The Life Of An Army Wife 2.

I had never been in a pool hall, but I had played pool
in a friend’s garage. Not well, but I had the basics
down. Ted and I started playing eight-ball and it
wasn’t long before the game at the other table in our
alcove came to a standstill as the players watched me
bend over the table in my short mini dress and no
underwear to attempt to make a shot. I tried to ignore
them but I was having an awful hard time concentrating
on my shots.

Dave came back with the food and drinks and sat on one
of tall stools that lined the wall. Ted and I would
take turns eating and drinking from the table beside
Dave and taking our turn at the pool table. I was doing
very badly, as expected.

Ted said I needed some incentive. From now on, every
time I missed a shot I was going to have to unbutton a
button on the front of my dress! As he told me the new
rule I shivered. It wasn’t fear though, it was
excitement. I didn’t even think of refusing.

The guys that had been playing at the other table gave
up any pretense and came over and sat in two of the
tall stools near my husband. I heard them talking
softly as I leaned over the table concentrating on my
next shot. It was an easy shot. Even at my poor skill
level it should have been easy. As I bent over the
table my heart was beating a mile a minute and I could
feel four sets of eyes on my ass. I was pretty sure
that my pussy was showing too. I knew that if I missed
this shot things were going to start to get more
interesting. So of course I spent a long time making
sure the shot was lined up just right and missed big

I stood up and Ted came over and unbuttoned the top
button of my dress. I already had a lot of cleavage
showing in this dress, this could get real embarrassing
in a big hurry.

Ted took his turn and sank a couple of balls, but I
could tell that he wasn’t trying too hard. He was more
interested in getting me bent back over the table.

I have to be honest. I am, after all, an exhibitionist
and I get turned on by exposing myself to people. This
was turning me the fuck on, in large part because I had
never done it so blatantly before. I was so turned on I
was shaking. So, of course I missed again.

This time Ted took my pool cue and told me to unbutton
the next button. With shaking hands I stood in front of
the four men, two of whom were complete strangers, and
unbuttoned the second button on my dress. As I did I
felt it open up even more, but if I stood up straight
and didn’t move, my nipples remained covered. It was
obvious, though, that as soon as I began moving around,
or bending over to take my turn at the table, I was
going to be very exposed.

Ted sank a couple more balls and then missed his third
shot. It was obvious that he was missing on purpose. He
was looking right at me and grinning as he took his

This time the cue ball was left on the other side of
the table and as I went around and bent over to line up
a shot two things happened. The first is that my dress
fell open at the top exposing my tits to my husband and
the two strangers, and the second was that Ted reached
between my legs and rubbed my pussy. I came right there
in front of the four of them. I tried to be quiet, but
I was so damned hot I could not help moaning out loud.

I looked around in embarrassment and noticed that some
of the guys out in the main room seemed to be watching.
I was still bent over the table, still with Ted’s
fingers on my pussy. I turned my head back and tried to
line up my shot. I concentrated with all of my might
and I actually put the ball in the pocket, to the
surprise of everyone including myself!

Now I had to go back around to the other side of the
table again and bend over to try and make another shot.
Ted followed and as I bent over he slid my skirt up
over my ass and exposed me completely to my husband and
the two strangers. What I didn’t see was Ted signaling
one of the men to come over and feel my pussy while I
was bent over the table. I could see one of Ted’s hands
on the side of the table. I could feel his other hand
on the cheek of my ass. I knew for a fact that he only
had two hands, so when I felt another hand on my pussy
I was both surprised and curious. I looked back and it
was one of the strangers. He and his friend were
obviously young GIs from the base. They were kind of
cute though and I didn’t mind at all having his hand on
my pussy.

I looked over at Dave and he obviously didn’t mind
either. He looked like he had a cue stick in his pants.
On the other hand, all four of them looked like that.

I turned back and half heartedly attempted another
shot. I didn’t even come close. As I stood back up and
turned around to face Ted I saw two black men coming
into our little side room. They appeared to be in their
mid thirties and didn’t look military.

They seemed to be heading for the second pool table in
our little alcove but when they saw something going on
between Ted and I they stopped to watch. Ted ignored
them and took my cue stick from me again.

I knew what to do without being told. I reached for the
next button on my dress and opened it. Nothing much
happened at first. Then Ted reached up and slowly
peeled the sides of my dress away from my tits. Now I
was all but topless in front of Ted, my husband and
four strange men in a public place.

The two middle aged black men who had just come in
apparently decided that they would rather watch than
play. They took seats beside the two young white guys.
Ted said he thought it would be appropriate to
introduce ourselves to our new friends and I looked up
at the four men sitting along the wall with my husband
watching Ted and me.

Ted led me the few feet necessary to stand in front of
the first man. Ted pointed to my husband and said
“Gentlemen, this is my friend Dave, and this sexy young
thing is his wife Karen. My name is Ted. I would like
you each to meet Karen. Isn’t she beautiful?”

All four men nodded enthusiastically and Ted asked the
young white man I was standing in front of if he liked
my breasts. When the young man nodded Ted told him that
he was welcome to examine them further to make sure
they met with his approval.

The young man immediately grabbed both of my tits in
his hands and began squeezing and pulling on them like
he was milking a cow. Ted stopped him and showed him
how to do it right and soon the man was caressing and
manipulating my tits and both of us were enjoying it.
Actually, it looked like all seven of us were enjoying

After about thirty seconds Ted pulled me away to stand
in front of the next young white man. Ted mentioned
that he was the one that had been playing with my pussy
at the pool table earlier. Ted asked him if he would
like to check out my tits. He either already had some
skill in that area or had learned from Ted’s
instructions to his friend, because he did a very nice
job of teasing my swollen breasts with his soft hands.

