No Virgin Schoolteacher

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, join the neighborhood mate-traders.

Jamie Johnson is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a love of perversity and a depth of passion she never dreamed existed lie coiled like snakes, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse them.

NO VIRGIN SCHOOLTEACHER — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


Miss Jamie Johnson was trying to conduct a lesson in English grammar, but it wasn’t easy to keep her students’ attention on a Friday afternoon. It was the last class of the day, and all the kids kept glancing longingly at the clock.

They probably had fun-filled weekends to look forward to, dates and parities. Not Jamie. Her students might be the last people she’d see till Monday. She didn’t look forward to another lonely weekend in her apartment. She wished she had a date, too.

She tried to imagine the kind of man she’d go out with. He’d be handsome, of course, and very intelligent and a real gentleman. He’d, be interested in books like she was. Perhaps they’d go to an art museum, then to dinner, maybe even dancing.

“Hey, teacher, you’re daydreaming,” somebody called.

Jamie blushed hard.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she exclaimed. “I guess we’re all anxious to leave. And since it’s almost time for the bell — class dismissed.”

The kids let out a whoop of joy and stampeded for the door. Jamie started gathering up her things, ashamed of herself for letting her mind wander like that. It was so silly of her to daydream. She knew perfectly well that she’d never date, never get to know any men.

Nick, the class troublemaker and clown, lingered behind the other students. Finally only he and Jamie were left in the classroom, and he wandered over to her desk, a mischievous grin on his face.

“Doing anything this weekend, Miss Johnson?” he asked.

“Very funny, Nick,” Jamie said.

“Hey, no kidding,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind taking you out if you’d just fix yourself up.”

“What do you mean?” Jamie said.

“Get some sexy clothes,” Nick grinned. “DO something with your hair, get rid of those dumb glasses. You could be a really good-looking woman.”

“Thanks for the advice, professor,” Jamie said dryly. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I want to get home.”

Nick didn’t move right away. He stood there a moment and let his eyes drift slowly up and down Jamie’s body. She was so shocked, she couldn’t speak. Then he turned and walked out of the room, leaving her blushing and confused. Men always had that affect on her, no matter what their age. They scared and puzzled her.

She knew what Nick had seen, a petite but curvy young woman in her mid-twenties with naturally copper-colored hair and a pretty face. He’s right — she could have been very attractive if she’d tried. But up to this point in her life, she hadn’t wanted to try.

Jamie Johnson was terribly afraid that if she looked attractive, some man might come on to her.

She drove home to her apartment building and checked the mailbox before heading upstairs. There was a large package for her in a plain brown wrapper, and she couldn’t think what it was. She hurried to her apartment to open it. When she got the wrapping off, she was blushing and smiling at the same time.

Now she remembered. She’d ordered the book months ago. It was an illustrated manual of love-making techniques. Jamie was very curious about what men and women did in bed together, but she’d been too ashamed to buy such a book in a store, so she’d ordered it by mail.

The lonely young teacher forgot about making any dinner for herself. She couldn’t wait to get to that book. She took a shower, then slipped on a robe, and settled down on the couch to read. The moment she opened the book, she turned brick red. It was a lot more explicit than she’d expected.

There was hardly any print, just big color pictures of couples doing everything imaginable to each other. An attractive young man, and woman were in each photograph, and they seemed to be having a lot of fun. In the first photo they were fucking in the traditional missionary position.

“Oh, my goodness!” Jamie breathed.

She knew that a decent, respectable woman would have rewrapped the book immediately and sent it back. It wasn’t the kind of thing for a spinster schoolteacher to read. But she couldn’t put it down. She started flipping through the pages, her blue eyes getting wider and wider.

“For heaven’s sake!” she gasped. “Oh, my gosh!”

By the time she finished leafing through the book, Jamie was on overload. She had to put it down and close her eyes. She hadn’t dreamed that sex was so complicated, so, well, kinky. But then she’d only known what her parents had taught her, and clearly that wasn’t much.

Here she was, just a few years till her thirtieth birthday, and still a virgin. She’d never been out on a date. She’d never even held hands or been kissed. And her strictly religious parents had sent her to all-girl schools, even an all-girl college, where she’d never had a sex education course.

“No wonder I’m so dumb,” she sighed.

Well, she had a lot of learning to do, and she intended to spend the evening slowly reading that sex book and finding out the facts. She looked carefully at each picture and tried to imagine herself as the girl in the photo. It had a strange effect on her.

Her pussy started to get hot, and then sticky cream began leaking from her virgin cunt. She felt her gash swelling, and then she was squirming restlessly. It took the man-shy spinster a while to realize that the photos in that book were making her horny.

In one photo the girl was on her hands and knees, the young man kneeling behind her. His cock was long, thick and hard, and he was just starting to insert it in the girl’s cunt. It was into her maybe an inch, and she had a very excited expression.

Jamie tried to imagine herself in the girl’s place, a man’s thick hard cock poking into her untried pussy. It seemed wickedly exciting, but she just couldn’t get any idea of how it would feel. Maybe she could devise something to aid her imagination.

She’d need something the size of a cock and as she looked around the little apartment, she saw it — a banana in a basket of fruit. Carrying the book, she drifted over, picked up the banana, and wandered into her bedroom. She felt a little dazed. Her pussy seemed to be on fire.

She’d never had that sensation before. She was all wet and steamy between her thighs, and she had the wicked urge to touch herself down there. Mother had always warned her that she’d go straight to hell if she did that. Jamie wondered if her mother could have been wrong.

She set the book and the banana on the bed, then shed her robe. Naked, she crawled onto the bed and crouched in the same position as the girl in the photo. She picked up the banana and tried to stick it in her curd. The experiment was a failure. She couldn’t even find her cunt.

“Darn!” she moaned.

She rolled over onto her back. It might be easier that way. Grasping the banana, she set the tip against the tiny moist mouth of her virgin cunt. She pushed a little and felt her delicate cunt lips spreading very wide. She kept pushing till she’d penetrated herself about an inch.

“Ohhhhh, wow, ohhhhhh!” she moaned.

It was such a strange sensation. Her tender pussy lips felt stretched almost to bursting, and she was sure her cunt couldn’t take something that big. Yet she felt a wild excitement, an urge to push the banana in deeper. Taking a big breath, she pushed some more.

“Unnnnnnhh, ohhhhhh!” she gasped.

It hurt a little, yet she couldn’t stop. She’d never felt this excited in her life, not even when she won a scholarship to college. She kept pushing the thick fruit deeper into her untried twat, hurting and lusting at the same moment. She pushed till her cunt was crammed full.

The spinster schoolteacher lay there wide-eyed and panting. Her cunt was crammed, just as if a hard cock had been thrust deep into it. This was how it felt to take a cock. Jamie was blushing, kind of shocked with herself, yet she had to admit she loved the sensation.

She wondered if she was technically a virgin any more. Could you lose your virginity to a banana? It was a question she couldn’t answer, and she was impatient to get on with her naughty experiment. She began moving the banana up and down in her moist little box, pretending she was being fucked.

“Oooooooooh, wow, unnnnhhhhhh!” she gasped.

It felt so exciting, and as she kept doing it the pain went away, replaced by mounting pleasure. Each time she thrust the thick firm banana deep into her cunt, it felt so damned good. She started creaming heavily and couldn’t stop. Her cunt got slicker, and she could jerk the banana faster. That felt even better.

“Ohhhhhh, God, yessss!” the young teacher moaned.

She worked the banana quickly up and down in her wet cunt, forcing out her molten cream. She felt the sticky juice gushing down her ass crack and puddling under her ass. The faster she jerked the fruit, the more pleasure she felt. She’d never experienced such violent pleasure in her life.

Gurgling, moaning and writhing, she closed her eyes and forgot everything but the delicious sensations she was giving herself. The pleasure built till she thought she’d explode somehow. And in another minute that was exactly what happened.

Jamie had never had an orgasm before, so she wasn’t prepared for it. All she knew was that she gave the banana one last deep shove, and then she seemed to blow up. Her body was wracked with powerful pleasure spasms. She let out a long hoarse wail.

“Ooooooooh, my God, oooooh, whaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” she screamed.

She rolled around on the bed, shuddering with bliss, hot come-juice squirting from her cunt and soaking her hand. She kept spasming for a full minute, then rolled onto her back again and gasped for breath. As she drew the cream-drenched banana from her cunt, she felt strangely empty.

“My God,” she breathed, “what happened to me?”

She knew a little about sex, from conversation overheard in the college dorm, and it dawned on her that she’d just had her first climax. So that was how it felt? It had been fantastic. She began to understand why so many people were obsessed with sex.

She knew something else, too. She wanted to come again, right away.

She picked up the sex book and started flipping through the pages. Towards the end the photos showed the young couple doing something Jamie had never heard of. They weren’t fucking. They were using their mouths and tongues on each other. The virgin teacher studied the pictures, fascinated.

One photo especially held her attention. The girl was on her back with her legs bent and spread wide. The young man was lying belly down between her legs, and he was licking her pussy. From the blissed-out expression on the girl’s face, Jamie judged that it felt very good to her.

What would it be like to have a man lick her in that forbidden place? It was almost too wicked to imagine. It made her think of that awful, mortifying day when her mother had burst into the bathroom while Jamie was bathing. The young Jamie was just starting to wash her pussy.

“Don’t touch yourself there, Jamie,” her mother had cried. “That’s dirty, wicked!”

“But, Mom!” Jamie exclaimed. “How am I going to get clean?”

“Use a washcloth,” Mrs. Johnson commanded. “And always remember, girls who play with themselves go to hell! Nice girls don’t enjoy things like that?”

The lesson had stayed with Jamie for years, along with all the other things her mother had told her about sex. Nice girls don’t think about sex. They don’t like it. Men are animals. That was why Jamie had always avoided men and feared them, the reason she was still unmarried and a virgin.

Now she wondering if her mother could have been wrong. She’d just brought herself off with a banana, of all things, and she hadn’t dropped into the fiery pits of hell. Her hand hadn’t fallen off, warts hadn’t covered her body. Maybe Mom had exaggerated a little.

And no matter what Mom had said, Jamie just had to experience another orgasm. She bent and spread her legs like the girl in the photo, then trailed a finger over her slick hot pussy, pretending it was a man’s tongue. It felt fantastic. She moaned with pleasure and soaked her finger with a big hot burst of cunt juice.

“Mmmmmmm, yessssss!” she sighed.

She felt all over her pussy and found a spot that was more sensitive than the rest, a hard little button at the very top of her slit. She kept rubbing it with her finger, working faster and faster, and the pleasure was hot and steady. She was sure she could come this way.

Of course she knew she was masturbating, that sinful thing her mother had warned about. But how could it be so terrible if it felt so nice? Jamie couldn’t bear to stop. She went on massaging her clit with her stiff finger and felt herself hurtling toward another delicious come.

“Unnnnnhhhh, ooooooh, ummhhhhh!” she sobbed.

Evil or not, she was hooked on masturbation. She knew she could never go back to her totally sexless life. Now that she’d discovered the fantastic pleasure of coming, she’d want to bring herself off again and again. And if she went to hell for it, so be it.

Panting, sobbing with excitement, the pretty schoolteacher jerked her finger over her swollen clit as fast as she could. She squeezed her eyes shut and forgot everything else as she took herself over the top, into a body-wracking climax that made her scream in ecstasy.

“Unnnnnnhhhh, God — aaaaahhhhhhhhh!” she wailed.

It was a good thing her walls were thick. She sure didn’t want the neighbors to hear as she wailed helplessly in a long intense orgasm. This climax seemed even more delicious than the first, and it left Jamie shaking and breathless.

She wasn’t sorry she’d played with herself. She just wished she could experience real sex, sex with a man. But she’d never have the nerve to seek out a lover. She was still too scared of men. Whatever sexual experiences she had from now on, they’d have to come from her own fingers.


Jamie spent all day Saturday trying to decide if she was a bad girl. According to her mother, yes. Bad girls were easily identified. They liked sex, liked men, and liked to masturbate. By those standards, Jamie was guilty on at least two counts.

But she didn’t feel like a bad girl. She knew she was a good teacher and a respectable young woman. All she’d done was have her first orgasm, her first hint of what sex was all about, and she didn’t feel bad about it. It just seemed like a normal human thing to do.

She felt horny all day. Her pussy was hot, swollen and wet, and she ached to come again. She promised herself an evening of masturbation with that exciting sex manual, but during the day she had chores to do. The apartment needed cleaning and she had exams to grade.

She couldn’t spend all her free time beating off, even though she wanted to.

Evening came, and Jamie almost rushed through her dinner. She didn’t watch TV or read like she usually did at night. She went to her bedroom and opened the sex manual, looking for a photo to inspire her. It wasn’t hard to find one. She found a picture of the young couple fucking in a position she’d never heard of, the guy on his back and the girl sitting on his cock.

Jamie studied the photo with mounting lust. The guy’s prick was as thick as her wrist, bulging with blue veins and hard as steel. It was poked about an inch into the girl’s fur-fringed cunt mouth. All the photos were like that, to give the reader a good view.

Jamie had her banana ready, though she suspected the poor thing would die of battle fatigue tonight. She got into a crouch, kneeling in the middle of the bed, and thrust the banana into her moist and ready cunt. It went in a lot easier this time.

“Ooooooh, yesssss!” she moaned.

She crammed her cunt completely, thrusting all the way to her womb. Then she started jerking the banana up and down, pretending she was being fucked. She imagined a handsome man beneath her, leering at her as he hammered his stiff cock in her juicy pussy.

“Yes, yessss, do it to meeeee!” she panted. She blushed, a little shocked by her own wantonness, but the more she masturbated, the more rowdy and wild she got. There was a normal hot-blooded young woman inside her who’d never been released before. She moaned, creamed and jerked her hips in an instinctive fucking motion. She was speeding towards orgasm.

It was so easy to come. No problem at all. She only had to jerk that thick banana with lightening speed, and there was no way she could keep from coming. She felt the fiery-hot orgasm bursting from the depths of her cunt and shaking her whole body.

“Ooooooooh, God, whaaaaahhhhhhh!” she wailed.

It was a good long come, and maybe she should have been content with it, but she wasn’t. Right away she wanted to get off again. Was that normal? Jamie didn’t know. But she had to do what her lusty body demanded, or she’d go crazy with frustration.

Suddenly a memory came back to her, one she’d kept buried for years. It had been too disgusting, too shameful, to think about. It was her first year at the all-girl college, and she’d shared a large dorm bedroom with a dozen other girls. One night she’d decided to go to bed early.

