Peeping Naughty Mom

A question often asked by those who deal with psychological problems is: What is normal? The answer to that seemingly simple question will probably never be answered.

It is normal for some primitive inhabitants of South American jungles to perform, before the entire village, what Americans would consider depraved sexual acts. Such behavior would probably result in arrests and convictions, if not a full-fledged riot, in the U.S.A.

The people within a particular society usually are well aware of what is considered acceptable behavior for them. And therein lies the problem for the main characters of this novel.

PEEPING NAUGHTY MOM deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts all of us in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on how individuals seek and find pleasure — we can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


It was the last day of school, and, as the final bell rang, Miss Lawson’s English class let out a whoop of delight and thundered from the room. The teacher watched them go, wishing she shared their joy and relief.

Sighing, the statuesque brunette began to empty her desk drawers and pile her things into a cardboard box. Her pretty face was creased with a frown. She couldn’t get her mind off her boyfriend, Russ Parker, and the things he was going to be expecting from her now that they’d be away from the classrooms and away from prying eyes. No, she wouldn’t be able to hold out on Russ much longer.

She wasn’t even sure she wanted to hold out. Russ, who taught chemistry in the same school, was a gentle and attractive man, the first male Janet had trusted in a long, long time. He obviously loved her, and it looked like they could make a good marriage together. But Janet just hadn’t been able to take that first important step.

She jumped with surprise now as he stuck his head in the door and said, “Hello, beautiful. I hope our date’s still on for tonight.”

“Oh, yes, of course, Russ,” Janet answered, blushing. “What time do you want to pick me up? Seven?”

“That’s fine,” he said, crossing the room and pulling her into his arms, “but I wish I could just take you home with me right now.”

He kissed her hotly on the mouth and darted his tongue between her lips. Janet was always surprised at her reaction when he did that. Molten juice positively squirted from her cunt, soaking her panties, and her belly did lusty flip-flops. Her big tits went engorged, and her nipples stiffened and poked against Russ’ chest. She just went totally out of control when he gave her those steamy tongue-kisses. That really embarrassed the prim young woman.

Still, she didn’t want him to stop. She never did. Her conscience kept warning her that this could lead to a much more serious situation, a situation she might not be able to handle, yet she loved being pressed against his hard male body and feeling those tantalizing thrusts of his hot slick tongue.

“How about it, honey?” Russ asked, his voice hoarse with longing. “Will you come home with me right now?”

Janet almost said yes. She was starved for love-making. It had been ten years since she’d gone all the way with a man. But as Russ squeezed her again, she felt the rock-hard lump of his cock pressing her belly, and she panicked. She’d been hurt so badly the other time. She wasn’t sure she was ready for fucking again. Blushing, she wriggled out of his embrace.

“Russ, I just have to think about it some more,” she said.

He groaned with frustration. “You’ve been thinking about it for a year, Janet,” he complained. “All right, I’ll see you at seven.”

He didn’t kiss her again, and Janet knew he was really pissed off at her. She couldn’t blame him. A few more refusals, and she would lose him to some other woman who was more eager to hop into bed. She didn’t want to lose Russ. She made up her mind — tonight she’d go all the way with him no matter how scared she was. She just couldn’t hold out on him any longer and expect to keep him.

Her mind made up, Janet finished packing and carried her things out to the parking lot. On the way home she tried to prepare her mind for what was going to happen. Ten years was a long time between men. She wasn’t sure she even remembered the moves. But she knew her natural instincts would guide her.

She started creaming just thinking about it. No matter what else she had to say about her one and only experiment with sex, she’d enjoyed the fucking. And it had been hard as hell to go for a whole decade without it. There’d been many nights when she just couldn’t contain her lust any longer and had had to play with herself. She’d become pretty good at it. But her fingers were never as good as a cock, and she never stopped thinking how badly she wanted to be fucked.

At home she showered for a long time, wanting to be perfectly fresh and inviting for Russ. She felt almost like a virgin getting ready for her wedding night. After drying off she put on a revealing low-cut evening dress and let her thick dark hair cascade freely down her back. She’d never looked so sexy for Russ before — and she knew exactly what effect she was going to have on him.

At seven promptly the doorbell rang, and when Janet opened the door Russ just stood there and stared at her. His eyes traveled hotly up her long shapely legs, curvy hips and tiny waist. They focused intently on the deep cleavage of her big ripe tits. He looked higher, and their eyes met.

“Damn you, Janet,” he muttered, “you know how much I want you.”

“Yes, Russ, I do,” Janet said softly, “and that’s why I suggest we put off dinner for a few hours and just stay at my place.”

He gawked at her, and she had to lead him inside and over to the couch. She had a pitcher of martinis ready, and she poured drinks for both of them. She had a hunch they could both use a strong drink, and she was right. They practically gulped their martinis. Then Janet set the glasses aside and leaned forward to kiss Russ, sinking her velvety little tongue into his mouth.

It was the first time she’d ever initiated their love-making, and Russ reacted with a lusty shudder. He pulled her tighter against him, and, as usual, her nipples went engorged and rigid, poking against his chest. As they kissed, darting their tongues into each other’s mouth, he ran his hands down from her shoulders and cupped her tits. Always before, when he’d done this, Janet had pulled away, but tonight she didn’t.

She was nervous yet very excited as Russ began searching out the back zipper of her dress. She’d hardly let him do anything before, but tonight she was going to let him do it all. He got the zipper open and slid her dress down to her waist. Then he made short work of her lacey, full-packed bra. Janet felt the cool air hitting her naked tits and she gave a little whimper of alarm.

“Just relax, honey,” he crooned, “you know I’d never hurt you. It won’t be like it was before.”

His big hot hands closed over her bare tits and began to squeeze and mold. Janet felt sizzling excitement. It had been ten years since a man had played with her tits. And she felt more and more that she could trust Russ. She’d told him all about her first experience, and he knew just what she was afraid of. He’d take good care of her. She tried to relax as he worked his thumbs over her big cone-shaped nipples and teased them into absolute rigidity.

“This isn’t so bad, is it?” he grinned.

Janet shook her head shyly. She was still nowhere near letting herself go with him or any other man, but she had to admit it was very arousing to have him fondling her naked tits. The big globes were very sensitive, responding to even his most teasing and feathery touch.

Yes, one part of her wasn’t afraid at all. One part of her just wanted to be fucked, fucked endlessly. Her pussy was on fire as she experienced a man’s intimate touches for the first time in so many years. Of course her silly conscience went on squawking, but her pussy paid no attention. Russ leaned farther down and began to lick her nipples, and she couldn’t suppress a gurgle of pleasure.

“Yeah, honey, it feels good, doesn’t it?” he said hoarsely.

That was putting it mildly. Janet started creaming floods as he twirled the wet tip of his tongue around and around the rigid pink pillars, lathering her erect nipples with his hot spit. Her panties were absolutely soaked with the molten juice that flooded from her long denied cunt.

Well, no problem. Russ was well on his way to giving her everything she needed. He knew about her past and about her deep distrust of men, so he was going slowly, being very gentle with her — but she knew he was almost howling with horniness. She glanced down and saw a huge bulge at the fly of his pants. Some wild urge came over her, and she reached down and touched the lewd-looking lump, then drew back as if it had been a hot potato.

“Hey, it won’t bite,” Russ chuckled. “Listen, we’re getting our best clothes wrinkled. Why don’t we take them off? For that matter, we could go in your bedroom and be a lot more comfortable.”

Of course it all made sense, especially when she’d practically told him she was going to go all the way with him tonight. She couldn’t argue, but as she led the way to her room, she felt herself starting to panic. She was about to give herself totally to a man, and she wasn’t sure she was ready. In the bedroom Russ eagerly began to strip, but Janet just stood there and gawked at him.

She’d never even seen him in a bathing suit before, and she wasn’t prepared for how much his rugged body aroused her. He was tall and built like a man should be, with broad shoulders and harrow hips and ass. All his muscles were well-defined, thanks to daily workouts. His chest was thickly matted with bronze-blond hairs.

Now he was skinning out of his jockey shorts, and her eyes shot helplessly to his erect cock. It was a monster, as thick as her wrist and very long. It weaved rigidly and obscenely before him, bulging with blue veins and dripping hot juice. Janet stared at his rock-hard prick and creamed a steaming flood of pussy juice. Scared as she was, she couldn’t take her hungry eyes off his cock.

“Let me help you out of your clothes, honey,” Russ said hoarsely.

He unzipped her dress the rest of the way, and it slithered down her body and puddled on the floor. Mindlessly she accepted his outstretched hand, and she steadied herself as she kicked off her shoes. Then Russ dropped to his knees before her and deftly removed her pantyhose. All that remained were her tiny lace-trimmed bikini panties. She flinched as he grasped the waistband and began easing them off.

“Easy,” he crooned, “it’s going to be very, very good for us, honey, I promise.”

Janet tried to believe him. She knew she had no reason not to, he was such a good man. But there had been, that other man, long ago, who’d made her adore sex, then hurt her so badly. She couldn’t help thinking of that as Russ drew down her panties and helped her step out of them. Then, without warning he buried his face in her soft dark bush.

Janet gasped and dug her nails into his shoulders. His hot breath was fanning her swollen mound and making her almost unbearably excited. Then his tongue went to work, darting through the fine fur of her bush and hitting the ultrasensitive bud of her clit. He stabbed teasingly at the throbbing button.

“Ohhhhhh, God,” she moaned.

Each feathery stab of his tongue tip gave her a hot rush of pleasure. Thick molten juice ran down her inner thighs. He knew just what to do with his tongue, just how to stimulate her joy button till it swelled up taut and erect, becoming even more sensitive than before. She had an instinctive urge to just fall back on the bed, open her legs wide, and let him gobble her whole lust-engorged pussy. But years of being on guard kept her from doing it.

Still she couldn’t help easing her thighs open just a little wider so his tongue could reach farther back. He darted it from the wildly throbbing lump of her clit back to the swollen and steaming lips of her cunt. Helplessly she fed him a sizzling load of her musky cream. He snorted with lust as he gobbled it, then suddenly got to his feet.

“R-Russ, I-I’m not sure,” she stammered.

“Honey, you just creamed in my face,” he chuckled. “Now, I know you’re uptight, but you’re also a normal, healthy woman, and you know you can’t go your whole life without sex. You gotta come back to the real world sometime, Janet.”

He obviously wasn’t taking no for an answer. He set her down on the bed and positioned her on her back, long legs spread wide and bent, her cream-soaked pussy completely open to him. Janet started to panic again, but she knew she couldn’t deny him now. After leading him so far, that would be too cruel. Besides, she loved this guy. And she wanted to prove it. She tried to control her nervous shaking as Russ lowered himself onto her and sank down between her hot silky thighs.

“Ohhhh, baby, have I ever looked forward to this moment,” he whispered hoarsely. “A whole Goddam year…”

He trailed off, too excited to talk. Janet gritted her teeth and clenched her fists till her knuckles turned white. He socked the huge hard head of his cock into the juicy pit of her cuntal opening, stretching her pussy lips wide. Janet wanted to scream with fright, but she was determined not to spoil this moment for him. She forced herself to lie still as he began easing his cock into her.

She surprised herself. That moan was a hoarse cry of delight. Russ’ long stiff boner felt fantastically good in her starved little cunt, and in seconds all her fright was gone. All she felt was hot pleasure and incredible excitement. She drew her thighs open even wider, letting him all the way in. His steel-hard cock touched her womb. She soaked the throbbing pillar of meat with a huge burst of hot cream.

“You okay, honey?” Russ asked.

“Y-yes,” Janet panted, still too shy to tell him how much she loved feeling his cock inside her.

“Good,” he leered, “’cause I sure as hell don’t intend to quit.”

She shivered lustily as he slid his hands under her ass, cupped the firm little globes, and began to piston his big hard boner in and out of her curd. She wondered how on earth she’d managed to last ten long years without these heavenly sensations. Each deep thrust of his stiff cock gave her a hot explosion of pleasure that made her cream like crazy. All the excitement of fucking came back to her in just a few lusty seconds.

Janet just gurgled and clung to him, clawing his broad shoulders, creaming steadily and helplessly. Pretty soon her natural lusty instincts took over and she began to fuck back at him, jerking her hips to his rhythm. Each time he sank his rigid prick into her juice-slick twat, she thrust her hips forward, taking his meat as deep as she could get it.

She felt like she could never get enough of that delicious thrusting, the wonderful sensation of having her horny little cunt filled with thick throbbing cock. She was creaming nonstop, and Russ’ big boner was making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed the thick hot juice from her gripping box. The molten liquid overflowed, gushing down her ass crack. No way could she control that lusty creaming.

And soon she wasn’t able to control her noises, either. The prim, shy schoolteacher was spinning out of control, her lust reaching to boiling point. She moaned and gurgled and squealed as Russ hammered his prick into her faster and faster. The harder he did it to her, the more she loved it. She felt like she needed that almost savage fucking to make up for the long years without a man.

“Unnnhhhh, Russ, yesssss,” she hissed, “do it to me, darling, it feels so damned good.”

Russ groaned and almost shot his load. From the moment he’d set eyes on this frosty but beautiful woman, he been aching to fuck her, longing to release her pent-up lusts. Now at last it was happening. He knew that when he’d first thrust his cock into her, she was just letting him do it, trying to please him. But within seconds she was loving it, and now she was really letting him know it.

“Ohhhhhh, God, Russ, make me come,” she sobbed. “I need to come so bad.”

“Yeah, baby, I’ll make you come,” Russ growled.

Cupping her churning little ass, he pulled her tight against him and fucked into her like a pile driver. He wasn’t bothering to be gentle any more and he knew she didn’t want him to. They went at each other like animals, snarling and growling and humping, and he felt her cunt tightening around his prick as she hurtled toward that urgently needed orgasm.

Russ was right on the verge of coming himself, but he was determined to take her with him. He pulled out all stops, his ass knotting and jerking with lightning speed, his body slapping loudly against hers. She stiffened for a second, gave a low hoarse moan, then began to convulse, her big-titted body bucking and writhing violently.

“Unnnhhhhhh, I’m coming, whaaahhhh!” she screamed.

“Take my come, baby, aaaggghhhh!” Russ roared, pounding his jizz into her sucking womb.

Janet almost blacked out with pleasure as she experienced her first cock-induced orgasm in ten years. No, her fingers just couldn’t give her this kind of ecstasy — no way in the world! And now that Russ had broken through her resistance and brought her back to normal love-making, she wanted to glut herself on it. If only she was free to do nothing but make love to him!

“Janet,” he said as they finally rolled apart, “there’s no question in my mind. I think we oughta get married right away.”

Janet sighed loudly. “I wish we could, Russ,” she said. “I know I want to marry you, but it can’t be right away. There’s Jeff, remember?”

“Oh, yes,” Russ sighed, “I’d forgotten about Jeff.”


Jeff was Janet’s son, the product of her only other experience with sex. She’d been married when she was only a teenager, to a much older man. The marriage hadn’t lasted long.

So, very reluctantly, she’d allowed Jeff’s father to have custody of him. She had a long way to go before she could support the boy. She still had college, getting her teaching credentials, finding a good job. But she had visiting rights, and every summer Jeff came to stay with her. She hadn’t missed a summer yet, and she didn’t intend to.

Now she was dying to many Russ, frantic for more sex with him, but all that would have to wait. She intended to devote her whole summer to her son, as she always did. She’d just have to bury her needs again, go without sex, because no way was she going to be carrying on an affair with Jeff in the house. The wedding would have to wait, too. She couldn’t be on a honeymoon plus give Jeff the attention he needed. She explained all this to Russ, and he had to agree, even though he was very disappointed.

“Well, I’ll go with my original plans, then,” he told her. “I’ll spend the summer in Berkeley taking some refresher courses. I don’t think I could stay in this town and keep my hands off you.”

Janet was glad of his decision, because it was going to be equally hard for her to keep her hands off him. If he was still in town, she’d be tempted to sneak over to his place after Jeff was asleep and get the love-making she needed so badly. This way there wouldn’t be any temptation. There’d just be mother and son.