Then we moved to the next gentleman. He was a black man
in his mid thirties, slightly overweight and obviously
very aroused. As the two black men were taking their
turns feeling my breasts one of them asked if I had
lost a bet. He couldn’t believe I was letting Ted treat
me like this, especially in front of my husband.

Ted just smiled and said, “No gentlemen, there was no
bet. These are two special friends of mine and although
she loves her husband very much, she is my slave.”

It had finally been said out loud. Hearing it put me
right over the edge. I don’t know if anyone but Ted
noticed, but I had a small orgasm standing there, not
even being touched other than Ted’s hand on my elbow. I
looked up at Dave and he was obviously as excited about
it as I was.

Ted reached down and opened the two buttons at the
bottom of my dress and now there was only the center
button holding it together. He then led me back to the
pool table and we played until he sank the eight ball.
When I wasn’t shooting I stood by the men and watched
out into the main room to see if we were in danger of
getting arrested. No one seemed to be getting upset. I
guess I could have danced naked on the table and gotten
nothing but a bigger crowd.

Ted asked Dave to go to the bar and get us three more
beers. While Dave was gone Ted whispered something to
the young guy who had needed instructions in how to
molest me correctly. The man nodded his head violently
and went over to the corner and stood with his back to
the wall. Ted led me over and pushed me to my knees in
front of him. He told me that the young man had
admitted to him that he was a virgin and wouldn’t it be
fantastic if he got his first blowjob tonight from a
beautiful young expert.

I was now beyond shock. I was so horny I would have
done anything. Sucked or fucked anyone, anywhere. I was
almost out of control. I reached up and as the others
crowded around to watch I opened the zipper of the
young man who stood in front of me and pulled out a
nice hard, wet cock. I licked it gently for a moment
and then put my lips to the head and slowly engulfed
the entire throbbing rod of hot flesh in my mouth. All
the way down to the base. His cock was about the same
size as my husband’s and I swallowed it with no trouble
at all. The other three strangers were obviously
impressed at my skill and made some very thrilling
comments. While I was sucking that young man’s cock,
one of the black men leaned over and began playing with
one of my nipples. He was being rough but that just
made it better.

In less than five minutes the young man grabbed my head
and shot his cum down my throat. I had to fight to pull
back enough to get some in my mouth so I could taste
it. I held it there after he was finished, milking the
last few drops from his cock and savoring them.

The man placed his cock back in his pants and zipped
up. Ted asked me if I had enjoyed that. I nodded and
saw Dave out of the corner of my eye. I was relieved to
see that he was obviously more than alright with what
Ted was having me do. God knows I was having the time
of my life!

As the young man moved away Ted offered my services to
one of the black men. I ended up sucking off all four
men, plus Ted and Dave, in the back of the pool room.
My jaw was sore and my throat was sore and I loved
every minute of it!

We left after that. Ted wouldn’t let me button up my
dress, so I walked through the pool room all but naked.
There were at least twenty men out in the main room
now. Just one button was holding my already very short
dress closed. With every step I took my pussy was
exposed and first one and then the other of my breasts
swung free. The entire crowd stopped to watch and
whistle, and cheer. As we went out the door I felt Ted
lift the back of my skirt. What the hell, they had seen
everything else. They might as well check out my ass.

We hurried back to the car. This time I sat in the
middle and Dave sat in front with us. We laughed and
talked about everything that had happened today. We
were home before we knew it and Ted let us out and told
me he would see me Monday.

Dave and I went in and stumbled to bed. We were both a
little tipsy and a lot exhausted, but we managed one
last hot fuck before we passed out.

I woke up before Dave on Sunday morning and went out to
the kitchen and made coffee. I got out the bacon and
eggs and had everything ready to make breakfast when
Dave got up. I figured it wouldn’t be too long with the
smell of coffee permeating the house.

I sipped my coffee and sat and thought about last
night. I hoped Dave didn’t have second thoughts this
morning. I was anxious that what had happened shouldn’t
affect our marriage.

I also wondered about what it would be like to work
with Ted after all that had happened between us. Things
must surely change, now that it was out in the open
that I was his slave.

My first question was answered quickly. Dave came out
and leaned over and kissed me passionately and told me
how much he loved me. I held him tight and I was so
happy and so relieved I cried.

I got up and got him a cup of coffee and started
breakfast. He went out and got the paper out of the box
and we sat down to eat just like it was a normal Sunday
breakfast. It wasn’t normal though. I had too many
questions. I had to talk about it.

“Did you tell Ted my fantasy?” I asked.

Dave grinned and said, “No, during your last trip to
the bedroom to change underwear he told me you were a
natural submissive. He asked me if I realized it. I
told him that I knew, that we both knew, but that I
wasn’t a dominant. As you know I am just not good at
that. He wanted to know if I minded if he put you
through your paces and I told him you were all his and
that as long as nobody got hurt I was cool with
anything that happened up until you said stop.”

Now my most important question, I looked Dave right in
the eyes and asked, “Did anything I do last night upset
you? Make you mad, jealous, nervous, any or all of the

Dave didn’t even hesitate. He said, “It made me so
horny I was afraid my dick would explode. I was
surprised he didn’t get the rest of the guys in the
pool hall to come in and fuck you. I would have enjoyed
watching that too. And I would still love you madly.”

“So last night we both got to explore our favorite
fantasies. You know it isn’t over. How are you going to
feel about whatever comes next?” I asked him.

Dave said, “As long as you don’t get hurt I’ll be fine.
As long as you still like yourself in the morning I’ll
be fine. As long as I get to watch as much as possible
and hear about the rest I’ll be fine. Most importantly,
as long as when the day is done you still love me then
I am going to enjoy this almost as much as you will.
Plus, I now get to enjoy being deepthroated. I have to
thank Ted for that.”

