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Cindy Holds Court (fdom, F/F+ spank)

Cindy, a twenty nine year old property management director, is a self-confident woman who graduated with a psychology degree. At five feet eight inches tall, with full lips and a firm build, both men and women find her attractive. She has a dominant streak that attracts those who have submissive tendencies. Cindy went through a […]

Step-sister spanked hard

Susan was bored. Alone in the house she sat there trying to think of what to do before deciding to sneak into her geeky step brothers room and browse the net on his computer. Her friend had recently shown her how to access someones web history, and armed with this new knowledge she was curious […]

Affair with sister 3.

To all appearances, Sandy Harrison was the perfect, wholesome, cheerful and sympathetic nurse. At twenty-six, her figure was stunning, even in her white, clinical uniform. She just missed being beautiful, but with her wide lustrous brown eyes, sultry lips, long chestnut hair and ravishing curves, she was the target of every horny doctor and intern […]

A man going through a nasty divorce decides to teach his bitchy wife a lesson in life

Daren Hughes watched is wife through the slits of the mini blinds from his darkened office. She was berating his voluptuous secretary for not having her papers ready. “Mrs. Hughes, please just come into the Notary’s office for the sign off,” the younger woman said. “You can leave your purse here.” Mrs. Hughes slammed down […]

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