her tits once more.

“I want you to come now, baby,” he said moments later.

“Don’t tell me when to come, Daddy,” Ellie pouted. “I’m not ready yet!”

“I said I want you to come now, Ellie!” Ted grunted, staring down at her with a wicked grin on his handsome face.

“No! I’ll come when I’m good and ready!” the girl cried, becoming angry now. “Nobody tells me when to come! Not even you, Daddy!”

“Make her come, Teddy,” Helen said from the sidelines, where the woman was busily finger fucking herself as she stared wide-eyed at her brother and niece fucking each other wildly.

“Nobody tells me when to come! I won’t come yet!” Ellie repeated angrily.

“Want to bet?” Ted asked tauntingly. “You’re gonna come right now and you don’t have a thing to say about it!”

He slipped his hands beneath her and gripped the tight cheeks of her firm ass, pulling her crotch higher, and letting his broad, muscular chest press into the yielding mounds of her big tits.

He jabbed his huge prick into her slick cunthole, deep and hard, spearing her pussy with his pulsing cock-knob, and making her grunt with pain and pleasure as her cuntwalls were expanded even more by the thickness of his invading prick.

Ted drew back only a couple of inches and slammed into the girl again, repeating the motion with quick hammerings of his strong hips, his balls rapping against her ass with each downward thrust.

“Ummmfffff! Unnhhhhhh!” Ellie groaned as her father fucked into her harder and faster with each thrust. Her hips rose and fell in automatic response, screwing her cunt about the big reaming prick as her lust overcame her and hot waves of pleasure shuddered through her tightening cunthole.

She was beginning to suspect that her father was right. He was going to make her come whether she wanted to or not! He was fucking her so hard and deep, and so expertly, that her body could not help but respond.

The young girl had never been fucked so deep, so hard and fast. Her father’s cock was like a steam hammer, fucking so far inside her that a red-hot pain radiated out from deep in her cunt, a pain that mingled with the pleasure that flooded through her entire body.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, shiiiiittttt!” she cried as her legs locked about Ted’s waist and her ass swiveled in his clutching fingers. She felt all self-control slip away from her as the frictioning of his huge cock sent her senses reeling into the fiery beginnings of a powerful orgasm.

She dug her fingers into his pounding ass, widening the opening of her quivering thighs, and ground her cunt even more tightly about his crotch.

Her face contorted, eyes squeezing shut and her moist lips opened wide in panting cries of ecstasy. Her tongue darted out, seeking the saliva that was beginning to escape from the corners of her mouth, her head rolled from side to side in a frenzy of fuck-lust the young blonde had never before experienced. Every nerve in her pussy was vibrating about the pounding, throbbing shaft which slid in and out with increasing speed, matching the girl’s orgasmic convulsions with its furious tempo.

The girl’s cunt seemed to explode. Like a bomb of pleasure, her orgasm tore through her, racking her from head to toe with its violence. Her ass wriggled, bucking under the man’s relentless attack, her cunt gobbling the thrusting cock meat with spasms that gripped him with an almost painful intensity.

“Ohhhhh, God, Daddy, you made me come sooo hard!” Ellie moaned.

“What’d I tell you, bitch?” Ted said with a triumphant laugh.

The teenager slowly reined, easing her hips to a complete halt.

Her father gave her one last stroke, leaving his prick shaft completely buried in the shivering cunthole as he claimed her open mouth with a lingering kiss. He continued to kiss her as he slowly withdrew his prick, feeling her hips reaching upward and desperately trying to clutch at his treating dick. Her pussy gave a wet, gurgling sound as his cockhead eased out of the grip of his daughter’s inner cuntlips.

“You want more, don’t you, baby?” Ted said lewdly.

“I… I…” She hesitated, licking her lips and trailing her fingers over her father’s broad back. “I’ve never been fucked like that before, Daddy,” she murmured, her big tits rising and falling as she panted for breath. “It was wonderful but I wanted you to came too!”

“I just wanted to show you that I meant what I said… that I could make you come anytime I wanted. I proved that to you, didn’t I, baby?” Ted asked.

“Oh, yesss, Daddy!” the girl dried, grinning up at her father.

“Good. So now it’s time for me to come,” he said, leering at her.

“You mean you’re gonna fuck me some more?” she asked breathlessly.

“Sure… if you want me to, that is,” Ted said teasingly, not at all worried about her response.

“Ohhh, yesss, Daddy, it’s just what I want! Fuck me again!” Ellie cried wantonly.

Ted thrust his still-hard prick into his daughter’s cunt, fucking into her until his rod of cock-meat was completely embraced by the velvety folds of the girl’s puss flesh. Then, he began a slow in-and-out stroking of the teenager’s cunt.