“How would you like something to thank him for right
now?” I asked as I slid to my knees on the floor and
opened his robe. Underneath he was naked and he slid
down a little and spread his legs to make room for me.
He was already hard from the conversation and I happily
bent down and gave him the best, most enthusiastic
blowjob of my life. He may not be my Dom, but he is the
love of my life and I adore him madly. I would do
anything to please him.

Of course I realized that when I was being dominated by
Ted I was also fulfilling Dave’s fantasy. That just
made it that much better. It appeared that I could be a
major slut. I could act out many of my fantasies. Not
all of them. Some of my fantasies went pretty far and I
didn’t think I could actually live them out. I could do
all of that and still have an almost normal life with
my darling husband.

We had pretty much our normal Sunday, except that we
had sex at least a half dozen times. We did it in just
about every position, and just about every room. It was

We went to bed that night exhausted and just cuddled
and went to sleep.


The next day, Monday, Dave got up and went in for PT. I
got up about the time he left and took a shower. I made
coffee and toast and ate a light breakfast while my
hair dried.

I straightened up the kitchen and went into the bedroom
to get dressed and was about half way ready when the
phone rang. It was Ted. He simply said, “Good morning
slave. No underwear today.” Then he hung up.

I was instantly aroused. I removed my underwear and put
on a skirt and blouse. I slipped my heels on and
grabbed my purse and left for work.

I normally arrived before Ted, but today he had made it
in first. He looked up when I walked in and we both
smiled warmly. I put my purse away and sat down at my
desk. I didn’t know what to expect, but we just went to
work, just like a normal day. We talked and exchanged
light banter just as if nothing had happened between us
and I was very relieved that we could still work
together this way.

We got a little work done. You know how we Government
workers are. We don’t want to over do it. We got up to
go down to the break room for a cup of coffee at the
usual time, then returned and sat in our normal coffee
break seats. I let my skirt ride up and opened my legs
as much as I could.

Ted smiled and said, “Rub it for me and get it warm.”
Then he asked me if I had a good time on Saturday.

“You know I did. That has been my fantasy, that or a
version of it, since I discovered orgasms and

“What about Dave?” he asked. “Did we go too far for

“No,” I responded. “We fucked like rabbits all day
Sunday. We fucked and we talked. As long as I can
handle it and don’t get hurt, and he gets to either
watch or hear about it, I am your slave.”

“We should talk about limits.” Ted said. “This isn’t
just your fantasy, your pleasure. I have some pretty
kinky fantasies of my own and I am enjoying the hell
out of this. Saturday was just a mild example.”

I thought about that as I sipped my coffee. I had some
pretty deep dark fantasies myself. Could I handle
actually living them out? Did I want to go all out?
Would it be less exciting if there were limits? I
trusted Ted, but he had said that he had his own kinky
fantasies. Could I trust him to make sure that I wasn’t

I decided to turn myself over to Ted for as long as I
could stand it. I was willing to test my limits. I was
having too much fun not to.

“Okay Ted, here is the plan. I belong to you. You can
use me and abuse me. But not harm me. Two things are
very important to me. My career is very important to
me. I don’t want to do anything to endanger it. There
is one thing that is more important than that. The love
of my husband means everything to me. As long as those
two things are not endangered I am yours.”

“I have always wanted a pretty white bitch of my own. I
am going to enjoy the hell out of this.” Ted said. “At
lunch time I want you to meet me at my car. I have been
thinking about your sweet ass since I dropped you off
at your house Saturday night. Speaking of ass, have you
ever been fucked in the ass?”

I shook my head.

“You are going to be today.”

We went back to work, but I have to admit it was very
hard to concentrate.

At lunch time I went out to the parking lot and waited
near his car. He came out a minute or two later and we
got in his car and took off. I didn’t ask where we were
going, it didn’t matter. I had already made him
responsible for everything that I did from now on.

I knew his wife didn’t work, so I assumed we were going
to either a motel or my house. I was wrong. We drove
off base and went to a small house in a lower middle
class subdivision and pulled into the driveway. Ted
said, “Come on,” and opened his door and headed for the
house. I quickly followed. He didn’t knock, just opened
the door and held it for me. As soon as I was inside he
closed the door and led me into the living room.

I looked around nervously. There was a black man that I
hadn’t met before sitting in an easy chair. He and Ted
nodded to each other but nobody said anything. Ted told
me to strip. I glanced at the stranger but I had no
intention of refusing. It took only a moment to remove
my blouse and skirt and drop them on the coffee table.

Ted undressed and came up to me and started touching
me. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. Then Ted said
softly, “Remember what I told you I was going to do?”

My mind was blank for a minute and then I felt one of
his fingers sliding between the cheeks of my ass and
pressing against my ass hole. All the good feelings of
a minute ago went away instantly. He was going to fuck
my ass. This was something I had always avoided. I
didn’t understand why some guys wanted to do that. It
was nasty and painful and Ted’s cock was so big and fat
I knew this was going to be very unpleasant. I also
knew I wouldn’t refuse.

Ted led me over to the sofa and made me kneel on the
cushion and lean over the back of it. I felt his finger
on my ass again. This time there was a sensation of
cold and wet. I realized he was using lube and took
some small comfort in that.

He pressed his finger against my tight little hole and
slowly forced it into me. He kept talking to me softly,
telling me to relax and it wouldn’t be so bad. I tried.
I tried to keep my breathing regular and kept telling
myself to relax, but I was scared.

After I had adjusted to the finger in my ass he started
to slowly move it in and out for a minute and then he
stopped and removed his finger from me. It wasn’t gone
for long. Soon it was back with more lube and another
finger. Ted repeated the process and while he was
working two fingers into my ass the stranger sitting
nearby reached over and started to play with my tit. I
had my eyes closed and it startled me at first. It felt
pretty good though and I welcomed the distraction.

