Training our Toy (mff, spanking)

I walk in to your living room wearing a black suit, after all,
I’ve just got home from work, but as you can see, I obviously
haven’t come straight round to see you. As promised, I’ve bought
a little toy over for you to play with. I tug the leash and Sarah
walks into the room, head hung low like a good obedient slave.

She’s wearing a tiny black minidress, the bottom only just
covering her crotch and from the way her ample young breasts are
bulging you can tell she isn’t wearing a bra. Not that she could
in that dress without it being extremely visible! The only other
thing she has on apart from her black high heels is a leather dog
collar around her neck, which I’ve attached the leash to, and a
pair of handcuffs holding her arms together behind her back,
pushing her breasts out so nicely.

I drop the leash and leave her standing there as you come over to
the two of us. I slide my arms around you and pull you to me
tightly as we kiss, my throbbing hard cock obvious to you as it
presses against you through the thin material of my trousers. You
can’t resist sliding a hand down my body to stroke it and I grin
as you give it a quick squeeze and turn your attention to Sarah.

I glance sideways at you as you take hold of her leash and start
to twist it between your fingers as you let your eyes caress her
lovely young body. Her face looks so sweet and innocent, but with
a body like hers in that little black dress she could be the wet
dream of any man, and quite a few women as well! Her breasts are
more than ample, but I can’t help but notice as I observe you
that yours are bigger and my eyes are drawn to the low cut top of
your long tight dinner dress. I know why you’re wearing it, you
know what I like!

I turn to look at Sarah, head hung low, waiting.

“Has she ever been with another woman?” You turn to me and ask.

“Why don’t you ask her?” I reply.


“No.” Sarah replies in a small voice.

I glare at her and she can sense it. She lifts her head to look
me in the eye briefly and then lowers her gaze again.

“No, mistress.” She corrects herself.

You look at me.

“You’ve trained her?” You ask.

“Lets just say I’ve given her a little advice about how to
behave.” I respond with a grin. “I thought I’d leave her training
up to you.”

You grin and tug gently on the leash, Sarah follows with only a
brief hesitation as we head towards the bedroom. I find a place
to perch my bum on your dressing table and settle back to watch
Sarah be trained. The first thing you do is take her handcuffs
off. She is still flexing her wrists, enjoying her freedom again
when you pull her leash sharply, pulling her towards you. Her
face is next to yours and you kiss her on the lips. I grin to
myself as she tries to flinch away.

“Sarah.” My voice contains the warning even though my words

She glances at me and then submits, you feel her lips open and
her tongue searches out yours. You’re smiling as you break the
kiss. Sarah looks at me, I nod approvingly with a kind smile and
she lowers her head again looking a bit more relaxed than before.
Maybe that first kiss with another woman was going to be the
hardest barrier to break this evening, but I doubt it.

“I’m going to enjoy this, Craig.” You tell me.

“I’d never have guessed!” I respond.

“Maybe we should ease her in gently.” You suggest.

I shake my head. “She will do as she’s told, she enjoys being
spanked, but I have other ways of making sure she’s a good girl.”

You turn back to Sarah, who’s blushing a lovely shade of pink at
what she’s just done and what I’ve just said.

“I’ll show you later.” I promise, and Sarah lets out a faint
moan, whether of pleasure or dismay neither of us can work out

“Take my dress off, my sexy little slave.” You command her, and
turn round so she can find the zip at the back of your dress.

Sarah can feel my gaze on her again as she carefully runs the zip
down. Her hands linger over the smooth skin of your shoulders as
she pushes the straps down and lets it fall to the floor. After
my last veiled threat she’s eager to please, as I sit there and
admire you, you step out of the dress and let Sarah fold it
neatly for you over the back of a chair. You tease! You know I
can’t resist a woman in stockings and suspenders, especially not
white lace ones!

Sarah stands meekly by the bed watching you as you saunter over
to where I’m perched, you look Sarah in the eye though as you
give my hard cock another gentle squeeze through my trousers.

“Do you like what you see Sarah?” You ask her.

“Yes, mistress.” She replies, her breathing becoming a little
more rapid as she watches my hand find one of your breasts and
yours starts rub my bulge a little harder.

“Would you like to change places with me Sarah?”

She can only nod now in agreement.

“Or maybe you’d like to change places with Craig, my hand rubbing
your crotch, your hands caressing my body, my breasts?” I find a
nipple and tweak it through the bra, making you gasp softly to
emphasize the point.

