The Video Gamer’s Sex Stories part 1.

Final Fantasy 4 – Phantom World

Rydia stepped gingerly as she entered the throne room of the
Phantom World, knowing well the day’s importance. Since she’d been
selected by King Leviathan to join the underground summoners, the idea
of acquiring greater control over her innate abilities had been a
wonderful dream to look forward to. The long hours she’d spent in the
library preparing for this momentous occasion seemed distant and weak
now that it had arrived.

The green-haired sorceress guessed she was about fourteen by now.
It had only seemed a matter of months since she was plucked from the
surface world to begin a life of training with the remains of her
people, but she had grown by leaps and bounds since then. The Queen had
informed her shortly after arriving that the rapid aging which would
rob her childhood would also fortunately aid in her studies, allowing
Rydia’s brain to absorb information at a much faster rate than her
surface kin.

Coming closer to the monarchs, she could see the beautiful Asura
step forward radiating an aura majesty. From the first day, she had
envied the older woman, not only because of the elegant dress than
indicated a mastery of summoning, but also because by the time she was
bestowed with the same gift, she would be a full woman.

“You are aware why you are here?” the foreboding Queen thundered,
looking down at the apprentice mage. “Of the significance of these

“Yes!” Rydia exclaimed, a little too loudly. She wanted to appear
ready to face her trails, but not over-eager.

“Then please disrobe for the ceremony.” Asura continued calmly,
turning around to see to some task.

A hot blush washed over the fledgling girl’s face as she began to
take off her clothes. She may have had the body of a budding teenager,
but she was still only eight chronologically, and exposing herself to
the various inhabitants of the Realm was more than a bit uncomfortable.

Still, she managed rather easily, pulling the short blue dress over
her head to reveal a pair of breasts coming along rather nicely. Rydia
had been wholly bewildered to find them suddenly sprout from her flat
chest, and hurriedly went to read up on human anatomy before
understanding what was happening to her. After that, the physical
changes also going on between her legs made a lot more sense.

She shimmied out of her cotton panties gracefully, letting them
drop to the ground before stepping away with naked feet characteristic
of all denizens of the underworld. The custom of walking about barefoot
in the earthly setting was pleasant for the petite girl, mostly because
she was quite flattered at having such cute little toes.

The bomb drifting behind her, though, was not at all interested in
Rydia’s nude extremeties, but the pair of normally concealed private
areas that were now uncovered. It dipped down, eyes roaming her sleek
backside, before snatching the discarded garments in a grubby fist.
Then, to the adolescent’s horror, the fiery ball traveled to her front,
examining the humiliated young lady’s front before the King graciously
ordered it to return to the sidelines.

None of the few women down in the underworld, however, took kindly
to nosy Bombs peeking at their bodies. Yet, realizing the severity her
current situation, she stilled her tongue, stepping forward to await
further instruction as cool winds soothed her defenseless form.

Not that she had anything to be ashamed of, of course. Her maiden
vee, untouched by any hands, (even her own) was truly a sight to
behold. Still retaining the hairless lips of her youth, the only sign
that Rydia was approaching sexual adulthood was the small patch of
curly green hair protruding from the top of her slit. After learning
about the changes puberty would force on her, the already-capable
magician knew that her womanhood would eventually be enveloped by dense
growth. For now, however, she took pride in the way her privates
looked, a perfect blend of puerility and maturity.

“Are you ready for the tests that await?” Asura suddenly boomed,
adjusting the splendid golden tiara about her head as she came back
into view.

“I am.” Rydia returned stolidly, impressed at how quickly her
manner had changed.

“Very well.” she intoned gravely, stepping forward so the two
females were alone in the center of the room. “The Law of the Phantom
Beast World… is to have strength and a pure heart. I ask you know to
affirm that strength, and will test your soul by combat!”


Rydia felt as if her heart had just plummeted to the floor. Totally
bare, and without any of weapons, how was she to do battle with the
very creatures she was appealing to tame? But there was no time for
further contemplation, since Asura was suddenly lit up in an glow of
yellow light. The familiar circle of flames flashed outwards, and there
was no doubt that a summoning was taking place.

Sure enough, the outline of a yellow bird suddenly appeared between
them, taking solid shape in only seconds. “A chocobo?” Rydia thought
with confusion. “How could she expect me to even *want* to hurt one?”

“The chocobo is the best of the summoned monsters…” her
instructor droned, quoting directly from a textbook. “As far as
quickness of flight and cuteness.” Then she began to branch off, adding
her own words. “This beast, while weak compared to others, was long ago
knighted as Steward of the Chaste for his brave and noble heart. He
will be your first task.”

A large lump had swelled in the unclothed female’s throat at the
sound of the word “chaste.” Snatches of the pages of long-studied tomes
flashed through her mind, and she perused them like an open book,
zoning out as Asura carried on. “…must become one in body and spirit
with the monster before…” wafted through her ears at the precise
moment one passage appeared clearly above the rest…

“The Ritual of Conjugation, which all Callers in training must
transcend before being allowed to muster demons of their own, is a
clandestine initiation into the Summoning Arts and must not be
explained to any novice wizard(s) before their time. Information about
the exact affair notwithstanding, they are merely to be informed that
they will be participating in an intimate ceremony to be joined with
the Familiars bestowed to them”

“Now…” Asura finished, looking sternly as if knowing that her
charge had been spacing out during her speech. “Please assume the
position I just described and prepare yourself.”

Incredibly, Rydia found herself moving inexplicably to the floor,
recalling pieces of the instructions in spite of her humiliation. She
couldn’t believe that she was about to have sex, with an animal of all
possible partners, and that it had been thrust upon her in such a
surreptitious way.