Before I knew it Ted had three fingers fucking my ass
and it was uncomfortable, but I was starting to think I
could handle his cock. When he thought that I was
adequately stretched out he pulled his fingers out of
me. He spread some lube on his hard black cock and
placed the head of it against my asshole. I forced
myself to relax, to not tense up as I felt him push in.
I groaned in pain and began to think maybe I couldn’t
do this after all. He pushed another inch into me and I
started muttering “No, no, I can’t do this. Please. It

Ted didn’t say anything. Nor did he stop. He ignored my
protests and pushed his big cock in an inch or two at a
time until it was all the way in and I felt his belly
pushing against my ass cheeks.

He held it there, buried in my ass, giving me time to
adjust and catch my breath. Then he started to slowly
stroke in and out. All I could do was moan and keep
muttering “No, oh God no,” but quietly, under my

I started concentrating on the hand on my breast again,
and that seemed to help. Ted reached around and started
to rub and squeeze my clit. At first it was just
another distraction. After a few minutes the
stimulation started to outweigh the pain and things
started to come together. First there was the
humiliation of being naked in front of a strange man
while another man took my virgin asshole. On top of
that there was the stimulation on my breast and clit.
Most of all though, there was the whole idea of being a
sex slave and a slut. Before I knew what was happening
I was coming from being fucked in the ass!

When I started to cum, that was all it took to set Ted
off and he grabbed my hips and took several hard
forceful strokes into my ass and then I felt him go
stiff all over and shoot his hot load in my ass.

We remained there, locked together for several minutes,
and finally he pulled his softening cock out of me. I
wanted to run to the bathroom right away. I had felt
like I had to go since he started fucking me. I had cum
running down my thighs like crazy. I realized that my
ass must still be wide open!

Before I could even ask where the bathroom was, Ted
turned me around and pushed me to my knees and stuck
his nasty cock in my face. “Open up,” he ordered. I
know it is disgusting, but I obeyed without even
thinking about it.

I sucked his slimy cock clean and then licked his balls
clean too, without even being told! When he was
satisfied he pulled back and started to get dressed. I
asked if I could use the bathroom but Ted said I should
pay the rent first. I knew what he meant. His silent
friend would want seconds. I just hoped he wouldn’t
want my ass. I didn’t think I could take that again, at
least not for a while.

His friend stood up and unfastened his pants and pulled
them down and off and then sat back down with his legs
spread wide. It was actually a relief to know I was
just going to have to give him a blowjob.

I was beginning to think what they said about black men
was true. This was going to be my fourth black cock and
just like the others it was quite impressive. I still
hadn’t seen anything like the foot long monsters in the
movies, and didn’t really want to. But all four were
well above average. I had only gotten to enjoy having
one of them in my pussy, but there is something very
sexy about a long hard fat black cock and the idea of
being ordered to suck it.

Fortunately he must have found the show we put on very
stimulating because he started shooting my mouth full
of hot cum after only about ten minutes. I had only
just started to get comfortable working his fat cock
down my throat. I might have enjoyed spending more time
this way. He had a very exciting cock. I had a sense
that it was getting late though, and I was getting
nervous about being away from the office for so long. I
still had to clean all of Ted’s cum from my ass and

We got back to the office with a few minutes to spare
and the rest of the day went just like a normal day.
Well, except for how tender my poor asshole was.

That evening when I got home, Dave had supper ready and
as we ate I told him about my lunch hour. After first
being assured that it had not been that bad, nothing
torn, no blood, no gore, no permanent damage, he then
wanted to take me into the bedroom and see for himself
that I was alright. That meant that he wanted to try
the one thing that I had denied him since we got

I was still sore, but his cock was not nearly as large
as Ted’s and I was willing to try it again. At least,
unlike Ted, I knew that if I asked him to stop he
would. I reminded him about the lube and loosening me
up with his fingers while we got undressed and then I
got on my knees in the middle of the bed and waited.

I heard him go into my nightstand and when he got onto
the bed he handed me my vibrator. “Here,” he said.
“This should help.”

I thought he just might be onto something and I leaned
my head down on my pillow and reached back and began
lightly rubbing the vibrator over my pussy.

Dave started lubing me up and loosening me up, just
like Ted had. He was gentle and considerate and it
wasn’t bad at all. I am sure the vibrator had something
to do with that though.

When he had gotten me ready he lubed his cock, shuffled
up behind me on his knees and started pushing his cock
into me. Slowly, a little bit at a time. I was almost
embarrassed at how good it was starting to feel. Not as
good as in my pussy, but good.

Before long, Dave was stroking into me forcefully and
we were both getting close to cumming. I don’t know why
I did it, but I suddenly aligned the vibrator with the
opening to my pussy and shoved it in. I came so hard I
was screaming! I am not normally very vocal when we
have sex. It surprised both of us I think.

Dave was right there cumming with me. He said later
that the vibrations against his cock while he was
fucking me were fantastic. I think it was safe to
assume we would be doing this again.

Without even a second thought I turned around and
sucked his cock clean, which shocked him and even
surprised me a little. It was still early, too early to
go to bed. I was worn out though, so we got up and took
a shower together and went to bed with the idea that we
would talk or read for a while.

We didn’t though. We cuddled together and before we
drifted off to sleep we took turns reassuring each
other that we both still found the idea of me being a
slave to Ted a huge turn on. No jealousy, no regrets.

I was getting ready for work the next morning, Tuesday,
when I got another phone call from Ted. “Shave your
pussy before you come in slave.”

It seemed pretty unnecessary to me. All I had was just
a little V of hair over my slit. But it wasn’t up to
me. After all, it was Ted’s pussy to use as he wished.