His ass rose and fell between Ellie’s thighs and she raised her own ass up from the floor, meeting each of her father’s downward thrusts.

The young blonde could hardly believe that her father was able to stay hard for so long, that he could give her so many orgasms without coming himself. But his staying power excited her, and it made him seem all the more desirable and sexy to the young girl.

“Aaargghhh!” Ellie gasped, for now the man’s cock was fucking deeper into her than before.

Then, he pulled his prick almost all the way out until only the prick-knob was trapped by the tight grip of her cuntlips.

“Come and get it!” he demanded, grinning down at his young daughter.

“Oh, God, Daddy!” Ellie wailed as she raised her ass up as high as possible, sliding her cunt up the hard cock until it was almost completely buried in the flexing walls of her cunt.

Then Ted began fucking her hard, driving deeply into his little girl’s pussy, making the girl moan and groan with renewed passion, as if she had not just had the biggest orgasm of her life.

“Ohhhhh, I can’t wait to feel you coming inside me, Daddy,” Ellie murmured, working her hips in a steady grinding motion. She stared up into her father’s face, enjoying the way that lust contorted his handsome features as he set his throbbing prick racing in and out of her slick cunt. Ted’s own hips worked faster, driving down to fill his daughter’s cunt with his pulsing prick. His entire body trembled and he realized that he was going to come.

“Ohhhh, shit! Commmiiinnnggg!” he hollered.

Ellie waited impatiently for the first jolting spasm as her father’s prick leaped and spurted, sending its creamy load deep into her cunt. Her eyes widened and she cried out her pleasure as she felt the man’s dick jerking and swelling and exploding inside her.

“Oh, God, it feels sooo hot! Soooo good, Daddy!” Ellie cried.

And she came again. Her father’s hips slammed down, burying the full length of his rod in the churning folds of her orgasming pussy, pumping fast and hard, letting her feel the force of his own climax. He unleashed the fiery liquid in his balls, jetting his cum into her greedy hole and feeling the hot suction of her cuntwalls. The girl responded by working her cunt muscles in steady flexings.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” she whimpered, continuing to come, her cunt filling to overflowing with her father’s hot, thick spunk. She savored every lewd sensation as her daddy’s cum continued to explode inside her, his cock jerking and quivering against her cuntwalls.

Even after the last drop of the man’s cum had been drained from his throbbing cock, and after Ellie’s pussy-spasms had become mere tremors, they remained in position, their crotches meshed to each other, as if seeking the last delicious, incestuous sensation of their obscene fucking.

“I never really understood before what was meant by family togetherness before tonight, Daddy,” Ellie whispered when she was finally able to speak.

Her father hugged her tightly.


Late the next morning, Uncle Andy began to awaken. He had expected to wake up with a head-pounding hangover and a raw cock that wouldn’t be able to fuck for days.

But he woke up with neither one, he realized, as the last traces of sleep drifted from his brain. To his surprise, there was no fuzziness in his brain, no furriness on his tongue as he explored his mouth with his tongue.

Andy felt good, really good. The wild family orgy of the night before had left him feeling both mentally and physically better than he had felt in a long time. He remembered showering, shaving, and brushing his teeth and then tumbling into the first empty bed in the wee hours of the morning, and he had fallen asleep in seconds.

He dingily remembered two bodies joining him in bed a short time later, and he remembered their nakedness sandwiching him from both sides, gently lulling him back to sleep.

Now, he realized that they were still there in bed, and, his eyes still closed, he tried to think who could be lying there with him. The pressure of big tits and juicy crotches against his arms and legs and the arousing scent of female musk left no doubt in the man’s mind that he was in bed with two girls.

After the orgy of the night before, that came as no real surprise to him. What did surprise him was that, far from hanging limply between his legs after all that hard fucking, his cock was throbbingly erect, hard and pulsing and demanding immediate attention.

Andy opened his eyes as he turned his head to the right. He stared at Ellie’s parted lips, moist and moving slowly in the rhythm of sleep.

Then, he turned his head to the left and inhaled sharply when he saw Marge lying there, also asleep, her huge tits slowly rising and falling with each breath she took in her sleep.

Giving in to the powerful wave of lust that swept through him, Andy eased his body onto its side, turning toward Marge’s lush curves and letting the hard shaft of his cock press against the belly of the young girl.

In her sleep, Marge pressed back, stirring slightly and willingly to adjust her full tits to her uncle’s chest, and her arm moved about his shoulders, instinctively pulling him toward her.

Only half awake, yet fully aware of who she was embracing, Marge rolled with her uncle until he was above her, supported by hands and knees between the girl’s raised knees as his eyes explored the dips and curves of her taut nippled tits and flat belly, and, lower still, to the silken fur of her young pussy. The plump cuntlips parted in readiness for the immense cock that stood straight out over her crotch stiff and pulsing.