She supposed it was anxiety more than anything ruling her emotions
as her palms and knees moved to grab hold of the patchwork of wooden
roots that comprised the chamber’s floor. This ritual had been
undertaken by every summoner she’d met, so it couldn’t be too horrific.
There was, however, a small pang in her heart that she wouldn’t be able
to give her virginity to either Kain or Cecil, both of whom she’d had
fleeting crushes on.

The chocobo approached her, spreading her legs further apart with
his spindly limbs. Rydia knew well enough about her own kind’s mating
rituals to realize what was next, and grit her teeth as a slimy probe
brushed against her sensitive butt.

When it finally happened, she was taken by surprise enough to
shriek aloud, futilely trying to battle the fullness spreading her hole
apart with her feeble hymen. It was pierced easily with a triumphant
“WARK!” from her partner, and Rydia found herself grunting hard with
exertion even though she knew a more reticent performance was most
likely preferable.

It was not nearly as bad as she thought. The yellow bird had been
pumping her spoiled tunnel for barely a minute when its small wings
wrapped around Rydia’s torso, remarkably consoling despite the
throbbing ache in her vagina. A sudden warm feeling entered her womb,
and Rydia guessed that the beast was ejaculating, imbibing its young
companion with gooey seed. She wondered for a brief moment if she could
become pregnant even by a chocobo, but quickly dismissed the thought
out of pure fright.

Then, just as cursory as it began, the smooth phallus withdrew,
leaving her oozing profusely in its wake. “I wonder if I’m still
bleeding…” the determined female pondered idly, her consciousness
interrupted as Asura cast a spell to vanish the beast until needed
again. She stood up slowly, as if expecting to be remonstrated for
acting out of turn, but found Asura still motionless, having moved nary
an inch from her perch.


“As a woman, I am always loathe to witness another feel pain during
the act of procreation.” she said plainly, a hint of quiver in her
usually firm voice accenting that this was probably a spontaneous
remark. Still, it sent Rydia’s spirits soaring, and she stood up as
proudly as she could muster, beaming broadly at her accomplishment.

“But the infusion must continue…” Asura persisted, slipping into
her previous businesslike demeanor. Then, without a further commend,
she yelled out “Mist Dragon!” and the room was filled with golden light
while the hazy shape of the next summon came into perspective.

Rydia wondered briefly how a non-corporeal form like this could
hope to have intercourse with her, and watched almost amusingly as it
hovered closer, wrapping her nubile flesh in a cool embrace. Her
concentration cloudy, the green-haired child lost herself in the
amazingly pleasant sensations, almost forgetting what her purpose here
was, but still aware enough to discover her nipples were becoming hard
and pronounced.

A frigid shaft suddenly penetrated her labia without disturbing an
atom of skin, snaking all the way to her undeveloped cervix. She
shivered perceptibly, not knowing how to describe the dragon’s presence
in her womb, but discovering a growing pressure in her abdomen. Before
she could place it, her bladder was uncontrollably relieving itself,
right there in front of everyone!

Not if every party member who had ever known her had appeared could
Rydia have turned a brighter shade of red. She tried to cover her
genitals, but the brumous organism held her arms fast, letting the
tinkling fountain continue unabated. Only after the yellow flow
subsided did Asura intervene, offering more encouragement.

“Nothing here is meant to shame you, young one.” the Queen
contributed gently, soothing the neophyte’s emotions. Rydia relaxed at
once, but was still thinking about the discharged liquid when the
Dragon entered her, his freezing pole searing her sacred place like a
blast of glacial air.

It felt as if someone was pushing a icicle in her pussy, but at
least her arctic lover was more enjoyable than the last. As he was not
a solid mass, his penis was only able to intrude as obtusely as her
feminine channel was naturally open. There was no forcefully stuffed
feeling as with the chocobo, and the cold actually helped dull the
pulsing ring where her virgin membrane used to reside.

The mist monster lasted longer too, perforating her firm canal for
a few minutes before erupting vorpal spunk. When he pulled out, there
were no visible traces of the transgression besides a thin wisp of
cloudy vapor seeping from between Rydia’s nether lips. The fog of
dragon-cum began to dissipate almost immediately as its host drifted
off, entirely disappearing by the time the quasi-summoner collapsed on
the ground, rubbing her shoulders for warmth.


“Begone!” cried Asura, and the phantom disintegrated, returning to
the depths of the world. Rydia smiled convincingly at her teacher,
trying to show enough courage to warrant further examination.

She had barely wiped the smirk off her face when another form
appeared suddenly, a splendiferous being blue as the sea. The nude
youngster quivered slightly upon seeing someone just as naked come into
focus, her breath giving way at the sight of a human lover at last. It
was only because Shiva was also a woman that Rydia felt the slightest
bit awkward.

A chocobo and a dragon — having sex with both of them had
certainly provoked a profound awakening in the pretty teenager, but not
nearly as much as facing the task of doing such sensual acts with
another female.

“Don’t worry!” the intimidating giantess bellowed as if reading her
thoughts, easily towering two heads over the diminutive junior. “I
won’t make you uncomfortable for too long…”

Rydia allowed the sky-colored amazon to approach, finding herself
only able to stare at Shiva’s impressively pendulous breasts as she was
lowered on her back. Then, the aqua woman’s ripe snatch appeared before
her face, looking very much like a grown-up version of her own
holiest-of-holies. The ice monster’s orifice was completely bare, and
her full pubic bush sat thankfully high enough above to not suffocate
the poor girl.