She’d left her roommates in the study room and gone to the sleeping room. She thought she was alone till she heard a soft moan from one of the cots. She glanced over and saw that someone was in bed already, and that someone was writhing around and whimpering.

Jamie assumed the girl was sick, in pain. She tiptoed over for a closer look. What she saw made her blush and freeze in her tracks. The girl, Marcia, was stark naked, and she was lying there on top of the covers, jerking her hand between her thighs.

“Unnnnnhhh, shit, fuck, unnnhhhhh!” Marcia moaned.

She had her eyes closed, so she didn’t see Jamie. She was moaning a steady stream of hoarse dirty words as she rubbed her pussy. Jamie noticed that she was jerking her middle finger over the very top of her slit. Then Marcia suddenly let out a wail of pleasure.

“Ooooooh, motherfucker, ooooooooooh!” she yelled.

Her face was contorted with lust, her body shaking violently. Jamie finally realized that this had something to do with sex. Marcia was a bad girl. She was touching herself down there, in that forbidden place, and she was obviously loving it.

Jamie had tiptoed out of the sleeping room before Marcia noticed her, and she’d tried to bury that embarrassing memory. Now, several years later, it came back to her, and this time she didn’t see Marcia as a bad girl. Not at all, Marcia had just been doing something instinctive and natural, relieving her hot lust. Jamie got hot just thinking about it. She threw herself face down on the bed, lying just the way Marcia had, and she began rubbing her middle finger over her clit. Marcia had been onto something, all right. It felt fantastically good.

“Ooooooooh, shit, ooooooooh!” Jamie squealed.

It was the first time in her life that she’d used a dirty word, but somehow she just couldn’t help it. She wanted to shout every naughty word in the world as she rubbed her stiff finger furiously over her swollen wet clit. She felt the pleasure building fast in her pussy.

“Fuck, yessssss, shit!” she groaned.

She got off even faster and harder this time. Her pussy seemed to be on a hair trigger, set to go off with just the slightest stimulation. It occurred to Jamie that this was the result of bottling up her natural lust for so long. She had so much need stored up, and now at last it was being released.

“Unnnnhhhh, fuck, yesssss, whaaaahhhhh!” she howled.

She rubbed her clit frantically as she came, milking out every drop of hot sensation. Her hand was soaked with her molten come-cream, her slit buzzing and sizzling. It took her quite awhile to catch her breath when she’d finished coming. Surely she should be satisfied now, ready to sleep. But she wasn’t.

“What in hell’s wrong with me?” the nice young teacher exclaimed.

She hardly recognized herself. She was swearing, she was horny as a slut. Now that she’d learned how to give herself a climax, she couldn’t stop. But she had to stop. She was afraid of turning into a sex fiend. She jumped out of bed and put on her clothes.

Maybe a brisk walk would ease her hot lust. Jamie was almost afraid she’d masturbate herself to death if she didn’t get out of that apartment. She took the elevator down to street level and started walking hard. Before she realized it, she’d gone half a mile.

She decided to return via the alleys. She’d have more privacy there to think her thoughts. She hadn’t gone far before she came to the back of a motel, and she noticed that in one of the bedrooms the lights were on and the curtains left open.

The window was open a crack, and she could hear people talking. She moved closer and saw a young couple standing in the room, the man tall, dark-haired and handsome, the girl petite and blonde. As Jamie watched, they moved into each other’s arms and kissed. Jamie sighed to herself. She’d never even been kissed before.

She knew it was naughty to spy on people, but she was so couious. The pictures in her sex manual had been pretty explicit, but they hadn’t told everything. She still wondered what it was really like when people made love, and this might be her chance to find out.

The couple couldn’t see her. She was hidden in the shadows even as she moved within a few feet of the open window. She felt her tireless pussy getting hot and swollen and wet again. She just prayed the couple didn’t close the curtains.

They didn’t. They were too wrapped up in each other to notice the window. They finally broke their long steamy kiss, and the man held the girl by the shoulders and grinned down at her.

“SO how does it feel to be an old married woman, Erin?” he asked.

Erin blushed and smiled.

“Phil, I can’t get used to it,” she said. “I guess my mind’s still back at the ceremony. I can’t believe we’re finally alone together.”

“Start believing it, baby,” Phil said. “I’ve been waiting for this moment a long, long time.”

He started to unbutton Erin’s jacket, but she gasped and jumped back away from him.

“Wait, honey,” she said. “Let me go change. I don’t want to waste that beautiful nightgown.”

“Sure, go ahead!” Phil smiled.

Erin darted into the bathroom, and Phil took off his clothes. Jamie’s eyes got huge. She’d never seen a man naked before except in those photos. She stared shamelessly as Phil drew off his jockey shorts and revealed his big hard cock.

His prick was stiff and ready. It was drooling thick globs of cream. He stretched out on the king-size bed, and his cock stood straight up, obscenely engorged. He was grinning to himself. Jamie could just imagine what he was thinking.

Erin came out of the bathroom in a virginal white lace nightgown, and the first thing she looked at was her new husband’s rigid drooling cock. She blushed right down to her toes. She was shaking with nervousness as she walked slowly to the bed and slipped on beside Phil.

“Phil,” she said in a squeaky voice, “you know I’m nervous. Please be gentle.”

“Of course I will, baby,” Phil said soothingly. “We’re just gonna take our time. We won’t do anything till you’re ready. Come here, just kiss me for awhile, till you’re calmed down.”

Jamie felt for the girl. She and Erin had something in common. They were both virgins and scared of sex. They wanted it, yet they were terrified of it. Jamie was very curious about how Phil would handle the situation. Would he get his bride to like sex, or would he mess up?

Phil kissed Erin till she stopped shaking. Then he gently lifted her nightgown and tucked it up around her waist, exposing the naturally blonde little triangle of her bush. Erin blushed furiously and bit her lip as he reached out to separate her thighs.

“Not so fast!” she whimpered.

“Easy,” Phil said. “I’m not going to fuck you yet. I think you’ll like this a lot.”

He drew her thighs wide open, exposing the luscious pink flesh of her cunt and its pretty fringe of blonde curls. He started moving his middle finger up and down over the tender flesh, and Erin gasped and shivered. Her eyes seemed to glaze over with pleasure.

“Oooooooooh! Wow!” she exclaimed.

“You like that?” Phil smiled.

“Y-yes, I do,” she admitted.

No wonder, Jamie thought. Phil was rubbing his finger slowly and sensuously over Erin’s clit, the most sexy-feeling spot in her whole body. He did it expertly, arousing her and relaxing her. Soon she was creaming helplessly all over his sliding finger.

Jamie was creaming, too. She could easily imagine how nice it would feel to have a man’s big stiff finger gliding over her greedyclit. Suddenly her jeans seemed too snug for her swollen hot pussy. The crotch rubbed against the engorged flesh, giving her horny sensations.

“Mmmmmmm, honey, that feels so nice!”

Erin moaned.

Phil just smiled and rubbed her clit faster. She gasped and creamed more heavily. Her curvy little body was flushed with lust, and she was panting. As he slightly increased the pressure on her swelling clit, her expression changed to a lusty grimace.

“Yes, faster!” she panted.

“Okay, but you do something for me, too,” Phil said.

“Oh, sure, darling!” Erin moaned. “What?” He took her hand and wrapped her fingers around his massive hard-on. Erin looked like she wanted to snatch her hand away from that big scary thing, but she wanted to please him, too. He moved her hand up and down his stiff standing cock, showing her what he wanted her to do. Then he let go and let her solo.

“Yeah, that’s good,” he said hoarsely.

Erin was a little clumsy at first, but she soon got a good steady rhythm going. She lost her fear of his cock and eagerly ran her hot little fist up and down the thick column of blue-veined meat. Phil kept rubbing her clit with his stiff finger.

“See?” he grinned. “This isn’t so scary, is it?”

“No, it’s fun,” Erin giggled.

Jamie found herself envying the young bride. She wished she had someone as patient and skilled as Phil to introduce her to sex. She was so afraid of men, thanks to her mother’s puritanical teachings, but a man like Phil could overcome her fears.

The newlyweds went at each other faster and faster. Erin’s fingers sped up and down Phil’s throbbing prick, and he jerked his thick finger swiftly over her swollen supersensitiveclit. Erin was sobbing with excitement and soaking his whole hand with her uncontrollably spurting juices.

“Oooooooh, honey, I feel so strange!” she moaned. “What’s happening to me?”

“You’re gonna come, baby!” he growled.

He was right. He gave Erin’s clit one more long stroke, and she screamed and began to convulse. She squeezed his swollen prick, and he groaned and began to shoot his load all over the place.

“Ooooooh, Phil, oooooh, uhhhhh!” the young bride howled.

“Awwwwwww, Jesus, awwwwwwwww!” Phil yelled.

Jamie was shaking with excitement as she watched them. She was learning so much, and she was getting so horny. Phil had a lot more adventures in mind for his bashful young bride, and Jamie intended to stick around and watch.


Erin snuggled in her new husband’s arms and sighed, “Gosh, honey, that was wonderful, but I’m still a virgin.”

“Don’t think I’m not aware of that,” Phil chuckled. “But I want this evening to be just right for you. Like I said, we’ll just take our time. We won’t go all the way till you’re ready.”

Eagerly spying on them, Jamie seethed with envy. She’d give anything for a guy just like Phil, a skilled but patient lover who’d slowly and deliciously introduce her to sex. He was exactly what she needed. But she knew her chances of finding such a guy were slim.

She was still too afraid of men, too shy and nervous to flirt. Thanks to her sheltered upbringing, she had no idea how to come on to a man or how to get a date. Jamie was sure she’d be an old maid, unloved and without sex. Suddenly she didn’t like that idea very much.

She’d just seen the fantastic pleasure Erin had experienced from a man, and she wanted that pleasure for herself. She was hotly aroused, her pussy soaked and swollen. She had a wild urge to play with herself, but she felt it was just too risky. Somebody might come along and catch her.

So she just stood there and waited, trying to ignore the burning need between her thighs. Phil and Erin were lazily kissing and caressing each other. Phil finally took the girl’s nightgown off all the way and ogled her luscious petite body. Erin wasn’t blushing so much now.

“What next?” she asked.

“Something every bride should be taught,” Phil smiled. “I think you’ll enjoy this a lot. I’m going to teach you all about giving head.”

He started kissing his way down her body. After a long steamy tongue kiss that made her writhe and whimper with excitement, he kissed lower, till he’d reached her high-riding apple sized tits. As he squeezed and molded the silky globes, he stuck out his tongue and lashed her tender nipples.

“Oooooh!” she squealed.

It must have felt great, because she went on squealing and writhing as he whipped his big hot tongue over the sensitive red nubs. Her nipples responded fast to his hot tonguing, growing from soft cones into stiff buds. Her blue eyes glazed over with lust.

“Mmmmnnn, honey, you’re getting me so turned on!” she gurgled.

“That’s the whole idea!” Phil chuckled.

He sank his wet lips down around her left nipple and sucked it loudly. Bit moaned with pleasure, and Jamie felt her own nipples going stiff and throbbing. She wished she had a man to suck her tits. It looked so exciting, like so much fun.

Phil sucked one nipple, then the other, leaving them gleaming with his hot spit. Then he kissed his way even lower, right into the blonde puff of her cunt bush. Erin blushed when he got that far, but she didn’t protest or push him away. She was bashful but curious.

Gently her new husband pried her thighs apart and exposed the slick pink flesh of her gash. He nosed between her legs and stuck out his tongue. It made electric contact with the supersensitive flesh, and Erin threw back her head and groaned.

“Ohhhhh, Phil, honey, ohhhhhhh!” she cried.

Jamie barely stifled a whimper of longing. This scene reminded her of those pictures in her sex manual where the couple used their mouths and tongues on each other. Phil began raking his gleaming tongue up and down Erin’s hot pussy, and the little blonde went wild with pleasure. Thick floods of cream spurted from her virgin cunt and soaked his tongue.

Phil gobbled up the tangy cream like it was candy. He raked and lashed his tongue over every inch of Erin’s steaming pussy slit. She was babbling at him, gurgling and whimpering, and she was clawing the bed. The girl was just out of her mind with pleasure.

“Unnnnhhh, Phil, baby, I love it!” she groaned.

Jamie heard the hoarse lust in her voice and knew that she wasn’t faking her pleasure. This was the most excitement Erin had showed so far. Phil’s tongue was blasting its way through her shyness and inhibitions. He tongued faster and faster over her tender gash.

Jamie caught herself rubbing her slit through her clothes. She slipped her hand out from between her legs and glanced around quickly to see if anybody had been watching her. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the alley was empty.

It had been a close call, though. She could just imagine the publicity if she was caught. A respectable high school teacher discovered peeping and playing with herself — that would ruin her reputation and end her career.

She just had to be more careful. Sure, she was insanely aroused, but her satisfaction would just have to wait till she got home to the privacy of her bedroom. She thought of leaving right then, dashing home and masturbating like crazy. But she wasn’t ready to stop peeping.

No, she didn’t want to miss a second of Phil and Erin’s wedding night. There were too many exciting things to be seen, too much to be learned. She watched breathlessly as Phil tongue-whipped his bride’s juicy pussy and drove her wild with pleasure.

“God, honey, I can’t take much more!” Erin whined. “I feel like I’m gonna explode!”

Even Jamie could have told her what that meant. She needed to come. Phil knew it, too, and he took steps to make sure she got off fast. He slid his mouth right to the top of her slit and jammed it down about her throbbing little joy button.

“Oooooh, ooooooh!” Erin howled.

Phil was sucking her clit. He was sucking it greedily and loudly, an obscene slurping noise that Jamie could hear clearly just outside the window. It made her almost moan with need. It was easy to imagine how great it would feel to have her clit sucked.

Erin’s pretty face was flushed and, contorted with lust, her eyes rolling. She lay there with her legs wide open, eagerly parting them for her husband as he sucked her to the brink of orgasm. She looked pole-axed with pleasure, and she was clawing the bed and gurgling. Then suddenly she began to howl and convulse.

“Unnnnhhhh, unnnnnhhhhh, whaaaaaahhh!” she yelled.

Jamie shivered with need, and she realized that she was rubbing her pussy again. She just had to have some relief from her raging horniness as she watched lucky Erin coming and coming. She decided to take the risk. She rubbed harder.

Her jeans and panties were soaked with her gushing cunt juice. Even through those clothes she could feel the searing heat and horny throbbing of her ant. She’d have given anything to have what Erin had just experienced, a lusty man sucking her pussy.