“Uncle Andy,” Marge whispered.

Her lips parted as she pulled the man’s mouth closer to hers. She felt the warmth of his breath and brushed his lips with her own, letting her tongue trace their outline with a gentle, but hungry caress.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, wriggling her hips, lifting her horny pussy up higher in search of his huge cock she had just been dreaming about.

The man’s mouth closed over hers and muffled the groan of ecstasy she uttered as he thrust the throbbing shaft of his prick into her juice-slickened cunt, stretching the walls and frictioning every nerve with its inward stroke.

The teenager’s hips moved in a circling motion that made her cunt lesh slip and slide even more tightly around the huge prick that drove deeper and deeper into her cunthole.

Her uncle’s crotch pressed against hers, then pressed harder still, until his balls were squeezed between the cheeks of her wriggling ass. She had all of it! She had the entire length of her uncle’s massive prick inside her. Every last inch of his huge cock was engulfed by her quivering cuntflesh, and she thrilled to the exciting sensation.

The broad, steadily pulsating head of Uncle Andy’s prick moved against the very back wall of Marge’s tight cunt with each motion of her hips, and an overwhelming pleasure shot through her. Her lips were torn from his by a sudden, violent twist of her head to one side, and the movement of her hips became even more frantic and demanding.

“Do it! Fuck me!” she gasped, her sharp fingernails digging into his broad back. “Do it to me, Uncle Andy!”

She held her breath as her uncle withdrew his prick until only the swollen head was still captured by her clenching cunt. She moved faster, working the slippery mouth of her pussy over the inserted cock-meat, knowing that it increased her uncle’s pleasure, and it felt almost unbearably exciting to her.

“Unnnhhh, baby,” he groaned, sliding the full length of his cock into her again.

Marge’s legs were around her uncle’s waist, scissoring to provide leverage for the lift and grind of her ass.

The man fucked in and out of her, filling her cunt with his hardness, then sucking at her juicy pussy with its retreat. Faster and harder shoving her ass down into the mattress with the force of his thrusting, he fucked his niece, slowing his outstrokes to savor the flexing of her cunt muscles.

The naked bodies of the incestuous lovers were completely fused as one, still except for the rapid rise and fall of their hips. The bed bounced and shook, just as Marge’s pussy seemed to do each time the head of her uncle’s prick fucked into her.

Fiery waves of lust crashed through the girl’s body with each stroke of her uncle’s enormous cock, and she groaned lowly as she grew more and more aroused.

“More, more, more, fuck me, fuck me,” she moaned.

Her churning cunt seemed to draw his cock deeper, tightening about his prick shaft with hungry squeezings that wrenched a groan of pleasure from his lips, which were wet and hot against her naked shoulder.

Uncle Andy knew that he was about to come. He had never fucked such a horny chick before. He realized that the orgy of the night before must have inflamed the girl so much that she was now hornier than if she had never fucked at all. He grinned, thankful that he was the one to reap the benefits of the teenager’s desperately horny state.

Her churning cunt was so exciting to his cock that the man knew he would not be able to hold back for long. He would be coming soon. Marge recognized the swelling of Andy’s pistoning prick and the shorter, harder strokes that signaled that he was about to come.

She slid her cunt up to meet each bouncing thrust, gripping him with her pussy’s powerful muscles.

His prick pulled back to ram its broad, fiery head against the back wall of her greedy cunt. Her pussy opened with slippery smoothness to welcome the fierce stabbing of his cock. Each plunge made her grunt as his crotch crashed against hers.

Marge’s head was flung back, her neck straining as her body arched, and she pushed her pussy still higher. Her ass was twisting and jerking with the first hot thrills of climax, she felt the increased bulge of the man’s cockshaft as the cum thundered through his tube, and she worked her ass still harder as his cock seemed to leap inside her, threatening to burst right through the walls of the spasming cunt.

“Commmmiiinnnnggg!” she cried hoarsely as a mind-blowing pleasure pounded through her loins.

“I’m coming too, baby, and how! Coming!” Uncle Andy responded as spurt followed spurt.

Cum jetted into Marge’s cunt at the very peak of her orgasm, oozing down the crack of her pumping ass. Uncle Andy drove his prick into her so deeply that the creamy spunk was forced out, coating his balls as they squeezed into the wriggling valley of her ass. He let her cuntal spamming milk his cock of the last drop.

“Now, that’s what I call fucking! Real hot fucking!” Ellie’s breathless voice shouted suddenly.