A slight hesitation this time, but another nod.

“Sarah, come over here.” She does as you command. “Kneel.” You
grin as you continue to rub my cock through my trousers just
inches from her face, the look of envy is obvious.

“Would you like a go Sarah?” She nods. I’m standing next to you
now, waiting to see what you’ve got in plan for her next.

You unzip my pants and let them drop to the floor, then you pull
out my hard cock, rubbing slowly in front of her face, grinning
as I groan to myself.

“Would you like to suck it Sarah?” You ask her. Part of me is
begging her to say yes, the other realising that she doesn’t have
a choice, she will obey the two of us.

“Yes mistress.”

I look down at her, and use a finger to raise her chin until her
eyes meet mine.

“Tell me how much you want to suck me Sarah.”

She glances down to watch your hand still slowly wanking and then
looks up again.

“I want you in my mouth,” she tells me in a small voice, “I want
to run my tongue over the tip, I want to feel it sliding in
between my wet lips, I want to feel you coming down my throat
master.” I look at you with a satisfied grin, noticing that your
excitement is visible now from the way your hard nipples seem to
be trying to poke through the thin lace of your bra.

“You certainly have taught her how to behave.” You observe. “Go
on then, Sarah, show us how good you are.”

You offer my cock to her parted lips and I gasp as she sucks the
tip into her mouth, her tongue going right for the sensitive bits
with no attempt at teasing, she obviously realises it wouldn’t be
a good idea at the moment!

Too soon though you tap her on the forehead and she releases my
cock from the warm liquid attentions of her mouth.

“She seems pretty good.” You comment.

I can’t help but agree!

“I’m sure she’ll be just as good at eating pussy as she is at
sucking cock, we’ll give her plenty of chances to get some
practice.” I assure you, enjoying the brief look of panic that
spreads over Sarah’s innocent face at my words….

You can’t resist rubbing your clit quickly through your lace
knickers at the thought of it.

“Why don’t you let her do it?” I suggest as I catch your
movement. You nod and I look down at our little slave.

After a moment Sarah reaches out and gently presses the crotch of
your knickers with a finger tip, making you groan out loud.
Feeling a bit bolder at your positive response she slides her
finger further between your legs and starts to rub the full
length of your pussy, pushing the coarse material against your
most sensitive bits. I take her hand and guide it to my cock,
still slick with her saliva and pre-cum, and with a quick nod she
is soon masturbating both of us at once.

I smile down at her then we kiss, our tongues searching for each
others, hands roaming over the other’s body, all the while as
Sarah watches us as her hands do as they were commanded. The look
of envy on her face has changed to that of sheer longing! She
knows I wont let her go unsatisfied, but she also knows that wont
stop me teasing her something chronic!

“I want to see her spanked first.” You gasp as we surface for

“But I haven’t done anything wrong mistress!” Sarah protests.

“You just spoke without permission.” I reply, “And you enjoy it
anyway. Come here!”

I grab her leash and she rises from her knees.

“Take the rest of my clothes off.”

“Yes master.”

She does as she’s told and petty soon I’m naked. It could be just
me but I’m sure your nipples look even harder and your breathing
is a little deeper as Sarah unbuttons my shirt and slides my
trousers down. I move over to the bed and sit down.

“Over my knees Sarah.” I command.

She obeys without hesitation, knowing that that will only make it
worse. She lies down over my legs, bum in the air, ready to get
what’s coming to her. I enjoy the feeling of her warm body
pressing against me, her bare arm trying to touch my cock but
making sure she doesn’t rub it without permission.

“I need a blindfold please Sharon.” I ask.

You pass me one from the drawer and I place it over her eyes and
secure it around the back of her head, taking care not to get the
cord tangled in her long hair.

Her tiny dress doesn’t hide much anyway and I watch your face as
I slowly pull the hem up, revealing the skimpiest of white
g-strings covering her lovely smooth bum. Its not lacy or fancy,
just literally the smallest we could find when I took her
underwear shopping! Its virtually a piece of string running down
the crack of her bum…

“Oh Craig, she’s beautiful!” You comment.

“She is, isn’t she?” I agree as I land the first slap on one of
her cheeks. She cries out in shock. I wait. Nothing.

“Right, we’ll start again.” Slap.

“One!” She gasps.

“That’s better, I was beginning to wonder if I’d taught you

“Two!” The hand lands on the other cheek this time.

