Turning 40 and Wanting More sexual experiences

I think once I hit 40 things in my life started to
change. Basically, I wanted to experience things. I’m a
bisexual woman who’d been living my life wondering why
I was missing out on a part of me, so that’s when I
started to make things happen.

I guess since I was about 7 or so, I’ve always wondered
what it would be like to kiss or play with a girl. I
grew up the oldest of 3 sisters; the only man in our
house was my father. There were always naked females
around the house. I’d see my younger sisters, and think
about their bodies. Not, that anything ever happened
with them. But, with my dad, that’s another story which
I’ll save for another time.

When I was 8 we lived in a nice neighborhood. We had
friends that lived down the street, most of them being
girls. We’d get together and play just about everyday.
But one day, Cathy and I had decided to play house
which included Husband and Wife. I of course, being the
more dominate of the two, decided to be the Hubby. We
took our clothes off and lay on the floor. Her body lay
beneath mine.

When we started to kiss, the tingles between my legs
were incredible! Our pussies were touching and humping
away. I was actually being turned on by another girl.
We kissed and played forever it seemed like, till
finally I felt the desire to touch and taste pussy.

In my mind, I couldn’t understand how this all made me
so hot (even at such a young age), but all I knew was I
wanted to feel, taste and touch that tiny slit!! As we
lay there kissing and rubbing each others pussies, and
decided to move down her body. With my mouth, I started
kissing her chest, then her stomach until,

I got to her pussy. It was gorgeous! So naked so pure,
and oh it was mine to taste. When I put my mouth there,
couldn’t believe it! Here I am, 8 years old enjoying
pussy and I’m loving it! I licked and licked till she
came. Even at that age young girls can cum. “UMMM! That
was my first experience with a girl and it left such
awesome lasting memories!”

I would find my Dad’s “girly” magazines and borrow them
for a night or two. I would lie in bed looking at those
gorgeous naked females. They made me so hot! My finger
would be playing with my pussy, touching each fold,
finding my clit and rubbing ever so softly! That was
about the time I learned to enjoy the taste my own

My panties would be wet, I would pull them down, put
them to my nose, smelling and thinking how I wanted so
bad to taste a real woman. All those thoughts had me
even hotter. I began to taste my panties that were
filled with my own juices, first licking and then
sucking on them. I imagined I was tasting the women in
those magazines. I wanted so badly to between their
legs. I’d touch myself until the orgasms came again and

As I got older I kept things to myself. I met a man,
got married and settled down. But, something within me
said I wanted more. I started suggesting to him about
us perhaps getting involved in a three way (FMF), and
asking if he would like to watch her & I enjoying each
others pussies. He wasn’t impressed or had no desire to
share his wife with another person. So I just kept it
in and never mentioned it again.

Needless, to say I turned 40 and my sexual fantasies
were going more toward women. I decided to do some
research and go on the internet. I started reading
those personal ads, “women looking for women”. My dream
had come true I thought!! Yes, there are tons of women
in the same boat I am!! I decided to place an ad for
myself and see what kind of response I would have. One
woman that contacted me was very interesting.

Her name was Sara. She was married, the same height
weight proportion that I was, lived in the same city,
things couldn’t be more perfect. We had lots of common
interests. When I read her response my mind starting
going a mile a minute. “YES!! This is the one!!” I
thought. We talked for a while then made a date.

Sara and I decided meeting at my house would be a good
idea. I picked a night I knew my husband would be out
with his friends. It was a weekly ritual in our house.
He would enjoy an evening out with his friends, and I
would enjoy my time alone. I’d indulge in the art of
self pleasures, finding new ways to enjoy getting hot
and so wet (another story). I’d play with my pussy and
enjoy his girly magazines.

When Sara arrived I was wearing nothing special, just
some simple shorts, white tank top and decided to go
braless, so my nipples would show. Candles were burning
in the living room, lights low, some soft music, a
bottle of wine and two glasses.

She knocked on the door, when I opened it I was in awe!
She was perfect! When I met Sara on the internet I had
never seen a picture of her. She told me she looked,
and I thought she sounded perfect, but when I met her I
couldn’t believe it! My heart was pounding a mile a
minute! My pussy was tingling and I could feel my pussy
getting wet! I was ready!

We sat on the couch, talked, and had a glass of wine or
two. The effects of the wine had hit me by now, and
when I began daydreaming about kissing her Sara moved
closer to me. She put her hands to my face and said “I
hope you don’t mind but I’m going to kiss you” Her lips
touched mine so softly, and so gently! It was like she
knew exactly how I wanted to be kissed!!

We paused for a minute, and I told her that was one of
the most erotic kisses I have ever had!! My hand
brushed up against her nipples, oh I was in heaven! Her
nipples were hard, and coming through the material of
her blouse. How I wanted to feel her hard nipples in my
mouth. My other hand dropped down to her pussy and was
rubbing it through her panties. I could feel her
wetness seeping through.

We finally we moved to the floor and that’s all we
could both stand! We stripped out of our clothes. She
sat on the floor Indian style, and said to me, “Come
sit on my lap.” I thought, “I’m going to cum right

I moved toward her, sat on her lap as she asked. Again
we started fondling each other. She put her fingers and
hands to my pussy, and whispered “Oh you’re so wet, I
need to lick and taste you!” I fell to the floor. I
needed to taste her pussy too, feeling the warmth of
her hot pussy on my mouth!

She moved on top of me (69 position), it was heaven!
Smelling how hot she was is something I couldn’t

Once again, I was about to enjoy a woman, but this time
it was a real woman, older, something about that
thought made it just that more erotic and sensual. It
had been too many years for me. THIS was incredible! I
looked at her pussy for a minute, studying it. Seeing
how wet she was had me so hot! I couldn’t take it
anymore! My tongue began tasting her!

Her pussy was the sweetest! Now mind you, I thought I
tasted sweet, but her pussy was incredible! She was
awesome and I was so in heaven! I couldn’t help but
want more of her. My tongue found her clit and I lapped
and licked as if I couldn’t get enough! She was
pressing down on my face, it was all I could do to get
ALL of her in my mouth.

I started to suck her clit. She was eating my pussy
exactly the way I wanted to be licked. She knew the
fine art of eating pussy. Both of us were enjoying
everything that was happening! Her fingers were prying
deep inside me finding that special place! And that’s
all could take! I exploded right in her mouth! She
never stopped licking!

When my orgasm subsided she lay on the floor. It was
now my turn to enjoy her pussy and have her cum! She
lay there legs spread wide, nicely shaved pussy looking
at me. I dove right in! Spreading her lips and licking
her from the inside out, taking long licks and using
every part of my tongue. I began sucking her clit till
her body started to tense.

My fingers pushing inside her, pressing that spot and I
felt her beginning to orgasm! “Yes, yes, more! More!
Deeper, deeper I’m CUMMINGGG!!” Sara came in my mouth
and had ejaculated!! Pussy juice beyond belief! When
her orgasm wore off, I ever so gently kissed her pussy.
We had another glass of wine and lay in each others
arms, kissed and caressed until it was time for us to

Afterward, I lay on the couch when she left and was one
happy (still hot) woman! Once again I was able to enjoy
a woman, but I wanted more. As that thought crossed my
mind, I heard keys hit the door. It was my husband.

He walked through the door, “Hi Honey I’m home. How was
your night?”

I thought about what happened earlier and said, “Rather
uneventful, but I’m ready for you!” smiled at him,
still thinking about Sara. Now it was time for a nice
hard fucking.

As we fucked I came thinking about my evening with
Sara. Something I’ll never forget…