“You know what to do…” Shiva commanded, licking her lips. At the
demonstration, Rydia understood what was expected, and extended a
hesitant tongue towards the dominant esper’s womanhood, lapping the
pronounced nub slowly until sure she was doing it right.

Performing cunnilingus was not entirely objectionable, but seemed
strange anyway. The limber summoner took distinct gratification in
watching the she-goliath shake and moan, bereft of control. She did not
care, either, for the musky fluid that was eventually pouring out of
Shiva’s slick crevice.

Unwilling to taste more than necessary, Rydia simply allowed it to
flow down her neck onto the wooden floor. After an interminable period
during which she thought the behemoth would crush her frail head with
such massive thighs, a final eruption of smelly goo informed her that
the frozen female was apparently finished.


With barely time to recover from her first sapphic experience,
Rydia got to her feet again, wincing as the scented oil ran down her
entire body, although it did give her a rather glossy and excited
appearance. As soon as she rose, another explosion shook the chamber,
and Ifrit, the fire-demon, emerged from a puff of smoke.

“Yes…” he growled, surveying his next subjugation with glee.
“It’s been too long!”

Spreading her legs far apart, Rydia welcomed him bravely, knowing a
lackluster presentation was not the intent of this excercise. Her
reward was a vicious, tackle, however, as the flaming ogre flew
straight ahead, grabbing her and ramming the both of them into an
intricately-carved wall.

Rydia could feel the jigsaw of stone lines pressing into her back
as Ifrit began humping, driving forward with such force she thought the
ramparts would surely crack. He was incredibly warm on her skin, and
there was a fleeting moment when her thawing passage felt like
evacuating urine once again, but the sensation soon passed.

“Her majesty has enchanted your effimate body.” Ifrit grunted
forcefully, thrusting so hard that she was reminded he was the biggest
yet. “Otherwise I could not enjoy such a dazzling lady without
permanently… marring her.”

An instinctual blush forming in her cheeks, Rydia could not help
herself at the compliment, even though it was coming from such an ugly
brute. Her arms found themselves wrapped around his flaming body,
miraculously unscatched. To her audience, it must have looked like she
was almost *enjoying* the treatment, even though her otherworldly
female friends would cringe at the thought of accepting so much meat at
their age.

She was still twinkling shyly when he roared in trimph, spilling a
rich load of semen in her soft pelvic cavity. Ifrit lowered the giddy
adloescent to the ground gallantly, instead of letting her drop from
the high perch. He gave her a wink of gratitude before splitting apart
under Asura’s bidding, and Rydia felt a slight pang of regret.


“Ramuh!” was the next monster to be called, and soon an aged wizard
was standing in front of the panting girl, jubilantly sizing her up.

“Oh, a youngin’!” the white-haired man cried out, groping her
breasts and buttocks to make sure he was not being deceived. “You are
too kind, highness, knowing my fancy for the little ones.” He was
already sliding out of a grey cloak, but Rydia could see nothing behind
the massive beard. Actually, she had been wondering when she would
finally get to entertain a human cock, and this looked to be the time.

“Tight and innocent, that’s the way!” Ramuh rambled, nearly
wrestling her back to the ground. “Course, I’d really like to try one
of those kids from Toroia.” By now he had her flat, dick peeking past
his pale whiskers as if surveying her moist duct. “Chocobo was telling
me they’re bringing the tykes up alone, no men allowed. It’s no wonder
they want it it so bad! Why, just last week, a gaggle them were begging
for it, letting all the birds in the forest shoot up their sweet cunts.
Orgasming from it too, bless their hearts! Why, if I could only get
some time off…”

“That’s quite enough!” the King said abruptly, interrupting the
kinky senior’s fantasies. “It’s more than rude to snub our potential
summoner while still being intimate!”

“So sorry, your eminence…” he babbled, already beginning to slam
home into his mate. “I just get carried away sometimes. Didn’t mean to
disrepect… um, what’s your name?”

“Rydia…” the peaceful female murmured dreamily, eyes closed in
contemplation. Already she could tell that despite his preference for
unripened cunnies, his penis would bring her to new heights. The crown
was chafing her inner tunnel most delectibly, bringing forth the first
tickles of *real* pleasure since the ordeal began. She knew sex was
supposed to make her feel good, too, but the actual reality was
something much more wonderful!

“Of course, Rydia!” the aging man replied, energetically screwing
the most willing quim he’d had in days. “Here, let me make it up to
you…” he said, pulling her feet closer together, right under his
chin. She hadn’t even notice he’d raised her legs to the ceiling while
they coupled.

The prick in her belly battled her shut legs, but the foreplay in
exchange was completely worth it. Ramuh casually fondled her calves for
a moment before doing something completely unexpected, taking the group
of four small toes on her left leg into his mouth.

While exquisite, the sensation went much further and blew Rydia
totally away. She let her head fall back on the wooden entanglement and
for the first time let out a moan – a genuine show of appreciation for
the solemn proceedings that were going to make her not only a magician,
but a woman as well.

Pistoning wildly in her sperm-filled channel, Ramuh’s staff was
rapidly bringing the gracious teen to her sexual limits. She was no
longer aware of the tongue coating her feet in saliva, even as it left
glimmering trails across her precious extremeties. He was really going
overboard when he finally climaxed, licking from sole to heel as sticky
fluid was spread to Rydia’s deepest chambers, causing her to flutter
dreamily. *THIS* was truly lovemaking.

“Glad you liked it!” Ramuh chimed as he pulled out, effortlessly
slipping on his old garb and morphing into someone presentable even as
she was spilling greasy, white ropes from her ravaged gash. “So, was
this your first…?”