Jeff was due to arrive the day after school let out, and Janet was at the airport to meet him. As the crowd poured out of the plane, she noticed a tall, handsome, blond teenager and thought how attractive he was, then continued scanning for Jeff. To her astonishment the teenage boy ran over to her and hugged her.

“Hi, Mom,” be exclaimed.

Janet jumped back and stared at him. Sure enough, it was Jeff. She just hadn’t recognized him, he’d matured so much. He was taller, and his body was taking on the shape of a mature male. He wasn’t exactly grown up, yet he wasn’t a little kid any more. Somehow Janet hadn’t expected him to change so fast, and she wasn’t prepared for it. She’d imagined a summer of mother and son, the way it had always been, and she wasn’t prepared to deal with a teenager.

“Jeff, honey, I hardly recognized you,” she stammered.

“Yeah, I grew about a foot last year,” Jeff said proudly. “You sure look pretty, Mom.”

“Uh, thank you, dear,” Janet said. “Let’s go find your luggage.”

On the drive home from the airport she realized that Jeff was looking at her in a different way than before. He was seeing her as an attractive female, not just as his mother. That made Janet uncomfortable. She wished he hadn’t matured so fast.

Obviously she needed a few moments to herself, to think things over, and when they got to the house she told Jeff she was going to take a bath and to just make himself at home. After all, he knew his way around that house just fine. Besides, some of her best thinking got done in the bathtub. With a sigh of relief she closed the bathroom door and began to run the water in the tub. Without Jeff’s distracting presence she might be able to get her thoughts together.

She quickly stripped and sank down into the warm water, feeling more relaxed right away. But maybe that wasn’t such a good thing. Now that she was starting to get her mind off Jeff, she was becoming more aware of the needy hot feeling in her pussy. She had a quick flashback of last night, Russ’ steel-stiff cock pounding in her juice-slick cunt, and she moaned with need.

It soon became obvious that before she could do any clear thinking, she’d have to take care of her burning lust. Luckily she was very experienced at doing that. She slid a hand down between her thighs and began stroking the juicy swollen flesh of her pussy. It wouldn’t take long to get herself off, and then maybe she could think of something else besides how horny she was.

“Mmmmmm, yesssss,” she sighed, giving herself hot flashes of pleasure with her probing finger.

That was when she happened to glance at the keyhole and see it go dark.

Janet blushed brick red and slid down into the bath water till only her head was visible. There she’d been masturbating, her face all twisted in a lusty grimace, her hand busy between her legs, and Jeff had been watching her. She could have died of mortification. On the other hand, she felt a wicked excitement that made her cream like crazy.

What was the matter with her? Why should she get turned on because her teenage son was spying on her while she played with herself? That was really sick, she told herself. Yet she felt her tits swelling up taut and her nipples stiffening, as they always did when she was aroused.

Well, if she couldn’t control her outrageous lust, she’d better get out of the bathtub and do something else. There wasn’t any way she could keep Jeff from looking as she stood up and grabbed for a towel. She didn’t want him to know that she was aware of his spying. That would just be too embarrassing. Quickly she wrapped the towel around her and headed for the door. The keyhole went light again and she heard scurrying in the hall.

She gave the boy a second to duck into his own room. She didn’t want to embarrass him, either. Then she entered her bedroom and closed the door. She’d planned to get dressed, but there was still that burning need in her pussy. She knew he had to do something about it or she wouldn’t be able to think straight. She dropped the towel and headed for her bed.

This was a scene Janet had repeated many times in her years alone. Stretched out naked on the bed, stroking her fever-hot pussy, she’d relieve her pent-up lusts in the only way available to her. It didn’t seem very satisfactory now. She’d much rather have had Russ with her, thrusting his stiff cock in her juicy, eager twat. But that couldn’t be.

She gave a sigh of longing and once more slid a hand between her legs. With the tip of her index finger she began to circle her clit, the most sensitive spot of all. She felt delicious rushes of pleasure as she rimmed the throbbing lump, and her hot cuntal juices began to seep out and run down the crack of her ass. She gurgled with delight as she skillfully worked her way toward an urgently needed orgasm.

Like many women, Janet couldn’t masturbate without a fantasy. Her problem was, it was always the same one. Up to last night, she’d only made love with one man in her whole life, and it was him she always daydreamed about when she played with herself. Whatever else she could say about Darin Lawson, he had been a superb lover.

Now she was reliving the first days of her marriage to Darin, a much older and very experienced man. Darin had actually taught her to masturbate. He had to be away on business a lot, and, he said, he wanted to make sure she was never horny while he was gone. He showed her a bunch of tricks that would keep her from needing another man.

She was using one of those tricks right now, rimming her ultrasensitive joy button with the tip of her finger. It felt very good, and she was just about to get carried away on a hot tide of pleasure when something warned her to look at the keyhole. Sure enough, it was dark. Jeff was spying on her again. And this time he had a much better view of the action.

Janet’s tall big-titted body wasn’t shielded by the bathtub this time. She was stretched out stark naked on the bed, and she knew the boy could see the wet pink flesh of her slit. He could see her rimming her joy button. There couldn’t be any doubt in his mind about what she was doing. Janet realized all this, but she didn’t stop. Somehow she just couldn’t. She needed to come too badly.

So, dammit, let him watch. There wasn’t a place in this house where she could get complete privacy, and she knew she couldn’t go all summer without a climax. Besides that, she was getting that kinky excitement again, actually getting turned on by knowing her adolescent son was watching her. It was crazy, it was indecent, but she just couldn’t quit.

She let her head loll back on the pillows, closed her eyes, and surrendered to her fantasy. All the while she was aware that Jeff’s eyes were on her, but at the same time she was reliving those kinky moments when his father had taught her to play with herself. She’d never forget those sensuous evenings on their king-size bed when Darin had showed his teenage bride how to get herself off.

First he’d demonstrated, using his own fingers, showing her half a dozen ways to come just by rubbing and rimming and probing and pumping. Then he’d had her do it herself, sometimes guiding her hand with his. On the first attempt she’d been clumsy, hut she’d gotten off all six times. Six times in a row — it was marvelous! And incidentally Darin got off, too, jacking off while he watched her.

As she relived those times, her pussy was getting hotter and hotter, and her circling finger was soaked with her gushing cream. It was time to move on to the next trick. Rimming her clit was just a way of getting warmed up. To make herself climax she was going to use her favorite technique of all. She made her middle finger stiff and started easing it up her smoking little cunt.

She’d never forget the first time Darin did that to her. Of course he’d already taken her cherry and taught her to love the stiff hard thrusts of his cock, but it came as a surprise when he also got her off with his finger. Janet had been a very innocent bride and hadn’t even known about masturbation. When Darin glided his thick middle finger into her greedy little cunt, she’d gone wild with excitement.

He pumped it just like a cock, thrusting deep into her, giving her hot stabs of pleasure. She’d been utterly helpless. She’d just lain there with her legs wide open, gurgling and squealing, soaking his pistoning finger with her scalding cream. In just a minute or so she was coming like gangbusters. And Darin had been so proud of his work and so turned on that he’d had her suck him off.

But that was a whole other story. Right now she was sticking to finger-fucking. She was jerking her stiff middle finger fast in her juice slick cunt, driving herself closer and closer to orgasm, all the while very much aware that she was being watched. She just wondered what was going through Jeff’s mind right now. Was he getting turned on, or was he shocked?

Whatever his reaction, there wasn’t much she could do about it. She had to come or go crazy with frustration. That was all she could think about right now. She worked her finger faster and faster in her famished pussy hole, till she was hovering on the edge of climax. A few more deep hungry thrusts and she was over, her body convulsing with ecstasy.

She thought she heard a hoarse groan outside the door, but she couldn’t be sure. She was writhing all over the bed, moaning and squealing as she finger-fucked herself into a delicious orgasm. All that mattered was coming, wringing the last drop of pleasure from her body-wracking climax. Darin had been a good teacher, all right. Too bad he hadn’t been a good husband.

As she came down from her orgasm, Janet thought sadly of her brief marriage and wondered if it could have lasted. Probably not, with the difference in their ages. Darin was old enough to be her father. But they’d had so much fun together until she learned about all the other women. Even a horny teenage bride hadn’t been enough for him. He’d had to fuck everything in skins. First Janet had heard the rumors, and then she started catching him in the act.

He’d actually bring women home and fuck them in the bed he shared with Janet. He needed more than one woman to be happy, he told her — he needed many, many women. That was fine, Janet had replied, only include her out. She’d packed and left, and she’d never trusted a man since then, never let one go all the way with her, not till she met Russ.

She wondered if Russ knew all the kinky sex tricks that Darin had known. She wished he was there right now, watching her as she stroked her pussy, his cock growing obscenely thick and hard. That image turned her on like crazy, and she felt her lust returning in full force.

She started playing with herself again, only this time she fantasized an adventure with Russ instead of Darin. That was a nice change, and it got her hot very fast. She seized her elk between her thumb and forefinger and began to knead it, giving herself hot stabs of pleasure. She fantasized that it was Russ’ fingers, not hers, doing the sensuous kneading. He was masturbating her, watching her, and getting violently turned on and of course Janet was getting very turned on, too.

The line between fantasy and reality faded, and she closed her eyes and drifted off, actually forgetting that she was being watched. She was intent on rolling and rubbing her pulsating joy button between her fingers, working herself steadily and deliciously toward climax. Only it was Russ doing it to her, which made it far more exciting.

Outside the bedroom door her son Jeff knelt and peered through the keyhole. His face was flushed, he was breathing harshly, and the fly of his jeans was open, letting his absolutely rigid cock stick out. It wouldn’t stay in his pants any longer. It had felt ready to burst as he watched his beautiful mother play with herself. In fact he’d already jacked off once, but his prick had stayed hard as steel.

Until this year Jeff hadn’t viewed his mother as a sexy lady. She was just mom. But now that he was interested in sex and girls, he realized what a gorgeous female she was. When she went to take her bath, he just couldn’t resist taking a peek at her through the keyhole. He couldn’t see much till she stepped out of the tub, and then he’d gotten only a brief look at her naked body. But that was enough to make his cock mushroom into stiffness. Then when Janet went into her bedroom, the view got a whole lot better.

Jeff had watched with rapidly mounting excitement as she dropped her towel and walked naked to the bed. Her ass was small, firm and undulating, and her dark hair hung almost to her waist. As she stretched out on the bed he got a great view of her big firm tits and the dark puff of her bush. Then to his surprise and delight she slid a hand between her legs and began playing with herself.

This was more than Jeff had hoped for. He watched her rimming her clit and gurgling with pleasure, her pretty face contorting into a lusty grimace. The more excited she got, the more his cock swelled, till finally he had to take it out and pump it. As Janet reached her first climax, finger-fucking herself and howling, Jeff jacked off, jetting his come against the door.

He wasn’t able to stifle his groan of pleasure, but she didn’t seem to have heard it. She started playing with herself again almost right away, as if one climax hadn’t been enough to satisfy her. Jeff’s lust returned in full force as he watched her take her clit between thumb and forefinger and start kneading it. She seemed to be fantasizing about some guy, too.

Jeff wished he could be that guy. He would have given anything in the world to be lying beside his beautiful main, getting her off with his fingers — or with his cock. He could do the job, too, even though most people might think of him as just a kid. Janet would be really surprised if she knew all the things he could do for her. He was well trained, thanks to his stepmother Lisa.

Darin Lawson had been married several times after his breakup with Janet, always to young women. One after another they’d left him for the same reason Janet had, catching him in bed with other women. Only Lisa had stayed. Lisa believed in the motto, “Don’t get mad, get even.” When she caught Darin fucking another woman, she didn’t divorce him. She just seduced his son.

Lisa had taught Jeff everything he ever wanted to know about sex. Whenever the old man was a way, Jeff would spend the night in the big bed with Lisa, and they’d fuck up a storm and invent other new ways of having fun. Lisa had shown the boy exactly where women like to be touched and what they like best. He was able to please Lisa all the time now, and he was sure he could do the same for his mother.

Janet looked like she really needed a man. There she was with her face all screwed up in a lusty grimace, her fingers working frantically on her clit, and she was moaning things to some guy who obviously wasn’t there. She was horny out of her mind, but there was no one to help her out except herself. It seemed crazy to Jeff that he should stand out in the hall being horny, too. Why couldn’t they just get together and help each other?

He began to strip. Meanwhile Janet was kneading her clit faster and faster, rocketing towards climax. She arched her body, stiffened, and gasped. Then she began to buck and writhe, her big tits wobbling crazily, thick hot cream spurting from her little fur-fringed cunt mouth. Jeff watched feverishly through the keyhole as his gorgeous mom experienced her orgasm.

Jeff’s prick gave a lusty lurch and started to drip hot cream. No, it just didn’t make any sense at all for him and his mother to be horny all summer when they could so easily satisfy each other. He quickly removed the last of his clothes, stood up, and began to turn the doorknob. Meanwhile Janet was finally coming down from her climax, opening her eyes and blinking as she returned to reality.

She blushed as she remembered that Jeff had been watching everything she’d done. Her eyes darted to the keyhole — but that very moment the bedroom door began to open. Janet froze, her dark eyes wide. Jeff was stepping into the room, and he was stark naked. Helplessly she lowered her eyes to his cock. As she should have expected, it was rigid, hugging his belly and drooling thick rivers of cream.

He kept on coming right toward the bed, his eyes moving hungrily over her ripe naked body.


“Mom,” he said as he approached the bed, “I watched everything you did. It just doesn’t make sense for me not to help you out. I mean, why should we both be horny, when we can take care of each other?”

Janet’s mouth opened, but she couldn’t make any words come out. She was going to lecture the boy about incest, about how wrong it was for a mother and son to be lovers. But she couldn’t speak the words. All she could think of was how desperately she needed to be fucked.

It had been a mistake to go to bed with Russ, she could see that now. He’d broken through her defenses and made her crave sex again. Once he’d fucked her, she had to have more. She couldn’t do without it now, but there was no Russ to help her out. There was only her own teenage son. Jeff slid onto the bed and reached for her. It was like two magnets making contact, an irresistible attraction.

Their bodies came together in a delicious electric shock, and Janet creamed floods as she felt her son’s iron-hard cock pressing her belly. Jeff kissed her, darting his tongue into her mouth, and she was amazed at how well he could kiss. She wondered how he had acquired such experience. An awful possibility occurred to her, and she drew back in terror.

“Jeff,” she cried, “has your father, uh, been taking you to women? I mean, you seem to know a lot.”

“I know a lot, all right,” Jeff laughed, “but the old man had nothing to do with it.” And very quickly he told her about Lisa.

Janet was a little shocked to hear that the boy’s own stepmother had seduced him, but she was also amused. It only served Darin right for fooling around. Besides that, knowing Darin’s taste in brides, Lisa was closer to Jeff’s age than to Darin’s.

He rushed through his story, anxious to get back to their love-making, and when he kissed her this time Janet didn’t worry about his amazing expertise. She just enjoyed it. He probed her mouth with his tongue, and she gurgled with excitement and creamed helplessly, the molten liquid dribbling down the crease of her ass. Her stiff nipples poked against the boy’s chest, and his swollen cock throbbed against her belly.

She knew she should feel terrible guilt about making love with her own son, but all she felt was hot excitement and unstoppable lust. She was starved for sex, starved for a male body, and nothing was going to stop her from getting what she needed, not even the dreaded word incest. She clung hungrily to Jeff, darting her tongue over his, till they finally came up for air.

“Mom,” he groaned, “I wanta fuck you so bad.”

There was no point in postponing what had to happen. She knew she was going to fuck her son, and it would be silly to be coy and shy about it. Blushing only a little, Janet rolled away from him, onto her back. She bent her nice long legs and spread them wide. Jeff gawked at her moist pink slit and its fine fringe of dark curls.

Then Janet held out her arms, and her son gave a lusty growl and crawled over to her. He let himself down on her, shivering with excitement, and began hammering his rigid cock against the slippery wet flesh of her pussy. He kept missing the mark and moaning with frustration. Janet reached down, took his cock, and inserted it into the steaming slick tunnel of her cunt. She let go, and he eagerly pushed into her.

