Two lesbian step-sisters persuade a dog to yield

For a thoroughly, redneck girl of twenty-three, Donna was delightful. As Alexa, herself naked except for her dog collar, led the credulous and believing and eternally happy and eternally stupid girl into the roomful of lesbian perverts who made up the Eastern Sapphics, who surveyed her shapeless form and baggy clothes and non-descript hair, those women who—naked and already touching each other’s female parts lubriciously—pussies full of thick hair, like their unshaved armpits (to mimic and serve and make ready for the beasts they worshipped), women, I say, who loved to degrade others and be degraded and humiliated in turn through sick acts like sodomizing each other with strap-ons or drinking each other’s hot golden piss, there could be no doubt that they looked at Donna as so much fresh meat. By tomorrow, the slut-puppy wouldn’t remember any of this anyway. The perfect crime. Not even any messy drugs. Alexa had done good thought the mothers and their teenage daughters they had brought along to watch. As the mothers and daughters kissed each other sprawled there on the mats for sex, they giggled at Donna’s wide staring face, like a pie pan, expecting her to moo or something.

“Here Donna,” said Alexa, standing up in front of the girl, whose arms hung down straight as if they held blocks of cement.

“Let me unbutton your collar and shirt. Good. There. We’ll take off your things so you can be like the rest of us okay?

“Yef,” said Donna.

“Oh, my, you have a nice upper body Donna. Very nice. Let me just touch it a bit. You’re a pretty cock-sucking motherfucking whore, Donna. Can you say, ‘I’m a cock-sucking whore’ Donna?”

“Yef. Ima a-ucking c-hor!”

“Oh yes you are. I mean you REALLY are. Now, here, there I’m undoing your bra straps. Lift your arm, good. I want to see your pretty milkers. There. Now the ladies want to see what you have.”

Alexa turned Donna to the audience. Donna was overweight, soft, flabby, with small shapeless breasts. But her cunt was hairy and that was somewhat appealing. Donna’s thighs were heavy and her face kept staring around without any idea of what was happening. One of the daughters, about sixteen, came forward, her pussy wet from her mother’s touch. She bent over Donna and spat hard in her face. Then she slapped her sharply and yelled, “you’re a dog-fucker!” Then the girl helped Alexa strip Donna’s skirt and panties and shoes off as Donna whimpered.

“Get a dog,” Alexa told the girl evenly, who was chewing gum. “Get King. He’s out back.”

“Yes Mistress. I want to see this retarded bitch fucked to jelly. We all do. I wanna see some good dog dick buried in that retarded cunt of hers.”

Moans could be heard in the room now as the women started to have sexual intercourse. Mothers and daughters and other mothers began coupling and climaxing in shrieks. Bodies and limbs were entwined. You could hear licking and groaning and swearing.

The dog King was a very large German Shepherd with a huge cock. He was very furry and Donna’s mounting by him would be a wonderful sight. Once he was knotted to her Donna would be raped for a good thirty minutes. Alexa knew her kennel well. She kneeled down and took her lipstick and wrote across Donna’s blubbery belly, “I’m carrying King’s puppies,” in big red letters, then drew an arrow pointing down to the retarded bitch’s cunt. The audience giggled at the humiliation while Donna smiled.

“It says, ‘I’m a good girl,!” Alexa lied.

Alexa’s helper arrived with King, on a leash, and although Donna was afraid of the dog at first, Alexa got her to pet him a little, and scratch him behind the ears. Soon the dog’s tail was wagging. He liked her scent. Then Alexa stood behind Donna and grabbed her shoulders and told her to let the dog touch her.

“Just let him lick you, Donna, just wherever he wants, OK? King—lick.”

The dog instantly went to Donna’s pussy and started to perform cunnilingus on the redneck woman. She began to resist and tried to twist away.

“HOLD STILL GODAMNIT!”, cried Alexa. “Let him lick it! It feels good. Doesn’t it feel good???”

“Yef, unnngh…unnnghh….unghhh.

“Say, ‘Lick me King, Fuck me King! SAY IT”!

“-ick me…’ing. F-f-f uck mmee…-ing”

“Good. Good, your juices are flowing. Good, Donna, Good Donna. Now listen to me, kneel down, Ok? We’re going to see his penis ok? And you’ll suck on his penis so all of us can see you, Ok? Do you want that?”

Donna was bewildered and said nothing, but she obeyed and got on her knees as she was told. Alexa got the huge dog down and laid him on his side. King’s penis was gigantic, even for a German Shepherd—nine inches. It was as big around as a man wrist. Alexa began feverishly sucking on it herself she was so excited, as Donna watched, baffled. Alexa was insane for that cock. Then she reached up and pulled Donna’s head down to it.

“Open your fucking mouth you useless bitch. Suck it! SUCK IT, UNDERSTAND? You suck that motherfucking dick until I tell you to stop!”

Then Alexa pushed the retarded girl’s head right down onto the dog’s prick. Alexa uncovered his balls and lapped at them like an animal, sucking on his entire ballsack. She could hear the orgy going on in the room behind her. Unspeakable orgiastic things were done by daughters to their mothers. Daughters were pissing in their own mother’s mouths. Mother’s were sticking their fingers up their own asses and giving them to their beloved daughters to taste. And on and on, as retarded Donna sucked dog meat for fun on center stage.

On cue, two mothers came up and pulled Donna off the cock and told her to get on her hands and knees. They braced her shoulders, which also made it hard for her to move once she was in the doggy-style position.

“Ok, Donna. Now King loves you very much. Your like his—his, bride, yes, his bride….he wants to, to fuck you, understand? King is going to FUCK your quim with his nine-inch dick. Just stay there. Good. King—mount her. Another assistant had put socks on his forepaws a moment ago. The dog scrambled up and with no hesitation, and jumped on Donna, who bellowed with fear. King slid off, misjudging his first mount. But then he tried again, and got a better angle. Alexa seized his prick and shoved it in. Now Donna really did start to moo like a cow, as King humped hard and jolted her with that monster dick. All the people in that room had their Hitachi vibrators out by this time and if they weren’t ejaculating now, as that dog humped that twenty-three year old welfare case, they soon would be.

Donna’s eyes turned big as saucers with a surprised look on her face, as King screwed madly into her, his back nails clicking on the tiles as he fought to bury as much of his cock into the bitch as he could. It was fun seeing Donna try unsuccessfully to “process” this. She was being bred to an animal. His balls were flapping against her ass. To increase Donna’s enjoyment, Alexa reached undern eath her with one of the Hitachis and held it up snug against Donna’s own clitoris. Donna began to howl like an animal as the shrieks in the room echoed like banshees. Then Donna began to thrash as the women held her firmly in place, telling her to “take” the animal and Alexa said she would have his puppies soon. King was spurting pre-cum, which was running down Donna’s thighs, then the dog gave a jolt and a flood of white thick sperm burst out of the retardo’s vagina. Alexa went wild and several of the women—also seeing this the semen—came forward and started eating it joyfully. His knot complete, King pulled out and the mothers and daughters drank as much dog-sperm as they could. Alexa applied the Hitachi skillfully and Donna, finally came, shrieking crying and sobbing. Then she pissed. The succubi drank that too. They were mad for sperm and piss. They found King in the corner and molested him some more, pulling at his sheath and licking and sucking him. They licked Donna’s vagina—which the dog had widened into a hole—clean. Donna sobbed and sobbed at her terrible rape—but Alexa didn’t. Even more than the other women, she loved it.