“Yes…” Rydia said, barely breathing. “Well, human, anyway…”

“Fantasic!” exclaimed the mage. “I’m so happy to be the one!”

“It was great!” she continued, blissfully ignorant if he had been
able to hold out a little longer, the same explosive finale would’ve
racked her until all other expressions paled in comparison. “I just
wish we had met before…” she proceeded, liberated enough to risk a
little conversation with her guest.

“Oh, I’m sure it would’ve been heavenly!” the elderly pervert
responded, gazing longfully at her soaked crotch before turning away.
“Still, there are others to fill that niche. You see, there are these
adorable twins in Mysidia that are starting to experiment with each
other. It makes me want to go right now and teach them a thing or two
with my big…”

Ramuh’s digreesive was cut short by an incantation and short from
Asura, who banished him away before Rydia felt any worse about having
hair on her loins.

“I swear…” lamented Leviathan. “If he doesn’t start doing his job
soon, I’m going to personally inform the mothers in Kaipo who’s been
deflowering their babies.”


Rydia was let be for a time after her last “client,” under the
warning that her next would be “a little challenging.” She busied
herself by inspecting her privates, and as expected, her cunny was a
mere shadow of its former self.

Counting back, she knew there were three variations of spunk trying
to fertilize her womb. The excess had long since dripped down her legs,
but there was still more than enough left to coat her fingers in gluey
ooze when she splayed her lips to look inside. Ramuh was indeed correct
in pointing out that she was a child no longer. The gasping maw which
stared back at her, reddened and injured from the increasingly fierce
violations, was a distant cousin of the prim vagina she’d known this
morning, which might’ve passed for a ten-year-old’s easy enough to
placate the dirty wizard.

The appearance of Titan, though, a massive goliath with arms the
size of her entire waist promptly drove away any autonomus desires, and
Rydia stood tall and clearly vulnerable to indicate to him that he
could plunder her in any way he sought fit.

Taking undue notice of this, Titan stomped mightily, causing the
ground to reverberate defeaningly. The King and Queen were both jostled
by the display, but made no motion to prevent it, even as the earth
elemental lifted Rydia high enough above his thick tool to spear her
clean through the uterus.

Instead, he spun around and displayed her girlhood to watching
Bombs and Mages, who were furiously jotting down notes on how the
youngster was adapting to each partner. Once assured complete
attention, he plopped down clumsily, causing Rydia to sway powerfully
in his thick hands. At last satisfied, he lowered her to his crotch, a
faint smile breaking his steely visage at the thought of fucking her
where none else had yet.

“No!” she protestedly faintly, feeling a discomforting prodding on
her behind. “That’s not the way…”

She never got to finish her sentence, however, for Titan had easily
pryed open her virgin ass and plunged deep into the bowels beyond.
Rydia was stunned by the change in perspective, and was unable to utter
anything except a few sore yelps as he settled into a rhymnic pounding
of her anus.

The feeling in her rear was of absolute fullness and distortion.
She had never imagined her body could be forced to such limits, even
when the first furry penis had prodded her maidenhead until it burst.
It was so degrading, she didn’t know how long she would be able to hold
out before bursting into tears, begging to return to the upper world
and live as a normal person once again.

As with every negative aspect of her training, however, there was
an upside to Rydia’s first foray into sodomy. Titan was so enjoying the
warmth and constriction of her rear passage, he chuckled softly just as
she was about to ask for mercy, introducing the surprised cavity to a
helping of manly juices. Apparently, her inviting bottom had gotten him
off in record time.

Resisting the urge to roll off and let her swollen fanny
recouperate, Rydia definantly remained perched atop the tree-trunk
sized pole. Titan reached up to fondle her chest for a bit, making
satisfactory noises each time she involuntarily clenched her engorged
sphincter, but eventually knew his time was up.

Her butt felt impossibly stretched open when he at last lifted her
off. Rubbing her creamy cheeks was blessedly distracting, and she did
not even hazard a look back when the demon was swallowed up by a rend
in the earth, grateful to put such a memory behind.


The Sylphs that appeared next winked in existence almost
immediately, while Rydia was still reeling from Titan’s actions. Right
from the start, though, she caught the hint of smile on Asura’s face,
and knew this venture into lebianism would be nothing like the dealing
with the domineering Shiva.

Sure enough, the tiny sprites surrounded her with a warm aura,
curing the pain in her backside before the nude girl even knew what was
going on. The affectionate deed, however, quickly settled the matter of
what the fairies’ job was.

As Rydia felt them land all over her skin, she knew at once that
this was a time out from the rigors of endless rutting. The small
Sylphs, more than half a foot tall each, were ravishingly beautiful,
and the fourteen year-old’s heart skipped a beat in jealousy. Each had
a voluminous crop of blonde hair and lithesome bodies evocative of the
youths Ramuh had lusted after, showing not a hint of breasts and being
entirely bare down below.

Greenish fog was obstructing the childish apprentice’s vision, but
she did not need to see to understand what they were doing. Two landed
on her bare bosom, massaging the aureoles with hands the size of
pinheads. Her nipples became erect once again, having lost their
titillating state sometime after mating with the Mist Dragon. While
pleasing, it was nowhere as intruiging at what the little women were
doing in her vagina.

Even without acuity, Rydia could feel the first match-sized arm
that slid into her tunnel, disturbing the slimy deposit of cum resting
inside. There were other pricks of sensation almost instantly – Slyphs
licking up and down her vulva, some thrusting still more limbs into her
sticky passage, and even others wallowing in the tuft on her green-clad
knoll. When one brave fairy took the teenager’s clitoris in her mouth,
glefully sucking on the protuberant button, a welcome sigh of delight
escaped Rydia’s lips.