“Ohhhhhhh, honey, yesssss,” she moaned. He pushed to her womb in one greedy thrust, then began to fuck her hard and fast. His need was urgent, and so was hers. Neither of them wanted to be slow or gentle. As he hammered his meat into her, Janet clung to him, digging her nails into his shoulders fucking right back at him, their hips moving in unison.

“Yes, baby, that’s good,” she panted, “do it to me real hard, as hard as you can.”

Jeff realized that his mother’s lust was as hot as his own. There was no danger of hurting her by fucking her too hard. She wanted it that way. She wanted a real pounding. Her jerking hips signaled the rough tempo she craved, and Jeff gave her what she wanted, pistoning his stiff boner into her with lightning speed.

“Is that good, Mom?” he moaned, his voice hoarse with pleasure. “Is that the way you want it?”

“Ohhhh, yes, honey, I love that,” Janet sobbed, “you’re fucking me so good.”

She realized that just last night she’d been moaning those words to Russ, her fiance. He’d only been out of town one day, and already she was fucking somebody else — her own son. Well, it was too late to do anything about it. Her lust had to be taken care of, and Russ wasn’t there to do it. She forgot about him as she rocketed toward the orgasm she craved.

He’d fucked his stepmother many, many times, and it had always been a lot of fun, but never as exciting as this. Fucking his very own mother had an added kick to it. And Janet was a lot more horny and passionate than Lisa. Lisa liked to fuck, for sure, butt half her motive was revenge. Or she was just plain bored. She used Jeff and he used her.

But there was more than using involved now. His mother was the most sexy and gorgeous woman he’d ever seen, and she excited hell out of him. His excitement was reaching fever pitch as he hammered his cock in her red-hot juicy fuck tunnel. He could feel her molten cream drenching his prick each time he thrust into her, and she was sobbing her pleasure, letting him know just how much she loved his fucking. To the horny boy she seemed a thousand times more passionate than Lisa.

“Ohhhhhh, honey, you’re gonna make me come,” she moaned. “Keep fucking me hard, baby, real hard.”

Jeff would have done anything to please her. Though he was aching to come himself, he gritted his teeth and tried to hold off his climax. He pounded his nearly-bursting prick in his mother’s gripping cunt, while she sobbed in ecstasy and ground her clit against his pistoning shaft. Then he felt a sizzling burst of juice around his meat, and Janet’s body began to buck beneath him.

“You’re doing it to me,” she moaned, “I’m coming! Ohhhhh, Jeff, am I coming!”

Her tits were bouncing and thrusting against his chest, and her cunt was squeezing hard around his cock, as if trying to suck the come right out of his balls. Jeff wished he could make that thrilling moment last forever, his beautiful mother moaning and shaking as he gave her a body-wracking orgasm. But the excitement was just too much for the lusty teenager.

“Ahhhhhhhh, fuck, shit, aaaggghhh!” he roared, jetting his come into his mother’s womb.

Mother and son rocked and writhed together, making the big bed bounce and creak. Their wild mutual orgasm went on for almost a full minute. Jeff felt like he’d sizzled ten gallons of jizz into his mom’s sucking little cuntal tunnel. At last they finished, and he rolled off her, panting and red-faced, hardly believing what had just happened. To make sure he wasn’t dreaming, he glanced over at his mother and saw her smiling at him.

“I hope you enjoyed that, darling,” she said, “because I certainly did.”

“Oh, wow, Mom, it was fantastic,” Jeff sighed gratefully.

“Good,” she smiled. “Do you want some dinner now?”

His eyes swept up and down her gorgeous body, and he said, “Maybe we could have a little more fun first?”

She moved closer, kneeling beside him, and picked up his cock. She studied it for a moment, letting it rest on her palm. She just liked to look at it. But of course there was a lot more she wanted to do. She curled her fingers around it and started to pump the hot meat. Jeff gave a happy groan. Janet felt his prick ballooning in her fist.

“Mmmmmm, yes,” she murmured approvingly.

It excited hell out of her to feel her son getting a hard-on right in her pumping hand. While she masturbated him, Jeff reached out and played with her gorgeous big tits, molding and squeezing them, rubbing his thumbs over her big conical nipples till they went erect and throbbing. Janet felt hot sticky cream starting to ooze from the boy’s piss hole, and hot saliva rushed to her mouth as she thought about getting a taste of that boy-cream.

She slid her fist down to the base of his stiff cock, letting the rest poke out. She dipped her head down low, tucking her long dark hair back behind her ears, out of the way. Her little red tongue shot out, and Jeff gasped with delight as she began to lick the sensitive swollen head of his cock. Hungrily she lapped up the salty cream that bubbled from his piss hole.

“Mmmmmm, I love the taste of your cock, honey,” she said.

“I bet I’d like the taste of your pussy,” Jeff said boldly.

“I bet you would too, you devil,” Janet giggled, “but you’ll just have to wait. My turn to eat you first.”

Jeff was about to suggest that they do sixty-nine, which Lisa had also taught him, but he sensed that his mother didn’t want to. She wanted to concentrate her whole attention on his cock. He sure as hell wasn’t going to object to that. He settled back and got comfortable, tucking his arms behind his head, and watched her glistening little tongue do its work.

She and Russ hadn’t gotten around to eating each other last night. She wished they had, because it was one of her very favorite things to do. She found herself actually drooling now as she licked her son’s hotly throbbing cock and savored his salty juices. She didn’t think she could ever get enough of that special taste.

She lathered the engorged purple head of his prick with her hot spit, then started licking her way down his rigid shaft, wanting to tongue every inch of his blue-veined meat. She left his whole cock wet and gleaming, then continued right on to his lightly thatched balls, whipping them greedily with her juicy tongue. Jeff shivered and moaned as she soaked the sensitive bags of flesh.

Then she was licking her way upward again, enjoying every step of the way, catching his cream as it dribbled down his stiff shaft. He couldn’t stop juicing, and no wonder. Not every guy has his cock licked and lathered by his own beautiful mother. Jeff felt his excitement rising to the boiling point, and before long he was struggling not to come. He wanted this fantastic experience to go on and on.

Janet felt the same way. She could have gone on happily licking his tasty cock for hours. Now that she’d lathered every bit of it, she was hungry for more of his cream. She quickly ate the oozing juice, then used the stiff tip of her tongue to drill right into his piss hole for more. She reamed him out, moaning as the salty liquid touched her taste buds.

Still she wanted more of his delicious cock juice, and there was only one way to get it. Firmly fisting the throbbing base of his dick, she plunged the rest into her hot juicy-mouth. Jeff let out a yelp of surprise and delight and almost flew off the bed. Janet drew in her cheeks sharply and began to suck his cock, making an obscene wet slurping noise that drove him wild.

Lisa was a terrific cocksucker, but somehow he felt a lot more aroused when his mom went down on him. Her mouth was boiling hot, and she sucked greedily, swiftly, as if she was starved for his cream. She pumped the base of his cock and squeezed it rhythmically, matching the tempo of her hot sucking. Jeff knew it was just a matter of seconds before he shot his load helplessly.

“Ahhhhhhh, Jesus,” he moaned, “you’re gonna make me come, Mom.”

Janet nodded her head and moaned her approval, letting him know how much she craved a whole steaming mouthful of his jism. That excited him more than anything. His eyes rolled crazily, then closed tight, and his face got flushed with lust. He lost control of himself and began to fuck her mouth, hammering his nearly-bursting prick to the back of her throat. Janet moaned her encouragement and sucked his meat even harder.

He could have come at any second, yet he didn’t want this incredible experience to end. Imagine being sucked off by his own sexy mother! It was just too much. She was suctioning the cream right out of his piss hole, gobbling it as fast as she could get it. Her dark hair was flying as her head bobbed up and down, and she was moaning her excitement. Jeff just couldn’t hold back his climax.

“Awwwwww, fuck, eat it, awwwwww!” he yelled.

Janet let her mouth fill with boiling jizz as he hammered out his load. His jerking prick was pounding right into her throat, but she didn’t care. It was the first time in a decade that she’d tasted come and had a whole mouthful of the delicious cream. She let it collect till her cheeks bulged with it and she just couldn’t hold any more. Then she gulped it down and gurgled happily as the moaning, humping boy filled her mouth again.

He seemed to come forever, but at last he flopped back on the pillows, exhausted. He hadn’t realized he had that much jizz to shoot. Janet let his spent cock slip from her mouth, then greedily licked her lips to get the very last drops of his come. She gave a satisfied sigh as she swallowed the salty cream. Then she lay down on her back and bent and spread her legs.

The message was obvious, and Jeff responded instantly, his mouth already watering at the sight of her luscious-looking pink slit. He crawled between her legs and went belly-down, bringing his face within an inch of her juicy gash. Janet shivered with excitement when she felt his hot breath tickling her naked pussy. It had been far too long since a man had gone down on her.

Of course Jeff wasn’t really a man yet, only a boy, and he was her own son. But his tongue was well-trained. He began to lash her pussy with it, giving her hot excitement, and she silently thanked his stepmother Lisa for teaching him how to eat pussy. It was going to make him very very popular on dates, that was for sure. His hot tongue seemed to be everywhere, snaking into every steamy fold and cranny.

“Mmmmmmm, baby, that’s good,” Janet moaned, “so damned good, honey.”

Keeping her legs wide open for him, she closed her eyes and relaxed completely. She thought of nothing but the fantastic pleasure she was getting from his exploring tongue. He lathered her whole gash with his hot spit, not missing a single inch of the puffed and cream beaded flesh. Then he concentrated on the most sensitive spot of all, the small but erect lump of her clit.

The first contact between tongue and clit made her shudder with pleasure, almost as if she’d received a delicious electric shock. Her clit was so sensitive, and it responded instantly to his stabbing, circling tongue. He began to stimulate her swelling joy button with every kind of movement. The little nub grew taut, making its own tiny hard-on, and it throbbed violently.

“Yes, Jeff, I love it,” she whimpered, “don’t stop, honey, don’t ever stop.”

Jeff kind of wished she wouldn’t call him by his baby name, but it wasn’t really that important. She couldn’t help anything she was doing or saying right now. And the important thing was that she loved what he was doing to her. He was driving her wild with his tongue. He could give her just as much pleasure as any grown man could, and that made him really proud. Wanting to excite her even more, he caught her clit between his lips and started sucking on it.

“Ooooooo, yessssss,” Janet gasped, “suck me off, honey, make me come.”

It was an assignment Jeff loved. He jammed his lips harder against her mound and sucked fast on her throbbing joy button, giving her a continual blast of pleasure. In no time at all his face was drenched with her hot sticky cream. She was juicing steadily and uncontrollably, and she was whimpering and clawing the bed as she hurtled toward climax. She was completely in the power of his hotly sucking lips.

It was incredible that he could eat pussy like that. His pretty mom was rocketing out of control, screaming, writhing, as he sucked her off. She went rigid for a second, gasped, and then began to buck in orgasmic convulsions.

Jeff was proud that he’d made her come like that, but he wasn’t finished with her yet. He hadn’t gotten his fill of her tangy cuntal juices, and he found his mouth watering as he watched the pearly come gushing from her little pussy hole. The moment she went still again, he made his tongue stiff and crammed it hard into her cunt. Janet let out a hoarse wail of ecstasy.

“Ohhhhh, baby, yes, fuck me with your tongue,” she cried.

Jeff began to piston his tongue stiffly and fast in her greedy twat. He was giving her so much pleasure, in so many ways, that he reminded her of his father. Darin had been just like this, eager to explore every possible way of having fun with a woman. Like father, like son. But all thoughts of Darin faded as Janet hurtled toward yet another powerful climax.

She tightened her cunt around his spearing tongue and felt herself sailing to the brink of ecstasy. His tongue was like a molten rod inside her, searing her cunt, giving her incredible excitement. She couldn’t contain the pleasure a second longer. She felt her body being blasted by a delicious explosion that radiated out from deep in her twat.

As the powerful orgasm rocked her body, she realized that she and her teenage son had just made love to each other in every possible way — and it was only their first time together! The attraction between them was red-hot, and Janet knew they’d never be able to keep their hands off each other. She wasn’t even going to try.

No, this was going to be a very special summer for her and Jeff, just the two of them. She’d worry about the consequences later.


They managed ta do a few normal mother-and-son things that evening. They ate hamburgers, watched TV, exchanged notes about what they’d been doing for the past year. For awhile it was almost like old times. But Janet couldn’t forget that they’d just finished making wild love to each other.

She set Jeff up in the guest room like she always did, but when she woke the next morning she realized she wasn’t alone in her bed. She stretched, yawned, and opened her eyes. Jeff was tucked in beside her, grinning at her.

“I got lonely,” he said.

Janet managed to smile back, but she felt a dizzying rush of lust that made her cream furiously, soaking her inner thighs. Instantly she recalled everything they’d done to each other last night and how she’d climaxed again and again. She was making up for lost time, and she hadn’t finished yet. Just the sight of her handsome teenage son was getting her aroused out of her mind.

Of course after ten years without sex, that was to be expected. She had a lot of lonely, horny nights to make up for. But that didn’t completely explain her irresistible attraction to Jeff. There was also the incredibly kinky excitement of getting it on with her own son. Janet couldn’t deny that.

She didn’t try. She just reached out under the covers and found his cock and curled her fingers around it. Of course it was hard, hot and throbbing, all ready for her. She gave it a few playful strokes and watched Jeff’s eyes glaze over with horniness. She firmed her grip and got down to some serious pumping, and hot sticky cream oozed from his prick and soaked her fingers.

Jeff gave a lusty growl and kicked back the covers, exposing their bodies. He was naked, but Janet was wearing a flimsy short nightie of black lace. She didn’t have on the matching panties. Somehow she’d spaced out of that. It was just as well, because Jeff reached right for her pussy and found nothing to hinder him. He wedged his middle finger up her cunt and started finger-fucking her, and she moaned with delight.

They lay there lazily playing with each other, still waking up, just taking their time. Again it reminded Janet of her experiences with Darin. Sometimes they’d spend a whole day just lying naked in bed, bringing each other off again and again. Jeff had a lot of his father in him. It had to be inherited, because Darin hadn’t taught him anything about sex.

It was kind of funny, Jeff taking over his father’s act. And he was going to be very good at it. Janet was already boiling with excitement after just a minute of his well-practiced fingerfucking. She was soaking his jerking finger with a steady stream of molten juice. As his excitement grew, she pumped his cock faster and faster.

Jeff wasn’t insensitive to that horny pumping. He could feel his need getting urgent, and he didn’t want to shoot his load all over the bed. It was fun masturbating each other, but he was eager to get on to more serious things. He finally whipped his cream-drenched finger out of Janet’s juicy pussy hole and rolled her onto her back.

Janet got the message, and she gurgled her agreement and let go of his cock. Jeff let himself down on her, panting, his prick dripping hot juices. This time he didn’t need her help in finding the target. He sank the swollen head of his dick into her molten cunt mouth, spreading her pussy lips wide. She moaned hoarsely as he pushed into her. He glided smoothly to her womb, and she soaked his meat with hot cream.

He slipped his hands under her hot little ass, got a good grip and started fucking her. He tried to start off slowly and sensuously, the way Lisa had taught him, but it wasn’t natural to him. He wanted to pull out all stops, fuck her till her teeth rattled. Still he kept up his slow deliberate thrusts till Janet’s impatiently wriggling hips told him something was wrong.

“Honey,” she panted, “fuck me harder, please. I really need it hard.”

Jeff broke into a broad grin. “Sure, Mom,” he chuckled, “I’ll give it to you as hard as you want.”

This was more like it. He started hammering his rigid cock into her, and their bodies slapped loudly together. That was the way Jeff liked to fuck, and his mother clearly loved it too. She arched her body to take his pile driving cock as deep as she could get it, and she moaned hoarsely, her pretty face twisted in a lusty grimace.

“Yes, honey, that’s it,” she moaned, “you’re fucking me so good, baby.”

She was sure Jeff had been trying to please and arouse her with that slow sensuous fucking, but it hadn’t done a thing for her. Her lust was too hot, her need too urgent. She needed to be fucked hard, thoroughly, till she just couldn’t take any more. And that might take a long, long time. She was greedy for sex, greedy for her son’s iron-hard cock.