I didn’t have time to take another shower so I went
into the bathroom and soaped up a wash cloth and then
my pubic hair. I shaved myself bare and rinsed it off.
Looking in the mirror I could see that it did make a
little difference. From the neck down I looked like a
teenager that shaved her pussy, from the waist down I
looked like a little girl. It was kind of sexy, in a
kinky kind of way.

I put on a skirt and blouse appropriate for the office,
but with no underwear of course, and hurried into work.
I got there just in time and Ted was at his desk
waiting. He grinned and said “Show me.”

I stood in front of his desk and lifted my dress to my
waist. He motioned me closer with his finger and I went
around his desk and stood beside him. He ran his hand
over my smooth crotch and said, “Perfect!”

I went to my desk and put my purse away and got to
work. When it was time for our morning break we went
and got coffee and sat in our normal break chairs. I
spread my legs, as usual and we sat and talked. He
asked how my husband had reacted when I got home
yesterday and I told him what had happened to me. I
told him what we had done and he smiled and said, “Dave
has a lot to thank me for already, deepthroat blowjobs
and a nice tight ass to fuck, and now a baby smooth
pussy. I have noticed in the past that they are so much
nicer to eat without the hair.”

He asked me, now that I had had a chance to think about
it, what I thought of anal sex. I told him that it was
pretty rough starting out, but when done right it could
be quite exciting. I didn’t think that it would ever
replace the real thing. There is still nothing like a
nice big hard cock moving in and out of my pussy with

We went back to work and I had a meeting to attend that
lasted through most of my lunch hour so Ted and I
didn’t get to play any games today. Although he would,
throughout the afternoon, come up behind me from time
to time and push his hand down into my cleavage and
massage a breast or pull on my nipple. Or he would
reach between my legs and slide a finger over my smooth
pussy, which began to leak more and more of my juices
as the day went on. Late in the day he enjoyed sticking
a finger into my moist pussy and then making me suck it

When I got home that evening, Dave and I had to get
changed to go out. His Sergeant Major had invited us to
his home for dinner. It was kind of a going away type
of thing. Dave was going to be off next week to clear
post and then he would be gone for a year on an
unaccompanied tour of duty in Korea. We didn’t talk
about it much. I tried not to think about it at all.
Every time I did I got a feeling in the pit of my
stomach like I had just been punched.

We had a pretty good time that evening, and Kim, the
Sgt. Major’s wife, offered to help me in any way she
could since I would be staying in the area while my
husband was away. I had met them before of course, but
this was the first time we had spent an evening alone
with them and they seemed really nice.

We got home and went right to bed. It seemed like a
long time since I had gone a whole day without sex. I
was kind of happy for the chance to recuperate.


The next day I had a pretty normal morning, except for
the absence of underwear of course. I reminded Ted that
I was going to be off next week and wouldn’t return to
work until Dave had left for Korea.

He said we would just have to make up for it in the
next three days. The morning went by quickly and at
lunch time he ordered me to drive to the house we had
gone to the day before yesterday. He said he would be
there a few minutes later so that nobody would see us
leave together. I thought it would be more appropriate
if he arrived first but I was just a slave.

I drove to the house and knocked at the door. The same
man that had been there the first time, and I suppose
lived there, let me in and we went into the living

“Might as well get comfortable,” he said, as he moved
behind me and unfastened my dress. He slid it off of my
shoulders and dropped it to the floor. I stepped out of
it and bent over and picked it up and draped it over
the back of a chair.

The guy then grabbed me and pulled me with him as he
walked to his chair and sat down. He pulled me into his
lap and pulled my face to his for a kiss. I returned
his kiss and as we exchanged tongues he started
exploring my body with his rough hands.

He stopped kissing me and started calling me names,
nasty names. He spoke quietly, almost whispering. “You
sweet cunt, fuckin’ slut, Goddamned white whore,
nuthin’ but a piece of ass ain’t ya bitch?”

I nodded. I didn’t like it, but at the same time I was
getting really turned on. He pushed me off of his lap
and ordered me to take his shoes and socks off. I
pulled them off and placed them neatly beside his
chair. He lifted his foot to my face and ordered me to
lick it.

I was disgusted. This wasn’t something I thought of as
sexual, but I licked the bottom of his foot with my
tongue. He lowered his foot to the floor and ordered me
to suck his toes like little cocks.

I was grateful that he was clean, but still this was
not something I had ever considered doing. I didn’t
like doing it. I couldn’t help it though, being
humiliated like this was really getting my pussy wet.

As I was sucking his toes I heard Ted come in. I didn’t
look up, just kept sucking. I heard him laugh though.
Ted took a seat on the sofa and said, “We are going to
give you another new experience today. We are going to
make you airtight.”

I didn’t know what that meant but I didn’t have to
know. I just had to do what I was told. The man whose
toes I was still sucking on pulled his foot away and
stood up and started to undress. I looked around and
was surprised to see not just Ted, but another man that
I didn’t know, both of them in the process of getting

The next thing I knew I was surrounded by three large
black cocks at various degrees of attention. I started
licking and sucking them, alternating around in a
circle until they were all very hard and wet.

The most recent stranger sat on the floor and Ted
ordered me to sit on his cock. I straddled him and
reached down and placed the head of his hard cock
against the drooling entrance to my pussy and slowly
started sliding down, stroking him slowly with my
pussy. I took a little bit more of his thick cock into
me with each stroke, until I had it all. It felt great!
I just enjoyed the fullness for a moment before I
started fucking him. After only a few strokes Ted
stopped me.