By now, the sprites up top were also kneading her reddened
projections with their tongues, reveling in how the gigantic female had
transformed. In no time at all, she was wheezing hungrily, bewildered
that such a carnal stupor could be wrought from beings the same gender
as herself. Had not the Queen of the Underworld suddenly interrupted
the sordid scene, Rydia would have let them continue to masturbate her
until enternity.


“No!” she cried out in frustration as the Slyphs disapparated,
leaving her wounded with unfulfillment. “They weren’t finished yet! I
was so close…”

“Your time for climax will come, young one…” Asura snapped,
daring Rydia to continue arguing. “For now, you still have espers yet
to join with. Prepare to meet… ODIN!”

A large mounted warrior suddenly appeared from the cleft between
worlds, calmly riding a great steed. The flash of light and booming
incantation that summoned his arrival hung in the air for only a second
before he unhorsed, using the Gungir Lance as a vault to transfer his
considerable size safely to the ground. Leaving the legendary weapon
behind, Odin approached his shapely concubine with a purposeful,
aroused smile hidden behind the horned helmet.

Rydia wanted nothing more than to back away as he drew closer,
holding a blue cape behind as if to show off his large codpiece even
more so. She knew her training was drawing to a close, though, and the
thought of being gifted with the power to summon these creatures to aid
in battle was enough to reconstitute her will.

Odin wasted no time in making clear his intent. Without even taking
his eyes off the panting, green-haired teenager, he unfastened the
armour about his waist, allowing it to clunk dully on the rootlike
ground. A gauntlet-clad hand reached down to lower his trousers,
revealing a massive phallus that prompted Rydia to nearly tuck tail and
run, covering each her holes with a quivering hand.

However, her duty in seeing this trial to the end kept the
apprentice caller standing firm. Once mustering her resolve to
continue, the cautious mage took a step closer, grabbing the fleshy
protrusion in her little hand. As Odin signed approvingly, she leaned
forward, kissing the tip in a very whimsical fashion. Hence assured of
his approval, Rydia continued with all due earnest.

Her tongue ran along the entire length of his member, coating it in
a generous sheen. Tensing up, the immense aeon had to restrain himself
from the overwhelming urge pull her head onto his cock and viciously
pump her pursed lips. Control prevailed, however, and Odin contended
himself with merely stroking her long hair.

Satisfied that the thick cylinder was lubricated enough, Rydia
opened her mouth and began to coyly suck. Lucious slurping sounds
filled the chamber, along with repressed groans from the gratified
warrior. It took a great deal of self-command, but Odin managed to
placidly enjoy the sensations as his petite mate boldly attempted to
take more of her immense prize.

Breathing hard as she blew him, Rydia went deeper with each passing
second, reaching an amazing height at around five inches. The mere
sight of the little girl continually inhaling that much of his cock
almost caused him to erupt right then, but the thought of even greater
pleasure spurred the summoned monster on even further. Bringing her
arms up to the base of his penis, Odin demonstrated the dual
stimulation that he knew would bring him off spectacularly.

The limber sorceress obliged without question, eyes bulging as her
mouth was repeatedly filled with hot meat. With one hand wrapped firmly
around the hilt, Rydia pumped her hand up and down the rest of the
fleshy rod, already feeling it begin to tingle. Unable to help but
grin, she jovially continued her ministrations, alternating each kiss
of her mouth with the handjob so that the mighty being received the
full effect.

At last at the limit of his strength, Odin gently tapped the young
maiden’s chest away with a gloved touch, not wishing to choke her with
the amount of sperm he was about to unleash. Still smiling broadly,
Rydia jerked his dick with both hands now, laughing with exhuberance.
Opening her mouth to giggle at what she knew was going to happen, the
nude female was caught with the first blast, which splashed across her
lips and dripped down to be eventually tasted.

Odin heaved and bucked as he came, shooting his seed all over his
partner’s cherubic face. The absurdity of the ritual was not deeply
apparent to Rydia, who could not stop displaying her amusement at the
streams of white cream decorated her chin, cheeks, and even landed in
her beautiful mane. Eventually, his tool was left a dribbling, seeping
mess of its former self, which she gladly went down on again to
thoroughly clean with her tongue.

Rather astonished at his emotional outlet, Odin stuffed his member
back inside his pants before Rydia was finished, backing away as if
ashamed he’d allow himself to succumb to such pleasures. One look at
her face, though, (actually *delighted* that she was even closer to
becoming a caller) and his hard facade melted immediately. He could
only smile back at her wondering when they would next meet again.

“Anytime…” Rydia mouthed as if reading his mind, wiping her face
with the back of her hand. She looked on for a last glance at the proud
knight, then shut both eyes to shield them from the flash of light that
took him away.


“You are nearing the end, my apprentice…” Asura announced, her
face lit up in an excited glow. “But there are still two more tasks
which require completion before you may yet wield the power of the
underworld.” At first, the ancient lady allowed a stern facade to peer
back at Rydia, but eventually her features softened.

Melting at the sight of Asura’s soothing expression, the youthful
adolescent knew at once that the next trial would be a relaxing prelude
to the final test. Closing her eyes, Rydia let every muscle in her body
go limp, embracing the warm caress of wind that heralded the approach
of her third homosexual experience.

Asura rose from her seat with a dignified step, hands moving to her
neck as she made her way towards her charge. Removing the golden tiara
and necklace, the wife of the summoner King effortlessly handed them
back to her spouse, sauntering over to Rydia with seductive intent.
With nary a moment of hesitation, she pulled the straps of her
sun-colored top apart, tantalizingly revealing her bare shoulders, then
whisked the entire garment off with a flourish.