Well, it wasn’t going to happen. The lonely young teacher knew she didn’t have the nerve to go after a man of her own and that all her sexual pleasure would have to come from her own fingers. She was realistic about it, but she didn’t like the idea at all.

“Ooooooh, honey, ooooooh!” Erin wailed. The girl was still coming, and Phil was still sucking. He was gobbling up her tangy come cream as it drenched her slit. At last she went limp, gasping for breath. Phil raised his cream soaked face and grinned at her.

“Did you like that, baby?” he asked.

“Oh, God, Phil, I loved it!” Erin moaned.

“Want some more?” he smiled.

“Oh, yes, please!” she cried.

“Okay,” he said, “but first you have to go down on me. Fair, right?”

“Of course!” Erin panted. “Just show me what to do!”

Phil slid up over her, straddling her with his trim ass just grazing her swollen tits. His cock was hard again. He trailed the sticky head over her lips, and she automatically stuck out her tongue to taste his cum. She gave a little gurgle of excitement.

“That’s it,” he said hoarsely. “Just lick it for a while, get acquainted.”

Erin didn’t mind that assignment. She didn’t even blush. She tongued the fat purple head of his cock and lapped up all his salty juice. Jamie watched and rubbed her pussy hard. She’d always been horrified at the idea of seeing or touching a cock, but not any more. She was dying to play with one.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Erin gurgled.

It was clear that she loved the taste of Phil’s prick juice. It kept oozing from his piss hole in thick gobs, and she speared them up with the tip of her tongue and drew them into her mouth, rolling them around and savoring them. She gulped them down and tongued for more.

Phil was grinning like a maniac as he watched his cute virgin bride licking his cock and eating his cream. His nostrils were flared, his handsome face flushed with lust. He shivered with pleasure while Erin’s hot little tongue lashed the sensitive tip of his prick.

“That’s real good, honey!” he growled. “Now I want you to get me off! Take my cock in your mouth and suck it!”

“Yes, Phil,” Erin said adoringly.

She might have been horrified at his request half an hour ago, but now she was eager. His patience had paid off. He was teaching her fantastic new pleasures, and she was ready for almost anything. She opened her mouth and let him slide his cock inside.

“Unnnnnhhhhh!” she gasped.

“Sorry,” Phil said, drawing back a little. “I gave you too much. Try this.”

He had a little over half his wrist-thick prick in her mouth, and it stretched her lips wide, Erin began to suck, timidly and clumsily, but even that much sucking was very arousing to Phil. His eyes glowed with pleasure as he watched her learn to suck cock.

“Faster,” he said, “a little harder. Yeah, that’s perfect. Just keep doing that.”

Jamie sighed softly with envy. This teacher needed a teacher of her own, somebody like Phil who’d gently coach her through all the different ways of making love. Her fingers were moist with the steaming cunt juice that leaked through her clothes.

Erin was getting a steady rhythm going now, doing a pretty good job. Her head bobbed up and down, her blonde curls bouncing. She was eagerly gobbling the hot salty cream from Phil’s piss hole. She made a lewd sucking noise that made him snort with excitement.

“Faster now,” he commanded hoarsely. “Jesus, yes, don’t stop.”

Jamie tried to imagine what it would be like to have a fat throbbing cock in her mouth, to be gulping a man’s cream, but she just couldn’t get a handle on it. It was nothing she could imitate with her fingers. She’d never known what giving head was like, not unless she had a man of her own.

Phil was getting a little out of control now, his lust reaching the boiling point. He started jerking his engorged cock over his bride’s tongue, snorting and panting. He stiffened for a second, then shuddered violently.

“Eat it!” he gasped. “Awwwwwwww!” Erin’s eyes got huge as he flooded her mouth with an enormous load of sizzling come. Her cheeks puffed out and hot jism squirted from her lips. Then she had the sense to gulp down Phil’s load. He rolled off her with a big happy sigh.

“You did great, baby!” he rasped. “You’re gonna be a terrific little cocksucker!”

“Gosh, I hope so, honey,” Erin cooed. “I want to do everything you like. What should I do next?”

Phil leered at her and said, “Sit on my face.”

“What?” Erin gasped, blushing and giggling.

“You heard me, woman,” Phil grinned. “Get over here.”

She crawled over to him, straddled him, and settled with her dripping slit poised right over his flushed face. He grasped her cute little ass and drew her even lower. Then his big red tongue flashed out, and he began raking it hard over her horny cunt.

“Ooooh, ooooh, yessss!” she gasped.

Jamie couldn’t stand her maddening lust a second longer. No matter what the risk, she had to get off. She crammed her hand down inside her panties and began rubbing her middle finger stiffly over her swollenclit. Hot pleasure shot through her pussy.

Meanwhile Erin was wailing in ecstasy as Phil tongue-lashed her slit. He lapped up all her tangy cream, then suddenly crammed his whole tongue up her virgin cunt. Her head lolled back, and she sobbed with pleasure as he began expertly tongue-fucking her.

“Unnnnhhh, honey, yesss, I love it!” she wept.

Jamie would have loved it, too, she was sure of it. She couldn’t imagine anything more fantastically pleasurable than feeling — a thick, wet, hot tongue up her cunt, sawing and probing. She rubbed her clit frantically, giving herself a steady buzz of pleasure.

“Oooooh, oooooo!” Erin howled.

Jamie wanted to howl right along with her, but she didn’t dare make a sound. It would be so mortifying to be caught like that, her hand down her pants as she spied on the couple making love. But she couldn’t stop her frantic masturbating as she watched Phil tongue-fuck Erin into yet another hot powerful orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, God, whaaahhh!” the young bride screamed.

“Unnnnnhhh, ummhhh!” Jamie gasped. She couldn’t help that brief noise. She was bringing herself off hard. She swayed and had to lean against the building as she jerked her finger over her exploding clit and felt the hard blasts of pleasure ripping through her love starved body.

You lunatic, she thought, you were lucky not to get caught.

Yet she wondered how she could have kept from playing with herself, she was so maddeningly horny. Even after coming so hard, she was still horny. And she knew there were still more arousing scenes to come from Phil and Erin.


Jamie was so close to the window, it was a wonder that the newlyweds didn’t see her. Still leaning against the building, supporting herself with one arm, she went on gently rubbing her soaked clit till she’d milked out every last drop of sensation.

When her knees firmed up enough, she stood straight and moved back a little into the shadows. Phil and Erin were snuggling again, kissing and pawing each other. They’d been at it almost an hour now, and the bride was still a virgin. Jamie marveled at Phil’s patience.

“Well, you got your wish,” he was saying to Erin. “You kept your cherry till the wedding night. But you about drove me crazy the last eight months.”

“I’m sorry, honey,” Erin smiled, “but I believed very strongly in saving it for marriage. Gosh, if I’d known it was this much fun, maybe I wouldn’t have held out.”

“Oh, yes, you would.” Phil laughed. “But you can’t hold out any more. Now I’m gonna get what I was after all those months.”

Erin looked suddenly panicked, but as usual Phil was skillful and patient. He just slid a hand between her thighs and started heating her up again. He trailed a stiff finger over the swollen sensitive folds of her pussy, and she quickly responded with gurgles and sighs of pleasure. Soon his whole hand dripped with her molten cunt juice.

“You know what, sugar?” he leered. “I think you’re ready.”

“I-I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” Erin said in a frightened, squeaky voice.

Phil gently parted her legs and bent them at the knees. Her luscious pink slit was fully exposed. A gleaming trickle of cream came from her tiny virgin cunt mouth. She was aroused, all right, ready for fucking, but she was still very scared of the idea.

Phil’s cock was hard again. The monster fuck tool was as thick as Erin’s wrist, rock-hard and bulging with big blue veins. No wonder the girl was scared, Jamie thought. She herself winced at the idea of taking anything that big into her tiny untried cunt.

“Relax,” Phil crooned. “I’ll be as gentle as I can. It might hurt a little, but not for long.”

He rolled gently on top of her and pressed the engorged head of his prick to her virgin cuntal opening. Erin bit her lip. Her eyes were wide with fright. But Jamie could see that she wasn’t going to chicken out. She knew her duty as a wife. Now that she was married to Phil, she couldn’t hold out on him any more.

“Unnnhhhh!” she gasped.

He was sliding his huge hard cock into her, slowly but steadily. As he encased his meat in that tight searing flesh, he was overcome with excitement. He panted and snarled. But he still had patience. He went into her very gradually, trying not to hurt her.

“Owwwww!” Erin moaned.

Phil said nothing. He couldn’t stop now. He’d been patiently working for eight months to get into this woman, and he wasn’t going to give up his prize. He kept pushing till only his big hairy balls showed. Then he paused for breath.

“You got it all, honey,” he said hoarsely. “The worst part is over. You okay?”

Erin nodded.

“It hurt a little,” she said shakily, “but I’m all right.”

“It’s just gonna get better and better,” he promised.

He started fucking her very slowly and gently. Jamie watched breathlessly, wishing she could press her face against the window for an even better view. She watched Phil’s huge blue-veined cock sliding in and out of Erin’s little cunt, and she wondered how it would feel. She wanted to know so badly.

Gradually Erin’s frightened whimpers turned to little sighs of pleasure. She was starting to like being fucked. Each time Phil slid his big hard cock into her, she jerked her hips up to meet it, taking it as deep as she could. Thick pearly cream began to ooze out around his prick.

“Mmmmmm, yeah!” she moaned. “It’s starting to feel good!”

Phil gave a lusty snort and fucked into her a little faster. Jamie still couldn’t believe the man’s patience. He probably wanted to fuck into her like a rutting bull, but he was still gentle, letting her get used to the scary new sensation.

As Erin relaxed and enjoyed his fucking more and more, her fears and inhibitions eased, and she began letting her natural horny instincts take over. Soon she was moving her hips to Phil’s rhythm, fucking back at him, and she was creaming hard and steadily, making his way slicker.

“Mmmmm, yessss, real good!” she moaned. Phil slipped his hands under her churning little ass and gripped the hot globes. He pulled her up tighter against him, so that his pistoning cock rubbed her clit, the most sensitive organ of her body. That really aroused her. She gave a shrill squeal of excitement and grabbed for him, clawing his broad shoulders.

“Ohhhh, honey, yessss!” she moaned. “I really like that!”

Phil snorted lustily and fucked into her faster. She was ready for it now. Her jerking hips kept pace, and she clawed his shoulders and nibbled his neck. His jerking cock forced out thick rivers of cunt juice that ran down her ass crack and puddled on the bed.

“Oh, Phil, God, I love it!” she wailed.

Phil’s conquest was complete. He was fucking his shy young bride at a normal speed now, and she was fucking right back at him and adoring him. She began to whine and snarl like a lusty young animal. And that was what Phil had changed her into with his patient courting.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!” Erin growled.

Jamie felt her pussy steaming again. She realized she was creaming through her clothes. The sight of Phil’s enormous hard cock was scary to her, as it had been to Erin, but it excited her, too. She’d seen how quickly Erin had lost her fear and come to love fucking.

She wondered if the same thing would happen to her. She just wished she could find out. She imagined a man’s thick hard prick sliding into her cunt, and she almost groaned with lust. Again she had the wild urge to play with herself. One climax wasn’t going to hold her till she got home. She shoved her hand down inside her panties.

She watched Phil’s trim ass knotting and jerking as he fucked his cute blond bride. She watched Erin’s cuddly body humping back at him and listened to her shrill cries of pleasure. It was just too much. The lonely teacher had to touch herself.

She began rubbing her middle finger over her clit as she’d done before. It gave her a steady buzz of pleasure and eased her lust a little so that she could concentrate on the exciting scene in the bedroom. She’d just have to hope that nobody came along and saw her.

“Honey,” Erin whimpered, “do it to me harder now.”

“Sure you can take it?” Phil growled.

“Yes, yes, do it!” Erin panted.

He speeded up, and Jamie heard all kinds of naughty and enticing sounds. She heard their naked bodies slapping together, and she listened to the lewd sucking noise Phil’s cock made as it reamed out Erin’s cream. She heard his hoarse howls of lust and Erin’s squeals of delight.

“Unnnhhh, yessss!” Erin cried. “Fuck it to me, baby, fuck me as hard as you can!”

Phil gave her what she asked for, fucking into her very hard and fast. Now Jamie could hear the bed creaking. Erin groaned with excitement and arched her body till her ass left the bed, taking his pile-driving cock as deep as she could. Her eyes rolled back in her head, then closed.

“Unnnnhhh, Phil, you’re making me come!” she wailed. “Unnnnhhh, God, whaaahhhh!”

This climax was harder and longer than the ones she’d had before. She went out of her mind with pleasure, bucking and convulsing, howling and moaning. Phil kept fucking her hard as she came, making her climax last a full minute. Then she dropped back and gasped.

“Oh, God, did I ever come,” she said breathlessly.

“Then can I conclude that you like fucking?” Phil asked with a wicked grin.

“You can conclude that,” she giggled. But then she got serious again. “Honey, I was silly to be scared. That was the best thing I ever felt. I’ll never hold out on you again.”

“Good,” Phil said, “because I’m not finished with you, not by a long shot.”

He raised himself off her, and his dripping cock was still hard. He rolled her over onto her belly, then drew her up into a crouch. Erin was wide-eyed as she held the doggy-position. Things were probably moving faster and farther than she’d expected.

But as Phil knelt behind her and slid his stiff cock up her cunt, she threw back her head and wailed with pleasure. She went on wailing as he pushed to her womb. He grasped her curvy hips and began fucking her in a fast steady motion. She dug her nails into the bed and moaned.

“God, yes, baby, fuck me again!” she cried. Her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace, and her cute tits wobbled with the impact of Phil’s hard fucking. She’d lost her shyness a long time ago. She was pure animal now, creaming and moaning and jerking her hips to his hot rhythm.

Jamie watched in wonder and lust. Just an hour ago this girl had been terrified of fucking, and now she was behaving like a slut. She was taking her husband’s huge hard cock like a battering ram and not showing a sign of pain or fright.

Jamie had learned something. Fucking wasn’t that hard to get used to. Now she just wished she had the chance to try it. She wanted to experience all the hot pleasure Erin was getting. She soaked her hand with sizzling juice as she feverishly rubbed her clit.

Again she tried to imagine a big rock-hard cock hammering in her cunt, but she needed more than her imagination. She slid her middle finger off her clit and stuffed it into her dripping twat. She dug deep and felt a sharp blast of pleasure that almost made her wail.

Watching Phil’s pistoning cock, she imitated his rhythm with her stiff finger. She fingerfucked herself at exactly the same hard pace he was using on Erin. It felt pretty damned good, but she knew she still wasn’t feeling anything like the real thing.