Ted got behind me and started lubing and loosening my
ass hole. In no time at all I had a cock in both holes
and I could hardly breathe. It did feel good, being so
full of cock. But it was very hard to move. We finally
got that part worked out though, with me doing most of
the work. Just as I thought I had it working just right
I felt a cock rubbing my face and now I had to
concentrate on three cocks at the same time. It took a
lot of coordination but after a few minutes we pretty
much worked it out.

“Yeah bitch,” Ted said. “Now you’re air tight. All
three holes plugged. You like that cunt?”

All I could do was moan, moan and rock back and forth.
I had never imagined I would have two feet of cock in
my body all at the same time and I loved it. After a
few minutes Ted started doing some of the thrusting and
that made it easier. I started cumming. I was having
orgasm after orgasm, each one more intense than the

The man fucking my mouth grabbed my head and shoved his
cock down my throat and shot his load of cum right down
my throat. I didn’t even get to taste it!

Then Ted came and pulled out and that allowed me to
give all of my attention to the gentleman I was sitting
on. I started fucking him like the bitch in heat that I
was and I had my last orgasm just as he shot me full of
his hot juice.

I was resting with his cock still in my pussy when Ted
stood by my head and without being told I leaned
forward and licked and sucked him clean. When Ted
stepped away I moved off of the man under me and licked
and sucked his cock and balls clean. I started looking
for something to wipe myself off with. There was a
flood of cum leaking from both my ass and pussy and I
wanted something to contain it while I made my way to
the bathroom.

“Eat it,” Ted said. I looked up at him, then down at my
thighs and the opening of my pussy still oozing cum. I
spread my legs out a little more and started scraping
the hot man juice up with my fingers and then putting
my finger in my mouth and sucking them clean.

The comments from the men, and the nastiness of what I
was doing, were making me hotter by the moment. All
three of these men were more than twice my age and they
were standing around talking about my sweet young ass
and my sweet young cunt, what a slut I was, and I was
eating it up.

When I had finally scooped up all of their hot cum that
I could gather and swallowed it I gingerly stood up and
made my way to the bathroom. I cleaned up as much as
possible and put a tampon in my pussy so that no more
cum would leak down my legs while I was at work. Then I
went back out to the living room and Ted and I left for
work. I drove a little slower so that we wouldn’t
arrive at the same time.

When it was time to go home for the day, Ted told me he
was following me home. We arrived and Dave had dinner
ready. I set an extra place for Ted and together we
told Dave about our lunch hour and how I became air

After dinner we left everything on the table and
hurried to the bedroom. We threw our clothes everywhere
and Ted got on the bed on his back. I sat on his cock
and after Dave lubed up my ass they started fucking me
like crazy. He kept talking about how he could feel
Ted’s cock and what a hot slut I was. Ted was reaching
up and squeezing my tits with one hand and rubbing my
clit with his other hand and I was fucking both those
beautiful cocks like I hadn’t had a cock in years. It
seemed like every day it just kept getting better and

We all came at almost the same time and of course,
women’s work is never done. I cleaned up both those
wonderful cocks with my mouth. Ted made me demonstrate
my new method of making sure that the fresh cum pouring
out of me didn’t go to waste and he dressed while they
stood back and watched me humiliate myself in that
disgusting way. Ted left when I was done with my clean-

I went out to clean up the kitchen in the nude. Dave
came out and helped and then we sat on a towel on the
couch and watched TV while we cuddled in the nude and
sipped a glass of wine. Then we went to bed and I gave
Dave a nice gentle blowjob, keeping in practice. I was
pretty proud of my new deep-throat skills.


The next day was Thursday. I had a lot to do to get
ready to take next week off and instead of going to
Ted’s friend’s house we drove to a nearby picnic area
on base and I sucked Ted off. I was back at work in
less than twenty minutes but Ted went and got some
lunch and came back at a more normal time.

Friday was a carbon copy of Thursday and then I had a
week alone with my husband. A week before he was gone
from me for a year. I had every intention of spoiling
him as much as I could in that week. The hard part was
to try to keep from crying in front of him.

He was gone a lot during the day. Going to Personnel,
Finance, getting his medical records, all the things
you must do when you leave one base and go to another.
It takes days, but fortunately that is all he had to
do. He had been relieved of all of his other duties.

On Thursday some men came in a big truck and picked up
his hold baggage, those things he would want in Korea
but didn’t need to carry with him. On Friday he went in
to the orderly room at his old unit and signed out.

We had made love every night that week, and as much as
possible during the day, most days. Anything he wanted.
Anyway he wanted it. I was going to miss him so much.
His plane was leaving Saturday morning, but I couldn’t
take him to the airport. I couldn’t stand to. I knew I
couldn’t do it without crying. His best friend picked
him up and we kissed goodbye and he left for a year. I
went back inside and went to bed and cried most of the

I slept late on Sunday. I finally got up around 9:00 AM
and made a half a pot of coffee. I was moping around in
my robe drinking coffee when the doorbell rang. I
didn’t feel like talking to anyone and I wasn’t dressed
to entertain, so I just ignored it. After a couple of
rings there was a loud, demanding knock and I heard Ted
telling me to open the door.

I really wasn’t in the mood and I was going to tell him
that. I went to the door and opened it and before I
could say a word he barged in and said, “You obviously
need someone to take your mind off of your troubles.
Out of the kindness of my heart I am going to distract
the hell out of you. Now get your pretty white ass in
the other room, take a shower, shave and I will find
you something to wear.”

For just a split second I thought of yelling at him to
leave me the hell alone so that I could continue to
mope around the house and feel sorry for myself. It
didn’t look like he was going to take no for an answer
though, and I thought he was probably right. So I went
down the hall to the bedroom with Ted following me. I
dropped my robe on the bed and went in to take a

I showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, put on a little
bit of make up, I don’t wear much, and went back into
the bedroom. Ted wasn’t there but he had laid out a
very short little sundress that Dave and I were always
partial to. It was a very thin material that, if the
light was just right you could see pretty well through
it. It was a wrap around that was only held together by
the rope belt knotted at the waist.