Her mentor’s sizeable breasts now free, Rydia found herself staring
jealously at the fully-grown proof of womanhood, feeling somewhat
lacking with her own teenaged chest. Asura understood however, and took
the child’s head in her hands with an inviting face, not at all minding
having so much attention paid to her sizeable mounds.

“Don’t worry…” the blonde sorceress said understandingly. “You
will grow as beautiful in time.” Then, to seal the gentle revelation,
Asura leaned down and pressed her lips to Rydia’s, their mouths dancing
together in an erotic tango of feminine bonding. The immature girl was
at first slightly uncomfortable with passionately kissing one of the
same sex, but quickly grew accustomed to the hot flush spreading from
between her legs.

“You’re dripping…” Asura noted with approval, breaking the
liplock to bring shaking fingers to her waist. Clearly aroused as well
by making out with the youngster, she could just barely open her
flowing white toga and reveal an equally mature and elegant womanly
vee. Rydia woozily brought her face close, expecting to have to perform
the same service Shiva had requested.

Smirking cooly at the guesture, the ravishing adult brought Rydia
into her embrace, licking her lips as the remains of Odin’s eruption
coated her silky skin. “No, child…” Asura replied with a comforting
tone. “Now it is time for you to enjoy yourself…”

With a strength that belied her beautiful frame, she put a hand
behind the fluid-covered magician and dropped her gently to the
bramble-like floor of the chamber. Rydia beamed as Asura got down on
her hands and knees, crawling over her prone form and brandishing a
delicious grin. The two lovers opened their mouths again, meeting
together in another exachange of saliva. This time, the lucky girl went
all-out, extending her tongue to fully commit to the experience.

Cutting the magical moment short, Asura went on down Rydia’s
glistening flesh, pressing her lips against her sweet lover’s chin,
neck, and upper torso before finally settling in the valley between her
small, undeveloped boobs. The svelte female let her eyes fall shut as a
wonderfully fleshy probe began to caress her delectable nubs,
enveloping the sensitive skin in a warm coccoon.

In a haze of erotic lust, Rydia felt her feminine lover venture
even further down her body. Asura’s tongue lapped gently at the stomach
and abdomen, causing the young girl’s nearby pubic mound to tingle with
anticipation. Each downy hair stood on end in turn, shimmering with a
mixture of her own musk and the residue of many male partners.

Finally, the summoner Queen parted her lover’s thin legs and began
to feast on Rydia’s pink gash, eliciting a chorus of moans from the
gracious teenager. Labia quivering in a sensual dance of appreciation,
the green-crowned maiden began to flush all over as her clitoris
throbbed. Every mere touch of Asura’s coarse instrument brought her
entire being afire with the heat of passion.

Sweat began to pour out from the apprentice’s skin, even before the
tongue sank deep into her gooey passage. Deliciously wet with
perspiration, Rydia squirmed and writhed as the blonde woman tasted her
warm crack, drawing the creamy spunk into her mouth to cleanse the
dainty passage and make it ready for her husband.

By now, the youthful mage was nearing an explosive orgasm. Her soft
moaning was coming faster, in tune with the light hip thrusts into
Asura’s hungry maw. Skin entirely drenched, Mist Village’s sole
survivor opened her lips in an ecstatic smile and gripped the roots
criscrossing beneath her. Fire began to kindle in her slippery tunnel,
bringing to a head something utterly and completely wonderful.

Rydia threw back her head and screamed as her first climax took her
far away in time and space. The supple adolescent felt all power drain
from her to focus on the pleasure in her spasming cunny, not even
having the strength to wrap her legs around her elder’s head and press
her pussy closer to the fantastic probing it was receiving.

Finally understanding the magnificent gift her body had been giving
up to every one of her lovers, Rydia became at peace with all of
nature. Her entire being seemed to magnified with carnal sensitivity,
focused on the elusive sliver of bliss she was rapidly receeding from.
Dimly, She was dimly aware her sopping hole was pouring out even more
scented fluid, and with that last thought she drifted back to the realm
of the real.


“I hope you enjoyed that…” Asura announced with a smirk once she
was finished, giving Rydia’s oozing snatch one final lick from top to
bottom before rising up. She hungrily licked her lips, savoring the
taste even as the little girl below shivered from the stimulation of
her sensitive nub. “Because now you must stand tall and face your final

“Yes…” she replied resolutely, coming to her feet on wobbly legs
and presenting herself to the King of the Summoners. “I’m ready.”

“Excellent.” His Majesty said with a warm expression, looking over
to his spouse with a knowing glance. “Then feast your hallowed eyes
upon my true form!”

A bright light instantly filled the room, mildly blinding all
present save for Leviathan and Asura. Even Rydia felt compelled to
shield her eyes long enough for her next partner to fully transform.
Upon opening them, she was greeted with the sight of an immense blue
serpent seated where he had been only moments before. His fins and head
were crested a brilliant red, and thin green tentacles sprouted
freely from the neck and tail.

“Come forth, my brave apprentice!” the monster lord bellowed,
shifting one of his slimy coils to reveal a great phallus protruding
from his lower half, bulging with life and vigor. “Allow me to bring
you the same joy as my dear wife. Asura blushed with both satisfaction
that her gifts were so appreciated by an audience and that Leviathan
held no ill will towards her being intimate with another, but, quickly
took side seat once again to the magical spectacle that was about to

Just as red-faced as her previous lover, Rydia slowly approached
the King with a purposeful stride, attempting to convey the notion that
she was indeed ready and willing to make love one last time. The
towering ophidian growled low as she mounted him, seeming very content
in the magnitude of the present about to be bestowed upon him.