Her finger was just too little. It was dwarfed by Phil’s massive cock. She needed more inside her cunt. She slid a second finger into the steamy velvet-lined hole and felt her excitement double. She pistoned her fingers deep and hard.

Meanwhile Erin was gurgling and babbling with pleasure, floods of sizzling cunt juice running down her legs. All of a sudden she threw back her head and began to howl. Phil was making her come again, just as hard as he’d done the first time.

“Ohhhh, my God, ohhhhh, whaaahhhh!” the young bride wailed.

Leering triumphantly, Phil fucked her hard and steadily through the body-wracking orgasm. Jamie watched the girl coming and finger-fucking herself steadily. Her hand dripped with her molten cunt cream, and she could hardly keep from whining with lust.

She realized that she was feeling very angry toward her mother. Why had Mom told her all those lies about sex being dirty and nasty and disgusting? It just wasn’t true. Making love was about the nicest thing two people could do for each other.

Jamie felt cheated. Here she was going into her late twenties a virgin, never having experienced any of the fun of sex. Thanks to her mother’s constant stern teachings, she’d denied herself years of pleasure and release. Well, not any more.

She finger-fucked herself deeply and steadily, and she didn’t feel any guilt. She was human and she had a right to enjoy her body. She had a right to satisfy her natural needs. Suddenly she felt free, liberated from her mother’s Victorian beliefs.

Erin had pitched forward onto her belly as she finished coming. She lay there sighing and writhing with satisfaction. But Phil still wasn’t finished with her. He rolled onto his back, and his massive cream-drenched cock stood straight up. Erin glanced over at him, then started crawling toward him. This time she didn’t need any instructions.

“Yeah, baby, you like the idea,” Phil leered. The little blond straddled him, and he eased her down onto the rigid skewer of his engorged prick. She slid down the throbbing prick with a moan of lust. Holding her by the waist, Phil began fucking her as hard as before. She rode his cock like it was a bucking bronco.

“God, yes, honey, fuck me forever!” she wailed.

“I’m sure gonna try,” Phil grinned.

Jamie watched them and ate her heart out. Now that she’d finally rejected her mother’s puritanical ideas about sex, she realized what she’d been missing. This was what she wanted, a happy sexy marriage, a man of her own. She just didn’t know how to get it.

But she had a more urgent task right now, and that was getting off. She couldn’t take her burning lust much longer. She pistoned her fingers deep and fast in her squirting twat, imitating the merciless rhythm of Phil’s cock. Erin was soaring towards another orgasm, and so was Jamie.

“Uhhhhhh, honey, harder!” Erin sobbed. “Give it to me as hard as you can!”

Phil knew she could take it now, and he gave it to her, pounding his cock into her so hard that her whole body shook with impact. She threw back her head and wailed as she began to come.

“Ohhhh, God, you did it, whaaahhh!” she howled.

Phil was coming, too, yelling hoarsely, “Take my load, baby, aaaggghhhh!”

Suddenly, unexpectedly, Jamie was bringing herself off.

“Oooooh, shit, unnggghhh!” she gasped. She just hoped her helpless cry had been drowned out by the noise the newlyweds were making. She leaned against the building and finger-fucked herself through a long hard climax. Then she straightened her clothing and headed home. She had a lot of thinking to do.


By Monday morning Jamie made up her mind to lose her virginity. She’d also chosen the man she wanted for the job.

Warren Davis was a fellow teacher, and Jamie had known him for several years, but they hadn’t gotten to be close friends. Jamie could never get through the crowd of females around Warren to talk to him. It seemed like every woman at school, students and teachers and secretaries, had a crush for Warren.

Jamie could certainly understand that the man was gorgeous. Slightly over six feet tall, with dark hair and sexy dark eyes, he was superbly built. He was a good flirt, too, and definitely the most eligible bachelor on the faculty.

Warren had never married. He was probably having too much fun to settle down. He seemed to date a different woman every week. And with all those women fighting for a chance to date him, he didn’t have time to pursue a shy, mousy, man-fearing spinster like Jamie.

So why had she picked Warren? Because when she lost her virginity, she wanted to go first class.

She wanted a man like Phil, attractive and experienced, somebody who could introduce her to every way of making love. She was sure Warren would be patient, too. Once he set his sights for a woman, he didn’t give up till he’d seduced her.

Now all Jamie had to do was get his attention. It was going to take all her courage, because she’d never gone after a man before. But her nagging lust was driving her, and she wouldn’t give up tilt she had a man of her own. It was time for her to find out all about sex. In fact she was way overdue.

On Monday she wore a dress instead of her usual drab suit, and she used more makeup than usual. She knew she looked pretty. A couple of male students whistled at her in the hall, and that helped boost her confidence. She headed for the teachers’ lounge, where Warren Davis always had coffee before classes.

There he was, surrounded by a gaggle of eager unmarried teachers, kind of like a movie star being pursued by fans. Jamie took a deep breath and joined the crowd. That got Warren’s attention, probably because she’d never paid attention to him before. He even flashed her that sexy grin.

“Mr. Davis,” she said, “may I speak to you alone for a moment? It’s very important.”

“Sure, Jamie,” he smiled. “Let’s go to my classroom.”

The other women were looking daggers at Jamie as she walked away with the prize catch. She was surprised that it had been so easy. She really must be looking attractive today. They walked to Warren’s classroom, and he closed the door behind them.

“Thank you for your time, Mr. Davis,” Jamie said. “I appreciate this.”

“Hey, call me Warren,” he said. “We’ve known each other long enough. Now what’s this important matter you want to talk to me about?”

“I want you to seduce me, Warren,” Jamie said.

“Excuse me?” Warren said. “I don’t think I heard you right. I wish I had, but I’m sure I didn’t.”

“You heard right,” the little redhead replied. “I want you to seduce me. I’ve been alone and a virgin long enough. I want to find out all about sex, and I think you’d be the perfect teacher.”

It was the first time Jamie had ever seen Warren lose his cool. His mouth dropped open, and he stood there gawking at her. Of course she could hardly blame him. She had made a pretty strange request. It took him a minute to regain his composure.

“Well, Jamie, I’d be delighted to help you,” he said. “Uh, when would you like to start?”

“As soon as possible,” she said. “What are you doing during lunch hour?” Warren gawked again.

“Er, nothing special,” he said. “We could meet here in my classroom.”

“Excellent,” Jamie said. “See you then…”

She was both grinning and trembling as she walked to her own classroom. It had been much easier than she’d thought. But now she faced the biggest change in her life she’d ever known. By this afternoon she wouldn’t be a virgin any more.

She was right on time for their secret meeting. Warren let her into his room and locked the door. His eyes swept hungrily over her petite curvy body, focusing especially on her high riding, thrusting tits. Jamie was scared, but she also had a very big crush for this man.

“Please start off gently, Warren,” she said. “I’d like you to kind of ease me into it.”

“You came to the right guy,” he said, sweeping her into his arms for a kiss.

It was the young teacher’s very first kiss, but right away she knew it was from an expert.

Warren’s mouth crushed hers, but he wasn’t rough. He slid his tongue sensuously into her mouth, and at almost the same second his big hot hands cupped her ass and squeezed it.

“Mmmmmm!” Jamie moaned.

She sure liked kissing. Her whole body seemed to melt with desire. For the first time in her life she let her natural lusty instincts take over. She found herself rubbing her tits and mound against Warren, then darting her hot littie tongue over his.

As she pressed her swelling mound against his fly, she felt his cock start to swell. That was scary, yet very exciting. He was breathing hard as he gave her a long steamy tongue-kiss. When they finally came up for air, they were both flushed and panting.

“I can’t believe this is you, Jamie,” Warren said. “You’ve always seemed to be so cold. I assumed you were frigid.”

“Not frigid,” Jamie said. “Just scared. My mother taught me to be afraid of men.”

“Well, I think I can cure that,” Warren said with a sexy leer. “Come on over here and we’ll start your lessons.”

He led her over to his desk, sat down, and pulled her into his lap. He unbuttoned the front of her dress with one hand. Obviously he’d had a lot of practice. He slipped the dress down to her waist, then one-handed her bra catch, too. He pushed the bra up and uncovered her firm pointed tits.

“Nice,” he breathed. “Very nice!”

Jamie was blushing hard. No man had ever seen her undressed. But as Warren cupped her tender tits and began expertly squeezing and molding them, she shivered with excitement. Hot cream squirted from her cunt and moistened her panties.

She panted as Warren caressed her tits, and the soft cones soon swelled up taut. He pushed them together till her small red nipples met, then leaned down and stuck out his tongue. He began tonguing her nipples, and Jamie couldn’t suppress a squeal of pleasure.

It felt good, so exciting. And just as exciting, she could feel his cock under her ass. It was really big now, rock-hard and throbbing. This man wanted her. It was nice to show she was an attractive female, not a dog. Warren was hot for her and would do everything he could to turn her on.

“Mmmmm, yessss!” she gurgled. “That feels so exciting, Warren!”

He was lashing his big hot tongue all over her nipples, coating them with his hot spit. They grew from soft cones into stiff long nubs. Swollen like that, they were even more sensitive than usual. Suddenly he slipped both nipples into his mouth and started sucking them.

“Ohhhhh, God!” Jamie moaned.

She realized she was wriggling her ass against his engorged cock, instinctively doing all she could to arouse him. She had all the right instincts. There was nothing frigid or strange about her. She’d only been different from other girls because of her mother’s teachings.

Now she felt like a perfectly normal female, shivering and squirming with lust. Warren sucked hard and laud on her throbbing nipples, and she creamed right through her panties. She was more than ready to go all the way with this exciting man.

At last he released her spit-soaked nipples and smiled at her.

“You sure got turned on fast,” he said.

“I’ve never done this before!” Jamie panted. “I didn’t realize it was so much fun!”

“You’ve never done what before?” he asked.

“Anything,” she said. “I’ve never had a date. I’ve never made out. You just gave me my first kiss. You’ll be the first for everything. Warren.”

She thought he was going to come in his pants. She felt his cock give a lusty buck under her ass and throb violently. His eyes were hot with excitement as she explained to him that no man had ever touched her before, that he was giving her first experience with sex.

“Jamie,” he said hoarsely, “I have to admit I’ve chased lots of women, but I never met anybody like you. Christ, this excites the hell out of me. I promise I’m gonna make it perfect for you.”

“I figured you would, Warren,” she purred. “That’s why I picked you. But let’s get on with it, okay? We don’t have much time.”

“Right,” he leered, “on with your sex education.”

He lifted her skirt and tucked it up out of the way. Then he grasped her lacy little panties and drew them off. He ogled the naturally flame colored fur of her bush, and Jamie couldn’t help blushing again. But she was eager, too, greedy for the pleasure he could give her.

He slipped a hand between her slightly parted thighs and began exploring her wet steamy slit. His very first touch gave her a hot sting of pleasure. He knew just where and how to caress her pussy. He massaged the swollen folds, and Jamie gurgled and creamed helplessly.

He pressed the tip of his middle finger into the moist little pit of her cunt mouth, wriggling it around. He found the opening exquisitely tight, and he gave a lusty snort. The cute red-haired teacher wasn’t lying to him. She really was a virgin.

Then he traced the puffed line of her gash with his fingertip till he’d reached the slick and pulsating button of her clit. As he began rubbing the highly sensitive nub, Jamie squealed with pleasure and soaked his finger with a searing rush of cunt juice.

“Oooooh, yessss!” she squealed. “Rub me there, Warren, it feels wonderful!”

Warren stared at her in amazement as he teased her clit. Miss Jamie Johnson had always seemed so shy and repressed so formal and distant, but when it came to sex she said exactly what she felt. She wasn’t too modest to tell him what turned her on.

“How about this?” he grinned.

He began sawing his middle finger stiffly over her clit and Jamie moaned, “God, yesss, I love it!”

She felt Warren’s cock give another lusty buck against her churning ass. He probably wanted to throw her on the desk and fuck the living shit out of her, but he was being patient, just as she’d hoped. He was determined to give her the best sexual experience of her life. When it came to seduction, Warren Davis took pride in his work.

That was just the quality Jamie had counted on. She wanted to fuck him, too, but not yet. She had a lifetime of sexual fear to overcome, and she didn’t want to be rushed. She wanted Warren to bring her along slowly, deliciously, just like Phil had done with Erin.

“Ohhhhh, Warren, that’s so good!” she gurgled. “Can’t I do something for you?”

“Glad you mentioned it!” he grinned. “I was just about to ask!”

He stood up and sat Jamie on the edge of his desk. He unzipped his pants and drew out his cock, and her blue eyes got huge. It was only the second real-live cock she’d seen and the closest she’d ever been to one. Warren sat down beside her and guided her hand to his meat.

“Just do this,” he said, showing her what he wanted.

He wrapped her small fingers around his wrist-thick boner, then showed her how firmly to hold it and how fast to pump it. Jamie was a very eager pupil, and she caught on quickly. He let go of her hand and shivered with lust as she masturbated him.

“The first cock you ever touched, right?” he asked.

Jamie nodded.

“Good girl,” he said. “You’ve got natural talent.”

Then he slid his hand back between her thighs. While she pumped his throbbing cock, he searched out the tiny mouth of her virgin cunt and began sliding his thick middle finger up the steamy velvet-lined tunnel. Jamie moaned with pleasure and creamed all over his hand.

“Unnnhhhh, yessss!” she cried. “Stick it all the way in me, Warren!”

His cock lurched and drooled in her fist, and he was breathing raggedly as he shoved his finger into her cunt as far as it would go. Then he started finger-fucking her. He did it expertly, of course. Jamie sobbed with pleasure and couldn’t stop creaming.

“Ohhhh, God, yessss!” she wailed. “Don’t stop, Warren, make me come!”

They went at each other faster and faster, Warren pistoning his stiff finger in her squirting cunt, Jamie pumping his cock like crazy. She drenched his hand again and again with her gushing hot cream, and his bucking prick leaked hot sticky juice all over her fingers.

“I wanta fuck you!” he growled. “I wanta fuck you so bad!”

Jamie couldn’t answer because all of a sudden she was coming.

“Ohhhhh, my God, unnnhhh, unnnhhh!” she wailed.

“Awwww, shit, awwwwww!” Warren shouted as she jacked him off.

Jamie ground her greedy little cunt around his finger and came like crazy. Dizzily she watched his thick jizz jetting into the air. But as they began coming down from their powerful climax, they heard someone pounding at the door.

“Hey, Warren,” came the voice of a fellow teacher, “you forgot our tennis game.”