Andy and Marge turned their startled eyes in her direction and saw Ellie, her head propped on one bent arm, grinning excitedly. She was using her free hand to massage the lips of her own aroused pussy, and Marge and Andy saw two fingers disappear into Ellie’s fur-rimmed pussy-slit.

The young girl’s eyes moved from their tightly fused hips to meet her uncle’s stare. Ellie gave him a knowing grin, her full lips curving as she circled them with her wet tongue.

“Are you horny, sis?” Marge asked lewdly. “I’ll say, Marge! And I want my share of what you’ve got stuck in your pussy right now,” Ellie said with a laugh. Her fingers were fucking rapidly in and out of her pussy, and Andy could see the gleaming wetness of her cuntjuices on her fingers each time she pulled them almost all the way out.

Even though he had just come powerfully, Andy found that his cock was already hardening again. He felt a rapidly mounting lust for Ellie who was still finger-fucking herself, fully aware of his hot gaze.

Andy’s prick continued to swell, helped along by Marge’s wet cuntflesh which continued to quiver along the length of his cock meat.

He waited until his prick was fully hard, making Marge’s hips wriggle under his in renewed sexual hunger. He grinned down at Marge as he kissed her open mouth and fucked his cock into her, letting her grind her slick cunt about his prick. Then, ignoring Marge’s whimper of protest, he pulled back until his prick slipped out with a wet sound.

Ellie squealed happily and rolled over on to her back, welcoming her uncle with open arms and spread thighs, bending her head in a desperate attempt to watch the long, thick cock of stiffened meat fuck into her furry pussy.

“Ohhhh, yesssss,” Ellie whined, feeling the hot fullness of her uncle’s cock slide into her.

His prick was throbbing with lust for the fucking which the writhing of her hips promised.

“Ohhhh, I want you to fuck me, Uncle Andy!” Ellie cried as the man’s cock forced its way into the clutch of her young pussy. She worked her ass furiously to help him in his efforts.

“Don’t worry, baby, I will!” Andy groaned. His prick was now more than halfway into the depths of the girl’s hot, tight pussy.

Ellie moaned and screwed her cuntlips tighter about her uncle’s prick.

With one mighty shove, Andy managed to bury the entire length of his prick up his niece’s pussy. Both of the lovers were swept up in the exciting ritual of meshing loins, cock meeting pussy in a thrusting, plunging movement that filled the room with the sounds of naked flesh slapping against naked flesh.

Marge grinned as she watched her uncle fucking her sister. She knew exactly how it felt to have the man’s enormous cock fucking into her pussy, and she felt almost as if he were fucking her. She watched Ellie getting fucked hard and loving it.

Marge began to finger-fuck herself, turning on as she watched Uncle Andy and Ellie fucking each other furiously. Marge knew that as soon as they had come, it would be her turn to fuck again. She would feel her uncle’s big cock inside her little pussy again, and she could hardly wait. She only hoped he was up to it.

The bed rocked with the force of Andy’s thrusts. He pulled his huge prick almost all the way out of Ellie’s cunt, until only the pulsing tip remained inside her pussy. That move was followed by a swift, strong plunge that sent his prick to the hilt inside Ellie’s heaving cock. His balls were lodged firmly in the wriggling crack of her ass.

Andy knew there was no reason to hold back. It was obvious that Ellie was more than ready to receive his cum. He glanced over at Marge who was still finger-fucking herself and knew he had even more reason to come. As soon as he finished fucking Ellie, he could fuck Marge again, and that was more than enough reason to come.

“Ohhhh, come, Uncle Andy, I want you to come inside me now!” Ellie groaned, as if reading the man’s mind. The rhythm of her squeezing cunt muscles quickened as he fucked in and out of her.

The girl’s fingers clawed at his ass as he hammered his cock home again and again and again.

Through the red haze of passion, Ellie suddenly recognized the sweet feel of her orgasm. A hot pulsing spread out throughout her entire body.

Uncle Andy released his load, shooting into the very depths of her cunt.


Helen stood in the doorway of her I husband’s office, smiling as she looked at his thick-haired head bent over his business papers.

The man was still unaware that his wife was there.

“Hello, Andy,” she murmured, walking toward his desk.

“Helen! I didn’t see you there!” he muttered, hastily trying to push from his wife’s sight the papers he had been looking at. “Well, well, well… and here I thought that you were busy at work,” Helen said with a laugh as she reached out and snatched one of the papers up from her husband’s desk. The paper, like all the others, was actually a large photograph of a naked young girl.

In this particular photo, which Helen was now looking at with a grin, the girl was sucking a big hard cock.

“Okay, okay, so you caught me, Helen,” Andy said, laughing too. “One of the guys down at the plant brought these in and we’ve been passing them around.”

He became acutely aware of the swollen bulge between his thighs. He knew, too, that his wife had seen his hard-on from the expression on her flushed face and the gleam in her widely staring eyes.

