True Story – Just happened this week

I just wanted to relate a story that happened to me today and
really embarrassed me. I’ll have to start with a little history.
About two years ago my husband of two years took me shopping.
We stopped off at a truck dealership and I fell in love with
this blue SUV. I have horses and always have since I was a
little girl. My husband didn’t mind me having horses but he
thought they were so expensive for as little as I rode them.
But he never complained or asked me to get rid of them. The
old truck I now owned was sort of on it’s last legs. I fell
in love with the blue SUV but the sticker tag on it was just

I knew I could never have an expensive SUV like this but as
we were leaving the dealership, I told my husband I would do
ANYTHING to own something like that. My husband laughed about
it but didn’t really say anything one way or the other. Of
course I forgot about it over the next week or two. Then one
day my husband got his dream job. His pay over doubled by
switching to this new company. My old truck was starting to
cause us a whole lot of trouble. Sometimes it wouldn’t start,
sometimes it had to be towed home. Then my husband remembered
the blue SUV and the words that I said as we left the truck
dealership, “I’d do ANYTHING for that SUV”.

As amazing as it was, my husband could actually afford the
SUV now if he wanted to. That night his mind must have started
thinking of the possibilites. I’m still in my early 20’s but
I have lead a pretty sheltered life. I’m a little shy and not
the show off type. I didn’t dress up real sexy very often
because I really liked wearing my blue jeans and dressing for
the country life that I was use to. My husband started thinking
he could have me do for the SUV. He finally drove by a small
strip mall and saw a store that made him very curious. He stopped
in and chatted with the owner and the owner showed him all
the possibilites that he could buy.

My husband wasn’t sure if he could pull it off but he was sure
going to try. He went to work the next day and wrote up a small
contract. In it was the things I would have to do to get this
new SUV vehicle. He thought of many things he wanted me to do
and he wrote them all down on the contract. He listed such things
as short mini skirts whenever we went out shopping, no undies
allowed when wearing the short skirts. I would put nice makeup
on and every saturday would be his day when I had to pretend
he was my MASTER. And all this had to last until the SUV was
paid off. This was not like me at all and my husband knew he
was pushing me further then I had ever tried to go before.

He finally had the contract finished and he made two copies
of it. One for him to keep, and one for me to do whatever I
wanted to do with it. But he had not shown the contract to me
yet. He knew I would probably be too scared to do it and not
go along with his deal. He tried to figure out how to make it
work and drove back over to the dealership as soon as work
was over. There was even a more powerful version of the SUV
there that was really made to pull trailers and the such. It
even had a built in TV and VCR for people riding in the
passenger seats. It was gorgous. BUt it was about $35,000.00.
My husband talked the manager of the place into letting him
drive it home to show to me as long as he had it back by
9:00 pm that night. The manager was pretty sure once I saw
the SUV, I would fall in love it with. It was one of their
prettiest vehicles in the lot.

Around 5:30 my husband got home and came inside. He told me he
had a surprise for me. When I walked outside, my eye’s could
not beleive what was in our parking lot. It was my dream come
true. I ran to the SUV and jumped in immediately. The dealer
tags and prices were still on the window. It took me about
five minutes to come out of the vehicle. I jumped up and down
and asked if it was ours. Of course my husband said NO! He told
me to look at the price on the window. When I saw it was $35,000
I knew it was too much for us to get it. It was then he
told me to come into the house. For about five minutes he had
me sitting next to him on the couch while he explained how
expensive the SUV was and how hard he would have to work to get
me something like that. I didn’t know why he was even talking
to me about it. I knew I would never get something like that.
Then he pulled out of his briefcase one of the contracts. He
told me that he wanted me to read this entire contract over,
and if I signed it, that SUV in the driveway would become mine
tonight. If I wasn’t interested in signing it, he would just
drive it back to the dealer. The choice was mine.