“Shit!” Warren groaned.


The pounding continued, and Warren called out. “Just a second, Ed, I’ll be right there!”

He and Jamie straightened their clothes.

“Damnit all to hell,” he sighed, “I forgot I was going to play tennis with Ed this noon. You better hide in the closet till we leave. I’ll see you again as soon as possible.”

Jamie was terribly disappointed. She’d counted on losing her cherry during the lunch hour, but she was still a virgin. A very horny, frustrated virgin — and she didn’t know when she could see Warren again. He finally ducked into her classroom after the last bell.

“I checked my calendar,” he said, “and I’ve got a date every night this week. But maybe we could meet during lunch tomorrow.”

“I don’t know, Warren,” Jamie sighed. “You’re a very busy man. Maybe you don’t have time for my little project.”

“I’ll make time,” he promised. “Don’t get anyone else for the job. I’ll find time somehow, and you’ll be glad you chose me, I promise.”

Jamie believed him. She was sure Warren was the ideal choice for her first sexual experiences, but she wondered how long she could wait for him. She was seething with lust, her pussy on fire. Their lunchtime adventure had just whetted her appetite for more sex. She didn’t feel like she could wait twenty-four hours to continue.

But what choice did she have? She agreed to meet him again the next day, then went home to her lonely apartment. She thought about beating off, but the idea just didn’t appeal to her much. Now that she’d made out a little with a man, masturbation wasn’t so thrilling.

So what would thrill her? The young teacher blushed as she found the answer. She’d been so excited, so turned on, when she spied on Erin and Phil. She wanted to do some more peeping. It was wicked and outrageous, but she couldn’t resist.

As soon as it got dark, Jamie slipped out the back door of the building and wandered down the alleys. She came to the motel where she’d peeped on the newlyweds, but their room was dark and empty. Peering through the window, she could tell that they’d checked out.

There was nothing to do but keep searching. She walked for another half hour and came to a neighborhood of single family homes. She spotted a brightly lit, uncurtained window at the back of a house, and she hurried over to investigate. Sure enough, it was a bedroom, with a king-size bed. The window was even open a little.

Jamie made sure she was totally in the shadows, then waited. A few minutes later a young woman came into the bedroom and started taking off her clothes. She was tall, slender and blonde, very pretty. But she didn’t look very happy.

“Ron,” she called, “are you coming to bed?”

A male voice called back, “I wanta watch the rest of this basketball game, honey.”

“Oh, shit!” the girl muttered.

She stripped naked and paraded in front of her dresser mirror. She looked very good, firm and sleek with small high-riding tits. Her tiny bush was naturally blonde like her hair. She must have been pleased with what she saw, but she was still frowning.

She stood squarely in front of the mirror and cupped her round ripe tits. She began squeezing and molding them, and she gave a horny little sigh that Jamie could hear clearly through the open window. This girl was horny, no question about it.

“Goddamn basketball!” she moaned, her voice husky with longing.

Jamie knew just how the girl felt. She felt the same way, achingly horny but unable to be with her man. She wondered what the girl would do. Now the slim blonde was thumbing her nipples, working them into taut nubs. Her eyes were hot with desire.

She stared in the mirror at her swollen stiff nippled tits, then gave another big sigh. She trailed a hand down her sleek body and slipped it between her legs, rubbing her needy hot pussy. Glistening trails of cunt juice ran down her thighs.

“Ron!” she bawled. “Skip your damned game and come to bed!”

“Anita,” he called back, “give me a break. Just a few more minutes. The score’s really close.”

Anita groaned, then walked over to the bed and stretched out on her back. She bent her knees and spread her legs wide. Using her middle finger, she began rubbing her clit, a determined look on her face. Obviously she’d given up waiting for her husband.

Anita wasn’t going to be left high and dry, though. If he wouldn’t get her off, she’d do it herself. She looked like she’d had practice. She jerked her finger stiffly over her engorged clit in a fast eager rhythm, and soon she was flushed and panting. Her finger dripped with her spurting twat cream.

Jamie wished she could masturbate right along with Anita. She felt the girl’s impatience and lust. She ached to get off right now. She glanced around to make sure she was alone in the alley, then slid her hand down inside her panties.

She found the throbbing nub of her clit and started caressing it, imitating Anita’s technique. It felt damned good, and she gave a low gurgle of excitement. Her finger was soon soaked with her seeping cunt juice. Her pussy throbbed and burned.

Meanwhile Anita was rubbing her clit faster and faster. Her pretty face was twisted into a horny grimace, and she was flushed all over. She was moaning steadily and hoarsely as she worked herself toward the orgasm she needed so badly. Her slit was drenched with her spurting cream.

“Unnnnnhhh, shit, ooooooh!” she cried.

Jamie’s flying finger kept pace with Anita’s. She had the crazy urge to come at the very same second the horny housewife got off. There was something wickedly exciting about peeping, especially when she played with herself. Was she some kind of pervert?

She really didn’t think so. She was just a woman who’d ignored her body too long, a woman who’d tried to bottle up all her natural needs for sex. Now she was letting those urges out, and she had a lot of time to make up for. No wonder she was horny all the time.

Now Anita was going into the final stage of her act. She slid her finger off her clit and into her cunt, stuffing it into herself as deep as it would go. Her eyes rolled, then closed tight, and she finger-fucked herself like crazy. Jamie imitated her.

“Unnnnnnhhh, fuck, unnnnhhhhh!” Anita sobbed.

“Oooooooh, shit, ooooooh!” Jamie gasped under her breath.

But though Anita had her eyes squeezed shut in lust, Jamie kept hers open. She wanted to watch. And that was why she saw Ron coming into the room but his wife didn’t. He walked in the open door, saw what Anita was doing, and froze.

“Oooooooh, shit, fuck, oooooooh!” Anita howled.

She was finger-fucking herself with lightning speed, oblivious to everything but her frantic need to come. Ron watched her, and the fly of his jeans suddenly grew tented. He began to grin as he moved closer to the bed. He walked right up to the foot of it.

He leered at his frantically masturbating wife and said, “Anita, what in hell are you doing?”

Anita gave a yelp of surprise and snapped her eyes open. When she saw her husband standing right there watching her, she blushed deep red. She snatched her soaked finger out of her smoking little cunt, cheated of her orgasm.

“Oh-uh — hi, honey,” she stammered. “How’d the game turn out?”

“My team lost,” Ron grinned.

“Oh, you must be very disappointed,” Anita said.

“Actually I don’t give a shit,” Ron said. “Not since I walked in this room.”

He began taking off his clothes. Anita stared lustily at him, and so did Jamie. The young teacher stood there in the shadows, her finger lodged deep in her aching cunt, and ogled Ron’s hard muscular body. She shivered with desire as he peeled his shorts down over his hard-on.

Now Anita was leering.

“Why Ron, you naughty boy,” she gurgled, “your cock’s hard!”

“It happened when I saw what you were doing,” he chuckled. “Gosh, honey, were you really that horny? You couldn’t wait just a couple of minutes for me?”

“No, I couldn’t wait,” Anita said. “Honey, since that basketball tournament started we haven’t fucked at all. You’re glued to the tube.”

“I’ll make up for that right now!” Ron leered.

He walked naked to the bed, his massive prick wagging stiffly and leaking big globs of hot cream. Anita was shivering with longing, her hot blue eyes focused right on his cock. He lay down on his back and reached for her.

“Back up on me,” he said.

Jamie’s eyes widened. Here was something she hadn’t heard of, not even in her sex manual. Anita was on her hands and knees, backing up over her husband till she was almost shoving her pussy in his face. Her head was right over his stiff-standing cock.

“Perfect!” Ron growled.

He grasped her hips and tugged them down a little, till her cute pink cunt was within reach of his tongue. His tongue flashed out and contacted the swollen flesh, and Anita gave a hoarse sob of excitement. He began whipping the wet meat up and down her hungry pussy.

“Ooooooh, baby, yesssss!” she wailed.

Then she dipped her head down, stuck out her tongue, and began lashing it all over the hard purple head of his cock. Ron groaned and shivered. They went at each other like hungry animals, snarling and panting, gobbling each other’s hot cream.

Jamie almost sobbed with lust and envy. She’d have given anything to be doing that with Warren. She was so fascinated with the double head job that it took her a few seconds to realize that she still had her finger stuffed deep into her horny hot cunt.

She started working that finger up and down stiffly, giving herself hot stabs of pleasure, but she never took her eyes from the window. She didn’t want to miss a second of that kinky scene. There was so much she had to learn, so much she wanted to try out with Warren.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm!” Anita gurgled. She was tonguing up Ron’s hot cock juice as fast as it oozed from his piss hole. Meanwhile he was lapping up the tangy juice that gushed from her aroused cunt. The young couple seemed starved for each other’s cream. They tongued each other faster and faster.

Jamie kept pace, working her stiff finger steadily faster in her burning famished box. She was soaking her whole hand with her uncontrollably gushing cream. She just hoped nobody came down the alley right now, because she couldn’t bear to stop finger-fucking herself.

Then Ron suddenly crammed his whole tongue into Anita’s cunt. Her head jerked up, and she bowled with pleasure. Her eyes rolled crazily, and her face contorted with lust. He tongue-fucked her fast and loudly, and she went crazy with excitement.

“Ooooooh, honey, fuck, oooooooh!” she babbled.

Jamie seethed with lust as she spied. She wished she had Warren’s thick tongue in her cunt instead of her slim finger. She could hardly wait to have him go down on her. But that was a long time from now, and she needed to get off right away.

The kinky scene was driving her wild. She could hear the obscene sucking noise Ron’s tongue was making as it reamed deep and hard in his wife’s juicy cunt. She could hear Anita’s hoarse wails of bliss as she rocketed towards orgasm. The slim blonde stiffened for a second, and then her body convulsed.

“Unnnnhhh — you’re doing it to meeeee!” she screamed. “I’m cominggggg, unnnnnhhhhhh!”

Jamie almost came, too. She jerked her finger furiously in her dripping twat as she watched Ron tongue-fuck Anita through a long violent climax. The moment she finished coming, he slid out from under her and knelt behind her. He grasped her slim hips and socked his huge hard cock as deep as he could into her slick steaming cunt.

“Unnnnnhhhhh, yesssss, fuck meeeee!” she howled.

Ron was grinning like a maniac as he hammered his engorged cock into his wife’s greedy cunt.

“You getting off on this, baby?” he panted.

“Shit, yes!” Anita moaned. “I’d like to do it more often, but I don’t suppose you’re gonna give up watching those games!”

“Nope,” he said. “But I’ve got an idea. I could fuck you every night before the game comes on.”

“And how about doing it again when the game’s over?” Anita asked.

“Deal!” Ron growled.

They shut up then and just fucked like bunnies. Jamie watched and ate her heart out. She just had to have a man of her own. She couldn’t lead the lonely sexless life of a spinster any longer. She worked her finger hard and deep in her cunt, but she knew a cock would feel a thousand times more exciting.

Anita and Ron were both groaning as they fucked each other to the brink of climax. Jamie could hear Ron’s flat belly smacking Anita’s ass, and she could hear the lewd sucking noise his cock made as it reamed out her cream. They fucked at each other so hard that their bodies became a blur to the spying schoolteacher.

“Ohhhhhh, honey, ohhhhh, I’m comingggg!” Anita suddenly howled.

“Take my load, baby, aaaagggghhhhh!” Ron roared.

“Unnnnhhhh, shit, unnnggghhhhh!” Jamie gasped.

She was bringing herself off hard, hoping her helpless gasp hadn’t been heard by the young couple. When she looked up again, they were snuggling under the covers, and Ron turned off the light. Jamie headed for home, more determined than ever to lose her virginity.

Tomorrow could be the big day, if only she and Warren had the time and the place.


At lunchtime the next day, Warren was waiting for Jamie as she came out of her classroom. He grabbed her arm and hustled her towards the stairs.

“I found the perfect meeting place,” he said. “The basement storeroom.”

There was a big room down there that held all kinds of supplies, and Warren had managed to get a key. When he locked the door behind them, Jamie felt pretty secure. There was just one problem. She couldn’t see any place to lie down.

And neither could Warren. The room was crowded with tall shelves, and the aisles between them were narrow. The floor was hard cement. Warren’s face fell as he surveyed what was supposed to be the romantic scene of Jamie’s seduction.

“Darn,” he sighed, “I think I fucked up.”

“We could still go to your classroom,” Jamie suggested.

“Too risky,” he said. “We found that out yesterday, when Ed almost caught us. Besides, we’re wasting time. Let’s get down to business.”

“But Warren, what can we do here?” Jamie asked.

“Quite a bit,” he said, grinning. “Oh, we may not be able to go all the way, but we can get on with your lessons.”

Jamie felt deeply disappointed. She’d been so sure that she’d lose her cherry today. But as Warren drew her into his arms and kissed her, she momentarily forgot her disappointment. He slid his tongue deep into her mouth and probed around.

“Mmmmmmm!” she sighed.

Her body melted against his. She wanted this man so badly, she just couldn’t control herself. She wriggled her tongue over his, and she wantonly ground her mound against his cock. Warren gave a snort of arousal, drew back, and looked at her.

“Easy,” he said. “We’ve got almost an hour. You said you didn’t want to rush.”

“That’s right,” Jamie said. “But gosh, Warren, I’m beginning to wonder if you really want to seduce me.”

He groaned.

“Oh, baby, I want it more than anything,” he said, “but the setting has to be just right. I want it to be perfect for you.”

Jamie nodded in agreement. He was right, of course. She didn’t want to lose her virginity on some cold concrete floor. But she was getting very impatient. If Warren hadn’t had a date every night that week, they could have spent an evening together in bed. Then things would have been just right.

He saw her disappointment, and he tried to make her forget it, giving her long steamy tongue-kisses that made her knees turn to rubber. She felt her tits swelling and poking against his chest, and her famished cunt leaked hot floods of juice.

Warren backed her up against a shelf and unbuttoned her dress. He quickly unhooked her bra and pushed it up out of the way. Then he leaned down and started squeezing and sucking her tits. Jamie leaned back and gurgled with lust.

“Ohhhh, God, that gets me so hot!” she moaned.

Warren was pretty aroused himself. The fly of his pants was tented sharply, and he was breathing hard as he sucked her nipples into stiffness. Jamie almost wished he didn’t have so much self-control. She wanted to get on to some heavy-duty love-making.

“What are you going to teach me today?” she asked breathlessly.

Warren raised his head and leered at her.

“Something you’ll really like,” he said. “I’m gonna teach you all about giving head.”