His gaze dropped from hers, pausing at the swelling points of her big tits as they strained against the low-cut blouse. It was obvious that the woman was not wearing any bra.

The imprint of her taut nips turned Andy on as if this were the very first time he had seen this gorgeous woman who happened to be his wife, as if he had not fucked her hundreds of times. Suddenly, she was not his wife, in his mind. She was merely a sexy young woman with a tight little pussy which needed his cock badly.

“What are you thinking, darling?” Helen asked huskily, her desire evident in her voice. “Am I in your thoughts?”

He nodded, straining openly at the twin peaks that stretched the woman’s blouse out so invitingly.

“Oh, yeah, that’s for sure!” he finally managed to say.

“Good!” Helen said hoarsely. “Want to know what I was thinking?”

“Sure, baby,” he drawled, grinning up at her, realizing that they were both enjoying this little game which, they both knew, would end in a hot fuck session.

Somehow, the fact that his wife had walked into his office made it seem more exciting than if they were in their own home. Again, he could easily pretend that they were strangers instead of husband and wife.

He enjoyed that game. Andy was always ready to fuck a new pussy, and he felt almost as if he had never fucked Helen’s cunt before. “I was just daydreaming that you and I were making it… right here in your office. Isn’t that wild?” Helen cried.

The points of her blouse rose and fell as she breathed harder and harder.

“Lock the door,” Andy said.

Helen almost ran to the door and quickly locked it, then returned to stand in front of her husband’s desk.

Andy pushed his chair back, watching Helen’s gaze drop to the tenting of his trousers.

“Jeeesus!” she gasped, unable to move as he walked around the desk and placed his large hands on her narrow waist, turning her about to face him.

“You’re one sexy woman, Helen,” he murmured. He pulled her closer.

She came willingly, pressing her warm, soft body against the bulge of his hard-on.

Her arms went around his neck and her face lifted, her lips parting. He kissed her, tasting her saliva as their tongues fucked against each other. He moved one hand and fondled one of her large, firm tits, cupping the tit and rubbing his palm over the cloth-covered nipple.

Helen gasped and ground her crotch against the pressing hardness of the man’s cock.

Andy used his other hand to grip her wriggling ass, his fingers, edging her short skirt upward. The tips of his fingers were caressing the lower flare of her full ass cheek, touching the female flesh exposed beneath the clinging panties.

Their lips parted, wet and open.

“Pull them off!” Helen breathed, her nostrils quivering. Her fingers were already groping for his fly but missing as he bent to strip her panties down her legs, exposing the golden triangle of her pussy fur. Her pink cunt-slit moistened as she eagerly stepped out of her panties and drew her skirt higher.

Her hand flashed to his zipper as he straightened, opening his fly and diving in to grope for his rigid prick. She gasped as her fingers curled about it and released it from the confines of his trousers.

As she continued to hold and stroke his prick, Andy unbuckled his belt and forced her to release his cock-meat long enough to drop his pants and shorts and tuck his shirt out of the way. The woman squirmed her ass onto the edge of the big desk and spread her legs in anticipation. Her entire body was shaking.

“Oh, God, Andy!” Helen hissed between tightly clenched teeth. “I want that cock!”

“Your wish is my command, darling,” Andy said, moving back so her fingers could squeeze his jutting prick shaft, playing up and down its entire length teasingly.

Panting with excitement, Helen wiggled about in an effort to help her husband loosen her blouse and bare her tits. Her long, stiff nips drew the man like a magnet, and he bent to fasten his mouth to the left one, closing his teeth lightly about it while his tongue flicked back and forth.

“Unnnhhhhh! That’s good, darling, really good!” the woman gasped.

After tonguing her nip for several more minutes, Andy released the tasty bud and used both hands to move her thighs farther apart.

“Would you like me to suck your little cunt?” he asked huskily, his lips already moving downward toward the blonde patch of pussy hairs.

“I’d love it, Andy!”

With that, the man dropped to his knees, his mouth hovering over the parted lips of his wife’s pussy. Her cunt’s musky aroma filling his nostrils and fanning his desire. He pressed his lips eagerly into the warm slit and felt her hands on his hair as his tongue slid into the slick, hot crack between her bloated pussylips. He tasted the sharp tang and sweetness of her fuck juice as she turned on more and more.

“Eat it!” Helen cried. Her legs gripped his shoulders, her knees moving inward to hold him captive between her legs. “That’s good, Andy!”

“Unnhhh,” Andy groaned and shoved his tongue still farther into the trembling crevice, moving his tongue from side to side and wriggling the tip exploringly.