She clung tightly to him, clawing his shoulders and matching his vigorous thrusts with the horny jerking of her hips. His cock was making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed the thick cream out of her gripping twat, and that sound turned her on hotly. In fact everything about their love-making drove her wild. Even Darin hadn’t aroused her like this. But then Darin wasn’t her son.

She began to tighten her cunt around his jackhammering prick, creating more delicious hot friction. The more friction, the more pleasure. The pleasure built and built in her pussy till she was moaning and creaming steadily, hardly able to keep from coming. Greedily she clung to that almost unbearable pleasure, wishing it would never end. But suddenly she couldn’t contain it a moment longer.

Jeff felt her cunt clamping around his cock, clamping and releasing as she went into powerful orgasmic convulsions. Her strongly muscled cuntal tube was milking the jizz right out of his balls and there was no way he could keep from coming. His eyes rolled wildly, then closed tight, and he began to hammer his load into her greedily sucking womb.

“Take it, Mom, take my come!” he roared.

“Yes, baby, cream me, fuck meeeee!” she shrieked.

The molten bath of his jizz made her own climax even more intense, and she howled in ecstasy as he shot his load into her. Yet even as she began to come down from the minute-long violent orgasm, she realized she wasn’t totally satisfied. Maybe she never would be. But one orgasm was definitely not enough for a woman who’d gone so many years without sex.

So what was she going to do about it? She just didn’t know. She gave a regretful sigh as she waited for Jeff to roll off her and ask what was for breakfast. Only Jeff didn’t move. He clung to her, sighing with contentment, as if he never wanted to take his cock out of her cunt. And to her astonishment she felt his teenage prick swelling and hardening inside her. Soon it was throbbing against every inch of her cuntal tunnel.

“Let’s fuck one more time before breakfast, okay?” he leered.

Janet nodded eagerly. “But let’s try it another way,” she suggested. “I assume Lisa taught you other ways.”

“Oh, yeah,” Jeff laughed, “Lisa didn’t leave out much.”

“Then you’ll know just what to do with this,” Janet said, wriggling out from under him and rolling into the doggy position.

She crouched on knees and elbows, her shapely little ass slightly elevated, her flimsy black lace nightie sliding forward to reveal her swollen tits and erect nipples. Jeff had never seen anything to excite him more. His cock gave a lusty jerk and started dripping hot cream. He hurried to kneel behind her and thrust his rock-hard boner into her molten slick pussy hole.

“Ahhhhhh, shit, yeah,” he gasped.

“Unnnhhh, yes, honey, stick that big thing into me,” Janet moaned.

She had the wild urge to fuck the boy in every possible position. She adored his energetic fucking, the way he hammered his cock into her like a tireless machine. It was just what she needed after so many years of frustration. She clawed the bed and gurgled her pleasure as Jeff pistoned his rigid cock in the slick and velvety tube of her cunt.

“Mmmmmm, honey, I have to hand it to that Lisa,” she giggled, “she sure was a good teacher.”

Her remark led to a flashback in Jeff’s mind, a quick replay of the day Lisa had seduced him and taken his virginity. He went right on blissfully pumping his cock in his mom’s juicy fuck hole as be recalled that exciting event.

He was coming home from school one day, a long boring day of junior high during which he’d had several fantasies about making it with his stepmother. As he approached the house he saw that his father wasn’t home from the office yet — no Cadillac in the driveway. She entered and started down the hall to his room, when the door of the master bedroom opened and there was Lisa. Lisa without a stitch of clothes.

Jeff stopped and gawked helplessly at her, and she just smiled. She almost seemed to be purling as she let him stare at her sleek curvy body. Then she led him into the room, set aside his books, and undressed him. She led him over to the bed, the king-size bed she shared with dad, and the next thing Jeff knew, he was fucking her.

It was incredible, mind-blowing and a hell of a lot of fun. There he was fucking his dad’s sexy blonde wife, making her howl with pleasure as he hammered his cock into her. He could hardly believe it. Then she sucked him off and showed him how to go down on her.

They ended that first session with another great fuck, this time in the doggy position.

Maybe that was why he was remembering Lisa now as he fucked his mother in the same position. Thanks, Lisa, he thought, you’re really okay. Stepmothers could be great. But real mothers were even more of a turn-on. Jeff hammered his stiff cock faster and faster into Janet’s slick and ready cunt, and she clawed the bed and moaned in ecstasy, letting him know how much pleasure he was giving her.

He would have done anything to please his mom, and it was great to know that he could give her what she needed most. She’d never remarried after divorcing his dad, and he’d never seen her with a boyfriend during his summer-long visits. No wonder she was horny. It worked out great that he could help her out. Not that he was making a big sacrifice or anything.

No, it was no sacrifice at all. Her cunt was like molten velvet around his cock, deliciously steamy and tight. He watched her big ripe tits swinging back and forth with the impact of his fucking, and he felt his lust reaching fever pitch. He fucked into her very hard, his flat belly slapping her firm little ass. But the harder he fucked her, the more she seemed to love it. “Ohhhhh, yes, baby, that’s it,” she gasped, “really give it to me, fuck the shit out of me.” That was an assignment Jeff could handle with pleasure. Closing his eyes, blotting out everything but the wild excitement he felt, he jackhammered his iron-hard cock into her and felt the steady tightening of her cunt as she flew towards climax. She was clawing at the sheets and moaning steadily, and her hot cream was overflowing her cunt and gushing down her thighs. Suddenly her twat clamped hard around his cock.

Her body bucked and shuddered, and Jeff felt his prick drenched with blast after blast of sizzling cream. She was coming again, coming like crazy, but this time he didn’t join her. He had his second wind, and he intended to go on fucking her as long as he could. He waited till she finally stopped convulsing, then drew his dripping cock from her cunt.

“Let’s try it another way, Mom,” he leered. Janet stared at him in amazement. His teenage cock was just as stiff as ever, hugging his belly in a fierce hard-on. As she eyed the swollen blue-veined shaft, her lust boiled up again. Sure, she’d climaxed a few times already this morning, but she was always ready for another round with her sexy son.

Jeff chose his very favorite position. He stretched out on his back, his swollen cock standing at right angles to his flat belly. Janet’s eyes blazed with lust as she studied his cream-oozing prick. She quickly crawled over to him and straddled him, bringing the juice slick mouth of her cunt down to touch the purple knob of his cock-head. Jeff gave a snort of lust and crammed his meat into her.

He began to fuck her in steady hard strokes, and she closed her eyes and let the hot pleasure carry her away. She wondered if she’d ever make up for all those lost years. It didn’t look like she would. She couldn’t get enough fucking, couldn’t come often enough, to satisfy that stored-up need. But it was a good thing she had a tireless teenage boy to help her out.

This was Jeff’s favorite position to fuck in because of the view. There were so many exciting things to watch. He could observe his own cock in action, pistoning up and down between his mother’s wide-stretched pussy lips, forcing out her thick pearly cream. Or he could watch her magnificent big tits swinging and bouncing with the impact of his fucking.

Perhaps the most exciting view of all was Janet’s face. He could study her every reaction to their love making. Right now her pretty features were all contorted in a lusty grimace, her white teeth flashing. She had her eyes closed tight, blotting out everything but the pleasure he was giving her. Each deep hard thrust of his cock made her moan and cream.

“Ohhhhh, honey, it’s so good,” she cried, “fuck me forever, don’t ever stop.”

It gave Jeff a real feeling of power to be able to drive a mature woman wild with ecstasy, especially when that woman was his own lovely mother. As his excitement rose, he fucked her faster and faster, making her whole body shudder and quiver with the impact. Already he knew that the faster and harder he fucked her, the more aroused she got.

Soon he felt her cunt begin to tighten around his deep-fucking cock, a sure sign that she was about to come. Just before she got off, she’d contract her cuntal tube to make even more hot friction, and that seemed to send her right into orbit. Jeff was deeply tempted to come along with her this time, yet he wanted to go on and on fucking her. It was a hell of a decision.

“Unnnhhhhh, yes, just a little more,” Janet moaned.

Jeff held her firm little waist and hammered his meat into her, giving her blast after blast of hot pleasure. Just like her son, Janet was torn between two desires. She was aching to come, yet she wanted to prolong her pleasure, to go on and on feeling Jeff’s rock-hard cock pounding in her famished pussy hole. But finally she couldn’t contain her pleasure any longer, and the decision was made for her.

By now she’d lost track of how many times she’d come since she woke up. She just seemed to be having climax after climax. She must have needed them desperately, because they came so easily, so effortlessly. All her pent-up lusts from ten years back were demanding satisfaction. As she bucked and writhed and came, she soaked her son’s prick with her molten juice.

Jeff groaned with excitement but didn’t come. There was one more position he wanted to fuck his mother in, a kinky method Lisa had taught him. He waited till Janet finally went limp, then eased her off the rigid impalement of his tireless teenage prick. Janet followed dizzily as he led her off the bed and over in front of the big dresser mirror.

“Just rest your hands here, Mom, like this,” he grinned, setting her hands on the dresser.

Janet was still in kind of a daze from her last climax, and she let him do whatever he wanted with her. He eased her legs open, then pressed up against her from behind, holding her around the waist. She was watching in the mirror, and she saw his stiff cock gliding between her thighs and lodging in the molten wet pit of her cunt mouth. The thick blue veined column of meat began to slide into her body, and she watched with lust-glazed eyes.

She caught sight of Jeff’s face in the mirror. He was also watching his cock as he pushed slowly into her, then glancing at her face to see how she was reacting. She couldn’t do anything about that flushed and lust-contorted expression she was wearing. They both watched the hot cream drip from her furfringed cuntal opening. She moaned in bliss as his cock touched her womb.

“I’m coming with you this time, Mom,” he said hoarsely.

Then he began to fuck her like a stallion, pulling out all stops. In the mirror Janet watched, and she had a dizzy impression of her body shuddering with the impact of his furious fucking, her big breasts swinging heavily back and forth. His hammering prick reamed the hot juice from her twat, and it poured down her inner thighs. The whole effect was wickedly arousing.

“Take it, Mom, take my cock,” Jeff groaned.

“Yes, baby, give it to me,” Janet whimpered.

Watching themselves in the mirror was driving both of them wild, and they couldn’t hold off the violent mutual orgasm that soon ripped through their bodies. Janet had one last glimpse of her songs rigid cock plowing into her cunt, and then she screwed her eyes tightly shut and began to come. A split-second later she felt the first hot sting of Jeff’s jism.

Janet saw nothing for long delicious moments as her body spasmed. Then she opened her eyes and saw her son’s creamy jizz pouring out of her cunt and down her legs. It was an outrageously incestuous picture, yet all she could do was smile. She felt sexually satisfied for the first time in years.


The terrific fucking Jeff had given her that morning left Janet feeling satisfied and content for many hours. Yet it didn’t surprise her when she started feeling horny again as the day drew to a close. She had so much lust to take care of, after all. She finished loading the dishwasher with the dinner dishes, then went to look for Jeff.

She expected to find him parked in front of the TV set, but be was nowhere in sight. She found the bathroom door open, the room dark. There wasn’t any light coming from under his bedroom door, either, yet she sensed somehow that he was in there. Was he all right?

“Jeff, are you in there?” she called.

“Yeah, just a second,” he answered, his voice sounding hoarse and lusty. “Don’t come in yet.”

Janet couldn’t help grinning. It sounded very much as if she’d caught the boy jacking off. He was even more horny than she’d dreamed. He must have known they’d be making love again tonight, yet he couldn’t wait. Janet just hoped she’d caught him before he finished. She could really use a good stiff cock right now. Her pussy boiled and creamed as she thought about the hard eager fucking her son could give her.

She waited impatiently, rubbing her thighs together in a hopeless attempt to ease the burning need in her slit. Jeff seemed to be taking forever to let her into his bedroom. Finally he opened the door, holding his finger to his lips, signaling her to be quiet. She nodded, puzzled. Her eyes darted to his crotch, and she was delighted to see that he still had a big fat hard-on.

But why did she have to be quiet? And why hadn’t he turned on the lights in his room? He took her hand now and guided her inside and closed the door. She couldn’t see a thing. He was leading her over to the half-open window. He had her kneeled in front of it, then joined her. Janet glanced out the window, blinked, and gasped.

“Ssshhh, Mom, don’t spoil the show,” he whispered.

The house next door was only about twenty feet away, and Janet found herself looking into a bedroom. The room was lit, the curtains open, the window only half shut. A young couple were standing in the room half undressed, kissing and pawing each other. To Janet it was like having a front-row seat at an X-rated movie. She turned to Jeff with a shocked look on her face.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, “they can’t see us. This is really a kick to watch, Mom. Why don’t you relax and enjoy?”

Janet still felt shocked at finding her son peeping, but she tried to take his advice. The neighbors were new, having moved in just that week, and Janet had hardly had time to say hello to them. They were a newly married couple, Bob and Sally Howard, attractive people in their mid-twenties.

Sally was wearing just her lacy bikini panties and matching bra, and Bob was down to his jockey shorts. Their bodies were pressed tightly together as they kissed, and Sally was eagerly rubbing her mound against her husband’s cock. Janet could tell they were exchanging darting wet tongues as they kissed, and it wasn’t hard for her to imagine how horny they felt.

She could see Jeff’s point — this really was a kick to watch. And as long as Bob and Sally didn’t know they were being observed, how could it hurt them? Of course Janet’s schoolteacher conscience was yammering at her that it was wrong to peep, that it was sick and weird and wicked, but she blotted it out. She was terrifically horny herself.

She shifted her position, getting more comfortable, and she snuck another glance at Jeff. He had a big leer on his face, and he was watching eagerly, not at all shy or guilty about it. The kid was just plain having fun. Janet decided she’d do the same. She turned back to Bob and Sally just in time to see them break off their steamy tongue-kissing and tome up for air.

“Mmmmmm, honey, you got me so hot,” Sally murmured.

“Not as hot as you got me,” Bob leered.

Janet and Jeff could easily bear their conversation through the half-open windows. Now Bob stepped back to show Sally just how hot she’d gotten him. The crotch of his jockey shorts bulged obscenely with a big hard lump. Sally looked at it and licked her lips. Then she seized the waistband of his shorts and carefully peeled the garment down over his massive cock-stand.

Janet almost groaned with need when she saw his prick. It was a good eight inches long and as thick as a girl’s wrist. It was absolutely rigid, wagging stiffly in front of him and oozing hot cream. Janet’s hungry cunt juiced heavily, and the molten liquid soaked the crotch of her panties. She imagined taking that enormous rock-hard cock, and she shivered with need. It was just what she needed at that moment.

As if reading her mind, Jeff took her hand and placed it on the fly of his jeans. There was a big hard lump there, too. Even through his clothes she could feel the radiating heat and hard throbbing of his cock. Then he moved her hand away. She got the message. There was a hard-on waiting for her, only later.

Okay, Janet could live with that. She knew it was naughty of her, but she really was getting aroused from this peeping. She watched with mounting lust as Sally helped Bob out of his shorts. The slim blonde went to her knees before her handsome dark-haired husband as she removed the garment. That left her mouth right on a line with his stiffly weaving prick.

Her wet pink tongue darted out, contacting the gleaming purple head of Bob’s engorged prick. He gasped, then shivered with pleasure as she lapped up the thick cream that oozed from his piss hole. Watching that greedy tonguing, Janet felt hot saliva rushing to her mouth. She could do with a taste of cock juice herself. But a glance at Jeff showed her that he was totally absorbed in peeping and didn’t want to be distracted, so she tried to ignore the blazing heat and sticky wetness in her pussy and went back to watching the lusty young neighbors. Sally was making a thorough job of it, lapping up every single drop of the thick cream that bubbled from the cleft of her husband’s prick. She left the bulbous head of his cock glistening with her hot spit.

“Mmmmmmm,” she murmured, “my favorite snack.”