Jamie was really excited by that announcement. She recalled how Phil had taught Erin all about oral sex, and how the young bride had gone wild with pleasure. She could hardly wait for her lessons. She reached down and stroked Warren’s hard throbbing prick through his clothes.

“I’m ready,” she grinned.

“Good,” he grinned back. “And since you’re so eager, I’ll let you start.”

He unzipped his pants and let them drop. He pushed his shorts after them. Jamie stared hungrily at his massive cock. It was steel-hard and drooling, ready for action. Warren backed up against a shelf, placed his hands on Jamie’s a shoulders, and eased her to her knees.

“Lick my cock, Jamie,” he said hoarsely.

“Warren, I’ve never done this before!” she panted. “So excuse me if I’m clumsy!”

“You’ll learn,” he said.

She knelt at eye level with his stiffly wagging prick. She studied the thick blue-veined shaft and engorged purple head. She watched thick gobs of cream ooze from his pins hole. She tried to remember everything Phil had taught Erin about licking and sucking cock. She took a deep breath and went into action.

Fisting the thick hairy base of Warren’s big cock, she slowed its lusty wagging. She leaned forward and stuck out her cute pink tongue. Gingerly she touched it to one of the big globs of cream that bubbled from the cleft of his cock.

“Mmmmmm, uuununmmm!” she gurgled.

“That’s it, baby, go for it!” he growled.

Jamie didn’t need any more urging. Right away she knew she was going to love the taste of cock cream. It had a special salty flavor that made her greedy for more. She began lapping the juice up as fast as she could, rolling it around in her mouth and savoring it.

As she gobbled his cream, Warren leaned shakily against the shelf and watched her, breathing raggedly. It must have been quite an enticing sight for him. Miss Jamie Johnson, the frigid spinster, was on her knees, lashing his cock head with her greedy tongue and moaning hungrily as she gobbled his juice.

Obviously she wasn’t as frigid as he’d thought. Warren loved watching the pretty prude turn into a cock-hungry slut. His cock gave lusty bucks as she tongued it, and he fed her a steady supply of thick salty cream. His lust-glazed eyes were glued to her whipping tongue.

“How am I doing?” she panted.

“Terrific!” Warren rasped. “You’ve got a natural instinct for it!”

Jamie was glad to hear that he was pleased. Warren had been around, and he’d had the best. He’d gone with many sophisticated, experienced women, but he seemed to be more turned on by the little red-haired, virgin schoolteacher as she learned to give him head.

“That’s great, baby!” he growled. “Now I want you to take it in your mouth and suck it!”

Jamie was eager for that experience. She kept a good grip on the thick base of his cock and started feeding the rest into her hot steamy mouth. She found that she couldn’t take all of it. She would have choked on it. But she got most of his throbbing prick inside.

“Yeah, keep going!” Warren groaned.

His prick was pulsating wildly as she firmed her cheeks around it and started sucking. She found that if she sucked strongly, she could draw the delicious cream right out of his piss hole. She went for it, hungry for all the hot juice she could get.

“Mmmmmm, uuummmmm!” she moaned. “Christ, honey, that’s good!” Warren rasped. “Just keep doing that and I’ll come like crazy!”

Jamie was thrilled by the idea of getting him off and gulping his load. She wanted to show this handsome bachelor that she could be just as exciting a lover as all the experienced women he’d dated. She sucked strongly and loudly on his bucking, drooling cock.

“Ahhhhh, Jesus, great!” he groaned.

Jamie glanced up at him and saw that his face was contorted into a lusty grimace. He was flushed all over and breathing hard. He was impressed, all right. She went on greedily sucking up his cream while he groaned and writhed.

“Get ready!” he panted. “I’m gonna blast your mouth full of come!”

“Mmmmmmm!” Jamie moaned eagerly.

He started fucking her mouth. That was the only way she could describe it. He jerked his cock over her slippery tongue in short quick jabs. He was still the gentleman, careful not to choke her, but she had the feeling he wanted to let himself go and fuck right down her throat. “Unnnnnhhh, Christ!” he groaned.

He stiffened for a second, gave a deep moan, and then fucked even faster over her slick hot tongue. She felt the first sting of jizz at the back of her throat, and then her mouth was boiling with the stuff, her cheeks ballooning.

“Awwwww, eat it, awwwww!” he bawled. “Unnnnhhh, uuunmmmm!” Jamie moaned. She savored her first mouthful of jism as Warren pumped floods of it. She let her cheeks swell till she thought they’d burst. Then she gulped down the whole searing load, and he slumped back against the shelf, his drained prick slipping from her lips.

“Fuckin’ fantastic,” he panted.

Jamie licked her lips to get all of his come. She felt pretty proud of herself. It had been her very first blow-job and she’d gotten this handsome hunk off like crazy. It took Warren a few minutes to catch his breath. Then he drew Jamie to her feet and leaned her against the shelf.

“That was terrific, baby!” he grinned. “Now I’m gonna get you off.”

Jamie could hardly wait. Warren knelt before her and tucked up her skirt. He slipped off her panties and pantyhose. She was fully exposed from the waist down, but she wasn’t blushing this time. She was too ragingly horny to feel shy. She felt Warren folding back the copper-furred lips of her bush.

Then his hot moist breath was fanning her slit, and that drove her crazy. She shivered with need, and thick floods of cream ran from her hungry cunt and down her thighs. Warren nosed between her legs, and she felt the most delicious sensation of her life.

“Ooooooh, God, ooooooh!” she wailed.

Dizzily she glanced down and saw his big red tongue lashing her pussy. Of course he did it expertly, stimulating every steamy fold and cranny. He didn’t miss an inch of her fever-hot slit. Jamie spread her legs even wider and leaned back against the shelf whimpering with ecstasy.

“Ohhhhh, God, Warren, that’s the best thing I ever felt!” she moaned.

Warren didn’t answer because he was too busy. He coated every inch of her seething pussy with his hot spit. Then he moved upward to tongue her clit. He used the pointed tip of his tongue to rim the little button very fast. Jamie squealed with pleasure.

“Yes, yesssss!” she cried. “Lick me right there, honey, I love it!”

Electric shocks of pleasure ripped through her pussy as Warren swiftly rimmed her clit. The little nub swelled into its own tiny hard-on, and molten cream ran down her legs. She just couldn’t stop that heavy horny juicing. She felt insanely aroused.

But it got even better. Warren rimmed her clit with his hot tongue tip till the little button had swelled to its fullest. It was highly sensitive now. He jammed his mouth onto it and began sucking Jamie off.

“Ohhhhhh, shit, ohhhhhh!” she wailed.

It was the first time anybody had heard Miss Johnson use a naughty word. She couldn’t help it. She was out of her mind with pleasure. Warren’s wet sucking noises filled the room, punctuated by her shrill cries. She felt herself hurtling helplessly towards orgasm.

“Shit, yessss, suck meeee!” she sobbed.

She closed her eyes and forgot everything but her steady flight toward orgasm. Warren sucked fast and hard on her most sensitive organ, and the pleasure built till she felt ready to explode with it. The man was a Goddamned genius with his mouth and tongue.

“Ohhhh, Warren, you’re doing it to meeee!” Jamie sobbed. “I’m comingggg, ohhhhhhh, whaahhhhhhh!”

She came so hard that her knees buckled and she collapsed over Warren’s shoulder. He held her up and sucked her till he’d drained every last drop of sensation from her squirting clit. Jamie managed to stand upright again, then almost doubled over with pleasure as he suddenly crammed his whole tongue up her twat.

“Unnnnhhhh, fuck, yessss!” she gasped.

She grasped the shelf and held on tight, her knees rubbery with pleasure. Warren gave her a fantastic tongue-fucking, plowing his thick wet tongue hard and fast in her dripping cunt. It was even better than being sucked off, if that was possible.

Jamie wailed and moaned and gurgled. Her brain was fried at that moment, and she couldn’t think of anything but the hot pleasure shooting through her body as Warren’s expert tongue reamed her cunt. How could she possibly go back to masturbating after this?

She squeezed her eyes shut and felt a powerful climax building deep in her cunt. It burst a few seconds later, ripping through her body and making her convulse and scream. She had to hang onto the shelf hard or she would have fallen over. She drenched Warren’s face with sizzling blasts of come-cream.

“Unnnnhhhh, shit, fuck, whaaahhhhh!” she wailed.

Warren went right on tongue-fucking her, all the way through her climax, and she nearly blacked out with the hot pleasure. She’d never come so hard before. Now she was sure she couldn’t do without a man. Warren had spoiled her for that.

As she stood shaking with the aftershocks of her climax, he suddenly gasped and jumped to his feet. He was pointing to his watch.

“Jesus, we forgot all about the time,” he said. “If we don’t hurry, we’re gonna be late for class.”

Jamie didn’t even get a chance to thank him.


Warren didn’t say when he’d meet her again. But Jamie knew he was a very busy man and that it would be awhile before she could expect another round with him. That was too bad, because she felt hornier than ever.

The more he taught her about love-making, the more lusty she got. That evening when she went home, she was almost shaking with need. Warren’s expert pussy-eating had been fantastic, but it only made her want more — and right away.

Well, she was out of luck. Warren was busy every night that week, and he had to have several dates for the weekend. That was his style. The whole school joked about it. Warren was a good teacher, but his leisure time was devoted to juggling lusty women.

Jamie wondered how she’d survive till she saw him again. She could always read her sex manual and beat off and fantasize, but that didn’t do much far her now. She wanted a real live lover. The evening promised to be a very frustrating one.

After dinner she tried to watch TV, but her mind kept wandering. She recalled every delicious second of her lunch hour, the hot salty taste of Warren’s come, the exquisite pleasure she’d gotten from his sucking and tonguing. Soon she was drenching her panties with molten cunt juice.

“Oh, hell!” she moaned. “What am I going to do?”

Probably the easiest way to get to sleep would be to beat off till she collapsed. Sighing, she went to her room and undressed. She read the sex manual for awhile, then turned off the light and lay on top of the covers, caressing her naked body.

With the light out, it was easier to pretend that Warren was with her, feeling her all over, about to make love to her. She slid a hand between her thighs and touched the fever-hot swollen flesh of her pussy. It felt nice to stroke herself there, but not nearly as exciting as Warren’s big wet tongue.

Well, it would just have to do, because there was no other way for her to get off. She began rubbing her middle finger stiffly over her sizzling slit, giving herself a steady buzz of pleasure. She tried very hard to fantasize that her finger was Warren’s tongue.

“Yes, yessss, baby!” she moaned. “Lick me all over, don’t stop!”

But her fantasy wasn’t working very well, and then to make matters worse, she heard voices outside her window, distracting her. There was a man’s husky voice and a girl’s high giggling. Sighing deeply, Jamie opened her eyes and squinted into the darkness.

It was a hot night, and she’d left her window open. She suspected her neighbors were trying to beat the heat, too. There was another apartment building right behind hers, and she’d noticed a young couple moving into the apartment across the way. It sounded like they were climbing out onto the fire escape.

“Greg, this is crazy,” the girl giggled.

“Aw, come on, Tawny!” he laughed. “What’s life without a little adventure?”

Jamie’s fantasy was destroyed, and she couldn’t beat off with the distraction of voices just a few feet away. But maybe she could get something out of the evening after all. She could spy on the neighbor couple and hope they did something exciting.

Naked, she slipped off the bed and crawled over to the open window. She parted the curtains just a little and peered out. Sure enough, Greg and Tawny were hauling their mattress out on the fire escape, where it would be a lot cooler to sleep. Jamie hoped they decided to do more than sleep.

Greg was wearing only his shorts, and Tawny was wearing a matching tank top and panties. She had a terrific body, tail and slim yet big titted. Her thick honey-blonde hair fell to her shoulders. Greg was watching her braless tits wobble as they struggled with the mattress.

“Terrific idea, honey,” Tawny said dryly. “I’m more sweaty than ever from dragging this damned mattress.”

“Then take off your clothes,” Greg leered. “That’s what I’m gonna do.”

He stripped off his shorts and tossed them in the window, Tawny gasped.

“Greg, you nut!” she cried. “You can’t sit out on the fire escape naked! You could get arrested!”

“Aw, nobody’s awake,” he laughed. “Come on, take off your clothes.”

He lunged for Tawny and whipped off her top. She gasped, tried to cover her big tits, and glanced around to see if any of the neighbors were looking out their windows. She seemed satisfied that she and Greg were the only ones awake, but she still looked uneasy.

“The panties, too,” Greg leered.

“No way!” Tawny gasped.

He dived for her and started pulling off her panties. She let out a squeal, and he said, “Sssshhh, you don’t wanta wake the neighbors, honey.”

Tawny quieted down a little, but she was still muttering protests as Greg whisked off her panties. Jamie was watching everything, wide-eyed and excited. She was sure Greg was interested in more than getting his wife cool and comfortable.

As they wrestled around on the mattress, his cock was getting hard. Jamie eyed it and almost moaned with longing. She wished she had a nice hard cock to play with right now. She wished she had Warren in her bed, warming her up for losing her cherry.

Was she going to be a virgin forever? She was really beginning to wonder. God knows she’d tried her best to give it away, and Warren seemed eager to help her, but every time they got together they were frustrated. Jamie squirmed and shivered with lust.

“Greg, for heaven’s sake,” Tawny giggled, “stop that. We can’t get it on out here.”

Greg had her down on the mattress, half pinning her with his powerful body, and he was playing with her pussy. He was rubbing a stiff finger over her slit, and she was pushing at his shoulders, trying to shove him away. But as he stroked her gash, she began to moan and writhe. Pretty soon she went limp and opened her legs wide.

“Damn you!” she moaned. “Don’t get me hot!”

“I think I already did,” he leered.

He drew his finger from between her legs and showed her that it was wet and glistening with her cream. Tawny blushed and tried again to wriggle out from under him, but it was no use. He moved fully on top of her and kissed her.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned.

Jamie felt molten cream running down her legs. She was in the privacy of her own bedroom, so there was no reason she couldn’t beat off. She just had to remember not to make a sound. The neighbor couple were so close, they’d hear her.

She slid her middle finger stiffly between the slick hot folds of her pussy and started rubbing back and forth. It felt nice, and it helped ease her hot lust a little. But she never took her eyes off Greg and Tawny. She was sure now that she was going to witness some hot action.

Greg kissed his gorgeous blonde wife sensuously, working his tongue in her mouth, till she stopped struggling. Then he started kissing his way down her body, over her full stiff nippled tits, her flat belly, and her golden bush. He pushed her legs wide open and nosed between them, and Tawny gave a hoarse gurgle of pleasure.