“All right…” the green-haired teenager huffed to herself,
steeling her petite body for the most intense screwing yet. Taking deep
breaths, she balanced her knees on opposite sides of Leviathan’s
spiraled trunk and her dripping flower right above the pulsing head of
his penis. “Here we go…”

The water creature let out a roar of contentedness as Rydia lowered
her slit carefully, gasping and grunting as it was filled with cold,
snaky flesh. Leviathan’s cock easily rivaled Titan’s in size, and to
have it pressed into her most delicate area was a grueling ordeal
beyond measure. The insistent shaft steadily drove deeper into her
young passage irregardless, however, expanding the flexible walls with
relative ease.

“Ooohhhhhhhh…” Rydia moaned in exhaustion as she felt her cervix
begin to spread wide to take a man’s meat deeper than ever before. Only
the Mist Dragon had come even remotely close, and having something
physically entering her most sacred sanctum was entirely more
difficult. Nonetheless, she persevered resplendently, firmly gripping
Leviathan’s scaly body and propelling him all the way into her hole
inch by inch, erupting in a depleted groan when her folds finally
wrapped around the wide hilt.

“I can’t…” she begged piteously, staring down at the distention
in her stomach that hinted just how deeply she was impaled onto the
massive prick. “It’s too much… I… I…”

Vainly, Rydia put pressure on her strained thighs, trying to
disengage herself enough to let her violated pussy recover for a bit,
but the monolithic girth was wedged firmly within, preventing her from
moving as much as an inch now that all strength was gone.

“Nonsense!” a familiar voice suddenly exclaimed from behind. Not
daring to try and turn all the way around while in such a precarious
situation, Rydia could only wait until warm hands were placed on her
back, and Asura spoke again, this time with a seductive flavor. “What
kind of woman abandons her own in her time of need?”

The green-haired female sighed in relief with the prospect of help,
then just as quickly yelped in surprise as a small, vibrating cylinder
began probing her backside. She knew what is was immediately, having
not forgotten when the town’s friendly weapons dealer had let her
handle an Energy Staff while she was still in training. Even such a
familiar sensation was momentarily alarming, but Rydia quickly relaxed
and let the makeshift penis enter.

Oscillating wildly within her bowels, the smooth-ended rod began to
restore her strength her in only a few thrusts, Asura grinning wildly
as she pumped the tiny girl’s ass. When the trembling gradually
loosened her strained muscles, Rydia found herself suddenly able to
squeeze hard with her vaginal walls, expelling the hard member from her
tummy with a heaving suspiration.

“Thank you…” she panted in exertion, vitality still increasing
even as the Lord of Serpents once again sheathed his mighty weapon in
his partner’s cramped quim. The second thrust was much easier than the
first, and the next even more so. Soon, Rydia was lavishly riding both
Leviathan’s rod and Asura’s staff, greasy hair flying in all directions
as her orifices were penetrated in turn.

As she had already taken a helping of sperm up her butt courtesy of
Titan, the limber adolescent was lubed well enough for the jabbing rod
in her bottom. Only amplified waves of blissful gratification radiated
from her stuffed fanny, strong enough for Leviathan to feel from his
end when the enchanted stick bottomed out her posterior canal.

Rydia found the discomfort slowly fading away to be replaced by a
much more urgent and insistent anticipation of utter joy. Now, both
nether organs were being stimulated with carefree ease — she
controlling the splitting pressure easing itself into her cunny, and
letting Asura handle the arousal of her hitherto neglected anus. A slow
smile was quickly spreading across her lips.

“Yes…” Leviathan murmured contentedly, his stringy tentacles
standing on end in the excitement of seeing the nearly-fledged summoner
at the cusp of climax. “You have grown much this day, Rydia! The task
is nigh complete, but there is still one thing you must do before I
impart the power of the phantom realm to you…”

“What…” the dazed youngster queried dizzily, her face beginning
to flush the same color as her sore vulva.

“Come…” Asura answered from behind, shoving the resonant rod hard
and allowing it to twitch merrily for Rydia. “Come as hard as you can!”

“Oh my…” the beautiful teenager gasped, beckoning for her two
instructors to proceed. Immediately, the green protrusions from
Leviathan’s tail end snaked up to the bouncing girl’s crotch, darting
in and stinging her tiny nub with relentless accuracy. Rydia was so
caught up in the sudden explosive flames licking her most sensitive
area, she didn’t even notice another set had made its way down to her
developing bosom, wrapping around the dainty mounds and simultaneously
flicking both pert nipples.

The combined assault on every single one of her erogenous zones was
too much for the pubescent vixen. Unable to control herself, she
screamed in happiness, tears pouring out of her eyes as the orgasm
started. Her moaning rivaled the steady grunts of Leviathan by now, and
still Rydia managed to dutifully continue pounding her pussy onto his
sizeable shaft. All at once, her body seemed to erupt from the inside
out, gratification streaming from every atom of her nervous system.

Lights and starbursts flashed intermittently in her frazzled mind,
only a vague part of her subconscious registering the exchange of
fluids that was taking place in her distended birthing-passage. She
would have gladly given up all the powers about to be conferred for the
excruciatingly heavenly moment to stretch out into forever, but
eventually found herself slowing down. The sounds of their intercourse
slowly came to focus, and Rydia regretfully let her genitals slide down
along her examiner’s manhood one final time just as the spent rod
parted from her sore buttocks.


“Did I make it…?” she asked excitedly, beaming at the thought of
all she had accomplished. Upon discovering her eyes had reflexively
shut during the intense consummation and rapidly opening them, the
satiated caller found herself not romantically engaged with the hulking
Leviathan of legend, but a bearded old man wearing purple robes.