He lifted her to her feet and reached around her to unhook her bra. As he drew it off Janet saw that the girl’s tits were small, only apple-size, but high-riding and beautifully shaped. They made a perfect fistful for Bob as he cupped and squeezed them. Sally gurgled with excitement as his big hot hands molded the sensitive flesh.

Then he leaned down, stuck out his tongue, and lashed her soft pink nipples into rigid rosy buds. Her gurgling and whimpering got louder, and she was rubbing her thighs together, revealing just how hot and needy her slit was feeling. When he’d tongued her nipples into complete erection, Bob gave her tits a final squeeze, then reached for the waistband of her panties and quickly drew the skimpy garment down.

He cleared the firm rounds of her ass, and then the silky panties slithered down her shapely legs. Sally kicked them away, and Bob’s hand darted to her little triangular blond bush, giving it a pat and a squeeze. Then, teasingly, he began to back Sally up toward the bed. He kept at it till she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and then he dropped to his knees before her.

Janet sensed what was coming, and she creamed like mad. She would have given anything to be in Sally’s place just then. She adored having her pussy eaten, and except for some brief attention from Jeff last night, it hadn’t happened to her in years. She watched with boiling lust and hot envy as Bob pushed his wife’s legs apart and shoved his face against her slit.

It was hard to tell what Bob was doing exactly, but whatever it was, Sally loved it. His head bobbed up mid down, and he was making an obscene wet sucking and slurping noise. Sally’s face contorted into a lusty grimace, and she tangled her fingers in his hair, rocking with his motions. Janet creamed right through her panties as she watched.

Again it was as if Jeff read her mind. Somehow he must have sensed just what she needed and what she was thinking, because he reached over and slid a hand between her legs and gave her pussy a few squeezes. He was just letting her know that he’d take care of her later. Even through her panties and jeans he must have felt the intense heat and oozing wetness of her slit, so he knew how badly she needed him.

He knew, but he was taking a rain check. He went back to watching Bob and Sally. Janet could see his point. It would be terrific fun to make love now, with both of them so steamed up, but they also had this exciting show to watch. It was brand-new and thrilling to watch another couple make love. At least it was new to Janet.

“Do you do this often?” she whispered.

Jeff nodded and grinned. “It’s one of Lisa’s hobbies,” he whispered back.

Lisa again. Quite a girl, that Lisa. Janet chuckled to herself, knowing that this time her ex-husband Darin really had his hands full. Lisa had not only seduced Jeff, she’d taught him to peep. And now Jeff was teaching his mom. Janet felt her arousal mounting to fever pitch as she watched Bob eating his wife’s hot juicy pussy.

Bob briefly came up for air, leering, his face smeared with her pearly pussy cream. “Let’s try it this way,” he said, lifting her legs and draping them over his shoulders.

That forced Sally to slide down onto her back, her ass just at the edge of the bed. It also left her wet pink slit wide open to her husband’s tongue and lips. Bob hungrily eyed the juicy flesh. He folded back the blond furred lips of her bush and exposed the little pink nub of her clit. He began to rim her clit with the tip of his tongue, and she went wild.

“Oh, God, honey, yes,” she squealed, “lick me there, get me off.”

Sally’s pretty face went flushed and twisted with ecstasy, and she clawed the bed as hot rushes of pleasure sizzled through her pussy. Janet knew exactly what she was feeling, even though it was ten years since she’d had the same experience. She knew the bliss of feeling a man’s hot stiff tongue tip spinning around and around the shaft of her ultrasensitive joy button. Once again she found herself squirming with lust and envy.

“Oooooo, shit, oooooooo,” Sally was howling.

Bob was swirling his big wet tongue faster and faster around her throbbing clit, getting her aroused out of her mind. Thick pearly cream poured from her cunt in a steady helpless flood, and he gobbled up the tangy liquid as fast as he could get it. Sally was on the very verge of coming, waiting for just the right stroke to put her over the edge. Janet almost ached for her.

Come on, Bob, she thought, give her what she needs.

Just then he did. He suddenly jammed his mouth onto Sally’s clit and began to suck her off. She screamed and arched her slim body, greedily shoving her joy button harder against his sucking lips. She screwed her eyes shut tight, aware of nothing but her intense need to come. Then she screamed again as she rocketed into orbit.

Bob drew back, his face soaked with her spurting come-juice. He grinned as he watched the results of his work. Sally was writhing all over the bed, moaning hoarsely as spasm after spasm of ecstasy shook her body. As she finally began to come down from her climax, Bob slid into the bed and eased her into the doggy position. He knelt behind her and leered.

“You ready for a good hard fucking, lady?” he growled.

“Oh, God, you know I am,” Sally moaned. He socked the massively engorged head of his cock into her juicy little cunt mouth, and they both moaned with excitement as he pushed into her, cramming her with that wrist thick slab of meat. Once again Janet creamed through her clothes and almost groaned with envy. Peeping was fun — too damned much fun. She was getting unbearably aroused.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, honey, stick it in me,” Sally moaned, “give me every inch of it.”

Janet couldn’t control her lust a second longer. She reached out in the darkness and fumbled around till she found the sharply tented fly of Jeff’s jeans. She cupped and squeezed his cock, letting him know how urgently she needed it. But Jeff just patted her head, then eased it away.

Gritting her teeth, she turned back to watch Bob easing his huge hard boner the last couple of inches into his wife’s steaming twat. Sally was in ecstasy as she took it, clawing the bedspread and whimpering, thick streams of juice overflowing her box and running down her thighs. Finally only Bob’s big hairy balls showed, and he paused to savor the sensation, his prick fully sheathed in Sally’s gripping juicy fuck hole.

But Sally didn’t want him to pause. She obviously needed some lotion — and fast. “Fuck me, honey,” she whimpered, “I need it so bad. Do it now, please.”

Bob took pity on her and began pistoning his eight-incher up and down in her juice-slick box. Even twenty feet away and in another house Janet and Jeff could hear the obscene sucking noise his thick cock was making as it reamed out Sally’s cream. His belly slapped rhythmically against her upturned ass, and her body quivered with each deep thrust.

“Ohhhhh, honey, yesss,” she sobbed, “I love it, I just love it.”

“I don’t mind it myself,” Bob leered.

But Sally was too far gone to make jokes. She was almost too far gone to talk. She gurgled and squealed and moaned, letting him know without words that she adored his fucking. She soaked his plowing prick with rush after rush of molten cream, and the thick juice overflowed her crammed box and flooded down her legs. Clearly she was in ecstasy, right on the edge of coming.

And so was Janet. She felt like she’d come if she sneezed, she was so achingly horny. She had a frantic urge to play with herself, but she rejected it. She wanted the real thing. She wanted Jeff’s still-stiff cock hammering in her cunt. And she could have it, if only she could wait. But the waiting was getting more maddening by the second.

Bob was snorting with lust and hammering his meat into her faster and faster, making her body shudder violently. She didn’t mind his roughness. She just got more excited. She dug her nails into the bedspread and howled in ecstasy as he pounded it to her. Then she gasped, stiffened, and went still for several seconds before her body began to convulse.

“Ohhhhh, Bob, ohhhhh, I’m coming!” she screamed.

Her cunt must have been clamping hard around his cock, because Bob snorted and spun out of control, hammering his load into her.

Janet shivered with longing. She needed to come so badly, she could have screamed. Once more she glanced pleadingly at Jeff. He was draining the last drops of excitement from the scene, his eyes gleaming lustily as he watched Bob and Sally writhing together in a howling mutual climax. He waited till they rolled apart, then turned to Janet with a big horny leer on his face.

“Okay, Mom,” he whispered, “now I’ll give you what you want.”

He lowered the window, then reached up and pulled the shade. They were in pitch darkness, and when Janet reached out for him, she couldn’t find him. Then the small bedside lamp went on, and there he was on the bed, naked and grinning. His handsome cock was standing straight up, stiff as a board and drooling fat globs of cream.

Janet couldn’t control herself. She had no shame at all as she feverishly got up and stripped. The important thing was to get her clothes off as fast as she could and get her son’s stiff cock into her famished cunt. She flung clothes in all directions.

Naked at last, she whimpered with need and dove onto the bed. As she rolled towards him, Jeff reached out and grabbed her while she was on her back. His face twisting with animal lust, he threw himself heavily onto her, knocking her almost breathless. He used his knees to force her legs wide open, then sank down between her hot silky thighs. Janet didn’t mind his roughness. She screamed in ecstasy as he crammed his steel-stiff boner into her.

“Yes, Jeff, stick it in me, fuck me,” she sobbed.

No, she’d run out of shame and guilt. All she felt was overpowering lust as she flung her legs wide open and took her son’s thrusting cock into her womb. She didn’t care about anything but getting fucked, and she wanted to be fucked till she couldn’t stand it any more. Jeff began jackhammering his prick into her, making her body shudder with the impact. It was just what she craved.

“Ohhhhh, God, yesssss,” she hissed, “that’s it, baby, give it to me as hard as you can.”

Jeff was trying to act cool, but he was just as insanely turned on as his mother was. After that kinky peeping experience, his cock was painfully swollen and his balls felt ready to explode. He couldn’t control himself, and he spun out of control, fucking Janet so hard that the bed creaked and rattled. She clung to him, fucking back at him, jerking her hips to his hot rhythm.

“Fuck me, baby, fuck me crazy,” she sobbed.

They went at each other like animals, clawing and snarling and growling. It was the most animalistic fuck Janet had ever had, no refinements at all. Just red-hot overwhelming lust, lust that had to be satisfied no matter what. She arched her body to take Jeff’s piledriving prick as deep as she could get it, and he hammered it into her molten depths. A few more of those nearly savage thrusts and she felt her womb filling with the boy’s molten jizz.

She was coming harder than she’d ever come in her life, harder than Jeff’s father had made her some. There was something very special between her and her son — and she was just beginning to find out what it was.


When Janet woke the next morning Jeff was in her bed again. It looked as if his room was going to be used only for storing his clothes — and, of course, for spying on the neighbors whenever they forget to close their curtains.

“Let’s go the beach,” Jeff said eagerly.

Janet looked at him fondly. He was sounding like her son again. One of the things he’d always looked forward to on his summer visits was picnicking at the beach. At least that hadn’t changed. He was looking as excited as a grade school kid as he waited for her answer.

“Why, of course, darling,” she said. “Should I make a lunch like I always did?”

“Yeah. Mom, that’d be great,” Jeff said, hopping out of bed and heading for the shower.

Janet smiled indulgently as she watched him go. He was so wrapped up in his beach plans that he hadn’t even thought about making love. She kind of wished he had. She felt horny, as usual. But she had things to do, breakfast to cook and a picnic lunch to pack. They’d just have to put off their love-making till evening.

She wondered if she could wait that long. During the drive to the beach she felt her pussy swelling and heating. Just sitting next to Jeff in close quarters was enough to do that to her. Maybe a dip in the cool ocean would help cool her lust. “Oh, boy, here we are,” Jeff cried, leaping out of the car even before she’d turned off the engine.

Janet gave him the heavy picnic basket to carry, while she carried the blanket and towels and umbrella. Even with that load Jeff vaulted ahead of her, leading the way. He took them to a secluded cove where they were alone and unseen. While Janet spread the blanket and set up the shading umbrella, he started to strip. Naturally she couldn’t help watching him. She couldn’t keep her eyes off his trim body.

All his muscles were well-defined, his chest smooth. As he skinned out of his shorts, she eagerly studied his cock and balls. He impatiently dropped his bundle of clothes on the blanket and started down toward the water. Janet gawked, then called after him.

“Jeff,” she cried, “aren’t you going to put on your swim suit?”

Jeff stopped and turned to her with a mischievous grin. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Mom,” he said, “I took our swim suits out of the basket and left them home.”

He raced on toward the water, while Janet fumed. She didn’t think his little trick was funny at all. She’d been looking forward to a swim on this hot summer day, and now she couldn’t have one. No way was she going to go skinny-dipping in broad daylight on a public beach.

All she could do was open a beer and sit on the blanket and watch him cavort in the foamy water. Being naked didn’t seem to embarrass him at all. He splashed and ran and had a fine time, his attractive cock bouncing, his balls jiggling. Watching him, Janet felt her lust mounting.

“Aw, come on, Mom,” Jeff called, “I don’t wanta swim alone.”

“Jeff, I’m not going in without a suit,” Janet snapped.

“Why not?” he challenged. “It feels great, and nobody can see us.”

Janet sighed. The sun was so hot, and she hated feeling sweaty. Besides, she’d never been skinny-dipping before, and she really was curious about it. She glanced all around and didn’t see anyone else, not even a ship at sea or a plane in the air. Maybe it would be okay. She got up and started taking off her clothes, still looking around nervously.

“Hey, all right,” Jeff called. “Come on, Mom, there’s nobody else within a mile of here.”

Naked, self-consciously trying to cover her nipples and her bush, Janet hurried into the water. The moment she dived in, her attitude changed. Jeff was right — it felt wonderful. It was a surprisingly sensuous feeling to have that cool foaming water rushing all over her bare skin. It felt especially exciting on her fever-hot pussy.

Sighing with contentment, she swam out into deeper water, and Jeff followed, staying close enough to sneak glances at her curvy body. Of course Janet glanced at him, too. Her lust grew and grew, and she wished they were home so they could make love. This naked swimming was turning her on like crazy, but she’d just have to bottle up her desires till they reached the privacy of a bedroom.

Finally they left the water and went to stretch out on the blanket. The touch of the hot sun on her naked body was just as sensuous as skinny-dipping. After making sure nobody was within sight, she rolled onto her back and exposed her tits and bush to the sun for the first time in her life.

“Mmmmmm, this feels nice,” she sighed.

“I know something that’d feel even nicer,” Jeff said, his voice husky with arousal.

“What’s that, honey?” Janet asked drowsily.

“We could get it on,” he leered.

That brought her fully awake. Blushing hotly, she replied, “Jeff, on a public beach? Forget it.”

“Aw, there’s nobody around, Mom,” he insisted, “and I’m really feeling horny. I bet you are, too.”

Well, there was no denying that. But Janet replied sternly, “Jeff, I wouldn’t dream of doing something so outrageous. Why, if we were caught, it would ruin my career.”

“We’re not gonna get caught,” Jeff assured her. “Tell you what, I’ll start by going down on you. That way you can keep a watch out for other people.”

“Jeff, no,” Janet started to answer.

But Jeff wasn’t paying any attention to her. He was pushing her legs apart and crawling between them, and when she felt his hair tickling between her thighs and his hot breath fanning her silt, she got very excited. She really loved having her pussy eaten, and it hadn’t properly done in ten years. She felt him spreading apart the fur-fringed lips of her pussy and exposing the sensitive wet inner flesh.

Jeff’s tongue was on her pussy, hot and slippery and probing. He made a slow delicious exploration of the whole area, tonguing into each steamy fold and cranny, making her cream like crazy. As fast as the tangy juice spurted from her cunt mouth, he lapped it up and swallowed it. Janet loved it. She wasn’t going to protest any more, because she just couldn’t bear to make him stop.

“Mmmmm, honey, that feels marvelous,” she purred.

She kept her eyes open, dizzily scanning all horizons while Jeff’s blond head bobbed up and down between her widely spread thighs. He was lathering her whole slit with his hot saliva, leaving it gleaming and throbbing. He was teasing her, building her lust to the boiling point. By the time he finished, her molten cream was flowing steadily, dribbling down the crack of her ass.

His general survey was over and now he zeroed in on her most sensitive spot. He used the stiff tip of his tongue to rim her clit, moving fast and firmly. Janet gurgled with delight and clawed the blanket. She could actually feel her clit beginning to swell into its own tiny hard-on as it responded to the expert rimming of his pointed tongue tip.

His tongue moved faster and faster around her throbbing stiff joy button, and the faster he tongued her, the more wildly aroused she got. She arched her body, greedily shoving her ultra-sensitive clit against his stabbing tongue. Thick rivers of cream poured from her cunt. Jeff gobbled some of the tangy stuff, and the rest soaked the cleavage of her ass. She just couldn’t control that horny creaming.

“Oooooo, honey, you’re getting me so hot,” she moaned.

“That’s the whole idea, Mom,” Jeff chuckled.