“Oh, honey, yessss!” she hissed. “Lick me!” Jamie barely stopped a moan of envy and lust. She ached to have Warren going down on her again. She’d never felt anything more delicious in her life than his big wet tongue and expert lips on her pussy. That brief session had made her ravenous for more.

“Ooooooh, shit, ooooooh!” Tawny moaned.

Jamie wondered why she was torturing herself by watching. She could have closed the window and gone to bed. But something kept her there, even though she seethed with need and envy. Maybe there was something more to learn, something she could try later with Warren.

Greg was flicking the stiff tip of his tongue up and down over his wife’s swollen clit giving her hot little stabs of pleasure. Tawny was really into it now, flat on her back and with her legs bent and wide open. Her pretty face twisted into a horny grimace as Greg tongued her.

“Unnnnnhh, damn, I never can resist that!” she moaned, clawing the mattress.

“I know,” Greg chuckled, “that’s why I’m doing it.”

“But don’t you think we should go inside, honey?” she asked breathlessly.

Greg obviously didn’t think so, and he silenced her by shoving his lips down around her throbbing clit. He started sucking her off, and Tawny almost flew off the mattress. She struggled not to wail in ecstasy as he sucked her most sensitive organ.

“Ugggghhh!” she gurgled. “Unnnhhh?” Jamie just wished she could imitate the wonderful sensations Tawny was getting from Greg’s sucking lips, but there was no way she could do that with her fingers. She did the best she could, though, grasping her slick clit between her thumb and forefinger, kneading it fast.

Her whole hand was soon soaked with her spurting sticky cunt juice as she masturbated and listened to Tawny’s hoarse moans of pleasure. The pretty blonde housewife had her eyes squeezed shut, blotting out everything but the exquisite sensations she was getting.

“Greg, honey, I’m gonna come!” she whimpered.

Greg made sure of it, sucking even harder and faster on her nearly-burstingclit. Jamie could hear the lewd wet sounds of his sucking, and it drove her wild. She kneaded her throbbing clit even faster. She wondered who’d come first, her or Tawny.

Tawny beat her by just a couple of seconds. The big-titted young blonde arched her body till her ass left the mattress, hungrily shoving her clit harder against Greg’s sucking lips. Then she began a steady hoarse moan as he sucked her over the top.

“Ooooooh, fuck, shit, unnnnhhhhhh!” she cried. “Unnnnnhhh, I’m comingggg, oooooh!”

Jamie clapped her free hand over her mouth to muffled her groan of bliss as she brought herself off. She gave her clit one long last squeeze and felt her bones rattled by a shatterig orgasm. She slumped to her knees and convulsed.

Still muffling her hoarse moans of pleasure, she heard Tawny whining and sobbing as she climaxed. After almost a minute the sounds faded. Jamie dizzily peered out the window again and watched Greg lifting his cream drenched face from his wife’s smoking slit.

“See?” he grinned. “We can make out on the fire escape. Nobody’s complained yet.”

And nobody’s going to, Jamie thought wickedly.

If anybody else was watching the young couple, they were probably getting off on it just like Jamie. She’d just climaxed pretty hard, but she kept her hand between her thighs, stroking and arousing her wet slit, famished for more pleasure.

Now Greg was turning Tawny over onto her belly. He grasped her hips and drew her up into the doggy-position. She got wide-eyed and glanced around again, fearing that someone might see them. She gasped as Greg slid his long thick cock into her cunt.

“Greg, no, that’s insane!” she cried. “We can’t fuck out here! Ohhhh, God — unnnhh!” Her alarmed tone of voice dissolved into lusty gurgles as Greg began fucking her fast and deep. She dug her nails into the mattress and held on tight, her body shaken by the impact of his lusty fucking. Her gorgeous big tits swung heavily back and forth.

“Oooooh, fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeee!” she wailed.

Obviously she’d stopped worrying about waking the neighbors, because she was making quite a bit of noise now, moaning and squealing as her lusty husband fucked into her faster and faster. Jamie glanced around and spotted one window with the curtain just slightly open. She grinned.

She knew who lived there, a mousy little guy who worked as an accountant and kept about a dozen cats for company. She pictured him watching the fucking couple and jacking off. Go for it, honey, she thought wickedly.

He wasn’t going to report Greg and Tawny, and neither was Jamie. This definitely beat watching TV. Jamie focused on Greg’s huge hammering cock, and she slid her middle finger into her cunt and finger-fucked herself to his hard rhythm. But one finger didn’t give her the thickness she wanted, the thickness of a genuine cock.

She shoved another finger into her slick steaming cunt, and even that wasn’t enough. She ached to know what it was like to fuck. She worked a third finger into her seething pussy, cramming herself full of stiff meat. That was more like it.

She finger-fucked herself deep and hard, and she started coming just as Greg and Tawny did. That was lucky, because she could moan and groan all she wanted without them hearing her. They were making plenty of noise of their own.

“Awwwww, shit, awwwww!” Greg bawled.

“Ooooooh, honey, yessss, cream meeeee!” Tawny wailed.

“Unnnhhhh, fuck, unnnnnhhhhh!” Jamie groaned, her cunt exploding with pleasure.

When she’d finished coming, she saw that her neighbors were fucked out for the night. They settled down, and she closed the window, went to her bed, and picked up the phone. She called Warren’s number, and he answered in a sleepy voice.

“This is Jamie,” she said.

“Jamie?” he whispered. “Hey, I can’t talk now! My, uh, date’s here with me!”

“I’m not surprised,” Jamie said. “I just want to give you one short message, Warren. Tomorrow is your last chance to do that little job for me. If I’m still a virgin tomorrow night, I’m looking for somebody else.”

She hung up before he could reply.


When Jamie got to school the next day.

Warren was waiting for her in the parking lot. He practically tripped over himself rushing to meet her.

“Have dinner with me tonight,” he said. “I’ll pick you up at seven.”

“I’d love to, Warren,” Jamie grinned, “but what about the date you had?”

“I phoned her and told her I have a cold,” Warren said, going into a perfect imitation of a man with a stuffy nose.

“That’s more like it,” Jamie said. “See you at SCVCD.”

Jamie could hardly concentrate on her classes that day. She kept thinking about her date with Warren. Nothing could get in their way this time. She was sure to lose her cherry — and she could hardly wait.

She got home as fast as she could, took a long shower, and put on the one sexy dress she owned. It had a short skirt and a plunging neckline, and it showed off every curve of her body. The dress had been sent to her by mistake when she ordered some of her prim teaching suits, and she’d never gotten around to returning it.

Now she was glad she had that dress. She wanted to do everything she could to turn Warren on. She figured he didn’t need too much arousal, but she didn’t want to leave anything to chance. She just couldn’t stand being a virgin any more.

Warren arrived right on time. “Hey, you look great,” he said, giving her his sexiest grin. “In fact I can’t keep my hands off you.”

He pulled her into his arms and gave her a kiss that made her whole body sizzle. Jamie figured this was it. They’d both get pretty steamed up from that kiss, and the bedroom was just down the hall. She ground her mound against Warren’s cock.

Then he drew back and said, “Let’s go. I made reservations for seven-thirty.”

Jamie’s mouth dropped open. She’d expected him to drag her to bed, but instead he was leading her to the elevator. They went to a fancy restaurant, and Warren was very generous. Jamie thought it was a wonderful first date, but there were more important things on her mind than food.

Next Warren took her dancing. That was nice, too, and very thoughtful, but she began to wonder if he was ever going to make love to her. Had he changed his mind, and was this his way of letting her down nicely?

They did some close dancing, and as their bodies pressed together, Jamie was going wild with desire for the man. Her pussy was sizzling, her panties soaked with oozing cream. Her nipples were stiff, poking into Warren’s chest. She was sure he could feel them even through his jacket.

By the time they left the nightclub, Jamie was ready to tear Warren’s clothes off and rape him. He hadn’t made a serious move on her yet, and it was driving her crazy. He helped her into the wand she scooted across the seat so she could cuddle up to him.

“Let’s go for a drive,” he said. “I know a place with a beautiful view of the ocean.”

“Whatever you say, Warren,” Jamie sighed. In spite of everything, she was still a lady, and she couldn’t bring herself to say that she was horny out of her mind. She couldn’t just demand that he take her home and fuck her. But what was his problem? He’d broken another date to be with her, yet he didn’t make his move.

Warren parked on a hilltop. True to his promise, there was a gorgeous view of the moonlit ocean. At any other time Jamie would have been thrilled. But all she could look at was Warren. She rubbed her thigh against his and hoped he’d get the message.

Pretty soon he started kissing her. All her doubts vanished. This man wanted her, all right.

He was digging his tongue deep into her mouth and running his hands all over her body. She melted with lust and pawed him, her hot little tongue darting over his.

When they finally came up for air, she panted, “Gosh, honey, how come you didn’t do that earlier?”

“I wanted things to be just right for you,” he said. “I wanted it to be romantic. Remember, you told me that first day that you didn’t want to rush.”

Jamie could have kicked herself. Warren was just following the program she’d laid out for him, trying to please her. Well, the only thing that would please her right now was a quick fuck. She grabbed him and kissed him again, shoving her tongue shamelessly into his mouth.

Warren fumbled with the zipper of her dress and got it open. While they kissed and panted, he somehow got her dress off and tossed it into the back seat. Snarling with lust, he removed her pantyhose, bra and panties. Suddenly she was naked except for her high heels, which Warren had put back on her.

“How come you’re leaving my shoes on?” she asked breathlessly.

“Because I’m kinky,” he leered. “I’m gonna show you just how kinky I am.”

Jamie could hardly wait. She writhed impatiently while he got out of his three-piece suit, t-shirt and shorts. He had a fantastic body, powerfully muscled, hard and hairy. Of course her hungry eyes darted to his cock, and she saw that it was rigid and ready.

“Oh, Warren, make out with me!” she moaned.

“You better believe I will!” he growled.

He gave her a little push, and she landed on her back. He took her left leg and draped it up over the back of the seat. Her right leg was bent and trailing off the seat, so her cute pink slit was totally exposed to his leering eyes. He ogled her cream-drenched pussy.

Jamie gurgled with anticipation. She figured this was it. She was open to him, her legs spread wide, her famished cunt creaming. His cock was hard as a rock. He was kneeling between her legs, ready to fuck her — and she was ready for him.

“Oh, yes, honey, do it!” she panted.

Warren went face down, bending practically double, and she felt his big slick tongue steaming over her slit. She gave a hoarse wall of pleasure. She adored having him go down on her, and he was so damned good at it. His tongue was all over the place, driving her wild.

“Ooooooh, Warren, eeeeee!” she squealed. For long delicious minutes Jamie forgot about being fucked. She couldn’t think of anything but the hot pleasure she was getting from Warren’s big slick tongue. He licked all over her burning cunt, coating every inch of it with his hot saliva.

She felt the stiff tip of his tongue teasing her clit. Then he moved lower, rimming the tiny mouth of her virgin box. She squealed and fed him a hot burst of tangy pussy juice. Then he moved even lower, probing the puckered opening of her shitter.

“Ohhhhhh, God, ohhhhhh!” she sobbed.

He was darting his tongue about an inch into her hot little asshole, fucking it fast. Jamie hadn’t dreamed her shitter could produce such delicious sensations. She went wild with excitement, creaming in searing floods of juice that gushed down her ass crack.

“Mmmm mm, Warren, that’s so naughty — and so good!” she gurgled.

She heard his muffled chuckle. Then he was licking his way up her slit again, till he came to the most tender and sensitive spat of all, the throbbing nub of her engorgedclit. He rimmed it with the stiff tip of his tongue, and Jamie drenched his whole face with her squirting cream. She suddenly had to get off or go crazy.

“Warren, honey, make me come!” she whimpered. “I just have to have it!”

“I’ll see that you get it,” he said hoarsely. He sank his wet lips down around her clit and started sucking it loudly. Jamie closed her eyes and saw stars. She was hooked on this man. She just wished he’d go on eating her pussy for the rest of her life. She felt herself hurtling helplessly towards orgasm.

“Ooooo, shit, ooooooh!” she wailed.

The pleasure kept building in her clit till she was sure the little nub would explode. Warren sucked faster and faster on the hot button, and Jamie sobbed in ecstasy. She was creaming a steady flood now, soaking the car seat. All of a sudden she began to convulse violently.

“Unnnnhhhh, you did it, I’m comingggg!” she screamed. “Unnnnhhh, fuck, whaahhhhh!”

She went on howling as Warren expertly sucked her through a long body-wracking orgasm. She almost fainted from the pleasure. When she finally opened her eyes again, Warren released her clit and rose to his knees. His cock was harder than ever, hugging his belly with incredible stiffness. Jamie gurgled and writhed. Surely he was going to fuck her now.

“Turn around,” he said.

Jamie gawked at him, then obeyed, rolling to her hands and knees. Maybe he wanted to give it to her doggy-style. That was okay with her. She’d take it any way she could get it, just as long as she lost her damned virginity. She seethed with readiness as he grasped her hips.

He started easing her backwards, over his body. She felt his hot moist breath right against her pussy, and then his stiff-standing cock was rubbing her lips and leaving a trail of hot sticky cream. She realized he wasn’t going to fuck her after all. He wanted to do sixty-nine instead.

“Warren,” she whimpered, “are we ever gonna do it?”

“You said not to rush,” he said. “I wanta make sure you’re really warmed up.”

Warmed up? Jamie felt like a human volcano, ready to erupt. But maybe Warren was right. He was the expert, after all. If he said she needed more preparation, she’d take his word far it. Then she felt his slippery tongue lashing her pussy, and she gurgled with delight. Sure, she could take a little more pussy-eating. She could take years of it.

“Unmmnhhhh, yesssss!” she moaned.

“Lick my cock,” Warren urged hoarsely. “I was just getting to that,” she chuckled. The moonlight was coming brightly in the windshield, and Jamie had an excellent view of Warren’s rigidly standing boner. She ogled the wrist-thick shaft and its bulging blue veins. She studied the engorged purple head and watched it leaking thick globs of cream.

Hot saliva rushed to her mouth, and she dipped her head lower, stuck out her tongue, and began gobbling Warren’s hot tasty cock juice. She didn’t think she could ever get enough of that special flavor. She lapped it up as fast as she could get it.

“Mmmmmm, uuuunmmmm!” she moaned.

“Yeah, baby, great!” Warren growled.

She swished her greedy little tongue all over his huge cock head, lapping up his juice, while he lashed his tongue up and down her slit and gobbled her cream. They feasted on each other, snarling and growling like animals. It was wild and wicked, and Jamie loved it.