His hot tongue action made the woman wiggle about on the desk, and her hips writhed in time with his deeper probing. He drew back, forcing her legs to let him go. Then, he gave her pussy one last upward sweep, zeroing in on her erect clit, spearing it with a twist that brought an answering surge of her hips.

She tried to prolong the exciting touch of his tongue to her clit.

“Ohhhh, that’s great!” she cried, wriggling about.

Andy tore his mouth away from Helen’s cunt and rose to his feet.

“Aw, why’d you stop, honey?” Helen whined.

“Later… I’ll suck you off,” he panted.

“But, right now, I have to fuck you!”

He eased his cock into position and steered his broad, pulsing knob between her wet cuntlips.

“Aaarrghhhh!” Helen cried as she fastened her teeth on her husband’s neck.

Her tongue flicked out at the naked flesh of his chest as his big prick expanded her pussy with its entry, and he fucked about four inches of his cock into the slippery tightness. He paused, letting her cunt adjust to the thick rod of prick-meat. And, again, Andy felt the strange and exciting sensation that this was a new pussy he was fucking, and that feeling aroused him beyond belief.

“Ohhh, baby, I’ve gotta fuck you!” he cried as he began pumping his prick into her, each stroke carrying him deeper, and each one bringing a greater wave of pleasure from the soft, wet cunt-folds churning about his pistoning prick.

He pulled her closer, fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

“Qhhhhh, your cock’s so big and hard! I love it!” Helen panted, feeing, as Andy did that this was almost like their very first fuck. The woman was playing out a fantasy in her own mind as they fucked, a fantasy about her entering Andy’s office for an interview, of never having seen him before. In her fantasy, this handsome “stranger” suddenly attacked her, and she ended up loved every cock-thrusting minute of it.

Andy’s prick felt different to her somehow because of this fantasy. They had never before fucked each other in his office, and that difference thrilled the woman, arousing her until she was half out of her mind with fucklust.

Her ass was rolling about on the desk, humping forward to meet the mans invading prick, wriggling in joy and excitement.

He pulled the monstrous prick out through the flexing rings of her slick cunt-flesh, savoring the heat and friction of her little cunt.

“Don’t stop, darling, don’t stop! Fuck me until we both come!” she panted.

She leaned back, bracing her wide-flung arms on the desk top as she worked her hips up and down, around and around, sending hot lewd thrills through both of their bodies.

“Tell me when!” Andy gasped, fucking in and out of her almost savagely. His fingers were digging painfully into her busily working hips.

“Let it happen, Andy!” she moaned. “I’ll come when you do!”

“You sweet fucking little cunt!” he groaned. “I’m gonna fill you all up with my cum!”

“DO it!” she urged. “I want it! Gimme all your cum!”

Her hips worked fast and furiously, grinding her cunt about the man’s stroking prick.

With a grunt, Andy slammed into her, fucking the full length of his long, thick cock into her quivering little pussy. The swing of his loaded balls slapped erotically against her ass.

Helen grunted as she accepted every single inch of that throbbing cock-meat in her juicy cunthole, squeezing his prick with rapid convulsions of her cunt muscles. She sensed that her husband was about to come.

He was fucking her violently now. His cock was driving deep, fucking into the spongy depths of her cunt with a retreat of only a couple of inches, just enough to create that exciting friction of cunt wall and prick.

Suddenly, hot, heavy spurts of cum through his prick and into his wife’s cunt.

Her cunt responded with a climax.

“Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhh, yessss, Andy, yes! I can feel it! I feel your cum shooting into my pussy! Aaarrghhhh, keep it up, keep shooting!” Helen shouted hysterically as she felt the peak of her orgasm strike her with surprising force.

She humped her little ass in wild, frantic motions, tightening her pussy muscles in a desperate attempt to drain the jerking cock of its full load, crying, out with pleasure as her own orgasm continued to burst through her cunt explosively. Finally, she was too weak to do much more than wiggle her ass in a slow circle.

Andy began the suction of complete withdrawal.

“I feel like a girl who has just had her pussy fucked right off!” she said, grinning at her husband.


Joey reached down and squeezed Marge’s gigantic tits, pinching them painfully between his strong fingers. Then, he flipped the young girl over so that she was on her tummy.

His hands ran lewdly over her trembling ass.

She quivered with desire.

The two teenagers had been kissing and touching each other’s naked body for long moments now, and Marge was dying for her brother to fuck her. Her lust made her impatient.

“Are you gonna fuck my ass, Joey? No one’s ever done that to me before,” Marge murmured.

Joey fondled the softly trembling cheeks of his sister’s smooth, lily-white ass.

“No one’s ever fucked you in the ass before?” he asked unbelievingly. He had just assumed that, at some point, during all the recent family-style orgies, someone was bound to have fucked the sexy girl in the ass.