He spun his pointed tongue tip faster and faster around her wildly pulsating clit, and she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. She wanted to close them, to concentrate completely on the incredible pleasure he was giving her. She looked around one more time, saw no sign of other people, and then let her eyelids flutter closed. Now she was aware of nothing but her son’s deliciously rimming tongue tip.

“Ohhhh, honey, make me come,” she whimpered, “I need to come so bad.”

She felt him sliding his hands under her lustily churning ass, getting a good firm grip, holding her pelvis still. Then he began to tongue-lash her clit, whipping his whole tongue up and down over the sensitive button. It felt wonderful, and Janet couldn’t help moaning loudly and hoarsely as he gave her blast after blast of hot pleasure. He lashed her clit faster and faster, bringing her to the tantalizing brink of orgasm.

“Unnnhhhh, baby, I just have to come,” she sobbed, “I’ll go crazy if I don’t come.”

Jeff jammed his lips onto her swollen joy button and began to suck her off. Just as his father would have done, he’d brought her slowly and deliciously to the edge of climax, till she simply had to come or go crazy with frustration. The boy was very much like his father. And he was going to have quite a career with the ladies.

“Suck me,” Janet hissed, “don’t stop.”

His sucking got louder, faster. He responded to her every need, giving her exactly what she craved. She went rigid, her clit shoved hard between his lips, and she held that pose for a few seconds till she felt a powerful explosion deep in her clit. The explosion radiated out to shake her whole body, and she soaked Jeff’s face with a huge molten rush of cream.

It was a good thing they were alone on the beach, because her hoarse wail of release could have been heard for blocks. She couldn’t stop the gurgles and squeals and groans. Hot spasms of pleasure shook her body, and her cream kept spurting out. Jeff was gobbling it noisily, pigging out on the creamy, tangy tasting stuff. At last Janet went limp and opened her eyes.

Nobody in sight. She breathed a big sigh of relief. “That was wonderful, darling,” she told her son, “but I think we’d better get dressed now.”

“Uh-uh,” Jeff leered, “I’m not finished with you yet, Mom.”

Before she could reply, he’d jammed his face between her legs again, and she felt his tongue cramming her cunt. He made it long and rigid, and he plowed it into her without warning, pushing it as deep as it would go. Janet almost blacked out with ecstasy. She dug her nails into the blanket and soaked his face with thick hot cream.

“Ohhhhh, honey, yessss,” she hissed, “get that thing into me, fuck me with it.”

It was hard to believe that she’d just come like a bomb, because now her lust was at the boiling point again. It felt incredibly exciting to have her son’s throbbing wet tongue cramming her cunt. He used it expertly. Naturally Lisa wouldn’t have neglected that part of his sex training. He pistoned his tongue stiffly up and down, reaming her clinging cunt, giving her hot blasts of pleasure.

Once again she couldn’t bear to keep her eyes open. She wanted to shut out all outside forces and just give herself up to the wild pleasure she was feeling as Jeff hammered his thick tongue in her famished pussy hole. She made a final check, didn’t see any people corning, and closed her eyes. The pleasure instantly overwhelmed her. A marching band could have gone past, and she wouldn’t have responded.

No, she was responding only to her son’s tongue-fucking. Jeff was pistoning his tongue faster and harder by the second, bringing her fast toward orgasm. Once again she was hovering on the brink of a body-blasting come. Greedily she tried to prolong the pleasure, pulling back a little as each deep thrust of his tongue threatened to bring her off. But she couldn’t do that for long. Her urge to climax was just too great.

“Oooooo, honey, ooooo!” she squealed.

Jeff felt her cunt tightening round his tongue, and he knew she was about to climax. He launched her into orbit by tonguing her twat with lightning speed. Those swift hard thrusts brought her off in seconds, and he felt his face being blasted with her molten come. She writhed right off the impalement of his tongue and rolled around on the blanket.

Jeff sat back and watched her, proud of his work but getting more urgently horny by the second. His cock was flat against his belly, engorged and drooling, and his balls were swollen up taut. Much as he enjoyed eating his mother’s hot tangy pussy, he had to get some relief for his nearly-exploding cock.

As Janet finally came down from her climax and opened her eyes, she saw the situation right away. Jeff had a cock-stand that wouldn’t quit, and he looked glassy-eyed with lust. She settled onto her back and held her arms out to him, and he hurried over to her, his cock so stiff and swollen that it didn’t even move.

But instead of crawling between her legs, he climbed farther, till he was straddling her chest, his trim ass just grazing her ripe tits, his drooling cock poking against her pink-glossed lips. Automatically she stuck her tongue out and licked the tasty cream from her lips, then started licking it from his smeared cock head. Jeff gave a horny shiver and a groan of contentment. He really craved to watch his pretty mom licking up his cock cream and hungrily swallowing it.

Janet didn’t mind her assignment one bit. Fair was fair, after all. Jeff had eaten her, so she was eating him. Besides, she adored the salty flavor of his prick cream, couldn’t ever get enough of it. She teasingly trailed her hot juicy tongue over the sensitive, swollen head of his cock, lazily lapping up his juice, and the boy groaned in bliss.

“Ahhhh, yeah, Mom, lick up all my cream,” he sighed.

Janet really didn’t need any urging. She was drooling with eagerness as she treated herself to every single drop of her son’s hot juice. She cleaned his cock head, leaving it gleaming with her hot spit, and then she reamed out his piss hole, using the pointed tip of her tongue to get the rest of his cream.

Fisting the base of his prick, she slid the rest over her slippery tongue and into the steam heat of her mouth. Jeff gave a hoarse groan and a lusty shiver as she took his cock right to the back of her throat. She firmed her lips around the throbbing shaft, drew in her cheeks, and started to suck. Jeff’s eyes rolled out of control, then screwed shut as he surrendered himself to the bliss of having his cock sucked.

“Ahhhhhhh, yeah, Mom, suck me off,” he groaned.

Janet was happily proceeding with that request when she realized they were being watched. She didn’t know how it had happened. She’d had her eyes open this time, yet the young bearded man had seemed to materialize from nowhere. He’d popped up from behind a dune about thirty feet away and was gawking at Janet and Jeff. He was wearing a full backpack, obviously on his way through the area, nobody that Janet knew.

That was a relief. And she realized even more when the guy smiled at her. Jeff had his eyes closed, his back to the stranger, and was fully engrossed in his mother’s blow-job. Only Janet was aware that they had an audience, and the stranger’s expression told her that she had nothing to worry about.

Janet somehow never missed a beat, just went on sucking Jeff’s tasty teenage cock. The stranger unzipped his jeans and took out his cock, which was swollen up stiff and thick. He began to jack of f. Janet felt the most incredible, wicked excitement. She found she liked having an audience, loved the idea of arousing this guy so much that he had to masturbate.

His face flushed with horniness, and he pumped his cock faster, his eyes glued to Janet’s widely stretched lips. He pumped his engorged boner, Janet sucked Jeff’s cock and Jeff groaned in ecstasy. She was gulping his cream as fast as she could suction it from his prick, and she was watching the bearded young man beat, off. It was the most outrageous sexual experience she’d ever had.

“Ahhh, yeah, Mom, suck,” Jeff moaned. As he heard the word “Mom” the stranger’s eyebrows rose, but he didn’t look shocked, just more aroused. His fist was really flying now, and Janet was sucking faster and faster on Jeff’s nearly-exploding prick. Janet and the stranger were turning each other on like crazy. She sucked as loud as she could, and he pumped his prick faster and faster, thick globs of cream dripping from his piss hole and hitting the sand.

It was wicked fun, but it couldn’t last forever. Jeff spun out of control, fucking hard at her mouth, and in another second he was jetting his load into the back of her throat. “Eat it, Mom, aaagggghhhhh!” he yelled.

“Mmmmm, uuummmmm!” Janet moaned, gulping his sizzling cream.

The stranger’s face twisted into an orgasmic grimace, and thick wads of come spurted from his cock. Janet watched it happen, and she ground her thighs hard together and started to come. She’d never made herself come that way before, but then she’d never been so insanely turned on before. Her eyes screwed shut as the hot climax shook her.

When she opened her eyes again, the stranger was gone.


Janet and Jeff finally got around to eating their picnic lunch, and she debated whether or not to tell him about the stranger. She decided not to. It would just be her little secret. It might not be a good idea to let her son know just how kinky she could be.

Not that she had a monopoly on kinkiness. Jeff could have taken a few prizes himself. After all, he was Darin’s son, and he’d been well taught by Lisa. As they drove home, he said to Janet, “Hey, I know what let’s do tonight, Mom. Let’s go on a prowl.”

“A prowl?” Janet said. “What’s that?”

“Well, that’s what Lisa and I call it,” he grinned. “We dress in dark clothes and sneak around the neighborhood and check out the action.”

Janet blushed. “You mean you and Lisa go out peeping?” she asked.

“You got it,” he leered. “How about it, Mom, you wanta go with me?”

“I’ll have to think about it,” Janet said, feeling pretty flustered.

She was a highly respected school teacher in that little town. What if people were to find out that she was also a peeper and that she was having a kinky affair with her own teenage son? She’d lose her job for sure. Yet what were the chances of being caught, if she and Jeff were really careful? The more Janet thought about the idea of a “prowl”, the more it excited her.

She’d gotten so turned on watching the neighbor couple make love, and she’d really like to peep again. By the time night came, she could hardly contain her eagerness. Jeff went to his room and changed into a black shirt and cap. Apparently he’d brought his peeping clothes along with him. He emerged and looked at Janet impatiently.

“Well, Mom, you coming or not?” he asked. “We’re wasting time. People will be asleep pretty soon.”

Jeff came with her and helped her select the dark things she needed, and then they slipped out into the alley. Janet felt like a naughty little kid, yet she knew she wasn’t going to turn back. Jeff led the way down the alleys of the neighborhood, but at first there wasn’t much to be seen — kids doing their homework, a few people reading in bed. Janet was discovering that peeping wasn’t all that easy.

Once they paused outside and uncurtained bedroom window and watched a woman taking off her clothes, but she was middle-aged and fat, no treat to look at. Later they caught a couple kissing and starting to undress. That looked promising, but the wife remembered to pull the shades before the heavy action got started. Jeff and Janet moaned with disappointment.

It took almost an hour before they found just what they were looking for. They were going down an alley behind a motel, and they paused outside a brightly lit and open window. Inside a woman was pacing the floor, as if impatiently waiting for somebody. Janet recognized her as the mayor’s wife, a slender redhead in her mid-thirties.

What was Alice Benson doing in a motel room at that time of night? Janet seethed with curiosity. On the dresser she saw a dark wig, indicating that Alice had come to the motel in disguise. That made things even more interesting. Poor Alice was really getting frantic, lighting one cigarette after another and consulting her wristwatch over and over again. Then there was a knock on the door, and she almost jumped out of her high-heeled shoes.

She hurried to open the door, and a man rushed inside, his collar turned up, his hat pulled down over his fate. He chain-locked the door, then removed his hat and coat. Janet barely stifled a gasp of surprise. The man George Benson, the mayor’s brother! Alice was keeping a secret meeting with her own brother-in-law. And to Janet’s astonishment, they fell into each other’s arms, kissing hotly.

“Oh, my gosh,” Janet breathed.

George Benson, a burly guy in his forties, ran the family business, a gas station and repair shop, and he had a pleasant plump wife and a whole herd of kids. He belonged to all kinds of clubs and did charity work and was a big shot in his church. No one would have dreamed he was having an affair with his sister-in-law. And of course nobody would have suspected the mayor’s socialite wife of cheating.

“Where have you been, George?” Alice asked as they came up for air. “I was frantic.”

“Aw, one of the kids skinned his knee and I had to take him to the doctor,” George said. “Seems like something always makes me late. I wish we could just see each other like normal people.”

“But we can’t,” Alice sighed, “and at least you got here. I guess this is the best we can do.”

That was true, Janet thought. Neither one of them was about to get a divorce. In this small town it would create a terrible scandal if the mayor’s wife ran off with his brother. In fact it would be a terrible scandal if they were even caught in this motel room. So the attraction between Alice and George had to be pretty hot. They were risking everything they had in order to be together.

Alice poured them a couple of straight shots of whiskey from a flask, and then they started to undress. Janet began to feel aroused. She and Jeff were leaning against somebody’s back fence to watch, and she felt like she was settling down for an X-rated film. Her eyes darted to George’s crotch as he stripped down to his shorts.

He was a big guy, and he was very well hung, his cock massive and thick like the rest of him. Alice eyed his prick and gave a lusty shiver, then hurried to take off the rest of her clothes. She had a slender firm body, and she was in very good shape for a woman her age. George watched her remove her bra and panties, then gave a lusty growl and lifted her onto the king-size motel bed.

Alice and George didn’t waste any time. They probably didn’t have much time, so they went right to work. George rolled onto his back, his massive hairy chest rising like a mountain, his huge hard cock standing at right angles to his belly. Alice straddled him backwards, her pert little ass practically in his face, her glistening red-glossed lips poised right over the swollen head of his cock.

“Oh, boy, sixty-nine,” Jeff whispered. “I really go for that.”

Just tile thought of being naked and in bed with her handsome son was enough to make her wildly horny. But she knew she was going to get a lot more horny before they reached home. There was a very exciting scene before her in that motel room. Alice stuck out her tongue and began to swirl it all over the big purple head of George’s cock.

“Ahhhh, yeah, baby, that feels great,” the big man sighed.

Her tongue was busy and eager, coating his massive prick head with her hot spit, lapping up the thick globs of cream that oozed from his piss hole. Alice was hungry for his cream, and she didn’t try to hide it. Janet could really identify with that. She adored lapping up Jeff’s salty juices and felt like she could never get enough of them.

She was sure Alice was drooling all over George’s prick as she gobbled his juice. As each bubble of cock creak emerged from that dark cleft, she speared at it with the pointed tip of her tongue, then rolled it around in her mouth, savoring it. Then she gulped it down and went for more. George lay there red-faced with excitement, ogling her juicy pink slit.

“Yeah, honey, eat all that juice,” he growled. Her pussy was practically in his face, and he was studying the stuffed pink flesh and its fringe of reddish curls. Alice was a real redhead, Janet discovered. George was panting on her pussy, glassy-eyed with arousal, like a kid trying to decide which candy to choose from a box of chocolates. He finally decided to go for the whole thing.

George was lashing his big wet tongue all over her swollen pussy, giving her delicious rushes of pleasure. Janet watched and shivered with need. She’d love to have been in Alice’s place just then, feeling that juicy hot flesh on her lust-engorged gash. Thick cream began to spurt from Alice’s cunt mouth, and George gave a lusty snort and gobbled it up as fast as he could get it.

“Ohhhh, George, honey, I love that,” Alice moaned.

“Wish my wife would let me do this,” George muttered.

“I wish my husband would do it to me,” Alice sighed.

She was beginning to understand the hot attraction between Alice and her brother-in-law.

It sounded like both of them were married to people with hang-ups about sex, people who didn’t want to experiment. Bath Alice and George had been married for a long time. By now they must be just about crazy with boredom and frustration. That is, they were until they met each other.

Now Alice was whipping her tongue ravenously over George’s sensitive cock head, while he tongue-whipped her lust-engorged pussy. They were giving each other the novelty and adventure they both craved. Janet felt nothing but sympathy for them. She knew just how it was to be nearly crazy for sex. In fact she knew the feeling better than anybody, after ten whole years without a partner.

Go for it, you guys, she thought with a grin. The mayor of their little town was always raving and ranting about other people’s morals, hinting that everybody else should be as wonderful and virtuous as he was. Janet just wished he could get an eyeful of this scene, his wife stark naked, straddling his brother, doing sixty-nine. She wished that holier-than-thou mayor could watch his wife hungrily licking another man’s cock while he tongued her pussy.

Yes, it would be interesting to hear what the mayor had to say then. He didn’t approve of oral sex? Fine, his pretty little wife would just get it somewhere else. For instance, with his brother. Even out in the alley Janet and Jeff could hear the obscene wet slurping and sucking noises the couple were making as they ate each other. Alice and George were gorging themselves on all the goodies they couldn’t get at home.