He walked outside and gave me five minutes to look over the
contract. As I read each demand, I knew it wasnt me. I wasnt
a mini skirt, makeup, no undie, once a week slavegirl type of
person. But it was the very last line that really had me worried.
It said I would drive with him tonight before we bought the SUV
and he could have a TATTOO put on me of anything he wanted. He
had always been after me to get a small TATTOO. I didn’t sign
the contract and went back to look at the truck. Once I saw it
again, I just fell in love with it. My mind started telling me
I could own that today. All my girlfriends who owned horses would
be so envious. And my husband brought a DVD movie out of the
house and put it into the dvd player and it was so cool how
the passengers could watch a movie. He also pointed out the
extra heavy duty chassis that was made for pulling heavy objects.
This SUV was just PERFECT, and I do mean PERFECT, for a person
that owns horses.

I forgot about everything the contract said I would have to do.
I ran into my husbands arms and kissed him hard and said
thank you about 20 times. He asked where his contract was. We
had a lot to do if I wanted the SUV tonight. I ran inside,
grabbed a pin and signed it without even a second thought to
all the things I would now be required to do. He took me inside,
slipped off all my clothes, and put me in one of the few dresses
I had. He slipped a pair of shoes on me and pullled me out the
door. For the first time in my life, I was outside in a dress
with no undies or bra on. I felt so exposed and I worried about
it as we walked to the SUV. But when he opened the door for
me and told me to drive, the feeling was like nothing I had
ever gotten before. I forgot all about the undies and bra not
being there. We drove around for 45 minutes and took it out on
the highway. It was so quiet and ran perfectly smooth. Finally
my husband had me pull into a small resturant and we went in
to get a quick bite.

Inside my husbands pocket was the contracts that I had just
signed. I was so hooked on my new SUV I could care less about
what was in the contract. But my husband read each one off one
at a time and I had to again agree to it. When he got to the
last one, it just hit me what I now had to do. If I wanted the
SUV, I had to let him drive me to a TATTOO shop and get a
TATTOO within the next three hours. I was scared to death about
it but he made me say YES, that it would be OK, otherwise he
wouldn’t go sign all the paperwork to make the SUV mine. He
quickly paid the bill and this time he drove me to the little
strip mall where he had already set things up with the owner.

Once we were there he pulled out a small pair of blue thong
undies. I was happy to get them and put them on. We then went
inside and I was shaking like a leaf. I didn’t want to go thru
with it but I had the keys to my new vehicle right there in
my hands. I just had to put my pride aside for the 45 minutes
it would take and then the SUV would be mine. I told my husband
to go ahead and get it done. I was soon on a table laying back
with my head pointing up at the ceiling. My husband and the
Tattoo owner were still working out the details of my Tattoo.
Soon they came in and my husband asked one last time if I was
ready. My entire body was shaking but I just shook my head yes.
I asked about what the tattoo would be but my husband said it
didn’t really matter. I agreed to let him put any tattoo on
me that he wanted. I quickly remembered that is exactly what
the contract said. I just shook my head ok and told them to get
it over with. I didn’t have any ideal what to expect.

The guy told me how everything would proceed. He would clean the
area, run a small shaver over it to get the fine hair off. Then
he would draw a small design and finally put the tattoo on with
the tattoo gun. He said it would sting and usually brought a
few tears, but it would only last about a total of 45 minutes.
He also said he would put music headphones on me to help settle
me down and drown out the music. He asked me if I was ready and
as soon as I said yes, my husband grabbed the music headphones
and slipped them over my head. The rock music began playing within
a few seconds. My husband stayed up by my head and told me to
just lay back and close my eyes. I still had no idea what was
about to happen. My head went all the way back and I closed my
eyes just like he said to do. It was then I felt the bottom of
my skirt being pulled up to my waist. My eyes flew open but
my husband reminded me to keep my eyes closed and it would be
over in 45 minutes. I still had my new SUV keys in my hands and
I held them tightly. I just decided to lay still and get this
over with as quickly as possible.