By the time I reach 10 she’s gasping for breath and her bum is
starting to look rather red. I look up, she isn’t the only one
having problems breathing!

“Come over here please Sharon.”

“Would you like to spank her?” I ask. Silly question!

You kneel beside the bed so that Sarah’s red bum is wriggling in
front of you. You reach out and pinch it, causing her to gasp,
then you let your touch caress the hot skin.

Sarah can’t see but she knows whose hand it is caressing her
behind, running finger tips up and down her sensitive thighs. And
she knows that for the first time it isn’t a man doing it.
Suddenly the touch is gone and she knows what’s going to happen.

Slap! You’re not doing it as hard as I did, but you’re doing it a
lot quicker. Sarah hardly has a chance to catch her breath before
the next slap lands on her bum. By the time you finish with her
she’s mumbling incoherently between rapid gasps for breath for us
to let her come.

“Roll over Sarah.”

She rolls over on my lap, I feel the warmth from her red bum on
my legs. So now she’s lying there, back arched, pussy raised in
the air on my lap.

“Where did the handcuffs go Sharon?” I ask.

You find where you dropped them before and Sarah willingly offers
her hands together above her head for you to cuff together. As
you do that I slowly tug the hem of the dress up until its all
bunched up just below her beasts. As you lock the second hand
into the cuffs I can’t resist running my hand down her lithe
body, causing her to whimper again as I gently spread her legs
slightly and allow my fingers to brush her pussy on the way back
up. I look up again and you’ve secured the chain on the handcuffs
to the bed post with a length of rope. Now she’s blindfolded,
handcuffed and ours to do with what we want….

Once you are back in the same position as before beside the bed I
take your hand in mine and with my other I pull the minute crotch
of Sarah’s g-string to one side, feeling its dampness and
exposing her soaking wet pussy for our pleasure. Her excitement
is almost as obvious as yours, her clit already hard and her wet
lips open as I spread her legs wider now. The way her bum is
writhing around on my lap feels devine!

“Whose fingers would you like in your pussy first Sarah?” I ask

“Any master, please, any!”

You run your fingers through her pubes and she moans with
pleasure. I deftly hold her pussy open with two fingers and you
reach down and start to stroke her hard little clitoris,
eliciting the predicable response.

“Oh god that feels good!” She moans as she writhes about on my
lap. You fingers move down her wet lips until you reach her hole.
I grin as you start to tease her, running your fingers around the
outside but not going insider her. Exactly what I would have

“Oh please, whoever it is, please!”

“Quite a change from someone who looked shocked at the suggestion
of even kissing another woman.” I observe.

You continue teasing her pussy and I move my hands up her body
until I reach her sides. I feel her body tense as she anticipates
what’s going to happen.

“You know I told you how I had a way of keeping under control?” I
ask. You nod. “Well, this is it.”

With that I start to tickle poor Sarah. As my fingers move up and
down her rib cage she discovers to her dismay that you attached
the handcuffs to the bed post. Her gasps turn to long sigh though
as you slide a finger deep into her pussy. I stop tickling and
just watch as she arches her body even more as you fuck her
slowly and steadily with a lone finger.

“How does that feel Sarah?” You ask, confirming to her just whose
finger it is. I watch to see if there is a reaction, but there
isn’t, only pleasure, she’s learning.

“Please mistress, don’t stop!”

You laugh and slide another finger in alongside the first,
causing her to gasp even louder as you stretch her open. You
continue fucking her as I push her dress up even further, helping
it over her breasts to reveal them and her lovely big, hard

Your other hand finds her clit as my hands find a nipple each and
start to tweak them. Now she’s in heaven, four hands working at
all of the most sensitive parts of her body, taking her closer
and closer to orgasm. She’s almost there when suddenly we both
stop at the same moment. Now is the test, will she complain or is
she our slave.

She says nothing, just lies there blindfolded, coming back from
the brink of orgasming and wondering what we’ll do next.

“I think its time for some pussy eating now.” I comment, a smile
spreads over her face. “Don’t get too excited Sarah, you’re going
to be the one doing the eating!” The smile dampens but only
briefly. She wont object now she knows something of the pleasure
that two people can cause her.

“Stand up.” You help her to her feet. Her legs are still a little
shaky. Not surprising really! I stand up and kiss her gently on
the lips, pulling her dress back down to the proper place as I do