“Honey, I need to come so bad,” Alice moaned.

“Want me to get you off in your favorite way?” George grinned.

“Ummmm, I sure do,” she gurgled.

George made his big tongue long and stiff, then crammed it into her smoking little twat. Alice gasped and nearly flew off the bed. Then her face relaxed into a lusty smile as George began to tongue-fuck her, sawing his big stiff tongue up and down in her hungry cunt. His face was quickly soaked with her overflowing juices.

“Unnnnhhhhh, yeah, baby, I love that,” she cried hoarsely, “don’t stop, do it to me forever.”

George looked as if he’d be glad to carry out that request. He was eagerly pistoning his big tongue in and out of her box and gobbling up her hot tangy cream. His own wife would have been horrified if he’d even suggested such a thing to her, but Alice adored it. She gurgled and squealed and moaned in ecstasy as he reamed her twat with his thick spearing tongue.

But Alice didn’t neglect her work, either. She was lashing and whipping her glistening pink tongue all over the massive head of George’s boner, and she was gobbling up his bubbling juices like they were candy. These two people were literally starved for each other. Watching them, Janet was getting frantically horny. She wished there was some way she and Jeff could get it on right there in the alley.

She was squirming and sighing with horniness, and Jeff looked over and chuckled. “Move closer to me, Mom,” he whispered.

Never taking her eyes off the scene in the bedroom, Janet obeyed. She hardly even heard what her son was saying, she was so absorbed in watching Alice and George. Then she felt Jeff’s hand creeping down inside her slacks. She’d wondered, when they were getting dressed, why he’d insisted on her wearing such loose-fitting pants. Now she knew.

It was easy for him, to slide his hand down inside her slacks and then under her elasticized bikini panties. He was touching the soft warm fur of her muff, then reaching even lower. He began to massage the juicy swollen flesh of her slit, and she just barely stifled a shrill whimper of pleasure. He found the small but slippery mouth of her cunt and eased his stiff middle finger inside.

That was more like it. She could watch Alice taking George’s pistoning tongue and not feel so frantically jealous, because now she had Jeff’s thick middle finger pumping in her cunt and giving her blast after blast of pleasure. She quickly soaked his finger with her molten cream. The hot liquid overflowed her twat as he reamed it out with his pumping finger. Like everything else he’d done to her, this was expert.

“Did you do this to Lisa while you two were out peeping?” she grinned.

“Yep, it was one of her favorite things,” Jeff chuckled, “only a couple times she couldn’t keep quiet, and we almost got caught.”

“I’ll keep quiet,” Janet promised.

She definitely didn’t need to be caught like this, the town’s most respected female teacher letting her own son finger-fuck her while they peeped the neighborhood. It sure wouldn’t do much for her image. So she managed to stifle her cries of pleasure as Jeff pistoned his stiff finger in her red-hot juicy pussy hole. She decided to return the favor, and she unzipped his fly and slid her hand inside.

She’d curled her hot fingers around his meat and was slipping it out of his pants. His cock was already semi-hard with excitement, and as his pretty mother began to play with it, it went stiff as steel in her fist. Eagerly she began to jack him off, pumping her hot fist up and down his rigid throbbing shaft. She matched his hot rhythm as he finger-fucked her. But they both had their eyes on the other couple.

“Oooooo, shit, honey,” Alice was squealing, “it’s so fuckin’ good.”

She’d drenched George’s massive purple cock head with her hot spit, and she’d lapped every drop of his cream from his piss hole. She was starved for more of his juice, and she knew just how to get it. She opened her lips as wide as she could and crammed his enormously engorged cock head into her mouth. George groaned hoarsely and gave a lusty shiver.

“Awwwwww, yeah, baby, suck me off,” he cried, “you know I love that more than anything.”

Surely it was something his nice little wife had never done for him in all their years of marriage. She probably would have fainted if he’d even suggested that she suck his cock. But Alice didn’t have any inhibitions when it came to giving head. She was sucking like crazy on his throbbing dick, soaking it with her boiling saliva.

George growled with contentment and crammed his thick tongue back into her cunt. They went at each other furiously, snarling and growling and moaning. Janet and Jeff caught their excitement and speeded up their own action, masturbating each other like crazy. Jeff pistoned his stiff finger fast in his mother’s juice-slick cunt, and she pumped his prick fast in her hot little fist, her fingers slippery with his oozing cream. It was hard for them to keep quiet.

It looked like Alice and George were about to go into orbit, too. Alice’s red hair flew as she bobbed up and down over her brother-in-law’s cock, and George’s head was bobbing to the same hot tempo. She fisted the thick hairy base of his prick and sucked hard on the massive head. George plowed his thick tongue into her smoking depths. But unlike Janet and Jeff, they didn’t have to be quiet.

The room echoed with their moans and grunts and snarls, and the big motel bed was starting to creak and groan. Janet creamed furiously all over Jeff’s pumping finger, and his cock throbbed like mad in her fist. They were both aching to come, yet they didn’t want to miss a second of the exciting scene in the motel. So they struggled to hold back their own climaxes till Alice and George had gotten off.

Alice’s head was bobbing with lightning speed now, and they could hear her greedy wet sucking noises and muffled moans. George’s head was pistoning up and down as he plowed his stiff tongue into her fiery depths and reamed out her thick tangy cream. Alice gasped, stiffened, then began to convulse, her body shaking violently. A second later her cheeks ballooned with George’s come.

They were coming together, powerfully, gulping each other’s juices. Alice let her mouth fill with her brother-in-law’s boiling jizz, then gulped the whole load. George was sucking out her come, his lips glued to the spasming mouth of her cunt. The room echoed with their obscene noises, and Janet and Jeff could hear them clearly even in the alley.

It was just too much. Janet whimpered and began to come, her cunt clamping tightly, rhythmically around Jeff’s finger. She gave his cock a firm squeeze as she came, and he yelped and began to spurt his jism into the alley. There was just no way mother and son could keep from coming, they were so wildly aroused. And they couldn’t stifle their hoarse groans and gasps of pleasure as the hot mutual orgasm shook them.

Luckily Alice and George were making so much noise of their own that they didn’t hear all the tell-tale sounds from the alley. They finally stopped coming, and Alice let George’s soaked cock slip from her lips. She just happened to glance at the window, and she gasped, then leaped off the bed.

“Oh, my gosh,” she cried, “I forgot to close the window and pull the curtains. Lucky nobody came along.”

Jeff and Janet hit the ground just as Alice reached the window. They’d been very lucky to escape being seen, and they decided not to press their luck any farther that night.


Mother and son walked home fast, both of them replaying what they’d seen and imagining how they’d like to try it themselves. By the time they got back td the house, they were both urgently horny. They headed straight for Janet’s bedroom and started to undress.

While they took off their clothes, Janet explained to Jeff who Alice and George were and why their affair was such a big scandal in a small town. “Oh, wow,” Jeff commented, “I wonder what’ll happen to them?”

“Nothing, I hope,” Janet said. “I mean I hope they never get caught and they just get to go on having fun together.”

“Why, Mom, that’s adultery,” Jeff teased. Janet just smiled. She didn’t want to remind him that incest was even worse. She didn’t want to think about rules and morals right now. Her pussy was on fire with need, and all she cared about was getting into bed with Jeff. Naked, she hurried over to the bed and waited for him. It seemed to take him about a million years to strip, but finally he was sliding onto the big bed beside her and puffing her against him for a hot steamy tongue-kiss.

“Mmnun-hmmmmm,” Janet moaned.

She felt his cock mushrooming, pressed between their bellies. It throbbed and heated and juiced, and it left a wet sticky trail on her belly. Her arousal quickly spiked to fever pitch, and her hungry little cunt juiced and overflowed. Finally she and Jeff came up for air, and he grinned at her and rolled onto his back. She almost moaned with longing at the sight of his stiff prick.

“I think Alice and George had a good idea,” Jeff leered.

Janet didn’t need any more invitation than that. She crawled over and straddled him in the sixty-nine position. She felt his hot breath tickling her naked pussy, and she found her head poised right over his stiff-standing cock. Eagerly she dipped her head down and stuck out her tongue, lashing the sensitive head of his prick.

“Ahhhhh, yeah, Mom, lick it,” the boy sighed. “Let’s just take our time, okay?”

They didn’t have to get up for anything or go anywhere tomorrow. They could make love all night, explore every kinky idea that came into their heads. In fact the whole summer was going to be like that. Maybe by the time Jeff went home in the fall Janet would have satisfied all her stored-up lusts! If a whole summer of love-making didn’t do it for her, nothing would. But at that moment she felt as horny as she’d ever felt in her life.

Drooling with eagerness for his cream, she whipped her hot little tongue all over the bulbous head of his cock. The salty juice bubbled up in his piss hole, and she speared it with the stiff tip of her tongue. She rolled the delicious cream around in her mouth, savoring the flavor, then greedily gulped it down and tongued for more. She felt like she could have gone on for hours eating her son’s tasty cream.

Meanwhile Jeff was getting busy. He’d treated himself to a few minutes of absolute self-indulgence, just lying there and letting his mom lick his cock, but he couldn’t stay passive. He was ogling her luscious-looking pussy and getting very hungry for some of her tangy cream. Finally he couldn’t wait a second longer, and he went at the swollen pink flesh with his stiff tongue.

He whipped his tongue all over her slit, gobbling up all the beaded cream. He didn’t miss an inch, and Janet gurgled in ecstasy. Then he began to rim her mouth. He used the stiff tip of his tongue and swirled it around and around the tight ring of flesh, driving her crazy with need. She kept thrusting her hips in his direction, trying to impale herself on his stiff tongue.

“Please, honey, stick it all the way into me,” she begged hoarsely, “fuck me with it.”

“Only if you suck my cock,” Jeff chuckled.

“It’s a deal,” Janet laughed.

Of course she didn’t have to be coaxed into going down on him. It was one of her very favorite things to do to her handsome teenage son. She fisted the throbbing base of his cock and eased the rest into the steam heat of her mouth, over her slippery tongue. Jeff shivered with excitement, then groaned with satisfaction as she firmed her lips around his shaft.

“Yeah, Mom, suck my cock,” he cried.

Janet was way ahead of him. Drawing in her cheeks and steadily pumping the base of his cock, she was sucking loudly and hungrily. She suctioned the hot cream out of his cock cleft and gobbled it. Jeff could feel her drooling all over his meat, and he sensed that she was starved for the taste of his cream. But it was his turn to return the favor.

He made his tongue rigid and eased it slowly, teasingly, into her red-hot cuntal tube. She gave muffled whimpers of ecstasy as he went into her, and she soaked his face with her molten juices. He eased his tongue inside, right to the root, then began to fuck her with it. Her lustily jerking hips indicated the fast hard action she wanted, and he gave it to her.

Janet was in ecstasy, delighted that they’d chosen to do sixty-nine. Jeff’s stiff tongue was reaming her cunt and giving her steady stabs of pleasure, and at the same time she got to suck his cock and eat his tasty cream. She had all the stimulation she could handle, and she was loving every second of it. As her arousal grew she sucked harder, faster on his cock, and he matched her tempo with his spearing tongue.

Mother and son were going at each other as noisily and greedily as Alice and George had done back at the motel. All that mattered was getting off, and they tongued and sucked each other faster and faster as they hurtled toward that urgently needed orgasm. Jeff felt his mom’s steaming little box starting to tighten around his plowing tongue, and he knew that she’d soon be on the brink of climax.

Janet felt her son’s juices flowing more strongly from his prick, telling her that he was close to shooting his load. She gulped the hot cream and sucked hard for more, adding to his nearly insane arousal. His swollen cock stretched her lips almost to bursting, and his throbbing meat crammed her mouth, but that didn’t bother her. She adored his cock in her mouth and couldn’t imagine anything more exciting than sucking him off.

“Mmmmm, uuunmnnnun,” she moaned, letting him know how excited she was and how much she loved the taste of his cream.

Jeff got the message, and he tongue-fucked her even faster and harder, reaming out her tangy cream and gobbling it. He was just as hungry for her as she was for him. His thick tongue was making an obscene sucking noise as it forced out her juices, and his head was bobbing with lightning speed.

Jeff was spinning out of control and starting to fuck her mouth. He didn’t want to choke her, but he just couldn’t control his natural urges. He fucked right into the back of her throat, and Janet took it. She was so aroused, she lost the usual gagging reflex and let him piston his meat right down her throat. As she took his cock into that velvety tight tube, Jeff shot his load.

Janet drew back just a little and let his boiling jizz collect in her mouth where she could taste it and savor it. Meanwhile he was hammering his tongue like crazy in her gripping cuntal tube, and it was just a matter of seconds before she was coming right along with him. She gave a hoarse groan, and her twat went into spasm, gripping and releasing his tongue in a strong lusty massage.

Jeff went on fucking her mouth, filling it again and again with his boiling jizz. She greedily swallowed all of it, not wanting to lose a single precious drop. And as she did that, Jeff was sucking out her tangy hot come and gulping it. Mother and son feasted on each other’s cream for long delicious moments before they finally rolled apart and caught their breath.

“Wow, that was fantastic,” Jeff sighed. “It sure was,” Janet agreed breathlessly. “Now what’ll we do for fun?” he leered.

“Jeff, for heaven’s sake, aren’t you tired yet?” she asked wonderingly.

“Uh-uh,” he grinned, “I’m just getting started. What’s the matter, Mom, you tired?”

“No, not really,” she smiled.

She didn’t think she’d ever get tired of making love, but she couldn’t believe her luck in having a tireless teenager to take care of her incredible needs. So what if he happened to be her son? No one else could have kept up with her, her lusts were so powerful. After ten years without a man, she had a lot of lost time to make up for.

She hoped she’d marry Russ when he got back in the fall, and she hoped by then she’d be more normal in her desires. After all, both she and Russ had full-time jobs. They couldn’t spend half the day in bed like she and Jeff did.

So Jeff was really doing everybody a favor, the way Janet saw it. If he went on making love to her day after day, all summer long, maybe she could be a normal wife for Russ.

“I’m glad you’re not tired, Mom,” he grinned, “because there’s a few more things I wanta try with you before we go to sleep.”

“Things Lisa taught you?” Janet smiled.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Good old Lisa,” Janet laughed.

Jeff was already positioning her on her hands and knees, and she eagerly cooperated, wondering what exotic things he had planned for her. Lisa certainly had given him a thorough sex education. In fact, come to think of it, Lisa must be missing the boy like hell right now. Janet couldn’t feel anything but sympathy for Jeff’s horsy stepmother, because she knew just how vital he could become to a woman.

She crouched there, waiting eagerly, and then she felt his hot breath on her naked slit. She shivered with delight. She adored having her pussy eaten, and Jeff seemed about to give her more of it. She gasped as his stiff tongue tip contacted the swollen flesh of her gash, and she creamed a big hot flood as he began to lash her pussy all over.

Jeff drooled as he gobbled up her tangy cream. He knew Janet was hopelessly addicted to having her pussy licked, but he wondered how she’d react to the final touch he had in mind. No way to find out except to try it! He lathered her whole pussy with his hot spit, then tongued low to her erect and pulsating joy button. As he began to rim it with the pointed tip of his tongue, she gurgled in ecstasy.

“Oooooo, baby, yesss,” she cried, “lick me there, that’s the best place of all!”

Well, maybe not quite the best. Jeff had a little surprise in mind for her. But he wanted to warm her up first, so he rimmed her throbbing clit, racing his tongue tip around and around the swelling bud and making her squeal and gurgle with pleasure. Thick rivers of pearly cream oozed from her little fur-fringed cunt mouth and gushed down her inner thighs. She clawed the bed and panted as he tongued her toward orgasm.

Jeff loved getting her so aroused, so helplessly excited, just by using his tongue. It really gave him a sense of power. Once again he silently thanked his stepmother for all the things she’d taught him. He knew how to arouse a woman with his fingers, lips, tongue, and mouth, not to mention his cock. That was going to come in really handy when his father finally allowed him to date girls!