“Of course, my dear…” the King complimented her lovingly. “Well
done!” he continued, contracting the vessels in his penis to savor the
snug feeling of Rydia’s sex before straining to lift her off and back
onto her own two feet.

“That was…” the new summoner panted, pausing for only a second to
find the right word. “Exhilirating! When can I actually… get started,

“As soon as you like!” Asura chimed in jubilantly. “From the very
moment you bonded with each aeon, you have had the ability.”

“Do you mind if I try it out, then?” she asked hopefully, trying
hard to hide the childlike smirk on her face.

“No need to wait…” Levaithan responded plainly, sweeping his hand
across his throne.

Locking her back straight and thrusting both hands outwards, Rydia
let the spirit of the underworld channel through her body, bursting
into a sob of felicity when the fiery circle parted to reveal a furry
chocobo. The room’s spectators started to applaud furiously at the
feat, elated to count another among their masters. As they lifted her
up onto their shoulders, she commenced cheering as well, not even
minding being paraded around the city in the buff after all that had
transpired. Already she could detect the delicious scents of a feast
brewing from the inn, and wanted nothing more than to revel in her


Just a short while later, though many years as the Overworlders
reckon, a fully mature Rydia finds herself parting with her adventuring
party on the eve of their voyage to the moon for the final battle with
Zemus. She assures Cecil, Kain, Rosa, and especially Edge that it is
but a short venture for her to gain more power ere the ultimate
showdown, but the group still shows hesitation. It is not like their
friend to hide anything from them, but she insists on secrecy.

After being dropped off near Elbana, the fair maiden boards the
abandoned Falcon airship and takes off to the southeast, vanishing
rapidly over the horizon. Flying over a coral reef, Rydia sets down in
a desert abutting a small mountain range and disappears into a cave.
She does not trek far inside before finding what she is looking for,
and strides gracefully over to one of the goblins of the Antlion’s

“Hey there…” she greets him patronizingly, wrapping her hands
around her back and bending over to appear not-so-threatening. The
monster appears to know she is a powerful warrior, able to slay him
with a mere glance if so wished, and cautiously maintains his distance.
He has nothing to fear, of course, and Rydia knows just the way to
assuage his doubts.

“They told me about you…” she says gently, laying the Firebute
whip down on the floor behind her and stepping forward. “You’re one of
the summoned monsters who left the city to live above ground.” Sensing
no ill will, the goblin lowers his dagger and allows Rydia to come even
closer. He is transfixed by what the ravishing female is doing —
snapping the clasp of her scanty green jumpsuit and effortlessly
slipping out of it.

“Being away from your own kind must be hard…” the naked girl
continues in a comforting manner, sitting down on the cold stone and
leaning back, raising only her head to keep the creature in view.
“You’ve got to still have some of the same… urges…”

With a sensual flourish, Rydia spreads wide and reveals her ripe
flower, muff trimmed elegantly and just a little fuller than it had
been the day she became a caller. “So, wanna fuck?” she asks coyly,
using a deft hand to spread her labia and show off the attractive pink

The goblin does indeed, and wastes no time in whipping out his wee
dick and popping her repeatedly until warm blasts of cum ooze out of
her dewy slot. Such a commotion easily attracts other denizens of the
cavern, but Rydia is in a good enough mood to let the brutes have their
way with her. She quickly gives another goblin a blowjob, then lays
down again and permits a few more screw her silly, leaving her vagina
and pubes messy with sticky cream. Hearing an adamant tortoise and
basilisk lumber near, she nonchalantly gets on hands and knees and
raises her hindquarters before being pumped fully by each.

Moving on to Mount Hobbs after escaping from the goblins’ hungry
clutches, the victorious beauty patiently waits for bombs and
cockatrices to appear, only to be pestered by waves of large gargoyles
instead. Unwilling to engage in battle and risk scaring away the weaker
monsters, Rydia relinquishes all control and submits to the rough,
vigorous sex for a few hours until a hapless crag finally floats along.
Anxious to possess his soul, she grabs the surprised bugger and pins
him to the mountainside, riding the rocky pole for all she is worth
until satisfied that he has shot his load well within her snatch.

No small birds are to be found at this level, though, so she climbs
to the summit, halting halfway up while a pair of skeletons gleefully
double-team her womanhood and back end. At last spotting one soaring
above, she crouches over a flat rock and parts her ass cheeks, relieved
when the fowl finally takes the bait and swoops down. Having to wait
afterwards for the knot in his prick to deflate enough to exit her
vagina is a little embarrassing, but being only one step away from
complete dominion over the phantom beasts is enough to keep her going.

Her final trip is to the Cave of Power. After sucking off a black
chocobo and being allowed to ride it to the solitary island, Rydia
fights her way through accommodating swarms of lustful ogres and cait
siths before finally meeting a mind flayer, her slit throbbing and
swollen from the constant trespassing. The eager mage is more than
willing to take up on her offer, and after helping himself to her
steaming quim, ejaculates forcefully all over her splendid tits.

Rydia’s quest is finally over, at least until the call of Bahamut
spurs her to new heights once discovered on the moon. Glowing with
triumph, she pulls an exitdoor scroll from her item bag and warps
outside before any other savages can mate with her. She only plans on
one more stop — a fleeting rest at the bathing pool in Toroia to wash
away the telltale reek of sex that permeates her flesh. The citizens
will fully understand the sight of a nude maiden entering their borders
with semen dripping from every orifice, living so close to the forest
shared by both Ramuh and Chocobo…