“No. No one,” she responded.

“Mmmm, that makes it even more interesting, Sis. Bet your little virgin asshole’s nice and tight then. Really tight. Good. It’ll be more fun that way,” Joey said.

“I want you to do it to me, Joey,” Marge said. “I’ve always wanted to get fucked in my ass. But I know it’s gonna hurt and I’m kinda scared. I just want you to know that. But it doesn’t mean that I want you to stop in case I… you know, in case I cry out in pain or anything.”

Joey laughed. His hands kneaded her soft ass-flesh, pulling her asscheeks even farther apart, revealing more and more of the tightly puckered little asshole which was nestled invitingly between them.

“Don’t worry, baby, once I get started, I won’t stop! So you don’t have to worry about that!” he said, laughing again, and, to the young girl’s ears, her brother’s laugh sounded almost cruel and threatening.

Suddenly, Joey tightened his grip on her hips and levered her up, forcing her to kneel on all fours. The girl’s huge tits dangled down toward the bed and her face flushed with fear and excitement.

He tangled his hand in her long hair, forcing her head down while still maintaining a strong grip on her hips. Her naked asscheeks waved lewdly in the air as she crouched there, completely naked, feeling helpless yet excited before her brother’s raw fuck-lust.

“Ooooh, Joey,” she whimpered.

He continued to knead the rounded whiteness of her quivering asscheeks, rubbing and pinching the soft flesh with his hard, demanding hands.

Suddenly, the young blonde girl felt the wet contact of her brother’s tongue on her naked ass, sweeping up the full length of the crack between the checks of her ass. She squirmed, frightened about having her virgin asshole fucked, but still turning on steadily more and more.

She felt hot tingling sensations in her cunt, caused by Joey’s roughly licking tongue on her ass-flesh. She moaned as he continued to tease and slobber his thick, wet tongue up inside her widely stretched ass-crack. His fingers tightened painfully on her trembling asscheeks, spreading them farther and farther apart.

Joey stared hornily at her tightly puckered little ass-ring, and then, without warning, he fucked his middle finger hard into the tiny virgin hole, probing and prodding until at last he was able to insert it to the first knuckle. The rubbery little brown hole reluctantly yielded.

“Ohhh God, Joey! It hurts! Stop!” Marge pleaded, her naked asscheeks quivering with pain. She sobbed with pain as she felt her brother’s finger worming its way deeper into her tightly resisting asshole, stretching her ass ring painfully.

With a lustful grunt, Joey fucked his finger farther into the tight little fuckhole between her naked asscheeks, burying his finger to the palm of his hand in her trembling asshole.

Then, Marge felt her brother withdrawing his rigid finger, allowing her stretched-out asshole to suck back to its normal virgin tightness.

She felt a surge of hope that he would leave her alone now. But, at the same time, she was aware of a sharp pang of disappointment. As afraid as she was, she desperately wanted her brother to fuck her cherry-ass.

Joey spread the smooth cheeks of her naked spread ass so far apart that she felt as if he were tearing her apart.

“Mmmmmm,” he murmured, smacking his lips hungrily as he gazed down at his sister’s sexy little virgin ass. “You’re so fuckin’ tight! This is gonna be a great ass-fuck! I can’t wait to shove my big prick up your little asshole!”

“Oh God, I’m scared but I want it, Joey,” Marge moaned.

She raised her head and twisted around painfully until she could clearly see her brother. She gasped, her eyes widening in fear and excitement. The massively swollen length of his long, hard prick was cupped in his free hand. The cockhead was purplish and throbbing.

She felt waves of passion wash over her trembling young body, and her asshole quivered in anticipation of the fucking that she knew was about to happen. In spite of her fear, she longed to feel her brother’s gigantic prick fucking up her virgin asshole.

“Ohhhhhh God, Joey,” she wailed.

“I’m gonna bugger your little ass so hard, and so good that you won’t be able to sit down for a week, Sis,” the boy growled.

Marge groaned as she felt the pulsing head of his big cock pressing into the tight split of her asscheeks. She felt her soft asscheeks being painfully forced apart. And she felt her brother’s hot, juicy cockhead pushing against her tight virginal hole.

She waved her upraised asscheeks around desperately in a fit of lewd passion for her brother.

“Oh, God, Joey! Your huge cock is gonna split me right in half! It’s gonna hurt like hell!” she whimpered.

His sister’s words only excited the young boy all the more, but he noticed that she didn’t ask him to stop, not that he would have anyway. With a brutal thrust, he fucked his prick violently against the tiny opening of her cherry asshole.

As Marge felt her handsome brother’s huge cock fucking into her virgin asshole, lust and excitement coursed through her young body.