I just about fainted when I felt the top of my undies being
pulled down. I could not beleive my husband would let him pull
my undies off. I made a pretty dirty face but then the guy stopped
pulling on my undies. He had pulled them down to just about the
start of my pussy crack. I still had a pretty dirty look on my
face but I kept my eyes closed. I felt warm water and then some
cool cream being rubbed on me right about my pussy. Then I knew
what the guy was doing. He was starting to shave the hair from
the very top of my pussy. I knew my undies werent down enough
to show my pussy crack but they must have been right about
in that area. It took the guy a good 10 minutes to shave the
top of my pussy. I then felt something like alcohol rubbed all
around then I felt the pencil or whatever he was using to draw
on the tattoo. I could not tell what he was drawing but i now
knew where it was going, directly over the top of my pussy. I
thought to myself, the only good thing is nobody but me and my
husband will ever see it.

Finally the drawing was done and when the Tattoo needles hit me
for the first time, I really jumped. It was like a 1000 needles
that never let up. And he was right, my eyes teared up immediately.
For 20 minutes tears ran down my face. I didn’t think it would
ever end. But finally the guy was done. I was so happy it was
over but the top of my pussy was on fire. My husband went down
to check it out and he loved it as much as I loved my new SUV.
My husband didnt want a picture, he wanted words. Right above
the crack of my pussy, in bright red and blue letters were the
words, PROPERTY OF SAM. Of course Sam was my huband. He had
just marked my pussy as a possession of his.

My undies were pulled back up without me even getting to see the
tattoo. I opened my eyes and within a couple minutes we were
walking out to my new SUV. The vehicle was now really mine. Of
course we went to the dealer so my husband could start the
paperwork, but it was mine and I knew it. When we got home of
course the first thing I did was run upstairs and look at my
new body markings. It shocked me at first. This would be there
for the rest of my life. But the shock wore off and I was soon
living with it just fine. Nobody could see it but me and my
husband. Over the next six months my husband kept the pressure
up into turning me into more of a sexy woman. He bought the
short skirts, the heels, and every sunday I really did about
everything he asked. He never pushed me far, it was really sort
of fun. I was slowly getting into the hang up it. I had better
because we had a SIX YEAR loan on the SUV. But I was the talk
of the neighborhood. All the girls loved my new vehicle and all
the guys talked about my new sexy outlook on life.

We are now actually at just about to today. In the beginning of
december I tried to make a appointment for a yearly checkup.
They were way too busy so I couldnt get one for now. I told my
husband about it but he didn’t really say anything. One of the
things my husband had been doing on Sundays was shaving my pussy
completely bald. It started on the first sunday after we bought
the SUV and now every sunday when I was his “SLAVE”, he would
run the razor over my entire pussy and clean it totally smooth.
Again, I began to accept this but I was going to let it grow
before I got an appointment to the doctors. I would let it grow
a couple months and it would cover the Tattoo and most my pussy.
But since I couldn’t get one, this sunday I let him go ahead
and shave my pussy completely bald. The tattoo really stood out
on my shaved pussy mound.

But what I didn’t know was that my husband had gotten thru and
they had scheduled an appointment for me the next day. The
next day being Monday, December 29, 2003. There had been a
cancellation and they let my husband make the reservation for me.
He didn’t tell me because he wanted it to be a surprise for me.
Plus in his mind he was wondering what it would be like for me
to have to lay up on the doctors table for my female exam and
know that my pussy was shaved and a tattoo was there saying my
pussy belonged to my husband. Just thinking about another man
seeing this sight really was getting to my husband.