I put the dress on, slipped my shoes on, and went out
to find Ted in the living room. I hated to admit it,
but I guess Ted was right. I was feeling better
already. Ted got up and took me by the arm and led me
to his car. He didn’t even let me grab my purse. I
didn’t ask where we were going, but I assumed I knew
why we were going. As I sat there beside Ted with my
legs splayed open enough to display my pussy I found
that I was glad Ted had come over and taken charge.

Ted drove to one of those adult book stores near the
base. I had never been in one of these places but like
most people I had my suspicions about what they were
like and didn’t really want to go in. God! What if
someone saw me!

Ted didn’t seem to be concerned with being seen. He
opened my door and guided me inside and I never said a
word in protest. We entered a large, brightly lit room
with rack after rack of pornography of every
description. There were books, magazines, movies, and
toys and gadgets of every description. It was still
early in the day and I had thought that there would not
be many people in the shop. I guess they put these
things at the entrance to military bases for a reason.
There must have been a dozen guys milling around
checking out the merchandise. They all looked up when
we came in, but most looked away. I suppose they were
as embarrassed as I was to be seen in a place like

Nobody was talking. The only sound you could hear was
the sound track from a XXX movie playing on a TV over
the head of the guy behind the counter. I followed Ted
as we started browsing through the books and magazines.

I had always thought that even at the tender age of
twenty-four I was pretty well informed about sex. Boy!
Was I ever wrong! I saw stuff……well, you know, stuff I
never imagined. I suppose I should have been shocked,
and I guess I was a little. Much to my surprise
however, I found that I was getting turned on too. I
just could not imagine those women, many of them very
attractive, allowing themselves to be filmed and
photographed doing the things they were doing!

As we slowly went down the aisles Ted would point out
something with one hand, but his other hand was always
on my ass. I was watching out of the corner of my eyes
and I knew that all the other men in the room were
keeping an eye on me. I guess they don’t get a lot of
women in here.

Ted pointed to a magazine on a bottom shelf and told me
to pick it up. I felt my skirt slide up as I bent over,
and I felt Ted slide it up the rest of the way,
exposing my ass to the few men closest to us.

Ted didn’t pick up any magazines or movies, but when we
got to toy section he made several selections. A medium
sized butt plug, a remote controlled vibrating egg, a
pair of handcuffs, some kind of nipple clamps that
looked pretty uncomfortable, some straps that went
around my thighs with cuffs for my wrists attached by a
small chain, and a few other odds and ends.

He picked up the items and handed them to me as we
walked down the aisle looking at what was available.
The most common item seemed to be some form of rubber
or plastic penis with sizes ranging from “is it in yet”
to “OH MY GOD!” Seriously, I find it hard to believe
that some of those things could actually be put into
any orifice of a human body! Luckily Ted wasn’t
interested in those either.

Ted had me carry our purchases to the counter. The man
behind the counter looked to be in his late fifties or
early sixties. He was very large, sort of like a
bouncer gone soft. You could tell he used to be
muscular, but now it was mostly fat. He had a mean look
on his face and he didn’t look that clean either! He
didn’t exactly smile as we approached the counter, but
he at least looked more approachable when he saw me
with my arms full of his merchandise.

I set my toys on the counter and Ted asked him if we
could try some of them on for size. I wanted to just
pay and get out of here, the place made me feel creepy.
I didn’t say anything though. I had already slipped
back into slave mode and I stood quietly.

The guy looked at Ted as if to see if he was being
serious, and trying to decide if Ted was trying to pull
something. “Like what?” he asked in a gravely voice.

Ted separated the thigh straps, the vibrating egg and
the nipple clamps and said that he wanted to make sure
they all fit.

The old man said “We ain’t got any changing rooms.”

“Not a problem.” Ted said, “we can do it right here.”

I guess this was an opportunity the guy couldn’t pass
up. He reached under his counter and pulled out a razor
knife and set it on the counter.

Ted reached first for the belt on my dress and untied
it. I felt my cheeks turning bright red as he pulled my
dress off right there by the front door, in the middle
of a brightly lit porn store, in front of a dozen
complete strangers.

He then used the razor knife to open the packages. He
handed me one of the straps and told me to put it
around my thigh. I sensed the people in the store
closing around us as I leaned forward and fastened the
thick leather strap to my right upper thigh. I actually
thought it looked and felt kind of sexy! I put the
other strap on my other thigh and then Ted attached the
wrist cuffs.

It was kind of scary. I was now totally defenseless. I
could not move my arms. They were secured close to my
body and I had never felt so vulnerable in my life. It
was very exciting!

Next he selected the remote controlled egg. Ted removed
the packaging and managed to wheedle some batteries
from the clerk. I guess the show was worth a couple of
batteries to him. Ted tried it out before putting it in
me. He operated the rheostat switch on the controller
making sure it worked and checking out the range of
speeds available. Then he handed it to one of the
braver strangers who had come over to lean against the
counter and enjoy the show.

“Would you like to put this in her?” he asked. Ted
looked down at my dripping pussy and said with a big
smile, “I don’t think we are going to need any lube.”

The stranger took the egg from Ted and reaching down he
moved it up and down my sensitive slit for a moment and
then slowly pushed it into me, leaving the small wire
antenna hanging out so that the remote control would
work. Before he took his hand away he took the
opportunity to explore my pussy and comment on how
smooth it was.