“Mmmmm, yeah, lick meeeee!” she groaned.

They licked each other clean. Jamie wanted more of his tasty cream, and now she knew how to get it. She licked her lips to make them slippery, then sank them down around his enormous hard cock, taking almost all of it into the steam heat of her mouth.

“Awwwwww, shit, yeah!” Warren yelped. “Suck me off!”

Jamie didn’t mind that assignment, not one bit, but she wondered if they were ever going to fuck. This time Warren wanted to come in her mouth, not her cunt, but what about next time? Would there be a next time, or would he be all fucked out?

She wondered, but not for long. Suddenly Warren was cramming his whole tongue up her cunt. She gave a muffled wail of ecstasy as he shoved the wet meat almost to her womb. He began tongue-fucking her expertly, and she forgot everything but the hot pleasure.

“Mmmmmm, unnnnhhhh, mmmmmmm!” she moaned.

Warren was moaning, too, as she jerked her hot juicy mouth up and down the throbbing pillar of his cock. They went at each other faster and faster, snarling and gurgling, and the car began to steam up. Jamie gulped his delicious hot cock juice while he gobbled her tangy cunt cream. They were starved for each other.

Jamie could hardly believe this was her, the prim and mousy spinster schoolteacher. Here she was stark naked with an equally naked man, and they were eating each other like crazy in his car. If her mother could see her now, she’d faint.

Well, that was her mother’s problem. Jamie felt totally liberated from Mom’s weird old Victorian ideas. She was letting her natural horny instincts go for the first time in her life, listening to her body, and she was loving every second of it.

She felt Warren’s huge cock throbbing and bucking in her mouth, and she gurgled hungrily each time the thick cream dripped from his piss hole onto her tongue. She felt his slick tongue digging deep and fast into her cunt, giving her blast after blast of pleasure.

Mom, she thought, if I’m gonna go to hell for this, I’m ready.

Warren dug even deeper into her squirting pussy with his greedy fat tongue, and Jamie felt herself start to climax. She sucked like crazy on his swollen cock, and he groaned and began to jet his thick load down her throat. Her cunt went into hard spasms around his tongue. They came powerfully, gobbling each other’s come cream.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, unnnnngggghhhhh!” Jamie moaned.

“Ahhhhhhhh, unnnnhhhhhhhhh!” Warren gasped.

It was a really fun way to come, eating each other and Jamie wasn’t sorry she’d done it, but she was getting impatient again. The night was moving on and Warren still hadn’t relieved her of her cherry. As they rolled apart, she turned to face him.

“Warren!” she moaned. “Are we ever gonna fuck?”

“In a car?” he exclaimed. “That’s not the right setting Jamie. No, for that I’m taking you to my place.”

“Then let’s go!” Jamie cried. “Right away!”


Warren seemed maddeningly slow as he got dressed and drove back to town. Jamie was a little pissed off with him. If he’d intended to save her seduction for his bedroom, why hadn’t he taken her there hours earlier? Why had he wasted so much time? Oh, she knew his answer. He wanted everything to be just right, romantic and perfect. That’s why he’d taken her to dinner, taken her dancing, and then necked with her as they watched the moonlit ocean. It was all very nice, Jamie agreed, very sweet.

Now she just wanted to be fucked.

Warren had a nice apartment that overlooked the town, and it was furnished with thick shag carpets, overstuffed furniture, and fake fur rugs and pillows. The lights were low, and he put some soft sexy music on the stereo. His apartment was built for seductions.

While he made them drinks, Jamie wondered how many women he’d fucked in this apartment. Dozens, probably. Yet she didn’t feel jealous. She just felt glad to be in the hands of a master. When she finally lost her cherry, she wanted no fuck-ups.

Warren handed her a martini, and she took an impatient gulp.

“You sure you want to go through with this?” he asked.

Jamie almost choked on her drink.

“Are you kidding?” she exclaimed. “I’ve practically been begging you, Warren. I’m sick of being a virgin. I don’t want to die without knowing what it’s like to fuck.”

“No danger of that,” he leered.

He tossed off his drink and started undressing her. Jamie made short work of her drink, too, and fumbled with the buttons of his suit. When they were naked, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her down a short hall to his bedroom.

Jamie’s eyes widened when she saw that room. If the living room was designed for seductions, this room was engineered for orgies. There was fur all over the place, fur chairs and pillows and rugs, even the bedspread of the king-size bed. But what really caught her attention was the mirrors.

All the walls and the whole ceiling were covered with mirrors. People making love in that room could see themselves from every angle. Suddenly Jamie felt like she was on camera. Warren carried her over to the bed and laid her down, then slid on beside her. “What do you think of my playroom?” he grinned.

“Pretty kinky for a schoolteacher,” Jamie giggled.

“Well, when you’ve been teaching math and physics all day, you need a change of pace at home,” he laughed.

It was a change of pace, all right. It looked like something from the Playboy mansion. Jamie felt a little self-conscious as she studied their reflection in all those mirrors. But Warren took her mind off that. He slid a hand between her thighs and expertly stimulated her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, yesssss!” she sighed, creaming all over his hand.

“I believe you’re ready,” he leered.

“Warren, I’ve been ready for days!” she moaned.

He rolled on top of her and sank down between her thighs. This was it, really it. Jamie eagerly parted her legs even wider and bent her knees, opening herself to his cock. He pressed the hard head against her tiny untried cunt mouth and started pushing into her.

“Unnnnnhhhhh!” she gasped.

In spite of all her horny fantasies about being fucked, she wasn’t prepared for the real thing. She just hadn’t expected his cock to feel so damned huge. It was stretching her tender pussy lips till she thought they’d burst. He was going into her very slowly and carefully, but she was still panicked.

She was sure her tiny cunt couldn’t take a cock that size. She’d be split in half. Already she felt crammed breathless, and he wasn’t even two inches inside. But she wasn’t going to chicken out, not now. She’d asked for this and, by God, she was going through with it.

“Unnnnhhhh, unnnnhhhh!” she moaned.

Warren wasn’t saying anything, just panting hard as he slowly but steadily eased his gigantic rock-hard cock into her exquisitely tight cunt. His big body was shaking with excitement. At last he pushed up against her womb, impaling her completely.

“You got it all now, honey!” he groaned. “Christ, you’re tight! You really were a virgin!”

He’d said were, not are. It had finally happened. The man-shy young spinster had actually lost her cherry. That gave Jamie some satisfaction, even as she writhed in fright and pain around his thick prick. And she’d gotten this far without being split in half.

But she was crammed so full, she felt like the slightest movement would burst her cunt. She could feel Warren’s fat boner throbbing against every inch of her tight pussy hole. The moment he started moving, she was sure it would hurt like hell. She gritted her teeth and vowed to go through with it in spite of her terror.

But Warren played it very cool, very smart. He just didn’t move. He lay on top of her, nuzzling her ear and kissing her neck, his cock fully lodged in her newly deflowered twat, letting her get used to the sensation. He didn’t even try to fuck her.

“You know what?” he whispered. “The first time I met you, I wanted into your pants. I like a challenge. I could tell you hated men, and that made me want you all the more.”

“But you never made a move on me,” Jamie said.

“I was waiting,” he chuckled. “I was waiting for the right time, and it finally came.”

It was another example of his patience. The guy was incredibly patient, but it always paid off. Like right now. As Jamie got used to feeling her cunt crammed with thick throbbing cock, she relaxed, and then she began to crave some movement. She started creaming again, soaking his cock with the molten juice.

“Fuck me a little, Warren!” she whimpered. He moved his big prick gently and slowly in her hot little pussy, just a few strokes, and she found that she liked it. The fit was still so tight that it scared her, but her creaming helped, making his movements slick and easy. When he stopped, she gave a little gurgle of excitement and soaked his prick again.

“More, please!” she panted.

Warren slid his hands under her hot little ass and drew her up tight against him. He started fucking her very slowly and sensuously, moving deep, then drawing back for another tantalizing thrust. His stiff cock rubbed Jamie’s swollen clit, giving her a hot buzz of pleasure.

“Ooooooh, honey, I like that!” she gurgled. Warren went on fucking her in that same slow deep rhythm, and she warmed to it very fast. She loved feeling his stiff shaft grinding against her greedy clit, and soon she loved having her cunt crammed with his big hard boner. She creamed hard each time he hit her womb.

“Unnnnnhhh, Warren, this may be a little premature, but I think I’m gonna love to fuck!” she moaned.

“It’s definitely premature!” he teased. “We won’t know for sure till I’ve fucked you about an hour.”

“Okay, we better find out,” Jamie teased back. “I’ll let you know in an hour or so.”

Very gradually he fucked her faster, bringing her along expertly. Jamie kept pace with him, jerking her hips to his rhythm and hungrily rubbing her clit against his sawing cock. She wasn’t scared now. She’d discovered that her hungry little twat could expand like elastic to take even the largest cock — when she was horny enough.

She was horny enough now. She was hooked on this man. She wanted to fuck him and suck him for the rest of her life. She gurgled and creamed and humped at him till her lust reached fever pitch. She was drenching his slow-plowing cock with sizzling cream.

“Harder now, honey!” she moaned.

“Okay, but tell me if it hurts!” Warren panted.

He tightened his grip on her churning ass and fucked into her at a normal pace, the way all those couples had fucked when she spied on them. Jamie was up for it. Her hips pumped to his hot rhythm, and she felt sharp stabs of pleasure each time he sank the rock-hard cock into her.

“Ooooooh, shit, yesssss!” she wailed.

“You’re coming along great, baby!” Warren panted. “You were born for this!”

Jamie wondered how her mother would react to that remark. Mom had done everything in her power to make Jamie hate men and sex, but it hadn’t worked. That was because Warren was right. Deep down, Jamie was an exceptionally hot-blooded woman, with more than normal needs, and her mother hadn’t been able to train those instincts out of her.

She was meant to fuck. She wasn’t about to be a lonely sexless old maid. Mom had only postponed the moment of truth. Jamie was feeling it now, her real nature. She worked her hips faster and faster, keeping time with Warren’s big pounding cock, loving every second of it.

“Ohhhhhh, God, honey, you’re fucking me so good!” she moaned. “Keep doing it, make me come!”

“You bet I will,” Warren chuckled.

He fucked into her even faster, till the big bed began to creak. Their bodies slapped together loudly, and Jamie’s pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace. She clawed his broad shoulders and sobbed with ecstasy as his jackhammering cock took her helplessly towards orgasm.

“Oooooh, shit, fuck, ooooo!” she babbled.

She didn’t even recognize herself. But that was her, Miss Jamie Johnson, moaning dirty words and humping like a slut. That was her, grinding her clit against a man’s hard-pounding prick, creaming all over his cock. It was the real Jamie, unleashed at last. She wailed hoarsely as her body exploded with pleasure.

“Unnnnnhhhhh, God, you did it, I’m cominggggg!” she howled. “Unnnnhhhh, shit, whaaahhhhhhh!”

She heard Warren groan lustily as her tiny cunt went into powerful spasms around his cock, squeezing it almost flat. She drenched his cock again and again with sizzling floods of come-cream. Her delicious climax went on and on, the longest and strongest she’d ever had.

“Oooooh, fuck, whaaahhhhh!” she sobbed. She could come pretty good just from playing with herself, and she could come even better when Warren went down on her, but this was the best come of all. Jamie lost track of time as the delicious spasms ripped through her body. At last she went limp and gasping.

Warren raised himself off her, drawing his dripping cock from her smoking pussy. Jamie was still recovering from her incredible climax as he flipped her over into the doggy position. But as he pushed into her again, her lust boiled back in full force.

“God, yes, fuck me again!” she wailed.

Warren got right down to business this time. He didn’t need to warm her up and get her used to the sensation. She was hot to go, and her hips jerked to his hard fast rhythm. She wailed with delight as he hammered his huge hard prick into her greedy little cunt. She dug her nails into the bedspread to brace herself.

“Unnnnnhhhhh, fuck it to meeeeee!” she howled.

It was hard to believe she’d lost her cherry just a few minutes ago. Warren had seduced her so well that she was fucking like a slut, all her fears and inhibitions gone. Molten cream over flowed her crammed cunt and gushed down her inner thighs.

Then Warren made things even better. While he pounded his cock into her like a pile driver, he reached around her and began rubbing her clit with his stiff middle finger. That doubled her pleasure. Hot stabs of sensation came from her clit and her cunt.

“Ooooooh, baby, I’m gonna come again!” she squealed.

She couldn’t believe how fast he got her there. It seemed like she’d hardly finished her first orgasm, and now another one was building in her pussy, making her shake with excitement. Warren raked his finger over her clit and shoved his cock to her womb, and she was in orbit.

“Uhhhh, God, whaaahhhh!” she screamed.

Her tiny cunt went into hard spasm around Warren’s cock, and he groaned hoarsely as he’d done before. But he didn’t come along with her. He just snorted lustily and fucked her hard through her climax. No wonder he was so popular with the ladies. He fucked like a machine.

Jamie pitched forward off the skewer of his cock as she finished coming, but he didn’t let her rest. He grabbed her and rolled onto his back, taking her with him. She found herself straddling him and sliding down his iron-hard prick, taking the throbbing thick shaft to her womb.

“Ooooooh, Warren!” she wailed. “You’re gonna fuck me crazy!”

“That’s my plan,” he admitted with a leer.

“But honey!” Jamie panted. “It isn’t fair! I’ll be so horny for you, and you’ll be dating other women!”

“No, I won’t,” he said. “Those days are over. All I wanted was a virgin for a wife, and I finally found one. How about it, Jamie? Will you marry me?”

“Unnnhhhh, God, yessss!” she moaned.

She had to marry him. She couldn’t get along without his loving. She was hooked on him for good. Now she rode his pistoning cock and wailed with pleasure as he fucked into her faster and faster. She was rocketing toward yet another body-blasting climax.

Warren’s handsome face was twisted into a lusty snarl, and he was groaning as he fucked into her with all his speed and force. They started coming at almost the same second, his jism searing into her womb and filling it, her seething cunt sucking at his meat.

“Ohhhhhh, God, ohhhhhh, whaaahhhhhh!” Jamie sobbed.

“Awwwww, Christ, aaaagggghhhh!” Warren roared.

As she enjoyed her very first load of male come, Jamie thought of all the time she’d wasted, all the fun she’d missed, because of her man-hating, sex-fearing ways. Yet had the time really been wasted? Her waiting had paid off in the long run.

Warren had wanted a virgin bride, and he’d gotten one — the horniest virgin in the world.

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