Then, with a deep animal-like growl, Joey fucked forward even harder, determined to bury the entire length of his hard, pulsing meat to the hilt within his sister’s ass.

“AIEEEEE!” she cried as she felt the sudden popping of her tight little outer ass muscle. Fiery lances of pain shot from her ass and washed over her entire body, turning her on beyond belief.

But, along with the pain, there came hard jolts of incestuous pleasure. Suddenly she realized that she had never felt so good before in her life.

“Ohhhhh, it feels woo good,” she said in a half-moan.

“I knew you’d like it, baby,” Joey said, grinning triumphantly. He fucked forward again, managing to sink his entire cock into his sister’s shitty asshole, until his balls were pressed against her ass.

“Aaaarrrghhhhhh! Yeeoooowwww!” Marge sobbed, completely impaled by her brother’s ass-splitting prick.

Joey grunted hard and began to withdraw his thick thrusting prick from her tiny asshole. He drew his cock out little by little, until only his knob cockhead was still rimmed by her rubbery asshole. Then he fucked forward again.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Joey, yessss, fuck my ass!” the girl whimpered, clutching at the bed sheets.

Carefully and skillfully, Joey began a slow cock-fucking rhythm. The girl’s inner asshole gradually became used to the pounding Joey was giving her. He fucked in and out of Marge’s ass, burying his hardened prick shaft right to the balls in the hotly clinging channel of her asshole, and then out-fucking his prick almost all the way before plunging it in again. The cum-bloated sac containing his balls slapped obscenely against the spread lips of her pussy.

Joey continued to fuck in and out of his sister’s cock-stuffed asshole, thrilled by the feeling of her once-virgin asshole tugging at his cock, loving every second of their obscene ass fucking.

Marge moaned crazily over and over, all fear gone now. Her asshole pulsed with fucklust for her brother’s prick, and hot thrills of incestuous pleasure shot through her pussy, making her entire body tremble with excitement and desire.

“Ohhh, yesssss, Joey, fuck me! Fuck my ass! I love it sooo much!” she wailed.

Burning with lust, she began to thrust her ass backwards toward her brother’s fucking cock. She moaned over and over as she continued to beg her brother to fuck her ass harder and deeper.

“You little cunt! I knew you’d love it!” Joey said, laughing again.

“Ohhh, yessss, Joey, you were right, I love it!” Marge responded, her voice thick with fuck-lust.

Her naked ass ground back against her brother’s ass-plugging prick, and her strong ass muscles contracted lewdly around his deeply fucking prick as it withdrew, increasing the pressure that the young body felt building up in his cum-laden balls.

The young girl was moaning and groaning continuously now, already close to coming. Her ass fucked forward and back in perfect time with Joey’s cock-thrusting movements. She concentrated on working her ass muscles around his pistoning cock, hugging his prick hard inside her ass before letting him withdraw once again.

“Oh God, this is wondeful! I never knew… fuck my ass! Fuck it good and hard, darling!” she screamed as her naked body felt consumed by hot, fiery passion.

She felt totally lost in a world of incestuous passion for her brother. The only thing in the world she cared about at that, moment was having the orgasm she needed, so badly.

She longed to feel him shoot his jizz up her asshole.

“Commmmiiinnggg!” she cried only moments later, as she came, hard and long.

Her gigantic tits flushed and shook as hot thrills of orgasm shot through her rigid nips. Her entire body shook and trembled.

Her tightly gripping asshole was spasming with a steady, rhythmic clenching and unclenching around her brother’s feverishly fucking cock.

Feeling her orgasm vibrating against his prick and hearing the girl’s lewd words took Joey over the edge, and he began to come too. He shot the full force of his scalding cum far up into her virgin asshole. He filled every little nook and cranny of her ass with his thick, creamy jizz.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Joey! Shoot it all! I want to feel all your cum up my ass! Gimme your jism!” the young blonde shouted, half out of her mind with pleasure and lust.

The boy’s thick cum filled his sister’s asshole to overflowing.

Then, the thick, gooey sauce began to run lewdly down her quivering thighs, finally splashing onto the bedclothes between her legs.

“OOOOOhhhhh, sooo good!” the girl cried as another orgasm struck her powerfully. “Coming! I’m coming again, Joey! Ohhh, you fucked my little ass sooo good!”

Waves of incestuous pleasure cascaded throughout the girl’s body as her climax peaked and rocked her with its force.

“Thank you, Joey, thank you,” the girl sobbed as her orgasm began to subside moments later.

She felt a warm, tingling sensation deep in her pussy and asshole, filling her entire body.

Hearing a sound out in the hallway and realizing that it was her father, Marge felt renewed desire for fucking pound through her pussy.

Now she could fuck her daddy!

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