I gasped as the egg went in. I gasped again when Ted
turned it on. It was on low at first. Gradually he
turned it all the way up as I stood there naked in
front of a room full of strange men moaning in
pleasure. If he had left it like that I would have had
an orgasm right there in front of everyone. Ted saw
that I was about to have an orgasm and he quickly
turned it down to a low setting again.

Now that he had me set on simmer he picked up the
nipple clamps. I didn’t like the looks, or the idea, of
these. But I stood quietly while Ted removed them from
the package and handed one to another strange man and
asked if he would like to have the pleasure.

This man was obviously one of the youngest recruits on
the base. I swear he looked like he was fourteen! He
took the clamp and Ted had to show him how it worked.
Then Ted turned me toward the young guy and he gingerly
put the clamp over my nipple. He was actually being
careful not to touch my flesh and I had to restrain
myself from laughing at the poor kid.

Finally, in exasperation, Ted said, “This little slut
is my slave. She does anything and everything I tell
her. She is not a virgin and she is not fragile. I
handed you the clamp because I wanted you to touch her
tit. Christ kid!”

The poor guy blushed brighter than I was, I am pretty
sure. He got the idea though, and he had his hands all
over my tit as he fastened the clamp. He very gently
tightened it down until I winced and then he stepped

“Christ!” Ted said, and reached up and tightened the
clamp until I was about to drop to my knees in pain.
There were tears in my eyes, but I didn’t say anything.

A different man got to attach the other clamp, and he
made sure to tighten it down enough to satisfy Ted.

Ted said, “Well, looks like everything fits. I think we
are going to go in and watch a movie now. Is it alright
if we leave the rest of this stuff out here and pick it
up on the way out?”

The clerk apparently thought that was a fine idea. Ted
paid for the toys and paid our way into the movie and
we left the remaining items and my dress on the counter
and went to a door marked “theater”. The clerk pushed a
button and a buzzer sounded. The door opened and we
went in to a small room about the size of my bedroom,
or smaller.

There was nobody else in the room when we entered. The
movie was showing on a big screen TV against one wall.
The seats were several ratty looking couches and chairs
lining the walls. The movie was a cute young blonde
being gang-banged by a room full of men. I suspected
that was appropriate for what Ted had in mind and I
tried to speak to him. I wanted to tell him that maybe
this was going too far. He just twisted one of the
clamps on my nipple and told me I should shut up.
Slaves speak when spoken to.

We settled onto one of the nasty couches along one wall
and right away the men from the other room started
coming in and taking seats around us. Ted told me to
get down and suck on his cock to get him in the mood to
fuck my ass.

I was starting to worry that this was getting out of
hand, but I had no choice. I found myself thinking that
a lot lately!

I knelt on the filthy floor between his knees and
waited for him to pull his cock out. He just looked at
me expectantly and I realized that he was waiting for
me to provide that service.

I leaned forward with difficulty. It is hard to balance
with your wrists attached to your thighs. I finally
managed to grab the tab of his zipper in my teeth and
after several tries I managed to pull it open. I used
my nose and mouth to widen the opening and work my way
through his underwear to his hard cock. It turned out
to be impossible to get out through the opening. It was
too hard and too long and it kept slipping from my
lips. Finally Ted stood and unbuckled his pants and
pulled them and his shorts down and sat back down.

As I started to suck on Ted’s cock in front of everyone
I heard men moving around for a better view. Above all
other sounds I heard the loud and obviously fake
moaning and groaning coming from the movie. I was
totally aware that I was now the center of attention in
this small room.

I was trying hard to please Ted with my mouth and
really concentrating. Out of the corner of my eyes I
could see that most of our audience had taken out their
cocks and were slowly massaging them as they watched me
go down on this large black cock in front of them. It
became increasingly hard to concentrate as Ted began
varying the speed of the vibrating egg as I sucked.

After I had been sucking his cock for several minutes,
Ted stood and made me stand and bend over the arm of
the sofa. My face was pushed into the nasty cushion and
I felt Ted’s wet finger on my ass hole. He wasn’t using
lube this time though, just his saliva. I could tell
the difference immediately when he started pushing his
cock into me. It was almost as bad as the first time!
No, on second thought it was worse.

Once his cock was all the way in my ass he held it
there and played around with the speed control on the
egg in my pussy until he found a level he liked. Once
he was satisfied he started fucking my ass while the
men watched. I was in terrible pain and it because
there was no lube it never got better.

I assume he must have offered my services to one of the
men because I felt Ted pulling my head and upper torso
up by my hair and as I groaned in pain one of the men
sat down with his exposed cock right in my face.

Ted released my hair and went back to fucking me while
the man at my head adjusted his position and pushed his
nasty, wet, dirty cock into my mouth. I just did what I
do and sucked as well as I could in this awkward

Ted must have been getting a kick out of my situation,
because he came very quickly. He was followed closely
by the man in my mouth. Ted pulled his cock out of my
ass, spread my legs a little further and removed the
egg from my pussy. He immediately inserted it into my
asshole and turned it on around medium low. He laid me
down on the couch and stepped back and offered me to
the other men in the room. I was afraid that this was
going to happen. I didn’t want this. I tried to tell
Ted this was going too far. No one cared what I thought
though. In no time at all I had a cock in my pussy and
a cock in my mouth and I stayed that way until every
man in the room had had as much of my pussy and mouth
as they could get up for.

At some point during the gang bang I started seeing
flashes. I looked up and saw Ted with a camera in his
hands taking pictures of me. He was being careful not
to get the men’s faces in the pictures, and just as
careful to get my face in nearly every picture. Because
of the way that my wrists were restrained, I couldn’t
even get the cock out of my mouth to beg him not to do

While I was being gang-banged several more men entered
the room and joined in. I didn’t actually count, but I
am pretty sure I fucked and sucked close to twenty men
that afternoon, many of them twice.