Monday morning my husband didn’t go to work and told me he had
another surprise for me. Most the surprises I have been getting
lately from him have been really great. He is spoiling me so
much since I started changing for him and being more lady like.
He dressed me in one of my more conservative dresses and even
let me wear undies. This wasnt like him but I didn’t complain
about it. He drove me to the hospital and I was still completely
unaware of what was happening. It wasnt till we walked in and
signed in that I just realized I had a doctors appointment. I
had done no preperations at all. I was just about to turn to
him and tell him no, I wasn’t ready and couldn’t do this when
the nurse walked around and told me to follow her. I was turning
to tell my husband no when I saw he was already heading for the
waiting room. I had one chance to tell the nurse no, but I was
just too shy to do it. Before I knew it I was led into the lab
where they took my blood and then a urine sample. The entire
time I just wanted to get up and run. I was hoping maybe my
husband didn’t do the appointment right. Maybe he didn’t tell
them I needed my yearly female checkup also.

I was finally called into the doctors office and when I saw the
doctor my heart fell onto the floor. He wasn’t an old ugly looking
doctor like I had hoped, he was about 33 and had the Robert
Redford look. I would be so embarressed if he was to do my
checkup. We chatted for about 20 minutes and he asked if I had
any problems. It went well and I settled down finally. He finally
said that should be about it. He got up and told me the nurse
would be in to finish things up. He walked out and I was never
so happy in my life. The nurse walked in and then she handed
me that little tiny gown and told me to completely undress and
lay on the table. She said she would be back in soon to finish
the exam. I was nervous but feeling so much better the older
woman nurse would be doing my exam. I slipped out of all my
clothes and didn’t know how I was going to face the lady once
she saw my shaved pussy and tattoo. The door opened and the
womand came in. She had me lie back, open up my gown so my
breasts and pussy were showing and then started getting some
of the tools ready. I just layed back with the my eyes closed
and didn’t want to look at the nurse as she did my exam.

It was then I felt some hands on my breasts checking for lumps.
They were warm and they moved all around my first breast. Then
a voice spoke up, “I can’t feel anything abnormal in this one,
let me check the other one”. My face froze in complete fear.
It was the male doctors voice, the young one who looked like
robert redford. My robe was completely open, my legs were in
the stirups, and my pussy was completely shaved. There was no
way both him and the nurse couldnt read the bright red and
blue tattoo. Why he was checking on my other breast my body
slowly began to shake. I was so embarrassed and nervous. I
started thinking of the young doctor staring at my shaved
pussy and the worst thing that could happen did. My pussy
started to really get wet. When I get sexually nervous, I
really wet myself. And I had no hair to cover anything up. With
my legs spread wide apart I could feel the wetness starting
to run down the side of my pussy and onto my butt cheeks.

The doctor finally moved between my legs and his very first
words were that I didn’t have to feel nervous. He had spotted
all the wet slippery moisture running from my pussy. He was
gentle as he slipped the tools inside me and spread my pussy
lips apart. It took about five minutes and I could feel myself
just flooding his hands and tools. I didn’t know what the
nurse and him must have been thinking. Finally he was done and
disappeared as quickly as he arrived. The nurse told me to
go ahead and get dressed and they would send the results via
mail in about a week. I was beak red and out of there in less
then two minutes. I knew they would be talking about me for
some time to come. I went out and grabbed my husband and hurried
him out to the car. I broke down once I got to the car and it
took me a couple hours before I could even talk about it with
my husband.

I’m still in a semi shock state but I’m slowly beginning to
regain my composure. Everything I think about the doctor and
nurse probably staring at each other in disbelief my entire
stomach starts to turn. I know this is what my husband must
have wanted because he shaved me the day before knowing I had
an appointment the next day. It was one of the most
embarrassing days I have ever lived thru. I think of my new
SUV and I wouldn’t give it up for the world, but I would give
anything if the appointment the other day would have never
happened. What happens if I see that nurse or doctor out in
public. I would be so shaken I wouldnt be able to speak. I
just wanted to ask all you other girls if anything like this
had ever happened to you. I’m still uncertain of all my feelings
as this one has me still shaking, even a week later…..