He couldn’t help chuckling to himself when he thought how astonished his dad would be if he knew about Jeff’s sex life. Here Darin considered him just a little kid and wasn’t going to let him date till he got into high school, when in fact he was already getting it on with two mature women, his mother and his stepmother. Yes, that would really blow the old man’s mind. Jeff just wished his father could see him right now.

Janet was crouched there clawing the bed, her pretty face all contorted with lust, and she was moaning steadily as her son tongued her clit and brought her to the very brink of orgasm. Jeff was getting a steady supply of her hot tangy cream, and he knew that with just the right pressure from his lips she was going to go into orbit.

“Unnnnhhhh, Jeff,” she moaned, “make me come, honey, I just have to come.”

When she started calling him by his little kid name, she was aroused out of her mind, as Jeff had learned. He pressed his lips firmly against her wildly throbbing joy button and started sucking the stiff bud. It didn’t take long to suck her off. In less than a minute of his noisy wet sucking, she stiffened, gasped, and then began to shake and howl.

She was writhing and bucking so hard; Jeff couldn’t keep her squirting between his lips. He sat up and watched her climax, proud that he’d had such a violent effect on a grown woman. Her big ripe tits were swinging heavily back and forth, and a thick river of come-juice was pouring from her cunt and gushing down her legs. It took her almost a full minute to finish coming.

“Mmmmmm, honey, that was wonderful,” she sighed.

“I’m not finished with you yet,” Jeff leered.

Janet gurgled happily and remained in position for him. If he wanted to gut himself on pussy-eating, that was fine with her. It was something she could never get enough of. Once again she felt his hot tongue lashing all over her lust-engorged slit, and she moaned in bliss. He tongue-whipped every inch of the wet pink flesh, then zeroed in on the tight little mouth of her cunt, rimming it with the stiff tip of his tongue.

He was teasing her, and it didn’t, take long before she was frantic with need. He was giving her just the very tip of his tongue, but she craved the whole thing. She started jerking her hips, trying to impale herself on his stiff but slippery tongue. It was no use. Everytime she tried, he pulled away at the crucial moment. Janet was about to go crazy with frustration.

“Please, honey,” she whimpered, “stick it all the way into me.”

Jeff finally took pity on her and suddenly crammed his whole tongue up her cunt. She wailed in ecstasy and soaked the slippery meat with her scalding cream. He tongue-fucked her hard and fast, the way he knew she needed it, and she responded with sobs of ecstasy and a steady flood of the tangy juice he loved. His tongue-fucking was driving her fast toward another climax, even though she’d just come like a bomb.

“Do it to me, do it to me,” she panted, “I love that, honey, don’t ever stop.”

Jeff had no intention of stopping, not until he got to the kinky little surprise he had planned for her. She sure wasn’t expectin anything like it. She thought she was getting just a normal pussy-eating, and so far she was right. He hammered his stiff tongue furiously in her greedily gripping cunt, giving her blast after blast of pleasure.

Jeff had never tongue-fucked her this fast and hard before, and she loved it. He was thrusting his stiff tongue clear to her molten depths, making her cream steadily and helplessly. She closed her eyes and felt herself sailing to the edge of another body-blasting climax.

“Ohhhhh, I’m coming, whaaahhhhhhhh!” she howled.

Jeff drew back and let the pleasure-spasms take over her body. He couldn’t do muck when she was rocking and bucking like that. But the moment she started to go still again, he gave her the surprise he’d been saving. He crammed his slippery but rigid tongue into the tiny puckered mouth of her asshole, pushing it in clear to the root.

This was something even his father hadn’t done to her. She’d never had anything up her ass before, and she couldn’t believe how wickedly exciting it felt. Jeff tongue-fucked her tight little shitter, and she went wild, screaming with pleasure and clawing the bed.

She couldn’t believe how fast she hurtled toward yet another powerful climax. Her asshole was unbelievably sensitive.

She wondered if she could some just from his tongue plowing in her shitter, and she soon got her answer. She felt a violent hot explosion of pleasure that began deep up her ass and quickly radiated out to engulf her whole body. Jeff felt her sizzling brownie clamping around his tongue, then heard her scream, and he knew he’d accomplished his goal.

He should have waited for her to stop coming, but by now his lust was overpowering, and he just had to find some relief for his nearly bursting hard-on. While she was still wailing and convulsing, he rolled her over onto her back and threw himself onto her, digging his rock-hard cock as deep as he could into her wet and boiling box. He started fucking her hard, unable to control his urgent lust.

“Take it, Mom, take my cock,” he groaned. “Yes, baby, give it to me, fuck me,” Janet gurgled.

She wanted to reward him for the fantastic pussy-eating he’d just given her. She wished there was some equally kinky surprise she could give him — and just maybe there was. It was hard to think of anything Lisa hadn’t shown him, but there was just a chance that he hadn’t experienced this yet. As he pistoned his stiff cock in her juicy cunt, his mother wriggled her little finger up his asshole and started to pump it.

“Holy shit!” Jeff gasped.

“Like that?” Janet grinned.

“Shit, yes,” he groaned, “I love it.”

Somehow having her stiff little finger up his ass, pumping to the same rhythm as his cock, drove him out of his mind with excitement. He fucked into her faster and faster, till the bed creaked and quivered. He felt her cunt tightening steadily around his jackhammering cock, and his balls swelled to the point of explosion. He groaned and thrust his prick into her as deep as he could get it, and she thrust her finger hard into the depths of his ass.

“Awwww, Mom, I’m coming, awwww!” he howled.

This was going to be a hard act to follow, but Janet knew what they’d be doing even more kinky and exciting things than this in the long hot summer that stretched before them.


Janet couldn’t believe the summer was over, it had gone so fast, but here she was putting Jeff on a plane for home. They exchanged affectionate hugs and kisses, but no bystander would have guessed that mother and son had been lovers all summer long.

Janet sighed as she watched Jeff disappear up the crowded ramp to the plane. She wondered if she’d ever again get the sexual thrills and fulfillment she’d had with her own teenage son. It wouldn’t be long before she found out, because Russ was arriving at the same airport and just a few minutes from now.

Naturally he’d want to go straight to her place and make love.

She tried to remember their one love-making session last June. She recalled having enjoyed it very much, but it was vague in her mind. Since then she’d made love with Jeff hundreds of times. Could Russ really take Jeff’s place in her bed? She was concerned about her incestuous addiction to her son. Maybe she just ought to confess the whole thing to Russ.

That would be the honest thing to do, yet if she told him she’d been fucking her own kid, he might not want to marry her. She was still debating about this decision when she heard Russ shout her name. She picked him out of the crowd, grinned, and waved. At least she was still attracted to him, no doubt about that. They ran to each other and kissed hard.

“Jesus, am I glad to be back,” Russ sighed. “Let’s get my luggage and get out of here.”

“The martinis are chilled and waiting at my house,” Janet grinned.

They chatted happily on the drive into town, and Janet knew she was going to be very happy with Russ for a husband. But she still hadn’t decided whether to tell him her guilty secret. It seemed the right thing, yet it might cost her his love. She was still fretting about it as she parked the car and they went into her house.

One quick martini and they were on their way to the bedroom. Neither one of them had mentioned Jeff, and maybe this was the time. As they began taking off their clothes, Janet tried to gather her courage for the big confession. It just wouldn’t be right to marry Russ without telling him what she’d done. But she was temporarily distracted as she watched her ruggedly handsome fiance stripping naked.

She’d forgotten what a terrific body he had. She felt wildly aroused as she ogled his heavily muscled arms and legs and his powerful hair matted chest. Then she went wide-eyed as he skinned out of his shorts and uncovered his massive thick cock. She was used to Jeff’s teenage prick, and she got horny as hell as she ogled this monster.

She hurried to take off the rest of her clothes, and Russ stood there and watched her, his face flushed with lust. He ogled her big ripe tits and dark little bush, and then he gave a lusty growl, scooped her up in his arms, and carried her over to the bed. Janet was boiling with lust by now, and as he laid her down she knew this was her very last chance to be honest with him.

“Russ,” she said, “there’s something I really feel I ought to tell you.”

“Oh, Christ,” he groaned, “don’t tell me you changed your mind while I was gone?”

“Oh, no, darling,” Janet cried, “I want to marry you more than anything in the world.”

“So what’s the problem?” he asked.

Janet blushed beet red. She was finding it very hard to explain things. “Well, I guess you could say that I have unusual tastes when it comes to sex,” she answered.

“Oh?” Russ chuckled. “I’m delighted to hear that, honey, because I’m pretty kinky myself.”

“But, Russ,” she said desperately. “I’m trying to tell you that while you were gone…”

He clapped a hand over her mouth and said firmly, “Look, Janet, we were apart for three months. Nobody can be expected not to get horny for three months. So maybe we did a few things we didn’t intend to do. Let’s just forget it, okay? Let’s just start with a clean slate.”

Janet nodded. He was absolutely right. It hadn’t occurred to her that Russ might have done some fooling around, too, but the idea didn’t make her jealous. It was only natural. She hadn’t gone three months without sex, and she could hardly expect him to. So there was no need to explain to each other. Janet breathed a big sigh of relief. Russ pulled her into his arms and gave her a steamy lingering tongue kiss that made her cream till her pussy was soaked.

When they finally came up for air, Russ leered at her and said, “Now, about your unusual tastes in sex, would you care to give me a him?”

“Sure,” Janet leered back, “why don’t you just lie back and let me give you a demonstration?”

Russ obediently stretched out on his back, and Janet drooled at the sight of his massive eight-incher. It stood up at right angles to his body, as thick as her wrist and drooling rivers of hot cream. She hurried to straddle him in the sixty-nine position, her wet pussy an inch from his face, her eager lips poised right over his stiff-standing cock.

“How about this for openers, darling?” she purred.

“Fantastic,” Russ chuckled, his hot breath tickling her swollen slit, “and after that plane ride, I really need a snack.”

His big hot tongue touched her naked gash. He started licking her pussy all over, and it wasn’t long before she knew that he was just as expert a pussy-eater as Jeff. That was really good news. Now to find out if his cock was just as tasty. She dipped her head down, stuck out her tongue, and began to lap up the thick cream that oozed from the deep cleft of his prick. Right away she was hooked on the strong salty flavor, and she went for it eagerly.

He really was curious about how she’d spent her summer, because it had transformed her. She wasn’t a prim and cool spinster any more. She was a hot-blooded woman who could hardly wait to get him into her bed. All her inhibitions were gone, and he sensed that their sex life was going to be fantastic. But what had caused such a big change?

Yes, he was curious, but he wasn’t going to ask. He’d had his own sexual adventures that summer, and it wouldn’t do their relationship any good to brag about them. Apparently Janet had had some kind of affair, but she obviously still loved Russ and was very turned on to him. The feeling was mutual. And that was really all he could ask of any woman.

He eagerly tongue-lashed her puffed pink slit and gobbled her tangy cream, while she lapped up every drop of juice from his swollen cock head. After they’d licked each other, they moved on to sucking. Janet glided his thick throbbing cock into her mouth, taking as much as she could without choking, while Russ pressed his lips to the hotly pulsating bud of her clit. Greedily they began to suck each other off.

Their cries of pleasure were muffled because their mouths were busy, but they knew they were turning each other on like crazy. Janet felt and tasted the thick globs of cream that oozed out of Russ’ piss hole and dropped onto her tongue. Russ felt his face soaked with rush after rush of her searing pussy juice. Snarling and groaning, they gobbled each other’s cream.

Janet knew things were going to be perfect with Russ. Not only did she love the guy, he gave terrific head. He’d caught her ultrasensitive joy button between his lips and was sucking it expertly, giving her stabs of pleasure that made her moan and squeal and cream like crazy. He couldn’t get enough of her tangy pussy cream, either.

She returned the favor, starved for the taste of his cock. She worked her mouth strongly around the granite column of flesh, suctioning the hot cream from his piss hole and gobbling it down as fast as she could get it. His cock swelled up even bigger and throbbed hard on her tongue, and she knew he was very close to shooting his load.

That was fine, because she was just about ready to come, too. He was sucking faster and harder on her clit by the minute, working her to a fever pitch of need. The pleasure was building and building in her pussy till she couldn’t contain it any longer. She fought to prolong the ecstasy, teetering on the brink of a body-blasting climax.

“Let go, baby, come,” Russ urged, “we’ve got all night.”

She gurgled gratefully. It was terrific that he understood just what she needed. He popped his lips off her throbbing clit and crammed his big stiff tongue into her juice-slick cunt filling her up with the thick meat. He started tongue fucking her roughly, greedily, just the way she loved it best, and she drew back her head and howled.

His spit-soaked prick weaved lewdly, drooling thick rivers of juice, tempting her — but right now she couldn’t do anything but howl in ecstasy as he tongue-fucked her toward climax. Each deep hard thrust of his tongue made her more insanely aroused, and she was drenching his face with her helplessly gushing cream. She closed her eyes and went over the edge.

“You’re doing it to me, I’m coming!” she screamed.

Russ felt her hot little cunt clamp like a vise around his deep-plowing tongue. Her body shuddered and writhed, and a thick flood of cream surged around his tongue, overflowed her box, and soaked his face. She bucked and howled for a long time as he tongue-fucked her, and he didn’t pull out till she finally went still.

“Oh, my God, Russ, that was wonderful,” she panted.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” he chuckled. “Was that unusual enough for you?”

“Plenty,” she laughed, “and now it’s time for your reward.”

Russ groaned hoarsely as she dipped her head down and took his cock into her mouth. She took most of it without choking, and she fisted and pumped the rest. She started giving him a hard horny blow-job, whipping her juice-slick mouth up and down the thick rigid column of meat. It was just what he craved. He was going to come like crazy, any second now.

Janet moaned her willingness and sucked even harder, making a lewd wet sound that added to his wild arousal. The formerly prim and cold schoolteacher had a real hunger for cock cream, and she wasn’t afraid to show it. He could feel her drooling all over his prick as she gobbled his cream. He wished the fantastic sensations could go on all night, but he was too damned horny to hold out. He felt his balls explode, and he roared with pleasure.

She gurgled happily as her fiance tilled her mouth again and again with his boiling jizz. She certainly didn’t have any doubts now about their relationship. Her only worry was that they’d fuck each other to death before their first anniversary. For even as she sucked out the very last drops of his come, she could feel Russ’ cock swelling again. He wasn’t going to stop with just one climax, and neither was she.

“Stay just like you are, honey,” he growled.

Janet remained crouched on her hands and knees while he slid out from under her and knelt behind her. She gurgled with excitement as he wedged the huge hard head of his dick into the moist pit of her cunt mouth and started to push into her. The fit was very tight, but she loved the hot friction. She dug her nails into the bedspread, bracing herself, as he plowed his eight-incher to her womb.

“Unnnhhhh, yes, stick that big thing into me,” she moaned, “fuck the living shit out of me, baby.”

“I’ve been thinking about doing that all summer,” he chuckled.

He began to saw his massive boner deep and hard into her greedy little box, and she moaned in ecstasy. Her incestuous summer affair had been terrifically exciting, and it was something she’d needed after so many years without a man. There was no way she could have resisted her sexy son. But she was back in the real world now, and she needed a man like Russ.

“Yes, honey, you’re fucking me so good,” she moaned.

Russ’ man-sized cock was what she needed, and it was all she needed. She wouldn’t be craving Jeff. Still she couldn’t help wondering what he was doing right now. Maybe Lisa would have met his plane, and maybe Darin was away on a business trip. That meant Jeff and Lisa would be fucking each other’s brains out in Darin’s king-size bed. Janet couldn’t help grinning as she thought about it.

But she couldn’t keep her mind on her son for long. Russ was fucking her like a pile driver, making her whole body shake with the impact. She was moaning in ecstasy, and she closed her eyes tight and forgot everything but the terrific fucking he was giving her. His flat belly slapped loudly against her upturned ass, and she fucked back at him, jerking her hips to his rhythm.

“Aaahhhh, fuck, shit, awwwww!” Russ bawled, hammering his load into her.

This summers incestuous romance seemed like a far-away dream to Janet as she climaxed violently with the man she loved. Yet she knew she’d always have very special feelings for her son, feelings that only she and Jeff would ever understand.

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